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A word from the Principal...


We’ve made it! Thank you for all of your support over the past few months, home learning is officially

over! Through the combination of the excellent remote learning provision our teachers have provided

and your unwavering support in enabling your children to engage, they are really well placed

to move seamlessly back into school life on Monday.

I would urge you not to believe the negativity in the media around children needing to ‘catch-up’;

requiring a ‘recovery curriculum’ and that they are risk of becoming the ‘lost generation’ – whatever

that means. This simply isn’t true. Firstly, our children’s engagement and learning has been over

double the national average throughout the lockdown which means that they will have continued to

move forward during this time. My greatest frustration is the continual use of the term ‘catch-up’ because

our children don’t have anyone to catch-up with - all children have experienced this pandemic

together. When your children do return on Monday, we will not be returning to our normal timetable

immediately, rather we will be focussing on providing opportunities for the children to reacquaint

themselves with each other, work together and reform the friendships and bonds that have been

somewhat altered during this time. Wellbeing is vital before academic learning can take place.

If there has been a change of circumstances at home or your child(ren) have experienced something

that may affect their return to school, please let their class teacher know in preparation for Monday.

As parents, family members and members of childcare/support bubbles that contain school-aged

children, you are eligible for Lateral Flow Testing which you can carry out at home. You may feel this

is an additional safeguard that you would like to engage with. If that is the case, please follow this

link and find your nearest test collection point:

Have a lovely weekend and we can’t wait to see you all on Monday!

Kind regards,

Mr Adam Anderson


A word from the Principal...

The following procedures, will be in place from Monday to help create a safe environment

at school for children, staff and families:

In school

• Children will remain in year group bubbles throughout the school day

• Breaktimes and lunchtimes will be staggered

• A one way system will be in place in school

• Increased handwashing will be in place and each class will have sanitisation stations

• There will be no after school clubs until at least Easter

• Our latest full risk assessment is available on our website


• Please wear a face covering at all times when on the school site

• Please follow the 1-way system that is in place when dropping of and collecting

your children (enter through the EYFS playground, walk around the outside of the

school building and exit through the Y6 gate and car park)

• Make an appointment if you need to speak to the office. The front door will be


• Be punctual when collecting your children to allow staggered end of the day to be


• Staggered end of day times are below (if you have multiple children at school, you

may collect all children at later time):

Start and End of Day Times from March 8th

Year Group Arrive at School End of Day Point of collection

EYFS 8:40-9:00 at classroom outside door 3pm Back door of classroom

1 8:40-9:00 at classroom outside door 3pm Outside door of classroom

2 8:40-9:00 at classroom outside door 3pm Outside door of classroom

3 8:40-9:00 at classroom outside door 3:10pm Outside door of classroom

4 8:40-9:00 at classroom outside door 3:10pm Outside door of classroom

5 8:40-9:00 at classroom outside door 3:20pm

Please wait in Playground

below Y5

6 8:40-9:00 at classroom outside door 3:20pm Outside door of classroom

Please enter through the reception outside area; follow the one-way system around the rear of the school and leave via the gate by the Y6

classroom (after saying hello to the chickens and ducks!) when dropping off and collecting.

Masks to be work by all adults (unless exempt) whilst on school site

Broad and Balanced...


What a final week of home learning it has been in Rainbow class! The children

have made the most of the lovely spring weather by enjoying lots of outdoor

activities. Some of them have been on bird hunts to see how many birds they

could spot and to learn about the dawn chorus. They then wrote about what

they saw on their spring walks. They have enjoyed working out how to make

an egg float using just salt and water - we have been very impressed with their

scientific skills!

Rainbow class children (and parent/carers) - we have been so impressed with

how well you have done with your home learning since Christmas. We cannot

believe how much learning you have done and how much fun it looks like you

have had doing it. You have made us smile every day with the brilliant things

you have posted on Tapestry. We have missed you all so much and can’t wait

to see you back in the classroom next week! Have a lovely weekend and enjoy

a well deserved break.

Broad and Balanced...


The children in class 1 have been learning all about the different Seasons. They

sequenced pictures and wrote some beautiful descriptive sentences. Our focus

this week was on South America and the children learnt lots of interesting

facts. They found out that football is the most popular sport in Brazil and that

Brazil is home to the largest rainforest in the world.

The children made fantastic pictures in DT. They had to choose an animal that

lived in the rainforest and make it move by using a slider or lever.

The children had so much fun participating in last week’s non-screen Friday.

They are all very excited to complete this week’s activities!!

Broad and Balanced...


Class 2 have been creating leaf prints this week. They chose leaves while on

their walk or from the garden and created some really beautiful pictures. They

had a choice of whether to create a picture of something, or whether to just

make a pattern. I also received some amazing pictures from no screen day.

Thank you to all the families that were able to make such an effort!

Broad and Balanced...


For our final week of remote learning Year 3 have continued to work hard on our

Stone age topic. They have been learning about Stonehenge and have been making

their own mini Stonehenges! These were super and the children had fun creating

them. They have been writing their own Stone age stories and have done a great job

with these. The class had a lot of fun during our first non screen day and through our

zoom chats the children are looking forward to coming back to school next week. Well

done for all of your hard work during remote learning and I can’t wait to see you all

on Monday Year 3!

Broad and Balanced...


This week, class 4 have been working hard on equivalent fractions. This is such a

tricky concept, yet our year 4’s are resilient and brave learners who will always have a

good try. Well done.

We have now got our Virtual art gallery up and running and will be adding some of

our amazing art and craft work to the wall on a regular basis. If you would like to see

some of the art we have done this year, please feel free to visit:

We have also spent time being adventurous and creative during our no-screen day on

Friday of last week. Lots of children participated and created healthy meals for a picnic,

spent time getting wet and muddy in the woods and also building amazing dens

out of different materials. Thank you to all of the adults who contributed and ensured

your children had some quality time away from technology for the day. The experiences

that they encountered will stay with them for many years to come and can only

benefit their development of the body and mind.

Broad and Balanced...


Well done to Class 5 for giving 100% to the Cluster Virtual plank competition.

They each had to hold the plank position for as long as they could to score

points. They all worked so hard as a team, to get the best score for the class.

In art, the children have started their new focus -collage. Their cutting techniques

are amazing; their creations have been fascinating. Friday No-Screen

Day has been a success with amazing dens being created, picnics being set up

and other exciting activities completed. But most importantly, special memories

made for life away from the computer screen.

As home learning draws to end, Class 5 should end their time of studying at

home feeling very proud of all they have achieved. From the moment they

began this journey in January to now, I have received the highest quality work

with so much depth and individuality. Each week, I have loved seeing the work

the children have created and it has given me hours of entertainment and enjoyment,

so I would like to say thank you all, both the children and parents, for

all your support and engagement. You’ve all been super stars!

Broad and Balanced...


Year 6 have had a fantastic final week to round off home learning! We enjoyed

celebrating World Book Day on Thursday, with an array of characters joining

our morning Zoom meeting. We had members of Hogwarts join, Gangsta Granny,

an ancient knight and even a dinosaur! It was fantastic to see such a huge

effort put into costumes. It was lovely seeing how much reading was happening

and we particularly enjoyed the entries for an ‘extreme reading’ challenge,

with lots of children hanging upside down whilst reading their books. For English,

we have been working on poetry, before entering into a writing competition.

Based on a famous poem, The Dreadful Menace, the children tried their

hand at performance poetry and used a variety of expressions and tones to

portray the meaning of the poem. They also tried out some printing in Art, using

potatoes and apples as pieces of printing equipment. Well done for another

very creative and enjoyable week Year 6, we look forward to seeing you back in

the classroom very soon!

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