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A word from the Principal...


Another week has gone in what seems like the blink of an eye and again I am so impressed with

the quality of much of the remote learning that has been submitted. The current levels of engagement

being shown will really enable your children to slip seamlessly back into learning at school

when we are all able to return, whether that be after half term or later in the year.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the staff at school who have been fantastic since

we have had to switch to a combination of online and in-school provision. We currently have a

significantly higher number of children in school than the national average as our staff offer support

for the vulnerable and key worker children, whilst engaging and thorough remote learning is

provided with video tutorials and daily live interaction opportunities. Many staff are dealing with a

significantly increased workload whilst feeling anxious about the safety of their roles in school. I am

so proud of the team we have here, so please be mindful that they are working at capacity when

you speak with them and that a kind or appreciative message goes a long way.

Thank you all for your continued support and as always, if there is anything you need support with

or any suggestions with how we can improve our remote learning provision further, please let us


Kind regards,

Mr Adam Anderson


Broad and Balanced...


It’s been another busy and exciting week in Rainbow class this week. The children

have been learning about the Gruffalo both in school and at home. It’s

been lovely to see so many of them acting out the story and retelling it to their

teddies. They have been busy making models of the Gruffalo, painting pictures

and finding out facts about the animals from the story. We have been really

proud of the children’s reading and writing this week - they have been working

really hard with their sounding out and letter formation. Thank you for all of

the support you have been giving the children at home, we know how hard it is

at the moment but it is making a big difference to their learning. We are looking

forward to seeing what amazing things they do next week.

Broad and Balanced...


Our geography focus this week was to locate Asia on a world map and explore

the features and characteristics of China. The children learnt about the Great

Wall of China and the Terracotta Army. We discovered that dragons are an important

part of many celebrations in China. Some of the children made Chinese


The children had a go at recreating work by a Japanese contemporary artist

called Takashi Murakami. They worked incredibly hard and produced some

beautiful art work. They explored using different materials to recreate the colourful

animated flowers.

The class had to research Richard Trevithick and they came up with lots of very

interesting facts about him. We then learnt about steam trains and how they

work. One of the children at home had a miniature steam engine which was

amazing to see.

Keep up the fantastic work Class 1. I am incredibly proud of you all.

Broad and Balanced...


Class 2 have been getting their entries ready for the Geevor Tin Museum competition.

We would really like to win the prize of free entry for our whole class.

I have also seen some fantastic boats being made and tested, along with some

great plans and impressive Titanic pictures. Amongst all this creativity, class

2 have blown me away with their ability to use the column method to add and

subtract, they can even exchange one ten and for ten ones and vica versa!

Well done Class 2, Mrs Cahill is feeling very proud! Thanks as well to all of the

parents/grandparents, family members that consistently support their children

with home learning. You are doing an amazing job!

Broad and Balanced...


Year 3 have had a super week of remote learning. This week they have been writing

newspaper reports about the discovery of an ancient village linking to the Stone age.

The children have done a fantastic job with this and I have been really impressed with

the work they have produced. They then turned these newspaper reports into the ‘6

o’clock Seesaw News’. They filmed themselves as news reporters presenting the news

about the amazing discovery. The children have continued their learning about the

Stone age and have been researching and designing their own roundhouses, ready

for making them next week. To help them do this they have also been learning about

Skara Brea, an ancient village in the Orkney islands. Year 3 have also been practising

their art skills and have been learning about the artist Wassily Kandinsky. To paint in

his style they have been mixing primary colours to make secondary colours and have

enjoyed being artists! Well done Year 3, another great week.

Broad and Balanced...


This week in year 4 has been an extremely difficult explosion of division and methods

to solve division problems. However, we have come out of it unscathed - physically at

least! We have used number lines, part-whole models, place value grids and also the

bus-stop method. Well done year 4.

In English, we have begun exploring expanded noun phrases in order to create vivid

descriptions that will prepare us for some creative writing next week. Some children

have really got to grips with up-levelling their choice of vocabulary by using some

technical synonyms instead of the first idea that pops into our head. We have created

a word bank before describing characters and settings.

In science, we have begun our water cycle topic and discovered that the water on our

planet keeps getting recycled in a process that sees it evaporate, condense and precipitate

from the puddles on land, to the clouds in the sky. Have a look at some examples

of the amazing work produced this week.

Broad and Balanced...


Class 5 have had another great week of home learning, the children’s attitude

to learning and the effort they have applied to their work is exceptional. This

week in English they’ve finished writing their diary entries based around the

novel ‘Anglo-Saxon Boy’ by Tony Bradman. The writing outcomes after three

weeks of hard work structuring, planning, creating, editing and copying up into

neat has been brilliant. They were all a pleasure to read, the children have included

lots of emotions and ideas from the book. In their history, they’ve been

learning about how the Anglo-Saxon’s made their clothes and dyed them using

natural materials such as onions, avocado, beetroot. At home & in school they

have had a go at dyeing and weaving their own Anglo-Saxon friendship bands

which they have been really proud of. In science, they have been planning

experiments that look into the effect of weight, gravity and forces. They have

enjoyed dropping items of different weights and sizes from the same height

then comparing the different size craters. ICT has linked really well with the

space theme, looking further into computer architecture identifying sensors,

knowing the difference between computer input and output and how the size of

RAM affects the processing of data. The children’s knowledge for this area for

their age is exceptional. They have also been busy making presentations about

biomes, learning column multiplication in Maths and street dancing in PE. Finally,

the children have been talking in depth in PSHE about their future careers,

discussing in detail the skills, qualifications and personality traits they would

need to succeed. Dream, Believe, Achieve.

Broad and Balanced...


What a brilliant week Year 6 have had, continuing their learning about World

War Two! Over the last two weeks, they have been working towards writing

their own Newspaper Reports. I was so impressed to see such professional

reports with lots of the SPaG we have been learning about. We have also

seen some amazing French conversations happening between the Year 6s and

their family members, one even chatting to a neighbour, who happened to be

a French Teacher. Year 6 also took the key events from WW2 and made clear

and detailed timelines. It was great to see them being independent in how they

laid these out, some creating online documents and others drawing illustrations

to decorate their timelines. Finally, we have seen such creativity through very

convincing and well presented propaganda posters and pieces of artwork. Well

done Year 6!

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