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Castilleja Dancers

Ciara Bean

Amelie Bellemans

Karin Blumenfeld

Ava Chen

Madeleine Chen

Zoya Chughtai

Natalie Dang

Ella Debenham

Analisa Delgado

Alexandra Dimitreli

Tzewa Dingpontsawa

Cecily Durkin

Sadie Evans

Avani Ganesan

Sahana Ganesan

Louisa (Lulu) Guandi

Annika Heinemann

Zoe Ho

Ella Holsinger

Ella Hoy

Alizey Hussain

Sophie Jaffer

Julia Karsner

Ana Kelleher

Sofia Kelleher

Ella Kemp

Claire Kepner

Chloe Kim

Rena Kim

Kayley Ko

Callie Kocher

Gemma Kunnavatana

Charlie Laurel

Ella Lewis

Callie McElhinney

Bella Monsalve

Mia Monsalve

Leela Mudumbai

Yaiza Fernandez Munoz

Ananya Nukala

Sutchie Ofori-Nyako

Madeleine Parker

Mallika Patel

Carolina Pavlik

Claire Pettit

Ademi Rakhimbayeva

Araika Ramchandran

Jenna Razzak

Zenia Rehan

Miraya Rehman

Michaela Rohrbach

Antonia Ross

Jade Rothbaum

Allison Row

Production Team

Produced by Dance Production Workshop

Artistic Director

Visiting Guest Artists

Georgianna Shea

Sofiia & Vasyl Safriuk

Senior Executive Producers

Ciara Bean

Alia Singh

Alexandra Dimitreli Emilia Smith

Executive Producers

Zoya Chughtai

Bella Monsalve


Cecily Durkin

Yaiza Fernandez Munoz

Sahana Ganesan

Louisa Gunadi

Vivienne Wluka

Kaylene Yee

Ella Holsinger

Sofia Kelleher

Miraya Rehman

Allison Row

Alexa Schmeltzer

Juliet Schmeltzer

Penelope (Poppy) Scott

Anvi Shah

Caroline Silva

Alia Singh

Naveli Singh

Hazel Slavet

Emilia Smith

Vivi Sun

Savannah Tau-Vaka

Sophia Trabanino

Deeksha Venkat

Anaika Walia

Ayza Wasim

Vivenne Wluka

Kaylene Yee

Kaylin Yip

Senior Class of 2021

Ciara Bean

Catherine Debenham

Alexandra Dimitreli

Divya Ganesan

Violet Glickman

Samina Kaushek

Raveena Lele

Associate Producers

Ella Debenham

Analisa Delgado

Annika Heinemann

Ella Lewis

Skylar O’Brien

Honor Pimentel

Dayssi Phills

Madeleine Parker

Jenna Razzak

Alia Singh

Emilia Smith

Choreography 8

Saniya Ahmed

Avani Ganesan

Julia Karsner

Ella Kemp

Claire Kepner

Kaley Ko

Callie Kocher

Mia Monsalve

Mallika Patel

Claire Pettit

Araika Ramchandran

Michaela Rohrbach

Naveli Singh

Anaika Walia

Antonia Ross

Coco Sands

Vivi Sun

Middle School Producers

Rena Kim

Mallika Patel

Julia Karsner

Araika Ramchandran

Ella Kemp

Hazel Slavet

Ananya Nukala


Drone Operator

Technical Director

Graphic &

Visual Design

Finn Smith

Aya Matsutomo

Kevin Pyne

Our heartfelt thank you to Castilleja’s faculty and staff, who

are always willing to help with an open heart! Jessie

Surface, thank you for making sure we adhered to the

ever-changing health guidelines, assuring that our cast and

crew were safe! Thank you Meghan Guidry, communications

and donor engagement consultant for The MAVEN Project,

for always being there for us. Lastly, we extend our gratitude

to the entire Castilleja community for your support and

encouragement… especially this year.

In the Midst of Chaos is Creativity.

We have all heard the phrase, The Show Must Go On, but for this year’s

production those words took on new meaning. We knew we had to create a

show that would educate and entertain. We knew we had to give our students

a little bit of ‘fun’ and ‘normal’ in a very ‘un-fun’ and ‘un-normal’ time.

We knew The Show Had to Go On.

To be honest, there were many, many challenges and setbacks with this

production. Yet, with each challenge, we became even more committed. We

needed to bring some joy to our Castilleja Community. We needed to shine a

light on a pressing issue in the world right now – healthcare disparity.

Our partnership with The MAVEN Project continually motivated us. Their work

is crucial, especially at this moment in time, as they tirelessly work to make

sure that those uninsured and underinsured have access to quality healthcare.

The MAVEN Project is an innovator in telehealth. They identified a need,

recruited dedicated and qualified volunteer doctors, and partnered with

clinics to create a solution to an unacceptable problem. The MAVEN Project

physicians, and partner clinics all work toward one goal:

To assure everyone can receive quality healthcare.

I know you will enjoy the shows and our extraordinary performers. You will

be inspired by the work The MAVEN Project is doing, and you will be uplifted

with what 100 determined young women can achieve when they decide that

The Show Must Go On.

Georgianna Shea

Artistic Director

Arts with a Heart


Dear Castilleja Community,

The MAVEN Project is honored and grateful to be the beneficiary of Castilleja’s 2021

Arts with a Heart production of Compassion - your first ever virtual event. This past year,

COVID-19 has upended our lives in ways we couldn’t have imagined. It has also laid bare the

inequities in our health care system that The MAVEN Project is working to remedy. We believe

health is really about connection and compassion, and that by connecting expert physician

volunteers to frontline providers at community health centers through telehealth, we can

remove the barriers that prevent people from getting the care they deserve. After a year of

caution, distance, and sacrifice, we can think of no better way to connect than through the

joyous expression of dance.

Like Arts with a Heart, The MAVEN Project began as a student collaboration, in our case,

former Harvard Medical School students. Our alumni leadership group realized that expanded

health insurance through “Obamacare” did not confer access to the highest quality health

care for the medically underserved, and that specialist and even primary care providers were

unavailable to these individuals. In the same way you have marshaled your talent in dance,

medical alumni from multiple schools across the country volunteered their wisdom and

experience to fulfill a mission. Our corps of seasoned specialists advise, mentor, and educate


care to the patient’s local medical home. A consult between a provider and volunteer can

help a sick child return to school. A mentoring session can prevent a nurse from burning out.

An education session can be the difference between uncontrolled diabetes and doctors

confidently supporting patients via telehealth. As one of our providers said recently:

A MAVEN Project physician is like an angel on my shoulder.

That’s why we do this work. Our health care system should be about facilitating connections.

Instead, it has too many barriers that prevent everyone from getting the care they need, and

COVID-19 has only magnified these challenges while adding more to the mix. But if we persist

in our mission to make universal access to care a reality, we can build a health care system

that fosters connection and compassion for every person.

We are honored to be working with the Castilleja community to bring attention to this crucial

issue, and look forward to a wonderful weekend of dance, celebration, and connection.


Laurie Green, MD

Founder and Board Chairperson


February 5, 2021

Performance One


Choreographed by Choreography 8 &

Dance Production Workshop

Editor Hsiu Hsiu Lin

Music Compassion by Prince


Choreographed & Performed by Sofia Kelleher

Editor Hsiu Hsiu Lin

Music If It’s Magic by Stevie Wonder

Final Bow

Choreographed by Ciara Bean

Editor Dakota Gregoric

Music Stole the Show by Kygo

For the Nameless

Choreographed by Ella Lewis

Editor Hsiu Hsiu Lin

Music Underdog by Alicia Keys

Put Your Hands Up

Choreographed by Ciara Bean & Kaylene Yee

Editor Hsiu Hsiu Lin

Music Put Your Hands Up by Forest Blakk

February 6, 2021

Performance Two

Heart Wide Open

Choreographed &

Performed by Ashely Ehrenpreis, Yaiza Frenandez Munoz,

Avani Ganesan, Zoe Ho, Sofia Kelleher,

Rena Kim, Callie McElhinney, Carolina Pavlic,

Vivi Sun & Vivienne Wluka

Editor Hsiu Hsiu Lin

Music Find Me by Sigma

ComPassion it On

Concept & Choreographed by Sofiia Safriuk

Visual Effects & Editor Vasyl Safriuk

Music Stay Alive by José González


Choreographed by Ciara Bean

Editor Dakota Gregoric

Music Overthinker by INZO

6 ft. of Loneliness

Concept & Choreographed by Sofiia Safriuk

Visual Effects & Editor Vasyl Safriuk

Music Lonely Star by Oh Wonder

I Am Here

Choreographed by Ciara Bean & Vivienne Wlaka

Editor Dakota Gregoric

Music I Am Here by Pink

February 7, 2021

Performance Three

Look for the Good

Choreographed by Yaiza Frenandez Munoz & Sofia Kelleher with

Rena Kim, Julia Karsner, Ella Kemp, Mallika Patel,

Araika Ramchandran & Hazel Slavet

Editor Dakota Gregoric

Music Look for the Good by Jason Mraz

Together Apart

Choreographed by Kaylene Yee

Editor Dakota Gregoric

Music Cold by Jorgé Méndez

Zoom Mooves

Concept & Choreographed by Sofiia Safriuk

Visual Effects & Editor Vasyl Safriuk

Music Move by Saint Motel


Choreographed & Performed by Ciara Bean

Illustrator & Editor Hsiu Hsiu Lin

Music Wildfire by Forest Blakk

Put a Little Love in Your Heart

Choreographed by Vivienna Wluka

Editor Dakota Gregoric

Music Put a Little Love in Your Heart by KC and the Sunshine Band &


Not Pictured: Zoya Chughtai


For the past twenty-five years here at

Castilleja, Anne Cameron has always

supported, developed, and nurtured

Arts programs and the Arts with a

Heart productions.

Anne, thank you for your love, care,

and encouragement throughout the

years. You have made the Arts and

Castilleja a vibrant and happy place

for all our students. You will be missed.

The cast and crew lovingly dedicate

this show to Anne Cameron.

Guest Artists

Sofiia Safriuk

Dancer and Choreographer

After spending her childhood training in rhythmic

gymnastics, Sofiia discovered her love of dance

at age 15. She received a degree in dance from

the College of Art in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, followed

by a scholarship to study with Israel’s Kibbutz

Contemporary Dance Company, where she was

a member of the International Dance Journey

Program. Sofiia has founded and run a dance

team in the Ukraine and danced professionally in

Germany and China. Since 2020, she and her

husband Vasyl have produced innovative dance

videos for their social media pages. Sofiia

commented, “Art is so important to Vasyl and

me. It is our way to be heard.”

Sofiia and Vasyl live in Chernivtsi, Ukraine.

Follow their work on Instagram: sonyasafriuk

Vasyl Safriuk

Visual Effects and Editor

Vasyl holds a masters degree in electronics and

has worked professionally as a Musician. In 2015,

just after proposing to his eventual wife Sofiia,

the Ukrainian army drafted Vasyl in response to

rising tensions over Crimea. While serving in the

army, Vasyl began producing documentaries.

After release from active military service, he

continued studying filmmaking at a local film

school, which eventually hired him as an editor.

Vasyl has continued perfecting his craft, becoming

proficient in animation and 3D graphics. Since

2020, Vasyl and Sofiia have collaborated in

producing a series of unique dance videos.

Vasyl lives with Sofiia in Chernivtsi, Ukraine.

Follow their work on YouTube: SafriFam

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