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Communities come together for Covid support

It’s a very tough time at the moment. One of the great things is how our

local communities have come together to take care of one another. Our

villagers have formed support groups⎯looking out for their neighbours.

Labour members have been busy volunteering for local

Covid support groups throughout. It’s great that we now

have a vaccine against this terrible disease. When Labour

leader, Keir Starmer, called on Labour members to

volunteer with the NHS to speed up distribution, again our

local team leapt into action.

Tim Andrews, Labour candidate in Fulbourn, put his hand

up to help. Tim said “I’ve been accepted as a Steward

Volunteer. I will be helping out at the vaccination centres,

and NHS non-clinical support such as signposting or

check in support. I’m looking forward to my first shift and

doing my little bit to help put an end to this misery”.



Councillor Rebecca



lobbied for funds to

buy laptops for

school children



James Bull, candidate

in Milton &


launched a petition to

put pressure on

Cambs County


Under threat: your say in all our futures

The Conservative Government wants to take away your right to comment on individual planning

applications. This will cut local democracy, reduce affordable housing and damage the countryside.

Local residents tell us that they worry about housing for their families and for key workers. And there are

growing fears about our views being ignored.

We’re seeing more examples of developers trying to excuse

themselves from building affordable housing. They say they won’t

make enough profit otherwise.

It doesn’t have to be like this. Labour-run Cambridge City Council

has shown that things can be different. They obtained £70m of

Government money to build 500 new, green homes for social rent.

As our country recovers and rebuilds after Covid then community

needs must be at the heart of decision making.

New housing must be in line

with community needs

We need a new Mayor to bring hope

and to change our future

My name is Dr Nik Johnson. I’m delighted to be Labour’s Candidate

for the 2021 Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Mayoral Election.

I’m a NHS Children’s Doctor and a District Councillor. I live and work

at the heart of our community. I'm totally passionate about public

service. That’s why I put the three Cs of Compassion,

Co-operation and Community at the centre of everything I do.

It’s been a tough time and things aren’t getting any easier. We’re

enduring the Covid crisis and we’re working through the

uncertainties of Brexit.

Nik Johnson. Compassion

Co-operation, Community

My three Cs vision will make the difference across our region. Every

area matters to me. Our wide open fens, our busy cities, our market

towns and our smallest villages. I want to deliver my vision and that’s

why I want to be your directly elected mayor.

Nicky Massey for Police & Crime Commissioner

Nicky is a Lead Cambridge Councillor on Community Safety and is on our Police and Crime Panel.

I’m a mother, a survivor of domestic abuse, a campaigner. And a

track record of getting things done! I want to enact real change,

and I will bring communities and residents back into the role of

working together with our Police force. My priorities are:

Police numbers back up to full strength

Empower victims of any kind of abuse to report it and know

that they will be properly supported.

Enable more people to report all the types of domestic abuse.

Focus on the real causes of youth violence and knife crime.

Turn around the 13% increase in knife crime locally.

Investigate “high” crime areas and work together to help make

them happier and safer places to be.

Proper funding for Community Safety Partnerships.

Stamping out hate crime through better community cohesion.

Nicky Massey. I will be the voice of

the community in policing

Want to vote by post? Here’s how

Visit Complete the form and print, sign

and scan. Email to your local council

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