CosBeauty Magazine #91

CosBeauty is the #BeautyAddict's guide to lifestyle, health and beauty in Australia and New Zealand. In this issue: - The Happiness Issue - Hacks for a happier life! - Colour Me Happy - Makeup Trends Alert - 30+ Swoon-Worthy Body Products - Out, Damned Spot - Skincare solutions - The 2021 Guide to Non-Surgical Fat Reduction & Muscle Sculpting

CosBeauty is the #BeautyAddict's guide to lifestyle, health and beauty in Australia and New Zealand.
In this issue:
- The Happiness Issue - Hacks for a happier life!
- Colour Me Happy - Makeup Trends Alert
- 30+ Swoon-Worthy Body Products
- Out, Damned Spot - Skincare solutions
- The 2021 Guide to Non-Surgical Fat Reduction & Muscle Sculpting


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ISSUE 91 FEB-APR 2021<br />

Colour<br />

me<br />

happy<br />

MAKEUP<br />

TREND<br />

ALERT!<br />

THE<br />

2021<br />

GUIDE TO<br />



& MUSCLE<br />


30+<br />

SWOON-<br />

WORTHY<br />

BODY<br />


9 771833 383011<br />

ISSN 1834-383X<br />

02<br />

the<br />

OUT,<br />

DAMNED<br />

SPOT!<br />



happiness<br />

issue<br />


&<br />

Radiate<br />

beauty<br />

confidence<br />

Using the latest technologies, our team of experts<br />

is committed to help you achieve natural-looking<br />

results in a relaxed and friendly setting.<br />

Come in and experience the Skin Renu difference.<br />

Our comprehensive treatment menu includes:<br />

world-class wrinkle reduction and<br />

lip enhancement<br />

laser skin rejuvenation<br />

CoolSculpting non-surgical fat reduction<br />

Thermage non-surgical face lifting<br />

medical peels<br />

clinic-only premium skincare<br />

Call us to book a complimentary consultation<br />

02 9555 9506<br />

www.skinrenu.com.au<br />

16B Beattie St, Balmain, Sydney

85<br />

beyond<br />

facial<br />

cleansing<br />

A new generation of facial hygiene which<br />

provides effective cleansing action,<br />

respecting the balance of pH and skin flora,<br />

and helping to protect the skin against<br />

environmental pollution. Specific textures<br />

and active ingredients meet the needs of all<br />

skin types.<br />

the element for skincare experts<br />

Advanced Cosmeceuticals | 1800 242 011<br />



now<br />

available<br />

with<br />

nicole<br />

As we age, the amount of maintenance required to keep a youthful look will increase,<br />

but getting started early is a huge advantage. Filling the gap between over-the-counter<br />

treatments and more aggressive laser offerings, Clear + Brilliant creates and defi nes an<br />

entirely new category of laser aesthetic treatments for clients moving along the skincare<br />

continuum. Clear + Brilliant helps prevent and address early signs of ageing, resulting in a<br />

brighter, more even skin tone. Treatments are comfortable, fast, effective and suitable for<br />

all skin types. The results are both immediate and progressive, depending on the age and<br />

condition of the skin. It is also great for those who are looking for short downtime and a quick<br />

skin ‘pick-me-up’. Call Nicole now to take advantage of an opening offer.<br />

02 9327 7728<br />

mobile 0410 627 767<br />

mobile 0410 627 767<br />

nicole@nicolesbeautysalon.com.au<br />

nicole@nicolesbeautysalon.com.au<br />

Shop 8, 401 - 407 New South Head Rd,<br />

Shop 8, 401 - 407 New South Head Rd,<br />

Double Bay NSW 2028<br />

Double Bay NSW 2028<br />

www.nicolesbeautysalon.com.au<br />


Australian owned cutting-edge skincare<br />

designed for Australian conditions<br />

Three premium collections boasting high quality active ingredients<br />


1800 242 011 skinvirtue.com.au<br />



8 Editor’s Letter<br />

10 Beauty Insider<br />

116 Ed’s Faves<br />


26 Defying gravity: The celebs<br />

who never age<br />

Whether they’ve doused<br />

themselves in olive oil (right<br />

on, J Lo), have the Fountain of<br />

Youth on tap or (more likely)<br />

have their cosmetic surgeon on<br />

speed dial, there’s no denying<br />

these beauties seem to be<br />

frozen in time.<br />

34 10 Happiness Hacks for 2021<br />

After the doom, gloom,<br />

isolation and lack of vacation in<br />

2020, we’re stepping into 2021<br />

with a checklist for positivity,<br />

self-growth and happiness.<br />

74 The beginner’s guide to<br />

essential oils<br />

Whether you want to stress less,<br />

improve focus or boost your<br />

energy levels, essential oils can<br />

help. Here’s the lowdown on<br />

how to make the most of these<br />

powerful potions.<br />

100 The 2021 guide to non-surgical<br />

fat reduction muscle sculpting<br />

Now’s the time to take<br />

advantage of the exceptional<br />

non-surgical body contouring<br />

technology that can remove fat<br />

and build muscle.<br />

108 Your beauty horoscope<br />

From self-care to self-glow, get<br />

your planets (and your wellness<br />

plans) in alignment with your<br />

ultimate beauty horoscope by<br />

psychic Linda Willow Roberts.<br />

BEAUTY<br />

44 5 common skin problems & how<br />

to avoid them<br />

From acne breakouts to thirsty<br />

skin, here are the solutions<br />

you need to save face from<br />

some of the most common<br />

skin concerns.<br />

60 Hair trend alert<br />

From mullets to multidimensional<br />

colour, here are<br />

the biggest hair trends of 2021,<br />

according to experts.<br />

66 Colour Me Happy<br />

From glitter lips to coloured<br />

eyeliners, 2021 is shaping up<br />

to be a year of intense and<br />

experimental makeup colours<br />

and textures.<br />

80 Be Mine, Valentine<br />

We all know beauty gifts say<br />

“I love you” much more than<br />

flowers and chocolates! Here’s<br />

our pick of swoon-worthy,<br />

Cupid-approved gifts for<br />

Valentine’s Day.

88 Aussie Rules<br />

A beauty-lover’s guide to some<br />

of the latest and greatest homegrown<br />

australian skincare and<br />

makeup products.<br />

92 Crème de la Crème<br />

Doesn’t your body deserve<br />

the best? Here are the skinsmoothing,<br />

cellulite-banishing<br />

and bottom-buffing body<br />

products deserving of the<br />

highest accolades.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 7

From the<br />

EDITOR<br />

Don’t worry, be happy. It sounds simple enough (and was a catchy tune<br />

in the 80s), but with 2020’s tumultuous state of affairs, it can be difficult<br />

to put on a happy face. It’s not every year a global pandemic will literally<br />

take over the world and disrupt our lives so irrevocably. But it’s also made<br />

us more aware of the value and necessity of self-care, our mental health and the<br />

relationships we have, not only with others but also with ourselves. On page 34, you’ll<br />

find our 10 Happiness Hacks for 2021 and the simple ways we can make this our best<br />

year yet.<br />

With renewed focus on self-care, it’s no surprise that essential oils have made a major<br />

comeback in recent years. A large body of research confirms that essential oils have<br />

measurable physiological effects on brainwave activity, blood pressure, pulse rates and<br />

mood. On page 74, we investigate the ancient art of essential oils and the best oils to<br />

help boost your mood and de-stress.<br />

For full-body pampering, check out our Crème de la Crème article on page 92 where<br />

we present the luxe list of skin-nurturing body treatment products. We also present a<br />

definitive list of the non-surgical body shaping and muscle sculpting cosmetic treatments<br />

available (page 100).<br />

After a hot and humid summer, our skin can be looking a little worse for wear.<br />

From acne breakouts and brown spots to dry, sun-damaged skin, on page 44 we list<br />

the skincare ingredients and products you need to save face from some of the most<br />

common skin concerns.<br />

It’s all blue skies and sunshine in this year’s makeup forecast. From glitter lips to<br />

coloured eyeliners, 2021 is shaping up to be a year of intense and experimental makeup<br />

colours and textures. Check out our Colour Me Happy article on page 66 for products to<br />

match this latest makeup trend.<br />

We hope this special issue of <strong>CosBeauty</strong> helps to lift your spirits and equip you with<br />

the products and know-how to complement your live happy philosophy.<br />

You can find more great articles on beauty and wellbeing at www.cosbeauty.com.au, as<br />

well as unbiased information on cosmetic enhancement at www.aestheticadvisor.com.au.<br />

Issue 91<br />

Feb – Apr 2021<br />

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that they represent one person’s experience and there is<br />

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Beautiful Skin for Life<br />


Now in<br />

SPF 50+<br />

Begin your own skincare journey with Medik8’s simple strategy of using vitamin C and sunscreen in<br />

the morning and vitamin A at night. We call this strategy: CSA.<br />

Discover our Physical Sunscreen now with SPF 50+.<br />

www.medik8.com.au<br />

1800 242 011<br />


@cosbeauty<br />

Beauty insider<br />



We’ve heard the hype and now<br />

Rihanna’s latest Fenty addition,<br />

Fenty Skin, is here on our shores.<br />

Fenty Skin is skincare<br />

uncomplicated: Every multi-tasking<br />

product is easy to use and packed<br />

with benefits. It’s all designed to<br />

complement Fenty Beauty makeup<br />

and has been tested on all skin<br />

types and tones to work seamlessly.<br />

‘Fenty Skin is everything I wish<br />

I had back then,’ says Rihanna. ‘I<br />

wanted it to feel approachable,<br />

easy, and to take the pressure off<br />

choosing a routine, so I created one<br />

for everyone.’<br />

Think clean formulas that are<br />

oil-free, vegan and gluten free, with<br />

care for the coral reefs in mind.<br />

For Fenty Skin starters, we<br />

recommend Total Cleans’r Remove-<br />

It-All Cleanser, $36, Fat Water<br />

Pore-Refining Toner Serum, $39 and<br />

Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturiser<br />

SPF15, $52.<br />



Two of skincare’s gold standard<br />

ingredients join forces in StriVectin’s<br />

new Super-C Retinol Brighten &<br />

Correct Vitamin C Serum. This<br />

lightweight, supercharged formula<br />

combines the brightening power of<br />

Vitamin C with the correcting power<br />

of retinol, two skin-enhancing, antiageing<br />

ingredients that are typically<br />

difficult to formulate together.<br />

Super-C Retinol Serum visibly<br />

helps to brighten, firm and restore<br />

skin’s radiance. Retinol smooths fine<br />

lines and texture for visibly renewed,<br />

glowing skin. Even more exciting,<br />

considering the combination of<br />

such powerful ingredients, is that<br />

there is no price to pay in irritation.<br />

StriVectin’s patented form of Niacin,<br />

NIA-114, has been clinically shown<br />

to make retinol more tolerable, even<br />

as it enhances its efficacy.<br />

StriVectin Super-C Retinol Serum<br />

will be available in April 2021 for<br />

$112 (30 ml) at selected Priceline<br />

pharmacies and priceline.com.au<br />


@cosbeauty<br />




Finishing Touch Flawless has signed on<br />

fresh new faces for 2021, including Halle<br />

Berry, Ashley Graham, Dove Cameron<br />

and Amelia Hamlin.<br />

Since the inception of Finishing<br />

Touch Flawless in 2017, the team has<br />

been working to partner with confident,<br />

powerful and iconic women who<br />

embody the mission of the brand –<br />

which is to empower women to feel<br />

and look their best, and to respect and<br />

celebrate their differences in whatever<br />

form that may be.<br />

Finishing Touch Flawless offers<br />

innovative devices that bring the spa,<br />

dermatologist office or salon safely into<br />

your home, at an affordable price. Cult<br />

products include Dermaplane Glow, the<br />

facial hair removal and exfoliation tool;<br />

Nu Razor electric shaver; and Contour,<br />

the Rose Quartz vibrating facial roller.<br />


mesoestetic introduces its new brand<br />

image, which aims to create a universal<br />

focus on its scientific expertise.<br />

A world leader of the medical<br />

cosmetics and cosmetic medicine<br />

industry, mesoestetic’s visual evolution<br />

marks the starting point for the<br />

company’s new direction, continuing to<br />

be a benchmark in the aesthetic industry.<br />

With the new tagline ‘the element<br />

for skincare experts’, mesoestetic is<br />

positioned as the essential element for<br />

skincare, both now and into the future,<br />

thanks to its ongoing commitment<br />

to research and development and<br />

renowned technological expertise.<br />

Changes in product packaging will<br />

take effect throughout this year, starting<br />

with new launches and then updating<br />

the existing portfolio.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 11

@cosbeauty<br />



BodyBlendz has launched the<br />

Glacial Dip Exfoliating Hydrator<br />

and Body Elixir, with international<br />

TV personality and model Nicole<br />

Williams-English named as the face<br />

of the collection.<br />

Suitable for all skin types, the<br />

unique Glacial Dip blend has been<br />

formulated with a precise ratio of<br />

the highest quality naturally-derived<br />

ingredients, including: Australian<br />

Bentonite Clay, Bamboo Powder,<br />

Green Coffee Extract, Aloe Vera<br />

and 10 Essential Oils, which when<br />

combined together, are a powerful<br />

formula to eliminate dead surface<br />

cells whilst hydrating the skin.<br />

The Glacial Dip Exfoliating<br />

Hydrator and Body Elixir have been<br />

recommended by the biggest<br />

international identities, including<br />

Kim Kardashian, Shanina Shaik and<br />

Sarah Stage. Needless to say, this is<br />

one to nab while you can!<br />

The Glacial Dip Set (including the<br />

Glacial Dip Body Glow Exfoliating<br />

Hydrator and Body Elixir) is now<br />

available for $99.99.<br />



New from Aspect Skincare, this<br />

collection of mineral makeup is the<br />

perfect pairing to the Australian<br />

brand’s cosmeceutical skincare,<br />

helping to ensure your skin is<br />

smooth, hydrated and now with a<br />

filter-like finish.<br />

The range is formulated with<br />

an ultra-fine blend of minerals<br />

including: zinc oxide, titanium<br />

dioxide and mica, which provide<br />

a flawless base and much-needed<br />

environmental protection; hyaluronic<br />

acid to boost hydration; and the<br />

Aspect Signature Blend of skin-loving<br />

Australian botanicals to revitalise<br />

and nourish.<br />

Aspect Minerals blends effortlessly<br />

to colour correct and diffuse<br />

imperfections, providing buildable<br />

coverage for the ultimate glow. Free<br />

from parabens, SLS, mineral oil<br />

and vegan-friendly, it definitely has<br />

our vote!<br />

The range: Primer $49, Powder<br />

$59, Liquid $59 and Kabuki $30.

@cosbeauty<br />



The world’s #1 at-home IPL hair<br />

removal handset just got an<br />

upgrade: the ICE IPL Hair Removal<br />

Device, now features a cooling<br />

technology for added comfort, just<br />

like in the clinic, amongst other<br />

improvements.<br />

Based off of the much-loved<br />

original Happy Skin Gen.2, the new<br />

device has upgraded all features<br />

to bring you the most incredible<br />

handset yet. The new and improved<br />

at-home IPL laser hair removal<br />

handset features intense pulsed<br />

light (IPL), ice cooling technology<br />

and a Xenon Quarts Tube.<br />

Quick and easy to use on any<br />

body part, you’ll now be able access<br />

three modes: Manual Mode, Auto<br />

Mode and Glide Mode. RRP $399.<br />



In support of International Year<br />

of Plant Health (IYPH) and as part<br />

of its ‘Greener Beauty’ mission,<br />

Garnier has launched a Buy One,<br />

Plant One initiative that will see the<br />

leading beauty brand responsible<br />

for planting up to 8,000 trees to help<br />

reduce carbon emissions.<br />

For every Garnier product<br />

purchased nationwide in Coles<br />

supermarkets and Coles online<br />

from the 6th of January, Garnier will<br />

support the planting of one tree in<br />

an effort to assist in a 29-hectare<br />

ecological restoration of an existing<br />

corridor between three National<br />

Parks (Nightcap, Border Rangers<br />

and Mebbin), in Nimbin, northern<br />

New South Wales.<br />

Garnier’s ‘Greener Beauty’<br />

initiative is a complete end-to-end<br />

approach to sustainability and aims<br />

to transform every stage of Garnier’s<br />

value chain.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 13

Being happy<br />

never goes<br />

out of style.<br />

Lilly<br />


www.cosbeauty.com.au 15

Simplicity<br />

makes<br />

me happy.<br />

credit: Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com<br />

Alicia Keys​<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 17

The only thing<br />

that will make<br />

you happy is<br />

being happy with<br />

who you are.<br />

Goldie Hawn​

www.cosbeauty.com.au 19<br />

credit: Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com

Abraham<br />

Most folks are<br />

as happy as they<br />

make up their<br />

minds to be.

Lincoln​<br />

credit: Lucian Milasan / Shutterstock.com<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 21

credit: Ga Fullner / Shutterstock.com

Happiness<br />

is the best<br />

makeup.<br />

Drew<br />

Barrymore​<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 23


If you have good<br />

thoughts, they will<br />

shine out of your<br />

face like sunbeams<br />

and you will always<br />

look lovely.<br />

Roald Dahl​<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 25


Defying<br />

gravity<br />

The<br />

celebs<br />

who<br />

never<br />

age<br />

then<br />




ON, J LO), HAVE THE<br />









credit: Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock.com<br />


Well, what do you know? Olive oil, the<br />

stuff we’ve been drizzling on our salads<br />

all these years, is J Lo’s secret to looking<br />

30-something when she’s 50-something.<br />

That, and daily affirmations.<br />

‘I haven’t ever had Botox to this day,’ she<br />

told The Daily Mail, while promoting her<br />

new skincare line. ‘I’m not that person.’

now<br />

credit: Ovidiu Hrubaru / Shutterstock.com<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 27

then<br />


credit: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com<br />


With a complexion as smooth<br />

as glass and a perfectly taut and<br />

tight face in all the right areas,<br />

this alabaster-skinned actor never<br />

seems to age. ‘No surgery for me…<br />

I wear sunscreen,’ she once said.<br />

now<br />

credit: Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com

now<br />


This ‘Pretty Woman’ continues to<br />

deny cosmetic surgery rumours<br />

and claims she made a conscious<br />

choice to go with the ‘natural<br />

look’ when it comes to ageing.<br />

If that’s the case, she should be<br />

very happy with how that decision<br />

is working out for her.<br />

then<br />

credit: Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock.com<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 29

then<br />


credit: Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com<br />

SANDRA<br />

BULLOCK, 56<br />

Sandra Bullock most<br />

definitely doesn’t look 56.<br />

But her lips are sealed when<br />

it comes to revealing her<br />

secret to staying perennially<br />

young. (Hint: apparently it’s<br />

not surgery or fillers.)<br />


now<br />

CINDY<br />

CRAWFORD, 54<br />

The 90s supermodel admits<br />

to having a little helping<br />

hand in the ageing stakes.<br />

‘I’m not going to lie to myself<br />

– past a certain age, creams<br />

work on the texture of your<br />

skin but, in order to restore<br />

elasticity, all I can really count<br />

on is vitamin injections,<br />

Botox and collagen,’ she<br />

once told InStyle <strong>Magazine</strong>.<br />

credit: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com<br />

then<br />

credit: Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock.com<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 31

now<br />



ANISTON, 51<br />

Looking fit and fab at 51,<br />

Jenn looks virtually the same<br />

now as she did when we fell<br />

in love with Rachel Green<br />

on Friends some 27 years<br />

ago. She swears that all she<br />

does is focus on skincare and<br />

workouts to stay gorgeous<br />

and healthy (although she<br />

has conceded she had a<br />

rhinoplasty to fix a deviated<br />

septum in the past).<br />

then<br />

credit: Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock.com<br />

credit: DFree / Shutterstock.com

JANE FONDA, 83<br />

Jane Fonda has one of the most<br />

age-defying faces and bodies in<br />

Hollywood – she’s also the first to<br />

admit that it isn’t the result of<br />

good genes.<br />

‘I’m glad I look good for my age,<br />

but I’ve had plastic surgery,’ she<br />

said in a 2018 documentary. ‘I’m not<br />

going to lie about that.’<br />

You go, girlfriend!<br />

now<br />

then<br />

credit: Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com<br />

credit: Ovidiu Hrubaru / Shutterstock.com<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 33


10<br />


HACKS<br />

for<br />

2021<br />


DOOM, GLOOM,<br />



VACATION IN 2020,<br />


INTO 2021 WITH<br />





Let’s face it, we’ve all gone<br />

through a lot. It’s not every<br />

year a global pandemic<br />

will literally take over our lives and<br />

confine us to our homes. But it’s also<br />

made us more aware of the value<br />

and necessity of self-care and the<br />

relationships we have with not only<br />

others but also with ourself.<br />

Starting from today, give yourself<br />

a boost of energy and a side of<br />

smiles by trying these proven<br />

happiness hacks...<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 35


1.<br />



Forget those all-too-easy-to-break New<br />

Year’s resolutions; this year it’s all about<br />

vision statements. They help you stay<br />

focussed on your end goals, clarify what’s<br />

important to you and help you get through<br />

the rough times.<br />

Ask yourself: What do you want to<br />

achieve? In which areas of your life do<br />

you most want to grow? How can you do<br />

this? And what will the outcomes of your<br />

efforts be when the clock hits 12:01am on<br />

January 1, 2022?<br />

Record your personal vision statements<br />

by writing them down, making a selfie<br />

video or creating a vision board. It’s a<br />

great way to help you live your life with<br />

purpose and meaning.<br />

2.<br />


NEW<br />

Whether you’ve always wanted to learn the<br />

piano, become a green thumb or unleash<br />

your artistic streak, purposeful activities<br />

can help you relax and improve your<br />

mental health while remaining productive.<br />

You don’t have to create a piece of art<br />

or perform a concerto for the Sydney<br />

Symphony Orchestra – it’s all about having<br />

a good time and pursuing passions.<br />

For a mood boost, gardening gets our<br />

vote. Numerous studies have found that<br />

bacteria in soil can improve your mood<br />

and help you de-stress. Scientists have<br />

discovered that the mycobacterium found<br />

in soil can improve brain function, boost<br />

the immune system and even improve<br />

serotonin levels.<br />

If higher education is more your jam,<br />

the coronavirus pandemic has opened up<br />

infinite new online learning opportunities.<br />

Online courses enable you to brush up on<br />

your skills or gain newfound knowledge.<br />

As an added bonus, many of these courses<br />

are free!

3.<br />



Have you been spending most of your<br />

waking life in front of your computer<br />

working from home? While we’re all<br />

about the comfy clothes and extra<br />

snooze time, the WFH revolution<br />

comes with its challenges. We need to<br />

be extra vigilant to remain connected<br />

with our colleagues, set boundaries<br />

so we can “switch off” and stay in<br />

a productive headspace and, most<br />

importantly, leave work at work,<br />

(which can be difficult when you also<br />

live there!).<br />

If you’re continuing to WFH in 2021,<br />

your new work rituals should first<br />

include setting up a daily schedule<br />

and sticking to it – we are creatures of<br />

habit and research has found having<br />

a consistent daily routine can have<br />

a positive impact on mental health.<br />

Also schedule in designated breaks,<br />

whether to eat lunch away from your<br />

desk, virtual workouts with friends or<br />

colleagues, go for a walk to clear your<br />

head, or spend some time cultivating<br />

your new hobby (see #2). It’s also<br />

important to create a dedicated<br />

workspace that you can “clock off”<br />

from, even if it’s just a chair at your<br />

kitchen table.<br />

4.<br />




There’s no denying the sheer delight<br />

of an Amazon delivery at your<br />

door or buying the latest iPhone,<br />

however, the experiences we have,<br />

rather than the stuff we own, are<br />

more likely to make us smile.<br />

In a 20-year study by Dr Thomas<br />

Gilovich, a psychology professor<br />

at Cornell University, it was found<br />

that experiences – as fleeting as<br />

they may be – deliver more lasting<br />

happiness than our possessions.<br />

The researchers explained<br />

that experiences, such as travel,<br />

attending a sporting event or<br />

concert or even just going to a<br />

restaurant, become a part of our<br />

identity. We are not our possessions,<br />

but we are the accumulation of<br />

everything we’ve seen, the things<br />

we’ve done and the places we’ve<br />

been. A lot of times we also<br />

consume experiences directly with<br />

other people, and after they’re<br />

gone, they’re part of the stories that<br />

we tell to one another.<br />

5. HUG MORE<br />

While we’re feeling all warm and<br />

fuzzy, let’s talk about hugs. Social<br />

distancing rules aside, when you<br />

hug a person, your body releases<br />

the feel-good chemical, oxytocin. It’s<br />

a hormone linked to social bonding,<br />

fostering trust and loyalty.<br />

Hugging can be good for your<br />

health. It can reduce feelings of<br />

stress or anxiety, lower your blood<br />

pressure, reduce pain and may even<br />

ward off illness!<br />

Humans thrive on physical<br />

connection, and hugging is one of<br />

the most powerful ways to show<br />

physical support, so go on and hug<br />

it out.<br />

6.<br />

KEEP A<br />



It can be easy to take for granted<br />

what’s special in our lives. A<br />

gratitude journal reminds us of<br />

what’s truly important.<br />

A growing body of research<br />

shows keeping a log of what you<br />

are thankful for can lower stress,<br />

help you sleep better, and may even<br />

reduce the risk of heart disease.<br />

Write about the best things that<br />

have happened to you during the<br />

course of the day and consider all<br />

the people and things in your life<br />

you’re grateful for. And don’t forget<br />

to practice some self-love and<br />

include yourself and your amazing<br />

body and all that it allows you to do.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 37


7.<br />


SLEEP<br />

We all know how sleepless nights<br />

can lead to puffy, tired eyes and<br />

brain fog, but there’s more to sleep<br />

than that. Science has linked poor<br />

slumber with a number of health<br />

problems, including depression,<br />

weight gain and a weakened<br />

immune system.<br />

Sleep provides an opportunity for<br />

the body to repair and rejuvenate<br />

itself. Many of the major restorative<br />

functions in the body such as<br />

muscle growth, tissue repair, protein<br />

synthesis and growth hormone<br />

release occur mostly or, in some<br />

cases, only during sleep.<br />

Sleep is critical for immune<br />

function, improving the metabolism,<br />

maintaining a healthy weight,<br />

enjoying a positive mood,<br />

optimising physical and mental<br />

performance and preventing<br />

premature ageing.<br />

A good 7-9 hours of sleep each<br />

night is essential for your health<br />

and happiness.<br />

8.<br />

DRINK (MORE)<br />

WATER<br />

Water is essential to nearly every<br />

part of your body. It carries nutrients<br />

and oxygen to your cells, flushes out<br />

bacteria, helps digestion, protects<br />

organs, tissues and joints, regulates<br />

body temperature and normalises<br />

blood pressure. Water can improve<br />

memory and mood, reduce sugar<br />

cravings, aid in weight loss, reduce<br />

headaches and improve mental and<br />

physical performance.<br />

Give your body enough fluids<br />

each day to avoid dehydration and<br />

look and feel your best. Drink a glass<br />

of water first thing in the morning<br />

when you wake up, and keep<br />

drinking water at regular intervals<br />

throughout the day. Harvard Medical<br />

School recommends four to six cups<br />

of water daily as a rule for generally<br />

healthy people.<br />

9.<br />



While it’s no new concept, it remains<br />

the best tip for getting and staying<br />

in shape, and enjoying a happy,<br />

healthy outlook on life. Doing<br />

activities you love is the best way<br />

to exercise. And don’t discount the<br />

myriad benefits of walking. Walking<br />

for 20-30 minutes each day improves<br />

heart health, boosts immunity and<br />

enhances your mood.<br />

Yoga is also a favourite for overall<br />

health and vitality – it’s not just a<br />

great workout that strengthens and<br />

stretches the muscles; it relaxes the<br />

mind and eases stress, too.<br />

Moving your body is a great way<br />

to show it some love. Exercise tones<br />

your muscles and helps you use up<br />

stress hormones. Think of it as a<br />

rewarding experience.




Leading natural beauty brand Burt’s Bees has<br />

released the findings of a nation-wide ‘Smile<br />

It On’ survey that explores happiness, human<br />

connection and the power of a smile. The survey<br />

reveals that the top three drivers of happiness are<br />

family (61%), physical health and wellbeing (42%),<br />

and relationships with partners (39%).<br />

The survey also examined what makes us smile.<br />

Hearing good news (54%) was the number-one<br />

driver of a smile, followed closely by doing<br />

something that makes someone else smile (34%).<br />

The research also revealed that more people<br />

smile (57%) when doing something positive for<br />

someone else, rather than for themselves. These<br />

two statistics go to show the power of helping<br />

others, for both the giver and the receiver.<br />

10. VOLUNTEER<br />

Volunteering your time is a great<br />

way to help others and fill your<br />

happiness tank at the same<br />

time. Research has found that<br />

participation in voluntary services<br />

is significantly predictive of better<br />

mental and physical health, overall<br />

life satisfaction, self-esteem<br />

and happiness.<br />

Volunteering helps counteract the<br />

effects of stress, anger and anxiety,<br />

and the social contact aspect of<br />

helping and working with others<br />

can have a profound effect on your<br />

overall psychological well-being.<br />


Burt’s Bees has recently joined with The Happy<br />

Boxes Project, aimed at spreading happiness and<br />

smiles to remote communities around Australia.<br />

The Happy Boxes Project is a national charity<br />

focused on helping women in need across<br />

Australia by boxing and sending toiletries and<br />

beauty products. The partnership will see Burt’s<br />

Bees donating their own products for special<br />

Burt’s Bees Happy Boxes, which will be shared<br />

with the communities that the Project supports<br />

across Australia.<br />

The Happy Boxes Project strives to empower<br />

women through alleviating the barriers of<br />

accessing basic needs. They aim to send as many<br />

Happy Boxes filled with self-care products as<br />

possible to provide women, regardless of their<br />

location and situation, the enjoyment of life’s<br />

little luxuries that we regularly take for granted.<br />

To spread happiness, Australians are invited<br />

to Smile it On by donating to The Happy Boxes<br />

Project (happyboxesproject.com) and simply<br />

smiling at the next person you see – because<br />

96% of Australians agree the world would be<br />

a better place if we smiled at each other more<br />

often. Now that’s something we can smile about!<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 39

SKIN<br />

Super<br />

charged<br />

Vitamin A<br />

for your best<br />

skin yet<br />




PSA: Medik8 have just released<br />

their new groundbreaking<br />

serum and the future of ageing<br />

has never looked so bright. Crystal<br />

Retinal TM 20 is double the strength<br />

of their current highest Crystal<br />

Retinal TM formula, making it their<br />

most powerful addition yet.<br />

The Crystal Retinal range is<br />

formulated with retinaldehyde, a<br />

super-charged derivative of Vitamin<br />

A that works in synergy with skin<br />

to help promote cellular turnover.<br />

In turn, it helps firm, plump and<br />

resurface the skin, visibly minimising<br />

fine lines and wrinkles to deliver a<br />

more youthful-looking and eventoned<br />

complexion.<br />

The range includes five different<br />

strengths of the anti-ageing, skinsmoothing<br />

serum which provide a<br />

stepping-stone to Crystal Retinal TM<br />

20, the most groundbreaking level<br />

of the range and only available<br />

through a skin therapist. You’ll need<br />

to have used Crystal Retinal TM 10<br />

continuously for 3 months in order<br />

to power up to Crystal Retinal TM 20.<br />

Starting at a lower level will allow<br />

your skin some time to get used<br />

to Vitamin A, and you can then<br />

introduce higher strengths as your<br />

skin becomes accustomed to it.<br />


RETINAL:<br />


Vitamin A is actually a group of<br />

related compounds or derivatives,<br />

with the most common derivatives<br />

used in skincare being retinol, retinal<br />

and retinoic acid (clinical-grade).<br />

Retinoic acid is the strongest<br />

form of Vitamin A on the market.

It works rapidly to significantly<br />

combat signs of ageing, but it also<br />

comes with extensive side effects –<br />

excessive dryness, peeling, redness<br />

and irritation to name a few. For<br />

this reason, it is only available by<br />

prescription from a doctor.<br />

Retinol is the most popular form<br />

of over-the-counter Vitamin A. It<br />

also provides significant anti-ageing<br />

results. When applied topically, it<br />

must be converted into retinoic<br />

acid by the skin before it can take<br />

effect, a process that requires a<br />

two-step conversion.<br />

This two-step conversion slows<br />

down the effect of retinoic acid on<br />

the skin, which means less irritation,<br />

but it also means you have more of a<br />

wait before seeing results.<br />

Always eager to improve and<br />

innovate, Medik8 researchers<br />

Vitamin A<br />

– the hero<br />

anti-ageing<br />

ingredient<br />

Research proves that Vitamin A<br />

has an incredible effect on the skin<br />

and is one of the most important<br />

anti-ageing skincare ingredients to<br />

repair, restore and regenerate your<br />

complexion. It is one of the only<br />

molecules that can actually assist in<br />

re-programming cells, resulting in<br />

healthier-looking, more radiant skin.<br />

Our skin doesn’t make Vitamin A,<br />

so our bodies can become deficient<br />

over time. The ageing of skin is<br />

triggered by environmental factors<br />

such as pollution and sun exposure,<br />

which causes the loss of important<br />

vitamins such as Vitamin A, along<br />

with key antioxidants and Vitamins<br />

C, E, pro-Vitamin B5 and betacarotene.<br />

This results in uneven skin<br />

tone, wrinkles and loss of firmness.<br />

Vitamin A needs to be replaced<br />

every day to reduce sun damage,<br />

and the best way to top up is<br />

through topical application. Regular<br />

application of a Vitamin A derivative<br />

thickens and stimulates the dermis,<br />

where your collagen, elastin and<br />

blood vessels are, so it helps to<br />

reduce wrinkles, improve acne and<br />

hyperpigmentation, and increases<br />

blood flow to the surface of the<br />

skin. As a result, your skin looks<br />

younger, healthier, smoother and<br />

more even toned.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 41

SKIN<br />

have harnessed the power of a<br />

new, advanced form of Vitamin A,<br />

retinaldehyde, which is the star<br />

ingredient in its Crystal Retinal TM<br />

skincare range.<br />

Unlike retinol, which must first<br />

be converted to retinaldehyde and<br />

then to retinoic acid within the<br />

skin, Crystal Retinal TM only requires<br />

one conversion to retinoic acid.<br />

This means it can deliver results<br />

comparable to clinical-grade Vitamin<br />

A up to 11x faster than classic forms<br />

of retinol.<br />

However, retinaldehyde is almost<br />

impossible to stabilise; hence the<br />

lack of products including the<br />

ingredient on the market. Rising<br />

to the challenge, the scientists at<br />

Medik8 were the first to stabilise this<br />

ingredient through a double-layered<br />

stabilisation system; combining<br />

an ingenious crystal encapsulation<br />

that gives the range its name<br />

with a patent-pending formula<br />

stabilisation complex to maximise the<br />

retinaldehyde’s stability.<br />

NEXT-GEN<br />



Crystal Retinal TM 20 is formulated<br />

with stabilised retinal, a powerful<br />

derivative of Vitamin A with nextgeneration<br />

anti-ageing results.<br />

The groundbreaking overnight<br />

serum visibly minimises fine lines<br />

and wrinkles; firming and plumping<br />

the appearance of the complexion<br />

to resurface skin texture and soften<br />

the face. Featuring hyaluronic acid,<br />

glycerin and Vitamin E, it hydrates<br />

skin at every level to deliver a visibly<br />

supple, even-toned, more youthfullooking<br />

complexion.<br />

More than that, it actively helps<br />

reduce blemish-causing bacteria to<br />

keep skin looking clear and balanced.<br />

In just four weeks, skin appears<br />

noticeably younger, smoother and<br />

undeniably radiant.



Superior absorption – Crystal<br />

Retinal TM has a patented time-release<br />

delivery system that encapsulates<br />

retinaldehyde in a crystal molecular<br />

vehicle that is broken down by<br />

the skin’s natural enzymes upon<br />

contact. This unique action controls<br />

the release of the active to ensure<br />

that the formula remains stable,<br />

absorption is optimised and the<br />

highly potent formula is distributed<br />

evenly and constantly throughout<br />

the night.<br />

Double-layered stabilisation<br />

system – Retinaldehyde is<br />

notoriously difficult to stabilise, but<br />

thanks to a collaboration between<br />

Medik8 and the University of<br />

Hertfordshire, Crystal Retinal TM<br />

features crystal encapsulation of<br />

retinaldehyde within a patentpending<br />

stabilisation complex to<br />

keep the formula stable. This ensures<br />

maximum potency of the product to<br />

deliver exceptional results.<br />

Optimum hydration – Featuring<br />

multi-weight hyaluronic acid and<br />

Vitamin E, Crystal Retinal TM hydrates<br />

skin at every level while helping<br />

strengthen the skin’s barrier to keep<br />

moisture locked in tight.<br />

Kind to skin – Medik8’s timerelease<br />

stability system ensures that<br />

Crystal Retinal TM is released slowly<br />

and steadily throughout the night,<br />

meaning it won’t overwhelm the<br />

skin. Remarkably, although Crystal<br />

Retinal TM has results comparable to<br />

clinical grade retinoic acid, it<br />

remains as gentle on the skin as<br />

traditional retinols.<br />

Virtually weightless – Lightweight<br />

and luxurious, Crystal Retinal TM ’s<br />

silk-like texture sinks effortlessly<br />

into skin to nurture and restore<br />

the complexion.<br />

The<br />

numbers<br />

95%<br />

of users reported smoother<br />

skin texture after using Crystal<br />

Retinal TM 6 for 4 weeks*<br />

75%<br />

felt that the appearance of fine<br />

lines is significantly reduced*<br />

80%<br />

felt that their skin looked<br />

noticeably more youthful*<br />

85%<br />

of users said that overall<br />

skin tone is improved and<br />

complexion is clarified*<br />

*In a trial of 20 people using<br />

Crystal Retinal TM 6 over 4 weeks<br />

Antibacterial properties<br />

– Unlike many other forms of<br />

Vitamin A, retinaldehyde boasts<br />

direct, powerful antibacterial<br />

properties, making it an ideal<br />

anti-ageing product for blemishprone<br />

skin. When used over time,<br />

it helps diminish P. acnes, the<br />

bacteria responsible for breakouts,<br />

promoting a healthy-looking,<br />

balanced complexion. CBM<br />

WHERE<br />

TO GET IT<br />

Crystal Retinal TM 20 is only<br />

available in clinics through<br />

therapist consultation. The existing<br />

retail line-up of Crystal Retinal TM<br />

strengths 1, 3, 6 and 10 remain in<br />

full distribution and available to<br />

buy online as usual.<br />

Check your local Medik8 clinic<br />

or visit medik8.com.au<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 43


5COMMON<br />

SKIN<br />


&<br />

HOW TO<br />

AVOID<br />

THEM<br />






www.cosbeauty.com.au 45

BEAUTY<br />


SKIN<br />

Acne is an inflammatory skin condition<br />

that causes a disorder in the activity of<br />

pores. In normal conditions, sebaceous<br />

glands produce oil which lubricate and<br />

protect the skin’s surface. In the case<br />

of acne, these glands produce more oil<br />

than normal, causing a build-up of oil,<br />

bacteria and dead skin cells which leads<br />

to an obstruction to the follicle. This<br />

ultimately results in the formation of<br />

pimples and red spots.<br />

Acne-fighting salicylic acid-based<br />

products pack a real punch when it<br />

comes to pimple-zapping goodness. Look<br />

for AHAs/BHAs that gently exfoliate to<br />

remove build-up and<br />

unclog pores.<br />

And we know it’s tempting, but it’s<br />

important to leave your face alone! The<br />

less you touch a pimple, the more it will<br />

calm down and be less likely to spread to<br />

other areas of the face – and less likely to<br />

result in permanent scarring.<br />

1.<br />

1. Medik8 Blemish Control Pads, 60<br />

pads, $59, 2. SkinCeuticals Blemish +<br />

Age Defense, $162.95, 3. asap Clear<br />

Complexion Gel, $55, 4. Sisley Deeply<br />

Purifying Mask, $165, 5. Ella Baché<br />

Defence+ Charcoal Micro Exfoliant,<br />

$60 (out Feb 22), 6. La Roche-Posay<br />

Innovation Effaclar Duo Plus, $31.99, 7.<br />

Avène Cleanance Comedomed, $29.95,<br />

8. mesoestetic pure renewing mask, $89,<br />

9. Image Skincare Clear Cell Salicylic Gel<br />

Cleanser $57.50, 10. Eminence Organics<br />

Charcoal Exfoliating Gel Cleanser, $105.<br />

7.<br />

8.<br />

3.<br />

2.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />


1.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

1. CALECIM ® Professional Pigment Solution, $269,<br />

2. Clinique Even Better Clinical Radical Dark Spot<br />

Corrector + Interrupter in limited edition packaging,<br />

$113, 3. Skin Virtue Future Advanced Brightening<br />

Cream, $100, 4. mesoestetic brightening<br />

peel booster, $119, 5. Medik8 White Balance<br />

Brightening Serum, $124<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />


10.<br />

If you’ve spent your fair share of<br />

time in the sun, freckles and other<br />

forms of pigmentation will rear their<br />

ugly heads. In its various forms,<br />

hyperpigmentation affects over 80<br />

percent of women over the age of<br />

25 and is rated the number two skin<br />

concern after facial wrinkles.<br />

Hyperpigmentation refers<br />

to changes in the melanin<br />

content and distribution of the<br />

skin. There are four major types<br />

of hyperpigmentation: Post-<br />

Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation<br />

(PIH) caused by trauma to the skin;<br />

age spots accumulated with age from<br />

exposure to the sun or pollution;<br />

freckles caused by an excess of<br />

melanin on the skin, either as a result<br />

of genetics or from excess<br />

sun exposure; and melasma, which<br />

often appears on the face as larger<br />

brown patches with a non-distinct<br />

border and is often linked to<br />

hormonal imbalances.<br />

Research has shown that a high<br />

concentration of Vitamin C can<br />

significantly improve brown spots, as<br />

well as skin-brightening ingredients<br />

such as hydroquinone. Vitamin A, in<br />

the form of stabilised retinol, enables<br />

surface hyperpigmented cells to be<br />

sloughed off, as well as helping to<br />

reduce melanin production. Vitamin<br />

B3/Niacinamide helps prevent<br />

transfer of the melanin pigment from<br />

the melanocyte to the keratinocyte<br />

in the epidermis. Koji acid is another<br />

commonly used ingredient in treating<br />

pigmentation as it helps inhibit the<br />

production of tyrosinase.<br />

If there’s one thing you can do, it’s<br />

this: wear sunscreen every day! Not<br />

only does it help prevent potentially<br />

fatal skin cancer but it also protects<br />

your skin from harmful UV rays – the<br />

culprit behind most pigmented spots<br />

and premature ageing.<br />

The best way to tackle tricky<br />

brown spots is with a multi-pronged<br />

approach including cosmeceuticalgrade<br />

skincare using actives<br />

mentioned above, using broadspectrum<br />

sun protection every day,<br />

and individualised clinical treatment<br />

such as cosmelan® depigmentation<br />

treatment. This advanced formulation<br />

from mesoestetic, a multinational<br />

pharma specialising in medical<br />

cosmetics, offers an in-clinic solution<br />

and home system for hard-to-treat<br />

pigmentation.<br />

9.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 47

BEAUTY<br />


Redness is fickle and can be hard to tackle. If your face looks red<br />

or flushed, it can be due to a variety of things such as alcohol,<br />

your lifestyle, your genes or simply your skincare regimen.<br />

Be sure to use facial skincare products that do not contain<br />

irritating ingredients; look for fragrance-free and hypoallergenic.<br />

Skin irritation can lead directly to inflammation and redness.<br />

Common ingredients found in facial products that can irritate<br />

your skin include fragrances, alcohol, menthol and glycolic<br />

acid. The name of the game is ‘gentle’, so avoid scrubbing and<br />

any abrasive cleansing tools. Look for calming serums with<br />

antioxidant-rich plant extracts to keep dryness at bay and help<br />

diminish skin redness and inflammation.<br />

Remember, the sun can be a big player in facial redness so<br />

make sure you always use a SPF15 or greater titanium dioxide or<br />

zinc oxide to protect your skin.<br />

1. Paula’s Choice CLEAR Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution,<br />

$38, 2. KLAIRS Midnight Blue Calming Cream, $44.99,<br />

3. Skinstitut Quick-Fix Calming Sheet Mask (4 masks), $49,<br />

4. La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Dermallergo Serum,<br />

$55.95, 5. Skin Virtue Super Clear Essential Cream, $90,<br />

6. La Mer The Concentrate, $790, 7. Sisley Restorative<br />

Facial Cream, $210, 8. asap Gentle Cleansing Gel, $32,<br />

9. Ella Baché Defence+ Antioxidant Radiance Cream, $85<br />

(out Feb 22), 10. mesoestetic anti-stress face mask, $118<br />

3.<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

7.<br />

8.<br />

9.<br />

6.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />


1.<br />

2.<br />

Sun CARE<br />

In a country as sun-drenched as<br />

Australia, our skin is unavoidably<br />

battered by some degree of<br />

ultraviolet (UV) radiation. With<br />

profound effects on skin health,<br />

sun damage has been deemed<br />

responsible for up to 90 percent<br />

of visible signs of skin ageing<br />

and impacts the entire spectrum<br />

of skin processes. It is difficult<br />

to tell just how much damage is<br />

occurring during sun exposure,<br />

as the radiation responsible for<br />

photoageing is different to that<br />

which causes sunburn. While<br />

excessive UVB exposure induces<br />

burning, blisters and discomfort,<br />

UVA radiation penetrates the skin<br />

unnoticed, wreaking havoc on the<br />

cells, vessels and support structures<br />

of the dermis.<br />

Sunscreens are an integral part of<br />

any anti-ageing regime. They are,<br />

first and foremost, products to help<br />

prevent extrinsic ageing of the skin.<br />

Excessive sun exposure is<br />

responsible for most of the skin<br />

damage associated with ageing.<br />

This damage accumulates slowly<br />

over time and starts at an early age.<br />

The damaging UV rays of the sun<br />

can cause a variety of damage to<br />

the skin, most notably skin cancer.<br />

They break down collagen, which<br />

gives skin its elasticity and can lead<br />

to premature wrinkles, especially<br />

around the forehead, eyes and<br />

mouth. Sun damage can also cause<br />

discolouration of the skin.<br />

Always take the necessary<br />

precautions and hydrate and protect<br />

your skin before spending time in<br />

the sun. Or, even better, stay in the<br />

shade as much as you can.<br />

3.<br />

6.<br />

4.<br />

1. Davines Su Aftersun, $49.95, 2. Fenty Skin Hydra<br />

Vizor Invisible Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 15<br />

(SPF 30 Globally) Sunscreen, $52, 3. mesoestetic<br />

mesoprotech mineral matt anti-ageing fluid (SPF<br />

50+), $79.80, 4. mesoestetic mesoprotech sun stick<br />

100 SPF 50+, $49.80, 5. Medik8 Physical Nano-<br />

Free Sunscreen SPF 50+, $69, 6. La Roche-Posay<br />

Anthelios Tinted Fluid SPF 50+, $29.95, 7. Invisible<br />

Zinc, Face + Body SPF 50, $29.99.<br />

5.<br />

7.<br />

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BEAUTY<br />

DRY SKIN<br />

Dry skin is a manifestation of the skin<br />

relating to both internal and external<br />

factors. Barrier is the word of the day.<br />

In healthy skin, the epidermis (top layer)<br />

has a seal around the cells to trap the<br />

moisture, known as a barrier function.<br />

However, dryness, cold and sensitising<br />

products wreak havoc on this natural<br />

function, so you need products<br />

to bolster your skin’s defences. Up the<br />

ante by using a richer cream or oil into<br />

your routine and incorporate moistureinfused<br />

brightening masks into your<br />

skincare routine.<br />

Use regenerating day moisturisers<br />

and night creams, massaging the skin<br />

in a light circular motion to improve<br />

circulation and keep the skin’s outer<br />

layer active and healthy. Try layering<br />

your products to lock moisture into your<br />

skin. A hydrating serum underneath<br />

your moisturiser will penetrate deeper<br />

into the skin for boosted hydration and<br />

brightness.<br />

And remember to drink plenty of<br />

water and reduce your intake of alcohol.<br />

The recommended eight glasses of water<br />

will help keep your skin healthy and<br />

plump.<br />

1. Eminence Organics Turmeric<br />

Energizing Treatment, $150,<br />

2. Jurlique Nutri-Define Supreme<br />

Rejuvenating Serum, $165,<br />

3. CALECIM ® Professional<br />

Restorative Hydration Cream, $160<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />


2.<br />

1. Aesthetics Rx B Serum Hydrate<br />

& Volumise, $109, 2. BL Biologi Lip<br />

Serum, $24, 3. Enbacci Vitis Vinifera<br />

Rejuvenating Sheet Mask, $20,<br />

4. Sisley Express Flower Gel Mask,<br />

$160, 5. Sisley Hydra-Global Serum,<br />

$320, 6. asap Ultimate Hydration, $95,<br />

7. Evidence Skincare (ESK) Hydroxy<br />

Overnight Mask, $50, 8. Skin Virtue<br />

Pure Radiance Glow Serum, $70,<br />

9. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream,<br />

$26.99, 10. KLAIRS Freshly Juiced<br />

Vitamin E Mask, $38.50, 11. Minenssey<br />

Micellar Cleansing Water, $36, 12.<br />

Fenty Skin Fat Water Pore Refining<br />

Toner Serum $39, 13. asap Liquid<br />

Platinum, $65, 14. Paula’s Choice,<br />

RESIST Skin Restoring Moisturizer with<br />

SPF 15, $39, 15. Clinique Moisture<br />

Surge Hydrating Lotion, $65,<br />

16. A’kin Brightening Rosehip Oil with<br />

Vitamin C, $30, 17. A’kin Rosehip Oil<br />

with Vitamin C Brightening Face Sheet<br />

Mask, $7.99 each, 18.CeraVe Hydrating<br />

Cleanser, $16.95<br />

4.<br />

9.<br />

1.<br />

5.<br />

10.<br />

6.<br />

2.<br />

7.<br />

8.<br />

11.<br />

13.<br />

14.<br />

12.<br />

17. 18.<br />

15.<br />

16.<br />

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BEAUTY<br />

Give your skin the fuel it needs to<br />

rejuvenate and repair. Look for products<br />

containing hyaluronic acid (HA),<br />

antioxidants, vitamin complexes, alpha<br />

hydroxy acids (AHAs) and peptides to<br />

deliver results and reduce the look of fine<br />

lines and wrinkles, dehydrated, sagging<br />

and lacklustre skin.<br />

Topical vitamins are key players in<br />

protecting and repairing skin. Vitamin<br />

C, for example, is an antioxidant that<br />

works to prevent free radical damage and<br />

help reinforce the skin’s own defenses<br />

and prevent long-term damage. Arguably<br />

the most potent topical is retinol, a<br />

derivative of Vitamin A (retinoic acid),<br />

which is widely touted as ‘the’ antiageing<br />

solution. Retinoids encourage<br />

better cell function and turnover,<br />

stimulating the dermis and helping to<br />

boost collagen and elastin production<br />

and improve fine lines and wrinkles, skin<br />

texture, skin tone and colour, and your<br />

skin’s hydration levels.<br />

Hyaluronic acid (also found naturally<br />

in the skin) is a standout ingredient in<br />

many anti-ageing products due to its<br />

ability to attract and bind water, locking<br />

moisture into the skin and binding<br />

collagen with elastin.<br />

Find a different skin rejuvenating<br />

moisturiser for day and for night that<br />

work well in synergy. And don’t forget<br />

to moisturise your neck and décolleté as<br />

well – these areas are one of the first to<br />

show signs of sun damage and age.<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />

7.<br />

8.<br />

3.<br />

1. StriVectin Super-C Retinol Serum, $112, 2. Peter Thomas Roth Firm X<br />

Collagen Eye Cream, $100, 2. Peter Thomas Roth Firm X<br />

Collagen Moisturizer, $130, 3. Peter Thomas Roth Firm X<br />

Collagen Serum, $152, 5. Skin Virtue Future Advanced Serumist, $116,<br />

6. mesoestetic energy C intensive cream, $157.80, 7. asap Anti-ageing Night Cream, $75, 8. Evidence Skincare (ESK) Ultimate<br />

A+, $115, 9. asap DNA Renewal Treatment, $145, 10. CALECIM ® Professional Multi-Action Cream, $190

Urban<br />


Urban living most definitely has its perks, but<br />

constant exposure to environmental aggressors<br />

plays havoc on our skin.<br />

It’s been shown that atmospheric aggressors<br />

increase levels of oxidative and inflammatory<br />

markers, and decrease levels of key skin proteins<br />

required for healthy skin barrier function. In<br />

addition to air pollution and radiation pollution,<br />

High Energy Visible Light (HEV) – the official<br />

name for the blue glare that comes from phones,<br />

laptops and tablets – is emerging as a worrisome<br />

environmental pollutant in recent years.<br />

HEV light makes up the blue portion of visible<br />

light in the electromagnetic spectrum and is a<br />

natural part of sunlight. Unlike UVA and UVB<br />

light, blue light is not linked to skin cancer, but<br />

it does share UV’s potential for accelerating free<br />

radical damage. When exposed to free radicals,<br />

the proteins which support the skin’s strength and<br />

elasticity, collagen and elastin, grow weak, which<br />

in turn gives fine lines and wrinkles a chance to<br />

take hold. Continuous exposure to HEV light also<br />

impairs the skin’s protective barrier function,<br />

a situation that can result in inflammation<br />

and hyperpigmentation.<br />

Thankfully, there now exists a range of<br />

sophisticated environmental skin shields<br />

designed to help defend the skin against nasty<br />

biochemical triggers.<br />

9.<br />

10.<br />

1.<br />

1. Skin Virtue Pure<br />

Protect Pollution<br />

Defence, $80, 2.<br />

mesoestetic pollution<br />

defense ampoules, $106,<br />

3. Medik8 Advanced<br />

Day Total Protect,<br />

$119, 4. mesoestetic<br />

aox ferulic, $199, 5.<br />

SkinCeuticals CE<br />

Ferulic, $218<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 53

SKIN<br />


TO THE<br />

NEW ERA<br />

OF<br />

facial<br />

hygiene<br />






Mesoestetic, recognised as<br />

one of the world’s leading<br />

pharmaceutical laboratories<br />

and internationally acclaimed for its<br />

depigmentation treatments (cosmelan ® /<br />

dermamelan ® ), has given 2021 a muchneeded<br />

fresh start with its new cleansing<br />

solutions and masks and peels range.<br />

This is a range that delves deeper<br />

into facial hygiene and is the first look<br />

at the brand’s updated branding and<br />

refreshed packaging. It provides an<br />

effective cleansing action, respecting and<br />

enhancing pH balance and skin flora,<br />

while helping to protect skin against<br />

environmental pollution, maintaining<br />

optimum condition and skin integrity.

WHY IS IT SO<br />



Apart from obvious hygienic matters, there<br />

are different reasons skin should always be<br />

kept clean. Facial skin is the area that is most<br />

exposed to external agents and air pollution.<br />

Pores are generally clogged with sebum and<br />

dead skin cells, which can make pores look<br />

bigger than they actually are.<br />

Think of skin as a passageway that rids our<br />

body of toxins and helps prevent chemical<br />

and waste build-up. Clean pores enable your<br />

body to expel waste; keeping your pores clean<br />

provides a clear exit strategy.<br />

Cleansing skin releases it from<br />

accumulated toxins, impurities, oil and dead<br />

skin cells, which allows for better penetration<br />

of active ingredients, enhancing skin renewal<br />

and regeneration. When we cleanse with<br />

performance products, skin condition is<br />

also optimised.<br />

It is important to cleanse our face in the<br />

morning and at night. In the morning, we<br />

remove the dead cells left over from the skin<br />

renewal process, which occurs while we sleep.<br />

At night, we remove our makeup and any<br />

impurities produced by external agents.<br />

Our skin is a living organ, and proper<br />

cleansing is essential to maintaining its<br />

health and vitality.<br />





This next-generation facial hygiene range<br />

introduced by mesoestetic has been carefully<br />

curated to contain products with different<br />

textures and specific active ingredients<br />

designed to meet the needs of each skin type.<br />

In addition, the entire range is formulated<br />

with post-biotics to provide an effective<br />

cleansing, antioxidant, anti-pollution and<br />

bio-balancing action, promoting skin flora<br />

and perfect pH balance in the skin.<br />

The range features new products along<br />

with improved formulations and comprises<br />

two categories: cleansing solutions and masks<br />

and peels. CBM<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 55

mesoestetic<br />



SKIN<br />


– Cleanser with a cream to oil<br />

texture that moisturises the<br />

skin and leaves a feeling of<br />

smoothness, ideal for dry and<br />

sensitive skin types –<br />

hydracream fusion (improved<br />

formula, previously known as hydra<br />

milk cleanser) is a facial cleanser<br />

based on plant lipids, with a creamy<br />

texture that melts into the skin,<br />

transforming into an oil texture. It<br />

promotes a nourishing, re-lipidising<br />

action, providing an ultra-smooth<br />

finish and maximum skin comfort.<br />

It is rich in squalane, a plant-derived<br />

oil that helps reinforce the skin<br />

barrier and absorbs perfectly into<br />

the skin to nourish and help improve<br />

firmness and elasticity.<br />

Recommended retail price: $63.60<br />


– Creamy foam to help renew and brighten normal<br />

and combination skin types –<br />

New brightening foam is a water-based cleanser that creates a pleasant,<br />

creamy foam. It has a bio-balancing and anti-pollution action with gentle<br />

AHAs to help refine skin, resulting in a radiant glow.<br />

The presence of glycolic acid and lactic acid in a low concentration<br />

assists in improving skin texture, quality and brightness.<br />

Recommended retail price: $63.60


– Tonic in an innovative format, suitable for all skin types –<br />

hydratonic mist (improved formula and new format, previously known<br />

as hydratonic) is a facial tonic mist that complements facial hygiene<br />

and helps to enhance balance of the skin’s microbiota. It moisturises,<br />

regenerates and smooths the skin and is suitable for all skin types.<br />

Its formula combines the moisturising and smoothing action of rose<br />

water with panthenol for a regenerating and soothing action, providing<br />

the skin with ultimate comfort. Ophthalmologically tested.<br />

Recommended retail price: $69.80<br />


– Potent and skin-friendly biphasic<br />

makeup remover, for all skin types –<br />

New micellar biphasic is a biphasic<br />

makeup remover suitable for the<br />

delicate eye and lip area. It combines<br />

micelles with a plant oil rich in omega<br />

6, to gently remove impurities and<br />

makeup (including waterproof makeup)<br />

in a single step. Providing post-biotic<br />

and an anti-pollution action, it removes<br />

every last particle of makeup, leaving<br />

the eye contour area feeling smooth<br />

with no oily residue.<br />

Micelles encapsulate impurities<br />

and makeup while sunflower seed oil<br />

effectively removes the most resistant<br />

makeup, leaving skin feeling supple<br />

and smooth.<br />

Recommended retail price: $98<br />


– Refreshing foam to combat oily<br />

and blemish-prone skin –<br />

purifying mousse (improved formula) cleanses<br />

deeply and refreshes the skin, unclogging pores<br />

and helps prevent skin imperfections. It provides<br />

a purifying, keratolytic and refining action.<br />

The antiseptic action of chlorhexidine<br />

combined with salicylic acid and lactic acid<br />

helps to unclog pores, improve skin texture<br />

and minimise appearance of imperfections.<br />

Recommended retail price: $69.80<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 57

mesoestetic<br />

MASKS<br />

& PEELS<br />

SKIN<br />


– Exfoliating and renewing peel, ideal for all skin types –<br />

New ultimate micropeel is a micro-exfoliating treatment<br />

that provides a smooth renewing action on the skin<br />

surface, helping remove dead skin for a more refined<br />

texture. It helps smooth out imperfections, instantly<br />

enhancing skin radiance and luminosity.<br />

The combination of AHAs with an enzyme exfoliant<br />

provides a weekly exfoliating, renewing action on the<br />

skin surface to reveal a smoother, more supple and<br />

brighter complexion.<br />

Recommended retail price: $118<br />


– Intensive purifying mask to combat oily and blemish-prone skin –<br />

pure renewing mask (improved formula) exfoliates and cleanses pores to help prevent and reduce<br />

imperfections. It is an intensive treatment that unclogs, purifies and exfoliates oily and blemish-prone skin.<br />

The white clay provides an immediate cleansing action by absorbing excess oil from the skin surface.<br />

The synergistic action of salicylic acid, mandelic acid and sodium lepargilate has a comedolytic, refining,<br />

anti-bacterial, and anti-blemish effect. Its formula also has biodegradable cellulose particles, for a<br />

modulable mechanical exfoliating action that helps unclog and refine pores.<br />

The result is clean, fresh, balanced skin with minimised imperfections.<br />

Recommended retail price: $89<br />

58 www.cosbeauty.com.au


– Intensive mask that soothes and relieves skin experiencing<br />

redness and sensitivity –<br />

anti-stress mask (improved formula) helps counteract the reactive<br />

signs characteristic of sensitive or damaged skin which includes<br />

redness, irritation and a feeling of tightness.<br />

Its complex formula provides a soothing, emulsifying and<br />

resurfacing action, restoring comfort and softness to the skin. It also<br />

enhances balance of the microbiota, essential to help reinforce the<br />

skin barrier function.<br />

Rhodosorus marinus extract and saffron flower help relieve<br />

inflammation, skin sensitivity and redness. A soothing plant complex,<br />

combining aloe vera, chamomile and marigold, offers a regenerative,<br />

soothing and smoothing effect.<br />

Its non-oily gel-cream texture provides freshness, smoothness and<br />

a feeling of immediate relief.<br />

Recommended retail price: $118<br />


– The perfect mask to intensely hydrate dry and<br />

dehydrated skin –<br />

hydravital mask (improved formula) re-establishes moisture<br />

levels in dry, dehydrated and/or devitalised skin. Its complex<br />

formula revitalises the skin by providing deep hydration,<br />

nourishment and reinforcement to the skin barrier.<br />

Thanks to Argan oil, rich in omega 3 and 6, the skin<br />

recovers essential lipids for its comfort, balance and<br />

defence. The panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) provides a<br />

regenerating, soothing and anti-redness action, that<br />

minimises skin flaking and irritation.<br />

It helps protect skin against premature ageing, resulting in<br />

smoother, more supple and firmer skin.<br />

Recommended retail price: $118<br />

WHERE<br />

TO GET IT<br />

mesoestetic’s new hygiene<br />

solutions are available at select skin<br />

clinics across Australia.<br />

For stockists, visit www.<br />

advancedcosmeceuticals.com.au<br />

or call 1800 242 011<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 59


Hair<br />

trend<br />

alert<br />

credit: Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock.com<br />





OF 2021, ACCORDING<br />


Ahead of L’Oréal Professionnel’s<br />

Annual Colour Trophy Awards<br />

on 22nd February 2021, the<br />

experts at this iconic brand, Mark<br />

Thompson, Artistic and Events Manager<br />

and Cara Riley, General Manager, share<br />

their predictions on the 5 key looks that<br />

will inspire and<br />

reshape the hair industry in 2021.<br />

1.<br />


Strong blunt haircuts are coming back and<br />

will dominate 2021, in particular pixie cuts<br />

and short bobs will make a return. After the<br />

2020 lockdowns saw many people try their<br />

own hand at hairdressing, they’ve realised it’s<br />

best to leave it to the professionals! People<br />

are flocking back to their hairdresser and they<br />

want a statement look. A blunt cut is bold<br />

and suits any face shape. It doesn’t matter if<br />

you have short, long, fine, thick or curly hair –<br />

there’s a blunt cut to suit you.

2.<br />

credit: Bart Lenoir / Shutterstock.com<br />

SELF CARE,<br />


Easily forgotten but so imperative is<br />

ensuring the excellent condition and<br />

radiant shine of our hair, and super<br />

glossy, healthy hair is set to make its<br />

way back to the limelight in 2021.<br />

The shape and strength of the hair is<br />

key, adding subtle softness for added<br />

femininity. After such a tough year<br />

emotionally and physically, there will<br />

be a strong emphasis on self-care in<br />

2021, and that includes the health of<br />

our hair.<br />

3.<br />

credit: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com<br />


Variation and multi-dimensional colour<br />

in hair will be big this year. It’s all about<br />

nuance and having two to three layers<br />

of colour in one head of hair, seamlessly<br />

blended throughout the hair to give it<br />

life and vibrancy. To achieve this look,<br />

hair will still look ‘natural’ but will have<br />

a selection of subtle colours running<br />

through it and will be easy to maintain.<br />

Confidence is a critical part of this<br />

trend as you express your strength and<br />

individuality. If you’re a blonde, opt for<br />

multi-dimensional warm sandy and cool<br />

beige tones. If you’re a brunette, add<br />

subtle dimensions of almond edges or<br />

glimpses of gold to harness this look.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 61

4.<br />




The beginning of the year is often<br />

treated as a fresh start, with health<br />

kicks and New Year’s resolutions. This<br />

will be exacerbated tenfold in 2021,<br />

as 2020 was such a challenging year.<br />

As a result, Aussie women may look<br />

at 2021 as a year for transformation.<br />

‘New year, new hair’ is a small but<br />

powerful way to embrace 2021 with a<br />

new look and attitude.<br />

Hairdressers will be paramount<br />

in driving this trend as they advise<br />

clients on how to get the cathartic<br />

release they’re looking for with a<br />

new look. It’s important to have a<br />

consultation with your hairdresser to<br />

discuss the change you’re looking for,<br />

whether it be a simple gloss treatment<br />

to make your hair shine, a bold chop,<br />

or a subtle colour change. It doesn’t<br />

need to be dramatic, it just needs to<br />

feel different.<br />

credit: instragram<br />

credit: instragram<br />

1.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

3.<br />

2.<br />

1. White Sands Infinity Finishing Spray, $39.95, 2. White Sands Smudge Texture Crème, $27.95,<br />

3. White Sands Orchid Bliss Shampoo & Conditioner $22.95 each, 4. White Sands Keratin<br />

Infused Hairspray, $39.95, 5. REF Cool Silver Shampoo & Conditioner, $35.50 each

5.<br />

and the weekend. For example, Miley<br />

Cyrus rocking a mullet could translate<br />

into a hairstyle that experiments with<br />

different lengths. We’ve had to play it<br />

safe last year, so this trend is all about<br />

pushing the boundaries!<br />



The adventurous hairstyles of<br />

Hollywood will be a strong source of<br />

inspiration for 2021. In the same way<br />

that haute couture fashion makes its way<br />

from the runway to the high streets in a<br />

more wearable style, daring hair trends<br />

will be translated in the salon into an<br />

everyday look that’s suitable for work<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

1.<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />

1. evo haze styling powder, $38, 2. evo helmut extra strong<br />

lacquer, $29, 3. evo mister fantastic blowout spray, $34, 4. evo miss<br />

malleable flexible hairspray, $34, 5. Schwarzkopf Osis+ Texture<br />

Blow Powdery Blow Dry Spray, $27.95, 6. OGX Hydrate + Repair<br />

Argan Oil of Morocco Extra Strength Shampoo & Conditoner, $21<br />

each, 7. PURE PACT Cedarwood Moulding Clay, $35.50, 8. PURE<br />

PACT Avocado Shine Butte, $35.50, 9. Pump Thickening Shampoo<br />

& Conditioner 250ml, $34.95 each.<br />

7. 8.<br />

9.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 63

HAIR<br />

New hair<br />

transplant<br />

treatment<br />

changes lives<br />

– one graft<br />

at a time<br />

One of Sydney’s leading cosmetic surgeons,<br />

Dr Michael Zacharia, is so impressed by<br />

NeoGraft, the new ‘minimally invasive’<br />

alternative to hair transplant surgery, that he has<br />

already trialled the procedure on his 26-year-old son.<br />

NeoGraft is an FDA-approved “follicular unit<br />

harvesting and implantation” device used to<br />

transplant hair quickly and effectively with no<br />

noticeable scarring.<br />

The device, which has proven its effectiveness<br />

in the US for the past 10 years with an average<br />

‘Worth It’ rating of 95 percent on RealSelf.com, was<br />

launched into Australia late last year.<br />

Dr Zacharia, who first saw the NeoGraft at a<br />

medical conference in Los Angeles five years earlier,<br />

purchased the device soon after. Since then he has<br />

used it to restore hair on numerous “very happy”<br />

patients, including his son Sam.<br />

Dr Zacharia was surprised Sam, a personal trainer<br />

who only had a slightly receding hairline, was eager to<br />

have the treatment.<br />

‘We were talking about the NeoGraft, and he said,<br />

‘I’ll be one of your first’, and I said something like, ‘I<br />

didn’t even realise that you wanted it’.’

Dr Michael Zacharia<br />

‘I hadn’t noticed Sam’s receding areas as he always<br />

combs his hair forward,’ he continues. ‘I didn’t think it<br />

was really that bad, even with his hair pulled back, but he<br />

wanted it done…’<br />

Sam and Dr Zacharia are both happy with the naturallooking<br />

results, and the latter is eager to perform the<br />

procedure on even more patients.<br />

In sharp contrast to the traditional ‘strip method’ of hair<br />

replacement, NeoGraft removes individual hair follicles<br />

from the scalp in their naturally occurring groupings<br />

(grafts) of about 1-4 hairs and places them in areas where<br />

balding has occurred.<br />

According to Dr Zacharia, NeoGraft is the least<br />

invasive hair transplantation procedure. ‘There are no<br />

stitches or staples used in the procedure, and there is no<br />

obvious scar,’ he says. ‘Patients feel little to no discomfort<br />

during the procedure (performed under local anaesthesia)<br />

and generally only need about three days to recover.’<br />

The procedure has already been “life-changing” for<br />

many of Dr Zacharia’s patients. ‘Men are often very selfconscious<br />

about their balding, so it negatively impacts<br />

so many aspects of their lives,’ he says. ‘Hair transplants<br />

really give them their confidence back…. They are often<br />

like a new person as their personalities change so much.’<br />

Nonetheless, Dr Zacharia believes many men,<br />

particularly older ones, are still reluctant to seek help<br />

for their hair loss as they are too self-conscious, or even<br />

ashamed, to do so. Fortunately, NeoGraft is ideal for those<br />

who want a “discreet solution”.<br />

‘Hair restoration with the NeoGraft procedure is<br />

unnoticeable. The scalp doesn’t need to be shaved<br />

anywhere except in the very small area at the back of the<br />

head where the grafts are taken from,’ he says. CBM<br />

BEFORE<br />

BEFORE<br />

AFTER<br />

AFTER<br />

FOR MORE<br />


For more information visit Dr Michael Zacharia:<br />

faceliftplasticsurgery.com.au/ng-hair-transplant/<br />

and NeoGraft: venusconcept.com/en-au/neograft<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 65

BEAUTY<br />



2021 IS SHAPING UP TO BE<br />




Colour plays a starring role in our palettes this year – whether a<br />

pop of bubblegum pink on your mouth or as a sweep of candyhued<br />

eye shadow, we’re flipping humdrum 2020 on its head.<br />

Perfectly chiselled features and beyond-bold eyes, this look is all<br />

about expressing yourself.<br />

Strive for complexion perfection – always start with longlasting<br />

stay-in-place primers and hydrating foundations. Look<br />

for light-weight formulas that offer excellent coverage without<br />

appearing overdone for a flawless canvas and glass-like finish.<br />

Simple concepts rule in 2021; all that glitters is gold and the<br />

more colour, the better.<br />

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BEAUTY<br />


2.<br />

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15.<br />

10. 11.<br />

1.Model Rock Graffiti Collection Color Ply-Book, $39, 2. Morphe X Maddie Ziegler Pink About It Lip & Cheek Duo, $26, 3.<br />

Model Rock Line-Lash-Go in Purple, $20, 4. asap pure Mineral Eye Colour in Three, $35, 5. Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Lip<br />

in Glittergasm, $46, 6. Maybelline Colour Sensational Made for All Lipstick in Fuchsia For Me, $9.97, 7. Fenty Beauty What<br />

It Dew Makeup Refreshing Spray, $48, 8. Sisley Les Phyto Ombres in Sparkling Purple, $65, 9. Ciate London Fruit Burst Lip<br />

Oils, $25, 10. Sisley Instant Eclat 30ml, $115, 11. Evidence Skincare (ESK) Peptide Primer, $95, 12. Model Rock Rock Chic<br />

Rebel Revolution Liquid Lipstick in Cotton Candi, $28, 13. Morphe Morphe 2 Glassified Lip Oil in Fairytale, $14, 14. Bobbi<br />

Brown Crushed Shine Jelly Stick in Papaya, on counter 14th Feb, $47 15. asap pure Mineral Lipcolour in Three, $35<br />

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1. Trinny London Eyetallics in Juno, $40, 2. Lycogel Breathable Tint, $89, 3. asap pure Skin Perfecting Mineral Foundation,<br />

$46.80, 4. Sisley Phyto Hydra Teint, $150, 5. Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray, $28, 6. Skeyndor Skincare Make<br />

Up SPF20, $69, 7. Sisley Blur Expert, $120, 8. asap pure Mineral Base, $39, 9. Ciaté London Dewy Stix Luminous Highlighting<br />

Balm, $41, 10. Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Hydrating Longwear Foundation, $52, 11. Sisley Phyto-Touche Illusion D’Ete, $125,<br />

12. QVS Foundation Brush, $13, 13. Youngblood Mineral Radiance Moisture Tint, $79.95, 14. Sisley Phyto-Blush, $110, 15.<br />

QVS Brow Trio includes Definer Brush, Detail Brush & Spoolie, $15, 16. Model Rock What the Fluff Style 7, $12, 17. asap pure<br />

Mineral Bronzer in One, $45, 18. Bali Body BB Cream, $29.95<br />

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1. Clinique Limited Edition CheekPop Highlighter, $40, 2.Nude by Nature Moisture Shine Lipstick in Amber Sparkle,<br />

$22.95, 3. Nude by Nature Moisture Infusion Lipgloss in Sugar Rose, $21.95, 4. Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows Mix &<br />

Match Eyeshadow Palette in Wine, $39, 5. Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer in Sweet Mouth, $31,<br />

6. Karen Murrell Natural Lipstick in Coral Dawn, $29.95, 7. Morphe X Maddie Ziegler Palette, $36, 8. Charlotte<br />

Tilbury, Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! Mascara Super Black, $48, 9. Bobbi Brown Weekend Glow Collection, on counter<br />

14th Feb, including Nude Finish Tinted Moisturiser, $75, Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm, $45 and Extra Lip Tint, $56<br />

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The beginner’s<br />

guide to<br />

essential<br />

oils<br />











www.cosbeauty.com.au 75


Essential oils can have an<br />

incredibly transformative<br />

effect on our body and mind,<br />

and can be beneficial in helping to<br />

cleanse and detox the body, focus the<br />

mind and nourish skin.<br />

Pure essential oils are naturally<br />

occurring extracts from aromatic<br />

plants, highly potent and each with<br />

its own unique benefits – whether<br />

antiseptic, bacterial, anti-viral or<br />

anti-inflammatory. There are<br />

countless ways to experience the<br />

benefits of essential oils, including<br />

vaporising, massage, misting,<br />

inhalation and bathing.<br />

Aromatherapy is the practice of<br />

using essential oils for therapeutic<br />

benefit. The healing properties<br />

of essential oils can help relieve<br />

headaches, muscular pain and cold<br />

and flu symptoms, while a few drops<br />

incorporated into a skincare routine<br />

can help increase hydration, improve<br />

acne and regenerate damaged skin.<br />

What’s more, essential oils can may<br />

even improve sleep patterns and<br />

lower feelings of anxiety.<br />



Throughout the ages, essential oils<br />

been used to help cure ailments,<br />

induce relaxation and heighten the<br />

health benefits of massage. Aromatic<br />

essences have been used since<br />

antiquity in medicine, cosmetics,<br />

perfumes and ritual worship – and<br />

their enduring appeal continues well<br />

into our modern-day existence.<br />

The science of aromatherapy is<br />

reputed to be around 60,000 years<br />

old. Ancient Egyptians, along<br />

with the Greeks and Romans,<br />

used aromatherapy scents in their<br />

baths, for massage and even in the<br />

embalming process. A medical paper<br />

dated 1,555BC describes various<br />

treatments, with many of them still in<br />

use today.

There is also documented evidence<br />

from China dating back to 2,700BC<br />

that lists infusions made from 300<br />

different plants, many of which are<br />

used in modern-day aromatherapy.<br />


SCENTS<br />

Each of us has around 300 active<br />

olfactory receptor genes which<br />

can detect thousands of different<br />

fragrance molecules. The sense of<br />

smell plays an important role in the<br />

physiological effects of mood, stress<br />

and concentration.<br />

A large body of research confirms<br />

that essential oils have measurable<br />

physiological effects on brainwave<br />

activity, blood pressure, pulse rates<br />

and mood, further supporting the<br />

therapeutic value of aromatherapy.<br />

‘There is no denying the power<br />

of scent on mind and body. Now,<br />

more than ever we are turning to<br />

pure essential oil use for self-care<br />

practice. Whether you want to<br />

nourish your skin, reduce anxiety,<br />

decongest, or detox after the festive<br />

season, essential oils might just be<br />

your answer,’ says Aromatherapy<br />

Expert Pat Princi-Jones. ‘Citrus<br />

oils in particular work wonders on<br />

cleansing and purifying the body.<br />

Oils such as grapefruit, bergamot and<br />

mandarin provide an effective synergy<br />

to use alongside a well-balanced<br />

detoxification program that includes<br />

regular exercise, health diet and<br />

plenty of water.’<br />


To build your own collection of<br />

detoxifying essential oils, Princi-Jones<br />

recommends starting with a cleansing<br />

grapefruit oil, refreshing mandarin oil<br />

and soothing bergamot oil. These oils<br />

can be diffused individually, blended<br />

together or combined in a body<br />

scrub or massage oil to release their<br />

detoxifying properties.<br />

‘Grapefruit is especially cleansing,’<br />

says Princi-Jones. Its uplifting and<br />

citrusy aroma, especially when<br />

combined with massage, is instantly<br />

enlivening and can boost circulation.<br />

‘Bergamot is renewing and uplifting<br />

to the mind and body and also known<br />

for its anti-inflammatory properties.<br />

Its astringent action helps improve<br />

skin tone and aid lymph movement.<br />

‘Mandarin has a gentle action on<br />

the circulatory system. It is known<br />

to ease indigestion and adds a tangy<br />

sweetness.’<br />

If you’re looking for a quick, easy<br />

way to include essential oils into a<br />

detox plan, there are many blends<br />

that have been expertly devised and<br />

can be added straight into a diffuser,<br />

like the sweet and refreshing Oil<br />

Garden Energy Boost Essential Oil<br />

Blend to revive and uplift your mood,<br />

or the In Essence Digest Essential Oil<br />

Blend, a stimulating blend to ease<br />

digestion and relieve mild symptoms<br />

of digestive discomfort and pain.<br />


Because essential oils are all-natural,<br />

it might be easy to assume that that<br />

they are largely non-reactive. This<br />

isn’t the case at all. On the contrary,<br />

essential oils can be extremely<br />

powerful and a couple of drops go a<br />

long way. Most essential oils should<br />

be diluted with a carrier oil, such as<br />

sweet almond, jojoba, olive, sunflower<br />

seed, avocado or grapeseed oil, before<br />

applying them directly to the skin.<br />

Be sure to read labels before<br />

applying essential oils on the skin<br />

to ensure you are not at risk for any<br />

adverse reactions.<br />

The art of<br />

obtaining<br />

essential oils<br />

Essential oils are obtained from<br />

various parts of plants by various<br />

methods, some dating back<br />

thousands of years.<br />

Oil from citrus fruits can be<br />

obtained by expression, or<br />

squeezing the rind. Enfleurage,<br />

soaking the material in oil or fat<br />

to capture its fragrance, has been<br />

used since ancient times. With<br />

maceration the fixed oil is heated<br />

to release the essential oil.<br />

Solvent extraction uses solvents<br />

to render the oils in delicate<br />

flowers such as violets or mimosa.<br />

Steam distillation, used by the<br />

Arabs since the eighth century,<br />

is the most popular method for<br />

extracting essential oils, using<br />

steam heat to evaporate vapour<br />

from flower petals, which is<br />

collected, cooled and fed into<br />

an alembic where the separated<br />

oil floats on top of the water.<br />

After the oil is skimmed off, the<br />

remaining water can be used, for<br />

example orange blossom water<br />

or rose water.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 77


How to use<br />

essential oils to<br />

detox according<br />

to Pat Princi-Jones<br />


SCRUB<br />

Add 2 drops each of grapefruit,<br />

bergamot and mandarin essential oils to<br />

1 tablespoon of Jojoba oil and combine<br />

with half a cup of Pink Himalayan salt.<br />

Step into the shower and wash as usual<br />

before applying the scrub generously<br />

in a circular motion all over your limbs.<br />

Wash off and pat dry. These oils create<br />

an energising synergy that clears the<br />

mind and stimulates circulation. Follow<br />

with a light application of Jojoba oil to<br />

moisturise the skin. Avoid sun exposure<br />

12 hours after application.<br />

Note: If you have sensitive skin you<br />

should do a patch test and avoid<br />

sensitive areas.<br />



Add 2 drops each of grapefruit, bergamot<br />

and mandarin oils to 1 tablespoon of<br />

Jojoba oil. Gently apply to the upper<br />

torso focusing on the abdomen and lower<br />

back to support detoxification.<br />


Add 3 drops each of grapefruit, bergamot<br />

and mandarin oils to the water in your<br />

diffuser to freshen the environment and<br />

help eliminate household odours. The<br />

lemony, zesty aroma will help support a<br />

detox regime. Diffuse for 3-hour intervals<br />

each day to support a detox program.<br />

In Essence Mandarin<br />

Pure Essential Oil,<br />

$25.99, In Essence<br />

Bergamot Pure<br />

Essential Oil, $34.95.

Essential<br />

uses for<br />

essential oils<br />

For sleep: lavender, vetiver,<br />

patchouli, sandalwood, ylangylang,<br />

chamomile, neroli,<br />

marjoram, cedar, bergamot,<br />

clary sage, frankincense, rose<br />

For relaxation: rose, clary<br />

sage, frankincense, lavender,<br />

bergamot, marjoram, ylangylang,<br />

lemon, geranium,<br />

orange, sandalwood,<br />

chamomile, vetiver<br />

For a mental boost:<br />

eucalyptus, lime, mandarin,<br />

rosemary, basil, peppermint,<br />

helichrysum, cedar, vetiver,<br />

grapefruit, pine, juniper<br />

For energy: lemon, mandarin,<br />

orange, grapefruit, eucalyptus,<br />

cinnamon, peppermint, ginger,<br />

rosemary, spearmint, black<br />

pepper, jasmine<br />

In Essence Digest Essential Oil<br />

Blend, $34.95, In Essence Sleep<br />

Pure Essential Oil Blend, $34.95.<br />

For blemishes and skin<br />

irritations: eucalyptus, tea<br />

tree oil, lavender, oregano,<br />

bergamot, rosemary,<br />

helichrysum<br />

For stress relief: lavender,<br />

bergamot, lemongrass,<br />

neroli, yuzu, rose, clary sage,<br />

frankincense, marjoram,<br />

ylang-ylang, lemon, geranium,<br />

orange, sandalwood,<br />

chamomile, vetiver<br />

Oil Garden Grapefruit Pure<br />

Essential Oil, $21.99, Oil Garden<br />

Energy Boost Essential Oil Blend,<br />

$29.99.<br />

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BEAUTY<br />

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Supreme 50ml, $157<br />

Good Girl Eau de Parfum Suprême has reinvented the rebellious<br />

olfactory experience. Powerful and daring, just like a good<br />

stiletto, juicy gourmand berries give way to the aphrodisiac<br />

personality of intense Egyptian jasmine, while creamy tonka<br />

beans and sparkling vetiver give a modern twist to the final<br />

formula. And, also, what about that bottle?!<br />

Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut, $80<br />

Sipping Perrier-Jouët champagne, which is reportedly born out<br />

of love and inspired by the love of art, is our idea of the perfect<br />

celebration of love on Valentine’s Day.

,<br />

Valentine<br />






Lush Love Me Do Bath Bomb, $13.95<br />

Treat yourself or someone you love to this rosefilled<br />

bath treat. As a bonus, once you’ve enjoyed<br />

the bath bomb, the muslin cloth, tag and raffia<br />

can all be composted.<br />

Armans Spiral Diamond Ring, $6,200<br />

This exquisite pavé set band by Sydney master<br />

jewellers Armans, features round brilliant<br />

diamonds spiralling around the entire ring.<br />

Total Carat Weight: 1.89ct and available in 18ct<br />

Rose Gold, White Gold or Yellow Gold.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 81

Elli Filigree Heart Pendant, $42.70<br />

Designed in Germany, this handmade<br />

rose gold-plated silver piece of jewellery<br />

is tarnish-proof, highly polished and sure<br />

to make the wearer’s heart swell. Available<br />

from www.amazon.com.au<br />

BEAUTY<br />

Glasshouse Sunset in Capri EDP, $26.95<br />

An energising, citrus, floral fragrance to<br />

rouse the senses. Notes of mandarin and<br />

white peach ally with jasmine and a fresh<br />

marine accord, to set the scene for the<br />

magical moment the sun kisses the sea.<br />

Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle Eau<br />

de Parfum 100ml, $188<br />

Intensely feminine, sophisticated<br />

and flagrantly sexy, this Oriental<br />

Vanilla is the result of the fusion<br />

of addictive vanilla pod, fresh<br />

bergamot and stunning pear.<br />

Amouage Blossom Love 100ml, $499<br />

Blended with the highest quality of<br />

rare and luxurious ingredients sourced<br />

from around the world, this lively, floral<br />

blend of cherry blossom, rose, and<br />

ylang yang combines sophistication<br />

and femininity to create a memorable<br />

scent. The citrus of bergamot and the<br />

lightness of heliotrope introduce you to<br />

the top of the perfume, embraced by<br />

the seductive allure of amaretto, before<br />

melting into base notes of tonka bean,<br />

vanilla, suede and amber.<br />

evo love touch shine spray, $34<br />

Add a touch of love and a dash<br />

of shine to your hair with the EVO<br />

Love Touch Shine Spray. The<br />

lightweight formula tames frizz<br />

without looking greasy or making<br />

your hair flat from the weight.<br />

Definitely date-night approved.

Ivy’s Selection 100% Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask<br />

$28.90. A beautiful gift or dreamy treat for yourself,<br />

make bedtime extra decadent with this 100% silk eye<br />

mask. Available from www.amazon.com.au<br />

Rose Quartz Gua Sha by Beauty<br />

Fridge, $25. Take self-care to the next<br />

level with Aussie-owned Beauty Fridge’s<br />

Gua Sha facial massager. The rose<br />

quartz stone roller is designed to promote<br />

blood circulation, encourage lymphatic<br />

drainage to reduce puffiness, relieve<br />

tension muscles in the face and give an<br />

enviable glow.<br />

The Beauty Fridge, $129.99<br />

The Beauty Fridge is Australia’s<br />

favourite skincare and makeup<br />

fridge, enabling you to<br />

conveniently store all your skincare<br />

and beauty favourites in one<br />

place. A colder environment can<br />

not only prolong the shelf life<br />

of your precious products but<br />

it may also help to aid in better<br />

absorption into the skin, all while<br />

calming and soothing skin.<br />

Palm Beach Collection White Rose &<br />

Jasmine Candle, $42.95<br />

Set the mood for love, peace and harmony<br />

with this white rose, jasmine and violet<br />

scented candle. The hand-poured, ecofriendly<br />

blend has top notes of bergamot<br />

and leafy green with a floral heart of jasmine,<br />

rose, violet and rosewood on a base of musk,<br />

cedarwood and wood.<br />

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BEAUTY<br />

Cloud Nine The Touch Iron,<br />

$285. Bring the (instant) heat<br />

this Valentine’s Day with the<br />

latest hair straightener to join<br />

Cloud Nine’s award-winning<br />

collection. The Touch Iron<br />

is the world’s first automatic<br />

hair straightener – providing<br />

automatic, instant heat and<br />

touch temperature control.<br />

It’s perfect for busy, on-the-go<br />

women and men.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Le<br />

Parfum 125ml, $149. Drawing<br />

on the potency of cardamom in<br />

its top notes and the freshness of<br />

lavender and iris at its heart, this<br />

intense eau de parfum immerses<br />

you in its wonderfully addictive<br />

and prominent vanilla base<br />

note. An olfactory odyssey full of<br />

contrasts to disorient and delight<br />

the senses, this elegant woody<br />

oriental perfectly captures the<br />

charisma of a confident man.<br />

Cire Trudon Giambattista Valli Rose Poivree<br />

Candle, $135. We advise to always light the<br />

good candle, especially on a day of romance<br />

and love! For the ultimate olfactory decadence,<br />

Trudon’s Rose Poivree candle evokes the<br />

bouquet of fresh and lush roses while a hint of<br />

Tuscan black pepper at its heart delivers subtle,<br />

unexpected harmony.<br />

Amouage Interlude Black Iris 100ml, $459. Interlude Black Iris<br />

Man is a spicy, woody eau de parfum at a concentration of 25%<br />

fragrance oil. Zesty bergamot, rosemary and violet leaves conjure<br />

perpetuating intervals of conflict which are countered by notes<br />

of amber, frankincense, cistus and myrrh. A layer of orris absolute<br />

and vanilla smoothens the heart of the composition. Finally,<br />

notes of leather, agarwood smoke, patchouli, sandalwood and<br />

cedarwood in the base add lasting depth and texture.<br />

Creed Love in White<br />

Summer Edition 75ml,<br />

$359. An ode to The House<br />

of Creed’s sophisticated<br />

craftsmanship and passion for<br />

the world’s finest ingredients,<br />

this dreamy fresh floral bottles<br />

the feeling of an eternal<br />

summer. Like the sparkling<br />

hues of the ocean’s reflection,<br />

iris and cedar shine through at<br />

the heart of this serene scent.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 85

BEAUTY<br />

Jo Malone London limitededition<br />

English Pear & Freesia<br />

deco bottle, $102. Housed in<br />

a beautiful Art Deco-inspired<br />

bottle, this fruity floral scent<br />

captures the sensuous freshness<br />

of just-ripe pears, wrapped in a<br />

bouquet of white freesias and<br />

mellowed by amber, patchouli<br />

and woods.<br />

Jo Malone London Scarlet<br />

Poppy Cologne Intense,<br />

$180. With top notes of<br />

ambrette, heart notes of<br />

scarlet poppy and base<br />

notes of tonka bean, this is a<br />

ravishing, bold and sweetly<br />

decadent scent. It’s both<br />

voluptuous and floral and<br />

refined and sophisticated.

Minenssey Mine Natural Perfume<br />

Oil, $55. Laced with luxurious damask<br />

rose, jasmine sambac and neroli, this<br />

100% natural perfume oil lingers on the<br />

skin and relaxes the body and mind.<br />

It’s a delightfully fresh, feminine and<br />

seductively floral fragrance.<br />

Sisley Black Rose Cream<br />

Mask, $200. Who doesn’t want<br />

to look instantly radiant and<br />

more youthful? Spoil yourself<br />

or your loved one with this cult<br />

energising cream mask.<br />

Lush Lots of Love Gift Set, $82. This is a perfect gift for bath lovers, featuring products to relax, feel<br />

pampered and just take some time out. Rose, lavender and jasmine scents feature in this gift, which<br />

includes Unicorn Horn bubble bar, Blow Me A Kiss bubble blower, Sex Bomb bath bomb, Sakura bath<br />

bomb, Love Me Do bath bomb, Ro’s Argan body conditioner and Prince Charming shower gel.<br />

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BEAUTY<br />

Aussie<br />

R ules<br />






The French may be<br />

connoisseurs of chic<br />

and the Italians may<br />

know how to turn<br />

heads, but when<br />

it comes to looking good in<br />

unsympathetic conditions, Aussies<br />

are the pros.<br />

Due to its unique geography<br />

and biodiverse agriculture, not to<br />

mention its size, Australia has the<br />

luxury of growing its own fresh<br />

produce, with very little need to<br />

import from overseas. So as well as<br />

ensuring the nation eats well, this<br />

also helps when creating quality skin<br />

and beauty products that make the<br />

most of what nature has given.<br />

Fresh, home-grown ingredients<br />

are fused together to create some<br />

of the most natural and effective<br />

beauty products in the world. Tea<br />

tree, eucalyptus, macadamia, lemon<br />

balm, aloe vera, calendula, lavender,<br />

licorice, chamomile, rosehip,<br />

marshmallow and rosemary are just<br />

some of the plants that grow easily<br />

in Australia and give great results in<br />

beauty products.<br />

The emphasis on looking good,<br />

plus the huge range of beautifying<br />

ingredients available, is ensuring the<br />

Aussie beauty business continues to<br />

thrive both locally and throughout<br />

the world. Here are some of our<br />

hailed home-grown heroes.<br />

asap Moisturising Daily Defence<br />

SPF50+, $60<br />

Australian made, vegan and<br />

sulphate-free, asap has long been<br />

one of our fave high-performance<br />

skincare brands. This lightweight<br />

moisturising daily defence<br />

formula provides essential and<br />

lasting hydration while protecting<br />

against harmful UVA/UVB rays<br />

and damaging free radicals.<br />

asap Moisturising Daily<br />

Exfoliating Scrub, $55<br />

This gentle scrub promotes<br />

healthy cell renewal, improving<br />

skin tone and texture.<br />

Biodegradable, non-plastic<br />

exfoliating beads combined with<br />

AHAs gently remove dead skin<br />

cells to promote a smoother,<br />

more radiant-looking skin.<br />

SENSORI+ Clarifying &<br />

Strengthening Serum-in-Oil, $118<br />

Clean, vegan and Australian,<br />

Sensori+ provide skincare and<br />

wellness solutions which contain<br />

the highest level of efficacy,<br />

sensorial experience and care for<br />

the environment. The Clarifying<br />

& Strengthening Serum-in-Oil<br />

combines prebiotic artichoke with<br />

probiotic kombucha and hemp<br />

seed oil to help balance the skin’s<br />

microbiological environment,<br />

reduce redness and irritation and<br />

promote smoother, more eventoned<br />

skin.<br />

SENSORI+ Air Detoxifying Mist<br />

Toowoomba Carnival 4350, $29<br />

Queensland has the most<br />

celebrated rose gardens in<br />

Australia and this detoxifying mist<br />

perfectly captures the scent of<br />

roses in bloom alongside notes<br />

of lingering lavender and sweet<br />

orange. It’s also effective on<br />

100+ airborne toxics, with a 96%<br />

average removal ratio and 99.15%<br />

bacteria inhibition.<br />

Ipsum Best Skin Face Oil Intense Treatment, $75<br />

This supercharged concentrate contains 23 pure,<br />

organic native plant oils, and is rich in omega fatty acids,<br />

Vitamins C, E, B6,1,3,2 and polyphenol antioxidants, for<br />

a rejuvenating, hydrating and skin-protecting intensive<br />

treatment. Ipsum, a certified organic, high-performance<br />

skincare range, is made in Australia with sustainablysourced,<br />

native plant oils, including unique and powerful<br />

Australian botanical oils.<br />

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BEAUTY<br />

Enbacci Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating 3-Step System, $200<br />

This comprehensive 3-step skincare system by Australian luxury skincare<br />

brand Enbacci is formulated with fruit and plant stem cells. It helps protect<br />

the skin from environmental aggressors, including UV-induced free radicals,<br />

and helps reverse the signs of premature ageing. The kit includes Vitis<br />

Vinifera Rejuvenating Gel Cleanser 100ml, Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating Essence<br />

100ml and Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating Essential Crème 50ml<br />

SunButter SPF50 Water Resistant<br />

Reef Safe Sunscreen, $29.95<br />

SunButter was founded by<br />

two marine biologists with a<br />

dedication to create the most<br />

effective, environmentally gentle<br />

and reef-safe sunscreen formula<br />

on the market, packaged plasticfree.<br />

The result is SunButter SPF50<br />

reef-safe sunscreen, made with<br />

certified sustainable ingredients<br />

and broad spectrum UVA and<br />

UVB mineral blocker zinc oxide.<br />

Made in Australia in a solarpowered<br />

factory, the product rubs<br />

in clear and also has soothing<br />

restorative properties.<br />

Caim & Able Magnesium Body<br />

Scrub, $24.95<br />

Hand-made in Australia, all<br />

natural, sustainably sourced and<br />

never tested on animals, this<br />

deliciously scented scrub contains<br />

magnesium chloride, cane sugar,<br />

coconut oil and lime essential oil<br />

to remove dead skin cells and<br />

leave the skin smooth and soft.<br />

Sunescape Dry Tanning<br />

Body Oil, $34.95<br />

Proudly Australian made and<br />

owned, this fast-drying, quickabsorbing<br />

and non-greasy<br />

self-tanning body oil lusciously<br />

hydrates and moisturises while<br />

adding a natural-looking and<br />

long-lasting bronze glow.<br />

The Jojoba Company Multi<br />

Defence Moisturiser SPF15, $39.95<br />

Containing Australian Wadi-Wadi<br />

Jojoba, sustainably grown in<br />

the nutrient-rich fields of Yenda,<br />

NSW, alongside Kakadu Plum,<br />

the natural, clinically proven<br />

ingredients found in Multi<br />

Defence Moisturiser SPF15 help<br />

protect against environmental<br />

factors including infrared, blue<br />

light, pollution and UVA/UVB rays,<br />

and improve the appearance of<br />

pigmentation, irritation and signs<br />

of ageing.

Em&Mary Facial Moisturiser, $34.99<br />

Em&Mary is taking the seaweedbased<br />

skincare market by storm<br />

with its ethically produced, natural<br />

ingredients sourced in Australia.<br />

The Facial Moisturiser contains a<br />

replenishing blend of omega-rich<br />

argan, avocado and macadamia<br />

oils, combined with antioxidant<br />

rich Tasmanian sea kelp, native<br />

finger lime and Davidson plum, to<br />

rehydrate, soothe and moisturise the<br />

skin and improve clarity.<br />

Invisible Zinc, Sheer Defence<br />

Moisturiser (Untinted), $34<br />

Invisible Zinc is made in Australia<br />

for the Australian sun. Sheer<br />

Defence is a lightweight mineral<br />

shield containing only one active<br />

ingredient, zinc oxide, which acts<br />

as a barrier against the sun to<br />

reflect UV radiation away from<br />

the skin. An Aussie staple for<br />

all seasons.<br />

People4Oceans SPF50+<br />

Sunscreen Vegan, $29.95<br />

Wax from the Candelilla plant<br />

replaces beeswax in this 100%<br />

natural & vegan SPF50+ mineral<br />

sunscreen. The lightweight,<br />

gentle cream provides high UVA/<br />

UVB protection to even the most<br />

sensitive skin types. Encased in a<br />

recyclable low-carbon bioplastic<br />

tube, it’s sustainably made in<br />

Australia. Cruelty-free, $0.5<br />

from each sale is donated to<br />

reef conservation.<br />

Jurlique Moisture Plus Rare Rose<br />

Cream, $59<br />

Made with the Jurlique Rose,<br />

which is grown and handharvested<br />

at Jurlique’s organic<br />

farm in the South Australian hills,<br />

the Moisture Plus Rare Rose<br />

Cream instantly soothes while<br />

slowly releasing moisture over 24<br />

hours via the micro-encapsulated<br />

Jurlique Rose extract. Skin is<br />

further plumped and replenished<br />

thanks to its luxe texture and<br />

nutritious Cupuacu butter which<br />

deeply nourishes and restores<br />

much-needed moisture.<br />

Garbo & Kelly Beauty Brow Kit, $99<br />

Homegrown beauty brand Garbo & Kelly have a full range of awardwinning<br />

makeup, but we’ve singled out their Brow Kit for good reason:<br />

it’s the complete package for creating bold and beautiful brows perfect<br />

for your face shape. It contains full sized Brow Powder, Clear Brow Gel,<br />

5 Brow Guides to assist with application, Brow Brush and Tweezers.<br />

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Crème<br />

de la<br />

Crème<br />







Presenting the luxe list of body products for soft, supple and<br />

sensationally smooth skin…<br />

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. The<br />

COSBEAUTY team has been hard at work trialling the latest<br />

and greatest body cleansers, moisturisers and treatment serums to<br />

present a list of best-in-show skin-boosting body products.<br />

Just like the sophisticated ingredients and technologies found<br />

in cosmeceutical-grade skincare for the face, today’s body lotions,<br />

scrubs and oils are packed with active ingredients such as powerful<br />

retinoids, botanicals and polypeptides.<br />

Keep your skin’s hydration levels in check by feeding it the finest<br />

skin-nurturing ingredients to nourish, soothe and regenerate. Buff<br />

away dull, dry skin with an energising exfoliator, and splurge on<br />

targeted body treatment elixirs to help combat the look of cellulite,<br />

firm sagging skin and blur imperfections.<br />

Welcome to a new class of skincare products for the body and get<br />

ready to nourish and revitalise every last inch of your skin!<br />

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Energise<br />

& cleanse<br />

BEAUTY<br />

L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil,<br />

$25. This best-selling shower oil<br />

transforms into a silky, cleansing milk<br />

upon touching water. Rich in almond<br />

oil and nourishing lipids, it gently<br />

cleanses and leaves a satiny softness<br />

all over the body. The aroma of<br />

warm almonds and vanilla makes<br />

this a truly sensorial experience.<br />

Palm Beach Wellness Collection<br />

Bergamot Jasmine Lime Body<br />

Wash, $12.95. A captivating body<br />

wash, this leaves your skin feeling<br />

invigorated, clean and silky. The<br />

fragrance is heaven-sent, with top<br />

notes of citrus, bergamot and lime,<br />

a floral heart, and base notes of<br />

cedarwood, musk and amber.<br />

Sisley Energizing Foaming<br />

Exfoliant for the Body, $160.<br />

Sisley’s Foaming Exfoliant marries<br />

the pleasure of a shower gel with the<br />

performance of an exfoliant skincare<br />

product. It combines the benefits<br />

of essential oils (lavender and<br />

rosemary), exfoliating micro particles<br />

and plant extracts to eliminate dead<br />

skin cells and rough patches.<br />

SENSORI+ Detoxifying &<br />

Rejuvenating Shower Oil<br />

Toowoomba Carnival 4350, $49.<br />

Enliven the senses while hydrating<br />

and improving skin texture. Infused<br />

with exclusive ChlorosPURE<br />

detoxifying technology, this shower<br />

oil transforms into a delicate foam<br />

on damp skin, gently lifting away<br />

impurities and pollutants, while<br />

Vitamin E and antioxidant-rich<br />

avocado oil rejuvenates, leaving skin<br />

supple and nourished.

Smooth &<br />

hair-free<br />

HappySkin Ice IPL Hair Removal<br />

Handset, $399. Introducing the<br />

newest HappySkin IPL hair removal<br />

handset, an ingenious at-home device<br />

that uses intense pulsed light (IPL) and<br />

ice cooling technology to give you<br />

comfortable, salon-like results right<br />

from the comfort of your own home!<br />

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Exfoliate<br />

& polish<br />

BEAUTY<br />

Medik8 Smooth Body Exfoliating<br />

Kit, $99. New from Medik8, this 3-step<br />

exfoliating kit instantly revitalises rough,<br />

dry or bumpy skin. The Smooth Body Scrub<br />

combines 10% lactic acid, natural pumice<br />

and bamboo microparticles to slough off<br />

dead skin. The Smooth Body Mitt, which can<br />

be used dry or damp, with or without the<br />

Smooth Body Scrub, gently buffs away dead<br />

skin cells. Lastly, the Smooth Body Lotion<br />

contains a trio of chemical exfoliators – 7%<br />

urea, 2% lactic acid, 2% salicylic acid – which<br />

are boosted by an ultra-nourishing complex<br />

of antioxidant moringa butter, shea butter,<br />

multi-weight hyaluronic acid and squalane.<br />

SENSORI+ Detoxifying & Rejuvenating<br />

Sand Body Polish Bondi Beach 2026, $45.<br />

All natural and plant-derived, this deeply<br />

exfoliating body scrub will become a new<br />

bathing ritual. White sand and raw sugar<br />

sweep away dull skin cells while nourishing<br />

avocado oil, antioxidant-rich grapeseed<br />

oil and Vitamin C-rich kakadu plum extract<br />

detoxify and repair, leaving skin soft,<br />

refreshed and glowing.<br />

Jurlique Smoothing Body Exfoliating<br />

Gel, $48. This lightweight exfoliating gel<br />

uses natural and environmentally-friendly<br />

walnut shell powder to gently but thoroughly<br />

slough away dry skin and impurities. Skin<br />

feels cleansed, polished and softened, and<br />

looks smoother and more radiant.

Hydrate & nourish<br />

Jurlique Exclusive Edition Rose<br />

Body Oil, $88. Jurlique’s bestselling<br />

Rose Body Oil is infused with<br />

roses that have been grown and<br />

extracted at the brand’s organic<br />

farm in the South Australian hills,<br />

alongside nourishing macadamia<br />

and safflower oils. This pampering<br />

botanical oil deeply moisturises and<br />

replenishes skin from top to toe,<br />

with the added touch of a delicate<br />

floral fragrance.<br />

Sisley Velvet Nourishing Body<br />

Cream, $190. A highly soothing,<br />

restorative, nourishing and<br />

moisturising body cream for dry to<br />

very dry skin, it instantly soothes and<br />

restores the feeling of comfort to dry<br />

skin. A cocktail of ultra-nourishing<br />

key ingredients – including<br />

Japanese lilyturf extract, macadamia<br />

oil and babassu oil, alongside shea<br />

butter and saffron flower extract –<br />

helps reinforce the hydrolipidic film<br />

to envelope the skin and nourish<br />

it intensely. The skin feels more<br />

supple, soft and intensely nourished.<br />

evo’s self indulgence body creme,<br />

$29. With no sulphates, parabens<br />

or gluten, this lightly scented body<br />

cream is enriched with plant oils<br />

to sooth and soften skin. It absorbs<br />

quickly into the skin, without leaving<br />

any greasy residue.<br />

Paula’s Choice Retinol Skin-<br />

Smoothing Body Treatment,<br />

$43. This is a lotion that delivers<br />

the anti-ageing ingredients of a<br />

facial treatment to the whole body.<br />

Featuring a blend of antioxidants<br />

and specialised Vitamin A (retinol)<br />

complex, this advanced body lotion<br />

deeply hydrates dry skin, firming<br />

and diminishing the appearance of<br />

uneven skin tone.<br />

Paula’s Choice Daily Replenishing<br />

Body Cream, $30. This lightweight<br />

non-greasy cream hydrates skin and<br />

leaves a healthy looking glow. The<br />

formula is rich in replenishing and<br />

emollient ingredients and is ideal for<br />

daily use, while the lack of fragrance<br />

makes it particularly suitable for<br />

those with sensitive skin.<br />

asap revitalising bodymoist, $50.<br />

This is an all-over body moisturiser<br />

rich in glycolic acid, essential oils<br />

and green tea to revitalise and<br />

nourish the skin, leaving it feeling<br />

smooth and intensely hydrated, with<br />

a light, refreshing citrus fragrance.<br />

La Mer The Renewal Body Oil<br />

Balm, $295. This rich, hydrating and<br />

lightly scented body balm melts into<br />

a silken oil on contact to create a<br />

radiant, glowing sheen. It cocoons<br />

skin in La Mer’s signature Miracle<br />

Broth, which helps heal dryness and<br />

soothe visible redness and irritation<br />

as skin is softened, strengthened<br />

and renewed.<br />

La Mer The Body Creme 300ml,<br />

$400. This luxe body cream instantly<br />

comforts and renews by saturating<br />

skin with long-lasting, deep<br />

hydration. Dry skin feels cushioned<br />

and smoothed as it is enveloped in<br />

the therapeutic effects of the sea.<br />

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BEAUTY<br />

Firm &<br />

tighten<br />

Enbacci Complete Body Firming<br />

Lotion, $80. Australian skincare<br />

company Enbacci has discovered<br />

the restorative abilities of the<br />

Saponaria Pumila plant. With the<br />

stem cells of the plant, this hydrating<br />

cream helps promote skin elasticity<br />

and the appearance of skin firmness.<br />

Image Skincare Body Spa<br />

Cell.U.Lift Firming Body Crème,<br />

$143. This enhancing body crème<br />

was formulated by plastic surgeons<br />

as a solution to skin laxity and<br />

cellulite. It helps to strengthen<br />

weak collagen fibres that cause<br />

sagging and visibly reduces the<br />

volume of lipid cells to help sculpt<br />

a firm, smooth appearance. It<br />

reduces the look of cellulite and skin<br />

irregularities with ingredients shown<br />

to tighten and firm the skin.<br />

mesoestetic bodyshock push up,<br />

$150. The new Body Shock home<br />

care product range by skincare tech<br />

giant mesoestetic, maximises results<br />

obtained in their professional inclinic<br />

Body Shock treatment. The athome<br />

Body Shock Push Up cream is<br />

formulated for firming, tensing and<br />

toning the breast and buttock areas.<br />

The active ingredients – African<br />

kigelia, hydrolysed vegetable<br />

proteins and amino acids – help to<br />

stimulate the skin so that the skin’s<br />

natural systems are synthesised and<br />

optimised, thus treating the main<br />

cause of flabbiness at the source.<br />

It helps to repair tissues that have<br />

lost elasticity and firmness over<br />

the years, resulting in a lifting and<br />

firming effect. It is also a powerful<br />

stretchmark fighter that provides<br />

moisture and softness.<br />

SkinCeuticals Body Tightening<br />

Concentrate, $146.95. Formulated<br />

for loose, sagging body skin, Body<br />

Tightening Concentrate helps with<br />

visible skin tightening for improved<br />

overall appearance. It is designed to<br />

help tighten and firm skin on gravityeffected<br />

areas such as the abdomen,<br />

buttocks, knees and thighs. The<br />

body cooling fluid features a<br />

combination of 2.5% tripeptide, 5%<br />

yeast extract and 2% hydrolyzed rice<br />

protein to help your skin look and<br />

feel more firm.<br />

asap cellulite + skin firming<br />

treatment, $99. Contains clinically<br />

proven, breakthrough ingredients<br />

to assist in the reduction of<br />

cellulite and the appearance of<br />

stretchmarks, while improving<br />

skin elasticity, hydration and<br />

smoothness. It increases the skin’s<br />

microcirculation to assist with toxin<br />

and lipid metabolism, aiding in the<br />

breakdown of lipids to help reduce<br />

the size of fat cells and result in<br />

visibly smoother skin.<br />

Sisley Cellulinov, $290. Cellulinov<br />

is an intensive topical cream<br />

designed to target the look of<br />

cellulite thanks to an exceptional<br />

synergy of plant-based active<br />

ingredients and essential oils,<br />

resulting from the latest advances<br />

from Sisley Research. Longan seed,<br />

red algae and Indian lotus extracts<br />

are combined with caffeine and<br />

cedrol to provide targeted action on<br />

the appearance of cellulite. After 4<br />

weeks of use, dimples are reduced,<br />

skin is smoothed and the look of<br />

cellulite is visibly reduced (visually<br />

and upon pinching).

Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel<br />

Body Highlighter, $65. This body<br />

contour and highlighter is Charlotte<br />

Tilbury’s secret celebrity trick for<br />

an elongated, slimmer-looking<br />

body and we want in! It combines<br />

luminous shimmer, enriched<br />

botanicals and skin de-puffing<br />

agents to create an optical illusion<br />

of longer, leaner limbs and firmer<br />

contours. The standout ingredient<br />

is FermiProtect, derived from the<br />

shiitake mushroom, which works<br />

on strengthening the skin’s extra<br />

cellular matrix to support natural<br />

skin firmness and sculpt the look of<br />

your contours.<br />

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The 2021<br />


GUIDE to<br />


&<br />










We live in a world full of technical<br />

advances and marvels, and lucky<br />

for us that includes new methods<br />

to remove excess fat and create a more svelte<br />

silhouette without any surgery or downtime.<br />

The non-surgical body contouring market is<br />

evolving – in addition to fat reduction, we are<br />

now seeing a new category of treatment: muscle<br />

building and toning.<br />

Non-surgical body contouring procedures<br />

are increasing in popularity, rising more than<br />

43 percent from 2017 and quadrupling since<br />

2012, according to the most recent report<br />

from the American Society for Dermatologic<br />

Surgery (ASDS). For every one liposuction<br />

procedure, there are more than 10 non-invasive<br />

body sculpting treatments, according to the<br />

ASDS. And that’s not counting the new muscle<br />

definition technology. A RealSelf Aesthetic<br />

Trends Report released in 2020 showed nonsurgical<br />

muscle toning treatment had the<br />

highest year-over-year growth (450%).

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IN AND OUT<br />


Anaesthesia isn’t required for<br />

non-surgical body contouring,<br />

and treatments are performed<br />

in the comfort of your aesthetic<br />

practitioner’s clinic, some in as<br />

little as 15 minutes. There is no<br />

downtime, minimal discomfort,<br />

and complications are rare. In<br />

conjunction with a healthy diet<br />

and exercise regime, results should<br />

be long lasting because, just as<br />

with liposuction, when fat cells are<br />

permanently destroyed they will not<br />

return.<br />

Although non-surgical body<br />

contouring devices offer an effective<br />

means for achieving a more<br />

streamlined body shape – commonly<br />

targeting treatment areas such<br />

as the abdomen and thighs – it’s<br />

worth remembering that no nonsurgical<br />

device can achieve the<br />

level of fat removal possible with<br />

liposuction. It’s therefore important<br />

to have realistic expectations of<br />

what non-surgical body contouring<br />

can achieve, both in terms of the<br />

amount of fat that can be targeted,<br />

and the length of time it will take to<br />

see results.<br />

That being said, today’s body<br />

contouring technology devices offer<br />

outstanding results for the right<br />

patient – without the surgery and<br />

associated risks and downtime of<br />

liposuction surgery.<br />

The best candidates are usually<br />

those with small to medium<br />

localised fat deposits that are<br />

resistant to diet and exercise, rather<br />

than those seeking large-volume fat<br />

removal. For muscle building and<br />

toning treatment, just about anyone<br />

is a suitable candidate.




Even the most disciplined gym-goer will typically<br />

have little pockets of fat they just can’t budge or areas<br />

on the body lacking in definition, despite repeated<br />

weights and workouts. With the latest advancements<br />

in body contouring technology, there are options out<br />

there to remove fat and sculpt muscle without lifting<br />

a finger.<br />

Most devices harness some form of energy and<br />

use heat or cold to kill unwanted fat cells – be it<br />

radiofrequency, ultrasound, laser, cryotherapy or<br />

electromagnetic therapy – to penetrate the skin<br />

and either break down underlying fat and/or stimulate<br />

muscles. Most of these technologies require a series<br />

of treatments spaced several weeks apart for optimum<br />

results.<br />

Targeted fat cells are destroyed and excreted<br />

naturally via the body’s lymphatic system over a period<br />

of several weeks. Fat reduction treatments can reduce<br />

fat in the targeted area by as much as 20%.<br />

On the following pages are some of the most popular<br />

non-surgical body contouring devices available in<br />

Australia.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 103





This non-surgical treatment uses<br />

radiofrequency (RF) energy to reduce<br />

pockets of fat. The energy is emitted<br />

via an applicator through the skin<br />

without damaging the outer layers, only<br />

targeting the underlying fat and tissues.<br />

With RF body contouring treatment,<br />

the heat generated from the RF<br />

energy dissolves fat cells and causes<br />

microscopic changes to tissues and<br />

collagen fibres, with further collagen<br />

remodelling occurring over the<br />

subsequent months following the<br />

procedure. The broken down fat cells<br />

are drained via the lymphatic system<br />

and then excreted as urine. An added<br />

bonus is that it can also improve skin<br />

tone and the look of cellulite.<br />

The full effects may not be<br />

visible for several months as the<br />

improvements are cumulative. You<br />

will gradually notice changes such<br />

as circumferential reduction of the<br />

treated area, a reduction in cellulite<br />

and a more streamlined body shape.<br />

Radiofrequency body contouring<br />

treatments are non-invasive, cause<br />

minimal discomfort and typically<br />

require no downtime.<br />

Body contouring systems that use RF<br />

energy include truSculpt iD by Cutera<br />

and EnCurve by Lutronic.<br />


Non-invasive fat reduction using hyperthermic laser uses heat to destroy the fat<br />

cells and can work wonders on the love handles and abdomen.<br />

It uses a specific laser wavelength to target and destroy fat cells below the<br />

dermis. Multiple areas can be treated at once in just 25 minutes, and all skin<br />

types are suitable. The controlled hyperthermic laser induces fat cell injury<br />

by raising fat temperature to a range of 42 to 47˚C – the ideal temperature to<br />

eliminate fat cells, without damage to surrounding tissue.<br />

There is no downtime and minimal, if any, discomfort. Results can be seen<br />

around six weeks after treatment as the body naturally metabolises the destroyed<br />

fat. A series of treatments is recommended for optimum results.<br />

Laser body contouring devices in Australia include SculpSure by Cynosure.



This method uses almost-freezing<br />

temperatures to kill fat cells without<br />

traumatising the surrounding tissues<br />

or harming the skin. A gel drape is<br />

placed onto the target area to protect<br />

the skin before the applicator head<br />

is placed onto the fat pocket. The<br />

applicator acts like a vacuum to suck<br />

the area into position and direct the<br />

cold temperature to the target fat<br />

cells under the skin, which are then<br />

destroyed and eliminated naturally by<br />

the body.<br />

Patients experience a gradual<br />

cooling sensation, similar to placing<br />

the area in iced water, but this<br />

subsides as the body gets used to<br />

the temperature change.<br />

Generally, at least two to three<br />

treatments are recommended. The<br />

results of cryolipolysis are gradually<br />

appear over time, with full results<br />

seen at least a couple of months after.<br />

Common body contouring devices<br />

using cryolipolysis in Australia<br />

include CoolSculpting by Allergan<br />

Aesthetics and CLATUU and<br />

Cooltech from Cryomed Aesthetics.<br />



Ultrasonic body contouring<br />

treatments use non-thermal targeted<br />

ultrasound frequencies to break down<br />

fat, particularly on the abdomen,<br />

hips, thighs and ‘love handles’.<br />

The focused ultrasound waves are<br />

delivered in short bursts of energy,<br />

or pulses, to destroy fat cells while<br />

leaving surrounding tissue, nerves<br />

and blood vessels unaffected. The<br />

ultrasound waves create a cavitation<br />

effect in the target fat cells – a process<br />

where the fat cell membranes are<br />

damaged with each pulse of energy<br />

so that the contents of the fat cells<br />

(triglycerides) are dispersed and<br />

processed by the body. The fat cell<br />

contents are then flushed out by the<br />

body’s lymphatic system.<br />

A series of treatments per area<br />

achieves noticeable, measurable<br />

results, although some patients<br />

note a circumferential reduction in<br />

the area after the first treatment.<br />

It can take around four weeks for<br />

the final result to be visible as the<br />

body gradually eliminates the<br />

fatty debris.<br />

The treatment is generally<br />

considered to be pain-free, with<br />

some patients experiencing slight<br />

discomfort related to the suction<br />

action. Body shaping devices<br />

using ultrasound technology<br />

include UltraShape Power by<br />

Candela Medical.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 105


MUSCLE<br />


Muscle building, toning and sculpting<br />

devices are an exciting new addition to the<br />

non-surgical body contouring market and<br />

quickly rising in popularity.<br />

Most use electromagnetic stimulation<br />

to strengthen and tighten the abdominal,<br />

gluteal and thigh muscles through methods<br />

of contraction and stimulation (called<br />

supramaximal contractions). These deliver<br />

tens of thousands of muscle contractions in a<br />

30-minute session (obviously not physically<br />

possible during normal exercise).<br />

During muscle toning treatment,<br />

applicators are placed on areas of the body<br />

and generate an electromagnetic field<br />

that stimulates the motor neuron cells of<br />

the body’s muscles, causing the muscle to<br />

contract as it would during movement<br />

or exercise.<br />

When exposed to supramaximal<br />

contractions, the muscle responds with<br />

a deep remodelling of its inner structure,<br />

resulting in the growth of myofibrils<br />

(muscle hypertrophy) and creation of new<br />

protein strands and muscle fibres (muscle<br />

hyperplasia). Increased muscle density<br />

and volume lead to a better definition and<br />

muscle tone.<br />

Some muscle building devices have shown<br />

a 16% average increase in muscle mass, and<br />

even a reduction in Diastasis<br />

recti (abdominal separation caused<br />

by pregnancy).<br />

A series of treatments is usually<br />

recommended with results seen 3-4 weeks<br />

after completion of the treatment plan.<br />

Muscle building and toning devices<br />

currently available in Australia include<br />

StimSure by Cynosure, truSculpt FLEX<br />

by Cutera, EmSculpt by BTL Aesthetics,<br />

TeslaFORMER from Cryomed Aesthetics<br />

and CMSlim Contouring Master by MM<br />

Medical Aesthetics.

AestheticAdvisor is Australia’s<br />

trusted online resource to<br />

research procedures, find a skilled<br />

practitioner, read real reviews and<br />

have questions answered.<br />



YOUR<br />

BEAUTY<br />


ABOUT<br />

Linda<br />

Willow<br />

Roberts<br />

Linda Willow Roberts is a certified medium,<br />

spiritual teacher, psychic, clairvoyant,<br />

international speaker, certified angel<br />

intuitive, reiki master, theta healer,<br />

psychometry expert and author of ‘Seven-<br />

Eights of Me’.<br />

Known as ‘The Manifestor’, Linda has<br />

always been able to live in synchronicity<br />

with the Laws of Attraction and has assisted<br />

clients with spiritual and life navigation for<br />

30 years.<br />

To book a session with Linda:<br />

www.lindawillowroberts.com.au<br />

www.facebook.com/Willowswayoflife<br />










2021: a new era has dawned and the<br />

“Aquarian age” of humanity, love<br />

and compassion is here. Forget what<br />

you thought you knew; we’ve gone from<br />

the I AM status to the WE ARE ONE<br />

consciousness in a blink of the eye.<br />

How do you live in this new energy?<br />

Stay in the present moment as much<br />

as possible to see the magic in the<br />

ordinary, breathe, use your free will, and<br />

put the intent up to the Universe to<br />

assist you with anything you are trying to<br />

manifest. Remember, when manifesting,<br />

you need to emulate the feelings you want<br />

– that is how you draw to you that which<br />

you desire.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 109



(JAN 20 – FEB 18)<br />

Your humanitarian nature is<br />

wonderful, but in 2021 you will<br />

need to take care of yourself<br />

first and practice self-love.<br />

Book in with your hairdresser,<br />

get a massage, whatever it takes<br />

to fill your cup first. It’s time to<br />

spoil yourself and dress up for<br />

any occasion.<br />

PISCES<br />

(FEB 19 – MARCH 20)<br />

There will be lots of happy gatherings<br />

for you this year! You will be at the<br />

right place at the right time so use it<br />

to your advantage, making sure only<br />

the best of the best will do for you.<br />

While you continue to develop your<br />

own personal style for 2021, the key<br />

question you need to ask yourself is:<br />

“how does this make me feel?” Trust<br />

your intuition.

ARIES<br />

(MARCH 21 – APRIL 19)<br />

The active Aries for 2021 needs balance.<br />

Constructing a holistic approach to everything<br />

you do will bring a symmetry into your life.<br />

Don’t be surprised if you use words such as “I<br />

feel” a lot. Yoga might seem a little slow for<br />

you but the balance it will bring will have its<br />

own rewards, and the breathing techniques will<br />

become a natural outlet. Having spa days or<br />

just a peaceful bath and nurturing yourself will<br />

balance the giving and receiving.<br />

TAURUS<br />

(APRIL 20 – MAY 20)<br />

Taureans, in 2021 you get to shine, and<br />

don’t you deserve it! You’ve heard of<br />

pimp my ride, well your ride is your body.<br />

The year of the Ox starts in February on<br />

the Chinese New Year and with Venus as<br />

your ruling planet, of love, beauty and<br />

money, Taurus will have the works! Share<br />

your experiences and philosophies this<br />

year and lead by example – there may be<br />

someone out there who would appreciate<br />

your guidance.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 111


GEMINI<br />

(MAY 21 – JUNE 20)<br />

Social Geminis, this year will be<br />

about looking after yourselves and<br />

steeping out of your comfort zone.<br />

Try new makeup looks and beauty<br />

products and share with your friends<br />

– it’s a complete overhaul this year.<br />

CANCER<br />

(JUNE 21 – JULY 22)<br />

With lots of new beginnings<br />

already, Cancerians are in a state<br />

of transformation. This year will<br />

continue with you enhancing<br />

your hobbies and self-awareness<br />

holistically. You will continue to<br />

reinvent yourself with new colours<br />

and new hairstyles. You are in for a<br />

new you, so enjoy it.

LEO<br />

(JULY 23 – AUG 22)<br />

What a surprising year lies ahead for<br />

Leos. It seems like Leos are in the<br />

right time and right place for 2021.<br />

Spoil yourself on shopping and<br />

watch how the bargains roll in.<br />

VIRGO<br />

(AUG 23 – SEP 22)<br />

Virgo, you love being in a routine<br />

and have everything planned out.<br />

Well, 2021 sees you moving out of<br />

your comfort zone and trying all<br />

new beauty routines and natural<br />

therapies. Try to stay in the moment<br />

and fully immerse yourself in the<br />

experiences rather than think about<br />

the outcome. I feel you have figured<br />

out your own happiness comes<br />

from within!<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 113


LIBRA<br />

(SEP 23 – OCT 23)<br />

For the caretaker and steady Libran,<br />

it is time to spend some muchneeded<br />

time on you. Shopping<br />

sprees, luxe skin treatments and<br />

anything that is giving to yourself<br />

this year will be exactly what<br />

you need. Staying in the present<br />

moment will have you noticing all<br />

the Universe’s little nudges. I can just<br />

hear you say, “the Universe wanted<br />

me to!”<br />


(OCT 24 – NOV 21)<br />

Scorpio, one minute you will be out<br />

celebrating as your most glamorous<br />

self and the next you’ll be at home<br />

in your comfy trackie-dacks. Going<br />

it alone will seem tedious. 2021 is<br />

all about you working as a team<br />

and surrounding yourself with your<br />

soul family.


(NOV 22 – DEC 21)<br />

Generous free-spirited Sagittarians, you will<br />

need to stay out of your head in 2021 and do<br />

the things that you love doing. This will bring<br />

more of positive energy towards you. Commit to<br />

whatever rocks your world at a soul level. I can<br />

see you trying all new beauty therapies, which in<br />

turn has your energy charged.<br />


(DEC 22 – JAN 19)<br />

Striving for your goals in 2021 will be a<br />

holistic approach. Many Capricorns will<br />

de-clutter mind, body and soul. Don’t be<br />

surprised if you get a team of people to<br />

help with that – from a personal trainer<br />

and dietician to someone that organises<br />

your home. You will be looking at the<br />

whole shebang to see how it enhances<br />

your life experiences.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 115

BEAUTY<br />

E d’s<br />

fa<br />


Morphe Morphe 2<br />

Wondertint Cheek & Lip<br />

Mousse, FYP, $18<br />

Morphe Morphe 2 Jelly Eye<br />

Shimmer in Starry Sky, $15<br />

Charlotte Tilbury,<br />

Charlotte’s Magic Lip Oil<br />

in Rose Lust, $56<br />

Charlotte Tilbury,<br />

Glowgasm Lip in<br />

Jewelgasm, $46<br />

Jean Paul Gaultier<br />

La Belle Eau de<br />

Parfum 100ml, $188<br />

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r<br />

Hydrating Longwear<br />

Foundation, $52<br />

Clinique Even<br />

Better Clinical<br />

Serum Foundation<br />

SPF 20, $65<br />

Glasshouse Fragrances<br />

Sunset in Capri 380g<br />

Soy Candle, $54.95<br />

Skeyndor<br />

Skincare Make-<br />

Up Vitamin C<br />

Hydra Comfort<br />

Foundation, $69<br />

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BEAUTY<br />


Davines Love Collection includes:<br />

Shampoo 250ml, $38.95,<br />

Conditioner 250ml, $38.95, Hair<br />

Smoother 150ml, $42.95<br />

Rumbie &<br />

Co Deep Curl<br />

Cleanse, $40<br />

Color Wow Dream<br />

Regime Minis –<br />

Supernatural, $57.95<br />

OGX Hydrate<br />

& Repair Argan<br />

Oil of Morocco<br />

Extra Strength<br />

Shampoo, $21<br />

evo winners<br />

face balm, $29<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />


iQ OneGlide, $299<br />

VS SASSOON Digital Sensor<br />

Hot Air Styler, $99.95<br />


Avocado Shine<br />

Butter 80ml,<br />

$35.50<br />

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BEAUTY<br />


Elizabeth Arden Retinol<br />

Ceramide Line Erasing Night<br />

Serum Capsules, $150<br />

Clinique Limited Edition<br />

Clinique iD base:<br />

Dramatically Different<br />

Moisturizing Lotion+, $45<br />

mesoestetic<br />

aox ferulic<br />

30ml, $199<br />

People4Ocean Afer Sun<br />

Solution 3-in1, $42.95<br />

Fenty Skin Total<br />

Cleans’r Remove It All<br />

Cleanser, $36<br />

Sunescape Instant Self Tan<br />

Mousse in Summer in Santorini<br />

(Ultra Dark) 250ml, $44.95<br />

Invisible Zinc Sheer<br />

Defence SPF50 Tinted<br />

Moisturiser SPF 50 50ml, $34<br />

Avène Sunscreen<br />

Spray SPF 50+<br />

200ml, $34.95<br />

Bali Body<br />

Gradual Tan,<br />

$25.95<br />

SunButter Tinted SPF 50<br />

Water Resistant Reef Safe<br />

Sunscreen, $31.95<br />

Long Haul Spa Skincare Kit in<br />

Cerulean includes: package<br />

of disinfecting wipes, 4<br />

dehydrated towels, Cleansing<br />

Micellar Water 15ml, Super<br />

Saturating Face Mist 15ml,<br />

Serum Sorbet 15ml, Eye<br />

Balm 15ml, Lip Balm 15ml,<br />

Rejuvenating & Protecting<br />

Facial Oil 15ml, Super<br />

Hydrating Gel Face Mask<br />

15ml, Moisturising Creme<br />

Balm 25ml, $129<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 121

Dr Lisa is a female Specialist<br />

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon<br />

based in Sydney, Australia.<br />

She has worked in France,<br />

Germany and the USA.<br />

Breast augmentation<br />

Breast lift<br />

Breast reduction<br />

Abdominoplasty<br />

Mummy makeover<br />

Liposuction<br />

Lip lift<br />

Non-surgical facial<br />

enhancement including<br />

wrinkle injections<br />

and fillers<br />


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