Tuggerah Lakes Art Society Newsletter FEBRUARY 2021


Monthly newsletter of Tuggerah Lakes Art Society based on the Central Coast of NSW

Patricia Newell-Dunkley — ARTISTIC EGG DECORATING


omorrow morning before you crack your


breakfast egg, and dip your bread soldiers into its

succulent golden yoke, stop and consider that you

might be able to turn this beautifully shaped,

delicately coloured piece of nature into a fabulous

work of art.

At the same time, it could start you on to a new and fascinating

craft that will give you hours of pleasure, and possible profit. Join

with me and become egg-bound, in this most pleasant and

creative pastime.

Egg decorating has been with us since the 13 th Century when, as

Folk Art, it was customary to paint eggs and distribute them as

gifts, especially at Easter and other religious celebrations. This

devout and deeply symbolic ritual is still continued and carried on

all over the world.

A hand painted, envelope cut, decorated ostrich egg

Hen egg decorated with glitter

Chicken, Duck, Turkey, Goose, Emu,

Ostrich, and Rhea Eggs.

Egg shapes in general. Porcelain,

plastic, wood, foam.

A small turkey egg decorated with beads

A four cut goose egg with a decorated egg


The list is long and interesting,

choose whatever ovoid shape

takes your imagination, and enjoy

the project.

Start simply with a small egg and

work your way up. Paint an easy

design, or add some ribbon, and

beads. In no time you will have a

work of art.

A gold egg with decoration

A single cut goose egg

on an eggshell stand

The single cut goose

egg open with surprise

To cut and hinge eggs, you will require special tools.

A good craft shop will be able to supply all of your needs. Happy Egging.

© 2021 Patricia Newell-Dunkley www.patriciasartworld.com


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