Events - Redcliffe Pink Snapdragons

Events - Redcliffe Pink Snapdragons

Pink Bits & Titbits August 2012

Dragons Abreast Redcliffe Pink Snapdragons

August 2012 Page 1

Executive Committee Updates


Expressions of Interest are still open for any survivor paddlers who like to

participate at this year’s Pan Pacific Games in November. So far our

team consists of:

Del, Donna, Rosy L, Fran, Sonia, Maz, Maureen, Janine, Sarah, Lyn S,

Marla, Barb T, Lynda, Jaynie, Trish, Barb F, Karen, Alison, Joy and


Well done girls, it’s awesome to see so many of you so keen to

participate!!!....bring on the Games.

A few of you have also put your name down on my sheets which have

been out at training for paddlers who would like to compete in other

crews which Redcliffe will be entering at Pan Pacs (e.g. women’s

crews, mixed crews etc)….they are:

Donna, Rosy, Sarah, Barb F, Lyn S, Karen, Fran, Lynda, Alison, Jayne,


Some of these girls above have nominated to only paddle in these

extra crews on Saturday in the 200m races so if you are interested and

haven’t as yet put your name down please keep an eye out for the

sheet at training or flick me an email.

Hopefully, you will have all received my email sent yesterday

regarding the Pan Pacs registration process….if you haven’t please let

me know asap.

Previously, I had sent an EOI regarding a regatta in Wellington NZ next

March, this has been put on hold.

TEAM MANAGER (continued)

No doubt you will have all seen Rhonda’s email regarding the DAA

National being cancelled and replaced with a 1 day regatta….keep an

eye out for any upcoming emails regarding our participation.

SECRETARY (Brian Bichel)

A very busy time for our club as a whole what with the Bunnings BBQ,

corporate regatta, sports regatta and Redcliffe Celebration Day. What a

great way to enjoy superb company and friendships.

Meetings have been put on hold for the moment as there does not seem

to be enough hours in the day. Back to normal soon though.



TREASURER (Maureen Hyde)


DAA Membership fees for 2012-2013 season of $15.00 are now due and



August 2012 Page 2


Lyn G

Executive Committee Updates

FUNDRAISING (Cheryl Rigby)

The next Bunnings BBQ fundraiser is this coming Sunday (19th).

Could all members who have volunteered for the first shift please be at

Bunnings by 8.30am to help set up before they open at 9am.

The Reds Pie Drive will be delivered on Wednesday 22nd August to the

Training Compound from 5.30pm onwards for those of you who

supported this fundraiser and need to collect, if you are unavailable to

be there at this time & don't mind receiving your items frozen please

contact me and I can take them for you.

Our future Snapdragons Fundraisers so far this year are:

Bunnings Family Fun Day - Saturday 25th August. We will hold a Raffle &

hopefully have more details very shortly.

Masters Hardware, North Lakes BBQ - Sunday 20th January, 2013. I

understand some of you may be away but if available please keep this

date free as we are unsure so far how popular the BBQ's here will

be. Hopefully another good fundraiser for us.

I would like to organise a fun day / night in the near future but need to

see Committee for available dates, so watch future newsletters for this.

See you all soon

Cheryl xx

COACH (Arthur Heales)

Winter has really set in. Training attendance has dropped off and I am

aware that this is due to the many ailments going around. It is

imperative that you get back into it as soon as you are well enough

because as I have always said that with the aerobic and anaerobic

training that we do, to miss one session it takes two sessions to catch


Also a reminder that Wednesday night training is open for all our

survivor paddlers who wish to compete in the Reds sports teams at

regattas and the upcoming Pan Pacs.

Our Kayak Pro (ERG) paddling machine is getting a workout before

training on Monday and Wednesday nights. I highly recommend this

to all Survivor paddlers as it will not only improve your technique it will

also show you how your fitness levels are going.

Your paddler profiles were due in at the end of June. So far I have only

seen four profiles from our survivors. The self assessment fitness levels

are only a base for you to work from. It also gives me an indication,

over time, whether the aerobic and anaerobic training is being

effective or not.

So looking forward to a bit warmer weather.

See ya on the water.

August 2012 Page 3


Executive Committee Updates



If you meet anyone interested in joining our team, please feel free to

give them my contact details. Phone 0431 557730 or email I would be very happy to give them a call to

welcome them and explain details.


If you would like to order Snapdragons uniforms or other “pink”

merchandise, please see me at training or breakfast.

See attachment at end of newsletter with photo’s and prices.

WEB MANAGER (Julie Sommerfeld)

Please visit our website, for team updates

regarding training or events.

We now have a team Facebook Page. Feel free to leave comments,

post photos of the team and share the page with your family and


You don’t need to be a member of facebook to access our page.

Executive Committee 2012/2013 Year

President / DAA Coordinator

Rhonda Krieter

Team Manager

Lyn Grigg

0418 194623


Cheryl Rigby

Committee Member

Fran Heales


Brian Bichel


Arthur Heales

0414 396817


Joy Dyer

Committee Member

Rosy Loft


Maureen Hyde

New Member Liaison

Maz Franz

0431 557730

Web Manager

Julie Sommerfeld

Committee Member

Sarah Firman

August 2012 Page 4




AUGUST 19th (Sun) FUNDRAISING Bunnings Sausage Sizzle for


25th (Sat) AWARENESS Bunnings Family Fun Day Snapdragons

Info Tent

Bunnings Rothwell

Bunnings Rothwell

26th (Sun) REGATTA Redcliffe Corporate Redcliffe Jetty

SEPTEMBER 8th (Sat) MEETING Executive Committee TBA

9th (Sun) REGATTA Red Dragons Sports Kawana

16th (Sun) COME & TRY DAY Redcliffe Festival (Settlement Day) Redcliffe Jetty

22nd (Sat) SOCIAL REGATTA DAA “Queens Hat Regatta”

(Replaces cancelled National Regatta)

Social Dates….


We’ve got a couple of social days coming up for you to start thinking about and gathering ideas.

Your committee will be sending out more details and expressions of interest soon!

Sunday 7th October - National Paddle Day

Members of the public are invited to participate in Dragons Abreast Australia National Paddle Day.

For more information follow the link -

Saturday 22nd September - DAA “Queens Hat Regatta”

A fun social paddle day for all DAA teams replacing the cancelled DAA National Regatta. This

regatta will include a series of fun races to find the “Queen of Kawana.” For more information follow the link



Barbara Flynn - 4th

Jane Bevan - 7th

Ferne Carmichael - 11th

Therese Ellis - 13th

Helen Dixon - 14th

Donna Stein - 17th

Renee Williams - 31st


Barb Tongia - 6th

Daniel Mogg - 12th

Lynda Brown - 14th

Judy Lagah - 19th

Rosie Bozzi - 20th

Lyn Grigg - 27th

Maureen Hyde - 28th

Rhonda Krieter - 28th

Apologies if I have missed anyone!

Please let me know if I have.

August 2012 Page 5

Events - Cooloola Dragons Regatta 22nd July

Photos courtesy of Lynda Brown and Lyn Grigg

August 2012 Page 6


Click on the link for lots more photos on our facebook page

August 2012 Page 7

Events - Sunset by the Bay 4th August

Our Survivors said “thank you” to the Supporters with a wonderful surprise of drinks & nibbles

watching the sunset over the bay. We were also able to celebrate and thank the Bendigo

Bank Margate for our beautiful new tent!

With thanks to Lyn Grigg and Lynda Brown for the photos. You’ll find lots more on our facebook page here -

August 2012 Page 8

Members Social Pages

A few of our members enjoyed a night out at the

theatre recently when they went to see Jersey Boys.

Sounds like a fun night was had by all. “inspiring”,

“great show & great company”, “laughed all night”

were just a few of the comments. Looks like musicals

might be a regular outing for the Snapdragons!

Jayne Coe looking

fab at the Red

Hatters Girls Giggle

at Nambour.

“The Gala night dinner was 20's theme.

We all had a great time...saw Marigold

Hotel movie, Eumundi markets, Ginger

factory, lunch at Yandina pub, brunch at

Flaxton, Red Hats musical.....lots of laughs

and lots of great dresses and hats!”

August 2012 Page 9

Merchandise Our Sponsors and Supporters


Screen printed tote


Polo Sizes – XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL $51

Racing singlet

Sizes – XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL


Cap - embroidered with your name $15

Sizes – XS, S, M, L

Available from Kelly Bretherton


ordered and payed for online at

Snapdragon logo

Pink ribbon etc


August 2012 Page 10

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