Rouge Magazine Issue #3

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Rouge Magazine

Issue #3

F ounder’s L etter

We have arrived to the release of the Autumn/Winter season issue. I think

we can all agree we have had a crazy 2020 year in our real lives. Last year

was such a whirlwind. Good things happened in the beginning but fair to

say the rest of the year was bad. From my seminars and receiving the

honor of an article about me in Sisters in SL Magazine. The 6th year for

Miss Globe Universal ended as well. We have our new winner Sha Anne.

Some people have asked me why I do not hire a full set team for this

magazine and my other one. Secretly I’m sure some think I’m crazy, bold or

brave. Truth is finding people that have the same level of passion as I do

is difficult so I never did. I’m used to being alone and never depending on

anyone for any of my businesses.

I enjoy doing all the work alone. It gives me time to myself and some peace.

Which can be odd coming from an Editor since Editors are usually stressed

out. Not me though. I’ve been doing this for a long time before I ever came

to Second Life. When you have passion for something it does not feel like

work. Plus I love to have my headphones on, music to the max and cancel

out all noise.

On a personal level I want to thank from the bottom of my dark heart to my

best friend and sister Gabie Meads. She was the only person who helped

me in my time of need when everyone else turned their back on me. Also

my friend Rebellah Antoinette D’Arcy who helped me finish my pageant. I

won’t forget all the things that happened to me this year even if I tried.

Rose Athena Mikaelson

Founder | Editor in Chief

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Featured Brand

Bon Amour


Rose Athena Mikaelson

Cover Model

Sha Anne

Featured Photographer

Fayah Rey

Featured Model


Featured Destination

Lune’s World

Featured Blogger

Gem Henly


Fae Bell

Gabie Meads

Sha Anne

Terry Grauman


Guest Photographers

Gabie Meads

Gem Henly


Nany Jurado

Guest Models

Gia Blossom

Milae Marksman

Nany Jurado


Melony Aguilera


Cover Model | Sha Anne

Photographer | Rose Athena Mikaelson

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Miss Globe Universal

2020 Crowned Winner

Photographer and Writer

Rose Athena Mikaelson

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Sha’s career started as a

student just like majority

of models. Just like all of

us she to learned the craft

of modeling in Second

Life. Many journeys in

today’s era tend to begin

differently then it in the


This is thanks to the

larger amount of competitions,

pageants, schools

and more.

Her pageant journey did

not begin with us. She

first enter Miss SL 2019

and represented her home

country of Malaysia. This

helped her develop her

skills quicker instead of

the old traditional way.

While she did not place in

the finales she is thanksful

for all the lessons the

pageant taught her.

This however was not the

end for her. During the

same year she entered

Miss Parallel Universe

2019. It was thanks to her

first experience Sha was

able to place 2nd runner

up during their finales.

14 15

The rest of the year she took a break from pageants.

This is a great way to recharge and concentrate

on other projects.

During this time she attended two different

schools and graduated with honors. This makes

me proud as a long time teacher and mentor. It

is not easy going through school in today’s era

because their is much more to learn.

Now flash forward to the new year where it’s a

fresh start and new beginnings for everyone.

Just like all eager competitors new or veterans.

They all await for the new season where pageants

begin once again.

This time for Sha she wanted to try out the oldest

pageant in Second Life and that is Miss Virtual

World. She did get to represent her home

country of Malaysia and reach the Top 8. Unfortunately

due to real life circumstances she has to

leave. This left her feeling upset and disappointed.

As someone who has been in this business

for a long time I understood what she was going


During this time I still did not know Sha. I do

my best to keep up with the models in the industry

but it can prove difficult for me because

of my duties.

Months later had gone by during this time and

Sha had returned to Second Life. However she

was not sure what to do next. The summer season

in the industry is different then it is during

the cold season. People prefer to relax, have fun

and enjoy things we can’t during winter.

It was May 2020 once again. While the rest of

the pageants around Second Life finish my pageant

Miss Globe Universal begins. This was the

door and perfect opportunity for Sha.

Unlike her knowledge of the other pageants.

Sha had no clue who I was or my history. For a

model this is taking a chance on someone. It was

thanks to this chance it changed her career to an

entire new direction.

For Miss Globe Universal the process for the

past few years have been going through the

long application process. It is not easy entering

as we do make things challenging from the

very beginning. The way I conduct my pageant

is unique in it’s own way. It’s even in the motto

Inspiring. Daring. Different.

By this time Sha has experience under her belt

since we went through a few pageants before

joining me. From the beginning without a doudt

she had done amazing every step of the way.

From being one of the best during the auditions

to the runway during the pageant.

I came up with some unique themes this year

that have been different from the pageant. Typically

it is one main theme but I decided to do

double themes per fashion show.

This helped all candidates push themselves to

a new level. One of my favorites was the very

first fashion show, Metal Jewel and Modern 80’s.

This was so much fun for everyone and it was

the perfect way to starting the next phase of the


16 17

From there Sha and all the other ladies did such wonderful jobs. It was with great sadness

however this year things did not end the way they were meant to be. A tragedy

had hit my personal life and overnight it became this awful whirlwind. I had not felt so

upside down that way in a long time. This sadly meant I had to put a hold on finales.

While I did write an open letter to the team and everyone involved in the pageant for

2020. I was still very disappointed. This meant I had to be away for a few months. However

the people that know me well understand I’m not one to give up ever. I made a

promise to all the candidates that I would return and finish what we started.

As promised I did when the opportunity arrived. It was thanks to my friend Rebellah

Antoinette D’Arcy who helped me. It is not easy for me to let someone help me out no

matter what situation I am in but she did despite it. It was thanks to her I was able to

tell everyone the good news and we were able to finish Miss Globe Universal 2020.

This is how Sha not only returned but finished what she started to. It was thanks to her

taking this rare second chance and going for it that she won the pageant to become the

new reigning Miss Globe Universal 2020. I’m very much proud of her for not giving up

just like I did. It showed me she was the one from the beginning.

Some honorable mentions she won Miss Globe Universal Top Model, Best in National

Costume and Best in Formal. She now holds the record for most wins for the title/

awards for the pageant.

The two other lucky ladies who also won are:

Miss Globe Universal Congeniality & 1st Runner Up

Miss Globe Universal United Kingdom 2020 - Mimi Wicked

Miss Globe Universal Photogenic

Miss Globe Universal Belgium 2020 - Casje Ragnarok

Thank you to all the 2020 Candidates

Miss Globe Universal Belgium 2020 - Casje Ragnarok

Miss Globe Universal Brazil 2020 - Lilly Lica

Miss Globe Universal India 2020 - Mishu Kinnera

Miss Globe Universal Malaysia 2020 - Sha Anne

Miss Globe Universal Nepal 2020 - Gia Blossom - 2nd Runner Up

Miss Globe Universal United Kingdom 2020 - Milae Mimi Muse

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Jeanette Joints

Tim Yung




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Rouge Model | Viana

Photographer | Rose Athena Mikaelson

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Meli Imako



ACORN & Dahlia


Rouge Model | Viana

Photographer | Rose Athena Mikaelson

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Tableau Vivant


Rouge Model | Viana

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Dead Doll



LR Fashion Boutique

Rouge Model | Viana

Photographer | Rose Athena Mikaelson

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C a l a s C h r i s t m a s

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Mimi Wicked

1st runner up

Miss Globe Universal UK 2020

Miss Globe Universal Congeniality

48 49

Gia Blossom

2nd runner up

Miss Globe Universal Nepal 2020

Photographer Gia Blossom

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Spotlight List

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Photographer | Rose Athena Mikaelson

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Bon Amour

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Nany Jurado

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Nany Jurado


Melony Aguilera


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Gem Henly

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Gem Henly

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Featured Photographer

Fayah Rey

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Fayah Rey

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Miss Globe Universal

Formal Favorites 2014-2020


Athena Couture


Rose Athena Mikaelson


Miss Globe Universal Argentina 2019 (1st Runner up)

130 131

It all started back in early 2015 when Miss

Globe Universal began. Some of the first candidates

came to me for help. At first I thought it was

a style question or runway assistance. Instead to

my surprise they wanted me to create customs for

them for the finale. That is how my project began.

I just knew I had to say yes even though I was

nervous because it was my first time as a designer

accepting custom orders. On top of that it was

three lovely ladies that I still remember today.

They are Miss Globe Universal Colombia 2015 -

Kolosi. Followed by Miss Globe Universal Israel

2015 - BlackRose and Miss Globe Universal Japan

2015 - Debbydom. While I do not keep in contact

with these ladies anymore I have done my best to

keep an eye out through the years.

It was thanks to these candidates that made me

realize something. It is very hard for models in

their position to go to a formal designer and ask

for a special custom. I already knew the feeling of

being rejected from my own past but I couldn’t

imagine what it felt like in major pageants. In less

the model has a certain circle of friends or better

known they are usually rejected or even ignored.

I did not want their first pageant experience to be

like that.

With joy I created three formals just for them. I

do not have the photos anymore but I remember

the designs. This opened a new door for me I did

not think would happen.


Miss Globe Universal United Kingdom 2018 (Winner)

I’m happy to say I have continued this wonderful

tradition through the years and it helped me

become a better and more skilled formal designer.

132 133

After the 2015 pageant I created many formals

for many other candidates around the world. The

photography I created are some of my personal

favorites. Some are also best sellers in my store.

Some honorable mentions I would like to include

is some of my winning formals. In order it is Miss

Globe Universal Romania 2016 who won the pageant

and I designed her farewell walk. Miss Globe

Universal United Kingdom 2018 who also won

and I designed a runway challenge formal for her.

My best friend and sister Miss Globe Universal

Argentina 2019 who became the 1st Runner up.

In the same year Miss Globe Universal Japan 2019

who became the 3rd Runner up.

For recent time this includes Miss Globe Universal

Malaysia 2020 who is the current winner. Followed

by Miss Globe Universal United Kingdom

2020 who became the 1st Runner up and

Miss Globe Universal Nepal 2020 who became

the 2nd Runner up. For these ladies the formals

were part of a prize package I offered.

I hope to continue for as long as I can. Starting

this project has been one of the best experiences

in my Second Life. It really has helped me become

more creative and improve my skills in over

a span of close to a decade now.


Miss Globe Universal England 2016

134 135


Miss Globe Universal Argentina 2019 (1st Runner up)

136 137


Miss Globe Universal Malaysia 2020 (Winner)

138 139

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Hilly Haalan

Photographer | Rose Athena Mikaelson

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