Chasing The Dream! Magazine - Issue 2

Welcome To Chasing The Dream! Magazine - Issue 2 by Founder and Entrepreneur - Chris Beks. In this issue, Chris invites you to consider where you are on The Journey Of Life and how well you are setting up your financial future, your business and the life you want to lead. Chris opens enrolments to his Chasers Getting Results program as well. You can simply book a free call with Chris by visiting Ceebeks.com

Welcome To Chasing The Dream! Magazine - Issue 2 by Founder and Entrepreneur - Chris Beks.
In this issue, Chris invites you to consider where you are on The Journey Of Life and how well you are setting up your financial future, your business and the life you want to lead. Chris opens enrolments to his Chasers Getting Results program as well. You can simply book a free call with Chris by visiting Ceebeks.com


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ISSUE 2<br />

How to make 2021 the<br />

best year of your business?<br />

Join the Chasers Getting Results ®<br />

Program. Early enrolments open now<br />

Meet Chris Beks, Entrepreneur<br />

Talking on getting a good ROI on<br />

investing in his new 12-month program<br />

for business owners who want to level<br />

up and grow fast<br />



OF LIFE?<br />

ceebeks.com<br />

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ceebeks.com<br />


6 NEVER<br />



BE LOST ON ME!<br />

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GROW<br />

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38<br />

YOU<br />



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From Chris<br />

ceebeks.com<br />


H<br />

ello, and welcome to the 2nd Edition of the<br />

‘<strong>Chasing</strong> the <strong>Dream</strong>! <strong>Magazine</strong>’ our new<br />

quarterly publication in celebration of our<br />

30th Anniversary in which we promote ideas, share what<br />

we’re up to, highlight and focus on successful ‘Chasers’<br />

who have been part of our journey together.<br />

Since our last edition, I have been in the recording studio of<br />

FitzMedia Productions to launch my first book - ‘<strong>Chasing</strong><br />

the <strong>Dream</strong>! - How to Grow a Business in <strong>The</strong>se Amazing<br />

Times’ with the incredible Paul Dunn hosting the event as<br />

MC all the way from Singapore.<br />

We have been building this program<br />

during lockdown and want to help as<br />

many businesses as possible build a<br />

business that provides their owners with<br />

the lifestyle of their dreams that they are<br />

chasing for their family.<br />

My team and I look forward to helping<br />

you on your financial journey of life and<br />

reach the dreams that you are chasing.<br />

We’d love to talk with you and you can<br />

reach us on our contacts right below.<br />

Please enjoy our magazine...<br />

… to chasing our dreams, together!<br />

I have also attended a four-day online conference to keep<br />

up-to-date with new business tech, get some much needed<br />

motivation for the soul during lockdown, hear from amazing<br />

global experts and to catch up with my tribe who hold me<br />

accountable for pushing our business forward.<br />

To further celebrate our milestone year in 2020 and to<br />

help business owners quickly recover and build successful<br />

businesses after the covid experience, we are very excited<br />

to announce and invite you to join our new 12-month<br />

business development program - Chasers Getting Results<br />

(CGR®) that will be launched in 2021! - Find out more in<br />

this magazine or chat to me.<br />

Book A Free Call<br />

calendly.com/ceebeks-chris/chasersgetting-results-program<br />

Office - 25 Banyan Street,<br />

Warrnambool, 3280<br />

Ph: (03) 5561 2643<br />

chris@ceebeks.com<br />

ceebeks.com<br />

ceebeks<br />

ceebeks<br />

@chasingthedream<br />

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A KIND<br />


From A Stranger To My Father<br />

Will Never Be Lost On Me!<br />

5 just<br />

<strong>The</strong>y were under strict instruction from their father to check out this country, if possible,<br />

find work and a base from which to come and go. If they thought that the country was<br />

suitable they were to send word for the rest of the family of 5 siblings and their parents to<br />

join them.<br />

years after the ravages of World War 2 and the devastation left behind by Nazi<br />

Germany on their homeland, 3 young Dutch men boarded a KLM flight with<br />

carry-on luggage and a one-way airfare to Australia, a trip that took 5 days.<br />

ceebeks.com<br />


<strong>The</strong> third youngest was my father, who had neither<br />

travelled more than 25 kilometres from home nor<br />

spoken any English!<br />

As most of their fellow passengers were heading<br />

to the migrant camp in Bathurst that’s where they<br />

decided to go too, as they had no plan of action<br />

and at least would get a bed for the night.<br />

Conditions there were very<br />

challenging – wooden benches<br />

and thin blankets were the bedding<br />

and as there was a surplus labour<br />

pool, limited employment prospects<br />

forced them to pool together the<br />

last of their money to buy three train<br />

tickets to Melbourne to locate a<br />

contact given to them by a soldier<br />

who served under my Uncle in the<br />

Dutch army - a Father Maas, a Dutch<br />

priest who ran a hostel in Kew.<br />

<strong>The</strong>y had enough change to scrape together the<br />

tram fare from the Spencer Street station and then<br />

rely on their survival instincts to find somewhere to<br />

stay and scrounge a meal.<br />

Father Maas looked on their letter of introduction<br />

favourably and provided them with a room and meal<br />

in return for washing the dishes and other odd jobs.<br />

This act of<br />

kindness has<br />

inspired me to<br />

create a business<br />

that can change<br />

the world by<br />

helping improve<br />

the life of one<br />

person at a time.<br />

My Dad (and his family as a consequence)<br />

was given hope and the very basics of<br />

human needs at a critical time in his life<br />

that opened up an opportunity for them to<br />

live in ‘the lucky country’ and created an<br />

everlasting impact on him - and me! I grew<br />

up in a one-income household of seven kids.<br />

My late father earned about $17,000 from<br />

his retail assistant’s job and my late mother<br />

was a homemaker who operated on a shoestring<br />

budget and could make the finances<br />

stretch beyond imagination.<br />

I saw first-hand how hard they worked and<br />

struggled to make ends meet and to provide<br />

us with a great family life, education and<br />

opportunities that they never had.<br />

This kind gesture from a stranger who understood<br />

their plight and saw the desperation on their faces<br />

reminded me of the Christian parables of the Good<br />

Samaritan and Jesus feeding the masses with just<br />

five loaves of bread and two fish.<br />

ceebeks.com<br />


‘Uncle Jack Beks, Uncle Adrian Beks and Henry<br />

Beks (my Dad) in Holland boarding a KLM flight on<br />

a one way ticket to Australia in pursuit of a dream’<br />

Photo credit unknown<br />

Having a regular meal<br />

was something we<br />

never took for granted<br />

and we always had<br />

empty plates after meal<br />

times – nothing was<br />

left nor was wasted.<br />

If we didn’t eat what was served one of my<br />

siblings would be happy to oblige and there<br />

would be nothing until the morning at breakfast<br />

time. Even when we had our friends come over,<br />

relatives visit or neighbour’s drop in, I don’t know<br />

how but my mother would always be able to<br />

create something amazing to share with them.<br />

At school I witnessed a documentary about the<br />

famine in Africa and how many people, especially<br />

the kids, were dying from malnutrition and<br />

hunger. <strong>The</strong> sight of starving Biafrans - wideeyed,<br />

frail living skeletons with extended bulging<br />

stomachs - was forever burnt into my mind.<br />

ceebeks.com<br />


In 1990, when I first started our<br />

business, we joined World Vision<br />

Australia as a child sponsor with<br />

the sole purpose of helping a<br />

child receive proper food and<br />

nutrition - and have been active<br />

ever since - 2020 marks our 30th<br />

anniversary as a World Vision<br />

member.<br />

Zero hunger (one of the UN’s Sustainable Development<br />

Goals) is an achievable goal for our modern world. We<br />

produce so much food that a good proportion of it is<br />

wasted and dumped.<br />

I was inspired to play a part to ensure that excess food<br />

can be repurposed and distributed to those in need in<br />

our local community with Warrnambool and District<br />

Food (‘Food Share’).<br />

In 2015, a call for volunteers to help create<br />

manpower and the ‘workforce’ to operate was<br />

made. After discussions with our Team we<br />

decided we wanted to play a role and decided<br />

to allocate 2 hours per week on a Wednesday<br />

morning between 8:30am to 10:30am to<br />

help out.<br />

In 2017, 143,000kgs or the equivalent of<br />

$1,000,000 (Food Bank place a cost of $7.00<br />

per kg on re-purposed food) in food was<br />

provided to those less fortunate in just our<br />

local community alone.<br />

Our small Team of five (dubbed ‘the<br />

fantastic five’ by Food Share CEO, Dedy<br />

Friebe) are still passionate about the small<br />

role and impact we make and look forward<br />

to our turn on the roster - we are in our 5th<br />

year as corporate volunteers.<br />

This sustainable development goal is of high<br />

importance to me because of my parent’s<br />

early struggles to provide a regular meal for<br />

us and my early school education about the<br />

crucial work of World Vision in Biafra to help<br />

solve that crisis.<br />

ceebeks.com<br />



ceebeks.com<br />


I Was Born In<br />


I<br />

n the Goulburn Valley in north-central Victoria in<br />

1961. My dad was a new immigrant from Holland<br />

who only learnt to speak English upon arrival in<br />

our great country in 1953, and my mum was a thirdgeneration<br />

Irish girl from Southern Cross near Koroit in<br />

the Western District of Western Victoria.<br />

I grew up in a household full of love,<br />

chaos and music that goes with a<br />

Catholic family with seven kids!<br />

I am the third eldest having two older sisters, three<br />

younger brothers and a young sister. We lived in a small,<br />

cramped three-bedroom house with a lean-to tacked on<br />

for me and my next eldest brother’s bedroom - but boy the<br />

memories we had at 61 McKean Street will stay with me<br />

forever!<br />

Our neighbours must have been driven<br />

mad by the constant pounding of the<br />

basketball on the concrete and the<br />

sounds of the missed shots hitting the<br />

iron cladded garage.<br />

He scraped together material from<br />

goodness knows where to create and<br />

sew our uniforms and we looked the<br />

part! He drove us and our teammates<br />

all over the State to tournaments and<br />

games and it was simply brilliant!<br />

Two of my younger brothers, including<br />

myself, represented Country Victoria<br />

on several occasions at the National<br />

Basketball Championships all from a<br />

game our Dad taught us!<br />

Dad supported us all on his meagre wage of $17,000,<br />

which my Mum stretched in inconceivable ways, to give<br />

us regular meals, an education and recreation/sports<br />

activities. We quickly learnt to appreciate meal times<br />

because if you didn’t like or eat what was dished up,<br />

someone else would obligingly eat it and you then had<br />

to wait until the next mealtime for something to eat - you<br />

only did this once, I can assure you!<br />

To keep us from killing each other, Dad saw an<br />

opportunity for my brothers and I to pursue basketball<br />

as a sport and in true form, he borrowed a rule book, set<br />

up a makeshift backboard and ring on the garage and<br />

proceeded to teach us the fundamentals.<br />

At secondary school, the Marist<br />

Brothers St Colman’s College in<br />

Shepparton, I was quite studious and<br />

found that good results were able to<br />

be achieved by constant application.<br />

This was an all boys school that was<br />

adjacent to an all-girls school across<br />

the road called Sacred Heart College<br />

sun by the Sisters of Mercy. <strong>The</strong><br />

classes from Year 10 to Year 12 were<br />

co-ed. It was in 1977, in year 10, that<br />

I was introduced to accounting by<br />

Sr Margaret and found that I had an<br />

immediate flair for it.<br />

ceebeks.com<br />


Accounting was my best subject in<br />

the latter part of my secondary school<br />

years and English was my worst and<br />

this was only compounded by my Year<br />

11 teacher who said that I would fail<br />

HSC English. Now, I’m not sure what<br />

happened but my HSC results show<br />

that my top score was a distinction in<br />

English and a score of 50% - yes 50%<br />

for Accounting! Go figure!<br />

Nonetheless, with Sr Marg’s voice still<br />

in the back of my mind, I completed a<br />

Bachelor of Business (Accounting) in<br />

1982 at Latrobe University in Bendigo.<br />

At the time of graduation, the Australian<br />

economy was extremely flat and<br />

getting a graduate position was<br />

impossible.<br />

I still have an inch high pile<br />

of application rejections in<br />

a box at home to show my<br />

girls that perseverance is<br />

one of the keys in the pursuit<br />

of a goal or success.<br />

It was in February 1983 that I scored<br />

my first job. It was in Warrnambool and<br />

my Dad couldn’t get my bags packed<br />

quickly enough to move me on to the<br />

next phase of my life - they must have<br />

really needed the extra space for my<br />

siblings! I arrived two weeks before the<br />

Ash Wednesday Bushfires and what an<br />

initiation to the Western District that<br />

was - I thought it was the end of the<br />

world with the fires ravaging the area,<br />

winds howling with smoke, ash and<br />

dust everywhere.<br />

Sr Marg - <strong>The</strong> person who encouraged me to become an<br />

accountant. Photo credit unknown<br />

<strong>The</strong> job was with the largest accounting<br />

firm in the area and the opportunity<br />

was organised by my Aunty who was<br />

the golfing partner of the wife of the<br />

senior partner at the time. I was a<br />

graduate accountant but the position<br />

was more suited to an office boy.<br />

ceebeks.com<br />


Whilst I am forever grateful for the opportunity,<br />

this Firm opened my eyes to the old archaicstyle<br />

ways accounting was done, the<br />

significant years of service required before<br />

any advancement etc, and after standing up<br />

for myself against workplace bullying, I was<br />

released in 1985.<br />

Disillusioned and soured by that experience, I<br />

found myself in Melbourne and joined a firm<br />

that was undergoing a major merger with<br />

several firms to become Ernst & Whinney<br />

(later Ernst & Young). My boss saw that I was<br />

passionate and hungry to learn and he obliged<br />

by placing me on a variety of different jobs, in<br />

different departments such as insolvency, tax<br />

and small business when things were quiet.<br />

I ‘cut my teeth’ here and thrived.<br />

I got married in 1986 and moved back to<br />

Warrnambool (as my ex-wife was a local)<br />

but divorced in 1989, which in hindsight was<br />

the catalyst for the move to starting my own<br />

business. I was in a bad space during this<br />

period as my marriage crumbled and I was<br />

disillusioned with a couple of accounting firms<br />

that I worked for as I was trying to establish<br />

my career.<br />

I wanted to<br />

create an<br />

accounting<br />

firm that was<br />

purpose-filled,<br />

genuinely<br />

cared about<br />

it’s customers,<br />

showed them<br />

how to grow a<br />

business and<br />

provided them<br />

with awesome<br />

care.<br />

After travelling around Australia for a couple<br />

of months, which included a stint on an<br />

Aboriginal mission in Daly River with my Uncle<br />

who was a priest, Fr Terry Bowman, I found my<br />

groove again and knew what I needed to do.<br />

ceebeks.com<br />


On the 26th May 1990, I hung up my shingle and after<br />

a bit of a spluttering start (with attempted joint ventures &<br />

partnerships that failed due to a differing of opinions, nonalignment<br />

of ethics & values and genuine ignorance of the<br />

value of my goodwill), my business was on its way.<br />

I made plenty of mistakes in the early days<br />

with being too trusting and failing to document<br />

agreements but these and the experiences gained<br />

have led me to become better at reading people<br />

and understanding their motives.<br />

My first office was a shared space with AMP insurance<br />

agents where cross-referrals helped me to consolidate and<br />

build up my customer base. <strong>The</strong>re were no computers, no<br />

internet, no fax machines etc back then. Everything was<br />

handwritten, even tax returns. It was nothing for me to work<br />

from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, go home, get changed, go to the<br />

gym, go home and have a bite to eat and then head back to<br />

the office where I worked until about 11:00pm.<br />

In 1998, with a couple of team members on board, I<br />

purchased a property on the corner of Banyan & Timor<br />

Streets in Warrnambool and proceeded to remodel and<br />

convert it into the office space that it is today at 25 Banyan<br />

Street! Like most accountants, we provided a service<br />

offering all of the traditional accounting types things – but<br />

we weren’t satisfied with doing the ordinary things, we<br />

wanted to do the extraordinary things… and we wanted to<br />

matter more.<br />

During this period, I responded to an invitation in the mail<br />

to attend a ‘Boot Camp’ run by the Results Accountants<br />

Network headed by the inspirational, Paul Dunn.<br />

This was not a boot camp for fitness nuts<br />

or one promoting the latest new diet fad<br />

by a health guru, this was a special boot<br />

camp for Accountants.<br />

Yes, an Accountants boot camp! Now<br />

before you start conjuring up bizarre<br />

images in your mind of bespectacled,<br />

grey, balding old men in pinstripe suits<br />

running around obstacles clutching their<br />

calculators and spreadsheets – this was<br />

no ordinary boot camp! Whilst we were<br />

pushed out of our comfort zones and<br />

challenged in our thinking to break the<br />

traditional old mould of how things were<br />

always done in our profession, this boot<br />

camp was like an epiphany for me.<br />

It was a life-changing event because it not<br />

only reinforced my awareness of just how<br />

powerful my profession is (as we have the<br />

ability to transform and impact people’s<br />

lives) but this boot camp provided us<br />

with new tools and a mindset to do this –<br />

rather than just doing tax! I remain forever<br />

grateful for the opportunity to attend the<br />

‘boot camp’ event as it has enabled me to<br />

provide so much more to our customers,<br />

improve their business, their lives and their<br />

family’s lifestyle.<br />

ceebeks.com<br />


I had ‘found my groove’ and my life was back in<br />

balance in all areas, and it was coincidentally at this<br />

time that the universe conspired and I met Angela.<br />

In 2000 (what an amazing year!) I was blessed with<br />

two daughters, not birth twins although they say they<br />

are Irish twins, we missed the millennial baby by about<br />

10 minutes with Dinah having been born on the 2nd<br />

and the Alli on the 29th December.<br />

We are<br />

rewarded to<br />

the extent that<br />

we add value<br />

to those we are<br />

privileged to<br />

serve.<br />


<strong>The</strong> ‘boot camp’ lessons still inspire me as the 4<br />

ways to grow a business are fundamental to the<br />

success of any business and form the basis of<br />

our business program - Chasers Getting Results.<br />

Paul Dunn & <strong>The</strong> Ceebeks Team<br />

In early 2002, I was diagnosed with a Clark Level 3<br />

melanoma and my thoughts immediately were for<br />

the welfare of my young family and customers. I was<br />

fortunate to have taken and acted on my own financial<br />

advice and with the assistance of a Trauma insurance<br />

claim was able to remove any financial stress and<br />

concentrate on making a full recovery. And in 2003,<br />

our young family welcomed our third daughter Sofie.<br />

With a renewed energy level and purpose I was<br />

focused on creating the lifestyle we dreamed of for our<br />

young family and designed our business around this.<br />

eg time to attend school concerts, sports, holidays<br />

and other special events.<br />

In 2015, the paths of Paul and me crossed again. This<br />

time he was the chairman of the global giving initiative<br />

- Buy 1 Give 1 Business for Good or B1G1. He became<br />

a mentor and I became a lifetime member with the<br />

purpose of using our business to change the world<br />

one person’s life at a time.<br />

Today, when we meet a new customer, the<br />

conversation about how they are running their<br />

business quickly moves to outlining the use of 4<br />

basic principles as the guiding force for creating<br />

quick wins and future successes – which they<br />

love to learn about. For many young families in<br />

business, my life’s journey has provided me with<br />

the experience to help them plan for life’s events<br />

- the planned and unexpected!<br />

I have lived and experienced many of them<br />

including birth, purchasing our dream home,<br />

running a purpose-built business, divorce,<br />

death of loved ones, educating children through<br />

university etc.<br />

I am really confident that by focusing on the<br />

strategies in our program, particularly defining<br />

why you do what you do, creating a business<br />

that matters and the 4 Ways To Grow Your<br />

Business, you will change your thinking and the<br />

way of looking at your business; and experience<br />

growth (both personal and business) that you<br />

may not have been able to achieve before, and<br />

make your own impact on the world.<br />

ceebeks.com<br />


After all, you are chasing your<br />

dream of building a better<br />

lifestyle for you and your<br />

family, aren’t you? Good luck<br />

as you chase your dream and<br />

hopefully you choose us to<br />

help you get there!<br />

I love working with young families in small<br />

business because I have one too and can<br />

help you navigate through the various<br />

issues you will face.<br />

It’s so rewarding when I can help my customers<br />

figure out what they want their life to look like and<br />

then help them chase their dream by using their<br />

business to get there.<br />

Just like most business owners I have a life outside of<br />

work. I have a lovely spouse, Angela of 20 years, three<br />

teenage daughters (yes, I know I’m in trouble!) a veggie<br />

garden, chooks, cats, dogs and a tropical garden that he’s<br />

trying to create in a temperate gardening climate zone!<br />

I’m a real homebody who enjoys gardening and<br />

experimenting with tropical landscape design. I also enjoy<br />

sculpting with wood, stone and iron and have completed<br />

a huge three wall mosaic for an outdoor shower.<br />

Some things that most people may not know - I’m a<br />

passionate Blues (AFL) supporter and Washington<br />

Wizards (NBA) supporter. have represented Country<br />

Victoria at the Australian U20 Basketball Championships.<br />

I love singing, performing arts and have ‘tread the boards’<br />

for over two decades with <strong>The</strong> Warrnambool <strong>The</strong>atre<br />

Company and am currently performing with the Cindy<br />

Lee Ensemble.<br />

And in my spare time have also been a qualified fitness<br />

and aerobic instructor!<br />

My Career Qualifications:<br />

1979<br />

HSC Dux of General Studies -<br />

St Colman’s College, Shepparton<br />

1982<br />

Bachelor of Business (Accounting) -<br />

Latrobe University, Bendigo<br />

1985<br />

Graduate Diploma in Management<br />

(Accounting) - Deakin University,<br />

Warrnambool<br />

1990<br />

Started the entrepreneurial journey with<br />

my own business<br />

Registered Tax Agent<br />

1998-2018<br />

Authorised Representative of Count<br />

Financial Ltd<br />

Credit Representative of Finconnect<br />

(Australia) Ltd<br />

1999<br />

Graduate of Results Accountants<br />

Bootcamp<br />

2018<br />

Current Credit Representative of Outsource<br />

Financial Ltd<br />

2019<br />

Registered Tax Agent (Financial Services)<br />

Graduate - Business Blueprint Fast Track<br />

Program<br />

2018 - 2020<br />

Authorised Representative of MyPlanner<br />

Professional Services Ltd<br />

2020<br />

Current Authorised Representative of<br />

Avana Financial Solutions Ltd<br />

Graduate - Coach Blueprint Program<br />

FASEA - <strong>The</strong> Financial Adviser Examination<br />

ceebeks.com<br />


I get up every morning to<br />

positively impact young families<br />

in business by making their<br />

businesses REALLY work so<br />

that together we can make an<br />

even bigger impact.<br />


I started our business to make a real difference<br />

in people’s lives - I wanted to change the world by<br />

changing one person’s lifestyle at a time!<br />

I am passionate about changing a person’s life<br />

through my skills which in turn allows them to<br />

make a contribution to change someone else’s.<br />

I want our business to be known as the ‘Lifestyle’<br />

Accountants who Impact Lives!<br />

<strong>The</strong> reward that brings allow our team (‘the Fab<br />

Five’) to make small but powerful contributions to<br />

impact our local community, our country and the<br />

lives of those less fortunate around the world.<br />

I believe that every business has the ability to make<br />

an impact this way no matter how big they are.<br />

As the most trusted advisor to SME businesses,<br />

accountants hold the privileged position and (as<br />

a consequence) the responsibility to help them<br />

change the world in ways governments cannot.<br />

We must take the lead and show SME’s that by<br />

incorporating a simple giving strategy into their<br />

business model they can make a difference.<br />

ceebeks.com<br />




Imagine...<br />

You had the time to choose to<br />

go to work or not?<br />

You could buy your first home<br />

without putting too much<br />

financial pressure on your<br />

relationship?<br />

You could attend the kid’s school<br />

sports/concert/birthday party<br />

whenever it was held?<br />

You could pay the school<br />

fees whenever they<br />

were due?<br />

Your hard-earned accumulated<br />

wealth was directed to those you<br />

loved and cared about the most<br />

instead of a stranger making<br />

a decision on who gets what?<br />

Your business was not dependent<br />

on you being there?<br />

You could purchase a car for your<br />

family as a tax deduction for your<br />

business?<br />

You could keep paying your<br />

mortgage and the household<br />

bills if you were sick or unable<br />

to work?<br />

You could go on regular<br />

family holidays with your own<br />

money?<br />

Your family was able to keep<br />

living in the manner they were<br />

accustomed to after you<br />

passed away?<br />

You could go out for dinner at<br />

that new restaurant that<br />

just opened?<br />

You could save on<br />

average $20,000 per year<br />

on tax?<br />


And Overcome Your Business Problems With Our Solutions<br />

Join Our ‘Chasers Getting Results’ Program<br />

Join Us Now Ceebeks.com/cgr<br />

ceebeks.com<br />


An idea will remain only that<br />

unless you do something<br />

about it and take action to<br />

implement it.<br />


To start chasing your dreams you need to become<br />

a ‘Chaser’ and join our special program - Chasers<br />

Getting Results.<br />

ceebeks.com<br />


But this could not be further from<br />

the truth! <strong>The</strong>n reality sets in and<br />

they’re ‘doing it, doing it, doing it<br />

all and instead of creating a utopia<br />

for themselves they have created a<br />

business ‘hell’!<br />

A 12-month program developed and supported<br />

by accountants and business development<br />

specialists with over 30 years of experience<br />

designed to help you get the maximum value so<br />

that you can start to produce real improvements<br />

in your business and life.<br />

Each year, millions of small businesses are started and many<br />

of them have little chance of succeeding. But what is this<br />

phenomenon where do they come from?<br />

Well, many of them have been “working for someone else.”<br />

<strong>The</strong>se people could be highly paid lawyers, doctors to architects,<br />

hairdressers or plumbers and electricians. <strong>The</strong> common theme<br />

in nearly all cases is that they are sick of what they do, but the<br />

technical work of their profession is what they do best. In the<br />

words of Michael Gerber in his best-selling book <strong>The</strong> E-Myth<br />

Revisited—Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What<br />

to Do About It—most people, just like you and me, suffered an<br />

‘entrepreneurial seizure’!<br />

‘My boss is an idiot’, ‘If it weren’t for me this place wouldn’t exist’,<br />

‘Anybody can run a business and I’ll guarantee you I can do it<br />

better than the people upstairs’. And so they quit their job to start<br />

a business that will give them a lifestyle, freedom and the money<br />

to do what they want to do. <strong>The</strong> assumption that they understand<br />

the business because they understand – and maybe are experts<br />

at – the technical work of the business. <strong>The</strong>y think because they<br />

know the work, they are qualified to run the business.<br />

Furthermore, they miss out seeing<br />

their kids, especially school concerts<br />

& sports, have to work weekends to<br />

fix things, they don’t have holidays,<br />

miss out on celebrating special<br />

occasions, never have enough<br />

money and have poor cash flow,<br />

are always scrambling each month<br />

to pay bills and wages and to top<br />

that all off, suffer from loneliness<br />

and depression! By starting their<br />

own business they move from a job<br />

they are very capable, maybe even<br />

fantastic at, to the same role plus<br />

20 others which they know almost<br />

nothing about.<br />

After the convulsions of the seizure<br />

have finished and the smoke has<br />

cleared what is left?<br />

A would-be entrepreneur with the<br />

skills of a technician now a part<br />

of the business world – and in<br />

trouble, big, big trouble! Have you<br />

seen, first hand, examples of this?<br />

I’m willing to bet you either have or<br />

know someone who has because<br />

it really is so common. You know,<br />

your girlfriend (the hairdresser) who<br />

quit her job last year to start her own<br />

salon or your mate (the plumber)<br />

who told his boss to ‘stick it’ about<br />

6 months ago and started his own<br />

plumbing business.<br />

ceebeks.com<br />


No longer do you get to see them as frequently<br />

as you would like to because they are flat out<br />

trying to keep up with all of the aspects of running<br />

a business – managing cash flow, chasing up<br />

overdue debtors, answering the phone, making<br />

appointments, instructing and leading team<br />

members, scheduling work, doing the work,<br />

sending out invoices, preparing marketing<br />

campaigns etc.<br />

In the words of Michael Gerber – they’re ‘doing it,<br />

doing it, doing it’! ... or is this You?<br />

This is what working ‘IN’ your business means.<br />

You’re in the midst of it and trying to handle<br />

everything and be everything to everybody and are<br />

constantly chasing your tail!<br />

Now close your eyes and picture this instead...<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

You really understand why you do what you<br />

do and can clearly articulate your vision and<br />

purpose if anyone asks, ‘so, what do you do?’<br />

You get to take regular holidays, take time<br />

off whenever the kids have a special school<br />

function, are able to go to that new restaurant<br />

that just opened up in town with the love of<br />

your life, upgrade the family car or home and<br />

never have to worry about cash flow.<br />

Our program is innovative and regularly<br />

delivers cutting edge ideas and strategies.<br />

It helps you with our checklist approach so<br />

you know where you are with each key area.<br />

We hold you accountable to make real<br />

changes and keep the momentum going<br />

through our exceptional teams support;<br />

Your business runs like a well-oiled<br />

machine, everyone on your team knows<br />

their roles and how to effortlessly fulfil<br />

them with enthusiasm and self-motivation.<br />

You have a regular pipeline full of eager to<br />

buy customers due to a highly functioned<br />

and organised marketing process.<br />

Your customers are ‘raving fans’ and love<br />

what your business does for them and the<br />

value that you provide and they reward you<br />

with their loyalty, repeat business and refer<br />

their friends and family to your business<br />

on a regular basis. <strong>The</strong>y never question<br />

your price because they understand and<br />

appreciate the way your value is explained<br />

to them.<br />

You get to hang out with like-minded people<br />

who understand and just ‘get’ why you love<br />

being in business, learn from their collective<br />

experiences, share and collaborate on<br />

developing new ideas, products or services<br />

and even partnerships with each other.<br />

ceebeks.com<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />

You, get immediate results fast with over 400<br />

done-for-you systems;<br />

We ensure that you follow the 4 basic<br />

fundamentals and bring it all together with<br />

our integrated approach; and<br />

Being a ‘Chaser’ you will belong to our tribe<br />

- a community of like-minded entrepreneurs<br />

chasing their dreams that share, support and<br />

collaborate to help each other.<br />

You owe it to yourself and your family to get back<br />

your life and do something about it! Today is the<br />

day that you take action and finally decide that<br />

enough is enough and you are no longer going to<br />

tolerate doing what you’ve always done.<br />

Learn about the details of the program,<br />

what benefits you will receive and<br />

the exceptional value that will get by<br />

reading on.<br />

Check out the Features & Benefits<br />

ceebeks.com/cgr-features-and-benefits<br />


ceebeks.com<br />




Because You Are Trying to<br />

Handle Everything?<br />

Imagine This Instead...<br />

Your business runs like a well-oiled<br />

machine, everyone on your team knows their<br />

roles and how to effortlessly fulfil them with<br />

enthusiasm and self-motivation.<br />

You really understand why you do what you<br />

do and can clearly articulate your vision and<br />

purpose if anyone asks, ‘so, what do you<br />

do?’<br />

You have a regular pipeline full of eager to<br />

buy customers due to a highly functioned<br />

and organised marketing process.<br />

Your customers are ‘raving fans’ and love<br />

what your business does for them and the<br />

value that you provide and they reward you<br />

with their loyalty, repeat business and refer<br />

their friends and family to your business<br />

on a regular basis. <strong>The</strong>y never question<br />

your price because they understand and<br />

appreciate the way your value is explained<br />

to them.<br />

You get to hang out with like-minded people<br />

who understand and just ‘get’ why you love<br />

being in business, learn from their collective<br />

experiences, share and collaborate on<br />

developing new ideas, products or services<br />

and even partnerships with each other.<br />

ceebeks.com<br />

You get to take regular holidays, take<br />

time off whenever the kids have a special<br />

school function, are able to go to that new<br />

restaurant that just opened up in town with<br />

the love of your life, upgrade the family car<br />

or home and never have to worry about<br />

cash flow.<br />

Your life is now like a movie with the happily<br />

ever after!<br />

… and this can all be achieved by joining our unique<br />

program, Chasers Getting Results<br />

Book a Call with Chris Beks<br />

today to find out more<br />

Book A Free Call<br />

calendly.com/ceebeks-chris/chasersgetting-results-program<br />


ceebeks.com<br />



RESULTS (‘CGR®’)<br />

program is designed specifically to help you create the<br />

business you’ve always WANTED.<br />

CGR® helps you do that piece by piece so that you achieve your goals much more<br />

easily in the comfort of your own home or business.<br />

J<br />

ust try this exercise for a few moments... think<br />

back to when you first went into business.<br />

What was the dream you wanted to fulfill for<br />

your family?<br />

When you did that (if you’re like most business people) you<br />

probably wanted greater independence, you wanted to be your<br />

own boss, you wanted to have more time for travel or family and<br />

friends, you wanted to earn a higher income and, ultimately, you<br />

wanted to enjoy more freedom.<br />

Those are great aims, aren’t they?<br />

Yet often (regrettably) people find they get the precise<br />

opposite of what they wanted.<br />

That’s why Chasers Getting<br />

Results (‘CGR®’) is so<br />

important. It’s a program<br />

designed specifically to help<br />

you create the business you’ve<br />

always WANTED.<br />

CGR® helps you do that with<br />

do-it-yourself checklists,<br />

templates and a process that<br />

holds you accountable to<br />

implement so that you achieve<br />

your goals much more easily in<br />

the comfort of your own home<br />

or business.<br />

ceebeks.com<br />


When you join this program you will create your vision<br />

for your business, design a business and marketing<br />

plan to outline what needs to be done over the course<br />

of these two plans and develop a 90-day Action plan to<br />

achieve them…<br />

… plus you will have our Team and your fellow<br />

‘Chasers’ holding you accountable!<br />

By completing the tasks, reviewing the training videos,<br />

reading the content and implementing the ideas you<br />

will grow your business, increase your profits, create<br />

a business that works for you and helps deliver the<br />

lifestyle dream you have been chasing for your family!<br />

By focusing on proven business building<br />

strategies, learning from expert presenters<br />

and uncovering new ideas, CGR® helps you<br />

tackle the challenges that are holding you<br />

back. You will also discover the opportunities<br />

that are right at your doorstep!<br />

<strong>The</strong>se strategies and ideas are designed to<br />

build an even better business for you. Your<br />

business grows, your profits improve and<br />

your life and family’s lifestyle get better!<br />

CGR® is a new kind of<br />

business program that<br />

involves our small business<br />

community (that has<br />

evolved from our Facebook<br />

Community tribe) all of<br />

them business people<br />

just like yourself meeting<br />

once every month for<br />

half a day to work on the<br />

quarterly theme. We review<br />

and discuss the ideas<br />

outlined and look at how to<br />

implement the strategies<br />

within your business.<br />

<strong>The</strong> program will focus on four key areas to<br />

successfully grow your business, each set<br />

for 90 days to allow you to immediately get<br />

traction and results:<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

Increase the Number of<br />

Customers (<strong>The</strong> Right One’s!)<br />

Increase the Number of<br />

Times <strong>The</strong>y Come Back<br />

Increase the Average Sale<br />

Value<br />

Increase the Efficiency of<br />

Your Business Systems<br />

Each month when you check in, you will<br />

also have the opportunity to meet and do<br />

business with other CGR® members, too!<br />

ceebeks.com<br />


Designed to help you<br />

build even stronger<br />

working relationships<br />

with like-minded<br />

business people in<br />

our area or across<br />

the country, this is<br />

a great way to grow<br />

your business.<br />

Better yet, among our CGR® members there is literally years<br />

and years of experience. That experience is invaluable.<br />

Together with our own resources, that experience is<br />

positively brought to bear on your specific issues. So you<br />

save time and effort rather than ‘reinventing the wheel’ or<br />

trying to do it alone.<br />

On occasion, you’ll even be able to invite<br />

other business people as your guest to<br />

attend some of these meetings FREE<br />

as a means for you to add value to<br />

your important customers, suppliers,<br />

prospects or associates too!<br />

Many business people express a sense<br />

of being alone with the challenges and<br />

even the opportunities they face in their<br />

business.<br />

CGR® offers you a support network for<br />

brainstorming new ideas and the help<br />

in implementing them. You hear what<br />

others are doing and you learn from<br />

that too. Better yet, CGR® meetings<br />

are limited to members only and you<br />

receive the personal attention you<br />

need. And you can take advantage of<br />

one-on-one support and privileges only<br />

available to members.<br />

ceebeks.com<br />




A Wildly Successful Business<br />

ceebeks.com<br />




Develop a clear vision and purpose for your business. Define a<br />

clear culture to make it easier for your team to understand ‘why’<br />

they do what they do in complete alignment with your values<br />

to provide awesome service to all your customers all the time,<br />

every time consistently<br />

ceebeks.com<br />


BETTER<br />


Build a solid plan for the direction of your business, with a<br />

customised marketing plan to show you how to get there is<br />

critical for the success of any business. Our simple fill-in-thegaps<br />

template will ensure you get this done quickly.<br />

ceebeks.com<br />


SIMPLE<br />


Discover the solution to freedom through the development and<br />

use of systemised processed in your business, how to get into<br />

systems mindset and break down the resistance you have for<br />

delegating to create the freedom to do what you really love<br />

doing in or out of your business.<br />

ceebeks.com<br />



TEAM<br />

<strong>The</strong> solution to doing more with the same hours in a day is to<br />

delegate to others who can do the job. But it is vitallly important<br />

that everyone who’s part of your team understands - and ‘buys’<br />

into - your vision for the business. When everyone focuses on<br />

the same goals and ideals, and uses their time as productively<br />

as possible, you will have the foundation for an amazing<br />

business. You’ll learn everything you need to know to build this<br />

values-based culture for your business and how to streamline it<br />

so you work smarter not harder!<br />

ceebeks.com<br />



ONLINE<br />

<strong>The</strong> central focal point for you business should be your website<br />

- it should be the window to your business! But for many<br />

businesses their online presence contributes a minute amount<br />

to the generation of leads, let alone conversions to sales.<br />

You will find out how to get your website working when you’re<br />

not - 24/7 as a pseudo sales person - attracting and nurturing<br />

prospects, generating hundreds of leads and providing<br />

them with awesome value that they will continue to be your<br />

customers and come back again and again to buy from you.<br />

You will learn cutting edge ideas, strategies and tools to<br />

maximise the enormous capability of a fully optimised online<br />

presence.<br />

ceebeks.com<br />


4 WAYS TO<br />

GROW<br />

Every business must get these four fundamentals right and work in<br />

sync if they are to be successful and to vontinue to grow and scale:<br />

1.<br />

Increase the Number of<br />

Customers (<strong>The</strong> Right One’s!)<br />

3.<br />

Increase the Average<br />

Sale Value<br />

Increase the Number of<br />

Increase the Efficiency of<br />

2. 4.<br />

Times <strong>The</strong>y Come Back<br />

Your Business Systems<br />

You will learn simple, proven and easy to implement strategies on<br />

how to harness the awesome power of each of these four ways to<br />

grow your business quickly and repetitively. Use our calculator with<br />

your numbers to see your profit improvement potential here:<br />

ceebeks.com<br />



Self-education is the key to ongoing learning and improvement<br />

but reading recommended books from cover to cover is time<br />

consuming. Our library of world class book summaries as part<br />

of your CGR® membership allows you to quickly get the critical<br />

points in either written or audio formats allowing you to read<br />

or listen when it’s convenient for you. You will have access to a<br />

formidable list of ideas over the year just by having ready access<br />

to these extraordinary stories and insights.<br />

ceebeks.com<br />




<strong>The</strong> most successful businesses make the most effective use<br />

of the tools at their disposial. But learning how to use these<br />

tools can be time consuming and daunting. Our resource library<br />

features in excess of 500 step-by-step training videos that guide<br />

you and fast-track your learning. Simply watch the videos at<br />

your own pace, pause to take notes, implement the steps or<br />

share with a team member to apply the power of leveraging<br />

your time to get it done.<br />

ceebeks.com<br />


CARING<br />


To get you underway, you’ll have a 30-minute strategy session<br />

to chat about your dreams, and to let you know how to get the<br />

most out of our program. This is followed by quarterly check-in<br />

calls to ensure you stay focused and on-track. And if you have<br />

a question or feel stuck at any time, you will have access to our<br />

consultants through our dedicated communication platform to<br />

make sure you can keep the momentum going forward.<br />

ceebeks.com<br />



WHEN YOU<br />


youtube.com/watch?v=h3ZbeIijOmU&feature=youtu.be<br />

Book a Call with Chris Beks today<br />

to find out more<br />

Book A Free Call<br />

calendly.com/ceebeks-chris/chasersgetting-results-program<br />

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BOOK<br />


Avoid the common mistakes<br />

small business owners<br />

make;<br />

Learn the 4-KEY areas to<br />

focus on;<br />

Win more customers, motivate them<br />

to come back more often and spend<br />

more when they do;<br />

Manage growth by improving your<br />

business’ processes & systems;<br />

Includes templates, tools etc and a very SPECIAL OFFER!<br />

Get Your Copy Today and Start <strong>Chasing</strong> Your <strong>Dream</strong><br />

Order Your Copy Today<br />

ceebeks.com<br />

amzn.to/38zUWv8<br />



<strong>The</strong> Chasers Getting<br />

Results Program®<br />


IT Genius<br />

1300 88 00 25<br />

Peter Moriarity<br />

Peter is an expert in Small Business Cloud Computing<br />

and has been ranked as one of Australia’s top 10<br />

entrepreneurs under 30 thrice by SmartCompany and<br />

Australian Anthill publications. He has grown itGenius<br />

to be the #1 Small Business Google Cloud specialist<br />

and cloud IT consultancy servicing 1000’s of small<br />

businesses across Australia and beyond.<br />

itGenius<br />

itGenius is the #1 Small Business Google Cloud partner<br />

in Australia and services 1000’s of small businesses<br />

worldwide. While we retain a number of enterprise and<br />

other larger clientele, we specialise in and most enjoy<br />

servicing our primarily micro and SME customer base of<br />

enterprising entrepreneur-led companies, who employ<br />

small teams but have big goals for growth and impact.<br />

hello@itGenius.com<br />

itGenius.com<br />


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itgenius-australia/<br />

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PeterJSMoriarty/<br />

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itgeniuspetermoriarty/<br />

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Founder & CEO - World<br />

Projects, AliFowler.Org<br />

& Something Good<br />

<strong>Magazine</strong>s<br />

Ali is indisputably known as the ‘quiet achiever’.<br />

When entrepreneurs want to run fast, be creative<br />

and come up with the big ideas, Ali is there to put<br />

the foundational architecture in place to help bring<br />

their ideas into reality, without slowing them down!<br />

Her clients describe her as a “thought organiser”.<br />

After leading, managing and delivering 100s of<br />

projects across a 20+ year career, spanning 7<br />

countries, Ali pivoted to create two successful<br />

values-based businesses that are serving clients<br />

in Australia and the US through her mentoring,<br />

personal brand magazines and business project<br />

consulting.<br />

She is simply here to help you get your something<br />

good out into the world.<br />

+61 417 151 099<br />

ali@somethinggoodmagazines.com<br />

SomethingGood<strong>Magazine</strong>s.Com<br />

ali@alifowler.org<br />

AliFowler.org<br />


Founder & CEO - Zali<br />

Garrety Consulting<br />

Zali Garrety is a marketing coach, consultant and<br />

strategist with a specialisation in digital marketing.<br />

Let’s build your brand, market it with style and<br />

generate a return on your marketing spend.<br />

zali@zaligarrety.com<br />

zaligarrety.com<br />



Facebook @zaligarretycoach<br />

Linkedin @zaligarrety<br />

Instagram @zaligarrety<br />

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Founder & CEO - Lightning<br />

Sites<br />

kody@Lightningsites.com<br />

Kody Thompson is best known as an award-winning<br />

entrepreneur, international speaker, and the founder<br />

of the hugely successful web development company<br />

Lightning Sites.<br />

Kody started his first business with $250 of business<br />

cards to pay the bills while working full-time as a<br />

volunteer Youth Pastor. Within just six years Kody<br />

turned his $250 investment into over $2M of profit,<br />

building over 1,000 websites, servicing over 700 clients<br />

every month and generating in excess of 500,000 leads<br />

for his clients.<br />

On a personal note, Kody is a devoted husband and<br />

father of two girls. He is passionate about giving<br />

back and has launched a not-for-profit project in the<br />

Philippines Love @ Scale supporting 250 students.<br />

lightningsites.com<br />


lightningsites.com/kody<br />


MEDIA<br />

facebook.com/lightningsites<br />

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lightningsites<br />

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UChokVoQs1bU8h5pz1EDV4CQ<br />


Founder & CEO - HRonHand<br />

0499 452 839<br />

Our HR experts’ partner with you to create strategies<br />

specific to your businesses’ requirements.<br />

We manage all things HR, including compliance,<br />

recruitment, pay conditions, policies, managing<br />

performance, etc.<br />

HRonHand works with small and medium-sized<br />

businesses, providing an outsourced HR solution at a<br />

fraction of the cost of hiring a consultant or another<br />

team member.<br />

hello@itGenius.com<br />

hronhand.com<br />


facebook.com/HRonHand<br />

linkedin.com/company/<br />

31355766/admin/<br />

instagram.com/hronhand/<br />

ceebeks.com<br />


An idea will<br />

remain only that<br />

unless you do<br />

something about it<br />

and take action to<br />

implement it<br />


BECOME<br />

A CHASER<br />

And Overcome Your Business<br />

Problems With Our Solutions<br />

ceebeks.com<br />




DO YOU<br />


APOLLO 11<br />



1969?<br />

I<br />

was a 7 year-old grade one school boy when<br />

this event made the news worldwide and, ever<br />

the optimistic, even waited until it was dark<br />

to go outside to see if I could catch a glimpse of the<br />

landing on the moon or Apollo 11 itself!<br />

Now, back then the technology they possessed was<br />

very primitive by today’s standards, there certainly was<br />

no GPS tracking to ensure they were heading in the<br />

right direction.<br />

So, what percentage of the time was the Apollo 11 on<br />

course to the moon in 1969?<br />

If you’re like most people you’re thinking ‘well surely<br />

most of the time because they got there!’ However the<br />

records show something entirely different – in fact<br />

that flight was on course just 3% of the time.<br />

So 97% of the journey was spent off course – and yet<br />

they still achieved their goal!<br />

ceebeks.com<br />


How was that possible?<br />

Simple.<br />

‘Check & Correct’.<br />

That flight crew had to monitor every aspect you<br />

could think of; fuel, burners, equipment, oxygen, air<br />

temperature, travel speed, you name it – at every<br />

moment. So all they did was continually check and<br />

then correct to get back on course.<br />

A business is like<br />

a ‘spaceship’ that<br />

takes us to our<br />

dream destination.<br />

But not all<br />

businesses have a<br />

successful launch,<br />

journey or landing.<br />

Our Team is your<br />

‘mission control’<br />

who will help you<br />

get there!<br />


<strong>The</strong> entire flight then from blast off to landing on<br />

the moon was spent checking and correcting,<br />

checking and correcting to guarantee they<br />

achieved their goal.<br />

How do you stay on course and take the pulse of<br />

your business?<br />

In business the instruments, gauges and<br />

gadgets those astronauts were monitoring are<br />

called ‘Key Performance Indicators’ or ‘KPI’s’.<br />

KPI’s allow you the same opportunity on your<br />

way to achieving your goals. And even better yet,<br />

you don’t have to do them moment to moment in<br />

a life or death situation as the crew of Apollo 11<br />

had to!<br />

<strong>The</strong> power of KPI’s comes from a simple<br />

concept: ‘what you can measure you can<br />

manage’.<br />

KPI’s mean you know where you stand at any<br />

given moment and can adapt or change your<br />

strategy to improve your results right there and<br />

then.<br />

It’s like taking the pulse of your business.<br />

So instead of waiting for quarterly figures to<br />

discover your productivity was down or your<br />

marketing pieces and sales process aren’t<br />

delivering what you need to achieve your revenue<br />

goals – you know day by day or month by month<br />

and can adapt as you go.<br />

That means dramatically better results overall.<br />

ceebeks.com<br />



Performance Indicators?<br />

Your Key Performance Indicators might be ‘number<br />

of customers per week/month/quarter’, ‘average<br />

transaction value’, ‘percentage of receivables’, ‘sales<br />

compared to capacity’ or ‘productivity compared<br />

to capacity’, ‘number of items or services sold per<br />

customer’ and so on.<br />

Ideally, your KPI’s need to be tailored to your business<br />

and should track those things that clearly tell you at a<br />

glance how your business<br />

is travelling.<br />

Conversely if you’re not measuring your KPI’s how<br />

will you know if you’re on or off track at any given<br />

moment? And if you don’t know the answer to that<br />

question it’s unlikely you’ll achieve your goals.<br />

Think of it this way – if those astronauts<br />

were not checking their course KPI’s<br />

and correcting every moment – man<br />

wouldn’t have made it to the moon.<br />

What are you<br />

failing to achieve<br />

because you’re not<br />

utilising your<br />

KPI’s fully?<br />

ceebeks.com<br />



WORLD?<br />

Great news – you already are...<br />

E<br />

ver think about just how important your business is?<br />

Not just for your personal wealth, although that is<br />

critical, but in so many other ways?<br />

Most of us are too busy to take the time to think about the ‘big<br />

picture’ but it’s important that we do. Think about how much your<br />

business means to your sense of personal achievement?<br />

And to your family?<br />

What does it mean to your lifestyle?<br />

To your children’s futures?<br />

And what could it mean to their children’s futures?<br />

What does it mean to the team members you employ? And their<br />

families and children?<br />

Probably a sense of purpose, an ability to contribute and feel<br />

valuable, not to mention a source of income.<br />

What about the even bigger picture?<br />

Take it a step further and think<br />

about what it means to your local<br />

community. <strong>The</strong> employment you<br />

offer creates spending when like you,<br />

team members purchase for their<br />

daily lives.<br />

That in turn grows those businesses<br />

who then purchase from other<br />

businesses and so it goes.<br />

So what starts with your contribution<br />

and the success of your business,<br />

ends then with an effect on the people<br />

around you, your local and regional<br />

economies and even governments.<br />

And yet, it goes even further still.<br />

Regional economics directly affect<br />

national economics don’t they?<br />

Ultimately then you and your team<br />

contribute to the national product<br />

and wealth of our country too. That<br />

affects taxes, schooling, health<br />

care, the quality of housing, roads,<br />

infrastructure, funds for research,<br />

care for the generations before us and<br />

more – all for the greater good.<br />

<strong>The</strong>n consider how our country’s<br />

wealth and success impacts our<br />

standings within the worldwide<br />

community, our business partners,<br />

military allies and more.<br />

ceebeks.com<br />


ceebeks.com<br />


Is your business impacting the globe?<br />

Take the perspective of an ‘outsider’.<br />

When you consider all of these areas, suddenly the<br />

success or failure of your small business, in your<br />

suburb, on your street actually affects everything<br />

about the world around us.<br />

Check whether it is achieving the goals you<br />

had when you first went into business – if<br />

not look at what could be done to improve its<br />

results.<br />

In fact, we’re working toward a better world for<br />

all while as business owners we’re improving our<br />

own. Add the Internet of Things to that mix and the<br />

answer is a resounding ‘yes’.<br />

This is the main reason why we love small business<br />

- it can change lives, if set up and run properly!<br />

When you think about it that way, suddenly your<br />

business is so much more than a ‘small’ business.<br />

It’s a key piece of a puzzle that keeps the wheels of<br />

the world turning.<br />

Your ongoing success makes a very real difference<br />

– try these ideas.<br />

And that means two things.<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

That you, your team and your family<br />

should be proud. You really are<br />

doing noble work and deserve to be<br />

congratulated; and<br />

That it’s imperative for reasons greater<br />

than personal wealth and success<br />

(although those are important!) that<br />

your piece of the puzzle, your business,<br />

continues to do well.<br />

For instance, ask ‘why would I buy from this<br />

business’, keep an eye out for new ideas,<br />

subscribe to publications like this one and<br />

others, talk with your customers and clients,<br />

find out what they want. Put yourself in<br />

their shoes.<br />

Even talk with prospects you lost, ask<br />

them why.<br />

Listen to your team members – they’re the<br />

ones dealing hands on with your biggest asset<br />

– your customer base – on a daily basis.<br />

Think about how you could add more value or<br />

do more for your customers.<br />

And always be wanting to improve.<br />

We want to help you chase<br />

your dream and bounce<br />

back better than ever from<br />

lockdown and the corona<br />

experience. Check out the<br />

resources we have designed<br />

to do exactly that, right here:<br />

To do that take some time out from the day to day<br />

hustle and bustle of your business. Set aside an<br />

hour a day, or a couple a week or one day a month<br />

to look at it from a distance.<br />

Visit Ceebeks.com<br />

ceebeks.com<br />


ceebeks.com<br />




A<br />

headline – key words at the top of your<br />

advertisement – is the ad for your ad!<br />

It’s what draws people into reading your ad just like a<br />

headline for a newspaper article draws you into reading<br />

an article.<br />

Headlines are so important and so powerful they can<br />

increase the response to your marketing by up to 20<br />

times.<br />

What are they really looking to<br />

achieve when they’re searching<br />

for your business type or your<br />

products or services?<br />

Ask yourself what key problem or<br />

issue you are solving for them?<br />

Or what key benefits are you<br />

offering?<br />

Consider this: what do most businesses usually put at<br />

the top of their ad, or the opening of a letter?<br />

That’s right, their name!<br />

But really, no one cares about the business name, a<br />

person is interested in the benefits they could receive for<br />

dealing with that business.<br />

<strong>The</strong>y’re interested in the answer to this question: ‘what’s<br />

in it for me?’.<br />

<strong>The</strong>n once you’ve created a list of those<br />

answers, turn them into succinct benefit<br />

statements.<br />

Be sure to use the word ‘you’ or some<br />

derivative of it combined with one of those<br />

benefits and voila you have a new headline!<br />

If you’re looking for some inspiration then<br />

check out these tools that will provide some<br />

guidance in these areas:<br />

A good headline then must flag the target market and<br />

offer a benefit.<br />

Here’s how to do it …<br />

To help you do that, get a copy of all of your ads<br />

together. Be sure to note if you’ve fallen prey to standard<br />

marketing behavior and put your business name at the<br />

top of your ad!<br />

Now, with your team consider instead what might be<br />

more important to your potential customer.<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

answerthepublic.com<br />

See what your potential customers are<br />

actually searching the internet for and<br />

make this your headline;<br />

coschedule.com/headlineanalyzer<br />

Score your overall headline quality and<br />

rate its ability to result in social shares,<br />

increased traffic, and SEO value.<br />

ceebeks.com<br />


JUST FOR<br />

LAUGHS<br />

JOKE #1<br />

A local restaurant was so sure its massive Sumo chef was the strongest man around, they<br />

had a standing $1,000 offer that the chef would squeeze a lemon until all the juice ran into a<br />

glass and then hand the lemon to a patron. Anyone who could squeeze just one more drop<br />

of juice out of the lemon would walk away with the money. Many people had tried, including<br />

weight lifters and tradies, but nobody could do it.<br />

One day a scrawny little man wearing thick glasses and a polyester suite came in and said<br />

in a tiny squeaky voice, “I’d like to try it”. After the laughter had died down the chef said, “OK”.<br />

He grabbed a lemon and squeezed away. <strong>The</strong>n he handed the wrinkled remains of the rind<br />

to the little man. <strong>The</strong> crowd’s laughter turned to total silence as the man clenched his fist<br />

around the lemon and one by one 6 drops fell into the glass.<br />

As the crowd erupted into cheering, the chef paid the $1,000 and asked, “What do you do for<br />

a living? Are you a bricklayer, a builder’s labourer or what?”<br />

He adjusted his glasses on his nose and said,<br />

“I work for the Tax Department”.<br />

ceebeks.com<br />


JOKE #2<br />

An accountant leaves a letter for his wife one Friday evening. It reads:<br />

“Dear Wife. This week I turned 54. I am going away for the weekend. I will be staying at<br />

the Hilton with my gorgeous, sexy, 18-year-old secretary.”<br />

When he arrives at the hotel there is a letter waiting for him. It is from his wife. It reads:<br />

“Dear Husband. I too am 54. I too am going away for the weekend. I will be staying at<br />

the Sheraton with my handsome and virile 18-year-old toy boy. You’re an accountant.<br />

You’ll appreciate that 18 goes into 54 many more times than 54 goes into 18”.<br />

ceebeks.com<br />



– AKC Kitchens<br />

I,<br />

Kellie, first met Chris through a friend who shared a house with him way back<br />

in the early 1990’s. As a wage earner, I needed an accountant so Chris was my<br />

obvious chose. It was my first job since leaving school and I found Chris a great<br />

guide to help with the daunting task of lodging my tax.<br />

In the late 90’s I introduced my wage-earning husband, Alistair, to Chris as he was not getting<br />

the support from his accountant.<br />

Moving forward nearly 30 years my husband and I have continued to trust Chris and Angela<br />

with our tax and business needs.<br />

ceebeks.com<br />


We now run a successful small business<br />

– AKC Kitchens - employing local people,<br />

a farming property we run as primary<br />

producers, a SMSF and long-term<br />

investments. We were and are constantly<br />

calling on Chris and Ange for any number<br />

of financial queries.<br />

<strong>The</strong>ir service has always been very unique<br />

from other services. <strong>The</strong>y are always<br />

available, always full of knowledge and<br />

follow up on any business needs we face.<br />

Covid has been a very trying times for Small<br />

Business but with the advice and guidance<br />

from Chris and Ange, we have been able to<br />

continue to keep our doors open and our<br />

employees working.<br />

I think the benefits we have received from<br />

working with Chris and Ange is being made<br />

aware of all the services, opportunities and<br />

incentives available to us.<br />

I would always recommend Chris and<br />

Ange to anyone and everyone who needs<br />

professional knowledge to help guide them<br />

through not only tax but any business needs.<br />

Congratulation Chris, Angela and team on<br />

your 30th Anniversary. Keep doing what<br />

you’re doing.<br />

About AKC<br />

Kitchens<br />

AKC Kitchens, have been transforming homes for<br />

many years. Through both practicality and a flare<br />

for style, they add some zest to your house. <strong>The</strong>y<br />

tailor their services to your needs, can create your<br />

dream kitchen from one of their designs or offer<br />

a supply-only option too.<br />

<strong>The</strong>ir specialities include 3D Design Kitchens,<br />

vanities, laundries, and wall units. At each stage,<br />

they include you in the design process. <strong>The</strong><br />

AKC Kitchens team takes pride in their work. To<br />

see what we mean, visit their recently opened<br />

showroom in Koroit. Or, we can come to you to<br />

provide a free quote.<br />

177 Commercial Road, Koroit<br />

Vic 3282<br />

03 5565 8188<br />

akcozens@bigpond.com<br />

akckitchens.com.au<br />

bit.ly/3oBCpWT<br />

ceebeks.com<br />


Office - 25 Banyan Street,<br />

Warrnambool, 3280<br />

Ph: (03) 5561 2643<br />

chris@ceebeks.com<br />

ceebeks.com<br />

ceebeks<br />

ceebeks<br />

@chasingthedream<br />

ceebeks<br />

ceebeks-business-solutions<br />

chrisbeksaccountant<br />

ceebeks.com<br />


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