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‘Nobody will go to school’

Parents gather

outside John

Bisseker Senior


Tensions continued to rise

in Parkside, with

protestors threatening to

burn tyres and shut down

schools in the area if their

children were not admitted.

On Monday February 16,

concerned parents gathered

outside John Bisseker Senior

Secondary School to air their

grievances, first noted at a

meeting on February 8.

As reported by the GO! &

Express last week (‘Pa r e n t s

threaten to shut down schools

over enrollment controversy’,

February 11), parents had raised

concerns about schools taking

in students from outside the

community while local children

were excluded.

At the first meeting, parents

wrote down the names of their

children in a book as well as the

school they wished to be

enrolled in. The book was then

shown to local schools, who

were given two days to accept

the new students.

Speaking at the protest on

Monday, community leader

Schalk van der Sandt said that

they had met with school

officials the week before and

had been told that their children

would be accepted.

“We want all our children to

go in and not to fight the school

a ny m o r e ,” Van der Sandt said.

“If our children can’t get into

school, we will close

everywhere here; we will burn

tyres and nobody will go to

s ch o o l .”

Parents were also enraged by

LET US IN: Parents gathered outside John Bisseker Senior

Secondary School in Pefferville on Monday to protest the

exclusion of their children Pictures: MATTHEW FIELD

the alleged theft of money by an

employee of the school.

According to Van der Sandt,

a woman accepted R600

deposits from parents on the

assumption that their children

would be enrolled at the school.

“People have been asking

People have been

asking where their

deposits have gone

and the school just

says ‘she’s been fired’

where their deposits have gone

and the school just says ‘she’s

been fired’,” Van der Sandt


Parents said this sort of

behaviour is not new at the

school. Another complaint

raised was that John Bisseker

had witheld final reports from

children with outstanding

school fees and would only

release them after parents paid


“I had to go to a loan shark

to get the money for my child’s

r e p o r t ,” one parent said.

John Bisseker Senior

Secondary School declined a

request to comment.

CHECK IT TWICE: Community leader Schalk van der Sandt, centre with book, goes through the

list of names of children and the schools they wish to enroll in

Pupil’s passion for modelling






has a passion



P i c t u re :



George Randall High School

grade 11 pupil Asandiswa

Maqhubela is gearing up to take

part in the upcoming Miss King

Wi l l i a m ’s Town (Miss KWT)

2021 pageant which will take

place in December.

Maqhubela’s passion for

modelling began in 2018, when

she took part in the Miss

Gompo beauty pageant.

Maqhubela said she started

modelling because she wanted

to avoid sitting at home with

nothing to do. She said that

teenagers these days often get

caught up in bad choices .

“They either fall in for the

good stuff or the bad stuff, and

they end up smoking, being

involved in teenage pregnancy,”

she said.

For her, modelling was a way

to avoid making the bad choices

she’d seen other teenagers


“It’s also a way to show other

teenagers that you do not have

to get inloved in the bad things

to be appreciated by society or

to gain popularity,”

Maqhubela said.

Miss King William’s Town

organiser Unathi Luthweyi said

she encouraged other young

girls in the BCM area to take

part in the pageant.

She said that Miss KWT is a

year-long journey where

participants are trained in how

to look best on the runway.

“We mentor them, we take

them to bootcamps and we

It’s a way to show

teens you do not

have to get inloved in

bad things to be

appreciated or to

gain popularity

groom them for other

c o m p e t i t i o n s ,” she said.

“It’s not only about the

runway but for teens to

showcase their potential for art,

there has to be someone to help

them unlock that artistic

potential . We do not groom

them to be just title holders, we

brand them to compete on

bigger platforms.”

Entries for the pageant close

on February 21. For more

information, visit the Miss King

Wi l l i a m ’s Town Facebook page.

Maqhubela is looking for

help in raising money to meet

the pageant’s entry fee. To

donate, call 065-920-6194.

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CROSSWORD number 1217

Exam confusion

could cost my

daughter her job

Dear GO! & Express

Iam totally over the no-care

attitude of Unisa

My daughter did a Business

Management diploma this year

through Unisa.

Her last exam was English.

All the subjects exams were

done online.

After not receiving her final

exam results she firstly struggled

to get a response from Unisa.

They eventually let her know

she was “Absent from exam”,

that after they acknowledged

that they received her exam

paper “In good order”.

None of the Unisa staff at

call centre at Unisa head office

could help her.

We went to EL Unisa

offices and they said they will



different answers from Unisa


escalate all her email enquiries.

It’s been three weeks since

visiting the local offices and

always the answer is that

“it’s been escalated”.

My daughter needs to

register for her degree before

March 13. She can’t without this

mess being sorted out.

She stands to lose her job at

an auditors firm because she

was employed because she will

be studying Accounting.

She will lose her

membership of her medical aid

because she has to be studying

to stay on my medical aid.

I am sure that my daughter is

not the only Unisa student with

this problem due to the

incompetence of Unisa.

Can you please publish this

letter to make Unisa realise they

are playing with students’


Thank you,



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bag of of

c offe c ee

plus two

f re f re e

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SOLUTION to Crossword number 1216

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Online radio

growing daily

Spreading the word of God and creating jobs


King William’s Town

resident Dr Mandla

Makubalo is filling the

airwaves with his online radio

station, which he launched in

S e p t e m b e r.

Makubalo was born and

grew up in the small karoo town

of Tarkastad. Married, and a

father to five children, he has

been in the radio industry for 35

ye a r s .

He first started out at Radio

Xhosa n 1986.

“Then in 1992, I joined the

Institute for Democratic

Alternatives in SA (IDASA)

under the leadership of Alex

Borraine and was given a task of

establishing a radio unit

to produce voter education

p r o g ra m m e s ,” Makubalo said.

Makubalo joined Radio

Ciskei in 1995 and in 2010, he

was headhunted by TruFM

where he worked until 2015.

He got the idea for starting

an online radio station after

noticing a gap in the local


“I saw a need for a platform

to train young people in

broadcasting and so decided to


Siphosethu Makubalo is the

station manager at Mandla

Makubal Radio


come up with an online radio

that will spread the word of God

as well as being something that

will change people’s lives,”

Makubalo said.

And that is how Mandla

Makubal Radio was born.

“It [the station] will bring

opportunities to young people,

introducing them to the world

of broadcasting and training

them to become better


“We are also contributing by

creating jobs. It’s a vehicle for

small businesses to grow and to

become known in King

Wi l l i a m ’s Town and

s u r r o u n d i n g s ,” he said.

Makubalo’s daughter,

Siphosethu Makubalo, is serving

as the station manager while

also working on her final year

studying marketing and

communication at the

University of the Free State.

“The challenge is that I’m

turning 24 this year, but I have to

manage people who are way

older than me,” she said.

“Each and every day I’m

learning new things and I’m

enjoying it.

“I’m a shy person but being a

station manager really pulled

me out of my comfort zone,

because I have to interact with

people everyday.”

- Mandla Makubal Radio is

available for download on the

Google Play store.

LONG WALK: Budget cuts will deprive nearly 40,000 students in the province of school

transport Picture: MLONDOLOZI MBOLO

Stranded by budget cuts


The DA has raised concerns

about cuts to the provincial

budget, which were announced

at the recent EC Education

Portfolio Committee.

In particular, shadow

MEC for transport Marshall von

Buchenroder said that the cuts

would leave nearly 40,000

students in the province

stranded as they would now be

deprived of school

t ra n s p o r t .

Last year, according to Von

Buchenroder, the EC

department of transport was

able to provide assistance to

over 120,000 pupils, but the

number had been cut to just

87,000 for the 2021 academic

ye a r.

“The same department that

has claimed the reduction in

numbers is due to budget cuts,

underspent their budget by R94

million in the 2019/20 financial

ye a r,” he said.

“The same department was

able to blow through an extra

R17.2 million for travel and

subsistence for officials, up

nearly 25% year-on-year, from

R69.4 million in 2018/19 to

R86.6 million in 2019/20.

“The same department,

pleading poverty, was able to

spend R13.4 million on catering

for its officials.”

Van Buchenroder accused

the government had “t h r ow n

our children to the wolves” and

said he would be writing to EC

premier Oscar Mabuyane and

finance MEC Mlungisi Mvoko to

try and convince them to

arrange additional funds.

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Girl’s body found in a garden

Lihlumo Mzini, 8, reported missing, was discovered in East London on Tuesday


The body of young Lihlumo

Mzini, who went missing

on Friday, has been found

in a garden. Residents of

Dorchester Heights informal

settlement in East London and

police launched a search party

soon after the eight-year-old

girl’s disappearance.

On Sunday, her mother was

arrested on a charge of child

neglect. She is due to appear in

court soon. On Tuesday, a

shocked family member told

DispatchLIVE that Lihlumo’s

body had been found in the

place they had searched.

This has left the family

unsettled and asking questions.

Lihlumo was found naked near

a community garden by a local

man on Tuesday afternoon.

Provincial SAPS

spokesperson Col Sibongile

Soci confirmed the Cambridge

police were summoned to a

scene at Dorchester Heights

informal settlement where the

body of an unknown child wa s

d i s c ove r e d .

“At this stage, we cannot

confirm whether the body is that

of an eight-year-old girl reported

missing a few days ago, as the

investigation is still continuing.

A murder docket was opened

for further investigation,” she

said at the time.

After the little girl’s

disappearance, a frantic search

by the SAPS and the community

ensued. Some East London

residents flooded social media

platforms pleading for help to

find Lihlumo.

Residents called her aunt,

Nolukholo Smanga, about the

discovery of the body.

Smanga said: “We did

search where the body was

❝We did search where

the body was found.

It left me with so

many questions,

because the person

who did this is surely

from our community

found. It left me with so many

questions, because the person

who did this is surely from our

c o m m u n i t y.”

The search had continued

for two days with dogs in the

area where the body was later

found, therefore they were

suspicious about how the body

suddenly appeared there.

On Friday morning, the girl’s

mother asked Smanga about the

whereabouts of her child after

realising she did not spend the

night at home.

Smanga said: “I do not know

how I am going to break the

news to [the mother], as she is

not home.

“Losing a child is not

something I wish upon anyone.

Parents aren’t supposed to bury

their children, especially at this

young age.”

A source, who wished to

remain anonymous, said the

informal settlement residents

were traumatised.


FEEL THE LOVE: Model Shantay Roux posed for a special Valentine’s Day photo shoot at Nahoon Reef over the weekend Picture: STEFAN COETZEE PHOTOGRAPHICS

“The person who found the

body is still being questioned by

the police. Everyone is making

their own assumptions because

we are still wondering who is

this cold-hearted person that

would do such an inhuman


With her voice breaking,

Smanga said Lihlumo was a

loving and playful child who

enjoyed being around people.

“Most of the time she would

spend time at my house when

her mother was not around, and

she loved playing with her

cousins. She was an expressive

ch i l d .”

Smanga said there were two

men who were drinking with

the girl’s mother on Thursday

night when Lihlumo was out at

a friend’s house.

“One of these men has gone

missing after we declared the

child missing. The other is a

bush dweller and it has been

difficult tracking his

wh e r e a b o u t s .

“We want justice to be

served, and Lihlumo’s killers to

be found. That is the least we

can do for her. She did not

deserve to be treated like that.”

Missing Children SA says

two other children went missing

in Eastern Cape recently.

Siyamthanda Jim, 8, from

Komani, went missing in

January; and Esethu Xethu, 14,

from Willowvale, went missing

in December.- DispatchLIVE

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Another case of misprinted DoB in Sotho Village


Another incident has emerged involving an

allegedly incorrect date of birth being printed on

an ID book. This allegation comes after Sotho

Village resident Nosizwe Makhoba, told the the

Go! & Express she’s been dealing with the

incorrect date since she first got her ID book in

February 1990.

Nosizwe said she had been pushing to get the

details on her ID revised but to no success.

To put food on the table, Makhoba sells

brooms around Balfour area in Vincent.

“The only thing that makes things worse for

her in getting the amendments is that she is

i l l i t e ra t e ,” said relative Sandile Tshazibana.

“We visited EL home affairs in November

2017 to request that her date of birth be changed

from 1971 to 1958. This application didn’t work

since there was no proof available to support this.

Her only proof was a clinic card issued in the

early 1980s. [Makhoba] had no RSA reference

book or Ciskei/Transkei traveling documents for

the department to work with,” he said.

“In December 2017 we sent an email to the

then-director general of home affairs Mkuseli

Apleni requesting for direction on the matter,

since the department should be dealing with

thousands of these. I forwarded the email to

directors, who also forwarded to a relevent

person who heads the amendments office. She

asked for a copy of the only proof, the clinic card,

the ID of the her mother who was born in 1925.

“All were sent to her in Pretoria. We waited

through the whole of 2018, emailing and calling

her often for updates,” Tshazibana said.

He said that eventually in July 2019, the head

of amendments in Pretoria asked for the

Mooiplaas ward counsellor to investigate the

matter and talk to Makhoba’s peers and submit a

report in the findings.

“The report was sent to her in Pretoria,” he

said. “The lady in Pretoria then directed us to an

East London home affairs manger to ask him to

carry out an investigation. This was done, the

report was sent to Pretoria in September 2019. It’s

been 18 months, and we have had no feedback.”

The Go! & Express made several attempts to

get in touch with home affairs but no response

was received by the time of going to print.

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After President Cyril Ramaphosa

delivered his State of the Nation

Address last week, The GO! &

Express hit the street to ask locals:

What did you

hope to hear

during SONA

that was not

d e l i v e re d ?


“It’s the issue of sate capture

for me — it has been ongoing

but nobody has been arrested.

I wanted to hear about its

progress and where it will end

up. Also, the vaccine saga.

They said it would expire in

April, what will happen

thereafter? Youth has been

widely afffected by Covid, but

not much was said about

youth unemployment. I

believe many got posts as

teacher assistants but what

will happen after at the end of

those contracts.”

FRESH START: The grade R pupils were a little nervous but excited for their first day at school


Students at

P re s i d e n t



in East

London are

ready for

the new




“I only watched a little bit of

it. I would say that I was

hoping to hear a lot around

jobs for the youth and job

creation in general, to help

the unemployed recover since

many people lost their jobs

during the pandemic.

Another thing I wanted to

hear about is the problem of

the vaccine.”



Grade 3 pupils

get ready to do

some learning

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Grade 1 class

was eager to

get started

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New ID law proposed will

benefit trans, non-binary people

A number of problems exist with current rules


Proposed changes to South

Africa’s ID laws put

forward by the

department of home affairs

(DHA) will be a “phenomenal”

benefit to transgender and nonbinary

people, said EL-based

organisation Social, Health and

Empowerment (SHE).

“Essentially the department

of home affairs wants to

authentically capture the

citizens of South Africa,” the

organisation said.

According to the Draft

Official Identity Management

Policy released by the DHA a

number of problems exist with

current ID laws, one of which

was the exclusion of trans and

non-binary people.

“Gender and sexual identity

minorities are excluded because

the laws and policies do not

cater for changes in the

gender/sex attribute of the

identity system.

“These people experience

discrimination when attempting

to register or update their gender

in the ID system,” the document

s ay s .

The department also said

that the Identification Act of

1997 and the Births and Deaths

Registration Act of 1992 don’t

cater for children who are born


To remedy the situation, the

department recommended

updating the format of identity

numbers, the 13-digit code

which record basic information

about all citizens.

At the moment, the first four

digits after your date of birth

classify citizens as either female

(0000-4999) or male (5000-


“The new legislation must

make a provision that enables

❝ People experience

discrimination when

attempting to

register or update

their gender in the

ID system

the establishment of a category

that is neither male nor female.

That is, a sex category that

caters for biological males with

feminine gender identity or

expression or biological females

with masculine gender identity

or expression in the identity

s y s t e m ,” the document reads.

Alternatively, it suggests a

random unique identity number

for all citizens that is not linked

to date of birth, gender or any

other marker.

According to SHE, these

propsed changes mark a big

step forward for trans and nonbinary

equality in South Africa.

“The proposed [amendments

to the] laws are progressive

because it means the South

African government sees and

recognises transgender and nonbinary

people, which is

precisely what we want,” said

the organisation.

However, they cautioned

that as progressive as the

proposed changes were, they

could potentially backfire.

“Even though the law is

progressive and gives an ‘x’ or

third gender, it could lead to

more discrimination.

“What happens when you

go to the hospital, for example?

The doctors will be able to pick

up that you don’t fall in the

gender binary, male or female,”

said SHE.



o rg a n i s a t i o n

Social, Health



say the proposed

changes to ID

laws address



transgender and


people P i c t u re :




“Our suggestion is to

perhaps not identify ‘male’ or

‘female’ on the document —

keep that info c o n f i d e n t i a l .”

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Protect and

preserve our


DWS calls for communities to get involved


The department of water

and sanitation (DWS) is

urging residents to work

together in order to protect the

country’s many precious


According to DWS

communications officer Lameki

Jumba, wetlands provide

important benefits to the

environment, water security and

local communities.

“Wetlands need to be

protected from all sorts of angles

including fencing and pollution,

because many streams are

v u l n e ra b l e ,” Jumba said.

“Wetlands are used to store

water and slowly release it,

which helps deal with dry

seasons when there is little

rainfall. Apart from their role in

water security, wetlands also

provide habitats for animals and

plants and many contain a wide

diversity of life, supporting

plants and animals that are

found nowhere else.”

Jumba also pointed out how

wetlands play an important role

in removing toxic substances

and sediment from the water,

while improving downstream

water quality.

However, he noted that

wetlands were under increasing


“The manner in which

communities [use] water

resources leaves a lot to be

desired and it is high time that

people start valuing resources

such as wetlands and

understand the role they play in

our livelihoods,” he said.

“The protection of water

resources begins with an

individual understanding of

what water is to us and how we

cannot survive without it.

Without water, there is no life,

the world will perish.

“Water is a source of life and

we need to start valuing it and

conserving at all times.”

25 years for cigarette truck robbery


The Mdantsane Regional Court

sentenced Ndibulele Siqu to 15

years in prison for robbery, five

years imprisonment for

possession of an unlicensed

firearm, including a five year

imprisonment for possession of

ammunition on Friday.

His total sentence comes

to 25 years.

Siqu's sentencing comes

after he helped rob a British

American Tobacco

(BAT) vehicle in October 2015.

“The driver parked the

vehicle to get a quick bite at a

service station in Mdantsane

when he was confronted by five

unknown armed men who

hijacked and drove to a

secluded area near Crave

butchery where they offloaded

all the boxes of tobacco worth

more than R500,000,” said

❝ It begins with an


understanding of

what water is to us

and how we cannot

survive without it


Ndibulele Siqu will serve 25

years for his part in the

robbery of a BAT truck

Picture: PIXABAY

p r ov i n c i a l

H aw k s s p o k e s p e r s o n C a p t a i n

Yolisa Mgolodela.

She said two suspects,

Sinqu and Sibongiseni Mbele,

were identified and arrested.

Mbele later escaped from police

custody and he is still being

s o u g h t - a f t e r.

The national head, for the

directorate for priority crimes

investigation Lt Gen Lebeya

applauded the investigation and

prosecuting teams for

outstanding display of

collaborative skills in ensuring

that these suspects are

c o nv i c t e d .

He also encouraged the

teams to utilize all resources

available to them to ensure that

the remaining suspect is brought

to book.” said Mgolodela

The Eastern Cape provincial

head of directorate for priority

crime investigation Maj Gen

Obed Ngwenya commended

the Serious Organised Crime

Investigation team for a series of

successes in their cases, stating

that this is an indication of great

dedication and commitment to

their work.

STAY IN YOURSELF: Self-love is also important during the Month of Love Picture: PIXABAY

Looking for love?

Start by loving you


February is the Month of Love,

so why not start with loving

yo u r s e l f ?

This can be achieved by

saying affirmations. These are

positive statements that can help

you to challenge and overcome

self-sabotaging and negative


When you repeat

affirmations often, and believe

in them, you can start to make

positive changes.


(From Getting Good at Being

Yo u by J. Jampolsky)

When you love yourself

You know who you are and why

you are here

You know that you are valuable

and worthwhile

You respect yourself

You are aware of your gifts and

cultivate them.

You do not have to compete or

compare yourself with anyone.

You discipline yourself knowing

that life is not easy.

You expect the best for yourself

REFLECT: Start with repeating affirmations Picture: SUPPLIED

You are free to forgive yourself

You accept responsibility for

your actions.

Your conversations are positive,

uplifting and enhancing.

You do not criticize – you know

that all people are human and

make mistakes.

You help others know that they

too are worthy of love.

You need praise less and less.

You are humble.

Loving is wanting the best for

everyone and that includes you.

Some more affirmations:

● Love always find me, I

embrace it

● I use kind words when I

speak about myself.

● I have lots of good to offer the

wo r l d

Remember that only when

you truly love and accept

yourself, can another person

love and accept you.

- Masithethe Counselling

Services (formerly LifeLine East

London) has been offering

confidential and free counselling

to residents of the Buffalo City

Metropolitan Municipality since

1985 (35 years). Contact

number: 043 7222 000 or

whattsapp 084 091 5410

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S u ff e r i n g ’

Reader shares a

poem to help deal

with effects of

the coronavirus


Our world has changed

And our lives have changed

Like never before as

families suffering

Every day and I feel your pain

and our

Happiness has gone away and

it's only pain today

Hiding our tears as they fall

in the rain

Saying I’m fine when I’m

anything but fine

And when will this heartache

ever go away

And indeed my skin is on fire

My skin is burning within me and

No more hug’s or kisses today it’s

Just sadness for the world today

Coronavirus coronavirus is here

And it’s taken so many

loved ones away

And loneliness really hurts you

It kills you deep inside and

I’m lost without you in my life and

The world has changed so much

Coronavirus not going away

And darkness surrounds the world

And it’s so cold and painful

And our warm hugs

Have all faded away

Just like our loved every day

And nobody to hold more

and I watch

As a lonely tear rolls down my face

But I promise you all I’ll love

And pray for everyone

Who’s suffering from coronavirus

Every day.

BCM to regulate cell towers


Buffalo City Metro wants to regulate

cellphone towers.

Council resolved that a policy

should be drafted to regulate how the

towers are erected after several

complaints and petitions from BCM

residents in the past three years.

The item was contained in city

manager Andile Sihlahla’s report on

telecommunication infrastructure mast

policy during BCM’s last council

meeting in January.

Sihlahla’s report revealed BCM

does not have a telecommunication

infrastructure policy that sets out

uniform guidelines for the erection of

telecommunication mast base stations

and related infrastructure.

“The policy seeks to regulate and

standardise the process associated with

the construction of telecommunication

infrastructure masts within the BCM

area of jurisdiction.”

He said there was an increasing

growth of new and existing

telecommunications systems and the

policy would facilitate provision of the

masts in an efficient, cost-effective,

environmentally appropriate and

sustainable way to promote economic

business activity within the metro.

“The policy contains information

which can assist applicants when

preparing an application regarding the

siting and design of telecommunication

infrastructure masts and

information required on submission.”

In his report, Sihlahla said public

concerns over the potential visual

impact and possible impact on human

health and wellbeing from electronic

magnetic energy emissions had been


There had been strong opposition

Suspects in Mandela Funeral scandal appear in court


Fifteen suspects, including high-profile

Buffalo City Metro employees,

prominent political party members and

businessmen, appeared in East

London Magistrates court on Friday in

connection with the Mandela Funeral


The Hawks’ serious commercial

crime branch in East London said it

from residents who demanded the

removal of some of the masts in the

city voicing health concerns.

“The approach taken is to protect

the visual character and amenity of

BCM as far as possible. And to

minimise the health risk associated

with electronic magnetic energy, in

line with the metro mandate.”

However, the policy will not affect

telecommunication infrastructure

masts that have been lawfully

approved, unless the approval lapses

had conducted a thorough

investigation which led to the arrest.

Charges included counts of fraud,

money laundering, contravention of

the Municipal Finance Management

Act and corruption.

Those accused include former BCM

official Nqaba Ludidi, and former

supply chain manager, Tembelani Sali

as well as health MEC Sindiswa

Gomba, the ANC’s Dr WB Rubusana


S C R U T I N Y:

Buffalo City

Metro has

proposed a

new policy

that will

regulate how


towers are

e re c t e d

P i c t u re :


and a new application is to be made.

Sihlahla’s report listed guidelines

which will be applicable when

evaluating applications.

“The masts shall either be

camouflaged or painted in a colour

designed to blend in with the

surrounding background and which

shall be non reflective. The masts will

not be permitted to carry advertising

signs, boards or flags of any kind.

“Artificial tree types may be used as

a suitable camouflaging in the erection

regional chairperson, Pumlani Mkolo,

former BCM executive mayor Zukiswa

Ncitha, her former deputy Themba

Tinta, then council speaker Luleka

Simon-Ndzele, ex-CFO Vincent Pillay,

ex-administrator Ondela Mahlangu,

and business figures Nosiphiwo Mati,

Zintle Nkuhlu, Viwe Vazi and Dean

Fa n o e .

“All accused appeared except for

one who is in quarantine and will

of masts. Consideration must be given

to the context of the site in relation to

its surrounding topography and

landscaping when selecting any

artificial tree.”

The move was welcomed by local

NPO The Centre for Local Community

Rights chair Christo Theart, who has

been fighting with the metro over the

towers since 2018.

“There was no policy with regards

to erection of cellphone towers while

all other municipalities have such a

policy and in the past, there was an

aesthetic committee in council that

used to comment on the erection of

cellphone towers and that was stopped

abruptly three years ago, so they had

no control of the aesthetics of these

t ow e r s .”

He said residents feared the towers

might affect their health and devalue

properties in some residential areas.

“The municipality has now come

to the rescue of the people of the city

by demanding that everybody that

puts in a building plan for a cellphone

tower must now apply in terms of the

town planning act.

“This would then allow residents to

object to towers in their communities

by writing to the municipality, which is

a good thing, but the process is slow.”

Residents had not been consulted

over the installation of the masts in the

past, Theart said.

“There are many petitions against

cellphone towers. It has been three

years since a cellphone tower went up

in our neighbourhood without the

consent of any person that stays here.

“There are quite a lot of towers in

this town, but we have objected to

each and every one of them. The

situation has been of great concern for

e ve r y b o dy.” - DispatchLIVE

appear once healthy enough to do so.

The accused were granted R1,000 bail

each with conditions and will appear

again in court in March,” said

Hawks spokesperson Katlego Mogale.

The Eastern Cape provincial head

of the directorate for priority crime

investigation Major General Obed

Ngwenya lauded the Serious

Commercial Crime Investigation team

for bringing the perpetrators to justice.


Live auction of over 200 government vehicles


On the March 3, GoIndustry

DoveBid will be hosting a

government vehicle auction on

behalf of the Eastern Cape

Department of Transport. Buyers can

look forward to over 200 vehicles on


The auctions will be held at

1 York Road, North End, Port

Elizabeth and will feature a range of

passenger vehicles, ambulances,

bakkies. Brands include Ford,

Volkswagen, Audi, Nissan, Chevrolet

and Toyota.

Due to national Covid-19

regulations, on-site auctions are

limited to 70 people and therefore

pre-registration is mandatory.

To avoid missing out, buyers can

also submit proxy bids online by

using the Make An Offer function on


A refundable R10,000 registration

fee is payable in order to be

approved for bidding, and successful

purchasers will be charged a R1,000

documentation handling fee.

All proxy bids must be submitted

by noon on March 2 to be


To pre-register, send a WhatsApp

message, saying “car auction” to

076-931-9904. You will be taken

through an easy pre-registration


- For more information visit the

website: www.allsurplus.com

For enquiries, contact Ryno Nel at

082-567-2029l / 086-000-0010 or

ryno.nell@liquidityservices.com /



government vehicles will be going up for

auction in March Picture: SUPPLIED

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Legal Notices

Notice of application for the registration of a Party

in terms of Section (16)(1)(a) of the Electorial

Commissions Act, 1996 (No.51 of 1996)

This notice ser ves to infor m par ties tha t the


abbreviated “PCM” hereinafter has submitted

an application for registration in terms of the

Electoral Commission Act, 1996 (Act No.51 of 1996)

Anyone wishing to raise an objection against

the intended registration must do so by written

notice in which are set out the grounds for

objections and which must be delivered at

the office of the Chief Electoral Officer within

fourteen (14) days after publication of this


65 Beach Road


East London













SWEET AND SOUR: Lemons have a number of different health benefits Picture: PIXABAY

Lemons keep you

fresh and healthy

Although biting into a fresh

lemon is sure to make you pull a

face, this fruit has many benefits

to bring to you.

It is summer, and a great time

to indulge in lemon water. Fresh

lemon squeezed into water can

be sipped throughout the day.

This will help you keep

hydrated, and boost weight loss

by stimulating your metabolism

and supporting liver function.

Lemon is also recognized as

supporting the lymphatic

system. The lymphatic system is

part of the immune system and

helps clear away toxic cells.

Any support you can give

your lymphatic system helps

[Fresh lemon juice]

will help you keep

hydrated, and boost

weight loss by

stimulating your

metabolism and

supporting liver


protect against illnesses.

Lemon belongs to the citrus

family, and the aroma is highly

prized as an air-freshener. This

fruit is high in vitamin C and

fiber. However the actual

essential oils, that are especially

concentrated in the skin of this

fruit, are some powerful agents.

In bygone days, people often

used lemon to clean the

household. To this day many

natural products may

incorporate lemon in a useful

way as a disinfectant.

Lemon has a solid history of

being incorporated as a reliable

food preservative.

Scientific research has since

validated lemon as an effective

agent against harmful bacteria

and pathogens.

Rubbing lemon essential oil

with a carrier oil over the

abdomen may ease

constipation. In emergency

cases where you have no

deodorant, you might try rub

some fresh lemon juice under

your arms.

Interestingly, although

lemon is acidic at first, it is

alkaline forming in the body. So

it helps you when you have too

much acid in your body.

This mellow yellow fruit may

also assist with acne.

If you often enjoy lemons,

rather drink lemon juice with a

straw. Excessive lemon

consumption may erode

enamel. Enamel is a protective

coating around your teeth, to

prevent sensitivity.

Lemons clean and whiten

the teeth but it may also be too

strong for someone with less

protective enamel around their


Let good old lemons help

support your immune system,

where they can.

Expect another sharp fuel

price hike in March, says AA


Bullish international oil prices

are setting the stage for yet

another hefty hike in fuel prices.

This is according to the

Automobile Association (AA),

which was commenting on

unaudited mid-month fuel price

data released by the Central

Energy Fund.

The association says the

current picture shows monthend

increases of up to 56c a litre

for petrol, 47c for diesel, and 41c

for illuminating paraffin.

“Oil prices advanced at a

leisurely pace during January,

but the increase has quickened


Anastacia Sampson

since then. International product

prices shot up by about eight

percent in the first two weeks of

Fe b r u a r y,” the AA says.

The association notes that on

the plus side, the rand/US dollar

exchange rate has worked in SA’s

favour, with the rand

strengthening about 8c against

the US dollar in February, though

this has been far from enough to

offset the oil price.”

The AA said if oil continues

on this trajectory, SA’s fuel prices

might edge back into record

territory in the medium term.

Fuel users remain vulnerable to

economic shocks which weaken

the rand. -Sowet anLIVE

PRICE HIKE: Fuel is expected

to rise in price in March, says

the AA Picture: PIXABAY

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Stay safe

around water

all year round

Memorise these vital safety tips from the NSRI


The National Sea Rescue

Institute (NSRI) has said

that it is very concerned

about the high number of

drownings that have occurred

around the country.

They have urged that

members of the public

memorise vital safety tips to

prevent themselves or their

friends and loved ones from

becoming a victim.

● Be careful when near water.

Rivers, dams, canals, and

reservoirs can be dangerous.

You should always keep safe

around water:

● Do not climb on barriers and

over fences — they are there to

protect people from serious

injury and accidents.

● Always obey “danger” signs

— reservoirs and treatment

works can be dangerous places,

so stay away when warned.

● Stay away from trenches

and open manholes — they

are dirty, deep and often

contain hidden dangers.

● Dams, canals, and reservoirs

may present a deceptively still,

flat appearance that can

promote a false sense of

s e c u r i t y.

However, conditions may

change rapidly with the onset

of strong winds.

● When swimming in dams,

enter cold water slowly and

remain in for short periods —

always remember dams contain

“cold spots” and the mud

around the edges is usually very

KNOW THE SIGNS: Lifeguard flags indicate safe swimming areas at the beach Picture: PIXABAY

slippery, soft, and difficult to

move through.

● When you want to dive in a

dam, check the depth and

explore the bottom to locate any

trees, logs, sandbanks, weed,

rocks or any other hazards.

Leave water when getting cold.

● Remember the golden safety

rules: Never swim alone and

never swim without adult


- NSRI instructors offer free

water safety courses to schools

and other organisations.

To request a lesson, call

073-648-4867 or email

siya@searescue.or g.za

Your mental health is

just as important as

your physical health


While the Covid-19 pandemic

continues to dominate the

headlines, there is another,

silent, pandemic stalking the

c o u n t r y.

“Mental health has always

been critically important

however, as the pandemic

continues to evolve and take its

toll, greater focus needs to be

placed on taking care of our

mental health and the mental

health of those around us,” said

Life Healthcare Brackenview

clinic manager Johan


According to Lombaard,

Covid-19 and the ensuing

lockdown has placed a lot of

stress on the South African

population, worsening an

already bad mental health


“Isolation, loss of family,

financial burdens and loss of

income are all triggers to the

development and exacerbation

of mental health conditions that

in many cases, requires medical

intervention for the safety of the

patient. Since the start of the

pandemic, we have seen that

the when mental health care

users are admitted, the severity

is much more pronounced

because of a delay in seeking

t r e a t m e n t ,” he said.

Statistics released by the SA

Depression and Anxiety Group

(Sadag) estimate that around

one in six South Africans suffer

from anxiety, depression or

substance abuse problems.

Of equal concern is the

growth in reports of depression

among adolescents.

The increased isolation and

inability to interact with their

peers due to the lockdown has

taken a severe toll on their

❝ Isolation, loss of

family, financial

burdens and loss

of income are all

serious triggers

mental health, Lombaard said.

He said that the pandemic

has shown, among other things,

there is a need for improved

access to mental health care in

the country.

“It has shown that more

emphasis is needed on creating

awareness and education on

mental illness to reduce stigma

and ensure early intervention

before someone reaches a level

where they are considering selfharm

or suicide, particularly in


“Now more than ever,

opportunity exists to

destigmatise and promote a

culture of acceptance of mental

health that will lead the way in

2 0 2 1 ,” said Lombaard

“We need to eliminate the

social stigma associated with

mental health and promote a

culture of acceptance.

“Coping mechanisms vary

from person to person and an

increase in psycho-social care is

critical to ensure the wellbeing

and livelihoods of those living

with mental health conditions.”

Venues must obey lockdown

restrictions warns SA Breweries


South African Breweries has

called on all tavern owners,

restaurants, liquor outlets and

bars to adhere to the necessary

lockdown restrictions in order to

prevent staff and customers from

falling victim to Covid-19


The statement was in

response to viral videos on

social media which showed

patrons at a number of venues,

such as EL-based Buccanneers,

blatantly flouting health and

safety regulations.

“The warnings are clear and

unambiguous – s u ch

compliance with the new

operating hours for taverns, bars

and restaurants as well as

restrictions on retail outlet

trading times,” the SAB said.

Regular checks will be

conducted by the SAB to ensure

premises are adhering to the


They added that tavern

owners had committed to an

industry-wide charter.

The charter makes a number

of pledges, such as promising

not to serve alcohol to people

who were already inebriated

and promoting an anti-drunk

driving message.

“Let us be responsible,

together. Be brave and act

against behaviour from traders,

patrons, bars and restaurants

that contravene the current level

3 regulations by reporting

incidents of criminality linked to

the sale and consumption on


“The lives and livelihoods of

your fellow South Africans

depend on it,” said SAB senior

corporate affairs manager Kgosi




Photo’s by

Cassandra Pretorius


- Female



- Female



- Male



- Male










Please give these pets a good home. Interested persons please phone 043 745 1441 and ask for Reception.


Newsdesk (043) 702-2125

Advertising (043) 702-2031

(043) 702-2048

(043) 702-2122



T h u rs d ay

18 Februar y, 202 1


go ex p ress @ a re n a . a f r i ca


Fuel hike on the cards PAGE 10 Be water wise PAGE 11

Project can return rugby to

glory days, says Thobile Mtya


Border Rugby legend

Thobile Mtya is optimistic

about the future of rugby

in the region and believes a

‘Project Rebuild’ can propel it

into a new and prosperous


This comes from seeing the

likes of Sharks captain

Lukhanyo Am, Aphelele Fasi,

Sanele Nohamba, and

Thembalani Bholi turn up in the

Currie Cup final and Lwazi

Mvovo bow out of the game

after a long, illustrious career.

Mtya, who broke through the

Border ranks in the early ’80s

and is proving to be an

inspiration to those from the

The desperate state of Border rugby is cause for concern

rural outskirts around East

London, believes the Sharks

players are a beacon of hope.

“I support the Sharks

because that’s where our

children are playing, we must

thank the Sharks because they

have shown us that we can

produce players,” Mtya said.

“Rugby is alive, we need to

take the sport back to the


“We need to go back and

remember our traditional rugby

way s .”

It’s no secret that the state of

the Border Rugby Union is an

uninspiring one, leaving many

who love the sport feeling


With all the talent left in

limbo, not knowing what’s next,

many are looking for escape


However, the former coach

believes a “Project Rebuild” is

needed, to lay a new foundation

for Border Rugby.

For the project to be

successful, it will need heavy

input from the Buffalo City

Metro and the Eastern Cape

department of sports, recreation,

arts & culture.

It must start with youth

development, Mtya said.

“We have to look to the

future, we have to rebuild and

not cry and complain about the

current state of rugby,” said

M t ya .

“We need BCM and the

department to sit down and set

out plans to take back the sport

to the people and get children

involved again.

“Children from the age of 10

years are doing drugs in our

communities because there are

not enough programmes.

“Sports is a way of life, and it

can help shape a child’s future.

“It is able to instil values, and

help children from 12 to 17

have a foundation.

“We now need more annual

tournaments for these age

groups, here we can identify

talent and nurture it.

“We need to prioritise rugby

and help those who have

natural talent so they can have a

future. I am where I am because

of rugby. Look at where

Makazole Mapimpi is, it’s

because of rugby.”

Mtya said governing bodies

needed to rope in professional

players who had the knowledge

and skills to give back.

Investing in local clubs, and

strengthening rugby in the rural

areas was vital as they were the

lifeblood of the sport, he said.

The embattled Border Rugby

Union is under the

administration of the South

African Rugby Union.

Mtya said when the reigns

were handed back to border, the

election of board members

would be crucial to “Project


“We need to get a board of

executives who have rugby at

heart, people who have played

the game. We don’t want

people who want the benefits of

council and positions.

“The clubs have to vote

responsibly and not be drawn

into factions but vote for the

future of rugby.” - DispatchLIVE


Boxing icon Mzimasi Mnguni

will have two funeral services to

accommodate the hundreds of

people expected to pay their last

respects to him.

This was revealed by his

brother Sihle Mnguni after the

family met. Mnguni, 73, died at

the weekend in East London

after a long illness following a

stroke he suffered in 2014. The

stroke confined him to a

wheelchair and resulted in

regular hospital visits.

Considered a boxing icon in

SA, the promoter’s reputation

transcended sports barriers.

Government officials and the

sport fraternity have paid their

respects to the man dubbed “Mr


Two funerals for boxing icon Mnguni

“Bra Mzi was a people’s

person but also he has his roots

where he wanted to be buried,”

Sihle said. “This is why we have

decided to give everyone the

opportunity to pay their last

respects to him.”

The first service will be held

at the Uniting Presbyterian

Church of Southern Africa in

Gompo on Saturday. C ov i d - 1 9

regulations will be in place. The

second service will be on

Sunday at Mnguni’s home

village of Mazotshweni in Alice.

“Bra insisted he wanted to

buried at his home and we will

honour that request,” Sihle said.

S u n d ay ’s service will be to

accommodate the people of

Alice who want to pay their

respects. Besides the two funeral

services, a series of memorial

services are also being planned,

with the first scheduled for

Wednesday as a drive-through

at his home in Vincent, East


The Eastern Boxing

Promoters Association is

expected to lead the occasion.

“We urge boxing people to

join us when we pay our

respects to Bra Mzi,” association

chair Thando Zonke said.

On Thursday it will be the

turn of the Uniting Presbyterian

Church to conduct its own

memorial service, also with a

drive-through to his home.

The office of the premier

Oscar Mabuyane promised to

write to President Cyril

Ramaphosa to grant Mnguni a

provincial state funeral.

However, Sihle said there

had been no official

confirmation regarding the


“As a family we are

continuing with our own

preparations, but if the

government gets involved we

will adjust our programme

a c c o r d i n g l y.”

Tributes have been pouring

for Mnguni, with former sports

minister Ngconde Balfour also

paying his respects. Balfour,

who hails from Alice, enjoyed a

good relationship with Mnguni

when he was the sports minister.

Although he often butted heads

with Mnguni, they got along


“We used to fight when there

was a need but we did that all

for the good of boxing,” Balfour


One incident that stood out

was when Mnguni’s boxer Ali

Funeka lost a close points

decision to Mzonke Fana for the

SA junior lightweight title in

Cape Town in July 2002.

Mnguni believed that his

boxer had won and staged a sitin

with his technical staff and

Funeka in the ring and refused

to leave. With the fight televised

live on national television,

Balfour saw Mnguni’s protest

and immediately called


“Mzimasi, get out of that

r i n g ,” Balfour told Mnguni.

“If you have a complaint you

know what to do, but what you

are doing is not one of them.”

- DispatchLIVE


FA R E W E L L :

Boxing icon

Mzimasi Mnguni

will have two

funeral services

to accommodate

the hundreds of


expected to pay

their last

respects to

him P i c t u re :



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