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A word from the Principal...


We have all made it to the end of a very tricky half term, well done and thank you for your support!

It was lovely to see over 100 children join our first live celebration assembly last week, it almost felt

like we had a school full of children again! After sharing the inspiration video from James Aidoo, I

set the challenge for children to identify and explain what their ‘why’ was; what was their driver that

made them work hard and keep enduring, even when things were challenging. Some of the responses

have been outstanding and will be shared in this week’s assembly.

We use our Facebook page for updates and sharing information and successes, but we will now also

be more active on Instagram, using this platform as a showcase for great work, so please follow us


We will be sending out a quick survey centering around our remote learning provision and would

greatly appreciate a few minutes of your time to complete it. Our staff have spent hours ensuring

our provision has been as engaging, challenging and individualised as possible and it would be really

beneficial to have some feedback from a parents point of view.

The first week back after half term will see two changes. The first being an introduction of a nonscreen

day on Friday 26th February where your teachers will set you a range of learning tasks that

are more practical and revolve around lifeskills and outdoor pursuits. The activities will be the same

for each year group which will allow siblings to work together, but will come with a success criteria

that will challenge all children.

For those children who are in school after half term, we will be returning to school uniform. Hopefully,

the Government announcement on the 22nd will give us some further clarity about a return to

school for all children, but the reintroduction of uniform will begin to support this transition.

Have a lovely half term, hopefully the weather will be kind to us and we are looking forward to

seeing you (in person or virtually) after half term.

Kind regards,

Mr Adam Anderson


Broad and Balanced...


This week has been another fun and exciting week in Rainbow class. The children

in school have enjoyed feeding the chickens and helping to look after

them. Many of the children at home have been exploring their local area and

taking photos of the things they spotted. The snow caused great excitement

both at home and in school - it was lovely to see so many photos of the children

enjoying this rare event. We have been really impressed with the children’s

work again this week; they have made beds for baby bear, written letters

to the three bears pretending to be Goldilocks, drawn pictures of the three

bears and practised lots of maths skills.

We are so proud of what the children have achieved over the last half term in

very strange circumstances and want to thank everyone who has helped to

support them at home; we really appreciate what you are doing and want to

wish you a very relaxing and peaceful half term - you deserve it! We look forward

to ‘seeing’ you all again after half term for more fun and adventures.

Broad and Balanced...


Class 1 have been learning about Africa this week. We had to locate Kenya on

a map and we discovered that there are many different languages in Kenya because

there are lots of different groups of people who live there. We looked at

the different wild animals you can find in Africa and used this as our art focus.

They explored mixing different colours together to form a sunset. They then

added a silhouette of an African animal.

In PSHE we have been learning about the different jobs that family members

have and what stereotyping means. In English we have been finding, sorting

and using adjectives in our writing.

Thank you to all the children and parents for all their hard work this half term.

I have been so impressed with all their amazing work. I hope you all have a

fantastic half term break!

Broad and Balanced...


This week I have received some great science work. We have been continuing

our project on habitats and I set the class a challenge. They had to research

a habitat of an animal of their choice that lives in the North Atlantic Ocean.

We chose the North Atlantic because this is where the Titanic went down. The

children could present their new knowledge in any way they chose. I had powerpoints,

videos, mind maps, non chronological reports and all manner of items

presenting some great facts! Well done Class 2!

Broad and Balanced...


Year 3 have had a busy week this week. They have been learning about length

and perimeter in maths, writing stone age instructions and recipes in English and in

PSHE they have thought about job roles in our community and what they would like

to do when they are older. They have continued with their Stone age topic and have

been learning about Stone age fashion and creating their own stone age jewellery. In

Science they have been looking at the layers of soil and have been testing different

types of soil to see how permeable they are. Finally they have been taking part in the

Year 3 local PE cluster event and have been practising their mountain climbers to see

how many they can do in 60 seconds! Well done Year 3, you’ve done a great job with

your learning this half term.

Broad and Balanced...


This week, Class 4 have been exploring fractions within maths and trying to understand

what fractions are and how they represent amounts less than 1.

We have also continued our learning of using symmetry and proportion to draw faces

so that we do not end up looking like caricatures drawn by a clown balancing on a


We have explored synonyms to create more advanced and descriptive sentences and

worked on irregular plural nouns in English.

Furthermore, auditions have begun for a talent show on Friday. I know that Lexi and

Makayla have been working around the clock to refine their skills at gymnastics.

Cameron has been honing his skills with a-cappella and there are rumours that Elijah

could be showing us how break-dancing should be done (these are just rumours...for

now). We look forward to showing everyone that year 4 are the most talented Class in

the world (there is no harm in aspiring to greatness).”

Well done this term Class 4 - keep up the hard work.

Broad and Balanced...


To start, I would like to thank all of Class 5 pupils, staff and families for their

unbelievable positivity and hard work during this very different half term. When

given tasks, you’ve faced them with your best foot forwards and the outcomes

have been nothing short of spectacular. Everyone should be really proud, we

make a great team.

To round up this half term, in English, newspaper reports have been finished

and printed, they were all like reading a real newspaper.

In art, they’ve completed their final painting which showcases all of the skills

they’ve learnt over the half term. These pieces of art will be displayed in a virtual

gallery, link to follow. We have a class of incredible artists!

Our Anglo-Saxon topic has come to an end; the children demonstrated their

knowledge and skills in a variety of ways such as quizzes, dances, poems, drama

performances, artwork to name a few.

I wish everyone a safe & relaxing half term.

Broad and Balanced...


It has been another great week for Year 6! We have been inspired by a clip

from Harry Potter to write our own sets of instructions. I have been so impressed

by the vocabulary and variety of punctuation included in these pieces

of writing. On Tuesday, as a part of Safer Internet Day, we learnt about how

to recognise trustworthy websites and fake, unreliable websites. After learning

lots of good tips and tricks, I enjoyed seeing some very creative posters

and video presentations about how to keep safe on the internet. We were even

treated to an amazing Star Wars themed animation! Finally, we have started

a ‘Year 6 book shelf’ as a place to share books that we have read and to make

recommendations to each other. I have been blown away by the amount of reviews

already written and the quality of the reviews. It has been lovely to see

the class being inspired by each other to read a new book. Well done for a half

term of fantastic work Year 6!

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