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EL Museum is back in business PAGE 4

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Bachelor passes in

BCM up by 37.5%

However, overall 2020 matric pass rate dropped from 2019


Oscar Mabuyane’s State of the

Province address was received well by

the ruling party Picture: WERNER HILLS

Wa r m

re c e p t i o n

to Sopa


TOP ACHIEVERS: Left to right, Selborne College matric pupils William Minnaar, Daniel Lloyd and Samual Mountfort each achieved seven distinctions



The 2020 matrics celebrated the

release of their final marks this week,

after department of education MEC

Fundile Gade announced the

provincial NSC results at Mandla

Makhupula Institute of Learning

Centre on Tuesday.

The national pass rate of 76.2%

represented a decline from

81.3% achieved in 2019.

The top performing district in the

Eastern Cape was Nelson Mandela

Bay with a pass rate of 75.5%, while

overall pass rates in the province sits

at eighth place nationally with


BCM showed some improvement,

with bachelor passes increasing

by 37.5%. This brought the final

bachelor pass rate to 73.6%, putting it

in second place in the province

behind Nelson Mandela Bay’s 75.5%

bachelor pass rate and ahead of Chris

Hani West’s 70.5%

Selborne College headmaster

Andrew Dewar congratulated

the class of 2020 and said that despite

the challenges presented during the

year, they had managed an

outstanding achievement of 100%

pass rate and an 80% bachelor’s pass

ra t e .

This was an improvement over the

class of 2019’s 99.4 % pass rate.

Three outstanding Selborne

students, Daniel Lloyd, William

Minnaar and Samuel Mountfort,

scored seven distinctions each.

Stirling High School prinipal

Doug Prior congratulated his

matrics on a job well done.

“We are very proud of our

individual achievers who achieved at

the highest level, but the fact that

during a pandemic, while prioritising

safety, 82% of our matrics achieved a

bachelor pass is something that we as

a school see as a real achievement.

“Considering the fact that our

❝We applaud our teachers

who rose to the occasion

and ensured that a high

standard of work

occurred, even when the

children were at home

pupils spent a fairly high percentage

of the academic year at home, their

efforts were in most cases


“At Stirling High, we prioritised

safety and used a unique timetable

and an intricately structured school

day which incorporated staggered

home times and breaks.

“We also ensured that each child

sat in the same desk for the entire day,

which allowed the pupils to relax and

make the most of their academic

time. We applaud our teachers

who rose to the occasion and

ensured that a high standard of work

occurred, even when the children

were at home.”

“Congratulations to the Stirling

matric class of 2020. You have made

the Stirling family very proud.”

The ANC said they welcomed the State of

the Province Address (Sopa) delivered by

Eastern Cape premier Lubabalo Oscar

Mabuyane at the provincial legislature in

Bisho on Tuesday.

“We strongly believe that the Sopa has

laid a solid foundation for the

acceleration of the goals that were set out

at the beginning of the sixth term, that of

transforming the economy and creating

jobs in order to address unemployment,

poverty and inequalities in our province,”

said provincial secretary Lulama

N g c u k ay i t o b i .

“We are encouraged by the premier’s

announcement that the Umzimvubu

Water Project has been gazzeted and the

construction of the advanced

infrastructure will start before the end of

this year.”

Ngcukayitobi said the party also

welcomed the announcement of a R16.8

billion from Sanral for road infrastructure

which he said would “propel economic

growth and job creation”.

He said that the investment of R590.4

million for the refurbishment of health

facilities was appreciated as it will

assist in the fight against Covid-19.

“We expect the premier to crack the

whip on municipalities who are failing in

their constitutional responsibility of

delivering services such as water and

sanitation to communities,”

s a i d N g c u k ay i t o b i .

“We also applaud Mabuyane for an

unwavering and principled commitment

to clean administration and the fight

against corruption and maladministration.

“We call on the Eastern Cape

provincial government to intensify its

efforts to fight corruption and

m a l f e a s a n c e .”





100% pass

rate PAGE 4

❝We are encouraged by the

p re m i e r ’s announcement

that the Umzimvubu Water

Project has been gazzeted

and construction of the

advanced infrastructure will

start before the end of 2021

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Pink Fairy

raising funds

CROSSWORD number 1218

for King SPCA

Webb running

virtual Buffs



Mike Webb, aka the

Pink Fairy, is raising

money for the King

Wi l l i a m ’s Town SPCA by taking

part in a virtual Buffs Marathon

on Sunday.

Traditionally, the Buffs

Marathon is run on the last

Sunday of February or the first

Sunday in March but the

ongoing Covid-19 pandemic

has forced it to be cancelled.

On Sunday, Webb will start

running from Macleantown all

the way to Buffs Club in East

London, a distance of roughly


As part of the project, he has

asked BCM residents to help out

by donating money or pet food

to the SPCA.

Pet food can be dropped off

at Buffalo Toyota, while cash

donations can be made to the

following account:

M Webb

FNB Cheque Account


Ref : Buffs /your name

There are also prizes up for

grabs, such as Bananaskinz

socks, bottles of wine and

goodies from Earth Forest.

The highest donation will


GOING THE DISTANCE: Mike Webb, aka the Pink Fairy, will

be running 42km on Sunday to raise money for the KWT SPCA


receive a handcrafted pen

donated by Wild Olive

Creations, while the 17th person

to donate will receive a “love in

a basket” donated by Nachwelt



A A 1x 1x 250g

bag of of

c offe c ee

plus two

f re f re e

c a c p a p p u u c c i c n i n os os

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R R 10 100


s p s o p n o so n so re re dd

by by Cutman

& Hawk

C C offe ee

The winner of crossword # 1186 is: M e l i ssa

win a 1x 250g bag of coffee plus two free cappuccinos

Bo tt c h e r Co n g ra t u l a t i o n s !

Send in a completed, correct crossword for a chance to

valued at R100 sponsored by Cutman & Hawk Coffee.

Drop off the crossword solution before 10am on Tuesday

at the Daily Dispatch building in Beacon Bay, or scan a

SOLUTION to Crossword number 1186

copy and e-mail it to go co n t est s @ a re n a . a f r i c a

SOLUTION to Crossword number 1217

HELLO THERE: A kitten in

Parkside drops in to say ‘Hi’



Contact the News Desk on (043) 7022125 or e-mail: goexpress@arena.africa

by Monday 4pm in publication week


● The East London U3A offers

many interesting courses and

presentations every week. These

are currently on Zoom because

of Covid-19 restrictions.

Membership costs R50 p.a.

Enquiries: Gill at 083-651-7892


● CROQUET: St Andrew’s

Croquet Club (in the grounds of

the EL Golf Club, Bunker’s Hill).

Play begins at 1.45pm every

Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

afternoon. Visitors are always

most welcome. Coaching

available. Contact Hugh

Brathwaite 072-651-8514.

Club facilities available to hire.

Contact Lyn England



● CROQUET: Typos Croquet

Club’s Summer playing times

are 3pm Saturdays, Sundays and

Wednesdays. Join the team for a

game or, alternatively, Rob and

Linda are available for training

sessions. Practise equipment

(mallets etc.) are available on

the day at no cost. For further

details call Linda 083-579-

4085. Covid19 Restrictions are

adhered to. Typos Club, Union

Avenue (next to Clarendon High

S ch o o l ) .

● Narcotics Anonymous. St

Nicholas Church, 22 Pell Street,

Beacon Bay. From 7pm to 8pm.

Call 083-900-6962


● Narcotics Anonymous. St

Nicholas Church, 22 Pell Street,

Beacon Bay. From 7pm to 8pm.

Call 083-900-6962

Send in a completed, correct crossword #1184 for a chance to win a 1x 250g bag of coffee

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‘Booze ban was a bad idea’

Alcohol sales restrictions were not thought through, says South African Breweries


South African Breweries

(SAB) has argued that the

g ove r n m e n t ’s assertion

that its decision to ban the sale

of alcohol was taken carefully is

without merit.

“It quite manifestly was not,

in that the government had not

commissioned any proper

investigation into the

deleterious effects of such a ban

and was therefore not in a

position to have any regard to

the issue,” said Richard Rivett-

Carnac, SAB vice-president of

finance in a replying affidavit.

SAB is challenging the

g ove r n m e n t ’s alcohol ban,

imposed during the coronavirus

pandemic, in the Western Cape

High Court despite it now being

lifted. The challenge, according

to SAB lawyers, was “in the

interests of legal certainty and ...

to ensure that its [SAB's]

continued business operations

are not interrupted

unnecessarily by further

unlawful and unconstitutional


The government has argued

that the recent alcohol ban,

which President Cyril

Ramaphosa lifted this month,

did not breach any part of the

bill of rights. Even if a right had

been limited, this was justifiable

under the constitution.

Rivett-Carnac argued in his

affidavit that the government

had failed to set out “ve r i f i a b l e ,

objective, and indisputable

facts” regarding temporary and

permanent job losses, among


“I wish to point out that

❝ The impugned

regulations were

introduced without

any warning

whenever the respondents and

their advisers point to a

reduction in trauma cases that

correlates with the alcohol ban,

that reduction also correlates

with other restrictions such as

curfews, limitations on

gatherings, prohibition of

crowds in stadiums, closure of

cinemas and casinos and

restrictions on restaurants.”

He said when trauma cases

increased again, that correlated

not only with the easing of the

alcohol ban, but with the easing



The reduction in

trauma cases

also correlates

with other


restrictions such

as curfews and

limitations on


argues SAB

Picture: PIXABAY

of other restrictions.

SAB found the allegation

that it demonstrated no

reverence for the dignity of

health-care workers and lacked

empathy to be “insulting”.

“I emphasise that SAB did

not object to the first two

complete alcohol bans, or the

restrictions on the sale of

alcohol that had been in place

since March 2020 ...

“That said, these measures

must be reasonable as well as

necessary and justifiable,”

argued Rivett-Carnac.

He denied that it was the

resumption of alcohol sales that

resulted in pressure at hospitals

caused by motor vehicle

accidents, violence and related

t ra u m a .

“No evidence is cited in

support of this bare assertion.”

The government had also not

provided any evidence that it

had taken the economic

consequences of the alcohol

ban into account before the

decision to reimpose it, Rivett-

Carnac argued. He said the drop

in trauma admissions on New

Ye a r ’s Eve in 2020 was more

likely the result of the curfew

imposed at the time.

“Since the alcohol ban had

been in place for only two days,

most people who consume

alcohol beverages would have

had supplies of alcohol at home

for New Year’s Eve.”

Rivett-Carnac argued the

alcohol ban did not help reduce

trauma cases.

“The impugned regulations

were introduced without any

warning and so manufacturers

were not afforded an

opportunity to divert local

supplies to the export market.”

Rivett-Carnac said it was

never suggested that

government should not regulate

an industry, but rather the

regulation should be

constitutionally justifiable. -

Ti m e s L I V E



drops charge



A kidnapping case took an

unexpected twist this week

when the charge was withdrawn

and the suspect was released

from custody.

National Prosecuting

Au t h o r i t y regional spokesperson

Luxolo Tyali said the alleged

victim, businessman Schalk Van

der Merwe, 32, had withdrawn

the case.

The suspect, 30, was due to

appear in the Butterworth

m a g i s t ra t e ’s court on Monday.

“The complainant on the

matter gave a withdrawal

statement. So the case was not

e n r o l l e d ,” said Tyali. It remained

unclear what led to Van der

Merwe’s decision not to

continue with the case.

Contacting the businessman

directly has been a challenge

because he “lost” his cellphone

after the alleged kidnapping.

Last week, police confirmed

that the businessman was

kidnapped from his workshop in

Msobomvu, Butterworth, on

Thursday afternoon in full view

of his mother and staff.

His car was found

abandoned in bushes near

Ngqamakhwe on Friday.

Police finally found Van der

Merwe walking alone in the

streets of Mtebele location,

Ngqamakhwe, near Butterworth

on Saturday afternoon. -


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Merrifield joy at 100% pass rate

92% average

for Sarah



Friday was one of joy for

Merrifield College’s matric

class of 2020 as they

celebrated their 100% pass rate

with a special function at the

Merrifield Club House.

In addition to a full pass rate,

the class also achieved a 100%

b a ch e l o r ’s pass rate with 32% of

students achieving averages of

over 80%.

Overall, 95 distinctions were

accompished by 43 pupils.

The top achiever was Sarah

McCausland, who was the only

Eastern Cape pupil to be placed

❝ You put your heads

down and just kept

going. You’ve got

coping skills that no

other year has had

CLASS ACT: Merrifield's matric class of 2020 celebrated their outstanding results last week Picture: MATTHEW FIELD

on the Independent Education

Board’s (IEB's) list of outstanding

a ch i e ve r s .

McCausland earned eight

distinctions, with an average of

92%, and is placed in the top

1% nationally for life sciences

and geography.

Other top achievers were

Zoë Sparg, with eight

distinctions and top 1%

nationally in visual arts;

Catherine Williams-Jones, with

seven distinctions and top 1%

nationally for life sciences, and;

Camille Beau, with seven


Speaking at Friday’s event,

Merrifield executive head

Dr Guy Hartley said he was

proud of the students for their

incredible results.

“We know all you had to

face last year, all those

challenges and difficulties, and

yet you’ve really hung in there,”

Hartley said.

He also thanked the school’s

teachers for their work in

assisting students during an

exceptionally difficult year.

“Going back to last year, I’m

thinking about the first term,

many of the learners came back

from the holidays to get

prepared for online learning in

the second term.

“A huge thank you to them,

with how agile and flexible they

were moving into new

t e ch n o l o g i e s ,” said Hartley.

Deputy head Bridget

Fielding also extended her

congratulations to the

matric class of 2020.

“These matric results are the

ones that have made me the

proudest in my whole teaching

career. These are the hardest

earned matric results there have

ever been,” she said.

“You put your heads down

and just kept going. You’ve got

coping skills that no other year

has had before.”

Are you looking for a school that builds young

men into future leaders? At Queen’s College

we aim to develop the best possible version of

each young learner.




For applications, visit our website



Tel: 045-839 4188

e-mail: admissions@queenscollege.co.za


RSVP: admissions@queenscollege.co.za

EL Museum’s doors open after long wait


After months of forced closure, the

East London Museum finally opened

its doors once again last week.

According to museum director

Geraldine Morcom, the lockdown

hit them hard.

“Normally we get a lot of visitors

over Heritage Month in September

and into October, so we didn’t have

those. We normally get cruise ships,

but we didn’t have those visitors

e i t h e r,” she said.

The festive season, another

popular time for the museum, was

also a bust last year.

While public visits may have

been closed, the museum wasn’t

entirely silent. There was much that

continued running behind the


“What we did is that people

would come in and check that

machinery and climate control were

still working, that our freezers were

still working, that our alarm system

was still working,” Morcom said.

Once restrictions had been

eased a little, the museum also

started to continue other

programmes, such as research.

Morcom said the lockdown has

forced the museum to reconsider its

strategy going forward. “We have to

❝ The Friends have talks

every second month.

Volunteers help with the

library and functions

look at more ways of using our

digital platforms,” she said.

“However, it’s very expensive.

We are not the Met [Metropolitan

Museum of Art, New York City] or

the British Museum. They also have

lots of staff.”

Staff shortages are a continuing

problem for the museum and before

lockdown, they relied on volunteers

to assist them in a number of areas.

“We did have volunteers before

Covid-19, particularly in our library,

for example. We are short-staffed

and we don’t have a librarian,” said

M o rc o m .

“These folk would come in and

assist in our library. It was a huge

load that they took on and took off

our minds.”

These volunteers were one of the

many aspects cut due to lockdown,

another being the museum’s intern

programme with local universities.

“Having said that, we are

positive that we are open again,”

Morcom said.

She encouraged members of the

public to get more involved by

joining the Friends of East London.

“The Friends have talks every

second month. Also when we have

museum functions, they come and

a s s i s t ,” she said.

The museum is open on

Mondays to Fridays, from 9am until


Due to Covid-19, only 50 people

are allowed inside at any given time

in order to allow museum staff to

ensure guests adhere to health and

safety precautions.

- For more information, contact

the EL Museum at 043-743-0686.

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Respected farmer

celebrates century

World War II vet Van de Vyver still tends to his vegetable patch

Group aims to

assist families


troubles, trauma


Butler Van de Vyver

achieved a significant

milestone by c e l e b ra t i n g

his 100th birthday.

Van de Vyver is known as a

hardworking and respected

farmer in the Kei Road district.

“We had a wonderful and

happy life growing up on the

farm, with my dad teaching us

many things including horse

riding as he loved horses and

riding around the farm,” said

daughter Roslyn Allen.

“My brothers were involved

in farming from a young age.

“My dad joined the

Mounted Regiment in

Ladysmith at 19 years. He then

joined the Signals in Pretoria

and went to Egypt,” she said.

Van de Vyver was captured

at Tobruk on June 20 1942

and spent 15 months as a

prisoner of war in Italy. He was

eventually released by British

troops on September 24 1943.

“We grew up hearing

interesting war stories . Dad

never missed Moths

(Memorable Order of Tin

Hats), Rememberance Day or

Tobruk Night as these sre

important days for him.

“He wrote a diary for each of

us children which we treasure,”

said Allen.

Van de Vyver returned from

active military service in 1945

and went on to join the Kei

Road Farmers Association

(KRFA). He played rugby, cricket

and tennis for the Kei Road

Sports Club and also

represented Border at rugby.

Van de Vyver resides in

Gonubie and has an impressive

vegetable garden, from which

he supplies his family and

CENTENARY: Butler Van de

Vyver has done a lot in his 100

years Picture: SUPPLIED

❝We grew up hearing

interesting war

stories. Dad never

missed Moths,

Rememberance Day

or Tobruk Night as

these have always

been important

days for him

friends with fresh produce.

He is blessed with

eight grandchildren and

seven great-grandchildren with

an eighth due “any day in


“He loves them all dearly

and nothing makes his day

more than seeing his family,”

Allen said.


A new group has sprung up in

East London that is looking to

provide comfort and support to

families and parents going

through tough times.

These include but are

certainly not limited to: divorce,

single-parent homes, parents

who are battling the legal

system or family court, or those

looking for help caring for

special needs children.

Comm(on)Unity was started

late last year by a group of

parents who needed extra help

and encouragement with their


“The name tells the tale. It’sa

play on the words ‘community’

and ‘common unity’,” said

Cristin Flynn, one of the


“The idea is to create a

supportive space where families

can help each other practically

and where new families going

through hard times can learn

from those who have already

experienced trauma or struggled

their way to the other side.”

Every month,

Comm(on)Unity holds a

meeting where family-related

experts present talks on a

number of different topics.

They have hosted other

social events, as well as daily

online meetings and small

group-events at home.

“If you are battling with

family matters, legal struggles

related to the same, vulnerable

children or adults with learning

or mental challenges, then

Comm(on)Unity is a haven for

yo u ,” Flynn said.

“Come as you are and share

your life with a group of nonjudgemental

parents who have

been through great challenges

and await on the other side to

give you a big hug (because they

need it too!).”

Comm(on)Unity is hosting

an event at Pinecreek at 10am

on Saturday February 27, with

family attorney Roxanne Vickers

as the guest speaker.

- Contact 074-827-6131

(WhatsApp only) or email

info@common-unity.co.za for

more information.


From left,



Yolanda Mhlungu

and Nasiphi

Nkwelo from

Exhibition for a

Child delivering

the goods at



senior primary

Picture: MICHAEL


NPO donates shoes, socks and

sanitary towels to Mdantsane pupils


Non-profit organisation

Exhibition for a Child held the

first day of a weeklong Walk a

Child to School campaign

yesterday, donating shoes, socks

and sanitary towels to 20 pupils

at Dalukukhanya Senior Primary

School in Mdantsane.

Founding member Nasiphi

Nkwelo said the organisation

focused on community-based

educational initiatives for the

development of underprivileged

pupils in rural areas.

“We want to empower our

rural communities by assisting

them in the education sector.

“We work with various

schools across the province and

support them in different

areas,,” Nkwelo said.

She said the three areas

Exhibition for a Child focused

on were health and wellness,

training and development and

career exhibition. The NPO

works with schools in remote

areas that are in quintiles 1 to 3.

It has donated sanitary

towels to more than 500 girls

with enough supplies to last

them for three months, and

more than 100 hygiene care

packages for boys and girls.

“This week, we are focusing

on the health and wellness

factor where we distribute

school shoes and shirts and

sanitary towels,” Nkwelo said.

“We hold boot camps and

self-defence classes, as children

need to know how to protect

themselves from tragic events

like gender-based violence and

human trafficking.”

The NPO is partnering with

Vodacom Business and Nkwelo

said the products were all

sponsored by Vodacom.

“In order for us to achieve

whatever goal we want to reach,

we approach big companies, as

they are the ones with the funds

to help reach that goal.”

Exhibition for a Child has

collected 178 pairs of school

shoes, which will be distributed

to needy pupils at eight schools

across the province.

“We did not want to focus

only on the girl child, but on

boys too. Bullying is rife in

schools. Some learners are

being bullied because they

cannot afford hygiene products.

A child’s confidence gets

diminished when they are

teased by their peers. These

children are brilliant and are

passionate about their

education, but they are pulled

back by their situation at home,”

Nkwelo said.

Addressing the beneficiaries

and teachers at Dalukukhanya

Senior Primary, she urged

parents and teachers not to

deprive children of their right to

education because they lacked

personal hygiene products.

“Please reassure them so

they are not embarrassed if their

menstrual cycle has arrived, or

they do not have any deodorant

or body lotion.”

The principal, Skhumbuzo

Wilson, expressed gratitude for

the donation of basic essentials.

“We are a no fee-school, as

some of the pupils’ parents are

unemployed. This initiative is

going to make a huge difference

in [the pupils’] lives, as they

come from difficult

backgrounds. We have been

longing for this, as the pupils’

academic progress is affected

by these things.”

Wilson said Exhibition for a

Child had promised to assist the

school in starting a gardening

project, where pupils would

benefit by gaining a skill in

agriculture, as well as by being

able to take the vegetables

home. - DispatchLIVE

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EL muso’s new

single is out


East London disc jockey

and music producer

Zwelihle Mathe is

climbing the entertainment

industry ladder with recognition

for his latest single, U zo b u ya ,

loosely translated as “You Will

Return”, featuring KwaZulu-

Natal musician Tomie.

“The song is about a man

who is reflecting on the deep

love he had with his woman,

who is his power. Due to

unforeseen circumstances, the

woman ends up leaving him,

but with the promise that she

will one day come back,”

explained Mathe.

Mathe started his music

career as a student at the

University of Fort Hare while

studying for a degree in

accounting. His talent attracted

a fan club of students, who

loved his instrumental sound.

“My music found its way to

me club DJing locally, like at

Corner Pocket club in Quigney.

In 2007 DJ Limnandi

encouraged me to come to

Corner Pocket to learn how to

DJ and they gave me a slot at the

club, where I used to play every


East London born disk jockey

and producer Zwelihle Mathe


weekend, opening for major

artists who were being booked

there. It was at that place where

I learnt how to be a DJ under the

guidance of other DJs, and it

became the testing centre for

my music,” he said.

Mathe has previously

released tracks. We Rise,

released in 2018, was on high

rotation on Channel O and big

national radio stations such as

Umhlobo Wenene and

Capricorn FM.

“In 2019 I released a song

called ‘Lashona Ilanga’, which

was aired on many radio

stations in SA, as well as

Zimbabwe and Rwanda. The

song was nominated in Gagasi

FM in Durban as one of the top

five songs of the nominated SA

hits Top 100. It was also a

finalist for songs of the year in

Zimbabwe on Skyz Metro FM. I

also shot a video for it that has

been playing on DStv channels

ever since and it's been on high

rotation as well on the new

Open View channels.”

As a house music producer,

Mathe says he can do any style

of music in the genre, after more

than a decade of experience in

all the styles house music has

been evolving into.

“My next mission is to

unleash some fresh new talent

from the Eastern Cape into the

main stream, and I will feature

that next generation of exciting

talent from the province and

hopefully establish my Zwesta

Empire Record Label as hope for

the Eastern Cape for new

upcoming artists to launch their

c a r e e r s .”

The single is available on

YouTube under the handle DJ

Zwesta SA, as well as on iTunes,

Spotify, Deezer, Amazon. -


CHAOS: Vandalism during protests by BCM workers is unacceptable Picture: SINO MAJANGAZA

EC Cogta MEC condemns

destruction during protest


Eastern Cape Cogta MEC Xolile

Nqatha has condemned the

spate of vandalism that has

accompanied recent protests by

workers in BCM.

As reported by the Daily

Dispatch ('Tempers rise as BCM

workers' burning tyres choke

city main points with smoke',

February 19), workers kicked off

an allegedly unsanctioned strike

last week over the lack of

financial support from the

m u n i c i p a l i t y.

The SA Municipal Workers

Union (Samwu) denied any role

in the protest, which also saw

streets in East London and King

William's Town blocked by

burning tyres and overturned


“I condemn the destruction

of public property and closure

of healthcare facilities,” Nqatha

said over the weekend.

“It is my firm view that no

demand can justify assault on

the rights of other citizens, to the

contrary it can only delegitimise

even genuine demands.

“I wish to call upon all

parties to follow due process

and respect the rule of law.”

Nqatha also urged law

enforcement to deal with those

caught breaking lockdown


“All these protests are not

in compliance with the

regulations of the Disaster

Management Act.

“We call upon all the

organisers to refrain from

staging these protests as they

are breaching Covid-19

r e g u l a t i o n s ,” he said.


WINNERS: Team ‘Simon Says’ are the latest Typos Quiz Champions.

Pictured from left are team members Jannie Bezuidenhout, Maryna

Becker, Maries Bezuidenhout and Chris Becker. The quiz night was

recently hosted by Typos Bowls & Croquet Club, with the next one

scheduled for Friday March 19 (lockdown level dependent). Contact

Linda on 083-579-4085 for details Photo: CAMERON KRETSCHMANN

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Stats SA shows

trend of rising

informal work

Casual employment grew by 754,000 jobs


SA, like many other African

economies, has shown an

increasing trend of

informal employment, a report

by Stats SA showed on Tuesday.

The report showed that

informal employment grew by

754,000 jobs — from 4.2

million jobs in 2013 to five

million in 2019.

This accounted for almost a

third of total employment.

During 2013 and 2019, the

formal sector accounted for

71.2% and 68.5% respectively,

of a percentage of total

employment, while the informal

sector increased by 2.8

percentage points from 15.3%

to 18.3%.

Participation of males in the

informal employment sector

was more dominant than that of


Males recorded an increase

from 52.3% in 2013 to 56.2% in

2019. Female representation in

informal employment was

47.7% in 2013 and 43.8% in


The report is based on

secondary data analysis of Stats

SA's Quarterly Labour Force

Survey (QLFS) of the third

quarter of 2013 and that of the

third quarter of 2019 as well as

the Survey of Employers and the

S e l f - e m p l oye d .

The report said Gauteng had

the most informal employment

at 26% in 2013, followed by

The disparities

between males and

females occupying

high-skilled positions

n a r ro w e d

KwaZulu-Natal and Limpopo at

19.8% and 12% respectively.

The same trend continued in

2019 where the three provinces


The majority of males were

employed in semi-skilled

occupations at 52.9% in 2013,

increasing to 56% in 2019. In

contrast, about six out of 10

females in informal

employment were in low-skilled

occupations as compared to

their male counterparts,

recording 62.3% in 2013 and

61.3% in 2019.

The report grouped 11

occupation categories into three

main groups, namely, highly

skilled, semi-skilled and lowskilled.

High-skilled occupations

comprises managers,

professionals and technicians;

semi-skilled occupations

included clerks, sales and

services, crafts and related

MAKING A PLAN: The ranks of the informally employed are swelling, reports Statistics SA


trade, plant and machine

operators; and low-skilled

occupations comprises

elementary and domestic work.

The disparities between

males and females occupying

high-skilled positions narrowed

between 2013 and 2019.

Stats SA said this indicated

more participation of females in

informal employment in the

highly skilled occupations and

therefore a move towards parity.

Figures showed that 9.4% of

males were employed in highskilled

occupations in 2013,

compared to 7.2% of females

during the same period.

In 2019, 7.6% of males were

employed in high-skilled

occupations while 7.1% of

females were employed in these

occupations during the same


“When looking at the gender

parity ratios for both years of

reporting, the disparities

between males and females

occupying high-skilled positions

narrowed ... in 2019 indicating

more participation of females in

informal employment in the

highly skilled occupations and

therefore a move towards

p a r i t y,” the report said.

Nine in 10 people (88.8% in

2013 and 90.7% in 2017)

running informal businesses

were black African people,

followed by white people

(5.5%), Indian/Asian people

(3.1%) and coloured people


More than 60% of people

running informal businesses did

not have a matric.

The report said the majority

of those who could not be

absorbed in the formal

economy due to lack of

education got absorbed into the

informal economy.

“On average, less than 10%

of people who possess tertiary

qualifications were running

informal businesses.” -

Ti m e s L I V E


The UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH AFRICA invites tenders from suitably qualified service

providers for the following projects.

The detailed specification documents and all other information are available on the Unisa website at

www.unisa.ac.za/tenders. Service Providers must familiarise themselves with the requirements of the

project and due dates

Enquiries: tenders@unisa.ac.za

There will be no information session held, all questions must

be submitted to tenders@unisa.ac.za ,dates for questions

submission is the 22 nd February 2021 till 5 th March 2021

and answers will be published on the tender website by 15 th

March 2021.

The (1) original and a soft copy(usb) of the tender must be

submitted into the official tender box in a sealed envelope

located in the Kgorong Building Entrance, Pretoria Muckleneuk

Campus, Preller Street, Muckleneuk Ridge. Please quote the

tender reference number on the sealed envelope.

Project Description

Bloemfontein and Kimberly Campus - The

repairs and maintenance of back-up power

supply systems

Potchefstroom and Kroonstad - The repairs

and maintenance of back-up power supply


Parrow Campus - The repairs and maintenance

of back-up power supply systems.

East London - The repairs and maintenance

of back-up power supply systems

Giyani - The repairs and maintenance of

back-up power supply systems

Makhado - The repairs and maintenance of

back-up power supply systems

George - The repairs and maintenance of

back-up power supply systems

Mthatha - The repairs and maintenance of

back-up power supply systems

New Castle - The repairs and maintenance

of back-up power supply systems

Port Elizabeth - The repairs and maintenance

of back-up power supply systems

Rustenburg and Mahikeng - The repairs

and maintenance of back-up power supply


Richards bay - The repairs and maintenance

of back-up power supply systems

Vaal - The repairs and maintenance of backup

power supply systems








Closing Date

and Time

CT2021/01 2 EB R130 000,00 26 th March 2021

@ 12:00

CT2021/02 2 EB R130 000,00 26 th March 2021

@ 12:00

CT2021/03 2 EB R130 000,00 26 th March 2021

@ 12:00

CT2021/04 2 EB R130 000,00 26 th March 2021

@ 12:00

CT2021/05 2 EB R130 000,00 26 th March 2021

@ 12:00

CT2021/06 2 EB R130 000,00 26 th March 2021

@ 12:00

CT2021/07 2 EB R130 000,00 26 th March 2021

@ 12:00

CT2021/08 2 EB R130 000,00 26 th March 2021

@ 12:00

CT2021/09 2 EB R130 000,00 26 th March 2021

@ 12:00

CT2021/10 2 EB R130 000,00 26 th March 2021

@ 12:00

CT2021/11 2 EB R130 000,00 26 th March 2021

@ 12:00

CT2021/12 2 EB R130 000,00 26 th March 2021

@ 12:00

CT2021/13 2 EB R130 000,00 26 th March 2021

@ 12:00

GEPF is a defined benefit fund.

This means, the benefits

of the GEPF are defined in the

rules of the Fund. The advantage

of belonging to a fund like this

is that all benefits

that members are

promised in the

rules of the fund

are guaranteed

based on the

specific reason for

exiting the fund.

If you have more than 10

years of service and you decide

to resign rather than retire at

reaching the age of retirement,

you will lose the following benefits

offered by the GEPF:

Monthly pension - you will only

receive a once-off lump sum

payment, called a gratuity, instead

of receiving both your lump sum

and monthly pension (called an

annuity), which is due to you for life. Your

spouse or life partner will also not receive

anything from the GEPF after your death,

whereas they will qualify to receive

50% or 75% of your monthly pension for

as long as they live, depending

on the choice selected upon


Medical aid subsidy

- You will not receive any

contribution towards your

medical aid from the state

should you resign. If you have 15

or more years of service, you may have

been eligible to receive a government

subsidy towards your monthly medical aid

membership for the rest of your life had

you chosen to retire as per the conditions

set out in the PSCBC resolutions. If you

have less than 15 years’ service, you

may have received a once-off medical

benefit depending on the number of years

of service you have. These all fall away

when you resign.

Funeral Benefit - GEPF provides

a Funeral Benefit for the funeral of

an active member or pensioner, as

well as for the funeral of a spouse

or the eligible child of a member

or pensioner. The Funeral Benefit

payable upon the death of such a

member or pensioner is R15 000;

for the spouse R15 000; and for the

eligible child R 6000. This benefit is

not paid if you resign.

Child’s Pension – The Child’s

pension is payable to a child up

to the age of 22 years. Disabled

children are entitled to receive a

Child’s Pension beyond the age of

22 years, subject to approval by the


The tender awarded will be conditional and subject to

successful negotiations and the signing of a written contract,

failing which Unisa reserves the right to withdraw the tender

and award the same to the next tenderer without having to

repeat the tender process.

Late submitted tenders will not be considered.

The decision of the Unisa Management Committee on

awarding a tender is final.

Unisa reserves the right to appoint, contract with and

monitor the performance of any service provider it deems

will offer the best service in line with its requirements,

although it may not necessarily be the lowest Tenderer.

Unisa also reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to readvertise,

not to retender or not to award the tender.

Members who retire with the GEPF

are guaranteed their full pension

benefits as per the rules of the


DDefine tomorrow.

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1010 Births

1040 Engagements

1050 Marriages

1070 Deaths

1100 In Memoriam

1220 Congrats / Best Wishes

1230 Birthday Greetings

1290 Thanks


2070 Health & Beauty

2140 Lost

2142 Found


3060 Entertainment General


5010 Education & Tuition

5090 Plumbing

5100 Electrical Services

5120 Building Services

5122 Home Maintenance

5160 Walls / Fencing

5190 Painting / Decorating

5210 Pools, Spas, Accessories

5260 Computer Services

5360 Garden Services

5451 For Sale

5510 Kennels and Pets

5550 Misc Wanted

5570 Removals and Storage

5630 Services Offered

5640 Shuttle Services


6140 Education & Training

6150 Employment Wanted

6151 Employment

6170 Estate Agents

6370 Employment Wanted Domestic


7020 Accomm. Off / Wtd

7060 Flats to Let

7090 Houses to Let

7151 Holiday Accommodation


8010 Flats For Sale

8050 Houses For Sale

8161 Business Premises To Let

8163 Business Premises For Sale


9070 Used Car Sales

9440 Motorcycles

9381 Motor Sundries

9640 Vehicles Wanted

9200 Used Bakkies / Panelvans


11010 Legal Notices / Auctions

11030 Businesses for Sale


Building Services







LP records put on CD

Cassettes put onto CD

Tel 043 748 3721 Mic


Loans & Finance






27 Feb. 2021 from 9am

to 3pm. You can pick

and choose plants direct

out of the bio garden.

Very low prices. Cell: 082

875 0306. 22 Oakhill

Road, Vincent.


Contact Cheryl Larsen on T: 082 432 5665 |

E: cheryll@goexpress.co.za or Yaneliseka

Dyomfana on T: 043-702 2122 |

E: dyomfanay@goexpress.co.za

FAX: 086 545 2648


Misc. Wanted

A set of 6 dining chairs

wanted. I can pay in cash

Tel 0832 566 229


have moved to Vincent

Paphos Park (opposite

Total Garage) in Devereux

Ave. Contact Lee

Anne on 061 453 4330.


Repair / Services


of fridges on site. Contact

Hendrik 072 368


Under R300


A CAR TYRE for sale.

Good condition. R285.

Size: 205/55R16 Call 043

748 3721.

A ROMA 2-position, baby

carrier. 0-12mths. New

condition. R150. Tel: 043

748 3721


phone. Working condition

R220. Works for a

landline. Tel 043 748


Under R300


BLIND: 2,1m vertical hanging

blind. Good condition.

R150. Phone Rob

076 573 9179.

BOOKS: Assortment off 30

books. R100. Phone Rob

076 573 9179.

BOOKS: Coffee table size.

Books on royalty, travel,

cooking, cars, beauty,

South Africa. +- 100 at

R2 each. Phone 043-


BOOKS: Mixed books of

birds, garden, cooking,

ETC. 50 x R5 each.

Phone 043-7436513.

BOOKS: Old Boys / Cars /

Annuals. +- 10 at R2

each. Phone 043-



Motorcycle magazines.

20 for R299. Phone Rob

076 573 9179.

COOKBOOK: South African

Microwave cookbook.

R40. Phone Rob

076 573 9179.


R30. Phone Rob 076 573


CURTAINS for a childs

bedroom. Beautiful animated

design R299 Tel:

043 7483721

CUTLERY: 17x Steak knife

sets. 6 in a pack. R15 per

pack. Phone Rob

076 573 9179.


Multi-metre electrical

tester. New. R299. Phone

Rob 076 573 9179.

GAS BURNER with hose

and connector (single).

R80. Phone Rob 076 573


MUSIC: Elvis Presley 6

Records, 4 Tapes, 20 th

magazine dated 1997.

R100. Phone 043-


PADDLE SKI: Large. Needs

t.l.c. R100. Phone Rob

076 573 9179.

PADDLE SKI with new

paddle. R295. Phone

Rob 076 573 9179.


color for baby, up

to 12 months. R195. Tel:

043 748 3721


24V 14.6A DS. R80.



076 573 9179.


20. R200. Phone Rob

076 573 9179.

TILES: 20m2 black tiles.

500 x 500mm. R299.

Phone Rob 076 573



Imported. R150. Phone

Rob 076 573 5179.


wooden. 3 of 1x v/large

/ 1x large / 1x medium.

R299 for all 3. Phone 043


URN: Logic 50L Urn.

Needs new element.

R100. Phone 076 573



Home Improvement


Home & Comm. SACAP.

Large & small Entire SA

Kathy 082 939 8131 or



(PTY) LTD: M6 Block

R7,80 each; M4 Block

R7,30 each; Stock Bricks

R2,70 each. Sand per

ton R280; Stone per

ton R400; Sabunga per

ton R280. Prices include

delivery. Contact /

WhatsApp 082 602 1196.


Home Improvement


Fault finding, repairs,

new installations. Prepaid

electricity and water metres

for sub lets supplied

and installed. Call Derek

082 557 4099.


Garage Sales


Oakhill Rd, Berea. Sat.

27 th Feb from 8am to

12pm. Tel: 083 235 1375.

For Sale





flats To Let or For Sale.

Persons between 50-80.

Call Elaine from 8-2pm

043-7029800 Prices have

been reduced Come see.




Estate Notices



Identity No: 580801 5991 08 7 of:


who died on : 22 January 2020

ESTATE NO. 1401/2020


the First and Final Liquidation and

Distribution Account in the above

Estate will lie for inspection at the

Office of the Master of the High

Court, BHISHO, Eastern Cape

Province and at the Magistrate's

Office Mdantsane for a period of

TWENTY-ONE (21) days from

date of publication hereof.


the 22 February 2021.



1 Cavendish Road Vincent

081 761 5574


















A GUITAR Yamaha nylon

string good condition

a bargain, just R695.

Tel 08325 66229

A Salton food-warmer

for home catering.

Still new and unused.

R1,750 Ph 082452 5567


Accomm. Off / Wtd











The hidden anarchy

of the beehive

How we got on to the subject I

don’t know but some years

ago a friend of mine, the late

Eric van der Vyver and I were

discussing the common honeybee

and how devastating their

sting can be if you happen to be


Eric himself was allergic to

bee stings and always carried

with him an antidote in the form

of special pills, just in case.

Eric, a former Border rugby

captain, told me of an occasion

in later life when he and a

fellow Border player of his era,

Hilmar Puchert - a lock forward

and one of the few surviving

members of that fabulous

Border team of 1955 which beat

the touring British Lions - were

strolling on Nahoon beach.

Hilmar suddenly winced in

pain and it was discovered he

had trod on a bee which had

stung him in the foot.

Immediately a feeling of

uneasiness came over him and

his face began swelling and he

felt dizzy.

Eric immediately fed him

two of his pills, escorted him off

the beach and took him to the

emergency room at the hospital.

This prompt action might well

have saved Hilmar’s life.

Hilmar, I am pleased to say,

is still alive and well and at 86,

is now happily ensconced in an

East London retirement village.

Every family has its own way

of treating bee stings, from meat

tenderizers to tobacco juice to

vinegar or baking soda and even

toothpaste. There is no shortage

of home remedies out there.

But one never knows if one

is going to have an allergic

reaction so always be aware of

unexpected reactions (such as

dizziness, swelling of lips and

tongue, wheezing and difficulty

breathing, collapse and loss of

consciousness) and act swiftly.

Apropos the above, here’s

something about honey bees

which may interest you. An

Australian researcher has

exploded one of life’s great

assumptions that honey bees

love to serve their queen in a

hive of order and industry.

In fact, says Sydney

University biologist Ben

Oldroyd, they are scheming,

factionalised and given to

jealousy. They hate rearing the

queen’s eggs and do it only

because they are trapped into it.

Ben, by the way, was a

finalist in the Eureka Prize for

Scientific Research for his

discovery of “a n a rch i s t i c ”

behaviour in bees.

He found that a genetic

mutation can make usually

sterile female worker bees rebel

and lay “counterfeit” queen bee

eggs, causing chaos and

destruction within the bee

c o l o ny.

The mutant trait, Ben has

found, occurs in approximately

one in 2.5 million bees and this

has generated enormous

excitement among international

bee experts.

In a normal bee colony, as

you know, the queen is the only

one allowed to lay eggs. If a

worker does lay her own eggs

they are quickly eaten by

zealous “policing” wo r k e r s .

In anarchist colonies,

however, certain rebellious

workers are able to lay eggs that

are unidentifiable from the

queen’s, causing the eggs to

survive, thrive and reproduce.

The colony continues for

about three to four months until

all the workers start laying eggs,

the queen’s power is

marginalized, the workers stop

working and the colony rapidly

d i s i n t e g ra t e s .

Commenting on all this, Mr

Oldroyd says that in Victorian

society, people used to say bee

colonies were something

humans should emulate with

everyone being subservient to

the queen.

“But in fact it’s a scheming

mass of conflict with various

factions trying to outdo each

other and being held in check

by mutual obligation,” he said.

So there, dear readers, is

your biology lesson for today.

We now have a Darwinian

explanation of why worker bees

don’t lay their own eggs. They

have all agreed in evolutionary

terms to rear the queen’s eggs.

They apparently hate it but

are trapped into it.

So what’s new?

On the Ball

Speaking of rugby

friends Hilmar Puchert and Eric

van der Vyver reminded me of

the classy flyhalf who had been

transferred by his company in

Sydney to the Australian

o u t b a ck .

Playing in his first local

match, he sold two dazzling

dummies and scored what he

considered a splendid try under

the posts. Instead the ref

awarded a penalty on the spot

where he executed the first

d u m my.

“We don’t want any big city

show-offs here,” declared the


“If you’re going to pass the

bloody ball, then pass it!”

Mdantsane FM celebrates 10

year anniversary by giving back


Community radio

station Mdantsane FM, in

collaboration with Inxeba Lika

Yesu Ministries, handed out food

parcels to the less fortunate

members of the Buffalo City

Metro on Friday as part of their

10-year anniversary

c e l e b ra t i o n s .

Breakfast show

host Rapulane Mothlabane, also

known as Malume Womdantso

to his listeners, said that the

purpose of this cause was to give

back to the community that gives

them support.

About ten families were

nominated in the area including

members from Mdantsane NU 9,


Charles Beningfield

NU13, Duncan Village, Ilinge

towmship and Life township C-


“Each family received a

parcel consisting of 10kg of

sugar, flour, maize-meal, a bag of

potatoes, spinach, cabbage and

10kgs of butternut,” said


“As the Morning Experience

team, we encourage each other

to always put our listeners first.

They are not dependant on us,

we are dependant on them. They

are not an interruption on our

work, they are the purpose of it.”

Inxeba Lika Yesu head

Mndayi Njengele said

that he always tells people to

plant their own vegetable

gardens, as the times we live in



Beehives may

look orderly but

under the

surface things

are far more


Picture: PIXABAY

are very hard.

Njengele said he felt relieved

about the handover.

“I was glad to see that

children of God were able to

attend because the hand that

gives is, indeed a blessed hand.

“It gives me joy to know that

other families will not go to bed

on empty stomachs,” he said.

“This year as we celebrate 10

years, we have taken yet a

decision to elevate our efforts for

community development and

again engage with our associates

to give to our disadvantaged

communities in a way of food

parcels and other means towards

changing their lives,''

said Mdantsane FM station

manager Xolile Gqirana.

GO! & EXPRESS 25 February 2021 For all your advertising needs call Cheryl on (043) 702 2031 or Yaneliseka (043) 702-2122. Find us on Facebook 11


lifeguards are still without

vital PPE and unable to fully

perform their duties


Lifeguards have been left in lurch due to lack of PPE


BCM lifeguards are still without

vital personal protective

equipment (PPE) and unable to

fully perform their duties.

The PPE they need is more

specialised than everyday mask

and sanitisers.

A lifeguard not authorised to

speak to the media, said

specialised PPE had been

ordered late last year. “Th e

municipality has supplied us

with normal masks and

sanitisers. We’re still waiting for

the specialised PPE to be able to

perform all our duties.”

The Dispatch understands

that delivery should be this

week or next week.

National Sea Rescue

Institute spokesperson Craig

Lambinon said: “Medical

personnel use a bag-valve mask,

or BVM. It’s been used normally

since introduced in 1956.”

However, concerns about

slow procurement processes

have been raised by the DA in

the metro. Councillor Sue

Bentley said: “The DA is

alarmed that despite BCM

advertising for seasonal

lifeguards in November 2020,

and appointing them to do duty

over the festive season, the PPE

needed by lifeguards to perform

resuscitation on potentially

drowning people is yet to arrive.

“So even if the beaches had

not been closed for seven weeks

from mid-December to limit

new Covid-19 infections, during

the second wave of the

pandemic the lifeguards

couldn’t have carried out the

duties for which they had been

appointed and paid.

“It would’ve also meant that

beachgoers wouldn’t have had

the safety net of being rescued

and resuscitation should the

need have arisen.”

Lifesaving SA recommends

that mouth-to-mouth in-water

ventilation should not be

performed on an unconscious


There are steps that can be

followed to resuscitate in an

adapted breathing assessment:

● Adapted breathing

assessment: check if the chest is

moving or if there are signs of

breathing without getting close.

Do not bring your cheek close

to the mouth to feel the person’s


● Low-risk resuscitation with

PPE available: safe ventilation

method can be used and at least

one of the following, facility

screening process in place, low

prevalence of disease locally

and low-risk rescuer (younger

age, healthy); and

● Safe ventilation method (in

order of preference): tworescuer

BVM with HEPA (highefficiency

particulate air) filter,

mouth-to-mask with head strap

and HEPA filter, supplemental

oxygen with non-rebreather

mask and head strap.

In November, BCM

spokesperson Samkelo

Ngwenya said the reason for not

opening beaches was that there

was “no prescribed PPE suitable

for their kind of work”.

He said procurement of the

PPE was at an advanced stage

and once received the beaches

would be reopened.

The DA argues that the

municipality did not get the ball

rolling as soon as the pandemic

hit the country and have

contingency plans.

“It would be expected that

beaches throughout the

province would have been

inundated with beachgoers after

the ban was lifted by President

Cyril Ramaphosa.

“That BCM wasn’t prepared

for this to happen is another

indication of the

dysfunctionality of the

procurement processes of the


“The DA will be submitting a

notice of question as to why this

inability to forward plan was

allowed to happen so that

lessons can be learnt going

forward. The beaches are a

tourism asset for the metro and

they need to be accessible and

safe for all who use them —

both in and out the water.”

Questions sent to Ngwenya

had not been responded to by

print deadline. - DispatchLIVE

Ride-sharing for

school commute

Allows parents to take turns ferrying children


The traditional school commute has

been a major hassle for parents

everywhere, but a new ridesharing

service is looking to change


The brainchild of Theuns Venter, the

service is available through the alreadyexisting

d6 Connect app, which has

been in use by schools for a number of

ye a r s .

“I have four kids at four different

schools and both my wife and I work full

t i m e ,” Venter said.

“One night I was waiting outside the

school at 8pm to collect my daughter

once again from her weekly choir

practice. Watching the scholars come

out and all get into separate cars, it struck

me that I would be more than willing to

drop off some of those kids, if those

parents could do the same for me the

following week.

“And so the seed was planted – wh a t

if parents had a platform on which they

could load their trips and the amount of

extra space they have in their car to lift

other children going the same


What makes the service appealing,

Venter said, was that it was not open to

everyone. Instead, only those registered

on the d6 Connect app can take part.

“Parents who offer lifts are most likely

to have their own child in the car so

there is already that element of trust. Plus

it’s a closed community and you are able

to choose who you want to send your

child with,” he said.

Product owner Ladien van Zyl said

that riders and drivers can register their

profiles in the d6 app, load up their

preferred payment method and then get


Each driver is given a unique pass

phrase for every trip which they use

when collecting children, so that they

know they are a registered driver as well

as a parent at the school.

“What sets this new ride-sharing

service apart from any other ride-hailing

offerings is that the parents on the lifting

network must all be registered parents at

the same school or community, ensuring

a trusted lift service for your precious

c a r g o ,” van Zyl said.

The process is managed within the

safe d6 Connect app environment and is

only available to parents that use the app

and have children at schools that use d6


“The success of the app lies in the

hands of the parents. If parents don’t

load their trips, other parents cannot

❝ The parents on the

lifting network must all

be registered parents at

the same school or

community, ensuring a

trusted lift service for

your precious cargo

book lifts. The more parents load their

trips, the more people can use the

service and the more your community

will benefit.”

To register as a driver:

1. Open the d6 Connect app, go to

MORE and select RIDES

2. Register as a driver and make sure

you have all the necessary documents in


3. Load your details (vehicle and

available seats) that will be making the


4. Load the trips you are making

where you can offer lifts

5. If someone books their

child/children with you, accept them

6. Remember to start your trip and

press the button in the app to say when

you have picked up and dropped off the

child/children as well as end your trip

once the journey is complete.

To book a ride:

1. Open the d6 Connect app, go to

MORE and select RIDES

2. Register and create a profile with a

photo of yourself and your children


3. Load your card for payments

4. Select the trip you want to book

5. Provide the pick-up and drop off


6. Select which of your children

needs the lift

7. Share the details of the trip with

your child (optional)

8. Track your trips

9. Receive pick up and drop off


ALL ABOARD: The ride-sharing app connects parents of the same

schools to organise lifts to and from school Picture: PIXABAY

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Ride-sharing app for schools PAGE 11 No PPE for lifeguards PAGE 11

Top-quality equipment

for KWT Dart Association

Boards, stands

sponsored by

The Mall, KWT



There was much

excitement at the Steve

Biko Centre on Friday

when the King William’s Town

Darts Association (KWTDA)

accepted a generous donation

of darts, dart boards and

professional-level stands.

The equipment was

sponsored by The Mall, KWT

and the East London Industrial

Development Zone (ELIDZ).

Speaking on behalf of

KWTDA chairperson Vuyani

Majija, who was unable to

attend, match secretary Daniel

Jaxa extended the association’s

gratitude to all the parties who

made the donation possible.

“It has sent a buzz through

the entire association and

everyone connected with our

clubs. Your support will open

many new opportunities for the

youth and women in the game

of darts, as well as help develop

s k i l l s ,” Majija said. “Yo u r

donation will enable the

KWTDA to participate in highly

distinguished tournaments and

these events will broaden our

discipline and character.”

ELIDZ marketing and

corporate communications

BULLSEYE: Representatives from the Steve Biko Foundation, KWT Darts Association, KWT Mall and ELIDZ met at the Steve Biko Centre on Friday to handover

equipment Picture: MATTHEW FIELD

manager Sibusiso Ralarala said

the donation formed part of

their mandate to give back to

the community.

“Part of our mandate, apart

from developing the economy

of the region and job creation, is

to look at community

d e ve l o p m e n t ,” he said.

“Th e r e ’s a huge contingency

of darts players and teams [in

the Eastern Cape] and we

identified the need to ensure

there are darts and boards.

“We are grateful for this

partnership [with the Steve Biko

Foundation] and we look

forward to extending the

r e l a t i o n s h i p .”

EL businessman donates sporting goods


Gary Rieger, owner and founder

of Rieger Hire in Gonubie,

further cemented a decadeslong

partnership on Monday

when he donated a number of

rugby and soccer balls to the

Mzamomhle-based Sea Birds

rugby team.

Rieger has been sponsoring

the team for the nearly 40 years.

Over the years, Rieger has

provided the team with

EFFORT: Mzamomhle-based

team Sea Birds received

rugby balls fromGary

RiegerPicture: MATTHEW FIELD

uniforms and equipment, even

sponsoring tournaments.

In 2019, he sent the team to

Cape Town to take part in a

rugby tournament, where the

Sea Birds came second overall.

“We do quite a lot for the

community — we’re always

there to help,” Rieger said.

He said sport was important

for local communities since it

provided opportunities and kept

the youth occupied.

“I believe keeping them busy

stops the nonsense that goes

o n ,” he said.

Sea Birds member Andile

Dambile said they were greatful

for all the support Rieger had

given them over the years.

“He’s been there for us all

the way. This man [Rieger] has

been our source of everything,”

he said.

Dambile said that Rieger

was busy helping to fence off a

rugby field in Mzamomhle for

the team.

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