Windward Review


Volume 18, 2021

And there will be wives

Who despise their husbands

For things they can’t control,

The sad soldiers will feel like their souls

Are frozen

When the lovely ladies leap across them,

While they are sleeping on the street.

In a war they had no business fighting for,

The solemn soldiers have lost everything,

And more.

The pretty periwinkle politicians


tiny tactical tea,

Going over all the reasons,

Not to let the monsters be,

Deciding something along the lines of prosperity,

Sweet soldiers gladly die,

In the name of a country that is free,

But those who live longer

Get to see,

Maybe their country isn’t all it said it’d be.

It was a game that seemed to transcend time,

It’s funny because games are like that when you’re 9,

But one day you’re twenty-four,

And you’re sent somewhere

For a war you didn’t volunteer for,

Are poverty and discrimination what we’re fighting for?

Because this war just paves the way for more

There’s a reason our veterans are poor,

We never gave them the chance to soar,

We said we’d make them stronger,

Chaining them down longer,

While our plastic politicians

Keep perfect peace programs at bay

The only thing that’s different now,

Is that now we use people’s lives in our games.

Civility + You


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