Little Black Book of Glamping 2021

Everything you need to set up a glampsite - suppliers, expert knowledge and inspiration. From the publishers of Open Air Business magazine.

Everything you need to set up a glampsite - suppliers, expert knowledge and inspiration. From the publishers of Open Air Business magazine.


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<strong>2021</strong><br />


Giving your guests their own bathroom<br />

instead <strong>of</strong> shared facilities.<br />

Now that’s glamorous!<br />

Covid pro<strong>of</strong><br />

Plug & Play<br />

Fast return on investment<br />

More than 300 units installed<br />

Bathroom pod specialists since 2014<br />

Paul: 07587 427 610<br />

paul@campplus.co.uk<br />



Welcome to the <strong>Little</strong> <strong>Black</strong><br />

<strong>Book</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Glamping</strong>. Designed<br />

as a quick reference guide for<br />

new glamping site owners and<br />

existing operators.<br />

Each <strong>of</strong> its 15 sections are<br />

short and to the point, with<br />

quick fire facts and advice<br />

along with 17 real life case studies and 61<br />

spotlights on industry suppliers. Then there’s the<br />

requisite directory at the back. It’s something to<br />

keep handy on your desk or out and about on<br />

site – we’ve made things ‘pocket sized’ for exactly<br />

that reason!<br />

Big thanks to all our contributing experts from the<br />

world <strong>of</strong> finance, planning, ecology, H&S, design<br />

and more – Henry Audley-Charles, Joss Bentley,<br />

Tom Critchley, John Greenshields, John Maddy,<br />

Kate Morel, Nikkita Palmer, Emma Reed and Kerry<br />

Roy.<br />


ISSUE #1 <strong>2021</strong><br />

4 Before you Start n<br />

6 Finance n<br />

8 Consultants n<br />

10 Franchises n<br />

12 Planning n<br />

16 Ecology n<br />

18 Infrastructure n<br />

20 Tensile Structures n<br />

24 Solid Structures n<br />

28 Facilities n<br />

32 Interiors n<br />

34 Agencies n<br />

36 Promotion and <strong>Book</strong>ings n<br />

37 Insurance n<br />

38 Pop-up <strong>Glamping</strong> n<br />

40 Directory n<br />

50 Contact Log n<br />


So, whether you’re up and running and looking<br />

to expand/improve, at the very beginning <strong>of</strong> your<br />

journey or from a different outdoor hospitality<br />

sector altogether and want to see where the<br />

staycation action is, this <strong>Little</strong> <strong>Black</strong> <strong>Book</strong> will be<br />

your friend.<br />

Tally Rix, editor<br />

With thanks to our sponsor<br />

Clear Sky Safari Tents -<br />

www.clearskytents.co.uk<br />


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Our specialist teams provide advice on buying<br />

and selling property, including the planning and<br />

valuation processes and investing in leisure and<br />

trade-related property <strong>of</strong> every description in the<br />

UK. From caravan parks, golf courses and sports<br />

venues to visitor attractions, water-based leisure<br />

and equestrian properties, we can guide clients<br />

through the whole process to secure the best<br />

possible results.<br />


CANOPY<br />

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Canopy is an independent membership<br />

organisation – providing industry specific training,<br />

qualifications, accreditation, auditing and<br />

consultancy. We aim to raise the bar for health<br />

and safety and standards within the industry,<br />

providing support for new and current providers,<br />

manufacturers and suppliers. Our ethos is to inform<br />

and guide but ultimately to promote best practice,<br />

self-management and decision making for all.<br />


uk.businessesforsale.com<br />

Born out <strong>of</strong> one man’s need to sell a business,<br />

BusinessesForSale.com started in the mid-1990s<br />

as an online bulletin board.<br />

Since those early days, our passion for introducing<br />

people who want to buy a business to those who<br />

are selling a business has grown exponentially<br />

along with the site – check out the Leisure<br />

category for glampsites.<br />


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Rural Business Network is a membership organisation<br />

for farmers and rural business owners to learn,<br />

connect and grow.<br />

Members benefit from online knowledge events,<br />

a dedicated contact to ask questions, a private<br />

Facebook group, weekly e-newsletters and social<br />

media shout outs, all from just £6 per month. Join<br />

the #RuralBusinessNetwork community.<br />


Before you Start<br />

Multiple glamping site owner Kerry Roy shares her<br />

tactics for market research<br />

In any business it’s vital to know your competition. Everyone<br />

has something different to <strong>of</strong>fer and there is something to be<br />

learned from them all. Here are my top tips for some ‘before<br />

you start’ market research.<br />

• <strong>Book</strong> a night or two at sites you would like to emulate. It<br />

gives you the time to see what’s good about their <strong>of</strong>fering<br />

and what you could do differently or better.<br />

• Before any <strong>of</strong> my projects, I would spend time looking at<br />

what infrastructure other sites had in place and created a<br />

portfolio <strong>of</strong> photos. As the technical side <strong>of</strong> things was new<br />

territory for me, I gained a lot <strong>of</strong> knowledge this way then<br />

researched online or asked friends how each aspect could<br />

work before looking into costings.<br />

• Create a pros and cons list <strong>of</strong> the top five to 10 competitors.<br />

Track those in closer proximity the most, followed by those<br />

who <strong>of</strong>fer a similar experience but in other parts <strong>of</strong> the<br />

country.<br />

• Most research can be conducted online to gauge prices,<br />

services, marketing consistency, new developments and<br />

new opportunities.<br />

• Many booking sites will show dates for availability and<br />

bookings. Off-peak midweek days are usually quieter but<br />

if you see that some sites have a surge <strong>of</strong> full occupancy<br />

levels during these periods, research if they are near a<br />

business area or a city, or if there are events happening<br />

nearby. If so, look at what promotions they may be <strong>of</strong>fering.<br />

• Reading through reviews is a good way to gain knowledge<br />

<strong>of</strong> what guests like, or not. I have found that the most loved,<br />

highlighted comments are those about the little things – an<br />

arrival gift, doggy treats and, <strong>of</strong> course, friendly staff.<br />

• One thing I have never liked is aggressive competition.<br />

Research the businesses with similar <strong>of</strong>ferings to your own,<br />

look at their star rating and reviews and the area/audience<br />

you are trying to attract in order to help define your price<br />

points.<br />

• I am a believer in trying to share the load, so if Joe Bloggs<br />

up the road is <strong>of</strong>fering pony rides then maybe it’s better to<br />

<strong>of</strong>fer something different to attract another audience rather<br />

than step on one another’s toes?<br />


Kerry Roy<br />

Kerry Roy is the owner <strong>of</strong> two glamping sites/<br />

events venues, Camp Katur (UK) and Cerchio Del<br />

Desiderio (Italy). She also founded VW festiva Dubs<br />

In’t Dales and is launching a new wellness festival.<br />

www.campkatur.co.uk<br />

www.cerchiodeldesiderio.com<br />

Case Study<br />

Third Edition, The<br />

Essential <strong>Glamping</strong><br />

Business Manual<br />

Supplier: Crown and Canopy,<br />

07837 162452, info@<br />

crownandcanopy.co.uk,<br />

www.crownandcanopy.co.uk<br />

Originally created for The National<br />

Trust as a no-nonsense guide to<br />

setting up a glamping business from<br />

outset to completion, the updated<br />

Essential <strong>Glamping</strong> Business Manual<br />

from Crown and Canopy now has<br />

over 65 pages <strong>of</strong> invaluable advice<br />

and facts and figures. It’s a onestop-shop<br />

for all the information<br />

necessary when business planning,<br />

designing your site, gaining planning<br />

permission, through to marketing,<br />

management and setting up your<br />

retreat.<br />

Crown and Canopy has<br />

researched over 3,500 glamping<br />

units to inform the new edition<br />

<strong>of</strong> the manual, creating the latest<br />

average nightly rates and regional<br />

data for the industry. New research<br />

projects with International<br />

<strong>Glamping</strong> Business in the past<br />

months have also shed light and<br />

perspective on developments in<br />

the UK industry and these findings<br />

feature in this new extensive edition.<br />

New edition elements include<br />

an industry overview from 2020,<br />

the latest average nightly rates<br />

and business modelling figures<br />

from our revenue<br />

forecasting program,<br />

coronavirus protocol<br />

for owners, and<br />

added value items<br />

to a glamping<br />

experience. For<br />

the new edition<br />

and further<br />

information visit<br />

the Crown and<br />

Canopy website.<br />






01223 848844<br />

henry@smefunding.uk<br />

www.smefunding.uk<br />

Do you need business finance? We are independent,<br />

ethical commercial finance brokers and can source<br />

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10410655. Registered <strong>of</strong>fice: 14 Austin Friars, London,<br />

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www.folk2folk.com<br />

We provide loans for British businesses wanting to<br />

grow, diversify or adapt. Loans start from £100,000<br />

and must be secured against land/property. We<br />

fund almost any business purpose and have helped<br />

hundreds <strong>of</strong> business start, scale up or diversify from<br />

hotels, estates and outdoor venues to new glamping<br />

ventures and outdoor attractions. To fund loans, we<br />

<strong>of</strong>fer property-backed investment opportunities. †<br />


01420 481500<br />

hello@bluestarleasing.com<br />

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Funding solutions, from leasing and asset finance<br />

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AMC<br />

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We specialise in long-term mortgages and loans for<br />

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6<br />

*DISCLAIMER: We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We are brokers and not direct lenders and we can introduce you to a number<br />

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†<br />

DISCLAIMER: Your property against which the loan is secured could be at risk if you don’t meet payments. Your capital is at risk and is not protected under the Financial<br />

Services Compensation Scheme. FOLK2FOLK Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered <strong>of</strong>fice: NUMBER ONE Business Centre,<br />

Western Road, Launceston, Cornwall, PL15 7FJ.<br />

‡DISCLAIMER: AMC loans available for business purposes only, provided on a secured loan basis. The Agricultural Mortgage Corporation plc, registered in England &<br />

Wales, no. 234742. We adhere to The Standards <strong>of</strong> Lending Practice which are monitored and enforced by the LSB: www.lendingstandardsboard.org.uk


Finance broker Henry Audley-Charles<br />

outlines the main sources <strong>of</strong> finance for a<br />

glamping business<br />

Finance for glampsites can be a challenge, but<br />

strong proposals almost always get funding –<br />

particularly if the principals and business have<br />

clean credit and good security. If you have an<br />

existing business, you should first speak to your<br />

bank manager, as they will be the cheapest<br />

source <strong>of</strong> finance – but also the slowest and<br />

most risk adverse.<br />

It is worth using a pr<strong>of</strong>essional independent<br />

finance broker that understands the market and<br />

has strong relationships with lenders as they<br />

can help shape the proposal to make it more<br />

attractive to the lenders. This will save you time<br />

and money.<br />

The product/lender you should consider will<br />

depend on what you are looking to finance.<br />

Structuring the finance correctly will make it<br />

easier and cheaper to borrow other monies in<br />

the future. Some lenders will allow reduced<br />

payments during the <strong>of</strong>f-season, which is very<br />

helpful to protect your cashflow. Here is a run<br />

down <strong>of</strong> the main forms <strong>of</strong> finance:<br />

• Agricultural/rural lenders – can have a better<br />

understanding <strong>of</strong> your industry, but are<br />

usually focussed on traditional farming<br />

• Peer-to-peer lenders usually want to support<br />

existing businesses that are pr<strong>of</strong>itable and<br />

have reasonably strong accounts<br />

• Grants are great when you can find the right<br />

ones – free money that doesn’t have to<br />

be repaid. They sometimes require you to<br />

match their funding, which can be done with<br />

finance<br />

• Government backed start up loans – ideal<br />

for businesses less than two years old that<br />

do not need the money quickly. This is<br />

the cheapest form <strong>of</strong> finance for start-up<br />

businesses. The downside is that the money<br />

“The product/lender you should<br />

consider will depend on what you<br />

are looking to finance. Structuring<br />

the finance correctly will make it<br />

easier and cheaper to borrow<br />

other monies in the future”<br />

is lent to you personally and not the business<br />

(www.smefunding.uk/start-up-loan)<br />

• Friends and family – can be useful source <strong>of</strong><br />

free/cheap finance, but it can become very<br />

awkward if the business fails<br />

• Angel investors usually focus on high growth,<br />

high margin businesses so not ideally suited to<br />

glamping<br />

• Asset finance (leasing/hire purchase) can be<br />

successfully used to buy your equipment,<br />

typically funding over two to five years –<br />

depending on the life expectancy <strong>of</strong> the asset.<br />

Usually needs minimum 10% deposit and all<br />

the VAT<br />

• Crowdfunding – can be a viable alternative<br />

finance option if you have struggled to get<br />

traditional finance, however, if you don’t reach<br />

your funding target, any monies that have<br />

been pledged are returned to the investors and<br />

you get nothing<br />

• Capital can be raised against your primary<br />

residence, as long as the total debt is less than<br />

about 60% <strong>of</strong> the property value.<br />

Business plans, management accounts and<br />

forecasts with some commentary/explanations<br />

will strengthen the application. Personal<br />

guarantees will usually be required, although<br />

the guarantors can insure against the guarantees<br />

being called up (www.smefunding.uk/personalguarantee-insurance).<br />



Henry Audley-Charles owns SME, an independent, boutique, ethical business finance<br />

brokerage <strong>of</strong>fering a high level <strong>of</strong> customer service with a whole market approach to business<br />

funding. Authorised and regulated by the FCA, SME can source most forms <strong>of</strong> business finance<br />

for most businesses, even new starts and those with a poor credit history.<br />

www.smefunding.uk<br />





01252 561060<br />

sales@enchantedcreations.co.uk<br />

www.enchantedcreations.co.uk<br />

Enchanted Creations is passionate about providing<br />

design-led and experience-based glamping<br />

structures and alternative accommodation.<br />

We are part <strong>of</strong> the Leisure Design Projects Group,<br />

which means we can <strong>of</strong>fer far more than just the<br />

design and build <strong>of</strong> your accommodation, helping<br />

with turnkey project management, masterplanning,<br />

glamping feasibility studies, pre-planning and full<br />

planning applications.<br />


info@crownandcanopy.co.uk<br />

www.crownandcanopy.co.uk<br />

Expert advice; we have extensive experience in the<br />

glamping world and have provided development<br />

and supporting services to landowners across the<br />

UK and Europe.<br />

Whether you’re just after some initial advice, or<br />

would like us to support you on your glamping<br />

journey, our services can take you from the outset<br />

to completion. We work with and alongside farm<br />

and estate owners, leading organisations, and<br />

authorities.<br />


01284 771568<br />

explore@outdoorliving.me.uk<br />

www.outdoorliving.me.uk<br />

Outdoor Living is the UK’s leading provider <strong>of</strong> rural<br />

diversification projects supporting landowners<br />

and country estates to <strong>of</strong>fer exceptional outdoor<br />

experiences all-year round. Whether you dream<br />

<strong>of</strong> providing a luxurious glamping experience,<br />

creating a retail or business village, or adding new<br />

revenue streams to existing projects, we have the<br />

knowledge and skills to turn your outdoor living<br />

vision into a reality.<br />


0191 519477<br />

hello@suttonhospitalityconsultants.co.uk<br />

www.suttonhospitalityconsultants.co.uk<br />

Offering a unique and full consultancy service<br />

developing green and brownfield sites into holiday,<br />

residential, leisure and theme parks, Sutton<br />

Hospitality are go-to consultants for those looking<br />

to develop a hospitality project. Their 360 o solutions<br />

approach makes them the perfect partner to help<br />

from conception and planning, all the way through<br />

to launch and beyond with park management<br />

support.<br />



A consultant’s impartial advice can help<br />

increase pr<strong>of</strong>its, eliminate problems and identify<br />

opportunities for a sustainable glamping business<br />

An experienced eye, with expertise in the glamping market,<br />

will be able to analyse where your business can fit in, coach<br />

you through generating creative ideas, identify potential<br />

problems, provide objectivity and, more <strong>of</strong>ten than not, have<br />

access to contacts and savvy to help you shave costs.<br />

Many glamping consultants also provide planning, funding<br />

and marketing advice as well as design and build services.<br />

If you are looking to differentiate yourself with bespoke<br />

accommodation, working with a consultant who truly gets<br />

your vision, or helps you create one based on your location,<br />

heritage or any other ‘story’ you may want to tell, will be a<br />

major asset.<br />

If you want to revitalise a business, consultants can<br />

provide a detailed analysis <strong>of</strong> the market and your business’s<br />

position within it and make objective, impartial, strategic<br />

suggestions for future growth, how to overcome challenges<br />

and how to diversify.<br />


There are a variety <strong>of</strong> business models consultants use, and<br />

they may charge by the hour, by the project or require a<br />

retainer. Many <strong>of</strong>fer a free chat and may charge a site visit<br />

fee for some initial thoughts. If you decide to work together,<br />

the first step will be the ‘discovery phase’. A good consultant<br />

takes the time to learn as much as possible about a business<br />

or business to be.<br />

With this in depth information, they enter the ‘evaluation<br />

phase’ to identify where change is needed, in the case <strong>of</strong> an<br />

operational business, or to help create a vision and a plan for<br />

a start-up.<br />

It’s important to take the advice given at this stage as<br />

constructive criticism (we’ve all seen The Hotel Inspector!).<br />

Don’t take things personally, after all you are paying for a<br />

fresh, objective viewpoint.<br />

The ‘restructuring phase’ starts when you have agreed<br />

on a plan. You may decide to implement things yourself<br />

but a consultant’s involvement can be crucial here as they<br />

can project manage and monitor progress – especially if<br />

planning , design and build is involved.<br />

Case Study<br />

Keld Springs, South<br />

Yorkshire<br />

Service: 360 o consultancy service<br />

Supplier: Sutton Hospitality<br />

Consultants, 0191 5197477, hello@<br />

suttonhospitalityconsultants.co.uk, www.<br />

suttonhospitalityconsultants.co.uk<br />

Keld Springs is an exciting mixedaccommodation<br />

retreat in South<br />

Yorkshire <strong>of</strong>fering short stays<br />

in innovative glamping<br />

units and luxury<br />

lodges in addition<br />

to lodge ownership<br />

opportunities.<br />

From viewing<br />

an empty field with<br />

potential through to<br />

planning the concept<br />

for this lovely retreat,<br />

carrying out detailed<br />

market analysis and managing<br />

the building control and planning<br />

process, Sutton Hospitality Consultants<br />

are taking it from that empty field into<br />

a fully-functioning holiday destination.<br />

It’s the perfect example <strong>of</strong> their eye for<br />

potential, and their ability to turn that<br />

potential into a site which will stand out<br />

from the crowd for their park partners.<br />

Groundworks are now underway at<br />

Keld Springs and at the time <strong>of</strong> going to<br />

press the park was reaching an exciting<br />

stage <strong>of</strong> fruition, with the website and<br />

marketing processes about to kick in to<br />

fully launch, capturing a good chunk <strong>of</strong><br />

the <strong>2021</strong> season. Sutton Hospitality will<br />

then continue to set up processes such<br />

as booking, training, recruitment and<br />

sales development, going on to manage<br />

the day-to-day operation <strong>of</strong> the park –<br />

demonstrating the scope <strong>of</strong> the SHC 360 o<br />

solution fully.<br />


What makes a good consultant?<br />

• A passion for their work –<br />

look for well-documented<br />

information about their services<br />

• A drive for excellence – look for<br />

a pr<strong>of</strong>essional online presence<br />

• An eye for organisation and<br />

detail – you can tell a lot about<br />

this from their website and in<br />

your first few interactions<br />

• Expertise – make sure they have<br />

experience in the glamping<br />

industry or the kinds <strong>of</strong><br />

challenges your business faces<br />

• Solid referrals – it’s a good idea<br />

to request examples <strong>of</strong> past<br />

successes and to speak to those<br />

businesses.<br />





0131 450 7136<br />

hello@wigwamholidays.com<br />

www.wigwamholidays.com<br />

Wigwam Holidays is the UK’s #1 glamping brand<br />

and the only pod manufacturer to <strong>of</strong>fer a ‘turn-key’<br />

franchise business solution. We don’t just sell<br />

cabins, we help you fill them with paying guests and<br />

provide the training and brand presence to make<br />

your business aspirations a reality. With assistance in<br />

planning, funding, marketing and operations, we’re<br />

here to support you.<br />


ambersbelltents@hotmail.co.uk<br />

www.ambersbelltents.co.uk/<br />

franchise-opportunities<br />

The Amber’s Bell Tent Camping franchise is a<br />

unique and highly rewarding business and lifestyle<br />

opportunity. You will have the potential to earn a<br />

significant income providing relaxing, stylish and<br />

comfortable glamping holidays for your clients in<br />

beautiful locations!<br />

We are looking for landowners in desirable locations<br />

who enjoy dealing with people and have the drive<br />

and determination to succeed.<br />


028 9099 3499<br />

info@further.space<br />

www.further.space/partners<br />

Partner with us and create a sustainable tourism<br />

business. Our landowner partners are an important<br />

part <strong>of</strong> the FURTHER.SPACE family. We work closely<br />

with them to provide a great experience for our<br />

customers and maintain luxury levels <strong>of</strong> service,<br />

while allowing our partners to create a sustainable<br />

business.<br />

All our locations are hand-picked, to ensure they<br />

have something extraordinary.<br />


07713 910917<br />

marketing@kymanigetaways.com<br />

www.kymanigetaways.com<br />

We are always on the hunt for beautiful new sites<br />

to bring together groups <strong>of</strong> people. We also allow<br />

landowners the opportunity to add revenue to<br />

their existing operation without any <strong>of</strong> the hassle<br />

<strong>of</strong> running a site. We are completely self-sufficient<br />

and our onsite team will take care <strong>of</strong> our guests,<br />

meaning there is no additional work for you.<br />


Franchises<br />

Interested in a lower risk way to start<br />

a glampsite? A franchise may be the<br />

business model for you<br />

Starting a glampsite is no mean feat and is<br />

unlikely to be a decision you make overnight.<br />

You will no doubt have researched extensively<br />

and talked at length with friends, family and<br />

others in the industry. One appealing option<br />

that you may consider during your research is<br />

franchise ownership.<br />

This is commercial relationship between<br />

the owner <strong>of</strong> a company and an individual who<br />

is starting a branch <strong>of</strong> that business, using its<br />

branding and business model.<br />

For many would-be glamping<br />

entrepreneurs, franchising <strong>of</strong>fers the chance to<br />

add a site to their land without taking on the<br />

significant risk that comes with starting one<br />

from scratch.<br />


To start a glamping franchise you don’t<br />

necessarily need any industry experience<br />

but you are likely to need land. The franchise<br />

business will <strong>of</strong>fer support in getting you<br />

started, and will usually help with planning<br />

and finance. They will then train you and<br />

help with marketing. By tapping into years <strong>of</strong><br />

experience you increase the chance <strong>of</strong> success<br />

for your new venture.<br />

You will also find that getting a business<br />

loan is easier as lenders feel more comfortable<br />

investing in new businesses with the backing<br />

<strong>of</strong> an established franchise brand.<br />

In the glamping industry, franchises work<br />

in a number <strong>of</strong> different ways. Some require<br />

significant investment in infrastructure and<br />

<strong>of</strong>fer a hands on opportunity, some a seasonal<br />

business model, and others may be looking for<br />

land only, running the sites themselves with<br />

little involvement from the landowner.<br />

A huge advantage is the access a franchise<br />

can give you to an established customer<br />

base. You will also benefit from established<br />

relationships with suppliers.<br />

Owning a glamping franchise is a great way<br />

to create value from your land with less risk<br />

than going it alone, and a system <strong>of</strong> support<br />

and community should you find yourself in<br />

need <strong>of</strong> assistance or advice.<br />

Case Study<br />

Wigwam Holidays Cove<br />

Farm, Scottish Borders<br />

Product: Wigwam Holidays franchise<br />

Supplier: Wigwam Holidays,<br />

0131 450 7136, hello@wigwamholidays.com,<br />

www.wigwamholidays.com<br />

When Rosie Low’s parents sold the family<br />

farm, they kept a small field for themselves.<br />

The field was no bigger than a few acres and<br />

there was nothing much exceptional about<br />

it. Her husband Gavin had recently left work<br />

<strong>of</strong>fshore so he could be around for their new<br />

born baby and Rosie was working full time in<br />

sales. They wanted to find a way to monetise<br />

the field that would guarantee a stable source<br />

<strong>of</strong> additional income and support their new<br />

family’s future.<br />

After many ideas they stumbled across<br />

Wigwam Holidays and their franchise model<br />

for landowners. The 10% commissions<br />

sounded to them like a good deal, around<br />

what they might spend themselves on<br />

marketing, website design, training etc. They<br />

also knew that it would be a lot easier to<br />

borrow money if they were using a proven<br />

and successful franchise model.<br />

Since opening their site, Gavin and Rosie<br />

haven’t looked back. They’ve built a beautiful<br />

house for themselves overlooking their field<br />

<strong>of</strong> Wigwams and get a kick every time they’re<br />

notified <strong>of</strong> a new booking – knowing that<br />

each one secures financial freedom for<br />

their family.<br />






01392 873900 / 01284 753271<br />

ask@acorus.co.uk<br />

www.acorus.co.uk<br />

A nationwide, independent and reputable firm <strong>of</strong><br />

chartered surveyors and rural planning and design<br />

consultants providing a ‘one-stop-shop’ service<br />

to clients on all matters relating to development<br />

in the countryside and covering all forms <strong>of</strong> rural<br />

diversification. From inception to completion, we<br />

have a dedicated team <strong>of</strong> pr<strong>of</strong>essionals to assist with<br />

planning, architecture, project management and<br />

property sales.<br />


07887 747393<br />

contactus@reedstudio.co.uk<br />

www.reedstudio.co.uk<br />

Reed Studio is a family run landscape and<br />

architectural design studio supplying design and<br />

planning for landowners looking to diversify. Services<br />

are personalised, tailoring to each client’s needs.<br />

The studio takes pride in thinking outside <strong>of</strong> the box,<br />

testing ideas and providing beautifully designed<br />

buildings and landscapes.<br />


01952 276745<br />

phil.plant@midwestplanning.co.uk<br />

www.midwestplanning.co.uk<br />

Mid West Planning <strong>of</strong>fers advice and consultancy<br />

on all aspects <strong>of</strong> rural planning including identifying<br />

opportunities to increase or maintain asset value,<br />

opportunities to secure existing lawful uses and<br />

making planning applications for development and<br />

change <strong>of</strong> use on behalf <strong>of</strong> farmers, landowners and<br />

businesses. We pride ourselves on <strong>of</strong>fering expert<br />

and cost effective solutions to rural planning issues.<br />


01452 260110<br />

enquiries@kpgdesignassociates.co.uk<br />

www.kpgdesignassociates.co.uk<br />

We have been providing a fully comprehensive<br />

architectural and planning service to the farming and<br />

land-owning rural community for over 37 years. With<br />

our team <strong>of</strong> experienced and qualified associates<br />

we can advise on, and deal with, all matters which<br />

may fall under the planning regime. Most farming<br />

diversification and rural enterprise projects will<br />

involve some form <strong>of</strong> planning requirement.<br />



John Greenshields, CLA Midlands rural surveyor, discusses planning for glamping<br />

There are ways to set up a glampsite without<br />

planning permission (see page 15) but for the<br />

majority <strong>of</strong> cases, planning permission will be<br />

required. As with all start-ups, you will need to<br />

research the type and location <strong>of</strong> existing tourist<br />

accommodation. While the discovery <strong>of</strong> nearby<br />

sites may initially quell your aspirations, they<br />

certainly provide precedent evidence for a planning<br />

application.<br />


With many glamping units designed to fall under the<br />

definition <strong>of</strong> a ‘caravan’, the key issue is to decide<br />

whether any <strong>of</strong> your planned work constitutes<br />

‘development’ rather than a temporary installation,<br />

in which case planning permission is required. A<br />

development can be either a ‘building or engineering<br />

operation’ or a ‘material change in the use <strong>of</strong> land.’<br />

However, in some cases permission may be deemed<br />

already to have been granted, under a General<br />

Permitted Development Order 2015 (GPDO). In these<br />

‘permitted development’ cases no application is<br />

needed.<br />

Each case will turn on its individual merits but<br />

courts, in judging whether something amounts to<br />

a ‘building operation’, have consistently looked at<br />

three main factors – size, permanence, and physical<br />

attachment.<br />

In addition, development can consist <strong>of</strong> a<br />

‘material change in the use <strong>of</strong> the land’. Even where<br />

a temporary structure is not a building operation,<br />

planning permission would be needed if its use<br />

amounted to a material change <strong>of</strong> use.<br />


When submitting your planning application it will<br />

help to include details <strong>of</strong> the economic benefits <strong>of</strong><br />

your development in terms <strong>of</strong> income to the area,<br />

access, employment and potential benefits to other<br />

local businesses. Your application should cover the<br />

National Planning Policy Framework’s principles<br />

and your borough’s Local Plan, which sets out the<br />

strategic priorities for development <strong>of</strong> an area and<br />

gives guidance on what will and won’t be permitted.<br />

Planning application fees vary widely depending<br />

on the size <strong>of</strong> the proposed operation and the works<br />

required. As an example, to change the use <strong>of</strong> a piece<br />

<strong>of</strong> land to tourism would attract a fee starting at<br />

£462 per 0.1 hectare. Your local planning authority<br />

can provide an accurate figure, and the Planning<br />

Portal (A Guide to the Planning Fees for Applications<br />

in England) has a full list <strong>of</strong> fees. It is worth paying<br />

attention to sites which sprawl and have car parks as<br />

this can ramp up the area <strong>of</strong> an application.<br />

After submission, the local authority will publicise<br />

the planning application to members <strong>of</strong> the public<br />

and consultees, such as the local parish council,<br />

the Environment Agency, tourist boards and any<br />

agencies responsible for designated areas. After<br />

receiving these responses and comments the<br />

authority will then produce a summary <strong>of</strong> the<br />

application along with its decision to approve or<br />

refuse it.<br />

If your application is refused, <strong>of</strong>ten due the fact<br />

glampsites are located in rural and thus considered<br />

unsustainable areas, you will be faced with two<br />

further options. To amend your application in order<br />

to make it more suitable or to appeal the decision. In<br />

all cases you should seek pr<strong>of</strong>essional advice, which<br />

should be viewed as an investment.<br />


A caravan site is defined as any land on which a<br />

caravan is stationed for human habitation – most<br />

glamping structures fall under this definition. Subject<br />

to permitted development rights, a caravan site<br />

therefore requires both planning permission and a<br />

site licence, which comes with a variety <strong>of</strong> conditions,<br />

before it can operate. A site licence has to be applied<br />

for separately following the granting <strong>of</strong> planning<br />

permission. It is possible to avoid both planning<br />

permission and site licenses by becoming a certified<br />

site with an exempt organisation (see page 15).<br />

While planning permission attaches to the land,<br />

the site licence is held by the occupier and is nontransferable<br />

without the prior consent <strong>of</strong> the local<br />

authority.<br />


A glamping site may be permitted in a designated<br />

area (Green Belts, SSSIs, AONBs, National Parks,<br />

etc) in exceptional circumstances but may require<br />

higher standards <strong>of</strong> design, layout and landscaping.<br />

Preference may be given to small sites over large<br />

sites and pre-application discussions with the local<br />

planning authority are encouraged to resolve any<br />

potentially contentious issues. If planning permission<br />

or a Certificate <strong>of</strong> Lawfulness for an Existing Use or<br />

Development (CLEUD) has been issued, a site licence<br />

must be issued.<br />





If you have already erected temporary structures without<br />

planning permission you can seek a CLEUD under s191 <strong>of</strong><br />

the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. After four years<br />

(for ‘operational development’) and 10 years (for ‘material<br />

changes <strong>of</strong> use’) a CLEUD must be granted automatically,<br />

even if the activity was not legal. In some cases this may be a<br />

better starting point than a planning application, which the<br />

local planning authority <strong>of</strong> course has discretion to refuse.<br />

The application <strong>of</strong> this rule to temporary structures can<br />

be uncertain but the CLA is aware <strong>of</strong> cases in which CLEUDs<br />

have confirmed the legitimacy <strong>of</strong> temporary structures and<br />

uses over a wide area <strong>of</strong> land.<br />

It is important to note that the local planning authority<br />

can take enforcement action if there is a breach in planning<br />

law. In such cases it is possible to apply for retrospective<br />

planning permission and, if this is denied, appeals may be<br />

made to the planning inspectorate.<br />

A well-constructed, accurate planning application<br />

will make the whole process easier, and I would strongly<br />

recommend taking advice before submitting your<br />

application. As well as talking it through with a membership<br />

organisation such as the CLA, you will find most planning<br />

<strong>of</strong>ficers happy to advise you on the best way to proceed<br />

before you commit time and money on your application.<br />

Planning Law<br />

• Town and Country Planning Act 1990: this contains<br />

the legal provisions for planning as a whole including<br />

the use and changes <strong>of</strong> use <strong>of</strong> land and buildings.<br />

www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1990/8/contents<br />

• The Caravans and Control <strong>of</strong> Development Act 1960:<br />

this sets out the requirements for the system <strong>of</strong><br />

licensing caravan sites by local authorities (on which<br />

some <strong>of</strong> the planning requirements are based).<br />

www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/Eliz2/8-9/62/contents<br />

• The Caravans Sites Act 1968: this Act amended the<br />

definition <strong>of</strong> caravan contained in the 1960 Act. www.<br />

legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1968/52/contents<br />

• Town and Country Planning (General Permitted<br />

Development) (England) Order 2015 (GPDO 2015):<br />

Part 5 Caravan sites and recreational campsites.<br />

www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2015/596/contents/made<br />

Case Study<br />

Janson Coarse Fishery,<br />

Nottinghamshire<br />

Service: Planning for the extension <strong>of</strong> a<br />

campsite, seven glamping pods, a fishing<br />

and amenity lake and a new toilet block<br />

Supplier: Mid West Planning, 01952<br />

276745, phil.plant@midwestplanning.<br />

co.uk, www.midwestplanning.co.uk<br />

Having originally been<br />

involved in obtaining<br />

planning consent<br />

for holiday<br />

accommodation<br />

at Janson Coarse<br />

Fishery in 2015,<br />

it was with<br />

great satisfaction<br />

that Mid West<br />

Planning was invited<br />

to assist its new owners<br />

to expand their short stay and holiday<br />

accommodation even further with seven<br />

glamping pods and a new toilet bock.<br />

Linda Beston and Jeff Capperhad had<br />

a vision to expand the amount and range<br />

<strong>of</strong> accommodation on <strong>of</strong>fer. Mid West<br />

Planning was able to prepare the required<br />

location plan, site layout plan, landscaping<br />

plan and written documents which resulted<br />

in planning consent being granted for the<br />

site to be operational for 12 months a year.<br />

Specialist reports on ecology and flood<br />

risks were obtained and helped secure the<br />

planning consent. Mid West Planning is<br />

now looking into the possibility <strong>of</strong> further<br />

expansion <strong>of</strong> the fishing and holiday<br />

accommodation.<br />

If you have an existing site that you are<br />

thinking <strong>of</strong> extending or a piece <strong>of</strong> land<br />

that is suitable for short stay or holiday<br />

accommodation, give Phil Plant at Mid West<br />

Planning a call to discuss your proposals.<br />


A qualified chartered surveyor and agricultural valuer, John Greenshields advises CLA members on a wide<br />

range <strong>of</strong> land related issues as well as identifying any opportunities to further their interests. The CLA<br />

brings over a century <strong>of</strong> experience to members considering diversifying their core business to benefit<br />

from market opportunities such as glamping. www.cla.org.uk<br />


When you Don’t Need Planning<br />

A quick reference guide on creating a glampsite without the need for planning permission<br />

The ‘28 Day Rule’ (now 56 days in England) allows a<br />

landowner to operate tented camping without formal<br />

planning permission.<br />

The number <strong>of</strong> days this form <strong>of</strong> ‘permitted<br />

development’ covers has been extended to lengthen<br />

the season due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In<br />

England, tented camping is allowed for 56 days up<br />

until the end <strong>of</strong> <strong>2021</strong>. Wales, Scotland and Northern<br />

Ireland have not <strong>of</strong>ficially extended their seasons but<br />

are taking a flexible approach to this rule where it is<br />

“appropriate and helpful to businesses”.<br />

Constraints:<br />

• The land cannot be used for more than 28 (56)<br />

days in any calendar year but the days do not have<br />

to be consecutive. It is advisable to record the<br />

exact dates<br />

• Any day when a temporary structure (e.g. portable<br />

toilet) remains on site counts as a permitted day<br />

• The land must not be part <strong>of</strong> any land associated<br />

with an existing building, including house gardens,<br />

car parks, agricultural buildings and listed<br />

buildings<br />

• Land combined within existing caravan sites<br />

cannot be used.<br />

Permitted on a 28 (56) day site:<br />

✔ Tents and trailer tents<br />

✔ <strong>Glamping</strong> accommodation without solid bases<br />

✔ Moveable structures on wheels/skids in connection<br />

with the use <strong>of</strong> the site e.g. portable toilets<br />

✔ Vehicles used solely for transportation to the site<br />

✔ Land over five acres – up to three caravans with a<br />

maximum stay <strong>of</strong> two nights each<br />

✔ Land under five acres – only one caravan with a<br />

maximum two night stay.<br />

Not permitted on a 28 (56) day site:<br />

✘ <strong>Glamping</strong> accommodation with solid bases or any<br />

permanent structures<br />

✘ Mobile homes, RVs and temporary facilities on<br />

wheels/skids that require separate licensing e.g.<br />

burger vans<br />

✘ Any electrical hook-up points and/or substantial<br />

utilities services such as stand-alone sinks<br />

uncharacteristic <strong>of</strong> agricultural fields.<br />

Caravan Exemption Certificated Sites<br />

You can apply for an exemption certificate from an<br />

‘exempted organisation.’ These recreational clubs<br />

allow you to operate glamping pods, which fall under<br />

the definition <strong>of</strong> a ‘caravan’, year round, without a<br />

licence or the need to apply for planning permission.<br />

The term caravan refers to: “Any structure<br />

designed or adapted for human habitation which is<br />

capable <strong>of</strong> being moved from one place to another…”<br />

Under this definition, movable glamping pods are<br />

included with the following dimensions: 20m long,<br />

6.8m wide and 3.05m high.<br />

<strong>Glamping</strong> friendly exempt organisations include<br />

the Woodlands Champions Club, the Freedom<br />

Camping Club and the Greener Camping Club. Some<br />

clubs <strong>of</strong>fer free membership meaning you can market<br />

your site and take bookings from anyone so long as<br />

they agree to the T&Cs <strong>of</strong> becoming a member.<br />

Constraints:<br />

• The land can accommodate up to five caravans/<br />

motorhomes at any one time<br />

• Typically, certificated sites will also include spaces<br />

for up to 10 tents depending on space<br />

• More tents can be granted by the certified<br />

organisation.<br />

Further Information<br />

• See www.gov.uk and search for ‘exempted<br />

organisation guidance’<br />

• Freedom Camping Club<br />

www.freedomcampingclub.org<br />

• Greener Camping Club<br />

www.greenercamping.org<br />

• Woodland Champions Club<br />

www.woodlandchampions.co.uk<br />

Legislation<br />

• Caravan Sites and Control <strong>of</strong> Development Act<br />

(1960)<br />

• The Town and Country Planning (General<br />

Permitted Development) Order (1995)<br />



This information has been compiled in part by the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park<br />

Authority. Please note, this information is intended to be a helpful and simple guide and<br />

should not be regarded as a full interpretation <strong>of</strong> the law. www.pembrokeshirecoast.wales<br />


Ecology<br />

Ecology<br />

Putting ecology at the top <strong>of</strong> your design<br />

agenda will reap rewards for more than<br />

nature alone, says Emma Reed<br />

For those at the beginning <strong>of</strong> a project, thinking<br />

about biodiversity in your designs should be at<br />

the top <strong>of</strong> the agenda. For those <strong>of</strong> you further<br />

down the line you may well have ecology<br />

knowledge coming out <strong>of</strong> your ears!<br />

Sadly, sites can sometimes be designed from a<br />

commercial point <strong>of</strong> view and their landscape and<br />

magic can be all but forgotten. Then, landscape<br />

and ecological requirements are put in place by<br />

the local planning authority (LPA) and mitigation<br />

is squeezed into any available gap and can lack<br />

strategy, vision and connectivity. To counteract<br />

this, if biodiversity is considered from the outset<br />

it can more easily be integrated into a design and<br />

can result in a richer environment for all. Most<br />

importantly, it must be understood that ecology<br />

management is a long-term labour <strong>of</strong> love and<br />

produces rewarding results which evolve over time.<br />

Ecological planning requirements<br />

Each LPA varies with their requirements with regards<br />

to biodiversity as they attempt to contribute to and<br />

enhance the natural and local environment as set<br />

out within the National Planning Policy Framework<br />

(NPPF). While a biodiversity net gain (BNG) is<br />

encouraged it is not currently mandatory under<br />

national planning policy. Most LPAs will require an<br />

ecological assessment to establish the baseline<br />

ecology on site so the proposals can be assessed<br />

against what exists. Some are trying to get ahead<br />

<strong>of</strong> the game and now require a BNG as part <strong>of</strong> the<br />

emerging Environmental Bill 2020.<br />

It is expected that when enacted the<br />

Environmental Bill will require a 10 per cent BNG<br />

for a minimum <strong>of</strong> 30 years for developments going<br />

forwards. In order to evidence the BNG a biodiversity<br />

“It is a good idea to gain quotes<br />

from different chartered ecology<br />

firms registered with the Institute<br />

<strong>of</strong> Ecology and Environmental<br />

Management and to chat with them to<br />

see if you can establish a successful<br />

relationship”<br />


metric will likely be an additional planning<br />

requirement. BNG measures the existing biodiversity<br />

against post development biodiversity, ensuring<br />

that the site is in a better state than it was previously.<br />

An ecology consultant can carry out the necessary<br />

surveys and analysis for you. It is a good idea<br />

to gain quotes from different chartered ecology<br />

firms registered with the Institute <strong>of</strong> Ecology and<br />

Environmental Management and to chat with them<br />

to see if you can establish a successful relationship.<br />

If you are working with an architectural practice or<br />

design firm they will likely be able to organise this<br />

for you.<br />

Seasonal surveys<br />

Initially the ecologist will carry out a Phase 1 survey<br />

to establish what habitats are present, from that<br />

Phase 2 surveys may need to be carried out such<br />

as bat roosting surveys. Some Phase 2 surveys<br />

may have a more specific timeframe such as in<br />

ancient woodland where woodland floor indicator<br />

species are most prevalent from May to June, so it is<br />

important to be mindful <strong>of</strong> timings.<br />

Landscape-led projects<br />

Every site is unique and, when designing for<br />

biodiversity, cues are readily taken from the natural<br />

environment surrounding the development. At<br />

Reed Studio we have one glamping project which<br />

is nestled on the side <strong>of</strong> a clough (northern English<br />

for a narrow cleft in the hillside) at the point at<br />

which moorland meets farmland. We took the<br />

opportunity to integrate the two habitats with<br />

banks <strong>of</strong> heathland species stretching like fingers<br />

across the site and eventually merging with glades<br />


<strong>of</strong> hay meadow, which appear to seep in from the<br />

neighbouring field.<br />

The clients in this particular project are deeply<br />

passionate about the natural environment and<br />

embracing a bank <strong>of</strong> thistles here and there<br />

where butterflies are abundant is right up their<br />

street. In this project the hay meadows were to<br />

be harvested from local species-rich hay cuts and<br />

heathers and bilberries from <strong>of</strong>f cuts elsewhere<br />

on site. The site is therefore truly from local<br />

provenance and a great success in returning what<br />

was once a heavily engineered and levelled horse<br />

arena into a site which marries magically into its<br />

natural hillside environment.<br />

At another site perched on a brow and<br />

overlooking the dales <strong>of</strong> County Durham, we had<br />

a successful relationship with ecologists Naturally<br />

Wild (www.naturallywild.co.uk) to evolve an<br />

ecologically rich proposal in an otherwise speciespoor<br />

field. Where local hay cuts were not an<br />

option, specifying a more species-rich meadow<br />

mix was appropriate, to be managed in a way that<br />

the meadow can evolve and not be hindered by<br />

the recreational use <strong>of</strong> the roadside motel-style<br />

glamping site. The meadow mix specified had<br />

a greater variety <strong>of</strong> flowering species than the<br />

standard mixes and therefore greater opportunity<br />

for some flowering species to survive if others<br />

might fail.<br />

Emorsgate (www.wildseed.co.uk), amongst<br />

other British seed companies, produce different<br />

seed mixes <strong>of</strong> native wildflower that suit each<br />

individual site. Tree and hedgerow species were<br />

also carefully selected that were seen to be<br />

growing in the local vicinity and that would work<br />

with the existing site conditions. Despite doubling<br />

the footprint <strong>of</strong> the existing roadside café and<br />

installing 10 glamping pods, the 10 per cent BNG<br />

required by the LPA has been easily achievable<br />

and integrated into a naturalistic design where<br />

guests will have an experience <strong>of</strong> nature and not a<br />

monoculture field with pods placed regimentally<br />

within it.<br />

pounds can easily be spent on ecological impact<br />

assessments, arboricultural surveys, biodiversity<br />

metrics, bat surveys and any other speciesspecific<br />

surveys. However, in the long term these<br />

assessments will give you a deeper understanding<br />

<strong>of</strong> your land and its existing ecological condition,<br />

as well as its potential.<br />

If you reconfigure your thinking to consider the<br />

biodiversity <strong>of</strong> your site as an asset you will likely<br />

have a much smoother ride. Take the now famous<br />

Knepp Estate in West Sussex for example, where<br />

a 3,500 acre tract <strong>of</strong> land has been devoted to a<br />

rewilding project. The formally intensively farmed<br />

estate is now a rich hive <strong>of</strong> biodiversity and uses<br />

grazing animals as the drivers <strong>of</strong> habitat creation.<br />

A natural system <strong>of</strong> biodiversity is the unique<br />

selling point at this site and visitors are keen to be<br />

enveloped by it.<br />

Designing for biodiversity can be a joy if tackled<br />

at the outset. Take stock <strong>of</strong> what you have and<br />

look to enhance. Where challenges occur they<br />

<strong>of</strong>ten provide opportunities that might not<br />

otherwise have arisen, and a design outcome that<br />

is all the richer.<br />

Ecology<br />

In conclusion<br />

Be prepared in terms <strong>of</strong> time and money. The<br />

ecology process is costly, several thousand<br />


Emma Reed is a chartered landscape architect and director <strong>of</strong> Reed Studio. Perched on the Pennines<br />

<strong>of</strong> West Yorkshire, Reed Studio provides landscape, garden, farm diversification and architectural<br />

design services for clients across the UK, with projects ranging from glamping sites, to rural<br />

businesses, workshops and destination cafés. www.reedstudio.co.uk<br />





0800 999 6010<br />

info@glampsan.com<br />

www.glampsan.com<br />

Glampsan supplies solutions for capturing,<br />

managing, storing and pumping water and waste<br />

at <strong>of</strong>f-grid glamping, camping, and caravan sites.<br />

Whether you are just starting up or are expanding<br />

your business, we advise you and provide waste<br />

capture tanks, sewage lifting stations, composting<br />

loos, sewage treatment plants and much more. At<br />

Glampsan we have you covered!<br />


020 8842 0033<br />

sales@saniflo.co.uk<br />

www.saniflo.co.uk<br />

Saniflo is a leading supplier <strong>of</strong> pumps and lifting<br />

stations for domestic and commercial settings.<br />

The newest range <strong>of</strong> Sanifos pumps is particularly<br />

suitable for camping, caravanning and glamping<br />

sites. Sited underground and with tanks sizes<br />

<strong>of</strong> between 110L and 3,100L they can discharge<br />

waste vertically and horizontally to mains drains,<br />

water treatment plants or septic tanks.<br />


024 7610 8109<br />

enquiries@groundscrewcentre.co.uk<br />

www.groundscrewcentre.co.uk<br />

An easier, more environmentally friendly<br />

alternative to concrete bases, the Self Install<br />

Ground Screw Foundation System features<br />

bespoke fitting brackets for either joist or SIPs<br />

panel bases.<br />

All the ground screws on our website can be<br />

self-installed with easy to use tools. The website<br />

also features a calculator to ensure you order the<br />

correct number <strong>of</strong> screws and fitting brackets.<br />


01769 561355<br />

sales@sign-maker.net<br />

www.sign-maker.net /<br />

www.sign-maker.co.uk<br />

At The Sign Maker workshops we make all kinds<br />

<strong>of</strong> signs and plaques, made just the way you want<br />

them. These include wooden signs, stone signs,<br />

painted signs, aluminium signage, signs painted<br />

on posts, ladder signs, hanging signs, engraved<br />

plaques along with wheelcovers and safety signs.<br />

Buy online or tell us your needs and we will send<br />

you a quote.<br />


Case Study<br />

Rowley Estates<br />

Shepherds Huts, Cumbria<br />

Product: 750 gallon above ground waste tanks<br />

with level alarms<br />

Supplier: Glampsan, 0800 999 6010,<br />

info@glampsan.com, www.glampsan.com<br />


When Christine and Charles Rowley<br />

researched shepherds huts for their thriving<br />

staycation business, they wanted to <strong>of</strong>fer<br />

tranquillity, seclusion and luxury: a home<br />

from home even in the heart <strong>of</strong> an apparent<br />

wilderness. With luxury bathrooms and<br />

flushing toilets in an <strong>of</strong>f-grid situation,<br />

they also needed a sympathetic way to<br />

control collecting grey and black waste. Cue<br />

Glampsan.<br />

Nestled inconspicuously underneath each<br />

shepherds hut, Glampsan’s 750 gallon above<br />

ground waste tanks are each coupled with a<br />

level alarm to alert the owners before they<br />

need emptying. Guests use the toilet and<br />

washing facilities blissfully unaware <strong>of</strong> the<br />

controlled technology going on just beneath<br />

them. And that’s just how it should be.<br />

“The staff at Glampsan were friendly,<br />

knowledgeable and extremely helpful,” says<br />

Christine. “Their plastic waste tanks were<br />

the ideal solution and they pulled out all the<br />

stops to deliver them within a week, despite<br />

the Covid challenges we all faced.”<br />

“It was a pleasure to provide Christine<br />

and Charles with an appropriate solution,”<br />

says Glampsan’s Jon Trelfa. “Whether it’s<br />

composting loos, waste tanks, sewage lifting<br />

stations or treatment plants, Glampsan has<br />

the solution.”<br />

Case Study<br />

Riverside Accommodation,<br />

Norfolk Broads<br />

Product: Sanifos 110 underground pump<br />

Supplier: Saniflo, 020 8842 0033,<br />

sales@saniflo.co.uk, www.saniflo.co.uk<br />

A Sanifos 110 underground pump was chosen<br />

to provide the drainage for a holiday letting<br />

in the picturesque village <strong>of</strong> Horning in the<br />

Norfolk Broads. The accommodation – a selfcontained<br />

unit above a newly built boathouse<br />

– comprised a kitchen, bathroom, dining room<br />

and bedroom but was sited downhill from<br />

the water treatment plant serving the main<br />

property.<br />

To connect water waste services a Sanifos<br />

pump was installed in a discreet manhole<br />

adjacent to the building with pipework from<br />

the kitchen and bathroom connected directly<br />

to the 110-litre pump. Activated automatically<br />

– and soundpro<strong>of</strong>ed by the underground<br />

situation – the unit takes grey and black<br />

water waste and pumps it up through 40mm<br />

discharge pipes to a water treatment plant<br />

situated 65m away at a ground level 4m<br />

higher than the boathouse. The compact<br />

Sanifos 110 sits in a hole just 1m deep and<br />

500cm wide and is flush with the ground<br />

providing an unobtrusive waste solution.<br />





0203 319 1315<br />

info@boutiquecamping.com<br />

www.boutiquecamping.com<br />

Creating famously unique tent designs and bringing<br />

them to campsites and events since 2010, Boutique<br />

Camping are the renowned leaders and innovators<br />

at combining traditional and modern-day camping<br />

into their creations. A one-stop-glamping-shop for<br />

all your outdoor-business needs, their extensive<br />

range <strong>of</strong> exclusive tents and coveted accessories<br />

will transform your current stock and maximise the<br />

Boutique-factor <strong>of</strong> your business!<br />


(UK agents for Eco Structures)<br />

0191 5197477<br />

hello@suttonhospitalityconsultants.co.uk<br />

www.suttonhospitalityconsultants.co.uk<br />

A popular global brand now available in the UK, Eco<br />

Structures <strong>of</strong>fers high quality, competitively priced<br />

eco-friendly tents with an authentic feel and unique<br />

galvanised structural steel system for rigidity with<br />

15-year warranty. You can fully customize the tents<br />

with luxurious elements and the installation is quick,<br />

ensuring a fast return on investment.<br />


02476 326585<br />

hello@trudomes.com<br />

www.trudomes.com<br />

Choose our award-winning domes for a sense <strong>of</strong><br />

abundant space, quality and luxury. With surplus<br />

head space and a panoramic window, every visitor<br />

appreciates the wow factor <strong>of</strong> a TruDome.<br />

Our geodesic domes are uniquely constructed from<br />

eco-friendly aircraft grade aluminium and tested to<br />

the highest standards leaving you (and your guests)<br />

to sleep comfortably for years to come.<br />


01453 767171<br />

www.bondfabrications.co.uk<br />

enquiries@bondfabrications.co.uk<br />

British design and manufacture <strong>of</strong> bespoke<br />

structures including luxury safari tents and a wide<br />

variety <strong>of</strong> bespoke tensile structures. All tents are<br />

made with robust steel or aluminium frames, high<br />

performance outdoor fabrics and include structural<br />

engineers reports. Leading UK supplier to the<br />

outdoor hospitality industry for over 30 years helping<br />

clients create unique, luxury, custom structures for<br />

premium visitor experiences.<br />


Case Study<br />

Under the Oak <strong>Glamping</strong>,<br />

Caerphilly<br />

Product: Canvas lodge<br />

Supplier: Clear Sky, 0330 241 2660, sales@<br />

safaritents.co.uk, www.safaritents.co.uk<br />

Farmers Richard and Lydia needed a new<br />

direction for their farm after a TB test meant<br />

they devastatingly lost half <strong>of</strong> their herd <strong>of</strong><br />

cattle. “We spoke to many companies at the<br />

<strong>Glamping</strong> Show,” says Lydia, “but on entering<br />

Clear Sky’s demo tent we knew straight away<br />

that this was who we wanted to work with.<br />

“The lodge is the best quality product we<br />

found and we were pleasantly surprised by the<br />

price. Mark and his team have been incredibly<br />

helpful and approachable at all stages and<br />

their knowledge and experience has been<br />

invaluable to us. Mark even took the time to<br />

pay us a personal visit and look over the site,<br />

despite the fact that we must be a relatively<br />

small project.”<br />

By Spring, the lodge was up and the couple<br />

welcomed their first guests just a few weeks<br />

after Easter. “Our guests loved every aspect <strong>of</strong><br />

their stay, giving us our first 5 star review,” says<br />

Lydia. “The support <strong>of</strong> Clear Sky has been so<br />

reassuring and we plan to expand the site next<br />

year with more safari tents.<br />

Case Study<br />

Brook House Woods,<br />

Herefordshire<br />

Product: Tree Tent<br />

Supplier: Tree Tents International,<br />

01273 782360, info@treetents.co.uk,<br />

www.treetents.co.uk<br />

It’s all about wood at Penny and Will Tasker’s<br />

idyllic Herefordshire glampsite that <strong>of</strong>fers<br />

eco-friendly glamping escapes overlooking<br />

the Malvern Hills.<br />

The site is mainly woodland with some<br />

areas <strong>of</strong> meadow. With such a heavily<br />

wooded site, the obvious choice for<br />

glamping accommodation was a tree house,<br />

particularly given their popularity and high<br />

per night prices. However, with less mature<br />

woodland there weren’t the mature oaks<br />

required for large, traditional tree houses.<br />

Given this, as well as the density and<br />

fragility <strong>of</strong> the woodland, Penny and Will<br />

chose a Tree Tent as a way to get people high<br />

into the tree tops, in a low impact way. The<br />

futuristic, round tree pod suspended high<br />

in the canopy, is an unexpected surprise for<br />

guests, and allowed them to take advantage<br />

<strong>of</strong> the site’s assets – the views and the<br />

beautiful ash and oak woodland – while<br />

dodging some <strong>of</strong> the pitfalls <strong>of</strong> traditional<br />

tree houses. The Tree Tent is so lightweight<br />

it can be suspended from younger trees<br />

with no impact on them or the surrounding<br />

environment.<br />






0330 241 2660<br />

sales@safaritents.co.uk<br />

www.safaritents.co.uk<br />

You only have to look at the widespread adoption<br />

<strong>of</strong> ‘glamping’ to see the growing desire for different,<br />

more luxurious ways to enjoy outdoor holiday<br />

experiences. Offering safari or bell tents is a costeffective<br />

way <strong>of</strong> giving guests new and exciting<br />

accommodation options. Clear Sky provides the<br />

best quality canvas lodges in the UK, with a focus<br />

on customer experience.<br />


07966 842877<br />

sales@coolcanvastentcompany.co.uk<br />

www.coolcanvastentcompany.co.uk<br />

The <strong>Glamping</strong> Tent Package from Cool Canvas Tent<br />

Company is designed for anyone interested in bell<br />

tents for glamping, weddings, festivals and events<br />

looking for a positive return on their investment.<br />

Included is a high quality 5m bell tent, large coir<br />

tent carpet (supplied as two semi circles), wooden<br />

camping table, double airbed, fairy lights and<br />

bunting – all for £850 inc. VAT.<br />


+31 6577 8737<br />

hello@kulatents.com<br />

www.kulatents.com<br />

Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands, the<br />

new Kula Tents range takes influence from a bygone<br />

era <strong>of</strong> remote luxury and safari lodge opulence and<br />

is handcrafted and styled for enduring quality.<br />

At 7m diameter with an additional generous<br />

veranda, these structures are perfect for both small<br />

and large groups and fit well into any campsite<br />

layout.<br />


07974 139078<br />

fred@mongolianyurts.co.uk<br />

www.mongolianyurts.co.uk<br />

Our handcrafted traditional yurts are delivered<br />

direct from Mongolia to Mid Wales. We then design<br />

a bespoke canvas and treat the structure, ready to<br />

withstand the infamous British climate.<br />

We have a range <strong>of</strong> sizes and features to create a<br />

magical yurt unique to you and your needs. Ideal for<br />

outdoor space, glampsites or unique holiday lets.<br />


Case Study<br />

Tractors & Cream,<br />

Somerset<br />

Product: Geodesic glamping dome<br />

Supplier: TruDomes, 02476 326585,<br />

hello@trudomes.com, www.trudomes.com<br />

Tractors & Cream took delivery <strong>of</strong> their TruDome<br />

glamping dome early in 2020 and were fully<br />

booked for the whole <strong>of</strong> their 2020 season. Vicki<br />

says: “Our TruDome geodesic dome has been<br />

the best choice. I love it and our guests love it<br />

too! It’s visually stunning from the outside and<br />

then when our guests enter our dome they’re<br />

stunned by the space and how amazing it is.”<br />

2020 has been a challenging year for the<br />

hospitality sector which is why it is encouraging<br />

to see that Tractors & Cream have still seen<br />

growth. Vicki and Bryan are confident and<br />

optimistic for a good year ahead – so much<br />

so that they have already placed another<br />

dome order. Vicki says: “We could’ve sold<br />

the dome twice over this season and so we<br />

wanted to reinvest in our business by adding<br />

to our capacity and buying another dome<br />

from TruDomes for next year. Provenance is<br />

important to us and so it was an easy choice to<br />

opt to work with a British business that design<br />

and make their geodomes here in the UK.”<br />

Case Study<br />

Purple Peaks, California<br />

Product: Star Bell Tent<br />

Supplier: Boutique Camping, 0203 319 1315,<br />

info@boutiquecamping.com,<br />

www.boutiquecamping.com<br />

In 2018, outdoor enthusiast and architectural<br />

designer Mary set out on a venture to explore<br />

her passions and skills, transferring them into<br />

opening a glamping business that provided<br />

unique escapes for like-minded adventurists,<br />

seeking Californian sunsets and glamourised<br />

solitude.<br />

“I outfitted my first 5m bell tent from<br />

Boutique Camping and within weeks <strong>of</strong><br />

consistent bookings, I had the budget I<br />

needed to expand my collection. I invested<br />

in other innovative designs like the Nova and<br />

Star, providing my business with a cluster <strong>of</strong><br />

permanently pitched home-away-from-home<br />

tents. With winds reaching 40mph, having<br />

high quality tents that simultaneously endure<br />

strong wind and extreme heat make Boutique<br />

Camping my first choice <strong>of</strong> supplier every<br />

time!”<br />

Purple Peaks, California, has grown to<br />

be a haven for travellers around the globe<br />

and in just two years this proudly acclaimed<br />

female-built and operated retreat has<br />

flourished into Boutique Camping’s most<br />

Instagrammable and aesthetically captivating<br />

trade partnership to date.<br />





MOREL & CO<br />

01458 258199<br />

info@morelcompany.co.uk<br />

www.morelcompany.co.uk<br />

Specialising in boutique and experiential treehouses<br />

and cabins, Morel designs embody years <strong>of</strong> handson<br />

experience in the glamping industry and rental.<br />

With a focus on creating that all important ‘guest<br />

experience’, bespoke and <strong>of</strong>f-the-peg designs add<br />

marketing and rental value to individual or high<br />

volume developments alike. To brainstorm your<br />

ideas and development opportunities arrange a free,<br />

no-obligation chat with Kate today.<br />


01472 852704<br />

info@frameandlog.co.uk<br />

www.frameandlogcabins.co.uk<br />

We design, supply and build high specification,<br />

timber frame cabins and structures for a wide<br />

variety <strong>of</strong> uses. Holiday buildings, residential,<br />

B&B, <strong>of</strong>fices, cafes, outbuildings, UK and export.<br />

Bespoke and <strong>of</strong>f-the-shelf-solutions. We are a<br />

small family business that delivers sustainable,<br />

energy efficient, long term value for our customers<br />

without costing the earth.<br />

QORONE<br />

07798 902209<br />

info@qorone.com<br />

www.qorone.com<br />

For wow factor, you need a Qorone! The central<br />

hearth and attractive ro<strong>of</strong> drawing you into<br />

the warmest <strong>of</strong> welcomes. The unique design<br />

magically creates spacious and airy, yet cosy and<br />

luxurious accommodation. Sleep under canvas<br />

and enjoy the fire for an authentic camping<br />

experience within the solid wooden walls <strong>of</strong> a<br />

robust, beautiful, unique structure.<br />


01460 929774<br />

info@blackdownshepherdhuts.co.uk<br />

www.blackdownshepherdhuts.co.uk<br />

Leading shepherd hut makers <strong>Black</strong>down are<br />

recognised globally, however they design, craft,<br />

and display their high-end luxury living spaces<br />

in Somerset; exhibiting the high quality <strong>of</strong> build<br />

and interiors that <strong>Black</strong>down Shepherd Huts are<br />

renowned for. Duly inspired, many buyers add their<br />

own unique touches and build a hut that delights<br />

their guests and provides an excellent return on<br />

investment.<br />


Case Studies<br />

Mallory Meadows,<br />

Leicestershire<br />

Product: <strong>Glamping</strong> Mini-Lodge<br />

Supplier: Morel & Co, 01458 258199,<br />

info@morelcompany.co.uk,<br />

www.morelcompany.co.uk<br />

Emily and Chris <strong>of</strong> Mallory Meadows wanted<br />

to add a boutique element to their glamping<br />

business and approached industry specialist Kate<br />

Morel to help them achieve the desired results.<br />

The new accommodations took on a small ‘roundhouse’<br />

style cabin, requiring an efficient interior<br />

layout that didn’t compromise on key rental<br />

facilities or features, yet remained easy to clean<br />

and maintain.<br />

Guest comfort and convenience were created<br />

using unobtrusive underfloor heating with<br />

touchscreen control, LED mood lighting, USB<br />

ports, a 1,200x900 shower enclosure and heated<br />

towel rail. There was no skimping on cooking<br />

facilities either, with a full sink, microwave combi<br />

oven, hob, extractor and integrated fridge.<br />

Photogenic interiors were created through<br />

bespoke beds, side tables and headboards<br />

from beautifully patinated salvaged timbers,<br />

and bespoke s<strong>of</strong>t furnishings that echoed the<br />

countryside location. Outside, the round house<br />

cabins were completed with a fanned deck<br />

creating a spacious outdoor area for seating and<br />

hot tubs.<br />

Emily and Chris are delighted with the results,<br />

especially as the accommodations have been<br />

featured in several agency and PR promotions,<br />

and are generating a very healthy ROI.<br />

Case Study<br />

Skye Eco Bells,<br />

Isle <strong>of</strong> Skye<br />

Product: Finman Sleeper cabins and<br />

custom log cabin<br />

Supplier: Logspan, 01389 887205,<br />

info@logspan.com, www.logspan.com<br />

Off-grid campsite Skye Eco Bells felt that<br />

the nature <strong>of</strong> the Finman Sleeper Cabin<br />

fitted well with the surrounding landscape<br />

as well as <strong>of</strong>fering low impact, all year<br />

round accommodation. Manufactured using<br />

sustainably grown Russian spruce, the walls<br />

are 45mm thick and all windows and doors<br />

have full double glazing.<br />

Logspan was able to <strong>of</strong>fer a full build<br />

service and subsequently supplied further<br />

buildings including a bespoke log cabin<br />

bothy.<br />

“Logspan have been truly pr<strong>of</strong>essional<br />

from our first dealings with them,” said owner<br />

Nadia MacLucas-Paton. “We were impressed<br />

with the build quality and pricing but key to<br />

us was their attitude and friendliness. A year<br />

after our first contact we bought two cabins<br />

and had them constructed by their team.<br />

“The guys did a great job and very quickly<br />

and the cabins are doing great. The price was<br />

very competitive and at every stage <strong>of</strong> the<br />

design they kept us up to speed. We again<br />

opted for their team to build the cabins and<br />

definitely made the right decision. They<br />

worked swiftly and completed the job to a<br />

high standard.”<br />






03333 447566<br />

sara@glampinginnovations.co.uk<br />

www.glampinginnovations.co.uk<br />

<strong>Glamping</strong> Innovations represents unique and<br />

innovative products for the glamping sector.<br />

The Glamtainer <strong>of</strong>fers affordable, all year round<br />

luxury accommodation and can be supplied either<br />

as a plug and play or <strong>of</strong>f-grid unit.<br />

The Panoramic Barrel Sauna is beautifully crafted<br />

out <strong>of</strong> red cedar. It is a stunning addition to any<br />

accommodation and <strong>of</strong>fers a unique natural<br />

experience for guests.<br />


0131 210 0104<br />

info@bothystores.com<br />

www.bothystores.com<br />

The Artist Bothy is a haven inspired by the<br />

simplicity and seclusion <strong>of</strong> traditional mountain<br />

bothies. Designed for now but drawing on<br />

the past, the Bothy promotes slow living and<br />

a greater appreciation <strong>of</strong> life’s fundamentals.<br />

Whether used for working, relaxing or as overnight<br />

accommodation, the Artist Bothy is a space to<br />

recharge and reconnect with yourself and others.<br />


01527 821848<br />

hello@riversideshepherdhuts.co.uk<br />

www.riversideshepherdhuts.co.uk<br />

Riverside specialise in building bespoke huts for<br />

customers and have been since 2011. Currently<br />

celebrating their 10th year <strong>of</strong> trading, they are<br />

proud to have been the first hut company to <strong>of</strong>fer<br />

a full steel frame hut for durability and strength,<br />

with a 30-year guarantee.<br />

Fully insulated for all year round use and designed<br />

to suit your exact requirements.<br />


01676 540333<br />

info@heartpods.co.uk<br />

www.heartpods.co.uk<br />

Heart Pods design, supply and build high<br />

specification pods for a wide variety <strong>of</strong> uses –<br />

<strong>of</strong>fice, glamping, dining and more, supplied ready<br />

built or in flat pack form. Various sizes and options<br />

are available in both bespoke build and <strong>of</strong>f the<br />

shelf solutions. Get in touch to arrange a virtual or<br />

Covid-safe showround.<br />


Case Study<br />

West Coast Hideaways,<br />

Scottish Highlands<br />

Product: Bespoke shepherd hut<br />

Supplier: Riverside Shepherd Huts, 01527 821848,<br />

hello@riversideshepherdhuts.co.uk,<br />

www.riversideshepherdhuts.co.uk<br />

Jacqui and Jason were in the process <strong>of</strong> moving to<br />

the beautiful Northwest Coast <strong>of</strong> Scotland where<br />

they planned three huts to look over a bay to<br />

stunning views. They had several conversations<br />

with Riverside Shepherd Huts to get the exact<br />

design and layout to suit the position <strong>of</strong> the huts.<br />

Although each hut is the same in design, Jacqui<br />

wanted certain features incorporated into each so<br />

Riverside put her in touch with a local reclamation<br />

company to choose three different feature walls for<br />

inside the bed area. The huts were transported by<br />

Riverside’s own vehicles along the North Coast 500<br />

to their final position.<br />

Each hut has a different colour scheme so they<br />

stand out in the most beautiful way. They <strong>of</strong>fer a<br />

warm and cosy feel, whether that’s from the hot tub<br />

or tucked up in bed.<br />

“We chose Riverside to manufacture our<br />

gorgeous shepherd huts because they <strong>of</strong>fer a<br />

high quality product, lots <strong>of</strong> experience, flexibility<br />

in design and a competitive price,” says Jackie.<br />

“Guests love them and we love them; the after sales<br />

service is great too!”<br />

Case Study<br />

Loch Awe, SCOTTISH<br />

Highlands<br />

Product: Low impact expandable pod<br />

Supplier: The Green Pod Co, 01962 777362,<br />

info@thegreenpodcompany.co.uk,<br />

www.thegreenpodcompany.co.uk<br />

When The Green Pod Company was asked<br />

to build holiday accommodation on the side<br />

<strong>of</strong> a mountain in the Scottish Highlands,<br />

the design team was presented with an<br />

exciting opportunity. As well as strict<br />

planning requirements, the design called<br />

for easy transportation to a site inaccessible<br />

to wide loads and easy installation without<br />

traditional foundations.<br />

The resulting pod can be set up in just a<br />

few hours from delivery and can be easily<br />

closed up, moved and stored – it can even be<br />

stacked.<br />

With a shipping container at its core,<br />

the pod features a push-in/pull-out<br />

gliding extension and is built to withstand<br />

extreme weather. The spacious, luxury<br />

accommodation provides comfort in the<br />

most remote locations; a utopia for those<br />

seeking a wilderness experience. Through<br />

design and the various choices <strong>of</strong> external<br />

and internal finishes, The Green Pod<br />

Company ensures pods blend into their<br />

surroundings.<br />

The use <strong>of</strong> recycled materials throughout<br />

extends to the insulation, which produces a<br />

very low U-value, keeping guests warm in the<br />

winter and cool in the summer. This reduces<br />

both fuel bills and environmental impact.<br />






07587 427610<br />

paul@campplus.co.uk<br />

www.campplus.co.uk<br />

If you have a new venture in mind, or want to easily<br />

expand a site, then CampPlus’ double or single<br />

en-suite bathroom pods are the perfect solution.<br />

Supplied complete, they only require service<br />

connections so are literally ‘plug and play’.<br />

Attract a more discerning customer and realise a<br />

quick ROI. The heated pods mean a longer season<br />

and increased revenue.<br />


01326 555765<br />

sales@coolboxesuk.com<br />

www.coolboxesuk.com<br />

Loved by campers, glampers, fishermen, caterers<br />

and medical pr<strong>of</strong>essionals alike, the Icey-Tek range<br />

<strong>of</strong> premium cool boxes are built to last and keep<br />

contents extra cool for extended periods – all without<br />

the need for power. Icey-Tek insulated coolers are<br />

hand built to last and are available in a range <strong>of</strong> 16<br />

sizes and 11 cool colours.<br />


01484 766233<br />

info@nakedtubs.com<br />

www.nakedtubs.com<br />

Authorised suppliers to glamping sites across the UK<br />

and Europe. Stunningly beautiful, hand-crafted tubs,<br />

saunas and outdoor ovens. Naked Flame Eco-Tubs<br />

boast the fastest heat up times on the market (less<br />

than 1 hour), extremely low maintenance, low water<br />

volume and fully inclusive packages. Full aftersales<br />

service and warranties included plus a proven track<br />

record within the industry.<br />


01539 626339<br />

chris.gordon@lyon.co.uk<br />

www.solostove.com<br />

The ultimate fire pits and BBQ grill, Solo Stove fire<br />

pits have a unique design and a virtually smoke free<br />

burn making a them the ideal focal point for any<br />

location. Made from one piece <strong>of</strong> stainless steel they<br />

will provide years <strong>of</strong> reliable service and are backed<br />

with a lifetime guarantee. Available in three sizes plus<br />

our new BBQ grill.<br />


A Safe Site<br />

Are you ready for a new and safer normal?<br />



Ready to re-open and manage your glampsite<br />

with confidence during the pandemic? Here are<br />

five top tips from Canopy, the association for the<br />

camping and glamping industry.<br />

1. Create an action plan<br />

By getting a plan down on paper, you will see<br />

where the pressure points are likely to be in<br />

your business. The aim here is to give you the<br />

confidence to manage and, in turn, deliver a safe<br />

strategy for re-opening. This will include several<br />

elements such as:<br />

• risk assessments<br />

• cleaning procedures<br />

• communication plans<br />

• staff training<br />

• resourcing (suppliers, cleaning products etc).<br />

2. It’s all about systems<br />

Systems are not only a tool reserved for large<br />

companies, in fact they are crucial to small<br />

businesses and can be the best way for you to<br />

safely manage your way through this pandemic.<br />

These can be as simple as a sign-<strong>of</strong>f sheet<br />

for safety/maintenance checks and cleaning<br />

rotas, through to automated communications<br />

regarding safe travel for your guests.<br />

3. Training and Information<br />

Despite the challenges <strong>of</strong> the current situation,<br />

taking the opportunity to train and inform staff<br />

can bring many positives. It can enable and<br />

encourage you to standardise systems and<br />

processes, raise quality standards, support staff to<br />

work more productively and so on.<br />

4. Business as usual<br />

It’s all too easy to forget about other parts <strong>of</strong> your<br />

business, especially when the focus is on safety.<br />

However, now is the time to:<br />

• maintain the quality <strong>of</strong> your <strong>of</strong>fering<br />

• do those jobs you have always been putting <strong>of</strong>f<br />

• communicate with clarity – internally and<br />

externally – to set and meet expectations.<br />

Make sure you continually take stock and<br />

revaluate your <strong>of</strong>fering. The challenge for some<br />

won’t be finding customers when our doors<br />

reopen once again but retaining loyal customers<br />

by giving them a great quality and, above all, safe<br />

experience.<br />

5. Sell your strengths<br />

We are in a very unique position currently.<br />

We have a captive market in the UK and our<br />

industry is best placed to sell fresh air! And<br />

that’s what everyone wants at the moment. Sell<br />

your safety credentials by all means to reassure<br />

your potential customers, but make sure you<br />

sell you! What makes your site so good? Is it<br />

quiet and secluded, <strong>of</strong>fering great access to the<br />

surrounding area? Be clear and confident about<br />

why people should stay with you.<br />

The advice above is taken from Canopy’s<br />

‘Navigating COVID for your Camping/<strong>Glamping</strong><br />

Business’ which has been created exclusively for<br />

the camping and glamping industry to enable<br />

business owners to navigate their way through<br />

the pandemic. Visit the Canopy website for more<br />

tips and information.<br />


John Maddy is a glamping trailblazer, speaker and one <strong>of</strong> the brains behind one <strong>of</strong> the longest<br />

established and largest glamping companies in the country. He is also co-founder <strong>of</strong> Canopy,<br />

an independent membership organisation providing industry specific training, support,<br />

qualifications, accreditation, auditing and consultancy. www.canopy-association.org.uk<br />





01282 778350<br />

info@firewoodsupplies.co.uk<br />

www.firewoodsupplies.co.uk<br />

Supplying the North West with our Woodsure<br />

Ready to Burn certified kiln dried logs, with<br />

discounts for trade.<br />

Our range <strong>of</strong> outdoor stoves bring the functionality<br />

<strong>of</strong> indoor stoves outside, for a better burn and<br />

less smoke, so people can enjoy the outdoors for<br />

longer. We are also a supplier <strong>of</strong> wood-fired hot<br />

tubs, lined with LED lights and jets.<br />


020 3051 0738<br />

info@waterlesstoilets.co.uk<br />

www.waterlesstoilets.co.uk<br />

WooWoo is the UK’s go-to shop for premium,<br />

waterless, <strong>of</strong>f-grid toilets. With a range <strong>of</strong> solutions<br />

including DIY options, modern, domestic-style<br />

compost toilets through to high-capacity, low<br />

maintenance toilet buildings, we <strong>of</strong>fer excellent<br />

pre-sales advice and service. Why not call us today<br />

and chat with our friendly advisors about Separett,<br />

Air Head or Kazuba?<br />


richard.hill@thedeluxegroup.com<br />

info@theweepubcompany.com<br />

www.theweepubcompany.com<br />

The Wee Pub distils the essence <strong>of</strong> a great Irish<br />

pub atmosphere. This pint-sized version is<br />

handcrafted in Northern Ireland with authentic<br />

detailing and comes fully fitted with a bar serving<br />

draught beer.<br />

Completely customisable with add-ons and extra<br />

seating options. Perfect as an exclusive snug in the<br />

garden or as the heart <strong>of</strong> entertainment in a hotel/<br />

resort setting.<br />


01626 367038<br />

info@riviera-hottubs.co.uk<br />

www.riviera-hottubs.co.uk<br />

Introducing the new SunCube sauna. This<br />

self-contained sauna is available in four finishes<br />

– Frozen White, Stone Grey, Sunny Coast and<br />

Volcanic Bronze.<br />

It can be installed outdoors and clad in Norway<br />

spruce, Canadian hemlock, cedar or European<br />

aspen. Inside, the two benches are made from<br />

Abachi for low thermal conductivity with subtle<br />

LED lights behind the head rests.<br />


Case Study<br />

Porthllongdy Farm,<br />

Isle <strong>of</strong> Anglesey<br />

Product: CampPlus Duo En-suite Pods<br />

Supplier: CampPlus, 07587 427610,<br />

paul@campplus.co.uk, www.campplus.co.uk<br />


Farmers John and Eurwen Batt decided to add a<br />

touring field to their static caravan park in 2018<br />

so they ordered four double CampPlus bathroom<br />

units.<br />

“The convenience and security <strong>of</strong> personal<br />

facilities are huge benefits to our customers,”<br />

says John. “Not having to trudge to a distant, cold<br />

toilet block in the dark waiting for someone else<br />

to finish makes the whole holiday more enjoyable.<br />

Within a few steps, clients are in their own warm,<br />

comfortable and well-lit bathroom. And with<br />

Covid in everyone’s thoughts, the peace <strong>of</strong> mind a<br />

private toilet and shower brings is invaluable.”<br />

On the subject <strong>of</strong> cleaning – everyone’s<br />

favourite job – the CampPlus units <strong>of</strong>fer<br />

significant savings over the daily cleaning <strong>of</strong><br />

communal shower and toilet blocks, on both<br />

labour and materials. “The units are kept<br />

sparkling by customers themselves,” says John.<br />

“They value their personal facilities and look<br />

after them so the pods only require cleaning on<br />

changeover day.”<br />

With these savings, and increased pitch fees,<br />

John and Eurwen are convinced they save the<br />

cost <strong>of</strong> a unit back every one and a half years.<br />

Case Study<br />

The Soul Camp, various<br />

locations<br />

Products: GL32 toilet trailers and GW6<br />

shower trailers<br />

Supplier: GigLoo, 0330 333 8777,<br />

hello@gigloo.co.uk, www.gigloo.co.uk<br />

GigLoo supplied Pete Jones and his team<br />

at The Soul Camp with toilet and shower<br />

trailers for guests at their unique group<br />

glamping experiences. Based at various<br />

locations, Soul Camp <strong>of</strong>fers ethical,<br />

festival edged sites where people can truly<br />

connect and enjoy themselves in a relaxed<br />

atmosphere, closer to nature.<br />

With clients including corporates,<br />

weddings, parties and large group<br />

bookings, Soul Camp has a high end and<br />

ethical approach to business. Pete strives<br />

to provide customers with the ultimate<br />

service and GigLoo’s portable toilet and<br />

shower trailers help ensure guests look<br />

and feel their best.<br />

“We love Gigloo; they’ve been great<br />

every time we’ve used them,” said Pete.<br />

“Not only do they have lovely fresh white<br />

clean toilets and showers, they think<br />

creatively with a solutions approach which<br />

is just what we need so we can focus<br />

on providing excellent group glamping<br />

events! We thoroughly recommend them.”<br />





01787 372988<br />

info@marqueefloors.co.uk<br />

www.marqueefloors.co.uk<br />

Add a touch <strong>of</strong> home comfort with our durable<br />

bespoke flooring and glamping accessories. Our<br />

DandyDura matting is manufactured, cut to size and<br />

finished with binding and eyelets especially for tents,<br />

tipis and glamping pods and our beautiful collection<br />

<strong>of</strong> accessories such as faux furs, cushions and throws<br />

provide great warmth and comfort.<br />


01749 871166<br />

ben@wingsfurniture.co.uk<br />

www.wingsfurniture.co.uk<br />

Since 2013 we have been coming up with answers to<br />

all your storage and furniture problems.<br />

Commercial and domestic, we use re-purposed,<br />

re-used, up-cycled and ethically sourced materials<br />

to create cool, industrial, modern pieces that work<br />

in any situation.<br />

We have a talented team <strong>of</strong> craftspeople that work in<br />

wood, metal, stone, ceramics and concrete to deliver<br />

pieces unique to you.<br />


0203 319 1315<br />

info@boutiquecamping.com<br />

www.boutiquecamping.com<br />

Introducing the newest addition to Boutique<br />

Camping’s wood burning stove collection. This pizza<br />

stove’s unique design not only acts as a heat solution<br />

in almost any environment but <strong>of</strong>fers multiple<br />

cooking abilities too.<br />

Lightweight and portable, the stove can be<br />

used outside and inside tents (with a stove hole<br />

installation) making it extremely versatile.<br />


07884 303082<br />

andy@coirstore.co.uk<br />

www.coirstore.co.uk<br />

Bell tent, yurt and tipi half moon mats for glamping<br />

businesses in six sizes and two weave patterns.<br />

We only supply the finest coir products that we<br />

personally source from Kerala in India.<br />

Our products are manufactured from superior<br />

yarns and manually woven. Each end is hemmed<br />

with cotton webbing, which is machine stitched for<br />

strength and durability.<br />


Creating a Look<br />

Small spaces guru Nikkita Palmer advises on glamping interior design<br />

I am truly passionate about timeless, functional<br />

and affordable design, all <strong>of</strong> which I incorporate<br />

into my thinking and design process. Remember<br />

that this is a process and that process is<br />

important. No space is going to be transformed<br />

after one IKEA shop and if it is, you’re not doing<br />

it right.<br />

Basing my ideas around the glamping sector,<br />

and being a lover <strong>of</strong> small space design, I am<br />

going to concentrate on just a few interior looks<br />

that I think could work.<br />

SCANDI<br />

Scandinavian design is a movement characterised<br />

by simplicity, minimalism and functionality. It is<br />

supported by a Danish concept called ‘Hygge’,<br />

which is a celebration <strong>of</strong> slow design and ‘just<br />

the right amount’. Hygge is essentially how you<br />

want your guests to feel when they visit your site;<br />

a sense <strong>of</strong> relaxation, cosiness, a feeling <strong>of</strong> home,<br />

community and warmth.<br />

The trend is traditionally a mix <strong>of</strong> white walls<br />

and clean lines, with a light and airy finish. You<br />

want your space to have a sense <strong>of</strong> outdoors,<br />

incorporating natural light. Raw, imperfect<br />

materials work well. Add freshness with whites,<br />

<strong>of</strong>f whites and greys, adding touches <strong>of</strong> colour<br />

with pastels. Pantone’s colour <strong>of</strong> the year <strong>2021</strong><br />

is Illuminating Yellow and brings a sense <strong>of</strong><br />

hopefulness and strength for the year ahead.<br />


Pull your space together with practical but stylish<br />

accessories. Think organic and harmonious<br />

adding bohemian geometric touches for a sense<br />

<strong>of</strong> ‘cool’ through accent textured cushion covers,<br />

lampshades or duvets. Other s<strong>of</strong>t furnishings,<br />

which give a real Bohemian feel, are macrame<br />

hammocks, over-sized dream catchers or<br />

wallhangings and textured blankets.<br />

If you can use wall space, add botanical<br />

statement prints to bring a sense <strong>of</strong> calm. A great<br />

“Add freshness with whites,<br />

<strong>of</strong>f whites and greys, adding<br />

touches <strong>of</strong> colour with pastels.<br />

Pantone’s colour <strong>of</strong> the year<br />

<strong>2021</strong> is Illuminating Yellow and<br />

brings a sense <strong>of</strong> hopefulness and<br />

strength for the year ahead”<br />

way to achieve this affordably is to use wallpaper<br />

samples and white box frames. Emotive black and<br />

white photography is also really effective. Add<br />

some easy care cacti and succulents in simple<br />

terracotta for layers and texture touching on all<br />

the senses.<br />


With more <strong>of</strong> an upcycled twist, industrial rustic<br />

can be effective and fun for both the owner and<br />

user <strong>of</strong> the space. While reclaimed materials such<br />

as pallet wood and scaffold board are still making<br />

an appearance, you can spice things up by adding<br />

surface waxes and chalk paints. Rich dark tones<br />

add luxury and sophistication.<br />

Metallics are still on the radar and work best when<br />

mixed; the surge <strong>of</strong> copper is disappearing with<br />

timeless gold and brass replacing it.<br />

Get DIY savvy using platforms such as Pinterest<br />

and YouTube or our book Pallet Style to add<br />

personality to indoor and outdoor spaces.<br />


Think practical with your accessories – what<br />

does a small space need? Where do you dry your<br />

towel? Is there an accessible mirror to apply make<br />

up? Do your guests have a breakfast tray? All <strong>of</strong><br />

these things can make or break a space; think<br />

carefully about style, finish and material to really<br />

pull things together and create an experience for<br />

your customer.<br />



Design graduate Nikkita Palmer runs her own design company alongside her partner Billy. Nikkita<br />

is an expert in the trend <strong>of</strong> small spaces and is passionate about ‘slow design’, reconnecting with<br />

nature, the importance <strong>of</strong> community, and the trend <strong>of</strong> experiences rather than things.<br />

www.nikkitapalmer.co.uk<br />





0117 204 7830<br />

ideas@canopyandstars.co.uk<br />

www.canopyandstars.co.uk/<br />

join-the-collection<br />

The popularity <strong>of</strong> outdoor holidays is at an all-time<br />

high and, as the UK’s leading glamping specialist, we<br />

are the team to help you turn your wildest ideas into<br />

a place to stay. We have over 10 years’ experience<br />

as a dedicated glamping booking agent and are the<br />

only company to <strong>of</strong>fer a comprehensive consultancy<br />

service including financial modelling, planning<br />

permission advice, design and more.<br />


01348 830922<br />

www.qualityunearthed.co.uk/owners<br />

Coupling unique experiences and quirky places<br />

to stay, Quality Unearthed provides guests<br />

with ‘forward to nature’ alternative breaks and<br />

accommodation owners with risk-free agency<br />

services, and brings both together seamlessly.<br />

An authentic, experienced glamping brand with<br />

no upfront costs, QU runs a market-leading niche<br />

glamping business with an extensive global<br />

audience, and enjoys regular top-level press and<br />

influential media reach.<br />


01328 801387<br />

enquiries@glampinghideaways.co.uk<br />

www.glampinghideaways.co.uk/chooseglamping<br />

Thanks to our growing portfolio <strong>of</strong> unique locations,<br />

expert team <strong>of</strong> knowledgeable staff and reputation<br />

for quality, <strong>Glamping</strong> Hideaways is a great choice<br />

for those looking to get the most from their<br />

glamping sites. We’re always on the lookout for new,<br />

extraordinary locations and we will ensure your<br />

glamping site is pr<strong>of</strong>essionally photographed, online,<br />

marketed and bookable within two weeks.<br />


01326 555531<br />

jakie@classic.co.uk<br />

www.classicglamping.co.uk<br />

Established in 2013, we are the leading marketing<br />

agency for luxury glamping accommodation with<br />

en-suite facilities across the South West (now<br />

going national).<br />

We’ve got the self-catering industry know-how<br />

(over 40 years’ experience) and provide free<br />

consultancy, helping with everything from field to<br />

finish and beyond; it all part <strong>of</strong> our service.<br />


Agencies<br />

Kate Morel outlines the benefits <strong>of</strong> using an<br />

agency for marketing your site<br />

Marketing your accommodation through an agency <strong>of</strong>fers a<br />

well-established business model going back decades; think<br />

<strong>of</strong> the traditional holiday cottage agency and you’ll get the<br />

idea. They <strong>of</strong>fer a full turn-key service taking care <strong>of</strong> the entire<br />

marketing and booking process while the owner takes care<br />

<strong>of</strong> on-site hospitality. An agency will usually arrange and pay<br />

for pr<strong>of</strong>essional photography, marketing and PR (most have<br />

excellent contacts with the mainstream press), take guest<br />

enquiries, bookings and payments, handle ongoing guest<br />

queries, cancellations, refunds and deal with complaint<br />

resolution whether generated by owner or guest.<br />

Joining an agency isn’t necessarily a done deal. To maintain<br />

brand identity and deliver reliable accommodations or<br />

experiences to their customers, specialist agencies tend to be<br />

selective about the properties they include in their portfolios.<br />

While the typical agency model is reasonably standardised,<br />

individual business terms can vary, especially as some<br />

are evolving to meet changing market demands and new<br />

competition. For example, some are flexible around contracts,<br />

meaning the property can be marketed/booked through<br />

other companies as well as the owner’s website; synchronised<br />

availability calendars make it possible for all related calendars<br />

to update simultaneously on each booking or cancellation.<br />

Depending on the agency/accommodation in question,<br />

commission rates might also sometimes be negotiable for high<br />

value, high pr<strong>of</strong>ile or unique accommodations. Most agencies<br />

also have an owner login facility where owners can keep tabs<br />

on their own bookings and figures.<br />

Offering such a comprehensive and experienced service<br />

incurs high overheads and agency commissions are usually<br />

therefore in the region <strong>of</strong> 20-25 per cent. This might seem<br />

a little high, but when we take the whole package into<br />

consideration it’s a valuable level <strong>of</strong> service that suits some<br />

owners and some types <strong>of</strong> business. Business support and PR<br />

opportunities are hard to qualify in terms <strong>of</strong> value, so consider<br />

the benefits overall.<br />

It’s not unreasonable to ask questions <strong>of</strong> an agency about<br />

what they could achieve for your accommodation. A good<br />

agency should possess enough data and knowledge to be able<br />

to provide figures on what they believe they could achieve.<br />


Kate Morel is a leading specialist in glamping and<br />

experiential accommodations. Using first-hand<br />

experience in business development, holiday<br />

property rental and seven years running a<br />

leading glamping agency, Kate works on new<br />

developments and diversification projects that<br />

involve more unusual types <strong>of</strong> accommodation.<br />

www.morelcompany.co.uk<br />

Case Study<br />

Service: <strong>Glamping</strong> agency service<br />

Supplier: Canopy & Stars,<br />

0117 204 7830, ideas@<br />

canopyandstars.co.uk,<br />

www.canopyandstars.co.uk/<br />

join-the-collection<br />

Cleave Treehouse, Devon<br />

Sleeps: 2<br />

Nightly rates:<br />

£150-£250<br />

Average occupancy: 95%<br />

Sam and Felicity have<br />

lived at Windout<br />

Farm for over<br />

a decade, and<br />

let out their<br />

quirky converted<br />

piggery to guests<br />

for a number <strong>of</strong><br />

years. Their Scandi<br />

inspired treehouse<br />

was designed to blend into<br />

its surroundings in a completely<br />

unique position high amongst the<br />

trees. Guests love the simple design<br />

paired with a beautiful setting, and<br />

consistently high occupancy levels<br />

ever since its launch in late 2019<br />

have made this treehouse one <strong>of</strong> our<br />

top performing spaces year-round.<br />

Hinterlandes, Cumbria<br />

Sleeps: 2<br />

Nightly rates: £130-£200<br />

Average occupancy: 84%<br />

This incredibly innovative space,<br />

a camper van attached to a school<br />

bus, was instantly popular and has<br />

run at high levels <strong>of</strong> occupancy since<br />

launch. What attracted people was<br />

not only the uniqueness <strong>of</strong> the build,<br />

but the remote wilderness setting<br />

– the site is on private land at the<br />

heart <strong>of</strong> the Lake District. Throw in<br />

the hot tub that sits alongside the<br />

bus and you have the perfect recipe<br />

for success.<br />




36<br />


Kate Morel on directory sites and ‘hybrid’ booking channels<br />

The best booking site, if indeed there is just one<br />

these days, is usually the result <strong>of</strong> a good fit<br />

between the type <strong>of</strong> accommodation and the<br />

booking company’s branding, or sheer digital<br />

marketing power. As usual within glamping there<br />

can be surprising results from the most unexpected<br />

places, so for the uninitiated it can be a case <strong>of</strong> trial<br />

and error before finding the right fit or mix.<br />

Almost all hospitality accommodations have<br />

their own website and social media accounts and<br />

<strong>of</strong> course it’s preferable to attract as much direct<br />

business as possible. Even so it’s <strong>of</strong>ten beneficial to<br />

have additional online marketing support<br />

Directories usually <strong>of</strong>fer a marketing-only<br />

option – a website listing service that attracts<br />

potential guests then directs them to your website.<br />

The accommodation owner then takes over,<br />

dealing with the enquiries, bookings, payments,<br />

cancellations and complaints. Directories are<br />

generally a hands-<strong>of</strong>f signpost service charging a<br />

set price <strong>of</strong> somewhere between £150-£300 per<br />

annum.<br />

There are one or two exceptions, but the<br />

accommodation owner is usually responsible for<br />

setting up and maintaining the listing information<br />

– uploading photos, writing copy, adding/<br />

amending any prices and keeping it fresh and<br />

accurate. As with any online marketing option,<br />

they require attractive, quality images, descriptive<br />

copy and decision-making information such as<br />

how many people a unit accommodates, facilities,<br />

if its dog-friendly etc.<br />

Some providers sit somewhere on the scale<br />

between directory and agency. There are a lot <strong>of</strong><br />

them and individual business terms vary – they<br />

might charge an annual fee to list with them, and/<br />

or a charge to use their booking system when used<br />

on the owner’s website. Like an agency, all <strong>of</strong> them<br />

charge a commission on bookings taken.<br />

There are exceptions but generally they don’t<br />


Kate Morel is a leading specialist<br />

in glamping and experiential<br />

accommodations. Using first-hand<br />

experience in business development,<br />

holiday property rental and seven years<br />

running a leading glamping agency,<br />

Kate works on new developments and<br />

diversification projects that involve more<br />

unusual types <strong>of</strong> accommodation.<br />

www.morelcompany.co.uk<br />

<strong>of</strong>fer a full agency level service and commissions<br />

are therefore in the 10–15 per cent bracket,<br />

although some charge less. The accommodation<br />

owner usually provides images and website<br />

copy, so again it’s important to get pr<strong>of</strong>essional,<br />

engaging photographs and ensure that the<br />

information is accurate and kept up to date.<br />

It’s important to continually monitor the<br />

benefits <strong>of</strong> each marketing channel, but it’s not<br />

all about bookings. There are sometimes indirect<br />

benefits to being with a marketing company<br />

such as business support and PR opportunities<br />

which can be harder to qualify in terms <strong>of</strong> value,<br />

so consider the benefits overall not just fees and<br />

revenue.<br />

Regardless <strong>of</strong> which, or how many, marketing<br />

and booking channels we might use, having our<br />

own website with availability and booking facilities<br />

is something every accommodation business<br />

should have. Ideally this will be backed up with a<br />

perfectly balanced selection <strong>of</strong> marketing channels<br />

to generate that optimum level <strong>of</strong> quality enquiries<br />

and a great conversion rate into bookings.<br />

Glampsites.com<br />

02036 378739<br />

hello@glampsites.com<br />

www.glampsites.com/join<br />

Glampsites.com puts your accommodation<br />

at the fingertips <strong>of</strong> glampers, making it easy<br />

for them to search, find and book online.<br />

We only charge 10% commission with no<br />

contracts or tie-ins. You have total control<br />

over listings, including availability/pricing<br />

and we integrate with many booking<br />

systems. We promote your accommodation<br />

with marketing campaigns in the press and<br />

on social media.

Insurance<br />

As glamping matures as an industry, so too are insurers’ attitudes to risk says<br />

Towergate Insurance’s Joss Bentley<br />

<strong>Glamping</strong> is a relatively young industry, and<br />

in some respects still finding its feet. For some<br />

business owners it presents a unique and<br />

exciting potential to diversify their business,<br />

however, it has presented challenges when it<br />

comes to insurance and understanding the risk<br />

in order to provide the right cover.<br />

As the glamping industry matures,<br />

underwriters are starting to learn more and<br />

gain better insight into the risks, separating<br />

glamping from standard holiday site<br />

insurance. Although there is a way to go in<br />

terms <strong>of</strong> a full understanding, the foundations<br />

are now in place.<br />

The key to making something insurable<br />

is managing risk, thinking not only about<br />

protecting your property but also limiting<br />

the risk <strong>of</strong> liability. As yet, clear guidance on<br />

this for glamping isn’t provided in the form <strong>of</strong><br />

regulation and legislation. There are currently<br />

only a handful <strong>of</strong> insurers able to provide cover<br />

for glamping sites. They can provide some<br />

guidance to sites on what is insurable, such<br />

as ‘spread <strong>of</strong> risk’, but each insurer is different<br />

and views risk differently.<br />

With this in mind, at Towergate Insurance<br />

there are some general guidelines that our<br />

underwriters can work with. Simple things can<br />

improve how your site is considered as a ‘risk’.<br />

Here are some brief points to bear in mind:<br />

wood should be stored separately away<br />

from stoves (not under or next to them)<br />

• Your accommodation should be nonsmoking<br />

with safe cigarette disposal<br />

provided away from the structure, and<br />

clearly indicated, such as a sand bucket<br />

• Items such as fire pits and gas lanterns are<br />

not popular with underwriters as they can<br />

be hazardous to users, glamping structures<br />

and the environment they are sited in, and<br />

present a higher risk <strong>of</strong> accidents occurring.<br />

Where you have any heating or live flames,<br />

it is also essential to make sure you have<br />

smoke and carbon monoxide alarms<br />

installed<br />

• Misuse and accidents are not the only<br />

‘high risk’ you should consider, but also<br />

the potential for storm damage. Insurers<br />

will tend not to provide storm cover for<br />

canvas constructed units as they’re more<br />

susceptible to severe weather conditions. It<br />

is recommended to use winter awnings for<br />

protection, or ideally that units are taken<br />

down and stored during the winter months<br />

Insurers will want you to demonstrate you<br />

have identified and are minimising risks. It is<br />

your responsibility to your guests, as well as<br />

your property, to limit any hazards.<br />


• Spread <strong>of</strong> risk – have a minimum distance<br />

between each glamping unit to minimise<br />

any damage to one unit causing damage to<br />

another<br />

• Wood burners should be situated on a nonmetallic<br />

(stone or similar) hard standing,<br />

ideally in the middle <strong>of</strong> a structure<br />

• S<strong>of</strong>t furnishings should be kept a minimum<br />

distance <strong>of</strong> two meters away from fires, and<br />

*Towergate Insurance is a trading name <strong>of</strong> Towergate<br />

Underwriting Group Limited. Registered in England<br />

Company No. 4043759, Registered Office: 2 Minster<br />

Court, Mincing Lane, London, EC3R 7PD. Authorised<br />

and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.<br />

This can be checked on the FCA’s register by checking<br />

the FCA website at www.fca.org.uk/register or by<br />

contacting them on 0800 111 6768.<br />


Joss Bentley is part <strong>of</strong> the specialist team at Towergate Insurance*, <strong>of</strong>fering glampsite owners<br />

the protection and peace <strong>of</strong> mind to keep their businesses running smoothly. Towergate has<br />

taken the time to understand the glamping market, tailoring cover to individual requirements<br />

and specific risk. Get in touch about your glampsite www.towergateinsurance.co.uk<br />


Pop-up <strong>Glamping</strong><br />



07817 672502<br />

info@honeybells.co.uk<br />

www.honeybells.co.uk<br />

Established in 2010, we provide luxury tent hire<br />

and sales to the event and glamping industries –<br />

glampsites, festivals, weddings/parties, corporates<br />

and even garden glamping! Whether you’re looking<br />

for 10 or 300 tents, we have you covered. Honeybells<br />

has proudly worked with many fantastic campsites,<br />

venues, theme parks, temporary glamping projects<br />

and individuals to <strong>of</strong>fer our flexible long-term rental<br />

hire packages.<br />


07713 910917<br />

marketing@kymanigetaways.com<br />

www.kymanigetaways.com<br />

Pop-up glampsites for groups, parties and<br />

corporate events. Facilities include 6m bell tents<br />

with double beds and proper mattresses, lighting,<br />

furniture, wood-burning stoves and powerpacks.<br />

Sites also include a festival-style double hat tipi<br />

housing a long banquet table, bar, projector,<br />

screen and PA system, and a fire pit with seating.<br />

Our concierge app allows guests to pre-pay for any<br />

add-ons.<br />


07505 485185<br />

info@gregandjulesgypsybowtops.co.uk<br />

www.gregandjulesgypsybowtops.co.uk<br />

Fleet <strong>of</strong> seven handmade towable Romany Gypsy<br />

bowtop wagons for hire for private and corporate<br />

events, festivals and weddings. Each wagon has its<br />

own unique personality but all include a double<br />

bunkbed (sleeping four), designer bedding, table<br />

and seating area and plentiful storage.<br />

Wagons can be connected to the mains or work <strong>of</strong>fgrid<br />

with lighting provided by a 12v battery.<br />


01480 404030<br />

sayhello@ibexcamping.co.uk<br />

www.ibexcamping.co.uk<br />

A family run business with a passion for camping.<br />

Buy or hire from our range <strong>of</strong> tents and camping<br />

equipment. We’re delighted to be stockists for<br />

Cabanon canvas tents. Landowners looking to<br />

hire? We <strong>of</strong>fer bespoke camping packages for<br />

individual, family or group bookings and a pitching<br />

service too! Our experienced team are always<br />

happy to <strong>of</strong>fer a little advice!<br />


Pop-up <strong>Glamping</strong><br />

Caboose and Co’s Tom Critchley <strong>of</strong>fers tips for<br />

pop-up glampsite organisers<br />

Now more than ever, businesses need to diversify and be<br />

ready to adapt. Staycations were already seeing a rise in<br />

popularity before Covid-19 was even a tiny blip on our radar,<br />

but current circumstances have really accelerated national<br />

demand for holidays in scenic spots. So, if you are thinking <strong>of</strong><br />

running a pop-up glampsite on your land this year, here are<br />

some essential considerations.<br />

• Make sure to have pre-arrival info sorted. We work on the<br />

principle that less than half <strong>of</strong> the people coming to site<br />

will have read their documentation before they come, so<br />

we pick out the most important bits and put it in an email.<br />

Include check-in time and instructions and direct driving<br />

directions.<br />

• Advise people what extra things they should bring –<br />

towels, flip flops, warm clothing and bobble hats. It’s so<br />

important for people to bring a torch and extra layers/<br />

bedding in case a cold night isn’t what they’re used to!<br />

• Help with seamless check-ins by making it clear where to<br />

go and what to do. You don’t want people arriving to find<br />

you overloaded at peak times.<br />

• What embellishments can you give customers to enhance<br />

their experience? You don’t want to be selling a box in a<br />

field. Find simple ways to upgrade what they experience<br />

so that they feel relaxed and pampered.<br />

• People don’t comprehend the manpower and<br />

organisation required to ensure an efficient changeover<br />

– totally stripping and cleaning each tent and facilities.<br />

This is even more important in light <strong>of</strong> Covid, where deep<br />

cleans are a high priority. You need to get everything right<br />

so that the next guest experience starts from when that<br />

glamping room is ready.<br />

• Make sure you have enough resources in the first few<br />

weeks. Have extra hands available to deliver a seamless<br />

changeover process as it will take a little time to get into<br />

the rhythm.<br />

• When you think you have your glamping operation sorted,<br />

unforeseen problems can still arise so it’s good to start<br />

small and build up slowly. Have some test weekends<br />

with friends, family and neighbours so you can get their<br />

feedback and get your team up to speed before you have<br />

paying customers on your hands.<br />


Tom Critchley is the managing director <strong>of</strong> Caboose<br />

& Co. who’s glamping pods <strong>of</strong>fer solutions for<br />

camping and glamping sites, outdoor venues<br />

and live event organisers wanting to expand their<br />

accommodation <strong>of</strong>ferings.<br />

www.cabooseandco.com<br />

Case Study<br />

KernowCation,<br />

Cornwall<br />

Product: 6m Star Bell Tent<br />

Supplier: Boutique Camping, 0203<br />

319 1315, info@boutiquecamping.<br />

com, www.boutiquecamping.com<br />

Since 2010, Boutique Camping<br />

have built an extensive portfolio <strong>of</strong><br />

camping-industry traders, including<br />

events, campsites and rental<br />

businesses, worldwide.<br />

In the height <strong>of</strong> Covid-19, Cornish<br />

husband and wife duo, Becky and<br />

Tom Riviello, had a dream to help<br />

create unforgettable moments for<br />

others. Their new business venture,<br />

KernowCation - a luxury pop-up<br />

glamping service, was in need <strong>of</strong><br />

new canvas homes-away-fromhome<br />

to accommodate the influx <strong>of</strong><br />

bookings.<br />

“KernowCation is all about creating<br />

luxury moments and memories<br />

for our customers,” says Becky.<br />

“Boutique’s star shaped bell tents<br />

are so striking and beautiful to look<br />

at, they really help us bring that<br />

unique experience to our customers<br />

by making their stay that little bit<br />

more magical and unforgettable.<br />

The quality <strong>of</strong> the bell tent is<br />

impeccable and it is so easy for us to<br />

pop up and pack down.”<br />

A year later, and with business<br />

booming, KernowCation are now<br />

ready to expand their stock, delving<br />

deeper into Boutique Camping’s<br />

coveted range <strong>of</strong> quirky tent designs.<br />

Pop-up <strong>Glamping</strong><br />





uk.businessesforsale.com<br />

Check out the Leisure category for<br />

camping/glamping sites for sale.<br />

CANOPY<br />

07813 334865<br />

enquiries@canopyassociation.org.uk<br />

www.canopy-association.org.uk<br />

Canopy is an independent membership<br />

organisation – raising<br />

the bar for health and safety<br />

standards through training,<br />

accreditation, qualifications and<br />

consultancy.<br />


01299 848111<br />

admin@thebusinessbarn.co.uk<br />

www.thebusinessbarn.co.uk<br />

Helping those in the rural community<br />

start new/diversified businesses.<br />


AMC<br />

01264 334344<br />

www.amconline.co.uk<br />

Supporting a wide variety <strong>of</strong> rural<br />

plans for over 90 years.*<br />

*Disclaimer: AMC loans available for business<br />

purposes only, provided on a secured loan basis.<br />

The Agricultural Mortgage Corporation plc,<br />

registered in England & Wales, no. 234742. We<br />

adhere to The Standards <strong>of</strong> Lending Practice<br />

which are monitored and enforced by the LSB:<br />

www.lendingstandardsboard.org.uk<br />


01420 481500<br />

hello@bluestarleasing.com<br />

www.bluestarleasing.com<br />

Funding solutions, from leasing and<br />

asset finance to commercial loans.<br />


01223 848844<br />

henry@smefunding.uk<br />

www.smefunding.uk<br />

We can solve most business<br />

finance needs. Our clients tell us<br />

that we save them both time<br />

and money.*<br />

*Disclaimer: We are authorised and regulated<br />

by the Financial Conduct Authority. We<br />

are brokers and not direct lenders and we<br />

can introduce you to a number <strong>of</strong> finance<br />

providers, based on your requirements and<br />

credit rating, we may receive a commission<br />

for such introductions. We are registered<br />

with the Information Commissioners’ <strong>of</strong>fice.<br />






01740 669422<br />

jo@rbn.org.uk<br />

www.rbn.org.uk<br />

A membership organisation for<br />

farmers/rural business owners –<br />

learn, connect, grow.<br />


01244 702053<br />

www.savills.co.uk/find-leisureproperty<br />

Search leisure properties for sale and<br />

get advice from our expert team.<br />


01566 773296<br />

enquiries@folk2folk.com<br />

www.folk2folk.com<br />

Business loans to grow, diversify or<br />

adapt.<br />

Disclaimer: Your property against which the<br />

loan is secured could be at risk if you don’t<br />

meet payments. Your capital is at risk and is<br />

not protected under the Financial Services<br />

Compensation Scheme. FOLK2FOLK Ltd is<br />

authorised and regulated by the Financial<br />

Conduct Authority. Registered <strong>of</strong>fice: NUMBER<br />

ONE Business Centre, Western Road, Launceston,<br />

Cornwall, PL15 7FJ.<br />


info@crownandcanopy.co.uk<br />

www.crownandcanopy.co.uk<br />

We have extensive experience<br />

in the glamping world,<br />

providing landowners business<br />

development and supporting<br />

services in the UK and Europe.<br />



01252 561060<br />

sales@enchantedcreations.co.uk<br />

www.enchantedcreations.co.uk<br />

Passionate about providing<br />

design-led and experiencebased<br />

glamping structures and<br />

alternative accommodation.<br />

From pods and cabins, to lodges<br />

and treehouse accommodation.<br />



0191 519477<br />

hello@suttonhospitality<br />

consultants.co.uk<br />

www.suttonhospitality<br />

consultants.co.uk<br />

Full consultancy developing green<br />

and brownfield sites for tourism/<br />

leisure.<br />



ambersbelltents@hotmail.co.uk<br />

www.ambersbelltents.co.uk<br />

Franchise-opportunities<br />

Join us and create a rewarding<br />

business and lifestyle opportunity.<br />




01392 873900 / 01284 753271<br />

ask@acorus.co.uk<br />

www.acorus.co.uk<br />

A nationwide ‘one stop shop’<br />

planning and design consultancy<br />

advising rural businesses on all<br />

forms <strong>of</strong> diversification in the<br />

countryside.<br />



028 9099 3499<br />

info@further.space<br />

www.further.space/partners<br />

Partner with us and create a<br />

sustainable tourism business.<br />


01452 260110<br />

enquiries@kpgdesignassociates.co.uk<br />

www.kpgdesignassociates.co.uk<br />

Architectural services, planning<br />

consultants and surveyors for the<br />

rural community.<br />


01284 771568<br />

explore@outdoorliving.me.uk<br />

www.outdoorliving.me.uk<br />

The UK’s leading provider <strong>of</strong> rural<br />

diversification projects, we have<br />

the knowledge and skills to turn<br />

your vision into reality<br />


07581 437317<br />

marketing@kymanigetaways.com<br />

www.kymanigetaways.com<br />

We’re on the hunt for beautiful sites<br />

for group glamping.<br />


0131 450 7136<br />

hello@wigwamholidays.com<br />

www.wigwamholidays.com<br />

Diversify your land with the UK’s #1<br />

glamping franchise.<br />


01952 276745<br />

phil.plant@midwestplanning.co.uk<br />

www.midwestplanning.co.uk<br />

Expert and cost effective solutions to<br />

rural planning issues.<br />


07887 747393<br />

contactus@reedstudio.co.uk<br />

www.reedstudio.co.uk<br />

Landscape and architectural<br />

planning studio specialising in<br />

beautifully designed landscapes.<br />

heart pods<br />

PODS<br />


OFFICE<br />


£3500 POP-UP<br />


info@heartpods.co.uk<br />

www.heartpods.co.uk<br />





www.freedomcampingclub.org<br />

A family orientated exempted<br />

caravan and camping organisation.<br />


www.greenercamping.org<br />

Exempted camping organisation<br />

representing some <strong>of</strong> the most ec<strong>of</strong>riendly<br />

sites.<br />


0800 999 6010<br />

info@glampsan.com<br />

www.glampsan.com<br />

Glampsan supplies solutions<br />

for capturing, managing, storing<br />

and pumping water and waste at<br />

<strong>of</strong>f-grid glamping, camping, and<br />

caravan sites.<br />


0208 842 0033<br />

ann.boardman@saniflo.co.uk<br />

www.saniflo.co.uk<br />

Manufacturer <strong>of</strong> domestic and<br />

commercial pumps, macerators and<br />

lifting stations.<br />


www.woodlandchampions.co.uk<br />

Approved exempted provider,<br />

helping landowners start glampsites<br />

and plant trees.<br />



01505 321455<br />

sales@horne.co.uk<br />

www.horne.co.uk<br />

Safe hot water since 1909. Inventors<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Duso shower.<br />

KINEDO<br />

020 8842 0033<br />

info@kinedo.co.uk<br />

www.kinedo.co.uk<br />

A self-contained cubicle range,<br />

renowned for quick and easy<br />

installation.<br />


024 7610 8109<br />

enquiries@groundscrew<br />

centre.co.uk<br />

www.groundscrewcentre.co.uk<br />

UK’s leading supplier <strong>of</strong> selfinstallation<br />

ground screws for a<br />

quick, easy, reusable alternative<br />

to concrete bases.<br />


01789 450280<br />

sales@futurenergy.co.uk<br />

www.futurenergy.co.uk<br />

British manufacturer <strong>of</strong> Airforce1<br />

1kw micro wind turbines. Ideal<br />

for rural locations to supply <strong>of</strong>fgrid<br />

battery charging for power.<br />



01474 761051<br />

sales@portablepowertech.com<br />

www.portablepowertech.com<br />

We are specialists in <strong>of</strong>f-grid<br />

power and <strong>of</strong>fer a wide range <strong>of</strong><br />

solutions perfect for glamping.<br />

Give us a call!<br />


02476 357960<br />

andy@thermobile.co.uk<br />

www.thermobile.co.uk<br />

Indirect fired oil and propane<br />

gas heaters and coolers for large<br />

spaces. Oil heaters compatible<br />

with HVO and GTL bi<strong>of</strong>uels.<br />

First Class <strong>Glamping</strong> & Event Domes<br />

outerspacegroup.com TruDomes.com 02476 326585<br />



+31 6577 8737<br />

hello@kulatents.com<br />

www.kulatents.com<br />

Unique, handcrafted tents inspired<br />

by timeless quality.<br />



01769 561355<br />

sales@sign-maker.net<br />

www.sign-maker.net /<br />

www.sign-maker.co.uk<br />

Signs made the way you want<br />

them. Wooden signs, painted<br />

signs, signs on posts, hanging<br />

signs, engraved plaques, safety<br />

signage.<br />



01453 767171<br />

enquiries@bondfabrications.co.uk<br />

www.bondfabrications.co.uk<br />

Leading British design and<br />

manufacture <strong>of</strong> bespoke, luxury<br />

tented structures.<br />


0203 319 1315<br />

info@boutiquecamping.com<br />

www.boutiquecamping.com<br />

Your one-stop-shop for exclusively<br />

designed tents and accessories!<br />


0330 241 2660<br />

sales@safaritents.co.uk<br />

www.safaritents.co.uk<br />

Clear Sky makes your glamping<br />

dreams a reality with the very<br />

best quality products, designer<br />

interiors and support service.<br />


07966 842877<br />

sales@coolcanvastentcompany.co.uk<br />

www.coolcanvastentcompany.co.uk<br />

Save with our glamping package -<br />

5m bell plus interior items.<br />


0191 519477<br />

hello@suttonhospitality<br />

consultants.co.uk<br />

www.suttonhospitality<br />

consultants.co.uk (UK Agents)<br />

High quality eco-friendly tents. Fully<br />

customizable to a location’s needs/<br />

opportunities.<br />


01480 404030<br />

sayhello@ibexcamping.co.uk<br />

www.ibexcamping.co.uk<br />

Tents and camping equipment – buy,<br />

hire, repair and friendly advice!<br />


07968 783325<br />

hello@lifeundercanvas.co.uk<br />

www.lifeundercanvas.co.uk<br />

Great quality canvas tents<br />

carefully chosen by our team.<br />

Standard, fire retardant and<br />

trade options. Excellent<br />

customer service – see reviews.<br />


07974 139078<br />

fred@mongolianyurts.co.uk<br />

www.mongolianyurts.co.uk<br />

High quality authentic Mongolian<br />

yurts for all your glamping needs.<br />


Tree Tents International<br />

01273 782360<br />

info@treetents.co.uk<br />

www.treetents.co.uk<br />

Innovative glamping structures,<br />

including the first flat-pack<br />

suspended tree house.<br />

Boutique <strong>Glamping</strong><br />

Developments<br />

01458 258199<br />

www.morelcompany.co.uk<br />

Bespoke Built Shepherd Huts<br />

30 Year Guarantee on Steel Frame & Chassis<br />

Finance Packages Available<br />


Call: 01527 821848 hello@riversidesheperdhuts.co.uk<br />

www.riversidesheperdhuts.co.uk<br />







01262 470475<br />

info@thereallyinterestingtent<br />

company.co.uk<br />

www.thereallyinterestingtent<br />

company.co.uk<br />

Designers/makers <strong>of</strong> yurts.<br />

We are thrilled to have supplied<br />

yurts nationwide and across<br />

Europe.<br />


02476 326585<br />

hello@trudomes.com<br />

www.trudomes.com<br />

Award-winning geodesic domes<br />

manufactured to order in the UK.<br />



0203 883 9594<br />

info@adventureinarchitecture.co.uk<br />

www.adventureinarchitecture.co.uk<br />

Architects with a passion for<br />

a challenge, guiding you to<br />

the summit <strong>of</strong> your property<br />

adventure.<br />


01460 929774<br />

info@blackdownshepherdhuts.co.uk<br />

www.blackdownshepherdhuts.co.uk<br />

Makers <strong>of</strong> luxury shepherd huts ready<br />

to delight your guests.<br />


0131 210 0104<br />

info@bothystores.com<br />

www.bothystores.com<br />

Highly designed architectural cabins,<br />

available prefabricated or flat-pack.<br />


01833 630851<br />

sales@ellipseleisurebuildings.co.uk<br />

www.ellipseleisurebuildings.co.uk<br />

Ellipse Leisure Buildings,<br />

providing deceptively spacious<br />

holiday accommodation on<br />

wheels. Customised to your<br />

requirements. The only limit is<br />

your imagination.<br />


01472 852704<br />

info@frameandlog.co.uk<br />

www.frameandlogcabins.co.uk<br />

Design, supply and build <strong>of</strong><br />

high specification, timber frame<br />

structures.<br />


03333 447566<br />

sara@glampinginnovations.co.uk<br />

www.glampinginnovations.co.uk<br />

The company that <strong>of</strong>fers<br />

unique, innovative and<br />

exclusive products for the<br />

glamping industry including<br />

the Glamtainer and Panoramic<br />

Barrel Sauna.<br />


07707 735100<br />

enquires@hawksheadbespoke<br />

pods.co.uk<br />

www.hawksheadbespoke<br />

pods.co.uk<br />

Hawkshead Bespoke Pods<br />

design and build high quality<br />

glamping pods, shepherd huts<br />

and garden <strong>of</strong>fices. We deliver<br />

throughout the UK.<br />

Finman<br />

<strong>Glamping</strong><br />

Cabins and<br />

BBQ Huts<br />

From<br />

£4,992<br />


01389 887205 www.logspan.com<br />




01676 540333<br />

info@heartpods.co.uk<br />

www.stayatheart.co.uk<br />

<strong>Glamping</strong> pod and shepherd<br />

hut staycations in UK. <strong>Glamping</strong>,<br />

<strong>of</strong>fice and dining pods for sale.<br />


01389 887205<br />

info@logspan.com<br />

www.logspan.com<br />

Affordable and completely<br />

sustainably sourced timber glamping<br />

structures.<br />

MOREL & CO<br />

01458 258199<br />

info@morelcompany.co.uk<br />

www.morelcompany.co.uk<br />

Like Kate Morel’s shoe collection –<br />

we’ve treehouses/cabins for every<br />

occasion!<br />


01527 821848<br />

hello@riversideshepherdhuts.co.uk<br />

www.riversideshepherdhuts.co.uk<br />

Bespoke steel framed shepherd huts<br />

with a 30 year guarantee.<br />


01962 777362<br />

info@thegreenpodcompany.co.uk<br />

www.thegreenpodcompany.co.uk<br />

Bespoke glamping pods designed/<br />

manufactured in Great Britain using<br />

sustainable materials.<br />


01924 677002<br />

info@thepodbods.com<br />

www.thepodbods.com<br />

Bespoke shepherd huts, outdoor<br />

living spaces, stretch tents and more.<br />


07973 672889<br />

hello@urbanblossom.co.uk<br />

www.urbanblossom.co.uk<br />

We design, manufacture and<br />

install sustainable luxury<br />

structures inspired by nature<br />

for private landowners and the<br />

hospitality sector.<br />


'<br />

QORONE<br />

07798 902209<br />

info@qorone.com<br />

www.qorone.com<br />

Fully customisable attractive<br />

structures lovingly hand built in<br />

Somerset, featuring canvas ro<strong>of</strong>,<br />

solid wooden walls and beautiful<br />

central woodburning stove.<br />


01262 470475<br />

info@shepherd-huts.com<br />

www.shepherd-huts.com<br />

Build your own shepherd hut<br />

with our kits including full plans<br />

and comprehensive step-bystep<br />

photographic and written<br />

instructions.<br />


07525 763174<br />

Ian@wellsshepherdhuts.com<br />

www.wellsshepherdhuts.com<br />

We pride ourselves on using<br />

traditional craftsmanship in the<br />

manufacturing <strong>of</strong> bespoke hand<br />

crafted shepherds huts, furniture<br />

and custom-made projects.<br />

Importers and<br />

restorers <strong>of</strong><br />

vintage Airstreams<br />

Large stock ready<br />

for renovation<br />

07795 495493<br />

www.vintagetraveltrailers.co.uk<br />




07971 869058<br />

nick@wild-hart.co.uk<br />

www.wild-hart.co.uk<br />

Designer/makers <strong>of</strong> bespoke<br />

cabins, playspaces and furniture.<br />

Eco-cabins feature sheepswool,<br />

local timbers and solar power –<br />

bespoke and at reasonable cost.<br />


07786 273901<br />

sam@carn.scot<br />

www.carn.scot<br />

Unique outdoor kitchen. Robust<br />

modular solution for cooking,<br />

seating and lighting. Quick to<br />

install. Built to last. Designed for<br />

glamping.<br />


01748 889303<br />

kirami@thelogcompany.com<br />

www.thelogcompany.com<br />

Finnish company Kirami is<br />

the largest hot tub supplier in<br />

Europe with more than 10,000<br />

wood fired tubs sold annually.<br />



07587 427 610<br />

paul@campplus.co.uk<br />

www.campplus.co.uk<br />

En-suite bathroom pods<br />

supplied complete for plug and<br />

play installation. Offer Covid<br />

security, greater comfort and<br />

benefit from less cleaning.<br />


01326 555765<br />

sales@coolboxesuk.com<br />

www.coolboxesuk.com<br />

Official distributor for the<br />

legendary Icey-Tek Cool Boxes<br />

and awesome Mighty Max Cart<br />

System in the UK and Europe.<br />


01484 766233<br />

info@nakedtubs.com<br />

www.nakedtubs.com<br />

The No.1 choice for stunningly<br />

beautiful <strong>of</strong>f-grid, wood-fired<br />

hot tubs, saunas and outdoor<br />

cooking solutions for the<br />

glamping industry.<br />

46<br />


STOVES<br />

01282 778350<br />

info@firewoodsupplies.co.uk<br />

www.firewoodsupplies.co.uk<br />

Kiln dried hardwood logs,<br />

outdoor stoves/firepits and<br />

wood-fired hot tubs.<br />


01626 367038<br />

info@riviera-hottubs.co.uk<br />

www.riviera-hottubs.co.uk<br />

Devon-based family business<br />

manufacturing traditional wooden<br />

hot tubs and saunas.<br />


01749 870515<br />

hello@hunteroutdoors.co.uk<br />

www.hunteroutdoors.co.uk<br />

Perfect your outdoor lounge<br />

space. Modular tensile canopies,<br />

all single person setup with no<br />

power tools needed.<br />


01539 626339<br />

chris.gordon@lyon.co.uk<br />

www.solostove.com<br />

Unique fire pits and BBQs, smoke<br />

free and lifetime guarantee.<br />


07921 903928<br />

info@tbaenvironmental.com<br />

www.tbaenvironmental.online<br />

Fogging disinfecting services<br />

to help minimise the risks<br />

associated with Covid-19. Our<br />

naturally safe non-toxic, noncorrosive<br />

biocide is HSE reviewed.


01403 333135<br />

enquiries@tentstyle.co.uk<br />

www.tentstyle.co.uk<br />

Stretch tent marquees for hire and sale.<br />


richard.hill@thedeluxegroup.com<br />

info@theweepubcompany.com<br />

www.theweepubcompany.com<br />

This atmospheric Wee Pub<br />

is fun as an exclusive garden<br />

snug or at the heart <strong>of</strong> outdoor<br />

entertainment.<br />



020 3051 0738<br />

info@waterlesstoilets.co.uk<br />

www.waterlesstoilets.co.uk<br />

WooWoo is the UK’s go-to shop<br />

for premium waterless toilets<br />

with a range <strong>of</strong> different products<br />

suited for glamping sites.<br />



0203 319 1315<br />

info@boutiquecamping.com<br />

www.boutiquecamping.com<br />

Shop online for glamping interior<br />

items including wood burning stoves.<br />


07884 303082<br />

andy@coirstore.co.uk<br />

www.coirstore.co.uk<br />

Bell tent, yurt and tipi half moon<br />

mats for glampsites.<br />


0800 5677625<br />

tradesales@mattressman.co.uk<br />

www.mattressman.co.uk<br />

Enhance your guests’ experience<br />

with luxury mattresses. Catering<br />

to all budgets and needs,<br />

Mattressman <strong>of</strong>fers free next<br />

working day delivery.<br />



02036 378739<br />

hello@glampsites.com<br />

www.glampsites.com/join<br />

Glampsites.com puts your<br />

accommodation at the fingertips <strong>of</strong><br />

glampers online.<br />



01962 877644<br />

info@twilight-trees.com<br />

www.twilight-trees.com<br />

Renowned for their LED and faux<br />

trees. Twilight Trees bring you<br />

‘Domes’, maximising your outside<br />

space throughout the year.<br />



01787 372988<br />

info@marqueefloors.co.uk<br />

www.marqueefloors.co.uk<br />

Manufacturing bespoke durable<br />

matting for tents, tipis and glamping<br />

pods.<br />


01749 871166<br />

ben@wingsfurniture.co.uk<br />

www.wingsfurniture.co.uk<br />

Reclaimed, re-loved, retro repro and<br />

bespoke furniture.<br />


02081 331 005<br />

hello@campmanager.com<br />

www.campmanager.com<br />

The UK’s leading booking and<br />

park management system.<br />

Complete end to end process for<br />

managing your holiday park or<br />

campsite.<br />

Keeping Things<br />

Together<br />

Probably the largest selection <strong>of</strong> textile fasteners in the UK<br />


Anthropods, the best <strong>of</strong> British design in<br />

a unique package <strong>of</strong> 2/4/6 berth models,<br />

on or <strong>of</strong>f grid with wet room and kitchen.<br />

Choose 5.3 or 7.2 metre length, standard<br />

height, Rake for hillsides or the 5m high<br />

Daddy Long Legs.<br />

Call: 07860 420763 info@anthropods.co.uk<br />

www.anthropods.co.uk<br />

www.opas.co.uk<br />


anthropods_uk<br />


“ Build it<br />

and they<br />

will come…”<br />

Capitalise on the Staycation<br />

Boom to develop your land<br />

into a glamping or holiday<br />

park with our expert help<br />

Project<br />

Specific<br />

Greenfield Project<br />

Development<br />

Training and<br />

Recruitment<br />

Planning &<br />

Development<br />

With the UK staycation here to stay, there is no<br />

better time to speak to us at Sutton Hospitality<br />

Consultants about our unique 360° Solutions and<br />

how, together we CAN transform your green or<br />

brownfield site into your very own “Field <strong>of</strong> Dreams”.<br />

With exclusive access to<br />

planners, surveyors, lodge and<br />

glamping manufacturers all<br />

the way through to marketing<br />

and staffing your site, Sutton<br />

Hospitality Consultants are<br />

with you every step <strong>of</strong> the way,<br />

ensuring maximum yield from<br />

your land.<br />

Connecting with nature, quirky<br />

locations and glamping are<br />

now at the top <strong>of</strong> everyone’s<br />

Development<br />

holiday wishlists and Sutton<br />

Hospitality Consultants are<br />

ahead <strong>of</strong> the curve when<br />

it comes to developing<br />

alternative accommodation.<br />

With their ‘Totally Managed’<br />

option, Sutton Hospitality<br />

Consultants can remove all<br />

the hassle involved in the<br />

day-to-day running <strong>of</strong> your<br />

site, allowing you to relax and<br />

watch the £s come rolling in!<br />

Sales<br />

Consultancy &<br />

Business Planning<br />

o<br />

360<br />

Solutions<br />

Branding &<br />

Marketing<br />

Totally<br />

Managed<br />

Alternative<br />

Accommodation<br />

Call or email today for a<br />

feasibility chat and a site visit.<br />

T 0191 5197477<br />

E hello@suttonhospitalityconsultants.co.uk<br />

W www.suttonhospitalityconsultants.co.uk<br />

leading & promoting the industry



02081 918 938<br />

hello@glampmanager.com<br />

www.glampmanager.com<br />

A simple and easy to use online<br />

booking s<strong>of</strong>tware to grow and<br />

manage your glamping business.<br />


0117 204 7830<br />

ideas@canopyandstars.co.uk<br />

www.canopyandstars.co.uk/jointhe-collection<br />

Dedicated glamping booking agent<br />

and consultancy with 10+ years’<br />

experience.<br />


01326 555531<br />

jakie@classic.co.uk<br />

www.classicglamping.co.uk<br />

Marketing unique accommodation<br />

in special locations with free<br />

consultancy.<br />

CABOOSE & CO<br />

01273 086368<br />

info@cabooseandco.com<br />

www.cabooseandco.com<br />

Pop-up accommodation<br />

suppliers to glamping sites and<br />

world-class events. High-end,<br />

luxurious fleet <strong>of</strong> revolutionary,<br />

foldaway pods for hire or<br />

purchase.<br />



info@goglamping.net<br />

www.goglamping.net<br />

The UK’s original and leading<br />

advertising platform for<br />

glampsites since 2008.<br />


07532 792684<br />

jb@jbdirectiondesign.com<br />

www.jbdirectiondesign.com<br />

Direct booking website design,<br />

bespoke branding and digital<br />

marketing help.<br />


01328 801387<br />

enquiries@glampinghideaways.<br />

co.uk<br />

www.glampinghideaways.co.uk/<br />

choose-glamping<br />

We’re on the lookout for new,<br />

extraordinary locations to market.<br />


01348 830922<br />

www.qualityunearthed.co.uk/<br />

owners<br />

Risk-free agency services to providers<br />

<strong>of</strong>fering something a little different.<br />



0203 319 1315<br />

info@boutiquecamping.com<br />

www.boutiquecamping.com<br />

Your one-stop-shop for exclusively<br />

designed tents and accessories!<br />


EVENTS<br />

07817 672502<br />

info@honeybells.co.uk<br />

www.honeybells.co.uk<br />

We provide luxury tent hire and<br />

sales to the event and glamping<br />

industries, <strong>of</strong>fering flexible longterm<br />

rental hire packages.<br />


01480 404030<br />

sayhello@ibexcamping.co.uk<br />

www.ibexcamping.co.uk<br />

Tents and camping equipment – buy,<br />

hire, repair and friendly advice!<br />




07713 910917<br />

marketing@kymanigetaways.com<br />

www.kymanigetaways.com<br />

Create your own luxury pop-up<br />

glampsites for friends/families and<br />

colleagues.<br />


Key Contacts<br />

A place to log all conversations and move your<br />

project forward<br />

Company:<br />

Page number:<br />

Contact name:<br />

Contact details:<br />

Notes:<br />


01962 774421<br />

info@covermarque.com<br />

www.covermarque.com<br />

Specialist insurance brokers<br />

<strong>of</strong>fering bespoke policies for the<br />

temporary structure and events<br />

industry. Call us for pr<strong>of</strong>essional<br />

advice.<br />

Company:<br />

Page number:<br />

Contact name:<br />

Contact details:<br />

Notes:<br />



01394 383868<br />

enquiries@friarbest.co.uk<br />

www.friarbest.co.uk<br />

Well established insurance<br />

brokerage with exclusive facility<br />

for flexible insurance ‘tailored’ to<br />

provide the protection needed<br />

for glamping site owners.<br />

Company:<br />

Page number:<br />

Contact name:<br />

Contact details:<br />

Notes:<br />


0344 892 1413<br />

salescallbacks@towergate.co.uk<br />

www.towergateinsurance.co.uk<br />

Towergate has taken the time<br />

to understand the glamping<br />

market, tailoring cover to<br />

individual requirements and<br />

specific risk.<br />

Company:<br />

Page number:<br />

Contact name:<br />

Contact details:<br />

Notes:<br />



nova air dome<br />

Pole-free structure with 200gsm Canvas<br />

We’ve been supplying the glamping industry since 2010<br />

www.boutiquecamping.com | 0203 319 1315 | info@boutiquecamping.com

UK’s Leading Canvas<br />

Lodge Company<br />

View our show lodges in Kent<br />

Lodge Ranges<br />

Classic Retreat Event<br />

treat Event Adventure<br />


L U X U R Y C A N V A S L O D G E S<br />

safaritents.co.uk<br />

0333 241 2660<br />

sales@safaritents.co.uk<br />

The Clock House, Mount Pleasant Farm,<br />

Peckham Bush, Kent TN12 5NE

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