Windward Review


Volume 18, 2021

At times, opportunities came

to the crane. Within the confines

of the rules and careful in

zer words, the crane uplifted the

voices of the disadvantaged.

At times, the crane carefully

held zer tongue in zer black beak.

The crane repeated the same,

tired mantra to zerself.

The ivory tower is great.

The ivory tower cares.

The ivory tower upholds diversity;

all beasts are equal in the

eyes of the ivory tower.

The crane’s elongated, white

neck peeked out the window,

between nests of gray wires, and

breathed in the fresh air. Cranes

flew. Ze read that in a book somewhere.

Wind brushed against zer

feathers and for a small moment,

eyes closed, the crane imagined

zerself free amongst the blue.

The shadows wisped at zer

ankles, twisting and coiling and


The crane went back to typing.

Civility + You


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