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STATIC LIVE Magazine is Central Florida’s premier publication dedicated to celebrating music and culture. STATIC LIVE provides extensive, detailed community information from fashion to art, entertainment to events through noteworthy interviews, sensational photography and in-depth editorial coverage. STATIC LIVE is the only publication of its kind in Central Florida and reaches all target markets through wide distribution channels. Our staff includes highly accomplished contributors with award-winning backgrounds in music and entertainment; we know how much business is captured from the entertainment market. Our free full color publication can be found throughout Central Florida at key retailers, hotels and restaurants in high traffic areas. Our mission is to highlight the incredible talent, culture and lifestyle in Central Florida. With eye-opening profiles and coverage of the music and art community, STATIC LIVE readers will be positively influenced by our topical content and trending advertisers. STATIC LIVE Magazine is the most effective tool for branding connectivity with consumers in our area.


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Mardi Maison Gras

Party Animal in All of Us




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Party Animal in Us All-------------------------------------------------------------




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Sun Splash 1984--COVER STORY-------------------------------------------


Music & Events Calendar-------------------------------------------------------


Mother Earth Has a Broken Heart---------------------------------------------


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Live for Yourself and you will

live in vain; Live for others,

and you will live again.”

~Robert Nesta

“Bob” Marley


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Oh My Goddess...



My name is Samantha Comer; I am 28 years old and I live in West Virginia. I am

an insurance managing rep for Transamerica, working as the top rep for the last

four years in my district. The last two years, I have qualified for The Million Dollar

Round Table, performing in the top 1% of the financial service industry and I

plan to achieve that each year. When I am not working I enjoy fishing and riding


I have been modeling since 2011, walking in more than 50 shows, appearing in

over 20 magazines and working on movies such as The Price of Beauty as the

lead. My favorite music is metal! My fiance and I actually based our engagement

photos from Motionless in White’s song, Undead Ahead 2: The Tale of the Midnight


“Creamy Gnocchi with

Italian Sausage”

This month, I’ve decided to go with a dish that’s

extremely easy to make! This may be one of

the quickest, simplest recipes I’ve written about

so far. The basis for this dish is heavy cream,

gnocchi, and Italian sausage. And… you only

need one large pan and lid! A cooking time of

25 mins is all it takes to whip this up. This dish

is the definition of comfort food, the creamy

sauce becomes a pink sauce once you add the

tomatoes. The combination of flavors is just out of

this world.

Good Italian sausage is one of my favorite red

meats. I highly suggest finding a good quality

butcher for the freshest choice of meats. A good

sausage will take this dish to the next level but

store-bought from your local grocer is fantastic

too… I promise. A great butcher within a half-hour

of my location is Ray’s Quality Meats on US1 in

Ormond Beach, FL. Huge selection and you will

fall in love with other items there as well. Support

your local butcher during these crazy times!

Since this is a one pan meal, you will not have a

ton of leftovers but, as always, it’s good to have

storage options on hand. Pyrex and anchor glass

leftover containers are the best. They come in

a variety of sizes and shapes. They hold up

extremely well and can be refrigerated or frozen

over and over again and then microwaved. Let’s

be honest, it’s much nicer to eat your leftovers

out of glass as well.


9 oz Italian Sausage (Mild or Hot)

½ Onion, Chopped

4 Cloves Garlic, Minced

1/3 Cup White Wine (Sauvignon Blanc)

14 oz Canned Diced Tomatoes

1 cup Heavy Cream

1 lb. uncooked Potato Gnocchi

½ Cup Freshly Grated Parmesan Cheese

Handful of Basil (Torn)

Salt & Pepper

\Begin by preheating your pan on medium-high

heat. Prepare your Italian sausage. You can

use either mild or hot depending on your spice


I’ve made this recipe with sausage

links and loose sausage.

Both work equally as well but

loose ground sausage is a bit

easier to work with. Chop up links

into small pieces. Chop your onion

into small pieces. Side note, the

onions I’ve been using have been

extremely teary. Chew gum if this

bothers you too much! Now add

both to your preheated pan and

sauté for a few minutes until the

onions are slightly translucent and

the sausage is browned.

Add your minced garlic to the pan

and sauté for about 30 seconds.

Careful not to burn the garlic! Add

white wine and cook for about

a minute. You will immediately

experience a wonderful fragrance!

Stir in diced tomatoes, cream and

gnocchi and give the pan a good

stir. Once you notice bubbling,

reduce the heat just a bit (to medium

heat). Cover the pan and cook

for 5 minutes allowing gnocchi to

become al dente.

Uncover the pan and give it a stir.

Notice the nice pink creamy color

that the tomatoes bring to the dish.

Cook for another few minutes and

then taste test a single gnocchi

to make sure they are cooked to

preference. You can allow to cook

for a few seconds longer if you

desire a thicker sauce. Stir in fresh

parmesan cheese, torn basil, and

a pinch of salt and pepper. Serve

immediately and enjoy!

You’re going to love this, and your

friends and family will be very impressed.

Typing this has made me

hungry so off to the kitchen I go.

Thanks for reading.


Watch my full cooking video for

this recipe on my Facebook page

“Ian Opalinski Music” or follow the

link: facebook.com/ianopalinskimusic







1. What is Bob Marley’s full name?

2. What was the name of Bob Marley’s

original Ska band?

3. Whose cover of “I Shot the Sheriff” was a radio hit in 1974?

4. What was Bob Marley’s first hit outside of Jamaica?



2 3 4 5


9 10 11



5. The Wailers were kicked off a tour in 1973 for upstaging

what group?




6. What are the items buried with Bob Marley?

7. What was the name of Bob Marley’s female back-up group?

8. Bob Marley’s wife, Rita, had this hit song in the early ‘80s.

9. Bob Marley received what honor in 1994?

10. What were Bob Marley’s last words to his son?

11. Who were the original members of the Wailers?

12. What record

label was Bob

Marley with

when he died?






3. Bob Marley's best subject in school 1. Bob Marley once lived in this US state

9 This Bob Marley album spent 56 consecutive 2. The cause of Bob Marley's death

weeks on the UK album chart 4. Bob Marley and the Wailers were the first

1 Bob Marley once lived in this US

11. The city where Bob Marley died reggae state band to perform at this iconic theater

12. Before converting to Rastafari faith, 5. Where Bob Marley was born

Bob Marley was part of this religion 26. Bob The Marley's cause of best Bob selling Marley’s reggae death album

13 Maiden


name of Bob Marley's wife, Rita 7. Name of the musician who inducted

4 Bob Marley and the Wailers were the

14. Bob Marley's last tour Bob first Marley reggae into band the Rock to perform and Roll at this

Hall iconic of Fame theater

3 Bob Marley’s best subject in school

8. Name of the luxury car driven by Marley

5 Where Bob Marley was born

10 Bob Marley's favorite sport

9 This Bob Marley album spent 56 6 Bob Marley’s best selling reggae

consecutive weeks on the UK album




11 The city where Bob Marley died

12 Before converting to Rastafari faith,

Bob Marley was part of this religion

13 Maiden name of Bob Marley’s wife,


14 Bob Marley’s last tour

7 Name of the musician who inducted

Bob Marley into the Rock and Roll

Hall of Fame

8 Name of the luxury car driven by


10 Bob Marley’s favorite sport

Party Animal in All of Us

By Les Kippel

Photo Credit: Les Kippel or Relix Archives (All)

These were a while ago,, but Rock and Roll WAS fun!! Not always about the dollars and cents

like today’s music with back up singers and fireworks. party with the promoters, party with the


Here are some of my “PHOTOS FROM YESTERDAY”... Enjoy.. After this shit is over with

Corona, let’s get back there!!

Of course, Buddy Cage, who played with Jerry’s Band and replaced Jerry Garcia in the New

Riders of the Purple Sage, ALWAYS had a ‘thin’ for Jerry... We didn’t question it!!!

Left:My Favorite picture!

Below:1973, Nassau Coliseum, Back


Starting Above, working clockwise:

Giant Stadium, before trip to EGYPT

Psychedelic Jerry, playing Banjo. A rare picture indeed! 1963

Fillmore East ,1971

The Year Jerry left us . . . . .. . . 1995 Tribute Art. on the Year End

issue of Relix, 1995


Right: Nudie Suite. Year Unknown


had many


through the

years... but he





By Dr. Peppar Spraed

American singer, songwriter and

actress. Well, let’s just say she’s

starred in movies - her ability to

actually act is still up for debate.

Referred to as the “Queen of Pop”,

she is regarded as one of the most

influential figures in popular culture.

Although after seeing how the “King

of Pop” turned out she may want to

reconsider her moniker. Madonna

is noted for her continual reinvention

and versatility in music production,

songwriting, and visual presentation.

For someone who so consistently

reinvents herself, the Queen of Pop

has a rather specific drink order.

Imagine that? As it’s well documented

that she’s very specific with almost

everything she does, her rumored

favorite go-to drink is the

Pomegranate Martini

~1.5 oz of vodka

~1 oz of pomegranate juice

~ 1.5 oz of blackberry puree

~1 oz of cranberry juice

~garnished with an



Some may be thinking that

a Botox milkshake or a

Dysport rum runner

would have been her


single Release Party

March 6, 2021


Beachside tavern

690 e 3rd nsb, fl 32169

Static Live’s Annual Valentine’s

Day Field Guide to Love Songs

By Ric de Yampert

Ever since Og the Caveman

began wooing Ogette

the Cavewoman during the

world’s first ever Valentine’s

Day, we guys have relied upon

music to help us convince you

ladies that this love thing isn’t

just about getting your panties

off – that it’s also about, well,

the love thing.

Like Cyrano de Bergerac, we

guys rely on the great songsmiths

of the ages to

put words in our

mouths, our Valentine’s

Day cards and our gifts

of mixtapes – words

that we know (well, that

we hope) will lay bare

our affection for you

and make



But, like Og, we modern-day guys, though wellmeaning,

are Troglodytes when it comes to the

love thing. Cupid makes us stupid. Given that and

the fact that there is no such thing as a simple

love song, it’s quite possible you women may

open a Valentine’s Day card and discover a CD

of MarilynManson’s “Valentine’s Day.” (Memo to

my fellow Troglodytes – that would not be a good


Guys, don’t let Cupid make you his bitch. Here is

Static Live’s Annual Valentine’s Day Field Guide

to Love Songs. Read it. Heed its lessons. Ladies,

sneak a copy into your man’s secret porno stash

– yes, the one you discovered months ago and

decided to let it ride – so that he will have no

excuse come Cupid Day.

* Lesson No. 1 – Beware the trick love song!

Static Live’s crack team of researchers has done

the math and the results are in: To date in the

history of the world, the bards and songsmiths

have written 7,562,923 songs of the lovey,

gooey “I Want to Hold Your Hand” variety, while

those same bards and songsmiths have written

7,562,924 songs of the “Love Stinks” variety.

But Static Live’s research department is still busy

calculating the number of trick love songs – they

are legion! These are the insidious little bastards

whipped up by Cupid to make us guys look bad.

Quote one of these songs to your lady and you

may think you’re the all-time greatest Romeo,

but you might as well give her one of those

farting dogs CDs. “Every Breath You Take” by the

Police? Total stalker song. “Love Is Blindness”

by U2? No, the guy isn’t blinded by his beauty’s

beauty – he’s a head case who thinks love is a

“little death.” “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails? “You

make me perfect!”

Trent Rezner croons – before confessing he

wants to have sexual intercourse with his babe

like an animal . . . and not like some cuddly

wombat. Beware, you magnificent dumb-ass

Troglodyte! There are many more.

* Lesson No. 2 – Don’t buy your sweetie a

last-minute Valentine’s Day CD at a truck stop.

So, you messed up again and forgot to get your

lady a Cupid Day gift. You’ve just gassed up at

your local truck stop on the way home and you

notice some David Allan Coe CDs behind the pay

counter. “Hey!” you say to yourself. “He’s the guy

who wrote ‘Would You Lay with Me (In a Field of

Stone),’ one of the greatest country love songs

ever! Great! Problem solved. I’m gonna pull this

Cupid stuff out of my ass!” So you buy a Coe CD

and toss it into a red gift bag.

Oh, you magnificent dumb-ass Troglodyte! David

Allan Coe truck-stop CDs are a different animal

than David Allan Coe record store CDs. Congratulations!

Your honey will be quite joyed, I’m sure,

to get a VD CD with such songs as “Little Suzzie

Shallow Throat,” “Don’t Bite the [censored],” “Linda

Lovelace’’ and other ditties with titles we don’t

print in a respectable magazine like Static Live.

* Lesson No. 3 – No silly love songs! So, you’re

a clever bastard who’s determined to outwit the

Cupid Day jinx. You’ll score a Hallmark card and

scribble the lyrics to Paul McCartney’s “Silly Love

Songs” inside and be done with it.

Oh, you magnificent dumb-ass Troglodyte! You

can’t win. Quote “Silly Love Songs” or some other

silly love song to your babe, and she will reply in

a pissy, snarky voice: “What? You think love is

silly? You think this is some game?”

OK, guys, by now you’ve got

the point: Cupid, no matter

what you do, will make you

stupid. You are doomed. Your

best bet is to buy your lady a

CD of farting dogs performing

pop hits. Just make sure

it’s instrumental hits and not

some of those tricks songs

with lyrics mentioned above

– and remember that all love

songs, ultimately, are trick


She’ll love a CD of

Chihuahuas and

blue-tick hounds farting

the greatest hits of,

say, the Ventures, that

1960s guitar

instrumental group.

Trust me on this.





A Word From the Throne

By Billy Dean

Sixth grade was a time of unlimited

possibilities. Like many boys lining up

outside the club of manhood, I thought

my admission was to be bought by

dunking a basketball. My parents saw

that I was serious about my aspirations

so they enlisted me to be drafted by my

local Police Athletic League.

After being picked-up in a later round

of the draft - fair for a kid who was more

round than tall - I began my engagement

in team activities.

I loved everything about being on a

team, the practice, planning, and the

sport itself, especially. I spent most of

my week looking forward to the next

practice, next game, and next general

opportunity to become Shaquille O’Neal.

At home I would practice all of the basic

skills that the coaches taught in practice.

Everyday I’d work on layups, jump

shots, and free throws (my closest skill

comparison to Shaq, himself). I took it

so seriously that I accidentally learned

meditation by staring at a poster of MJ

dunking from the free throw line on my

bedroom wall before games.

My whole week’s momentum led up the

game and I loved it...

On the court I was a mixed bag, but

overall a helpful presence. I was

exceptional at bullying the paint,

snatching rebounds, and chiming in for

an occasional jump hook. It didn’t matter

to me if I was the focal point of the team

as long as I was learning what I needed

to actually become that someday.

At 11 years old, however, I didn’t

quite have the athletic gift, grace or

coordination to try and accomplish my

on-court goals without exceeding the

personal foul limit. My opponents would

leave the game with the most innocently

gifted bumps, bruises, scrapes, and an

occasional fat lip. Again, not from malice

but a lack of coordination on my par -

think Sir Charles as a toddler.

For my transgressions I would have

to leave the game and await my next

opportunity to live out my dreams.

This was the hardest pill to swallow,

my dreams being put on pause by the

powers that be.

Fast forward from ‘94 to ‘21 and I feel

that familiar pang from my childhood.

The momentum of my dreams being

arbitrated and squashed by the powers

that be. This time a world traveling,

ubiquitous pathogen ended the game

and the people “in charge” of making

the rules can easily be out classed by

the amateur refs of the local Police

Athletic League. For the other players

of the world who can empathize with

the frustrations that have been bred by

the indefinite game stoppage, every tick

of the game clock passes away with a

more anxious and urgent gaze. Each

wasted second chips away at our hopes

of returning to the lives we love and

erodes our collective faith in the people

who make the rules. How much longer

do we have to suffer the madness ?

For every one of our dream’s sake, get it

together, REF!

Please Use Link to Receive a Discount.


Come Stay With Us!


I was all-in.

512 Flagler Avenue, New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32169 USA +1 386-427-0512


By Reluctant Genius


I’m really not sure how I was able to do it but

ultimately I guess it was because my parents

were just plain sick and tired of putting

up with my antics, as I was a pretty wild

teenager. The year was 1984 when I moved

from my quiet little town of Roanoke Virginia

to Montego Bay Jamaica I had just turned 17

and pretty much thought I knew everything.

I was there with my high school friend, his

father and his father’s girlfriend. While my

parents thought I had a chaperon to care

for me, in reality my friend’s parents partied

harder than I probably ever have in my life.

My mom and dad came down to drop me off

and to make sure that I had a roof over my

head. Plus, they always wanted to go to the

Caribbean so this was a nice opportunity to

do so.

It just so happened that the reggae Sunsplash

was in town and we were able to get tickets

for Wednesday night. It was a tough show

to get into. Over the first few days we had

been hanging with two Jamaican friends

we recently met at Doctors Cave Beach and

they mentioned there was a hill above the

stadium where people would hang out and

watch the festivities and hear the music.

This turned out to be true so Tuesday night

we decided to camp out on the hill. The first

couple of hours of the show was absolutely

unique and wonderful. The vibe was near

perfect. It was at that time some of the

locals decided to break down the iron gates

and rush the stadium instead of paying for

tickets, as I believe the shows were sold out

each night. At first we just sat there laughing

and watching the craziness below when all

of a sudden the city police burst out of their

stations with their M-16s rifles and started

firing into the air to disperse the crowd.

Everyone around us just started running

and screaming and for the first minute or

two it was quite scary. Ten minutes or so

later it seemed to settle down and everybody

returned to their places on the hill. We all

laughed about it. Then, believe it or not the

same thing happened again and then again.

Finally it got a little too nuts and we left and

luckily made it home safe and sound.

The next morning during breakfast while

listening to the local radio news cast it was

reported that the police had fired their guns to

disperse the crowd and several people were

injured in the melee. My parents just shot

me a dirty look, as I hadn’t told him about the

incident. Later that week somehow, someway

they decided that I was able to stay and they

returned home thinking I soon follow. Little

did they know that I would spend another 6

1/2 months exploring the wonderful island

and learning more about reggae music in


The music of Bob Marley was a huge

influence on me during the time I was there;

of course, it seems everyone has a story

about him and what his music meant to them.

I never got to see him play but I did see Peter

Tosh and also The Wailers perform, plus I

got to meet Eek-A-Mouse at the Far Bar in

Montego Bay. Marley’s music and reggae still

have a profound yet beautiful influence on the

world today, even after all these years. Here’s

a little more about him and why his music will

last forever.

Born in St. Ann Parrish, Jamaica on February

6, 1945, Nesta Robert Marley (later changed

to Robert Nesta Marley) was derogatorily

nicknamed “White Boy” by neighbors. His

father was a 60-year-old white British Naval

Captain and his mother a 19-year-old village

girl when Marley was born. This helped him

develop his philosophy of not being on the

white man’s side or the black man’s side, but

on God’s side. He had a knack as a child for

reading palms and telling people’s futures

but after the age of seven, he refused all

palm reading requests and declared that his

destiny was to become a singer.

Marley, Bunny Livingston and Peter Tosh

formed a group called the Wailers and

recorded for small labels throughout the

‘60s; during that time, ska became popular.

Marley’s lyrics became more spiritual and

Jamaican music in general evolved into

a more rock steady beat. The group was

signed by Island Records in the early ‘70s and

became popular with international audiences.

Marley formed a new band after Livingston

and Tosh went out on solo endeavors. He

produced politically charged music about

such things as unemployment, food and

supply rations, and the political violence in

Jamaica. This transformed him into a political


In 1976, two days out away from playing

“Smile Jamaica”, a concert aiming to reduce

tensions between opposing political factions,

Marley and his entourage were attacked by

a gunman. Marley and his wife, Rita, were

both grazed by bullets but triumphantly took

the stage with the Wailers before a crowd

of 80,000 during the concert. This defiant

gesture of survival enhanced his legend,

galvanized his political outlook further and

resulted in the most militant album of his


Marley died of cancer on May 11, 1981.

He was listed as fifth on the 2018 Forbes

Magazine list of the highest earning dead

celebrities. In addition to Marley Natural

(the label under which he fronts a global

marijuana brand), his family also markets

licensed brands of coffee, apparel, lifestyle

goods and audio equipment. Not to mention,

he has sold 75 million albums in the past two

decades. A retrospective of his work, titled

Legend, is the best selling reggae album ever.


A Day in the Life of a Gigging Musician By Adam Flyod


TWANG said my guitar when I hit the last chord

sometime after midnight. I ran off stage during

the applause to the green room and packed

away my axe in a padded, foam-lined hardshell

case. My drummer with The POTLIKKERS

says “It’s a tool, not a jewel” when I baby my

equipment. It’s true that sooner or later gear

will all fall apart if you play out and tour. It’s

nice to be able to repair your own stuff when

the inevitable malfunction happens. With a little

patience and study, it’s fun to do most repairs

myself. It saves me a few clams but more

importantly keeps me up and running without a

lot of down time driving to the luthier or electrics


I keep a small kit holding most “guitar tech”

type tools with my travel set up. This covers

repair contingencies for string instruments I

play - guitar, violin, mandolin and banjo. I know

I’ll need replacement strings for all of them. It

also has the complete assortment of miniature

screwdrivers and allen wrenches for making

adjustments on the fly. At the bottom of the kit is

a strap, a tuner and a bunch of guitar picks. I try

to remember batteries, lots of spare batteries.

Back at the studio I do all the major repairs

on electronics and instruments. The soldering

iron and multimeter are a must. I have many

luthier tools like fret saws and nut slot files too,

because I build fiddles and dulcimers. The skills

I need are different when doing repairs though.

People are sometimes shocked to learn that it’s

easier to build from scratch than to do certain

musical instrument repairs, especially if it’s not a

repair you do regularly.

The old German trade fiddle I’d been gigging

with recently needed a neck angle adjustment

so I took my time, watched a few videos to get

my courage up and - voila, it turned out better

than expected! Failure being an essential part

of learning, I get lots of lessons there as well.

Last week I was shaving down the violin bridge

for low action and took it too far. I was humbly

reminded that you can take wood off but you

can’t add it back so easily. It’s worth it anyway

because if I find that fine line between action

being too low or too high, I can really make it


Feb. 5th Dennis Gallo -


DJ - 9pm

Feb. 6th ETC - 6pm, DJ -


Feb. 12th Acoustic Inferno -

6pm, Boomers - 9pm

Feb. 13th Musikology - 6pm,

Boomers - 9pm

Feb. 19th Dennis Gallo -

6pm, The Big Beat Band -


Feb. 20th Beartoe - 6pm,

Cat 4 Band - 9pm

Feb. 26th Sal & Friends -

6pm, Psycoustic - 9pm

Feb. 27th Etc - 2pm (Wine

Walk), Paradoxx - 9pm

Feb. 28th Marty McCarrick - 2pm


Feb. 1st - 7th

Happy Valentine’s Day

Feb. 8th - 14th

Monday, February 1, 2021

Bounty Bar - Jessie Abbey, 7pm

Flagler Tavern - Jeff White, 5pm

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Bounty Bar - The Evening Muze, 7pm

Grind/Kona - Chuck Morel, 6pm

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Bounty Bar - Ian Opalinski, 7pm

Grind/Kona - Jeff White, 6pm

Ormond Garage - Jay Paski, 6pm

Thursday, February 4, 2021

31 Supper Club - Elvis Tribute, 8pm

Bounty Bar - Jeff White, 7pm

Flagler Tavern - Reed Foley, 9pm

Flagler Tavern - Robert Keele, 5pm

Grind/Kona - The Click, 7pm

Friday, February 5, 2021

31 Supper Club - Sinatra Tribute,


Bounty Bar - Nate Utley, 7pm

Crabby’s - Morgan McManus, 4pm

Grind/Kona - Heather Craig, 7pm

Ormond Garage - Bradford Buckley,


Traders - Dennis Gallo, 6pm

Traders - DJ, 9pm

Yellow Dog Eats - Jay Paski, 5pm

Saturday, February 6, 2021

31 Supper Club - Cesar Frazier, 8pm

Bounty Bar - Bradford Buckley, 7pm

Chases - Sean Holcomb, 5pm

Crabby’s - Griffin Sinclair, 5pm

Crabby’s - The Transfers, 12pm

Flagler Tavern - Reed Foley, 5pm

Grind/Kona - Jay Paski, 7pm

Ormond Garage - Brothers Within,


Tayton O’Brians - Psycoustic, 9pm

Traders - DJ, 9pm

Traders - Etc, 6pm

Yellow Dog Eats - Heather Craig,


Sunday, February 7, 2021

Bounty Bar - Hannah Wilson, 7pm

Crabby’s - Ian Opalinski, 12pm

Flagler Tavern - Bradford Buckley,


Tayton O’Brians - Casey Picou, 8pm

Monday, February 8, 2021

Bounty Bar - Linda Long, 7pm

Flagler Tavern - Chuck Morel, 5pm

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Bounty Bar - Brent Clowers, 7pm

Grind/Kona - Bradford Buckley, 6pm

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Bounty Bar - Chuck Morel, 7pm

Grind/Kona - Are Friends Electric,


Ormond Garage - The Cyclones, 6pm

Thursday, February 11, 2021

31 Supper Club - Velvet 45, 8pm

Bounty Bar - The Transfers, 7pm

Flagler Tavern - Reed Foley, 9pm

Flagler Tavern - The Cyclones, 5pm

Grind/Kona - Stereo FM, 7pm

Friday, February 12, 2021

31 Supper Club - Dana Kamide Band,


Bounty Bar - Jeff Alcorneo, 7pm

Crabby’s - Brasford Buckley, 4pm

Grind/Kona - Brent Clowers, 7pm

Ormond Garage - Ian Opalinski, 6pm

Traders - Acoustic Inferno, 6pm

Traders - Boomers, 9pm

Yellow Dog Eats - The Evening Muze,


Saturday, February 13, 2021

31 Supper Club - Beartoe, 8pm

Bounty Bar - Casey Picou, 7pm

Chases - Johnny & Heidi, 5pm

Crabby’s - Claire Vandiver, 12pm

Crabby’s - Marty McCarrick, 5pm

Flagler Tavern - Reed Foley 5pm

Grind/Kona - The Evening Muze,


Ormond Garage - Brent Clowers,


Tayton O’Brians - Aaron Lightnin’,


Traders - Boomers, 9pm

Traders - Musikology, 6pm

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Bounty Bar - Jay Paski, 7pm

Crabby’s - Casey Picou, 12pm

Flagler Tavern - Aaron Lightnin’, 9pm

Tayton O’Brians - Casey Picou, 8pm

Yellow Dog Eats - Chuck Morel, 5pm




Feb. 15th - 21st

Feb. 22nd - 28th

Monday, February 15, 2021

Bounty Bar - Rasta Bayers, 7pm

Flagler Tavern - Griffin Sinclair, 5pm

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Bounty Bar - The Evening Muze, 7pm

Grind/Kona - Rasta Bayers, 6pm

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Bounty Bar - Ian Opalinski, 7pm

Grind/Kona - Griffin Sinclair, 6pm

Ormond Garage - Are Friends

Electric, 6pm

Thursday, February 18, 2021

31 Supper Club - The Transfers, 8pm

Bounty Bar - Jarrod George, 7pm

Flagler Tavern - Reed Foley, 9pm

Flagler Tavern - Robert Keele, 5pm

Grind/Kona - Jessie Abbey, 7pm

Ormond Garage - Original OG Show,


Friday, February 19, 2021

31 Supper Club - Dana Kamide Band,


Bounty Bar - Griffin Sinclair, 7pm

Crabby’s - Jay Paski, 4pm

Grind/Kona - 5 Time Shag, 7pm

Ormond Garage - Heather Craig,


Traders - Dennis Gallo, 6pm

Traders - TBD, 9pm

Yellow Dog Eats - Jessie Abbey, 5pm

Saturday, February 20, 2021

31 Supper Club - Christie Beu, 8pm

Bounty Bar - Hannah Wilson, 7pm

Chases - Bobby James, 5pm

Crabby’s - Heather Craig, 12pm

Crabby’s - The Evening Muze, 5pm

Flagler Tavern - Reed Foley, 9pm

Grind/Kona - The Cyclones, 7pm

Ormond Garage - The Transfers,


Tayton O’Brians - Cody and Kyle,


Traders - Beartoe, 6pm

Traders - Cat 4 Band, 9pm

Yellow Dog Eats - Rasta Bayers, 5pm

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Bounty Bar - The Transfers, 7pm

Crabby’s - Jarrod George, 12pm

Flagler Tavern - The Evening Muze,


Tayton O’Brians - Michelle Marie,


Monday, February 22, 2021

Bounty Bar - Bradford Buckley, 7pm

Flagler Tavern - Chuck Morel, 5pm

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Bounty Bar - Brent Clowers, 7pm

Grind/Kona - Hannah Wilson, 6pm

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Bounty Bar - Chuck Morel, 7pm

Grind/Kona - Bradford Buckley, 6pm

Ormond Garage - The Cyclones, 6pm

Thursday, February 25, 2021

31 Supper Club - The Evening Muze,


Bounty Bar - Jessie Abbey, 7pm

Flagler Tavern - Reed Foley, 9pm

Flagler Tavern - The Cyclones, 5pm

Grind/Kona - The Transfers, 7pm

Friday, February 26, 2021

31 Supper Club - Guy Walker, 8pm

Bounty Bar - Jeff White, 7pm

Crabby’s - Jessie Abbey, 4pm

Grind/Kona - Smyrna Erb, 7pm

Ormond Garage - Ian Opalinski, 6pm

Traders - Psycoustic, 9pm

Traders - Sal & Friends, 6pm

Yellow Dog Eats - Hannah Wilson,


Saturday, February 27, 2021

31 Supper Club - Brent Clowers, 8pm

Bounty Bar - Claire Vandiver, 7pm

Chases - Casey Picou, 5pm

Crabby’s - Hannah Wilson, 5pm

Crabby’s - The Cyclones, 12pm

Flagler Tavern - Reed Foley, 5pm

Grind/Kona - Big Beat Band, 7pm

Ormond Garage - Psycoustic, 6pm

Tayton O’Brians - Bradford Buckley,


Traders - Etc, 2pm (Wine Walk)

Traders - Paradoxx, 9pm

Yellow Dog Eats - Jarrod George,


Sunday, February 28, 2021

Bounty Bar - Hannah Wilson, 7pm

Crabby’s - Rasta Bayers, 12pm

Flagler Tavern - Jay Paski, 9pm

Tayton O’Brians - Casey Picou, 8pm

Traders - Marty McCarrick, 2pm



Mardi Maison Gras

By Jamie Lee

Everyone knows that I love Mardi Gras and I am

not the only one. It seems people everywhere

celebrate this holiday as an excuse to drink and

be merry even if they are unaware of the religious

implications that surround Fat Tuesday. Mardi

Gras is a grand old time!

Of course this year, like most every holiday

event for the last 11 months, has been altered

by Covid-19 but, even the ‘the plague’ cannot

douse the fiery spirit that is Mardi Gras. The New

Oreleanians have come up with a way to not only

“shelter at home” but to celebrate this momentous

holiday in a way that honors the tradition and

keeps Mardi Gras artists afloat with house floats.

The Krewe of Red Beans ‘Hire a Mardi Gras Artist

Program’ was started to help supplement the

income of the artists that work year round on the

parade floats for carnival season with the twist of

your home becoming the float. Over 200 homes in

the New Orleans area have signed up to benefit

these artists and to keep the season alive.

It has even spawned DogHouseFloats.com; a

contest for our fur babies to get into the fun and

decorate dog house as floats as well as a contest


No matter what the obstacle may be, the spirit of

the Carnival Season lives on in the hearts of all

that cherish Mardi Gras and it’s meaning.

Clockwise-starting at Left Bottom-

‘Acadiana Hay Ride, Krewe of Red Beans

Hire a Mardi Gras Artist float, 948 Euterpe St.

House No. 1 entitled, ‘The Night Tripper’

‘Queen Jubilee’ float house at 2701

St.Charles Ave., produced by the Krewe of

Red Beans Hire a Mardi Gras Artist program

Bee Hive Float house at 6106 St. Charles


First Mardi Paws Dog House Float

‘Pete Fountain and Jester’ float house, 808

Napolean Ave.

Lisa Browning works on a portion of one of

the planned house floats in the upcoming

Carnival season, which will not feature


All photos are photographed by Chris Granger of

The Times-Picayune, New Orleans.

Mother Earth Has a Broken Heart

by Hank Harrison

Is the COVID-19 pandemic a signal from Mother Nature that we have

gone too far? Are we finally out of balance? She gives us clean air to

breathe; fresh water to drink; an abundance of food to nourish our bodies…but,

like a battered housewife, she is sad and tired… Why? I think it’s

because the human race does nothing for her in return. Like the abuser

in a relationship, we grow selfish, materialistic…we take more and more


Her seas are becoming empty, her forests depleted, many of her favorite

flora and fauna have vanished forever. We are headed towards Ecological


An African proverb comes to mind:

When man has killed all the

animals on this Earth, he

will die of loneliness.”

The present climate crisis is the basis for all spiritual work in our

time. Eventually, NOTHING else will matter. We lump all life forms

together and speak of animals as projections of the human drama…

that superiority shows our failure to recognize how intimate a part we

are of the living web that covers this planet. There is no way we can

separate ourselves from the ecosystem — we cannot exist without it

but it can probably exist without us.

With very slight rewording, the previous paragraph can serve as a

description of our spiritual state. Thinking of ourselves as individuals,

we fail to recognize how closely we are connected with others.

Eastern religious teachings often speak of the illusion of individuality

— this illusion is simply the failure to feel and act on our total

inter-relatedness. Conflict, both inner and outer, is a symptom of

this failure. Both ecological awareness and spiritual awareness set

the same task before us, which is to learn to live in harmony with all


Service is an essential part of spiritual development. Giving service

helps us to develop — and development helps us become more able

to serve. This service, especially required of us during this period of

crisis and pandemic, is a radical reconstruction of our way of life so

that we can live in harmony with the rest of the ecosystem so that life

and spirit can survive on this planet. Much of what has been said and

written about the eco-crisis has focused on specific villains, such as

“the corporate polluters,” and on ways of opposing and preventing,

their activities. But it is important to recognize that these activities

are part of a larger pattern in which we all participate, based on two

attitudes that most people seem to share without question:

Ø The attitude that the earth and everything on it is

“ours,” to do with as we wish, to exploit or change

in any way we want.

Ø The attitude that our purpose in life is to enjoy

ourselves, especially by getting and consuming as

much as we can of “the good things of life.”



The affluent society is the destructive society, using up, wasting,

and poisoning at an incredible rate. Two obvious examples are paper

products and cars. We destroy whole forests to make paper towels

and cups that are used once and to print newspapers, magazines,

and throwaways that are hardly read and soon discarded. Plastic

throwaways: bags, bottles, etc., and now facemasks, pollute streams,

rivers, and oceans.

Automobiles are the major source of air pollution in most cities;

the major cause of death and injury among young adults; a major

consumer of space in our crowded cities; a major source of water

pollution; a major user of many scarce resources; a major reason

for tankers and pipelines and, therefore, a major cause of ecological


There are two major ways of doing lasting damage to the ecosystem:

Ø By taking out of it what cannot be replaced (such

as exterminating whole populations and species of

plants and animals)…and

Ø by putting into it deadly substances (such as

long-lasting pesticides, poisonous air pollutants,

and radioactive wastes).

Aboriginal groups throughout the world did none

of these things. Survival requires that we stop do-

ing them as soon as possible. In addition, we need

to reduce the tremendous burden we cause by our

high and increasing level of consumption and by

the enormous number of human beings. There is a

great difference between replacing what we use and

just using without allowing for sufficient replace-

ment. The world’s forests are diminishing. So are

many species of fish. If we are to stop destroying

the ecosystem there will have to be drastic changes

in the lives of each of us. Here are some examples

of needed changes:

Ø Giving up gas-guzzling autos as a major means

of transportation.


Ø Recycling everything we use. Sharing more of

our belongings, using things longer, repairing them

more, using more second-hand items.

Ø Drastically cutting consumption. For example,

in North America, we need to cut energy consump-

tion to roughly one-tenth of the present level, which

would take us down to about the level of the 1950s.

Ø Eating less food brought from far away. Giving

up lots of “disposable” and“convenience” items.

Growing our own would be a start.

Ø Giving up many wasteful self-indulgence, such

as candy, cosmetics, tobacco, alcohol, gadgets,

gas-driven lawnmowers, joy rides, drive-ins, plastic

cups, etc., etc.

Ø Giving up some of Our “freedom” to do whatever

we want with “our own property.”

Ø Doing a lot more about population control.

The eco-crisis also has contributions to make to spiritual work already

mentioned that there are abundant opportunities for the kind of

selfless service which is a vital part of spiritual work. Another contribution

is to demonstrate the relevance and even the necessity of

spiritual development for our lives. This is already realized by many

people who have seen clearly the disorder and destructiveness of

our way of life and recognize that spiritual work could lead to a very

different way of life. The way that most of us now live is just as destructive

spiritually as it is ecologically, and for the same reasons.

The eco-crisis may help us to realize this and nudge life towards

a more balanced life of service to the planet. We tend to think of

service as a sacrifice, an unpleasant giving up of things we enjoy.

Actually, selfishness is a kind of cage that prevents us from finding

that colossal good vibe. This is a paradoxical discovery that we each

have to make for ourselves. The planetary crisis may provide the opportunity

for many more of us to make this discovery. If enough of us

do, we can create the earthly paradise.

By undertaking responsibility for the planet, by thinking of ourselves

as gardeners and temple-builders, we can create both spiritual and

ecological understanding. In short, to love Mother Earth we must first

learn to get along.

It took over 2 million years for the world’s population to reach 1 billion…in the last 200

years that figure has risen to 7.8 billion…what does the future hold? 37

The ART of painter

Eric e. fitzpatrick

By Bartholomew Betelgeuse III

Every town in the United States has its local

heroes or legends and this month’s featured

artist is one of those people. Having met him as a

sophomore in art class there’s no doubt that Eric

Fitzpatrick was a person that I could look up to as

a inspiring young artist. His visit to the classroom

was one of the highlights of that year. He proved

there was a future in making a living with art. It’s

not often that an artist can become popular or

famous while still alive but Eric has proven it can

happen and continues his work to this day, living

in the same small town but now known for his

work worldwide. It’s been interesting over the last

few weeks getting to know him more and finding

out that, like so many of the other artists we have

featured, he’s humble and sincere and just an allaround

good guy.

Left Top: Voo Doo Jazz

Left Middle: Reflections

Left Bottom: Farewell to the Queen

Above:Pope Paul Plays the Saw

Opposite Page

Top Left: The Jester - Self Portrait

Top Right: Hep Cats

Right Middle: High and Mighty

Right Bottom: Moonlight Breakers

Here’s a brief bio of Painter Eric E. Fitzpatrick:

He is one of those exceptionally rare artists who

paints equally well with either hand. Until an

arm injury in 1988 Eric had worked exclusively

with his right hand (doing mostly realistic work).

During that year, however, Eric was forced to

paint using only his left hand. The results were

a revelation; award winning Expressionistic

work that was full of raw emotion. Having won

major painting awards with both hands, Eric now

often combines the two. (As a general rule, the

“Places of the Heart” and “Southern Culture”

Series are performed with the right hand and

“The Musicians” Series with the left.) Regardless

of which hand is dominant in a work, the most

important thing to Eric . . . is that it comes from

the heart. You can find the artist’s paintings in

such corporate collections as Nippon Steel,

Hitachi, IBM, and yes . . . even McDonald’s.

Mr. Fitzpatrick’s paintings currently hang in 16

countries around the world.

The Ormond Beach Trifecta

By Sean Impara

It’s a commonly known fact that 50% of all

restaurants close within the first three years of

operation. Despite all the glamour and glitz of

owning a restaurant, it’s not always as easy or as

fun as one would think This last year has been

especially tough on restaurants and other social

type venues so keeping one going seems like

quite an accomplishment. But imagine doing that

times three, which is the case with the places we

are writing about this month.

There’s no doubt that there are plenty of decent

restaurants to choose from when dining out at the

beach here in Central Florida but the restaurants

highlighted here undoubtedly have proven the

hotspots and “places to be” in Ormond Beach.

Let’s take a few minutes to talk a little about their

history and what makes them special when it

comes to adding to the ambience of an already

outstanding community.

Grind Gastropub & Kona Tiki Bar

( live music 5 nights a week)

There was once a semi-upscale restaurant/bar on

Granada Boulevard that established a reputation

for its hip and cool vibes when it opened back

in 2013 . What was once Caffeine Bistro and

Wine Bar has now been transformed into Grind

Gastropub and Kona Tiki Bar. By building out the

back areas - including a stage - additional seating

was added to the venue, creating a unique dining

and listening experience. The outside is a huge

covered tiki bar done in style with all wood and

palm thatch and the inside is a true old school

style gastropub.

The concept of gastropubs, which originated in

the United Kingdom years ago is still a popular

theme. The menu is fun with clichés from some

classic movies and themes, and the overall

ambiance with the open brick walls and cool

lighting take you away to an almost nirvana state

of mind.

31 Supper Club

(live music 3 nights a week)

Ormond Beach entrepreneur Bill Jones had

created a force to be reckoned with on West

Granada Avenue in Ormond Beach with

31 Supper Club. Both he and owner Kevin

Wakefield have helped the dining experience

take a step back in time.

On December 2015 a Prohibition-era speakeasythemed

eatery opened in the iconic white Art

Deco-style building Jones owns in the heart of

the city’s downtown business district.

Bill was quoted as once saying, “I want you

to come in and feel like that you have walked

through a time portal. Some people may confuse

that as formality, but it’s not. It’s about being

relaxed, going to visit something that hasn’t been

around in 70 or 80 years,” Jones said of 31.

The building sat empty for a few years until

Kevin Wakefield and his vision of fine dining

transferred the place into one of the most highly

respected places in the surrounding area. It

didn’t hurt that the property was designed by

renowned innovators, The Shok Group. If you

haven’t ventured out to see the place, the view

alone is worth the visit and the food and service

are always impeccable. From the zebra style

chairs to the ice bar and iconic cigar lounge out

back. It almost feels like you could be in Miami

or some other big city, as the place is done with

style and grace.

Ormond Garage

(live music 3 nights a week)

Ormond Beach has a new brewery, located inside

the historic Ormond Garage building, which

was built in 1919. It’s a perfect place to show

off cars from past races as well as have some

great food and superb beer that’s brewed onsite.

Once again Kevin Wakefield has outdone himself

since he opened the Grind Gastropub and Kona

Tiki Bar across the street on West Granada

Boulevard, followed by 31 Supper Club.

Although he’s thought about it for at least

four years, the plan to open “Ormond Garage

Brewing” was put into action about a year and a

half ago.

It wasn’t easy, as Covid and dealing with other

local breweries delayed the opening, but where

there’s a will there’s a way. After opening 31

Supper Club, Wakefield was quoted, saying of

Ormond Garage, “As soon as we got this one up

and running, I’d already had in my brain that I

wanted to make that a brewery across the street.”

The brewery consists of about 3,200 square feet

inside with a biergarten in the rear. The mural

on the back outside wall brings one back to the

very first races on the beach that made Ormond

Beach and Daytona Beach famous around the

world. The place serves a simple yet elegant

menu and the fresh made beers will be named

after the famous drivers and race cars that got

their start racing on Ormond Beach’s shore, as a

tribute to the city’s “Birthplace of Speed” history

and the original Ormond Garage that burned

down in 1976.

Wakefield is also hoping to turn the brewery

into a music venue, similar to some of the larger

venues in the county. Their first National show

featuring “Sister Hazel“ was a huge success and

others were planned before covid struck. In 2021,

things should finally get back to semi-normal and

more big shows are planned for the summer and

fall season.

There’s no doubt that the future looks bright

for all three venues and it’s obvious that they

have all added to the great dining experience

in the Ormond Beach area. Let’s hope that

this is just the beginning for Mr. Wakefield and

that he continues his prowess of creating great

entertainment eateries.

As time has proven, the trifecta is here to stay

and will continue to be “the” places to visit by

both the snow birds and locals alike.





By Randy Pepper

Every January, every musician and store owner

gets psyched to go to California to see what’s

new in the world of musical merchandise. This

year it’s going to be a little different there will be

no NAMM in Anaheim California; this year it’s

going to be virtual. Now there will be seminars

and stuff like that that you can login and watch

on your computer just like you would normally

in person but now you can watch it in your


This year they’re going to be honoring Garth

Brooks and Melissa Etheridge and some others.

Some of the musical distributors have already

laid out what’s new. PRS has already done their

virtual launch party. They introduced the 22 fret

new Special Semi-Hollow edition. It has two PRS

58/15 LT humbuckers and a PRS Narrowfield

middle pickup that is paired with a five way

blades switch and two mini toggle switches that

tap the 58/LT pickups. They also re-introduced

the studio model which they also did back in the

1990s and it hasn’t been seen since, but it’s back

in a whole new way. Basically the same thing;

two single coils with one humbucker and a five

way switch. For more info on all the new models

including the new custom 24-08 Visit prsguitars.


Takamine also had their launch party as well.

They introduced their new LTD 2021 Blue Rose

edition and a few others. You can check those

out as well at takamine.com. Gibson announced

that they would do their virtual show starting

January 18th and in the coming weeks you’ll see

more and more retailers coming out with new

models - we will see models from Fender and


The best way to follow all the action is to go to

those websites and see when their launch parties

are or keep an eye on YouTube as most of them

will be streamed live for everyone to watch. That

is a big deal because in the past you had to have

a pass just to get in to NAMM and if you didn’t

own a music store or know somebody in the

music industry, you didn’t get in. This year is so

different as everyone will get to see what’s new in

the world of MI. It will be interesting to see if we

only miss the January event and not the summer

NAMM; all of the guitar shows are still canceled

until the summer but God willing we get to do

those shows as well.

Although there has been talk of Holding a virtual

guitar show, I don’t know how this would work

because you would have so many dealers from

all over the country trying to sell their stuff and

not be able to do trades and buying as well. One

thing is for sure - this has been a very strange

time for everyone and that includes all of the

musical industry, let’s just hope by this time next

year we’re back to normal.

Randy Pepper is the

owner of the Guitar Attic

and Holly Hill and a

Guitarist for hire.

BlockMusical Presidents

On The By Jenny McLain

Although the Bernie Sanders memes

are great fun, one of the highlights

of the Presidential Inauguration in

January was undoubtedly the National

Anthem as sung by Lady Gaga. I

was at work during the ceremony, but

noticed FaceBook posts during my

lunch break about Lady Gaga “killing

it”, so I couldn’t wait for time to go

home so I could see, exactly, what

she had done that was so awesome. I

watched the YouTube video after I got

home and, I can’t say that I’m a big

fan of Lady Gaga, but it was probably

my favorite thing I’ve ever watched

her do (sorry, I did not see the latest

version of “A Star is Born”).

I started thinking, since I had music

and Presidents on my mind at the

moment - I know Bill Clinton plays the

saxophone and Richard Nixon played

the piano; I’ve even seen a video

of Barack Obama singing Amazing

Grace (kind of). But how many

US Presidents had/have a musical

talent.? As it turns out, a LOT of them


Sax player Bill Clinton once said,

“Music is about communication,

creativity, and cooperation, and by

studying music in schools, students

have the opportunity to build on

these skills, enrich their lives, and

experience the world from a new


Harry Truman was quite an

accomplished pianist and never

passed a piano without playing a tune.

He once joked, “My choice early in life

was either to be a piano-player in a

whorehouse, or a politician. And to tell

the truth, there’s hardly any difference.

I, for one, believe the piano player

job to be much more honorable than

current politicians.”

John Quincy Adams was a flutist and even

wrote music. He is quoted as saying, “I have to

study politics and war so that my sons can study

mathematics, commerce and agriculture, so their

sons can study poetry, painting and music.”

Woodrow Wilson played violin and sang tenor in

his college glee club. This quote from him is very

relevant today, “The man who disparages music

as a luxury and non-essential is doing the nation

an injury. Music now, more than ever before, is a

national need.”

Other notable musician Presidents include John

Tyler who played the violin (and his wife was

a guitarist); Abraham Lincoln, who also played

the violin; Calvin Coolidge, who dabbled in

harmonica. And there was once a buzz about

Ronald Reagan secretly learning to play the

harmonica as well.

Here are some more Presidential quotes about

the importance of music:

Music “brings us together, helping us reflect upon

who we are, where we have come from, and

what lies ahead.” The Arts and Music transcend

“languages, cultures, and borders.” … “exchange

ideas and styles and share in the artistic vibrancy

born from diverse experiences and traditions.

– President Obama in a 2010 message to the

World Choir Games in Shaoxing, China

“The Arts and Sciences, essential to the

prosperity of the State and to the ornament

of human life, have a primary claim to the

encouragement of every lover of his country and

mankind.” –George Washington

I firmly believe that the interest in and practice of

music can be a major contributor to a person’s

happiness by helping them become more well

rounded. It can serve so many purposes -

music can be a goal to achieve; it can be a

mood stabilizer, a release, an escape, a shift

in perspective. And since it is a truly universal

“language”, maybe music could somehow

contribute to a more well-rounded society and

global community. If only it were that simple ...

February 2021

5 t h - Morgan McManus 4pm

6 t h - The Transfers 12pm & Griffin Sinclair 5pm

7 t h - Ian Opalinski 12pm

12 t h - Bradford Buckley 4pm

13 t h - Claire Vandiver 12pm & Marty McCarrick 5pm

14 t h - Casey Picou 12pm

19 t h - Jay Paski 4pm

20 t h - Heather Craig 12pm & The Evening Muze 5pm

21 s t - Jarrod George 12pm

26 t h - Jessie Abbey 4pm

27 t h - The Cyclones 12pm & Hannah Wilson 5pm

28 - Rasta Bayers 12pm

Behind the mic: It’s my Birthday Month


The Morning HOG / 95-7 The HOG Weekday 5-10am


@saturdayloud on Twitter The Morning Hog on fb


Hello, friends!

It’s my birthday month. I used to go hogshit wild

for my birthday, dragging it out for a solid week

with indulgences and fun. Now, I just want to

make lists. So here we go....


Top “Adjusted” New Year’s Resolutions

1) Develop a Gluten allergy

2) Throw more things

3) Instead of swallowing pride, puke it up

4) Befriend some fish

5) Write a screenplay about decadent mimes

3 Favorite Places To “Go Yard”

1) Baseball Field

2) Fabric Store

3) Carl’s “Meat by the Feet” Butcher Hut

Worst Bands I’ll See In The Future

1) Carpe Dimebags

2) The Vance Funderbrunt Spontaneity

3) That’s What She Shed

4) Indifference

5) Damp Camp

5 Least Ordered Girl Scout Cookies

1) Mesquite Leeks

2) Toffee & Tomato Sammies

3) Gin Fizzies

4) Chocolate Iced Mistakes

5) Grunion Snaps

Worst Places To Hide In A Horror Flick

1) Drain Pipe

2) Linen Closet

3) Behind Sheer Curtain

4) Any Trunk

If I Could Re-Name My Pets, They’d Be Called...

1) Princess Pissalot

2) Goodyear

3) Dan

4) Ambassador Flapjack

Words I Plan To Use More in 2021

1) Pendular

2) Cattywampus

3) Kerfuffle

4) Pandiculation

Potential Failed Video Games

1) Frog Heist

2) Dragon Stank 9

3) Follow The String - Hyper Edition

4) John Madden Takes A Bath

Worst Questions To Hear At A Water Park

1) “What’s IBS?”

2) “Does This Look Infected?”

3) “The Dermatologist said it’ll just fall off”

Best Available Men’s Bowling Team Names Of


1) PinBrawl

2) 4 Bros, 12 Holes

3) The 7/10 Lickers

4) Gutter? I Just Met Her

5) Balls-A-Droppin’

Worst Acoustic Duos of 2021

1) Parsnips & Mayo

2) Fletcher & Belcher

3) Sherry & The Admiral

4) Macadamia Mel & The Harlot

3 Top Potential Announcer Calls During March


1) “That tangerine is ready to peel!”

2) “Call your momma and tell her it’s a 3-ball!”

3) “Bust out Grandpa’s change purse for that


Favorite Pizza Chains That Don’t Exist Yet

1) Stuffie McCrusters

2) Once Upon A Pepperoni

3) Round And Ready

4) Pretty Slices

5) Monte Bellisimo’s Too Much Toppings Tavern

Things To Look Forward To

1) Unexpected riches

2) Pineapple

3) A goddamn break

4) A first kiss

5) Extra Nyquil sleep

New Hobbies For 2021

1) Spot Cleaning

2) Line Drawing

3) Kite Critique

4) Blurry Photography

5) Coin Washing

Potential Autobiography Titles

1) My Life: A Study In Confusion

2) Wait For It...

3) I’m Pretty Sure That Happened

4) Arousal And Mozzarella - A Memoir

In this month of love, I hope those take root in

your heart. Pop THAT in a Valentine card & wait

for the fireworks!

Love you long time!




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By David Dequasie

Trends in music come and go. Sometimes, they

go away more quickly than our musical tastes

would prefer. A couple of trends that I look back

upon with great fondness are the swing craze

during the late 1990’s, and the blues resurgence

of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s.

By the late 1980s, Stevie Ray Vaughn was a

household name, unless of course your house

was living under a rock. With the help of Stevie’s

success and collaboration, young listeners heard

Albert King and Lonnie Mack for the first time

and record companies were taking the blues as a

serious, money making form of music.

Suddenly, artists who already had been recording

and performing for decades, now had videos in

heavy rotation on television. Many of the artists

who had been dismissed as being past their

prime were now more popular than ever. The Allman

Brothers Band reformed with an astounding

new line up and the great album, Seven Turns.

Neil Young reinvented himself with Neil Young

and the Blue Notes. Gotta love the horn section

on that one.

John Lee Hooker, Bonnie Raitt, Carlos Santana,

and others were even winning Grammys. Pat

Benetar also seized the moment with the very

fine True Love album. Jack Bruce and Ginger

Baker did an excellent Cream re-form of sorts

with 17 year old guitarist Blues Saraceno. Many

recordings which had been out of print were now

being reissued in compilations or original

album form.

Check out any of the Real Folk Blues series on

the Chess label. Each one is a gem, there’s a

reason that these vinyl records fetch high prices

on Ebay. It was also good to hear

veteran blues men such as Johnny Winter, Gary

Moore, and Buddy Guy on the radio, having released

their first singles in decades.

John Hyatt and Sonny Landreth also experienced

a sudden boost in popularity, Sonny being the

first slide guitar virtuoso to come along in quite

some time. Fortunately for us, record companies

then signed new artists such as Blues Traveler,

Gov’t Mule and Chris Duarte. Unfortunately,

William Shatner seems to have missed the boat

during those years, giving us a blues album in

2020. Yeah, 2020 wasn’t such a great year.

Blues festivals, at that time, seemed to be popping

up everywhere. There was a real sense of

community in the crowds and a feeling that there

was something for us other than spandex wearing

hair metal bands. The first time that I heard

Derek Trucks was at a local festival. Only 10

years old at the time, he was the sound of hope

for the blues. Perhaps one of the

greatest additions to the blues world were the

number of musical prodigies who were given attention.

Jonny Lang and Kenny Wayne Shepherd

were soon to follow.

It’s hard to say what’s in store for 2021, but let’s

hope that the live concerts come back, this is

where the blues have always lived and that would

be a good trend.

3401 S. Atlantic Avenue, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169 386-423-8787

February LIVE MUSIC Schedule

Feb 6 th - Sean Holcomb 2pm

Feb 13 th Johnny and Heidi- 2pm

Feb 19 th - Bobby James 4pm

Feb 20 th - Bobby James 2pm

Feb 21 st - Bobby James 12pm


Feb 27 th - Casey Picou 2pm


In honor of Black History Month, I would like to

highlight a few personal influences that in my

mind prove that music transcends and has a soul

everyone can relate to.

ICE T This artist’s reputation is

well known. He is the pioneer of

transcending hip-hop and metal,

by way of his band, Body Count,

and he continues to collaborate

with multiple artists from all


Terrance Hobbs One of

the original founding members

of Suffocation, Hobbs’ ability to

completely shred metal riffs has

never been questioned. To this

day, he continues to pave the way

for future metal masters.

Mike Smith All one needs to

do to familiarize themselves with

Mike’s work is blast Suffocation’s

“Effigy of the Forgotten” in its

entirety. Truly one of my favorite

drummers ever.

Dr. Dre Dre’s ability to produce,

write, kill the mic, and rule the

business world, has proven he

is a juggernaut in the music


Wu-Tang Clan

Straight up, Wu-Tang

Clan ain’t nothin’ to

f*#@ with!

KRS One Knowledge Reigns

Supreme Over Nearly Everybody

with this street lyricist’s ability to slay

anyone in his path. Truly, a one-of-akind


By Andy Minor

Jimi Hendrix What can be said

about this legendary guitar player

that hasn’t already been relayed

a thousand times over? His

influence surpasses time itself.

Robert Johnson Legendary

blues guitar player Robert

Johnsen, the man who

supposedly sold his soul to the

devil “at the crossroads”. Blues

and metal have always had their

ties and Johnson definitely had a

hand in bridging that gap.

Chuck D From “Bring the

Noise”, “Anthrax”, “Public Enemy”

and more, Chuck D bringing the

two cultures together, in my mind,

was a great collaboration between

the two genres. Although hip-hop

and metal are different, I believe

their core and spirit are one in the


Sponsored By:

Bad Brains This

classic punk rock

powerhouse band

was banned in DC

for a reason. If one

has not heard of Bad

Brains, do yourself a

favor and remedy

that today.

In closing, I do not believe music would be here today

without these powerful influences from very powerful

artists, tried and true. The one thing I love about

music is that no matter what color, race, culture, or

background you are, when you can see in a person’s

eyes, you know if you are relating over the tunes,

because music is a universal language.

I hope you check out these top ten influences in my

life, and maybe they will inspire you as well.

the answers



2 3 4 5




9 10 11











1. What was the name of Bob Marley’s female

back-up group?


7. The Wailers were kicked off a tour in 1973

for upstaging what group?

Sly and the Family Stone

2. Bob Marley’s wife, Rita, had this hit song in

the early ‘80s.

One Draw

3. What is Bob Marley’s full name?

Robert Nesta Marley

4. What was the name of Bob Marley’s original

Ska band?

The Teenagers

5. Whose cover of “I Shot the Sheriff” was a

radio hit in 1974?

Eric Clapton

6. What was Bob Marley’s first hit outside of


No Woman, No Cry

8. What are the items buried with Bob Marley?

His red Gibson guitar, a soccer ball,

a marijuana bud, a ring that he had

worn every day, and a Bible opened

to Psalm 23

9. Bob Marley received what honor in 1994?

He was inducted into the Rock and

Roll Hall of Fame

10. What were Bob Marley’s last words to his


Money can’t buy life

11. Who were the original members of the


Bob Marley, Bunny Livingston, Peter



12. What record label was Bob Marley with

when he died?

Island Records

Feb 6 th - Psycoustic 9pm

Feb 7 th - Casey Picou 8pm

FEB 13 th - Paradoxx duo 9pm

FEB 14 th - Casey Picou 8pm

feb 20 th - Cody and Kyle 9pm

Feb 21 st - Michelle Marie 8pm

feb 27 th - Bradford buckley 9pm

Feb 28 th - Casey Picou 8pm

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New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169

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