Yellow. The Klingspor customer magazine - Edition 2|2020

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The new Klingspor customer magazine!


The Klingspor

Customer Magazine

Specialist tip on the

correct grit sequence

for wood sanding

Explained by our expert Marcin Grzesiak.

Page 8

Edition 2|2020


WOLF Aqua-Manufaktur swears by mottling

points from Klingspor. Page 2


a bubble rain shower head made by

WOLF Aqua-Manufaktur.

Page 3


70 years of Kronenflex®: the history of

the successful product series. Page 4

Unusual times

This is how Klingspor has fared so far with

the challenges of the corona crisis. Page 7


Yellow. The Klingspor Customer Magazine 2|2020

Besides producing a one-of-a-kind scratch

pattern, the mottling points made by Klingspor

also create a unique beading effect of the

shower water.

The rainmaker

For 15 years now, WOLF Aqua-Manufaktur has managed to combine shower comfort with

sustainability. Instrumental to this success were the mottling points of Klingspor’s line of R-Flex products.

If you were so inclined, you could

describe the discovery made by

Hartmut Wolf nearly 20 years ago as

rather inflated. Back then, the electrical

engineer by trade spent his spare time

experimenting with options to treat water,

focusing especially on techniques to swirl

water. While tinkering with different

techniques, he noticed that his design

allowed air bubbles to exit the drill holes

along with the water droplets. This

observation was to form the basis of the

bubble rain technology Wolf came to adopt

for his bathroom fittings factory.

Lowering costs

This is how the invention works: a rapidly

spinning swirl is generated in a chamber

inside the shower head. This swirl sucks in

air that is mixed with the water in the

shower head. This creates the bubble rain

effect: similar to soap bubbles, the water

droplets are filled with air in the core,

expanding their size by approximately two

thirds. “While not diminishing the quality

of the shower experience in the least, this

technology lowers water consumption

dramatically”, explains Hartmut Wolf.

Showering with less water also means

reduced energy costs for heating – which

in turn translates to savings in CO 2

The perforated plate is drilled with a CNC machine before being

soldered up with a welding bell.

Grinding with the R-Flex mottling points creates the unmistakable

spiral scratch pattern.

emissions. The enduring effect of his

invention is still the source of Hartmut

Wolf's greatest pride: “Current discussions

on the subject of climate protection

invariably seem to associate the aspect of

sustainability with abstinence. However,

the bubble rain shower head merges

sustainability with uncompromising

comfort.” Better yet, it even has a positive

side effect: separating calcium and

carbonic acid from one another, the

swirling of the water also prevents the

shower head holes from becoming clogged

by limescale.

Precise grinding

To keep his dream of bubble rain

technology from bursting, Hartmut Wolf

needed an abrasive tool capable of

deburring the roughly 70 holes in the

shower head with utmost precision. “To

ensure the bubbles form properly without

bursting, we finish grind the holes with

R-Flex mottling points", says Hartmut

Wolf and adds: “This allows us to achieve

results that are not only perfect but also

perfectly consistent. We greatly appreciate

this kind of dependable quality. Better

still, the spiral shape of the scratch pattern

looks absolutely cool.”

Proud inventor:

Hartmut Wolf

devised the

bubble rain


20 years ago.

No less excited about this performance is

Stefan Hartels, Hartmut Wolf's contact in

Klingspor's sales department: “Many

people associate Klingspor with such

heavy-duty jobs as cutting rails and

smoothing down welded edges. They find

it inconceivable that our products are

capable of grinding with a precision that

allows for the fine dispersal of water. We

take our hats off to Mr. Wolf for finding an

entirely new purpose for our R-Flex

mottling points.“ ■

For more information on

Klingspor’s mottling

points, visit

Log on to


further information on

WOLF Aqua-Manufaktur

Yellow. The Klingspor Customer Magazine 2|2020


X-LOCK makes it

possible to change

and fix in place

cutting-off wheels

within a matter of




Surface preparation



Professionals. Customers who rely on Bosch equipment with an X-LOCK

mount now no longer have to do without the trusted quality produced by

Klingspor: this is thanks to the smart Quick Change technology conceived

by Bosch, which is now also available for Klingspor's top sellers. Available

immediately and with a wide range of grits and diameters, X-LOCK

technology can now be enjoyed with the most popular and the most

common models in the product categories of fibre discs, abrasive mop

discs, Kronenflex® cutting-off wheels, and diamond cutting blades. ■

Autumn Event

Handicraft. As in every year, Klingspor is launching another attractive

autumn event for the handicraft trade. Professionals will have an

opportunity to benefit from this year’s autumn event until December 23,

2020. This special promotion includes attractive offers for a wide variety

of industries and from a multitude of product categories. All products

advertised in the event flyer can be ordered using the promotion code

“Autumn Event". The offer is available while supply lasts. ■




Herbstaktion 2020

für das Handwerk

01.10. – 23.12.

More at

More often than not, wood sanding

is applied to prepare the surface

for finish treatment or varnishing.

It is especially important for these

kinds of application to observe a

specific grit sequence. If the jumps

in grit size are too large, the tool

may not remove all scratches that

were previously created by

grinding with a coarse grit. These

scratches will often not become

visible until after the completion

of the surface treatment, e.g.

staining. ■


with Klingspor

and Jonas Winkler

Starting this autumn, Klingspor

will team up with master carpenter

Jonas Winkler. The successful

influencer uses his channels on

YouTube and Instagram as a

platform to present exciting

woodworking projects every single

week. ■

Member of the


Association. 2015 was the year when Klingspor embarked on the

development and production of high-quality diamond tools. Today, they

are a fixture in the construction industry and have been convincing a

steadily increasing number of users to put their trust in the premium

quality of these diamond cutting blades “Made in Europe“. In a bid to

further expand on this success and partake in the exchange of experience

shared across the association network, Klingspor has been a member of

the Association of the Construction Industry, Environmental Technology

and Mechanical Engineering, abbreviated in German to VDBUM, since

April of 2020. This association defines itself as a professional interest

group that represents its members in all questions of everyday professional

life and provides a forum to construction professionals. The guiding

principle of the VDBUM: Represent interests, promote ideas, and bring

people together. ■

Win a bubble rain

shower head

The competition question:

What does the separation of calcium and

carbonic acid prevent in the bubble rain shower



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The answer is given in this edition of “Yellow”. Already found

it? Then you might become one of the lucky winners of a bubble

rain shower head made by WOLF Aqua-Manufaktur.

Participation is very easy: send the correct answer along with

your name and address

by e-mail to:

or send it on a postcard with the correct postage to:

Klingspor Management GmbH & Co. KG, Hüttenstr. 36, 35708

Haiger, Germany

The closing date is 31 December 2020. The winner will be

picked from the draw. The judges' decision is final. All personal

details will be treated as confidential. Only available from

participating dealers.


KRONENFLEX® Yellow. The Klingspor Customer Magazine 2|2020



The brand name Kronenflex® is an integral part of Klingspor’s

company history. For 70 years, these cutting-off wheels and grinding

discs have ranked among the company's most successful products.

The year 1950 marks the beginning of the

Kronenflex® era. Back then, Carl Klingspor began

developing a high-speed cutting-off wheel and

went on to become the first entrepreneur to launch such

a product globally in 1951. “At the time, we did not have

the technical means to produce thin cutting-off wheels",

knows Klingspor Product Manager Kiran Sebastian. This

changed in the decades that followed. The applications

became more diverse, while the requirements on cuttingoff

wheels become more demanding. The standards

trended toward thinner discs and more precise cuts.

Spreading excitement since 1950: The Kronenflex® in action.

Exploring new avenues

A major milestone in the development of Kronenflex®

products was reached 20 years ago. “This is when

Klingspor developed the thin cutting-off wheels measuring

1.0 to 1.6 millimetres. Reinforced with an innovative and

ultra-thin glass fibre mesh, they conform to the rigorous

safety requirements that need to be met by high-speed

abrasive tools", remembers Markus Moos, who has been

working in Klingspor's development department for 32

years. “The challenge was to keep the perfect balance

between the necessary modification of the recipe, fast

cutting performance and conformity with the strict safety

standards. We had to change direction in terms of our

recipe and were compelled to switch to new production

machinery capable of satisfying the high quality standards

on dimensional accuracy and safety while delivering a

high level of productivity.” This is why Klingspor invested

in new machines in 2005 – with success. The

significance and the share in sales thin cuttingoff

wheels hold in the production selection

have been growing constantly ever since.

The primary reason why Kronenflex®

cutting-off wheels prevailed is that they

are more comfortable to use. Another

advantage is that they do not heat up

the material as much during

cutting, a factor of key

importance for cutting stainless

steel. Another big plus is their

exceptional ease of use: Thin

cutting-off wheels are a cinch

to control during cutting and

allow for exceptionally smooth

and easy cuts.

Today, the Kronenflex®

product selection comprises discs

with diameters ranging from 100 to

406 millimetres, all of which are

optimised for angle grinders and grinding

machines across a wide variety of performance classes.

This holds true for off-hand applications as well as for

mobile and stationary applications. What is more, the

cutting-off wheels can be used on all types of metal

materials including steel, high-alloy steel, titanium, NF

metals and on mineral materials such as stone and


Ranging in thickness from 2 to 3.2 millimetres, the

Kronenflex® A 24 Extra is a classic in the product category

of cutting-off wheels. “It is one of our top sellers

worldwide", knows Product Manager Kiran Sebastian.

Markus Moos sums up the secret to its success in one

feature: “The A 24 is robust. It strikes the perfect balance

between price-performance ratio and applicability.”

Unfortunately, the popularity the Kronenflex® cuttingoff

wheels have earned comes with a side effect: Copycats.

Until a few years ago, the cutting-off wheels in the A 24

Extra line were the most widely plagiarised discs in the

marketplace. A mountain of copies used to land on Markus

Moos’s desk. He is glad that such imitations have become

less frequent: “In some way, being imitated can be

regarded as a compliment. However, the copies fail to

deliver the same level of quality, excellent results or safety

that is epitomised by the Kronenflex® brand.“ ■

“We had to change

direction in terms of

our recipe and were

compelled to switch

to new production


Markus Moos, Development of Bonded Abrasives

Yellow. The Klingspor Customer Magazine 2|2020 KRONENFLEX® 5

Updated optics,

consistent quality:

the Kronenflex® discs over the

course of time.


MILLIMETRES was the thickness

of the first cutting-off wheel

launched by Klingspor.



are now included in

the Kronenflex® product




is the percentage held by thin

cutting-off wheels in Klingspor

entire product line-up.


MILLIMETRES is the thinness of

Klingspor’s ultra-thin cutting-off

discs – and that has been so for

nearly 20 years.



Yellow. The Klingspor Customer Magazine 2|2020

Grind longer

How the extraordinary coating technology applied to the abrasive discs

PS 77 and FP 77 extends the service life of the products.

Relying on the abrasives discs PS 77 and FP 77 helps

users save both time and cost.

Lacquer sanding is applied for a vast variety of

purposes, e.g. during auto repairs or woodworking

projects. For the latter, the abrasive discs PS 77 and

FP 77 are the preferred options for work steps involving

intermediate varnish sanding. “Varnishing causes

individual fibres of the wood to stand up as not all wood

fibres are sheared off evenly. If applying the finishing

varnish directly afterwards, you will create a rough

surface. The FP 77 allows for ultra-fine intermediate

sanding without removing too much stock from the coat

of varnish”, explains Ralf Müller from the Business

Development department.

Optimised loading

Introduced in Europe in 2020, the abrasive discs PS 77

and FP 77 set themselves apart with their extended

service life. Klingspor achieves this by applying the new

coating technology T-ACT. The transparent coat keeps the

abrasive from clogging up too fast. This allows users to

work with each individual abrasive disc for a significantly

longer time. “To our customers this translates to savings

in time and cost thanks to the reduced number of tool

changes”, knows Müller.

The self-fastening abrasive tool comes in strips and

discs, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of

machines and applications. ■

PS 77 FP 77

For more information

about the products,

log on to

Keeping the trains rolling

The distinguishing feature of the new cutting-off wheels




Klingspor has designed for railway construction is their

exceptional aggressiveness.

Sparks are flying in the railbed: the new cutting-off

wheels merge safety with performance.

Fast and clean cuts where it counts:

that is the promise Klingspor is

making with the new cutting-off

wheels for the railway construction

industry. “Working correctly is paramount

in railway construction as the rails are cut

to exact lengths. Fast and precise cuts are

imperative“, knows Oleg Bergheim,

Business Developer at Klingspor.

Suitable for universal use on all types of

Winkelschleifer mit

rails, the new cutting-off wheel A 624 SX



Hubbalken mit

Supra is a top-of-the-line product for

machines that operate with low power of

up to 5 kilowatts and are designed for

hard rails. Also suitable for all rail types

across Kehlnahtschleifer the board is Tischsäge the cutting-off wheel

A 924 SX Special. It has been specially

designed for powerful machines with a

power output in excess of 5 kilowatts and

for rails with greater hardness. Both

cutting-off wheels are marked by

extremely high aggressiveness, while the

A 924 SX Special scores additional marks



with its slightly longer Winkelschleifer service life.



Winkelschleifer mit

Safety and comfort

Aside from offering the type of user safety

Klingspor customers have come to expect,



Hubbalken mit

both discs deliver exceptional comfort

thanks to their ability to cut with low


The reduced level of vibration allows

the Kehlnahtschleifer user to perform Tischsäge the cuts with

exceptional ease and precision. “This allows

you to complete your cuts with utmost

efficiency”, concludes Bergheim. ■

A 624 SX

A 924 SX



For more

information on our

railway construction

discs, visit:

Motortrennschleifer Stationäre Trenn-


Fast, clean, precise



A 624 SX

Biegsame Welle


Benzintrenner mit



Stationäre Trenn- Parkettschleifer Bohrständer





Stationäre Trenn-

A 924 SX


Biegsame Welle

Stationäre Trenn- Parkettschleifer Bohrständer


Aggressiveness E E E E E E E

Service life E E E E E L L

Hardness E E E E L L L




Universal usability for all types of rails


Top-of-the-line product for machines with a low

power output (< 5 kW) and designed for hard



Fast cutting thanks to softer bond


For use on petrol-driven saws with a cutting


speed of 100 m/s and a clamping device

Benzintrenner mit



Aggressiveness E E E E E E E

Service life E E E E E E E

Hardness E E E E E E L




Universal usability for all types of rails


Top-of-the-line product for powerful machines

(> 5 kW) and designed for hard rails


For use on petrol-driven saws with a cutting

speed of 100 m/s and a clamping device


Exceptional service life

Yellow. The Klingspor Customer Magazine 2|2020



Equipped with all essential personal protective equipment,

the members of our field staff make all important and necessary

on-site calls.

A guidepost to

navigate unusual times

The global corona pandemic calls for extensive measures to protect staff members and customers alike.

Another vital requirement is to secure production workflows and supply chains. This is how Klingspor has fared

so far with the challenges of the corona crisis.

Anyone who had suggested a year ago that a virus

pandemic will turn the whole world upside down in

2020 would probably have had their sanity called

into question. And yet, the spread of the coronavirus

around the world has fundamentally changed life as we

know it. Whether in private or on the job: all spheres of

life were forced to adapt to the new situation by reacting

quickly and implementing the right measures.

And Klingspor is no exception. The key question that

needed answering in the beginning was: what can we do

to protect the health of our staff and customers? We had

to figure out how to adjust our production flows to the

new circumstances and how to keep all departments in

the production chain adequately supplied.

Solutions tailored to the needs

of each department

From the onset, the IT department at Klingspor had to

step up to the plate: they provided all employees who

were able to work from home with the necessary online

and server access. From then on, the daily schedule in

these departments revolved around video and phone

conferences rather than on in-person meetings. The

company cars normally driven by field service staff

Until further notice, training classes are supposed to be held in

empty rooms and transmitted by video conference.

remained parked. To keep customers and staff safe,

Klingspor dispensed with all non-essential personal

contacts. If a visit on site was necessary regardless, the

field service staff were provided with masks and


Organising the work flows in production proved to be

a particularly daunting challenge. Aside from the newly

instituted sanitary and social distancing rules, we

conceived a special shift system to lower the risk of

infection. Groups of individual shift workers stayed

together and worked separately from other groups at

different times and places. This helped ensure that the

production at Klingspor was not compromised at any


Likewise, the logistics department would still have

been able to ship all of 50,000 Klingspor items even if the

overall crisis had deteriorated further. “We set up a group

of ten employees, five of which rotated with staying in

their home office. In case an entire shift had to stay absent

due to illness, these staff members were ready to step in

and maintain an emergency operation for the duration of

the quarantine”, explains logistics manager Henning

Mankel. As an added measure, student trainees were

hired for the vacation season.

The various measures taken by Klingspor accomplished

two things: the health of staff and customers was

protected, and the chains of production and delivery were

maintained. This preserved and keeps preserving

Klingspor's ability to act at any time of the corona


We like to express our gratitude to all customers and

employees for their support during these trying times. ■



Yellow. The Klingspor Customer Magazine 2|2020

Grinding tips for


Part 8:

Grit size


For more info, visit

What is the correct grit size sequence to follow when sanding wood with a

random orbital sander? Our expert, Marcin Grzesiak, explains how to sand wood

with exceptional fineness and precision.

Following the correct grit size

sequence ensures that scratches

resulting from sanding with a coarser

grit are removed reliably. This is of

particular importance when you sand

against the grain, as the resulting

scratches are difficult to remove if the

jumps in grit size are too large. The correct

sequence will save you any nasty surprises

during staining. The problem during the

sanding process: skipping too many steps

in the grit sequence may keep a fine grit

from removing scratches that may have

been caused by a coarser grit.

Therefore, the dependable removal of

scratches from the wood surface requires

that you never skip more than one grit size

in the grit sequence.

A good example of the correct practice

could be accomplished by preparing a

wooden surface with the grit sequence

P80, P120, and P180.

If you follow a P80 grit directly with a

P180 grit, you may still be able to produce

a flat and beautiful surface. You will just

have to invest more time and effort.

However, you cannot be certain of a

particular result until the stain has been

applied on the surface. If the scratches are

still visible following this application, the

workpiece will need to be sanded and

stained again. ■

Advice from the expert

If you wish to ensure that all scratches are

removed, you should refrain from skipping more

than one grit size in your work steps.

The test parameters we apply

Type of wood:


Machine used:

DeWalt random orbital sander

Product diameter:

150 mm

Abrasives used:

PS33K self-fastening discs

Hole pattern: GLS 3

Grit sequence:

P80, P120, P180

The surface after being sanded with different grits. The surface appears to be scratch-free.

Your professional partner

The image illustrates: the swirl marks caused by sanding with a coarser grit could not be

removed entirely in the subsequent work steps (due to too many skipped sizes in the grit

sequence) and reappeared following the staining of the surface.

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