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in a Bag

LENT 2021

Lent in a Bag is a tool to use during the season of Lent—the season

when Christians prepare their hearts to celebrate Easter by pondering

and remembering God’s redemptive move in and through Christ. As

your family steps into this Lenten season by concentrating on the

Psalms, spend some time with the touchpoints below, focusing in

particular on the attributes of God. Note, the touchpoints correlate

with Holy Trinity’s Forty Days with the Psalms readings. You will see

the “Day” designated next to each lesson. A second way to use this

resource would be to save the readings for Holy Week, picking a

special time of day to focus on the goodness and greatness of the

Lord. Additionally, encourage kids who are readers to read both the

Scripture and kids portions below. Regardless of which method

works best for your family, use the Scripture and simple activities

within this devotional to discover together new truths about God!

Our prayer is this resource will bless you and yours.

Ash Wednesday is February 17—Let’s get started!

Lesson 1| Day 1—God Is Our Creator

Psalm 8:2-4


“ 2 From the mouths of children and babies come songs of praise to

you. They sing of your power… 3 I look at the heavens you made

with your hands. I see the moon and the stars you created. 4 And I

wonder, “Why are people so important to you? Why do you even

think about them? Why do you care so much about humans? Why

do you even notice them?”

Kids, do you realize how very precious you are to God?

Reread verse 2 to discover a very important role children

played—kids just like you played in God’s story! Take a look

at the next verse, notice how powerful God is. Let the truth that God

is the Creator of all things sink in. Do you agree with verse 4? Have

you ever wondered why God created people and why we are valuable

to him? Take a minute to think fully about this. Know that the Bible

tells us over and over again that God cares deeply for humanity—the

God of the universe adores you! As we wrap up, refocus on God the

Creator of all things—is there one thing you can thank God for creating

right now?

• Instruct children to use the playdoh to copy something God

created: sun, moon, stars, people?

• On a clear night during Lent, take a walk outside and stare up

at the stars. Let your children marvel at God’s creation!

Remind them that even children and babies can praise the Lord

and recognize his power and wonder!

Lesson 2 | Day 7—God Is Our Help

Psalm 30:10-12

Activity—Prayer Cards


Lord, hear my prayer, and be kind to me. Lord, help me!” 11 You

have changed my sorrow into dancing. You have taken away my

sackcloth (clothing of sadness) and clothed me with joy. 12 You

wanted me to praise you and not be silent. Lord my God, I will praise

you forever!

Friend, don’t you love how the psalmist (the person who wrote

the words) cries out to God in prayer when things are not going

well? Whether young or old, this is a great thing to remember:

pray to God when you have a need or are in trouble! Kids, this could be

at school, on the playground, participating in a sport and especially at

home! God always wants to hear from us—talking to God either out

loud or in our thoughts is prayer! Finally, have you ever wondered if

God hears you when you pray? If yes, take a look at these verses again

because not only does God hear, his answers bring joy, dancing and


• Ask children to write a prayer request on the prayer card

provided (it’s the card with the cross) and place the prayer card

in a prominent spot within your home as a reminder.

Additionally, use any teachable moments throughout the week

to remind children to turn to God in prayer when they feel sad,

stressed, happy or even out of control.

• Sometime this week play a game of freeze dance. Enjoy this

game by playing some fun music for your kids to dance to, and

then randomly stop the music so they can freeze… repeat!

Remind children that God loves it when we pray—trusting God

with our concerns brings joy, dancing, peace and praise!

Lesson 3 | Day 13—God Is Our Rescuer

Psalm 66:5-6

Activity—Water Beads


Look at what God has done! These things amaze us. 6 He changed

the sea to dry land, and his people went across the water on foot. So

let’s celebrate because of what he has done!

Okay, kids! What do think these Bible verses are referring to?

What scene is the psalmist encouraging us to remember?

Think Old Testament, think Moses! Did you guess Moses

leading the Israelites across the Red Sea on dry ground (Exodus 14)?

God rescued the Israelites—parting the waters was something only he

could do! God has rescued us, too. He has rescued us from sin

through the gift of Jesus. Let us truly celebrate what God has done!

• Fill up a small container with some water and add the water

beads. Afford children the opportunity to explore and play. At

some point, ask them to try to separate the water beads (just

like God separated the sea for Moses and the Israelites) trying

to create a dry space in the middle. Talk about how hard

making a dry spot in the middle of the water beads is to do.

Remind your kids of what God did for Moses and the Israelites,

as well as what God has done for each of us through Jesus!

• If there’s a rainy day this week, don raincoats and rain boots

and head outdoors to splash in some puddles! Have children

re-tell the story of God parting the Red Sea. Help children

remember to celebrate the goodness of God!

Lesson 4 | Day 19—God Is Good News

Psalm 96:1-2

Activity—Musical Note Card


Sing a new song to the Lord! Let the whole world sing to the Lord!


Sing to the Lord and praise his name! Tell the good news every day

about how he saves us!

What do you do when you’ve found out some good news?

What if you got an “A” on a test, or a family member or friend

got better after having been really sick. What would you do?

This verse tells us God can save us. This is good news! From the verses

above we learn that we should sing a new song, tell the world, and

praise the name of the Lord because of his saving power. This is

awesome news!

• Have kids write on their musical note card a word of praise

about God. Consider writing an attribute of God (faithful,

loving, kind, righteous, good), or a word of gratitude: “God,

I’m grateful you helped me with _____,” etc.

• Below are a few links to songs that your children might enjoy

singing or dancing to—making a new song to the Lord!

• Dance, Shout, Sing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?


• My God: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_eRnF0oXaE

• Praise The Lord Every Day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?


Lesson 5 | Day 25—God Is Our Promise Keeper

Psalm: 105:7-8



The Lord is our God. He rules the whole world. 8 He will remember

his agreement forever. He will always keep the promises he made to

his people.

Tell the truth! Have you ever said you’d do something, and

then completely forgot or decided for some reason not to do

it? If we’re being honest, each one of us can remember doing

this! God is not like us, he is perfect in every way! Do you know what

happens when God says he’ll do something? He will do it—God is a

promise keeper! God remembered, and kept, His agreement with

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and on-and-on until Jesus! Often times

followers of God would place stones in a pile to remind themselves

that God was a promise keeper! We definitely should strive or try to

be a promise keeper like God! We won’t always get it right, but,

remember God has so much love for us and offers us forgiveness

because of his son Jesus Christ!

• Give each child a stone from the bag and ask the question,

“What do you want to remember about God, our promise

keeper?” (If you have a metallic or white sharpie, consider

writing a word of remembrance on the stone provided.) After

each child has shared, encourage them to place the stone in a

prominent spot in the home or encourage them to carry the

stone around in a pocket—either will be a reminder of God’s


• During the week google search and play the song, Way Maker,

by Leeland (https://www.youtube.com/watch?

v=iJCV_2H9xD0). Have your kids listen for the words,

“promise keeper,” and clap, snap, stomp each time they hear

these words! Additionally, you could ask them what other

attributes are given to God?

Lesson 6 | Day 31—God Is Love

Psalm 116



I love the Lord for hearing me, for listening to my prayers. 2 Yes, he

paid attention to me, so I will always call to him whenever I need


Verse 1 starts with the psalmist (remember, the person who

wrote the words) declaring his love for God. We learn that

he loves God because God heard his prayers and is faithful, especially

when things are hard. The psalmist is able to say he loves God

because God reached out and loved him first. 1 John 4:19 says, “We

love because God first loved us.” As we celebrate Holy Week starting

on Sunday, consider (think about) all that Jesus did because of his

incredible love for us!

• Instruct children to draw a cross on one side of the heart

shape as a reminder of Jesus’ great love for all people. On the

opposite side of the heart, have the child write their name as

a reminder that Jesus loves them personally and dearly!

• During the week encourage kids to practice random acts of

love to you, other family members and the world around


Lesson 7 | Day 37—God Is Our Lord and King

Psalm 145: 1-3

Activity—Count Down to Resurrection Day


I will tell of your greatness, my God and King. I will praise your

name forever and ever. 2 I will praise you every day. I will praise

your name forever and ever. 3 The Lord is great and deserves all our

praise! No one can fully understand his greatness!

This weekend we will celebrate Jesus’ death on the cross

and resurrection—the tomb was empty and our sins are

cancelled, gone! Just like the psalm above states, we, too,

can tell of God’s greatness. We can praise his name forever because

Jesus, the King of kings willingly died on the cross for our sins and

God supernaturally (something only God can do) raised Jesus from

the dead—halleluiah! The last part of verse 3 states, “No one can

fully understand his greatness!” This is truth! Praise to you, Lord


• Use the strips of paper provided to create a paper chain (note,

we’ve included a few extras) to count down the days until

Jesus’ resurrection. Feel free to use staples, tape or glue to

adhere strips together.

• On a blank piece of paper have your son or daughter, or help

them, write down any sins (something they’ve done wrong)

they want Jesus to forgive. With parent supervision, have

them go outside and light those sins on fire because Jesus’

death and resurrection removes all our sins!

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