Spring 2021 OLLI Catalog (Interactive)

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at California State University Dominguez Hills is a program of educational, cultural, and social opportunities for retired and semi-retired individuals age 50 and above. Members experience taking courses in a relaxed atmosphere for the pure pleasure of learning. For more info, visit: https://csudh.edu/olli

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at California State University Dominguez Hills is a program of educational, cultural, and social opportunities for retired and semi-retired individuals age 50 and above. Members experience taking courses in a relaxed atmosphere for the pure pleasure of learning.

For more info, visit:


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<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> Course <strong>Catalog</strong> January - June<br />

Enrich Your Life,<br />

Enrich <strong>OLLI</strong> at CSUDH<br />

Osher Lifelong<br />

Learning Institute



<strong>OLLI</strong> <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

NEW!<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

Virtual Open House<br />

Join us at <strong>OLLI</strong> <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> Virtual Open<br />

House to learn more about lifelong learning<br />

for retired and semi-retired adults.<br />

Feel free to invite your friends to the <strong>2021</strong><br />

<strong>Spring</strong> Virtual Open House by sharing this<br />

link: bit.ly/OpenHouse-SP21 or<br />

have them call 310-243-3208. This is a great opportunity to<br />

learn about membership in the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.<br />

January 26, <strong>2021</strong><br />

Tuesday | 3pm - 4:30pm<br />

For more information contact <strong>OLLI</strong> at CSUDH call<br />

(310) 243-3208 or email olli@csudh.edu.<br />

New Members Orientation Meeting<br />

February 5<br />

Friday | 10 am-11am<br />

(Virtual Tour of CSUDH at 11:10 am-12:30pm)<br />

Meeting ID 845 2400 2546<br />

Details on page 38.<br />

Subscribe to our <strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH<br />

Weekly emails!<br />

Receive the latest updates from <strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH:<br />

News, COVID-19 updates, CSUDH announcements,<br />

special events, parking updates and more!<br />

Email olli@csudh.edu to subscribe!<br />

Table of Contents<br />

Open House .................................................1<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> Contact Information.........................2<br />

Dean’s Welcome ........................................2<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> Membership Information ...............3<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> Activities ...............................4<br />

Using the Zoom Meeting Interface ......4<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> 2019-2020<br />

Annual Report Synopsis................5-8<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> Classes at CSUDH.................. 9-38<br />

Art, Culture & Language ..............10-12<br />

Health & Wellness..........................13-21<br />

Black History Month ..........................22<br />

Business & Finance........................... 23<br />

History & Social Science.................. 24<br />

Science & Technology......................25<br />

Pop-Up Events ....................................26<br />

Osher Lecture Series........................ 27<br />

Discussion Groups...................... 28-29<br />

Virtual Docent-led Tours ............30-37<br />

Special Events..................................... 38<br />

Peer-Led (Omnilore) ......................39-48<br />

In Memorium........................................ 49<br />

University Courses<br />

for <strong>OLLI</strong> Members.............................50<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> Sponsors & Volunteers ..........51-52<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> Codes of Conduct ........................ 53<br />

Parking at <strong>OLLI</strong>......................................... 54<br />

Instructors and Lecturers................54-55<br />

Chronological List of Courses...... 56-60<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong>’s Peer-Led Program (Omnilore) Orientations<br />

February 25, <strong>2021</strong><br />

Thursday | 10 am or<br />

March 8, <strong>2021</strong><br />

Monday | 1:30 pm<br />

RSVP to (310) 215-1848 or<br />

membership@omnilore.org<br />

Additional fees may apply.<br />

(See page 40)<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> is on Facebook!<br />

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute<br />

at Cal State University Dominguez Hills<br />

www.facebook.com/csudholli<br />

Osher Lecture Series – South Bay<br />

www.facebook.com/OsherLecture<br />

Social Tennis for Seniors<br />

www.facebook.com/groups/<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong>SocialTennis<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> Online Calendar<br />

n Until further notice, all Omnilore peer-led study/discussion<br />

www.csudh.edu/<strong>OLLI</strong>/Calendar<br />

groups occur virtually using Zoom.<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> | www.csudh.edu/olli | (310) 243-3208 1


Contact Information<br />

Osher Lifelong<br />

Learning Institute (<strong>OLLI</strong>)<br />

California State University,<br />

Dominguez Hills<br />

College of Extended &<br />

International Education, EE-1300<br />

1000 East Victoria Street<br />

Carson, CA 90747<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> Ofce: (310) 243-3208<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> Registration: (310) 243-3741<br />

Extended Education Building, EE-1100<br />

Website: www.csudh.edu/olli<br />

Email: olli@csudh.edu<br />

Registration Ofce Hours:<br />

Monday-Thursday 8:00am – 8:00pm<br />

Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm<br />

Saturday 8:00am – 1:30pm<br />

Sunday Closed<br />

Bernard and Barbro Osher<br />

Bernard Osher<br />

Foundation<br />

The CSUDH Osher Lifelong<br />

Learning Institute is funded in<br />

part by a generous endowment<br />

from the Bernard Osher<br />

Foundation. The Bernard Osher<br />

Foundation funds a national<br />

network of <strong>OLLI</strong>s located at<br />

124 colleges and universities<br />

throughout the United States.<br />

www.osher.net<br />

A Message from Dean McNutt<br />

College of Extended and International Education, CSUDH<br />

Dear <strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH Member,<br />

During these last 12 months, life for all of us has<br />

changed. Because of the seriousness and reach<br />

of the Coronavirus, last spring all face-to-face<br />

courses at CSUDH were converted to online<br />

or alternative modality. Athletics, theater and<br />

musical performance were canceled. Students left residence halls,<br />

and nearly all staf members began working remotely.<br />

These safety protocols continued into summer and fall, and <strong>OLLI</strong><br />

continued to deliver programming through Zoom. We are proud of<br />

how well everyone has adapted to this new environment. While<br />

we hope to be able to ofer face-to-face courses again in the near<br />

future, we thank you for your patience and cooperation during<br />

these unprecedented times.<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH is very much alive and working to not only survive,<br />

but THRIVE. Many members say they feel enriched, creative, and<br />

encouraged, because <strong>OLLI</strong> has made a diference in their lives.<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH remains committed to providing exciting learning<br />

and social opportunities for our members. The <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

oferings include a stimulating and entertaining lineup of programs<br />

and activities at no cost to members. Register today for any<br />

courses that interests you, and invite your friends to join too.<br />

Times are tough for many of us, however, WE NEED YOUR HELP<br />

NOW MORE THAN EVER. <strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH is funded in part by an<br />

endowment from the Osher Foundation, which requires a minimum<br />

of 500 members. We need your commitment to renew or rejoin<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH so we can maintain our Osher Foundation funding<br />

and partnership. At $30 per year, <strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH has the lowest<br />

membership fee of any of the 124 Osher member institutions.<br />

This is a crucial time for members to show support by returning<br />

your completed Membership Form today. We thank those of you<br />

that have already renewed, and a big Thank You to those of you<br />

who contributed an additional fnancial gift.<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH will survive and thrive because of you – our<br />

members. We value and appreciate you, and celebrate our<br />

commitment to you to keep <strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH strong and vibrant.<br />

Be Safe and Be Well.<br />

2<br />


<strong>OLLI</strong> MEMBERSHIP<br />

Lifelong Learning at CSUDH is a<br />

membership organization for those<br />

individuals age 50+ who are seeking<br />

intellectual and social activities. These<br />

activities include short courses on a variety<br />

of topics, peer-led courses, discussion<br />

groups, feld trips, computer work shops,<br />

social gatherings and campus cultural<br />

events. Learning takes place in a supportive<br />

environment without concern for grades, tests, or requirements.<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH Current Membership Benefts<br />

During Covid<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> members enjoy many benefts inherent in student status.<br />

• Attend the popular Osher Lecture Series (Fall and <strong>Spring</strong><br />

Semesters only)<br />

• Participate in discussion groups on a variety of topics each term<br />

• Enroll in special interest, technology and other workshops<br />

designed for lifelong learners<br />

• Attend short courses and participate in feld trips<br />

• Receive notifcations by mail or email about campus even ts<br />

• Receive CSUDH Student ID card for library privileges and<br />

bookstore discounts<br />

• Virtual classrooms<br />

• Receive an <strong>OLLI</strong> catalog each semester<br />

• Participate in University and other selected Extended Education<br />

programs for reduced rates<br />

• Become involved in determining <strong>OLLI</strong> curriculum and events<br />

• Meet like-minded adults in a supportive learning environment<br />

• Email account at ToroMail<br />

• Reduced annual parking pass fees (See page 54)<br />

Become a Member!<br />

You can become an <strong>OLLI</strong> member by<br />

calling (310) 243-3741 or completing<br />

the membership portion of the<br />

registration form in this catalog.<br />

Fee: Annual <strong>OLLI</strong> membership is $30.<br />

This includes the Osher Lecture<br />

Series and other benefts. Some <strong>OLLI</strong><br />

activities have additional nominal fees.<br />

These include <strong>OLLI</strong> courses, feld trip<br />

fee, computer courses and the peerled<br />

(Omnilore) program.<br />

Meeting Times: Dates and times<br />

for courses are listed with course<br />

descriptions in this schedule.<br />

Course Registration: During<br />

coronovirus restrictions, <strong>OLLI</strong> is<br />

providing safe learning environments<br />

to its members with free access to<br />

all online classes. Registration is not<br />

necessary, but for your convenience,<br />

a worksheet is included with the<br />

Membership form that you can use to<br />

list the courses you are interested in.<br />

A Note About our Peer-led<br />

Program (Omnilore)<br />

Registration in our Omnilore courses<br />

in Redondo Beach requires attendance<br />

at an orientation prior to registration.<br />

Visit www.omnilore.org or call<br />

(310) 215-1848 for more information<br />

Become a Member<br />

or Renew Your <strong>OLLI</strong> Membership<br />

To participate in <strong>OLLI</strong> courses your membership must<br />

be current, which includes the Fall, <strong>Spring</strong> and Summer<br />

semesters. The cost is only $30 for an annual membership.<br />

If your membership has lapsed, please sign up as soon as<br />

possible. If you aren’t sure whether your membership is<br />

current, call the registration ofce at (310) 243-3741.<br />

Please make checks payable to CSUDH.<br />

Subscribe to our <strong>OLLI</strong>@<br />

CSUDH Weekly emails!<br />

Receive the latest updates<br />

from <strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH News,<br />

COVID-19 updates, CSUDH<br />

announcements, special events,<br />

parking updates and more!<br />

Email to olli@csudh.edu to<br />

subscribe!<br />

NEW!<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> | www.csudh.edu/olli | (310) 243-3208 3

<strong>OLLI</strong> at CSUDH<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> Programs<br />

and Activities<br />

In our continued eforts to provide<br />

safe learning environments during<br />

coronovirus restrictions, <strong>OLLI</strong> is<br />

ofering courses free of charge online ,<br />

using the Zoom meeting interface.<br />

Our formats still include Lectures by<br />

CSUDH professors and other experts<br />

on topics or themes suggested<br />

by <strong>OLLI</strong> members. Fall and <strong>Spring</strong><br />

semesters only. Courses are meetings<br />

organized around a topic and led by<br />

an instructor. Discussion Groups<br />

are often conducted in conjunction<br />

with a video or flm and facilitated<br />

by a discussion leader. Computer<br />

Workshops at the CSUDH Extended<br />

Education Computer Labs have<br />

been temporarily suspended, but<br />

information technology segments<br />

are ofered in the catalog. Field Trips<br />

have been converted to ‘Virtual Tours’<br />

of museums, historic sites, and places<br />

of interest locally and world-wide.<br />

Peer-led (Omnilore)<br />

This program consists of study/<br />

discussion groups in which each<br />

member participates by presenting<br />

a topic related to the subject under<br />

study. Additional fees apply.<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> members must participate in an<br />

Omnilore orientation prior to registering<br />

for a peer-led class. See pages<br />

40-41 for more information, visit www.<br />

omnilore.org or call (310) 215-1848.<br />

Parking at CSUDH<br />

Discounted Annual Parking Passes<br />

are still available to <strong>OLLI</strong> members.<br />

See page 53 for details.<br />

How to Register for <strong>Spring</strong> Courses<br />

and Tips for Using Zoom<br />

Step 1<br />

First, register for the class by clicking on the registration link<br />

listed in each class in this digital catalog. Please include your frst<br />

and last name, and your preferred email address. Once you’ve<br />

registered, you will receive a confrmation email with in structions<br />

on how to log in to the Zoom meeting.<br />

Note: You may need to refer back to this email if you want to<br />

log in quickly using the Meeting ID #.<br />

If you are using your PC, MAC, laptop or desktop computer, you<br />

can connect through your web browser. (Google Chrome, Safari,<br />

etc.) If you do not have the program installed, you will be taken<br />

through the steps to do so. If you’re joining from iPhone, iPad,<br />

android or tablet, we recommend you download the Zoom app.<br />

Step 2<br />

Join the meeting. Please allow plenty of time to log into Zoom.<br />

We suggest at least 5-7 minutes before the start of the event.<br />

Open the confrmation email that you received, and click on the<br />

text Click here to join. Zoom will launch in your browser, and<br />

prompt you for your name and to verify that you are not a robot.<br />

You may be asked to wait for the host to start the meeting. When<br />

the meeting interface appears, Join with Computer Audio,<br />

and click Start Video (at the bottom left corner) and you will be<br />

connected to the meeting.<br />

If you already have Zoom on your computer, you can use this<br />

shortcut to the meeting: Visit csudh.zoom.us in your web<br />

browser, and click Join a Meeting. Find the Meeting ID # in the<br />

confrmation email and type (or copy and paste) it in the required<br />

box. Then click Join, and wait for the host to admit you to the<br />

meeting. No pass codes are needed.<br />

What if this is a recurring class? Do I have to register<br />

again to get the email confrmation?<br />

No, since the class continues every week, you will use the same<br />

Meeting ID or link to join the class. If you lose your email, you can<br />

just re-register, and we will send another confrmation.<br />

If you have difculty or questions, please call 310-243-3208 or<br />

email olli@csudh.edu. Or search YouTube for this helpful video:<br />

Joining a Zoom Call for the First Time; Fun and Easy.<br />

4<br />


<strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH<br />

2019-2020 Annual Report Synopsis<br />

BOLD<br />

STEPS<br />

…<br />


As a premier community-based, senior lifelong<br />

learning program, it is important that we remain open<br />

and in tune with the ever-changing needs of seniors in<br />

the community. 2020 brought changes, challenges, and<br />

opportunities. <strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH believes our greatest resources<br />

are our members. Each member played a role in stabilizing<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH—from renewing your membership, learning<br />

new technology, taking virtual classes, or inviting your friends.<br />

During a global pandemic, when stay-at-home orders were in<br />

place, all members responded keeping <strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH vibrant<br />

and robust. Our members took BOLD STEPS: they pivoted<br />

from in-person to being part of an online learning community;<br />

volunteers outreached to 598 members CONNECTING with a<br />

personal phone call. Lifelong learning leaders came together<br />

to make decisions and address challenges. Our vision is to be<br />

the lifelong learning program that gives purpose, meaning and<br />

enrichment to every senior in the South Bay community.<br />

…<br />

It was a difcult year — but one with amazing teamwork,<br />

inspired collaboration, and adaptability. This Annual Report<br />

FULL OF Synopsis is an overview that highlights the successes and<br />

POTENTIAL accomplishments of our members which all of you should be<br />

proud. Thank you for your passion for lifelong learning. Thank<br />

you for your inspiration. Together we make a diference even<br />

in the face of major challenges. Because of you, the future of<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH is bright, bold and FULL OF POTENTIAL.<br />

2019-2020<br />

by the<br />

numbers<br />

598<br />

Members<br />

187<br />

Virtual<br />

Events<br />

$9,630<br />

Donations<br />

(5/1/2019–<br />

12/31/2020)<br />

23<br />

Omnilore<br />

S/D Groups<br />

124<br />

Osher<br />

Institutes<br />

Nationwide<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> | www.csudh.edu/olli | (310) 243-3208 5

<strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH 2019-2020<br />

Unrestricted Revenue – $80,100<br />

2019-2020 Financials<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> at CSUDH is supported<br />

by California State University,<br />

Dominguez Hills, the College<br />

of Extended and International<br />

Education, the Bernard Osher<br />

Foundation, yearly membership<br />

dues and modest course<br />

fees. The Enrich <strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH<br />

campaign flls the budget gap<br />

and provides funds to enhance<br />

programming and produces a<br />

stable and sustainability <strong>OLLI</strong> for<br />

our current and future members.<br />

62% | $50,000<br />

Endowment Interest<br />

44% | $35,000<br />

Salaries<br />

9% | $7,000<br />

Contractied Services<br />

(Graphics)<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH 2019-2020<br />

Expenses – $80,100<br />

6% | $9,630<br />

Enrich <strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH<br />

11% | $9,290<br />

Course Fees<br />

21% | $17,190<br />

Membership Fees<br />

5% | $4,100<br />

Food & Beverage<br />

6% | $5,000<br />

Postage<br />

31% | $25,000<br />

<strong>Catalog</strong> Printing<br />

ENRICH<br />


…<br />

ENRICH<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH<br />

Thank you<br />

California State University,<br />

Dominguez Hills and the<br />

College of Extended and<br />

International Education<br />

for the resources & support<br />

you provide to <strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH.<br />


YOU<br />

WE COULD<br />

NOT EXIST.<br />

5% | $4,000<br />

Taxes & Benefts<br />

Restricted by Osher Foundation<br />

for Fundraising Capacity Building – $25,000<br />

52% | $13,000<br />

Fundraising Consultant<br />

In-Kind Support $429,070<br />

10% | $2,500<br />

Donor Appreciation Event<br />

18% | $4,500<br />

Printing and Postage<br />

6% | $1,500<br />

Donor Cultivation<br />

6% | $1,500<br />

Planned Giving Workshop 8% | $2,000<br />

(Virtual)<br />

Virtual Receptions<br />

$50,000<br />

Classroom Usage<br />

$379,070<br />

CSUDH & CEIE<br />

Resources & Support<br />

to <strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH<br />


Thank you<br />

to Our Donors On behalf of California State University, Dominguez Hills and the College of<br />

International and Extended Education, <strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH gratefully recognizes<br />

members and friends who generously supported our Enrich <strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH<br />

fundraising campaign between July 1, 2019 and December 31, 2020.<br />

Debra Adams<br />

Joyce A. Asher<br />

Cecilia Ball<br />

Sauti Baraka<br />

Jerry Bichlmeier<br />

James Bouchard<br />

Paulette A. Bradley<br />

Vickie R. Bradley<br />

Cartellia M. Bryant<br />

John Cleek<br />

Howard R. Darvey<br />

Clara Demers<br />

Valerie J. Dingwall<br />

Zelda Donin-Green<br />

Diane Dorsett<br />

Joanne Dunn-Richardson<br />

Alison Edwards<br />

Pamela A. Fees<br />

Shirley Gideon<br />

Sandra V. Goodson<br />

Bernadette C. Graham<br />

Alicia M. Greathouse<br />

Larry W. Gunsalus<br />

Hata Family Trust<br />

Gayle A. Heifetz<br />

Ed A. Hemdane<br />

H. Mary Higuchi<br />

Betty J. Hill<br />

Sarah L. Jones<br />

Jefrey Jones<br />

Charles L Johnson Jr &<br />

Gwendolyn M. Johnson<br />

Revocable Trust<br />

Katherine M. Kamiya<br />

Margaret A. Kidwell-Udin<br />

Mimi Lau<br />

Kirsten A. Loumeau<br />

Peter G. Mand<br />

Darlene Mason-Lockett<br />

Robert K. McDonald<br />

Flora L. Miles<br />

Sally M. Moite<br />

Emma R. Moore<br />

Sunny Moss<br />

Carlos Muy Silvestre<br />

Karen L. Nelson<br />

Michele Nies<br />

Nicole D. Pacada<br />

In memory of<br />

Frederick O. Haywood<br />

Olivia Payne-Tinson<br />

Marianne Pekala<br />

Amy Z. Reiner<br />

Angela Renchie<br />

Denise Ridley-Davis<br />

Sam Rosenzweig<br />

Eileen M. Salmon<br />

Schwab Charitable Fund<br />

Marion Seaman<br />

Conrad M. Siegel<br />

Sheree J. Small<br />

Shirley A. Smith<br />

Did you know?<br />

IRA rollover gifts and other planned gifts are excellent<br />

ways to help us sustain and grow our community of lifelong<br />

learners for years to come. Please contact Nicole Pacada,<br />

Program Coordinator, at npacada1@csudh.edu to learn more.<br />

Helen S. Stockwell<br />

Jeanne F. Takano<br />

Grace M. Tanaka<br />

Elzola N. Taylor<br />

Dorothy W. Teja<br />

The Delyna Hayward<br />

Diop Family<br />

The Bernard Osher<br />

Foundation<br />

The Powell Living Trust<br />

The Slaterry Trust<br />

Doris C. Thomas<br />

Donald J. Tlougan<br />

Richard D. Udin<br />

Susan L. Washington<br />

Leslie Wilcox<br />

Brenda J. Wiley<br />

Juanita L. Wright<br />

Midori Yamasaki<br />

Jane A. Yates<br />

Eileen R. Yoshimura<br />

Sharon Young<br />

Reporting period May 1,<br />

2019 – December 31, 2020.<br />

We have made every efort<br />

to ensure all of the above<br />

information is correct.<br />

We apologize for any errors.<br />

Please contact Gema<br />

Chaqueco, Program Assistant<br />

at gchaqueco1@csudh.edu<br />

if a correction is needed.<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> | www.csudh.edu/olli | (310) 243-3208 7

Thank you<br />

to Our Volunteers California State University, Dominquez Hills and the College of International and<br />

Extended Education are honored to be supported by <strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH powerhouse<br />

member volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to help make our<br />

Institute the best it can be. We are grateful to the committee members noted<br />

here and to the many other members who contribute in meaningful ways.<br />

Membership & Our Connection Crew Ambassador Committee<br />

Marketing Committee<br />

Sauti Baraka<br />

Angela Renchie Norma Bates<br />

Denise Jeferson-R oberts,<br />

Norma Bates Denise Jeferson Jefrey Jones<br />

Co-Chair<br />

Roberts<br />

Lori Davidson-Fox<br />

Valerie Dingwall<br />

Sauti Baraka, Co-Chair<br />

Sam Rosenzweig<br />

Valerie Dingwall<br />

Norma Howard<br />

Linda Lewis<br />

Elaine (Eugenia)<br />

Alicia Greathouse<br />

Lori Davidson-Fox<br />

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Angela Renchie Gwendolyn Hills To every individual who<br />

Eula Slater<br />

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contributed to <strong>OLLI</strong>@<br />

Susan Washington<br />

Jimmie Thompson<br />

CSUDH in 2019-2020,<br />

Sharon Young<br />

Jefrey Jones<br />

whether by leading a<br />

Linda Kahn<br />

Curriculum<br />

Committee<br />

course, participating,<br />

Enrich <strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH<br />

Linda Lewis<br />

volunteering, speaking,<br />

Fundraising Committee<br />

Cassandra Reed<br />

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and/or donating,<br />

Edward Allen<br />

Eula Slater<br />

Margie Moseley<br />

Linda Lewis Jimmie La Verne Thank<br />

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Thompson<br />

Cassandra Reed<br />

you.<br />

Sharon Young<br />

We salute the institute’s exceptional staf , volunteers and dedicated community<br />

members, and applaud <strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH for embracing lifelong learning as a pursuit<br />

that enhances the connection we make in the community with one another.<br />


<strong>OLLI</strong> Virtual<br />

Lectures, Classes,<br />

Workshops and<br />

Activities<br />

California State University<br />

Dominguez Hills<br />

This spring, all classes, workshops<br />

and discussion groups take place<br />

online using Zoom. What is Zoom?<br />

Zoom is a reliable, easy to use video<br />

conferencing application that can be<br />

used across mobile, desktop and other<br />

electronic devices. As a member of<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH you will use Zoom to<br />

participate in live stream <strong>OLLI</strong> courses.<br />

You do not need a Zoom account to<br />

access your course.<br />

If this is your frst time using Zoom,<br />

please refer to page 4 for further<br />

instructions, and be sure to sign up for<br />

our <strong>OLLI</strong> Weekly Emails for updates<br />

and quick links to Zoom classes.<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> | www.csudh.edu/olli | (310) 243-3208 9


January 27, February 3, 10, 17,<br />

24, March 3, 10, 17, 24, April<br />

7, 14, 21, 28, May 5, 12, 19<br />

Wednesdays | 10 am<br />

Registration Link:<br />

bit.ly/csudholli-French-SP21<br />

Meeting ID 987 4152 3031<br />

French with Delyna Means<br />

Learn French using verbal and written cues. Once a skill level<br />

is reached, Duolingo provides additional levels and practice.<br />

Duolingo allows learners to discover patterns on their own without<br />

needing to focus on language rules the same way you learned<br />

your frst language as a child. This approach, called “im plicit<br />

learning,” is ideal for developing a strong<br />

foundational knowledge of a language and<br />

its rules. The instructor will also provide<br />

monitoring resources, guidance, and helpful<br />

tips tailored to each student’s comfort level<br />

and needs.<br />

February 16, March 16,<br />

April 13, May 4<br />

Tuesdays | 10 am<br />

Registration Link:<br />

bit.ly/csudholli-opera-SP21<br />

Meeting ID 986 4115 3673<br />

No passcode required.<br />

LA Opera Talks<br />

In today’s environment, music,<br />

and specifcally operatic<br />

music, can be uplifting. In<br />

our time period, LA Opera<br />

presents a series of Operatic<br />

music, performances, behind<br />

the scenes, actors, costume,<br />

make-up and the history of<br />

opera. Each lecture class will<br />

compose its own topic and speaker who presents lecture and<br />

videos of previous performances.<br />

February 16 | hosted by Mary Johnston<br />

“Stories We Love: Cinderella and Romeo and Juliet<br />

in Film and Opera “<br />

March 16 | hosted by Jessica Gonzalez-Rodriguez<br />

“What It’s Like to Be an Opera Singer”<br />

April 13 | hosted by Kevin Batton<br />

“Opera and Greek Tragedy” (Temporary Title)<br />

May 4 | hosted by Mary Johnston<br />

“Shakespeare in Opera”<br />



Let’s Read a Play!<br />

No stage or acting experience required. Join our “virtual” class<br />

and have some fun and the chance to “polish” your dramatic skills.<br />

Our facilitator, Maria Ruiz, will introduce the author and theatrical<br />

history of the play. We are adapting our classroom format to the<br />

Zoom format and should have a lot of fun. We hope you will enjoy<br />

the same interactive approach as the classroom experience of cold<br />

readings. Expect lively discussion regarding meaning and content.<br />

February 3 & 10 May 5 & 12<br />

The Three Sisters<br />

Machinal<br />

by Anton Chekov<br />

by Sophia Treadwell<br />

February 3, 10, March 3, 10,<br />

April 7, 14, May 5, 12,<br />

June 2 & 9<br />

Wednesdays | 1:30 pm- 3:30 pm<br />

Registration Link:<br />

bit.ly/csudholli-Play-SP21<br />

Meeting ID 930 5429 8565<br />

No passcode required.<br />

Meeting Facilitator: Maria Ruiz<br />

Maria Ruiz is a 10-Year <strong>OLLI</strong><br />

and Omnilore member, District<br />

Toastmasters Qualifed Speaker and<br />

winner of two Distinguished<br />

Toastmasters Awards, and the 2013<br />

Roy D. Graham Lifetime Achievement<br />

Award. She is the “drama guru” at<br />

the Joslyn Center and regularly<br />

conducts play readings there. She<br />

also directs and produces the<br />

Dramatic Readers Theater in<br />

Manhattan Beach and Palos Verdes.<br />

March 3 & 10 June 2 & 9<br />

Romeo and Juliet<br />

Arms and the Man<br />

by William Shakespeare<br />

by George Benard Shaw<br />

April 7 & 14<br />

Dancing at Lughnasa<br />

by Brian Friel<br />

Important Announcement:<br />

Renew Your <strong>OLLI</strong><br />

Membership<br />

To participate in <strong>OLLI</strong> courses<br />

your membership must be current.<br />

The cost is only $30 for an annual<br />

membership. If your membership<br />

has lapsed, please sign up as<br />

soon as possible. If you aren’t<br />

sure whether your membership is<br />

current, call the <strong>OLLI</strong> Office at<br />

(310) 243-3208. Please make<br />

checks payable to CSUDH.<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> | www.csudh.edu/olli | (310) 243-3208 11


February 1, March 1, April 5, &<br />

May 3<br />

Mondays | 1 pm -3:30 pm<br />

Registration Link:<br />

bit.ly/csudholli-moviemondays<br />

Meeting ID 962 0372 2043<br />

No passcode required<br />

Meeting facilitators:<br />

Nicole Pacada and Gema Chaqueco<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> Movie Monday<br />

Grab your lunch or snack! Join us, and see outstanding, and<br />

sometimes thought-provoking flms. Each movie will be shown in<br />

its entirety, with comments by their presenter, followed by a group<br />

discussion. This is a great way to spend a lazy Monday afternoon,<br />

see some good movies again, or see them for the frst tim e. ALL<br />

movies will be shown via Zoom!.<br />

February 1<br />

I am Not Your Negro<br />

(PG-13) | 2017 | 1h 35m | Documentary<br />

Writer James Baldwin tells the story of race in modern American<br />

with his unfnished novel, Remember This House.<br />

March 1<br />

Miss Juneteenth<br />

(PG-13) | 2020 | 1h 39m | Drama<br />

Neil Creque Williams, Jeanie Igoe, James M. Johnston, Toby<br />

Halbrooks, Theresa Page, Tim Headington<br />

A former beauty queen and single mom prepares her rebellious<br />

teenage daughter for the “Miss Juneteenth” pageant.<br />

April 5<br />

Marie’s Story*<br />

(PG-13) | 2014 | 1h 35m | Biography, Drama<br />

Isabelle Carre, Brigitte Catillon, Laure Duthilleul,<br />

Martine Gautier, Sonia Laroze<br />

In 19th-century France, a man takes his deaf and blind daughter to<br />

an institute where she may learn how to live and to communicate.<br />

*This movie is in French. Subtitles are available in English.<br />

May 3<br />

The Farewell<br />

(PG) | 2019 | 1h 40m | Comedy, Drama<br />

Shuzhen Zhao, Awakafna, X Mayo, Hong Lu, Hong Lin, Tzi Ma<br />

A Chinese family discovers their grandmother has only a short<br />

while left to live and decide to keep her in the dark, scheduling a<br />

wedding to gather before she dies.<br />



The Roots of Tai Chi<br />

This two-part lecture course explores the principles,<br />

and the historical and philosophical roots, as well as the benefts<br />

of taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) practice.<br />

.<br />

NEW!<br />

January 30, and February 6<br />

Saturday | 10:00 am<br />

Registration Link:<br />

bit.ly/csudholli-rootstachi-SP21<br />

Meeting ID 896 7058 2131<br />

No passcode required.<br />

Facilitator: Jerry Larson<br />

Jerry Larson has studied Tai Chi<br />

for more than 40 years. He has a<br />

graduate background in Linguistics,<br />

Speech Pathology and Audiology, and<br />

has taught college English, but worked<br />

mainly in health care, as a<br />

neurodiagnostic technologist and<br />

surgical neurophysiologist. He was<br />

also active in the Human Potential<br />

movement as a group facilitator and<br />

workshop manager. His other interests<br />

include languages, especially Chinese;<br />

archetypal psychology; Indian classical<br />

music; and human anatomy and<br />

exercise physiology<br />

Tai Chi Chuan Introduction<br />

for Beginning Students<br />

太 極 拳<br />

NEW!<br />

Tai chi (T’ai chi ch’n, Tàijí quán, Tiji)<br />

is a centuries old Chinese martial art<br />

based on the Taoist philosophy of<br />

Yin and Yang. In this class we will explore the slow, continuous<br />

movements of Yang style tai chi, which is accessible to everyone<br />

regardless of age or physical ability.<br />

Practice of this slow form is comprised of a series of postures<br />

which fow together in a holistic and unifed manner yie lding both<br />

a moving meditation and a method of physical exercise.<br />

Join us in exploring this ancient art, which is still practiced<br />

worldwide today, known to bring about strength and energy,<br />

optimum health and body awareness, improved balance and<br />

coordination, relaxation and stress reduction, and community<br />

and lasting friendships.<br />

Please wear comfortable clothing and fat shoes.<br />

February 7, 15, 21 & 21<br />

Sundays | 10 am-11 am<br />

Registration Link:<br />

bit.ly/csudholli-TaiChi-SP21<br />

Meeting ID 874 3085 0578<br />

Instructors: Linda Kahn<br />

and Jerry Larson<br />

Questions? Please email Linda at<br />

donlin@earthlink.net<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> | www.csudh.edu/olli | (310) 243-3208 13


NOTE: <strong>OLLI</strong> is pleased to ofer Online Virtual Social Tennis for Seniors and T’ai Chi Chuan for<br />

Beginners to focus on learning experiences that optimize brain ftness and promote physical ftness<br />

through exercise and coordination. Have fun!<br />

February 2, 9, 16, 23,<br />

March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30,<br />

April 6, 13, 20, 27, May 4, 11,<br />

18, 25, and June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29<br />

Tuesdays | 10:30 am<br />

Registration Link:<br />

bit.ly/csudholli-Tennis-SP21<br />

Meeting ID 966 8239 1267<br />

No passcode required.<br />

Host <strong>OLLI</strong>: Donald Means,<br />

and Delyna Diop-Means<br />

Virtual Social Tennis<br />

The game of tennis as lifetime sport.<br />

Now is the opportune time to join<br />

our virtual class. We are a group with<br />

many diferent attributes who enjoy<br />

a moderate level of physical activity.<br />

The tennis class has wonderful<br />

benefts, just to name a couple:<br />

fun and social interaction, participate<br />

in medium stretching and<br />

warm-up exercises.<br />

Note: This is NOT an in-person class.<br />

This course is online via zoom.<br />

March 11 & 18<br />

Thursdays | 1:30 pm-2:30 pm<br />

Registration Link:<br />

bit.ly/csudholli-healthoils-SP21<br />

Meeting ID 859 0924 5867<br />

No passcode required.<br />

Facilitator: Dr. Charlene Ford<br />

The Health Benefts of Essential Oils<br />

NEW!<br />

Popular in complementary and<br />

alternative medicine, essential oils<br />

are highly concentrated extracts<br />

derived from fowers, leaves, roots<br />

and plants, and have been used for<br />

medicinal purposes in some cultures<br />

for centuries.<br />

The presentations will provide a brief<br />

history of essential oils, and describe<br />

some of the health benefts, including<br />

stress reduction, mood enhancement,<br />

headache relief, better sleep, quell nausea, and even repel insects.<br />

Most essential oils have antiseptic properties as well.<br />

There will also be personal testimonies from people who have<br />

benefted from essential oils, and an opportunity for questions<br />

and answers.<br />



Virtual Baking Workshop<br />

NEW!<br />

Impress friends and family with your newfound culinary skills,<br />

and have fun learning in these interactive online baking courses.<br />

Pastry Chef Heather Slater will show you easy-to-follow recipes<br />

and baking techniques. You will also learn what ‘vegan’ is, and<br />

what makes a product vegan.<br />

March 9, April 6 and May 11<br />

Tuesdays | 1:30 pm-2:30 pm<br />

Registration Link:<br />

bit.ly/csudholli-baking-SP21<br />

Meeting ID 830 8795 0800<br />

No passcode required.<br />

Facilitator: Heather Slater, Pastry Chef<br />

March 9<br />

Session 1: Sweets<br />

April 6<br />

Session 2: Savory<br />

May 11<br />

Session 3: Vegan Dessert<br />

Aging Gracefully and Gratefully<br />

Aging is inevitable. As we study and examine what the experts<br />

have to say about aging, we learn from each other by sharing<br />

our individual experiences. Attitudes, decisions, choices and<br />

acceptance are guidelines that assist us on this road called<br />

“aging.” Class participants are encouraged to suggest additional<br />

aging issues that are afecting them. W e will discuss and explore<br />

various concepts, share techniques and consider how to age<br />

“gracefully and gratefully.”<br />

May 6<br />

Session 1: My Health<br />

• Mental, Physical,<br />

Emotional Health<br />

• Losses – Senses (See,<br />

Hear, Taste, Feel, Smell)<br />

• Loved Ones –<br />

Bereavement<br />

• Dementia (Alzheimer’s,<br />

Pre-senility, etc.)<br />

• Elder Abuse (Hotline:<br />

877/477-3646)<br />

May 13<br />

Session 2:<br />

Personal Care –<br />

Concerns<br />

• Diet (Weight<br />

Gain/Loss)<br />

• Exercise<br />

• Sleep Habits<br />

• Relationships<br />

• Spirituality/<br />

Religion<br />

• Living<br />

Arrangements<br />

May 20<br />

Session 3:<br />

Business Afairs<br />

• Trusts/Wills<br />

• Finances<br />

(Will you outlive<br />

your money?)<br />

• Fraud<br />

• Legacy: What<br />

will we pass on?<br />

May 6, 13, 20<br />

Thursdays | 1:30 pm-2:30 pm<br />

Registration Link:<br />

bit.ly/csudholli-aging-SP21<br />

Meeting ID 829 5142 0446<br />

No passcode required.<br />

Meeting Facilitator: Frankie Stewart,<br />

M.A., an 8-year <strong>OLLI</strong> member and<br />

CSUDH Alumna<br />

Attitude<br />

Appreciation<br />

Adaptation<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> | www.csudh.edu/olli | (310) 243-3208 15


May 3, 4 & 5<br />

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday | 3<br />

pm-4:30 pm<br />

Registration link:<br />

bit.ly/csudholli-Wendellcovalt-SP21<br />

Meeting ID 957 7414 6200<br />

No passcode required.<br />

Instructor: Wendell Covalt<br />

Wendell Covalt holds a<br />

Bachelor of Science in Civil<br />

Engineering from Purdue University<br />

and an MBA from Indiana University.<br />

His career was in sales and marketing<br />

in the computer software industry.<br />

He was also co-owner of a software<br />

company that went public in 1998. He<br />

is a past Board Member & President<br />

of South Coast Botanic Gardens.<br />

Wendell is a Certifed Food Over<br />

Medicine Instructor, who has never<br />

taken a prescription drug and has no<br />

known medical issues.<br />

Preventing Heart Disease, Cancer,<br />

Diabetes & Alzheimer’s Disease<br />

NEW!<br />

Would you like to enjoy a healthy, long life, which sometimes<br />

seems elusive for people after they reach age ffty ? The series<br />

Preventing Heart Disease, Preventing Cancer & Diabetes,<br />

Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease and Eating for Excellent Health<br />

may be your answer. These classes will show you why heart<br />

disease, stroke, and cancer are the major causes of death in the<br />

United States with poor diet and lifestyle as primary factors.<br />

Monday, May 3<br />

Prevent Heart Disease<br />

Everyone in the USA would like to enjoy a long life of quality health<br />

but it is elusive for many people especially after they reach ffty<br />

years of age. Discover how present health statistics compare with<br />

people 100 years ago and with other countries.<br />

Tuesday, May 4<br />

Preventing Cancer & Diabetes<br />

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the USA. It<br />

has been growing rapidly as the American diet has changed<br />

dramatically since mid-nineteen hundred. Find out what causes<br />

cancer, how we stack up in the USA versus other countries and<br />

how to prevent it.<br />

Wednesday, May 5<br />

Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease<br />

& Eating for Excellence<br />

This disease is one of the most burdensome because it can have<br />

a long debilitating length and until recently there has been no cure<br />

or efective solution to slow its development.<br />



UCLA Community Health Education<br />

with Monica Moore<br />

March 8<br />

Living a Brain Healthy Lifestyle<br />

NEW!<br />

Did you know that what is good for the body is also good for the<br />

brain? This presentation will discuss the latest research on what<br />

you can to do to keep your brain healthy as you age and what we<br />

know about ways to reduce your risk of developing dementia.<br />

March 15<br />

Clinical Trials—How you can be a part of the<br />

next great scientifc discovery!<br />

You may be holding the key to the next great discovery.<br />

This presentation will discuss what clinical trials are and why<br />

participation in trials is important. The frst person to be cured of<br />

Alzheimer’s disease will be someone in a clinical trial. Will it be you<br />

or someone you love?<br />

March 22<br />

Beyond Alzheimer’s disease—the other types of Dementia<br />

While Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common form of dementia,<br />

it is not the only kind. This presentation will discuss other forms<br />

of dementia, such as Vascular Dementia, Dementia with Lewy<br />

Bodies, and Frontotemporal Dementia, and how they difer from<br />

Alzheimer’s in progression, treatment, and diagnosis.<br />

March 8, 15, & 22<br />

Mondays | 1:30 pm<br />

Registration link:<br />

bit.ly/csudholli-UCLAHealth-Sp21<br />

Meeting ID 945 3982 1053<br />

No passcode required.<br />

Meeting Facilitator: Monica R. Moore,<br />

MSG, Community Health Program<br />

Manager<br />

Monica Moore, MSG is the Community<br />

Health Program Manager for the Mary<br />

S. Easton Center for Alzheimer’s and<br />

the Co-Director, Training and<br />

Education Activities, UCLA- California<br />

Alzheimer’s Disease Center. She<br />

has worked in the feld of aging and<br />

Alzheimer’s disease for 20 years<br />

focusing on community education and<br />

outreach and caregiver support. She<br />

holds a Master’s Degree<br />

in Gerontology from California<br />

State University Long Beach and<br />

a certifcate in Gerontology from<br />

Sonoma State University.<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> | www.csudh.edu/olli | (310) 243-3208 17


February 16, March 16,<br />

April 20 and May 18<br />

Tuesdays | 1 pm<br />

Meeting ID 896 8469 1739<br />

No passcode required.<br />

Registration Link:<br />

bit.ly/ csudholli-ALZLA-SP21<br />

Meeting Facilitator: Kimiko Kelly,<br />

Senior Manager Community Education<br />

Alzheimer’s LA Workshops<br />

Alzheimer’s Los Angeles Private Talk Series will host a series of<br />

workshops about Alzheimer’s disease and caregiving tips. The<br />

listing of all topics and descriptions are available below.<br />

February 16<br />

Behaviors & Alzheimer’s<br />

NEW!<br />

A class for family members who are seeing changes in behaviors<br />

that are difcult to understand. Using the IDEA! strategy , this<br />

program aims to help individuals explore why behaviors happen,<br />

their meanings and practical tips to respond.<br />

March 16<br />

Legal & Financial Planning<br />

There are several legal and fnancial steps we all need to take to<br />

prepare for our future as we age. Learn about what decisions you<br />

can make and paperwork you need to complete to be prepared<br />

following a dementia diagnosis.<br />

April 20<br />

California Phones<br />

California Phones provides specialized telephones and<br />

accessories making it easier to call friends and family for those<br />

who have challenges with hearing, vision, mobility, speech or<br />

memory. Learn about phones with sound amplifcation, photo<br />

buttons, fashing lights for incoming calls, and more!<br />

May 18<br />

Lost Memories: Short Film & Discussion<br />

Follow the Ramirez family in a 4-episode mini-series as they<br />

confront the challenges of Alzheimer’s when Grandma Gloria<br />

begins showing signs of memory loss. Following each episode,<br />

there will be a discussion about the warning signs, the process<br />

of getting a diagnosis, disease progression and the challenges<br />

that families face.<br />



Medicare 101<br />

NEW!<br />

March 4<br />

Thursday | 10 am<br />

April 1<br />

Thursday | 2 pm<br />

May 6<br />

Thursday | 6 pm<br />

Registration Link:<br />

bit.ly/csudholli-Medicare101-SP21<br />

Meeting ID 949 4993 1945<br />

No passcode required.<br />

Are you turning 65 soon? Are you currently enrolled in or<br />

loosing your employee health insurance benefts ? Have you<br />

received 24 months of collecting Disability Payments?<br />

What are your Questions or Concerns about Medicare A & B–<br />

Part C or Prescription Drug Benefts ?<br />

Presentation Topics:<br />

• What is Medicare?<br />

• How do Medicare Parts A & Part B Benefts Work?<br />

• What Are My Options?<br />

• How will my 2020-<strong>2021</strong> Part D Prescription<br />

Benefts Change?<br />

• What are Medicare’s Enrollment Periods?<br />

• How do I Avoid Late Enrollment Penalties<br />

• What are the Advantages vs. Disadvantages?<br />

Speakers: Edward Allen MBA,<br />

Financial & Insurance Professional and<br />

Marina Amezcua Certifed Health<br />

Insurance Agent<br />

For more than a decade Edward Allen<br />

has specialized in educating and<br />

helping Medicare eligible members<br />

gain a thorough understanding of how<br />

their Medicare insurance works in<br />

connection with supplemental benefts<br />

offered in the industry today. As<br />

required by the Center for Medicare<br />

Services (CMS) Edward maintains his<br />

annual certifcations and product<br />

training while providing quality<br />

guidance to eligible Medicare<br />

members as their post service<br />

advocate.<br />

Marina Amezcua is a Medicare and<br />

Covered California “Certifed” Health<br />

Insurance Agent. Marina became<br />

interested in Medicare when her father<br />

frst retired, and was unable to fnd<br />

answers to all his Medicare questions!<br />

Her father had consulted with various<br />

agents, but due to a language barrier,<br />

he remained confused. Seeing how<br />

frustrated he was, Marina decided to<br />

research the different plans and<br />

benefts, and found the perfect plan for<br />

her dad.<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> | www.csudh.edu/olli | (310) 243-3208 19


February 22<br />

Monday | 1 pm<br />

Registration Link:<br />

bit.ly/csudholli-teamsherazi-SP21<br />

Meeting ID 841 4506 5400<br />

No passcode required.<br />

Host: Dr. Dean Sherzai, Behavioral<br />

Neurologist & Dr. Ayesha Sherzai,<br />

Vascular Neurologist<br />

Community-Based Brain Health<br />

Initiative<br />

NEW!<br />

Doctors Dean and Ayesha Sherzai will discuss the profound<br />

efects of lifestyle factors on brain health and how to mak e<br />

educated health goals. They will share their proactive approach<br />

to health which emphasizes the development and sustainability of<br />

positive health habits to achieve optimal brain health.<br />

Dean Sherzai, MD, PhD, MAS, MPH is a behavioral neurologist,<br />

research scientist and the co-director of the Alzheimer’s<br />

Prevention Program at Loma Linda University Health and the<br />

founder of the international non-proft, Healthy Minds initiative ,<br />

which hopes to empower communities to take control of their<br />

own brain health.<br />

Ayesha Sherzai, MD, MAS is a vascular neurologist, research<br />

scientist and the co-director of the Brain Health and Alzheimer’s<br />

Prevention Program at Loma Linda University Health, and is<br />

currently leading the largest community-based brain health<br />

research initiative in the country, Beach Cities Healthy Minds<br />

Initiative.<br />

Together, in collaboration with the Beach Cities Health District,<br />

they are currently leading the largest community-based brain<br />

health research initiative in the country, the Beach Cities Healthy<br />

Minds Initiative. They are also the co-authors of two books,<br />

The Alzheimer’s Solution, and their upcoming book, The 30 Day<br />

Alzheimer’s Solution, The Defnitive Food and Lifestyle Guide to<br />

Preventing Cognitive Decline.<br />

March 22<br />

Tuesday | 3 pm<br />

Registration Link:<br />

bit.ly/csudholli-AviodAlzh-SP21<br />

Meeting ID 861 1588 0188<br />

No passcode required.<br />

Host: Dr. Dean Sherzai, Behavioral<br />

Neurologist & Dr. Ayesha Sherzai,<br />

Vascular Neurologist<br />

Avoid Alzheimer’s and Build a Better Brain<br />

Dr. Dean and Ayesha Sherzai return after a month since their frst<br />

discussion on brain health. This second session is intended for<br />

individuals to refect on any lifestyle changes they made following<br />

the NEURO tenants. Dean and Ayesha will provide insight and<br />

strategies on how to maintain these lifestyle changes<br />



Living Well for Older Adults<br />

This <strong>Spring</strong> we will continue our DVD series on Garden-to-<br />

Table. Our speaker will be gardening expert Melinda Myers with<br />

a master’s degree in Horticulture. Topics will include: How to<br />

Grow Anything, Container Gardening Tips and Techniques and<br />

Cooking Basics with Chef Instructor Sean Kaldenberg of the<br />

Culinary Institute of America, which includes how to prep and cook<br />

vegetables, tips and tricks for creating roux, gravies and stews,<br />

understanding the importance of missing places and timing your<br />

dishes. Take control of your kitchen by knowing how to organize<br />

your tools for a variety of tasks.<br />

Please join us on our Garden-to-Table Adventure.<br />

March 25 1) Designers in Pots – Thrillers, Spoiler, Fillers<br />

2) Risotto, and What to Do with Leftovers<br />

April 1<br />

April 8<br />

April 15<br />

April 22<br />

April 29<br />

3) Create New Space – Edibles and Ornaments<br />

4) Choosing the Best Method to Cook Vegetables<br />

5) Unusual Pots, Vertical Spaces, Shade Design<br />

6) An Elegant Corn Soup with Lobster<br />

7) Grasses to Trees – Big Plants in Containers<br />

8) How to Break Down and Roast a Chicken<br />

9) Outdoor Living Areas and Special Features<br />

10) Braising Short Ribs and Making Polenta<br />

11) Cool Season Changes and Indoor Gardens<br />

12) Grilled Salmon: Breaking Down a Round Fish<br />

March 25,<br />

April 1, 8, 15, 22, & 29<br />

Thursdays | 1:30pm - 2:30pm<br />

Registration Link:<br />

bit.ly/csudholli-Livingwell-SP21<br />

Meeting ID 892 6088 9324<br />

Facilitator: Eula Slater, a 10-year<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> member and Registered<br />

Dietitian<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> | www.csudh.edu/olli | (310) 243-3208 21


February Is… Black History Month<br />

Since 1976, every U.S. president has ofcially designated the<br />

month of February as Black History Month, an annual celebration<br />

of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing<br />

their important role in U.S. history.<br />

February 4<br />

Thursday | 11:00 am<br />

Registration Link:<br />

bit.ly/csudholli-Inkwell-SP21<br />

Meeting ID 883 4066 2852<br />

No passcode required.<br />

Presenter: <strong>OLLI</strong> member Peggy Barton<br />

A Tale of Two Beaches: Inkwell<br />

NEW!<br />

The story of two Beach Resorts with the same name one located<br />

on the east coast and one on the west coast. Learn how they both<br />

started in a time of segregation and the history of the people and<br />

events that developed at these resorts.<br />



How to Boost Your Retirement Savings<br />

In Your 50’s and 60’s<br />

NEW!<br />

May 13<br />

Thursday | 10:00am<br />

Please join this informational session on how to boost your<br />

retirement savings. Specifc topics will be covered such as:<br />

• Have you calculated how much retirement income you<br />

will need?<br />

• What are your income projections for retirement?<br />

• Start planning from where you are now!<br />

At the end of this session our instructor, Dr. Davis, will open it up<br />

to Q&A from the audience. We recommend you have a pen and<br />

notepad to write down your notes.<br />

Registration Link:<br />

bit.ly/csudholli-retirement-SP21<br />

Meeting ID 873 3440 8703<br />

Facilitator: Dr. Denise Ridley-Davis<br />

Independent Insurance Agent<br />

CA Insurance license # 0F14312<br />

11th Annual International Cyber-conference<br />

on Dispute Resolution<br />

The 11th Annual Cyber-conference theme is “joining<br />

together,” meaning creating a space for a conversation where<br />

people can speak openly with each other (a la Habermas).<br />

Everywhere else is polarized and unstable because of the<br />

extreme elements on both the Left and Right. Therefore the<br />

best theme this year is fnding that public sphere that w ill allow<br />

free dialogue about problem-solving. We can model this for<br />

other institutions and organizations.<br />

Save The Date!<br />

April 7<br />

Wednesday | 12:00pm<br />

Check your <strong>OLLI</strong> Weekly<br />

Email Updates for details.<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> | www.csudh.edu/olli | (310) 243-3208 23


March 11<br />

Thursday | 1 pm - 2:30 pm<br />

Registration Link:<br />

bit.ly/csudholli-Genealogy-SP21<br />

Meeting ID 827 5900 3379<br />

Facilitator: Ophelia Sanders has<br />

been involved in genealogy for over<br />

25 years. She has attended many<br />

conferences and traveled to her<br />

family’s hometown digging deep<br />

into the fles that has uncovered the<br />

unknown from the past. Ophelia states<br />

“My journey has been rewarding.”<br />

Join this lecture to discover strategies<br />

on how to explore your past.<br />

Introduction to Genealogy<br />

NEW!<br />

What is Genealogy? It is the study of family history and<br />

lineage. The pursuit of family history and origins involve<br />

biographical information, family traditions and medical and<br />

community history. Additional sources include obituaries,<br />

newspaper articles, published<br />

family history and tombstone<br />

inscriptions. Although not ofcial<br />

sources of information, these<br />

records can still hold valuable<br />

information.<br />

In this introductory class, you<br />

will also learn how to explore<br />

resources such as national<br />

databases and other genealogy<br />

research archives.<br />

To begin your genealogical<br />

adventure, start with the known:<br />

yourself, then work your way back to the unknown. Identify what<br />

you know about your family, and then fnd the vital records to<br />

prove what you know. Start your family search!<br />

Anyone who stops learning is old —<br />

whether this happens at twenty<br />

or at eighty. Anyone who keeps on<br />

learning not only remains young but<br />

becomes constantly more valuable —<br />

regardless of physical capacity.<br />

—Henry Ford<br />



California Wildlife Center<br />

NEW!<br />

During this outreach presentation we will get an in depth look<br />

into California Wildlife Center. As the Los Angeles area’s premier<br />

wildlife medical treatment and rehabilitation facility, California<br />

Wildlife Center strives to ensure that each patient receives optimal<br />

care, allowing them to return to their wild state. Since 1998, CWC<br />

has greatly expanded our capacity to treat more than 60,000<br />

total animal patients, many whose injuries were caused by the<br />

impacts of their urbanized environments. CWC is one of only a few<br />

wildlife rehabilitation centers in the area, and the only facility in Los<br />

Angeles County permitted to rehabilitate mule deer fawns, coyote<br />

pups, crows and ravens, and hatchling and fedgling songbirds.<br />

We are also the only wildlife center in California that cares for both<br />

land and marine animals.<br />

April 8<br />

Thursday | 11 am<br />

Registration Link:<br />

bit.ly/csudholli-CAwildlife-SP21<br />

Meeting ID 833 1218 3778<br />

No passcode required.<br />

Host: Kristilee Kodis<br />

Volunteer and Outreach Manager<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> | www.csudh.edu/olli | (310) 243-3208 25


Pop-up Event Specials<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH<br />

NEW!<br />

Visit the <strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH website, check your <strong>OLLI</strong> Weekly<br />

Email Updates for details on <strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH Virtual Pop-ups!<br />

Designed specially to meet your lifelong learning needs,<br />

these unique virtual events were not scheduled in time for<br />

publication in the catalog.<br />

<strong>2021</strong> Planned events will include<br />

olli@csudh.edu<br />

Community Dialogues<br />

Osher Lecture Series:<br />

Ain’t I A Woman by Collette Haywood<br />

Quilling with Joan<br />

Virtual Tours<br />

and more...<br />

2020 Pop-ups included<br />

A Discussion with<br />

Ambassador Andrew Young:<br />

An Icon of a Movement<br />

Summer Series Writing Workshop<br />

with Grace Talusan<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong>day Virtual<br />





NEW!<br />

Kundalini Yoga and Other Ancient Technologies:<br />

Healing Anxiety, Depression, and Addiction<br />

during and after the Great Reset<br />

How we live, work, love, teach and heal is changing rapidly<br />

and exponentially. Ancient technologies and practices can<br />

help us as individuals can transcend the tumult we are faced with<br />

in our daily lives.<br />

The purpose of this workshop is to demonstrate how we as<br />

individuals can use ancient applied technologies (a practical<br />

skill set) to not only cope but thrive in the wake of sweeping<br />

societal change. The practices in this workshop will serve as<br />

an introduction to the wisdom school of Kundalini Yoga. The<br />

concepts of collaboration, grace, and sovereignty are embodied<br />

in the practices taught during this<br />

workshop. We use sound and form<br />

(mantra and mudra) to “honor the<br />

teacher within”. Through committing<br />

to these practices, we become<br />

less vulnerable to the thought<br />

forms that impose themselves on<br />

us in our everyday lives (through<br />

social media in particular) thereby<br />

reducing the image of anger, stress,<br />

and fear in our psyches. In sum,<br />

these applied technologies allow us to “hypnotize ourselves” so<br />

others can’t hypnotize us. Kundalini Yoga is just one set of applied<br />

technologies among many that can lead us to become masters of<br />

our own destiny rather than victims of fate.<br />

April 14<br />

Wednesday | 11:30 am - 12:30 pm<br />

Registration Link:<br />

bit.ly/csudholli-Mantra-SP21<br />

Meeting ID 837 5119 6775<br />

No passcode required.<br />

Facilitator: Kara Dellacioppa<br />

Kara Zugman Dellacioppa teaches<br />

in the Sociology Department and<br />

the Negotiation, Confict Resolution<br />

and Peace-building program at CSU<br />

Dominguez Hills. She is the author<br />

of This Bridge Called Zapatismo<br />

(Lexington Books: 2009), and has<br />

written a number of peer reviewed<br />

articles on political practices and<br />

culture, and its impact on modern<br />

democracy. Currently she is<br />

researching the practices of the<br />

ancient Druids, comparing their<br />

Celtic cosmovision with the Vedic<br />

cultures that strongly impacted the<br />

development of Kundalini Yoga.<br />

Increasingly, her research focuses<br />

what it means to take the path of the<br />

mystic in the modern world. She is also<br />

a Certifed Gallup Strengths Coach.<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> | www.csudh.edu/olli | (310) 243-3208 27


January 28, February 25,<br />

March 25, April 22, May 27<br />

and June 24<br />

Thursdays | 10 am<br />

Registration Link:<br />

bit.ly/csudholli-book-SP21<br />

Meeting ID 935 8431 7096<br />

Meeting Facilitators:<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> Book Club members<br />

The Thursday Morning Book Club<br />

We’ll read and discuss these books selected by the club members.<br />

Some questions to consider might be: How well has the author<br />

made their point? What surprised you about a character of the<br />

ending? How does the story relate to today’s ideas and lifestyles?<br />

January 28<br />

The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules<br />

by Catherina Ingelman-Sundberg<br />

A witty and insightful comedy of errors about a group of feisty<br />

seniors who, fed up with early bedtimes and overcooked veggies,<br />

set out to regain their independence, and prove it’s not the years<br />

in your life that count, it’s the life in your years.<br />

February 25<br />

The Babylon Sisters by Pearl Cleage<br />

A fast-paced and emotionally resonant novel, by turns warm and<br />

funny, serious and raw, centers on a mother and daughter who are<br />

both making the best of life and love in Atlanta.<br />

March 25<br />

The Wedding Gift by Suyapa Bodden<br />

When prestigious plantation owner Cornelius Allen gives his<br />

daughter Clarissa’s hand in marriage, she takes with her a gift:<br />

Sarah―her slave and her half-sister.<br />

April 22<br />

Becoming by Michelle Obama<br />

Becoming is the autobiography of the frst A frican American First<br />

Lady, a woman of soul and substance who has steadily defed<br />

expectations—and whose story inspires us to do the same.<br />

May 27<br />

The Dutch House by Ann Patchett<br />

A richly moving story that explores the indelible bond between<br />

two siblings, the house of their childhood, and a past that will<br />

not let them go. The Dutch House digs deeply into questions of<br />

inheritance, love and forgiveness, of how we want to see ourselves<br />

and of who we really are.<br />

June 24<br />

Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow<br />

Both a spy thriller and a meticulous work of investigative<br />

journalism, Catch and Kill breaks devastating new stories about<br />

the rampant abuse of power and sheds far-reaching light on<br />

investigations that shook our culture.<br />



TED Talks with Denise Jeferson<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> members are invited to join us on Zoom to watch short videos<br />

(18 minutes or less), and then as a group we will share and have a<br />

fun conversation about the topic.<br />

February 1<br />

The Secrets of Learning a New Language | Lydia Machova<br />

February 15<br />

Embrace Your Weirdness | Allen Edge<br />

March 1<br />

Drawing Upon Humor for Change | Liza Donnelly<br />

March 15<br />

The Power of Vulnerability | Brene Brown<br />

March 29<br />

The Danger of a Single Story | Chimamanda Ngoxi Adichie<br />

April 12<br />

The Power of Saying Thank You | Laura Trice<br />

April 26<br />

Questions No One Knows The Answers To<br />

Ted Curator Chris Anderson<br />

May 10<br />

How to Declutter Your Mind: Keep a Journal | Ryder Carroll<br />

May 24<br />

The Brain-Changing Benefts of Exercise | Wendy Suyuki<br />

February 1, 15,<br />

March 1, 15, 29,<br />

April 12, 26,<br />

May 10, & 24<br />

Mondays | 12:00 pm<br />

Registration Link:<br />

bit.ly/csudholli-tedtalks<br />

Meeting ID 966 6881 1928<br />

No passcode required.<br />

Meeting Facilitator: Denise Jefferson<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> | www.csudh.edu/olli | (310) 243-3208 29


The Ford Theatre Virtual Guided Tour<br />

NEW!<br />

On April 14, 1865, at a performance of Our American Cousin,<br />

President Abraham Lincoln was shot by Confederate sympathizer<br />

John Wilkes Booth, and died the next morning. Lincoln’s<br />

assassination shocked the nation, and Ford’s Theatre remained<br />

closed for more than 100 years. In 1968, it ofcially reopen ed, and<br />

today ofers inspiring theatrical productions, interactive m useum<br />

exhibits and engaging education programs. Here, you can immerse<br />

yourself in America’s past while fnding meaningful connections to<br />

our world today.<br />

February 1<br />

Monday | 10 am<br />

Registration Link:<br />

bit.ly/csudholli-Fordtheatre-SP21<br />

Meeting ID 813 9291 8294<br />

No passcode required.<br />

Civil War Washington:<br />

Through the Eyes of Mary Henry<br />

Explore Washington during the Civil War<br />

through the eyes of Mary Henry, the eldest<br />

daughter of Joseph Henry, physicist and the<br />

frst Secretary of the Smithsonian Institute . They<br />

lived in an apartment in the ‘castle,’ in the heart<br />

of downtown Washington. During the Civil War<br />

it was a bustling, dangerous, dirty and chaotic<br />

place. Mary had a front row seat to it all. Analyze historical and<br />

contemporary images, primary source texts with live interaction<br />

with Ford’s Education staf and National P ark Service rangers.<br />

February 8<br />

Monday | 10 am<br />

Registration Link:<br />

bit.ly/csudholli-Fordtheatre-SP21<br />

Meeting ID 813 9291 8294<br />

No passcode required.<br />

Exploring Lincoln in Washington<br />

Ford’s Theatre and The National Mall and<br />

Memorial Parks explore what Washington; D.C.<br />

was like for President Lincoln and how the city<br />

has grown and changed over time. Examine<br />

places that mattered to Lincoln during his<br />

lifetime and places where he matters to us today,<br />

including the U.S. Capitol, Washington Monument,<br />

Lincoln Memorial and Ford’s Theatre. In this interactive program,<br />

participants will look closely at historic and contemporary images<br />

of Washington D.C. including maps, photographs and illustrations.<br />



On the Move Riders Program<br />

Presents: Lectures and Virtual Tours<br />

NEW!<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH has partnered up with On The Move Riders<br />

Program. On The Move Riders Program has groups throughout<br />

LA County and connects you to new friends who can teach<br />

you about going Metro. This <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong>, we are presenting<br />

a series of two lectures and two virtual feld trips:<br />

Hosts: Stacy Jasmin-Yamato,<br />

Christine Calderon Caruso, Rev.<br />

Gyokei Yokoyama, Barbara<br />

Lashenick, and Michelle D. Garcia-<br />

Ortiz<br />

Registration Link:<br />

bit.ly/csudholli-onthemove-SP21<br />

Meeting ID 814 5065 0682<br />

No passcode required.<br />

Cyber-Seniors*<br />

A non-proft organization that provides<br />

tech support and training to seniors<br />

Cyber-Seniors’ mission is to bridge the digital divide and<br />

connect generations through technology. It does so through<br />

the development and dissemination of resources that enable<br />

community organizations to provide tech-training for senior<br />

citizens using an intergenerational, youth volunteer model.<br />

February 23<br />

Tuesday | 1:30 pm<br />

Registration Link:<br />

bit.ly/csudholli-onthemove-SP21<br />

Meeting ID 814 5065 0682<br />

Speaker: Christine Calderon Caruso,<br />

Community Relations Manager<br />

Christine has more than 15 years of<br />

experience working with large and<br />

small non-proft organizations in<br />

Los Angeles. Notably, she’s worked<br />

for Union Rescue Mission, St. Vincent<br />

Meals on Wheels and the Dr. Phil<br />

Foundation. She started her nonproft<br />

career as a lead counselor and<br />

worked her way up to supervising<br />

programs. She eventually found her<br />

true calling in Fund Development and<br />

Community Relations. Her passion<br />

in helping seniors led her to work for<br />

Cyber Seniors.<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> | www.csudh.edu/olli | (310) 243-3208 31


March 23<br />

Tuesday | 11 am<br />

Registration Link:<br />

bit.ly/csudholli-onthemove-SP21<br />

Meeting ID 814 5065 0682<br />

Speaker: Rev. Gyokei Yokoyama<br />

Rev. Gyokei Yokoyama is a Soto Zen<br />

missionary serving Sozenji Buddhist<br />

Temple in Montebello, and a nondenominational<br />

Buddhist community<br />

in Long Beach. He extends his Zen<br />

meditation activity to the communities<br />

through a local interfaith group, and<br />

the clergies’ social justice group.<br />

Meditation and Relaxation Techniques<br />

Zen Meditation Practice<br />

is a traditional form of<br />

Buddhist practice that<br />

originates from Dhyāna<br />

(meditation) in ancient<br />

Buddhism introduced by<br />

Bodhidharma to China<br />

in the 5th century. The<br />

discussion will introduce<br />

a bit of historical background,<br />

the way Zen practice has been incorporated in today’s<br />

modern life in North America and how we can introduce this<br />

practice in our regular daily life.<br />

April 13<br />

Tuesday | 11 am<br />

Registration Link:<br />

bit.ly/csudholli-onthemove-SP21<br />

Meeting ID 814 5065 0682<br />

Tour guide: Barbara Lashenick<br />

LA Metro Art Docent Council Principal,<br />

Community Relations Ofcer<br />

The Metro Art Docent Council was<br />

created in 1999 by Maya Emsden,<br />

director of LA Metro Creative Arts &<br />

Services and Barbara Lashenick.<br />

After attending a tour led by Maya<br />

Emsden of the art in the Metro<br />

Building, Barbara was so impressed<br />

she promised to become a docent<br />

if a program was ever started.<br />

Six months later Ms. Emdsden hired<br />

her to do just that. A team of 30<br />

volunteer docents provides free tours<br />

of the art commissioned for the Metro<br />

Rail system. Currently, they conduct<br />

virtual tours of the E Line, with more<br />

Metro Lines in the works.<br />

Metro Art / E Line (Expo) Stations<br />

It takes approximately 35 minutes and includes 6 stations and the<br />

artwork commissioned for them on the E Line. Also, learn about the<br />

fabrication process, actual photos of the art installation, the history<br />

or neighborhood information around the stations and information<br />

about the artists.<br />



The Founding of Los Angeles and<br />

A General History of El Pueblo<br />

This virtual tour explores and discusses many of the historical sites<br />

of El Pueblo including the Plaza Kiosko, The Pico House, and The<br />

Avila Adobe. It highlights many of the facts and locations guests<br />

would experience when visiting our site.<br />

May 11<br />

Tuesday | 11 am<br />

Registration Link:<br />

bit.ly/csudholli-onthemove-SP21<br />

Meeting ID 814 5065 0682<br />

Tour guide: Michelle D. Garcia-Ortiz<br />

Michelle D. Garcia-Ortiz is a Project<br />

Assistant and History Supervisor for<br />

El Pueblo Historical Monument, City<br />

of Los Angeles. She is proud to have<br />

launched and facilitated a variety of<br />

free, interactive educational programs<br />

for Special Assistance Guests and<br />

Pre-K through Post Graduate Students.<br />

Prior to working at El Pueblo, Michelle<br />

worked at The Disneyland Resort as<br />

a Youth Education Facilitator where<br />

she taught California History and the<br />

History of Animation. Michelle is a<br />

proud Alumnae of Glen A. Wilson High<br />

School and Cal State San Bernardino<br />

where she earned a Bachelor’s<br />

Degree in Public & Oral History.<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> | www.csudh.edu/olli | (310) 243-3208 33


March 30<br />

Tuesday | 1 pm<br />

Registration Link:<br />

bit.ly/csudholli-MOLAA-SP21<br />

Meeting ID 850 5447 5112 No<br />

passcode required.<br />

Host: MOLAA Educator<br />

MOLAA Docent Led Virtual Tour:<br />

Oaxacalifornia: Through the Experience<br />

of The Duo Tlacolulokos<br />

NEW!<br />

The exhibition of For the Pride of Your Hometown, the Way of the<br />

Elders and in Memory of the Forgotten (2016-2017) by Oaxacan<br />

artistic duo Tlacolulokos, Dario Canul (1986) y Cosijoesa Cernas<br />

(1992), showcase the murals that participated in the project<br />

Visualizing Language organized by The Library Foundation of<br />

Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Public Library for the PST LA:<br />

LA project that occurred in 2017.<br />

The murals explore the intersections of language and culture<br />

as a key lifeline – sustaining the shared experience between<br />

Los Angeles and Mexico, and beyond. By focusing on exploring<br />

the history and underrepresentation of indigenous peoples, the<br />

murals address how migration and the socio-political environment<br />

shape identity and cultural traditions.<br />

These murals are now part of the MOLAA Permanent Collection<br />

and will continue to be available to the public at the Museum<br />

as part of an exhibition to showcase their relevance within the<br />

context of LatinX communities in California. These murals will also<br />

be accompanied by a comprehensive and dynamic interpretive<br />

program that expands on the symbols used in each mural.<br />



Sanitation District Virtual Guided Tours<br />

NEW!<br />

Get a behind-the-scenes look into the Los Angeles County<br />

Sanitation District’s (LACSD) innovative systems that protect public<br />

health and the environment. Join the virtual feld trip an d learn all<br />

about how the LACSD processes wastewater and food waste into<br />

useful energy and resources!<br />

February 22, March 22,<br />

April 19 and May 24<br />

Mondays | 11 am<br />

This is NOT a pre-registered<br />

course. You must use<br />

Meeting ID 339 720 6095<br />

at the start of the event.<br />

Facilitator: Sylvya Raygoza,<br />

Secretary II | Information Services<br />

Food Waste Program<br />

The Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts have developed an<br />

important program to increase organics recycling in Los Angeles<br />

County by diverting food waste from landflls and converting<br />

this waste into resources. This program involves collecting food<br />

waste that has been separated from other wastes at the home<br />

or business and processing that waste into slurry (think food<br />

processor).<br />

The Sanitation Districts and Waste Management started this<br />

food waste demonstration project in early 2014. After three years,<br />

this project recycled more than 50,000 tons of food waste and<br />

was deemed a success. The project provided the Sanitation<br />

Districts with valuable information towards implementing a fullscale<br />

project and provides a road map for other areas of the<br />

country that are interested in organics recycling. Join us in this<br />

docent-led virtual tour.<br />

February 22<br />

Monday | 11 am<br />

This is NOT a pre-registered<br />

course. You must use<br />

Meeting ID: 339 720 6095<br />

at the start of the event.<br />

Facilitator: Sylvya Raygoza,<br />

Secretary II | Information Services<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> | www.csudh.edu/olli | (310) 243-3208 35


March 22<br />

Monday | 11 am<br />

This is NOT a pre-registered<br />

course. You must use<br />

Meeting ID: 339 720 6095<br />

at the start of the event.<br />

Facilitator: Sylvya Raygoza,<br />

Secretary II | Information Services<br />

Bixby Marshland<br />

Did you know that in addition to operating wastewater and<br />

solid waste facilities, the Sanitation Districts own and maintain a<br />

marshland? Yes, it’s true! The Bixby Marshland, a 17-acre marsh, is<br />

located to the northwest of the Joint Water Pollution Control Plant<br />

near the intersection of Figueroa Street and Sepulveda Boulevard<br />

in the City of Carson. The marsh was restored by the Sanitation<br />

Districts and reopened to the public in 2009. Now that the marsh<br />

has been rejuvenated, a large variety of plants, birds, f sh, and<br />

animals call the Bixby Marshland home.<br />

The Bixby Marshland is a remnant of a formerly extensive, naturalfreshwater<br />

wetland known as Bixby Slough. Over the years, most<br />

of Bixby Slough was destroyed due to development.<br />

To restore the Bixby Marshland, the site was vegetated with a<br />

large number of native plants and regraded to improve the fow<br />

of water. A pump was installed to lift storm water and urban runof<br />

from Wilmington Drain into the marshland. After going through the<br />

marshland, the water exits back into Wilmington Drain. Through<br />

this restoration efort, the site has been rejuvenated, ren ewing the<br />

marshland’s health and increasing its value to wildlife. Join us in<br />

this docent led virtual tour.<br />

April 19<br />

Monday | 11 am<br />

This is NOT a pre-registered<br />

course. You must use<br />

Meeting ID 339 720 6095<br />

at the start of the event.<br />

Facilitator: Sylvya Raygoza,<br />

Secretary II | Information Services<br />

Palmdale Water Reclamation<br />

The Palmdale Water Reclamation Plant (WRP) currently provides<br />

primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment for a design capacity<br />

of 12 million gallons of wastewater per day (MGD) and serves a<br />

population of approximately 150,000 people. The Palmdale WRP<br />

processes all wastewater solids generated within its service<br />

area. The wastewater<br />

solids are anaerobically<br />

digested, stored,<br />

and then dewatered<br />

using centrifuges. The<br />

dewatered cake, or<br />

biosolids, is hauled away<br />

for agricultural land<br />

application. Join us in this<br />

docent led virtual tour.<br />



San Jose Creek Water Reclamation program<br />

The San Jose Creek<br />

Water Reclamation<br />

Plant (WRP) consists<br />

of two hydraulically<br />

interconnected<br />

facilities that are<br />

situated on the east<br />

and west side of the<br />

San Gabriel River<br />

(I-605) freeway. It<br />

currently provides<br />

primary, secondary,<br />

and tertiary treatment for a design capacity of 100 million gallons<br />

of wastewater per day (MGD) and serves a large residential<br />

population of approximately 1,000,000 people. Join us in this<br />

docent led virtual tour.<br />

May 24<br />

Monday | 11 am<br />

This is NOT a pre-registered<br />

course. You must use<br />

Meeting ID 339 720 6095<br />

at the start of the event.<br />

Meeting Facilitator: Sylvya Raygoza,<br />

Secretary II, Information Services<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> | www.csudh.edu/olli | (310) 243-3208 37


June 19<br />

Saturday<br />

Juneteenth Celebration<br />

Check your <strong>OLLI</strong> Weekly<br />

Email Updates for details.<br />

Please join us for <strong>OLLI</strong>’s 11th annual celebration of the Texas<br />

Emancipation Proclamation, made on June 19, 1865, when<br />

African-American slaves in the state of Texas fnally received<br />

ofcial notice of their freedom. <strong>OLLI</strong> Juneteenth Celebration<br />

is a relaxed afternoon of fun-flled entertainment, food, and an<br />

exploration of history, cultural practices and contributions of<br />

African-Americans to American society.<br />

February 5<br />

Friday | 10 am - 11 am<br />

(Virtual Tour of CSUDH<br />

at 11:10am-12:30pm)<br />

Registration Link:<br />

bit.ly/csudholli-NMO-SP21<br />

Meeting ID 845 2400 2546<br />

New Members Orientation Meeting<br />

Join and participate in this engaging orientation about the benefts<br />

of being an <strong>OLLI</strong> member and learn how/where to register<br />

for <strong>Spring</strong> online classes. Registration is required.<br />

n Participate in virtual zoom discussion groups on a variety of<br />

topics each term<br />

n Enroll in special interest, technology and other online<br />

workshops designed for lifelong learners<br />

n Attend short courses and participate in virtual feld trips<br />

n 10-minute intermission between 11:00 am-11:10 am.<br />

At 11:10 am we will resume with a virtual tour of CSUDH.<br />


<strong>OLLI</strong>’s Peer-led<br />

Program—<br />

Omnilore<br />

Omnilore is <strong>OLLI</strong>’s peer-led group,<br />

a learning-in-retirement community<br />

of approximately 300 seniors who<br />

organize study/discussion groups<br />

on dozens of diverse topics<br />

that are conceived, planned and<br />

directed by the members.<br />

Omnilore is open to active <strong>OLLI</strong><br />

members who seek intellectual<br />

stimulation and the challenge<br />

of shared inquiry.<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> | www.csudh.edu/olli | (310) 243-3208 39

PEER-LED CLASSES (Omnilore)<br />

Before registering in the peer-led<br />

program, an orientation session<br />

is required. Please RSVP to<br />

(310) 215-1848 at least 3 days prior.<br />

Directions and parking information<br />

will be provided.<br />

Beach Cities Health Center<br />

Lower Level Suites L8 & L9<br />

514 N Prospect Ave<br />

Redondo Beach, CA 90277<br />

www.omnilore.org<br />

Please note that until further notice,<br />

Omnilore S/D Groups will be held<br />

virtually using Zoom.<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong>’s Peer-led (Omnilore) Orientation<br />

The peer-led program of <strong>OLLI</strong> at CSUDH is known as Omnilore.<br />

The study/discussion group is the core of the peer-led program.<br />

Within the group, each member participates by choosing a topic<br />

related to the subject under study, doing research on it and then<br />

presenting the information to the group. Some study/discussion<br />

groups are structured around a book, which all members read<br />

and discuss as part of the meetings. Groups meet for two hours<br />

twice each month, 8 meetings for a total of 16 hours. The exact<br />

time of each class is set by the participants.<br />

Please note that the books listed for each course are only possible<br />

candidates. Do not buy any until the pre-meeting and a decision<br />

on the common reading is made.<br />

Holiday periods are adapted to by individual class voting.<br />

Although the <strong>Spring</strong> orientation dates have passed, you<br />

can prepare for the following trimester by attending orientation<br />

meetings on Thursday, February 25, <strong>2021</strong> at 10:00 am in L9 or<br />

Monday, March 8, <strong>2021</strong> at 1:30pm in L8.<br />

Call (310) 215-1848 for more details and payment information,<br />

or visit the Omnilore website at www.omnilore.org<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> classes start in May and end in August.<br />

Fall classes start in September and end in December.<br />

The Forum (Speaker Luncheon)<br />

The Forum is a special luncheon held by Omnilore (<strong>OLLI</strong>’s peer-led<br />

learning group) every quarter which features a speaker on a<br />

variety of topics. It is a social as well as an educational event.<br />

Open to members and non-members, reservations must be<br />

received 10 days prior to the event. Cost is $27. Speakers have<br />

included best-selling authors, public afairs e xperts, college<br />

professors, magazine and newspaper columnists, music, art<br />

and food experts, librarians as well as many other specialists.<br />

For further information or to make a reservation for attendance,<br />

please e-mail forum@omnilore.org.<br />

Questions? Contact Linda Jenson (310) 375-7693.<br />


PEER-LED CLASSES (Omnilore)<br />

Omnilore Topics Ofered For <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> Classes start January 4, <strong>2021</strong><br />

Please note that the books listed for each course are only possible<br />

and end April 30, <strong>2021</strong><br />

candidates. Do not buy any until the pre-meeting and a decision Holiday periods are adapted to by<br />

on the common reading is made.<br />

individual class voting.<br />

(BYE) Bye Bye, Stress<br />

Do you feel like we’re living in catastrophic times? It’s fair to say<br />

that if you’re not stressed, you probably haven’t been paying<br />

attention. But Omnilore’s got a cure for that (or at least some relief),<br />

and there’s no alcohol involved.<br />

To address stress and help people build resilience and mental<br />

strength, more than 720 hospitals, clinics and medical programs<br />

use a program called mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR).<br />

MBSR is based on our recommended text, “Full Catastrophe<br />

Living,” written by and used for decades by the head of the Stress<br />

Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Memorial<br />

Medical Center. The MBSR program also comes recommended by<br />

the Veterans Administration’s head of the psychology department.<br />

Beyond enlightening us on the scientifc basis for MBSR, this book<br />

provides a friendly guide and support if you wish to begin or to<br />

deepen a daily practice of mindfulness in your own life, especially<br />

in the face of stress, pain, or a chronic illness.<br />

Common Reading:<br />

Full Catastrophe Living<br />

(Revised Edition): Using the Wisdom<br />

of Your Body and Mind to Face<br />

Stress, Pain, and Illness<br />

by Jon Kabat-Zinn<br />

(September 2013)<br />

(CAS) Caste: The Origins of Our Discontent<br />

“Like Martin Luther King, Jr. before her, Isabel Wilkerson has<br />

traveled the world to study the caste system and has returned<br />

to show us more clearly than ever before how caste is<br />

permanently embedded in the foundation and unseen structural<br />

beams of America.”<br />

The text for this S/DG presents a new framework for examining how<br />

caste (rather than race per se) plays out in America. It describes in<br />

detail how caste has functioned in other countries, like India and<br />

Germany, and analyzes the similarities to American society.<br />

Whether or not you are persuaded by Wilkerson’s arguments, in<br />

this year of social unrest this is a book worth discussing. Our S/DG<br />

doesn’t promise to be comfortable – but it provides an opportunity<br />

for serious, perhaps even soul-searching, discussion. If you’re an<br />

Omnilorean, you’ll enjoy the challenge!<br />

Common Reading:<br />

Caste: The Origins of Our Discontent<br />

by Isabel Wilkerson<br />

(August 4, 2020)<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> | www.csudh.edu/olli | (310) 243-3208 41

PEER-LED CLASSES (Omnilore)<br />

Common Reading:<br />

Capitalism, Socialism, and<br />

Democracy by Joseph Schumpeter<br />

(November 2008, paperback;<br />

4 stars, $4-9 paper, $1 ebook)<br />

(CSD) Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy<br />

This could be the antidote for any confrmation bias one might<br />

have on all three of the title “isms”. With dry humor and exhaustive<br />

parsing, Schumpeter takes all three apart and puts them together<br />

again. He does it so well that one gets the feeling that, if one<br />

were queen, one could create a system that would work —<br />

except that the author has in the process laid bare the faws<br />

of one-person rule.<br />

Economy is known as the dismal science, but Schumpeter writes<br />

more like a philosopher than an economist. There are no formulas<br />

here, just analysis of every conceivable mutation of each system<br />

in turn, including all the ways they might be combined. The history<br />

of capitalism is examined with due appreciation of the progress<br />

it has achieved in industrialized states, but Schumpeter says<br />

that at a certain point, capitalism becomes its own worst enemy.<br />

Socialism is shown to be not incompatible with democracy, but<br />

then again, democracy cannot be counted upon to fx inefcient<br />

socialist management.<br />

Common Reading:<br />

Appreciating Dance – A Guide<br />

to the World’s Liveliest Art<br />

by Harriet Libs – (A Dance Horizons<br />

Book, ffth edition; June 2018)<br />

(DAN) The History of Dance<br />

The History of Dance will prove to be a thorough and accurate<br />

study of various forms of dance throughout the ages. The class will<br />

analyze everything from social dance and ballet to modern dance,<br />

tap, jazz, theatrical and contemporary dance. the appreciation of<br />

dance as an art form will be guaranteed. We may even do a little<br />

dancing ourselves. So get your dance shoes handy, because we’re<br />

going to jive and have a good time!<br />

Performances by well-known dancers such as Mikhail Baryshnikov,<br />

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Gene Kelly, Marge and Gower<br />

Champion, Misty Copeland, and Derek Hough, in addition to the<br />

works of Martha Graham, George Balanchine, Jerome Robbins,<br />

Bob Fosse and Broadway dance showstoppers will be the<br />

highlights of this class.<br />


PEER-LED CLASSES (Omnilore)<br />

(DOE) The Death of Expertise<br />

People are now exposed to more information than ever before,<br />

provided both by technology and by increasing access to every<br />

level of education. These societal gains, however, have also helped<br />

fuel a surge in narcissistic and misguided intellectual egalitarianism<br />

that has crippled informed debates on any number of issues. Today,<br />

everyone knows everything. All voices, even the most ridiculous,<br />

demand to be taken with equal seriousness, and any claim to the<br />

contrary is dismissed as undemocratic elitism.<br />

Paradoxically, the increasingly democratic dissemination of<br />

information, rather than producing an educated public, has instead<br />

created an army of ill-informed and angry citizens who denounce<br />

intellectual achievement.<br />

Tom Nichols, the author, has deeper concerns than the current<br />

rejection of expertise and learning, noting that when ordinary<br />

citizens believe that no one knows more than anyone else,<br />

democratic institutions themselves are in danger of falling either to<br />

populism or to technocracy--or in the worst case, a combination of<br />

both. This is not only an exploration of a dangerous phenomenon<br />

but also a warning about the stability and survival of modern<br />

democracy in the Information Age.<br />

Common Reading:<br />

The Death of Expertise:<br />

The Campaign Against Established<br />

Knowledge and Why It Matters<br />

by Tom Nichols (March 2017)<br />

(FLM) The Cross and the Cinema:<br />

Films Banned by the Legion of Decency<br />

From 1933 to 1978, the National Legion of Decency, which was<br />

a Catholic organization, had a rating system by which flms<br />

were given an A, B, or C rating. Those given a C rating were<br />

“condemned” for American Catholics. Legion-organized boycotts<br />

made a C rating harmful to a flm ’s distribution and proftability .<br />

Still, many flms that received a C rating are now considered<br />

classics (or are otherwise well-known). Some of them are Reefer<br />

Madness, 8 ½, The Outlaw, The Moon is Blue, The Last Picture<br />

Show, A Clockwork Orange, and Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice.<br />

In fact, in 2017, Turner Classic Movies organized a flm festival of<br />

27 movies banned by the Legion of Decency.<br />

The complete list of condemned movies (including some<br />

for which edits were made) can be found at<br />

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_flms_condemned_by_the _<br />

Legion_of_Decency<br />

No Common Reading.<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> | www.csudh.edu/olli | (310) 243-3208 43

PEER-LED CLASSES (Omnilore)<br />

Common Reading:<br />

Until the End of Time: Mind,<br />

Matter, and Our Search for Meaning<br />

in an Evolving Universe<br />

by Brian Greene (February 2020)<br />

(FMU) Finding Meaning in the<br />

Evolving Universe<br />

This S/DG will consider and discuss humanity’s place in a universe<br />

when everything is governed by unwavering physical laws, to<br />

which man is no exception.<br />

Brian Greene, Director of the Center for Theoretical Physics at<br />

Columbia University, is the author of the book identifed for the<br />

common reading. In a little over 300 pages (plus extensive<br />

notes), he takes the reader on a journey across time, from our most<br />

refned understanding of the universe ’s beginning, to the closest<br />

science can take us to the very end. He explores how life and<br />

mind emerged from the initial chaos, and how our minds,<br />

in coming to understand their own impermanence, seek in diferent<br />

ways to give meaning to experience: in narrative, myth, religion,<br />

creative expression, science, the quest for truth, and our longing<br />

for the eternal.<br />

Common Reading:<br />

How Music Works<br />

by David Byrne (September 2012)<br />

(HMW) How Music Works<br />

In this S/DG we will study and discuss the form and infuence of<br />

music as an art form.<br />

A summary of our text, authored by a member of the band<br />

The Talking Heads:<br />

“A remarkable and buoyant celebration of a subject Byrne has<br />

spent a lifetime thinking about…He explores how profoundly music<br />

is shaped by its time and place, and he explains how the advent of<br />

recording technology in the twentieth century forever changed our<br />

relationship to playing, performing, and listening to music.<br />

“Acting as historian and anthropologist, raconteur and social<br />

scientist, he searches for patterns—and shows how those patterns<br />

have afected his own work over the years.<br />

“Touching on the joy, the physics, and even the business of<br />

making music, How Music Works is a brainy, irresistible adventure<br />

and an impassioned argument about music’s liberating, lifeafrming<br />

power .”<br />

Join us as we take music apart and put it back together again.<br />


PEER-LED CLASSES (Omnilore)<br />

(IAL) Isabel Allende<br />

Isabel Allende, a Chilean-American writer, is noted for several<br />

novels in the magic realism genre, and is considered one of the<br />

frst successful woman novelists from Latin America. Currently,<br />

she is the best-selling author in the Spanish language. She was<br />

awarded the Chilean National Prize in Literature in 2010 and the<br />

U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2014.<br />

You’ll notice that one particular text is not ofered as the basis<br />

for this course. Instead, the class participants will decide at the<br />

pre-meeting which Allende novels we’d like to read and discuss.<br />

In addition to her books, there are numerous YouTube videos<br />

featuring Allende with noted celebrity interviewers, where she<br />

elaborates on several of the themes outlined above. An hour-long<br />

documentary is also available online.<br />

Common Reading:<br />

TBD<br />

(NUC) What About Nuclear Power<br />

History’s worst nuclear accident was in Russia in 1986. Chernobyl<br />

has become shorthand for what can happen when a dishonest and<br />

careless state endangers not only its own citizens, but those far<br />

beyond its own borders.<br />

Admiral Hyman Rickover was the famboyant maverick naval hero<br />

who developed the frst nuclear submarine and aircraft carrier, and<br />

the frst commercial U.S. nuclear power plant. But left unconsidered<br />

was the nuclear waste that would pile up, and the possible theft<br />

and weaponization of nuclear material. Rickover’s nuclear plants<br />

eclipsed the concept of breeder reactors, which might have solved<br />

both problems and possibly averted global warming and wars over<br />

fossil fuels as well.<br />

While reading this bleak perspective on nuclear power, one might<br />

consider making presentations that show modern alternatives,<br />

championed by Bill Gates among others.<br />

Common Reading:<br />

Midnight in Chernobyl<br />

by Adam Higginbotham<br />

(February 2020)<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> | www.csudh.edu/olli | (310) 243-3208 45

PEER-LED CLASSES (Omnilore)<br />

Common Reading:<br />

The Greater Journey:<br />

Americans in Paris,<br />

by David McCullough (May 2012)<br />

(PAR) Americans in Paris<br />

In the 1800s, many prominent Americans traveled to Paris. Did you<br />

know that before he invented the telegraph, Samuel Morse was an<br />

exceptional painter? Yes, in Paris! One of his famous works included<br />

a portrait of American writer James Fenimore Cooper, who was<br />

also living in…Paris! Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. and America’s frst<br />

female physician Elizabeth Blackwell also came to Paris to enhance<br />

their medical skills, as France’s medical practices during the<br />

period were cutting edge. Renowned American artists John Singer<br />

Sargent and Mary Cassat were there. Sculptor Augustus Saint-<br />

Gaudens, whose works stand in the Boston Commons, Chicago’s<br />

Grant Park and NYC’s Central Park studied as a young man in…<br />

you guessed it, Paris.<br />

Our text, by well-loved author and Pulitzer Prize recipient David<br />

McCullough, rests on a foundation of staggering research and<br />

follows the many Americans who picked up and sailed to France<br />

to enrich their lives, advance their learning, and soak up the<br />

knowledge, the culture, the atmosphere, and the beauty of the<br />

world’s center for arts, science, and medicine.<br />

Common Reading:<br />

Selected Plays<br />

(SHK) Shakespeare:<br />

All The World’s A Stage…<br />

The Omnilorean New Globe Players plan a fun January-April<br />

<strong>2021</strong> season! With players standing and with a few props,<br />

we usually read one History play, one Comedy, and one<br />

Tragedy, but sometimes we read 2 or 3 Comedies depending<br />

on preferences expressed at the pre-meeting in December.<br />

Class members will learn how to research all perspectives of<br />

Shakespeare’s works — sources upon which the Bard builds rich<br />

characters and enhances the plots, how to play each character<br />

“in character,” themes, symbols, images, motifs, and commentary<br />

on issues of the day. Members will leave this class with a fuller<br />

understanding of the masterful story construction, realistic<br />

characters with depth and humanity, and the rich, evocative<br />

language which have earned William Shakespeare the title of<br />

greatest writer in the English language.<br />


PEER-LED CLASSES (Omnilore)<br />

(SSM) Short Story Masters<br />

This short story class will focus on the masterpieces of short<br />

story fction from 52 of the greatest storytellers of all time . From<br />

Sherwood Anderson to Virginia Woolf, we will fnd these 63 stories<br />

accessible, engaging and relevant while also learning about the<br />

lives of such authors as: Joyce Carol Oates, Joseph Conrad,<br />

Edgar Allen Poe, John Updike, James Baldwin, Margaret Atwood,<br />

D. H. Lawrence, and William Faulkner--to mention just a few.<br />

The book’s unique integration of their biographical and critical<br />

backgrounds will bring intimate understanding of the works of<br />

these authors.<br />

Common Reading:<br />

The Art of the Short Story –<br />

52 Great Authors, Their Best Short<br />

Fiction and Their Insights on Writing<br />

edited by Dana Gioia and<br />

R.S. Glynn (Pearson Publisher,<br />

1st edition; September 2005)<br />

(SUP) Landmark Supreme Court Decisions<br />

This S/DG will study some of the most important Supreme Court<br />

decisions throughout American history. Anchored by the book,<br />

Supreme Court Decisions, the S/DG reads about cases that cover<br />

a vast array of issues, from the powers of government and freedom<br />

of speech to freedom of religion and civil liberties. The author<br />

ofers commentary on each case and e xcerpts from the opinions of<br />

the Justices that show the range of debate in the Supreme Court<br />

and its importance to civil society.<br />

Common Reading:<br />

Supreme Court Decisions<br />

edited by Richard Beeman<br />

(Paperback – August 2012)<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> | www.csudh.edu/olli | (310) 243-3208 47

PEER-LED CLASSES (Omnilore)<br />

Common Reading:<br />

Upheaval: Turning Points<br />

for Nations in Crisis<br />

by Jared Diamond (May 2019)<br />

(TPN) Upheaval: Turning Points for Nations<br />

This study group will consider Jared Diamond’s historical analysis of<br />

societies that failed because the wrong political and environmental<br />

decisions were made over many centuries. He reveals how<br />

successful nations recover from crises while adopting selective<br />

changes — a coping mechanism more commonly associated with<br />

individuals recovering from personal crises. Diamond compares<br />

how six countries have survived recent upheavals — ranging from<br />

the forced opening of Japan by U.S. Commodore Perry’s feet,<br />

to the Soviet Union’s attack on Finland, to a murderous coup or<br />

countercoup in Chile and Indonesia, to the transformations of<br />

Germany and Austria after World War II. These nations coped,<br />

to varying degrees, through mechanisms such as acknowledgment<br />

of responsibility, painfully honest self-appraisal, and learning from<br />

models of other nations. The text’s author also postulates a<br />

dozen general lessons that might realistically be gained from<br />

examining history.<br />

Common Reading:<br />

The Accidental President:<br />

Harry S. Truman and the Four<br />

Months That Changed the World<br />

by A. J. Baime (October 2018)<br />

(TRU) The Accidental President<br />

Heroes are often defned as ordinary characters who get pushed<br />

into extraordinary circumstances, and through courage and a dash<br />

of luck, cement their place in history. Chosen as FDR’s fourth-term<br />

vice president for his well-praised work ethic, good judgment,<br />

and lack of enemies, Harry S. Truman was the prototypical<br />

ordinary man--that is, until he was shockingly thrust in over his<br />

head after FDR’s sudden death. The frst four months of Truman’s<br />

administration saw the founding of the United Nations, the fall of<br />

Berlin, victory at Okinawa, frebombings in Tokyo, the frst atomic<br />

explosion, the Nazi surrender, the liberation of concentration<br />

camps, the mass starvation in Europe, the Potsdam Conference,<br />

the controversial decision to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the<br />

surrender of imperial Japan, and fnally , the end of World War II and<br />

the rise of the Cold War. No other president had ever faced so<br />

much in such a short period of time.<br />

The book supporting this S/DG escorts readers into the situation<br />

room with Truman during a tumultuous, history-making 120 days,<br />

when the stakes were high and the challenges even higher.<br />


In Loving Memory<br />

Howard Korman<br />

We all are saddened by the sudden passing of Howard Korman,<br />

a dear friend and colleague at Omnilore. Howard passed away<br />

peacefully on December 16, 2020 while at home in Torrance with<br />

his wife, Dale. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, both Howard and Dale<br />

attended Case Western University. Howard went on to Harvard<br />

University where he earned a master’s degree and a PhD.<br />

The Kormans moved to California in 1968 where Howard<br />

founded a Systems Engineering Extension Program for UC<br />

Riverside, co-authored a book for the program, and taught<br />

a course on Concept Development. He also taught at USC’s<br />

Graduate School of Mechanical Engineering.<br />

Retiring after 38 years with Northrup and its former entity, TRW,<br />

Howard and Dale joined Omnilore in 2006. Over the years,<br />

Howard has participated in 45 classes and found the time<br />

to serve as President, Membership Chair, and most recently<br />

Curriculum Committee Chair. When asked his best memories<br />

of Omnilore, Howard responded, “[all] the wonderful S/DGs<br />

that I’ve taken over the past 14 years,” and he stressed that the<br />

intellectual stimulation and wonderful people in<br />

Omnilore have signifcant meaning to him.<br />

His love of music was refected in his enthusiastic involvement<br />

with the Torrance Symphony, playing the tuba in the<br />

Palos Verdes Symphonic Band and in a Klezmer band,<br />

and singing in two choirs at Temple Menorah. Both Howard<br />

and Dale were in the Norris Theater production of the Notables<br />

performing with the Primetime Players group.<br />

Both Square dancers since 1971, they were the California Couple<br />

on the Square Dancers of America foat in the<br />

1977 Rose Parade—the frst time a foat had live dancers.<br />

Howard has left a legacy of love for his family<br />

and a commitment to his temple and community<br />

as a leader, volunteer, student, and musician. We will miss him,<br />

and we will remember him with respect and admiration.<br />

Howard is survived by his wife, Dale and her mother, Harriet;<br />

children, Arik Korman (Monica), Caryn Keenan (Mickey) and<br />

Diane Numark (Clif); and grandchildren, Drew and Jaymes, Zan,<br />

and Lincoln and Pearl. He is also survived by his sister, Elaine<br />

Frank and brother, Shelly Korman and their children.<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> | www.csudh.edu/olli | (310) 243-3208 49

UNIVERSITY COURSES for <strong>OLLI</strong> Members<br />

Note: Enrollment as an auditor<br />

means the student does not take tests<br />

or complete graded assignments.<br />

At the discretion of the instructor,<br />

an auditor may be required to<br />

participate in classroom activities.<br />

You are invited to view the<br />

Open University Class<br />

Schedule online by visiting the<br />

Extended Education website at<br />

www.csudh.edu/ceie<br />

A program for <strong>OLLI</strong> Members who want to<br />

participate in University courses<br />

Eligibility to enroll in regular campus courses through the <strong>OLLI</strong><br />

University program for a signifcantly reduced fee is one of the<br />

membership benefts of <strong>OLLI</strong> at CSUDH.<br />

The <strong>OLLI</strong> University program allows individuals to enroll in<br />

regular campus classes without being admitted to the University.<br />

Transcripts, application and other documentation are not required.<br />

However, instructor permission is required to participate in a<br />

course, and <strong>OLLI</strong> University students are accepted on a space<br />

available basis.<br />

The regular Open University fee is $311 per unit for undergraduate<br />

courses, and $369 per unit for graduate courses, but <strong>OLLI</strong><br />

members may audit courses for only $30 per unit.<br />

The process is easy.<br />

1. Pick up an Open University class schedule from the<br />

Extended Education Registration ofce.<br />

2. Find the course you would like to enroll in.<br />

3. Fill out the registration forms in the Open University class<br />

schedule.<br />

4. Bring the completed registration form to the frst class meeting<br />

and ask the instructor to sign the form.<br />

5. Then return the signed and completed form to the Extended<br />

Education Registration ofce and pay fees.<br />

6. You will be enrolled in the course on an audit basis and receive<br />

an “AU” on your transcript for the course.<br />


<strong>OLLI</strong> SPONSORS AND VOLUNTEERS<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> at CSUDH Volunteer Opportunities<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> is a volunteer organization that depends on the involvement<br />

of its membership to function and grow. We are looking for<br />

individuals who would like to lend their skills to the day-to-day<br />

administration of classes and to planning courses, activities<br />

and publications.<br />

Please see the Volunteer Checklist on the back of the<br />

Membership Form for a complete list of opportunities,<br />

and to signify your interest in volunteering.<br />

Here are some of the ways you can share<br />

your love for <strong>OLLI</strong> at CSUDH:<br />

Activities—Coordinate feld trips, special events, and ad hoc<br />

ofsite activities.<br />

Communications—Develop membership publications.<br />

Curriculum Committee—Develop ideas for courses, lectures,<br />

computer workshops, discussion groups and feld trips; identify<br />

instructors from CSUDH faculty, community experts, and <strong>OLLI</strong><br />

members; organize class schedules, and publish the <strong>OLLI</strong> catalogs.<br />

Fundraising Committee—Work with the program leadership to<br />

establish fun and learning events to invite members, prospective<br />

members and donors to. Tasks include assuring that every <strong>OLLI</strong><br />

donor feels thanked and valued. Fundraising training will be<br />

provided.<br />

Hospitality—Organize and coordinate the social aspects of<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> at CSUDH events like Open House, the holiday party,<br />

Junteenth Celebration and the annual meeting.<br />

Membership & Marketing—Committee works together to acquire<br />

and retain current members; welcome, orient and engage new<br />

members and develop and implement a marketing plan.<br />

Ambassador Committee—Assist with special events, reminder<br />

phone calls, special mailings, survey reviews, etc., supports <strong>OLLI</strong><br />

instructors in class, and represents <strong>OLLI</strong> at designated South Bay<br />

events. Committee members are also responsible for greeting<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> members, instructors and visitors at meetings and events.<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> Sponsors<br />

& Contributors<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> at CSUDH Invites<br />

Sponsors and Contributors<br />

CSUDH, through the Osher Lifelong<br />

Learning Institute, provides collegelevel<br />

experiences and activities to<br />

community residents 50+ years of<br />

age who become members.<br />

Individuals, businesses, and<br />

organizations who wish to support<br />

the goal of expanding <strong>OLLI</strong> programs<br />

to meet the intellectual and social<br />

needs of older learners, please contact<br />

the <strong>OLLI</strong> ofce at (310) 243-3208 or<br />

olli@csudh.edu to discuss a taxdeductible<br />

donation or sponsorship.<br />

Everyone brings valuable knowledge<br />

and experience to the organization.<br />

Look for calls for volunteers or call our<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> ofce at (310) 243-3208 to say<br />

that you are interested in becoming<br />

an <strong>OLLI</strong> volunteer.<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> | www.csudh.edu/olli | (310) 243-3208 51

<strong>OLLI</strong> VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION<br />

January 31<br />

Friday | 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm<br />

Check your <strong>OLLI</strong> Weekly<br />

Email Updates for details.<br />

Facilitators: <strong>OLLI</strong> Volunteers<br />

and Staf, <strong>OLLI</strong> members and<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> Ofce Staf<br />

Do What You Love<br />

and Love What You Do<br />

at <strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong><br />

Osher<br />


Lifelong Learning at<br />

California State University,<br />

Dominguez Hills is a<br />

volunteer-member driven<br />

program whose culture<br />

springs from a sense of<br />

belonging and a shared commitment. Whether it is telling a friend,<br />

facilitating a class, coordinating an event, raising funds, or serving<br />

on a committee to build a sustainable <strong>OLLI</strong> program we need<br />

members like you.<br />

Active members are the creative lifeblood of <strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH<br />

program. Volunteer-members are involved in many aspects of<br />

the <strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH program. Enthusiastic volunteers work with the<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> staf members to bring <strong>OLLI</strong> classes, lectures, events, and<br />

programs and we are always looking for fresh ideas, new talents<br />

and skills.<br />

There are several ways to get involved.<br />

Become a<br />

friend of <strong>OLLI</strong>!<br />

Donate your time<br />

and expertise.<br />

Want to help every once in a while, when you have an hour or<br />

two available? Become an event volunteer. Want to plan quarterly<br />

events with a minimum meeting-time commitment? Join a party<br />

planning committee. Looking for a way to connect with members<br />

on an ongoing basis, using your talent and expertise to work in a<br />

variety of areas from making phone calls to developing curriculum<br />

to arranging feld-trip transportation. <strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH has the need<br />

and committee to match your area of interest to do what you love<br />

and love what you do.<br />



<strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH<br />

Codes of Conduct<br />

Osher Lifelong<br />

Learning Institute<br />

at California<br />

State University,<br />

Dominguez Hills<br />

(<strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH)<br />

is a community of<br />

active mature lifelong<br />

learners. The College<br />

of Extended and International Education (CEIE) is committed to<br />

maintaining a safe and healthy learning environment for <strong>OLLI</strong><br />

members, students, faculty, and staf. Many of our programs<br />

ofer a forum for a lively and sometimes passionate exchange<br />

of views. Members of our learning community are expected to<br />

follow principles of courtesy and mutual respect that promote<br />

reasoned discourse and engage in responsible behaviors that<br />

refect well upon the university. To be civil to one another, to<br />

others in the campus community, and contribute positively to<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> members, students, faculty, staf, and university life.<br />

Violations include conduct that threatens or endangers the<br />

health or safety of any person within or related to the University<br />

community, including but not limited to physical abuse, threats,<br />

intimidation, harassment, sexual misconduct, denigrating others’<br />

views or opinions, ofensive or abusive language, disruptive<br />

classroom conduct, discrimination, and monopolizing<br />

discussions. Failure to treat ideas, viewpoints, the classroom<br />

environment, and interests of members in the community with<br />

respect and civility compromises the intellectual climate at <strong>OLLI</strong><br />

and cannot be tolerated.<br />

CEIE leadership is responsible for ensuring that the Code of<br />

Conduct is being followed in all <strong>OLLI</strong>-sponsored programs.<br />

Members who do not adhere to these principles or interfere<br />

with the goals of our learning community may be removed from<br />

the class and/or activities and denied the privilege of future<br />

participation at the discretion of the CEIE Leadership.<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> More.<br />

Live More.<br />

Parking at CSUDH<br />

Annual Parking Passes are<br />

available to <strong>OLLI</strong> members<br />

for only $20.<br />

Call the <strong>OLLI</strong><br />

ofce at (310)<br />

243-3208<br />

for details.<br />

Efective July<br />

1, 2019, the<br />

fee to park on<br />

campus is $9<br />

per day. Daily parking permits<br />

can be purchased at one of the<br />

many yellow parking lot permit<br />

machines using cash, debit<br />

or credit card. Permits must<br />

be displayed face-up on your<br />

dashboard.<br />

Visit the <strong>OLLI</strong> website at<br />

www.csudh.edu/olli to fnd<br />

out about carpooling or taking<br />

public transportation to the<br />

campus.<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> | www.csudh.edu/olli | (310) 243-3208 53

SPRING <strong>2021</strong> <strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH INSTRUCTORS<br />

Edward Allen, MBA, Financial &<br />

Insurance Professional<br />

Mariana Amezcua, Medicare,<br />

and Covered California “Certifed”<br />

Health Insurance Agent<br />

Denise Jeferson, a 4-Year <strong>OLLI</strong><br />

member, co-Chair of Membership<br />

& Marketing Committee, and <strong>OLLI</strong><br />

volunteer for TED talks<br />

Mary Johnston, LA Opera<br />

Community Educator<br />

Peggy Barton, <strong>OLLI</strong> member, CAAM<br />

Docent and former educator<br />

Linda Kahn, a 3-Year <strong>OLLI</strong> member<br />

and T’ai Chi Chuan for Beginners<br />

Instructor<br />

Norma Bates, a 10-Year <strong>OLLI</strong> member,<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> Arts and Crafts Instructor<br />

Jim Kelly, Community Educator for<br />

Alzheimer’s LA, and Speaker’s Bureau<br />

Volunteer<br />

Kevin Batton, LA Opera Community<br />

Educator<br />

Kimiko Kelly, Community Education<br />

Manager at Alzheimer’s Los Angeles<br />

Christine Calderon Caruso,<br />

Community Relations Manager, Cyber<br />

Seniors.<br />

Kristilee Kodis, Volunteer and<br />

Outreach Manager, California Wildlife<br />

Center<br />

Wendell Covalt, B.S. Civil<br />

Engineering, MBA, and Certifed Food<br />

Over Medicine Instructor<br />

Jerry Larson, Tai Chi instructor and<br />

neurodiagnostic technologist and<br />

surgical neurophysiologist<br />

Kara Zugman Dellacioppa, instructor,<br />

Sociology and Negotiation, Confict<br />

Resolution and Peace Building,<br />

CSUDH<br />

Barbara Lashenick, LA Metro<br />

Art Docent Council, Principal and<br />

Community Relations Ofcer<br />

Dr. Charlene Ford, <strong>OLLI</strong> Instructor and<br />

volunteer<br />

Jennifer S. Lee, Field Project<br />

Coordinator & Trainer, Front Porch and<br />

Center for Innovation and Wellbeing<br />

Michelle D. Garcia-Ortiz, Project<br />

Assistant and History Supervisor,<br />

El Pueblo Historical Monument<br />

Delyna-Diop Means, French instructor,<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> member and volunteer<br />


SPRING <strong>2021</strong> <strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH INSTRUCTORS<br />

Donald Means, a 10-Year <strong>OLLI</strong><br />

member, Social Tennis for Seniors’<br />

Coach<br />

Henry Mendez, MHS - Community<br />

Services Analyst II, LA County Dept.<br />

of Workforce Development, Aging &<br />

Community Services<br />

Eula Slater, a 10-Year <strong>OLLI</strong> member,<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> Ambassador Committee, <strong>OLLI</strong><br />

Curriculum Committee, Registered<br />

Dietician<br />

Heather Slater, Pastry Chef and<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> instructor and volunteer<br />

Monica Moore, MSG Community<br />

Health Program Manager at Mary S.<br />

Easton Center for Alzheimer’s Disease<br />

Research at UCLA.<br />

Frankie Stewart, M.A., an 8-Year <strong>OLLI</strong><br />

member and CSUDH Alumna<br />

Sylvya Raygoza, Information Services,<br />

Los Angeles County Sanitation District<br />

Theresa Tong, Outreach Specialist for<br />

California Telephone Access Program<br />

aka California Phones<br />

Dr. Denise Ridley-Davis, Independent<br />

Insurance Agent<br />

Alexandria Wood, Education<br />

Programs Manager, Ford’s Theatre,<br />

Washington DC<br />

Jessica Gonzalez-Rodriguez,<br />

LA Opera Community Educator<br />

Stacy Jasmin-Yamato, Community<br />

Relations Manager, Metro<br />

Maria Ruiz, a 9-Year <strong>OLLI</strong> and<br />

Omnilore member, District<br />

Toastmasters Qualifed Speak er,<br />

director, drama guru, and Dramatic<br />

Readers Theater producer.<br />

Ophelia Sanders, dedicated <strong>OLLI</strong><br />

member and volunteer<br />

Rev. Gyokei Yokoyama, Soto Zen<br />

missionary<br />

Dr. Ayesha Sherzai, MD, MAS,<br />

vascular neurologist, research<br />

scientist, Alzheimer’s Prevention<br />

Program, Loma Linda University<br />

Dr. Dean Sherzai, MD, PhD, MAS,<br />

MPH, behavioral neurologist and<br />

research scientist, Alzheimer’s<br />

Prevention Program, Loma Linda<br />

University<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> | www.csudh.edu/olli | (310) 243-3208 55


Date Day Time Meeting ID # Class Title Pg #<br />

NOTE: Classes in Bold indicate frst meeting<br />

26-Jan Tue 10:30am-12:30pm 966 8239 1267 Virtual Social Tennis 14<br />

26-Jan Tue 3:00pm-4:30pm see page 1 <strong>OLLI</strong> <strong>2021</strong> <strong>Spring</strong> Open House 1<br />

27-Jan Wed 10:00am-11:00am 987 4152 3031 French with Delyna-Diop Means 10<br />

28-Jan Thu 10:00am-11:00am 935 8431 7096 Thursday Morning Book Club 28<br />

30-Jan Sat 10:00am-11:00am 896 7058 2131 The Roots of Tai Chi 13<br />

1-Feb Mon 10:00am-11:30am 813 9291 8294 The Ford Theatre Virtual Guided Tour 30<br />

1-Feb Mon 12:00pm-1:00pm 966 6881 1928 TED Talks with Denise Jeferson 29<br />

1-Feb Mon 1:00pm-3:30pm 962 0372 2043 <strong>OLLI</strong> Movie Monday! 12<br />

2-Feb Tue 10:30am-12:30pm 966 8239 1267 Virtual Social Tennis 14<br />

3-Feb Wed 10:00am-11:00am 987 4152 3031 French with Delyna-Diop Means 10<br />

3-Feb Wed 1:30pm-3:30pm 930 5429 8565 Let’s Read a Play! 11<br />

4-Feb Thu 11:00am-12:00pm 883 4066 2852 A Tale of Two Beaches – Inkwell 22<br />

5-Feb Fri 10:00am-12:30pm 845 2400 2546 New Members Orientation Meeting 38<br />

6-Feb Sat 10:00am-11:00am 896 7058 2131 The Roots of Tai Chi 13<br />

7-Feb Sun 10:00am-11:00am 874 3085 0578 Tai Chi Chuan for Beginners! 13<br />

8-Feb Mon 10:00am-11:30am 813 9291 8294 Civil War Washington through the eyes 30<br />

of Mary Henry – Virtual Docent-led tour<br />

9-Feb Tue 10:00am-11:00am 986 4115 3673 LA Opera Talks! 10<br />

9-Feb Tue 10:30am-12:30pm 966 8239 1267 Virtual Social Tennis 14<br />

10-Feb Wed 10:00am-11:00am 987 4152 3031 French with Delyna-Diop Means 10<br />

10-Feb Wed 1:30pm-3:30pm 930 5429 8565 Let’s Read a Play! 11<br />

15-Feb Mon 12:00pm-1:00pm 966 6881 1928 TED Talks with Denise Jeferson 29<br />

16-Feb Tue 10:00am-11:00am 986 4115 3673 LA Opera Talks! 10<br />

16-Feb Tue 10:30am-12:30pm 966 8239 1267 Virtual Social Tennis 14<br />

16-Feb Tue 1:00pm-2:00pm 896 8469 1739 Alzheimer’s LA Workshop 18<br />

17-Feb Wed 10:00am-11:00am 987 4152 3031 French with Delyna-Diop Means 10<br />

21-Feb Sun 10:00am-11:00am 874 3085 0578 Tai Chi Chuan for Beginners! 13<br />

22-Feb Mon 11:00am-12:00pm 339 720 6095 Los Angeles County Sanitation District: 35<br />

Food Waste Program<br />

EE = Extended Education Building, CSUDH<br />

BCHC = Beach Cities Health Center, Suite L8<br />

Campus Urban Farm = See map on page 76<br />

GYM A-102 = Campus Gymnasium (Bldg 60 on the campus map)<br />

Levy Adult Center = Room #2, Torrance<br />

LVCC = Los Verdes Country Club<br />

Tennis Courts = CSUDH Tennis Courts<br />



Date Day Time Location Class Title Pg #<br />

NOTE: Classes in Bold indicate frst meeting<br />

22-Feb Mon 1:00pm-2:00pm 841 4506 5400 Community Based Brain Health Initiative 20<br />

23-Feb Tue 10:30am-12:30pm 966 8239 1267 Virtual Social Tennis 14<br />

23-Feb Tue 1:30pm-2:30pm 814 5065 0682 OTMRP: Cyber-Seniors 31<br />

24-Feb Tue 10:00am-11:00am 987 4152 3031 French with Delyna-Diop Means 10<br />

25-Feb Thu 10:00am-11:00am 935 8431 7096 Thursday Morning Book Club 28<br />

28-Feb Sun 10:00am-11:00am 874 3085 0578 Tai Chi Chuan for Beginners! 13<br />

1-Mar Mon 12:00pm-1:00pm 966 6881 1928 TED Talks with Denise Jeferson 29<br />

1-Mar Mon 1:00pm-3:30pm 962 0372 2043 <strong>OLLI</strong> Movie Monday! 12<br />

2-Mar Tue 10:30am-12:30pm 966 8239 1267 Virtual Social Tennis 14<br />

3-Mar Wed 10:00am-11:00am 987 4152 3031 French with Delyna-Diop Means 10<br />

3-Mar Wed 1:30pm-3:30pm 930 5429 8565 Let’s Read a Play! 11<br />

4-Mar Thur 10:00am-11:00am 949 4993 1945 Medicare 101 19<br />

8-Mar Mon 1:30pm-3:00pm 945 3982 1053 UCLA Community Health Education 17<br />

with Monica Moore<br />

9-Mar Tue 10:00am-11:00am 986 4115 3673 LA Opera Talks! 10<br />

9-Mar Tue 10:30am-12:30pm 966 8239 1267 Virtual Social Tennis 14<br />

9-Mar Tue 1:30pm-2:30pm 830 8795 0800 Virtual Baking Workshop: Sweets 15<br />

10-Mar Wed 10:00am-11:00am 987 4152 3031 French with Delyna-Diop Means 10<br />

10-Mar Wed 1:30pm-3:30pm 930 5429 8565 Let’s Read a Play! 11<br />

11-Mar Thur 1:00pm-2:30pm 827 5900 3379 Introduction to Genealogy 24<br />

11-Mar Thur 1:30pm-2:30pm 859 0924 5867 Health Benefts of Essential Oils 14<br />

15-Mar Mon 12:00pm-1:00pm 966 6881 1928 TED Talks with Denise Jeferson 29<br />

15-Mar Mon 1:30pm-3:00pm 945 3982 1053 UCLA Community Health Education 17<br />

with Monica Moore<br />

16-Mar Tue 10:00am-11:00am 986 4115 3673 LA Opera Talks! 10<br />

16-Mar Tue 10:30am-12:30pm 966 8239 1267 Virtual Social Tennis 14<br />

16-Mar Tue 1:00pm-2:00pm 896 8469 1739 Alzheimer’s LA Workshop 18<br />

17-Mar Wed 10:00am-11:00am 987 4152 3031 French with Delyna-Diop Means 10<br />

18-Mar Thur 1:30pm-2:30pm 859 0924 5867 Health Benefts of Essential Oils 14<br />

22-Mar Mon 11:00am-12:00pm 339 720 6095 Los Angeles County Sanitation District: 35<br />

Bixby Marshland<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> | www.csudh.edu/olli | (310) 243-3208 57


Date Day Time Location Class Title Pg #<br />

NOTE: Classes in Bold indicate frst meeting<br />

22-Mar Tue 1:30pm-3:00pm 945 3982 1053 UCLA Community Health Education 17<br />

with Monica Moore<br />

22-Mar Tue 3:00pm-4:00pm 861 1588 0188 Avoid Alzheimer’s and Build a Better Brain 20<br />

23-Mar Tue 10:30am-12:30pm 966 8239 1267 Virtual Social Tennis 14<br />

23-Mar Tue 11:00am-12:00pm 814 5065 0682 OTMRP: Meditation and Relaxtion 32<br />

Techniques<br />

24-Mar Wed 10:00am-11:00am 987 4152 3031 French with Delyna-Diop Means 10<br />

25-Mar Thu 10:00am-11:00am 935 8431 7096 Thursday Morning Book Club 28<br />

25-Mar Thu 1:30pm-2:30pm 892 6088 9324 Living Well for Older Adults 21<br />

29-Mar Mon 12:00pm-1:00pm 966 6881 1928 TED Talks with Denise Jeferson 29<br />

30-Mar Tue 10:30am-12:30pm 966 8239 1267 Virtual Social Tennis 14<br />

30-Mar Tue 1:00pm-2:00pm 850 5447 5112 MOLAA: Oaxazalifornia: Through the<br />

Experience of Duo Tlacolulokos 34<br />

31-Mar Wed Cesar Chavez Holiday<br />

1-Apr Thu 1:30pm-2:30pm 892 6088 9324 Living Well for Older Adults 21<br />

1-Apr Thu 2:00pm-3:00pm 949 4993 1945 Medicare 101 19<br />

5-Apr Mon 12:00pm-1:30pm (TBD) Osher Lecture Series: Ain’t I a Woman<br />

by Collette Haywood<br />

View <strong>OLLI</strong> Weekly Email Updates<br />

6-Apr Tue 10:30am-12:30pm 966 8239 1267 Virtual Social Tennis 14<br />

6-Apr Tue 1:30pm-2:30pm 830 8795 0800 Virtual Baking Workshop: Savory 15<br />

7-Apr Wed 10:00am-11:00am 987 4152 3031 French with Delyna-Diop Means 10<br />

7-Apr Wed 1:30pm-3:30pm 930 5429 8565 Let’s Read a Play! 11<br />

8-Apr Thu 11:00am-12:00pm 833 1218 3778 California Wildlife Center Tour 25<br />

8-Apr Thu 1:30pm-2:30pm 892 6088 9324 Living Well for Older Adults 21<br />

12-Apr Mon 12:00pm-1:00pm 966 6881 1928 TED Talks with Denise Jeferson 29<br />

13-Apr Tue 10:00am-11:00am 986 4115 3673 LA Opera Talks! 10<br />

13-Apr Tue 10:30am-12:30pm 966 8239 1267 Virtual Social Tennis 14<br />

13-Apr Tue 11:00am-12:00pm 814 5065 0682 OTMRP: Metro Art ( E Line, Expo Stations; 32<br />

El Pueblo de Los Angeles at Olvera Street)<br />

EE = Extended Education Building, CSUDH<br />

BCHC = Beach Cities Health Center, Suite L8<br />

Campus Urban Farm = See map on page 76<br />

GYM A-102 = Campus Gymnasium (Bldg 60 on the campus map)<br />

Levy Adult Center = Room #2 Torrance<br />

LIB = University Library (See map on page 76)<br />

LVCC = Los Verdes Country Club<br />

Tennis Courts = CSUDH Tennis Courts<br />



Date Day Time Location Class Title Pg #<br />

NOTE: Classes in Bold indicate frst meeting<br />

14-Apr Wed 10:00am-11:00am 987 4152 3031 French with Delyna-Diop Means 10<br />

14-Apr Wed 11:30am-12:30pm 837 5119 6775 Mantra and Mudra: Kundalini Yoga 27<br />

and Other Ancient Technologies<br />

14-Apr Wed 1:30pm-3:30pm 930 5429 8565 Let’s Read a Play! 11<br />

15-Apr Thu 1:30pm-2:30pm 892 6088 9324 Living Well for Older Adults 21<br />

19-Apr Mon 11:00am-12:00pm 339 720 6095 Los Angeles County Sanitation: 36<br />

Palmdale Water Reclamation tours<br />

20-Apr Tue 10:30am-12:30pm 966 8239 1267 Virtual Social Tennis 14<br />

20-Apr Tue 1:00pm-2:00pm 896 8469 1739 Alzheimer’s LA Workshop 18<br />

21-Apr Wed 10:00am-11:00am 987 4152 3031 French with Delyna-Diop Means 10<br />

22-Apr Thu 10:00am-11:00am 935 8431 7096 Thursday Morning Book Club 28<br />

22-Apr Thu 1:30pm-2:30pm 892 6088 9324 Living Well for Older Adults 21<br />

26-Apr Mon 12:00pm-1:00pm 966 6881 1928 TED Talks with Denise Jeferson 29<br />

27-Apr Tue 10:30am-12:30pm 966 8239 1267 Virtual Social Tennis 14<br />

28-Apr Wed 10:00am-11:00am 987 4152 3031 French with Delyna-Diop Means 10<br />

3-May Mon 3:00pm-4:30pm 957 7414 6200 Preventing Heart Disease, Cancer, 16<br />

Diabetes & Alzheimer’s Disease<br />

4-May Tue 10:00am-11:00am 986 4115 3673 LA Opera Talks! 10<br />

4-May Tue 10:30am-12:30pm 966 8239 1267 Virtual Social Tennis 14<br />

5-May Wed 10:00am-11:00am 987 4152 3031 French with Delyna-Diop Means 10<br />

5-May Wed 1:30pm-3:30pm 930 5429 8565 Let’s Read a Play! 11<br />

6-May Thu 1:30pm-2:30pm 829 5142 0446 Aging Gracefully and Gratefully 15<br />

6-May Thu 6:00pm-7:00pm 949 4993 1945 Medicare 101 19<br />

10-May Mon 12:00pm-1:00pm 966 6881 1928 TED Talks with Denise Jeferson 29<br />

10-May Mon 3:00pm-4:30pm 957 7414 6200 Preventing Heart Disease, Cancer, 16<br />

Diabetes & Alzheimer’s Disease<br />

11-May Tue 10:00am-11:00am 986 4115 3673 LA Opera Talks! 10<br />

11-May Tue 10:30am-12:30pm 966 8239 1267 Virtual Social Tennis 14<br />

11-May Tue 11:00am-12:00pm 814 5065 0682 OTMRP: Virtual Tour of El Pueblo 33<br />

de Los Angeles<br />

11-May Tue 1:30pm-2:30pm 830 8795 0800 Virtual Baking Workshop: Vegan dessert 15<br />

12-May Wed 10:00am-11:00am 987 4152 3031 French with Delyna-Diop Means 10<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> | www.csudh.edu/olli | (310) 243-3208 59


Date Day Time Location Class Title Pg #<br />

NOTE: Classes in Bold indicate frst meeting<br />

12-May Wed 1:30pm-3:30pm 930 5429 8565 Let’s Read a Play! 11<br />

13-May Thu 10:00am-11:00am 873 3440 8703 How to boost your retirement savings 23<br />

in your 50s and 60s?<br />

13-May Thu 1:30pm-2:30pm 829 5142 0446 Aging Gracefully and Gratefully 15<br />

17-May Mon 3:00pm-4:30pm 957 7414 6200 Preventing Heart Disease, Cancer, 16<br />

Diabetes & Alzheimer’s Disease<br />

18-May Tue 10:30am-12:30pm 966 8239 1267 Virtual Social Tennis 14<br />

18-May Tue 1:00pm-2:00pm 896 8469 1739 Alzheimer’s LA Workshop 18<br />

19-May Wed 10:00am-11:00am 987 4152 3031 French with Delyna-Diop Means 10<br />

19-May Wed 12:00pm-1:00pm (TBD) Quilling with Joan<br />

View <strong>OLLI</strong> Weekly Email Updates<br />

20-May Thu 1:30pm-2:30pm 829 5142 0446 Aging Gracefully and Gratefully 15<br />

24-May Mon 11:00am-12:00pm 339 720 6095 Los Angeles County Sanitation District: 37<br />

San Jose Creek Water Reclamation program<br />

24-May Mon 12:00pm-1:00pm 966 6881 1928 TED Talks with Denise Jeferson 29<br />

25-May Tue 10:30am-12:30pm 966 8239 1267 Virtual Social Tennis 14<br />

26-May Wed 12:00pm-1:00pm (TBD) Quilling with Joan<br />

View <strong>OLLI</strong> Weekly Email Updates<br />

27-May Thu 10:00am-11:00am 935 8431 7096 Thursday Morning Book Club 28<br />

1-Jun Tue 10:30am-12:30pm 966 8239 1267 Virtual Social Tennis 14<br />

2-Jun Wed 1:30pm-3:30pm 930 5429 8565 Let’s Read a Play! 11<br />

8-Jun Tue 10:30am-12:30pm 966 8239 1267 Virtual Social Tennis 14<br />

9-Jun Wed 1:30pm-3:30pm 930 5429 8565 Let’s Read a Play! 11<br />

15-Jun Tue 10:30am-12:30pm 966 8239 1267 Virtual Social Tennis 14<br />

19-Jun Sat (TBD) Juneteenth Celebration<br />

View <strong>OLLI</strong> Weekly Email Updates<br />

22-Jun Tue 10:30am-12:30pm 966 8239 1267 Virtual Social Tennis 14<br />

24-Jun Thu 10:00am-11:00am 935 8431 7096 Thursday Morning Book Club 28<br />

29-Jun Tue 10:30am-12:30pm 966 8239 1267 Virtual Social Tennis 14<br />

EE = Extended Education Building, CSUDH<br />

BCHC = Beach Cities Health Center, Suite L8<br />

Campus Urban Farm = See map on page 76<br />

GYM A-102 = Campus Gymnasium (Bldg 60 on the campus map)<br />

Levy Adult Center = Room #2 Torrance<br />

LVCC = Los Verdes Country Club<br />

Tennis Courts = CSUDH Tennis Courts<br />


“Lifelong learning is a shared adventure.”

2258 Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (<strong>OLLI</strong>)<br />

College of Extended & International Education<br />

California State University, Dominguez Hills<br />

1000 E. Victoria St, EE-1300<br />

Carson CA 90747<br />

Osher<br />

Lifelong<br />

Learning<br />

Institute<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

Course <strong>Catalog</strong><br />

January - June<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong> <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2021</strong> Virtual Open House<br />

We welcome you to attend our online Open House, and to stay conected with<br />

<strong>OLLI</strong>@CSUDH via Zoom. Feel free to invite your friends to the <strong>2021</strong> <strong>Spring</strong> Virtual<br />

Open House. You can share this link http://bit.ly/OpenHouse-SP21 or have them<br />

call 310-243-3208. This is a great opportunity to learn about membership in the<br />

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.<br />

January 26, <strong>2021</strong><br />

Tuesday | 3pm - 4:30<br />

“Lifelong learning”<br />

is a shared adventure”<br />

During coronovirus restrictions, <strong>OLLI</strong> is providing safe learning environments to<br />

its Members with free access to all online classes. Registration is not necessary,<br />

but remember to renew your membership to continue to receive all the great<br />

benefits for the very reasonable annual fee of $30. Simply complete and mail in<br />

the Membership Form attached in the centerfold of this catalog.

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