Spring Elections Manifestos 2021

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1<br />



MAKE<br />



2 21<br />


2<br />

<strong>Elections</strong><br />

explained<br />

Your Students’ Union holds elections in order<br />

to allow you to choose your student leaders<br />

for the next academic year. There are seven<br />

full-time Sabbatical Trustees who will work<br />

on a full-time basis, taking a break from their<br />

studies or immediately after graduation, and<br />

ten part-time Campaign Officers who will<br />

work on a voluntary basis alongside their<br />

ongoing studies. They are your voice and act<br />

as your representatives in the SU, University,<br />

and wider community, fighting for you on an<br />

institutional, local and national level.<br />

Candidates produce manifestos that contain<br />

the ideas and principles of their campaigns.<br />

When you’re reading these, ask yourself<br />

if they display the priorities as well as the<br />

key creative and communication skills that<br />

you would like to see in someone who is<br />

representing you and your needs.<br />


3<br />

<strong>Elections</strong><br />

explained<br />



We will be electing students for the following<br />

positions:<br />

Full-Time sabbatical trustees:<br />

(Seven different positions available). These<br />

positions are taken up from June 21st until<br />

June the following year. These positions<br />

are full-time jobs so students have to take<br />

a year out during their time in office, unless<br />

they are graduating the same year.<br />

Part-Time campaign Officers:<br />

(Ten different positions available). These<br />

positions are taken up at the beginning<br />

of July for the duration of the following<br />

academic year (<strong>2021</strong>/2022) and are carried<br />

out alongside their studies.<br />


4<br />

Why Vote?<br />

Simply put: As a student or postgraduate<br />

researcher at Cardiff University you will be<br />

affected by the decisions made by those<br />

elected. By voting, you have the opportunity<br />

to vote for the things that you want developed<br />

and improved in both the University and the<br />

Students’ Union.<br />

Every single student at Cardiff University<br />

is entitled and encouraged to vote in the<br />

Students’ Union elections. It doesn’t<br />

matter if you are a home or international<br />

student, full-time or part-time student, an<br />

undergraduate, postgraduate taught student<br />

or a postgraduate researcher.<br />

As George Jean Nathan famously said:<br />

‘Bad officials are elected by good citizens<br />

who do not vote’.<br />


5<br />

Students’ Union<br />

President<br />

The Students’ Union President leads the<br />

Sabbatical Trustee team and the SU as a<br />

whole. They act as the key link to the University<br />

Vice-Chancellor, Pro-Vice Chancellors, Council,<br />

and Senate, as well as the NUS and other key<br />

stakeholders.<br />

The role of the President includes acting as the<br />

chair of the Board of Directors and Trustees,<br />

along with being responsible for the financial<br />

position and performance of the Students’<br />

Union. This is a full-time, paid role.<br />


Place<br />

picture<br />

here<br />


Hannah Doe<br />

I’m Hannah, your current VP Education. This year I have already achieved over 20<br />

objectives, including the Safety Net policy, rent rebates, COVID-19 complaints<br />

procedure, LinkedIn learning for all, academic feedback system, option to safely return<br />

home for Christmas, bookable library slots and a postal book service. I want to continue<br />

representing you as your SU President. What is important to you is important to me.<br />

Here is my HANNIFESTO:<br />

Instagram:<br />

@go_for_doe<br />

1. WELLBEING<br />

Facebook:<br />

Night-time WALKING SCHEME<br />

Hannah Doe<br />

Free STI and DRUG testing kits<br />

Reduce COUNSELLING waiting times<br />

Reporting portal for RACISM and SEXUAL HARASSMENT<br />

MENTAL HEALTH and EQUALITY training for students and staff<br />

2. EDUCATION<br />



More INCLUSIVE and DIVERSE curriculum<br />


Involve STUDENTS in all course DECISIONS<br />



SU GARDEN with mini golf<br />

Introduce SU INTERNSHIP programme<br />

Review University ACCOMMODATION<br />

Lobby government for FEE REFUNDS<br />

Hold HOUSING AGENCIES to account<br />



Improve integration of INTERNATIONAL and POSTGRADUATE students<br />

Improve Society and Sports FACILITIES and ENGAGEMENT opportunities<br />


Sustainable FOOD and WASTE policy<br />

Invest in SUSTAINABLE ENERGY and encourage LOCAL sourcing<br />

Introduce a student GREEN Team and set Carbon Net Zero TARGETS

6<br />

Vice President<br />

Education<br />

The VP Education represents all of you on<br />

academic issues to the University. They will<br />

lobby and negotiate with the University to<br />

encourage them to enact your feedback as<br />

well as liaising with the Information Services,<br />

including libraries.<br />

The VP Education is the Chair of the College<br />

Forums and is responsible for<br />

overseeing and promoting the<br />

Student Academic Rep system.<br />

This is a full-time, paid role.<br />


Place<br />

picture<br />

here<br />


#GoWithTheFlores<br />

IG: @AngieForVPEdu ||<br />

Facebook & LinkedIn: Angie Flores Acuña<br />

Angie Flores Acuña<br />


NUS Wales Delegate // Education Executive Committee Member //<br />

Advice & Welfare Executive Committee Member // Secretary for ENGIN Soc //<br />

President for Eat Well // Student Senator // Scrutiny Committee Member //<br />

Student Champion // Lead Mentor Consultant // Former SSP Chair (ENGIN) //<br />

Former Student Voice Assistant (Physical Sciences and Engineering College)<br />


1. Accountability of the University<br />

Executive Board<br />

2. Tuition fees transparency<br />

3. Closing the feedback loop<br />

between Cardiff University,<br />

Students' Union and students<br />


1. A week off after examination<br />

period<br />

2. Workload regulatory policy<br />

3. Peer-review policy for group<br />

projects in every school<br />

4. Personal assessment feedback<br />

5. Module reviews available to<br />

students when choosing optional<br />

modules<br />

6. Compulsory SSP during week 3 of<br />

each term<br />

7. Safe access to school specific<br />

facilities<br />

8. More placement opportunities<br />

and support for all placement<br />

students<br />

9. Microsoft Office training<br />


1. COVID tests for all students that<br />

come to Cardiff or go back home<br />

2. Ease complaints and refunds<br />

procedure<br />

3. Better accessibility to counsellors<br />

and NHS appointments<br />

4. Peer-support group counselling<br />

5. Support network for new<br />

students<br />

6. Work with Campaign Officers<br />

towards a fairer representation of<br />

the student community<br />


1. Skills-sharing and networking<br />

events across schools<br />

2. Support guidelines for Schools to<br />

easily communicate with<br />

committees<br />

3. Collaboration with Student Reps<br />

and Student Mentoring scheme

picture<br />

here<br />



Gina Dunn<br />

VOTE GINA TO #GetItDunn / / School of Music Ambassador / /<br />

Vice President of CU A Cappella Society / / Co-Director of The<br />

DeciBelles<br />


- Automatic safety net policy.<br />

- Compensation (if appropriate).<br />

- SUPPORT with online learning.<br />


- Receive EXTRA CREDIT in place of formative tasks.<br />

- Greater FLEXIBILITY for BA students.<br />

- Recording of ALL lectures.<br />

- INCREASE the length of library slots.<br />

- ANNUAL RE-EVALUATION of modules by lecturers.<br />


- COMPULSORY evaluation against the rubric.<br />

- Access to PAST PAPERS with mark schemes.<br />




- Using a COMBINATION of assessment types where possible.<br />

- CHOICE of assignment formats e.g. video essays/presentations.<br />


- To REDUCE screen time.<br />

- Providing for courses that REQUIRE PRINTED MATERIALS.<br />


- Work with the university to DIMINISH the need for strikes.


Julian Green<br />

Vote Julian Green for VP Education to give CHANGE the GREEN Light.<br />

I am currently a final-year history student. Despite being proud to study<br />

at this university, I am aware that change is needed. Over the past 3<br />

years, as a student and as an ambassador, I have reflected on where<br />

there should be a change in our education at Cardiff University.<br />

I will implement CHANGE in the following areas:<br />

Challenge tuition fees – Remote learning has been below the<br />

expectations of a £9000 fee. I will lobby for a reimbursement of this<br />

year’s fees.<br />

Hear the student voice – The student voice in Cathays and Heath can<br />

be often overlooked. My work will be influenced by the needs and<br />

opinions of students. I plan to increase engagement with the student<br />

voice, through greater involvement with Reps and Execs.<br />

Add a reading week for all subjects – Every student deserves dedicated<br />

time to focus on their research and deadlines.<br />

New welfare support – Access to welfare support at Cardiff University<br />

can be difficult. I plan to introduce wellbeing councillors into academic<br />

schools, which will give students direct access to the support that they<br />

need.<br />

Greater access to education – Everyone should have fair access to<br />

higher education. I aim to improve recruitment from minority, disability,<br />

and lower-income backgrounds. Additionally, I will support refugee<br />

scholarships.<br />

Environment-friendly campus – I will lobby to introduce renewable<br />

energy, including adding solar panels to existing buildings, as well as<br />

introducing new points to recycle batteries and crisp packets.




Shwmae! I’m Charlie, a third-year Law<br />

student, and I am running to be YOUR VP<br />

Education!<br />

I have spent two years as a Student Rep, Chair<br />

and Senator making YOUR voice heard.<br />

So far for the law school, I have ensured that:<br />

• staff explained what a safety net actually<br />

means for US<br />

• lecturers are adapting to fit law students’<br />

needs<br />

• assessment feedback issues were actioned<br />

Now let’s take it to the next level.<br />

Welcome to my MALLINfesto (yes…I know that was cheesy).<br />


Lobby for Education Quality Review due to COVID<br />

SAFETY NET applied to ALL<br />

Support for students who have NOT experienced a ‘normal’ university exam<br />

Christmas vacation academic support for January summatives<br />

No weekend OR consecutive day exams<br />

Fix feedback issues re delays, quality and quantity<br />

Reading weeks for ALL - consistent and guaranteed<br />

POLICY<br />

In person Graduations<br />

Personal Tutor MENTAL HEALTH training<br />

Long Term Coronavirus Education Plan – developed WITH students FOR students<br />

Welsh Government COVID Funding – transparent and measurable action<br />

Welsh Government Coronavirus Regulations – lobby for FAIR student rules<br />

Refund and Complaint Procedures – KEEP the issue on the agenda<br />

Strikes – ensure EDUCATION remains paramount<br />

Environmental SUSTAINABILITY across schools<br />

Working in the financial and legal industries, and as a Student Senator means I have the<br />

necessary skills, knowledge, and determination to be the best representation for YOUR<br />

education.<br />

We can ensure Cardiff University ACTs!<br />

ACTIONS our concerns<br />

COMMUNICATES effectively, transparently and swiftly<br />

TUNES in to our needs<br />

It’s not a me, it’s a WE! #ChooseCharlie

James Wallice<br />



#Wallice4Education • #WheresWallice<br />

The university’s treatment of students is broken, and urgently needs fixing. We need<br />

proactive leadership, and someone willing to stand up for YOUR EDUCATION.<br />

I’m James Wallice, a final year International Relations & Politics undergraduate and<br />

student campaigner. I have a three point plan to take on Cardiff University’s<br />

complacent leadership. <br />


- SAFEGUARD THE SAFETY NET POLICY to ensure fair outcomes FOR<br />


- Introduce a UNIVERSITY-WIDE READING WEEK in semester one.<br />

- Ensure ALL lecture recordings are published, and IN AN ACCESSIBLE<br />

FORMAT.<br />

- Introduce A TRANSPARENT COMPLAINTS PROCESS, to ensure university<br />

leadership are held ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR EDUCATION. <br />


releasing ALL exam scripts. <br />



- MENTAL HEALTH 100: a pledge to train 100 MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AIDERS.<br />

- Extend GYM OPENING HOURS and introduce flexible GYM MEMBERSHIP<br />

OPTIONS.<br />



- The option to partake in a UNIVERSITY-WIDE CAREERS WEEK in semester<br />

two<br />

- Collaborate with BME Officer to ADDRESS THE UNEQUAL BARRIERS TO<br />




Throughout the pandemic, students have been forgotten, ignored and neglected. It’s<br />

time we held our £255,000-a-year Vice Chancellor to account for his inaction. <br />

I will be the person to take on the university bosses, and lead the fight for YOUR<br />


7<br />

Vice President<br />

Heath Park<br />

Campus<br />

The VP Heath Park Campus works to improve<br />

the healthcare and medical student experience<br />

and the services at the Heath Park site.<br />

They are responsible for ensuring the growth<br />

of the Union’s offering at the Heath and also<br />

represent interests of healthcare and medical<br />

students at all levels of the<br />

University and SU. This is a<br />

full-time, paid role.<br />




CAMPUS<br />

Sebastian<br />

Ripley<br />

Shwmae, I am Sebastian Ripley. You will most likely recognise me as your<br />

current VP Heath Park Campus, if not, you’re in luck - you have the chance to<br />

get to know me and what I stand for once again. That’s right…. I’m back.<br />

Although options may be limited, I am again asking for your vote in this year’s<br />

election. I have worked hard during a turbulent year to represent you, Heath<br />

Park Students, as well as the wider student body, championing your ideas,<br />

making sure every single one of you is heard. If I am elected, I will endeavour<br />

to:<br />

1. Continue work on building a community of students at the HPC.<br />

2. Keep HPC issues at the forefront of University conversations. Ensuring the<br />

transition back to normality is seamless, addressing Libraries, teaching<br />

sessions and assessment policy.<br />

3. Support the elected Campaign Officers and Student Led Services to engage<br />

with HPC students on a larger level.<br />

4. Kickstart an annual HPC campaign that is specific and practical.<br />

5. Continue to work with University staff to address the financial burden of<br />

Clinical Placements.<br />

6. Improve signage at the HPC to give 1 st and 2 nd year students the best<br />

chance of actually finding the right building.<br />

7. Look at providing a debriefing service for students who have had<br />

challenging days whilst on clinical placement.<br />

8. Work with you, to ensure that the reopening of venues is unforgettable.

8<br />

Vice President<br />

Postgraduate<br />

Students<br />

The VP Postgraduate Students will work<br />

closely with the Student Voice team and fellow<br />

Sabbatical Trustees on issues and policies that<br />

affect both Postgraduate Researchers (PGR)<br />

and Postgraduate Taught (PGT) Students.<br />

They communicate School and College level<br />

feedback from postgraduate students at<br />

University committees to lobby for change.<br />

They also work with the Student Voice team<br />

and VP Education to facilitate the Academic<br />

Representation System for postgraduates,<br />

providing support for the Reps to enable<br />

them to carry out their role. They<br />

are the principle contact for<br />

postgraduates in the Students’<br />

Union, working closely with and<br />

supporting the Postgraduate<br />

Students’ Association. This<br />

is a full-time, paid role.<br />





Amogh<br />

George<br />

Hello, I am Amogh George and am running to serve you as your Vice President for<br />

Postgraduate Students. In the recent past I have worked with NGOs in India to alleviate<br />

poverty and also as a frontline worker in the first half of 2020. My successful experiences<br />

with managing benefactors, bureaucrats, government officials, authorities, and funds and<br />

resources make me the ideal candidate for this role.<br />

I am a student of MA International Journalism at the university which requires me to stay<br />

abreast to the policies and politics of the country. So as an updated, woke, liberal and<br />

determined candidate all my proposed plans will directly benefit the students and the<br />

stakeholders of the university.<br />

If elected, I’ll be systematically working towards:<br />

• Improving mental, career, personal and social well-being of the students.<br />

• Increasing offline contact hours.<br />

• Increasing scholarships, funds, and grants to PG students.<br />

• Increasing internship and graduate schemes.<br />

• Setting up monthly meetings with student reps to address grievances of each course to<br />

find quick solutions.<br />

• Helping undergraduates with transition.<br />

• Creating a portal to increase contact between alumni and current students.<br />

• Creating a portal to lodge complaints that require immediate attention, action and<br />

solution.<br />

• Hosting regular open-to-all-students zoom calls to learn about and solve immediate<br />

challenges.<br />

• Lobbying for improvement in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.<br />

• Updating CUSU blogs with all recent developments.<br />

Those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely (Roosevelt). Vote for Amogh<br />

George as your first preference from 8 th to 12 th March <strong>2021</strong> and make a difference.



Tilly Houldsworth<br />

About me:<br />

I’m Tilly, a PGT student in GEOPL. I have been in the Ladies Hockey Club while<br />

studying at Cardiff for the last 4 years and you also may have seen me working<br />

in the Taf for the last 2 years. As CULHC Wellbeing Officer, I am committed to<br />

supporting students. I want to represent the Postgraduate community; voicing<br />

your concerns and providing results. PGT and PGR students face unique<br />

challenges in their university experiences which set them apart from both<br />

undergraduates and each other, and I want to represent and support you all.<br />

My aims:<br />

Academic:<br />

o Minimise the repercussions of potential strikes for Postgraduate students.<br />

o Resolve issues by communicating with Deans and Course reps swiftly.<br />

o Ensure transparency through Postgraduate newsletters and regular SU<br />

website updates.<br />

o Provide more dedicated Postgraduate study areas.<br />

o Support PGR students whose research has been interrupted by COVID.<br />

Wellbeing, finance and extracurricular:<br />

o Introduce a mentor scheme where prospective PG students can receive<br />

advice on the application process and Postgraduate University Life.<br />

o Ensure inclusivity of PGs within Sports and Societies.<br />

o Lobby for more discounted postgraduate courses for Cardiff alumni.<br />

o Uphold Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity.<br />

o Improve access to tailored wellbeing, financial and academic support and<br />

advice for postgraduates.<br />

o Develop community through Postgraduate socials.<br />

o Push for the university to support PGR who teach and provide formal<br />

contracted hours.<br />

o Lobby UKRI for funded extensions for PGR students who have been<br />

disrupted due to COVID

Orla Tarn<br />

for<br />

Vice President<br />

Postgraduate<br />

Students<br />

I was your Vice President Societies and now a Maths Masters’ Student. I have already<br />

worked to better YOUR Student Experience, and WE achieved so much together, including<br />

Refreshers, accessibility of funding, and improved wellbeing provisions in student groups.<br />

Having now lived life as a Postgraduate, I know there is SO MUCH to be done to improve<br />

the PG Experience here at Cardiff and am full of ideas of how it can be better!<br />

I have the SKILLS and EXPERIENCE to get to work from day one, putting YOUR best<br />

interests at the forefront of everything I do.<br />

If elected, I will work to ensure OUR University experience is:<br />


• Champion the RIGHTS of PGRs paid to teach within the University<br />

• Specific WELLBEING DROP-INS for PG students, and INCREASED SUPPORT for remote<br />

learners<br />

• Lobby for the replacement of designated STUDY SPACES<br />



• Specific HOUSE-HUNTING events, supporting you even before your course begins<br />


• Create MORE TRAINING opportunities for students, including MENTAL HEALTH FIRST<br />

AID<br />

• Work towards WINTER GRADUATION ceremonies<br />

• Improve representation and communication with a POSTGRADUATE UNION within the<br />

Union<br />


• Host an end-of-year PG BALL to celebrate your ACHIEVEMENTS<br />


• Fair REFUND POLICY for teaching lost due to COVID and INDUSTRIAL ACTION<br />

• Lobby for DISCOUNTS for RETURNING STUDENTS across all PG programmes<br />

• Work towards better HOUSING OPTIONS over summer months<br />

• Lobby Welsh Government for FREE MEDICAL EVIDENCE<br />

• Tackle HIDDEN COURSE COSTS and equipment lists<br />


Place<br />

picture<br />

here<br />




VOTE JANet #1 for VP Postgrad<br />

Hi there! I am Jan the Wise & I am here for YOU!<br />

Over the last three and a half years of being a part-time LLM student, I participated in<br />

Student Politics across Cardiff, Wales and UK. I held numerous student roles at the<br />

University, SU and NUS. For example, I was mature student officer, senator, scrutiny chair,<br />

housing action president, chair student/staff postgrad panel, member of postgraduate,<br />

NUS Wales, UK, Women’s rep and for part-time students.<br />

I created FIRST EVER Carers and Parents’ association, helped ABOLISH Welsh agency fees,<br />

ran CARERS week at heath and Cathays, passed motions locally, nationally and hosted an<br />

Xpress radio show!<br />

TRUST ME, I have been there and I have seen it all! IMAGINE what I can do to continue<br />

TRANSFORMING this campus for YOU!<br />

Vote me in, I will create the following:<br />


• BETTER connected community for ALL postgrad through Consistent Online & Offline<br />

Events!<br />


SUPPORT:<br />



•EASIER ACCESS to Scholarships, bursaries, hardship funds<br />

•IMPROVED supervision system including personal tutoring system for PGRS<br />

•More CONSISTENCY for PGTs across disciplines<br />

•Covid-19 specific Support<br />

RIGHTS:<br />

•MORE & EASY to access PG AREAS across the campus<br />

•Granting EMPLOYMENT status to PGRs who teach<br />

Check out my FB & Instagram @JanTheWise<br />

VOTE #1 #JanTheWise #ThereForYOU #YesWeJan

25<br />

The following<br />

candidates are<br />

also standing for<br />

the position of<br />

VP Postgraduate<br />

Students, but have<br />

not provided a<br />

manifesto.<br />

Charley Sullivan<br />

Patricia Evanis Kahinju Kaijuka<br />


9<br />

Vice President<br />

Societies and<br />

Volunteering<br />

The VP Societies and Volunteering champions<br />

societies, campaigns and student-led<br />

activities within the Union, University, and<br />

local community. They are responsible for<br />

allocating budgets to our societies and it is<br />

their role to represent the views of our diverse<br />

membership of over 200 affiliated groups and<br />

8,000 members.<br />

They help to ensure the SU continues to<br />

develop its support for societies and ensure<br />

that students as members and leaders have<br />

access to high quality<br />

opportunities. This is a<br />

full-time, paid role.<br />


I’m Zac Edge and<br />

I’m running to be<br />

your next<br />

VP Societies and<br />

Volunteering.<br />

Getting involved with<br />

Activities has completely<br />

changed my University<br />

experience and given me so<br />

much joy.<br />

I want to ensure that<br />

experience is shared by as<br />

many students as possible.<br />

I’m dedicated to<br />

strengthening Society and<br />

Volunteering interaction<br />

virtually whilst continuing to<br />

look forward and ensure we<br />

all bounce back together.<br />

01. Engagement - Support Society Committees by introducing new platforms for<br />

them to showcase their societies. I’d also work with VP Postgraduate and VP Heath<br />

to build guidelines for Societies to better engage PG and Heath students.<br />

02. Rewards – look into options for achieving tier awards such as: first access to<br />

stalls, free entry to club nights, gold tier card scheme for committee members<br />

which could entitle you to certain perks/discounts in the SU.<br />

03. Development – Implement an Interactive tier structure on the website so<br />

students can see exactly how a society achieved its award and highlight how active<br />

they are.<br />

04. Collaboration - Have a sign-up system on the website to organise and<br />

encourage collaboration between societies, volunteering projects, SLS and sports<br />

clubs.<br />

05. Support - Provide more opportunities for campaign officers to liaise with me<br />

on how societies can be more inclusive and highlight concerns. As well as extra<br />

support for newly affiliated societies such as more drop ins and<br />

guidance documents.<br />

.<br />

Find out more at: bit.ly/ZacStreetBoysVP

Place<br />

picture<br />

here<br />




Having spent the last year on the Ice Skating and Bioscience committees, I<br />

know as well as anyone how rewarding but also how challenging running a<br />

student-led group is. Even more so with the year we’ve just had; but the next<br />

year presents an incredible opportunity for our existing societies and studentled<br />

groups to bounce-back and for innovative new societies to flourish!<br />

If I get elected, I’ll be pushing for changes to make this happen:<br />

-Making the provision of space for society activities a top priority so groups can<br />

get back on their feet as fast as possible.<br />

-Improvements to the student portal, so groups have less “behind-the-scenes”<br />

work to do and can just get stuck into what they really love doing!<br />

-Faster turnarounds on the guest speaker and other policies, so groups have<br />

an easier time recruiting external speakers and can be more flexible with the<br />

events they want to run.<br />

But this is just the start. My manifesto will be dynamic. I’ll be regularly checking<br />

in with societies and volunteering groups throughout my time in office, making<br />

sure that the changes you want to see are heard and fought for. Together we<br />

can make <strong>2021</strong>/22 a fantastic year for both committees and members.<br />

If you believe - Vote Grieve!

10<br />

Vice President<br />

Sports & Athletic<br />

Union President<br />

The VP Sports and AU President champions<br />

sport within the Union, University, and local<br />

community. It’s their role to represent<br />

students who play both competitive and<br />

participation sports to both the University<br />

and the Union. They are also the key liaison<br />

Sabbatical Trustee with the University Sports<br />

Department, as well as working with the<br />

student-led sports clubs to assist them in their<br />

development.<br />

Essentially, the VP Sports is here to promote<br />

health and fitness and to inspire<br />

more students to play sport<br />

at Cardiff University. This is<br />

a full-time, paid role.<br />


@tom4vpsports #thechosentom<br />

Tom for VP<br />

Sports/AU<br />

President<br />

I’m Tom, and I am a fourth year Physics<br />

student. I have been a member of the<br />

American Football team for my whole<br />

time at Cardiff Uni and was Club<br />

Secretary for a year. Sport is an integral<br />

part of the Cardiff student community<br />

and being a part of a sports team has<br />

had a huge positive impact on my<br />

University experience. By running for VP<br />

Sport I aim to make sports available and<br />

accessible for every student in Cardiff.<br />

My Aims:<br />

A smooth return to post COVID sports<br />

Lobby the uni for facility funding<br />

Understand and support each<br />

individual club<br />

Reduce gym membership for AU<br />

members and introduce monthly<br />

payment<br />

Increase awareness of physical/mental<br />

benefits of sport<br />

Ensure sports are inclusive and<br />

accessible for everyone<br />

Push back free entry time for SU<br />

Wednesdays<br />

Bring in a scheme that links practising<br />

student physios to sports clubs<br />

You know what to do<br />

- vote Tom for AU!<br />


11<br />

Vice President<br />

Welfare and<br />

Campaigns<br />

The VP Welfare & Campaigns represents<br />

your welfare needs to the University and<br />

strengthens links with key welfare service<br />

providers in the local community.<br />

The VP Welfare & Campaigns works to<br />

improve support services in both the SU and<br />

University and will campaign on any welfare<br />

issues facing our student population. They<br />

work closed with the Campaign Officers to<br />

support them in campaigning<br />

and promoting the issues<br />

students care about. This is a<br />

full-time, paid role.<br />


Place<br />

picture<br />

here<br />




IONA<br />


Siwmae! I’m Iona Frenguelli, and I’m running for VP Welfare and Campaigns to create a<br />

more inclusive, transparent, empathetic student union.<br />

I’m passionate about equality and an avid listener of student voices. I engage with these<br />

issues via my sexual health podcast (Wow, What’s That?), being the former President of<br />

SHAG before being promoted to co-ordinate the SLS groups within the Union, member of a<br />

BAME book group, volunteering with equality-driven charities, and sitting on the Equality<br />

Diversity and Inclusion Committee for my department.<br />

After a very chaotic 2020, we need positive and constructive policies that will benefit ALL<br />

students throughout <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

If elected, my top priorities would be:<br />

−<br />

−<br />

−<br />

−<br />

−<br />

−<br />

Foster COVID safe engagements and seek to improve mental health facilities throughout<br />

<strong>2021</strong>.<br />

Anti-racist committees in every department to push for racial equality, and work to decolonialise<br />

curriculums.<br />

Work with the Student Led Service, STASH, for truthful drugs awareness education and<br />

continue lobbying for accessible, free drug testing kits. I want to create a Drugs Amnesty<br />

where people can anonymously receive harm reduction support for drug-related issues.<br />

Continue work to improve sex education and awareness across campus.<br />

Increased accessibility to all university buildings (for dis/abled students)<br />

Instigate tougher measures improving sustainability of Union – water-saving toilets,<br />

and animal products to be sustainably sourced.<br />

Vote Iona Frenguelli for VP Welfare! Reach me at @WOWIona4Welfare_ Instagram<br />

WOW IONA – What Our union Wants, Iona

Place<br />

picture<br />

here<br />




Hey! I’m Shreshth Goel (Call me S) and I’m running for VP Welfare &<br />

Campaigns. You might remember me as the guy going around Cardiff in a<br />

sanitary pad costume last month. Well, I wish to do more now.<br />

1. Fortnightly Accountability QnA sessions open to every student to<br />

ensure transparency.<br />

2. Regular visits from Therapy Animals on campus.<br />

3. Campaign to remove the stigma surrounding Mental Health Issues.<br />

4. Campaign to provide out of hour Support to students.<br />

5. Free Mental and Physical First Aid training made available to all<br />

students.<br />

6. Work alongside Campaign Officers and continue to vocalize the voices<br />

of all students (especially BAME, LGBTQ+, mature students, and students<br />

with disabilities.)<br />

7. Lead campaigns such as Green Week, Sexual Awareness, Menstrual<br />

Dignity, Pride Week, and many more.<br />

8. Increase Night-Time support for students<br />

9. Accessible Drug testing<br />

10. Create an online forum for reviewing student accommodation and<br />

landlords<br />

11. Increase gender-neutral toilets across campus<br />

12. Create a secure and anonymous forum to report suspicious behaviour.<br />

Why #VoteforS?<br />

Advice and Welfare Executive Committee member<br />

Safe Periods for you campaign<br />

Mental Health First Aid Training<br />

International student + Part of an Ethnic Minority group + Advocate for<br />

LGBTQ+ and women's rights<br />

Previous candidate for Mental Health Officer<br />

Please follow my Instagram @goforgoel_vp for campaign updates and<br />

remember ’GO FOR GOEL’ because 'SHANGE STARTS WITH S' (get it?)

Place<br />

picture<br />

here<br />



Shahbaaz Shahnawaz<br />

Hey!<br />

I'm #AllAboutThatBaaz, and I'M all about:<br />

• Implementing mental health spaces for overwhelmed students<br />

• A more accessible complaints procedure to help students dealing<br />

with mental health issues, as well as students who have experienced<br />

sexual assault, and identity-based hate crimes/microaggressions.<br />

• Ensuring the employment of staff that understand minority students'<br />

issues from a personal perspective, and Mandatory workshops and<br />

training for members of staff on gender, sexual orientation, mental<br />

health, and discrimination.<br />

• Providing accessible renting information for students so they aren't<br />

targeted by predatory landlords and letting agencies<br />

• Putting pressure on the letting agent in the SU to drop their contract<br />

with Glide.<br />

• Pushing for a re-evaluation of the university accommodation<br />

contracts, especially recently with security and residences staff<br />

taking advantage and fining students over the smallest things<br />

• Better support for students who have experienced spiking and<br />

sexual assault.<br />

• Offering support to students who do sex work.<br />

• Widespread sexual health education<br />

• Fighting slut-shaming culture and the stigma around STI’s.<br />

• Pushing the university system to give priority to chosen and<br />

preferred names over legal ones.<br />

• Consistent access to facilities including lifts, ramps, and disabled<br />

toilets.<br />

• More gender-neutral bathrooms.<br />

• An easy and accessible system to allow students to get transport at<br />

a reduced/more readily available rate at club nights / late after the<br />

ASSL to prevent the rising cases of people being followed.<br />

• Providing a guarantor service for struggling students.<br />

• Allowing students to get post redirected to the SU in incidents of<br />

temporary homelessness<br />

To find out more check out: https://linktr.ee/AllAboutThatBaaz




Charlotte Towlson<br />

#WholesomeTowlson #VoteCT4VP<br />

Hello! I am delighted to run for VP Welfare and Campaigns for the next<br />

academic year.<br />

Let me get straight to the point… If elected, I would like to make these<br />

changes:<br />

• PROVIDE an understanding of sexual harassment and PROVIDE a safe<br />

and accessible system for reporting incidents.<br />

• IMPLEMENT welfare reps to each course to provide guidance and support.<br />

• INCREASE awareness of Counselling & Wellbeing Services and reduce<br />

the waiting times.<br />

• CREATE a support network for those who have been emotionally impacted<br />

by COVID. For example: employment, anxieties or bereavement.<br />

• ESTABLISH group therapy sessions for healthcare students to open up<br />

about experiences that may have affected them on placement.<br />

• SET UP a fact-based fair for housing agencies to inform students of<br />

accommodation options best suited for them.<br />

• CONTINUOUSLY engage with First Year Students and implement change<br />

to support their WELL-BEING.<br />

• LAUNCH campaigns to celebrate different social and ethnic diversities and<br />

promote INCLUSION.

12<br />

Black and Ethnic<br />

Minorities Officer<br />

The Black and Ethnic Minorities Officer works<br />

to represent the interests of black students<br />

and students of ethnic minority backgrounds<br />

(BEM) and to campaign on any relevant issues.<br />

This is a part-time volunteer Campaign Officer<br />

role taken up by a student alongside their<br />

studies.<br />


Place<br />

picture<br />

here<br />

Black and Ethnic Minorities<br />

Officer<br />

Ashly Alava Garcia<br />

Shwmae, Hello and Hola!<br />

Student Senator and former Scrutiny Committee Member - Welfare and Wellbeing exec<br />

member - Former Student Mentor, Rep and SSP Secretary for ENGIN - PSE Student Rep of<br />

the Year 2019/20 - Former Student Voice Assistant<br />

As a minority, I have not always felt represented or heard. Black and Minority Ethnic<br />

students will experience unique challenges and barriers at university, this is how I want to<br />

tackle them:<br />


Highlight areas of improvement, give recommendations, and show good practice<br />

Identify barriers for students to access wellbeing and academic support<br />

Implement initiatives to close the attainment gap<br />


Streamline the complaints procedure and facilitate a safe space for victims<br />

BME counsellors available on request<br />

Race & Equality training for tutors and lecturers<br />

BME resources booklet<br />


BHM to all university buildings<br />

Active university participation during BHM<br />


Educate students on different cultures and how to acknowledge them<br />

Forums to discuss global issues affecting students from all ethnic backgrounds<br />


Work with the university to enable this task across campus<br />

Tools for academics to enable conversations about<br />

BME representation and staff hiring policies review<br />

Aim for zero tolerance against racism and discrimination #AimWithA<br />

#RepresentationMatters<br />

Instagram:@AshlyforBME<br />

Facebook/LinkedIn: Ashly Alava Garcia

15<br />

Ethical and<br />

Environmental<br />

Officer<br />

The Ethical and Environmental Officer works to<br />

represent students’ ethical and environmental<br />

interests and campaigns on any relevant<br />

issues. This is a part-time volunteer Campaign<br />

Officer role taken up by a student alongside<br />

their studies.<br />


It’s time to make a difference...<br />

VOTE!<br />




Hello friends! My name is Punyaja and I am studying MSc<br />

Physiotherapy at Cardiff Uni! I'm from Pune city in India. It's a<br />

delight to be a part of such a prestigious university like<br />

Cardiff University. In the current scenario, Ethics and<br />

Environment, in general, have been global highlights amidst<br />

the pandemic and there has been an evident and accelerating<br />

climate change that we are witnessing. These areas are<br />

something that I closely follow and also do my best towards<br />

living and motivating sustainable living. I have been a part of<br />

multiple campaigns and drives in India focused on<br />

cleanliness, hygiene and general awareness. As an Ethical<br />

and Environmental Officer, my main motto is to promote -<br />



In my time at the university, areas I'd like to focus on are -<br />

- Encourage appropriate discarding of masks and gloves<br />

- Promote hand, respiratory and cough hygiene<br />

- Maintain clean surrounding in the university campus<br />

- Promote understanding of carbon footprints on the<br />

environment<br />

- Introducing and understanding Recycling<br />

I believe in leading by example and also understand the<br />

responsibilities that come with leadership. I am looking<br />

forward to this new experience. Thanks!

26<br />

The following<br />

candidates are also<br />

standing for the<br />

position of Ethical<br />

and Environmental<br />

Officer, but have<br />

not provided a<br />

manifesto.<br />

Fern Dempsey<br />

Vvanshika Anand<br />

Mingbo Zhang<br />


13<br />

International<br />

Students’ Officer<br />

The International Students’ Officer works to<br />

represent international students’ interests at<br />

SU and University level and to campaign on any<br />

relevant issues. This is a part-time volunteer<br />

Campaign Officer role taken up by a student<br />

alongside their studies.<br />


Place<br />

picture<br />

here<br />




Aditya<br />

Agrawal<br />

Hi, I am Aditya, and I would like to be the International Students Officer.<br />

Being an international student studying in Cardiff has provided me with<br />

ample opportunities to understand the needs and aspirations of<br />

international students. Several issues are faced by our cohort from<br />

financing our studies to settling in a completely different environment, and<br />

I have realized that most of such issues are not currently addressed but<br />

they can be resolved through effective communication and a strong<br />

campaign. If elected, I plan to:<br />

Raise awareness and promote international students to join student<br />

committees and societies, increase their access to local communities by<br />

informing them about events and workshops available. Launch and manage<br />

a campaign to increase the visibility of international students in the<br />

University’s sports and co-curricular activities. Provide a platform where<br />

international students could share any issues or problems they are facing in<br />

any aspect of their stay at Cardiff and their studies at the University.<br />

Create Zoom sessions for an easy transition for incoming international<br />

students, briefing them on registering with a GP, opening and using bank<br />

accounts, applying for part-time jobs, and using the public transport<br />

system. Promote social interactions and networking amongst international<br />

students to enhance their experience of studying at Cardiff University. I<br />

would also help students facing mental health issues (developed during this<br />

lockdown) and connect them to the Student Support and Wellbeing<br />

department of our university.

Place<br />

picture<br />

here<br />




Aurora<br />

Birkeland<br />

Hello, my name is Rory and I am from Norway.<br />

I have gained experience in my positions as academic representative and<br />

member of the EDI (Equality, Diversity, Inclusion) committee within the<br />

university. Previously I have launched an internationalisation campaign aiming<br />

to improve cross-cultural understanding in a culturally diverse student body to<br />

integrate international students into the local school system at my college.<br />

My campaign points:<br />

Create a smooth transition for current and new EU students post-Brexit<br />

In this unprecedent situation EU students currently find themselves in, I want to<br />

create support for current students applying for the settlement scheme and<br />

help new students who need visas and guidance on financial support.<br />

Support international students undertaking remote study<br />

I want to advocate for more support for international students abroad,<br />

especially those in inconvenient time zones. E.g. I wish for exams to be 24<br />

hours so those students can undertake assessments at convenient times.<br />

Promote the integration of international students into the local<br />

community<br />

I want to create and promote resources to help students feel comfortable using<br />

English, motivate cross-cultural friendships in the student body, and encourage<br />

students to undertake volunteer work in the community.<br />

You can reach me at birkelandaa@cardiff.ac.uk.<br />

Please remember to vote for me.

Place<br />

picture<br />

here<br />

International Students’ Officer<br />

Chloé Chan<br />

As one of the international students in Cardiff University, I<br />

understand the challenges that international students face<br />

when settling into a new environment, stepping into<br />

another important milestone in life, and this is the reason I<br />

am putting myself forward for this role.<br />

In my first year at the university, I have seen first-hand the<br />

devastating effects of lack events and activities to help<br />

international students settle into life in Cardiff and the UK.<br />

As being an international student, I personally dealt with a<br />

number of different hurdles. I was lucky enough to have a<br />

very good personal tutor, giving me exceptional advice and<br />

guidance on the way, but I know this is not the case for all<br />

international students. Along with the pandemic, I've<br />

experienced a struggling year, with not many people I can<br />

turn into face to face. As everything is online, it felt so<br />

unreal and distanced, making studying abroad even harder.<br />

I would also want to take one step further in contributing to<br />

the university and have a voice to change, make things<br />

better. As being one of the student representatives in<br />

ENCAP, I would love to take the skills I’ve learned there to<br />

another level, reaching out to more international students in<br />

the university and help Cardiff University as a whole.<br />

With these experiences, I am passionate in helping<br />

international students knocking down these barriers and<br />

adapt more comfortably, confidently. I hope to ensure all<br />

international students have constant support and direction.

Place<br />

picture<br />

here<br />

Aranyaa Gupta<br />

I'm Aranyaa and i'd like to be the next international<br />

students officer. As a first year international<br />

undergraduate at cardiff, I've noticed and personally<br />

experienced that settling in as an international<br />

student isn't always easy. I believe a lot more can be<br />

done to improve the support available for students<br />

who live thousands of miles away from home. No one<br />

should feel isolated just because you haven't grown<br />

up here doesn't mean you don't belong. I will create a<br />

standardized system for holding international freshers<br />

event prior to freshers week. This will allow<br />

international freshers to get to know each other first,<br />

adjust to the new culture, and form an international<br />

community. I will also create a mentoring system for<br />

international students where older students can<br />

advise freshers for setting up bank accounts, phone<br />

contacts and adjusting to british culture. I will ensure<br />

all international reps are welfare trained so that they<br />

can be the first port of call for international students<br />

or at least one peer supporter is an international<br />


International Officer<br />

Ayana Sakai<br />

Yes, and No.<br />

These were the only English words I knew when I left my home country.<br />

I understand how daunting it is to leave your home country for the first<br />

time, especially during this pandemic.<br />

Ayana (she/her) will be the bridge between YOU and the university.<br />

Together, we can get through this pandemic and make the best out of our<br />

university experience, making a change for equality and getting a valuable<br />

experience from it.<br />

From the recent feedbacks I received, these are some of the points I would<br />

like to raise:<br />

Ø More bursaries and scholarships available to International and EU<br />

students<br />

Ø Better communication to and from the university<br />

Ø A smooth transition into university and make sure everyone can<br />

socialise, whether remotely or face-to-face<br />

Ø A network to be able to communicate confidentially to university<br />

support 24 hours (no need to worry about time difference!)<br />

Ø More support available to the MLang students on their year abroad<br />

Ø Raising more awareness and partnering up with the Student Led<br />

Services (SLSs) – such as buddy scheme, 59% of the students who<br />

applied for a buddy were international students<br />

Why vote Ayana Sakai?<br />

• An international student herself, and has gone through phases of<br />

needing support, but too scared to ask for it. She’s got your back!<br />

• Advice and Welfare Executive at Student Union for the past 2 years –<br />

knows where to get the right support<br />

• Friendly Student Mentor<br />

• Approachable Accredited Mental Health First Aider<br />

Full manifesto can be found here: https://www.ayanasakai.com/

30<br />

The following<br />

candidates are<br />

also standing<br />

for the position<br />

of International<br />

Students’ Officer,<br />

but have not<br />

provided a<br />

manifesto.<br />

Ziyi Cao<br />

Arthur Ddamulira<br />

Ling Gong<br />

Tanishka Trivedi<br />


17<br />

LGBTQ+ Officer<br />

(Open)<br />

The LGBTQ+ Officer (Open) role represents<br />

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans* and Plus<br />

students’ interests and campaigns on any<br />

relevant issues. This is a part-time volunteer<br />

Campaign Officer role taken up by a student<br />

alongside their studies.<br />


LGBTQ+ Officer<br />

Open<br />

Lola Brin<br />

Hello there! My name is Lola (she/they), I'm running to<br />

become LGBTQ+ Officer next year and here is quick look at<br />

some of my policies!<br />

- Requiring a more thorough change on university records<br />

when students change their name.<br />

- Setting up an easier and more accessible discrimination<br />

report system, especially regarding housing and school.<br />

- Mandatory staff training. Every single member of<br />

university and SU staff will run into contact with LGBTQ+<br />

students at some point, and those students need to know<br />

that they're safe and in as much of a welcoming<br />

environment as any other students.<br />

- Widen the range of year round key dates in LGBTQ+<br />

history that we celebrate, as well as adding focus on<br />

Welsh specific and international LGBTQ+ history.<br />

- Various Mental health and physical health campaigns<br />

throughout the year, hopefully some of which can be shared<br />

initiatives with other officers.

18<br />

LGBTQ+ Officer<br />

(Trans)<br />

The LGBTQ+ Officer (Trans) role represents<br />

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans* and Plus<br />

students’ interests and to campaign on any<br />

relevant issues. This is a part-time volunteer<br />

Campaign Officer role taken up by a student<br />

alongside their studies.<br />


14<br />

Mental Health<br />

Officer<br />

The Mental Health Officer works to represent<br />

the interests of students experiencing a mental<br />

health condition at SU and University level<br />

and campaigns on any relevant issues. This is<br />

a part-time volunteer Campaign Officer role<br />

taken up by a student alongside their studies.<br />


Mental Health Officer<br />

Rebecca Deverell<br />

Hi!<br />

My name is Rebecca Deverell and I am a second year law<br />

student who is running to be your next Mental Health Officer!<br />

This year has been tough on many of us to say the least and<br />

the declining mental health of students is seen across<br />

campus. If elected, I would help to provide more accessible<br />

mental health support across the University.<br />

I want to increase awareness of all the support services the<br />

University offers to first years so that as soon as they step foot<br />

on campus, they know where to go for support and what<br />

options are available for them<br />

I would help to advertise these support services to all other<br />

years so they can become accustomed to these services if<br />

they had not been aware of them<br />

Target loneliness in isolated students throughout the academic<br />

year<br />

Operate weekly drop ins open to all students as a chance to<br />

ask questions and chat to other students<br />

Campaign to have every student mentor mental health first aid<br />

trained so they can help support their mentees<br />

Increase support for those struggling to get along with<br />

flatmates/housemates<br />

Help the University recognise student’s mental health as a top<br />

priority when implementing Coronavirus measures on campus<br />

Being President of the Buddy Scheme this year has shown me<br />

how invaluable it is when just one person reaches out. Vote for<br />

me and we can make it easier for everyone to reach out.

19<br />

Mature Students’<br />

Officer<br />

The Mature Students’ Officer role is to<br />

represent mature students’ interests and to<br />

campaign on any relevant issues. This is a parttime<br />

volunteer Campaign Officer role taken up<br />

by a student alongside their studies.<br />


Place<br />

picture<br />

here<br />



Daniel Philitoga<br />

I stand for the role of Mature Students Officer firstly<br />

because I can relate to circumstances and situations<br />

that mature students may face in University Life. I<br />

have gone through and experienced various<br />

climaxes, battles and challenges to know what it feels<br />

like to search for meaning in life. Entering university<br />

or studying at a mature age can be challenging at<br />

times especially for someone who may have left<br />

education after a while. Getting used to time<br />

schedules and various lectures and creating the<br />

mental capacity to absorb and maintain various<br />

lesson can be strenuous at times. I know the<br />

pressure that some students may face like working<br />

while undergoing studies to cater for personal needs<br />

and well being. I understand the learning barriers that<br />

certain students may face in terms of age, resources,<br />

finances and health or well-being related matters that<br />

could affect a student's full potential to succeed at<br />

University. Being a person of colour makes it easier<br />

to relate to students from different cultural and ethnic<br />

backgrounds. I am also multilingual and able to<br />

communicate and share ideas and values easily. I am<br />

confident in my ability for the role of Mature Students<br />

Officer knowing that this responsibility will support<br />

mature students academically and provide all the<br />

necessary assistance to ensure my fellow students<br />

an enjoyable and fulfilling time at university.

Place<br />

picture<br />

here<br />


Vee Somasundaram<br />

Shwmae! Hello!<br />

My name is Vithursana (most people call me Vee) and I am running for<br />

the position of Mature Students Officer. As a mature student, I have<br />

first-hand experience of what it means to be a mature student at<br />

university and know exactly what the struggles are. Due to this, I<br />

would like to make clear changes and support the student experience<br />

of my mature students’ peers.<br />

During the last two years I had the chance to be a Student Mentor<br />

and, posteriorly, a Mentor Consultant; thanks to this, I had the<br />

opportunity to establish real connections with other mature students,<br />

know about their experiences and what improvements are necessary<br />

to improve our student experience. I believe that this makes me the<br />

perfect candidate for this role!<br />

If elected I would aim to:<br />

- Hold numerous amount of events aimed at bringing students<br />

together to bridge the gap between student groups and to<br />

increase outreach. - Collaborate with the Societies and Clubs to<br />

ensure the social activity is provided to ALL groups of students<br />

- Work on the Mature Students’ Association and keep it updated<br />

with funding/sponsorship opportunities<br />

- Hold weekly/fortnightly drop-in session to provide support and<br />

a safe place to share current situations and feelings I believe these<br />

aims will make a huge difference to mature student’s university<br />

experiences as they will provide an enjoyable and safe<br />

environment to meet new people and make new friends as well as<br />

having more opportunities to access help and support.

27<br />

The following<br />

candidates are<br />

also standing for<br />

the position of<br />

Mature Students’<br />

Officer, but have<br />

not provided a<br />

manifesto.<br />

Ben Lund<br />

Fareena Kanwar<br />

Lilian Ginns<br />

Tayyeb Rafique<br />

Zadie Vaca<br />


16<br />

Students with<br />

Disabilities’ Officer<br />

The Students with Disabilities’ Officer works<br />

to represent the interests of students with<br />

disabilities at SU and University level and<br />

campaigns on any relevant issues. This is a<br />

part-time volunteer Campaign Officer role<br />

taken up by a student alongside their studies.<br />


Place<br />

picture<br />

here<br />




Megan Dee<br />

Hi!<br />

I’m Megan and I am running to be your Students’ with Disabilities Officer for<br />

another year! For the past year I have been representing disabled students<br />

at Cardiff, but current events have derailed a lot of what I wanted to<br />

accomplish, and I have so much more I want to do!<br />

What have I done?<br />

• Ran a #GoRedForDyselxia Campaign to raise awareness of the impact<br />

of dyslexia<br />

• Lobbied the University to improve accessibility information on campus<br />

• Worked with Student Support and the Disability and Dyslexia service to<br />

address the feedback and concerns of students with disabilities in the<br />

Student Written Submission<br />

• Laid the groundwork for a campaign for recruitment for the Students’<br />

with Disabilities Association and visibility of students with disabilities at<br />

Cardiff<br />

What do I want to do?<br />

• Establish the Students’ with Disabilities Association and build a network<br />

for all disabled students at Cardiff<br />

• Lobby for more adaptable online learning opportunities post-COVID<br />

• Secure a higher standard of accessibility information across campus<br />

• Work with the Staff Disability Network to enhance staff training to raise<br />

awareness of students with disabilities, including ASD, SpLD and<br />

hidden disabilities<br />

• Raise understanding of the price of dyslexia and SpLD testing, and<br />

increase access to University funding to cover these costs.<br />

Thank you for reading, and I would love to count on your vote!<br />

Find me on Facebook - @DeeForDisabilities<br />


21<br />

Welsh Language<br />

Officer<br />

The Welsh Language Officer is responsible for<br />

representing the interests of Welsh speaking<br />

students within the structures of the Union<br />

and where appropriate, the University. This is<br />

a part-time volunteer Campaign Officer role<br />

taken up by a student alongside their studies.<br />


Place<br />

picture<br />

here<br />


Annell Dyfri<br />

Fel myfyrwraig sydd wedi manteisio ar bob cyfle i gymdeithasu ac astudio drwy gyfrwng<br />

y Gymraeg ym Mhrifysgol Caerdydd, fy mwriad yw ehangu a datblygu defnydd o’r<br />

Gymraeg ledled y brifysgol. Byddaf yn gweithio’n ddiflino i sicrhau bod pob myfyriwr<br />

boed yn ddysgwr neu’n rhugl yn y Gymraeg yn cael yr un profiad ag unrhyw fyfyriwr<br />

arall wrth sicrhau eu bod yn ymwybodol o’r holl fanteision sydd ar gael wrth astudio a<br />

byw yn Gymraeg yn y Brifddinas.<br />

Byddaf yn<br />

- Marchnata’r Gymraeg ar bob lefel yn y Brifysgol, o’r cyrsiau gradd i’r bywyd<br />

cymdeithasol wrth gyd-weithio’n glos gyda’r Undeb<br />

- Sicrhau bod y myfyrwyr yn ymwybodol o’u hawliau cyfrwng Cymraeg o fewn y<br />

Brifysgol Cyd-weithio gyda chymdeithasau megis y Gymdeithas Gymraeg i geisio adfer<br />

Undeb Myfyrwyr Cymraeg Caerdydd fel bod cyswllt clos rhwng Undeb y Myfyrwyr a’r<br />

gymdeithas<br />

- Sicrhau bod y Gymraeg i’w gweld yn weledol o amgylch y brifysgol Cyd-weithio gyda’r<br />

Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol i hybu’r ddarpariaeth addysgu cyfrwng Cymraeg<br />

- Sicrhau bod llais myfyrwyr Cymraeg y brifysgol yn cael sylw<br />

- Ymgyrchu i sicrhau penodi swyddog Cymraeg llawn amser gyda’r undeb yn y<br />

dyfodol<br />

Gobeithio’n fawr y caf eich cefnogaeth<br />

As a student who has taken every opportunity to socialize and study through the medium of Welsh<br />

at Cardiff University, my intention is to expand and develop the use of Welsh throughout the<br />

university. I will work tirelessly to ensure that all students, whether they are learners or fluent<br />

Welsh speakers, have the same experience as any other student whilst ensuring that they are aware<br />

of all the benefits available from studying and living throuh the medium of Welsh in the Capital.<br />

I will<br />

- Market the Welsh language at all levels of the University, from degree courses to social life while<br />

working closely with the Union<br />

- Ensure that students are aware of their Welsh-medium rights within the University. Collaborate<br />

with societies such as the Welsh Society to try to restore Cardiff's Welsh Students’ Union so that<br />

there is a close link between the Students' Union and the society<br />

- Make Welsh visible around the university. Collaborate with the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol to<br />

promote Welsh-medium teaching provision<br />

- Ensure that the voice of the university's Welsh speaking students is heard<br />

- Campaign to secure the appointment of a full time Welsh language officer with the union in the<br />

future<br />

I very much hope you have your support

20<br />

Women’s Officer<br />

The Women’s Officer works to represent<br />

the interests of our women students and<br />

campaigns on any relevant issues. This is a<br />

part-time volunteer Campaign Officer role<br />

taken up by a student alongside their studies.<br />


Place<br />

picture<br />

here<br />

Women’s<br />

Officer<br />

Bryony Danks<br />

Inform. Inspire. Empower.<br />

As Women’s Officer, I want to ensure that all women feel informed, inspired,<br />

and empowered whilst at Cardiff University and beyond. As a Politics and<br />

International Relations student, with both public speaking and committee<br />

experience, I feel I possess the skills needed to be your Women’s Officer.<br />

My initiatives as your Women's Officer are -<br />

· All Ears – creating a safe space to bring men into the<br />

conversation. Encouraging those unspoken conversations. How pricy is a<br />

period? What is sexual assault and how can I play a role in preventing it?<br />

What impact does the contraceptive pill have on people who take it?<br />

· Where do Women Belong? - Wherever they want. I will<br />

arrange events where you will get the chance to listen successful women<br />

in a wide range of industries. Inspiring you to follow your career goals.<br />

· Run/walk Buddy Scheme – I want to create a network of<br />

women who wish to run, jog, or walk but do not necessarily feel safe on<br />

their own or when it gets dark. A make Cardiff a place where everyone<br />

feels safe to exercise.<br />

· Alexa, play “Independent Women” – A campaign which aims<br />

to give tips on how to be a strong and independent woman. Providing CV<br />

and interview advice. Advice on holding your own and allowing your<br />

voice to be heard.<br />

As Women’s Officer, I want to create an inclusive place. A place where you<br />

feel informed, inspired, and empowered, whilst at University and beyond.

28<br />

The following<br />

candidate is<br />

also standing<br />

for the position<br />

of Women’s<br />

Officer, but has<br />

not provided a<br />

manifesto.<br />

Charlotte Atton<br />


22<br />

Scrutiny<br />

Committee<br />

Member<br />

Scrutiny Committee members are responsible<br />

for holding the Elected Officers accountable<br />

to their commitments, monitoring any ongoing<br />

projects and ensuring the officers are at<br />

all times striving to improve the student<br />

experience and lead Cardiff University<br />

Students’ Union in the right direction.<br />


Place<br />

picture<br />

here<br />



I am standing for Scrutiny Committee for one simple<br />

reason: to improve accountability.<br />

I want to ensure that the Student’s Union’s officers are<br />

performing their roles to the high standards that we expect<br />

of them, and that they are making it clear what they’re<br />

doing. As a Scrutiny Committee member, I will work with<br />

SU Officers on the finer points of their projects, to<br />

guarantee that their work is the best it can be and that it will<br />

improve student life or hold the University accountable for<br />

their actions, depending on the work in question.<br />

The work itself is only one aspect of an SU Officer’s role. I<br />

want to ensure that any project worth talking about comes<br />

with a detailed communications plan. The work our SU<br />

does is great, without question, but students need to hear<br />

about what we have voted for going from words to action.<br />

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, as a member of<br />

Scrutiny Committee I would push the issue that many<br />

students, especially this year, feel a disconnect from the<br />

SU. Covid-19 has created a need for different kinds of<br />

communication to guarantee everyone can engage with the<br />

SU's work, and electing me will help to bring this about.

Scrutiny Committee<br />

Jazz Walsh<br />

As a potential Scrutiny committee member there are many areas I<br />

would like to pay particular attention to. These namely being:<br />

• Responsibility<br />

• Visibility<br />

• Accessibility<br />

Expanding on these further, I would like to ensure that the<br />

current work being carried out by the Student Union elected<br />

officers and the work of officials is visible, clear and<br />

understandable to all students. I would also like to push officers to<br />

provide more easily accessible, year-round platforms for all<br />

students of the university to submit feedback on the work of the<br />

student union and each policy - ensuring that students have an<br />

opportunity to communicate their thoughts more<br />

regularly, beyond just Speak Week. Finally, I want to make sure<br />

that officers are held accountable on the impact of policy, and that<br />

their policies then hold the University to account at large.<br />

As a First Year student I am fully aware of the challenges the<br />

Coronavirus has brought to our education. I would like to ensure<br />

that all students make the most out of their university education<br />

during these difficult circumstances. In doing so I recognise the<br />

importance of the Student Union’s role to provide a platform for<br />

students' views, and by electing myself, you maximise the effect<br />

that your SU can have, by making sure your views are at the centre<br />

of all decision making.

23<br />

NUS National<br />

Delegates<br />

NUS delegates represent the views of<br />

Cardiff University Students at NUS National<br />

Conference, the annual policy making body<br />

of the National Union of Students. Cardiff<br />

University Students’ Union is currently a<br />

member on the NUS and therefore entitled to<br />

send nine delegates to attend<br />

the conference<br />


Place<br />

picture<br />

here<br />

Hannah Doe<br />

Shwmae Hannah ydw i, eich Is-lywydd Addysg cyfredol.<br />

Eleni rydw i wedi cael Polisi Rhwyd Diogelwch, Ad-daliadau<br />

Rhent a Chwynion COVID i chi. Rydw i wedi mwynhau eich<br />

cynrychioli chi eleni ac fe garem i fod yno i chi yng<br />

nghynhadledd NUS eleni.<br />

Mae beth sy’n bwysig i chi yn bwysig i mi.<br />

Instagram:<br />

@go_for_doe<br />

Faceook:<br />

Hannah Doe<br />

Shwmae I'm Hannah, your current Vice President<br />

Education.<br />

This year I have got you a Safety Net Policy, Rent<br />

Rebates and COVID Complaints. I have enjoyed<br />

representing you this year and I would love to be<br />

there for you at this years NUS conference.<br />

What is important to you is important to me.



Precious<br />

Ebere<br />

I am a postgraduate student studying Social and Public Policy at Cardiff University<br />

(CU), and a member of the executive postgraduate student team at the Student<br />

Union. As an NUS National Delegate, I see my engagement as an opportunity to<br />

stimulate strategic policies that represents the voices of Cardiff University<br />

students, covering varieties of our audiences in school, whilst promoting deeper<br />

engagement and inclusion for all students in the University.<br />

All through my career journey as a leader, coupled with my personal objective of<br />

giving back to the system that shaped my understanding of policy, I have seen<br />

how policies play crucial roles in shaping the future of thousands of student,<br />

families and organization, whilst aiding informed decisions for implementations at<br />

various levels. This alone influenced my self-nomination.<br />

The opportunity to serve as a delegate at the NUS UK Conference will provide me<br />

with the unrivalled cultural diversity working with various stakeholders and<br />

proactive team members, and the chance to develop globally relevant knowledge,<br />

and building professional collaborations for the future. I am bringing on board my<br />

5-years’ experience in various skills-set in leadership, strategic-planning, newmedia,<br />

data analysis and advocacy.<br />

Finally, if selected, I will promote the use of behavioral insights to contribute to<br />

design, enhance and reassess policies and services that would be in the best<br />

interest of CU student, with the aim of achieving better outcomes as it aligns with<br />

the priority areas of Cardiff University students which further amplifies the NUS<br />

overarching goal of promoting, defending and extending student rights amongst<br />

over seven million students across the UK.

Place<br />

picture<br />

here<br />



NUS Conference gives us an opportunity to shape the<br />

policy of the largest student advocacy organisation in the<br />

country. As a delegate, I would want to seize that<br />

opportunity, and push the views of Cardiff students into<br />

the national conversation every chance I get.<br />

While there are other serious points to be considered,<br />

owing to the nature of this year, I want to focus mainly on<br />

mental health and mental health support in universities,<br />

as well as our clear concerns about tuition fees. The<br />

pandemic has fundamentally changed what being a<br />

student looks like in <strong>2021</strong>, and I want to work with<br />

delegates going through the same thing across the UK to<br />

make sure NUS policy reflects that.<br />

This raises another point: collaboration. While the<br />

conference might look a bit different this year, I think there<br />

is an opportunity to talk constructively with students from<br />

other Universities and learn from their experiences, as<br />

well as beginning to understand shared ones. If they've<br />

run a successful campaign on something we're struggling<br />

with, I'll try to learn from it and bring that back to our SU<br />

to strengthen the work they do on our behalf. There's so<br />

much we can learn from each other, and as a delegate I'd<br />

make sure that our delegation at least asks the right<br />


Place<br />

picture<br />

here<br />


Reshika Suraj<br />

There is a great opportunity for us to make university a better experience-<br />

I believe that this university can and needs to do better- for all its students<br />

and the wider world it is connected to.<br />

Why me?<br />

Having been involved in public speaking division, as a current volunteer<br />

and a student mentor in CU, I would like to use the experience to support<br />

other delegates and ensure that we can represent students in the most<br />

functional and effectual way as achievable. My policies:<br />


• Vote in favour of motions that positively elevate students experience in<br />

the university<br />

• encourage NUS to interfere with any post Brexit action that negatively<br />

impacts EU students, to keep Cardiff as approachable and accessible for<br />

prospective EU students<br />

• Support for estranged students and care leavers by encouraging NUS to<br />

closely work with organisations such as Stand Alone<br />


• support other delegates to write motions, make amendments, speak on<br />

motions at conference.<br />

• Vote in favour of motions that support rent strikes. Collude<br />

with abolishment of rent campaigns for universities and cap any further<br />

increase in annual rent expansion for new tenants<br />

• make NUS improve mental health provisions<br />


• Make NUS work closely with student survey results on academic<br />

struggles student face and act on them.

29<br />

The following<br />

candidates are<br />

also standing<br />

for the position<br />

of NUS National<br />

Delegate, but have<br />

not provided a<br />

manifesto.<br />

Raymond Ariho<br />

Fern Dempsey<br />

Bruce Hunt<br />

Janet Williams<br />


24<br />

Student Senator<br />

Student Senators represent and act as the<br />

voice of Cardiff University students. Student<br />

Senators are responsible for creating and<br />

reviewing Union policies. Student Senate has<br />

the power to make policy which ensures the<br />

Union works in a way which reflects the values<br />

and ideals of the Student Body.<br />


32<br />

The following<br />

candidate is<br />

standing for<br />

the position<br />

of Student<br />

Senator, but has<br />

not provided a<br />

manifesto.<br />

William Lloyd<br />


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