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Putting Communities First


FEB 2021

Labour News

Public Transport, Safety and Green. Your Labour team reports

Labour Listens. Before

lockdown we asked people

about the number 11 bus route.

We held drop-ins at Burwell,

Swaffham Prior, Bottisham and

Reach. You told us that

➡People lose job offers because

shift and evening working is

almost impossible.

➡No evening, Sunday or Bank

Holiday service means people

feel isolated.

➡16–18 year olds in further

education or training have to

leave Burwell by 0715.

➡Students arrive late and miss

lessons. They have to leave

before after-school activities.

➡Up to three hours per day on

buses just go get to class.

Students give up or parents

drive them in.

“Our bus service isn’t

acceptable. We need a

proper alternative to

cars”. Liz Swift,

Labour for Burwell.

Labour Speaks Up.

Councillor Rebecca Denness,

Labour for Ely South wants

action on flooding.

“I’m receiving lots of complaints

about blocked drains. As well as

pushing for policies to stop

climate change, I want to see clear

flood management. It’s time for


Labour Cares. Road Safety on

the A10 Ely to Milton is a major

problem. It will take more than

repainting a few white lines.

“I want to see

enforced speed

limits, redesigned

junctions with new

traffic lights. Raised

cycle lanes and

footpaths. As a County Councillor

I will demand action” James Bull,

Labour for Milton & Waterbeach.

Labour Acts. The Histon &

Impington team is using Covidsecure

walks for a Safety


We’re on a mission to spot and

report safety matters around our

villages. 40 issues logged so far.

➡Uneven footpaths and potholes

in roads.

➡Road markings worn away.

➡Slip hazards from rotting leaves.

➡Flooding from blocked drains.

Just some of the many streets

where we’ve reported issues

Labour Asks. How do you

double nature by building 4500

houses over green fields?

The Liberal Democrats on South

Cambs Planning Committee

recently voted to build over

Greenfield at Waterbeach. This is

on top of the 6500 homes coming

to the former barracks.

Do they know about the South

Cambs Lib Dems who claim to be

doubling nature?

Peaceful fields by Waterbeach.

Lib Dems want to build here

We support sustainable building

especially bringing brown field

sites back into use. But is there

really no alternative to concreting

over green fields?

The outline plans that South

Cambs approved cut 10% off the

normal affordable housing


We’re also worried that this is an

area prone to flooding.

We say: time for a rethink.

Promoted by David Jermy on behalf of SE Cambs Labour Party,

Alex Wood Hall, Norfolk Street, Cambridge, CB1 2LD

£4m Covid recovery budget rejected by Tories and Lib Dems

Labour’s proposed Council Tax is the same as the Tories but

spent far better. Labour is focusing on Covid recovery and

communities are at the heart. Tories and Lib Dems voted our

Covid recovery plan down. Our plan:

Make sure kids aren’t left behind after lockdown.

Community grants to charities. The Tories cut this by 70%.

Support local businesses.

Help families to have a basic standard of living. Make sure all

Council staff are paid at least the Real Living Wage.

Long term investment in Adult Social Care unlike the other parties.

Green initiatives and enabling every primary school pupil to learn to

cycle safety through the popular Bikeability scheme.

Elisa Meschini, Labour County Leader says “Our plan contrasts with

the Tories and Lib Dems who want a lot of money for Highways. At this

time of Covid crisis communities should be top priority”.

Councillor Elisa Meschini:

top priority to communities

Dr Nik’s Transport Plan for Cambridgeshire & Peterborough

Dr Nik Johnson is your Labour candidate for Mayor. Everything he does is based on the three Cs of

Compassion, Co-operation and Community.

I want to see greener, integrated

and affordable transport. We need

better links that end feelings of

rural isolation.

My first act as Mayor will be to

assess what we need—and what

we don’t. I won’t over-promise

and under-deliver. My guiding

principles are:

Dr Nik for Mayor

Ensure the whole area benefits by re-branding to

the “Oxford to CambridgeSHIRE corridor.

Rethink the proposed Metro System. Ensure it is

value for money and serves rural communities.

✓ Encourage healthier lifestyles and safer cycling

and walking. As a Doctor, I know health matters.

✓ Push for Councils to run bus services. So we

restore routes and have free travel for young

people. Could co-ordinated school transport

(American-style yellow buses) make a difference?

✓ Make a greener bus fleet a priority—aim to

convert to electric to cut pollution. Install more

charging points for electric vehicles.

Encourage car clubs where communities share

travel to work.

Meet and beat the toughest air quality targets.

Want to vote by post? Here’s how

Visit and follow the links. Complete the form and

print, sign and scan. Email to your local council.

Not sure which council? Check here:

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