Impact Schools Annual Report 2019

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Annual Report 2019

A Message from our Founder

We here at Impact Schools had an amazing year in 2019. I would like to

thank all of our generous donors, sponsors of our children, our supporters

and all our staff working on the ground at our schools in some of

the most remote villages in Western Nepal. With your support, we have

been able to make a difference in the lives of the children and people in

remote villages in Western Nepal, which lack access to basic infrastructures,

such as road, electricity and running water. Thanks again to all who

directly or indirectly helped make Impact Schools’ 2019 wonderful.

Prakash Bista


Impact Schools, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Charity

26985 Aliso Creek Rd, #B-1015

Aliso Viejo, CA 92656, USA | info@impactschools.

ngo | +1-9494392143

Our Mission

Impact Schools’ mission is to foster leadership and change among poor and disadvantaged

students in remote villages in Nepal, through free or affordable quality education.

We at Impact Schools strive to provide innovative educational opportunities to

the world’s impoverished and remote communities with a low-cost model.

We use a multidimensional approach to education so that local communities can be

pos itively impacted and the children from the poorest families can have access to high

quality education and leadership skills, while maintaining financial independence and

sustain ability of the schools.

Our Framework

Impact Schools operational framework consists of four main programs:

• Build schools

• Sponsor orphans and children in extreme need of support

• Support school-led social entrepreneurship projects

• Support teaching resources

Through these four programs, we help start, run and manage quality non-profit

schools sustainably and effectively in remote villages in Nepal.

Sponsorship of Orphans

and Children in Need of Support

Impact Schools sponsors children in need at a low cost. With just $396,

an orphan or a child in extreme need of support gets a life-changing

support to receive education, room, board and an environment to thrive

at our hostel facility.

In 2019, we have a total of 30 orphans and children in extreme

need of support at our hostel facility. These children

have been sponsored by our board members and other

generous donors to give them a lifechanging opportunity

to shape their future. Children’s profiles and the names of

sponsors can be found in this link: www.impactschools.

ngo/meet-our-students. In 2020, we are looking forward to

doubling the numbers of such children at our hostel facilities.



In 2019, Impact Schools supported our schools to recruit five teaching

fellows and teachers.

Rural Teaching Fellowship is an integral part of our programs at our schools

as it attracts talented youths from cities to teach at our schools generally for

a year. These fellows, along with other teaching staff make the core team at

our schools.

We spent $9,000 in supporting these teaching fellows and teachers. We are

looking forward to enhance this program as it progresses.

New Infrastructure

Impact Schools builds school buildings which are low-cost, made with government standards

and well equipped with classroom resources. We build a fully earthquake-resistant

two-room school building with just $15,000.

Hostel Building

(Boys’ Wing)

In 2019, Steven Patton, our supporter from

the very beginning of Impact Schools, and

Justin Barr, one of our board members

pledged $10,000 to support building a

hostel building at Modern Model Residential

School. In 2019, Steven, Justin

and their friends donated $7,333, and we

have been making a good progress with

the construction of the building. The construction

is scheduled to be completed

in 2020. The building will have four small

rooms and will house around 16 boys.

Four New Classrooms

In the second half of 2018, we launched a

GoFundMe campaign to build a school building

and install auxiliary services such as solar

panels and a fence for Modern Model Residential

School (MMRS)’s school block after

we received a matching grant pledge from

Jason Kryski, the founder of Strawhouse Inc.

in Canada. The funds raised from GoFundMe

campaign were used to build a school fence

and pay for the first installment ($5000) for a 4

kW solar power plant installed at the school as

highlighted in 2018 Annual Report. Jason donated

CAD 13,000 through a Canadian Charity,

Nepal Community Development Foundation

(NCDF) to our school, MMRS in Nepal. After

NCDF’s service charge, transaction and transfer

fees, amount equivalent to US $8,685 were

received by MMRS in Nepal in the first week

of January 2019. Mainly these funds are being

used to build the four classrooms.

These new classrooms are being built with the

Compressed Stabilized Earth Bricks (CSEB)

technology, used for the first time in our region

and at our school. CSEB bricks are eco-friendly

and sustainable and are approved by the

government of Nepal for earthquake-resistant

construction. The machine to make the bricks

was purchased in Kathmandu and brought to

the nearest road by a vehicle, whereas it was

carried by the villagers from the nearest road to

our school premises.

New School Building and

Hostel (Girls’ Wing)

As part of an agreement with Partners Group, we started with building a

school building and a hostel building at Modern Model Residential School in

the village of Lalu in Kalikot district in Western Nepal. The school and hostel

buildings are being constructed. The construction of these buildings will

complete in 2020 alongside the construction of another school building,

another hostel building and ten toilets.

New Technology

Solar Power Installation

A 4 kW solar power plant was installed towards the end of 2018 at our first school,

MMRS. The first installment of $5,000 was used in 2018, and the final installment of

$5,700 was used in 2019. The solar plant provides electricity to run the computer lab,

digital resources and a grinding mill at the school premises of MMRS. The electricity is

also used to cook rice for the hostel family and to provide heating and lighting for the

chicken farm.

Brick Machine

In the second half of 2019, we had an agreement

with Partners Group to build two school

buildings (each building with three classrooms),

two hostel buildings (each building with two

rooms) and ten toilets at our two schools’ locations

and to install a 4 kW solar power plant

at our first school, Modern Model Residential

School with a donation of $80,000 from Partners

Group. All these buildings were to be built

with Compressed Stablized Earth Brick (CSEB)

technology. To carry out the project, we had to

raise $10,248 extra to cover for the expenses

related to brick machine purchase, building

design, mason training and supervision during

the construction.

With $5,000 support from Mr. Gregg Wolpert

and $5,248 from Mr. James and Mrs. Shiela Peterson,

we were able to support our first school,

Modern Model Residential School to have an

agreement with Buildup Nepal, an engineering

firm in Kathmandu specializing in Compressed

Stabilized Earth Bricks (CSEB) technology, to

purchase a quality brick machine, to provide

designs for the school and hostel buildings, to

provide production and construction trainings

to local villagers and to have an engineer oversee

the trainings and construction work.

IT Support

Two portable power stations and a few laptop accessories were also supported by Impact

Schools to MMRS in 2019. The portable power stations were meant to provide electricity to

charge cell phones and to light essential bulbs when the solar batteries run out of power in monsoon.

The laptop accessories such as HDMI cables were meant to support digital learning at

MMRS. The overall cost of the IT equipment and portable power stations were $499.31.

With Hope in Life Foundation’s

donation, Impact Schools also

supported $900 to MMRS to pay

for the annual subscription of 2

Mbps internet hotspot at MMRS

after the internet devices were installed

at the school with support

from Pratik Kafle, a Nepali student

at Reed College in Oregon,

USA. Availability of highspeed

internet provided more access

to digital learning resources and

improved communication means.

Water Filters

In 2019, we received support from Kay

Singh and Peggy Peterson, two American

nurses to install water filters at

MMRS to provide clean drinking water

to all students so that their learning

would be enhanced as they would be

less likely to get sick. $450 was supported

to MMRS to purchase three

water filters.

Furthermore, during their two weeks

of volunteer service at MMRS, Kay and

Peggy brought essential medicines

and first aid items to set up a medicine

corner at the school. They also taught

good hygiene practices, handwashing

techniques and basic health check-up

of all students.

Social Entrepreneurship Projects

Impact Schools supports in establishing school-led social entrepreneurship to support

locals and make schools more sustainable.

Chicken Brooders

In 2019, we purchased six chicken brooders at a price of $282.90 to be used at the

chicken farm at Modern Model Residential School. The chicken brooders would keep

the chickens warm in winter and increase their survival rates.


Impact Schools’ Expenses 2019

Program Expenses





We are 100% transparent with our finances; anyone can see each and every donation

and expense at our transparency page.

In 2019, we had a total available fund of $115,117.25 including all donations and balance

from 2018. Our total expenses for the year were $97,995.85. Out of these total

expenses, 93.5% ($91,646.21) of funds went directly to projects, whereas 6.5%

($6,349.64) were indirect general expenses related to utilities, transaction fees, website

hosting renewal etc.

The Year Ahead


In 2020, we are looking forward to complete the construction of existing

two school buildings, four classrooms, a library building, three hostel

buildings and ten toilets. Furthermore, we will also install another 4 kW

solar plant at our hostel facility at MMRS to meet its energy needs. Besides

these projects, we are also looking to build two more hostel buildings,

two permanent walls to secure our school and hostel area and

purchase new lands for the schools so that the students and our hostel

children have more space to play and learn. We hope you will continue

supporting our projects in 2020.

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