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If your interested in buying property in Spain then read our overseas property magazine which is designed specifically for property buyers in the UK and other countries in Europe, with the slogan "buying in Spain made simple" our readers can find out more about buying a property in Spain. Read the latest articles about the opular places to live in Spain also find property agents with the latest property offers, you may be looking at buying a luxury villa in Marbella for retirement, or perhaps a holiday apartment by the sea in Costa Blanca. Real estate in Spain is vast and with so many options and thousands of agents to choose from. The Spain Property Guide also allows readers to search for a property using the web portal with an easy-to-navigate search tool. Look out for the new weekly articles that include legal advice provided by the registered Spanish abogado from My Lawyer in Spain dedicated legal team. Advice with all that you may need to know about obtaining residency in Spain and the visa requirements to live and work in Spain. There are many benefits for you when registering to the Spain property guide web portal, you can save your search, share property details, and arrange a virtual video tour of your chosen Spanish property. You can also request a personal property finder, this service is dedicated to your exact needs and will save you time and can also save you money.

If your interested in buying property in Spain then read our overseas property magazine which is designed specifically for property buyers in the UK and other countries in Europe, with the slogan "buying in Spain made simple" our readers can find out more about buying a property in Spain.
Read the latest articles about the opular places to live in Spain also find property agents with the latest property offers, you may be looking at buying a luxury villa in Marbella for retirement, or perhaps a holiday apartment by the sea in Costa Blanca. Real estate in Spain is vast and with so many options and thousands of agents to choose from. The Spain Property Guide also allows readers to search for a property using the web portal with an easy-to-navigate search tool. Look out for the new weekly articles that include legal advice provided by the registered Spanish abogado from My Lawyer in Spain dedicated legal team. Advice with all that you may need to know about obtaining residency in Spain and the visa requirements to live and work in Spain. There are many benefits for you when registering to the Spain property guide web portal, you can save your search, share property details, and arrange a virtual video tour of your chosen Spanish property. You can also request a personal property finder, this service is dedicated to your exact needs and will save you time and can also save you money.


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Are you planning on<br />

Sevilla<br />

COSTA DE<br />

LA LUZ<br />

moving to <strong>Spain</strong>?<br />

Es<br />

Blevins Franks has 45 years of experience advising<br />

UK nationals moving to and living in <strong>Spain</strong>. We<br />

can guide your through various aspects of your<br />

move, from residence and Brexit, to tax and estate<br />

planning, to how best to structure your investment<br />

capital and pensions for a Spanish resident.<br />

Talk to the people who know<br />

+44 (0)207 389 8133<br />

centralenquiry@blevinsfranks.com<br />

We have nine offices in <strong>Spain</strong> as well as one in<br />

London. Our local advisers would be more than<br />

happy to have a chat with you and see how they<br />

can help you establish your dream life in <strong>Spain</strong>.<br />

108-es<br />


Blevins Franks Financial Management Limited (BFFM) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK,<br />

reference number 179731. Where advice is provided outside the UK, via the Insurance Distribution Directive or the Markets in<br />

Financial Instruments Directive II, the applicable regulatory system differs in some respects from that of the UK. Blevins Franks<br />

Trustees Limited is authorised and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority for the administration of trusts and<br />

companies. Blevins Franks Tax Limited provides taxation advice; its advisers are fully qualified tax specialists. This promotion<br />

has been approved and issued by BFFM.<br />

www.blevinsfranks.com<br />


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Guardamar<br />

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Torrevieja<br />

COSTA<br />

BLANCA<br />

Malaga<br />

Nerja<br />

Marbella Torremolinos<br />

Benalmadena<br />

Estepona<br />

Fuengirola<br />

LA PALMA<br />





Costa<br />

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Granada<br />

Almuneca<br />


Santa Cruz<br />

de Tenerife<br />

Almeria<br />

Adra<br />

Almerimar<br />

Las Palmas<br />

Aguadulce<br />


El Toyo<br />

Arrecife<br />

Puerto del<br />

Rosario<br />


Vera<br />

Mojacar<br />

La Manga<br />

Cartegena<br />

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Looking back at 2020<br />

and forward during 2021<br />

It’s fair to say that most of us are ready to look back<br />

at a year that will go down in history as one of the<br />

strangest ever. 2020 will not be remembered fondly<br />

by most people around the world, having brought us<br />

a virus and accompanying restrictions that have had<br />

a profound impact on the economy and society, on<br />

the Costa del Sol as elsewhere, but it was also a year<br />

that allowed us to slow down, take stock and perhaps<br />

appreciate the more important things in life.<br />

This includes side-stepping our increasingly frenetic<br />

lifestyles, analysing what is really important to us and<br />

spending time with our families. While we missed<br />

our social lives, our freedom of movement and saw<br />

businesses and careers impacted, we also had a rare<br />

chance to reconnect with home and family, and<br />

this again led to a renewed appreciation for home<br />

and hearth – with a surge in home improvements,<br />

redecoration and renovations as a result. Travel suffered<br />

in favour of staying put in your own backyard, much like<br />

a temporary return to the not so distant past.<br />

This break from our constant rushing about, flying<br />

around and consuming at full speed had social and<br />

economic repercussions within the human realm, but<br />

nature also showed us just how much we impact upon<br />

the environment by staging a humbling comeback<br />

in record time, with weather patterns showing signs<br />

of restoration, and all manner of animals returning to<br />

placing they had not been seen for long years. Most<br />

people have seen the images of dolphins in the Venice<br />

lagoon, but they also visited the shoreline of the Costa<br />

del Sol in a marvellous display!<br />


While the Spanish economy, like most others, showed<br />

a sharp decline in H1 following the near-closing of all<br />

economic activity during the first and most intense<br />

lockdown of March-May, the third quarter registered<br />

a similarly significant rebound upon the relaxing of<br />

restrictions, and the final quarter of 2020 is expected to<br />

have produced a smaller return to contraction, resulting<br />

in overall negative growth of the Spanish economy for<br />

the whole year. No major improvement is expected<br />

for Q1 of 2021, but from then onwards rapid recovery<br />

growth should follow a gradual return to normality.<br />

Within all of this, the Spanish property market proved<br />

remarkably resilient. This is especially true of ‘top areas’<br />

such as the Balearic Islands and the Costa del Sol, where<br />

demand for properties for sale rebounded strongly in<br />

Q2 and then again levelled off to a lower yet sustained<br />

level for the remainder of the year. There was no major<br />

dramatic drop in transactions, and prices of new-build<br />

homes and the most attractive real estate remained<br />

solid, with only older and less appealing properties losing<br />

a little ground, though of course the travel restrictions<br />

imposed on most potential buyers have had a negative<br />

effect on the sector.<br />

PROSPECTS FOR 2021<br />

Experts predict the present status quo to be<br />

maintained into the beginning of next year, when the<br />

‘weaker’ properties, i.e. older homes or those in less<br />

attractive areas, are expected to drop in value by up<br />

to 10-20%, which of course creates fresh opportunities<br />

for investors and savvy buyers. In the most in-demand<br />

areas, however, such opportunities also exist but will be<br />

fewer, so you have to work with your agent to find them<br />

in homes, building land and commercial real estate. The<br />

resurgence of the property market will broadly mirror<br />


that of the economy as a whole, and this is expected<br />

to begin by the end of Q1, as vaccines take effect and<br />

restrictions of movement are gradually lifted.<br />

If all goes to plan, we will be well on the road back to<br />

normality by the summer, and though 2021 will essentially<br />

become known as the year of recovery, the simple<br />

rebound should produce strong growth in most sectors,<br />

including real estate, with prices returning to upward<br />

motion by mid-year latest. In all, 2021 looks to offer us<br />

more than 2020 did, though as we revel in our newfound<br />

freedom and business activity, we should look back at<br />

the lessons this past year taught us about evaluating<br />

what is important and finding a balance between work,<br />

consuming and the simpler pleasures in life – and your<br />

home is central in all of this!<br />

ADVICE<br />

EXPERT<br />



A feeling<br />

for SPAIN<br />

As the author of the highly acclaimed<br />

Duende, Andalus, Guerra and Sacred<br />

Sierra, it is fair to say that Jason Webster<br />

has a feeling for <strong>Spain</strong>. Where so many have<br />

tried to come to grips with this fascinating<br />

country Webster seems to have a secret formula<br />

– he simply immerses himself and gets under<br />

the skin of one of Europe’s most multi-layered<br />

cultures.<br />

“<strong>Spain</strong> is a country that repays your interest<br />

in it,” says Jason Webster as we sit in his country<br />

cottage on the outskirts of Valencia. All around<br />

are fields, though the city rises up no more<br />

than a few kilometres distant. It shows just how<br />

assimilated he has become, for where most<br />

foreigners seek the Spanish seaside or at least<br />

the elegant avenues of downtown Valencia,<br />

Jason has chosen a spot amid everyday<br />

Spanish people. “It always surprises me when<br />

people move here saying they love <strong>Spain</strong>, only<br />

to settle down in a Disney-style caricature of<br />

it.” As always, his comment contains no hint of<br />

judgement; instead, it is the kind of observation<br />

that has formed the basis of his writing on <strong>Spain</strong>.<br />

Though they delve headlong into <strong>Spain</strong>’s past<br />

and present, Webster’s books have a knack<br />

of tacking you on a journey that describes the<br />

country without ever passing moral judgement<br />

or attempting to persuade the reader in<br />

direction or another. “I have my views, but when<br />

I write I don’t like to be didactic.” What’s more,<br />

the information contained within his novels are<br />

not merely researched and re-interpreted, but<br />

primarily sourced through first-hand personal<br />

experience. “When I describe gypsies and<br />

the flamenco scene in Duende, or Moroccan<br />

migrants in Andalus, I draw on my own body<br />

of encounters,” says the young author whose<br />

willingness to plunge headlong into adventures<br />

has formed part of his immersion in <strong>Spain</strong>’s multifaceted<br />

society.<br />

“Maybe it would have been wiser to think<br />

before I acted. Some of the situations I got<br />

myself in were actually quite scary and<br />

potentially dangerous, but what it has done is<br />

shown me sides of <strong>Spain</strong> that I would otherwise<br />

never have seen.” Perhaps this accounts for the<br />

success of his books, for unlike many he doesn’t<br />


merely dip his toe in the water but dives right<br />

in. I get the impression Jason likes it this way,<br />

and that he is secretly attracted to the shadier<br />

sides of society. Let others describe the pretty<br />

buildings, the mighty sierras and the picturesque<br />

mountain villages that still retain much of<br />

<strong>Spain</strong>’s famed old charm. For Jason Webster it<br />

is the underlying clash of classes, cultures and<br />

generations that are worth writing about.<br />

The interaction between these layers of society<br />

holds his fascination, in all its dysfunctional<br />

cohesion. “We think of societies as homogenous,<br />

but they’re not, least of all in a country like<br />

<strong>Spain</strong>. A society is often a pact between many<br />

different groups of people and it is the degree of<br />

cohesion that allows it to function. I’m interested<br />

in the invisible glue that holds it all together – or<br />

doesn’t.” Such themes rise to the fore in all his<br />

books, whether you’re following his exploration<br />

of the flamenco world, his travels with migrant<br />

workers or his journey into <strong>Spain</strong>’s divisive<br />

past. “The Civil War is over, but its divisions and<br />

tensions still simmer, and need confronting<br />

before they can finally be laid to rest.”<br />

As a student of Spanish, Arabic and Islamic<br />

culture, he is also drawn to the stuff that binds<br />

Catholic <strong>Spain</strong> to the Islamic world. “Though it<br />

blocked it out for many centuries <strong>Spain</strong> has a<br />

partly Muslim past. This means that part of its<br />

identity derives from this period. To shut it out<br />

doesn’t make it go away, it is merely a denial.<br />

After centuries of such denial, the current era<br />

seems to be one in which <strong>Spain</strong>, one way or<br />

another, is exploring its Muslim past. It will be<br />

interesting to what conclusions will be reached,<br />

but for me it is exactly this West-meets-East blend<br />

that makes <strong>Spain</strong> so fascinating and multilayered.<br />

You need only look at the Alhambra to<br />

confirm its role in the making of this fascinating<br />

country.”<br />

The Bulls Kills You is Jason Webster’s fifth and<br />

most recent novel. It the first in a new detective<br />

novel set featuring Chief Inspector Max Cámara<br />

of the Spanish Policía Nacional and is set in<br />

Valencia, Webster’s adopted home.<br />

www.jasonwebster.net<br />



Purchasing in<br />



Our team of lawyers specialised in law property always<br />

double (and triple and quadruple) check:<br />

• Whether the property is legal and fully registered<br />

• Or if it is still in construction status<br />

• The information on title deeds<br />

• The community fees<br />

• The electricity/water services<br />

And we also:<br />

• Make sure the annual tax was paid<br />

• Double, triple and quadruple check there will not be any<br />

surprises<br />

Does it look like an easy job?<br />

It’s not.<br />

Fortunately, our team at Sun Lawyers is so experienced<br />

that will catch everything at a glance.<br />

We take buying/selling property as seriously as if we were<br />

defending you in a criminal/civil case.<br />

How to begin the process<br />

1. In order to be able to do a proper in-depth inspection<br />

on the property, and to represent you for the signing of<br />

the purchase/sale, our recommendation is to give us<br />

power of attorney.<br />

2. If you haven’t obtained it yet, for an NIE number<br />

(Número de Indentificación de Extranjero, Identification<br />

Number for Foreigners, in English) is compulsory for<br />

purchasing property in <strong>Spain</strong>.<br />

But before we begin working together, we would love to<br />

speak with you<br />

Would you like to visit us? Through a free-consultation<br />

appointment we will explain the process, timescale, and<br />

our fees.<br />

We would love to meet you in person. If this is not an<br />

option, we can arrange a phone conference or speak by<br />

email.<br />

Please fill out the form below or send us an email at<br />

enquiries@mylawyerinspain.com. We’ll get back to you<br />

shortly!<br />

Sponsored by<br />

8<br />

l<br />


- SINCE 1985 -<br />

ADVICE<br />


LEGAL<br />


Spanish Conveyancing<br />


Life is about to get not just easier, but more secure<br />

when it comes to completing the sale or purchase<br />

of a home in <strong>Spain</strong>.<br />

It was generally recognised that the dual system<br />

used in <strong>Spain</strong> to record land and property details – the<br />

Land Registry plus the Cadastre – was unwieldy and,<br />

worse than that, sometimes produced conflicting<br />

data on the same property. To put it simply, the<br />

Land Registry normally included a written description<br />

of a property while the Cadastre had graphic<br />

representation in the form of a map or plan.<br />

The problem was that, on occasion, the two did not<br />

match, leading to some legal disputes on boundaries.<br />

On top of that, as the Cadastre was not routinely<br />

cross-referenced with the Land Registry, details on<br />

any alterations and extensions built on a property<br />

would not necessarily appear on the Cadastre, again<br />

possibly leading to legal complications.<br />

But now the Spanish government has taken action to<br />

smooth the conveyancing process and ensure the two<br />

registries are consistent when describing a property.<br />


Chief amongst the changes is the requirement<br />

that Land Registry descriptions must now include<br />

a ‘graphic representation’ of the property in the<br />

form of a copy of the map or plan held by the<br />

Cadastre.<br />


This will supersede the old Land Registry<br />

description and ensure buyers know exactly what<br />

they are purchasing. On top of that, the Cadastre<br />

will have to make note of any alterations to a<br />

building marked on the Land Registry records, and<br />

the two institutions will also have to use the same<br />

reference code for each property in order to avoid<br />

confusion and make the comparison of data<br />

between the bodies easier.<br />

Government officials estimate it will save the<br />

need for some 22,000 personal declarations a year,<br />

saving €1.8million. More importantly, it will provide<br />

greater security, clarity and transparency for<br />

people when buying a property, and should speed<br />

up the process greatly.<br />

Power of<br />

Attorney<br />

in <strong>Spain</strong><br />

Are you ready to purchase/sell property in<br />

<strong>Spain</strong>?<br />

If yes, the Power of Attorney is the kind of document to<br />

start with.<br />

Let us explain.<br />


When it comes to purchasing/selling property in <strong>Spain</strong><br />

there is nothing like doing everything from a legal<br />

perspective to have peace of mind (and to avoid surprises<br />

and expensive comebacks).<br />

You may have heard of some stories where people were<br />

scammed when they bought/sold property in <strong>Spain</strong>. A<br />

common pattern is using the wrong professionals, trying to<br />

DIY, and/or trusting anybody.<br />

Wouldn’t you rely the whole process to a reputed law<br />

firm which has been in business since 1985 and has helped<br />

thousands for clients since?<br />

We know how to protect our clients at Sun Lawyers, and<br />

not only because we are licensed and registered bilingual<br />

English/Spanish-speaking lawyers but because we have<br />

the professional knowledge.<br />


In <strong>Spain</strong>, when you appoint a lawyer to act on your<br />

behalf this procedure is called: “Power of Attorney”.<br />

Our definition of Power of Attorney is: “an official<br />

document signed at a notary through which the client<br />

givesus specific legal power to act on his/her behalf”.<br />

Once we have Power of Attorney, we will be able to start<br />

the purchasing/selling legal procedures on your behalf.<br />


Purchasing/selling property is not a simple procedure<br />

where you will sign a few documents and will get the key<br />

of the property right after. Actually, thinking that way could<br />

mean ending up in the wrong hands, going through painful<br />

legal (and expensive) consequences.<br />

Here are some of the actions we will carry out when<br />

we assist you with the legal process of purchasing/selling<br />

property in <strong>Spain</strong>:<br />

• NIE number application.<br />

• Legal check-ups (Is the property legal? Is there any<br />

debt? Is it still classified as “in construction”? Is there a<br />

mortgage on the property?<br />

• Utility bills<br />

• Tax involved<br />

• Day of the signing (whether you are buying or selling we<br />

will represent you at the notary and we will make sure<br />

everything is in order)<br />

• Land registry (the title deeds of the property must be<br />

registered at the Land Registry office)<br />

Definitely, Power of Attorney is the process to start with.<br />

In addition, through Power of Attorney we would be able<br />

to act on your behalf on certaintax matters, or even solve<br />

unexpected problems in the future that could not have<br />

anything to do with your property.<br />



Residency choices for B<br />

homebuyers in <strong>Spain</strong><br />

It’s happened – Brexit is now well and truly a fait<br />

accompli, so a whole new range of rules apply to<br />

British homebuyers, residents and property owners<br />

in EU member countries such as <strong>Spain</strong>. The reciprocal<br />

rights and freedom of movement enjoyed between<br />

the continent and the UK stopped when the latter<br />

ended its membership of Europe, but this doesn’t<br />

mean that no meaningful relationship can be had<br />

between the two or that Britons looking to own a<br />

property, live and work and/or invest in a place like<br />

<strong>Spain</strong> have no options open to them.<br />


Since January 1st 2021, British people can come<br />

to <strong>Spain</strong> for a maximum of 90 days within a 180-day<br />

period. Non-tax residents can stay in the country for<br />

up to six months at a time, but you wish to do so for<br />

longer, or indeed live here permanently, then you will<br />

have to apply for Spanish tax residency.<br />


The easiest way to apply for residency is if you can<br />

show that you were resident in <strong>Spain</strong> before 21st<br />

December 2020, and to do this you’ll need to provide<br />

supporting documentation, in the form of Spanish<br />

bank statements and utility bills.<br />

Another fast-tracked way is if you happen to be<br />

married to a Spanish or at least EU citizen. The former<br />

enjoys automatic Spanish residency and the latter<br />

can quite easily apply for it, as well as be entitled<br />

to work here, enjoy local healthcare and have their<br />

pension paid out in <strong>Spain</strong>.<br />

A British spouse of an EU citizen with Spanish<br />

residency can then also apply for the same, but even<br />

if you haven’t lived here before or can have the way<br />

paved by a European partner, there are still ways of<br />

achieving residency in <strong>Spain</strong>.<br />


British<br />

NIE and<br />

Residencia<br />

The Simple<br />

Solution!<br />


The main applicant will need to have a minimum<br />

of €27.115,20 in a Spanish bank account, plus<br />

€6.778,80 for every dependent within their<br />

household to be able to apply for this kind of visa.<br />

One must present the application in person to<br />

Spanish consul in their country in a process that<br />

normally takes three months to conclude. When<br />

issued, it has to be collected in person too; it is<br />

then valid for three months and 15 days, within<br />

which time the applicant has to travel to <strong>Spain</strong><br />

to apply for the biometric TIE Card (foreigner’s ID<br />

document).<br />

Once obtained, non-lucrative visa enables you<br />

to reside in <strong>Spain</strong> and move freely inside and out<br />

of it, though it does not entitle you to work in the<br />

country.<br />


This is the popular name for what is officially<br />

called the Residency Visa for Investors, and to<br />

qualify one must:<br />

• Purchase one or more properties in <strong>Spain</strong> for a<br />

combined value of at least €500.000<br />

• Or buy shares in <strong>Spain</strong> to the value of €1 million or<br />

more<br />

• Or invest €2 million or more in Spanish government<br />

bonds<br />

It is valid for one year and provides full residency<br />

rights during that period, and can also be renewed<br />

several times, ultimately leading to permanent<br />

residency if successful. If you apply for it within<br />

<strong>Spain</strong>, it is valid for two years at a time, so it is well<br />

worth visiting the country and exploring the options<br />

in person.<br />

Whilst we all love the fabulous weather,<br />

beautiful beaches, outdoorsy lifestyle<br />

and the stunning scenery in <strong>Spain</strong>,<br />

there are a few things that we accept as being<br />

the more ‘tricky elements’ of living in <strong>Spain</strong>.<br />

Appointments made with local workmen<br />

can sometimes suffer the ‘manaña, manaña<br />

syndrome’ and yes, famously, paperwork and<br />

bureaucracy can occasionally be an arduous<br />

process.<br />

If you intend to spend any considerable amount<br />

of time in <strong>Spain</strong>, it is advisable to apply for either<br />

an NIE number or for Spanish residency. For both<br />

of these you will need to fill in forms (which will<br />

be in Spanish), you will also require documents,<br />

passports, bills and multiple photocopies of most<br />

of your paperwork. This can be a bit of a daunting<br />

task for those foreign residents who have just<br />

moved (or are considering a move) to <strong>Spain</strong>.<br />

Difficulties with the language, as well as confusion<br />

as to where to go and which documents to<br />

produce can render the process harder than it<br />

need really be.<br />

Specially trained gestors and lawyers can help<br />

you with your Spanish paperwork issues, and<br />

many speak your language or even share your<br />

nationality, regardless of whether you are British,<br />

Scandinavian, Dutch, French-speaking, German<br />

or from Eastern Europe. They know the Spanish<br />

system inside out, and many provide guidelines<br />

that will you understand the process better and<br />

avoid unnecessary fines and penalties that many<br />

people incur due to misinformation or ignorance.<br />

A good gestor or law firm has many years’ of<br />

experience in this line of work, and can outline<br />

the process clearly in a step-by-step way,<br />

answering the most frequently asked questions<br />

and helping you obtain, complete and submit<br />

the required forms and documentation. There’s<br />

no reason to suffer through the process alone; let<br />

the professionals help you make getting Spanish<br />

residency a quick and easy task.<br />




Jávea is perhaps better known for its<br />

beaches, its marina and its water sports,<br />

not to mention some of the best hiking<br />

trails in eastern <strong>Spain</strong>, but it is also the home<br />

of the Club de Golf Jávea, a fine 18-hole<br />

course with a longstanding tradition in the<br />

gentleman’s game.<br />

Founded in 1981 and designed by<br />

Francisco Moreno the par 72 course extends<br />

across a parkland landscape set between<br />

private villas and wooded groves, with<br />

views of Jávea’s iconic mountain ranges all<br />

around. Elegantly styled and ever so gently<br />

undulating, this course offers well-designed<br />

bunkers and water features for a game that is<br />

challenging but also suitable to beginners.<br />

Like the golf course itself, the club’s other<br />

facilities are well maintained and kept<br />

fully up to date. Most important of these is<br />

the attractive clubhouse, refurbished and<br />

overlooking the course, countryside and the<br />

Montgó Mountain. Inside, it houses the club’s<br />

offices, as well as changing rooms, a pro<br />

shop, club meeting room, restaurant, bar and<br />

a cafeteria with scenic terrace.<br />

Popular with local residents and visiting<br />

players, Jávea Golf Club is a real golfer’s<br />

club with a friendly and informal atmosphere.<br />

The restaurant offers traditional Spanish fare<br />

throughout the day and evening, while<br />

the club’s cafeteria provides light snack<br />

alternatives and an opportunity to drink in the<br />

sun on its large terrace.<br />

Like the real sports club it is, Club de Golf<br />

Jávea also has a practice range and putting<br />

green as well as featuring tennis courts and<br />

a swimming pool to ensure that this is very<br />

much a venue for the entire family. Golfers<br />

and tennis players alike can join coaching<br />

sessions or book individual classes with the<br />

resident pros, who also shine during the<br />

annual tournaments and charity drives that<br />

further underline the club’s contribution to<br />

local community life.<br />


Office: +34 965 020 204<br />

UK: 01273 900966<br />

Email: info@welcome-estates.com<br />

Web: www.welcome-estates.com<br />

We speak:<br />




• Features<br />

• Fantastic views<br />

• Stunning solarium<br />

• Built in wardrobes<br />

• Close to ammenities<br />

• On the golf resort<br />

• Private pool<br />

• Electric shutters<br />

• Garden<br />

• Off road parking<br />


Offers on Airconditioning<br />

White goods<br />

Furntiure package<br />

€339,000<br />





• 2/3 Bedroom<br />

• 2 Bathrooms<br />

• Jacuzzi<br />

• Inside and<br />

outside gym<br />

• Community<br />

pool<br />

From<br />

€198,000<br />




• 3 Bedrooms<br />

• 2 bathrooms<br />

• Private pool<br />

• Mountain views<br />

• Close to<br />

amenities<br />

• Solarium<br />

€229,950<br />

3 BEDROOM<br />

2 BATHROOM<br />

• Stunning location<br />

• Golf and mountain<br />

views.<br />

• Superb finish<br />

• Garage<br />

• Terrace<br />

€380,000<br />





• 2 Bedrooms<br />

• 2 bathrooms<br />

• Communal pool<br />

• Amazing views<br />

• Close to<br />

amenities<br />

• Solarium<br />

€125,000<br />


3 BEDROOM<br />

2 BATHROOM<br />

• Beautiful<br />

complex<br />

• Fantastic location<br />

with views.<br />

• Close to golf<br />

course.<br />

• Close to bars and<br />

restaurants.<br />

€207,000<br />

25 years<br />

experience<br />

Welcome Estates brings more<br />

than 25 years of experience in<br />

the Spanish <strong>Property</strong> Market. Our<br />

team of experts offer an unparalleled<br />

level of knowledge of the Costa<br />

Blanca region and the current<br />

market and are always on hand to<br />

support you every step of the way in<br />

the buying and selling process.<br />

With our office at the beautiful La<br />

Finca Golf and Spa Resort, we offer a<br />

range of New and Re-sale properties<br />

on the best golf resorts, coastal areas<br />

as well as town/village properties.<br />

Whatever your goals, we are able to<br />

help you achieve them.<br />

Welcome Estates is built on a simple<br />

ethos, helping you to build a better<br />

life. We recognise that all clients have<br />

their own unique requirements and<br />

we work with you to make them a<br />

reality.<br />

Let us help you find the perfect<br />

property in <strong>Spain</strong>.<br />

Get instant CASH!<br />


Welcome Estates Southern<br />

<strong>Spain</strong> S.L will pay you 1%<br />

on any introduction that<br />

leads to a sale on a new<br />

build property and 0.25% on<br />

a resale property.<br />

Do you have a friend, relative,<br />

client or colleague looking to<br />

buy property in <strong>Spain</strong>?<br />

For more details go to:<br />

www.welcome-estates.com/referral<br />




La Finca golf course was established in 2002 with a top<br />

quality golf course and hotel resort. The golf course was<br />

designed by the famous Spanish designer Pepe Gancedo<br />

who was also a keen golf amateur player in <strong>Spain</strong>. The course<br />

is laid out with wide generous fairways that offer amazing and<br />

somewhat spectacular greens that add to the experience<br />

every golfer desires. The greens are completely different from<br />

each other, a variety of shapes, some of them being famous<br />

such as the seventh hole, it is a square shape with large<br />

dimensions that resembles an English bowls green. Also at<br />

the fourteenth hole, which is deep and round, well known to<br />

players as the Chinese wok. The picturesque views all around<br />

this course are added together making a host of delightful<br />

characteristics at La Finca golf course and are why it has<br />

become so popular over the last nine years and is regarded<br />

as one of the best golf courses in <strong>Spain</strong>.<br />

La Finca golf course has also been the chosen venue<br />

of a number of prestigious tournaments since its opening,<br />

the Junior European Championship and the Spanish Junior<br />

Championship as well as the finals of the Audi Class and Audi<br />

Quattro circuits, for amateur golfers. At a professional level, La<br />

Finca golf course has hosted the qualifying for the EPD Tour as<br />

well as the Valencian Community professional circuit.<br />

As one would expect the course other amenities making an<br />

all round easy choice as the perfect place for your round of<br />

golf, the resort offers buggies and club hire, the golf academy<br />

at La Finca Resort is the ideal place to improve your game<br />

and discover the best golfing techniques.<br />

The professional teaching staff will help you learn and<br />

improve your overall standard whilst gaining new golfing<br />

skills. The golf pros are Víctor Andreu who is a recognised<br />

professional golfer. He has served on the national golf team<br />

for over ten years, has a pro license granted by the Royal<br />

Spanish Federation and is member of the Spanish PGA with<br />

title of Master. Victor also runs the children academy in La<br />

Finca golf club, teaching students and golf lovers as well as<br />

some other professionals.<br />

The prestigious international award The World Travel Awards<br />

was given to La Finca Golf Resort for the second year running<br />

an amazing achievement to win two consecutive years as<br />

the accolade of <strong>Spain</strong>’s best Golf Hotel in the World Gold<br />

Awards.<br />

The development at La Finca Resort was renovated in<br />

2019 together with its group that offers three courses Las<br />

Ramblas and Villamartin. Undertaking extensive building<br />

works that included greens being re-built as well as bunker<br />

enhancements. The extremely popular restaurants also were<br />

refurbished providing high quality dining for both golfers and<br />

visitors’ to the area. The Club House Terraza is the perfect<br />

place to have a rest and build up the energy required after<br />

having had a round of golf is at La Finca golf resort. The<br />

restaurant offers a snack menu allowing you to enjoy a quick<br />

bite as well as to enjoy the stunning views of the golf course.<br />

The property developments around the resort have also<br />

seen significant investment making the area of La Finca<br />

one of the top property destinations in Costa Blanca. Golf<br />

enthusiasts as well as those who want to live In <strong>Spain</strong>. The<br />

village of Algorfa has many property developments with<br />

a range of modern Spanish villa styles as well as compact<br />

apartments that lend themselves to ideal holiday homes.<br />

For anyone who are looking for a property in <strong>Spain</strong> and that<br />

wants to live in a modern style development ideally situated<br />


close to the beach, a shopping centre that<br />

has amazing country side appeal with the<br />

mountain ranges of Costa Blanca then La<br />

Finca resort in Algorfa Alicante is certainly<br />

worth looking at.<br />

120 modern rooms where luxury,<br />

comfort, style and design are the common<br />

denominators — to make your stay simply<br />

perfect.<br />

Everything you need for a luxury stay -<br />


• Free outdoor car park<br />

• Covered car park with cctv security (check rates)<br />

• Outdoor swimming pool and jacuzzi<br />

• Balinese beds and sun beds in the pool area<br />

• Several lounges and meeting rooms for all types of<br />

functions and events<br />

• Tennis courts and paddle-tennis courts, with free loan<br />

of sports equipment (subject to availability)<br />

• Gymnasium<br />


• 24-hour Reception<br />

• Room service (check schedule)<br />

• Guest Service Centre<br />

• Free Wi-Fi<br />

• Free shuttle service (check terms and conditions,<br />

timetables and availability with Reception).<br />

• Free loan of bicycles (subject to availability)<br />

• Laundry service<br />

• Airport transport service at special prices (booking in<br />

advance with the Guest Service Centre required).<br />


multilingual property experts for 25 years on the Costa<br />

Email: info@welcome-estates.com<br />

Web: www.welcome-estates.com<br />



BLANCA<br />

COSTA<br />

Elche<br />

Rojales<br />

Orihuela<br />

18 l SPAINPROPERTYGUIDE.COM Villa Martin<br />

Alicante<br />

Santa Pola<br />

Guardamar<br />

de Segura<br />

Torrevieja<br />

Denia<br />

Javea<br />

Benissa Moraira<br />

Altea Calpe<br />

Albir<br />

Benidorm<br />

Villa Joyosa

NORTH<br />

The Costa Blanca lies within the Valencian “autonomous community” - a<br />

Spanish region a little like a state - of which Valencia city is the capital.<br />

Meaning “White Coast” in Spanish, the Costa Blanca runs some 150<br />

miles (240km) along the Mediterranean Sea between the towns of Denia<br />

and Pilar de la Horadada, all within the province of Alicante.<br />

Its largest tourist destinations are Denia, Javea, Calpe, Altea, Benidorm<br />

and Alicante. From Valencia city it takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes<br />

to drive south to Denia, where the Costa Blanca begins. Most the drive<br />

is along excellent toll motorway. The origins of the name Costa Blanca<br />

are unclear and, although it is a Spanish name, it is not frequently used<br />

by locals, many of whom speak Valencian language as well as Spanish.<br />

Some argue the name is a reference to the area’s white sand beaches<br />

and white-washed buildings, but others suggest it was simply invented by<br />

British tourism companies and airlines in the 1950s, when package tourism<br />

to <strong>Spain</strong> started to boom and marketing names were given to many parts<br />

of country’s coastline.<br />

The local tourism authority says “unforgettable beaches and coves,<br />

beautiful coastal mountain ranges and infallible sun make the Costa<br />

Blanca a paradise all year round” and you’ll find many fantastic things to<br />

do in the Costa Blanca, including the boat trips in Benidorm, Denia, Javea,<br />

Calpe and Altea that we offer below.<br />




m 2 @<br />

+34 96 6491883<br />

20 l SPAINPROPERTYGUIDE.COM @ moraira@moraira-hamiltons.net<br />

@ www.moraira-hamiltons.net<br />

JAVEA<br />

P.O.A. MORAIRA 1.150.000€<br />

3<br />

m 2<br />

GVPJ231-A/4038<br />

m 2<br />

m 2<br />

HO473721<br />

m 2<br />

m 2<br />

283m 2 1.000m 2 3 3 Pool 399m 2 1.002m 2 4 2 Pool<br />

MORAIRA 395.000€ BENISSA 280.000€<br />

165m 2 m 2<br />

m 2 m 2<br />

970m 2 3 2 Pool 268m 2 752m 2 4 2 Pool<br />

m 2<br />

m 2<br />

m<br />

HO473940<br />

Ref: 70.266<br />

BENISSA 650.000€ JAVEA 1.580.000€<br />

279m 2 m 2<br />

m 2 m 2<br />

4950m 2 5 5 Pool 650m 2 1.900m 2 4 4 Pool<br />

m 2<br />

m 2<br />

m<br />

BV1133A/4038<br />

AVS 4446<br />

m 2 m 2 m 2 m 2<br />

m 2<br />

m 2 m 2<br />

m 2<br />

m 2<br />

m 2 m 2<br />

m 2

@<br />

@<br />

@<br />

+34 96 5744179 Avenida Madrid, 03724 Moraira<br />

info@tabairarealestate.com<br />

www.tabairarealestate.com<br />


415.000€<br />


m 2<br />

107m 2<br />

707m 2 3 1 Pool<br />

m 2<br />

m 2 m 2<br />

m 2<br />

Ref: 20.3104<br />


845.000€<br />


m 2<br />

193m 2<br />

800m 2 4 3 Pool<br />

m 2<br />

m 2 m 2<br />

m 2<br />

Ref: 70.393<br />


425.000€<br />


m 2<br />

204m 2 802m 2 3 2 Pool<br />

m 2<br />

m 2 m 2<br />

m 2<br />

Ref: 20.3146<br />




JÁVEA<br />

Perhaps better known as a stylishly relaxed<br />

Mediterranean resort destination on <strong>Spain</strong>’s eastern<br />

seaboard, the little town of Jávea is at heart a classic<br />

Spanish country town overlooking a landscape of cliffs wealthy merchant class whose elegant Baroque style<br />

enveloping a bright blue bay and mountains surrounding country estates and town houses add lustre to the rural<br />

a deep green valley.<br />

cottages and tightly packed homes of the area.<br />

In reality the municipal area of Jávea is divided into<br />

three distinct parts. Most familiar to outside visitors is the<br />

coastal resort, tucked into a corner of a large bay. Here,<br />

luxurious apartments surround a coastal village that looks<br />

out at a fishing harbour and marina that eventually gives<br />

way to the resort hotels that dot the long sandy beaches<br />

of El Arenal. At the far end of this the coast rises to the<br />

spectacular cliffs that mark the Cap de la Nao area. It<br />

is here, within the pine-covered slopes overlooking the<br />

bays and coves, that a collection of luxurious residential<br />

area provides a privileged setting for a lifestyle that has<br />

been drawing people for many decades now.<br />

At the heart of it all, though, is the historic town of<br />

Jávea – the original country village that grew into a<br />

prosperous town thanks to its position dominating a large<br />

and fertile valley. Largely level, this agricultural area<br />

stretches for kilometres inland, and has long formed the<br />

basis for wealth in the area, producing a range of export<br />

products that has included olive oil, raisins and oranges.<br />

Famous throughout Europe for these products, the region<br />

also benefitted from the bounty of the sea, creating a<br />

The epicentre of the old town is the Church of Sant<br />

Bartomeu, an imposing structure that originally dates<br />

back to early medieval times. Like most of the historic<br />

quarter it is built mainly from local Tosca stone hewn<br />

for centuries from the coastal cliffs, and still bears the<br />

pockmarks of warfare sustained during the civil war.<br />

Today, however, the only invaders are the small groups of<br />

tourists drinking in the sights or relaxing in a quaint square<br />

as village life goes on around them. This is a town of<br />

cobbled streets, picturesque archways, historic buildings<br />

that reveal bewildering layers of successive cultures, and<br />

above all a mesmerising ambience.<br />

Get a glimpse of what life was like here not so very<br />

long ago at the Museo Soler Blasco, set within the<br />

Palace of Antoni Banyuls, experience the lively and<br />

quintessentially Mediterranean atmosphere of the<br />

municipal market – or simply wander through peaceful<br />

cobbled backstreets and lively squares, eventually<br />

finding your way to one of the many quaint cafés and<br />

restaurants – and you will get an idea of what a true<br />

Spanish country town is all about.<br />







Altea<br />

Situated in the popular area of Sierra Altea on a large plot<br />

with south-west orientation, and wonderful panoramic views<br />

across the Altea basin towards the mountains and sea.<br />

This stunning villa boasts 2464 square feet of bright living<br />

space, with impressive double height entrance lobby, and<br />

superb principal bedroom suite with internal garden.<br />


@<br />

@<br />

@<br />

+34 96 5744179<br />

info@tabairarealestate.com<br />

www.tabairarealestate.com<br />

m 2 m 2<br />

3<br />

3 Pool<br />

m 2 m 2<br />

m 2<br />

Ref: 20.3092<br />

314m 2 1,145,000€<br />

1855m 2<br />




+34 965 036 330 | Av. de la Llibertad, 18, Bajo F, Playa de l’Arenal, Jávea<br />

www.miralbo.com | sales@miralbo.com

Propiedad de elegante diseño y a solo 8 minutos de la<br />

playa. Disfrute de las vistas panorámicas al mar, el Parque<br />

Natural del Montgó y el valle en esta propiedad bien<br />

equipada.<br />

Ubicada en la urbanización de Monte Olimpo Residencial,<br />

esta exquisita parcela de 1000 metros ofrece un amplio<br />

espacio para la villa de 220 m2. Disfrute de su vida<br />

dentro y fuera en esta propiedad amplia y luminosa de 4<br />

dormitorios y 5 baños. La villa se completa con una cocina<br />

totalmente equipada, sala de estar y comedor de concepto<br />

abierto, rodeada por una amplia terraza, zona de descanso<br />

y piscina Infinity.<br />

La construcción de primera calidad y los acabados<br />

exclusivos hacen que esta casa sea única.<br />


Ref: MIR0075<br />

Elegantly designed and just 8 minutes from the beach, this<br />

spectacular modern villa awaits. Enjoy panoramic views<br />

to the sea, mountains and valley on this well-appointed<br />

property.<br />

Located within the urbanization of Monte Olimpo Residencial<br />

this exquisite 1000 meter parcel provides ample space for<br />

the 220 sm villa. Enjoy your life indoors and out with this<br />

this bright and spacious 4 bedroom 5 bathroom property.<br />

With every detail considered this house is complete with<br />

a fully equipped kitchen, open concept living and dining,<br />

surrounded by an expansive terrace, chillout area and<br />

infinity pool.<br />

Premium quality construction and exclusive finishes make<br />

this house unique.<br />

Precio / Price 895,00€<br />




En el pueblo de Jávea - Jávea’s Town<br />

Desde - from<br />

130,000€<br />






a Jávea<br />

champion<br />

Think of Spanish tennis and the name Nadal<br />

immediately comes to mind. Of course, Rafa<br />

Nadal is a great champion and probably the best<br />

representative the country has had in the sport, but<br />

extend your horizon beyond this modern sporting icon<br />

and you will see that <strong>Spain</strong> has produced a very good<br />

proportion of the world’s top players, both past and<br />

present.<br />

Among them, and very much in the present, is David<br />

Ferrer. Currently ranked 6th in the world – the highest<br />

ranked Spaniard after Nadal – Ferrer hails from the<br />

pretty coastal town of Jávea, which also gave birth<br />

to Rimontgó. “We share a hometown,” says Antonio<br />

Ribes Bas of Rimontgó, “so naturally everybody here<br />

is enormously proud of young David.” An icon in<br />

this, his home ground, David Ferrer has become an<br />

international sporting figure and very much a source of<br />

national pride in <strong>Spain</strong>.<br />

He showed great talent and a passion for the game at<br />

a young age, moving to up along the coast to Gandia<br />

age 13 and on to Barcelona at 15 to attend Juan Carlos<br />

Ferrero’s academy. His coach, Javier Piles, was tough<br />

on the young prospect, yet when Ferrer felt he’d had<br />

enough of the sportsman’s regime in 1999 and left to<br />

work on a construction site, he was back and asking for<br />

more ‘tennis punishment’ before the week was out.<br />

The following year, aged 18, he turned pro and has<br />

never looked back since. Amassed over $10 million<br />

dollars in prize money and a total of 11 career titles so<br />

far, David Ferrer peaked in 2008 when he reached 4th<br />

in the ATP rankings. Who knows if he can better that; at<br />

29 the Spaniard still has a lot of good years in him and<br />

the possibility of progressing beyond the semi-finals of<br />

a grand slam tournament and claiming first grand slam<br />

title is still very much alive.<br />


Known as a clay court specialist, David Ferrer is a classic<br />

style player lacking some of the hard-serve, hard-shot<br />

characteristics of some of his contemporaries. Instead<br />

he depends upon his mobility and ability to return almost<br />

everything thrown at him, and do it accurately. It is this<br />

drive to not be beaten that has earned him accolades<br />

from some of the best players in the game, and indeed,<br />

according to Roger Federer it is not new Wimbledon<br />

champion Novak Djokovic but David Ferrer that is the<br />

best returner of the ball in modern tennis. Not bad for a<br />

boy from Jávea.<br />



BLANCA<br />

COSTA<br />

Elche<br />

Rojales<br />

Orihuela<br />

Villa Martin<br />

Alicante<br />

Santa Pola<br />

Guardamar<br />

de Segura<br />

Torrevieja<br />

Denia<br />

Javea<br />

Benissa Moraira<br />

Altea Calpe<br />

Albir<br />

Benidorm<br />

Villa Joyosa<br />


SOUTH<br />

The South Costa Blanca begins beneath the city of Alicante. This coast is much drier<br />

and flatter than Northern part of the Costa Blanca. The southern part of the Costa<br />

Blanca is flatter and is has the beautiful large sandy beaches. South Costa Blanca<br />

is also well-known for its good golf courses . Most of the best golf courses are situated<br />

around Orihuela.<br />

This part of the region of Valencia and a small part of Murcia is much drier with very<br />

beautiful sandy beaches. The vegetation consists of palm trees, orange trees and lemon<br />

trees. The south Costa Blanca is also more typical “Spanish”. The coastline of the South<br />

Costa Blanca is flat with salt lakes and even mud lakes.<br />

The touristic regions can be found in Torrevieja, Cabo Roig, Villa Martin, La Zenia,<br />

Campoamor. Mil Palmeras. The Spanish tourist can be found in Lo Pogan, Pilar de la<br />

Hordada, Santiago de Ribera. All villages nearby the Mar Menor.<br />

Alicante is the gateway for most people who arrive in Alicante airport. Starting from<br />

Alicante airport people take the road to North Costa Blanca towards Benidorm, Altea,<br />

Valencia….. or South towards Orihuela and Torrevieja…. or West towards Castilla La<br />

Mancha. The region of Castilla La Mancha (towards Madrid) is the region of many old<br />

towns and castles. It is the region of the legend of Don Quixote from Cervantes. The<br />

important cities are Albacete, Ciudad Real, Cuenca, Guadalajara and Toledo.<br />

In the South of Alicante, Santa Pola is located with endless sandy white beaches. Santa<br />

Pola is an old harbor where you can take the boot to the island of Tabarca. South to Santa<br />

Pola is the first salt lake of Santa Pola , the Salinas de Santa Pola. Slightly further away<br />

there are many coastal resorts like: La Marina, La Escuara, Bonavista, Las Oesqueras, the<br />

village of Guardamar del Segura, Portic Playa, El Moncaio, Portic Medeterani, Pinomar,<br />

and nearby Torrevieja La Mata.<br />




add spice to your garden<br />

Thinking of gardens we naturally picture lawns,<br />

shrubs, trees and flowerbeds. Next come<br />

images of terraces, pergolas, stone pavements,<br />

planters, lights, irrigation systems, outdoor furniture<br />

and entertainment facilities such as swimming pools.<br />

In Marbella, many luxurious villas and apartment<br />

complexes also feature tennis and paddle courts within<br />

their grounds, as well as poolside cabana bars with<br />

showers, toilets, changing rooms and also covered<br />

dining areas featuring bars and even outdoor kitchens.<br />

The sky is the limit really for an area that has gained<br />

greatly in attention and stature over the past decade<br />

or two, as terraces and gardens have become the<br />

outdoor lifestyle areas of note – especially in areas<br />

such as the Costa del Sol, where the climate makes<br />

it possible to spend so much of the year outdoors<br />

relaxing, entertaining and also dining in the open air.<br />

Seating and dining arrangements have therefore<br />

blossomed into comfortable, stylish chill-out zones with<br />

their own bars, barbecue areas and that great new<br />

addition, the fire pit.<br />


Like barbecues, fire pits come in many different shapes,<br />

forms and sizes, but the general idea is to provide<br />

a warm, cosy space around which to gather in the<br />

evenings and extend the use of your outdoor areas<br />

further around the year. Even in summer the evenings<br />

can sometimes be a bit cool, especially if you live near<br />

the sea. But fire pits are not only warm and practical;<br />

they’re also an attractive focal point around which to<br />

gather, socialise, dine or simply roast marshmallows in<br />

time-honoured tradition.<br />

There are many different options when it comes to<br />

materials, sizes, functionality and budget, using more<br />

traditional stone or cast iron, or indeed very modern<br />


oil drum designs or sleek gas-fired versions<br />

not unlike modern fireplaces. The colour tone<br />

can range from black or earthy shades to light<br />

or green marble; the shapes from round or square to<br />

angular, and they can be raised or even sunk, working<br />

on wood, gas, kerosene, chippings or any of a variety<br />

of other options. Key thing is that a fire pit adds to the<br />

elegance and cosiness of your garden.<br />


The barbecue is perhaps more familiar to most, but it<br />

too varies greatly in size, form and cost. They can come<br />

in the form of steel, aluminium – in which case they’re<br />

often mobile or fitted into modern outdoor kitchens –<br />

or are built out of bricks, complete with a functional<br />

chimney. The latter kind is usually wood-burning, though<br />

coal briquettes are sometimes also used in these and<br />

the more high-tech versions. The latter, however, tend<br />

to be attached to a gas bottle, and today the range of<br />

functionalities available makes these amazing machines<br />

outdoor gastronomic marvels.<br />

Indeed, get a good barbecue along with a cosy fire<br />

pit and al fresco lounge and dining area, and you<br />

may not see much of your kitchen throughout the long<br />

Marbella summer. Contact us for lots of expert advice<br />

and creative ideas on how to incorporate these and<br />

many more fantastic ideas into making your garden the<br />

ultimate lifestyle space.<br />




@<br />

+34 96 5 725 475 C/ Adelfas, 3, 03170 Ciudad Quesada - Rojales (Alicante)<br />

36 l SPAINPROPERTYGUIDE.COM @ info@barcelorealestate.com<br />

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Benijofar<br />

Av. Federico Garcia<br />

Lorca, 15, Benijofar,<br />

03178, Alicante<br />

+34 966 714 719<br />

La Zenia<br />

C. Maestro Torralba, 2<br />

La Zenia,<br />

03189<br />

+34 966 714 719<br />

Los Alcazares<br />

Av. Río Nalón, 20<br />

Los Alcázares, 30710,<br />

Murcia<br />

+34 966 714 719<br />

MAR MENOR GOLF 58.500€<br />

ROJALES 74.950€<br />

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CALIDA<br />

COSTA<br />

T<br />

he Costa Calida is an about 250 km long coastline<br />

in the region of Murcia. The name, which means<br />

“warm coast”, comes from the warm water<br />

temperatures which are here on average five degrees<br />

higher than in the surrounding Mediterranean. The<br />

reason for this is the coast’s protected location in the<br />

Gulf of Mazarron, a wide gulf which reaches from<br />

the cape of Palos (Murcia) to the cape Cabo de<br />

Gata in Almeria. The cold currents from the Atlantic<br />

Ocean which flow through the Strait of Gibraltar into<br />

the Mediterranean simply pass ahead of the Gulf<br />

of Mazarron. In a bay exact-ly in the centre of the<br />

Gulf there is the town of Mazarron with its beautiful<br />

beaches. South of it we find the largest salt water<br />

lagoon in all Europe, El Mar Menor (“the smaller<br />

sea”). It is separated from the Mediterranean by a<br />

22 km long sandy promontory, La Manga del Mar<br />

Menor. With its crystalline and warm water the Costa<br />

Calida is an ideal location for beach holidays. At the<br />

coastline wide sandy beaches alternate with small<br />

bays and steep coasts. At the Costa Calida there are<br />

also perfect conditions for all types of water sports,<br />

including wind surfing, sailing, water-ski and diving.<br />

Thanks to the particular micro-climate, the yearly<br />

average temperature is 18 degrees Celsius, there lots<br />

of sunshine and very little precipitates, the total rainfall<br />

being below 340 millimetres. So, the Costa Calida is<br />

a recommendable holiday destination all the year<br />

round.<br />


San Javier<br />

Murcia<br />

Santiago de<br />

la Ribera<br />

La Manga<br />

La Azohia<br />

Cartegena<br />

Mazarron Isla Plana<br />

Aguilas<br />




A journey<br />

around<br />


If you are thinking about moving to <strong>Spain</strong> then the<br />

Costa Calida Could be the right place for you,<br />

this article will help you with taking you on a short<br />

journey to Costa Calida <strong>Spain</strong>.<br />

South along the Spanish coast from the Costa Blanca<br />

<strong>Spain</strong> you will come down to the Costa Cálida in<br />

Murcia.<br />

A 250km stretch along the Mediterranean coast from El<br />

Mojón next to La Torre de la Horadada, on the northern<br />

extremity, and to Águilas in the south with it’s perfect<br />

white sands framed by cliffs and crystal clear waters.<br />

The climate of Costa Calida promises to create a<br />

perfect environment all year around and will make you<br />

want to stay forever.<br />

The coastline to the north includes the Mar Menor a salt<br />

water lagoon the biggest in Europe, this is separated<br />

from the sea with 22 kms of land that holds most of the<br />

well known La Manga resort.<br />

Even if you’re not familiar with Costa Calida <strong>Spain</strong>, or<br />

Murcia Region, you’ve probably heard of La Manga’s<br />

famous PGA championship golf courses. Among<br />

the other area’s Golf courses are El Valle, host to the<br />

European Seniors Tour in 2011, while Hacienda del<br />

Alamo is <strong>Spain</strong>’s longest course. If you’re a scuba<br />

diving fan, you’ll find one of <strong>Spain</strong>’s best sites at La<br />

Manga’s Cabo de Palos, its coral reefs and submerged<br />

shipwrecks within a designated Integral Marine Reserve.<br />

San Pedro del Pinatar is popular with tourists visiting Costa<br />

Cálida and you’ll be spoilt for choice of water-based<br />

activities. The Regional Park, a desirable residence<br />

for nesting migratory birds and in addition its mud is<br />

recommended for treating bone and skin complaints!<br />

The pretty fishing village of San Javier has four kilometres<br />

of fine sand, backed by a promenade of palm trees.<br />

Residents of the Costa Calida have <strong>Spain</strong>’s love of<br />

celebrations to thank for two July events, the fiesta del<br />

Virgen del Carmen (patron saint of sailors) and a jazz<br />

festival.<br />

For more water sports, head for Los Alcázares on the<br />

edge of the Mar Menor. Popular for windsurfing, sailing<br />

and kayaking at the marine centre, then recover in the<br />

sea, which is famed for its therapeutic properties.<br />

Culture and heritage is close by at the ancient city of<br />

Cartagena, an important naval base and cruise ship<br />

stop-off. Roman, Phoenician, Byzantine and Moorish<br />

civilisations have all left their mark, and if you want<br />

something more recent, Art Nouveau is well represented.<br />

The city of Mazarrón is blessed with a bay sheltered<br />

by the foothills of the Sierra de la Almenara, an area<br />

for mining since Carthaginian times. Look out for the<br />

Torre de los Caballos, constructed to protect against<br />

pirates in the sixteenth century, and then progress to the<br />

twentieth for buildings in the Murcia Modernism style.<br />

The port city of Águilas has been a Roman fishing town,<br />

an exit point for the region’s produce, and a significant<br />

mining area. Browse its market and find time for the<br />

sixteenth-century fortress, railway monument and<br />

distinctive black and white lighthouse, guiding sailors<br />

since the mid-nineteenth century. Águilas holds its<br />

famous carnival the largest in Murcia.<br />

With so much to offer to property buyers in <strong>Spain</strong> that<br />

are searching for both value for money and a perfect<br />

setting along the coast Costa Calida it is evident that<br />

more and more Spanish homes are being sold to foreign<br />

buyers to retire and also for families who want to live in<br />

<strong>Spain</strong>. New properties are being developed in many<br />

areas as there is plenty of space<br />

and cheaper land. Modern villas are being sold for<br />

much less than other areas further South in the Costa<br />

Del Sol. Holiday homes, beach front apartments as<br />

well as developed urbanization’s where a community<br />

presence is often the key to interaction and making<br />

new friends.<br />


@<br />

@<br />

0034 965 033 910<br />

@ info@medlandspain.com<br />

www.medlandspain.com<br />


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DOLORES 206.257€ LA NUCIA 245.955€ ORBA<br />

317.066€<br />




m 2 m 2<br />

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COSTA<br />

In the southern part of the peninsula, the Almería Coast extends<br />

along the Mediterranean Sea. Its landscape is very unusual:<br />

some areas are desert-like while greenhouse crops flourish<br />

in others. It is also mountainous, with rocky beaches or dunes,<br />

affording a wide range of leisure options to enjoy.<br />

Its towns and cities still bear the traces of ancient civilisations,<br />

such as the El Argar and Los Millares cultures, with a wealth of<br />

ancient buildings, such as the Alcazaba citadel in the city of<br />

Almería and the watchtowers and castles along the coast, a<br />

sign of this area’s historical importance. The most modern cities<br />

are located at the end of the coast and beckon tourists to<br />

enjoy the climate, sea and beaches, with resorts that make the<br />

Almería Coast the perfect place for a holiday.<br />


Almeria<br />

Aguadulce Retamar<br />

Belerma Cabo de<br />

Adra<br />

Gata<br />

Almerimar<br />

Villaricos<br />

Vera<br />

Garrucha<br />

Mojacar<br />

Agua Amarga<br />

Las Negras<br />

San Jose<br />

Heading west, before reaching Aguadulce, the coastline<br />

becomes rugged, with harsh cliffs. After this point, a flat area<br />

begins, with a succession of rapidly expanding tourist centres,<br />

such as Roquetas de Mar with its broad beaches and excellent<br />

hotel facilities. All along the coast, there are tourist areas offering<br />

a variety of sports, such as golf, tennis, sailing, windsurfing, etc.<br />

Beautiful Almerimar is a fine example. One captivating beach<br />

follows another—Guardias Viejas, Balerma and Balanegra are<br />

a few—all the way to Adra, a town dating from the Phoenician<br />

era that reached the height of its splendour during Roman times.<br />

This coast’s nature areas are also beyond compare. The Cabo<br />

de Gata-Nijar Nature Reserve is a paradisiacal spot with pristine,<br />

secluded beaches where you can enjoy the clean waters, ideal<br />

for sports like scuba diving, sailing and windsurfing. The sight of<br />

its high cliffs being struck by roaring waves is are-inspiring.<br />




ALMERÍA 285.000€<br />

@<br />

@<br />

info@vipalmeria.com<br />

www.vipalmeria.com<br />


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VIP7854<br />

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+34 950 472 524 • Paseo del Mediterráneo,22b, Mojacar Playa, 04638, Almería

Almeria Homes<br />

Avenida América, 20<br />

Albox 04800<br />

@<br />

Almeria<br />

@<br />

info@almeriahomes.com<br />

www.almeriahomes.com<br />

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ALBOX 264.995€<br />

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<strong>Spain</strong> +34 950 930 259 Mobile +34 642 479 349 • UK Tel: 1273 929 286<br />



DEL SOL<br />

COSTA<br />

Without doubt the Costa del Sol is one of the most<br />

popular tourist destinations in the world. Stretching<br />

from Almeria to Tarifa, it caters for all tastes, ages<br />

and nationalities; with such a wide range of facilities and<br />

attractions, there is something for everyone to enjoy.<br />

Miles of sandy beaches, fantastic all year round warm<br />

climate and modern facilities keep tourists flocking back<br />

year after year to resorts such as Torremolinos, Benalmadena,<br />

Fuengirola, Marbella and Estepona.<br />

East of Malaga is less popular than west, but no less appealing,<br />

from Rincon de la Victoria, Torre del Mar and Velez Malaga,<br />


Malaga<br />

Nerja<br />

Marbella Mijas<br />

Torrox<br />

Torremolinos<br />

Benalmadena<br />

San Pedro Fuengirola<br />

de Alcantara<br />

Estepona<br />

Gibraltar<br />

to Nerja; the area combines beautiful coastline, with whitewashed<br />

villages and some of the most spectacular inland<br />

scenery of the Axarquía.<br />

History & Culture<br />

The area’s history dates back to the Phoenicians and has<br />

since been inhabited by Greeks, Romans and Moors, all of<br />

whom have left their mark on the architecture and culture<br />

of the region. The Costa del Sol is as much steeped in<br />

culture as any other region of Andalucia; from Picasso, to<br />

bullfighting, flamenco to the colourful ferias, the region has<br />

an immense cultural offering.<br />



Why do people love to<br />


The most obvious answer that comes to mind is<br />

the benevolent climate, which makes outdoor<br />

living and exercise possible for most of the year,<br />

but to this you can also add the uplifting effect of<br />

wonderful natural scenery and inspiring views. The<br />

latter are usually a combination of mountain, golf,<br />

coastal and sea views, There is always a golf course<br />

of tennis club nearby, as popular as a social spot<br />

as for sport, and for those who enjoy exercise of a<br />

different kind, the Marbella area also offers a great<br />

many cycling, hiking, mountain biking and coastal<br />

pathways – always accompanied by grand views.<br />

drink, meeting for dinner with friends or planning an<br />

excursion into the surrounding countryside.<br />


The easy-going way of life and sunny climate are<br />

accompanied by a healthy Mediterranean diet<br />

made up of fresh fish, vegetables and lots of local<br />

fruit. Often prepared with olive oil, known to be one<br />

of the healthiest options, it is light, delicious and suited<br />


An active life, combined with a stress-free<br />

environment, is the ideal mix, and Marbella makes<br />

both possible, with a lively, cosmopolitan social<br />

scene, lots of leisure and entertainment options and<br />

also cultural diversions in the surrounding cities and<br />

country areas. All of this, combined with a gentle<br />

pace of life, adds up to a stress-free environment<br />

where life really is what you make it. Marbella is the<br />

ultimate place for romantic walks by the beach,<br />

watching the sun set behind Gibraltar as you enjoy a<br />


to the season. Marbella has a fantastic choice of<br />

dining options and international cuisines, but local<br />

food is still a great choice, especially for the healthconscious,<br />

and there is a growing trend towards<br />

organic, natural and vegetarian or vegan venues<br />

too, as well as farmer’s markets.<br />


Medical care is also well taken care of in Marbella,<br />

from the more than adequate free state health<br />

system to a broad range of private clinics and<br />

retreats. Many also join yoga or Pilatus classes, and<br />

since this is a friendly, safe area with good security<br />

facilities, peace of mind in a beautiful setting is the<br />

ultimate way of life that Marbella has to offer – at<br />

little more than two hours from most European<br />

capitals.<br />




@<br />

@<br />

info@marbella-estates.com<br />

www.marbella-estates.com<br />

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+34 952 904 244 • Urb. Monte Biarritz. Avenida Picos de Europa, nº31 29688 Estepona

@<br />

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+34 951 400 001<br />

info@essential-properties.com<br />

www.essential-properties.com<br />

Calle Princesa 2<br />

29740<br />

Torre del Mar<br />

Málaga (<strong>Spain</strong>)<br />

COLMENAR 149.900€<br />

COMARES 150.000€<br />

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Front row seat at<br />

The Edge<br />

Some locations are so amazing you wonder how someone got hold<br />

of it. The Edge is situated in just such a spot; a perfect frontline<br />

beach location surrounded by greenery and sandy beaches on<br />

the west side of Estepona. Close by are a marina, two golf courses,<br />

shops, schools, restaurants and even a horse riding centre, but your<br />

gaze will mostly be fixed out to sea from the modern apartments,<br />

penthouses and also beach villas being created here.<br />

Designed by renowned Spanish architect Rafael de la-Hoz, who<br />

has been responsible for prestigious projects within <strong>Spain</strong> and<br />

internationally, The Edge is a luxurious frontline beach project situated<br />

footsteps away from the Mediterranean Sea and the scenic coastal<br />

pathway that leads towards Sabinillas in one direction, and the marina<br />

and broad beachfront of Estepona in the other – with Marbella just 20<br />

minutes away.<br />


The views from this private, gated development are beyond<br />

comparison, offering panoramic 180-degree vistas across the sea and<br />

along the shoreline to Gibraltar and North Africa. The complex is set<br />

within elegantly landscaped greenery, complete with large swimming<br />

pool, sunbathing decks and cooling water features, as well as a wellappointed<br />

gym and indoor heated swimming pool with spa facilities.<br />

The 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments and penthouses sport sleek<br />

contemporary architectural styling with sensual rounded forms that<br />

also create a nautical feel on the panoramic decks, which extend the<br />

open-plan living room and modern kitchen outwards. In addition, The<br />

Edge also features four beach villas that offer a unique opportunity<br />

to own a luxurious sea-fronting property set right on the beach while<br />

enjoying the amenities and services of an exclusive gated community.<br />

Set in an upcoming beachside residential area on the Costa del<br />

Sol’s New Golden Mile, The Edge is one of the most exclusive new<br />

developments in the region – boasting a setting that few can equal, let<br />

alone better.<br />

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Marbella’s lakeside country club<br />

Compared to the larger, master-planned resorts,<br />

development in Marbella has always been<br />

somewhat ‘bitsy’ – made up of a mosaic of<br />

independent projects which, urbanisation by urbanisation,<br />

have built a town. Though the overall effect is attractive,<br />

it reflects a form of development that is often modelled<br />

around groups of investors acquiring relatively small<br />

parcels of land to develop alongside similar new or<br />

existing urbanisations. The potential level of involvement is<br />

limited by the scope of the project, which mostly involves<br />

simply building and selling residential and resort real<br />

estate. For the funds and professional developers involved<br />

it is therefore in essence a purely commercial exercise with<br />

limited opportunity for deeper personal involvement and<br />

long-term presence.<br />


“Compared to this we’re in a very privileged position,”<br />

says Borja Pascual, CEO of La Quinta Grupo Inmobiliario,<br />

which has long owned significant tracts of land in the hills<br />

above San Pedro Alcántara. “It means that not only do<br />

we have the scale to create a true resort and residential<br />

community, rather than just individual urbanisations, but<br />

can do it with a true sense of commitment, following a<br />

clear vision and concept that translates into a master plan<br />

into which all the different elements are harmonised and<br />

coordinated. What’s more, we don’t just build and leave,<br />

but have on-going relationship with our projects in the<br />

form of continued service provision.”<br />

This is what the company has been doing for 30<br />

years now in La Quinta, where its presence and daily<br />

involvement has continued long after the last phases were<br />

developed and sold. “It’s a different kind of development<br />

altogether, with a level of commitment that prescribes<br />

not only a high level of dedication to your clients, but<br />

also the desire to ensure that what you offer is truly<br />

satisfactory.” Indeed, it would be hard for Borja and his<br />

team to hide if things went wrong, so they are particularly<br />

focused on producing quality in both product and<br />

subsequent service. “We have a longer-term approach<br />

that is business-oriented but less out-and-out commercial<br />

than many developers exactly because we create<br />

communities, not just single projects.”<br />


This is one of the reasons why the La Quinta group<br />

develops its projects autonomously. Borja points out that<br />

it would have been easier, in the short-term also more<br />

profitable, to have simply parcelled up the land and sold it<br />

as individual plots to private buyers and larger sections to<br />

developers. “But then we’d miss the opportunity to create<br />

something truly special here, and that is what we want<br />

to do at Real de La Quinta – produce a fantastic living<br />

environment that we can all be truly proud of and which<br />

adds value to Marbella as a whole.”<br />

The setting of Real de La Quinta in a broad, green<br />

valley with flowing sea and mountain views is truly<br />


Situated within a green valley just ten minutes from<br />

Marbella, Real de La Quinta builds upon a very solid concept<br />

of development as it ‘takes the beach to the hills’ to create a<br />

very new kind of residential community.<br />

Images courtesy of<br />

La Quinta Grupo Inmobiliario<br />

imposing, providing an ideal country club environment at<br />

a short distance from Marbella. “The site offers fantastic<br />

opportunities to produce something of rare quality, so<br />

we wanted to do it justice and have therefore not rushed<br />

ahead and built a batch of apartments or villas but have<br />

really studied the possibilities in detail.” In the process it has<br />

evolved and grown, not in scale as much as in concept,<br />

and become a project with highly distinctive features.<br />

“The starting point and indeed focal point of many a<br />

Costa del Sol property development has traditionally<br />

been a golf course, and indeed, we felt Real de La Quinta<br />

needed its own course, but the main focus has become<br />

something quite different yet entirely complementary to<br />

it.”<br />


The focal point of life at Real de La Quinta will be a<br />

large manmade lake that will act as a true lifestyle feature<br />

surrounded by the golf course that in itself frames views<br />

down to the sea. “In a way we’re ‘bringing the sea to<br />

the hills’ because the lake will have its own beach area<br />

and offer non-motorised water sports such as rowing,<br />

kayaking and windsurfing.” Also bordering the lake, whose<br />

perimeter is traced by a scenic pathway that also crosses<br />

an island, are a lakeside country club with an infinity edge<br />

pool and poolside waiter service, and a racquet club<br />

offering tennis and padel. Holding all of this in its embrace,<br />

the golf course will feature a clubhouse, driving range,<br />

academy and two six-hole sections that make flexible<br />

rounds of six, twelve and eighteen holes possible.<br />

The above forms part of the initial phase of Real de<br />

La Quinta, which also sees the construction of the Los<br />

Olivos apartments and penthouses in two locations close<br />

to the course and lake, and numbering 120 and 60 units<br />

respectively. The development phases have consciously<br />

been designed to flow uphill to reduce any visual impact<br />

on existing owners, and the second stage will see villas<br />

built on the eastside of the lake and course, with a 50-<br />

room boutique hotel and wellness centre surrounded by<br />

a Mediterranean style ‘village’ of apartments, shops and<br />

cafes forming a social hub and nucleus of services for the<br />

resort.<br />

s<br />



The commitment to the detail is certainly there, as well<br />

as the willingness to invest in know-how and quality, as the<br />

La Quinta group searched for noted specialists in the field<br />

and found it in DTJ, an American firm that is a world leader<br />

in creating resort master plans, with particular expertise<br />

in developing lakes of this kind. “It is a company with a<br />

worldwide pedigree, so in bringing this level of international<br />

substance to Marbella we’ve created truly professional<br />

foundations for the project that also incorporates a far<br />

greater dedication to sustainable development than is<br />

currently required by regulations.” This commitment to<br />

‘green development’ is pretty advanced by Marbella<br />

standards and is regarded as one of Real de La Quinta’s<br />

greatest assets.<br />


BREEAM, which stands for the ‘Building Research<br />

Establishment Environmental Assessment Method’ – the<br />

leading international benchmark for the assessment<br />

and regulation of sustainability in construction – provides<br />

certification levels that are increasingly sought after around<br />

the world. Many, however, fail to meet the requirements that<br />

range through five qualitative levels from strict to extremely<br />

demanding. To qualify for Level 5, for example, a building<br />

has to effectively be energy and resource neutral, which<br />

means being capable of meeting its own water needs<br />

without external supply and providing full electricity-free<br />

lighting throughout the structure – including stairwells and<br />

underground areas.<br />

“In a drier area like this it is a tall order, but we’re extremely<br />

proud that Real de La Quinta’s design has achieved<br />

BREAAM certification at level 3, making it the first resort of<br />

its kind in Europe to do so,” says Borja. “The process will be<br />

monitored and finally adjudicated once everything is up and<br />

running, and it is fair to say that we have gone far beyond<br />


legal requirements to shape the design and configuration<br />

of Real de La Quinta around the desire of making this a<br />

sustainable project – from the natural materials used and<br />

the natural energy and light created to architectural design<br />

that blends into the environment, landscaped gardens<br />

using beautiful but also water-efficient indigenous flora, the<br />

maintenance of ecological corridors and far more.”<br />


The master planners and architects have had to assimilate<br />

all of this in their designs, and for this La Quinta brought<br />

together the best of international technical know-how<br />

and local creative design, selecting Gonzalez & Jacobsen<br />

to produce the architectural styling of the Los Olivos<br />

apartments. The latter will consist of two and three-bedroom<br />

apartments and penthouses, with also a select number of<br />

four-bedroom deluxe apartments. “We’ve avoided cold,<br />

linear geometry in favour of an architecture style that is<br />

modern and refined yet also human and complementary to<br />

the surrounding scenery,” says Borja. “Modern materials and<br />

tones are in this way softened with natural elements and a<br />

more varied design that also adds character and privacy to<br />

the homes.”<br />

Around 20 per cent larger than the norm for apartments in<br />

this price bracket, the two-bedroom apartments will feature<br />

upwards of 116m2 of interior space with generous terraces<br />

while the three-bedroom properties will start at 140m2 and<br />

large terraces, with the penthouses naturally bigger still. “The<br />

qualities and amenities are top-end, and early buyers will be<br />

able to personalise and upgrade their spec, but above all,<br />

the real luxury that Real de La Quinta offers is a concept built<br />

around a very special living environment. One that combines<br />

fantastic views and close proximity to Marbella in a beautiful<br />

natural setting bordered by protected natural reserves. This,<br />

we believe, is the true source of wellbeing.”<br />






This is one of the most popular destinations<br />

in the western Mediterranean, and you’ll<br />

soon find out why. You’ll find enchanting<br />

coves, gorgeous sunsets and lush natural<br />

landscapes. You can enjoy the islands any<br />

way you want: relaxing in an atmosphere of<br />

well deserved peace and quiet, or partying<br />

until all hours as you enjoy the islands’ wild<br />

nightlife.<br />

These are places where you wander<br />

through the streets of fishing villages,<br />

discover outstanding natural landscapes or<br />

enjoy a range of water sports. Minorca and<br />

Formentera, two small corners of paradise in<br />

the Mediterranean, are absolute havens of<br />

tranquillity. Majorca and Ibiza are the two<br />

IBIZA<br />

Andratx<br />

largest islands.<br />

Pollenca<br />

Palma<br />

San<br />

Antonio<br />

Santa Eulária<br />

des Ríu<br />

Ibiza<br />

City<br />

Inca<br />


Alcudia<br />

Cala d’Or<br />

Ciutadella<br />

Cala Ratjada<br />


The main attractions in Majorca include<br />

its capital, Palma, the Cabrera National<br />

Park and the mountains of the Sierra de<br />

Tramontana. Ibiza, meanwhile, has been<br />

declared a World Heritage site by the<br />

UNESCO for its rich biodiversity and cultural<br />

attractions, which include the Phoenician<br />

archaeological site of Sa Caleta, the<br />

necropolis of Puig des Molins and the historic<br />

centre of Eivissa. What’s more, the island of<br />

Ibiza is known to partygoers all over the world<br />

for its exhilarating nightlife, where the beat<br />

of the music can be heard all night long.<br />

You can drink the local wine, whilst enjoy<br />

watching the sun sinks into the Atlantic.<br />

Maó<br />


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SANTA POLA 2.500.000€<br />

CALA VINYES 12.000.000€<br />

m 2<br />

450m 2 1.200m 2 4 3 Pool<br />

m 2<br />

m 2 m 2<br />

Ref: 3212<br />

Arta 1.800.000€<br />

m 2<br />

m 2 m 2<br />

m 2<br />

655m 2 1.321m 2 6 7 Pool<br />

m 2<br />

m 2<br />

Ref: 3211<br />

BINIALI 550.000€<br />

m 2<br />

316m 2 19.533m 2 4 3 Pool<br />

m 2<br />

m 2 m 2<br />

Ref: 3206<br />

m 2<br />

m 2 Ref: 3189<br />

222m 2 1.574m 2 4 2 Pool<br />

m 2<br />

m 2 m 2<br />

m 2<br />

SON VIDA 3.950.000€<br />

MAGALLUF 210.000€<br />


59<br />

m 2<br />

770m 2 2.065m 2 5 5 Pool<br />

m 2<br />

m 2 m 2<br />

Ref: 3183<br />

m 2<br />

65m 2<br />

1<br />

1<br />

Pool<br />

m 2 m 2 m 2<br />

m 2 Ref: 2728<br />



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