Newsletter 11 29.01.21

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A word from the Principal...


There have been a number of developments over the past week and we now have slightly more clarity moving


Our staff are now self administering Lateral Flow tests twice a week which is an excellent development, both

for staff wellbeing and pupil welfare.

We will be completely closed over half term and will also be pausing remote learning. Everyone is in need of a

break, none more so than those of you who are working from home whilst supporting remote learning as well!

You will have seen on the news that the Prime Minister has announced that schools will not be fully reopening

after half term and all children will not be returning until the 8th March at the earliest and there will be a

further announcement during the week of the 22nd February. This means that there will be at least another

four weeks of remote learning and possibly longer. Four weeks can have a real impact, both positively and

negatively, so please continue to support your children to engage with their daily learning, we’ve only got two

weeks to go until half term!

These times are incredibly challenging and we are aware that some of you may be experiencing additional

financial pressures. Please follow the links below to look into some of the support that is currently available. To

apply for the Covid Winter Grant, please use the contact information below.

• For items relating to home heating such as fuel bills or breakdown in heating equipment such as oil

tanks or boiler repair please contact Community Energy Plus by emailing advice@cep.org.uk or phoning 0800

954 1956.

• For help with food and other essential household items visit our website here: https://www.cornwall.


You may also now be eligible for Free School Meals, which can be applied for here: https://www.cornwall.gov.


Next week, I will be holding a virtual celebration assembly on Friday afternoon which will be available to access

from home as well as in school. I will send out more details about this early next week.

Thank you for your continued support and please get in contact if there is anything we can do to support

Mr Adam Anderson


Broad and Balanced...


What a brilliant week it has been in Rainbow class. They have continued their

learning about the Gruffalo which has seen them painting, drawing and making

their own terrible creatures. They have made snacks for their creatures and

some of them have even created homes for them. We have loved seeing their

puppet shows, yoga moves and other creative projects! It has been great to

see lots of videos of them reading - we are so impressed with how well they

are doing. They had lots of fun finding out about the number 7. Well done Rainbow

class, we are so proud of you all. Keep up the hard work!

Broad and Balanced...


This week in English class 1 listened to the story of Emma Jane’s Aeroplane.

They worked hard making predictions, answering questions about the story,

using adjectives to describe the animals and we learnt about proper nouns.

For PSHE I set the children a challenge to plan and cook something but they

only had £3.00 to spend. I am extremely impressed with the amazing things

they made. They included pancakes, chocolate rice krispie cakes, kebabs, pizza

wraps, cookies, tortilla pizza, ginger cake, and rocky road!!

Our focus for this week’s DT was to design and make different paper aeroplanes.

The children had to investigate which plane would fly the fastest and

the furthest. They discovered that the size of the wings and the type of paper

they used had an impact on the results. It was lovely to see the videos of them

carrying out their investigations.

Broad and Balanced...


Class 2 have been super scientists this week. We have been exploring habitats

and discovering what different animals need to survive. Luckily, the weather

did not put class 2 off from hunting habitats and I received some really lovely

work showing me what they had found. Laurence and his mum had a great

discussion about whether soil was dead or had never been alive. What do you

think? We have just finished our class book, I was there...Titanic, which we listened

to every day. This led to so many children in the class researching facts

about the Titanic and I have been amazed at all of the things they have discovered!

Class 2 home learning continues to be of such a high standard that I am

constantly impressed and surprised by the quality of the work I receive. Thanks

to you all!

Broad and Balanced...


Year 3 have been very creative this week. As part of their Stone Age topic they have

been making their own Roundhouses. I have been blown away by the amazing models

and fantastic effort the children and their families have put into making these! They

all look brilliant and they are all so different in the way that they have been made.

Well done everyone, grown ups included! The children have also drawn and painted

some cave paintings from inside their Roundhouses. As part of their PE this week,

the children have been doing some orienteering by finding different things in their

local area. They have been great at spotting different animals and plants. For our

PSHE this week the children have been looking after their local environment and have

been litter picking! The children then made their own posters to encourage people to

bin their rubbish, including face masks, a new type of litter. As part of their maths the

children have been looking at data and have been learning about pictograms and bar

charts and they have drawn bar charts of their own using their toys.

Another super week Year 3, well done to all of you.

Broad and Balanced...


This week, Class 4 have been very busy finishing our division unit in maths - I am

sure they have the party-poppers and balloons at the ready. We have started to explore

electricity, what it is and where it comes from as well as how we generate, store

and use it in our daily lives. We have identified which devices and appliances we have

in our homes that use electricity and determined which rely on mains power or battery


In science, we are learning about the water cycle and the technical vocabulary to

explain its process. We even TRIED to recreate our own version of it using ice cubes,

warm water and a glass - some experiments were more successful than others.

After a week of exploring adjectives, expanded noun phrases, personification and

character/setting descriptions, we had a good try at writing an opening paragraph for

an animated clip used for inspiration. We then edited our original piece to try and improve

the vivid image created inside the reader’s head. We certainly have some future

Roald Dahls in the making. Great effort Class 4!

Finally, Class 4 have been set a Life Skills challenge every Friday in order to help develop

necessary skills needed for adulthood - the dreaded housework. We have had

such a variety of chores being done by children and to a great standard. Although,

I’ve heard that the quality of presentation for sandwich making is not going to impress

Gordan Ramsey any time soon. Some are even realising that scooping toys

under the bed, is not classified as “Cleaning the bedroom”.

Broad and Balanced...


It has been another great week of learning for Class 5, they continue to deliver

extremely high quality work in all areas of the curriculum. It is a pleasure

looking through the variety of work received on seesaw, which ranges from

beautifully presented writing to role plays of news reports being filmed. The

children have continued with their creativity in art learning about tint, tone and

shade, they followed this by creating their own painting using these techniques

based around one colour. There has been lots of baking in history with tasty

Anglo-Saxon bread being made, then the tasting experience enjoyed by all the

family. There were very mixed reviews on how the bread tasted! In addition to

this, they’ve been learning why ‘King Alfred the Great’ from the Anglo-Saxon

period was such a special king. After brainstorming ideas they created 3D statues

that represented him. He would have been proud to have any of the children’s

statues helping people to remember why he was so ‘great’.

In English, they’ve been preparing to write newspaper reports next week by

role playing a real life event as a journalist, thinking about the who, what,

where, when and why. The performances were brilliant, they’re all super actors

with lots of family members showing their talents and skills as well. I would

like to take this opportunity to say thank you, to all of you at home for supporting

the children with their work, you’re really making a massive difference

and helping the children to have fun with their learning.

Broad and Balanced...


Year 6 have had another fantastic week! Moving on from our pastel artwork,

they created some amazing scenes of London during the Blitz. These were

made using layers of paint to create the sky and cut-outs of buildings layered

on top of each other to create the built up effect of London. I was very impressed

to see so many being creative and using other resources that they

had around the house. Year 6 have also written some brilliant character descriptions

about a character from our class novel. I thoroughly enjoyed reading

these and seeing the fantastic vocabulary and variety of punctuation included.

Some decided to create their own characters, we even had one villain who enjoys

arguing with old women! We also had some aspiring chefs this week, who

had a go at using a wartime recipe to make pancakes. They looked delicious

and very professionally made! Well done for another hard-working week Year


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