Pretoria - Mar 2021

Simple pleasures

Simple pleasures


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Chatting her<br />

way to the top<br />



Floral treats that<br />

make us feel good<br />

WIN<br />

An island holiday<br />

for two in the<br />

marvellous<br />

Maldives<br />

SIMPLE<br />


Lovely reads, home decorating, and<br />

the most indulgent chocolate fondant ever<br />



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BOOKS<br />

04 Mothers. Sons. Sisters. Friends. We’re all about family this month<br />


06 This month we’re loving hints of blue, a heavenly scent and tucking<br />

into a seaside-inspired seafood spoil<br />

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PEOPLE<br />

08 She became the first South African woman to report on a<br />

Rugby World Cup tournament, and is now a major influencer.<br />

We chat to Elma Smit<br />

14 With elbows deep in mixing bowls, he creates swoon-worthy treats<br />

for customers in Portugal … meet pastry chef Hendrik Pretorius,<br />

who is truly living the sweet life<br />

BEAUTY<br />

10 Bye-bye bad hair days … all you need are some at-home tools and a<br />

few really glam accessories<br />

14 Time to chill out … we share some practical, pocket-friendly and<br />

super-easy home spa remedies<br />

FOOD<br />

17 The Grillroom & Sushi Bar is our new favourite<br />


20 Blooming gorgeous floral treats<br />

22 Let’s talk <strong>2021</strong> decor trends<br />

24 Work from home. Stylishly<br />

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MARCH 21<br />

TRAVEL<br />

32 So much more than palm trees and cocktails … live island style in<br />

the magical, marvellous Maldives.<br />

WIN<br />

33 A week for two in the Maldives. Not kidding. Go, go, go!<br />

34 Permanent laser hair removal. And it’s pain-free!<br />


Personality: Elma Smit<br />

Photographer: Kevin <strong>Mar</strong>k Pass<br />

Photographer/Image credit:<br />

00 Get It Sandton • Rosebank Month 08<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch 21 Get It Magazine 03

Book club<br />

Mothers. Sons. Sisters. Friends. We’re all about family this month<br />

There’s been much noise about Girl A<br />

… and deservedly so. Abigail Dean’s<br />

debut novel, which is being called<br />

‘the book that will define a decade’, is<br />

magnificent. A psychological drama, it<br />

starts off fairly gently but gets deeper<br />

and darker and more distressing with<br />

every chapter. The story, told by Lex –<br />

Girl A, jumps from past to present …<br />

the past being her and her siblings’<br />

horrendous childhood, growing up<br />

in her religious fanatic parents’ House<br />

of Horrors; the present being when<br />

her mother dies in prison and leaves<br />

Lex, now a lawyer, executor of her<br />

estate … a little money and the family<br />

home from which Lex escaped. Lex,<br />

with agreement and encouragement<br />

from her sister Evie, decides to turn<br />

the house into a force for good …<br />

including everything her parents<br />

would have hated. We meet each of<br />

her siblings – as children and as the<br />

adults they’ve grown up to be. Girl<br />

A, soon to be a TV show directed by<br />

Johan Renck (director of Chernobyl),<br />

is a story of redemption, horror and<br />

love, and is gripping, powerful and<br />

deeply disturbing. Brilliant!<br />

If you’ve nothing planned for the weekend, this one’s a light, quick read which<br />

will keep you guessing. Michelle Frances (The Girlfriend, The Daughter) takes sibling<br />

rivalry and family secrets to a whole new level in Sisters. It starts off slow, and a<br />

little predictable, but the story soon hots up … with sisters Abby and Ellie doing a<br />

Thelma and Louise through Italy, France and Spain, the police – as well as a baffled<br />

husband and an is-she-or-isn’t-she-evil mother – close behind. • Staying with<br />

sisters – Kate and Lauren have a great relationship … always there for one another.<br />

But when Jess arrives, claiming to be their half-sister, the fall-outs start. Is she the<br />

secret daughter of their father, who recently died? For the girls, their mother Rose,<br />

and newcomer Jess, life becomes a tangle of secrets, lies and questions. Is the<br />

family really as perfect as it appears? Sandie Jones (The Other Woman) is great at<br />

psychological suspense, and there’s no shortage of that in The Half Sister.<br />

In Bibi’s Kitchen<br />

Bibis – grandmothers – from eight eastern<br />

African countries welcome you into their<br />

kitchens to share flavourful recipes and<br />

stories of family, love and tradition in<br />

this cookbook-meets-travelogue. Food<br />

writer Julia Turshen and Somali chef Hawa<br />

Hassan gathered 75 recipes. Expect Kicha<br />

(flatbread) and Shiro (ground chickpea<br />

stew) from Ma Gehennet from Eritrea,<br />

Ajemi bread with carrots and green<br />

pepper from Ma Shara in Zanzibar, and<br />

stewed plantain with beans and beef<br />

from Ma Vicky – a real-life Tanzanian<br />

princess. Delicious in every way.<br />

04 Get It Magazine <strong>Mar</strong>ch 21

The Funny Thing About Norman Foreman is pure joy. It’s tender, gentle, poignant, and<br />

touching. And madly, madly funny. Which it shouldn’t be. Since Norman is a painfully<br />

awkward preteen. Short, covered in scaly, painful psoriasis, and then there’s his name!<br />

Plus his best – and only – friend, Jax (‘the bloody Rolls-bloody-Royce of bloody best<br />

friends’) has just died. There goes their five-year plan to perform their duo comedy act at<br />

the Edinburgh Fringe in 2023. But ‘one never knows’ … and a trio of delightful characters<br />

– Norman, his wonderful, scatty mum Sadie, an elderly pensioner co-worker Leonard,<br />

along with a host of people they meet along the way (one of whom may or may not<br />

be Norman’s dad) travel from Cornwall to Edinburgh to make dreams come true.<br />

Obviously, not much goes according to plan. Massively inspiring, uplifting, wise …<br />

a hugely enjoyable read by Julietta Henderson. Loved it! • More warm-hearted<br />

humour in The Great Escape from Woodlands Nursing Home. . For those<br />

of you who’ve read Joanna Nell’s The Single Ladies of Jacaranda Retirement<br />

Village and The Last Voyage of Mrs Henry Parker, , you’ll know what you’re in<br />

for. And if you’re new to this author, you’re in for a treat. A roller coaster<br />

of fun and laugh-out-loud moments as nearly 90-year-old Hattie Bloom<br />

(retired nature writer and lover of birds) has a fall which lands her in<br />

a nursing home, where she meets fellow ‘inmate’ Walter Clements (a<br />

gregarious would-be comedian) who’s also longing for escape, at The<br />

Night Owls – a clandestine club run by Sister Bronwyn and her dog,<br />

Queenie. Funny meets moving … a delightful, feel-good book that<br />

proves it’s never too late to laugh or to love.<br />

This month we’re keeping things tart with the bittersweet taste of<br />

ruby red grapefruit. Made with grapefruit hand-picked on<br />

the sun-drenched French island of Corsica in the Med,<br />

Pampelle is all citrus peel-fresh, with a touch of herbs,<br />

and makes the most amazing spritzer. Pour two tots<br />

of Pampelle into an icy cold glass, add about 75ml of<br />

Prosecco or sparkling wine, and top with soda water.<br />

Around R399 from your local bottle store.<br />

Compiled by: KYM ARGO<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch 21 Get It Magazine 05

Wish list<br />

Hints of ocean blues and gorgeous scents<br />

Hints of ocean blues and gorgeous scents<br />

We’re<br />

so loving<br />

this chic and<br />

versatile silk<br />

twilly scarf<br />

that can<br />

instantly<br />

spruce up any<br />

look. This one,<br />

inspired by the ocean, can be tied around<br />

your head like an Alice band, twirled around<br />

a bun or ponytail, worn around your neck<br />

like a little tie, added to a bag strap, or<br />

paired with a gold twilly ring to wear as silk<br />

jewellery. R370. Details: wanderland.co.za<br />

Turkish towels. What’s so special about them? Well besides the fact their<br />

compact size and quick drying time make them perfect for the bathroom,<br />

or yoga and Pilates class, you can also use them in so many other ways.<br />

They double up as a shawl, a throw or a blanket, or use them as a picnic<br />

blanket or a baby blanket. A great eco-friendly addition to any home.<br />

R459 from yuppiechef.com<br />

Luxury in a tin<br />

Don’t wait for winter to slather yourself in<br />

body oil. There is nothing worse than dry,<br />

tight, itchy skin, whatever the weather.<br />

This Mies’ Rosy Lemon Bath and Body Oil<br />

is brilliant as a blissful bathtime soak or<br />

can be applied directly to your skin as a<br />

nourishing moisturiser. A 100 per cent natural,<br />

handmade oil blend, with real lemon and<br />

rose, there are no artificial colours, fragrances<br />

or sulphates. Just soft, scented, beautiful skin.<br />

R290. Details: miesetc.com<br />

06 Get It Magazine <strong>Mar</strong>ch 21

A seaside-inspired seafood spoil<br />

Just because you can’t get to the beach, doesn’t mean<br />

you can’t have a sea-style spoil. Well-known foodie<br />

and author of the cookbook West Coast Wander<br />

Georgia East has teamed up with Krone MCC to create<br />

a West Coast seafood dish that seamlessly pairs with<br />

Krone Borealis Cuvée Brut. The saline complexity of<br />

Krone’s Borealis Cuvée Brut makes it the ideal pairing<br />

for the simplest of seafood with notes of green apple,<br />

white blossom and citrus. R165 from selected bottle<br />

stores or kronemcc.com<br />



Serves: 4<br />

You’ll need: 4kg fresh mussels, cleaned; 2–3 shallots,<br />

finely chopped; Olive oil; 2 cloves of garlic, finely<br />

chopped; 250ml Krone Borealis Cuvée Brut;<br />

a handful of samphire, thoroughly rinsed; zest and<br />

juice of a large lemon; fresh fennel fronds, finely<br />

chopped; 500g spaghetti<br />

How to: In a large casserole over medium heat, sauté<br />

the shallots in a little olive oil until soft and golden. Add<br />

the garlic and fry for a minute before deglazing the pot<br />

with the MCC. Add the mussels and the samphire and<br />

steam for 8–10 minutes or until all of the mussels have<br />

opened. Discard any mussels that don’t open.<br />

Set a pot of salted water to boil. Once boiling, pour in a<br />

glug of olive oil and add the pasta. Cook the spaghetti<br />

until al dente. Without removing the pasta from the<br />

pot, drain out the seawater and add the steamed<br />

mussels and samphire. Zest and juice the lemon over<br />

the mussels and scatter over the chopped fennel.<br />

Gently combine the pasta with the mussels and<br />

serve on a heated dish with an extra drizzle of olive<br />

oil over the top.<br />

Visit our website, getitmagazine.co.za/pretoria<br />

for Georgia’s salt-rubbed harders with a wild<br />

greens pesto recipe.<br />

The scent of a rose<br />

Ludwig’s Roses celebrates its 50th anniversary this<br />

month and behind it all is Ludwig Taschner’s love affair<br />

with the rose, and his passion to share its beauty with<br />

as many people as possible. Known to many as South<br />

Africa’s Mr Rose, Ludwig has introduced more than<br />

500 new varieties of roses, including many that he has<br />

bred himself. He has travelled the length and breadth<br />

of the country giving talks, workshops and judging<br />

rose shows. Ludwig’s Roses began in 1971 with a<br />

small start-up rose nursery on the rose farm outside<br />

<strong>Pretoria</strong> and has since grown to five dedicated rose<br />

outlets in Gauteng, the Western and Southern Cape<br />

and KwaZulu-Natal. Join the celebrations at Ludwig’s<br />

Rose Farm, north of <strong>Pretoria</strong> on <strong>Mar</strong>ch 21 and 22 (all<br />

health protocols observed) and collect a free Golden<br />

Anniversary souvenir catalogue from any of Ludwig’s<br />

Roses outlets countrywide. Details: 012 5440144,<br />

info@ludwigsroses.co.za or ludwigsroses.co.za<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch 21 Get It Magazine 07

Talk the talk<br />

As a radio and a television presenter, she talks for a living. And when it comes to sport,<br />

rugby in particular, this beaut can certainly talk the talk and walk the walk.<br />

But when Elma Smit is not on air, she plays with her four rescue cats,<br />

weeds the garden and then rewards her progress with a cold beer.<br />

While she is perhaps best known as<br />

the first lady of rugby, Lady Rugga,<br />

Elma rose to fame as a newsreader, a<br />

radio DJ, a music compiler, a breakfast<br />

TV show host, a music TV presenter,<br />

a features writer for a newspaper,<br />

and a stylist. Quite the line-up. But,<br />

since becoming the first woman to<br />

report on the Rugby World Cup (for<br />

SuperSport in 2011), she’s established<br />

herself as one of the leading women<br />

in South African rugby. And early<br />

mornings, you’ll catch her as the witty<br />

sports anchor on Jacaranda FM’s<br />

Breakfast with <strong>Mar</strong>tin Bester.<br />

Last year Elma also launched her<br />

book Become An Influencer, which<br />

is selling faster than Cheslin Kolbe<br />

can score a try. One thing is for sure,<br />

there is no stopping Elma. She’s just<br />

got the knack of turning her interests<br />

into opportunities. She shares some<br />

interesting titbits about herself you<br />

may not have known.<br />

If she could do any other job, she<br />

would be a florist or run a nursery<br />

I’m an avid gardener. There’s nothing<br />

like spending an afternoon gardening<br />

until the dirt is stuck in my hair, then<br />

celebrating my progress by sipping<br />

on a beer. My husband, Richard is<br />

passionate about manicuring the lawn,<br />

and I'm all about growing veggies<br />

and looking after my roses, clivias<br />

and orchids.<br />

She loves playing golf quite often<br />

I try to work in a round of golf with<br />

Richard every week and sometimes<br />

weekends as well, if I’m not working.<br />

Most recently I played golf at the<br />

beautiful Pecanwood golf course …<br />

Spent loads of quality time in all of the<br />

(many!) bunkers. Golf handicap? Golf is<br />

my handicap, I’m terrible, truly.<br />

She is very much looking forward<br />

to the British and Irish Lions tour to<br />

South Africa in July.<br />

Can. Not. Wait. But … being a huge<br />

sports fan, I love watching cricket, golf,<br />

netball and tennis. At the moment I’m<br />

working on a series about competitive<br />

ice skating like figure skating, and<br />

synchronised and speed skating,<br />

which has opened a whole new world<br />

of winter sports for me.<br />

The biggest highlight of her career was covering the Rugby World Cup and<br />

final in Japan in 2019.<br />

When the Springboks won it was very special because I had been following many<br />

of the players’ careers closely from when they were just juniors. I have, over the<br />

years, interviewed many of them in a variety of different settings and at different<br />

stages of their development. To know what it meant to them, but also people back<br />

home and to be there in person was something I’ll treasure forever.<br />

She and her husband have four<br />

rescue cats<br />

Kermit is 12 years old and likes<br />

to play when his back pain meds<br />

kick in but spends most of his day<br />

sitting in a sunny spot. Frank is a<br />

very lively and quirky three-yearold<br />

that suffers from anxiety (long<br />

story). He loves cuddling with<br />

Tina, his girlfriend. Tina Purrner is<br />

named after the singer because<br />

she is a big ball of beautiful long<br />

hair and an absolute diva. She is<br />

only interested in following Frank<br />

around and curling up with him.<br />

Shirley is fearless, small and a little<br />

squint, and wants all the attention<br />

she can get. She loves to climb<br />

into our guests' cars.<br />

Become An Influencer<br />

(also Word ‘n Influencer<br />

in Afrikaans), R219 from<br />

Takealot.com or from R150,<br />

linktr.ee/elmasmit<br />

Sports commentators Elma looks up<br />

to are the three wise men of cricket –<br />

Harsha Bogle (India), Ian Smith (New<br />

Zealand) and Ian Bishop (Trinidad).<br />

They captivate your imagination as<br />

a viewer and, as colleagues, they<br />

are truly humble, helpful, exemplary<br />

people. I learnt a great deal from them<br />

about the craft of broadcasting sport,<br />

but also about how the truly great<br />

ones are never divas.<br />

08 Get It Magazine <strong>Mar</strong>ch 21

Being an influencer herself, Elma shared the ins and<br />

outs of it in her book, Become an influencer<br />

I was picked by two global governing bodies as the<br />

face of their World Cup (ICC and World Rugby) content<br />

campaigns, in the space of only six months. I generated<br />

more revenue from influencer work in that same period<br />

than from anything else. In Become An Influencer, I spill<br />

the beans on how to build a loyal audience, how to<br />

charge for paid campaigns, and how to avoid running<br />

into a social media meltdown. I interviewed established<br />

mainstream showbiz names like Maps Maponyane and<br />

Liesl Laurie, people like Rachel Kolisi who are often in<br />

hot water for their use of social media, and then creators<br />

who launched their business from their childhood<br />

bedroom - people like Nadia Jaftha, Katinka die Kat<br />

and TikTok superstar Wian Magic (who has a whopping<br />

11 million fans!).<br />

Her five top become-an-influencer tips:<br />

Don't wait for someone to come pluck you from<br />

obscurity and identify what gift you have to<br />

share with the world. Do the work, pick yourself.<br />

You need to decide that you have a worthy<br />

contribution to make before you can make it.<br />

1<br />

2<br />

As I explain in my book, influencers have been<br />

around for ages. They created social media,<br />

not the other way around. If you've been<br />

consuming media (like radio, TV and print<br />

publications) all of your life, you probably already have<br />

the tools to do this, you just don't know it yet.<br />

3Influencers don't have to be young, gorgeous<br />

and share every inch of their lives. There's a<br />

lot more space for you if you don't fit that bill<br />

because there are huge gaps in other audience<br />

segments where people look for content they can<br />

identify with. Only a very narrow slice of the normal<br />

population really identify (and are truly influenced by)<br />

waif-thin models and naturally beautiful actresses.<br />

4<br />

Many influencers build amazing content<br />

communities around interests like keto/Banting/<br />

whatever recipes, gaming reviews or how to<br />

care for house plants – to name just a few.<br />

Whatever interest already takes up most of your spare<br />

time is probably the thing you'd be best at turning into<br />

an influencer business.<br />

5Make content that people find useful and they'll<br />

keep coming back. Build a loyal audience and<br />

you'll have a platform brands want to partner<br />

with. Once brands offer you return business<br />

(because your campaigns are delivering on the goals<br />

set for them) you're a professional influencer.<br />

Details: Follow her on Twitter, @elmakapelma or<br />

Instagram, @elmakapelma.<br />


<strong>Mar</strong>ch 21 Get It Magazine 09

Scrunchie<br />

with bow<br />

in a pretty<br />

Summer<br />

fabric, R59 from<br />

peoniepienk.co.za<br />

HAIR<br />


Beauty-wise, if there’s one thing<br />

lockdown taught us, it’s the<br />

importance of how to manage<br />

our locks. We’re embracing the<br />

undone bob, the grown-out<br />

fringe, and the importance of<br />

exceptional at-home tools,<br />

quality products and glam-it-up<br />

hair accessories.<br />

This Inoar Kálice Oil is loaded with vitamin E and seven precious vegetable<br />

oils. It’s moisturising, nourishing, restorative, antioxidant, softening,<br />

protective, and penetrates and absorbs immediately into the hair. Bonus<br />

… it’s multifunctional, so you can use it on your face and body too. R950<br />

(or R130 for the small 8ml version – great for travelling). • Résistance Lotus<br />

Flower Oil – also with plant ingredients that penetrate deep into the hair<br />

fibre and give back its natural moisture – strengthens, repairs, realigns,<br />

reduces frizz, and, since your hair will be healthier, adds shine. R130 for 7ml.<br />

Inoar products are cruelty-free, vegan and sulphate-free. Details: inoar.co.za<br />

Watch your back. This<br />

rectangular mirror is perfectly<br />

sized to keep on your<br />

dressing table. Not only is it<br />

great for when you’re doing<br />

your make-up, but also to<br />

check the back of your hair –<br />

to admire or fix. R299<br />

from home.co.za<br />

10 Get It Magazine <strong>Mar</strong>ch 21

This resin triangle<br />

hair claw, with a faux-marble<br />

effect, makes it easy to sweep your<br />

hair into a stylish updo. Smooth and glam,<br />

or messy and sexy … depending on your mood.<br />

R99.95 from Woolworths.<br />

Up your everyday hairstyle with eye-catching<br />

accessories. Even a simple ponytail looks the bomb<br />

when you add a scrunchie or a pair of clips. Start<br />

with a dusty pink corduroy scrunchie (we’re so happy<br />

these are back in fashion … so kind to your hair), R48<br />

from peoniepienk.co.za • Two-pack diamanté resin<br />

hair slides – one with chunky resin gems in shades<br />

of palest pink and nudes, the other with encrusted<br />

diamanté, R89.95 for both from Woolworths.<br />

Pretty Kate In <strong>Mar</strong>ble hair barrette,<br />

R42, one of loads of really<br />

lovely options from<br />

peoniepienk.co.za<br />

I don’t want more volume.<br />

Said no one ever!<br />

Which makes the new, volumising<br />

ghd Rise Hot Brush the most<br />

essential item in your beauty<br />

cache. This hot (185°C … the<br />

optimum hairstyling temp) little<br />

number gives two times more<br />

volume, and has the technology<br />

to adapt the power based on the<br />

speed of your styling, and has<br />

smooth-touch nylon bristles that<br />

are optimised to ensure close<br />

contact so you can lift hair from<br />

the roots, glide smoothly through<br />

the length with no tangles. Shape.<br />

Body. Fullness. And a high-volume<br />

crown worthy of a queen! R2900<br />

from salons and ghd.com<br />

Compiled by: KYM ARGO<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch 21 Get It Magazine 11

Indulge in spa<br />

spoils ... at home<br />

We’ve put together a few home spa remedies that won’t break the bank<br />

and are super easy to make – even the kids can get involved!<br />

Not only do they soothe and pamper from head to toe, but they<br />

make the perfect gift for that friend who really needs a pick-me-up.<br />

12 Get It Magazine <strong>Mar</strong>ch 21<br />

Bath bomb<br />

Whisk together 100 grams bicarbonate of soda,<br />

50 grams citric acid, 25 grams cornflour and 25 grams<br />

Epsom salt. In a separate bowl, mix 2 tablespoons of<br />

sunflower or canola oil with a few drops of essential oil<br />

and a few drops of liquid food colouring. Stir well. Slowly<br />

add the oil into the dry mixture, whisking constantly. As<br />

soon as all the oil is in, add a few drops of water and whisk.<br />

It will fizz a bit, so stir quickly. The mixture must clump<br />

together when held in your hand, and not be too wet. Add<br />

a sprinkling of dried lavender or rose petals to the bottom<br />

of the mould (optional). Pack your mixture into a mould<br />

– you can use empty dessert or yoghurt cups, Easter egg<br />

packaging, silicone ice trays, cupcake bases, biscuit cutters<br />

and so on. Leave to dry in the mould for about 4 hours, and<br />

carefully remove, ready to drop into a heavenly hot bath.

Rosemary hair rinse<br />

From the glorious shores of the<br />

Mediterranean, rosemary is a<br />

versatile herb that is especially<br />

beneficial for creating healthy,<br />

shiny hair. It helps to prevent<br />

thinning, stimulates hair follicles,<br />

rinses out hair product residue,<br />

relieves an itchy, dry scalp and,<br />

used regularly, helps to blend<br />

in greys. To make a luxurious<br />

rosemary hair rinse, bring 2 cups of<br />

water to the boil, reduce the heat<br />

and add two generous sprigs of<br />

rosemary. Simmer for 10 minutes<br />

with the lid on, turn off the heat<br />

and leave to cool. Remove the<br />

sprigs. Pour over washed and<br />

rinsed hair, massaging into the<br />

scalp and through to the ends.<br />

Foot scrub<br />

Mix 1½ cups of fine sea salt, ¼ cup of Epsom salt and<br />

¼ cup of bicarb with 6 tablespoons of coconut oil and<br />

2 tablespoons of avocado oil. Add 10 drops of lavender<br />

essential oil and 5 drops of peppermint or citrus essential<br />

oil and mix well. Scoop into a jar and seal until your next<br />

foot scrub. This recipe works like a charm on dead skin<br />

and is especially good for cracked heels.<br />

Body moisturiser<br />

To make a creamy, moisturising lotion, all you need is<br />

a base cream (we used aqueous) and oil, base oil and<br />

essential oils. Add ½ cup of aqueous cream into a glass<br />

jar and stir in 1 tablespoon each of apricot and avocado<br />

oil, then add 10 to 15 drops of essential oils of your<br />

choice (citrus, peppermint, lavender and chamomile all<br />

work well and smell heavenly), mixing well until the oil<br />

and cream are well blended. Seal the jar and use within<br />

2 weeks.<br />

Aromatic room spritzer<br />

Pour one cup of distilled water into a spray bottle, and<br />

add 10 to 15 drops of essential oil (lavender and vanilla<br />

are lovely), 1 teaspoon of salt, and 1 tablespoon of base<br />

spirit such as vodka. Put the lid on and shake well to mix.<br />

This aromatic spritzer will bring a fresh and lovely scent<br />

to any room, but remember to shake the bottle<br />

well before each use to ensure the components are<br />

thoroughly blended.<br />


<strong>Mar</strong>ch 21 Get It Magazine 13

The Sweet Life<br />

Never trust a skinny chef.<br />

Right? Wrong! Tall and<br />

lean, pastry chef Hendrik<br />

Pretorius loves to create<br />

(and taste) the most<br />

swoon-worthy pastries<br />

… ones that leave people<br />

coming back for more. So<br />

we can’t wait for The Sweet<br />

Life, the recipe book he’s<br />

busy writing.<br />

If you wander down Rua Braamcamp<br />

in Lisbon, Portugal, you’ll find one of<br />

the best coffee and pastry shops –<br />

Simpli. They are best known for their<br />

freshly roasted coffee, bread and cakes<br />

that are made on the premises several<br />

times a day.<br />

And if you sneak into Simpli’s small<br />

kitchen, you will most definitely bump<br />

into a smiling Hendrik Pretorius,<br />

elbow deep in mixing bowls, creating<br />

delectable treats for the customers.<br />

After graduating, Hendrik’s pastry<br />

journey took him to Kievits Kroon<br />

Country Estate. But this lad had bigger<br />

(international) dreams. And he made<br />

it happen … working his magic in the<br />

pastry section of a Japanese concept<br />

restaurant called Kyo Café and Lounge<br />

in Dubai. Months later he moved<br />

to the Renaissance Hotel and the<br />

Morimoto Restaurant. Hendrik surely<br />

made a name for himself, and not too<br />

long after he was offered the job as a<br />

pastry chef at Simpli.<br />

You’d be surprised to know that<br />

Hendrik originally wanted to become<br />

a technician because of his interest in<br />

aeroplanes and cars (by the way, he is a<br />

huge Grand Prix fan!). Yet the two most<br />

important women in his life influenced<br />

his love for all things baking.<br />

14 Get It Magazine <strong>Mar</strong>ch 21<br />

‘My grandmother was the best cook,<br />

I have so many fond memories of her<br />

whipping up the most sumptuous<br />

desserts. Of course, her malva pudding<br />

was the best … I’ve made it so many<br />

times from her recipe book and it is<br />

that recipe that got me into the whole<br />

baking thing. Even though she is not<br />

with us anymore, the lasting legacy it<br />

leaves and the happy dessert eaters<br />

who have tried this malva recipe<br />

are priceless.<br />

‘My late mother, on the other hand<br />

used to own a cookie/biscuit shop<br />

called Biscuit King when I was very<br />

young, so I was exposed to baking<br />

growing up.’<br />

Hendrik is currently busy writing<br />

a book called The Sweet Life. It will<br />

not be a normal recipe book, but a<br />

combination of recipes – some his<br />

own, some shared – each with their<br />

own story.<br />

‘Each recipe has a meaning and has<br />

somehow been part of my sweet<br />

journey. Like Anzac cookies – I

discovered these heavenly biscuits in<br />

an Australian coffee shop. I tweaked<br />

the recipe and added a sweet touch<br />

for Simpli, and it became an instant<br />

favourite. Carolina’s Brigadeiros (a<br />

type of fudge ball) has a story from<br />

my Capsicum Culinary Studio days<br />

right up to becoming one of the bestselling<br />

sweets in Lisbon. Soy S’more<br />

Tart, is a great dessert I have given an<br />

Asian touch with soy sauce, with the<br />

inspiration coming from working in<br />

Japanese restaurants. Lisa’s vintage<br />

Texas Bundt Cake was the recipe of a<br />

good friend's grandmother. He shared<br />

the recipe and I baked the cake.’<br />

Although thousands of kilometres<br />

away, Hendrik remains proudly South<br />

African and has introduced the<br />

Portuguese to milk tart. And next up<br />

is vetkoek! Needless to say, just like<br />

all his other treats, the milk tart is a<br />

huge winner. Even tourists visiting<br />

Simpli have fallen in love with this<br />

legendary melktert.<br />

‘Even when homesickness hits me hard,<br />

I make milk tart … and bobotie. These<br />

smells take me back to family Sundays,<br />

happiness, laughter and good food. So,<br />

then I do a video call with family and it<br />

feels like I’m right there with them.’<br />

But returning home is not yet on the<br />

cards for Hendrik. He dreams to travel<br />

the world promoting his book, try the<br />

local cuisines and sweet treats of each<br />

country he visits, and get as much food<br />

experience as possible.<br />

‘Once I’m done with The Sweet Life,<br />

I would like to bring out a second<br />

book on pairing speciality coffee with<br />

desserts and pastries. I also want to<br />

have my own boutique shop where I<br />

can showcase all my pastries, and have<br />

a studio kitchen to teach recipes from<br />

my book. And one day, be the owner of<br />

a cookie shop which will offer only the<br />

finest biscuits and cookies … just like<br />

my mom had.’’<br />

The best advice Hendrik ever received?<br />

‘Chef Gregory Goulot, who I met in<br />

Dubai, once told me: Make sure the<br />

dessert is spectacular because it is the<br />

last impression the guest leaves the<br />

restaurant with.’<br />

And we’re sure, it is not only Hendrik’s<br />

creations but his warm and positive<br />

personality that leave a lasting<br />

impression on those who cross his<br />

culinary path.<br />

Hendrik’s utterly indulgent<br />

chocolate fondant (gluten-free) recipe<br />

Serves 8<br />

Matcha ganache:<br />

You’ll need:<br />

200g white chocolate; 90g cream; 5g matcha powder; 20g butter<br />

How to:<br />

Mix the matcha with a little bit of cold cream into a paste and set aside.<br />

Place the rest of the cream into a saucepan and heat. When it is about<br />

to boil, take off the heat and pour the hot cream onto the matcha paste<br />

mixing rapidly until the mixture is smooth. Meanwhile, heat the white<br />

chocolate in a stainless mixing bowl over a pot of simmering water,<br />

stirring continuously until the chocolate is completely melted. Remove<br />

from the heat instantly, carefully pour the hot cream and matcha<br />

mixture over the melted chocolate and mix until smooth in texture.<br />

Let the mixture cool down for about 10 minutes (or when it reaches<br />

45°C) and then, using a whisk or hand blender, mix it until it is a smooth<br />

ganache.<br />

Set aside to cool slightly and then pour the matcha ganache into small<br />

prepared silicone moulds or ice cube trays. When the matcha has<br />

completely cooled, freeze it for at least two hours until set or preferably<br />

leave overnight.<br />

When set, remove from the moulds and roll into balls (you will not need<br />

all of the ganache for this recipe and the remainder can be stored in the<br />

freezer for up to three months).<br />

Chocolate fondant:<br />

You’ll need:<br />

220g butter; 250g 66 per cent dark chocolate; 5 large eggs; 4 egg yolks;<br />

70g sugar; 30g cornflour<br />

How to:<br />

Grease the insides of 8 ring moulds (6cm x 5cm deep) with softened<br />

butter. Dust the inside of the moulds with a little cocoa powder,<br />

shaking off any excess, so the fondant doesn't stick. Place the prepared<br />

ring moulds onto a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper.<br />

Melt the chocolate and butter in a heatproof bowl set over a pan of<br />

simmering water (do not allow the base of the bowl to touch the<br />

water). Place the eggs and egg yolks into a bowl and whisk together<br />

until pale and fluffy. Sift in the cornflour and then whisk the melted<br />

chocolate and butter mixture into the egg mixture until well combined.<br />

Using a ladle, fill each of the prepared ring moulds with the chocolate<br />

fondant until three-quarters full.<br />

Add one piece of frozen matcha ganache to the centre of each ring<br />

mould and press down so that it is nestled halfway down the mould.<br />

Gently push the chocolate fondant mixture over the matcha ganache<br />

to cover it completely.<br />

Chill the chocolate fondants in the fridge for at least 30 minutes and up<br />

to 24 hours. When the chocolate fondants are chilled, preheat the oven<br />

to 180°C and bake for eight minutes or until they have risen.<br />

The fondants are ready when you shake each one gently and only the<br />

middle moves a little. Remove from the oven and using a sharp knife<br />

gently loosen around the inside edge of each mould.<br />

Carefully invert each fondant onto a serving plate and serve<br />

immediately with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream with almond<br />

crumble and fresh fruit.<br />


<strong>Mar</strong>ch 21 Get It Magazine 15


Full of delicious<br />

flavour<br />

B-well mayo will leave your<br />

taste buds begging for more!<br />

Cake. Could there be any better way to start the<br />

month? Then try this creamy, moist, chocolate cake<br />

that’s made with … drumroll … mayonnaise!<br />

Mayo chocolate cake<br />

For a sexy and sweet chocolate cake like none other.<br />

A low-fat, refined-sugar free and vegan cake. No eggs,<br />

no oil, no gluten. None of the guilt, all of the pleasure.<br />

You’ll need: 1 cup B-well Reduced Oil Mayo; 2 cups<br />

All-purpose/ cake flour (gluten-free or standard);<br />

½ cup coconut nectar sugar; ½ cup cocoa (can be<br />

replaced with raw cacao for a natural superfood<br />

stimulant boost); ½ cup maple syrup/ honey; 1 cup<br />

hot water; 1 tsp instant coffee; 1 tsp vanilla essence;<br />

2 tsp bicarb of soda; ½ tsp salt; ½ cup dark chocolate<br />

chips (vegan)<br />

How to: Preheat the oven to 180°C. Whisk together<br />

the flour, sugar, cocoa, bicarb of soda and salt till<br />

well-blended.<br />

Dissolve the instant coffee in the cup of hot water.<br />

In a separate bowl, combine the B-WELL Reduced Oil<br />

Mayo, vanilla, honey and coffee.<br />

Add wet mixture to dry mixture and beat well.<br />

Add half the chocolate chips and lightly fold into<br />

the mixture.<br />

Pour the mixture into a greased cake tin and bake for<br />

30-35 mins, or until a toothpick comes out clean.<br />

Scatter the remaining chocolate-chips over, allow to<br />

melt. Run a spatula over to spread.<br />

Serve with fresh berries or your favourite cup of tea.<br />

Mayonnaise is a staple in virtually every<br />

household’s kitchen. South Africans love B-well<br />

mayo and here’s why …<br />

1. A plant-based mayo, free of eggs and dairy<br />

2. Does not contain any genetically<br />

modified ingredients<br />

3. Canola based mayo which makes it high<br />

in Omega 3<br />

4. A mayo that’s healthy for you and your family<br />

The flavour you love, but healthy. This deliciously rich and savoury, thick and creamy mayo is ideal<br />

for use in sauces, burgers and even chocolate cake. Locally made with lots of love, and NO eggs,<br />

gluten or dairy. Details: bwellfoods.co.za or follow them on Facebook and Instagram, @bwellfoods.


A Wagyu rump or a maki roll? We’ll have both, please.<br />

There’s a new dining option in town … and it’s swiftly<br />

become our go-to option when we feel like dining out.<br />

Why? Well, the menu’s extensive and appealing, the space<br />

attractive, and when head chef Jamie Sutherland, who has<br />

close to four decades of experience under his toque,<br />

promises ‘passion on a plate and a memorable eating<br />

experience’, he delivers.<br />

Space-wise, The Grillroom & Sushi Bar in Brooklyn offers<br />

three dining areas (hello social distancing) … indoors<br />

there’s a ground and upper level – an upmarket grill room<br />

vibe, all high ceilings and loads of natural light, as well as a<br />

wonderful outdoor covered patio … our top choice when<br />

the weather’s being kind. If you arrive early, there’s a really<br />

welcoming lounge area where you can sip on pre-dinner<br />

drinks while waiting for your tardy friends.<br />

On to our steak and sushi. It’s a thrill-a-minute for meat<br />

lovers … with the Wagyu beef and the 41-day dry-aged<br />

Jersey beef topping the must-order list, while sushi fans<br />

aren’t left wanting … fresh (obviously) nigiri and sashimi<br />

hit the taste-bud spot.<br />

No less impressive are dishes like the ever-popular T-bone,<br />

crispy (and we mean crispy!) pork belly, and the lemon and<br />

thyme roasted spatchcock chicken.<br />

Loads of options for meat-free Monday (healthy salads and<br />

creamy risottos), for pescatarians (the soya-infused salmon’s<br />

worth trying), and for those who need a sweet ending (a<br />

slice of lemon meringue, anyone?).<br />

Now you can order wine … now you can’t! If you visit when<br />

there’s no alcohol ban (fingers crossed all that’s now over),<br />

you should visit the wine room … designed around a mural<br />

of the winelands, it gives the impression you’re in a private<br />

tasting room in the heart of the Cape Winelands. Cheers to<br />

that.<br />

The Grillroom & Sushi Bar’s cleverly designed so it works<br />

equally well for a quick business lunch (get that deal signed),<br />

sundowner drinks (get that date off to a good start), a<br />

relaxed family meal (treat the teens), or a sophisticated<br />

dinner (impress the hell out of your friends).<br />

Exceptionally good food, decent portion size (always a<br />

plus … our SA men have hearty appetites) and a swanky<br />

atmosphere … we’d be surprised if you left this new spot<br />

less than impressed.<br />

Details: 570 Fehrsen Street, Brooklyn. Open Tuesday to Saturday<br />

11am to 10pm and Sunday 11am to 5pm. Closed Mondays.<br />

Phone 012-030-0013 or go to thegrillroomandsushibar.co.za<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch 21 Get It Magazine 17




Everywhere you turn, teachers and parents are talking about coding and robotics.<br />

These two buzzwords go hand in hand, and they’re becoming a vital part of your child’s future.<br />

Nothing keeps you from encouraging your child from an early<br />

age to start learning the basics of coding. You don’t even need<br />

to be tech-savvy, the easiest way is to download some apps<br />

to their phones which will use games to kick off the coding<br />

thought processes.<br />

Coding will become a fundamental digital skill which our<br />

children will need to be literate in much the same way we<br />

prepare them with language, numeracy and physical skills.<br />

Coding is no longer a skill just reserved for scientists, engineers<br />

and IT geeks. Becoming competent in the language of coding<br />

has many advantages, make sure your child isn’t left behind!<br />

brilliant benefits about<br />

coding and robotics:<br />

1. They develop creative and critical thinking skills.<br />

2. Programming is the future. It develops high-tech<br />

learners for high-tech careers. As the workforce<br />

10<br />

demands increase and improve, the growth of hightech<br />

skills must be developed.<br />

3. They provide a fun and interactive way to bring<br />

STEM (science, technology, engineering and<br />

mathematics) to life.<br />

4. Coding skills are in high demand. These skills<br />

develop negotiation and reasoning skills.<br />

5. Programming helps children to learn to<br />

problem-solve.<br />

6. They develop resilience and the ability to bounce<br />

back after making a mistake, to try again after failure<br />

while working towards a goal or target.<br />

7. They teach children to think logically,<br />

taking mathematical and scientific contexts<br />

into consideration.<br />

8. Robotics technology is suitable for children with a<br />

range of abilities. It is learner-orientated and provides<br />

each learner with the opportunity to develop their<br />

skills at their own pace.<br />

9. They instil collaboration and social skills.<br />

10. They create an environment for children to<br />

develop logical sequencing skills and take leadership<br />

in directing the flow of a project.<br />

Details: Southdowns College on 012-665-0244 or<br />


We’re all about natural, but sometimes<br />

we let a little faux flow. Be it when<br />

your fingers aren’t as green as<br />

you’d like, that you need a touch<br />

no-maintenance prettiness in a dark<br />

corner where nothing will grow, or<br />

you want tulips on your desk all year<br />

round … faux’s the way to go. And<br />

when you find flowers and plants as<br />

realistic as these from Biggie Best …<br />

win, win. This latest range of lovely<br />

botanicals from olive trees to<br />

orchids, pincushions to alliums,<br />

bougainvillea to proteas, get our firm<br />

nod of approval. You’ll find them<br />

online at volpes.co.za<br />

Compiled by: KYM ARGO<br />

Bloom<br />

20 Get It Magazine <strong>Mar</strong>ch 21

For quiet evenings or slow weekends, a puzzle’s a<br />

great way to wind down. We love this Cultivated 1000<br />

piece puzzle, drawn from the stunning debut book<br />

by celebrated floral designer, writer, and photographer<br />

Christin Geall, which captures her floral style in a<br />

rich, detailed puzzle. Hours and hours of blooming<br />

gorgeous fun. R363 from Exclusive Books.<br />

How clever is this?<br />

For those of us who<br />

struggle to construct a<br />

perfect arrangement, this<br />

Vase Buddy is a silicone,<br />

flexible grid, that stretches<br />

over the rim of your vase,<br />

holding flowers in place.<br />

It’s reusable, washable,<br />

and fits vases between<br />

12 and 20cm. Buy online for<br />

R140 from vasebuddy.com<br />

We’re massive Cape Island fans<br />

… and although we wouldn’t<br />

sniff at any one of the six scented<br />

fragrances, our firm favourite, up<br />

until now, has been Clifton Beach<br />

– think sun-warmed coconut,<br />

opulent tolu balsam and a zest of<br />

lime. But we’ve just had a heady<br />

whiff of the new scent … and<br />

it’s completely swept us off our<br />

feet. Wild Coast – in its luscious<br />

raspberry pink packaging – is all<br />

elegant iris, enticing black currant<br />

and wild jasmine along with<br />

rich praline and patchouli. This<br />

newest scent is in the mini and<br />

classic medium candle so far – as<br />

well as a rather desirable Wild<br />

Coast Scented Candle Ornament,<br />

which has a mini candle inside<br />

and makes for a gorgeous<br />

inexpensive gift. R195 to R320.<br />

Details: capeisland.co.za<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch 21 Get It Magazine 21

<strong>2021</strong><br />

Granny chic. Natural materials. Quiet spaces.<br />


Yellow hues and<br />

granny prints … two<br />

trends in one!<br />

Grandmillennial<br />

We’re rather enjoying the revival of ‘Granny<br />

Chic’. An ode to old school, it’s the revival of<br />

furniture you no doubt would find in your<br />

grandparents’ home. And the reason it’s<br />

so popular? It evokes feelings of comfort,<br />

nostalgia and tradition … exactly what we<br />

long for in turbulent, uncertain times. It’s easy<br />

to recreate in your bedroom … all you need is<br />

a massive, soft quilt in a soft colour and pretty<br />

pattern. Granny prints are also used to great<br />

effect in the lounge … combine a floral print<br />

with a few modern pieces and add (dare we<br />

say clutter) keepsakes, sculptures, artwork and<br />

pottery from your life and travels. Rugs, mirrors,<br />

scatters (new or nicked from gran) add to the<br />

warmth of the room.<br />

Hello yellow<br />

Pantone recently announced two colours as their shades of the year<br />

… and we’re all over Illuminating – a zingy yellow that’s warm and<br />

optimistic. They added Ultimate Grey, describing it as a practical and<br />

solid combination, giving us resilience and hope for the year ahead.<br />

If you prefer a more neutral palette, Dulux Colour of the Year is Brave<br />

Ground – a warm, natural neutral … a nurturing and balancing colour. It’s<br />

versatile, so mixes well with other shades … think relaxing off-white, bold<br />

pinks and reds, and strong blues and greens.<br />

Talking green … look out for sage green, which promises to make<br />

another appearance this year – a lovely restorative, natural colour that<br />

goes with absolutely everything.<br />

And for those who aren’t afraid of colour … there’ll be pops of mulberry<br />

tones and warm reds combined with patterns and prints that evoke<br />

happiness and cheerfulness, as well as ocean blues, from deep inky tones<br />

through to soft aquas and teals … the perfect colours to create a tranquil<br />

and peaceful home.<br />

22 Get It Magazine <strong>Mar</strong>ch 21

Natural. Ethical.<br />

Sustainable<br />

Sustainability is the <strong>2021</strong> buzzword<br />

and there’s is a huge focus on<br />

products that will not only last<br />

longer, but will also not harm the<br />

environment. As we become more<br />

aware of this, the demand for more<br />

natural and recycled textiles grows.<br />

Look out for 100 per cent cotton<br />

linen – pure, natural, breathable, and<br />

it keeps you cool in Summer and<br />

warm in Winter. Although it’s not<br />

the most inexpensive option, it lasts<br />

almost twice as long as cheaper manmade<br />

alternatives, so you won’t need<br />

to replace it as frequently. Cotton<br />

is naturally hypoallergenic, so has<br />

limited association with any allergies,<br />

and really, could there be anything<br />

better than climbing into bed with<br />

fresh, clean, cotton sheets?<br />

Bring nature indoors<br />

This isn’t a new trend, but gosh is it<br />

growing … faster than an invasive<br />

weed. All things garden-related are<br />

desirable … from vertical gardens and<br />

indoor gardening to botanical prints<br />

(in natural wooden frames, please).<br />

That granny floral fabric will come into<br />

its own, as will faux botanicals, which<br />

add colour and interest and require<br />

no watering. Bonus!<br />

Support local<br />

The call to support local started last<br />

year and is growing in leaps and<br />

bounds. As it should. So continuing<br />

this year is the trend of seeking out<br />

local brands that are proudly South<br />

African and have a nod to heritage<br />

in everything they do. Be it fabrics,<br />

upholstery or soft furnishings, or<br />

accessories and art, make sure to<br />

choose brands that manufacture<br />

items locally and support<br />

local communities.<br />

Our home trend tips come from the<br />

Volpes and Biggie Best teams, two<br />

much-loved local SA brands. For more<br />

ideas, inspiration and great decor buys,<br />

visit volpes.co.za, where you’ll also find<br />

the Biggie Best collection.<br />

Fluffy towels. Candles.<br />

A quiet space for after<br />

work de-stress time.<br />

Crisp, clean 100 per cent<br />

cotton linen … natural,<br />

ethical and sustainable.<br />

Mindfulness and wellness<br />

The principles of wellness start with our own personal spaces and there are<br />

simple ways to use home decor to inspire mindfulness in everyday life. By<br />

creating quiet places and peaceful sanctuaries throughout your home, you can<br />

be fully engaged and present in the moment. Use every little nook and cranny in<br />

your house to create different zones – for reading, relaxing or simply retreating.<br />

A comfy chair, a good reading lamp and a side table for a teacup will turn a<br />

boring corner into a much-used quiet space. A gorgeous spa-at-home bathroom<br />

is the ultimate space to unwind after a long day … all you need are some<br />

oversized, luxuriously soft towels, a few scented candles and a dimmer switch.<br />

A glass of bubbles wouldn’t go amiss!<br />

Compiled by: KYM ARGO<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch 21 Get It Magazine 23

We love a<br />

Moleskin notebook as<br />

much as the next person, but<br />

call back the (schooldays) past with a pile<br />

of these Croxley black notebooks with red<br />

binding. They’re retro stylish, and R19 each.<br />

Bargain. If you have to be fancy, get the<br />

wiro version, for R77 from waltons.co.za<br />

Don’t work overtime! Keep<br />

on schedule with this<br />

gold and black wall clock,<br />

R299 from Woolworths.<br />

And don’t waste time,<br />

either, by running off to<br />

the kitchen every five<br />

minutes for something to<br />

drink. Instead, keep this<br />

matt black stainless steel<br />

flask on your desk, with<br />

chilled water for essential<br />

hydration (no fuzzy brain<br />

allowed). R279 from<br />

woolworths.co.za<br />

Desk organisers from the new home<br />

office range at Woolworths. Stylish<br />

matt black or glam gold. R229 each<br />

from woolworths.co.za<br />

Pens and pencils,<br />

bits and bobs<br />

… keep all your<br />

home office<br />

stationery in this<br />

stylish glass and<br />

metal holder. R149<br />

from home.co.za<br />


WFH<br />

A desk<br />

lamp’s an<br />

essential. This<br />

black, modern<br />

industrial utility<br />

lamp is a<br />

stylish option.<br />

R499 from<br />

home.co.za<br />

It doesn’t matter if it’s an entire study<br />

or just a corner of a room set aside, if<br />

you have to work from home, make<br />

sure you do so stylishly.<br />

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www.carpetdecor.co.za<br />



www.carpetdecor.co.za<br />





CARPET<br />

TILES<br />

WOODEN<br />


WOOD<br />

VINYL<br />

PLANKS<br />


TILES<br />

LUXURY<br />

BLINDS &<br />



GRASS<br />

DECOR<br />


GAUTENG: JOHANNESBURG 011 830 0345, PRETORIA 012 325 1556, FOURWAYS 011 465 1017, WEST RAND 011 953 1256<br />

EAST RAND 011 362 1474, KRAMERVILLE 010 492 4681 MPUMALANGA: NELSPRUIT 013 753 2477, TRICHARDT 017 638 0620<br />

LIMPOPO: POLOKWANE 015 292 2219, BELA BELA 014 736 2106 WESTERN CAPE: CAPE TOWN 021 200 2522<br />

MPUMALANGA: TRICHARDT 017 638 0620, NELSPRUIT 013 753 2477<br />





We offer expert advice and service that<br />

will not break the bank.<br />

Visit us for all your jewellery<br />

related needs.<br />

We can assist with:<br />

Manufacturing and jewellery repairs<br />

Watch and battery sales and repairs<br />

Valuation certificates<br />

Shop 7 Monument Park Shopping Centre<br />

73 Skilpad Road, Monument Park, <strong>Pretoria</strong><br />

012 345 3643<br />

082 490 1519




INSTAGRAM @getitptamagazine<br />

FACEBOOK @getitpretoria<br />

WEBSITE getitmagazine.co.za/pretoria<br />

Hands on Frail Care<br />

and Assisted Living<br />

Situated within the prestigious Upper Waterkloof Retirement Village, this clinic<br />

offers round the clock security and access control. Our double story clinic offers<br />

luxury private rooms, shared rooms and two lady wards with an en-suite. Single<br />

rooms may be personalised with your own personal belongings, or alternatively,<br />

you can make use of our standard furniture.<br />

AD Care Waterkloof Frail Care Clinic is close to the Kloof Mediclinic and<br />

Groenkloof Life Hospital with on-call ambulance services available 24 hours per<br />

day.<br />

Services include: 24 hour Nursing Care, Medication management, all meals,<br />

general hygiene, hand, foot and nail care, daily laundry and housekeeping services<br />

7 days a week.<br />

On call Doctor, Ambulance services, therapists and wound<br />

care sisters at additional charge.<br />

Our main focus is to provide a value-added service<br />

to our clients in the following fields:<br />

Alzheimer’s & Dementia<br />

Stroke Patients<br />

Parkinsons disease<br />

Frail Care for elderly patients<br />

173 Regulus Drive<br />

Waterkloof Ridge<br />

liesl@adcarewaterkloof.co.za<br />

071 689 7308<br />

074 034 2179 / 084 201 4741<br />

www.adcarewaterkloof.co.za<br />

Would you like to...<br />

be your own boss?<br />

Start part-time or full-time.<br />

If you are a hard worker with a<br />

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between R3 000 and<br />

eventually build up to R30 000<br />

plus per month, plus you<br />

could also qualify for overseas<br />

travel, a new car and a share<br />

of the company profits.<br />

Call me now<br />

so I can tell you how!<br />

082 824 0073<br />

We specialize in:<br />

• Microblading<br />

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Makeup & Hairstyling<br />

FOR<br />

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• Bridal<br />

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• Maternity<br />

• Model portraits<br />

• TV & Advertorial<br />

• One-on-one makeup<br />

teaching classes<br />

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Stockist of:<br />

• MUD Makeup<br />

• Smink<br />

• Zel-Zel magnetic lashes<br />

Elaine 082 885 3577<br />

Antoinette 073 681 9516<br />

Studio opposite Keywest<br />

Unit 5 Parkland Building<br />

EA Academy Westrand<br />

EA<br />



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Petzone by West Pack Express Lynnwood Lane<br />

Lynnwood Lane Retail Park, Cnr. Lynnwood & Highway road,<br />

Equestria, <strong>Pretoria</strong> | 010 005 0016<br />

Visit www.petzone.co.za for more<br />


Kolonnade Retail Park,<br />

Near Westpack Lifestyle


19 NEW<br />


P I Z Z A S<br />



- Blue cheese<br />

- Jalapeno<br />

- Game Salami


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Island style<br />

Compiled by: KYM ARGO<br />

Hands up if you’ve been dreaming about<br />

escaping to an island. A lounger under a<br />

palm tree. A fancy cocktail. A dip in the<br />

ocean when the sun gets too hot.<br />

Sounds blissful, right? But what if you want<br />

to do more than laze in the sun. Then you<br />

go to the Maldives, where there’s so much<br />

to do, it’s a wonder anyone has time to sit<br />

on the beach!<br />

Made up of more than 1 000 tiny islands,<br />

with an impressive collection of resorts to<br />

choose from, each with its own personality<br />

and surrounded by a private beach,<br />

and each with an amazing variety of<br />

activities, water sports, dining options and<br />

experiences … think spectacular seaplane<br />

flights to take in the beauty from above,<br />

or scuba diving and getting up close and<br />

personal with creatures of the deep.<br />

Magical, marvellous Maldives.<br />

So much more than palm trees and<br />

cocktails. And you could win our<br />

trip and experience it yourself.<br />

32 Get It Magazine <strong>Mar</strong>ch 21

Which resort?<br />

While all rather stylish, they’re also<br />

very chilled. Even in the five-star spots,<br />

enjoying a glass of champagne with<br />

your toes in the sand isn’t merely<br />

acceptable, it’s essential.<br />

Looking for a romantic escape for two,<br />

or something for the whole family?<br />

Resorts like Dhigali and Finolhu don’t<br />

cut any corners on luxury, but also<br />

have amazing kids’ clubs and plenty of<br />

activities that are perfect for bonding<br />

and quality time.<br />

You can opt for the tranquil route<br />

at one of the world-renowned<br />

Cinnamon resorts, or go wild …<br />

the Hard Rock Hotel Maldives is all<br />

vibrant nightlife, shopping, and live<br />

entertainment, and where you’ll find<br />

the fantastic marine discovery centre.<br />

If there’s an activity you have your<br />

heart set on, do a little investigation<br />

before you book … there’s snorkelling<br />

with whale sharks at Radisson Blu,<br />

sleeping in a Stargazer Bubble room<br />

under the night sky at Finolhu, and<br />

an underwater fine dining restaurant<br />

and nightclub at Niyama, where<br />

there’s also a brilliant spa.<br />

Overwater, garden, beach?<br />

We’ve all seen photos of idyllic villas<br />

on stilts, hovering over the sparkling<br />

ocean, and this is where they became<br />

famous. Every Maldives resort has a<br />

great selection of water villas, and<br />

there’s nothing quite like it.<br />

You can also opt to stay a few steps<br />

from the shoreline, or surrounded<br />

by lush gardens where kids can<br />

run around and play to their<br />

hearts’ content.<br />

If you’re travelling with a larger group<br />

of friends or family, you should opt for<br />

a celebrity-style suite villa with two or<br />

three bedrooms, sweeping sun decks,<br />

and swanky living areas!<br />

You’ll feel the freedom of fresh air<br />

and open spaces wherever you stay,<br />

but some take it to another level.<br />

At Radisson Blu, for example, the<br />

smallest room is 220 square metres.<br />

It’s all very romantic … many villas<br />

have spa baths or private plunge<br />

pools, some have outdoor showers,<br />

others are built for maximum privacy.<br />

(Top tip: if privacy is high up on<br />

your wish list, book a villa at the end<br />

of a jetty.)<br />

So much to do, so little time<br />

Snorkelling is a firm favourite, and<br />

these waters are home to some of the<br />

world’s most diverse sealife.<br />

Jet skis, kayaks with glass floors so<br />

you can watch the world swim by,<br />

parasailing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding<br />

… each resort has its own great<br />

selection of water sports. (Top tip:<br />

Most all-inclusive deals available<br />

through Priority Escapes include<br />

non-motorised water sports, so you<br />

can dive right in any time.)<br />

Scuba diving in the Maldives is<br />

legendary. Many resorts offer diving<br />

equipment and excursions, and some<br />

provide certified training courses.<br />

All sorts of excursions are available,<br />

along with island favourites such as<br />

sunset cruises and deep-sea fishing.<br />

If you’re comfier on solid ground,<br />

there are fitness centres, beach sports<br />

and games centres, and exceptional<br />

spa centres.<br />

Eat, drink and be merry<br />

Resorts tend to have a main<br />

restaurant where there are seemingly<br />

endless breakfast, lunch and dinner<br />

spreads. The quality is superb, and<br />

there’s so much variety it’s impossible<br />

to try everything (no, that’s not a<br />

challenge!).<br />

But be sure to try the other speciality<br />

bars and restaurants too. From<br />

gourmet, Michelin-starred creations<br />

to zingy street-food-style snack bars,<br />

from private beach dinners under<br />

the stars to glorious ice creams and<br />

colourful cocktails on the beach, the<br />

Maldives is a feast.<br />

You’ll also find impressive wine cellars,<br />

and select suites even have their own<br />

wine bar – Finolhu’s Rockstar Villa has<br />

a wine bar that needs to be seen to<br />

be believed!<br />

The dreaded C-word<br />

We’re a little tired of talking about<br />

Covid-19, but needs must. The<br />

Maldives government has taken steps<br />

to ensure the safety of visitors. While<br />

you don’t need to wear a mask on the<br />

beach or at the swimming pool, they<br />

are required in restaurants and public<br />

indoor areas.<br />

The resorts are designed for<br />

distancing, and privacy has always<br />

been paramount. Spacious layouts<br />

and strict sanitising protocols are in<br />

place – down to someone on standby<br />

to wipe down your sun lounger<br />

before and after you use it.<br />

All the resorts have all changed<br />

their seating plans and switched to<br />

table service wherever possible, to<br />

maximise your safety and comfort.<br />

The deets<br />

This celebrity destination is<br />

surprisingly affordable and easy to<br />

reach. Priority Escapes has secured<br />

unbelievable rates (from as little<br />

as R22 000 for a week) and direct<br />

flights that will get you there in less<br />

than nine hours from O.R. Tambo<br />

International. Some resorts are even<br />

welcoming kids free of charge!<br />

Whichever Maldives adventure you<br />

choose, we have no doubt it will be<br />

the experience of a lifetime. Details<br />

and bookings: priorityescapes.com<br />

Woo hoo … We’ve a week of island living up for grabs<br />

Fancy winning a week for you and a friend or partner in the Maldives? Ridiculous question. We’ve made new best friends<br />

forever with Priority Escapes, and together this is what we’re giving away. A seven-night holiday for two adults – four nights<br />

at the Cinnamon Dhonveli, and three nights at the Cinnamon Ellaidhoo, both four-star resorts. Breakfast, lunch and dinner<br />

daily are included, as are a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The prizes include return economy flights and<br />

airport taxes. There are specific travel dates for <strong>2021</strong> … for those, and a full list of what the prize includes and excludes,<br />

visit getitmagazine.co.za/pretoria where you’ll find the entry form as well. You can also enter on<br />

Facebook (getitpretoriamagazine) and Instagram (getitptamagazine). Entries close <strong>Mar</strong>ch 30 … go, go, go!<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch 21 Get It Magazine 33

Spoil<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch<br />

Permanent laser hair<br />

removal. And it’s pain-free!<br />

Shaving your legs and underarms every day or so. Growing<br />

your bikini line so you can have a (painful) wax. Dealing with<br />

embarrassing facial hair. We have better things to do with our<br />

time than worry about unwanted hair.<br />

And ouch. The pain! Hair removal – temporary or permanent –<br />

has us wincing at the often unpleasant, sore, time-consuming,<br />

and hair-raising experiences. Then we heard about the<br />

Laser Beautique’s BeauLase Remove. The Rolls Royce of laser<br />

technology, it offers permanent hair removal – painlessly.<br />

Without anaesthesia or numbing gel. Sign us up.<br />

The aestheticians use a new technique called IN-Motion, which,<br />

in layman’s terms, is technology that gradually increases the<br />

power, a rise that is so gentle it almost feels like a hot stone<br />

massage. Compare this to the constant elastic-band-snap feeling<br />

of the run-of-the-mill treatments, and you’ll understand why<br />

we’re raving. Because it’s more bearable, it means you can also<br />

treat each area more aggressively, meaning fewer treatments and<br />

fewer clinic visits … saving time and money.<br />

It’s suitable for men and women, and for all skin types, including<br />

Asian, black and tanned skin. Oh … and for those of you with<br />

blonde, grey, ginger or white hair, ask about the Apilus treatment.<br />

It’s the bomb! Details: thelaserbeautique.co.za or 0861-850-851.<br />

We’ve got R1000 vouchers to give away to 10 Get It readers.<br />

PLUS, everyone who enters will win a 50 per cent discount<br />

voucher off a hair removal treatment of their choice at<br />

their local Laser Beautique. Enter on our Facebook page<br />

getitpretoriamagazine before <strong>Mar</strong>ch 25.<br />

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