FY21 Giddens Guide to Giving & Getting Involved


G U I D E T O G I V I N G &


Welcome from the Head

Since 1972, Giddens has thrived because of

our exceptional and caring parent

community. People like you have carried

on the tradition and role modeled for our

children the importance of volunteerism

and community engagement.

· A successful community and events at

Giddens rely on the active involvement

of our families to make them happen.

· Families of the school share a

common dedication; ensuring that all

students receive a superb education in

a supportive and engaging


· We ask each family to provide a

minimum of 25 hours of volunteer

service per year. Volunteering is a

great way to get to know other families

and share information and ideas, while

at the same time setting a good

philanthropic example for our children.

I’m excited to work with you at Giddens as

we all give and get involved, together.

Dr. Morva McDonald

Head of School


Giddens School is known for its sense of

community. Our families, students and

alumni show their love of our school in

many ways, both in and out of the


Spend some time at our school - in the

classrooms, browsing the library,

playing on the playground or attending

a special event - and here’s why: active

learners benefit from a fully committed,

supportive community, and that is the

basis of the Giddens way… a

partnership between you and the


Giddens is fortunate to have

significantly broad participation for our

many school events. Here are two ways

you can become involved at Giddens:

Active Participation: We encourage

you to participate in the Giddens

experience by being involved in the

classroom, volunteering to help with

projects, sponsoring activities or joining

the Board of Trustees of a committee.

Philanthropy: Like most independent

schools, Giddens relies on the generous

support of families and friends to

augment its operating budget every

year. We encourage all parents to

make the school their number one

philanthropic priority.

Philanthropy at Giddens School

Annual Fund The Annual Fund is the

lifeblood of all fundraising efforts for

Giddens. Our entire community comes

together each year in support of the

Annual Fund. The need is real and each

student benefits. Beyond the very

important dollars we must raise each and

every year, your participation in the Annual

Fund reflects the strength of our

community, and our shared commitment

to our students.

An unmistakable generosity of spirit infuses

our school. The commitment of our entire

community, past and present, to the

financial strength of our school makes

ambitious teaching and learning possible

here each day.

Gala The Gala supports key priorities of the

school, like financial assistance,

technology, professional development, and

more. This annual event is not only a key

fundraiser, but it is also an important

community event! All parents are strongly

encouraged to attend and to invite friends

and family to the Gala to celebrate the

children and the school!

Why does Giddens need to raise money? The Annual Fund

helps pay for everything from faculty salaries and professional

development opportunities to new curriculum initiatives, from

financial assistance programs to technology maintenance and

upgrades, from the electricity needed to keep the lights on to

supplies and books. It helps Giddens attract and retain a

talented and committed faculty and provides support for

activities, arts initiatives and other programs.

Who is asked to participate? Through the Annual Fund, the

bedrock of our fundraising each and every year, our steadfast

supporters fuel the mission of Giddens and the vision for

moving it forward. We thank the many alumnae, parents,

parents of alumnae, grandparents, trustees, faculty, staff and

friends who stand strong together in purpose and joy through

their gifts to Giddens.

Why does Giddens need fundraising when parents already

pay tuition? As in most independent schools, there is a gap

between the cost of tuition and the true cost of providing a high

-quality education for each child. At Giddens School the gap is

$2,400 per child. Raising tuition by this much would

undoubtedly drive away many of our current families and

discourage many new families from applying.

How much should we give? Only you can decide how much to

contribute to Giddens each year. We hope that our families will

make the school a philanthropic priority.

Ways to Participate : Community

Committee join a standing or ad hoc

committee of the board. These teams

help us to make decisions about the

future of the school, craft policies, and

greatly contribute towards a positive

community for students, faculty and staff,

and families.

Buddy Families welcome new Giddens

families and participate in events

designed to build community spirit and

celebrate our newest families.

Field Trips We value our students

interacting with the world outside of our

school. We often plan field trips as

opportunities for students to apply their

learning in a variety of contexts.

This year we plan to offer a limited

number of walking field trips and may

need family volunteer to support this

effort. We also would welcome support

with virtual field trips.

Garden Support Weed and water the

Outdoor Learning Lab or adopt one of the

smaller, dedicated garden areas to tend

this year. Work with others or be selfdirected;

hours are flexible. Garden work

parties are held at least twice per year.

Class Representatives There are onetwo

Classroom Representatives in each

learning pod who link the school,

teachers and their families, and support

community building in the classroom

and beyond. As leaders in the classroom,

Class Reps help create a culture of

belonging and mutual support, and plan

at least two community building events

for pod families each year (fall and


Throughout the year, Class Reps support

their teacher by sharing classroom news

and needs, and finding helpers for

classroom activities. On a schoolwide

level, Class Reps help spread the word

about school programs and events, and

help find volunteers to support the

Annual Fund and yearly fundraising Gala.

Class reps are asked to attend a one

hour training at the beginning of the

school year and are offered regular

class rep meetings for exchange and


Ways to Participate : Events

Speaker Series : Ongoing

Learn together with us as we explore

issues that are important to our

community. Topics range from

conversations around justice and

diversity to parenting and current


Admissions Open Houses : Nov & Jan

Current parents act as hosts for visitors

to the school at the fall and winter Open

Houses. There are roles both in and out

of the classrooms such as general

greeting, tour guides, and working


MLK Student March For Peace and

Justice : January

Giddens School hosts an annual student

march and rally to honor Dr. Martin

Luther King, Jr.’s birthday and his

powerful work for peace and justice.

Giddens kids, parents, and teachers

carry handcrafted signs and banners as

they march to MLK Jr. Memorial park and

host a rally. Upon return to Giddens, we

celebrate with an all school assembly.

SPARK Family Night : March

Join us for an evening peek inside your

child’s daily life at school. We will

showcase different aspects of our

curriculum and share insight into every

day teaching and learning at Giddens

School. .

Gala : Spring

This fun celebration of community and

Giddens will take place in late spring.

This is a great opportunity for the adults

in our community to rally support and

raise funds to enhance our school

program. Join us for an exciting party

including a wine grab, photo booth,

dinner and dancing! Don’t forget to

raise your bid card early and often!

Arts Festival : May

Since 1975, we’ve celebrated the

tradition of community and arts at the

school. All students have a half-day and

teachers transform the school into a

gallery of student art work for an allschool

evening performance and


Field Day : June

Celebrate the end of a successful

school year with a field day Kids explore

a park, enjoy a picnic lunch, play games

and enjoy a fun-filled day together.

Ways to Participate : Committees

In addition to the Family Association,

there are various committees at the

school to support different initiatives.

Families are encouraged to join one

(or more!) that matches their interest.

Meetings occur on a regular basis and

are listed on the online calendar.

· Auction

· Technology Advisory Group

· Giddens Community Association

· Giddens School Board of Trustees

· Advancement

· Diversity and Inclusion

· Executive Committee

(Board Members only)

· Finance

· Governance Committee

(Board Members only)

Key Contacts

Pamela Atteberry : Director of Student Services

206.172.6748 | patteberry@giddensschool.org

Ken Bender : Director of Enrollment Management

206.712.6744 | kbender@giddensschool.org

Amy Bresslour : Director of Institutional Advancement

206.712.6743 | abresslour@giddensschool.org

Nikki Rieken : Office Manager

206.712.6740 | nrieken@giddensschool.org

Brenda Cram : Associate Head of School

206.712.6746 | bcram@giddensschool.org

Mindy Huffman : Director of Finance and Operations

206.712.6742 | mhuffman@giddensschool.org

Morva McDonald : Head of School

206.712.6745 | mmcdonald@giddensschool.org

Andrew Rauch : Director of Facilities

206.712.6726 | arauch@twoschools.org

Steve Stapleton : Business Office Coordinator

206.712.6749 | sstapleton@giddensschool.org

Terrence Williams : Director of Technology

206.712.6739 | tech@giddensschool.org

Diane Wright : Extended Day Manager

206.712.6747 | dwright@giddensschool.org

thank you!

Giddens School 2120 21st Avenue S, Seattle, WA 98144 giddensschool.org

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