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Welcome to the first edition of


Pūr Energy Life e-Magazine!

I felt inspired to share with you

various articles and topics of

discussion – all surrounding the

theme of ‘energy’.

I love what I do and it’s my

absolute passion to help as

many people as I can to learn

how this unseen force can

impact our everyday lives. Too

many people aren’t living

fulfilled lives of purpose and to

their full potentials. In fact,

many are stuck with stress and

overwhelm, as I was just a few

years ago. But now, I

understand how your own

energy can be improved and

used in such a way to harness

and help you to create the life

of your dreams.

I also didn’t want to only

include my viewpoints and

experiences in this e-Magazine.

I think it’s so important to obtain

knowledge from different

sources and areas of expertise.

Therefore, each edition

includes authors of various

backgrounds, viewpoints,

disciplines and modalities.

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Stop lying to yourself and create the life of your dreams. Learn how to remove your limiting

beliefs and replace them with ones that empower you.


Can a few simple words really help?


Great health is not the absence of

disease. Top tips from Dallia on how to

live a happier and healthier life!



Dana talks about how her debilitating pains

from PMS led her to her current success as

an author and entrepreneur with a passion

to help others



Christina West describes her journey with yoga and how this

has helped her to significantly reduce her levels of stress

and anxiety.


Karate is not only for physical fitness and self-defence.

Read how Sensei Ashley has taken the traditional form of

Shotokan Karate to build mental strength and resilience for

adults and children alike.

Making a difference to our environment, one takeaway box at a time.


One extraordinary man with the heart and mission to help those in need.

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Are limiting beliefs holding you back?

Did you know that you are holding beliefs that are

holding you back from having a better life? Learn how

to replace these with beliefs that empower you. Your

life will never be the same!


From the moment of your first breath, you are

interacting with your environment and learning

from your surroundings. In the early years, most

of what you learn will have been taught to you

from your parents and absorbed from the

people you interacted with most, as well as from

your own learning experiences. It’s in these initial

years that form most of our conditioning, or the

patterns of our thought. We know that what we

take in helps to shape us, and enables us to

learn, develop and grow, but what if some of

this information isn’t true? Or perhaps what we

learned has served its purposes to us as a child,

but now does not help us to move forward as an


The sources of our limiting beliefs come from

several places, can occur consciously or subconsciously,

and include:

1. Your Family. Many of us learn most of our

knowledge and beliefs from family members.

This is usually done in the best of intentions and

your parents want to teach you about life. But

everyone’s perceptions on life and experiences

are different, and so they will teach you

according to their own belief systems. Often,

this is done out of love and care, but unintentionally

it may hinder you from believing you can achieve

something greater.

An example may be an over-critical and scolding

parent who constantly tells you that you are not

good enough. Although this may not be intended

to harm you, it could lead to you believing this,

resulting in low self-esteem issues in later life. The

parent may not necessarily be aware that they

could be causing a problem as they, too, may

have had a similar upbringing and are only

teaching you based on what they have

experienced themselves.

2. Your Friends. Like family, your friends are also

individuals who perceive and interpret life from their

own experiences and personalities. But also, there

may even be the added factor of competitiveness

or jealousy where things can be said for their

purposes, more than they are a benefit to yours.

“Beliefs have the power to create

and the power to destroy.

Human beings have the awesome ability

to take any experiences for their lives

and create a meaning that disempowers them

or one that can literally save their lives.”

-Tony Robbins

4 • AWAKEN YOUR SOUL TO CONSCIOUS LIVING “Beliefs have the power www.purenergylife.com

to create and the

power to destroy. Human beings have the

awesome ability to take any experiences for



3. Teachers. Our teachers have a lot of

influence over us, and as children we often

don’t think to question what we are being

taught. Like our parents, they want to give us

world, about others, and about ourselves. In

fact, sometimes what we don’t see is also

shaping our thoughts to an extent. After all, we

don’t know what we don’t know, right?

love and guidance to provide us with the very

best outcomes. But sometimes they, too, are full

of their own limiting beliefs that end up being

passed onto us.

The only thing limiting us in life

is our belief that there are limits.

4. Our own interpretation of events. Many times,

it’s the way we interpret what is said to us that is

what really holds us back. Our emotions can get

in the way of clear communication and

accurate understanding of what is actually

being said. If you are already lacking

confidence and are feeling upset, a simple

comment that isn’t loaded with negative intent

may be perceived to you as harsh criticism.

5. Everything else – internet, media, movies,

books and more.

Everything that we watch and read is

information that gets loaded into our brains.

Although we may not think that something is

relevant, we are constantly using all of this data

to shape our thoughts and opinions about the

It’s important to look at the areas in your life

where you are less than satisfied, and this is

where you will find that there is probably a

limiting belief that’s preventing you from

moving forward. If you’re struggling with

romance, perhaps you were hurt in the past

and don’t believe yourself to be worthy of

being in a happy and fulfilling relationship. Or if

you struggle with finances, it may be that you

hold the belief that if you become wealthy,

you’ll lose your real friends. However silly as it

may sound, these are the sources of what can

hold us back in life. And when you learn to let

go of these limiting beliefs, you’ll find that you’ll

begin to open up new possibilities into your life

that you’ve only ever dreamed were possible.

Are limiting beliefs holding you back?

Did you know that you are holding beliefs that are holding you

back from having a better life? Learn how to replace these with

beliefs that empower you. Your life will never be the same!


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Think about the child who is constantly scolded

and told that they are useless. The child will start

to believe these words are true and may start to

say things like “I’m never good enough” or “Why

can’t I do anything right?”. Eventually this will

lead them to adopting behaviours that are

consistent to this belief, and they may not be

motivated to try hard in anything they do, as they

We’ve all heard of positive affirmations but what

are they all about? It may seem a bit bizarre

that just telling yourself something repeatedly

can change things, but there is a science

behind this madness of simplicity.

Positive affirmations can be used to help us with

motivation, self-esteem, make positive changes

to thinking patterns, or even to our lives. If you

get caught with negative clutter and

sabotaging self-talk, these simple and easy

statements can help you to re-program your

negative mindset to one that will serve you in a

more positive way.

Scientific studies have even shown the benefits

to the brain by positive self-affirming regularly.

There is MRI evidence that suggests the increase

of activity in certain neural pathways,

specifically the prefrontal cortex, when we

practice positive affirmations. There have been

further studies that have shown improvements in

reducing stress, increasing healthy living and

activity, and has even been linked to show

improved academic achievement.

already know they are doomed to failure.

When you think about it, everything starts with a

thought. When you think something, you will tend

to use words to communicate your thoughts, and

then your actions will follow to demonstrate this

belief. So, the logical thing to do is to change

your thoughts, which we all know is not a simple

thing to do – especially if you’ve had a lifetime of

experiences that further reinforce your thinking

and behaviours. So why not start with your words,

and with repetition you can start to fill your mind

with positive thoughts that will lead to more

positive words and actions. Sounds too simple to

be true, right? Why not try this for yourself!

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Here’s an example of a positive affirmation that you can try out for yourself. If you have an

area in your life that you’re feeling stressed about, or want to improve, then just add or

replace some of the words below to make this personal to you. Here are some examples of

areas to improve on, and how you can adapt the first line of the positive affirmation below.

Say this for a minimum of five minutes, three times per day – once in the morning, at lunch

time and before you go to bed. If you do this daily for a few weeks, you may start to notice

that your mindset will begin to shift to a more positive one that will serve you towards a

happier life!





I give and receive

My body is healed,

I am worthy of love,

Money flows freely to

love freely and

restored and filled with

happiness and





I deserve to be paid

I see myself as being

My sleep is relaxed

There’s nothing I need

for my skills, time and

filled with love and

and refreshing.

to change about



I have abundant

myself to be

I am grateful for the

I love being around

energy, vitality and

accepted and loved.

abundance that I

people who bring out


I am deeply grateful

have and the

the best in me.

for my body, my

abundance on its

health and my unique



I am Happy, I am Healthy, I am Content, I am Peaceful.

I will let go of those thoughts that drain me

and focus my attention on thoughts that empower me.

Only positivity will flow through me.

I am fortunate for the blessings I will receive today.

And I am grateful for the opportunities that will come to me.

I express gratitude for all the good that I have in my life

And I accept that everything is happening for my highest good.

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With so many different yoga practices to choose from,

how do you choose the one that’s right for you? Here’s

a simplified breakdown of the focus and benefits to

each. But always remember, if you have any medical

conditions, it’s best to check with your doctor first!

There are many types of yoga that exist today, but they all stem from the original 4 types as described

below. Originally with the overall purpose of spiritual development and to cultivate discernment,

awareness, self-regulation and higher consciousness within an individual, yoga is now mainly used in

modern society as a form of exercise and relaxation techniques for the body and mind.

Karma [KAR-muh] - Yoga is the path of service through selfless action for the good of others

Bhakti [b-Huhk-tee] - Yoga cultivates the expression and love of the Divine through devotional rituals.

Jnana [YAAH-nah] - Yoga is the path of intellect and wisdom.

Raja [RAAH-juh] - Also known as the ‘royal path’ and refers to the journey toward personal


If you’re new to yoga, here are some of the more common ones as you will find types that are more

well-suited to you depending on your goals and benefits you want to achieve.

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Read Christina’s journey into yoga and how this helped her to

significantly reduce her levels of stress and anxiety. She’s now trained in

children’s yoga, chair yoga and Yin yoga to help others to experience

the benefits for better health and happiness.

Why did you start doing yoga?

I started my yoga journey just over six years ago

when I was experiencing anxiety. At that time, I

noticed a difference in my posture as a result of

not breathing correctly. This contributed to the

hunching of my shoulders forward and my

breathing became very shallow due to the

anxiety I was experiencing. It was a vicious cycle

until I decided to motivate myself and attend my

first ever yoga class.

What benefits did you notice?

I started mainly doing yoga as a form of exercise

but noticed how the classes incorporated lots of

to do my study with Calm for Kids in London. This

way I could put my yoga and teaching training

into what I love to do most. I work with small

groups of children under eleven years old. My

classes incorporate stories which include simple

yoga postures. As well as the physical benefits,

my teaching involves mindfulness and breath

work. This helps children to have better focus,

and to be aware of their breath so that they can

deal with their emotions more efficiently. Parents

have told me that their children are less stressed

afterwards. Most importantly the classes are fun


mental focus and the postures were done whilst

concentrating on the breath. After about three

months I found my anxiety was lessening and I

noticed how by practicing the correct breathing

techniques, I was straightening up my shoulders

and I even managed to halve the dosage of my

asthma inhaler. My asthma was late onset and

came on mainly due to the stress I was

experiencing. By practicing yoga, I found that I

could manage my stress more efficiently.

How did you start teaching yoga?

Two and a half years ago I wanted to teach

again. I wanted to work with children and

incorporate yoga into schools, and so I decided

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What type(s) of yoga do you teach?

I started to teach Yin yoga after I became

interested in how it works with the Chinese

meridian lines within the body. In Yin, movements

are slow and are held between 3 and 5 minutes

and we use props to help us into and stay in poses.

Yin yoga not only incorporates relaxation

techniques; it also enables the body to go into the

posture more and works deep into the facia (this

is the connective tissue that wraps around every

organ and muscle of the body). In Yin we work

deeper, working together with the five elements.

A Yin practice can also be tailor made for you to

deal with any health issues you may be having.

I have also recently started to teach chair yoga,

and I wanted to do this so that yoga could be

assessable for all. Chair yoga is suitable for all

abilities and I can design a lesson plan tailored to

your needs, taking into consideration of any

health issues or limitations you may have. It can be

done staying seated or you can sit as well as stand

and use the chair for support whilst practicing your

postures. Chair yoga is a very important class for

the elderly, people convalescing from illness or

injury and is also beneficial for people who want

a less strenuous practice.

Christina’s yoga classes are available in the Surrey

& Berkshire areas, and also online via Zoom.

Christina West – Contact details:

Email: Christina12009@live.co.uk

Mobile: +44 (0)7835 603 224


Website: www.yogawellbeing4children.co.uk

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The Origins of Karate

Karate (Kara-te) means Open-

Hand or a hand without a

weapon and is known to many as

a sport of kicking and punching.

But if one was to visit any of the

thousands of Dojo, (communally

known as a training hall, you

would feel an energy from

children and adults marching up

and down in strict lines, making

Karate is best known in two forms,

first as a sport and second as a

traditional fighting (Martial) art.

More than just exercise

There’s no doubt that you will get

a high intensity workout from

taking a Karate class, but besides

developing your body for fighting

by means of blocking, kicking

and hand attacks, this helps to

develop fitness, physical and

mental ability, discipline, respect

and confidence, particularly in


The Traditional Martial Art of

Karate is very different to the

sport, as it has a philosophy that

accompanies the ‘energy’ in

physical training and the

development of the spirit.

The essence of Karate training is

Kata (set forms) and it is the Kata

that preserves the techniques of

the system with the main focus on

breathing. Some of the very early

Kata forms such as Sanchin

(Three Battles) have very slow

movements using extreme body

tension and very deep breathing

to allow the body to develop. The

breathing assists in allowing the

body’s internal systems to open

and increase the flow of energy,

as the slow moves turn to very fast

moves, all practiced as one

smooth movement throughout

the complete form. All of this is

taught through breathing

exercises and a focus on internal

energy to develop power.

rapid hand and leg movements

while screaming out warrior cry’s

(Kiai). However, there is a lot

more to this Martial Art than just

the exercise.

Each and every lesson pushes the student to their limits and beyond.

When a student wants to give up,

they must be encouraged to continue.

When the body feels tired,

the mind must stay focused and let the spirit shine through.

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How did you start in your journey

with Karate?

I have been training in traditional

Shotokan Karate for over 50 years

now, originally under the late

Kenosuke Enoeda in Japan. I’ve

also trained in other forms of

martial arts, such as Aikido and

Kobujitso, along with many other

forms of karate including Goju Ryu.

I have travelled to many parts of

the world studying martial arts with

some of my time spent in Japan

and also in Sydney, Australia under

Takehashi Sensei from the Japan

Karate Association. Having won

numerous national tournaments in

kata and kumite, I subsequently

opened a Dojo on Bondi Beach

and continued my training under

Yoshikazu Sumi Sensei.

Returning to the UK in 1984, the Windsor Dojo was opened, and I was

awarded the title of Sensei (teacher) and the grade of 5 th dan from

Sumi Sensei in Japan.

A passion to spread Karate

With the main headquarters as the Windsor Honbu Dojo, adult and

children’s classes are also held in Eton Wick, Maidenhead and

Wraysbury. The highlight for me is watching beginners transform not

only physically with strength, power, stamina and agility, but

particularly the children who are gaining invaluable skills in their levels

of confidence, resilience, self-discipline, and respect

– all of which are all crucial elements of traditional

character building.

For more information on adult, children and family

classes, contact Ashley Jansen today!

Sensei Ashley Jansen – Contact details:

Email: ashleygjansen@gmail.com

Mobile: +44 (0)7963 433 643


Website: www.windsorkarate.org.uk

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We all have the potential to lead a long, healthy, energetic life full of

vitality: 70% of your health is in your own hands - genetics only

contributes to 30%.

There are 5 key areas in our lives where we can make some small

changes, and with the right knowledge, this will have a huge impact

on our health and vitality by helping us to age slower and stay

energetic for longer.

gut health

The centre of our digestive system is our gut and its diverse microbiome (gut bacteria). 70% of your

immune system is in your gut and around 90% of your serotonin (happiness chemical) is produced in your

gut. This is why the food we eat has a direct impact on our mood. Microbiome cells outnumber human

cells by about 10 to 1 and microbiome DNA outnumbers our human DNA 100 to 1. What does this mean

for us? If you want good health, you must have good gut health! Most brain dysfunction conditions like

anxiety, depression, brain fog, Alzheimer’s and many more are caused by inflammation in the brain. This

means that if we have a leaky, inflamed gut, we have a leaky, inflamed brain.

How do we prevent inflammation in the gut and brain? We rebuild a healthy gut. We can do this by

avoiding inflammation-causing foods like sugar, refined flour, dairy and gluten. We must also avoid things

that kill our good bacteria like antibiotics. Medical anti-inflammatories like Ibuprofen, pesticides and

herbicides are used in the production of non-organic crops. Try and buy organic whenever you can.

Great health is not

the absence of disease.

Sometimes you don’t have anything wrong

with you diagnosed by a professional,

but you just don’t feel great and

are lacking energy and vitality.

With modern medicine, doctors are very

good at diagnosing and treating conditions,

but very little thought goes into

why we have the problems and what we

can do to prevent them in the first place.

If we had more knowledge on

good nutrition and lifestyle habits,

we could prevent having to go

to the doctor in the first place.

By taking care of these FIVE areas in my life, I

am giving myself the best chance to live a

healthy, vital life with abundant energy to

cope with the demands of being a wife, a

mother of three boys and entrepreneur.

Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for

wellness and nutrition tips and to keep

informed of specials and appointment times

for Reiki, intuitive massage, facials and

nutrition coaching!

Dallia Beifus – Contact details:

Mobile: +44 (0)7711 466 011

Maison de Jeunesse by Dallia


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1 sleep

Sleep is when your body rests and

regenerates itself – great sleep is the

foundation of good health. 70% of your growth

hormone, also known as your anti-aging hormone, is

produced while you are sleeping. Sleep deprivation

interferes with your collagen production so there is

definite truth to the saying that you need to get your

beauty sleep.

Try cutting back on caffeine and alcohol, have a

warm bath, avoid blue light (electronic devices) an

hour before bed, or keep a journal to jot down your

worries and write down what you are grateful for.

2 nutrition

All disease begins in the gut (Hippocrates,

the father of modern medicine), and this is

true for at least 90% of our modern health problems

like auto-immune and chronic conditions. We can

promote a healthy gut by avoiding certain foods

that cause inflammation like sugar, refined flour,

dairy and gluten. Likewise, the best food you can

feed your gut bacteria is prebiotics, which is the fibre

found in fruit and vegetables. In order to have a

healthy and diverse microbiome (bacteria), you

need to eat a diverse range of fruit and vegetables.

5 supplements

5 Tips

for better health

3 exercise

Exercise is a great way to improve your

health and boost your immune system.

It gets your lymphatic system moving which flushes

out toxins, and also improves your cardiovascular

system, metabolism, and lean muscle mass. Getting

daily movement also reduces stress and improves

your sleep quality.

It is very important to exercise at least 30 minutes a

day to improve your health, and your daily

movement could be anything from gentle yoga or

stroll in a nearby park to a vigorous spin class, weight

-training, dancing, tennis or running. The important

thing is that you enjoy what you are doing. Then you

will see the benefits to your sleep, mood and overall


4 stress

Stress directly affects the gut which is 70% of

your immune system. It also reduces the

immune system’s ability to fight off antigens. There

are many ways to reduce stress; you must choose a

way that works best for you. Studies show that your

brain actually changes (for the better) after a time of

doing meditation consistently. For beginners, you

can try a guided meditation to start, so all you need

to do is relax and listen to a soothing voice. Mindful

movement like yoga or tai chi are also great for

reducing stress. Healing practices like Reiki, Pranic

Healing and massage are very helpful, too. Self-care

is something you can carve into your day, like a

bubble bath or a face mask, uplifting music or

reading a good book.

By Dallia Beifus

If we lived in a pollution and toxin-free environment and ate perfectly, we would not need supplements.

Pollution and toxins in your food and products oxidise your cells which basically rusts them from the inside.

Most people in the UK are vitamin D deficient from around November to May. The best vitamin D supplements

are in a spray form mixed in oil as it is a fat-soluble vitamin. You can have a quick spray under your tongue in the

morning with your breakfast. To help with good health and immune function, it’s good to take vitamin C, natural

anti-inflammatories, and antioxidants as well. There are some good daily multi-vitamin supplements on the

market that incorporate everything you need to get through the day and have a restful and regenerative night.



Dana suffered for years from extreme PMS symptoms that were

debilitating and severely impacting the quality of her life.

Learn how she managed to transform her “pain into purpose”

and now it is her passion to work with women (and even men and

children!) to understand and embrace the cyclic wave.

The Painful Past

I once was an ambitious young woman working in an academic environment, inflicted by a ‘little’

problem every month: PMS. Although I was using contraceptives to regulate my menstrual cycle and

reduce the symptoms, once a month for a few days, I was totally useless. I was feeling as if I had

barbed wire in my underbelly and my brain refused to work (which totally blocked me in my work, be

it preparing courses for my students, teaching, translating or writing articles). There was nothing I could

do apart from waiting for the moment that blood started to flow and the spasms subside.

On one occasion, it went so far that I almost fainted while waiting at an office.

But from a medical viewpoint, I was absolutely fine. The only solution was to take

painkillers to help with the debilitating pain.

Emerging Hope

I believe in synchronicities, and the turning point for

my suffering was when a friend of mine brought me

a film called Moon Inside You by a Slovakian

director, Diana Fabiánová. The film opened up a

new and unknown area to me – it showed me that

the menstrual cycle is something different than only

a few annoying days of pain. It showed me that the

menstrual cycle has another, more profound

meaning, which we were never told about.

Pain-Free and Full of Passion

The breakthrough for me was the moment I realised that pain and suffering was only an option – but it

was the only option I thought I had at the time. I stopped focusing on the negative symptoms and I even

stopped dreading the days that my menstrual phase would arrive.

And my pain didn’t reduce; it disappeared altogether!

I decided to learn more about the menstrual cycle and I came across books by Miranda Gray: Red

Moon and The Optimized Woman. And this is where my journey started, as I was inspired to share this

with other women and teach them how to start enjoying life with all the gifts that our cycle brings to us.

16 • AWAKEN YOUR SOUL TO CONSCIOUS LIVING www.purenergylife.com


And this is how I discovered the magic of all the

four phases of the menstrual cycle and fell in love

with my cyclicity. I diligently observed what my

phases brought to me each month and every day.

I observed my feelings toward myself, my son, my

partner, and all of those around me. I observed

what was easy for me to do and what felt terribly

difficult. I observed when it was the best time to

write, to communicate with people, to be active

in the outside world or to be alone to relax.

It’s All About the Phases

I started to observe myself – how I changed every

day of the month. And instead of being upset that

I wasn’t always the same, that I wasn’t always

efficient, emotionally stable, beautiful and

radiating, I started enjoying it immensely that I was

ever-changing and different every day of the


The least favourite phase for me, as it is for most

women, was the pre-menstrual phase, due to the

premenstrual syndrome (although this has

completely disappeared for me and hasn’t been

back since!). But when I started to work with my

cycle, I became fascinated by the creative skills

and strong intuition brought about by this phase.

Also, I fell in love with the archetype of

Enchantress, which is associated with this phase.

Who would not want to be the charming,

seemingly unpredictable, charismatic

enchantress who ‘knows’ and who can

communicate with the world outside our usual

perceiving abilities and bring all these incredible

ideas, insights and advice into our own lives and

the lives of others? Who would not want to ride on

the wave of creative skills, when creativity is

literally gushing out of you and ideas are not

possible to stop…?

I started to observe my cyclic changes in my

business as well. How to deal with clients and

customers. How to communicate with my

colleagues. What I loved to do and when – and

what I hated to do and when. I tried to find out

how to tune it up in order to be efficient and feel

happy and relaxed at the same time.


Learn to ride the wave of

incredible creativity present in the

premenstrual phase.

I discovered that the key was to do the right things

in the right phase. It was really fascinating and

helping me to live a happy and fulfilling life – and

this is why I share this knowledge worldwide.

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4 times in a month

comes after menstruation

women are very active and dynamic

they think rationally and logically

they are focused on work

they are rather confident, but also

impatient (even in sex!)


work, work, work

be active and start new projects

do any form of physical exercise

when having sex, make it a quickie

not good at: household chores, cooking or


fertile time of the month

women are sexy, sensual and feminine

they feel emotionally balanced and


they focus on people and relationships

they want to make love

communication is their strong point


be with people, talk to people

spend time in the outside world

love and make love

take care of the household and family

when having sex, make it long and


not good at: sitting still at the PC

comes after ovulation and before


women may be moody, emotionally

unbalanced and critical

they take everything personally

premenstrual syndrome may appear

they feel tired and overwhelmed

however, they have great ideas and

strong intuition

they are very creative and want to


create, create, create

clean the house and finish tasks

relax, sleep more

take time to walk or meditate

when having sex, experiment!

not good at: being composed


time of menstrual bleeding

women are extremely tired

they feel withdrawn and unsociable

they need to relax, rest, sleep

their intuition is in its prime

they clearly see the essence of problems

sleep, sleep, sleep

let someone else take care

of the house and kids

meditate, dance, paint, sing

rest and relax

when having sex, it will be


not good at: being active

information and illustrations taken from

Dana's page on www.navodnazeny.cz


How I Share My Passion

I am now an author, publisher and translator, and

I share my passion with others through courses,

workshops, seminars and I have one-to-one clients

around the world.

My greatest passion is writing, and I’ve written

three books on feminine cyclicity: The Balinese

Diary of a Cyclic Woman, my travel diary written

at an entrepreneurial study course in Bali,

organized by Roger Hamilton, the author of

Wealth Dynamics. Then a book for women about

how to fully apply their cyclic knowledge in

business and in life, entitled 7 Habits of the Efficient

Cyclic Woman. The last book I co-wrote with Erik

Hutter – and it is a book for men teaching them

how they can understand all the women around

them, A Manual to Women: Guiding the Modern

Man in the Unpredictable World of Women.

At the moment, these books are in Czech, but

translations are in place, so stay tuned…

Transforming Pain into Passion with Purpose

Looking back, I see that the same thing that

brought to me great discomfort and trouble in my

past, then became an impulse for me to find my

true-life passion and my mission. And this passion

and mission has been growing ever since and I

have been doing more and more of what I truly

love – and I can see this work of mine brings a lot

to other people as well.

If you would like to learn more about what I do,

and how you can ride the cyclic wave, please get

in touch!

Dana-Sofie Šlancarová

Email: dana-sofie@osule.cz

Mobile: +420 776 354 541

Website: www.dana-sofie.com


I’m looking for people who have transformed their own lives, from pain to a passion with purpose. We all

have unique gifts and it’s time to help others to shine through so that they, too, can be inspired to live a

happier and more conscious and fulfilling life.

20 • AWAKEN YOUR SOUL TO CONSCIOUS LIVING www.purenergylife.com



The best way to

find yourself

is to lose yourself

in the service of others.

~ Mahatma Gandhi



Did you know that the UK generates 11 billion pieces of single-use plastic

every year?

CauliBox is on a mission to reduce this number by offering takeout food in

sustainable packaging. The company makes reusable lunch boxes that are

affordable and also has a positive impact on the environment.

What if you can have the convenience of

takeaway without the environmental impact of

single-use containers? Our boxes can be reused

more than 500 times - according to the

Sustainability at Work research, 2014. "Reusable

dishware will use far less energy and resources over

its lifetime than its disposable counterparts. Even

with the energy and water needed to wash items,

the overall environmental impact is substantially

less than single-use, throw-away items.

And did you know that 11 billion takeaway

containers end up in the landfill every year?

(@hellohubbub, 2019) and that only 1/3 of

recyclable containers are actually recycled?

The waste produced chokes the air, pollutes the

ocean, and poisons the Earth - there has got to be

a better way. Our Caulibox scheme provides a

hassle-free system that eliminates single-use

packaging through a reusable lunchbox scheme.

What is CauliBox?

A lover of London street food, Jo co-founded

Caulibox because of the crazy amount of

waste she was seeing generated in her office

each week from takeaway boxes. And so, she

created Caulibox – London’s First Reusable

Lunchbox Scheme.

Caulibox is a digitally enabled, reusable lunch

box scheme which rewards people for being

sustainable. Hoping to create takeaway

without the throwaway, Jo’s mission is to make

sustainability more convenient and accessible

to everyone. Specifically, she’s aiming to save

15,000,000 single-use takeaway containers

every year, by making sustainability the

convenient choice. Just find one of their partner

street food vendors, scan their Caulibox QR

code when you collect your food and drop off

your box once you’ve enjoyed your meal.

22 • AWAKEN YOUR SOUL TO CONSCIOUS LIVING www.purenergylife.com


What are the benefits to joining the scheme?

Unlike other schemes, CauliBox gives members

boxes to use and then drop off at a collection

point, where the boxes are washed in a

commercial kitchen, and energy saving

alternative to bring your own boxes. The scheme

also offers members incentives for usage with a

points system, rather than a discount, where you

earn points each time you use the service. The

points can add up to rewards such as Tate Modern


What are the environmental benefits?

What has been your biggest achievement so far?

A widely recognized food waste and sustainability

campaigner and entrepreneur, Jo has worked

with corporations such as Unilever and Sainsbury’s,

local authorities such as Camden Council, as well

as numerous food enterprises throughout London

to cut food waste and advise on sustainable

business practices. And more recently, Jo ran a

successful trial with the City of Westminster, signing

up over 200 people to the CauliBox membership

club, and saving more than 2,000 single-use

containers from landfill in just a few months.

We are also pleased to announce that Caulibox

was awarded two Innovate UK grants in 2020, with

plans to launch a delivery platform next year.

CauliBoxes are fully recyclable at the end of their

life cycle. Resilient to heat, leak-proof and odorproof,

the tried-and-tested CauliBox can be used

over 400 times before being fully recycled. This

eliminates the emissions and waste from over 400

manufacturing processes.

Reusing containers minimises the need for

conventional recycling, which generates as much

as 67% of the emissions of virgin-materials through

processing and re-manufacturing. They are

collected and washed in batches in a commercial

dishwasher, which saves resources such as water

and energy.

How can I help?

At the moment, CauliBoxes are only available in

London, but we are looking to expand into other

food markets and areas. You can sign up for our

waiting list at www.wearecauli.com! Or if you want

to recommend a business or a restaurant that may

be interested in joining the CauliBox scheme,

please do get in touch!


Website: www.wearecauli.com

Email: hello@wearecauli.com

23 • AWAKEN YOUR SOUL TO CONSCIOUS LIVING www.purenergylife.com



The aim of MCKS Charitable Foundation UK is to alleviate suffering by

empowering people with self-development tools through support and

charitable services to create healthy and resilient communities.

The MCKS Charitable Foundation UK was set up in the UK in 2012

as it recognized that people, often through no fault of their own

were suffering, and so its mission became to help alleviate this

suffering by empowering people and organsisations to create

healthy and resilient communities through financial support and

charitable services.

Its aim is to provide caring and compassionate services to all

regardless of cultural or religious backgrounds, to help relieve

poverty and to aid with achieving physical, emotional and

mental wellbeing.

MCKS Charitable Foundation UK


Charity Today News


Community Impact Award


Humanitarian Award

What is the selection process for Charities to benefit from

generous your donations?

The Charity, which is 100% volunteer run, has grown year on year

and has donated to a broad range of UK Charities, and where

appropriate, volunteers deliver free relaxation and wellbeing

sessions for recipient charity staff, volunteers, service users and

their families to support people at a time when they need it most.

MCKS Charitable Foundation UK are proud to have donated in

excess of £315,000 last year and have been able to support

worthwhile causes to help those in need around the UK.


24 • AWAKEN YOUR SOUL TO CONSCIOUS LIVING www.purenergylife.com


Donations have been made to a wide

range of causes, including Feeding

Programs, Homeless Charities and Shelters,

Hospital Support Services, Youth Programs,

Adult and Children’s Hospices and many

more. During the Coronavirus pandemic,

MCKS Charitable Foundation UK have been

privileged to make a further £100,000 of

donations to allow these Charities to

continue to offer their invaluable services as

now more than ever, they need this

additional support. We are proud to play a

part in enabling their work to continue.

Where do the donations come from?

The donations received by the Charity are from individuals

who attend the courses run by Les Flitcroft and the UK

Instructors of the Institute of Pranic Healing UK and Ireland,

with other contributions coming from those who attend

many of the 200+ meditation volunteer led groups that are

offered across the UK.

The mission is to provide healings, teachings, support groups and raise funds for the selected charitable

causes. Giving and Sharing all of your life will bring these blessings back to you and help to protect you

from any suffering or misfortune.

Thank you for your kindness, support and generosity. Without you we could not do this.

~ Les Flitcroft

An Extraordinary Man

Les Flitcroft is a gifted



and practitioner of

Pranic Healing. He

has dedicated his life

to teaching and

spreading this work to

help as many people

as possible. As well as being a busy lecturer and fulltime

Pranic Healing Instructor, Les has a thriving

healing practice and has healed thousands of

people with a multitude of ailments.

He now spreads the teachings throughout the UK,

Ireland, Gibraltar and Spain and has taught Pranic

Healing to thousands of people, helping them to

transform their lives.

MCKS Charitable Foundation



As a former Aerospace engineer, he was a natural

skeptic when it came to things like “energy healing”

but now teaches those in the medical profession,

psychologists, acupuncturists, massage therapists,

business professionals and parents.

Having met Les myself, I can honestly say that I’ve

never met a man who is so dedicated to selflessly

helping others and so full of heart. He has helped

me, personally, to transform in a way I once thought

unimaginable. Now I am inspired to follow in his

footsteps to also help others to my greatest

capacity. There is no doubt in my mind that he is an

extraordinary soul that is here to not only help others,

but also to spread a wider message to humanity to

what is actually possible in this amazing world of

energy. And take this from a converted skeptic –

once you learn it, your life will never be the same!

Pranic Healing UK & Ireland



25 • AWAKEN YOUR SOUL TO CONSCIOUS LIVING www.purenergylife.com

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