February 2021 issue

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The Sentinel - February 2021


Heather A. Oliver, RMT

Orchard Park Office Centre

Suite 129

(Ignatius Jesuit Property)

5420 Hwy 6 N., Guelph


Registered Massage Therapy — NOW REOPENED

Do you enjoy having a greater sense of calm and

well-being? Are you needing to have your muscles

feel more supple and at ease?

Do you want a massage session blended with

soothing heated stones?

With over 20 years of Registered Massage Therapy

experience, Heather invites you to come for a

massage that is provided in a welcoming, calm

environment. Please check out her website for more

detailed information.


Heather Oliver, RMT is a member of the CMTO (College of Massage Therapists of Ontario)

The Sentinel - February 2021 — Vol. 45, No. 6

The Guelph/Wellington Seniors Association

A non-profit organization based at the

Evergreen Seniors Community Centre


Ross Knechtel - Webmaster

Directors & Officers

Becky Fiedler — President

Brian Smith — Vice-President

Roger Stevens — Treasurer

Tonie Sacchetti — Secretary


Pat Gage Ken Fugler

Wenda King Athar Khan

Ross Knechtel Mike Woof

Adam Rutherford

The Sentinel Team

Carol Croft — Adminstrator, Printer

Linda Green — Editor, Printer

George Hughes, Ken Pagniez — Printers

tba — Delivery Supervisor

Bill Shephard, Ray Miller — Part-time


All of the above GWSA members

are Volunteers.

GWSA Community Support Services Staff

Emma Whittaker — Manager

Audrey Bishop — Administrative Assistant

Margaret Iutzi — Move Well Co-ordinator

Molly Roberts — Eat Well Co-ordinator

tba — Eat Well Co-ordinator

Paula Frappier — Outreach Co-ordinator

All others working for CSS

are GWSA Volunteers

City Staff

Adam Rutherford — Program


Darci Burgess — Customer Service Clerk

Tonie Sacchetti — Recreation Program

Director — Senior Services

Becky MacDonald — Recreation

Co-ordinator — Volunteers

Jocelynn Desroches — Chef

Janice Walls — Assistant Cook

Don Harris — Facility Maintainer

Lorne Wollis — Cleaner

Harvinder Marjara, Nathan Luck, Mary

Loudoun — Customer Service Clerk II

Lynne Briggs — Manager of Recreation


Evergreen Seniors Community Centre

A City of Guelph Recreation Facility run in

partnership with the Community Services Department

of the City of Guelph and the Guelph/

Wellington Seniors Association

683 Woolwich St., Guelph, ON, N1H 3Y8

Tel.: 519-823-1291 / Fax: 519-823-8972

Hours: 8:30 am to 4:00 pm M-F

(closed Statutory Holidays)

Read The Sentinel on our website,


ISSN: 0383 817X



The GWSA Board of Directors is seeking your input on our strategic

planning efforts over the last several months. Strategic planning offers

a number of benefits to any organization and the GWSA is no

exception. A well-crafted strategic plan creates a focused vision or

direction for an organization. It serves as the lodestar for board and

staff decisions and is an effective communication tool for members

and funding agencies alike. Over time, the GWSA has engaged in the

strategic planning process but the most recent plan only carried us

through 2015. Our organization has been overdue for another round of

conversations about the direction of the GWSA, and the coronavirus

pandemic highlighted some of our most critical needs.

Over the last several months the Board of Directors, with input from

staff and City partners, has engaged in extensive discussions about our

desired direction. We’ve identified three strategic priorities and are

seeking member input. They are:

Our organization

Our members and services

Our voices

Sustainable and viable organizational

structure and resources (human,

physical, technical, and financial)

needed to support the future needs of

the organization.

Transformation and growth are needed

in GWSA services to address changing

need and growing population in both

Guelph and Wellington.

Communication needs to be widespread

and available in a variety of formats to

members and the community.

The draft plan is published elsewhere in The Sentinel on pages 4-7.

We’ve posted a survey on the GWSA website and ask that you let us

know whether you agree or disagree with the priorities we’ve chosen.

For each strategic priority, our survey provides an opportunity for

additional comments from you. In the coming months, we will review

your input and revise our plan before setting operational goals to

implement the vision all of us have for the GWSA.

To respond to the survey, please visit:


Please submit your response by March 1, 2021.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the GWSA and for your

thoughtful input on this important project.

All the best,

The GWSA Board of Directors

NOTE: Disclaimer—The Sentinel and the GWSA do not necessarily agree

with or support statements in the Sentinel made by advertisers, or submissions

by writers (no political or religious topics please).

The Sentinel - February 2021



How We Started

Our Strategic Plan 2021-2024

The GWSA arose from roots dating before 1970, when many seniors clubs were organizing activities for

themselves. In 1972, a downtown Centre opened at the Old Governor’s residence behind the jail on

Douglas Street. In 1975, the Guelph Senior Citizens Council (GSCC) started as the brain child of the then

Mayor Norm Jary. The Sentinel newsletter was born in 1976 from a New Horizon grant, with articles

from sixteen seniors organizations. The GSCC moved from Douglas Street to the Delhi Recreation Centre

in 1980. A monthly “Evergreen Report” appeared in the Guelph Mercury. By 1983 the GSCC represented

ten Seniors Clubs plus ten seniors residences across Guelph.

After the seniors and the Rotary Club of Guelph made a presentation to the Guelph City Council, a Senior

Citizens Advisory Board recommended a new Centre serve as a focal point and administrative

headquarters for seniors programming.

The Guelph Wellington Seniors Association (GWSA) was adopted as a new name in 1988 with 600

members, was incorporated in 1989, and obtained charitable and not-for-profit status.

The Victoria Recreation Centre and the former Bowlerama sites were considered as possible locations for

a new centre, and the promise became possible when the City purchased the latter site. A buy-a-brick

fundraising campaign was launched, and seniors raised $1.2 million as their contribution to building the

$2.8 million Evergreen Centre. $450,000 was contributed by the local Rotary Foundation which included

an amount from the Estate of local businessman, Jack Skov for $350,000. The balance came from City

funds, other grants, and major corporate and personal donations.

The Evergreen Centre opened on February 19, 1992, as one of Canada’s finest seniors facilities. Since the

opening, the GWSA and the City purchased adjacent retail space which was converted into additional

room space.

The GWSA remains true to its member-driven base and continues to evolve through strong partnerships to

address the needs of seniors across the community.

The Guelph Wellington Seniors Association (GWSA) is one of the largest seniors’ organizations of its

kind in Canada, providing diverse programs, activities, and services to Guelph and Wellington County.

They currently have 2,800 members who participate in over 55 programs. This is the result of the

dedication and hard work of over 500 volunteers, 13 board members and six staff.

Strategic Planning Project

Over the years, the organization has listened to their members and the list of activities and programs have

grown to meet their needs and interests. The Board of Directors has decided to pause and reflect to ensure

that the organization continues to meet the needs of older adults. Moreover, in September 2020, the Board

of Directors embarked on a Strategic Planning Project in order to have bold conversations about the future

of GWSA. The project included stakeholder interviews, an environmental scan and surveys. That work

has culminated in the development of the Strategic Plan 2021-2024. GWSA has looked back at their

accomplishments for the last 30+ years and looks forward to embarking on the next phase of their


The Vision, Mission and Values were reviewed to ensure they still articulate the realities of who the

organization is and what they want to accomplish. The GWSA continues to be committed to the vision of

a future that is progressive, accountable, and innovative in providing services to the older adult

community. The mission that helps them achieve that is to enable older adults to be active, involved,

make friends and age with dignity. The core values of involvement, innovation, integrity, and

The Sentinel - February 2021 — Vol. 45, No. 6

(Continued on page 5)


(Continued from page 4)

inclusiveness were determined to be foundational to every aspect of the organization and used to

inform all that they do in pursuit of a community where older adults can Be active. Get involved. and

Make friends.

The three GWSA strategic priorities are:

Our Organization. Our Members and Services. Our Voices.

GWSA has always known that Our Organization’s core strength is the dedicated and committed

volunteers, staff, and board members at GWSA. Building on the current staff and volunteer model that

supports all GWSA activities will ensure that a strong infrastructure is in place to continue delivering the

excellent services and programs for which they are known. Our Members and Services reflect our

community, however, we recognize that our community is growing and changing.

GWSA will ensure that the social, recreational and wellness programs are diverse and equitable while

helping to improve the lives of older adults. And, Our Voices, whether those of the staff, volunteers and

participants, and ultimately the community, all deserve to be heard. A variety of stakeholder perspectives

and experiences will be used to help improve the organization and to reflect the needs of their


Thank you to those who participated in the development of this plan. It provides the roadmap which will

guide GWSA into the future with confidence.


A future that is progressive, accountable, and innovative in providing services to the older adult



To enable older adults to be active, get involved, make new friends and age with dignity.



We will provide meaningful social activities and educational opportunities based on the interests and well

-being needs of our members. Active participation by our members, volunteers, and staff in all aspects of

GWSA will ensure that, together, we will achieve our goals.


We will ensure our programs are designed to meet the ever-changing needs of older adults in our

community. We will be open-minded to new ideas and new approaches to be responsive to the emerging

interest and needs of our members.


We will treat each other with respect and ensure we fulfill our individual and collective responsibilities

and accountabilities. We will be honest, trustworthy, and consistent in all our interactions with each



We will invite all people in our community to be members, share their interests and take on leadership

roles in our organization. Everyone connected to GWSA will have a sense of belonging, feel respected,

valued and have a sense of supportive energy from leaders, staff and fellow members.

(Continued on page 6)

The Sentinel - February 2021


(Continued from page 5)

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Challenges Analysis


Volunteers are dedicated

Large membership






Financial practices

Policies and procedures

Affordable for members


Increase in number of older adults in the


Increase in geographic scope

Technological advances

Increased partnerships

GWSA is respected and well-positioned to

advocate for growth in programs

GWSA can grow from current hub model

GWSA can build relationships in the county


Diversity in all areas of the organization

Communication systems

Succession planning for leadership

Limited space

Volunteers are over-extended

Programs at capacity

No senior staff leader

Funding structure and dependency

Infrastructure needs to be modernized


Diversity of programs to attract diverse


Reliance on one funder

Reliance on volunteers

Not all seniors are keeping up with changes in


Space requirements

Impact of COVID

Few people doing majority of the work

Strategic Priorities Overview

The following Strategic priorities are based on the themes that emerged during the strategic plan project.

Strategic Priorities are:

Our Organization Sustainable and viable organizational structure and resources (human, physical,

technical, and financial) needed to support the future needs of the organization.

Our Members

and Services

Our Voice

Transformation and growth are needed in GWSA services to address

changing need and growing population in both Guelph and Wellington.

Communication needs to be widespread and available in a variety of formats to

members and the community.

Below, each strategic priority has a stated goal as well as the reasons identified to establish that strategic

priority. Objectives will help to identify focused activities required to assist in the achievement of the goal.

Strategic Priority #1



To strengthen the staff and volunteer infrastructure to support the effective achievement of the future

organizational goals.

(Continued on page 7)

The Sentinel - February 2021 — Vol. 45, No. 6


(Continued from page 6)


Organizational operations are the responsibility of a few dedicated staff and volunteers.

Staff and volunteers are at capacity.

Current organizational infrastructure will not support expansion of programs.


Develop a succession plan for board members and other leaders.

Complete an organizational review to establish the necessary staff structure to support the organization.

Increase staff responsibility and accountability for the day-to-day matters that will allow the board to

focus on strategic and governance matters.

Increase staff responsibility to accountability to conduct operational matters that will support program

and other leaders in the organization.

Strategic Priority #2



To ensure that everyone involved in GWSA not only reflects our diverse community but that programs and

services are diverse and equitable.


GWSA programs are currently primarily offered in Guelph.

GWSA membership does not reflect the cultural diversity of the geographical area.

Programs do not reflect the interests of our diverse community.


Seek engagement from members and non-members about improvements required to create more diverse

program offerings.

Complete a gap analysis of all programs offered for older adults within the Guelph Wellington area.

Develop a multi-year business plan to expand and improve programs.

Create a culture of growth, innovation, and improvement.

Develop partnerships with like-minded organizations to support development and expansion of

programs and activities.

Strategic Priority #3



To build momentum and support for GWSA through communication to all GWSA stakeholders and our

community that is clear and transparent.


Do not have up-to-date contact information for all members which is necessary to communicate more


Need to modernize GWSA communication systems.

Public is not aware of GWSA, especially people who are new to the area.


Develop direct communication pathways to membership.

Update GWSA technology to ensure it creates efficient and effective ways to communicate.

Develop a communication plan to aid in understanding of older adult needs for social, recreational and

education programs and to inform the community about GWSA.

The Sentinel - February 2021


GWSA Email Update for the Month of January 2021

News from the Program Committee

Activity Group Leaders are making the move toward Zoom for meetings and socialization. We are not

bears and can only hibernate for so long. Many of us are adopting newer technology to seek

companionship. Adapt, climb the learning curve, and enjoy the friendship of others. The following Activity

Groups have made that move. Join them and have some fun!

Book Club 1 has come on board to meet for the first time on Friday, January 29 from 1-2:30 pm. If you are

interested in joining this very active group, please contact Veronica Sanchez (519-767-9991).

Peer Learning is using Zoom to provide their members with topics for discussion from January 11 through

March 24. Check out the January Sentinel or their website: https://gwsa-guelph.ca/peer-learning/. All the

topics and dates and times are listed there. If you’re interested in attending, please contact Andrew Webb

(226-500-4755) or Barb McLeod (519-823-2531).

To register for classes, email peerlearning.gwsa@gmail.com, indicating which course or courses you wish

to join.

Watercolour Painters Club is using Zoom to encourage painters to submit their paintings and have

discussion of techniques. If you are interested in seeing what GWSA painters are doing during COVID,

contact Mary Mulholland (519-836-4889).

Line Dancing remains socially connected by sending out emails with new dance instructions that the

dancers can do in the comfort of their own homes. They are exploring how Zoom can help them keep their

toes tapping.

Scrabble will be setting up Zoom to stay socially connected. They’re also exploring the possibility of

playing games while on the zoom call. After all, Scrabble keeps your brain functioning. If you’re interested

in joining in, contact Beth Campeau (226-343-0415).

Silvertones was the first activity group to embrace the use of Zoom. They use Zoom to practice every

second Friday afternoon. They are in their own homes and their choir director, Ann Sneyd, provides

instruction as if they were practicing in Room 2 at the Evergreen. If interested in joining our wonderful

choir, contact Doreen Muir (519-831-8323).

Silver Strummers, our newest activity group, uses Zoom for practice with their director Carolyn

McLeod. This group has grown considerably, and everyone enjoys the social aspect as well as learning how

to pluck those banjo strings. If you are interested in joining this group, contact Ann Sneyd


The Photography Club was one of the GWSA’s earliest adopters of Zoom. Members share presentations

of their own photographic lives, and guest speakers present a multitude of photographic ideas. This active

group meets twice a month via Zoom. Please contact Bill Adam (olar57@gmail.com) for more information

about how you can get involved.

If you are interested in helping bring your group online, please call your group leader to discuss whether

Zoom is a good option for you and your friends. It’s a great way to stay connected while staying safe.

Take care. Stay safe. Stay home.

Pat Gage

Chair, GWSA Program Committee

(Continued on page 9)

The Sentinel - February 2021 — Vol. 45, No. 6


(Continued from page 8)

All the Latest News

Please be sure to visit the GWSA website often to stay up with the most current news and events. All

announcements – and the latest Sentinel Newsletter – are always available on the main page:

https://gwsa-guelph.ca/ Following are some highlights of recent news:

Welcome, Emma Whittaker: New Manager of CSS

The Community Support Services Group has a new face.

Visit the GWSA website for more details about our newest employee:


Province Issues a State of Emergency

The province has issued a stay-at-home order effective Thursday, January 14, at 12:01 am.

This is in addition to other new restrictions in response to a doubling in COVID-19 cases over the past two

weeks, a looming threat of the collapse of the province’s hospital system, and alarming risks posed to longterm

care homes. Visit the GWSA website: https://gwsa-guelph.ca/second-provincial-emergency-declared/

Guelph Family Health Team offers Free Webinars

The Guelph Family Health Team has published their line-up of free

wellness webinars offered between now and June. Many of the topics will

be of interest to GWSA members. See the schedule here:


January Sentinel is Available Now

Read online or download your own copy:


GWSA - Contact Us

GWSA website

GWSA contacts

GWSA email updates

GWSA donations


contact form

subscribe here

donate online

The Sentinel - February 2021


With the continued danger brought about by the

COVID-19 virus, the possibilities of more virulent

strains, along with the uncertainty of the distribution

and effectiveness of the various vaccines, organizers

Trevor Barton and Brian Holstein have regretfully

announced that again this year, the Tea ‘n’ Tales

summer storytelling festival at the Guelph Enabling

Garden has been cancelled.

The organizers had hoped that the summer-long

Friday festival could resume this year, but the possible

health threat to the many seniors who regularly attend

is of prime importance.

Evergreen Kitchen

The City of Guelph is offering a frozen meal program at the Evergreen

Seniors Community Centre.

Here are the details:

Purchase 5 meals for $25.

Pre-order is mandatory.

Call or email Becky M. at 519-822-1260 x2691

or Becky.MacDonald@guelph.ca to place your order.

You may choose either meat or vegetarian packages. If you require

adjustments for allergies/dietary restrictions, please let Becky know

at the time of your order. The kitchen will make adjustments when


Meals can be paid for in person or over the phone with a credit card.

The Sentinel - February 2021 — Vol. 45, No. 6



It's not all about St. Valentine! Cupid—that winged baby boy often seen on

Valentine's Day cards and paraphernalia—is another symbol of this love-filled

holiday, and it's easy to understand why. In Roman mythology, Cupid was the

son of Venus, goddess of love and beauty. He was known for shooting arrows at

both gods and humans, causing them to fall instantly in love with one another.

While it's unclear exactly when Cupid was brought into the Valentine's Day story,

it's certainly clear why.


In addition to Canada, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the U.S., Mexico, the

United Kingdom, France and Australia. In Great Britain, Valentine’s Day began

to be popularly celebrated around the 17th century.

By the middle of the 18th, it was common for friends and lovers of all social

classes to exchange small tokens of affection or handwritten notes, and by 1900,

printed cards began to replace written letters due to improvements in printing technology. Ready-made

cards were an easy way for people to express their emotions in a time when direct expression of one’s

feelings was discouraged. Cheaper postage rates also contributed to an increase in the popularity of sending

Valentine’s Day greetings.

Americans probably began exchanging hand-made valentines in the early 1700s. In the 1840s, Esther A.

Howland began selling the first mass-produced valentines in America. Howland, known as the “Mother of

the Valentine,” made elaborate creations with real lace, ribbons and colourful pictures known as “scrap.”

Howland would design the cards herself, then instruct her employees - all women - on how each card should

be crafted, using an array of trimmings: lace, coloured paper, “wafers,” cut-out flowers, and other items.

These innovations made the cards superior to the commercial valentines of the day, which were often cheap,

crude, comical, and even vulgar.

Howland employed a large female workforce that continued to grow as orders increased. Her operation

expanded to larger quarters on the third floor of the Howland residence. A century and a half before

working from home was a thing, Howland was even employing women in their homes. She’d drop off

boxes of supplies and designs and then have a courier pick up finished valentines the following week, which

Howland would personally inspect.

Today, according to the Greeting Card Association, an estimated 145 million Valentine’s Day cards are

sent each year, making Valentine’s Day the second largest card-sending holiday of the year (more cards are

sent at Christmas). Women purchase approximately 85 percent of all valentines.

Esther Howland and examples of her Valentine card designs

The Sentinel - February 2021



from Jean’s son Morgan

With sadness, I wanted to share the passing of my mom, Jean

McClelland, after a brief battle with a brain tumor. She passed away

peacefully on January 15, 2021, at age 80; she was born December 2,

1940, in Toronto, Ontario.

Survived by her son Morgan, his wife, and three grandchildren,

Sienna, Vivienne and Aaden. Jean will be remembered differently, but

fondly, by all of the people whose lives she touched through the many

committees, volunteer associations, social groups, and the long life that

kept her active and involved in her community.

Those who knew her, knew she was always ready with a poem,

composing so many unique ones over her lifetime. If you were friends, she probably created one

just for you.

The following poem is “She Is Gone” by David Harkin, a fitting send-off.

You can shed tears that she is gone

Or you can smile because she has lived

You can close your eyes and pray that she will come back

Or you can open your eyes and see all that she has left

Your heart can be empty because you can’t see her

Or you can be full of the love that you shared

You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday

Or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday

You can remember her and only that she is gone

Or you can cherish her memory and let it live on

You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back

Or you can do what she would want: smile, open your eyes, love and go on.


Barry Scott of Guelph, formerly of England, passed away

suddenly on Tuesday, January 19, 2021, at the age of

74. Beloved husband of Deborah Scott. He was an

exceptional Electrical Engineer, working for the

Metropolitan Police Engineers in England and the London

Borough Barnet, and then as an Entrepreneur for his own

electrical company, Barry’s Electrical.

Barry played darts for the Wooly Pub and was the current

President of the GWSA Darts Activity Group.

He represented Darts at the Program Committee meetings

for several years. He was an excellent darts player and very often the highest scorer of the

month. He was also our "Mr. Fix It" when things didn't work properly.

Last year, Barry very generously constructed a Maypole for the GWSA Line Dancing

Activity Group, and his creation can be seen in the May 2019 issue of the Sentinel.

Barry will be greatly missed. We extend our sympathies to his wife Debbie and family.

The Sentinel - February 2021 — Vol. 45, No. 6


Guelph loses one of its true builders with passing

of Norm Jary

Mr. Jary, Mayor of Guelph from 1970 to 1985 and

a member of city council for 35 years, passed away

Friday, January 8, 2021. He was 91 years old.

Norm Jary was a legendary local political leader

and familiar radio voice of CJOY radio whose true

essence was family, respect and love for the


“(Mr. Jary) had a style that allowed debate and

dissent, but only to the point that civility was

maintained,” Guelph Mercury columnist Al Ferris

once wrote. “He respected his councillors’ opinions

and encouraged compromise based on the needs of

the city and not the whims of the latest fads and


Mayor Cam Guthrie considered Mr. Jary a friend

and role model, regularly visiting him over the years.

“I am personally grateful for Norm’s generous

encouragement and advice to many, including me in

my role as Mayor,” said Guthrie in a statement.

“He never saw himself as a politician, but as a

public servant. I feel fortunate to have met him, and I

know that Guelph was fortunate to have him as a

leader of our civic life for so many years.”

City flags were flying at half mast in his honour.

Kind words poured in from those that knew him

and were influenced by him.

“A mentor to many, a gentleman, a statesman.

#Guelph loves you,” said councillor Leanne Caron.

“Norm never stopped serving and supporting

Guelph, and telling great stories,” said Guelph MP

Lloyd Longfield. “Such a great example and a great


“His voice will be missed but not forgotten,” added

Guelph MPP Mike Schreiner.

“Such a lovely man. Very supportive and

encouraging of us newcomers. He loved his

community and was a staunch and vocal defender of

all that was great about our city,” tweeted councillor

Cathy Downer, who served on council with Mr. Jary.

Originally from Toronto, where he graduated in

broadcasting from what was then known as Ryerson

Polytechnical Institute, Mr. Jary was working in

radio in Stratford when a friend recommended him

for a sports job at Guelph’s CJOY radio.

Retired CTV National News anchor Lloyd

Robertson remembers when he and Jary worked

together at a Stratford radio station. “I can credit

Norm with getting me started in broadcasting

because he gave me my very first show,” he said. “I

was just a kid, 18 years old.”

Robertson says he was a very kind man who you

could always count on.

Mr. Jary spent 40 years at CJOY, retiring as its

news director in 1994. During that time, he became

the voice of Guelph junior hockey, notably the

Guelph Biltmores. He was given the opportunity to

call the play-by-play of the New York Rangers in the

mid-60s but was rumoured to have turned down an

offer to do it permanently because he didn’t want to

leave Guelph.

It was civic duty and leading Guelph through an

unprecedented period of growth that perhaps he will

be best remembered.

After two unsuccessful runs as the Progressive

Conservative candidate for Guelph, he was elected as

a city alderman in 1963.

In 1970, he became interim mayor when Ralph

Smith resigned. Seven months later, he was officially

elected as mayor, a position he would hold until 1985

when he took a step back and ran as a councillor for

Ward 3, a position he would hold until he retired

from politics in 2000.

Mr. Jary would keep printouts of two editorials

from the old Guelph Mercury newspaper where he

was praised for “promoting honesty, fairness,

approachability and impartiality” and “as a public

speaker, he has no peers in municipal government in


In retirement, he remained active in the

community, was a member of the GWSA, and was

involved in a number of local charities, including the

Norm Jary–ARC Industries Golf Tournament, a

fundraiser for Guelph-Wellington Community Living

that raised close to $1 million over 42 years.

Mr. Jary was predeceased by his daughter Sandra

and his beloved wife of 64 years, Jean, who he

always gave much of the credit for his career.

In recent years, he had been living at the Village of

Riverside Glen.

The Sentinel - February 2021


GWSA Groups & Activities Contact Information

You may be required to show your up-to-date GWSA membership card at any activity.

Art In The Hall

Evergreen Hallway


Art Studio In 2

Evergreen Room 2

Brenda Brooks (519-824-3392)

Tuesdays 6:30-9:30 p.m.

Weeks 1, 3, 5 and Wednesdays,

1-4 p.m., Weeks 2, 4


Evergreen Auditorium

Jeff Millard (519-993-1362)

Tues. - 7:00-9:30 pm - E

Thurs. - 9:00 am-12:00 noon - E

Fri. - 10:00 am-12:30 pm - E

Sun. - 1:15-3:15 pm - E

Mon. - 1:00-4:00 pm - West End

Wed. - 1:00-3:30 pm - West End

Casual Bicycling

Various Locations in and

around Guelph

Ned Coates (519-835-9799)

Wed. - May 1 - Oct. 31

9:00 am to Noon

Bid Euchre

Evergreen Room 4

Sharyn Richards (519-803-9500)

Mondays - 6:15-9:00 pm

Thursdays - 1:00-4:00 pm

6-Hand Bid Euchre

Evergreen Room 4

Dot Smith (519-836-6448)

Thursdays - 1:00-4:00 pm

Book Club 1

Evergreen Board Room

Veronica Sanche (519-767-9991)

Last Friday of month - 1-2:30 pm

Book Club 2

Evergreen Room 2

Christine Trimble (519-823-2086)

3rd Friday of month 1:30-3:30 pm

Bridge - West End Lion’s Lair

David Pinkney (519-780-5302)

Mondays - 12:30-3:15 pm

Bridge - Evergreen

Evergreen Room 3

David Pinkney (519-780-5302)

Tuesdays - 6:30-9:00 pm

Peter Traulsen (519-265-2376)

Thursdays - 12:30-3:30 pm

Improving Bridge

Evergreen Room 3

Pauline Smith (519-835-8694)

Fridays - 9:00-11:30 am

Bunka Art Group

Evergreen Room 3

Diane Barber (519-763-2996)


Wednesdays - 9:15 am-noon


Evergreen Hallway

Lionel Churchill (519-835-4155)

Wednesdays - 1-4 pm

Canoe Club

John Ness (519-994-8611)


Chess Club

Evergreen Hallway

Dave Wurr (519-509-1032)

Fridays - 9:30 am-noon

Computer Club

Evergreen Room 3

Ross Knechtel (226-706-4058)

Ken Chupa (519-829-2476)

September, November, January,

March, May

2nd Monday - 7:00-9:00 pm

Craft Club

Evergreen Room 2

Judy Montgomery (519-824-8047)

Fridays - 8:30 am-1:30 pm


Evergreen Room 3

Audrey Young (519-824-5891)

Joy Halliburton (519-822-9714)

Elaine Miller (519-836-7874)

Tuesdays - 12:45-4 pm

Darts Club

Evergreen Auditorium - Stage


Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays

10:00 am to 12:00 noon


Evergreen Dining Room

Bev Baker (519-265-9139)

Tuesdays - 1:30-3:30 pm

Euchre on Monday

Evergreen Room 3

Maureen Baird (647-519-2006)

Mondays - 1:00-3:30 pm

Euchre on Wednesday

Evergreen Dining Room

Audrey Young (519-824-5891)

4th Wednesday - 1:30-4:00 pm

Euchre on Friday

Evergreen Room 4

Peter Smith (519-217-8986)

Fridays - 1:00-4:00 pm


Ted Pritchard (519-826-6121)

Mondays, May to September

Hearing Improvement

Evergreen Board Room

Sharing Information about


Meet 1st Wed. of every month

From October to May

2:00-3:00 pm - it’s free

Call Marianne at 519-822-3946

Line Dancing

Evergreen Auditorium

Phyllis Carnochan (519-836-9415)

Mondays - 9:30 -11:45 am

Thursdays - 1:00-3:00 pm

Mah Jongg

Evergreen Hallway

Georgia Taylor (519-265-8816)

Tuesdays - 12:30-3:30 pm

Instruction available

The Sentinel - February 2021 — Vol. 45, No. 6

Peer Learning

Evergreen Board Room

Geoff Richards (226-820-2950)

Mon., Tues., Thurs.

(times as assigned)

Into Focus Photography

Evergreen Room 4


2:30-5 pm - last Monday of every

month - $24.00 a year


Rudy Simon

Neville Newman (519-400-9136)


Evergreen Auditorium

Tues. - 9:00 - 12:00 noon

(Beginners & Intermediate)

Friday - 12:45 - 4 pm

(all levels of play)

West End Rec Centre

Tues. - 12:00 noon - 4:00 pm

(advanced play)

Thurs. - 2:15 - 5:00 pm

(all levels of play)


Evergreen Room 2

Beryl Drohan (519-827-0120)

Mondays - 12:30-4:00 pm


Evergreen Hallway

Beth Campeau (226-343-0415)

Thursdays - 12:45-3:45 pm


Evergreen Auditorium

Elaine Bigam (519-824-6498)


Tuesdays - 1:30-3:00 pm

Wednesdays - 1:30-3:00 pm

Silver Seven Skating Club

Exhibition Park Arena

Corner of Exhibition &

Division Sts.

Sharon O’Sullivan (519-848-2084)

Saturdays - 8:00-9:50 pm

Silver Strummers

Carolyn McLeod McCarthy




Silvertones Choir

Evergreen Room 3

Doreen Muir (519-831-8323)

Choir Director - Ann Sneyd

Pianist - tba

Fridays 1:00-3:30 pm

Ski Club

Evergreen Parking Lot by

The Enabling Garden

Shane Hamilton (519-994-2204)

Email: crs.hamilton@gmail.com

Mondays from January to the end

of March 2020

8:00 am car pool at Evergreen

to Blue Mountain

6:00 pm return to Evergreen

Evergreen Snooker Club

Evergreen Snooker Room

Nick Harris (519-836-4547)

Daily - 9:00 am-4:00 pm

Tuesday - 7:00-9:30 pm

1st Thursday of every month

7:00-9:30 pm

Table Tennis

Evergreen Auditorium

Ursula Rodrigues (519-837-3782)


Monday - 3:30-6:30 pm

Wednesday - 9:00 am-12:45 pm

Saturday - 9:00 am-12:00 noon

West End: Friday - 1:00-4:00 pm

(WE - except July/August)

Texas Hold ‘Em Poker

Evergreen Dining Room

Mike Rooke (519-824-2472)

Tuesdays - 6:30-8:30 pm

Walking Club

April to October

Thursdays - 9:30 am-12:30 pm

Brenda Langham (519-836-8366)

Gord Clegg (519-824-3293)


Watercolour Painters Club

Evergreen Room 2

Mary Mulholland (519-836-4889)

1st & 5th Wed. - 12:30-4:00 pm

3rd Wed. - 9:00 am-4:00 pm

West End Art Group

Rm 2 West End Rec Centre

Nancy Baker (519-822-6653)

September - June

Tuesdays - 12:30-4:00 pm

Membership is $20.00

West Hills Art Group

Rm 2 West End Rec Centre

Dale Vardy (519-823-5746)


Jan. - June; Sept. - Dec.

Thursdays - noon-4:00 pm

Membership is $25.00

Writers Club

Evergreen Board Room

Ross Coulter (519-821-3993)

2nd & 4th Thursdays - 1:00 pm







The Sentinel - February 2021


The Sentinel - February 2021 — Vol. 45, No. 6


Administration Office — 519-837-5696

Guelph Family Health Team offers FREE Online Webinars

The Guelph Family Health Team’s Wellness Matters program continues to offer

FREE interactive webinars focusing on a variety of wellness and mental health

topics to our community! You can use the information and tools you learn to help

guide you during these difficult and uncertain times. Visit our website for a

complete list of webinars and to view the Jan – June 2021 schedule.

The Diabetes Support Group is continuing to meet during the pandemic! We

meet twice every month on the second and fourth Monday from 2 to 3 pm. We

talk about diabetes, the pandemic and life! Contact Molly at 519-400-7905

or mroberts.gwsa@gmail.com if you’d like to join us to find out how to connect

by phone or computer. We’d love to have you join us!

The Sentinel - February 2021


GWSA Email Updates

Each month, approximately mid-month, the Membership

and Marketing Committee at the

GWSA sends out the GWSA Email Update. It

highlights a few of the exciting things happening at

the GWSA, important communications from the

Board, and upcoming programs by CSS

(Community Support Services).

You can subscribe to receive the GWSA Email

Update by completing the steps below:

1. To begin, please send an email to:

subscribe@gwsa-guelph.ca . You can enter

Subscribe in the Subject line, or just skip that

part, it will work either way. In just a few

minutes, you will receive a message with a link.

2. Click on the link you received, fill in the appropriate

fields, and click “Subscribe to List”.

3. To ensure you really want to receive GWSA

Email Updates – and to make sure all emails are

error-free – we’ll send a message asking you to


4. Once you respond to the confirmation message,

The Sentinel - February 2021 — Vol. 45, No. 6

your registration is complete and you’ll receive

our Welcome Letter.

You can also subscribe from the “Popular

Links” section on the GWSA website. Starting

the process from the web page will take you to

step 2 above. Simply follow through with steps 2

to 4 to complete the process.

You can expect to receive your first GWSA Email

Update approximately mid-month after you sign


You can unsubscribe from the GWSA Email Updates

at any time by clicking on the “unsubscribe”

link that is displayed at the bottom of every update.

Membership &

Marketing Committee

This graphic by Unknown Author is

licensed under CC BY-ND


No Job too Small - Call Ned Coates




… the third generation

Wild Child

Holistic Dog


by Sandra Lee Berry

- Home visit

- Serving Guelph’s Senior community and

the heartbeat at their feet

- Catering to small dogs up to 20 lbs. in


- Using all natural products, non-toxic to

your pet and to our planet

- Services: nail trims, bath & brush,

mini-groom and full pet trim for easy

at-home maintenance






Helping families to buy and sell since 2007.

Contact Jackie to enquire about Riverside Residence on the

Park — We have a waiting list, so call today.


1 & 2 Bedroom Units for Rent at 671 Woolwich Street, Guelph

• Clean & quiet seniors building next to the senior centre

• High rise building with elevator access

• Walking distance to Wal-Mart plaza and other amenities

• Ensuite bathrooms available

• On site laundry

• Heat & Hydro included

For viewings and more information call Michel at: 519-400-0297

The Sentinel - February 2021


Wellington Foot Clinic

Professional Footcare & Custom Foot Orthotics

Jessica K. Mann

Registered Chiropodist / Foot Specialist

Professional, Safe Treatment of a Variety of Foot Conditions

- Nail Disorders, Corns, Callus, Warts, Ingrown Toenails & much more

- Custom Foot Orthotics

- Covered by most extended health insurance providers

- No referral needed!!! Free parking

- Morning, Evening and Saturday Appointments Available

3 – 245 Edinburgh Rd S. (enter off Municipal or Edinburgh)

519-546-3737 wellfoot@outlook.com

The Sentinel - February 2021 — Vol. 45, No. 6


A call out to isolated seniors. Do you have a pair of

pants you cannot wear until they are hemmed?

A favourite shirt missing a button? A seam splitting

on an otherwise perfectly good top?

Sew On The Go wants to bring this free service to you.

We will pick up your garment, repair and return it to your door.

As a program of the Guelph Tool Library, funding has been made available for

delivery costs.

Call 226-501-5472 and leave a message, with your phone number, requesting a

call back. The repair can be discussed and arrangements made.

Or email sewonthego@guelphtoollibrary.org

Made possible by grants from the

United Way Guelph Wellington Dufferin and

the Guelph Community

Foundation as part of the Federal

Government’s Emergency Community Support


The service that volunteer Snow Angels provide

contributes a tremendous amount to the overall

well-being of our community. Volunteering with

the program is truly ‘the neighbourly thing to do’

and is a great way for families to volunteer

together, or high school students to complete their

40-hour community service requirement.

A volunteer snow removal service for seniors

and persons with disabilities 519-822-1155

In partnership with the City of Guelph, we offer

a volunteer snow removal service for eligible

seniors and persons with physical disabilities.

During a significant snow event, after the

residential streets are plowed, volunteers visit

their match within 24 hours to clear the windrow

(the accumulation of snow left at the end of a


Last year, 73 Snow Angels contributed 949

hours of snow shoveling service. In total, 184

residents were helped during the winter season of

which one shared, “without the help of our Snow

Angel, it would be difficult for us to stay in our


Residents eligible to receive this service:

- Must reside in the City of Guelph in a single

dwelling or semi-detached house with private


- Are unable to remove their own snow and cannot

afford to pay for snow removal.

- Have no able-bodied person living in the

household to shovel snow.

- Must be a senior citizen (aged 65 years or older)

and/or have a physical disability.

Please note that the People and Information

Network (PIN) reserves the right to ask for

documentation verifying proof of disability and/or

inability to pay for private snow removal services

in order to ensure services are provided to those in

our community who truly require assistance.

The Sentinel - February 2021


Membership Benefit:

Every Day is Seniors Day

at Bulk Barn!

For years, Bulk Barn has offered a Seniors Day

discount every Wednesday. Anyone over 65

years of age enjoyed a 10% discount on regular

priced merchandise. Now, Bulk Barn locations

in Guelph are offering this 10% discount every

day for all GWSA members. Show your

GWSA membership card to take advantage

of this special offer when you shop for your

favourite regular-priced Bulk Barn products.

Available at: 370 Stone Rd. W across from

Stone Road Mall, 49 Woodlawn Road W in the

Walmart Plaza, and 103 Clair Road E at the

Pergola Commons.

$25.00 discount coupon

with this ad

Please call 519-821-6683

The Sentinel - February 2021 — Vol. 45, No. 6


CREMATION: $1935 +hst BURIAL: $5995 +hst

If prearranged and prepaid by June 30, 2021 If prearranged and prepaid by June 30, 2021


Churchill, Lionel - Feb. 6 (74)

Jagt, Nellie - Feb. 11 (92)

Spears, Dwayne - Feb. 14 (59)


Jary, Norm passed away on Friday, January 8,

2021, at the age of 91. He was a GWSA member,

former Mayor of Guelph and councillor.

McClelland, Jean passed away on Friday, January

15, 2021, at the age of 80. She was a former Board

member, and belonged to many committees and

clubs including Into Focus Photography and the

Travel Club.

Whitney, Mary Claire passed away on Friday,

January 15, 2021, at the age of 88. She was a

GWSA volunteer and drove for Outreach.

Scott, Barry passed away on Tuesday, January 19,

2021, at the age of 74. He was the leader of the

Darts Club.

Russell, Ken passed away on Thursday, January

21, 2021, in his 74th year. He was the former

Webmaster and involved in the Computer Club.


DJ Services — Have Music Will Travel

Special Birthdays — 60th and up

Anniversaries — Retirements

Christmas Parties — New Year’s Eve

Surprise Parties — Jack and Jill Parties

How about an Old-Fashioned Rock & Roll Night

Celebrate With Music -

Oldies Unlimited

We play all your favourites from

the 50s, 60s, 70s and some 80s/90s.

Did you like the Disco Era or

Old-Fashioned Country 2 Step?

We’ve got that too!!

The Jukebox is Full and

Ready to Go!

To Avoid Disappointment — Book Early

Peter Smith: call or text


Email: giantclassics@gmail.com

The Sentinel - February 2021


The Sentinel - February 2021 — Vol. 45, No. 6

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