British Breeder Magazine, February 2021

The most anticipated issue of the year, our February British Breeder magazine includes the Stallion Catalogue for the Virtual Stallion Event, to be held on 10th, 17th and 24th February. Visit our website for webinar registration details. Plus features on top breeders, veterinary insight, and much more.

The most anticipated issue of the year, our February British Breeder magazine includes the Stallion Catalogue for the Virtual Stallion Event, to be held on 10th, 17th and 24th February. Visit our website for webinar registration details. Plus features on top breeders, veterinary insight, and much more.


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February 2021



Maximise your

stallion’s fertility


Feeding Questions

for Mare Owners

Breeder Profile:







Formulated to support correct growth and help achieve genetic potential

Backed by unique hands-on practical knowledge and nutritional support







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EXPERTS IN STUD NUTRITION. For problem solving advice

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Travelling Horses

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Diseases & Disorders

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February 2021

Showcasing this months Virtual Stallion

Event: Timolin, Vermento and Durable.

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Welcome from the editor

The new year came with mixed

blessings with the promise of light at the

end of the tunnel as the vaccine

programme is ramped up, but that light

still seems a dim and distant flicker as

we struggle on under another

lockdown. Many of us can still

consider ourselves fortunate with horses

and other animals to get us outdoors

and keep us sane, even when the sleet

is horizontal and we may question that

sanity. Light is especially important to

breeders, with daylight hours increasing

indicating the coming of spring and the

breeding season.

The realisation that there was no

possible way to hold the Stallion

Event as a physical event in February

under current restrictions got the team

thinking about the alternatives. A later

event would almost certainly clash with

something in what is likely to be a busy

calendar once the lockdown is lifted,

and in any case, breeders need to see

stallions now in order to make their

breeding decisions.

So we have embraced the virtual

concept once again and have put

together a plan for the Virtual Stallion

Event that embraces the spirit of the live

event. On three consecutive

Wednesday evenings in February,

mare owners and breeders can see a

wide variety of stallions for Eventing,

Showjumping and Dressage. Each

stallion will be featured in detail with

pre-recorded video of them competing,

training and in the stable at home.

Stallion owners will be interviewed live

and there will be an opportunity for

questions. A recording of the webinar

will be available on our website for

anyone to watch again at their leisure.


There is also a catalogue of all the

stallions taking part contained in this

issue. So if you have not yet registered,

head on over to our website and

register now – this is definitely not to be

missed! Our thanks go to Baileys Horse

Feeds who have continued to support

our virtual events, and whose support

and enthusiasm we greatly appreciate.

Elsewhere in this issue we feature an

interview with Finn Guinness on the

cloning of Tamarillo, a topic also

recently covered by Tullis Matson in

one of our popular webinars. This is still

something of a hot potato with plenty of

opinion but it is becoming clear that it

has a role to play in genetic

preservation, whether that be of

champion geldings or rare breeds. If

you missed the webinar you can watch

it again on the British-breeding.com


We review our Celebration Awards,

and in particular feature the very

worthy winner of our Unsung Hero

Award for 2020. Liz Wilkinson has

given a lifetime of commitment to

Twemlows Hall Stud and the Award

recognises her dedication and the role

she has played in making Twemlows

what it is today.

Our veterinary feature on Endometritis

is provided by Rossdales and takes a

look at this often invisible condition that

is one of the most common causes of

infertility in mares, and Baileys Horse

Feeds provide a useful Q&A on mare


Let’s hope that by the next issue, we will

be enjoying getting out with our horses

once more. Best wishes - Rachael

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publication is up to date. All advertising and editorial

content is supplied by third parties and all design and

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format without advanced permission.

Copyright All rights reserved. No part of this

publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval

system, transmitted, in any form or by any means,

without the prior written permission of the copyright

holder, British Breeding of Great Britain, nor be

otherwise circulated in any form or binding or cover

other than that in which it is published.













Discipline and Breeding News

Brexit Update: Post-Transition, Export and Import

Studbook News

Virtual Stallion Event Introduction

Eventing Stallions

Showjumping Eventing Stallions

Dressage Stallions

NAF - Help to maximise your stallion’s fertility

Breeder Profile - Tamrillo’s legacy

Stallion Spotlight - Golden Hawk

Vet insight - Endometritis

Baileys Feeding Article - Feeding Questions for the Mare and Foal




There will be a very special feel for the

Badminton Horse Trials 2021 event,

which will be running “Behind Closed


Event Director Jane Tuckwell has

announced that the Main Arena, where

the dressage and showjumping

phases take place, will move to the front

of Badminton House. Jane said “I am

very grateful to the Duke of Beaufort

for giving over his golf driving range to

the event for this very special one off


For the first 10 years of the event the

dressage and showjumping arena was

in front of the house before moving to its

current location in 1960.

Eric Winter’s course will start and finish

in the centre of the park and will follow a

similar route to previous years.

Host of the event, The Duke of Beaufort

is delighted and commented, “It is very

exciting after last year’s cancellation that

the horse trials will be going ahead next


Triple winner (2002, 2003 and 2005)

Pippa Funnell MBE (GBR) “Badminton

has a really special place in my heart

and moving the main arena to the front

of the house will make the event even

more extraordinary if that is possible.

I am thrilled the event is able to go in

these most difficult of times and I cannot

wait to get there in May”.

With the event running “Behind Closed

Doors” Badminton organisers plan to

ensure that everyone is still able to enjoy

all the live competition action via their

social media channels and TV/

Livestream. Further news will be released

on this in due course


IOC EB confirms all

equestrian disciplines

and quotas for

Paris 2024

All three equestrian disciplines –

Jumping, Dressage and Eventing – have

been formally confirmed for the Paris

2024 Olympic programme. In addition,

the six events – team and individual

across each of the three disciplines –

and the full quota of 200 athlete/horse

combinations have also been endorsed.

News of the confirmation came during

the International Olympic Committee

(IOC) Executive Board online meeting in

December, at which the full programme

for Paris 2024 was formally approved.

Individual International Federations were

also provided with details of the event

programme and athlete quotas for their

sport in an official letter from IOC

Director General Christophe De Kepper.

The ratification means that equestrian will

keep its quota of 75 athlete/horse

combinations for Jumping, 65 for

Eventing and 60 for Dressage.

“We are very happy to receive formal

approval of our three disciplines for Paris

2024 from the IOC Executive Board

and also confirmation that our athlete

quota remains untouched at 200”, FEI

President and IOC Member Ingmar De

Vos said.

“This confirmation is also a token of

appreciation for the efforts the FEI and

the equestrian community have made

to increase the fan base and improve

digital figures for our sport. We really

appreciate that the IOC didn’t touch

our quota as we knew they needed to

reduce the overall Games-wide quota to

10,500 athletes, but our sport has grown

so much over the last decade that a

reduction of our quota would have been

detrimental to the universality of our

Olympic competitions.”

The equestrian events will be staged in

the grounds of Versailles, with King Louis

XIV’s Palace as a stunning backdrop at

one of the French capital’s most iconic

Games time venues.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site will

also be the site for Modern Pentathlon.


UK Sport funding for British

Equestrian Tokyo campaign secure


British Equestrian’s Olympic

and Paralympic disciplines

has received news from UK

Sport that investment for

Tokyo is secure, enabling

our athletes and support

teams to continue to

prepare for the Games

with confidence.

Indicative funding for the Paris cycle

for the Lottery-funded UK Sport World

Class Programmes was also announced,

with the Olympic disciplines of dressage,

eventing and showjumping awarded a

confirmed £2.77 million in year one,

and para dressage granted £753,000.

This represents a reduction of about 22%

for equestrian, which is in line the

majority of sports supported by UK

Sport. Investment awards will be

confirmed annually over the four-year


The way UK Sport delivers its funding

from Government and The

National Lottery has been reviewed,

with a new strategy to support more

sports in becoming successful and

engaging with the general public. Their

overall funding has received an overall

uplift despite the challenging economic

circumstances, reflecting the importance

of sport and activity to the nation.

British Equestrian Chief Executive Iain

Graham commented;

“Thank you to UK Sport for their

confidence and belief in our sports. We

have been realistic in our expectation

due to the financial situation overall, so

this is better than anticipated and should

be seen as a positive result in the

circumstances. This is still a sizeable

investment and I’m grateful to the public

who loyally play the National Lottery,

which in turn allows us to turn funding

into performance and inspire the next


“I would like to also recognise UK

Sport’s assistance in supporting our

strategy. This funding enables our

athletes, both human and equine, to

maximise their potential and deliver

success. Overall, we’ve delivered over

80 medals on the championship stage

since the advent of Lottery funding in the

late 1990s, which illustrates the value

and impact of the support. We also look

forward to working in partnership with

UK Sport on their strategy to engage

and inspire the public through the magic

of sport.”

The core team behind the delivery of the

Equestrian World Class Programme will

now set in motion a process of

reviewing budgets and plans to align

with the funding levels.

Performance Director Richard Waygood

said; “We’re grateful once again to UK

Sport for our funding allocation and their

continued backing, not only financially

but with advice, guidance and

confidence in our sports to deliver.

We were prepared for a reduction

because everyone is having to tighten

their belts across all walks of life. We’ll

adapt and work smarter under a resilient

programme to ensure our athletes are

not impacted and still have the tools to

perform to their best ability.

We’re currently in a good place in

our Tokyo build-up and can now look

forward to planning our Paris campaign

with confidence.

We will work hard to ensure equestrian

maintains its rightful place in the greater

British sporting landscape and inspire

the public to support our athletes.”





Arko III dies

Success for inaugural

NEF webinar

The National Equine Forum’s first special

interest webinar Just in Time – Using

Science to Save our Breeds, captured

the attention of more than 160 delegates

from around the world, and generated

some fascinating questions for the panel

of internationally renowned speakers.

Chaired by Professor Tim Morris, the

webinar was delivered by industry

leaders and highlighted the

challenges our equine breeds face, and

how, through science there is hope for

the future. Tullis Matson, Founder and

Managing Director of Stallion AI

Services, opened the session with a

fascinating look at how the extinction

vortex has impacted the natural world

and its application to equine breeds.

Simon Cooper, Director, The General

Studbook, Weatherbys, continued with a

close look at the challenging situation of

inbreeding in Thoroughbreds.

Paul Flynn, Head of Research and

Development, Weatherbys Scientific,

went on to explain the role of DNA

analysis in providing breed societies and

breeders with keystone support to guide

decisions to increase effective

populations. Dr Andy Dell, Trustee and

Member of the Breed Committee,

Cleveland Bay Horse Society,

concluded the presentations with a case

study giving proof of the concept that

breeds in decline have a chance to be

saved when genomics and kinship

analysis are utilised.

The 29th National Equine Forum will be

held virtually on Thursday 4th March

2021. Tickets will be available in

February 2021.

As we go to press, we learned of the

sad death of legendary showjumping

stallion, Arko III, at the age of 27.

By the world famous Argentinus, out

of Unika (Beach Boy), Arko III was the

number one Showjumper in Europe

in 2004, 2005 and 2006. With Nick

Skelton, he represented Britain at the

2004 Olympic Games in Athens, and

at the 2005 European Championships.

He also won the richest competition in

the world, the Calgary CN Grand Prix,

in 2008, as well as clocking up

numerous Grand Prix wins and Nations

Cup double clears. Nick credited Arko

as the horse that got him back riding

again after his accident. He told us

during our webinar what a great horse

he was, winning some great Grands

Prix around the world, and was also a

great character.

Arko retired from competition in 2008

but continued his stud duties until 2019,

when he retired from stud aged 25. He

has sired some exceptional offspring,

including Argento, who won over 16

Grands Prix and topped the WBFSH

World Rankings in 2015 ridden by

John Whitaker, and Aristio, who won

the 1.60m Grand Prix at Hickstead in

2018 with rider Anthony Condon and

has jumped double clear at numerous

Nations Cups for Ireland.

Lisa Hales said they are “heartbroken,

but have so many happy memories.”

The first rare breed foal born from sexed semen in 2020 Suffolk Punch - Photo Horsepower Creative

Totilas death

Totilas, the black KWPN stallion who

became the biggest sensation in global

equestrian sport, passed away in

December at the age of 20 having

succumbed to a severe colic attack. By

Gribaldi out of Lominka (by Glendale x

Akteur), he was bred by Jan Schuil and

Anna Vissa, and turned into one of the

most beautiful, memorable and

celebrated dressage horse in the world.

Totilas had a short career as a young

horse, before sale to Dutch millionaire,

Cees Visser, in 2006. He came to

prominence under the saddle of Edward

Gal and after an amazing performance

at the European championships in

Windsor in 2009, Edward rode Totilas to

triple gold at the 2010 World Equestrian

Games in Lexington, KY. The world was

shocked when his owners announced

the sale of Totilas to Paul Schockemöhle

for an unconfirmed amount reputed to

exceed €10 million – the highest amount

ever paid for a dressage horse.

Matthias Rath took over the ride when

his stepmother, Ann Kathrinn

Linsenhoff bought the sporting rights

from Schockemöhle. However, Totilas

sustained injury that was to plague the

remainder of his competition career

and he was finally retired after the 2015

Europeans having been diagnosed with

periostitis of the coronet band on the left

hind hoof. He continued with stud duties

and commuted between Schockemöhle’s

stallion station in Mühlen and Gestut

Schafhof in Kronberg, Germany where

he enjoyed an easy life and was still

ridden for fun by Matthias as well as

owner Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff. “Totilas

had it all: talent, appearance,

movements and an amazing eagerness

to work”, his former rider Edward Gal

said in an interview. Matthias Rath said

“There will only ever be one Totilas.”








Address Motility

Target Sperm Production

Support Libido

Independently trialled with Stallions AI Services, formulated to support breeding stallions throughout their stud duties. With the global demand for chilled and

frozen semen there is considerable pressure put on semen quality to make the best of each collection. While live coverings are still popular throughout the

breeding season, the stallion must be fit and well-nourished in order to be prepared for multiple coverings each season. Using a unique formulation of

ingredients NAF have been able to synergistically support stallions by feeding advanced nutraceutical Five Star Fertility for Stallions, enriched with essential

nutrients and phytochemcials. Enabling successful shipping of quality frozen semen to their required destinations and supporting all stallions throughout

each covering and collection.

For further information, please contact NAF using our

FREE Nutritional Advice Line

Call 0800 373 106 or email info@naf-uk.com






Celebration Awards

In this extraordinary year, the

achievements of British breeders in

producing such fabulous youngsters

were no less impressive, and it was only

right that British Breeding should find a

way to celebrate these achievements in

the absence of the planned Celebration

Ball, the inaugural Ball having been such

a success in 2019.

Our online Celebration Awards on 4

December recognised these

achievements and with the distribution of

trophies, hampers and bottles of fizz to

the various categories, supported by our

loyal sponsors, there was a real a party


The evening got off to a lively start with

the presentation of the Leading Futurity

Sires awards, sponsored by Competition

Stallions. Stallion owners joined in for

the presentations, which went to Alexia

Ross for Zobeyni Magnus (Endurance),

Katy Holder-Vale for Flammengold

(Dressage), Sarah Peacocke for

Cornets Pleasure WW (Showjumping),

Julia Hodkin for Future Guilty Pleasure

(Eventing) and Annie and Bronte

Pearson-Brown for Priestwood Jasper

(Sports Pony).

Annie and Bronte returned to the screen

as they collected the best Futurity

newcomer award for Fire & Ice, who

also took the top AES pony foal award.

The Baileys Horse Feeds Futurity Awards

are one of the highlights of the evening,

recognising the top scoring entries in

each category. Jane Buchan, Marketing

Manager for Baileys, congratulated

everyone on rising to the challenge

and successfully completing the Futurity

Evaluations in unusual circumstances,

and acknowledged the huge effort put in

by the team of international evaluators,

nutritionists and vets to ensure the high

standard of assessment that is expected.


Julia Hodkin

The Baileys Horse Feeds Futurity

Awards The awards went to:

• Victoria Chamberlain for LA



• Keith Taylor, Seagry Stud, for

SEAGRY DANITA, top 3 year old

• Bev Lynn for CROCKET, top 2

year old

• Iain Paterson, Tannasg Arabians,

for TANNASG ADONIS, equal top


• Lizzie Richmond on behalf of Denny


equal top yearling

• Lynne Crowden, Woodlander Stud,



Anneli Jones, chairman of the British

Riding Pony Studbook, presented the

highest scoring British Riding Pony

Award to Andrea Nicholson for

Larkhaven Half A Crown.

The SPSS award for their Youngstock

Supreme Champion went to Lauren

Scarratt for Redhot Rupert, and

Pippa Drew collected the mare grading

supreme champion award for

Hammerwood Flamingo.

The Anglo European Studbook

provided generous prizes for the top

scoring AES registered foals in the

Futurity and Lucy Simpson presented

the awards.Sarah Howard collected the

award for the top endurance foal with

Carlangelo, Andrea Nigam received

the dressage foal award for Primeros

Ultimate Dream, Tamara Weeks received

the top showjumping foal award for

Cornets Rose and Julia Hodkin was

presented with the top eventing foal

award for Future Iconic Pleasure.

Unsung Hero Award

Liz receiving her award from Edward Matson

The highlight of the evening was the

presentation of the Unsung Hero Award,

sponsored by the Equine Register.

Eva Broomer thanked Stephanie Palmer

for supporting this award, which

recognises the hard work put in behind

the scenes, something that also reflects

the work of the Equine Register.

Stephanie announced that the winner

was Liz Wilkinson, PA to the directors at

Twemlows Hall Stud, and handed over

to Edward Matson who explained why

he had nominated Liz for this award.

Liz retired at the end of 2020 after 41

years’ service to the Twemlows family

business. She joined the business as the

Farm Secretary to Bob and Richard

Matson (R L Matson & Son) on 14th

January 1980. The business consisted

then of two farms which had a 400

head heard of milking cows, 2000 pigs,

produced 1 tonne of cheese daily and

had its own mill. Alongside all of this,

there was also the hunter yard.

In 1990 the business changed direction

due to the passing of Bob Matson and

the loss of a farm tenancy. The Sports

Horse Breeding was beginning to evolve

with Richard Matson at the helm, and Liz

as a leading light and huge support

during this transition. Liz was

instrumental in the establishment of

Twemlows Stud and making it the

business it is today. Liz was always

working away in the background

running the office administration, and

keeping everything in check, being

everyone’s ‘go to person’ as she always

had time and a friendly, sympathetic ear

for everyone, listening but never judging.

The stud stallion ‘Sportsman’ was owned

and used at the stud for many years in

the 90’s. Liz was very much part of the

team preparing his offspring, from initial

show preparations to attending the

actual shows, again offering a huge

amount of support, and giving up her

own time in order to be so supportive.

In 2001 Edward came back to the

family home to work alongside his father

Richard, in the family partnership which

had been setup with the support of Tullis,

creating a mare AI breeding centre.

The stud offered AI, foaling and embryo

transfer which grow rapidly The business

went from strength to strength and Liz

played a huge part in the success of

this by running the office and being the

communication hub for the ever

expanding stud farm. Liz has become the

face of Twemlows Stud over the years,

and undoubtedly her shining ability to

always have time to offer support, guidance

and knowledge to anyone who

called, have contributed to making the

stud the success it is today.

With the sudden passing away of

Richard Matson in 2015, Liz rose up

again and became Edward’s rock

offering strength and support at a very

difficult time. Liz at Twemlows is known

throughout the industry, and it is

undeniable that Twemlows would not be

a leading light of the breeding industry,

upholding the professional reputation

it has without the service Liz has given

over the last 41 years. Liz has a very

unique ability to embrace everyone

that she comes into contact with here

at Twemlows and make them feel like a

friend and not just a work colleague or a

client but someone who is a much valued

friend, always giving 110% support.



Webinar Series



One of the great highlights of 2020

was the series of webinars. We set out

to provide some useful

information and insight for breeders

during the first lockdown, and the

concept quickly grew. During the year

we presented 39 webinars, covering

topics as diverse as British Breeding

in East Africa, The World Breeding

Federation for Sport Horses General

Assembly, the British Breeding

Celebration Awards, as well as the

‘Tullis Talks’ stallion management

series and a host of renowned

breeders sharing their insights. There

were previews and reviews of the

Futurity evaluations and the inaugural

Futurity auction. In total, 92 hours

of webinar have been delivered to

8,400 attendees with 1,137


The webinars are all free to view, but

attendees were asked to donate via

a pay button in a follow up email

and 100% of the amount received

was donated to the nominated

charity for the evening. The result was

astounding, collecting £3767, which

was distributed between 8 charities,

including £2110 to The Horse Trust,

the nominated charity for the Tullis

Talks series. Other charities to benefit

were the Tim Stockdale Foundation,

World Horse Welfare, Riding for the

Disabled, the Rare Breeds Survival

Trust, NHS Charities Together, the

Mark Davies Injured Riders Fund and

Brooke Action for Working Horses

and Donkeys.

A huge thank you to everyone who

has donated, and we hope to

continue the good work during 2021!

Some of the Charities that were helped

Equine Reproduction Centre

Artificial Insemination

Embryo Transfer

Transported Embryo Service


Infertility Investigations

Foaling Unit

Resident Specialist Stud Vets


For further information contact Twemlows Stud Farm

Whitchurch, Shropshire, SY13 2EZ, UK

Tel: +44 (0) 1948 664966


www.twemlows.co.uk | www.facebook.com/twemlows


Brexit Update

A Quick Guide To

Export and Import


by Celia Clarke

The last few months have been a very

worrying period for many in our industry

– as it has for the whole nation - with

a unique combination of the end of the

Transition period of Brexit and the

dreadful spread of the COVID-19

pandemic creating a whole raft of

problems, both practical and regulatory.

These problems were exacerbated by

the very late agreement between the

UK and the EU of the final framework

of the Withdrawal Treaty and for those

planning to export any horses and

ponies (even if only briefly rather than as

a permanent re-location for

whatever reason) this has meant that a

major review of current procedures was

both urgent and vital. This is because if

you now plan to send any equines into

the EU you need to be aware that you

should now always:

• Check the latest DEFRA guidelines

on exporting and importing equines

as these often change at very short

notice. Go to https://www.gov.uk/


for this. This

guidance also contains vital up-todate

links for current EU border

control posts for equines (BCPs),

which are the only places in which

horses and ponies exported from

the UK to the EU can enter the EU.

• Try to use an internationally

experienced, equine-specialist

horse transporter to move your

horses and ponies unless you are

very experienced in doing this

yourself and are sure that you

have fulfilled all the requirements

specified in the DEFRA guidance

above and have all the necessary

paperwork in place, plus COVID-19

compliant drivers, grooms etc.

• The rules for exporting an equine to

Northern Ireland are complex and

should be regarded as very similar

to those for exporting an animal to

the EU rather than moving it

internally within the UK.

You also need to be aware that:

• The Tripartite Agreement between

the UK, France and Ireland is no

longer functioning.

• Extra veterinary inspections,

documentation etc have caused

Eurotunnel, ferries – and almost

certainly airlines – to increase their

transport fees by as much as £400

per horse per crossing in

comparison to pre-Brexit rates.

• The EU has laid down different rules

of entry for:

Equines with passports issued by

UK-based DEFRA approved studbook

PIOs (and those based in EU countries);

a list of the UK studbooks approved by

the EU can be found at https://www.


Equines with passports issued by a

DEFRA approved ID-only PIO.

• There may well be a tariff imposed

on geldings (ca £40) of whatever

type but it is unclear how this will be

collected or whether it will apply to

horses and ponies being sent to the

EU for a short time periods for

competition and/or training as

well as those being permanently


Finally, and most importantly, because

of the complexity of these rules and the

possible delays at BCPs, for welfare

reasons it would be best of you could

delay your departure for as long as

possible – and certainly until after

mid-February if at all feasible.

As far as importing a horse or pony from

the EU is concerned, the rules are

basically unchanged from when the UK

was an EU member state and can be

found at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/import-or-move-horses-and-ponies

bearing in mind that from July it will

be necessary for the horse or pony to

enter the UK via an official UK BCP, the

locations of which are still to be finalised.

If you are planning to export breeding

products such as semen (most likely

frozen rather than chilled from now on

due the potential issues with document

checking etc), oocytes, zygotes or frozen

embryos, or are planning to send hair or

DNA samples (all classified as ‘animal

products’ in the relevant regulations) then

you need to be aware that not only will

you need to obtain the necessary

zootechnical documentation for these

items, but you will probably need to

apply for a TRACES number as well.

Also, unless the breeding products are

generated by an animal with a passport

from a studbook PIO in the country that

is listed in https://www.gov.uk/guidance/import-or-move-horses-and-ponies

or is an approved breeding animal

with a passport from an approved

studbook based within an EU member

state) then under the EU Zootechnics

regulations it will be impossible to export

them into the EU. This also applies to

hair, skin and DNA samples being

exported to Weatherbys Scientific in

Ireland for parentage testing, which

is the route many studbooks are now

taking following the sad demise of the

Animal Health Trust. However,

Weatherbys UK should be able to help

you with any problems that arise during

this procedure.

All these rules and web links might seem

rather confusing at first but at least they

have now been clarified and hopefully

will be running well by the time this issue

of The British Breeder is published. As

such, it is really essential to be thankful

for the many hours that Defra (in

particular its Equine ID and Movement

and Farm Animal Genetic Resources

departments) devoted to international

discussions pre-Transition, and for the

valuable support it received from the

British Horse Council on a national and

Cabinet level and the 826 Equine

Studbooks Association on a studbook

and industry level. Without these

organisations working closely together

what still seems to be very complex – but

at least negotiable – set of regulations

would have been an impossible barrier

to any form of equine-based trade with

the EU post-Transition.





India Thomson (South

West, West & Midlands)

07500 878204

Your partners in care

Vanessa Allen (East Anglia

& East Midlands)

07809 340181

Gina Burgoyne

(South East)

07776 248972

Carrie Newman


07776 248947

Jane Smith


07776 248961

Dominique Winpenny


07736 885876

www.spillers-feeds.com ©Mars, 2021


Studbook - News

AES Gelding

Into the Blue

An interview with rider Louise Bell

by Eva-Maria Broomer


Studbook - News

In the 2020 WBFSH World

Rankings, the highest

ranked British bred

individual dressage horse

is the 15-year-old AES

gelding Into the Blue. Bred

by none other than John

Whitaker from

showjumping lines by the

Darco son Ublesco out of a

Calvaro Z mare, &

embarking on dressage as

a second career after

enormous showing

successes as a young

horse, “Dynamo”

certainly breaks the mould.

We caught up with his

rider, Louise Bell, to tell

us more about their

extraordinary journey


1. Tell us a little bit about how you

found Dynamo and your early

days with him. What made him

stand out for you, and what were

your expectations?

One day, John Whitaker rang me out of

the blue to say he had a cousin of my

great show horse and Working Hunter

Supreme Champion “Man on Fire” for

sale. I had lost “Man on Fire” tragically

as an 8-year-old. John had bred him, as

well as my other show horse “Cracker”,

with whom I had won National

Championships and with whom I had

become Reserve Champion riding

sidesaddle at the Horse of the Year

Show. That is why when John rang me

and said he may have another horse for

me, I was certainly interested. His words

where: “I’m not sure if he is what you

want, but he’s a great colour!!”

In fact, when I arrived up in Yorkshire to

see him, he turned out to be completely

pink... a pink roan! And I have to say

I fell completely in love straight away

before he’d even left the stable for the

simple reason that I could see so much

of “Man on Fire” in him…

And then there was his eye! He had the

eyes of a very very special soul...

naughty, yes, but special!

Then John bought him out for me to look

at his conformation and a walk and trot

up. He was 3 at the time, broken and

jumping a small course of fences, but his

croup was about a foot higher than his

withers and he was quite wide behind

and narrow in front, in other words, not

the finished article at all and I needed

a telescope of vision to see the future

“Dynamo” he was going to become!

At the time I was the only one who could

see his potential. My husband Robert,

my vet at the time Alan Walker and my

groom Niki Pilar all said exactly the

same: “Louise have you lost your mind?”

But.... that day up at John’s, the walk he

showed was already superb. The trot

was not amazing but he was a straight

mover and, after all, I was buying him to

make a working hunter. He moved very

well for showing and dressage had not

even entered my mind.

When I first got on him that day it was

like riding a snake! He was so flexible

and couldn’t really go in a straight line.

But the walk and canter were already

good and the trot was fine and I just

knew that with time and strength he

would become perfect. His jump was

plenty enough for working hunters, but

he lacked the added BOOM needed for

an international showjumper, which is

why John was selling him.

After we agreed the deal with John,

Robert spent the entire journey home

telling me what an idiot I was and that

I was going to be stuck with a pink

horse! Even my existing showing clients

and owners all kept telling me that they

thought I was mad. I quietly went on my

way doing what I do best and slowly

bringing out of Dynamo what I knew

was in there. Funnily enough it did not

take long. Three months after keeping

him under wraps I was walking back into

the yard one day and one of my clients

said: “Oh is this a new one?” My reply

was: “No… this is the same one you

accused me of loosing my mind over!”

Everyone was blown over! And to this

day they all admit how wrong they

were… although I will say they did make

me doubt myself at the time!

In his short showing career Dynamo was

a champion from day one, becoming

Supreme Champion at Windsor as a

4-year-old and again as a

five-year-old, and Royal International

Supreme Working Hunter Champion at

5 years old, still the youngest horse to

this day to ever have won the Working

Hunter Title there. Then, at six years old

he became National Champion too.

So when I was asked by Horse and

Hound to take up dressage for a

challenge, Dynamo became the horse I

did my first ever dressage test on in an

elementary class, and the rest is history!


Studbook - News

2. Into the Blue is obviously bred

for show jumping, how did this

affect your dressage work?

There is no doubt about it, Dynamo was

bred to jump. However, his model, and

the power in his hind leg always made

me feel that with time I could re-train him

to be my partner in dressage.

This has definitely not been easy! From

day one, Dynamo was always very

spooky and sharp to the leg and just

sharp in general. At the time, I trained

with Michael Eilberg whose words

where: “If you really want to do

dressage, then you need to buy another

horse, he is not going to make it!” And

my reply was: “This is what I have and I

am going to turn him into a Grand Prix

horse!” At the time I knew nothing about

dressage, but I know myself, and when

challenged I can achieve most things I

put my mind to.

I admit it, the early days of dressage

were very challenging. Dynamo was

pretty naughty and many times retiring

because I couldn’t get past the judge at

C! But when I got to advanced level, my

belief in my horse was proved right, and

everything started to come together.

I still remember when I asked for the first

time to attempt piaffe and passage with

him, and he just gave me the gift of his

talent and basically acted like he’d been

doing it all his life!

That was what felt as the real start of

our dressage career. We have been at

Grand Prix for four years now, although

the last year can’t really count! With him

being in his prime this year I pray Covid

will permit us to go out and compete

again very soon!

The jumping breeding for me will always

pull me when buying a horse... half

jumping half dressage, makes for me

one perfect horse.

scores. This goes back to that strong hind

leg and back that has now enabled me

to improve the front legs.

Many years ago, the great Ted Edgar

told me: “You can train a front end but

you can’t train a back end”, and I found

this to be exactly the same for dressage


4. What is your greatest

achievement together so far?

Dynamo and I really have achieved

dreams! My greatest dressage moment

so far has to be gaining a massive

Grand Prix score in - of all places –

Aachen! Being on the team with Lottie

Fry and Charlotte Dujardin, and my

score having to count! That truly was the

best day of my life!

And then we did the same at Olympia,

and to experience the reaction from the

crowd was just fantastic! That was a very

special moment for me. I am honoured

to have such a horse. Yes, he may be

tricky, but he has taught me patience and

to believe in myself. And the fact that

we are on the list for the Olympics is an

achievement in itself, just to be

considered.... now that’s a dream

come true! My next dream is the

Europeans, and if things go right this

could happen…

We would like to say a big

thank you to Louise Bell for

telling us her fascinating story

and we wish them all the

very best from the AES

for the 2021 dressage



3. How are you coping with

lockdown, and what is your

daily routine with him?

Lockdown is hard but he trains two days

a week and he still jumps and does

plenty of hill work and hacking to keep

his mind and body strong. It is an art,

keeping these top horses at their best for

the right time and planning is crucial, to

be ready for that moment in the ring! You

can imagine it is very difficult right now,

as we cannot plan anything properly.

Over lockdown, Dynamo has developed

another dimension in his trot and this is

going to give me that improvement in



WBFSH Announce Re-Organisation

to Strengthen Scientific Research

and Communications

The World Breeding Organisation for

Sport Horses modernises and

strengthens its organisation by

creating two new departments of

Scientific Research and of Marketing,

Promotion & Communications, as well as

enhancing the remit of the Department of


Says WBFSH President, Jan


“I am delighted about this progressive

move, which makes excellent use of the

considerable skills and expertise we

have available to us, and which supports

our vision to stimulate the development

of sport-horse breeding world-wide

through scientific research and to

support international cooperation

among our members.”

New Department of Science and


The new Department of Science and

Research will be headed up by Karina

Christiansen who has already been

playing a central role in the WBFSH’s

world leading research initiatives, such

as CIGA, the WBFSH Standing

Committee for Collaborative

Implementation of Genomic

Applications in Sport Horse Breeding

which was formed in 2017 and has

since become a hub for the exchange of

information and development in scientific

research for studbooks and scientists

from across the world.

Says Executive Committee Member

Karina Christiansen:

“We continue to see enormous

progression in scientific research, which

is revolutionising sport horse breeding,

with the potential to enhance

performance, welfare, longevity and

equine health. I am excited about this

opportunity to strengthen our knowledge

exchange among studbook members

and the scientific community.”

New Department of Marketing,

Promotion and Communications

The Department for Marketing,

Promotion and Communications

represents a new move for the

organisation, as it will be run in

cooperation between the AES, r

epresented by the newly elected Board

Member Dr Eva-Maria Broomer, and

the KWPN, represented by the new

Executive Committee Member Ralph van


Says Vice-President Dr Eva-Maria

Broomer (photo):

“These are exciting times for all of us,

as we are working together for a bright

future for all our members and breeders

across the world. I look forward to

working with Ralph whose experience

will prove invaluable. Our first project

will be a brand-new website to support

our communications and promote the

important work of the WBFSH and its

member studbooks across the world.

Our partner in website development is

the Equine Register, a UK based

company with an exceptional

international track record of providing

digital solutions and lifetime traceabilty

systems for governments and industry.”

Enhanced Department of Development

The Department of Development under

the new management of Executive

Committee Member Edward Kendall

from the CWHBA receives a

broadened remit to support all

studbooks and members in carrying out

initiatives to aid industry development

and provide member services.

Says Vice-President Chris Gould:

“This reorganisation, better reflects the

long term strategic plan of the WBFSH

and in particular will allow Edward and

me to continue to foster new cooperative

initiatives amongst and on behalf of our

members, while broadening the scope to

support the interests and

development of sport horse breeding

in general. Our aims are to facilitate

knowledge exchange and collaboration,

to develop our services to our members,

and to strengthen the position of

breeding in the equine industry.”

The Department of Finance will continue

to be run by the BWP under Executive

Committee Member Rudi Eerdekens and

Vice-President Stephan Kelchtermans,

and the Department of External

Coopration will remain under the

leadership of Executive Committee

Member Klaus Miesner from the

German FN and Vice-President Norbert

Camp from the Trakehner Verband. The

Department for Breeding stays under the

experienced management of the Selle

Français and the IFCE with Vice President

Paul Hubert and Executive Committee

Member Bérengère Lacroix. The

coordination of all departments and

WBFSH activities remains the

responsibility of General Manager

Nadine Brandtner.

For further information, contact the

WBFSH press office: Thomas Bach

Jensen under news@wbfsh.org


Studbook - News

Proof of the pudding –

Premium Performance


Breeders face another year of

challenges as lock-down and Covid

restrictions prevent mare-owners visiting

studs to analyse stallions in the flesh.

Normally, we can size up the country’s

leading sires at British Breeding’s

excellent Stallion Event. Now, we must

rely on on-line presentations – or use

a third option. This is to select a stallion

from the Arab Horse Society’s list of

tried and tested Premium Performance

Stallions which have completed the

tough two-day ridden evaluation run

by the National Stallion Association

(NaStA). This involves a course of

show jumps, a cross country course,

dressage, loose jumping, a ridden

appraisal by a judge and a stringent

vetting. In addition, Arabians are

assessed for conformation, movement

and temperament. It’s a nail-biting

assessment. I watched in awe as the

10-yr old pure Arab stallion Mukhtar

Ibn Eternity flew round the cross country

course back in 2015. He then gave a

beautiful calm and collected dressage

performance, gaining an overall ‘Elite’

score of 141.64. I was also privileged

to support part-Arab Yawl Hillbilly, a

versatile endurance champion when he

Premium Performance-tested Arab stallion

Mukhtar Ibn Eternity. Photo - Sweet Photography

was graded in the NaStA test. He has

proved ideal for producing all-rounders.

Many more pure Arabians, Anglos and

part-breds have successfully completed

the test. These stallions and their progeny

are among the most successful athletes

in the equine world. Many have won the

ultimate award of the World Arabian

Horse Organization Trophy. They fly the

flag for the value of Arabian blood in

ridden disciplines.

For the past 30 years, the Arab Horse

Society (AHS) has operated the Premium

Performance Scheme to promote

breeding from these proven stallions.

Successful ridden sports horse and pony

stallions registered with the AHS and

graded with the SPSS and SHB(GB) may

also be granted Premium stallion status.


Studbook - News

The AHS gives a monetary premium

to mare owners when they register

a foal by a Premium stallion if the

mare is registered as a Premium mare

with the AHS. Mares need have no

Arab blood so can qualify through

their own breedsociety or discipline.

Each stallion owner also is allowed

to ‘Nominate’ up to three mares each

year for a Premium, if the mare is

deemed suitable.

Mares qualify for Premium status

through their own achievements in

affiliated ridden disciplines, or the

ridden successes of at least two of their


Foals born from Premium stallions

qualify for AHS awards in future

ridden competition, including racing,

dressage, endurance and Futurity


Goodwood champion & leading Premium Arab racing sire Sambist, available by frozen semen.

Photo - Judith Radcliffe

Over the decades, the Scheme has

produced remarkable champions

such as the Burghley and Badminton

eventer Tamarillo by Tarnik, the race

winner Ecliptic from leading race horse

Vadeer, Performance Horse Awards

and dressage champion Binley Prince

Salim by Prince Sadik, part-Arab

show jumpers from pure Arab Marcus

Aurelius, and the successful endurance

progeny from the Polish stallion


Biddesden Stud have qualified many

excellent stallions through the NaStA

test over the years, and currently offer

Anglo Arab Advanced eventers All

That Jazz and Persiflage, the pure

Arab Sisyrinchium, plus part-Arab

Incognito by frozen semen.

And thank goodness for frozen semen!

Sambist, the Champion pure Arab

race horse and 13-times Leading

Racing Sire, died in 2014 aged

27, but is still available by AI, as is

champion endurance sire, Al Sood,

also deceased.

Many foals bred from Premium

stallions enter the British Breeding

Futurity Young Horse Evaluations

with distinction each year – you can

be introducing your youngster to

competition in hand before you start

training under saddle.

Further details of stallions

available are


Or contact the Scheme

chairman Anne Brown on:


Tamarillo, progeny of AHS Premium stallion Tarnik. Photo - Equestrian Services Thorney

AHS Premium Stallion Marcus Aurelius. Photo - Jasmine Punter


Studbook - News

Despite the challenges we all faced

last year, the British Hanoverian Horse

Society (BHHS) had a very successful

2020. Foal registrations and sales,

once again, increased and we saw

an influx of change of ownerships for

horses across all disciplines. As online

auctions are becoming more popular,

2020 saw the launch of our first online

foal auction which featured our highest

placed foals of 2020, all selected

from summer regional shows. The

auction lots featured our Champion and

Reserve Champion foals by Franklin and

Finest plus premium foals by Danciero,

Flammengold, Millennium and Wild


Covid and Brexit combined made 2020

a difficult year for horse breeders with

continuing concerns of uncertainty from

our breeders as we move into 2021.

There are a lot of new European

regulations concerning the care and

keeping of horses that will come

into force and we do not know if

our government will adopt them.

For example, size of stables, natural

light, daily turnout. Some EU laws

have recently been adopted by the

FEI banning the trimming of whiskers

and inside of ears. There is still some

uncertainty regarding the import and

export of horses with the new rules still

being formalised.

Our Parent Society in Germany has

undergone a restructuring of their

management personnel, introducing

more active competition riders to the

new discipline specific boards as well

as the Stallion licencing and Judging

commissions. Experienced horse riders

and breeders will bring new ideas. New

rules are coming out in line with the other

German studbooks, with allowance for

stallions that are not performance tested

to sire progeny that can be registered

Hanoverian. They will not be main

studbook but studbook/ appendix /

Foal book depending on Pedigree.

Some concern has been expressed by

traditional breeders but generally the

choice is wider, and people can make

their own mind up what they choose.

We would also like to take this

opportunity to welcome the Rhineland

Stallion, Faustinus to Great Britain for

2021. Faustinus is a modern, elegant

stallion with superb riding horse qualities

which he passes onto his offspring.

Several are FEI Young rider horses. He

has power, presence and his striking

sleek black colour and thoroughbred

Famous Lady NE bred by Ros and

Dennis Palmer- All photos Kevin Sparrow

Half Moon Fantasy bred by Court Farm Stud and

Half Moon Stud-overall foal champion for 2020

likeness coupled with his light, athletic

movements and superb jumping abilities

makes him a fabulous sire for producing

all types of sport and show horses.

Further details can be found on our

website www.hanoverian-gb.org.uk

British Hanoverian 2020 Award Winners

Fosshey Hanoverian Stud & Stables

Colt Regional Champion

RHL Valhalla’s Law (Vitalis x Florestan) – Bred by

Emma & Stuart Jackson & Becky Colwill

Filly Regional Champion

Fosshey Bright Hope (Belissimo M x Der Lord) -

Bred by Sandra Tinker and Lucie Dunkeld

Court Farm Stud

Colt Foal Regional Champion

Depeche Mode (Danone x Apache) bred by Ben


Filly Foal Regional Champion

Half Moon Fantasy (Franklin x Dannebrog) -

Bred by Darren Mattia and Julie Deverill

Hawtins Stud

Colt Foal Regional Champion

Fontaine (Franklin x Rohdiamant) Bred by Jane


Filly Foal Regional Champion

Famous Lady NE (Finest x Lanviano) - Bred by

Ros & Dennis Palmer

Woodlander Stud

Colt Foal Regional Champion

Wild Gold ZB (Wild Child x Sir Fidergold) bred

by Eva-Maria Broomer

Filly Foal Regional Champion

Woodlander Die Rose (Dancerio x Dimaggio)

Bred by Lynne Crowden

Windmill Dressage

Colt Regional Foal Champion

Beaumont Montgomery (Morricone x Totalis)

bred by Rachel Crook

Filly Regional Champion

Sicily WD (Secret x Bertoli W) bred to Lindsey


Witcham House Farm Stud

Colt Foal Regional Champion

Double Diamond (Danciero x Flammengold)

bred by Sally Galloway

Filly Foal Regional Champion

Sambatini (Samba Hit III x Buddenbrook) bred

by Katy Holder-Vale

Chadwells Stud

Colt Foal Regional Champion

Fendi Gold (Flammengold x Tango) Bred by Kim


Filly Foal Regional Champion

Fruitilicous CS (Franklin x Wild Child)

Newton Stud

Colt Foal Regional Champion

Newton Bolero (Baron x Dark Rubin) bred by

Lorna Wilson

Filly Regional Foal Champion

Newton Soundtrack (Sezuan x Furstenball) bred

by Lorna Wilson

Youngstock Awards

Best Yearling Champion 2020

Springbanks Gold (Springbank x Vivaldi) bred

by Sandra Ogden

Best Two-Year-Old Champion 2020

Fairytale Romance (For Romance x Rubin Royal)

bred by Lucinda Bellis

Dressage Award for 2020

Half Moon Fantasy – (Franklin x Dannebrog)

Bred by Darren Mattia and Julie Deverill

Show Jumping Champion 2020

Conchello (Contendro x Ustinov) bred by

Charlotte Taylor

British Rhineland Champion 2020

Sergio (Santo Domingo x Benvenuto) bred by

Nicola Keenan

Best Amateur 2020

Kim Cosgrave – First time breeder and Regional

Winner at Chadwells Stud

Mare of the Year 2020


Overall Supreme Champion 2020

Half Moon Fantasy (Franklin x Dannebrog) -

Bred by Darren Mattia and Julie Deverill



From the foals

of Mount St John

to Team GBR

medal winning


Saracen Horse

Feeds are committed

to meeting the

nutritional needs of

the modern equine




MSJ Fiesta Freestyle




For nutrition advice or further information on our feeds please call +44 (0)1622 718487

Email: info@saracenhorsefeeds.co.uk or visit www.saracenhorsefeeds.com




Studbook - News

Romanno Spotless - Photo Jasmine Punter

The competition season may have not yet

begun but British Riding Pony breeders

are looking ahead to an exciting 2021.

Deborah Walton-Smith updates on plans

for the eight year old bay British Riding

Pony mare Romanno Spotless, bred by

Jennifer Gilchrist. Ness , as she is called

at home started her eventing career in

2020 with wins initially at 90 cm level

and finished the season of limited outings

(due to the first lockdown) with two top

three placings at 100 cm level.

With the confirmation that the 2021

eventing season will not start before

the beginning of April plans have

been slightly modified to include lots of

hacking , schooling and a few online

dressage competitions organised and

run by Horse Events.

Once eventing restarts the main focus

for the season will be to consolidate

her outings at 100cm level and then

to move up to British Eventing novice

level towards the end of this year. If all

progresses smoothly Romanno Spotless

will be aimed at FEI pony trials in 2022

Ness is a daughter of the impeccably

bred Stanley Grange Regal Heights

who stands at stud again this season

at Romanno Stud in Scotland. He

demonstrates the true versatility of the

British Riding Pony having sired ponies

that excel in every discipline from

showing to show jumping.

Di Nicholson reports that her homebred

NPS Licensed Stallion Dibynn Status

Symbol is planning on gracing the

dressage arenas when lockdown

permits. He is currently working at

Novice at home - but will start at the

bottom as he has to get acclimatised

to being ridden at show venues. Status

Symbol has previously been extremely

successful in the show ring winning

many show hunter pony breeding


His sire Tiger Attack was a many time

champion in the show ring but has also

proved his worth in the eventing field

and his dam Dibynn Status View is a

1.20m showjumper, novice dressage

and top show horse. Dibynn Status

Symbol’s first foal is proving exciting and

moves well enough to follow in his sire’s

footsteps. Di is expecting two foals by

him this year.

Heronsmill Tiger’s Eye & Polly Cochrane in training

for their BE debut. Photo - ESP Photography

The first out of Dibynn Chic Flic. She

is a half sister to a multiple champion

Medium dressage and showing pony,

and a multiple champion working hunter

so a foal very much destined for the

performance world. The other foal will

be out of Dibynn Miss Congeniality -

herself very successful in the show ring.

Sally McMillan of Heronsmill Stud

is breeding HOYS champions and

successful sports ponies using the very

best British Riding Pony bloodlines.

She tells us that Heronsmill Tiger’s

Eye (Roseberry Special Occasion x

Copybush Eye of the Tiger) is continuing

to develop his new partnership with

ambitious young jockey, Polly Cochrane.

Polly and Rocky hope to aim at BE

events this year as Polly turns 12. They

have been making the best of the current

situation with XC schooling, Arena

Eventing and jumping and dressage

lessons with their trainers. This is a

partnership to watch out for.

Dibynn Status Symbol is set to move from the show

ring to the dressage arena. Photo - 1st Class Images

Sally also has a maternal half brother to

Rocky, Heronsmill Tiger Moon (Castle

Knight x Copybush Eye of the Tiger).

He is now a yearling and was bred with

the aim of producing a competition/

event/ WHP, his dam having produced

Tiger’s Eye and current Cuddy champion

Heronsmill Tiger Lily. His sire is a Class

1 Connemara by Fredericksminde Hazy

Match, one of Ireland’s leading sires of

sports ponies.

The addition of M&M blood is at the

foundation of the British Riding Pony

studbook and breeders are successful

enhancing their programmes in this way

again today. Well established breeders

such as Hightopps, Wytchwood and

Lesmore studs have all used a mixture

of Welsh Section B and Connemara

stallions on their beautifully bred British

Riding Pony mares in the last few season

and we look forward to seeing these

youngsters gracing the show ring and

sport arenas in the next few years.

Sacha Shaw


Studbook - News

Native Ruler

Sport Horse Breeding

of Great Britiain

News in January is rather thin at the best

of times. It is especially thin during yet

another Government lockdown, which

at the time of writing has no end date

in sight. Current restrictions to working

practices, due to Covid 19, means that

the office is, on a day-to-day basis,

presently working with a skeleton

staff. The good news however is that

staff are also working from home and

SHB(GB) is very much in the business of

processing passports and registrations.

Due to staff rotas this means they may

take a bit longer than usual. Also please

bear in mind that, for similar reasons,

DNA results can take longer to come

back to us which further adds to the

time whilst postal services have also

slowed down. For all these reasons the

time it takes to get the passport back

to you is perhaps greater than usual,

although SHB(GB) will endeavour to be

as quick as possible. We therefore ask

for understanding and patience while

you wait for the return of your passport.

If you would like to contact the office

to enquire about your registration or

passport, then it would help us if you

used email rather than the telephone,

while these restrictions are in place.

Whilst it is not possible to set dates in

the diary for our usual spring stallion

gradings, if anyone has a stallion they

would like to grade then please email

Marian at the office. We may be able

to assess your stallion by sending our

graders to you – although this will of

course depend on the restrictions at the

time and the facilities available for both

horses and graders. Vetting requirements

and grading will still follow the SHB(GB)

rules and new and or young stallions will

have to be ridden and loose jumped, so

a safe, good-sized school is essential. All

rules for grading are available from the

downloads section of the website.

The owners of all stallions that pass

our gradings will receive one of our

handsome stable door plaques.

We will of course add grading dates

to calendar as soon as Government

restrictions allow for greater freedom of

movement and we are able to secure

venues. Hopefully, we will be able to

proceed with mare grading as usual later

in the year. In the meantime we hope that

you all stay safe and well.

Two stable plaques have been posted

out to owners of recently graded stallions

and SHB(GB) is delighted to welcome

two new thoroughbred stallions into the

studbook. The Society has approved

both Native Ruler and Fountain of Youth.

Fifteen-year-old Native Ruler has moved

to Talgrwn Stud near Lampeter. Native

Ruler, who formerly stood at Batsford

Stud in Gloucestershire, is a son of Cape

Cross out of Love Divine by Diesis. As

well as siring winners on the track, flat

and national hunt, he has already sired

winning sport horses. He is the sire of

the SHB(GB) registered former in-hand

young horse show champions Perfect

Day and Native Star (both out of Starnite

by Primitive Star) the latter of who won

the 2016 Cuddy qualifier at the BSHA

championships. Dazzling Ruler (out of

Louella Dazzle by Catherston Dazzler)

has started competing in eventing while

three-year-old Making Rock N Rule (out

of Jamakin Faerie Folklaur by Lauriston)

has been awarded high marks and a

gold premium each year, 2018, ’19 &

’20, at the British Breeding Futurity.

For more details contact Talgrwn Stud


We have also graded the nine year

old Fountain of Youth. This son of Oasis

Dream is out of the well-known mare

Attraction (by Efisio), winner of ten of her

15 races and the first horse to win both

the £1000 guineas and the Irish £1000

guineas in the same season. In 2004 she

was rated the best three-year-old filly in

the world.

Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth is standing at Millbry

Hill Stud in North Yorkshire. Millbry Hill

Stud is the former Stanley Grange Stud

in Great Ayton. While former owner and

show producer Jerome Harforth has sold

the property stud manager David Dixon

is retained and continues to run the stud.

Fountain of Youth will stand alongside

the studs’ SHB(GB) graded sport horse

stallions Up with the Lark and the graded

Irish Draught, Castlegar Cool Mist. For

more details contact Millbry Hill Stud


SHB(GB) contact - If you have any

queries re stallions, mares, passports or

registrations please contact the office. All

our stud book rules are available from

the downloads section of the website.

T: 01732 866277

E: marian@sporthorsegb.co.uk

W: www.sporthorsegb.co.uk

FB: Sporthorse Breeding GB


Studbook - News

Cruz & Jayne Turney – 2020 Magic Prix St Georges Winter National Champions. Photo - Kevin Sparrow

In recent years the SPSS’s mantra has

been “Performance is paramount:

recognising ability & potential;

facilitating improvement; striving for

success” and we also do what we can

to support all our breeders from the

regular to the occasional. Therefore,

we are delighted to be announcing

that the 2020 SPSS award recipients

are someone who has only ever bred

2 foals but seen one achieve top results

and a young stallion whose breeder has

probably bred in excess of 100 times as

many foals.

So, at the delayed 2020 British

Dressage (BD) NAF Five Star Winter

Dressage Championships, the SPSS

passported gelding Cruz made history

by becoming the first pony to take the

Magic Prix St Georges (PSG) Winter

National Title when he scored 70.79%

to top the leader board. His owner and

rider, Jayne Turney, said through her

tears when interviewed for the live

stream, “he just tries so hard for me

The Sports Pony Studbook Society

SPSS Rewarding Excellence

Championing all breeders

great & small

and always gives 110%”. This was

just the latest and greatest of a string

of successes for Cruz and Jayne, as

they were also the 2013 SPSS Young

Dressage Pony Champions; 2015 BD

Medium Restricted National Champions;

2018 BD Advanced Medium Silver

Reserve Champions and 2019 BD

Advanced Medium Gold Reserve

Champions. Cruz also won the 2014

BD Novice Open National Champions

ridden by multiple Pony Team &

Individual medallist, Phoebe Peters, and

then with both Charlotte McDowall and

Jessie Kirby represented Great Britain

at International FEI Pony Dressage in


Therefore, the 2020 SPSS Breeders

Award goes to Cruz’s breeder, Rachel

Silk, who started Cruz’s story by buying

his dam, Chaneira, as a first dressage

horse for her daughter after she moved

on from ponies. A small Oldenburg

by Don Larino out of the thoroughbred

Cannabis (by Casteddu), Rachel bought

Chaneira through her daughter’s trainer,

Lucy Farrer, who was producing her for

then owner Lois Allard of Coady Bay

Stud who had imported her from her

German breeder, Rainer Ahlers. Sadly

though, after just a year and a promising

start with good scores, Chaneira was

injured in the field and so, as Rachel

thought her a really lovely mare, she

decided to breed from her and Chaneira

had her first foal (by Sheepcote

Wurlitzer) in 2007.

Then, Lois saw Samantha Brown

competing SPSS Elite graded FEI pony

dressage stallion Caesar 171 and

suggested to Rachel that he would

be a great match for Chaneira and a

year later, Cruz was born. When he

was two Cruz was seen and bought

by one of Carl Hester’s pupils, Lucy

Cartwright, who sold him some months

later to another (and undoubtedly the

most famous!) of Carl’s pupils, Charlotte

Dujardin. When Cruz was rising 4,

Charlotte asked her longstanding friend,

Jayne Turney, to back him and this set the

success in motion, with Jayne becoming

his owner in 2019.

Although Rachel describes the breeding

of Cruz as being a series of “happy

coincidences” and says that it was very

much that the right people appeared

at the right time, it was Rachel who

took on the commitment and cost of

breeding and so we are delighted to

acknowledge her key contribution to the

success of Cruz with this SPSS award.


Studbook - News

Cruz & Jayne Turney – 2015 Medium

Restricted National Champions

The second of the annual SPSS awards,

the Dancer Medal is generally given to

an SPSS passported or graded pony

and 2020 is no exception. This medal,

which is an original piece of artwork

by Belinda Sillars, is modelled on

the outstanding pony stallion Dancer

who represented both Britain and the

Netherlands at the FEI Pony Euros

and was also a renown sire who still

appears in the pedigree of many of the

current top European dressage ponies.

Therefore, it is highly appropriate that for

2020 it is awarded to another stallion,

Woodlander Sir Gorgeous (Santana

x Synod Rum Punch), who was bred

by one of the UK’s most successful and

prolific sports horse breeders, Lynne

Crowden, and is one of just a few ponies

she produced by using her warmblood

stallions on two Welsh Section C mares

in 2011 and 2012. Sir Gorgeous, who

is known at home as “Riley”, gained an

Elite Futurity Premium (Dressage) as a

foal before being bought by his

long-time owner, Claire Wyatt of

Bromson Stud, as a 2 year old with a

view to producing him to sell as a 3 or

4 year old. However, once Riley had

been backed, dressage rider and trainer

Henry Boswell insisted Claire keep him

and Henry has been training Riley with

a view to him ultimately reaching Grand

Prix ever since. Riley first competed

as a 4 year old in 2016 and, ridden

by Charlotte Drakeley, he qualified for

the 2016 BD Young Pony 4 year old

Championship winning the qualification

class at Addington and then being

Reserve Champion at the Hartpury

Festival of Dressage Final beating other

top class ponies.

The next year, Riley went one better

and became the BD 5 Year Old Young

Dressage Pony National Champion

2017 with highest score over all age

groups. Wins with high scores at

Elementary level in 2018 saw Riley and

Charlotte easily achieving Regional Final

qualification and top 8 finishes in the

both the standard and music sections.

In 2018 & 2019, ridden by Kirsty Imm,

he impressed the crowds at Stallion

Parades and the judges at Medium

and Advanced Medium levels before

Claire’s great friend, James Coombs-

Gyde, took over as rider in 2020 and

success continued at Advanced Medium

level. Now working at Grand Prix level

at home, their aspiration is to compete

at PSG in 2021. Riley was licensed as

an SPSS stallion in 2016 and his first

foal, Bromson Remarkable, was born in

2018 and impressed the Elite Foal Tour

judges to gain an SPSS Gold Premium

and qualify for the Final. Then in 2019

another of his foals, MM Sweet Pea did

SPSS Elite Head Studbook Graded

Chaneira & her 2018 foal, Bickley

the same and was 3rd at the Elite Foals

Tour Final. In 2020 British Breeding

Futurity, 3 of his foals were evaluated

with 2 awarded Gold Premiums and the

other a strong Silver. Carrie Passmore’s

foal, Demi, was the SPSS Top Filly,

Top Small Horse and Overall Reserve

Supreme Youngstock Champion. Claire

says Riley has a fantastic character,

good work ethic, is a quick learner and

lovely to deal with overall. He adores

Claire’s 4 year old niece – who heads

straight for Riley ahead of her own pony

whenever she goes to the barn and

has already got her eye on Riley as her

future pony ride - so fingers crossed

there may also be FEI pony classes in his

future too!

2021 Events

Writing this column with at least another

4 weeks of lockdown to come, we’re

not going to mention the “P” word (ie

plan)! Instead, we will just say that our

aspiration is to work with the British

Breeding Futurity team once again and

we hope that we will be able to do some

“in person” mare and stallion grading

events this year – subject to being sure

we can keep everyone safe. So please

keep an eye out on our Facebook page

and website for announcements once the

situation becomes clearer.

Tel: 07703 566066

Email: sportsponies@gmail.com



- Send your passports in NOW without reprisal.

- Get those long overdue LEGALLY REQUIRED changes done ...

- The ones you’ve never quite got round to doing ...

- The ones you need to send the passport in for but it’s never been

convenient before ...

WELL NOW IS THE TIME - with no competitions, less travel & fewer other demands

on passports do those CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP, overstamping foreign passports

into a UK PIO, new addresses, notification of microchip, castration etc NOW!

SPSS Office remains fully operational & we’re turning around straightforward

updates in 2-3 days.


For more information or help email sportsponies@gmail.com or

call 07703-566066 www.sportpony.org.uk/passports.shtml

Woodlander Sir Gorgeous - Bromson Stud


Studbook - NEWS

Young mares Godington Balenciaga

(EH Herzensdieb/Elite G Hannibal)

and Godington Ursula (Icare d’Olympe

AA/Roland) will both do a few baby

competitions in all three disciplines. They

will also be presented for grading in

August 2021.

Holme Park Stud report they expect a

pure bred foal this year out of Holme Park

Evie. Evie is a home bred mare by Holme

Park Kobalt out of Elektra by K2. Evie was

put in foal in Germany to the stunning

Millenium son – Kwahu and is now back

home at Holme Park Stud. She is due

to foal in May 2021. Volatis Stud have

acquired a new Trakehner broodmare on

breeding loan. Godington Primevera is a

daughter of Elite stallion Goldschmit (by

Reiner Klimke’s Grand Prix star Biotop)

out of the State Premium mare Prettiness.

Primavera is the ¾ sister to the 2010 Mare

of the Year Elite Praise Me.

Graded Trakehner stallion Contis

standing at Godington Stud for 2021

Trakehner Breeders

Fraternity News

There has been increased interest

recently from breeders looking to add

Trakehner blood to their breeding

programmes. They are recognising

the qualities of hardiness, soundness,

bravery and of course beauty, that a

Trakehner will bring. We are excited to

hear of some very promising pure and

part bred Trakehner foals due in the

next few months.

Godington Stud in Oxfordshire are

renowned breeders of eventers and

stand a number of both German

and British bred Trakehner stallions.

They are expecting 4 pure bred foals

in 2021. Three mares are in foal to

resident stallion Contis. Godington

Tsavo (Elite G Hannibal/Acajou),

Premium Mare Godington Barcelona

(Elite G Hannibal/Graciano) and

Premium Mare Godington Undine

(Lessen/Roland). Elite Mare Offerte

(EH King Arthur/EH Giorgio Armani) is

in foal to Elite Godington Hannibal, a

previous international eventer who is

still available via frozen semen.

In sport we can expect to see

Godington Trasimeno (Elite G

Hannibal/Maestro) will continue

his eventing 3* campaign. Premium

Mare Godington Pambula (Elite G

Hannibal/EH Vandeyk) will continue

her 1* eventing campaign if not sold.

Graded stallion Godington Utah

(Contis/Roland) will continue his 2*

eventing campaign if a suitable rider is


Godington Undine is carrying a

Contis foal for 2021

Young stallion Godington Okavango

(Elite G Hannibal/EH King Arthur)

will do a limited number of 4yo

ODE classes in preparation for his

Performance Test and Grading in

August 2021. Godington Ultimo (Der

Duerer/Roland) a 6yo will start his

affiliated eventing career at 90cm

moving to 100cm and perhaps a first

Novice at the end of the season –

competitions permitting

New broodmare for Volatis Stud Godington Primavera

Long term resident Harmsworth Elfinesque

(Tycoon x EH Consul) is not currently in

foal but will be covered by a Trakehner

stallion in 2021 in the hope of breeding

a filly to join the Volatis broodmare

herd. Rising 4 year old Volatis Cruzado

has been backed and joined new rider

Caron Bennett with an eye on a gentle

introduction to dressage this year with a

long term career in mind.

Becky Jackson is expecting her first foal

out of Trakehner mare Volatis Elfentime

(Latimer x Tycoon). ‘Tia’ is in foal to

Romanno Stud’s Rheinland stallion

L’Espoir. Becky also has a 5 year old

mare due to start her competition career

with Greg Sims this year by Sir Sansibar

out of the Elite mare Donaufurstin.

Camlough Stud are expecting one pure

bred and one part bred foal this year.

Performance Premium Mare Monaghan’s

Filia Flora (Tycoon x Latimer) is in foal

to Holme Park Kobalt (Oliver Twist x

Kostolany). Singing Honolulu (Arentino

x Pascal) is due to the coloured jumping

stallion Aragon S for a part bred foal. The

TBF are pleased to announce that there

will be a stallion and mare grading held

this August on 24/25th August 2021 at

Keysoe Equestrian Centre alongside the

National Stallion Association Performance

Test. Further details will be announced on

the website. Sacha Shaw




A National Champion Breeding Stallion

16.3hh KWPN. AES Approved + SHB(GB) Life Graded

Silvester’s Darcy

Champion Showjumping

Foal Elite Final

Silvester’s Midday Cowboy


Futurity Elite Showjumping

BEF Champion Showjumping Sire in successive years and Reserve

Champion Eventing Sire.

Silvester is a top class showjumping and eventing stallion with

exceptional temperament. He was the overall winner (dressage, eventing

and showjumping) at his SEIB Young Horse Evaluation, scoring 9 plus

for jumping, dressage and temperament. His forbears have competed

at two Olympics and have won numerous Nations Cups. Silvester has

exceptionally high fertility, 93%, even with less easy mares. He is an

intelligent stallion with an enthusiastic but relaxed temperament which he

passes on to progeny.


Carthago Z


Notre Dame



Capitol 1


Perra B



Keur Pref


Keur Pref



Calando 1


Furioso II

Gogo Moeve




Keur Pref Prest

Consistent Breeding Success

His genetic generosity has led to outstanding consistent breeding

success, to date his progeny have been awarded;

11 Elites (one dressage, 2 eventing and 8 showjumping).

36 Higher First Premiums and 9 Golds.

26 First Premiums at the Futurity Evaluations.

This gives Silvester the unique distinction of Elite Progeny in dressage,

eventing and showjumping. His progeny are now out competing

successfully in showjumping and eventing with his first offspring now

competing at FEI 4 Star.

Carthago Girl

Awarded Futurity Elite


Crystal Silver


Futurity Elite Showjumping

Silver Fox


Futurity Elite



Carthago’s Darco


Futurity Elite


Silvester’s Darcy

Champion Showjumping Foal

Futurity Elite


Silver Socks


Futurity Elite


Silvester’s Diamond


Futurity Elite


Huntercombe Burlesque

Dressage Elite by Silvester

Darc Silver

2* eventer by Silvester

Total Belief

Advanced Eventer by Silvester

Carthago’s Darco

7 year old by Silvester competing 1.30m

Kuwait Silver

by Silvester Futurity Eventing Elite

Silvester Testimonials

“Our first foal by Silvester had so many of his sire’s qualities; presence,

wonderful movement and great temperament. We had no hesitation in using

Silvester again to breed from. All our mares are bred by AI, so the quality of

semen is very important to us. In every case our mares have held to the first

insemination using Silvester’s semen.”

Joan Cadzow, Duncrahill Stud

“Alice is the most wonderful yearling. She already has fantastic and

exciting paces, is very easy to handle with very good manners and a lovely

temperament. We were thrilled with Silvester as the sire, he is top class and

we would definitely use him with our mare again.”

Philippa and Martin Clunes

“I have used Silvester seven times and keep going back.

He has incredible fertility and a loving temperament.

His foals are so trainable and have achieved very successful results.

I have had 2 ELITE’s, 5 GOLD premiums and HIGHEST SJ yearling in the

British Breeding Futurity.

Crystal Silver won the Regional Champions at the Elite Foal Tour, she went

on to be highest placed filly at the Elite Finals and the top priced lot sold at

the AES Elite auction.

I am very happy using Silvester with his legendary bloodlines. WG Stud are

very professional and ensure breeding is made easy.”

Sian Harman - Hill View Stud.

“I was very fortunate to gain the ride on In Vogue II by Silvester. We went

from BE100 to completing our first Advanced. She was so brave cross

country and very trainable for dressage, consistently scoring over 70%.

Now, having ridden many horses, I appreciate how special it is to have a

horse that will take you to Advanced. So I had no hesitation when searching

for the next superstar to join my team to look for another Silvester.

I am so excited now to have two young horses by Silvester in my yard, both

incredibly athletic, bold and forward thinking. They are already winning

at their training competitions and are proving the perfect potential event

horses. Silvester produces highly intelligent and classy offspring, the perfect

stamp for an event horse. They are a pleasure to have in the yard.”

Melissa Joannides

“Total Belief has blossomed into a really classy top level horse. She oozes

talent but best of all is her nature. She is the most trainable horse I have ever

ridden and has a huge heart.” (advanced mare Total Belief)

Coral Keen

“Silvester’s conformation, athleticism and kind nature are clear to see. What

is equally impressive when you look further is his genetic generosity - the

consistency with which he produces trainable high quality foals with dams

of a wide range of breeds.”

Michael Peace

“I purchased Ruby (Carthago’s Darco) as a foal from WG Stud. She has

a fantastic attitude and has been very easy to bring on. She’s athletic with

huge power over a fence. She is now consistently jumping 1.30m as a 7 year

old and regularly in the money. I am really excited for her future.”

Charles Richards

“Over the past eleven stud seasons Silvester has demonstrated consistently

high fertility with excellent conception rates.”

Simon Richards BVSc, OVS, MRCVS

“I have used Silvester six times and will certainly do so again. His superb

foals keep me coming back. First time I wondered if I was being extravagant

but the offspring now prove he is worth every penny. Silvester is a serious

sport horse sire and a lovely person and consistently passes on his top class


Niki Ryan

“I now have a very smart Silvester four year old on my yard. He has a super

temperament with great attitude and potential.”

Izzy Taylor

Silver Chicago

BEF Elite Showjumping by Silvester

In Vogue II

Advanced Eventer by Silvester

Total Belief

Advanced Eventer by Silvester

Silver Venture

by Silvester

Keatinge Issabella

by Silvester

Both stallions, stud fee: fresh or chilled, deposit £200 then £600 when scanned in foal. No vat.

N.F.F.R. First collection included thereafter £80. P&P free of charge.

Discounts for dams of Futurity Elite Progeny. Both stallions, all annual tests and WFFS negative.

For stud enquiries and youngstock sales please contact

Hazel Offord on 01869 252224 or 07779 217215 or email hazel.wgs@zen.co.uk

More information, pictures and videos at www.wgstud.co.uk

WG Stud (home of Silvester)


10 Years of

Promoting British

Based Stallions

All new website launching for the 2021 season

featuring progeny classifieds

Search online & order in print


In Association with

Sponsored by



Just before the new year, we were

excited to announce the Stallion Event

would take place behind closed doors

at the new British Showjumping training

centre. Sadly, just before lockdown was

announced it became apparent that we

could not even run a physical event .

During 2020, British Breeding pushed

forward with the virtual futurity, so with

this experience and a range of highly

successful webinars run throughout the

year, we already have in place the

expertise and facility to run a fully virtual

stallion event.

We are now delighted to bring to you

three wonderful interactive evenings of

stallion viewing. An evening for each

discipline and we kick off with the

Eventing Stallions on Wednesday 10th

February from 6pm.

We have had a bumper entry of

Eventing stallions available to the British

Breeder including two clones, Murkas

Gem and Cruising Arish. With over 30

stallions to view on the evening and ask

questions to their owners/agents this

proves to be a fantastic evening for mare

owners and breeders.

The showjumping evening takes place a

week later on Wednesday 17th February

from 6pm. This has been hugely exciting

to put together as we have stallions that

can be anywhere being able to take

part. We are thrilled to see some of the

best show jumping

bloodlines available

on display from young

up and coming horses to

some older more well

established sires.

The final evening is on

Wednesday 24th

February; we have the

excitement of the

dressage stallions.

The advantage of the

virtual evening is we

can see some of the

older sires who have

retired from competition

such as Flammengold

and the superb pony

stallion Rembrandt DDH

alongside the new

young stallions making

their debuts to

standing at stud.

All evenings should not be

missed; you can enjoy

watching and taking part by

registering at:


They are also being streamed through

the British Breeding Futurity facebook


Webinar Supporters

Baileys Horse Feeds - www.baileyshorsefeeds.co.uk

B & W Equine - www.bwequinevets.co.uk

Competition Stallions - www.competition-stallions.com

Sussex Equine - www.sussexequinehospital.co.uk

Stallion AI Services - www.stallionai.co.uk

Twemlows Stud Farm - www.twemlows.co.uk

West Kington Stud - www.westkingtonstud.co.uk


Stallion Event 2021 - EVENTING STALLIONS

In Association with

Abbeywoods Under Pressure


2016 Skewbald


SPSS Graded PBA 138cm quality

coloured sports pony prospect, who

received Gold Premium at the 2019

British Breeding Futurity evaluations

as an eventing pony gaining a 9 for

his bold, brave jump, with well

known famous lines including

Weltmeyer and Weltruhm.

The perfect choice for anyone

wanting to breed good quality

ponies for all kinds of disciplines

and definitely not one to miss. Great

scope for jumping, and trainability

when backed in July 2020, this chap

is simply the best to have around.

He is graded with the Sports Pony

Society and licensed with the Arab

Society with 43.23% part bred Arab.

He has a wonderful temperament

to pass on to his offspring which

runs down through his lines, and is

safe and easy to handle with good


He is currently doing well in dressage

and has recently started jumping and

has been invited back to the British

Breeding Equine Bridge Programme

under saddle in 2021 due to being a

high scorer as a 3 year old.

Height: 13.2hh (138cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.38

Stud Book: SPSS & AHS

Grading: SPSS Graded, Licensed AHS

Availability: Natural / Fresh / Chilled

Stud Fee: £300 no vat

Stands At: Gratwicke Farm, Henfield Road, Cowfold, West Sussex, RH13 8EA

Contact: Sarah Ablewite

Tel: 07527435847

Email: enquiries@abbeywoodsunderpressure.co.uk

Website: www.abbeywoodsunderpressure.co.uk

Murraybrook Moriarty



Royal Command of



Commanche Ace

Windy City E

Royal Linsign






Wind Dancer

Peppermint Petty



2014 Buckskin


The better Thoroughbred! Amadei

won his licensing in Germany as

well as his stallion performance

test scoring 8.4. Standing out

not only with his exceptional

jumping technique and his golden

buckskin coat, he is providing

unparalleled comfort in the saddle

toghether with the most beautiful

mind. Many placings in Eventing

and Showjumping Age classes in

Germany against the best horses

of the country, but also he can be

ridden by a kid. His talent for higher

dressage work have led him to a

world renowned dressage stable now

who is impressed by his ability for


His foals have inherited his wonderful

type with refined heads, good

toplines with a strong croup plus a

very good uphill canter and a good

size. They are remarkably easy to

handle and human-orientated. The

Akhal Teke breed will likely provide

stamina, endurance, lightness of bone

and strength.

He is 100% Thoroughbred.

Height: 16.3hh (170cm)

Stud Book: AES

Grading: AES Licensed

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Frozen

Stud Fee: £600 + vat

Stands At: Lancer Stud, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP30 0EJ

Contact: Marcus Craggs

Tel: 07703715131

Email: marcuscraggs@icloud.com

Website: www.lancerstud.com


Special Lady













Amrio Z


2004 Chestnut


With almost 70% Thoroughbred

blood, international successes to

1.45m and one of the best dam

lines in the world, Amiro Z is a

particularly exciting stallion for

breeders of event horses. He has a

superb temperament, and is an easy,

rideable stallion who is quick in the

air and has plenty of scope.

Amiro Z jumped internationally at

1.45m level, including qualifying for

the Lanaken World Championships

for 6-year-olds.

Amiro’s offspring are bold characters

with good temperaments, and

inherit their sire’s jump and power.

His daughter Caunton First Class,

from a Valentino dam, was the 2018

Westfalen eventing champion, and

also champion of the BYEH final at

Bramham. Amiro’s father Amigo Toss

xx goes back directly to the mother

of the famous stallion Le Sancy xx,

the progenitor of Ramzes and Zeus.

Amigo Toss was an Argentinian

stallion brought in by Zangersheide

to add some blood to the Holsteiner

lines. He stood with Zangersheide for

many years and was very successful

in refining their showjumping mares.

Height: 16.3hh (170cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.40

Stud Book: Zang

Grading: SF, Zang, Hann, West, SHB(GB), AES

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Fresh / Chilled

Stud Fee: £1000 plus vat

Stands At: Elite Stallions

Contact: Lorna Wilson

Tel: 01837 880100 / 07967 202074

Email: info@elitestallions.co.uk

Website: www.elitestallions.co.uk

Amigo Toss xx

Renomee Z

Nippon Toss xx

La Toscana xx

Ramiro Z

Argentina Z

Egg Toss xx

Nipona xx

Lefty xx

La Spezia xx



Alme Z

Heureka Z



Sponsored by



2007 Dark Bay


He is a successful athlete in his own

right, being a stakes winner with total

winnings of £181,286 from just a few

starts and in the 2010 Italian Derby

he came from the back of the field to

take second, just missing out on first

place. He returned to training after

time off for covering and finished

third in a maiden hurdle at Limerick in

2013. This was his first run back and

demonstrates that not only does he

have speed he also has a super jump.

He has a superb pedigree containing

Northern Dancer and not one, but

two crosses of the famous Grey

Sovereign. The Grey Sovereign

line has been extremely influential

in infusing blood in European

warmbloods and appears in the

pedigree of many top show jumpers

including Olympic performers Clinton

and Corrado. Oldest progeny are

successfully competing in dressage,

show jumping and eventing

across Europe with amateur and

professional riders in all formats

and have been represented in BYEH

classes, Irish eventing young horse

championships, show jumping, and

oldest now 7 competing at CCI 2**

Height: 16.1hh (165cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.44

Stud Book: Weatherbys GSB

Grading: SHB(GB), HSI

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £600 no vat

Stands At: Stallion AI Services, Whitchurch, Shropshire, SY13 4BP

Contact: John Chambers

Tel: 07753788125

Email: John.chambers191@gmail.com

Website: www.springfieldstud.com

Kalamoun xx

Kenmare xx

Belle of Ireland xx

Highest Honor xx

Riverman xx

High River xx

Hairbrush xx

Northern Dancer xx

Dixieland Band xx

Mississippi Mud xx

Albiatra xx

Caro xx

Jons Singer xx

Hellas xx

Ashwey Laurenzo


2012 Dark Bay


Oaks farm stud present a stunning

16hh british bred AES registered SHB

graded stallion.

By the prolific sire lauriston and out

of an icrolando mare graded overall

champion in the SHB 2018 stallion

gradings scoring a 9 for his jumping

ability and technique.

He started his affiliated eventing

career in 2018 with five outings and

five top ten finishes.

Now competing successfully at

novice level winning his most recent

event at south of england.

He has an excellent temperament,

compact athletic type with excellent


Height: 16hh (163cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.46

Stud Book: SHB(GB)

Grading: SHB(GB)

Test: WFFS negative

Availability: Fresh / Chilled & Frozen

Stud Fee: £500 no vat

Stands At: Stallion AI Services, Whitchurch, Shropshire, SY13 4BP

Contact: Rebecca Gordon

Tel: 07572 659813 / 07973 518375

Email: oaksfarmstud@mail.com


Remi Twin Sijgje

Latus I




Landgraf I



Andorra II





Britannia Royal


2013 Chestnut


Britannia Royal’s dam is the

legendary triple 5* winning mare

Headley Britannia (by Jumbo),

Olympic medallist and winner of

Badminton, Burghley and Kentucky

through his sire Royaldik, his

granddam Herka xx is full sister to

Heraldik xx, the outstanding sire of

international event horses for more

than a decade.

Britannia Royal is a modern

blood-type stallion, 70%+,

short-coupled, with eye-catching

good looks, rhythmical paces and

a quick, bold, athletic jump. He

has a wonderful calm, trainable

temperament, which he is passing

on to his offspring. He is now an

Intermediate event stallion, with an

incredibly consistent record of top-ten

placings throughout his eventing

career, including a fabulous

double-clear and 6th in only his

second Intermediate run.

He is producing very smart foals,

his offspring are already winners in

the show ring at County level, one

standing Champion Hunter Breeding

in 2019, and his foals are receiving

Gold Futurity awards.

Height: 16.2hh (165cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.50

Stud Book: SHB(GB)

Grading: SHB(GB)

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £650 no vat

Stands At: Wilmington Green Stud, Wilmington, East Sussex, BN26 5PZ

Contact: Annabel Blake

Tel: 07870 358944

Email: brit.royal@outlook.com

Website: www.britanniaroyal.co.uk


Headley Britannia

Royal Diamond

Herka xx


Alans Bambi xx

Rubinstein I

Elektia V

Caramel xx

Heraldika xx



Alanrod xx

Hazy Blue xx


Stallion Event 2021 - EVENTING STALLIONS

In Association with

Britannia’s Bijou


2017 Bay


Eventing bloodlines in the purple.

this exciting young International

competition and breeding prospect

is already broken and going well

under saddle. He has been seriously

impressive loose jumping - showing

tremendous scope, fantastic

technique, three beautiful paces and

a superbly relaxed and trainable

temperament. He has already been

trained to the dummy and his first

mare has scanned in foal from its first


Britannia’s Bijou is out of Bella

Britannia (one of the 4 embryo

transfer daughters of the Eventing

legend Headley Britannia) who was

successfully competed Eventing up

to BE100 and Show Jumped up to

1.20m before going back to stud and

is now in foal to Timolin. Britannia’s

Bijou’s sire is the top Riding pony

stallion, Littledale Bright Star - a

high quality pony stallion that has

competed at everything from Vaulting

to Show Jumping. He only stands at

12.2hh but is currently the only pony

stallion to have sired International

progeny in all of the Olympic


Height: 14.3hh (149cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.52

Stud Book: SHB(GB), SPSS

Grading: SHB(GB), SPSS Gold Premium

Availability: Fresh / Chilled & Frozen

Stud Fee: £350 + vat

Stands At: Tomlinson Equine, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8QE

Contact: Lucinda Fredericks

Tel: 01380 816636

Email: marketing@lucindafredericks.com

Website: www.lucindafredericks.com/stallion-services

Littledale Bright Star

Bella Britannia

Catherston Nightsafe

Gwersylit Town Mouse


Headley Britannia


Prosperity of Catherston

Burstye Trojan

JGweryslit Nans

Tamanga xx

Florianpolitana xx


Alan’s Bambi

Britannia’s Mail


2008 Bay


Proven advanced eventer Britannia’s

Mail is a “Brit Legacy” elite

syndicated stallion by Olympic Show

Jumper Jaguar Mail out of triple 5*

winner Olympic Medallist Headley


Britannia’s Mail is stunning-looking,

has three super paces, exceptional

technique over a fence and is

incredibly careful, sure-footed and

quick across country. After nine

seasons competing he continues to

prove himself to be an outstandingly

tough, sound and confident horse

and his relaxed, honest and kind

temperament is demonstrated in his

young stock.

Britannia’s Mail is suitable for any

type of mare and has performed

for a range of riders from young

teenager to top professional. He has

had a successful 2020 season with

16 yr old Ellie Fredericks - clear in all

5 competitions and 4 placings - and

the pair look forward to 2021, aiming

for Junior team selection, continuing

at Intermediate level and progressing

to 3* International and Advanced in

the Summer.

Height: 16.1hh (164cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.54

Stud Book: AES

Grading: SHB(GB), AES

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Fresh / Chilled & Frozen

Stud Fee: £800 + vat

Stands At: Tomlinson Equine, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8QE

Contact: Lucinda Fredericks

Tel: 01380 816636

Email: marketing@lucindafredericks.com

Website: www.lucindafredericks.com/stallion-services

Jaguar Mail

Headley Britannia

Hand in Glove XX

Elvira Mail


Alan’s Bambi

Bet Turn xx

Miss Betty xx

Laudanum xx

Adoret Z



Alanrod XX

Hazy Blue



Same Day Semen

Courier Service

Available UK wide, specialising in the transport

of chilled/frozen equine semen & Embryos


Please call 07388343129 or

visit the reproduction connect

facebook page for more

information or a quote




Sponsored by

Catherston Oakley


2014 Bay


A beautiful, bold and exquisite young

stallion. Oakley has a wonderful

temperament, along with superb

conformation, with very expressive

paces. This super young horse is

showing so much talent, both over a

fence and on the flat. His paces are

expressive and powerful. He has a

bold and scopey jump. He is a breath

takingly stunning stallion.

Oakley so far has a very good

competition record, picking up elite

status in Futurity gradings as young

horse and numerous wins in both

dressage, to young event horse

classes and SHB GB Sport Horse

ridden classes along with being

Premium Graded SHB-GB 2018

2019 has been a superb year

for this young stallion, whom just

keeps on giving… he has had some

super runs with Charlotte Dicker

who has campaigned him this

year. He qualified for the Osberton

Young Horse Eventing 5 year old

Championships; he has won events

at 90 and stepped up to 100 very

successfully. Oakley is bold XC but

very sensible and will always give.

Height: 16.2hh (165cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.38

Stud Book: SHB(GB)

Grading: SHB(GB) Premium

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Fresh/Chilled

Stud Fee: £600 incl vat

Stands At: Catherston Stud, Over Wallop, Stockbridge, Hamps. SO20 8HX

Contact: Jennie Loriston-Clarke / Anne Dicker

Tel: 01264 782716

Email: enquiries@catherstonstudstud.com

Website: www.catherstonstud.com

Opposition Bombshell

Catherston Deodara

Fleetwater Opposition

Dutch Bombshell

Dutch Gold


Muschamp Danube


Dutch Courage

Military Song

Dutch Courage

Gold K xx

Thriller xx




2013 Brown


Comfort became the 2015 acclaimed

second reserve champion of the

OS licensing in Vechta. He not only

convinced the inspection commitee,

but also the spectators. He always

got along very well with the

distances of the free jumping series

and performed outstandingly on all

three days of the licensing. His sire,

Christian, debuted at seven years

old at advanced level, achieving

International success.Comfort was

the second son of Christian to be

licensed, and also full brother to the

six year old stallion Charlie Weasley.

Comfort has strikingly good looks

and a temperament to die for. He is

athletic and bold, suiting a variety of

mares. His progeny not only carry

his good looks as he stamps them

well, they also carry his athleticism

and trainability. Comfort is proving

exceptional in competition himself,

having competed on the Sunshine

Tour in March 2019, in the CSIYH*

for 6yo horses. He placed 1st in the

1.25, producing super double clears

and also competed in the 1.30 class.

Height: 16.2hh (165cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.82

Stud Book: Oldenburg

Grading: AES / SHB(GB) / OS

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £800 + vat

Stands At: Caunton Manor Stud

Contact: Victoria & Matthew Wright

Tel: 07966507205

Email: victoria@cauntonmanorstud.com

Website: www.cauntonmanorstud.com

Christian 25



Free Lilly

Last Liberty




Lord Liberty

Miss Playback

Lord Liberty



Aleska Z

Cruising Arish


2012 Grey


A100% genetically identical stallion



of 2 genetically identical Stallions

of CRUISING CSI5* international

showjumper. CRUISING ranked

in the top 10 of the WBFSH show

jumping for over 5 years and Ranked

in the top 5 WBFSH Sires for over

10 years, World Cup and European

championships finalist and winner of

the CSI5* 1.70m Aachen Grand Prix.

Sire of world champions including

Flexible 2012 CSI5* World cup

Champion and Mr.Medicott CCI4*

World no°1 2012.

CRUISING ARISH is competing at

1.30m successfully and will move up

to the higher levels in the spring.

His oldest offspring are now 5 years

old. Curra clover cruise 9th Irish

Breeders Classic 4year olds 2020.

Frozen semen is available from


Height: 16.2hh (165cm)

Stud Book: ISH

Grading: AES Licensed

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Frozen

Stud Fee: €700 vat included

Stands At: Hartwell Stud, Co.Kildare, Ireland, W91X A99

Contact: Mary McCann

Tel: 00353 86 2470285

Email: hartwellstud@gmail.com

Website: www.hartwellstud.com



Knock Boy

Sea Spray

Nodlys xx

Big Idea

Kerry Man

Arctic Lass



Nasrullah xx

Moondrift xx

Water Serpent xx

Brownie Mare


Stallion Event 2021 - EVENTING STALLIONS

In Association with

Future Gravitas


2010 Bay


* International CCI** Eventer and

WINNER at all these affiliated levels -

5yr Old Qualifier, BE100, BE Novice

and BE Open Novice levels

* Multiple BD WINNER and

National Championship Finalist at

Medium and Elementary levels

* No.1 Ranked Sire of Futurity

Eventing youngstock

* Used by MARY KING on her 5*

winner, Kings Temptress

* First crop out eventing are already

jumping double clear at BE Novice

level as 5yr olds

Future Gravitas is the sire of:

British Dressage National

Champion •Double Champion

Futurity Mare (all disciplines, 2018

and 2019) •Supreme In Hand Sport

Horse Champion (National Hunter

Show 2019) •Futurity Champion

Eventer •Multiple County Show

Champions and BBN Winners

Gravitas’s dam is Elite mare Juswith

Genoa - an EXCEPTIONAL producer

– making Future Gravitas a maternal

brother to the legendary Olympic

Silver medallist, WEG Gold medallist

& multiple 5* Winner Winsome


Height: 16.2hh (168cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.126

Stud Book: ZfDP

Grading: AES Approved, SHB(GB)

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Natural / Fresh / Chiilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £650 no vat LFG Fresh, Frozen £325 + £325 in foal no vat LFG

Stands At: Future Sport Horses, Baswick Bridge, Driffield. E. Yorks, YO25 8LZ

Contact: Julia Hodkin

Tel: 07951 519288 / 07775 633004

Email: info@FutureSportHorses.co.uk

Website: www.FutureSportHorses.co.uk


Juswith Genoa (Elite)

Polarion (Elite)

Gipsy Lady (Pr.St.Pr.)

Bohemond xx (HIS Pte)

Just Gingerbread

Van Deyk



Grazie II

Auction Ring xx

Kaftan xx

Carbrooke Surprise ox


Future Guilty Pleasure


2016 Grey


Future Guilty Pleasure is the talk of the

breeding world by already being a


the tender age of 4 years old. He is:

•UK Anglo European Studbook

National Stallion Licensing Champion

(2018) as a 2yr old, from over 90

stallions inspected

•National Champion Sire of Futurity

Eventers (2019) with his very first crop

of foals

•National Champion Sire of Futurity

Eventers (2020) with his second


Future Guilty Pleasure received

exceptional licensing scores including

9.5 for trot, 9.25 for canter and 9

for walk and comments from the AES

Stallion Licensing Panel included this

ringing endorsement of his quality:

…”Every now and then we encounter

a young horse who has future

greatness stamped all over him.

And this simply breathtaking son of

Levisonn is such an example. Bred

to jump and event, with gaits of

such quality that they will also be of

interest to many dressage breeders,

this young horse certainly breaks the


Height: 16.3hh (170cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.128

Stud Book: SHB(GB)

Grading: AES

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Natural / Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £850 no vat LFG Fresh, Frozen £425 + £425 in foal no vat LFG

Stands At: Future Sport Horses, Baswick Bridge, Driffield. E. Yorks. YO25 8LZ

Contact: Julia Hodkin

Tel: 07951 519288 / 07775 633004

Email: info@FutureSportHorses.co.uk

Website: www.FutureSportHorses.co.uk


Future Guilty Secret

Levisto Z

Melodie VIII


Future Gold Digger







Primitive Proposal xx

Juswith Genoa (Elite)

Future Hepsilon


2017 Grey


Future Hepsilon is the ONLY licensed

son of Upsilon standing in the UK.

With genetics that breeders dream

of Future Hepsilon directly combines

the superstar eventer Upsilon with the

world’s best ever sire of eventers – the

thoroughbred, Heraldik. Hepsilon’s

dam has already produced multiple

International eventers and descends

from the same dam line that produced

the €1 million winning Grand Prix

showjumper, Embassy II.

Upsilon sired the 1-2-3 at the 2019

4 YO French National Eventing

Championships, and is renowned

for his record-breaking score in the

Nations Cup – a staggering final

score of only 17.3 penalties.

Heraldik xx has sired horses at the

top in all three Olympic disciplines…

being WBFSH No.1 Ranked Sire

of Eventers for an incredible 5

consecutive years. He also sired

numerous GP showjumpers including

Herald III, and GP dressage horses

such as H-Ekwador.

Future Hepsilon is a powerful, athletic

stallion with a talent for jumping. By

using Hepsilon you are choosing

proven genetics that are highly potent

Height: 16.3hh (170cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.130

Stud Book: Breeders Elite

Grading: AES Licensed

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £650 no vat LFG Fresh, Frozen £325 + £325 in foal no vat LFG

Stands At: Future Sport Horses, Baswick Bridge, Driffield. E. Yorks. YO25 8LZ

Contact: Julia Hodkin

Tel: 07951 519288 / 07775 633004

Email: info@FutureSportHorses.co.uk

Website: www.FutureSportHorses.co.uk


Heraldik Girl-W


O’Vive x

Heraldik xx




Fusain du Defey x

Garce d’Aulix x

Caramel xx

Heraldika xx





Sponsored by

Future Illusion


2004 Bay


Outstandingly good looking stallion

with the rare ability to sire both

International Eventers and HOYS

show horses. Selected by H.M. The

Queen for one of Her own mares

and the offspring is a multiple County

Show Champion with Katie Jerram.

He is:

•Life Graded SHB(GB) and Life

Approved (AES)

•Champion BEF Futurity British Bred

Stallion All Disciplines (2009 and


•Champion BEF Futurity Sire of


British Eventing top ranking sire

•Successful BE Novice level Eventer

•Winning BD Elementary dressage

horse and Regional Finalist

•Multiple County Show Champion

Future Illusion is the sire of:

•Sire of CCI4* Eventers, Express

Eventing Winners, BYEH and

Badminton Grassroots Finalists

•National Futurity Champion

Eventers and Res. Supreme


•Sire of HOYS Finalists and sire of

2 Champions, 2 Reserve Champions

and 5 class winners at the SHAS

Height: 16.1hh (165cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.132

Stud Book: SHB(GB)

Grading: Life Graded SHB(GB), Life Approved AES

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Natural / Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £650 no vat LFG Fresh, Frozen £325 + £325 in foal no vat LFG

Stands At: Future Sport Horses, Baswick Bridge, Driffield. E. Yorks, YO25 8LZ

Contact: Julia Hodkin

Tel: 07951 519288 / 07775 633004

Email: info@FutureSportHorses.co.uk

Website: www.FutureSportHorses.co.uk

Fleetwater Opposition


Future Illicit Affair

Muschamp Danube

Opushka (Elite)

The Outlaw

Classic Fayre xx


Donauleid von Schimmelhof

Oplot (Elite)


Criminal Law xx

Demon Spring

Brianston Zipper xx

Copper Fair xx

Future Prophecy


2017 Dark Bay


Future Prophecy is a full thoroughbred

purpose bred for sport. He is the

ONLY licensed thoroughbred son of

Power Blade standing in the UK and

possibly the World. Coupled with

his dam-sire being the legendary

Hand In Glove, Future Prophecy is an

exceptional and unique thoroughbred


A thoroughbred that jumps and

moves, Future Prophecy had excellent

marks at his AES Licensing including 9

for Canter, 8.75 for Trot and 8.75 for

Jump, with the Panel commenting:

…”a beautifully balanced and

very harmonious young colt who

convinced with a keen attitude over

a fence and three expressive and

correct gaits…”

His sire Power Blade showjumped

to 1.30m level and was crowned

Croker Cup Champion at the Royal

Dublin Horse Show. He has sired

CCI**** eventers, Grand Prix

showjumpers and County Show

Champions.Prophecy’s dam-sire

Hand in Glove jumped to Grand Prix

level, competed at Prix St. Georges

dressage and was a Stakes winning

racehorse. Sire of Jaguar Mail

Height: 16.3hh (170cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.134

Stud Book: SHB(GB)

Grading: AES Liscensed

Test: WFFS carrier Availability: Natural / Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £650 no vat LFG Fresh, Frozen £325 + £325 in foal no vat LFG

Stands At: Future Sport Horses, Baswick Bridge, Driffield. E. Yorks, YO25 8LZ

Contact: Julia Hodkin

Tel: 07951 519288 / 07775 633004

Email: info@FutureSportHorses.co.uk

Website: www.FutureSportHorses.co.uk

Power Blade xx

Future Golden Glove


Fine Blade xx

First Field xx

Hand In Glove xx

Persephone Heights xx

Fortino II

Cursorial xx

Forties Field xx

Gretto xx

Best Turn xx

Miss Betty xx

Golden Heights xx

Jalland xx

Glencarrig Tempest


2016 Grey


Tempest’s pedigree includes many

of Ireland’s most prolific Connemara

performance stallions. His sire,

Coosheen Stormboy, is a grandson of

the world renowned Ashfield Bobby

Sparrow, who won individual gold

at the pony European Showjumping

Championships in 1980 (the

first Connemara ever to do so).

Coosheen Stormboy has sired many

international performance ponies,

who have successfully represented

their countries at European

Championships for ponies. Tempest’s

10yo full brother, Glencarrig Dolphin,

has outstanding form at BE Novice

and FEI Pony Trial level in the UK.

Tempest’s dam, Mountross Colleen,

is a superb mare in her own right,

with numerous show ring titles to her

name. Her sire, Coral Star, was a

son of the Grade A jumping pony

Cuchulainn, who also won the stallion

class at Clifden in Ireland in 1986.

Tempest started his ridden work in

2020, proving incredibly athletic and


These attributes, combined with

his superb movement, scope and

conformation, make him a very

exciting pony for the future.

Height: 15.0hh (151cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.142

Stud Book: CPBS

Grading: CPBS and SPSS

Test: N/N for HWSD Availability: Fresh / Chilled

Stud Fee: £400+ vat

Stands At: Sands Farm, Epwell. Oxon

Contact: Emma Rugman

Tel: 07500057363

Email: emma.rugman@hotmail.com

Website: www.clarkstownconnemaras.co.uk

Coosheen Stormboy

Mountross Colleen

Cloonisle Cashel

Scarteen Mistral

Coral Star

Grange Amber Colleen

Abbeyleix Owen

Cloonisle Lady

Ashfield Bobby Sparrow

Tulira Sea Breeze


Dolan Lucky Star

Grange Bobbing Sparrow

Home Lover


Stallion Event 2021 - EVENTING STALLIONS

In Association with

GreenLanes LeBambalou


2016 Bay


“Bamber” is a very exciting young

stallion for British breeders bringing

together some of the top European

and TB lines. His mother is a

successful event mare.

Bamber has exceptional paces and

moves better than many dressage

horses. He was backed as a late

3-year-old, then spent his first season

at stud when Coronavirus hit, so his

training was rather shortened.

He returned to start ridden work

again in the autumn 2020 and will

be starting his competition career in

early 2021.

Bamber has an excellent

temperament and is a great favourite

on every yard he has been at. All

of his mares took in foal at the first

attempt in 2020.

We are very excited about Bamber’s

potential both in the competition

arena and as a British stallion and

very much look forward to seeing him

out competing and his foals following

in his footsteps in the coming years.

Height: 16.2hh (165cm)

Stud Book: AES

Grading: AES Licensed

Test: WFFS N/N Availability: Frozen

Stud Fee: £600 no vat

Stands At: West Kington Stud

Contact: Peter Greenaway

Tel: 07753788125

Email: greenlanestud@btinternet.com

Website: www.greenlanestud.co.uk

Balou du Rouet

GreenLanes Hermione

Competition Stallions Guide p.148

Baloubet du Rouet



Danzig Star xx

Galoubet A

Mesange du Rouet


Georgette II

Numero Uno


Connection xx

Julie’s Star xx

Halona Askari


2009 Cremello


A striking modern example of a sports

horse with outstanding conformation

has fantastic limb and bone with a

great hind quarters and fantastic

length of rein would be an asset to

any breeders lines providing the much

wanted temperament and distinctive

colour qualities.

Halona Askari likes to show off

his impressive free moving paces

combining elevation, power and

elasticity in his movement. Proving

to a bold scopey jump over a fence

adds quality and performance to any

mare he may serve. His exceptional

temperament and manners on the

ground and under saddle work well

together with an amazing trainable

attitude and mindset. He will be out

to produce fantastic progeny with

serious potential to be successful in

the future for any given discipline.

This undiscovered stallion is an

exciting prospect and will be sure

to increase in popularity as his

competitive profile grows. His full

brother evented to 2star being well

known across the eventing discipline

known as Halona Sprig. Halona

Askari produces excellent offspring.

Height: 15.3hh (156cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.150

Stud Book: British Sport Horse Register

Grading: AES Licensed

Availability: Natural / Fresh / Chilled

Stud Fee: £500 incl VAT

Stands At: Walks in at Future Sport Horses

Contact: Ryan Longley

Tel: 07809748324

Email: ryan@eabed.com

Aiba Hunmhr


Radihaza Maeraloc





Solymasz I Angyom







Headleys Deluxe


2015 Chestnut


Headleys Deluxe is an exciting young

stallion offering some of the best

Thoroughbred and jumping bloodlines

to breeders of event horses.

Sired by Duke of Hearts, the prolific,

black type German thoroughbred

stallion, with progeny successfully

competing in eventing up to CCI4*L

under multiple professional riders.

Headleys Deluxe’s dam, the striking

Colourful Lady, is currently competing

at CSI5* level show jumping with

Ireland’s Capt Brian Cournane.

Damsire Casall ASK, needs no

introduction competing at the London

2012, 4th at the 2013 Europeans, 4th

at the WEG 2014 and multiple LGCT

Grand Prix wins under Rolf-Göran


With over 70% thoroughbred

blood, correct conformation and

elastic paces, Headleys Deluxe

combines the best of thoroughbred

and Holstein jumping bloodlines.

Having been carefully produced by

Italy’s Giovanni Ugolotti, Headleys

Deluxe is proving to be brave across

the country, with a powerful and

careful jump, and offers a superb


Height: 16.2hh (168cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.152

Stud Book: AES

Grading: AES Licensed

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £650 + vat + shipping

Stands At: Oakham Veterinary Hospital, Ashwell Road, Oakham. LE15 7QH

Contact: Jessica Spalding

Tel: 07545882183

Email: mickleholmestud.com

Website: www.mickleholmestud.com

Duke of Hearts xx

Colourful Lady

Halling xx

Daytona Beach xx

Casall Ask

Hakuna Matata

Diesis xx

Dance Machine xx

Koenigsstuhl xx

Domestica xx



Acord II




Sponsored by

Hearnesbrook New Moon


2008 Grey


He has enjoyed enormous success as

a working hunter pony winning the

143cms class (and overall Reserve

Champion) at the Royal Windsor,

placed 2nd at the Royal International,

along with many other great results.

He was on the BCPS British Team in

the International Performance classes

at both Dublin & Clifden.

Height: 14.0hh (143cm)

Stud Book: BCPS

Grading: BCPS

Test: N/N for HWSD Availability: Natural / Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £350 + vat introductory fee for 2021

Stands At: West Kington Stud, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 7JE

Contact: Harry Thirlby / Jane Holderness-Roddam

Tel: 01249 782050

Email: manager@westkingtonstud.co.uk

Website: www.westkingtonstud.co.uk

Hearnesbrook New Moon is a full

Connermara pony stallion.

He has showjumped BS up to Pony

Foxhunter and has been placed in

BE events at grassroots levels and

has won the Connemara Eventing


His early progeny have all been

successful in Connemara classes.

2021 will be his first season at public


Hearnesbrook Halley

Pilgrims Mistral

Hearnesbrook Fastnet



Ballymore Lulu

Whalton Sandune

Rosenaharley Rinnamara

Spring of Heather



Irene Grey


Abbeyleix Lucy

Heritage Arrakis


2013 Bay


With over 82.5% TB blood and a

proper jump this horse has everything

to breed high class event horses.

Double Elite Futurity Award winner at

2 & 3yrs including Futurity Eventing

Champion at 2yrs. He spent 2020

at Brendon Stud learning his jumping

trade and proved to have a superb

jump with quick forelimb action and

superbly athletic. In a difficult year

he started from basics to competing

in Newcomers quickly and some

Derby Classes. He has a lovely

temperament which hs is passing

on. He has already been used

twice by the well known Event horse

producer, Russmond Horses ‘We

are really impressed with him - he

puts lots of quality into the foals’ said

Lizzie Richmond who produces the

youngstock for Denny Russell. The

colt, Russmond Punchinello, was

Champion in hand Hunter Arrakis’

breeding is full of speed on the

Thoroughbred lines with Group 1

winners; both his sire and Grandsire

were quality Anglo Arabs that both

raced and evented to CCI**. The

damline is TB x the top jumping

stallion Carnival Drum. Lots to like

Height: 16.1 ¹/₂ hh (166cm) Competition Stallions Guide p.154

Stud Book: AHS - PBAR

Grading: AES Licensed

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £100 + £300 1st October In foal no VAT

Stands At: Heritage Coast Stud, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 2BH

Contact: Jane Marson

Tel: 07771608376

Email: jane@hcstud.com

Website: www.hcstud.com

Heritage Orion AA

Carniva’s Dancing


Heritage Neptune AA

Darkest Hour xx

Carnival Drum

Choccie Heaven xx

Lone Tornado ox

Sea Thyme xx

Absalom xx

Queen of Twilight xx

Marinier SF

Polyantha Ster

High Season xx

Sweet Vanity xx



2017 Brown


Jacondrik’s pedigree boasts an

illustrous line of the Worlds leading

event and jumping sires, being a

direct descendent himself of the 2019

World No3 and 2018 World No2

leading event sire, Jaguar Mail.

Jaguar Mail was active in the sport at

the highest level himself and was one

of the finalists at the Olympic Games

in China in 2008. He won the Sires

of the World in Lanaken in 2007 and

was sired himself by the magnificent

thoroughbred Hand In Glove xx.

Jacondrik’s dam ‘Cosima’ is by the

long standing World No1 ranked

eventing sire Contendro I, who

needs no introducEon. He is the 2015,

2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 World #1

Eventing Sire and World #25

Jumping Sire! Cosima was by Hof

Brunings great mare Hollywood, a

direct descendent herself from

the legendary and former world

leading event sire Heraldik xx. He

is bold and athletic and takes on

every task that is thrown his way

with the courage needed to make

a great competition horse thanks

to his pedigree of eventing’s finest.

Jacondrik is nearly 70% Blood.

Height: 16.2hh (168cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.166

Stud Book: Hannoverian

Grading: AES

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Fresh / Chilled

Stud Fee: £650+ VAT

Stands At: Caunton Manor Stud

Contact: Victoria & Matthew Wright

Tel: 07966507205

Email: victoria@cauntonmanorstud.com

Website: www.cauntonmanorstud.com

Jaguar Mail


Hand in Glove xx




Best Turn xx

Miss Betty xx

Laudanum xx

Adoret Z



Heraldik xx



Stallion Event 2021 - EVENTING STALLIONS

In Association with



2008 Bay


Jamhoori ran 52 times, winning 7

races (2 in UAE) and was placed

12 times. He was also placed once

over hurdles. He ran over distances

ranging from 6f to 2.1 miles.

This tough, versatile stallion has

a lovely, kind temperament and

excellent conformation. He has taken

very well to his new role as a stallion.

Jamhoori is a lovely ride and is

very quick to learn, both on the flat

and over fences. He shows good

technique over a fence and is bold,

yet careful and athletic. He schools

nicely over XC fences and particularly

enjoys jumping bales in the

hay-making season!

We were thrilled to welcome

Jamhoori’s first foals in 2020, who

have inherited his kind temperament,

good looks and have great

conformation and movement. He

enjoyed a great season in 2020,

with every mare conceiving on first


We believe that Jamhoori will be a

great refiner on heavier warmblood

and draught type mares and will

make a particularly suitable sire for

Eventing, Showing and Racing.

Height: 16.2hh (168cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.168

Stud Book: SHB(GB)

Grading: Graded SHB(GB)

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Natural / Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £600 + vat

Stands At: West Kington Stud, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 7JE

Contact: Harry Thirlby / Jane Holderness-Roddam

Tel: 01249 782050

Email: manager@westkingtonstud.co.uk

Website: www.westkingtonstud.co.uk

Tiger Hill xx

Tanasie xx

Danehill xx

The Filly xx

Cadeaux Genereux xx

Tansy xx

Danzig xx

Rayzana xx

Appiani xx

Tigress SIlver xx

Young Generation xx


Silvio II


Leprince des Bois


1999 Bay


Leprince is sired by Yarlands Summer

Song who was ranked for 10 years

in the WBFSH top 10 Eventing sires

and Leprince is his most successful

offspring. Summer Song’s sire

Fleetwater Opposition is a legend in

eventing pedigrees as well and has

produced numerous international

eventers (Opposition Buzz, Trevalgar

II, Ngong Hills, and Absolute

Opposition). With the Olympian

Galoubet A as damsire, Leprince’s

pedigree easily explains his

outstanding talent and achievements.

Leprince finished 11th at Badminton,

8th at Burghley and 4th at Pau.

His full brother Popof des Bois is

successful in CIC 4* as well.

Retired in his best condition in 2014

after winning the German junior

eventing championships with a

16-year-old girl, Leprince’s offspring

are still young and his breeding’s

were limited before The Stallion

Company acquired him.

He produces intelligent and easy

horses and manages to keep size

whilst passing over his stamina

and scope as well as outstanding


Height: 16.3hh (171cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.196

Stud Book: Selle Francais

Grading: SF, AA, AES, Hann, Ba Wü, OLD

Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £805 LFG

Stands At: Tomlinson Equine

Contact: Emma Tomlinson

Tel: 01666 880236

Email: info@tomlinsonequinevets.co.uk

Website: www.tomlinsonequinevets.co.uk

Yarlands Summersong

Escale de Bois

Fleetwater Oppostion

Welton Gazelle

Quandy du Mayne

Perle de Bois

Muschamp Danube


Welton Gamefull xx


Galoubet A

Scynik xx

Funny Hobby xx

Lolita V

Murkas Gem


2014 Grey


Murka’s Gem is the clone of Gem

Twist who is recognized the world

over as one of the best show jumpers

of all time. Gem Twist, a gelding, was

unable to pass on his genes through


Gem Twist is the only horse to have

won the “American Grand Prix

Association Horse of the Year” title

three times. He did this under three

different riders, two of whom he

also carried to “Rookie of the Year”

titles. He also won two Olympic

silver medals in 1988 at the Seoul

Olympics, the “World’s Best Horse”

title at the 1990 Stockholm World

Equestrian Games, plus numerous

major Grand Prix titles.

Murka’s Gem is the identical

reincarnation of the original Gem

Twist. He has joined Team Murka’s

Breeding programme to bring back

a magnificent blood line to modern


Murka’s Gem offers the modern

breeder unique access to previously

lost proven thoroughbred bloodlines

A popular choice for Olympic riders

and Trainers in both Eventing & Show


Height: 15.2hh (158cm)

Stud Book: Thoroughbred / AES

Grading: AES

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Frozen

Stud Fee: £800 +Vat LFG (NFNF available from July 1st). Fresh Sexed Semen

available. Standard ICSI Straws available

Stands At: Stallion AI Services, Whitchurch, Shropshire

Contact: Tullis Matson

Tel: 01948 666295

Email: sales@stallionai.co.uk | Website: www.stallionai.co.uk


Special Lady











Silvio II




Sponsored by

Nice & Easy SR Z


2013 Chestnut


We bought Masai as a 2yo as we

were impressed with him...a very

good stamp.

A chestnut standing at 1.70 he is

licensed with AES. He is approx. 55%

TB (Nabab de Reve x Cassini I x Bold

Indian XX)...Holst Stamm 18B1

He has one half brother sj 1.60 and

two half sisters sj 1.40.

He spent some of his 6yo (2019)

career Eventing with Izzy Taylor

where he did two BE100 followed by

3rd in his first Novice.

His chance at Osberton and the

remainder of the hear was curtailed

by ringworm in the yard. It was clear

that we had a stallion who was very

trainable with an excellent brain.

Collected in 2020, his semen was

described as “ immense” at his first

collection and we are happy to show

videos of the semen.

We have two mares due to foal by

him 2021; one Anglo Arab and the

other an Akhal Teke.

Height: 16.3hh (170cm)

Stud Book: Zang

Grading: AES

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Frozen

Stud Fee: £600 + vat

Stands At: Lancer Stud, Clare, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP30 0EJ

Contact: Marcus Craggs

Tel: 07703 715131

Email: marcuscraggs@icloud.com

Website: www.lancerstud.com

Nabab de Reve

L-Cassina I

Quidam de Revel

Melodie En Fa

Cassini I


Jalisco B




Capirol I


Bold Indian xx

Zenit II

Party Trick


2012 Dark Bay


This exciting young stallion proved an

extremely popular choice as a sire

in 2020.

He offers breeders access to world

class bloodlines; His sire Chilli

Morning excelled in Eventing

by winning Badminton CCI 5*,

medals at European and World

Championships along with numerous

wins at CCI4*. His dam is SHB(GB)

Champion and Head Stud Book mare

DHI Party Piece is an outstanding

broodmare by Tolan R; her first foal

DHI Zulu is currently show jumping

successfully at 1.50 on the world

circuit having won her age classes

based at the Ludger Beerbaum

stables. His impressive movement,

scope and jump earned him

SHB(GB) Champion Stallion at his

grading. The approval he demands

from his judges had been passed

on to his progeny with his foals

dominating shows winning ‘Elite’

and ‘Higher Firsts’ at the BEF Futurity

Shows. Party Trick is in high demand

as a Stallion but is still very much a

competition horse as well. He will

campaign at Advanced in 2021.

Height: 16.2hh (165cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.218

Stud Book: SHB(GB)

Grading: SHB(GB) Champion Stallion 2014

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £900

Stands At: West Kington Stud, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 7JE

Contact: Amanda Gauntlett

Tel: 07814145266

Email: Amanda@gauntlett.me.uk

Website: www.gauntlett.me.uk

Chilli Morning

DHI Party Piece



Tolan R






Namelus R

O-Termie 19



PennineView Bee Spritley


2015 Bright Bay


This exciting young stallion comes

from serious eventing parentage,

both parents being international

eventers. The father, Pennine View

Silver Concorde, an International 3

Star eventer, carries the famous dutch

bloodlines Concorde and Ramiro Z

plus lots of TB. The mother is herself

an International 3 Star mare, and is

from the same dynasty as Opposition

Buzz, the Olympic eventing medallist

in 2012, ridden by Nicola Wilson.

Her Father was Fulton, a top Belgium

warmblood, sire of Advance eventers

and PSG Inter II dressage stars!

A very well put together, short

coupled and well balanced stallion

with uphill paces and a scopey jump

that is showing great potential in all

spheres. Inline with his father and

grand father he has a kind trainable.

In 2020 he Competed at BE100 with

ease and qualified for the 5 year old

young event horse championships

at Hickstead. He is ridden by Issie

Thompson when only 16.

He is one for the future.

Height: 16.0hh (162cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.220

Stud Book: SHB(GB)

Grading: SHB(GB) Premium

Availability: Fresh / Chilled

Stud Fee: £500

Stands At: Pennine View Stud, Harrogate, N Yorks, HG13 1RB

Contact: Issie Thompson

Tel: 07496 823055

Email: info@pennineviewstud.co.uk

Website: www.pennineviewstud.co.uk

PennineView Silver


The Bees Knees V

Z Concorde

Silver Squirrel xx


Jungle Bee



Silver Wizard xx

Farah xx



Java Tiger xx

Queen Bee


Stallion Event 2021 - EVENTING STALLIONS

In Association with

Pennineview Silver Concorde


2014 Dark Bay


Stunning Elegant Modern Sport

Horse Stallion with a temperament

second to none! - Graded SHB (GB)

16.2hh, 2009 Bay Stallion by Z

Concorde out of Silver Squirrel (TB),

Silver Wizard (TB).

This elegant and modern sport horse

stallion with stunning proportions,

expressive paces and bold scopey

jump that one would expect from

his top breeding lines of Concorde,

Ramiro Z Voltaire and Furioso from his

father and pure TB from his mother,

also has a calm sensible temperament

that any owner could cope with. In

2018 he became a successful 2*

international eventer.

He is scopey in all areas from

dressage, with his stunning paces

qualifying him for regionals and

Nationals, now competing at

Medium. To Show Jumping boldly

at Newcomers and Foxhunters, and

exceptional clear XC record over

4 seasons from novice to 2*CIC

events! He has had placing at all

levels in eventing and is improving all

the time. His youngstock have been

well placed at Bramham and Otley

Shows and been easy to back.

Height: 16.2hh (165cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.222

Stud Book: SHB(GB)

Grading: SHB(GB)

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £500

Stands At: Pennine View Stud, Harrogate, N Yorks, HG13 1RB

Contact: Issie Thompson

Tel: 07496 823055

Email: info@pennineviewstud.co.uk

Website: www.pennineviewstud.co.uk

Z Concorde

Silver Squirrel xx



Silver Wizard xx

Farah xx



G Ramiro Z


Silver Hawk xx

Cherie’s Hope xx

Lead on Time xx

Muznah xx



2013 Dark Bay


Prometheus is the ultimate modern

sports pony stallion. He is careful,

brave and scopey with beautiful

paces and a calm, trainable

temperament which he is passing on

to his progeny.

Prometheus has had a spectacular

eventing career. His first season he

secured two seconds and a WIN at

BE100. In 2019, age 6, he moved

up to WIN his first BE100Plus; gained

seven top-ten placings at Novice

Level, including three WINS, then

completed his first CCI-S2* for a

top-15 finish. In 2020’s shortened

season he achieved back-to-back

Novice WINS, followed by a

fantastic 4th in a huge CCI-S2*.

To round off the season, he

completed his first CCI-L2*

long-format, clear xc, just one down

show-jumping, to finish 21st in

another huge class. Commentator’s

remark: “This little stallion has rockets

on his feet!”

His first foals look extremely smart, he

is ideal to breed sports ponies or add

agility used with larger mares.

Height: 14.2hh (148cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.228

Stud Book: SPSS

Grading: SPSS Elite

Test: WFFS negative

Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £450 no vat

Stands At: Bayfield Stud, Dunsfold, Surrey

Contact: Annabel Blake

Tel: 07870 358944

Email: annabelblake@icloud.com


A Pinch of Pepper


Donna Demdera AT





Don Joshi AT






Put On Faerie Wings


2010 Chestnut


Put On Faerie Wings is an exciting

stallion carrying Classic British

Eventing Bloodlines. As a foal, at his

BEF Futurity Grading he received

Reserve Highest Score scoring 9 for

his correctness of pace and 8.75

for athleticism along with some very

pleasing comments from the vet who

liked him enormously. His super

temperament and rideability has

carried through to all of his progeny

who have consistently attained high

BEF Futurity results. He has very

comfortable paces with an excellent

jumping technique. Along with

expressive Warmblood movement,

making lateral dressage movements

easy for him, he is also over 50%

thoroughbred giving the speed and

stamina required for cross country.

His modern stamp compliments

both blood and heavier mare types,

having a good 9 inch of bone. Put

On Faerie Wings is Licensed with

the AES who much admired him at

his stallion grading for his compact

modern shape and elastic ability.

His British breed lines make him

an obvious choice for the Eventing

breeder, but also a good alternative

for show jumping customers too.

Height: 16.2hh (168cm)

Stud Book: SHB(GB)

Grading: AES Licensed

Test: WFFS negative

Availability: Natural / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £400 no vat

Stands At: Broadside Stud

Contact: Kirsty Turton

Tel: 07706874466

Email: broadside.angle@yahoo.com

Tinsley Faerie Legend

Special Lady

Ben Faerie




Ben Hawke

Faerie House

Welton Louis

Elektra Spiritus







Sponsored by

Sir Mayfly


2017 Dark Bay


A smart, elegant stallion, with

tremendous presence, a proven

pedigree for eventing, show jumping

and showing given his thoroughbred

qualities combined with exceptional

jumping ability and movement.

He was awarded gold premium in the

2020 British Breeding Futurity and

chosen for the live webinar showing

great temperament, presence and

type as a future top class eventing

stallion. He has the stamp, bascule

and technique from his sire line of

premium show jumpers (Meredith

Michaels-Beerbaum’s brilliant show

jumper Shutterfly & Sir Shutterfly.

His dam(by Mark Todd’s NZ TB

Mayhill) has competitive racing lines.

Mayhill competed at Advanced & 4

star Eventing, reserve for the World

Championships in 1990 and placed

at the British Open.

He sired many event horses, the most

famous being Primmores Pride(Pippa

Funnell) winner of the Rolex Grand

Slam 2003, winning Kentucky,

Burghley and Badminton. His sire

AUK produced many top National

Hunt horses, eventers and SJ’s.

Height: 15.2hh (158cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.246

Stud Book: SHB(GB)

Grading: AES Licensed

Availability: Natural / Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £500 NFFR

Stands At: Lucknam Park Equestrian Centre, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 8AZ

Contact: Dawn Cameron

Tel: 07770 624466

Email: dawncameron23@gmail.com

Website: www.mayflysporthorses.co.uk

Sir Shutterfly

Westoke Mayflower

Silvo I


Mayhill xx

Molly’s Song





Auk xx

Blonde Oak xx



Tiger Attack


2014 Dark Bay


Tiger Attack, owned and bred by

Joanne & William Moran, is an

outstanding quality horse, a real

head turner with superb conformation

and exceptional movement. He has

approximately 70% of thoroughbred

blood, ideal for breeding quality

event horses as well as top class

show horses and ponies, hacks,

riding horses and hunters. They inherit

his strong colour, natural correct

movement, superb conformation and

presence. He has the most trainable

temperament and is always willing to

please and always gives 110%.

A supreme champion in-hand

show horse as a youngster with

an amazing track record winning

every major national championship

including qualifying for the Cuddy

Championship at the Horse of the

Year Show 3 times. From 2017 he

has competed under saddle based

at Catherston Stud where he has

excelled in all that he has done. He

has won at Eventing, the Combined

Training Championships, Working

Hunters, BYEH Qualifiers, Dressage

and Sports Horse Classes. He won at

Advanced Medium in 2020.

Height:16.3hh (170cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.258

Stud Book: SHB(GB)

Grading: SHB(GB) Graded, NPS, Approved IHR

Test: WFFS Carrier Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £800 payable to Mr Moran

Stands At: Catherston Stud, Over Wallop, Stockbridge, Hampshire, SO20 8HX

Contact: Jennie Loriston-Clarke or Anne Dicker

Tel: 01264 782716

Email: enquiries@catherstonstud.com

Website: www.catherstonstud.com

Dolphin Supreme

Tiger Lily IV

Ottergale xx

Dolphin Song

The Outlaw


Lord Gale xx

Otterhill xx

Blue Riband III xx

Dolphin Play ax

Criminal Law xx

Demon Spring

Louella Gandolpho

Miss Melinda xx



2011 Bay


Timolin is an elegant, light-footed

stallion of exceptional quality

showing outstanding paces with a

lot of athleticism as is shown in his

jumping ability. Heads turn where

ever he walks with him eluding

exceptional presence and natural

self-carriage. This he passes on to his

stock who all inherit his lovely paces

and superb conformation. He is a

lovely, well balanced ride with a bold

attitude and excellent temperament.

Timolin, as an event horse is now

2 points off Advanced points,

mostly achieved with Gubby Leech,

although Izzy Taylor kindly stood in

to ride him at the Novice National

Championships at Gatcombe where

he was 6th. He is both bold and

careful, has a light and easy gallop

which he makes look effortless.

As a dressage horse with Lizzie

Murray he is now confidently winning

at Small Tour level in Prix St Georges

and Intermedaire 1.

In 2020 he had a very busy stud

season combined with lots of training

and will be ready to come out at

Intermedaire II and Grand Prix in


Height: 16.3hh (170cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.260

Stud Book: BWBS

Grading: BWBS, SHB(GB) Champion, AES

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Natural / Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £1,100 incl vat

Stands At: Catherston Stud, Over Wallop, Stockbridge, Hampshire, SO20 8HX

Contact: Jennie Loriston-Clarke or Anne Dicker

Tel: 01264 782716

Email: enquiries@catherstonstud.com

Website: www.catherstonstud.com




Lominka Elite Pres Prest




Gondola II


Elsa Ster Pref Prest






Stallion Event 2021 - EVENTING STALLIONS

In Association with

Welton Double Cracker


2000 Bay


Welton Double Cracker has a

wonderful, laid-back temperament,

flowing paces and a bold, athletic

jump, He has won 5 event and

been placed at several national and

international events. His pedigree is

ideal for breeding tough, athletic and

trainable eventers.

He is a real gentleman in every way,

both in and out of the stable, very

trainable and quick to learn. He

seems to pass this on to his offspring

who inherit his good looks, movement

and willing temperament. In 2019 he

competed up to elementary level BD,

qualifying for the Area Festival.

His sire Double Trigger was an

outstanding racehorse, who was

one of the highest individual group

winners ever, with 14 wins and 12

group wins! He won more than

£5 million in prize money, taking

top honors in the Ascot Gold Cup,

Doncaster Cup (3 times) and

Goodwood Cup (3 times).

His dam was the Advanced mare,

Baby Welton, her impeccable

breeding and performance speak for


Height: 16.1hh (163cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.278

Stud Book: SHB(GB)

Grading: SHB(GB)

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Natural / Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £500 + vat

Stands At: West Kington Stud, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 7JE

Contact: Harry Thirlby / Jane Holderness-Roddam

Tel: 01249 782050

Email: manager@westkingtonstud.co.uk

Website: www.westkingtonstud.co.uk

Double Trigger xx

Baby Welton

Ela-Mana-Mou xx

Solac xx

Welton Crackerjack

Complete Sunrise xx

Pitcairn xx

Rosie Bertin xx

Gay Lussac xx

Soragna xx

Welton Gameful xx

Queens Entry

Weatherbird xx

Aunty Angel xx

Z Concorde


2004 Bright Bay


Powerful Modern Sport Horse

Stallion. Top class breeding by

Concorde x Lentefee - G.Ramiro Z,

Voltaire, Furioso

• Sire of Graded Stallion & 3*

International Eventer

• Powerful effortless Scopey Jump

• Stunning Paces

• Amazing Temperament

• Show Jumping up to 1.30, winning

Foxhunters and Newcomers, with

numerous double clears

• Placed at Novice BE

• BD Elementary, works Advanced


• Fantastic to Hunt

• Enjoys sponsored rides & family

hacking holidays

Z Concorde has bred a number of

offspring all of which are stunning

sport horses. They have gained some

fantastic top grades at BEF. His first

son from 2009 is now a graded

SHB stallion and is competing at 3*

International Eventing, Foxhunter

show jumping and Medium BD. In

2015 his son has also produced a

graded SHB stallion!

Height: 17.0hh (172cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.292

Stud Book: AES

Grading: AES

Availability: Fresh / Chilled

Stud Fee: £500 no vat

Stands At: Pennine View Stud, Harrogate, N Yorks, HG13 1RB

Contact: Issie Thompson

Tel: 07496 823055

Email: info@pennineviewstud.co.uk

Website: www.pennineviewstud.co.uk





Ramiro Z


Furioso II

GoGo Moeve H

Marco Polo

Klakse B


Valine Z





Sponsored by

C Star WW


2015 Chestnut


Very powerful with endless scope, a

very good brain, amazing canter and

careful, he has it all.

His mother is C Serendipity who won

the first qualifier in the 6-year-old

World Breeding Championships and

came second in the second qualifier,

against over 250 of the world’s best

horses from around the world.

This is his first proper year competing,

he has qualified British Novice,

Discovery, Newcomers, now jumping

double clear Foxhunter and age


Only one foal in 2020 due to having

colic in 2019, but we are very excited

to see his 2021 foals!

Height: 17hh (172cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.56

Stud Book: AES

Grading: AES Licensed

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Frozen

Stud Fee: £750 + vat

Stands At: Kings Oak Stud, Ampfield, Hants, SO51 9BD

Contact: Gerda Weston

Tel: 07824 308511

Email: info@westonwarmbloods.co.uk

Website: www.westonwarmbloods.co.uk

Big Star

C Serendipity

Quick Star


Tangelo van Zuuthoeve


Galoubet A

Elektia V



Narcos II

Olympica van de Krekebeke

Lupico H




2003 Grey


International Grand Prix stallion by

Cornet Obolensky.

Cadnsky is a blood and compact

modern sports tupe with a fantastic


His father the world famous Cornet

Obolensky and his mother Cara is by

1.60m jumper Carthago.

Cadensky has competed up to 1.55m

with results all over the world

He is a flash exuberant jumper with

the heart of a lion and he passes onto

his offpsring with 60% of his progeny

already jumping internationally and

45% jumping 1.45m and above.

Cadensly has striking good looks and

a kind nature making him the perfect

stallion for any mare.

Height: 16.2hh (166cm)

Stud Book: OS

Grading: OS, Old, Berl Brand, AES

Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £600 no vat

Stands At: Mill Farm, Newark, Notts, NG23 5SZ

Contact: Andrew Saywell

Tel: 07929472674

Email: jake@jakesaywell.com

Cornet Obolensky



Rabanna van Costersveld



Corrado I



Holivea van Costersveld

Capitol I




Calian Z


2012 Grey


Calian Z is a modern, light, compact

stallion, who has impressed with his

ability and attitude since he began

his professional career as a four

year old. By Calido I who is one

of the most important jumper sires

in the world. Having been the sire

of mulitple Bundeschampions and

Grand Prix jumpers, he is a beautiful

grey Holstein stallion with exceptional

breeding success. Calido’s offspring

are known globally as aesthetic,

athletic and absolutely impressive

show jumpers that are very easy to


Out of Colshi Z, a Colman mare, that

was a realible 1.30m winning mare


Calian Z is rising star on the

international circuit, with scope and

care for fences. Calian Z has been

a trainable, bright horse from the get

go and his athleticism, balance and

impressive technique have made him

extremely easy to ride. In short Calian

Z exudes quality in his breeding,

type and has all the attributes needed

for the modern sport horse stallion

combined with a golden character.

Height: 16.1hh (164cm)

Stud Book: Zang

Grading: Breeders Elite

Availability: Fresh /Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £500 + vat

Stands At: Tudor Farm, Binfield, Berks, RG24 5QH

Contact: Clare Reynolds - CR Showjumpers

Tel: 07720558030

Email: cr.showjumping@gmail.com

Website: www.crshowjumpers.com

Calido I

Colshi Z





Caletto I









Stallion Event 2021 - SHOWJUMPING

In Association with

Chello III


2005 Bay


As a son of legend Contender and

a dam by Sandro. Chello combines

Europe’s jumping elite in his pedigree.

His damline Holstein 318d2 is

ranked # 3 worldwide with over 26

approved stallions in the last three

generations among which Diarado,

Corofino, Coriano and Mill Reef VDL.

Damsire Sandro produced Silvio I

(sire of Shutterfly), Santander and

Sandro’s Boy.

Ranked 54th in WBSFH Eventing

(2019) Chello makes commercial

offspring with superb movement

and an inimitable style over fences.

All his foals inherit his sweet and

elegant face. Chello is the perfect mix

between blood and composure, he

adds frame without weighing down

the mares. Chello is a very goodnatured

stallion and is a lovely horse

to handle and be around.

Chello has offspring currently

competing Internationally in Dressage

(PSG / Inter I) , jumping to 1.5m ,

Eventing to CCI4*

Performance ; •WINNER 1.40m

classes Netherlands, Spain, Portugal,

France; •Qualified World Young

Horse Championships 5 & 7 yr old.

Height: 16.1hh (163cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.72

Stud Book: Holst

Grading: Holst, AA, AES, ISH, KWPN, SBS, Zang

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £700 + vat LFG

Stands At: Tomlinson Equine Vet Practice & Stud ,Tetbury, Glos, GL8 8QE

Contact: Emma Tomlinson

Tel: 01666 880236

Email: info@tomlinsonequine.co.uk

Website: www.tomlinsonequine.co.uk


Gracia III





Cor de la Bryere




Sacramento Song


Cor de la Bryere


Chrysler Key SR


2017 Bright Bay


168cm stallion Born 2017 by the

great Comme il Faut ridden by

Marcus Ehning.

He has a fantastic motherline sharing

the same Grandmother as the

Olympic medalist Verdi TN ridden by

Maikel van de Vleuten.

He is a very modern type with elegant

paces and a quick careful jump.

He exudes quality, is light on his feet

and has an abundance of scope.

We are confident in his ability to

reach the top of his sport and are very

excited for the future.

He covered a select number of

mares in 2020 and has a number of

foals due this year.

Height: 16.2hh (168cm)

Stud Book: AES

Grading: AES

Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £850 + vat NFFR

Stands At: Rumer Stud, CV37 8AF

Contact: Carron Nocil

Tel: 07768 510963

Email: esportshorses@gmail.com

Website: www.europeansportshorses.co.uk

Comme Il Faut

Renaissance VII

Cornet Obolensky

Ratina Z

Calido I



Rabanna Van Costersveld

Ramiro Z

Argentina Z


Baroness VII

Calypso I


Clyde VA


2009 Dark Brown


A handsome and well put together

horse, Clyde is by Caretino and out of

Quintero mare.

He has been a prolific winner across

the age classes and is now competing

to great success at 5*/1.60m level

at some of the most prestigious shows

around the world.

He is a brave and shows scope

combined with correct technique and

beautiful movement. With a mannerly

and kind temperament, Clyde is often

enjoyed by different riders and hacks

happily alongside mares and ponies.

Only recently he was used for a

celebrity TV special in dressage

lesson and hack around the

Hickstead showground, in which he

behaved impeccably.

He has proven fertile and the quality

of his semen is superb.

This year, for the first time, he is

available to the public for fresh and

chilled semen.

Height: 16.2hh (168cm)

Stud Book: Holst

Grading: Elite with Breeders Elite

Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £600 + vat

Stands At: Breen Equestrian at Hickstead showground, West Sussex

Contact: Greg Le Gear

Tel: +44 7887 783244

Email: greglegear@gmail.com

Website: www.breenequestrian.com



Caletto II




Cor De La Bryere






Rebel I Z




Sponsored by

Cobra 18


2013 BAY


Cobra 18 is genetically superb!

His sire Cornet Obolensky features

high up the WBFSH rankings, while

his dam Ranaschun is a daughter of

Ramiro Z, another world famous sire.

Ranaschun is full sister to licensed

stallion Rodney, who competed

Internationally winning many Grand

Prix’s and Nation’s Cup’s.

The combination of Cobra 18’s sire

and dam has resulted in a fantastic,

competitive gene pool, himself

competing to 1.50m and now

demonstrated by his offspring.

Currently the most notable Cobra 18

sired competitor is Dublin (Cobra 18

X Calido) now owned by Team GB’s

Jessica Mendoza who won the $75k

FEI Kentucky and $50k Split Rock

Grand Prix late last year.

Height: 17hh (172cm)

Stud Book: Westphalian

Grading: AES Licensed

Test: WFFS Negative Availability: Frozen

Stud Fee: £350/straw or £900 LFG

Stands At: Semen available in the UK

Contact: Tony Noble

Tel: 07767781001

Email: info@cobra18.com

Website: www.cobra18.com

Cornet Obolensky




Ramiro Z


Corrado I



Holivea Van Costersveld







2010 Grey


Colmar is a very beautiful and

elegant horse with the most fantastic

temperament. He has lovely paces

and a superb jump. From a young

age he showed his talent competing

and being very successful in 5, 6 and

7 year old classes. His pedigree is

world famous and littered with top

1.60m show jumpers. In the stable

and at home, he is kind and well

mannered. He hacks out alongside

mares and ponies all over his home

at the Hickstead showground. He

has travelled all over the world

and has competed at 1.60m level.

His progeny are very exciting with

the eldest being 6 years old and

are competing in international age

classes. His fertility is excellent and is

available fresh, chilled and frozen.

Career Highlights: 1st CSI Grand

Prix of Abu Dhabi 2020, 2nd CSI

1.45m/1.50m Shanghai 2019, 2nd

CSI 1.45m Cannes 2019.

Progeny include: BE Constanta (5yrs)

competing 1.25m internationally &

finalist at the Nexgen Young horse

championships. BE Khalissey (5yrs)

competing in international age

classes & BEK amelia (5yrs).

Height: 16.2hh (168cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.80

Stud Book: BWP

Grading: Breeders Elite

Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £600 + vat

Stands At: Breen Equestrian at Hickstead showground, West Sussex.

Contact: Greg Le Gear

Tel: +44 7887 783244

Email: greglegear@gmail.com

Website: www.breenequestrian.com



Cornet Obolensky

Spice Girl R

Quida’s Rubin

Pysella Z


Rabanna van Costerveld



Quidam De Revel


Pythagorus Z




2013 Brown


Comfort became the 2015 acclaimed

second reserve champion of the

OS licensing in Vechta. He not

only convinced the inspec? on

commitee, but also the spectators. He

always got along very well with the

distances of the free jumping series

and performed outstandingly on all

three days of the licensing. His sire,

Christian, debuted at seven years

old at advanced level, achieving

International success.Comfort was

the second son of Christian to be

licensed, and also full brother to the

six year old stallion Charlie Weasley.

Comfort has strikingly good looks

and a temperament to die for. He is

athletic and bold, suiting a variety of

mares. His progeny not only carry

his good looks as he stamps them

well, they also carry his athleticism

and trainability. Comfort is proving

exceptional in competition himself,

having competed on the Sunshine

Tour in March 2019, in the CSIYH*

for 6yo horses. He placed 1st in the

1.25, producing super double clears

and also competed in the 1.30 class.

Height: 16.2hh (165cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.82

Stud Book: Oldenburg

Grading: AES / SHB(GB) / OS

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £800 + vat

Stands At: Caunton Manor Stud

Contact: Victoria & Matthew Wright

Tel: 07966507205

Email: victoria@cauntonmanorstud.com

Website: www.cauntonmanorstud.com

Christian 25



Free Lilly

Last Liberty




Lord Liberty

Miss Playback

Lord Liberty



Aleska Z


Stud Services at Oakham Veterinary Hospital

New, purpose built stud barn with lab, semen collection

area, mare scanning facilities and large foaling/mare

and foal stables

Competitive pricing structure to minimise ‘per cycle’ costs

On site foaling facilities with 24 hour supervision provided

by an experienced and highly trained team specialising

in care of the new born foal

Embryo transfer and transported embryo service

BEVA approved practice for AI with fresh, chilled and

frozen semen

DEFRA approved semen collection and distribution

centre for walk in stallions

Close working relationships with agents representing

Europe’s leading dressage, showjumping and eventing


On site semen freezing service available year round

For more information please contact Matt Hecking, Stud Manager on:

01572 722647 or 07976 822903



Multi stud book approved Anglo Arab stallion



AH Cheshmak x Treenhill Shillelagh

Anvil Park Stud is a friendly competition centre

and 5* livery yard on the Norfolk Suffolk border

with direct access off the main A11 road.

We cater for all equine disciplines from beginner/lead

rein through up to National Championship level.

We run unaffiliated and affiliated events all year

round on our brand new 70m x 70m arena. We also

have 20m x 70m brand new indoor arena and

various additional outdoor warm up arenas.

07765 973889

Livery Space available at this

brand new event centre.

Anvil Park Stud is proudly sponsored by


surfaces that go above and beyond.

Contact Robert for quotes for Arenas, Surfaces,

Turnout pens and liquid rubber Flooring.




The stallion with the golden temperament



Out of Action Breaker/ Heart Breaker 1.60

jumping horses

Available at stud in 2021


clear Available by frozen

semen at West Kington

Stud • Stud Fee: £500 +

Courier costs + VAT

Contact Pemaneh Paddick

or Stud Off ice - WKS

Telephone: 07508

424502 or 01249

782050 (West Kington)

Email: Treenhill-Arabians@


Facebook: Treenhill




Christian x Last Liberty


Danone I x Fidermark


Breitling W x Weltmeyer


Jaguar Mail x Contendro I x Heraldik

NEW for 2021


Tel: 07966507205/07968695082

Loundfield Farm, Lound, Nottinghamshire, DN22 8RW

Stallion Event 2021 - SHOWJUMPING

In Association with

Cornets Pleasure WW


2015 Chestnut


This outstanding young stallion, whose

breeding combines the best grand

prix lines in the world today (Cornet

Obolensky X For Pleasure) is offered

at stud for the 2021 season.

Gibbs has only been competed

lightly in 2020, partly due to Covid19

restrictions, and partly to allow him to

continue to mature and to concentrate

on his flatwork, with rideability a

key part of today’s successful sports


He has some fantastic foals on the

ground, and this year was the ONLY

stallion to have two graded GOLD

ELITE and finish in the top 10 of the

show jumping section of the British

Breeding Futurity, an exceptional


His paces are outstanding, he has a

great canter, an uphill stride, and a

temperament to die for. He’s brave

and careful. He combines his good

looks with great bone, ability, scope,

soundness, type and substance and

will deliver top quality foals that are

much in demand.

Height: 16.3hh (168cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.84

Stud Book: AES

Grading: AES

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Natural / Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £550 + vat Fresh / Chilled, £450 + vat Frozen

Stands At: Saywell Equestrian, Upton, Nottinghamshire

Contact: Sarah Peacocke

Tel: 07984 090560

Email: Sarah.peacocke@gmail.com

Website: www.gibbs19.co.uk

Cornet Obolensky



Rabanna Van Costersveld

For Pleasure


Corradp I



Holivea Van Costersveld

Furioso II


Nimmerdor 174


Cruising Encore (Clone)

100% genetically identical stallion of



1 of 2 genetically identical Stallions

of CRUISING CSI5* international

showjumper. CRUISING ranked

in the top 10 of the WBFSH show

jumping for over 5 years and Ranked


in the top 5 WBFSH Sires for over

10 years, World Cup and European

championships finalist and winner of

the CSI5* 1.70m Aachen Grand Prix.

Sire of world champions including

Flexible 2012 CSI5* World cup

Champion and Mr.Medicott CCI4*

World no°1 2012.

CRUISING ENCORE is competing at

1.40m successfully and will move up

to the higher levels in the spring.

His oldest offspring are now 4 years


2012 Grey



Knock Boy

Sea Spray

Nordlys xx

Big Idea


Height: 16.2hh (165cm)

Stud Book: ISH

Grading: ISH


Availability: Frozen

Stud Fee: €700 Vat included Frozen semen from Stallion AI Services

Stands At: Hartwell stud, Kill, Co.Kildare, Ireland 0000

Contact: Mary McCann

Tel: 00353 86 2470285

Email: hartwellstud@gmail.com Website: www.hartwellstud.com

Kerry Man

Arctic Lass



Nasrullah xx

Moondrift xx

Water Serpent

Brownie Mare

El Thuder


2004 Dark Brown


A correct and modern stallion

with excellent breeding. He has

a bold and scopey jump with a

phenomenal back end. His paces

are naturally straight and elevated.

His Thoroughbred influence makes

him a fantastic refining stallion for

the heavier mare and a super cross

for event mares. El Thuder showed

his talent from a young age, at his

grading he won the loose jumping

competition and was a finalist in

5,6 and 7 year old classes. He was

selected to represent GB at the world

championships for young horses

at Lanaken. At only 7 he was 3rd

in the Hickstead Speed Derby. He

continued to jump up to GP 1.40m

and was selected for the BS Gold

Programme in 2016.

Since 2018, he has mainly

concentrated on his breeding work

due to his popularity but is still in

work and goes to stallion parades

and county shows. He has fantastic

progeny competing at International

5* level and a wide range of quality

competition horses.

Height: 16.2hh (168cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.110

Stud Book: BWP / Breeders Elite / AES

Grading: Approved by AES & Breeders Elite

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £650 no vat

Stands At: GLG Equestrian, Hickstead, West Sussex

Contact: Greg Le Gear

Tel: +44 7887 783244 / 07870 485339

Email: greglegear@gmail.com

Website: www.glgequestrian.com

Thunder van de




Jura van St. Martens









Goldspring de Lauzelle




Sponsored by

Escape Z


2012 Chestnut


A horse of exceptional quality that

easily reaches the width of oxers.

‘I am awlays looking for something

exceptional, the right instincts that you

as a rider cannot change’ Co-owner

Harrie Smolders.

Escape Z makes a lbig impression

with his jumping quality. No fence

looks to high for him. Escape Z

has fantastic looks. and strong

conformation. 2016- 4 years national

UK champion

2017 - leading 5 years stallion uk

-Winner of best showjumping foal

in UK

2018 - CSI Lanaken

Winner Grand Prix

- 6 years Big Star Championship

- 7 th Foxhunter Masters National

Championships double clear

-2018 foal qualifies Elite Foal UK


2018 CSI Mechelen under saddle of

World number 1/ co owner Harrie


2019 7 years young horses

Valkenswaard 2nd

7 years young horses Brussel 6th

7 years stallion class Mechelen 3rd.

Height: 16.2hh (165cm)

Stud Book: Zang

Grading: Approved Zang, AES, Breeders Elite

Test: WFFS Negative Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £1000

Stands At: Frozen semen at Stallion AI Services

Contact: Danielle Ryder / Caroline Smolders

Tel: 07792912539 / +31 622 523648

Email: sportshorsesdirect@live.co.uk

Website: www.harriesmolders.com

Emerald v’t Ruytershof


Diamant de Semilly

Carthina Z



Le Tot de Semilly

Venise des Cresles

Carthago Z

Tanagra ‘S’ vh Darahof



Carthago Z




2006 Bay


He has jumped to 1.60m level himself

and has had some outstanding

offspring. He has always bred size

into his offspring and they all share

his generous temperament and ability

to jump , move and be brave and

careful. Notable progeny i have bred

and produced include :

Moonraker born 2010 who has

competed to 1.50m level.

Goldeneye born 2011 competing at

1.50m level with Harry Charles.

Vistogrand born 2012 competing at

1.50m level with Shane Breen and

came 2nd in a Grand Prix in Dubai

last week , January 2021.

Fantaland’s mother Fantasia won over

200k and was a prolific winner both

nationally and internationally .

Fantasia‘a Major Results

CSI5*GCT Cannes 1st

CSI5*GCT Monte Carlo 1st

CSI5*GCT Chantilly 2nd

CSI5*GCT Abu Dhabi 1st

CSI4* La Coruna 2nd

CSI5* Gijon 2nd

CSI5* La Coruna 2nd

CSI5*GCT Lausanne 1st and more

Height: 17hh (171cm)

Stud Book: AES

Grading: AES

Availability: Natural / Chilled

Stud Fee: £850 NFFR

Stands At: Rumer Stud, CV37 8AF

Contact: Carron Nocil

Tel: 07768 510963

Email: esportshorses@gmail.com

Website: www.europeansportshorses.co.uk




Weisse Dame



Landgraf I






Rex Magna




2016 Grey


Impeccably bred , his sire is the

hugely influential Cornet Oblensky

and his mother is by Diamant de

Semilly .

His grandmother Meatloaf jumped at

1.60m level and is also the mother of

my fantastic black stallion Damian.

He has springs on his feet when he

jumps, exploding into the air with

enthusiasm, scope and care.

He has a kind temperament in and

out of the stable and has passed this

on to his first crop of foals born in


Gmail jumped in his first show at

Boleworth this year. Jumping a

fabulous clear, showing the quality,

bravery and care you would expect

with his bloodlines.

He is jumping a decent size course at

home and ready to campaign as a

5yr old when shows resume.

Height: 16.3hh (168cm)

Stud Book: AES

Grading: AES

Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £850 + vat

Stands At: Rumer Stud, CV37 8AF

Contact: Carron Nocil

Tel: 07768 510963

Email: esportshorses@gmail.com

Website: www.europeansportshorses.co.uk

Cornet Oblensky

Dane Z


Rabanna Van Costersveld

Diamant De Semilly


Corrado I



Holvea Van Costersveld

Le Tot de Semilly

Venise des Cresles




Stallion Event 2021 - SHOWJUMPING

In Association with

Golden Hawk


2005 Chestnut





Golden Hawk has travelled all over

world jumping the biggest classes at

the best shows. He is versatile having

jumped at small indoor venues,

biggest grass arena’s and having

recorded at clear round at the famous

Hickstead Derby in 2019. Winnings

approx £300k. He has the most

fantastic temperament and has a kind

nature. He is athletic and possesses

excellent technique. Both his sire and

dam competed at the highest level at


Golden Hawk is by Vigo D’Arsouilles

(Nabab de Reve) who was World

Champion in Kentucky 2010 and a

prolific 1.60m showjumper. Golden

Hawk’s dam Ta Belle van Sombeke is

by Chin Chin and herself competed

at 1.60m with Jos Lansik. Amongst

Golden Hawk, Ta Belle van Sombeke

has bred 7 other 1.60m horses and

several at 1.40m plus.

Results;Too many results to mention

but highlights include , 1st Oslo 5*

2018, 1st London Olympia 5* 1.50m

2018, 1st Liverpool 4* Grand Prix

Height: 16.2hh (165cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.144

Stud Book: BWP

Grading: AES / Breeders Elite

Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £1000 + vat

Stands At: Breen Equestrian, Hickstead, Sussex

Contact: Greg Le Gear 07887783244 / Chloe Breen 07788972601

Email: greglegear@gmail.com

Website: www.breenequestrian.com

Vigo D’Arsouilles

Ia Belle Van Sombeke

Nabab De Reve

Illico D’Arsouilles

Chin Chin

La Belle Van Sombeke

Quidam de Revel

Melodie En Fa

Fleuri Du Manoir

Venzin D‘Arsouilles



Goliath Z


Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is currently and

successfully competing at

international level at 1.35m.

Hocus Pocus is a British bred Dutch

Warmblood (KWPN) born in 2012.

He is an Anglo European Studbook

(AES) Approved stallion and has

outstanding and proven bloodlines on

both sides of his pedigree.

His sire is the Dutch Warmblood


Zambesi, son of the legendary

Heartbreaker and a Calvaro Z mare.

His Damsire is the Selle Francais

Vancouver and his Granddam brings

Silvio 1 and Concorde into the mix


Hocus Pocus has superb conformation

and paces, an athletic and powerful

jump, together with a laid back

nature in the stable and fantastic

attitude to his work.

As a 3 year old Hocus Pocus

achieved an Elite score at the British

Futurity Evaluations making him the

highest scoring youngster shown that

year. Bred & competed by, Joseph

Hughes-Jones he has moved up

through the age classes & is now

regularly placed at National &

International level at 1.35m.



Della Testa Ross


Calanda Z




Height: 16.2hh (168cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.158

Stud Book: KWPN

Grading: AES Approved

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £600 no vat Fresh / Chilled, £470 no vat Frozen (3 straws)

Stands At: Walk in to Stallion AI Services, Whitchurch, Shropshire

Contact: Joseph Hughes-Jones

Tel: 0778454786

Email: info@teamh-j.com

Website: www.teamh-j.com



Calvaro Z


Le Tot de Semilly

Perpetua Du Crocq X

Silvio I


Jannan S


2014 Dark Bay


This exceptional young stallion has

incredible power and scope in both

his paces and his jump.

Jannan is a gorgeous looking stallion

with a charming temperament to

match, he loves working and has a

super attitude towards it.

His sire is the world famous stallion

Kannan who needs no introduction!

Winning numerous Grand Prix’s at the

highest level and a valuable member

of the French team, Kannan is a true

legend. He has produced some top

level offspring also winning Grand

Prix’s at the highest levels including

Nino Des Buissonets, gold medal at

the Olympic Games London 2012

(Steve Guerdat), A Pikachu De

Muze, World 6 year-old Champion

(Gregory Whatelet) and Molly

Malone, 1m60 (Bertram Allen) just to

name a few.

Jannan S’s damline is exceptional

and responsible for many 1.50 and

1.60 horses including Broken Heart,

Corleone, Edoctro, Derusa S, and

1.50 stallion Etoulon VDL to name

a few.

Height: 16.2hh (168cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.170

Stud Book: KWPN

Grading: AES licensed

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £700 NFFR

Stands At: Wyndford Farm , Ecclesmachan, West Lothian, EH52 6NW

Contact: Patricia Lillington

Tel: 07707599399

Email: wyndfordfarm@btinternet.com

Website: www.hollrocksporthorses.com


Derusa S



Numero Uno


Furioso II

Gogo Moeve



Libero H


Ramiro Z

Brigitte (Lucky Mex)



Sponsored by

Je T’aime Flamenco


2013 Bay


60% Thoroughbred

Je T’aime Flamenco can undoubtedly

be rated as one of the most exciting

stallions to be available in the UK.

A Winner of seven of the World’s

Major Grand Prix. A stallion who has

performed consistently through all the

grades. Je T’aime Flamenco’s Grand

Prix wins include Valencia in 2011,

Barcelona and Amsterdam in 2010,

St Gallen and Amsterdam in 2009,

HOYS and Belfast in 2008. He was a

major winner in Young Horse Classes

throughout his career.

Not only has Je T’aime Flamenco

had a illustrious career as a top

Grand Prix horse with Billy Twomey,

he also proved himself to pass on

his talent to his progeny, with many

competing at 1.60m Some of his most

notable progeny include Ballypatrick

Flamenco, who won the 2016 Irish

Breeders Classic & J’adore Flamenco,

who won the Scope 4 year old

British Championship, the Arena UK

4 year old Final & the Northcote 4

year old Final & was later sold at the

Goresbridge “Go For Gold” Sale

for €130,000. The foal Flamenco’s

Serenade sold in 2020 for £32,000.

Height: 16.3hh (168cm)

Stud Book: BWP

Grading: AES Licensed

Test: WFFS Negative Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £900 + Vat LFG (NFNF available from July 1st) Standard ICSI Straws

available, Fresh Sexed Semen available

Stands At: Stallion AI Services

Contact: Tullis Matson

Tel: 01948 666295

Email: office@stallionai.com

Flamenco de Semilly

Quansie Van De


Website: www.stallionai.com

Le Tot de Semilly



Korena Van De Halhoeve

Grande Veneur

Venue du Tot

St Brendan xx


Landgraf I


Westworld xx


Jebali Lancer

Jebali Lancer is a 44% Thoroughbred

AES Licensed Stallion

Bought as a 2yo for his stamp and

breeding with Baloubet du Rouet

and Lux z as 2nd generation, he

complements our other stallions and is

longer in the back.

His sire ridden by Ludger Beerbaum

excelled on the world SJ circuit

winning numerous 5* and placed

2nd or 3rd in many others.

Jebali has been produced slowly and

given time to grow.

A keen attitude to work with lovely



2014 Dark Brown

Height: 16.2hh (169cm)

Stud Book: KWPN

Grading: AES Licensed

Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £600 + vat

Stands At: The Lancer Stud, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP30 0EJ

Contact: Marcus Craggs

Tel: 07703 715131

Email: marcuscraggs@icloud.com

Website: www.lancerstud.com


Utah V

Baloubet Du Rouet





Galoubet A

Mesange Du Rouet

I Love You


Lord Calando

Apocalypte Z

L Ronald


Just Special


2005 Chestnut


Just Special is an exciting young

Stallion; the son of the Super Sire Im

Special De Muze. He has the perfect

atributes be a top Grand Prix horse.

He Has blood , is very careful, scope,

Intelligent, and rideable with a good

trainable mind.

He Has been produced slowly and

carefully to hopefully be a world class

grand prix horse.

His first off spring were born in 2017

and in 2018 he had 8 foals on the

ground. So looking forward to see

what the future brings.

Height: 16.2hh (165cm)

Stud Book: AES

Grading: AES

Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £500 + vat

Stands At: Hall O Coole Stud

Contact: Sarah Billington

Tel: 07776398656

Email: sarahsaltman@icloud.com

Website: www.geoffbillington.com

I’m Special De Muze


Emerald Van’t Ruytershof

Walnut De Muze

Wizzerd WV


Diamant De Semilly

Cathina Z

Nabab De Reve

Qerly Chin






Stallion Event 2021 - SHOWJUMPING

In Association with

Kantairo WW


2014 Grey


Kantairo is a 16.1 hh fully licensed

stallion by Kannan out of J-Force W

who is by one of the most popular

breeding stallions in the world, Cicero

Z van Paemel.

Kannan having been No.1 best

jumping stallion in the world for 2014

and still in the top 7, needs no

introduction. Kantairo’s dam line

produced a number of successful

show jumpers, combining the

“Euro-Classics” Ramiro and Alme. In

the fourth generation stand the great

Holstein sires Amor and Porter, who

both gave Holland’s show-jumping

breeding a great boost. He represents

the dutch mother line 153 which also

produced the successful stallions

Flyinge Electro, Harvester and


Huge careful jump with exceptional

technique, his first foals are elegant,

long legged and athletic. During a

very short 2020 season qualified

for Discovery and Newcomers, now

jumping double clear Foxhunter and

6-year-old classes. Airo already has

a fan club due to his stunning looks

and personality.

Height: 16.1hh (163cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.174

Stud Book: AES

Grading: AES

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £650 + vat NFFR

Stands At: Kings Oak Stud, Ampfield, Hants, SO51 PBD

Contact: Gerda Weston, Weston Warmbloods

Tel: 01794367570 /07824308511

Email: info@westonwarmbloods.co.uk

Website: www.westonwarmbloods.co.uk


J Force W



Cicero Z


Furioso II

Gogo Moeve



Carthago Z

Rendez-Vous van



Klaris Giddy Up

Stunning. My word to describe this

horse!! He has scope, carefulness,

blood, temperament, athleticism

and breeding. His dam, Sussex

Caretino is currently competing

1.50m GP, his sire, Don VHP Z is the

most consistent stallion in the world

competing at 1.60m. Don VHP Z has

won over 1 million Euros.


Giddy-Up successfully competed

in age classes 2017-2019 and is

showing to have all the attributes to

be a future GP horse. He has a full

sister who is equally as talented.

His mother line has already produced

a 1.60m horse in Hamilton Tropics

who was full brother to Special

To Me, she is also grand dam to

Special Warrior 1.45m [Louise

Whittaker]. Hamilton Tropics is

also dam sire to NPS Winston

1.50m [Ellen Whittaker]. He is now

competing BS in foxhunter/1.30m


His first foals were born in 2019, are

correct, well marked and showing to

have a fabulous temperament.

2012 Chestnut


Sussex Caretino

Diamant de Semilly

Sara vh Pareishof

Caretino Glory

Special To Me


Height: 16.2hh (168cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.184

Stud Book: Breeders Elite

Grading: Breeders Elite

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £100 booking fee plus £400 + vat scanned in foal

Stands At: Brendon Stud, Pyecombe, Brighton, BN45 7EG

Contact: Shirley Light

Tel: 07968847025

Email: shirleyno2@hotmail.com

Website: www.brendonstud.com

Le Tot de Semilly

Venise des Cresles





Hamilton III


Klent Spot On


2016 Chestnut


KungFoo as he is known at home

is homebred by Warrior. Warrior

is a son of Tangelo v/d Zuuthoeve

x Heartbreaker, who competed at

London Olympics and Global Tour

shows; before being sold he won

numerous classes here in the UK with

Louise Pavitt, Including Hickstead,

Royal Windsor, HOYS and RIHS.

Kung Foo’s dam, Sussex Caretino is a

1.50m International Grade A, ridden

by Phillip Miller and Louise Pavitt. She

is a prolific winner in the UK and has

bred several foals by embryo transfer.

She is by Caretino Glory, who himself

is a 1.60 jumper. Great grand sire,

Hamilton III was also a Grade A

jumping stallion and has proven to be

a super dam sire for us. Kung Foo has

successfully competed BS in young

horse classes including championship

shows at Hickstead, Pyecombe and

Bolesworth showing great trainability

and attitude at shows. He is a double

clear machine with phenomenal

scope and power. Temperament is

fantastic too. He will continue with

young horse classes in 2021. He is

full brother to Klent Kick On and a

half brother to Klaris Giddy-Up and

Klaris Yee-Ha. Licensed Breeders

Elite. BS 10 points, winnings £197

Height: 17hh (171cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.186

Stud Book: Breeders Elite

Grading: Breeders Elite

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Fresh / Chilled

Stud Fee: £100 booking fee plus £400 + vat scanned in foal

Stands At: Brendon Stud, Pyecombe, Brighton, BN45 7EG

Contact: Shirley Light

Tel: 07968847025

Email: shirleyno2@hotmail.com

Website: www.brendonstud.com


Sussex Caretino

Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve

Philliane A

Caretino Glory

Special To Me

Narcos II

Olympa Van de Krekebeke





Hamilton III




Sponsored by

Kratos FH


2015 Black


A stunning black beauty son of

Stakkato! Kratos is an exciting

young and prosperous stallion

He is a beautiful type with correct

conformation with an incredible

mindset. He is an athletic, strong

type with quick reflexes and is super

careful. Kratos has had a superb start

to his career producing clears in his

first international debuts and winning

in Germany based on style and


His sire Stakkato is one of the most

phenomenal show jumping sensations

on the scene. At the time of his stallion

performance test in 1996 Stakkato

showed an incredible talent for

jumping which reflected in his score

and first placing. Stakkato has sired

some sensational progeny over

the years, to date he has over 50

licenced sons, 108 state premium

mares, 369 main studbook mares,

172 sold auction horses to date and

a winning sum of progeny standing at


His dam line goes back to 1.60m

jumper Wagenaar and 1.60m

jumpers Concorde and Voltaire.

Height: 16.3hh (168cm)

Stud Book: KWPN

Grading: AES Licensed

Test: WFFS Negative Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £550 + VAT Payable on Heartbeat Scan NFNF

Stands At: Al Shira’aa Farms. Frozen from Stallion AI Services

Contact: Tullis Matson

Tel: 01948 666295

Email: sales@stallionai.com

Website: www.stallionai.com















Let It Be

Let It Be (Hotspot x Cassini I x

Carneval) 1.68 ...42% TB....



Let It Be has everything, the most

unbelievable temperament combined

with looks , quality and a super

careful jump.

He’s jumped a small number of shows

as a 4yo and is awaiting his first foals

coming into his 5th year.

2016 Bay

Height: 16.2hh (168cm)

Stud Book: KWPN

Grading: AES Licensed

Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £600 + vat

Stands At: The Lancer Stud, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP30 0EJ

Contact: Marcus Craggs

Tel: 07703 715131

Email: marcuscraggs@icloud.com

Website: www.lancerstud.com


Holsteiner Stamm 18B1, is a super

young stallion by Hotspot out of a

Cassini mother that jumped to 1.40m

Hotspot, a product of Hors La Loi,

looks to be a very exciting stallion

himself with great results in shows

across Europe under Mathijs van


It’s Sini

Horse La Loi II

Herminone De La Pomme

Cassini I

Sue Ellen

Papillon Rouge

Ariane Du Plessis II

Nabab De Reve

Sauterelle De La Pomme

Capitol I




SS Pegasus


2016 Dark Brown


Best British Bred 4yo Al Shira’aa

Bolesworth Young Horse

Championship 2020

SS Pegasus is from the most

outstanding bloodlines you could

look for in a pedigree. Proudly bred

by Al Shira’aa Farms this is one of

their many talented progeny.

By the ever so famous Balou De

Rouet, who is PROBABLY ONE OF






Balou had the most offspring in the

2008 Bundeschampionate, (German

National Championships) with 3

finalists in the 2009 event. He has

over 30 approved sons including the

Munich Licensing Champion, Balous

Bellini. A picture-perfect career:

after winning one young horse class

after another and gaining marks up

to 10.0 in his 30-day test, Balou

du Rouet successfully competed at

the 1.50m level. Already in 2005,

he caught everyone’s attention by

scoring the highest mark of 9.2 at the

national championships.

Height: 16.2hh (165cm)

Stud Book: KWPN

Grading: AES Graded

Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £550 + vat Payable on Heartbeat scan

Stands At: Al Shira’aa Farms. Frozen from Stallion AI Services

Contact: Tullis Matson

Tel: 01948 666295

Email: sales@stallionai.com

Website: www.stallionai.com

Balou Du Rouet Z


Baloubet Du Rouet




Galoubet A

Mesabge Du Rouet


Georgette II

Furioso II

Gogo Moeve




Stallion Event 2021 - SHOWJUMPING

In Association with



1999 Grey



Showjumping Sire in successive years

and Reserve Champion Eventing Sire.

Silvester is a top class showjumping

and eventing stallion with exceptional

temperament. He was the overall

winner (dressage, eventing and

showjumping) at his SEIB Young

Horse Evaluation, scoring 9 plus for

jumping, dressage and temperament.

His forbears have competed at two

Olympics and have won

numerous Nations Cups. Silvester has

exceptionally high fertility, 93%, even

with less easy mares. He is an

intelligent stallion with an enthusiastic

but relaxed temperament which he

passes on to progeny. His genetic

generosity has led to outstanding

consistent breeding success, to date

at the Futurity Evaluations his progeny

have been awarded: 11 Elite, 36

Highers First & 9 Golds, 25 First

Premiiums at Futurity Evaluations.

Silvester has the unique distinction

of having Elite progeny in all three

disciplines, proof of his quality and

versatility. His progeny are proving

highly trainable, exceptional

competition prospects.

Height: 16.2hh (165cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.244

Stud Book: AES

Grading: AES Approved, SHB(GB) Life Graded

Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £800 NFFR ( £200 deposit, then £600 when scanned in foal)

Stands At: WG Stud, Bicester, Oxon, OX25 2NS

Contact: Hazel Offord

Email: hazel.wgs@zen.co.uk

Website: www.wgstud.co.uk

Carthago Z

Notre Dame

Capitol I

Perra B





Calado I


Furioso II

Gogo Moeve



Tsunami De Hus

Tsunami Is A Stunning Individual And

He Definitely Knows It! Tsunami Likes

To Show Off In Every Way, Whether It

Be At Home Or At Shows.

He Stands At 172cm And Is A Light

Boned Individual.

Tsunami Has Superb Results And In

2020 Won The CSI2* Grand Prix

Sharjah Rulers Cup. He Is Agile, Fast

And Competitive In Every Way.

We Believe Tsunami Will Be A

Versatile Individual For Mares Of

All Calibre And We Look Forward

To Using Him On Our Mares This



Some of his results: TSUNAMI was

2nd in the CSI 2* 1.35m class n

Ebreichsdorf as well as in the CSI 2*

Wiener Nuestadt 1.40m class.

WON the CSI 3* World Cup Grand


in 2017

2018 - 1.55M JUMP., MOHAMMED




2016 - 1.50M JUMP., DAVID WILL

(GER) , 2016

2007 Bright Bay

L’Arc de Triomphe

Amati PMS

Landor S





Height: 17hh (172cm)

Stud Book: KWPN

Grading: AES Approved

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £600 no vat Fresh/Chilled, £470 no vat Frozen (3 straws)

Stands At: Al Shira’aa Farms. Frozen from Stallion AI Services

Contact: Tullis Matson

Tel: 01948 666295

Email: sales@stallionai.com

Website: www.stallionai.com


Fureida II



Argentan I


Beach Boy


Z7 Can Ya Makan


2007 Bay


Canya is a versatile stallion who

has jumped the biggest classes in

the world. He is graded Elite with

the Anglo European Studbook and

Breeders Elite.

He has excellent paces, a careful

jump and he is very bold.

He is by Canturo who jumped at top

level and the dams side Fier du Lui

who also jumped at 1.60m level.

Canya’s Notable achievements are :

1st Negrita Cup CSIO5* Barcelona


1st Speed Classic Hickstead, UK

1st Speed classic and Speed Derby

CSIO5* Dublin, Ireland

1st Deby Trial and 3rd in Derby

CSI4* Hickstead , UK

1st Accumulator CSI5* Dubai, UAE.

Progeny include:

Z7 Canya Dance, multiple

International winner at 1.45m

Z7 Cayani, International 1.35m

Killerisk Can Ya International 1.40m

HHS Dassett Class, Advanced

international event horse and 1.30m


Height: 16.2hh (169cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.294

Stud Book: Holst

Grading: Graded Elite Approved with AES & Breeders Elite

Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £800 + vat

Stands At: Breen Equestrian, Hickstead, West Sussex

Contact: Greg Le Gear 07887783244

Email: greglegear@gmail.com

Website: www.breenequestrian.com





Fier Du Lui


Caletto I


Calado I

Ulara II

Rantzau xx


Sorgenbrecher xx




Sponsored by

Z7 Castlefield Dubai


2015 Black


Alongside his excellent natural scope

over his fences, he is light on his feet,

very focused and easy to ride.

He already has some foals born in

2020, who are lovely types.

Height: 16.3hh (169cm)

Stud Book: Holst

Grading: Breeders Elite Approved

Test: WFFS Negative Availability: Frozen

Stud Fee: £600 + Vat

Stands At: Breen Equestrian, Hickstead, Sussex

Contact: Greg Le Gear 07887783244 / Chloe Breen 07788972601

Email: greglegear@gmail.com

Website: www.breenequestrian.com

Z7 Castlefield Dubai is Approved

already by Breeders Elite Studbook.

He is a very exciting young horse

that has had a fantastic first year in

international competition in 2020,

posting 16 out of 20 top ten placings

including multiple wins.


S-Flower Star



Laval II


Lugano II




Landgraf I


Caletto II


Zip Phin

Zip Phin is a breathtaking stallion who

passes on his looks, movement, jump

and temperament.

He has competed to 1.40m ,won

Grand Prix’s abroad and qualified for

many championshps.

He is still competing and has never

had a days lameness.


The pedigree of Phin Phin is of great

genetic value. His sire, Chin Chin,

competed at the Olympics. Ella is a

half sister to the sires Roman and Farn.

Chin Chin and Abdullah are among

the best jumping horses in the world.

The Stallion Lux,was one of the most

successful stallions in international

show jumping including the Sydney


Super de Lux comes from an

exceptional mare line, her dam also

produced Ulstar who was reserve

champion at the KWPN stallion

grading. Many top show jumpers,

stallions and mares come from this

dam line.

2004 Bay

Phin Phin

Super de Luxe

Chin Chin

Miss Abdullah T

Lux Z



Height: 16.2hh (168cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.298

Stud Book: AES

Grading: AES Licensed

Test: WFFS Negative Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £650 + vat

Stands At: Kings Oak Stud, Ampfield, Hants, SO51 PBD

Contact: Gerda Weston, Weston Warmbloods

Tel: 01794367570 /07824308511

Email: info@westonwarmbloods.co.uk

Website: www.westonwarmbloods.co.uk





Lord Calando

Apocalypte Z






Heritage Arrakis

A Stallion to produce High Class Eventing stock.

¾ Thoroughbred with 1/8th SF & 1/8th Arab

By Heritage Orion (XO) ex Carnaval Drum Mare.

Jump, movement, speed and endurance.

The perfect combination to breed a top class Event horse

This stunning Stallion, topped the FUTURITY Scores for

two consequitive years as a 2 & 3yr old. He won the

Breeders Award in 2015 as the Highest scoring Overall

Event Youngstock & highest scoring 2yr old.

He was the Highest scoring Eventing 3yr old.

‘A Really striking horse with bags of presence.

Very supple and flexible, a real athlete. Lovely

lift and jump in canter, very committed jump’

Comments from the Future evaluator.

First few stock already winners in the ring.

Currently based at the Brendon Stud showjumping

Stud Fee £400 + Collection Fee + Postage

Chilled available

Contact: Jane Marson - Heritage Coast Stud

Tel: 07771608376 or Email: jane@hcstud.com

www.hcstud.com / www.competition-stallions.com


Myspires Fider Hit

Fidertanz x Sandro Hit x Sion

Sire of Multiple Elite Futurity foals

• Quality

• Temperament

• Rideability

• Suspension

• Athleticism

Myspires Fider Hit



Fidermark 1

Reine Freude

Sandro Hit


This is the sire for you at a reduced fee to £500 ONE YEAR ONLY

to help out fellow breeders in times of need. Quality at an AFFORDABLE FEE

with TOP European lines!


Myspires Revoluuon

Myspires Revolution

Myspires Revolution available for


Stanhopes Diddicoy x Cum

Laude z x Major de la cour

• Stock Currently Eventing to Novice

• Awarded GOLD Premiums + Elite Scores

• Perfect sire to add temperament to hot

mares as proven!





Equina B



Cum Laude z

Opaline de la Cour

Progeny: Ginleys Gunpowder (left) Myspires First Revelation (right)

CONTACT: Lianne Verity | TEL: 07761836186 | EMAIL: www.myspirestud.co.uk


Stallion Event 2021 - DRESSAGE STALLIONS

In Association with

Aztec Iconico


2017 Cremello


Aztec Iconico (Iconico) is a rare

Registered PRE Cremello Stallion, is

UK-bred and has fabulous movement

and bloodlines. Aztec Iconico is by

the metallic-coat palomino Stallion,

Pomelo V. Iconico comes from a long

line of world-renown Paco Marti PRE

colour dilute bloodlines, including

Revoltoso XXIX and Claudio Vives.

He combines his rare DNA colour

profile with superb conformation and

uphill, elastic paces. Iconico has a

fabulous work ethic and has been a

pleasure to back and train to date.

He has a lovely temperament, is very

confident and like all PREs, is a willing

and quick learner. Iconico will always

breed a dilute foal from a non-dilute

mare and can breed all colour dilutes

(palominos, buckskins and smokey

blacks). He will always breed a

double dilute foal from a double

dilute mare. Iconico was placed 1st

for his movement at the International

ANCCE Virtual Morphological

Contest (3-yr-olds) in July 2020.

He was awarded Silver Premium

at British Futurity, scoring 7.875, in

August 2020. He has since been

accepted into the AE Studbook (AES)

Height: 16hh (163cm)

Stud Book: PRE

Grading: AES Licesnsed

Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £650 no vat

Stands At: Stallion AI Services, Whitchurch, Shropshire

Contact: Joanne Beresford

Tel: 07766912032

Email: j.beresford55@btinternet.com

Website: www.stallionai.com

Pomelo V

Estanquera A

Revoltoso XXIX

Bandolera CIV

Claudio Vives

Perla XLII

Pegaso IV

Baturra XI

Duende XL

Bandolera LXVI

Cesar VI

Carmela V

Salinero XIV

Dalia XX



2007 Chestnut


He has three exceptional paces.

His trainability is highlighted by his

outstanding temperament, which has

stood out throughout his entire career.

As a young horse he started training

with Kathrin Meyer Zu Strohen and

at only 5 years old qualified for the

2011 World Breeding Championships

in Verden. His father Breitling W has

sired a series of absolutely top-rate

horses, clearly demonstrating his

absolutely spectacular gene pool. His

progeny have accumulated more than

€100,000 in lifetime competition

winnings and include Burgpokal

winner Blind Date, the mare that won

the CHIO Aachen Small Tour in

2009. Branduardi in-between

breeding in 2019 was competing on

the Premier League circuit with Amy

Woodhead. He picked up some

great results, scoring over 70% in the

Intermediare I at Somerford

Premier League, directly qualifying

for the National Championships at

Stoneleigh. In 2020 Branduardi

made his Grand Prix debut, in which

he competes at regularly.

Height: 16.2hh (168cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.48

Stud Book: Hanoverian

Grading: AES

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £600 + vat

Stands At: Caunton Manor Stud, Retford, Notts, DN22 8RT

Contact: Victoria Wright

Tel: 07966507205

Email: victoria@cauntonmanorstud.com

Website: www.cauntonmanorstud.com

Breitling W










World Cup I






2004 Chestnut


stallion for every level of breeder.

Prducing safe quality sport horses.

He was working towards PSG level

dressage and jumping upto 1.30m

whe he sustained a field accident in

2019 and sadly can no longer be


He also boasts a 100% fertility rate.

Height: 17.2h (177cm)

Stud Book: Westphalian

Grading: AES Licensed

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £500 NFFR Early bird discount of £400 if booked before 1st March

Stands At: Stallions AI Services, Whitchurch, Shopshire

Contact: Alex Ingoe

Tel: 07967631627

Email: info@shortclough.co.uk

‘Buddy’ has success running through

his veins with Argentinus and

Belissimo M.

Turning heads wherever he goes, he is

renowned for his gentle temperament

adding elegance, power and willing

mentality making him a diverse

Buddy’s progeny carry all his best

assets and are correct, straight

movers with fabulous looks and

presence including his superb




Belissimo M














Sponsored by

Dark Knight


2005 Bay


Dark Knight has of the strongest

pedigrees in Europe for sport ponies.

Year after year winners and

champions are announced from

Dark Knight’s full siblings’ offspring

and grand offspring: FEI European

Championship medal winners Der

Feine Lord AT, Der Kleine Sunnyboy

WE, Daily Pleasure WE, 6 German

Bundeschampion winners and many

champions of stallion licensing and

mare classes throughout Europe.

Dressman is one of the most successful

FEI dressage ponies ever. He has 6

FEI European team Gold medals and

two individual Golds to his name.

Champion of his licensing, winner of

his 30 day stallion test and the first

pony to win the Bundeschampionate

four years running, Dressman

has over 30 graded sons, 20

State Premium daughters and

many champion stallions, mares,

Bundeschampion and

Vice-Bundeschampion winners.

However, this pairing with Dark

Knight’s dam St Pr St Gina, herself

coming from one of the most highly

regarded German Riding Pony mare

lines, has been the magic mix.

Height: 14.1hh (145cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.96

Stud Book: Westphalian

Grading: SPSS / NPS

Availability: Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £500

Stands At: Henza Stud, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL6 7AS

Contact: Diane Kilshaw

Tel: 07920 426834

Email: Jdiane.kilshaw@gmail.com

Website: www.darkknight2.com

Dressman I








Niklas I


Power Boy




Debutantes Dream


2015 Chestnut


Debutantes Dream ‘Dex’ is a young

dressage stallion. He is licensed with

the Anglo European Stud Book . He

was the first licensed son of Shamwari


He has a beautiful kind temperament

and a wonderful family line.

His father is Shamwari Debonair who

in 2014 achieved 1st place at the

Badminton Young Dressage Horse

Championships and 3rd place in the

Shearwater National Championships

at Stonleigh. Debonair’s sire is De

Niro. Debonair’s mother Show Hit

is an Elite and State Premium Mare

with 5 generations of State Premium

Mares in her line. Dex’s mother

is Woodlander Dixie Chick who

has 52 state premium mares in her


Dixie’s father Woodlander Del Amitri

has produced a number of offspring

who have performed well with their

dressage careers. 5 grand prix

stallions are in his family line namely

Dimaggio, De Niro, Donnerhall,

Olympic Cocktail and Sandro Hit.

Height: 16hh (163cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.100

Stud Book: WBS-UK

Grading: AES

Availability: Fresh / Chilled

Stud Fee: £600 no vat

Stands At: Bramble Stud, Chicheley, Bucks, MK16 9JD

Contact: Liz Ball

Tel: 07919 345709

Email: bramblestud@bramblestud.com

Website: www.bramblestud.com

Larkshill Debonair

Woodlander Dixie


De Niro


Woodlander Del Amitri


Landgraf I



Andorra II


Happy Girl



Don Dante

Don Dante has an incredible

pedigree that includes top stallions

such as Dancier, De Niro, Donnerhall,

Lancier and Espri. Don Dante’s dam,

Sabrina, is by Salvano, grandsire of

the famous Salinero.

Don Dante has an exceptional

performance record. In 2012, he was


placed in all the major Young Horse

Championships. In 2014, Don Dante

was Medium Restricted Champion

at the National Championships. In

2015, he was placed in the Advanced

Medium Restricted and Advanced

Medium Open Freestyle at the Winter

Championships and in the Advanced

Medium Open at the National

Championships, scoring over 70%.

In 2017, he won at Premier League

shows in both PSG and Inter I.

In 2018, he won at Premier League,

and competed at Hartpury CDI3*

being placed 6th in the PSG and 5th

in the Inter I freestyle. In 2020, he

started competing at Grand Prix and

was placed 3rd on this debut.

2007 Black


St Pr St Sabrina

De Niro

St Pr St Lacarna


St Pr St Lairka


Height: 16.2hh (168cm) Competition Stallions Guide p.106

Stud Book: BHHS

Grading: Graded & Licensed BWBS / Hanoverian

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £650 no vat

Stands At: Oldfields House, Stratton Audley, Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX27


Contact: Wendy McKay

Tel: 01869 277932

Email: wendy@strattonstud.co.uk | Website: www.strattonstud.co.uk




St Pr St Espina


St Pr Dina




Stallion Event 2021 - DRESSAGE STALLIONS

In Association with

Finale Ramall


2016 Dark Bay


Finale(Finn) wowed the selectors at

the British Breeding Futurity in 2019

gaining a double elite status and the

award for the highest scoring futurity

entry in the 3 year old dressage

category for 2019.

He is an exceptional stallion with

a very exciting dressage career

ahead. 2020 winning the Shearwater

Qualifier and Qualifying for the

Nexgen Finals.

His excellent breeding led to him

gaining a score of 9.5 in the futurity

for his conformation, which is

shown in his three paces. He has

a good over-track in his walk, a

powerful floating trot, and a

well-balanced uphill canter.

Finale’s temperament is fantastic,

showing willingness to work and

learn both under saddle and

on the ground.

Franklin has sired may champion

foals and is an internationally known

stallion. Who has been awarded

Champion stallion KWPN and winner

of the Dutch Performance test 2013.

Height: 17hh (173cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.118

Stud Book: Hanoverian

Grading: AES

Availability: Frozen

Stud Fee: £650 no vat

Stands At: Frozen from Stallion AI Services, Whitchurch, Shropshire

Contact: Kathryn Marsh

Tel: 07860449621

Email: kathrynmarsh8@hotmail.com

Website: www.stallionai.com




Warkle M






Sparkle M

Sandro Hit

Feine Dame



First Words


2017 Black


First Words aka Picachoo is a young

dressage stallion who is rising three.

He is licensed with the WBS-UK.

He obtained an Elite award at British

Breeding Futurity.

His sire For Romance I is the VTV

Oldenburg Dressage Stallion of

the Year 2019 for his outstanding

achievements in breeding and sport .

First Words has inherited his sire’s

lovely face, his outstanding typical

beauty, his elegance, and his

rideability . He is very easy to handle.

First words has a beautiful

temperament and very good work

ethic. His paces are extremely

powerful, uphill and rhythmical. He is

very intelligent and wants to please

At his licensing he was described

as an elegant modern riding horse

which we think admirably describes


First Words’ mother West End Diva

qualified for the Equine Bridge and

she is graded Elite with the WBS-UK

of which only 2% of mares achieve

such grading .

Height: 16.2hh (168cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.122

Stud Book: WBS-UK

Grading: WBS-UK

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Fresh / Chilled & Frozen

Stud Fee: £600

Stands At: Bramble Stud, Chicheley, Bucks, MK16 9JD

Contact: Liz Ball

Tel: 07919 345709

Email: bramblestud@bramblestud.com

Website: www.bramblestud.com

For Romance I

West End Diva

Furst Romancier



Woodlander Dixie Chick

Fuerst Heinrich


Sir Donnerhall I


Weltregent H


Woodlander Del Amitri




2014 Black


Flammengold had a good

performance test with high rideability

points. South German Dressage

Champion 2000 with top mark of

8 at Advanced Medium level. Has

also won and been placed at PRIX ST


high marks. He is very laid back and

straightforward to ride. Has won 10

Prix St Georges Classes and 2 Inter 1.

Flammengold’s progeny have his dark

colour and kind temperament. Foals

have won top shows. Frank Sinatra

is an exciting prospect in Germany

Having won at Prix St Georges

and Intermediare I, and in England

Fabioso ridden by Paul Hayler is also

winning at Prix St Georges and now

Intermediare I. See recent Horse and

hound write up. And tipped as a

potential Olympic horse.

His progeny include:-

Multiple Elite Futurity progeny,

Frank Sinatra competing at Grand

Prix and also licenced as a breeding

stallion in Germany.

Fabioso, ridden by Peter Storr, won

Inter 1 Freestyle at Nationals in 2013

and now winning at Grand Prix.

Height: 16.3hh (170cm)

Stud Book: Hanoverian

Grading: 100 day Performance Test, Hanoverian, AES, SHB (GB), BHHS,

Hessen,South German,Westfalen

Availability: Fresh/Chilled

Stud Fee: £600

Stands At: Witcham House Farm Stud, Ely, Cambs, CB6 2LH

Contact: Katy Holder-Vale

Tel: 07753788125

Email: katy@hanoverianstud.com | Website: www.hanoverianstud.com







Furioso II




Paradox I






Sponsored by

Fort Lauderdale


2018 Brown


Fort Lauderdale is an exceptional

young horse who combines the

beauty and outstanding type of

the extremely popular stallions

For Romance and Londonderry

with athleticism and performance

provenance from a motherline that

has produced many successful


His mother is the half-sister to

Double You 12 who is successful in

advanced and PSG-level dressage

competitions in Germany.

The motherline has produced the

stallions Daidalos who competed

successfully at advanced level and

the 1.45m showjumping stallion

Havana Club.

This young stallion offers the full

package, natural charm and three

excellent, expressive and balanced


Height: 16.2hh (167cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.38

Stud Book: Westphalian

Grading: AES

Test: WFFS negative

Availability: Frozen

Stud Fee: £700

Stands At: Pascals Paddocks, Pilgrims Hatch, Brentwood, Essex, CM15 9QP

Contact: Luis Vilhena

Tel: 07766988406

For Romance I


Furst Romancier

Dutch Bombshell


Golder Gate

Fuerst Heinrich


Sir Donnerhall


Lauries Crusador xx

Windsor Queen



Greenlanes Jester


2014 Chestnut


GreenLanes Jester is a stunning young

British bred stallion who’s first crop of

foals were born in 2020. Jester has

an exceptional temperament and

seems to have passed that on to his

offspring together with hisbeautiful


All of his mares have taken In foal

at the first insemination and their

quality has been exceptional. Jester

is a favourite with the judges in the

competition arena regularly scoring

in the mid 70%. Of course, the 2020

season was rather interrupted, but we

took the opportunity to concentrate

on his training for the higher levels

but also not rushing him at all. He

qualified for the Winter Regional

Finals 2021 in just 3 classes and has

matured into a very powerful mover

with eyecatching paces.

In his assessment with the AES, Jester

scored a great 9 for his walk and

canter and an 8 for his trot. Jester

is based in East Sussex with his

rider Joshua Hill and he has an

exceptional attitude to his work.

Height: 16.2hh (165cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.146

Stud Book: AES

Grading: AES Licensed

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £750 no vat Fresh / Chilled, £600 no vat Frozen

Stands At: Walk in collections for fresh or chilled from Classictop Stud, East

Sussex. Frozen semen available from West Kington Stud, Wiltshire

Contact: Peter Greenaway

Tel: 07901 555398

Email: greenlanestud@btinternet.com | Website: www.greenlanestud.co.uk





Florencio I






Florestan I




Lestingdale VS


2016 Black


Lestingdale VS (Loki) is an elegant,

striking homozygous black stallion

who turns heads wherever he goes.

He has the most wonderful, kind

temperament along with excellent

conformation and eye-catching


He is exceptionally well bred,

sired by non-other than the famous

FEI 7-year old World Champion,

Glamourdale. Often described as the

British Glamourdale’ Loki boasts an

incredible uphill, powerful canter, an

expressive trot with good scope and

an active, clear walk.

He is proving to be very trainable

and willing under saddle. In just a

few outings he was crowned Nexgen

4yo YH Champion at Hickstead with

a score of 7.96. He also came 2nd in

the Shearwater 4yo YH qualifier with

a fabulous score of 8.4.

Loki is based with his rider Elly

Darling and is currently training

elementary at home.

Height: 16.2hh (165cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.198

Stud Book: KWPN

Grading: AES Licensed

Test: WFFS negative

Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £800 vat included

Stands At: Clements Equine, Bury St. Edmunds, IP31 1AB

Contact: Zoe Kirkpatrick

Tel: 07817627946

Email: enquiries@heartbreakerstud.com


C’est Fury

Lord Leatherdale




Lord Loxley

Fairless P



Sandro Hit

Dein Liebling




Industry leaders

in Equine


with over

30 years of


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• Complete TB & AI breeding packages

• AI - fresh, chilled & frozen

• BEVA Accredited AI Centre

• Semen collection & analysis

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• Semen importation service

• Pre-breeding tests

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• Team of experienced stud vets

• B&W Willesley Stud & facilities

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t: 01666 880501 e: stud@bwequinevets.co.uk www.bwequinevets.co.uk

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The Stallion


The Stallion Catalogue is an online brochure of a large

selection of competition stallions available from Europe and

the UK. Images and videos are available as well as pedigree and

performance information.

We can advise on stallion selection and organise delivery of

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t: +44 (0)1249 782050 • e: manager@westkingtonstud.co.uk • www.westkingtonstud.co.uk

Stallion Event 2021 - DRESSAGE STALLIONS

In Association with



2016 Dark Brown


Lollipop aka Whinney is a young

dressage stallion who is rising four.

He is licensed with the BWB. He has

the Olympic bloodlines of Uthopia,

Ferro and Cocktail in his pedigree

along with Jazz who is ranked the

world number 1 dressage sire for


Lollipop has a beautiful temperament

with a very good work ethic. He is

a very kind horse. His paces are

extremely powerful and rhythmical.

He is very intelligent and wants

to please. Lollipop has inherited

his sire Uthopia’s natural activity

in the hind leg with a great canter

and rideability, He is a sensible

ride which makes him an absolute

pleasure to work with.

We believe he is an outstanding

offspring of Uthopia who Carl Hester

competed in the London Olympics in

2012 and was the winner of the Team

Gold Medal in Rotterdam.

He is a rare dual purpose sire with

Dutch genetics.

Height: 16.2hh (168cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.200

Stud Book: WBS-UK

Grading: WBS-UK

Availability: Fresh/Chiilled

Stud Fee: £650 no vat

Stands At: Bramble Stud, Chicheley, Bucks, MK16 9JD

Contact: Liz Ball

Tel: 07919 345709

Email: bramblestud@bramblestud.com

Website: www.bramblestud.com











Saros Van T’Gestelhof



Gerida II

Malegro (Loves Black Sth)


2016 Bay


Malegro, aka Loves Black STH

is an exciting young horse with a

truly exceptional pedigree. The

sire Millenium requires no further

introduction and has become one of

the most influential dressage stallions

of his generation. His mother Catwalk

is successful at international PSG/

Inter I level with the young Dutch rider

Nina Woerts. In her pedigree, we

find great performance lines of the De

Niro son Voice, then Sir Sinclair, and

behind comes, again, the legendary

Gribaldi. The direct motherline has

produced the international

Inter 1/PSG horse Freckle and

the Grand Prix stallion Wup. This

exciting young stallion is showing an

exceptional aptitude for Dressage

work, with natural balance, poise,

and outstanding trainability, which

have seen him make an excellent

start in his competition career, where

he is consistently scoring marks in

the high 70% with high placings in

national young horse classes and

already recording his first wins at

Elementary. He convinces with

beautiful type and three expressive,

effortless gaits.

Height: 16.1hh (165cm)

Stud Book: KWPN

Grading: AES

Test: WFFS negative

Availability: Frozen

Stud Fee: £700 Frozen

Stands At: Pascals Paddocks, Pilgrims Hatch, Brentwood, Essex, CM15 9QP

Contact: Luis Vilhena

Tel: 07766988406



Easy Game





Evita XII


Mazurka Magica

De Niro


Sir Sinclair


Maximo JLBA


2015 Black


Maximo JLBA (Max) is a Graded

black PRE Stallion with super

bloodlines, movement and

temperament. Bred in the UK, Max

is by the black Calificado (Spanish

Elite) stallion, Habanero XLI, and is

out of our homozygous black Picos

PRE mare, Inquieta LXIII.

Habanero XLI is one of the only

PREs to represent Great Britain at

International Level (CD13*) in PSG

and Inter 1. Max is a very true-totype

traditional PRE stallion. He has a

fabulous work ethic and is easy

to train. His kind nature also means

that he can be handled and ridden

by both the professional and amateur

alike. With three naturally rhythmical

paces and superb conformation, Max

graded (ANCCE/BAPSH) with ease

as a 3-year-old. Max is achieving

good results both in Young Horse

and Affiliated Dressage classes, but

would also be a good prospect for

showing. Super opportunity for PRE

mare owners wishing to preserve

traditional PRE lines, or for any mare

owners wishing to breed the more

compact dressage horse.

Height: 15.3hh (160cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.202

Stud Book: ANCCE / BAPSH

Grading: ANCCE / BAPSH

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £600 no vat Frozen

Stands At: Stallion AI Services, Whitchurch, Shropshire

Contact: Joanne Beresford

Tel: 07766912032

Email: j.beresford55@btinternet.com

Website: www.stallionai.com / www.competition-stallions.com

Habanero XLI

Inquieta LXIII


Salerosa XI

Espartaco Xlll

Estanquera Xl

Ulema 1978


Furioso XVII

Mejicana XV

Kan IV

Molinera XIX


Contadora II



Sponsored by



2018 Chestnut


Moondance is a big moving young

stallion by the popular Millennium

son Morricone who has been in the

limelight ever since he became the

champion of his stallion licensing

in 2014. In the following year, he

completed an excellent performance

test with a dressage score of 9.33

and a perfect 10 for his walk. From

the mother Woodlander Dixie Chick,

this striking colt has inherited the huge

expressive movement and freedom

in the shoulder we have come to

expect from the great Dimaggio, in a

compelling mix of modern dressage

lines represented by Woodlander Del

Amitri on the proven performance

breeding of the Elite Wittinger

daughter Wanda from the important

Hanoverian family of Jamuna from

which come almost 500,000 Euros of

sport winnings in Germany alone.

Woodlander Dixie Chick is also

the mother of the interesting

young stallion Debutante’s Dream.

With three expressive gaits and

outstanding presence, as well as a

fantastic, trainable temperament, this

young colt is a convincing prospect.

Height: 16.1hh (165cm)

Stud Book: AES

Grading: AES Licensed

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Chilled

Stud Fee: £500 NFFR

Stands At: Bramble Stud, Chicheley, Bucks, MK16 9JD

Contact: Liz Ball

Tel: 07919 345709

Email: bramblestud@bramblestud.com

Website: www.bramblestud.com


Woodlander Dizie




Woodlander Del Amitri


Easy Game


Rubin Royal



Happy Girl


St Pr St Carmen

Rembrandt DDH


2001 Black


An elegant eye catching pony

stallion with three outstanding gates,

wonderful temperament, presence

and character, all of which he passes

on. His offspring have been evaluated

British Futurity Elites with three

being the top scoring pony foals

overall 2 years running covering

dressage and eventing disciplines.

6 foals evaluated scored an average

of 8.99. His early offspring in Holland

are winning in the breeding

ring and competing FEI pony level

dressage. His first crop of British foals

(2012) are competing and

winning National Young Pony

Championships. Rembrandts own

competition record is impressive

winning the Dutch Pavo Cup for

young ponies 3yrs running. Winning

the Landeschampionate Rastede

Germany, Champion part bred

welsh, 4th Bundeschampionate,

Imperial riding cup, National

Medium Champion, Dutch

Champion. He has won 2 European

Dressage team gold medals and a

Silver team medal.

Rembrandt’s full sister is on the

German European eventing team.

Height: 14.1hh (14cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.232

Stud Book: SHB(GB)

Grading: AES Liscensed

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Frozen

Stud Fee: £850

Stands At: Stallion AI Services

Contact: Isobel Scruton

Tel: 07764261349

Email: whizzle5@icloud.com

Website: www.rembrandtddh.com




Haupt Ramona

Viktorias Chirac

Haupt Primana

Mariskas Robin



Haupt Roswita


Haupt Furina


Haupt Paleness



2011 Bay


Timolin is an elegant, light-footed

stallion of exceptional quality

showing outstanding paces with a

lot of athleticism. As a dressage

horse with Lizzie Murray he is

now confidently winning at Small

Tour level in Prix St Georges and

Intermedaire 1. As 2020 has not

been a year with many competitions,

he had a very busy stud season

combined with lots of training and has

come out winning at Intermedaire II,

and hopefully Grand Prix in

2021. His stock continue to excel.

He has 10 Elite stock through the BEF

Futurity with some gaining Elite multiple

times at all ages. His first crop

are now ridden and performing very

well under saddle with excellent

results winning the Equine Bridge

Dressage over all ages, qualifying for

regionals in dressage, winning in

show classes, top 10 placings

in BYEH qualifiers as well as his

youngstock continuing to win in hand

during their education. With over

110 stock on the ground to date and

another 35+ due this year, over 10%

being Elite proves that he stamps his

stock with his correct conformation.

Height: 16.3hh (170cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.260

Stud Book: BWBS

Grading: BWBS, SHB(GB) Champion, AES

Test:WFFS negative Availability: Fresh/Chilled/Frozen

Stud Fee: £1,000 inc vat

Stands At: Catherston Stud, Hampshire SO20 8HX

Contact: Jennie Loriston-Clarke or Anne Dicker

Tel: 01264 782716

Email: enquiries@catherstonstud.com

Website: www.cathestonstud.com








Gondola II








Stallion Event 2021 - DRESSAGE STALLIONS

In Association with

Woodlander Bernalillo

88 2018 Dark Brown


Another great performance package

from Woodlander with the best of

German and Dutch breeding

including the FEI Number 1 stallion,

Jazz. His son Boston combines with

the full sister to Lord Leatherdale

to produce the successful young

stallion Bernay.

Boston himself, was British bred and

first licensed in the UK before being

“stolen” by the German licensing

Judge to stand in Germany where he

soon caught the eye of Isabel Werth.

He was, for sure. A hot ride but

produced wonderful sons standing at

top German studs.

The dam line is a Woodlander

familiar as we were lucky enough to

own the full sister to the stallion

Wenckstern and later to stand the

man himself.

His performance highlights were

all associated with young riders in

International competition with Jacqui

Siu , Jonny Hilberath and Natalie

Hobday all enjoying successful

Grand Prix rides.

The mare family of our young stallion

shows many performers in dressage

and the key is great ridability

Height: 16.2hh (168cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.280

Stud Book: Oldenburg

Grading: WBS-UK

Availability: Fresh / Chilled

Stud Fee: £750 incl vat, Two free collections

Stands At: Stallion AI Services, Whitchurch, Shropshire

Contact: Lynne Crowden

Tel: 07768323351

Email: woodlanderstud@mac.com

Website: www.woodlanderstud.com


Long Tall Sally


St Pr Lady Leatherdale


St Pr Welley View



Lord Loxley

St Pr Fairless P


St Pr Wieneria


Western Lady

Woodlander Double Bubble


2014 Chestnut


Probably one of the biggest moving

horses EVER bred at Woodlander…

all the power and the glory. This is

a loose and supple youngster with

a phenomenal canter, a huge walk

and a big and expressive trot. Not

only does he impress, but he bring a

totally convincing pedigree with him.

His sire Don Frederic brings together

the dressage Grand Prix blood of

Donnerhall, Consul and the powerful

Wolkentanz.Don Frederic was the

Champion of his licensing and is now

one of the most talked about young

dressage performers in Germany.

Certainly a return to strength and

substance.His performance test did

not disappoint and with a 9.75 for

ridability, he shone. His dam, Real

Perfect was a pick for Woodlander

and bred two super foals for us

before going on to produce an Elite

daughter for Wheatley Wood Stud.

Double Bubble’s progeny are already

scoring highly with SJL Double Zedd

–BHHS Reserve Champion Foal,

Bathelyhills Mary – Elite Futurity

Woodlander Desoto – Elite Futurity &

Hannoverian Premium, Woodlander

Duquesne German Hann Gold foal

Height: 16.3hh (170cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.282

Stud Book: Hanoverian

Grading: WBS-UK, Oldenburg, Hannoverian Life Approved

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Frozen

Stud Fee: £500 incl vat

Stands At: Woodlander Stud, Worcester, WR2 6QU

Contact: Lynne Crowden

Tel: 07768323351

Email: woodlanderstud@mac.com

Website: www.woodlanderstud.com

Don Frederic

Verb Pr Real Perfect

Don Frederico

St Pr What a Feeling


St Pr Absolutely



Wolkentanz I

La Le Lou





Woodlander Franz Ferdinand


2012 Dark Bay


“Franz Ferdinand”, that is the

distinctive name of the new rising star

of our partners, Hengststation Pape.

He has an exceptional genetic, which

can hardly not be more modern and

contemporary, and at the same time

certain in terms of performance. It

is well known as outstanding and is

unique. His father Fürst Heinrich was

world champion and left in his too

short breeding life and life in sport,

highly superior offspring. His dam sire

Dimaggio was also world champion

and enjoys the greatest appreciation.

His mother Dornröschen is even

a Grand Prix winner and multiple

stallion mother.

His full sister is the exceptional mare

“Woodlander Farouche” who was

double world champion.

With her special aura, she moved the

Verden showgrounds in her spell as

no horse before or after her.

In 2016, he completed his 30 day

test in Adelheidsdorf with outstanding

scores and completed his stallion

qualification in the sport.

Height: 16.3hh (172cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.124

Stud Book: Hanoverian

Grading: WBS-UK

Test: WFFS negative Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £750

Stands At: Woodlander Stud, Worcester, WR2 6QU

Contact: Lynne Crowden

Tel: 07768323351

Email: woodlanderstud@mac.com

Website: www.woodlanderstud.com

Fuerst Heinrich

Elite Dornroeschen






St Pr Raute



Don Primero


Elite H Caprimond




Sponsored by

Woodlander Grand Designs


2016 Dark Brown


Let’s start with the sire! Grand Galaxy

Win is an ultra-modern, lustrous

black young stallion by Apache, the

KWPN Grand Prix newcomer. In fact,

Galaxy is the first stallion in Denmark

by Apache, who had 6 sons selected

for this year’s KWPN-licensing. Due

to his type and movements, Galaxy is

a young stallion with great potential.

Galaxy is by the recognised elite

mare Winner T, who is by the Grand

Prix stallion and breeding magnate

Jazz, and therefore, a full sister to

the Prix St. Georges horse Volvo.

In the third generation, we find the

well-reputed Zeolit, sire of numerous

Grand Prix offspring, e.g. Gomerant,

Oscar B and Lawoel.

In 2020, in his first outings, Grand

Designs qualified for the Final of the

Nexgen 4 year old at Hickstead

and also completed his 14 day test in

Germany. He owes much to his dam.

Elite Foxy Lady, who is by the double

World Champion, Florencio. She too

comes from a persuasive mare family

and has already produced a licensed

son in Oldenburg, and the BBN

Champion Dressage Filly in 2018.

Height: 16.2hh (169cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.284

Stud Book: Hanoverian

Grading: Hannoverian, WBS-UK, Hann & Oldenburgh pending 50day test

Test: WFFS Negative Availability: Fresh / Chilled

Stud Fee: £750

Stands At: Woodlander Stud, Worcester, WR2 6QU

Contact: Lynne Crowden

Tel: 07768323351

Email: woodlanderstud@mac.com

Website: www.woodlanderstud.com

Grand Galaxy Win

Elite Foxy Lady


Winner T


St Pr Savannah







Sao Paolo


Woodlander Sequoia


2018 Black


A sensational combination of

blood lines for both amateur and

professional. This young man is

the last bred from his dam by us at

Woodlander. He is closely bred to

the GP mare Woodlander Donna

Summer and multiple stallions from

this special Trakehner mare line

which has produced stallions for

generations. Best known would be

Kostolany, (the sire of Gribaldi), K2

and Key West.

Performance runs throughout the dam

sire, Imperio, was reserve World

Champion as a five year old and

also Bundeschampion.

A year later he was GP with Hubertus

Schmidt and later he was selected for

the German Team and was

the reserve highest placed German

horse at the Olympics in Rio.

Sequoia’s sire, Secret by the triple

world champion Sezuan, has only

golden days in his performance

from his astonishing 9.5 score for

dressage in his performance test, and

on to Vice Bundeschampion.

He comes from the Sudette mare

family and we know the ridability of

this family.

Height: 17hh (173cm)

Competition Stallions Guide p.286

Stud Book: Oldenburg

Grading: WBS-UK

Availability: Fresh / Chilled

Stud Fee: £900 inc vat

Stands At: Stallion AI Services, Whitchurch, Shropshire

Contact: Lynne Crowden

Tel: 07768323351

Email: woodlanderstud@mac.com

Website: www.woodlanderstud.com



Sezuan D





Don Romina

St Moritz

Royal Star


Isar VI


Karmen II


For all the latest news on Futurity,

Magazine, Equine Bridge,

Stallion Event and Parades...


Stallion Event 2021 - LATE ENTRIES

In Association with



2016 Chestnut


By DiMaggio out a KWPN mare

Lara. With some the well known stars

such as World Cup and PicBube in his

bloodlines, when it comes to breeding

this horse has it all. DiMaggio is

a well known dressage breeding

stallion. As a youngster DiMaggio

was started by Hans Heinrich Meyer

zu Stephen who competed him in the

young horse classes.

under Susanne Davies (Keystone)

DiMaggio claimed is first fame in

2000 when he won the world young

horse championships in Arnheim.

DiMaggio’s own sire don primero

has little left to prove in the world

of international dressage . He has

been the worlds leading dressage

sire for four years. It has proven so

far that Diego has inherited all of his

ancestors abilities with his amazing

temperament, huge paces and train

ability. This boy has shown great

work ethic and is definitely going

to be a star in the future. Diego was

brought over from Germany in early

summer 2019, broken and produced

by team LBD

Height: 16.2hh (168cm)

Stud Book: Hann

Grading: AES

Availability: Fresh / Chiilled

Stud Fee: £800

Stands At: Chailey Stud Equestrian Centre, Chailey, East Sussex, BN8 4HE

Contact: Luke Baber-Davies

Tel: 07973709215

Email: info@team-lbd.co.uk

Website: www.team-lbd.co.uk



Don Primero



Lady Lou



Wolrd Cup I


Lauries Crusador XX

Windsor Queen



James Bond II

This drop dead gorgeous horse

combines the very best of both

Dutch and German bloodlines. His

outstanding movement combined

with exceptional rideability and

temperament bring you the ultimate


His movement is loose and elastic,

with an ease to it that makes

everything look effortless. His trot


is very easy in its adjustability – he

already shows huge potential for

the piaffe/passage work, as well

as having a scopey extension. The

canter is super adjustable so he has

picked up the changes with ease and

starts to turn the working pirouettes

like he has been doing it forever.

The walk has a good extension and

collects easily ready for the piaffe.

Sire Desperado has been

phenomenally successful with Emmilie

Scholtens. In 2019 they were on the

silver medal winning Dutch team at

the European Championships, and

had fantastic results in numerous

World Cup shows, including winning

both the Grand Prix and the Freestyle

(with over 85%!) in Mechelen.

2014 Dark Bay








Height: 16.2hh (169cm)

Stud Book: KWPN

Grading: KWPN

Availability: Chilled/ Frozen

Stud Fee: £800 + vat Frozen / £1000 + vat chilled from Mid April for 6 weeks

Stands At: Stallion AI

Contact: Becky Moody

Email: moodydressage@gmail.com

Website: www. moodydressage.co.uk

Krack C

Renate Utopia




Reine Freude





2015 Black


Kerouac is a phenomenal new asset

for UK dressage breeders.By Sezuan

(Blu Hors Zack/ Rousseau) out

KWPN mare Everoniek (Sorento/

Gribaldi), Kerouac has big names

and performance at every corner

of his pedigree. Sezuan, triple gold

medal winner at the Young Horse

Championships at 5, 6 and 7 years of

age, needs no introduction.

Kerouac has inherited all of his

ancestors’ ability and more. He is

blessed with unending natural facility

which together with his stunning

temperament, looks and work ethic,

which will undoubtedly add frame,

power and presence to your mare.

He also has fantastic fertility with a

100% success rate for each of his

mares so far at their first attempt

using frozen. Kerouac is currently in

training with Luke Baber-Davies at

Team LBD to make his young horse

international debut in 2020 as soon

as competition resumes.

​In 2020 Kerouac also got through

to qualification stage for the World

Breeding Championships.

Height: 17.2hh (177cm)

Stud Book: KWPN

Grading: AES

Availability: Fresh / Chilled / Frozen

Stud Fee: £850

Stands At: Chailey Stud Equestrian Centre, Chailey, East Sussex, BN8 4HE

Contact: Luke Baber-Davies

Tel: 07973709215

Email: info@team-lbd.co.uk

Website: www.team-lbd.co.uk



Blue Hors Zack

Don Romina





Don Schufro


Sandro Hit

Dien Liebling





Sponsored by

Vaudeville Carrus (aka Versace)


2016 Chestnut


Vaudeville Carrus by Vivaldi has

some of the best lines in his breeding

and definitely has inherited the traits,

from his beautiful temperament to his

stunning paces. Vivaldi was reserve

champion of his stallion performance

test and in 2007 he won the PAVO

Cup for five-year old dressage horses

with Hans Peter Minderhoud / NED.

Vivaldi won the KNHS/KWPN

stallion competition, awarded 10 for

his trot. He was then internationally

successful up to Prix St. Georges.

In 2013, he won the VHO trophy

at the KWPN licensing. Vivaldi’s

sire Krack C is considered as a

foundation stallion in the Netherlands.

The double Pavo Cup winner of

1996 and 1997 came eighth with

Anky van Grunsven/NED in the

individual ranking of the 2002

World Equestrian Games in Jerez/

ESP. Among his sons licensed in the

Netherlands are Trento B, Tuschinski,

Tolando, United, Velazquez, Zhivago

and Dorado.

Vaudeville Carrus has shown great

work ethic and is definitely going to

be a star in the future.

Height: 16.3hh (170cm)

Stud Book: Oldenburg

Grading: AES

Availability: Fresh & Chilled

Stud Fee: £1000

Stands At: Chailey Stud Equestrian Centre, Chailey, East Sussex, BN8 4HE

Contact: Luke Baber-Davies

Tel: 07973709215

Email: info@team-lbd.co.uk

Website: www.team-lbd.co.uk


Dorina R

Krack C


Davignon I



Gicara II









2016 Brown

Show Jumping

A strikingly beautiful young stallion.

Chosen as a three year old for

his extremely good technique in

free jump, turns out to have many

qualities. His character is top.

Always on the job and generous

in work, even after having bred

as a four year old. From the great

Eldorado van de Zeshoek. His dam

line produced many 1.40 jumpers.

In his first season of showing lightly

he’s already proven himself as a

steady minded, brave and careful

competitor. Highlight of his first

year with 3rd in the four year old

championship at Bicton Arena and

jumping his first 1.10m (double clear)


Lianko will continue to compete as

a 5 year old and on, with intention

to continue to develop into a

recognisable name on the show

jumping scene.

Lianko’s first foals arrive spring 2021

and we’re looking forward to having

youngsters to develop and promote

his line.

Height: 16.2hh (168cm)

Stud Book: KWPN

Grading: AES

Availability: Natural / Fresh / Chilled

Stud Fee: £500

Stands At: Westcountry Sports Horses, St Columb, Cornwall, TR9 6EG

Contact: Adam Ellery

Tel: 07971542101

Email: westcountrysporthorses@hotmail.com

Website: www.westcountrysportshorses.com

Eldorado van de




Bijou Orai



Corrado I

Urte I



G..Ramiro Z




Helios B


2012 Bay

Show Jumping

Extremely promising stallion owned

by Gerry and David Mills.

This quality stallion has real presence.

Purchased as a 2yo in Holland,

he has been entirely produced by

Westcountry Sports Horses, enabling

the correct production. He was

licensed as a 4 year old by Breeder’s

Elite and has shown huge amounts

of scope, braveness, carefulness and

consistency from a young age.

Due to his personal performance

and his fantastic family behind him,

being by the successful international

Eldorado van de Zeshoek and his

dam by the legend that is Verdi, we

believe he will give many fantastic

attributes to your mare and is sure to

pass to his offspring. He has proven

extremely fertile and his first foals

were born 2019. Results:

Highest placed Breeders Elite 5yo

stallion at the finals at Hartpury.

Qualified, placed and clear in the

5yo final in the International Arena at

Hickstead. 8th Blue Chip B&C Final

at the Blue Chip Championships April

2019. 3rd Foxhunter Royal Windsor

Horse Show May 2019

Height: 16.1hh (163m)

Stud Book: AES

Grading: AES

vailability: Fresh / Chilled

Stud Fee: £500

Stands At: Westcountry Sports Horses, St Columb, Cornwall, TR9 6EG

Contact: Adam Ellery

Tel: 07971542101

Email: westcountrysporthorses@hotmail.com

Website: www.westcountrysportshorses.com

Eldorado Van De




Bijou Orai



Corrado I

Urte I



Quidam de Revel












The National Stud Diploma is a comprehensive

introduction to a career in the Thoroughbred

Industry. Students work alongside stud staff

throughout the breeding season and attend

evening lectures on everything from veterinary

practice and stallion selection, to marketing and

the business elements of stud management.

In addition to the internationally recognised

Diploma, students also graduate with a Level

3 Certificate in Thoroughbred Stud Practice

accredited by 1st4Sport.

“The Diploma Course is an outstanding way

to jump start your career in the Thoroughbred

Industry. The focus on individual and team

learning and development undoubtedly assisted

me in growing further, faster. I would highly

recommend this course to anyone interested

in building a solid foundation for a career in

the Thoroughbred industry.”


2016 Diploma Graduate




The E2SE is fully funded by the Thoroughbred

Breeders Association. It provides an opportunity for

those who wish to persue a career in the Thoroughbred

Industry but lack the relevant experience required.

The course is delivered in 2 phases, the first is a 9

week residential phase at The National Stud which

consists of practical work based training and a

series of evening lectures. Students who successfully

complete phase 1 will then interview for a 6 – 9

month work placement at a UK stud farm, where they

will complete their Level 2 Diploma in Work Based

Racehorse Care (Breeding Option) accredited by


“The National Stud E2SE course gave me the basic

grounding to succeed in the thoroughbred industry

and helped me into my placement at Cheveley Park

Stud where I continue to learn every day. I’ve met

many great friends for life and realised a dream!

For anyone that is contemplating applying, do it.”


2019 E2SE Graduate


Contact the team today on 01638 663464 or email students@nationalstud.co.uk




Product - Advertorial

Help to maximise

your stallion’s


Quirimus - 3 year old Event Gelding

With many performance limiting factors presenting

fertility restrictions across different breed societies to

the depleting numbers in aging horses to simply

sub-fertile stallions, NAF

have brought to the industry

a formulation to support all

stallions throughout their

breeding responsibilities.

Five Star Fertility for Stallions is an innovative new approach

to the challenges of the sub-fertile stallion. Whether the issue is

compromised semen quality, or sexual behaviour dysfunction, the

result is the same – challenges for the breeding yard, potentially

damaging to that stallion’s career. These issues are complex,

with very many factors affecting them, and much can be done in

terms of management and technological advances to maximise a

stallion’s breeding performance. Applied targeted nutrition can be

an important part of that, and New Five Star Fertility for Stallions

brings those nutritional tools together into one, unique, daily


Fertility for Stallions provides natural sources of Omega 3 fatty

acids, including DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), as research

supports their use, particularly for semen quality in fresh and

cooled semen. The omega fatty acids contribute to the essential

lipids, which are central to sperm quality, as they are an integral

part of both the sperm body and sperm cell membrane. Multiple

sources of essential fats are included, as the we believe the horse is

a complex being which requires a complex nutritional answer, and

no single ingredient will do the job alone.

This high lipid content of semen leaves them vulnerable to

oxidative stress from free radical toxins, and the associated

damage to cells and DNA. Therefore, it is important that we

provide the stallion with natural antioxidants to support clearance

of oxidative stress. Fertility for Stallions provides a combination of

the key antioxidants, organic selenium working with the natural

form of Vitamin E. The natural of Vitamin E (RRR-alpha-tocopherylacetate)

is chosen as it is proven to have better absorption and

better efficiency the more commonly used synthetic form. Zinc is

included as an important co-factor of the antioxidant cascade, but

also because low zinc is associated with depressed testosterone

levels, while positive levels of zinc correlate positively with both

semen volume and viability. The vitamin support of Fertility for

Stallions also includes Vitamin A for normal sperm production

and development, and Vitamin D3, , often known as the ‘sunshine

vitamin’, to maintain healthy levels where stabling and use of rugs

may limit natural exposure to Vitamin D from the sun.


Product - Advertorial

One area that any stallion manager

recognises as being negative to sperm

quality is that of stress. Stress is closely

associated with digestive health, through

the gut-brain axis, which provides

two-way communication between the

central nervous system and that of the

digestive system. Therefore, Fertility for

Stallions includes a complex of digestive

support from pre and probiotics, and the

known mycotoxin binder, bentonite clay,

to enhance digestibility and maintain a

settled digestive system. This will be seen

in the stallion as not only maintenance of

a good Body Condition Score through

the season, but also a supportive effect

on stress. In fact, we could say,

Happy Gut = Happy Horse = Happy Semen

Secondly to stress, we recognise ageing

as a significant factor, with experts

agreeing that reproductive performance

can begin to drop from the late teens.

Yet this isn’t inevitable, as we do see

successful stallions continuing into their

twenties. Therefore, Fertility for Stallions

supports healthy natural ageing with

the inclusion of the adaptogenic herbs.

Adaptogens help the body to adapt

to physiological stress, not only from

ageing but also performance – including

sexual performance. The complex of

adaptogens included in Fertility for

Stallions have been specially chosen to

support roles in both ageing and virility.

The ability of herbal adaptogens to

target stallion behaviour puts Five

Star Fertility for Stallions into a unique

bracket. While the nutrition for semen

quality is recognised, we believe it is

unique to find a product that tackles both

semen quality and stallion behaviour.

Stallion managers agree, nothing is more

frustrating than sitting in the breeding

barn with a stallion who is not ready to

work. Therefore, Fertility for Stallions has

been uniquely formulated by NAF to

target all areas of stallion performance.


Fertility for Stallions has, over the last

four years, undergone extensive field

trials with some of the country’s leading

stallion yards. Those trials have ensured

te product is easy to feed and palatable

to even the fussiest stallions, as well as

being effective in supporting health,

virility and semen quality. Feedback

has been based on both laboratory

results on semen characteristics, and

observations of stallion behaviour and


Our trialists all agreed that they noticed

a positive difference in their stallions,

including a significant improvement in

sperm analysis and the horse’s general

condition. To trial a product is one thing,

but to commit to its long term use means

you know you saw a real improvement.

We’re pleased to report that all of our

trialists confirmed they will be keeping

their stallions on Fertility for Stallions for

the future seasons.

”On our older

stallions, the semen

quality is the best

we’ve seen in years’

Jane Holderness-Roddam &

Tessa Clarke, Owner & Stud

Manager, West Kington Stud


Product - Advertorial

The ability to trial at Stallion A.I. Services, through Tullis and his team, has been

enormously useful in further assessing the performance of Fertility for Stallions

in breeding horses. The exceptional facilities at Stallion A.I. Services, together

with their library of data from previous seasons, means data could be directly

compared for the same horse in previous seasons. As Tullis puts it himself,

‘After witnessing the results first hand, we recommend Fertility for Stallions for all

stallions as a matter of course.’

Tullis Matson. Founder & Managing Director, Stallion A.I. Services.

Five Star Development

***** *****

‘I’m really proud of Five Star Fertility for Stallions, as it represents the true

strengths of NAF, combining pure academic nutrition with traditional herbal

complexes to get the best of both worlds. It has been a privilege to work with

some real experts in their fields, and both the evidence and encouragment from

the studs has been so positive. I really believe this product has an exciting future

supporting world class breeding.’

Kate Hore. RNutr (Animal). R.Anim. Technol. Head Nutritionist at NAF.

‘Five Star Fertility for Stallions is an innovative evidence-based nutraceutical,

combining current reproduction veterinary nutrition, with a novel phytochemical

complex, allowing the stallion to be the best he can be.’

Dr Nick Larkins. BVSc, DSc, MRCVS : Veterinary Director at NAF

We recommend New Five Star Fertility for all Stallions, whether redressing

issues in the sub-fertile horse, or supporting optimum semen qualities in fit, fertile

stallions. We advise feeding daily from six weeks prior to covering, to allow for

spermatogenesis, and then daily through the breeding season.

For more information on Five Star Fertility please contact the NAF Nutrition team

on their free helpline: 0800 373106 or email info@naf-uk.com

Five Star Fertility for Stallions is available to purchase now directly from Stallion

AI Services or NAF.

Stunning Advanced & Pony Stallions at Stud 2021

Britannia's Mail

Britannia's Bijou

Proven Advanced eventer by Olympic Show Jumper

Jaguar Mail out of triple 5* winner Olympic medallist

Headley Britannia

16.1hh Bay 7/8 TB born 2008. SHB(GB) Approved AES

Excellent proven fertility. Stud Fee: £800+vat

Eventing bloodlines in the purple. Out of Bella Britannia,

daughter of legendary eventer Headley Britannia, by top

Riding pony stallion Littledale Bright Star

14.3hh Bay 7/8 TB x Riding pony born 2017. SHB(GB) Gold,

SPSS Gold Premium. Proven fertility. Stud Fee: £350+vat

Fresh, chilled and frozen semen available. Standing at Tomlinson Equine, Gloucestershire.

Contact marketing@lucindafredericks.com / 01380 816636 www.lucindafredericks.com/stallion-services


Champagne Silver

Height: 13.2hh

CHAPS Gold Graded - Traditional Cob

Natural, Fresh and Chilled AI

PSSM n/n

Carries Red, Black and Sabino colour genes

A beautiful stallion with a fantastic gentle

nature. Champagne oozes quality and

presence. Abundance of hair and feather,

fantastic limbs and joints, beautiful head and

absolutely amazing movement.

Champagne is a proven producer with

offspring around the world.

EJL Stud & Livery, Ulverston, Cumbria

Tel: 07765107024

Facebook: @EJLStud&Livery

EJL_Champagne Silver_Half_BBFeb21

20 January 2021 19:26:44

AHS Premium Performance Sire


Ibn Eternity

by Platinum and Double

World Champion

Eternity Ibn Navarrone-D

x Monsoon by Djammal

NaStA Performance Graded

Class 1 Grade

WAHO Trophy Winner

In-hand & ridden showing

winner inc. 3x HOYS qualifier

Wins in open XC, SJ & Dressage

Available at stud by AI, SCID, CA

& LFS clear

For stud enquiries please contact

Sasha Melia on 07799 701521



Follow Mooky on Facebook for regular updates


Photos by Emma Bearman Photography and John Britter Photography





Horsepower P lates · Solariums

Horse Walker with Round Fence | Key Features

- As standard 10, 12, 15, 16, 18 and 20 meters but larger

diameter models are also available on request.

ensuring your horses exercise safely and securely.

- Manufactured to allow enough width for the exercising

horses to turn round, you can preset the walker to

change direction to distribute pressure on the horses


- The Molenkoning Safeguard Pusher Gate is our best

seller; inclusive of flexible, safe & long-lasting 2000mm

long dividers with 14 PVC rods they encourage your

horses to walk successfully and comfortably.



T: 01490 413 152

E: sales_uk@molenkoning.com

W: www.molenkoning.com


Feature - Breeder Profile

Weanling by Tomatillo



It is some 7 years since

the cloning of Tamarillo,

and while cloning has

since become more widely

accepted and its importance

in the role of genetic

preservation is recognised,

it still invokes lively

debate and interest.

Back in 2013, when Finn and Mary

Guinness decided to clone their eventing

superstar, it was not legal to carry out

the process in the UK. Cloning was still

experimental, and had been successfully

achieved, mostly in the USA with some

also in France and Italy. Prof. Twink

Allen tried to obtain permission from the

Home office, but the tissue cells from

Tamarillo were eventually taken on a

plane to North America where there is a

centre of expertise for cloning.

Mary Guinness bred Tamarillo at

Biddesden Stud, out of her eventing

mare Mellita, who won an intermediate

with Lucinda Green. Tamarillo’s

sire, Tarnik, was a Polish Anglo Arab

endurance stallion, who was 23%

Arab and won the 26-mile Arab Horse

Society Marathon.

Tamarillo was an exceptional event

horse, having been a member of the

British Team at the Olympics in 2004,

two World Equestrian Games in

2002 and 2006, and the European

Championships in 2005 with rider,

William Fox-Pitt. He also won

Badminton and Burghley.

“Unfortunately, Tamarillo was gelded

long before his abilities were proven, so

that the magic of his genetic

make-up would be consigned to

oblivion when he died, just like that of

other champion geldings in the past”,

explains Finn. “Cloning provides us

with the opportunity to overcome this

situation, and to salvage his genes for

future generations. There are the usual

uncertainties with breeding – the great

performers are not always the greatest

sires, but at least cloning gives us a


The Guinesses thought Tamarillo worthy

of cloning because of his special

abilities. “Tamarillo was outstandingly

able in some directions, and this makes

him especially interesting for breeding.

He was a big mover with an exciting

cadence and freedom of trot. He was

also extremely agile – on two occasions

seen on television he got out of trouble

at Badminton, once when he tripped

in Huntsman’s close and another time

getting out of the last element of the

Quarry near the end of the course.

He demonstrated superb stamina at

Badminton and Burghley when winning

there in the rain and he seemed to find

the big fences easy”.

Kathleen McNulty, who ranUS cloning

facility Replica Farm, was responsible for

the cloning process. The process involves

a sample of tissue cells being taken from

the neck and put into culture. A nucleus

from one of those cells is then put into an

unfertilised egg that has had the DNA

removed and this is then stimulated with

a small electrical shock to commence

development into an embryo. It is then

transferred into a recipient mare and

follows a normal gestation, with the foal

being a genetic match to the original.

The foal, called Tomatillo, was born in

the US but once weaned he returned

to Biddesden Stud where he matured

with the other youngsters. Having been

backed and brought on, he competed


Feature - Breeder Profile

up to BE100 last year and is now in the

hands of Aaron Millar who will produce

him to event this season.

There is always a question as to

what sort of horse he would be if he

had been gelded – stallions can be

unpredictable, so it will be interesting

to see how Tomatillo develops.

However, as Tomatillo was wanted

for the purpose of breeding, the riding

side of things, although interesting and

maybe revealing, remains ancillary to

the project. He will have a break from

training for 6 weeks for stud duties.

Tomatillo already has offspring that

are on the brink of starting their riding

career. There is a 4 year old in Norfolk,

and a 3 year old in the paddocks at

Biddesden. “William [Fox-Pitt] is very

knowledgeable about movement, and

he says his walk is better than Tamarillo’s,

while his trot has the same lightness and

fluidity. He is smaller, which may be

because of a hormonal reason as there

is a tendency for stallions to be smaller

than geldings. Their muscling is different

and their coats shinier – this applies to

bulls as well as stallions”, says Finn.

“Our approach to cloning is that it is an

extension to the principle of selective

breeding, to which we all aspire. We

want to preserve and disseminate

excellence and the bloodlines where it

is found. It is not more complicated than

that. Tomatillo stands at Biddesden

for the benefit of our own breeding

programme and for anyone else seeking

stamina, agility, boldness across country

and big movement. There is also frozen

semen available. We are looking to go

forward, not just repeat”, says Finn.

Pure bred arabs have been bred at

Biddesden since the 1930’s using mares

from the Crabbet Stud and they still have

some of the original Crabbet bloodlines

today. The Stud was primarily Pure

bred Arabs but from the early days

there were Anglo Arabs too, mostly

from a Thoroughbred dam. Crossing

the other way was done when the Arab

mare Darya was sent to the Wiltshire

Thoroughbred stallion Master Spiritus

and produced Mellita, dam of Tamarillo.

Tomatillo out with the South Dorset

Since the 1970’s the Guinness family

have also bred Connemaras in Ireland,

making a good mix with a thoroughbred

to produce an eventer. “They have

special merits such as steadiness and

quality, which contribute to producing a

good sport horse”, Finn explains. “Our

main aim is to continue to breed event

horses for the future”.

Finn hopes that they will have some of

Tomatillo’s youngsters to bring to the

British Breeding Futurity evaluations - it

will be fascinating to see how these

offspring develop and if they can follow

in the footsteps of their illustrious relative.



Tomatillo is a genetic clone of the Eventer Tamarillo. He is available at stud by natural cover or frozen semen.

www.biddesdenstud.co.uk . Stud fee: £800


Biddesden Stud . Forest House . Chute . Andover . Hampshire SP11 9DS

finn.guinness@biddesdenstud.co.uk . 01264 790646




The Dodson & Horrell breeding range

looks after the specific needs of horses

at stud, from conception through to the

winners podium. The range recognises

the respective needs of different breeds

throughout the year and provides the right

level of nutritional support for every stage.


For more information call 01832 737340 or visit


Proven performance breeding for over 60 years of horses to suit all capabilities of rider and disciplines


16.3hh Bay WBS-UK, AES & SHB-GB Graded. WFFS Free

Stud FEE £1,000

Winner Intermedaire 1 Dressage – Intermediate Eventer

– 30%+ TB blood Sire of Champion & Elite youngstock

Winning Novice Dressage as 4 year olds

Tiger Attack

16.1hh Bay SHB-GB Graded

Stud FEE £800

Show Horse Champion & Sire of Champions

Eventing, Dressage, SJ & WH winner

– Sire of winners under saddle

Catherston Oakley

16.2hh Bay SHB-GB Premium Graded. WFFS Free

Stud FEE £600 (100% Fertility in 2020)

Winning Eventing and Working Hunters

Qualified Osberton 5yo BE – over 45% TB blood

Littledale Bright Star

12.2hh Bay SPSS Elite

Stud FEE £360

Sire of CDIP, CSI & CCI stock

All beautiful movers & jumpers

Opposition Bombshell

16hh Black AES Licensed. WFFS Free

Stud FEE £360

Sire of winning Dressage, Event & Show horses,

great power & wonderful temperaments

All of these Dual Purpose Stallions should produce stock for competing in all disciplines.

Frozen semen available from Dutch Gold, Catherston Dazzler, Catherston Goldstorm, Catherston Springsteen

Please contact Anne Dicker or Jennie Loriston-Clarke, Catherston Stud, Croft Farm,

Over Wallop, Stockbridge, Hampshire SO20 8HX Tel. 01264 782716 or

e-mail enquiries@catherstonstud.com or at www.catherstonstud.com


Feature - Stallion Spotlight

Golden Hawk

It’s a little wonder that

Golden Hawk believes and

feels he is the king of the yard

at Breen Equestrian, he is the

most senior stallion there and

one of Shane Breen’s

favourite horses ever.

Golden as he is known at

home, has much to be proud

of. He has won approx.

£350k in prize money and

has jumped the biggest

classes in showjumping all

over the world.

Purchased as a six year from Jos Lansik

by Old Lodge Stud and Breen

Equestrian, he quickly showed his talent

and ability. As a 7 year old, he

contested young horse classes both

nationally and internationally with great

success. When he was only 8 years old

he jumped his first Grand Prix at

Lummen where he was second. In 2014,


he jumped his first King George V Gold

cup at Hickstead double clear to gain

5th place. After Hickstead he enjoyed

many good placings on the 5*

winter show circuit at Oslo, Stuttgart and

Helsinki. In 2015, he continued his good

form and made his Nations Cup debut at

La Baule in France. In 2016 he was

second in the 1.60m Grand Prix of

Dublin as well as clear rounds in 5*

Nations cups at Hickstead and

Barcelona. He soon became a Nations

Cup regular for the Irish team, helping

them be in the prize money with fantastic

clears at La Baule and Rome. In 2018

he was a winner at Oslo 5*, London

Olympia 5* show and finished the year

with a super win at the Liverpool 4*

Grand Prix.

In 2019 saw his first attempt at the

famous Hickstead Derby where he

achieved a foot perfect clear round and

finished in 3rd place. He also won the

Derby Trial too and finished the year with

a big win at 4* show Valence in France.

Covid 19 stopped play in 2020 and he

only competed at one show in Vilamoura

where he won the World Ranking class.

This year he will jump some international

classes early spring, then concentrate

on his breeding work before returning to

competition later in the year.

Golden is 168cm high and was born

and bred at Stal de Muze in Belgium.

He is bred in the purple with

outstanding sire and dam bloodlines with

top performance results. He is a Gold BS

Stallion and is graded Elite by the Anglo

European studbook and Breeders Elite

studbook. His sire is Vigo d’Arsouilles

who in 2010 with Philippe le Jeune won

the gold medal at the World Equestrian

Games in Kentucky. Vigo d’Arsouilles’

sire Nabab de Rêve also ridden by

Philippe le Jeune was a member of the

Belgian bronze medal winning team at

the 2002 WEG in Spain. A

well-developed horse out of a strong

dam-line, Vigo d’Arsouilles is

SBS-approved and KWPNrecognized.

As well as Golden Hawk,

Vigo is also the sire of Super Trooper de

Ness (ridden by McLain Ward), Ego van

Oti (ridden by Edwina Tops


Alexander), Vagabond de la Pomme

(ridden by Penelope Leprevost)

and Donatella N (ridden by Nicola

Philippaerts). His dam is Ta Belle Van

Sombeke who was a top sport

(competing up to 1.60m under Jos

Lansink) and top breeding mare. Ta Belle

is also mother to Grand Prix horses:

Glocks London, Wabelle de Muze,

Pikap, Casimir de la Pomme, Taran de la

Pomme, Dabelle, Ba Belle van t

Roosakker as well as Golden Hawk

(formerly Figo de Muze).

Golden is a top sire of show jumpers.

He has bred many international horses

competing at top level including several

1.60m level horses.His progeny include

Lorenzo de Luca’s mare Evita van’t

Zoggehof and Evitason van’t Paradjis

(ridden by Matteo Zamara) are both

competing at Grand prix with several

others too. Horses bred at Hickstead

by Golden are looking very exciting

indeed with 7 and 8 year olds making

their mark internationally already. There

is a lovely gelding by Golden out of the

head broodmare at Hickstead called

Zarnita, who herself competed at 1.60m

level and won the Queen Elizabeth cup

at Hickstead. There are several foals,

yearlings and all the other ages at the

stud farm who are really impressive. He

has a very exciting 5 year old stallion

son called BE Aquila who will start his

competing this year.

At home, for the last 10 years Golden

has been looked after by Natty

Biderman who is the yard manager at

Breen Equestrian. In the stable he is

polite and kind, never grumpy and has

never hurt anyone. He is super intelligent

and loves his routine. During the summer

months he is turned out in the field daily

in one of the stallion pens. During the

winter he loves going out hand grazing

to all the nearby verges. He is ridden

daily both in the school by Shane and

hacks out with team members from the

yard. He can have several days off off

ridden work and then tacked up and

ridden and he is well mannered and

behaved. After jumping at a show, his

preferred treat is to get the saddle off

quickly so he can have a roll on the

ground. He is looking forward to getting

back to some shows this year but for the

first time, his schedule will work around

his breeding commitments.

Golden Hawk and the other stallions

at Breen Equestrian have mainly been

operating quietly in the background for

the last few years but 2021 has seen

the building of new facilities for both the

stallions and mares, This means Golden

Hawk and the other stallions will be

available more widely to the public. This

is a really exciting opportunity for British

“Golden Hawk is a

tremendous horse. He is an

absolute pleasure to ride. He is

brave, smart, scopey,

careful and he is a real fighter

in the ring. He has a great turn

of foot, great balance and he

and I have had a great time

together. We have competed

Grand Prix’s, Nations cups

and recently the Hickstead

Derby. For the last number of

years he has been super

consistent for me and he has

taken me all around the world.

Be it indoor or outdoor,

Olympia or Calgary, he has

won in all those arenas. He is

truly a wonderful horse”

Shane Breen.

Breeders. Due to demand, Golden Hawk

Will be available for Fresh, chilled and

Frozen semen in the UK with attractive

terms. For EU markets, frozen semen will

be available to purchase direct from

France from Arnaud Evain of the Groupe

France Elevage. In Ireland, frozen semen

is stored at Stallion AI Cork, Ireland

branch. Breen Equestrian were looking

forward to presenting Golden at the

British Stallion Event for the first time

this year but that has now changed to

an online event due to Covid. It would

have been exciting to show him off to the

audience. He usually misses the event as

he goes to jump in the middle east tours

from January to march. Be sure to tune in

for his slot on the 17th February 2021

after his stud video, Stud manager Greg

Le Gear will answer any questions on


Stud fee : £1000 + vat

Email : greglegear@gmail.com

Telephone : 07887783244


Article - Vet insight


A leading cause of

Subfertility in Mares

By Camilla Scott BVetMed, CertAVP(ESM), DACT,

MRCVS - RCVS Recognised Specialist in

Veterinary Reproduction (Equine)

Rossdales Veterinary Surgeons


Failure of the normal uterine defence

mechanisms to eliminate bacteria,

sperm or inflammatory products from

the uterus following breeding can

result in persistent breeding-induced

endometritis (PBIE) and chronic infectious

endometritis, both of which are leading

causes of infertility in the mare. It is

a completely normal response that,

following breeding, a mare will mount

a brief inflammatory reaction to aid

removal of non-viable sperm, seminal

plasma, bacteria and debris from the

uterine lumen. A normal or ‘resistant’

mare will clear their uterus by 48 hours

post breeding in preparation for the

embryo entering the uterus on day

5.5-6 after ovulation. A mare with an

abnormal response to breeding who is

‘susceptible’ to PBIE will fail to clear her

uterus without treatment, likely resulting in

embryonic loss. Susceptible mares have

been shown to have issues with their

immune response, specifically increased

levels of inflammatory cells at 6 hours

post breeding, compared to resistant

mares, which have increased expression

of anti-inflammatory cells. In addition,

these mares often have poor perineal

(the region around the vulva and anus)

conformation resulting in compromise of

the external physical barriers preventing

uterine contamination (vulva, vestibule

and cervix) resulting in opportunistic

infection of the uterus. They may also

have issues with uterine contractility,

fluid drainage and failure of cervical

relaxation. Cumulation of these factors

results in both excessive fluid production

and failure to expel uterine fluid and

bacteria appropriately.


Prior to inseminating or mating

your mare it is recommended

that your veterinarian performs a

breeding soundness evaluation. This

examination involves both a general

physical examination and a thorough

examination of the reproductive tract.

During this examination your vet will

be able to diagnose and potentially

correct any predisposing conformational

issues. Diagnostic testing will also be

performed to determine if your mare has

evidence of endometritis. An ultrasound

examination of the uterus will help

identify any pathological (abnormal)

oedema or fluid in the uterus (Fig 1);

Rossdales partner Fred Barrelet taking an endometrial swab from a mare as part of a breeding soundness evaluation

Figure 1: Excessive uterine fluid accumulation

seen on ultrasound examination

suggestive of infection or inflammation.

Sampling of the endometrium to

determine the presence of any

inflammatory cells, bacteria or fungi can

then be performed (Fig 2).

Figure 2: Fungal culture following

sampling of the uterus

This is routinely done using a

double-guarded endometrial swab

and cytology brush but a more sensitive

test would be using a low-volume flush

technique that enables sampling of the

entire uterus. An endometrial biopsy

may also be recommended which can

help diagnose the presence of chronic

inflammation, scarring of the uterus and

issues with the blood and lymphatic

supply of the uterus. An endometrial

biopsy can also be categorised based

on the prognosis that the mare will

become pregnant and carry a foal to

term. This can be useful when deciding

if your mare is a suitable potential

breeding prospect.

It was previously thought that the uterus

was a sterile environment but it has now

been shown that the equine uterus (as in

women) has its own unique microbiome.

Genetic sequencing has identified

Proteobacteria as the predominant

species in the normal microbiome in

fertile mares. It has been suggested that

any shift in this population may lead to

an increased risk of PBIE and bacterial

endometritis. New diagnostic methods

looking at immune genes are being

developed to identify susceptible mares

and may be useful for future diagnostics.

Risk Factors for Developing


• Poor perineal conformation

• Older mares in poor body condition

that have had multiple foals

• Older maiden mares with failure of

cervical relaxation

• Underlying uterine pathology

• Frozen semen insemination may

exacerbate issues in susceptible


Treatment Strategies

Due to the complicated, multi-factorial

nature of the disease, treating both

PBIE and chronic infectious endometritis

requires a multi-modal approach.

It is important to correct any

conformational defect. Strict hygiene

should be adhered to at breeding and

ideally the mare should be bred only

once per cycle, preferably to a fertile


Six hours has been shown to be critical

for the development of PBIE in resistant

mares and uterine lavage 4- 6 hours


post breeding, rather than waiting until

12-24 hours, has been shown to improve

pregnancy rates. Increasing uterine

contractions with drugs such as oxytocin

has also been shown to improve

pregnancy rates in sub fertile mares.

Dexamethasone, a potent

anti-inflammatory given at breeding,

has been shown to increase pregnancy

rates in problem mares and reduce

pro-inflammatory cell production in

susceptible mares. Many other

anti-inflammatories and immune

modulators have been shown

experimentally to have beneficial effects

including platelet-rich plasma and


Manual dilation of the cervix or topical

application of prostaglandin-E may

aid cervical relaxation in older maiden

mares. Teasing may also help uterine

drainage through oxytocin release in

response to the stallion and both exercise

and acupuncture can be effective

methods to help clear intrauterine fluid.

Following diagnosis of infectious

(bacterial or fungal) endometritis, the

laboratory will perform antimicrobial

sensitivity testing to determine an

appropriate antibiotic treatment.

Typically, bacterial endometritis is

treated with a combination of uterine

Figure 3: Endometritis-induced discharge

lavage and antimicrobials, however

refractory cases pose a significant

challenge in the breeding industry. It

has been suggested that chronic uterine

infections and failure of antimicrobial

treatment in the mare may be due

to biofilm production. Growth of a

structured biofilm is a common survival

strategy employed by bacteria, as it

confers resistance to antimicrobial agents

and prevents bacterial clearance by the

immune system. Extensive research has

been performed looking at

non-antibiotic agents capable of

disrupting biofilm and mucous, and

killing bacteria within a biofilm. Agents

used include; N-acetylcysteine (NAC),

hydrogen peroxide and Dimethyl

sulfoxide (DMSO). A commercial

product, BActivate, has also been

developed to activate dormant

Streptococcus spp. bacteria, making

them more susceptible to antibiotic


Post Breeding Intrauterine Infusions

Historically many practices routinely

infused every mare post cover and

some studies have shown this to improve

pregnancy rates in older mares

(>12 y) and those covered at foal

heat. There is concern that the potential

for contamination at natural cover is

high and that it may not be possible to

determine which mares are going to

be susceptible to infection until after

breeding. However, treating young,

healthy mares without any clinical signs

should be avoided, as it is likely to

lead to antibiotic resistance and may

increase the chance of iatrogenic or

fungal infections. Post-breeding infusions

are also not indicated where artificial

insemination is performed as this is

a minimal contamination procedure

and semen extender already contains


Breeding Prognosis

Whilst both the diagnosis and treatment

of endometritis can be challenging,

the prognosis for a mare to become

pregnant and carry a foal to term should

be good with appropriate treatment and







✔ Artificial insemination with fresh, chilled and frozen semen

✔ Embryo transfer

✔ OPU and shipping for ICSI

✔ Infertility Investigations

✔ Semen collection, evaluation, distribution and freezing

✔ World class hospital facilities and specialist expertise

✔ Neonatal intensive care unit

✔ State of the art laboratory, HBLB approved for CEM testing

Contact our BEVA approved team of dedicated stud vets to discuss your requirements

on 01638 663150, or practice@rossdales.com

ROSSDALES VETERINARY SURGEONS, Beaufort Cottage Stables, High Street, Newmarket, CB8 8JS





- E S T 1 9 5 1 -



• Oocyte collection (OPU) for ICSI



Providing a routine and emergency

service 24/7 throughout the season.

• Embryo transfer

• Transfer of frozen embryo’s into recipients

• BEVA accredited practice for AI - fresh, chilled & frozen

• Competitive vet packages

• Mares boarded at the hospital

• Subfertility investigations of mares and stallions

• Semen collection, analysing and processing






• Full hospital back-up

• HBLB accredited on-site laboratory

• Foetal sexing

• Twin management

• Oviductal infertility treatment

• Specialist reproductive surgical procedures

• Foal intensive care unit run by a European

Specialist in Internal Medicine

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We were the first in the UK to offer OPU. After the successes of last year (67% of OPU

sessions resulted in one or more embryos) our team of reproduction specialists are ready

to receive your mares.

With OPU/ICSI, the embryo production happens in the lab and this has many advantages:

• Little interruption to competition (single hospital visit)

• No hormonal manipulation of the cycle

• OPU can be performed out of the breeding season

• More efficient use of frozen seme n since a single straw can be

used for multiple OPU sessions

• Embryo production of subfertile mares or stallions

• Embryos are frozen and stored in liquid nitrogen and

transferred at the desired moment



after OPU

For information, please contact us at:





01903 883050

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Feature - Feeding Article


Feeding Questions for

the Mare and Foal

Liz Bulbrook BSc (Hons)

How can you boost your mare’s health and

fertility ahead of planning her covering?

Mares who are significantly over or under weight are

less likely to conceive so, if necessary, the diet should

be adjusted so that a mare is in good condition prior to

covering. She should be maintained on a fully balanced

diet ie. the recommended amount of a good quality

compound feed or balancer, to support health,

well-being and fertility up to and throughout the covering

process and from conception onwards


Feature - Feeding Article

Why do broodmares need

specifically formulated feed and

at what stage do they need this?

Correct nutritional support for the

broodmare is necessary from conception

onwards, since the foetus is growing and

developing from this point. Minerals

are of particular importance in foetal

development as are amino acids - the

building blocks of protein ie body tissue.

The amino acid, lysine, for example, is

essential and a deficiency will affect

foetal growth so a good quality stud

feed or balancer must be fed, rather than

a low energy or other “non-stud” feed,

which simply won’t be formulated to

meet requirements.

What essential nutrients/

minerals are required to help

support fertility and reproductive

efficiency? Can correct feed help

aid fertility in mares and how

does this work?

In particular, Omega 3 fatty acids are

essential for fertility in both sexes as they

are incorporated into cell membranes so

are important for healthy sperm and egg

production. Other nutrients involved in

fertility include the anti-oxidants, vitamins

E and C and selenium, whilst

beta-carotene and zinc, also have

proven benefits for increasing fertility.

All these nutrients should be supplied

by a fully balanced diet, which is

achieved by feeding the recommended

quantity of an appropriate good quality

stud mix, cube or balancer. Where

fertility problems do occur, nutritional

supplements with a sound scientific basis

are may be worth considering.

Are there differences in feeding

different types of broodmares –

eg warmbloods, Thoroughbreds,

natives etc?

Are there differences in feeding different

types of broodmares – eg warmbloods,

Thoroughbreds, natives etc?

Just as at any other time in her life, the

broodmare should be fed according to

condition and bodyweight so those who

maintain condition well on forage alone

may only need their diet supplemented

with a specially formulated low calorie

stud balancer, while those who need

more calories to maintain condition,

are better suited to a stud mix or cube.

Whichever supplementary feed is

chosen, it should be fed at recommended

levels, according to bodyweight, in order

supply a balanced diet and support

correct foetal development.

How do you accurately weigh

up how much to feed your

broodmare through the different


Always refer to the feed manufacturer’s

guidelines to gauge how much to feed

and, if you have any doubts, contact

their nutrition team for tailored advice.

Provided you have chosen a specially

formulated feed for breeding stock,

nutrient levels, when fed according to

recommendations, will be sufficient to

support the growing foetus and maintain

the health and well-being of the mare.

As with any other horse, the mare’s

condition throughout pregnancy will

dictate whether she needs additional

calories from her stud feed.

Once lactating, a mare’s calorie

requirements increase by as much as

44% and nutrients, such as protein,

calcium, phosphorous and vitamin A,

will be in particularly high demand.

Feeding recommendations will therefore

be increased accordingly and should be

followed closely, while keeping a close

eye on the condition of both mare and

foal. If grass is good, this may provide

sufficient calories and a stud balancer

should be fed to provide the additional

supporting nutrients. For mares who lose

body condition during lactation, a stud

mix or cube will be more appropriate.

Are stud balancers essential for

broodmares and why?

Stud balancers, like other balancers,

provide essential vitamins, minerals and

quality protein at levels and proportions

to meet the needs of breeding and

young stock, but without the calories

associated with a traditional stud mix

or cube. This makes them ideal as the

sole concentrate, alongside forage, for

mares who are good-doers or maintain

condition well on forage alone. They

are also useful when less than the

full recommended amount of mix or

cube are fed, as they can be added

to bring nutrient levels up to provide a

fully balanced diet without unwanted


How and when should you

introduce your foal to a foal mix?

This can be dictated by the mare’s own

genetics so first ensure that her diet is

providing all she needs for lactation &

maintenance of body condition then,

if a suckling foal struggles to maintain

condition on mother’s milk alone, it can

be given a milk-based foal creep feed,

up to around three months of age. This

will provide the necessary additional

calories, which are not being provided

by milk, as well as the required vitamins,

minerals and quality protein to support

correct and even growth.



How much feed

do youngstock

need in addition

to ad lib forage

(turnout) through

the seasons?

There is often a reluctance to feed

youngsters, particularly good-doers,

for fear of causing growth problems.

Protein is often still labelled as the

culprit, despite research highlighting

that excessive energy (calorie) intakes

and insufficient vitamin and mineral

support are the main precursors

to growth problems. Monitoring

youngsters’ growth rates and

bodyweight, by using weightapes,

weighbridges or growth charts, can act

as a useful management tool for foals

and yearlings and highlights those

that may be growing above or below

average, allowing early adjustments to

be made to the feed and management


Youngsters’ requirements for nutritional

support is at its greatest up to around

18 months of age so it is important to

follow feed manufacturers’ guidelines

to ensure a fully balanced diet

and even growth rates. Specially

formulated stud balancers are

particularly useful where horses

maintain condition well on forage

alone but if there is any doubt, contact

a feed company helpline who can help

develop feeding programmes tailored

to forage quality and individual

youngsters’ needs.


24 hr Equine Ambulatory Service

Tel: 01926 612937

BEVA Accredited AI Centre

All our Vets are experienced and qualified to undertake

all procedures associated with AI and breeding.


Artificial Insemination

Technicians Training

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30th & 31st March 2021

Foaling The Mare

20th March 2021

Foal & Yearling Management

21st March 2021

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