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Our Approach

As glamorous Hospitality, Tourism & Entertainment may look from the outside, it requires

a strong discipline and comprehensive expertise to achieve public success by delivering

an entertaining, authentic experience and that is all down to professionalism and preparation.

From strategy, management, project planning and imagineering, to operational implementation,

Walhorn Worldwide® partners with private & public organizations on this

journey, leveraging our expertise. Delivering world class standards and best practices.

1- Introduction

Olivier Panhuys, the founder of Walhorn Worldwide®, born in Brussels, a Belgium national. He has more than 30

years of experience, working in lighting and multimedia design for hotels, theme Parks and high end events around

the world. Recently Olivier’s experience has extended to specialist hotel, property design and renovation.

Olivier’s ability to combine solid management with an acute artistic sensibility and passion for innovative technologies,

provides bespoke end solutions which always exceed expectations.

2- Strategies & Concepts

Walhorn Worldwide® stands for excellence and ‘State of the Art’

Management, in creative, organizational, technical, and financial

expertise in the sector of Design & Planning for Public activations.

Our services are made to benefit your requests from the initial

briefing to execution. Combined with our most dedicated services

and team, to ensure that we provide you with tailor made follow-up

services to match all your demands.

3- Architectural Lighting

Over 25 Years already Olivier Panhuys extended his scenography from

Stages to Architectures exploring the new frontiers of technology in

Lighting. In so many countries, gathering designers and engineers,

all passionate of the art of lighting, to deliver a truly unique and

fascinating experience.

Harmony of Classicism and Modernity, brings a project to life, delights

viewers, and adds a sense of occasion.

4- Interior Lighting

Competence, exclusivity, and passion as well as a top-notch all

around service distinguish Walhorn Worldwide brand from the

individual initial brief to the successful conclusion of Interior

Lighting missions.

5- Hotel & Resort Planning

Walhorn Worldwide® portfolio shows clear records of excellence

in planning and design. Hospitality requires strong

expertise in public experience, feasibility studies, business

development and project management.

We focus on meeting our client satisfaction with return on


6- Parks & Exteriors

Walhorn Worldwide® expertise has been challenged successfully

with a decade long collaboration with public entities to create

and renovate public domain and serve strategical plans of tourism

development or improvement of urban space.

This segment of Walhorn Worldwide activity is most of the time

related to a more comprehensive project inclusive of historical

monument or urban planning.

7- Architainment

Architainment describes the diffusion of themed environments like

Disneyland into the space of everyday life. We are Experts in integrating

advanced models of planning, mass entertainment, disciplinary

and economic control.

We create scenarized spaces: “Any street or interior where the spectator

can imagine himself as a central character in an imaginary story.”

8- Show Production & Events

Having started his working life on the wooden stage floors of the French

National Theatres, Olivier Panhuys has continued to vigorously enrich an

utterly unique set of visual experiences around the globe.

His footprint of Walhorn Worldwide’ s Productions defines the brand: rich

and genuine contents served by the most updated artefacts of technology.

9- Street & Retail Illuminations

A highly specialised and passionate team, delivering creative solutions

with world-class partners activate extremely popular and business

generator lighting fantasies.

10- Multimedia Shows

Decades of achievements in all disciplines of multimedia shows at

the highest level of International Standards.

Creation of contents, storyboarding, technical framework, Show Direction,

and programming have always been our benchmarks on

the path to success.

11- Theme Parks

Snow White, Pinocchio and Peter Pan dark rides, out of other realizations

have been recognized as ‘achievements over expectation’ by Walt Disney


Working alongside with “Imagineers” of World Walt Disney gave us a leading

edge in terms of expertise and entertainment

`Walt Disney once wrote: “It is kind of Fun to do the Impossible!”

‘My works can be moody, romantic, exciting, an extravaganza or

a celebration; It is a drama, a thought, a feeling. In one word, an


Olivier Panhuys

12- Contacts

Olivier Panhuys

+966 (0)53 5252 233

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