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A word from the Principal...


As we approach the end of our first half term, I would like to reiterate that we fully appreciate how

difficult this period is for everyone. Spinning countless plates at home which now includes joining

online sessions and completing daily learning activities is a big ask but want to thank you for all you

are doing to help your child continue to engage with school and the curriculum. Many of the adults

here in school, like you, are juggling work, home learning and keeping the household (and themselves)

going. It’s important to remember to look after yourself at this time. Sometimes you might

need to step away from the laptops or school work and walk, enjoy a book, get out into the fresh air

or watch a movie. Do that. You can return to the learning later.

We are aware that spending a lot of time looking at a screen isn’t good for us as adults or for our

children, so from after half term we will be introducing regular ‘screen-free’ days where there will

still be challenging and relevant learning for your children to engage with, but it will not involve large

amounts of screen time and will have a focus on life skills.

This week we will be holding our first virtual celebration assembly and this will now become a weekly

occurrence, so please keep an eye out for the invite in your emails and via your child’s Seesaw or

Tapestry (EYFS) account. The bubbles of children in school will be joining, but children and family

members at home are more than welcome to join us as well.

Thank you for your continued support and please get in contact if there is anything we can do to


Kind regards,

Mr Adam Anderson


Broad and Balanced...


This week Rainbow class have enjoyed learning a new story - Goldilocks and

Three Bears. They have had lots of fun making and tasting their own porridge

- they had to choose a topping that was just right for them. They have been

very busy making invitations for their teddy bears, inviting them to a picnic

where they had to make them tasty things to eat. It has been lovely to see the

paintings and pictures that they have been busy making of their favourite teddy

bears. They enjoyed the challenge of finding leaves and sticks in the forest

to create their own natural picture. We also have taken part in the Cornwall

Virtual Schools Games, which was lots of fun. Well done Rainbow class for all

of your hard work and amazing learning again this week. Only one week until

half-term, let’s make it a great one!

Broad and Balanced...


We have had another very busy week in Class 1. The children have been learning

all about Amelia Earhart and wrote some fantastic sentences about what

they thought it would be like to fly.

For geography we have been learning about Australia. The children had to find

out three interesting facts about Australia and share them with the class. They

came up with some really interesting information and presented their work

beautifully. The class then recreated a piece of art work by an Aboriginal artist

called Emily Kame Kngwarreye.

In science we learnt all about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and the

children were able to identify and sort the animals into the correct groups. For

PSHE the children have been learning about keeping their money safe and they

made some wonderful moneyboxes.

It was great to see so many children taking part in the different challenges

that were set in the Lockdown Virtual Cornwall School Games. Well done for all

your amazing work this week.

Broad and Balanced...


Class 2 have been continuing their work on the Titanic. This week we had a

go at sketching the Titanic and the final pieces of work were very impressive!

We also made videos discussing what we would need to buy for a trip on the

Titanic and what we would like to buy for our trip. The class had some lovely

ideas and thought they would enjoy a hot tub session, lots of nice food, a spa

day and many other luxurious items! We then thought about different jobs that

would allow us to earn the money to pay for these items. Thank you again to

all of the families that are supporting their children with all of the home learning.

You are doing an amazing job!

Broad and Balanced...


Year 3 have been continuing learning about the Stone age this week and have learned

about Stone age tools and weapons. The children have been sketching them and

making them. For English this week the children have been learning about instructions.

They have been following instructions to make various things such as friendship

bracelets, bird feeders and some simple foods. They have even written some instructions

to Mrs Wherry to help her wash her new pet Woolly mammoth!

The children have also been enjoying their PE activities by dancing and taking part in

the Cornwall virtual School Games. Another good week Year 3, well done.

Broad and Balanced...


This week, year 4 have been looking at how water gets to our homes and also the

process it goes through for us to safely consume it. We have also been exploring basic

circuits in science and identifying complete/ incomplete circuits.

Furthermore, class 4 have been looking at inverted commas and punctuating direct

speech accurately using commas, inverted commas, question marks, exclamation

marks and full stops. It was a lot of information to absorb but they have done


Finally, we took part in the Virtual Games all week and had a go at various PE related

activities before sending in our scores. There were some amazing efforts, both in

school and at home.

Broad and Balanced...


Another week of amazing learning from Class 5, they just keep on shining!

In English, they’ve started to write some very interesting newspaper reports.

In Maths, after two weeks of learning column multiplication they are now learning

bus stop division which they are mastering. In PSHE, they’ve been running

their own businesses and advertising jobs for positions within their company.

In their job vacancies they made sure their posters or presentations included a

focus on inclusion, equality and diversity. Also, active participation in all areas

of the curriculum continue, with super paintings being produced, magical songs

being composed in music, They’ve focussed on UK studies in geography and

how to write in runes in history, this is just a glimpse of what they’ve been up


To finish, Class 5 have kept on the move, to win points for the school in the

Cornwall Schools Virtual Games. They’ve been clocking up their miles through:

running, walking, cycling, scootering and roller skating. In addition to this,

they’ve scored numerous points in a number of other activities, within a 60

second time limit. In PE lessons they have also been completing street dance

routines and learning basketball skills.

You’re all super sport stars and deserve a rest!

Broad and Balanced...


Year 6 have continued their learning on World War Two this week and even

enjoyed measuring out the floor space within an Anderson Shelter. It was great

to see them using their Maths skills to measure the correct lengths and each

of them made very accurate reflections on how cramped and claustrophobic it

would have been for a family during an air raid. They also completed their writing

of a diary entry, from the point of view of a character in our class novel. I

was so impressed by the sophisticated vocabulary used and the feelings of the

characters during an event in WW2. They also enjoyed a PE/PSHE afternoon,

completing an activity of choice and thinking about how exercise can support

their mental health. Finally, they found out information about some of the medals

awarded during WW2 and designed their own medals. I really enjoyed seeing

their creative designs and the thought processes behind the colours and

details used. I particularly liked a medal to recognise the work of female spies.

Well done on another productive and positive week Year 6!

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