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A word from the Principal...


We have started this half term with great news in that we will be fully reopening to all pupils on the

8th March. It will be great for the children to finally be able to see their friends again and reacquaint

themselves with school life.

There is little to change to the Government Guidance, so the majority of our systems and protocols

will remain the same. This means that children need not have any uncertainty upon their return to

school as we will be running in a very similar way to before Christmas. We will still be operating in

year group bubbles throughout the day to minimise the possibility of transmission between year

groups and this will continue until guidance advises otherwise. The Government have also stated

that attendance is mandatory as it would be at any other time.

On the next page are our arrangements for the start and end of the day. As our roof replacement

has now been completed and all scaffolding removed, we are able to make more use of the outside

classroom doors for drop offs and collections. As before Christmas, if you have more than child with

us, you are able to collect them all at the latest collection time, but each from their respective classes.

Breakfast Club will restart from 0730 and can be booked via our schoolmoney portal. Oasis will

restart Kids Club from the 8th March as well, so if you would like to book your child in, please contact

Oasis directly.

Today has been our first non-screen day and I hope you have all enjoyed the chance to engage in

more practical activities. In our celebration assembly, I asked all children to record their favourite

moment of their non-screen day either in photo form or through drawing a picture. Their teacher will

have set a task on Seesaw or Tapestry(YR) so they can submit their picture or photo. I can’t wait to

see them!

We have sent out a link to a survey for you to complete around remote learning and use of technology.

Your participation is really valuable to help us mould our provision for the future.

Kind regards,

Mr Adam Anderson


Start and End of Day Times from March 8th

Year Group Arrive at School End of Day Point of collection

EYFS 8:40-9:00 at classroom outside door 3pm Back door of classroom

1 8:40-9:00 at classroom outside door 3pm Outside door of classroom

2 8:40-9:00 at classroom outside door 3pm Outside door of classroom

3 8:40-9:00 at classroom outside door 3:10pm Outside door of classroom

4 8:40-9:00 at classroom outside door 3:10pm Outside door of classroom

5 8:40-9:00 at classroom outside door 3:20pm

Please wait in Playground

below Y5

6 8:40-9:00 at classroom outside door 3:20pm Outside door of classroom

Please enter through the reception outside area; follow the one-way system around the rear of the school and leave via the gate by the Y6

classroom (after saying hello to the chickens and ducks!) when dropping off and collecting.

Masks to be work by all adults (unless exempt) whilst on school site

Broad and Balanced...


In Rainbow class this week we have been reading a new story - The Odd Egg

by Emily Gravett. The children have loved making their own odd eggs and

nests using lots of different materials. They have to look after their eggs really

carefully so that they might hatch out. They were set the task of making an ice

egg and then seeing how quickly they could melt it. To help them understand

about the life cycle of a duck, they’ve watched videos and ordered the different

stages. The children have been busy finding out which animals other than birds

lay eggs. They then went on a spring hunt to help them decide if spring had

sprung. Most of them found enough signs of spring for us to think that spring

really is on the way!

Broad and Balanced...


Class 1 are continuing to learn about the 7 Continents and this week we looked

at North America and what the USA is like. The children learnt that it is called

the United States because the country is split into 50 states. We looked at

some famous landmarks, The Statue of Liberty, The White House and Mount


This week our art focus was on an American abstract painter called Jackson

Pollock. The children had fun exploring different techniques of pouring and

splashing paint onto a horizontal surface. I am very impressed with the fantastic

art they have produced.

Thank you for all your hard work and I am really looking forward to seeing you

all back in school.

Broad and Balanced...


This week Class 2 have been exploring all different types of poetry. After reading

the The Wonderful Worm poem they were the set the challenge of creating

alliteration for their class friends. I think they did a very good job!

Broad and Balanced...


Year 3 have been busy this week and have yet again completed some super pieces of

work. They have continued their work with their Stone age topic and have been designing

Stone age outfits. Evie even managed to learn how to gut a fish after being

inspired from our ‘How to skin a bear’ text in English. Linking to this, through Science

they have been learning about fossils and have made some of their own fossils

from playdough, salt dough or clay. They have been learning about festivals in the

Islamic religion and have made some decorations and some celebration food. Within

PSHE the children have been learning about stereotypes and have made collages all

about themselves to decide if you can tell from a few pictures the gender of a person.

Amongst all of this, they have also done lots of work on fractions, direct speech and

designed their own chocolate rooms for our class book, Charlie and the chocolate factory!

Another good week Year 3, well done.

Broad and Balanced...


Class 4 have been exploring the features of a playscript this week and also begun to

place those features into our own, using an animation as inspiration. We are beginning

to compare and contrast the differences between direct speech and playscript


We have also been practising some more of our drawing skills learnt last term. We

have drawn 3-dimensional shapes and create shading as well as using horizontal,

vertical, diagonal and parallel lines to good effect. Some of use even drew a favourite

part from a chapter of The Bolds, which is a story we are reading this term.

Keep up the hard work Year 4.

Broad and Balanced...


The children have started off the new half term with a ‘spring’ in their step. The

positive attitudes and high quality of work continues.

This half term the topic is ‘The Vikings’, so far they’ve been learning ‘where and

when the Vikings came from and why they raided Britain. A wide range of activities

were completed to show their understanding, including timelines, role

playing Vikings, map work and making super longboats.

In English, they’ve been planning to write instructions based around a mythical

Viking creature such as dragons, unicorns, Kraken, Norse Gods to name but

a few. When writing their instructions next week, it will describe how to catch,

train or tame these mythical creatures with their own top tips using research

they’ve gathered.

In geography lessons over this term, they’ve been improving their knowledge

of the United Kingdom. This week they’ve researched different seas and

coasts, they’ve gathered information, located places on maps and written postcards

from their coastal location.

In PE lessons over the next two weeks, the children have been given the opportunity

to show how they keep fit and healthy at home, ‘in their spare time’.

It has been amazing to see the variety of skills, activities and hobbies they all

participate in. Class 5 have been super active and fit which is very important to

keeping a positive mindset and healthy lifestyle. Well done.

Broad and Balanced...


Since returning from half term, Year 6 have completed some more fantastic

work! We have continued our learning about World War 2 and just before the

break we learnt about Bletchley Park and the amazing people who broke codes

during the war. As a part of their computing work, Year 6 created their own

Google Sites to inform others about Bletchley Park. They were challenged to

make their websites as advanced as possible with a mixture of written information,

images, links, videos and tabs. We were so impressed by how professional

their websites looked and all of the complex features they included. We

also saw some brilliant and very detailed drawings of WW2 tanks, which looked

extremely realistic. This week, they wrote their final sets of instructions, which

could have been used during WW2. We really enjoyed seeing the high quality

of writing, including all of the SPaG that we have been learning about. Finally,

having learnt about evacuation during the war, Year 6 became evacuees and

sat in a ‘hot seat’ to be interviewed in character. We really enjoyed seeing them

step into the shoes of an evacuee along with one very impressive costume.

Well done Year 6, you have had another excellent week!

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