Drive in Racking Storage System


Do you have a large storage facility that keeps the large quantity of similar or identical

goods? At Ready Rack Storage Solutions our Drive-in Racking facility are more effective

as it allows greater access, reduces aisle loading and unloading times. Our Drive-in

Racking can free-up as much as 90% of existing floor space, compared to conventional

pallet storage system. Our well designed and engineered Drive in racking are the ideal

solution for optimal floor space utilization without calling for special handling

equipment. It is favorable for drivers to position the loads quickly and accurately and

perfect for businesses that require storing and distributing batch deliveries or storing

heavy pallets. For more details about our Drive-in Racking storage solution call us at

1300 307 229 or visit our website today!


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City :- Melbourne

State :- Victoria

Zip :- 3189

Country :- Australia

Phone :- 1300307229

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