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Those that venture West are met by others bold enough to forge their

own paths. There is no mindset quite like manifest destiny, the

combination of wanderlust with fortitude, the sheer size of the night sky

above your frame. There are others, if you go West. You will find them,

hidden in the patchwork of untapped landscape.

The journey starts like any other would: first you’re intrigued, then

you’re inspired, then obsessed with what you’re destined to find. You’re

packing everything you own onto the back of a sedan, hell-bent on

stopping only until you can smell the Pacific (or break down

somewhere better).

Those that set out for something specific hardly every find it. You’re

smarter than that. You’ll know it when you find it, whatever it is.

You’ve decided that one day, eventually, you’ll allow yourself to arrive

at some semblance of a destination. Until then, you’re content with

hopping from pad to pad, exploring the asphalt rivers that cut through

the landscape, taking time to appreciate the moments that brought you

exactly where you are now.

For now, the memories will suffice. The journey must continue. There’s

something in the air out there worth chasing.

Lloyd’s on Main. Savannah, GA

July 2020


Booth living. Memphis, TN

August 2020


Venice Beach, CA

June 2020


Brooklyn, NY

Novebver 2020


Summer in Paris

August 2020


Near the Four Corners, NM

October 2020


Below Broadway, NY

February 2020


Skiing Snowmass Aspen,CO

November 2020


A cousins wedding. Little Rock, AK

October 2020


5mi into a wrong turn, NV

July 2020


An elopment. Nantucket, MA

January 2020


Northern Territory, NM

June 2020


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