Windward Review


Volume 18, 2021

PW Covington

The Enemy

The C-130’s

Over my mountain garden

Take me back

Sometimes we landed at their airports

Turboprop drone


Or, we’d come in on big, grey, airplanes

Jet engines whining

Or, we landed on silent silk

Sometimes rotor blades

Chopped their air

Like Satan’s own mother

Bleating in dark and deadly passionate rage

And they’d hide

Doing their best to dodge and outlast

The hate and ignorance

We carried with us

Strapped to our chests

Slung under our wings

Where cold hearts beat

With the courage of armed 19 year-olds

The bravest of them

Stood up, shot back

Did what they could do

And we were told to

call them

The enemy

Civility + You


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