AMSA Orange Guide 2021

This is AMSA. A diverse group of medical students with one thing in common: a passion for representing, advocating for, listening to and bettering the lives of medical students across Australia. Click through this year’s Orange Guide to have all your questions answered about what AMSA is, what we do, how to get involved and how to stay updated. What are you waiting for?

This is AMSA. A diverse group of medical students with one thing in common: a passion for representing, advocating for, listening to and bettering the lives of medical students across Australia. Click through this year’s Orange Guide to have all your questions answered about what AMSA is, what we do, how to get involved and how to stay updated. What are you waiting for?


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An introduction to




Copyright 2021, Australian Medical Students’ Association

Publication Design Officer: Terra Sudarmana

Editors: Wendy Fang, Dhruvi Lathigara, Dalyia Abu-Ghazaleh

Digital Artist & Front Cover: Aditi Kamath


Thank you to the contributors to previous Orange Guides on which this guide is based, and

to the following people and their teams who contributed to this year’s Orange Guide:

Contributing Authors: Jeremy Fernando (Advocacy), Fergus Stafford (Policy), Jack Bryant &

Mark Johnson (Vampire Cup), Sylviya Ganeshamoorthy (Mental Health), Kael Robas (AMSA

Queer), Lauren Wright Hill (Gender Equity), Guy Jeffrey (Global Health Projects), Gabby

Cullen & Pretashini Somasundra (Crossing Borders), Rachel Niessen & Jumpei Takeuchi

(Code Green), Emily Bruggemann & Nazli Bahtigur (Healthy Communities), Anna Shalit &

Andrew Downie (Sexual and Reproductive Health), Kira Muller (NLDS), Henry Lock (Convention),

Jana Crous (GHC), Terra Sudarmana (Publications), Jacqueline Bredhauer (Global

Health), Jelyn Thong (AMSA International), Jasmine Elliott (Rural Health), Jaidyn Muhandiramge

(MedEd) & Julia Liew (ISN).










Global Health











Special Interest






Welcome to amsa

Welcome to the Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA)! Whether you have just started medicine (in

which case, congratulations!) or if you’ve been around here a while, AMSA welcomes you with open arms!

Medical students are a diverse bunch - we’ve all got our own passions, interests and what we think we want to

get out of our degree. Whatever your interests are, the chances are high that the Australian Medical Students’

Association has a platform to help you pursue it.

Passionate about global health? Want access to more educational resources? Keen to meet new people at some

of the best student-run events in the world? Looking to learn skills in health policy? Keep flipping through to see

how we can foster your passions.

AMSA has a diverse range of opportunities set up to make your student experience the best one possible. Whether

you find something in AMSA that piques your fancy today or not, stay in touch with us through Facebook and

Instagram, and if you’d like you can sign up to become an AMSA member on our website!

/youramsa @youramsa amsa.org.au

What is AMSA?

The Australian Medical Students’ Association is the peak representative body for the 17,000 medical students

around the country. Our chief mandate is to represent, connect and inform medical students like you! We do this


Advocacy - AMSA advocacy aims to provide all medical students with a voice on issues that matter

most to them; whether it be on medical student mental health, medical education quality and internship

availability or climate change.

Events and projects - Foster connections through our unique large scale events and create change in

the community through our impassioned projects.

Special interest groups - Nurture your specific interests in Global Health, Rural Health and Medical

Education through our national Special Interest Groups.

Publications and media - Stay informed and up to date on pressing issues, and on all of AMSA’s work

through our social media, guides and publications.



AMSA endeavours to harness the voice of 17,000 medical students to represent you at the highest forums and push

for change in order to make your medical school experience better! AMSA advocacy happens at multiple levels. At

the federal level, AMSA engages with the government and key medical stakeholders such as the Australian Medical

Association (AMA), the Medical Deans of Australia and New Zealand (MDANZ) and the Australian Indigenous

Doctors’ Association (AIDA); often working in concert to create a more powerful voice on issues requiring thought

and leadership from a federal voice.

At the state, university and local level, AMSA liaises closely with university medical societies (MedSocs) and state

Medical Student Councils (MSCs) to provide support and resources to advocate on issues relevant to your state

and university. These could include sexual harassment, mental health support systems, internship availabilities

and quality medical education placements and clinical schools.

2020 AMSA key advocacy milestones include:

» Bonded Medical Program reform with shorter return-of-service,

more flexibility and improved support

» $62.2 million in Commonwealth funding towards the National

Rural Generalist Pathway

» Advocacy on climate change: partnered with the Lancet

Countdown on Health and Climate Change and provided official

testimony to the WA Government Climate Change Health Inquiry

» Provided support to states and medical school societies to halt

the involuntary transfer of sensitive student records to hospitals

» Formation of the inaugural Indigenous Health Team in

collaboration with the AIDA Student Director

National Advocacy Priorities for 2021

1. Improving medical student mental health and wellbeing

2. Addressing bullying, discrimination, and harrassment in medicine

3. Indigenous health, including increased recruitment and retention

of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medical students

4. Advancing gender equity within medicine for women, trans, and

gender diverse people; and more broadly in areas of public health

5. Reducing the health impacts of climate change through mitigation

and adaptation strategies

6. Promoting a sustainable training pipeline aligned with workforce

demand by preventing an increase in the number of medical

students and medical schools; and increasing intake into specialty

training programs, particularly in regional and rural areas

7. Advocating for the provision of quality internship positions to all

Australian-university trained medical graduates

8. Improving the quality and flexibility of medical education in Australia

9. Working collaboratively to minimise the health impacts of climate

change through mitigation and adaptation strategies


of this advocacy

is effective without

the contribution of medical

students like you! Talk to your

University’s AMSA Representative,

watch out for opportunities to get

involved in policy writing or get

involved with a special interest

group or projects focusing on

issues close to your heart!



Policy is the beating heart of AMSA’s advocacy, serving as a fundamental guide to how we represent Australia’s

17,000 medical students. Spanning a multitude of issues that affect medical students and the communities they

live in, AMSA policies combine the latest evidence with the views of medical students to codify our positions.

Each policy statement is written by a team of Australian medical students and voted on by your representatives at

AMSA National Council.

Apart from AMSA policy ensuring that we take robust and representative positions to external stakeholders, getting

involved in a policy team gives medical students a valuable opportunity to develop their policy skills. AMSA has a

proud history of providing medical students with their first start in policy and helping them develop the skills to be

the change-makers of the future.

In 2021, we will develop policies on diverse topics such as rural clinical schools, access to healthcare, and

termination of pregnancy. We will also be working hard to provide our members more opportunity to help shape

our policy base by giving their input during the review process and Council discussion.

Get Involved

Policies are written, reviewed and presented at AMSA National Council by medical students just like you! No

experience is required to be involved with AMSA policy. Here’s how you can get involved:

» Keep tabs on the AMSA Facebook page to respond to callouts to join a policy team in January, April or


» Talk to your AMSA representative about how to get involved in policy review and ThinkTanks at your university.

» Head to AMSA National Council to get involved in the policy discussion.

» Check out our policy base on the AMSA website.

» Get in touch with the National Policy Officer, Fergus Stafford (fergus.stafford@amsa.org.au), to be added

to the policy mailing list, to suggest a new policy idea or to ask any questions you have about AMSA policy.



AMSA Projects are here to educate medical students, advocate for marginalised communities, and work to reduce

social injustice within our world. Our projects are varied and wide reaching in their scope, and year to year, they

contribute greatly to the local and national work of AMSA. We have four varied National Projects including Vampire

Cup (our national blood drive competition), Gender Equity, AMSA Queer and Mental Health. We also have four

Global Health focused projects which include Code Green, Healthy Communities, Crossing Borders and Sexual

and Reproductive Health.

AMSA vampire cup

AMSA’s most heavily competitive initiative is back again for another massive year in 2021!

Facilitated by the Red Cross Lifeblood service, Vampire Cup is AMSA’s annual blood donation

drive that sees medical students and their local communities battle it out over 8 weeks to

see who can donate the most blood, plasma and platelets.

In a year unlike any other, 2020 saw the Vampire Cup

encourage a total of 3250 donations over the course of the

competition and inspire a whole new generation of avid

blood donors. ANU were once again unbeatable, storming

home to their 5th straight win. However, their competition is quickly catching up

and giving them a real run for their money with JCU taking out the Most Raw

Donations competition for the 3rd year running and strong showings from Griffith

University and the University of Newcastle. Stay tuned to see who will take out

this year’s title in what is sure to be the most hotly competed competition yet!

KEY Advocacy Priorities for 2021

» Partnering with the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry to help increase the number of potential donors

» Working with DonateLife to encourage students to sign up to the Australian Organ Donor Register


» Talk to your local representative

» Donate blood by booking an appointment at www.donateblood.com.au/

» Can’t donate? Don’t worry you can still get involved! Get a friend to donate

for you and look out for our exciting prize giveaways

Dates to look out for (keep an eye on Instagram):

» The Vampire Cup competition will be held between April 3rd to May 31st

2021. So be a blood donating superhero and donate between those dates.





AMSA mental health

Medical students face one of the biggest burdens with regards to mental health. With

this in mind, AMSA Mental Health aims to help tackle several issues and serve as a

platform to support students across the country. We continue to educate students on

mental health, support those living with mental health conditions, and destigmatize

the struggle of living with mental illness. We advocate for student wellbeing on all

levels and aim to be a supportive arm when it comes to seeking mental health services.

Key advocacy priorities for 2021

» Increasing awareness of AMSA Mental Health throughout AMSA by boosting collaborations with other

committees within the organisation and being visible at a variety of events

» Integrating resources to help provide students with reliable information necessary to optimise their wellbeing

» Working together with other AMSA portfolios, AMSA Global Health projects

and SIGs to advocate and raise awareness for issues that are faced by individuals

of different communities

» Working with university Mental Health reps to bring AMSA Mental Health

updates closer to campus

» Continuing to raise awareness for a variety of mental health issues that can

impact students

» Continuing to support AMSA Mental Health projects that have been

successful in the past such as Humans of Medicine and Keeping Your Grass


» Keep giving out merch!

Dates to look out for (keep an eye on Facebook):

» June: Crazy Socks 4 Docs

» September: RUOK day

» October: Blue Month and Humans of Medicine Campaign


» We will be holding ongoing callouts for Humans of Medicine 2021 from all

AMSA groups throughout the year

» In addition to these, there will be additional callouts for spotlight issues

throughout the year. These will focus on the visibility of certain groups and

their mental health.

» Finally, JOIN OUR TEAM! Callouts will be announced and applications will be

open in mid-late January so keep an eye out on our AMSA Mental Health page

and through the AMSA Central page. If you are passionate about mental health

and want to help support other students around the country, this would be the

perfect opportunity for you!

/amsamhc @amsamentalhealth www.amsa.org.au/amsa-mental-health



AMSA gender equity

Key advocacy priorities for 2021

how do I get involved?

» Apply to become a member of the AMSA Gender Equity Team (dates below)

» Talk to your university’s gender equity officer (or equivalent) - they have a direct link to us at AMSA! If your

university doesn’t have representation on your MedSoc, email us at the email address provided below, and

we will help you to start advocating for gender equity within your university!

» Apply to become a mentor or mentee with AMSA Empowers Women in Leadership Program.

» Join the community of like minded individuals by following our facebook page (link below).

» Advocate for gender equity anyway you can! Continue to have those challenging conversations about gender

equity with your friends and family. Reflect on the content you’re being taught at medical school. Continue

to educate yourself on issues of gender equity by reading, watching documentaries and listening to people’s

lived experiences.

Dates to look out for (keep an eye on Facebook):

» AMSA Gender Equity Team applications open in early 2021

» International Women’s Day on March 8 2021.

» Women’s Health Week 6-10th September 2021.

AMSA Gender Equity is here to inspire, advocate and educate on all things

gender in medicine! Despite the fact that 60% of medical students in Australia

are women, we are still massively underrepresented, especially in surgery and

leadership roles, and unfortunately we continue to be subject to sexism and

sexual harassment. We also know that transgender, non-binary, intersex and

gender diverse people face different and often greater levels of discrimination,

both within our community and within the medical field. Our role in Gender

Equity is to advocate for change in these areas in order to improve the

culture of medicine for everyone in the workforce. We aim to break down the

stereotypes and barriers that exist and acknowledge the incredible work that

women and gender diverse people do as doctors both for their colleagues,

future generations following in their footsteps and for medicine itself.

» Increasing the visibility and reach of existing resources

» Reviewing the efficacy of existing policy

» Strengthening collaboration with AMSA Queer and other projects/external organisations

» Conducting a review of Australian Medical Curricula, looking at teaching of gender-specific medicine,

transgender and intersex health, and using this as the basis for a new stream of advocacy

» Responding to the national and international requirements of the year, as the field of gender equity advocacy

shifts significantly over time

» Making ALL AMSA events safe from sexism and sexual harassment

» Running some exclusive gender equity events in relation to the important international dates for women.

/AMSAGenderEquity www.amsa.org.au/amsa-gender-equity lauren.wrighthill@amsa.org.au


global health projects


At AMSA Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH), we believe in all individuals’

right to a safe, healthy and enjoyable sexual and reproductive health journey

free from shame, stigma and violence.

In 2020, AMSA SRH was busy educating and advocating for all things sexual

and reproductive health, despite the challenges of a year trapped inside. Some

of the highlights of 2020 were webinars for sexual health September and many

advocacy and educational initiatives throughout the year.

Hopefully with in person events back on in 2021, you can catch us at the Global

Health Conference and Global Health Forums throughout the year!

Key advocacy priorities for 2021

» Updating AMSA’s Access to Safe Termination of Pregnancy policy

» Working with other AMSA projects to give many different perspectives on sexual and reproductive health

» Increasing abortion content in university curricula and aiming to release certified educational modules

covering medical and surgical options for termination of pregnancy

Get Involved

» If you are passionate about global health, reproductive rights, sexuality and sexual health, then AMSA SRH

is the place for you!

Here’s what you can do:

» Apply to be part of the AMSA Access to Safe Termination of Pregnancy policy team when callouts open in

January (keep an eye on the AMSA FB page)

» Join the Global Health Group at your uni, and get in touch with your AMSA Global Health Representative and

your Sexual and Reproductive Health Representative (if you have one!)

» Sign up to the AMSA Global Health Bulletin via our website (globalhealth.amsa.org.au)

» Come to an AMSA Global Health Forum

» Come find us at AMSA Global Health Conference, refer to AMSA Global Health page 21 for more dates





code green

Highlights from 2020

From seemingly never-ending bushfires across Australia to a global pandemic, 2020

has provided many Australians with firsthand evidence of climate change. As medical

professionals of the future, we cannot ignore the devastating impact that this global

threat could have and already has had on the health of our patients. AMSA Code Green

is an Australia-wide platform for medical students that advocates for the mitigation

of the causes of climate change and the adaption of our health care systems to meet

the changing health demands caused by climate change. We see climate change not

as some impending doom, but as an actionable health-care priority to meaningfully

improve health outcomes for all communities.

» Greening Hospitals Online Hackathon, an Australia-wide event (one of the

largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere) with participants from a

plethora of sectors designing solutions to improve the sustainability of


» AMSA declaring a climate emergency, joining other leading medical bodies

such as the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and the Australian

Medical Association to recognise the profound impact global warming has

on patients’ health

» Initiation of our partnership in the RUN project by the Climate and Health

Alliance, to conduct research into the manner in which the health impacts

of climate change are communicated with the intention to further develop

health professionals’ skills in this area

Key advocacy priorities for 2021

» Finalise the Divestment Guide and run workshops that cover accessible

topics with real, measurable impact on climate change

» Complete and publish Code Green education resources

» Research the current climate change education provided in the medical


How do I get involved?

» Join the AMSA Code Green subcommittee! Callouts will open in February!

» Look out for opportunities to join your university’s movement, whether that be part of your Global Health

Group or local Doctors for the Environmental Australia (DEA) student group!

» Join the Code Green Facebook page and mailing list (https://amsa.co/2WoIyaH), and keep in contact with

your Code Green representative (or apply for the position), to hear about our exciting 2021 opportunities!

» Sign up to the AMSA Global Health Bulletin via our website (globalhealth.amsa.org.au)

» Come to an AMSA Global Health Forum

» Come find us at AMSA Global Health Conference, refer to AMSA Global Health page 21 for more dates

/AMSASCodeGreen @amsacodegreen codegreen@agh.amsa.org.au


healthy communities

Healthy Communities is the newest member of AMSA Global Health Projects. We advocate for the reduction of

unhealthy environments within our communities to prevent non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

2020 was a huge year for us (we don’t just mean that because of COVID). We started 2020 off with an exercise

competition ‘May-Day Bootcamp’, encouraging everyone to get on their feet and move around despite the lockdown

restrictions. Another win for Healthy Communities included the updating of the AMSA Food and Nutrition policy

by the wonderful policy team. This has resulted in the inclusion of more information relating to the 2019 EAT-

Lancet report. Throughout the year ‘Meatless Mondays’ and ‘Seasonal Eating’ were promoted via our Instagram,

giving you sustainable (and delicious) recipes that fit into the Planetary Health Diet. We finished off the year with a

step competition and wrote a draft of an open letter to NHMRC calling for the

inclusion of sustainability in the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

In 2021, we will continue to focus our advocacy efforts on the Planetary

Health Diet, in particular its inclusion in the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

Continuing on the topic of nutrition, a Culinary Medicine module has been in

the works and we are hoping to be able to make this available to students as

soon as we can. As well as nutrition and exercise, we are hoping to expand

the breadth of Healthy Communities to address more factors that contribute

to healthy lifestyles and NCD prevention. We look forward to continuing to

educate, advocate and run various projects to work towards building healthier


How do I get involved?

There are several positions available on the Healthy Communities

subcommittee so keep an eye out for callouts. Otherwise follow us

on social media and keep up to date with our projects. We would

love for everyone to be involved!

Here’s what you can do:

» Join the Global Health Group at your uni, and get in touch

with your AMSA Global Representative and/or Healthy

Communities Representative

» Like and keep an eye on our Facebook page, as well as the

AMSA Global Health Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages

» Sign up to the AMSA Global Health Bulletin via our website


» Come to an AMSA Global Health Forum

» Come find us at AMSA Global Health Conference

» Refer to AMSA Global Health page 21 for more dates

/youramsahc @youramsahc healthycommunities@amsa.org.au @youramsahc


crossing borders

AMSA Crossing Borders represents a community of medical students fighting for equality, human rights and

proper health care for refugees, asylum seekers and undocumented migrants worldwide, particularly those in

indefinite or offshore detention within Australia. The Australian government continues to ignore its international

humanitarian responsibilities by turning away those in need, denying necessary health care, basic living conditions,

and compromising the human rights of individuals seeking refuge. AMSA unites passionate medical students and

encourages them to use their voice to fight for a better, more just future for those who cannot do so themselves.

highlights from 2020

» AMSA members being present at Palm Sunday Rallies in all major cities under the united message of

“Detention Harms Health”

» Open letter in support of the Medevac legislation reached more than 1,500 signatures and drew the attention

of the MJA and a tweet from Dr Karen Phelps herself.


» Representation: Continue to be the voice of medical students regarding Australian refugee and asylum

seeker policy in the political sphere, particularly concerning the cessation of offshore processing practices

and indefinite detention in Australia

» Volunteering: Encouraging and facilitating medical student involvement in grassroots organisations related

to refugee and asylum seeker health advocacy and volunteering at a local and national level

» Education: Ensuring comprehensive refugee and asylum seeker health education is available for all medical

students through university curricula as well as online content such as academic symposia, educational

modules/workshops and infographics.

How do I get involved?

Here’s what you can do:

» Apply to join our team: 2021 Subcommittee callouts in February and 2022 Management Team/Executive

callouts in August-September

» Apply to be your university’s Crossing Borders Representative

» Join the Global Health Group at your uni, and get in touch with your AMSA Global Health Representative and/

or Crossing Borders Representative

» Like and keep an eye on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages

» Sign up to the AMSA Global Health Bulletin via our website


» Come to an AMSA Global Health Forum

» Come find us at AMSA Global Health Conference.

Dates to watch out for (keep an eye on Facebook):

» Palm Sunday Rally: 28th March

» AMSA Crossing Borders Representative callouts: March-April

» Refer to AMSA Global Health page 21 for more dates

/amsacrossingborders @amsacrossingborders gabby.cullen@amsa.org.au



AMSA events are renowned for their unique blend of educational talks, social nights and skills development. They

will provide valuable experiences and equip you with skills that will last you beyond your medical degree!

National Leadership

Development Seminar (NLDS)


Late August/ Early September

National Convention


June 28 - July 3

Global Health Conference (GHC)


August 5 - August 9

Rural Health Summit (RHS)

Location TBA

Date TBA

National Councils 1, 2 and 3

Council 1: March 26 - 29, Brisbane

Council 2: June 25 - 27, Adelaide

Council 3: TBA

National council

AMSA National Council convenes three times each year and brings together representatives from all the Australian

medical schools to engage in various facets of AMSA. This year’s Councils will provide numerous opportunities

to: network with like-minded medical students; be upskilled through mentoring programs and multiple breakout

sessions; debate on policies that will directly affect the medical student experience; and hear about all of AMSA’s

advocacy, events, projects and committees happening across Australia.

AMSA Council is open to all medical students and generally lasts for three days. It provides medical students with

the opportunity to inform and direct the function of the Executive and to help set the advocacy agenda.

Council is a great way to begin or continue your AMSA journey, offering exposure to all of the wonderful opportunities

that AMSA has to offer. All information regarding Council and how to get involved will be shared through the AMSA

Facebook page or via your local AMSA Rep. If you are interested in attending, simply register when registration is

open, and have a chat with your AMSA rep if you have any questions!


Council One: March 26 - 29, Brisbane

Council Two: June 25 - 27, Adelaide

Council Three: TBA




The National Leadership Development Seminar (NLDS) is the premier leadership and advocacy event in the

AMSA calendar. Bringing together 100 medical students in Canberra, the political heart of our country, NLDS is a

sensational platform for fostering world-class skills in medico-political advocacy and health leadership.

NLDS is a four day conference featuring an array of speakers and workshops, thought provoking discussions,

unparalleled networking opportunities and an all-around great time. In 2021, through a rigorous delegate selection

process, approximately 100 delegates from all across Australia will gather to foster expertise in Communication

in Leadership.

NLDS21’s theme is Across the Aisle - Communication in Leadership. . Whether it’s tackling Australia’s public health

crises in the medico-political sphere, or telling your registrar that you disagree with a clinical decision they have

made – crossing the aisle to negotiate with someone you disagree with is a fundamental skill in health leadership.

Through the health and economic crises of 2020, we have further developed an appreciation for people of different

professions, opinions, and political leanings, who are all working together towards the common goal of saving

lives. Come to NLDS21 to further develop your strategic communication and negotiation skills, get your foot in the

door in the medical leadership space, and make friends for life!


Late August/ Early September, Canberra




National convention

We welcome both the new ranger and seasoned con-veteran to Adelaide in

2021 for AMSA National Convention where you can rediscover your passions,

reimagine your future in Medicine, and rejoice in forging new bonds.

We can’t wait to bring you a stellar academic program full of amazing speakers

from medicine and other fields. Additionally, we will reinvent your experience

by bringing you networking sessions with speakers and other delegates, as

well as incredible workshops and breakout sessions.

With inspiring themes and exhilarating activities, you won’t forget our Gala

Ball and social nights! And for those who wish to revel or retreat, we will celebrate new friendships in an inclusive

and safe environment.

A reinvigorated sports and wellbeing program will pit student against student in exciting competitions, together

with activities to recharge your mind, body and spirit.

Next year is a fresh start, so where better than Adelaide for Reinvention 2021? We can’t wait to see you there!


28th June – 3rd July 2021, Adelaide




global health conference

Now, more than ever, the concept of global health has captured the world’s

interest, and GHC21 is the perfect opportunity for you to dive in and explore

all there is to this MASSIVE topic. After a long year of living through one

of the biggest global health crises to hit our planet (What even was

2020!?), we are thrilled to bring to you in 2021 an unforgettable global

health event. GHC21 will open your minds to the important and exciting

ways that YOU can make positive changes in this field, both locally

and globally. GHC21 aims to connect hundreds of medical students

from all over Australia to the broader picture of global health through

5 days of challenging talks and stimulating discussions, 4 unforgettable

social nights, and countless opportunities for hands-on engagement. And

what better place to host GHC21 than in WA – Australia’s very own idyllic


Our overarching vision for GHC can be boiled down to 3 words – Seeds for Change. We firmly believe in the saying

that “from little things, BIG things grow” and that to start cultivating the considerable changes required in the

vast field of global health we need to start from its humblest beginning – the seed. GHC21 will seek to plant the

seeds of awareness, inspiration and innovation for global health within the hearts of our delegates, nurturing their

understanding and amplifying their passion. We wholeheartedly believe in the importance of taking a break from

the books (as much as we love Talley & O’Connor

ural health summit

The AMSA Rural Health Summit (RHS21) unites over 170 medical students from across the country with a common

interest in rural health. RHS is quickly becoming an integral part of AMSA’s rural health initiatives.

You will be inspired by leaders, skilled clinicians, and creative innovators in rural health through a series of keynote

presentations, breakout sessions, skills workshops and the Rural Rescue Challenge.

Previous guest speakers have included Professor Paul Worley, Dr Amanda Cohn and many more! The event also

boasts numerous social events, which are fantastic opportunities to connect with like-minded delegates and




Each year, AMSA releases numerous publications to keep you in the loop, provide you with plentiful resources and

showcase the works of medical students like you!

Our National Publications Subcommittee, Global Health team and Rural Health Committee work tirelessly to

research, write, design, format, edit, and release publications that are not only visually engaging but also useful for

our readers. See our guides, journals and magazines below - you will surely find one that appeals to you!

AMSA Journal of Global Health

AJGH is our unique bi-annual Global Health Journal that publishes peer-reviewed articles on various global health



Embolus is our e-newsletter providing updates on all you need to know from advocacy successes, call-outs, and

more! Sign up when you register for AMSA.


Panacea is AMSA’s student magazine which showcases a large range of creative and academic pieces from

medical students around Australia.


Frontiers Magazine is our annual Rural Health magazine, released in September. Read for a variety of pieces on

rural health issues and academics in addition to creative pieces.

Starting Med Guide

Starting Med Guide is our concise guide on how to kick off your years at medical school.

Internship Guide

Internship Guide is our most popular guide which provides up to date information on internship numbers for the

upcoming year.




Want to save the planet? Passionate about refugee health or

reproductive rights? Then AMSA Global Health is the new med fam

you’ve been looking for. We’re AMSA’s largest special interest group

and we engage, represent and empower medical students to take

effective action on global health.

Since 2005, we’ve been connecting like-minded students and getting them ready to be the global health leaders

of tomorrow. Our members have represented Australia at UN forums and the World Health Assembly; organised

rallies across the country; written submissions to parliamentary inquiries; appeared in national media — and made

friends for life while doing so!

AMSA Global Health Key Milestones in 2020

» Connected 90+ like-minded volunteers across 22 Australian medical schools

» Engaged 500+ students in our online activities including competitions, rallies, webinars and conferences

» Drove the review and adoption of global health focused AMSA policies: Climate Change, Food and Nutrition,

Pandemics & Epidemics, Vaccinations, Blood Donation Deferral, Racial Discrimination and Cultural Diversity

» Contributed to advocacy across our four project groups: climate change (AMSA Code Green), refugee rights

(AMSA Crossing Borders), NCD prevention (AMSA Healthy Communities) and sexual and reproductive health


» Instigated a COVID-19 Taskforce to respond to the pandemic by creating bi-weekly summaries of key news

items, and delivering two webinars discussing overlooked issues in the context of the pandemic - refugees

and homelessness; and domestic and family violence


AMSA Global Health’s Key Advocacy Priorities for 2021

» A healthy, inclusive, green recovery from COVID-19

» Sustain attention on global health following the COVID-19 pandemic

» Action on: climate change, the rights of refugees and asylum seekers, NCD prevention, and sexual and

reproductive health.

how do i get involved?

Whether you’re a passionate advocate, an IT whiz, a social media superstar or an events guru — or just really keen

on saving the world — we’d love to welcome you to the AMSA Global Health family.

Here’s what you can do:

» Apply to join our team: 2021 subcom callouts in February and 2022 Management Team/Executive callouts

in August-September

» Join the global health group at your uni, and get in touch with your AMSA Global Representative

» Keep an eye on our Facebook page

» Sign up to the Bulletin

» Come to an AMSA Global Health Forum

» Come find us at AMSA Global Health Conference.

Dates to watch out for (keep an eye on Facebook and our Bulletin):

» AMSA Global Health subcommittee callouts: February

» AMSA Global Health Forums: March and September

» AMSA Global Health Conference: August

» AMSA Global Health Management Team and Executive callouts: August-September









to sign up to our

monthly bulletin!

AMSA international

Want to be the next Dr. Tedros? Work with the WMA, WHO, UN or MSF?

Passionate about meeting the next generation of global leaders from

around the world? Then AMSA International is the new med fam you’ve

been looking for. We are excited to provide you with a unique platform to

access opportunities on an international stage!

AMSA international Key Milestones in 2020

» Visited Rwanda and represented Australia for the International Federation of

Medical Students (IFMSA) March General Assembly

» Represented Australia online for the IFMSA August Assembly!

» Commissioned policies for the IFMSA March and August General Assembly

» Led small working groups for the IFMSA policies, with these policies contributing

to our representation at the World Health Assembly and the WHO Executive

Board Meeting

AMSA International’s key advocacy priorities for 2021

» Representing AMSA’s interest in the IFMSA Asia Pacific region

» Representing our policy base on the IFMSA policy stage

» Advocating for our member’s access to all international opportunities, be it from

the World Medical Association, World Health Organisation, or the United Nations

How do I get involved?

We’d love to welcome you to the AMSA International family.

Here’s what you can do:

» Apply to join our team: 2021 team callout in January

» Join the AMSA international opportunities group on Facebook to get involved

with those opportunities

» Keep an eye out for our up and coming Facebook and Instagram pages

Dates to watch out for (keep an eye on Facebook):

» AMSA International committee callout round 1: January

» WHO Executive Board meeting: February

» AMSA International committee callout round 2: March

» IFMSA General Assemblies: March and August

» World Health Assembly: May and November



Coming Soon!

AMSA rural health

AMSA Rural Health is the peak representative body for rural origin students, rural clinical

school students, and for the world health interests of medical students across Australia.

Our key goal is to advocate for equality when accessing healthcare and equal health

outcomes for rural and remote Australians.

To do so, AMSA Rural Health supports and facilitates medical students’ engagement

with rural health and advocates for students regarding rural issues. We also partner

with key stakeholders to advocate for the stability and support of the future rural health


AMSA Rural Health Key Milestones in 2020

» Developed and proposed the Australian Rural Clinical School Support Survey (ARCSSS)

» Collaborated with AMSA Indigenous on the In My Blood It Runs Q+A Webinar

» Hosted and assisted with several breakouts and sessions across AMSA’s online events

» Engaged with numerous stakeholders, including the AMA Council of Rural Doctors, the Rural Health

Commissioner and the Bonded Implementation Working Group

AMSA Rural Health’s Key Advocacy Priorities for 2021

» Rural clinical school student support

» Postgraduate rural training pathways

» Ensuring students under new end-to-end programs are well-supported

» Assisting the transition of the bonded scheme return of service system


How do I get involved?





Although our full committee has already been selected, there are several ways to get involved in the rural health

space in 2021! Through our events, projects and other initiatives, we aim to educate students (yes, you!) at a

grassroots level about the unique opportunities and challenges related to rural practice, equipping you with the

skills to shape Australia’s future rural health workforce. We do this through events (promoting and collaborating

with external events or hosting our own!), projects, publications, and social media.

Here’s what you can do:

Keep an eye on our Facebook page and other socials for more info about the below opportunities!

» Get involved in our publications as a writer, photographer/artist or as a member of our Frontier editing team!

» Participate in ARCSSS if you’re a rurally-placed student in 2021 (around August)

» Stay tuned for more information about the Rural Health Summit



AMSA Med Ed is the branch of AMSA that is dedicated

to producing high quality, free resources that are

accessible to all medical students across Australia.

Although we are a relatively new part of AMSA, we have

made a range of achievements with more planned for

next year! Med Ed has two main divisions:

Resource division

Med Ed Resource is involved with the production

and provision of credible open access educational

resources to medical students. In 2020, Med Ed

drastically increased the number of peer reviewed

resources available for free on the AMSA Med Ed

Moodle (http://amsamoodle.org.au).

There are four branches of AMSA Med Ed Resource:

» AMSA Question bank: the first national question

bank created by Australian medical students,

with hundreds of available MCQs and quizzes.

» AMSA Factsheets: succinct summaries

of conditions and Australian management


» AMSA Academy: an online learning platform

consisting of modules and professional

development courses across multiple


» AMSA OSCEs: consists of OSCE scenarios and

marking guides.

Research division

Med Ed Research is for students interested in

conducting and producing credible research on topics

related to medical education in Australia to supplement

AMSA’s and local Medical Societies’ advocacy to

improve medical education. Med Ed Research also

works with the advocacy team to produce research

to reinforce AMSA’s stand on various non-educational

issues. Currently, Med Ed Research is undertaking

projects to assess the Psychiatry Curriculum outcomes

of medical graduates in Australia, intimate partners

violence education, and medical specialty selection

pressures. Our newest research team is looking at the

effects of COVID-19 on medical students.

In 2021 we also formed a new team called Research

Resources, which creates simple How-to-guides on

the basics of research and conducting research.



AMSA Med Ed has recently expanded to host events related to medical education. In 2019, we had our first poster

competition at AMSA Convention. In 2020, we hosted the inaugural MCQ Cup, where medical students around

Australia competed by answering MCQ questions over a two-week period - and had over 1000 responses! In 2021,

we plan to host even more events including an OSCE Night and Research Symposium.

How do I get involved?

Whether you enjoy quizzing your friends, enjoy making absolutely ACE notes, want to nurture the inner multimedia

geek in you, or want to get involved in research, AMSA Med Ed has a role for you!

Here’s what you can do:

» Apply to join our team: team member callouts will open in February 2021

» Check out our resources and see what we do at amsamoodle.org.au

» Like our Facebook and Instagram pages

» Come find us at the 2021 AMSA National Convention

Dates to keep an eye out for:

» AMSA Med Ed team member callouts: February 2021

» AMSA Med Ed Research Symposium: TBC (likely April/March 2021)

» AMSA Med Ed OSCE Night: TBC (likely June/July 2021)

» AMSA Med Ed MCQ Cup: September 2021

/yourAMSAMedEd @amsameded www.amsamoodle.org.au


AMSA international student network

The International Students’ Network serves as a powerful

advocate for matters pertaining to international students in

Australian medical schools. In Australia, 1 in 5 medical students

are from overseas, and the ISN strives to represent every one of

these students as effectively as possible. We provide a voice for

international medical students at a national level. The goals that

have been set out as foundations for the ISN include:

1. To advocate for all international medical students studying in Australia

2. To provide support for graduating international students seeking internship in Australia

3. To develop an inclusive and engaged international student community

4. To connect current and future international medical students and to inform them of the issues currently

facing international students in Australia.

AMSA International students network Key Milestones in 2020

» Secured the successful refunding of the Commonwealth Medical Internship

programme by the Department of Health

» Worked closely with AMSA Central, medical students’ councils in individual

states and the Department of Health to maximise internship opportunities for

international medical graduates

» Supported graduates who didn’t receive a round 1 job offer by keeping them

informed of opportunities all around Australia

» Assisted international students with their return to Australia in the midst of

the pandemic

» Hosted an inaugural JDTP information session night for upcoming interns

» Organised an information seminar with Greenslopes Private Hospital

AMSA international students network’s Key Advocacy Priorities for 2021

» Producing a detailed Internship Guide

» ISN visa review and ongoing support for Commonwealth Medical


» Ongoing policy writing in collaboration with AMSA Central

» Collaborating with relevant organisations, to address the mental health

issues experienced by many international medical students.

» Establishing a strong foundation for the North American Subcommittee

which will be in its first year of running


If you are interested in joining our fantastic team and representing international students at a national level, stay

tuned for our recruitment announcements towards the end of the year! Join our Facebook group to receive updates

on internship situations, working visas and anything related to international students.



AMSA indigenous Health

AMSA Indigenous is a key special interest group (SIG) within AMSA that represents and connects with Indigenous

identifying medical students across Australia, and increases the opportunities available to them. Our team is led

by Indigenous and non-Indigenous medical students, advocating for improved First Nations health outcomes and

a culturally safe healthcare system.

AMSA Indigenous provides invaluable advocacy guidance and contributions on topics pertaining to First Nations

health and people. To reflect these priorities, our team consists of a: national coordinator, education officer,

research and publications officer, events officer, policy officer, and general member.

AMSA Indigenous health's key advocacy priorities For 2021

In 2021, AMSA Indigenous will continue expanding their successful initiatives including AMSA policy writing and

review, and hosting informative Q&A panel nights. This will continue to engage Indigenous medical students with

AMSA and ensure that our policies are truly robust and representative.


AMSA queer

AMSA Queer is here to represent the interests of every queer medical student

and promote Queer Health education across all Australian medical schools.

Whether you are in the classroom or on the wards, we want to support you

in expressing who you are.

In 2020, AMSA Queer Team collaborated with SOGICE and Equality Australia,

sent submissions for Census Inclusion and the Religious Discrimination Bill,

and began work on a Curriculum Reform Guide for medical students wanting

to create change within their medical courses. They also created the AMSA

Queer MedEd Survey, a survey on LGBTQI+ education in medical courses

across Australia. In the social sphere, they ran a Pride Month Campaign and

a Leadership Showcase, and highlighted days of awareness through their

public Facebook page, as well as maintaining a private Facebook group for

queer med students.

Key advocacy priorities for 2021

» Continuing to advocate for queer students

» Creating queer spaces in medicine

» Promoting Queer Health education

» Continuing to create resources for medical students

across Australia

» Running workshops and educational sessions

» Connecting queer medical students across Australia

» Working with other AMSA Projects and initiatives

to ensure that queer students feel welcome in all



» Join our Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/QAMSA

» Watch out for us during Pride Month in June and important days of awareness and remembrance throughout

the year as well as at major AMSA events

Dates to look out for (keep an eye on Facebook):

» Pride Month in June

/amsamhc www.amsa.org.au/amsa-queer-project queer@amsa.org.au


AMSA national executive

Allen Gu



Sophie Keen




Alex Ho



Erica Mustgrove

Vice President (Internal)



Jeremy Fernando

Vice President (External)



Olivia Lindsay

Events Coordinator


Jasmine Davis

Projects Offier


Anthony Copeland

Public Relations




Fergus Stafford

Policy Officer


Deyan Momirovski

National Coordinator



Christian Mich

Sponsorship Officer


Richard Song

Sponsorship Officer


Terra Sudarmana

Publications and

Design Officer



Abhishekh Srinivas

Information Technology Officer


Elizabeth Hu

Student Engagement Officer



AMSA representatives

Australian National University

Abigail Slater


Bond University

Albertine Tan


Curtin University

Emily Burgis



Deakin University

Ellie Damianos



Griffith University

Samantha Norris


Flinders University



James Cook University

Tanish John


Macquarie University

Sai Yerra



Monash University

Jessica Yu


University of Adelaide

Raffaela Skourletos


Universirty of Melbourne

Jared Tan


University of Newcastle

Andrew Li


University of New England

Akhilesh Ayalasomayajula


University of New South


Felix Jay Altit


University of Notre Dame


Nick Peh


University of Notre Dame


Janet Mirzaei


University of Queensland

Kate Neufeld


University of Sydney

Leo Dunstan-Potter


University of Tasmania

Lucy Southcott


University of Western


Aarohanan Raguragavan


Western Sydney University

Matthew Xu



University of Wollongong

Kieren Richards


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