SLOAN! 25th Edition


In this issue: Singer, actress & new mum Paloma Faith, tennis legend Roger Federer, BRITs Rising Star & Oscar nominee Celeste, super-nutritionist Amanda Hamilton, leading plastic surgeon Mr Olivier Amar, former GB athlete & fitness expert Caroline Pearce and a wealth of informative, insightful & interesting Ask The Expert articles from leading experts & specialists in their field. Special features with Aqua Perfecta, Dyson, EnviroBuild, HigherDOSE, Hotpoint, KitchenAid, Masterbuilt & Power Plate plus other features on Baby & Toddler, Beauty & Grooming, Children's Books, Food & Drink, Health & Wellbeing, Fitness & Sport, Home & Garden, Out & About, Pandemic-Proof Living, Restaurant Dining At Home, Technology, Toys & Games and lots more.








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25 th edition


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Inside this issue:


Amanda Hamilton

and tennis legend

Roger Federer









Sloan Sheridan-Williams

We discover the woman behind the successful entrepreneur,

media personality and international speaker to find out what

makes Sloan Sheridan-Williams stand out from all the rest!

Sloan Sheridan-Williams is a uniquely talented celebrity life coach who has

worked with rock stars to royalty and politicians to CEOs. Her VIP clients

include Hollywood actors, professional athletes and reality TV stars. She

also works with brands from start ups to global leaders such as Unilever,

BMW, Honda, David Brown Automotive, eHarmony, Whirlpool, Hotels.

com and to name a few.


Sloan Sheridan-Williams is known for her work as one of the leading

“diagnosticians in the complementary therapy world” She is often

commended for having the fastest results in the shortest time often tackling

problems that have yet to be solved by others. Sloan achieves this using

over a decade of experience and is unique in the fact that she has trained in

so many different areas using their diversity to fix problems that a single

qualified practitioner may not be able to address. She talks about all these

area in the press on a regular basis both in the UK and globally.


Sloan was originally known in her capacity as an experienced therapist and

success coach, but she is impossible to pigeon hole. Over the last 15 years,

she has had the opportunity to work in many different arenas from legal to

political, medical to media, and corporate to academia. Educated at Oxford

University where she originally read Medicine,

Sloan then attended University College London

before converting to Law. Sloan has collaborated

with some of the finest institutions and brands in

the UK, if not the world, and has had the pleasure

to work with some very talented individuals.

Sloan’s latest work is her new book, “Slap Fear

In The Face” which is available in e-book and

paperback at

Visit to learn more

about Sloan and her extraordinary work.


Sloan has worked with rock

stars to royalty and politicians to

CEOs. Her VIP clients include

Hollywood actors, professional

athletes and reality TV stars


As a respected relationship

expert, Sloan has appeared in

the UK and international media

over 200 times. She is also a

charismatic media personality,

radio host and trained presenter.


Sloan is an engaging and

inspirational world class

international speaker and has

shared the stage with some of

the top business experts and

entrepreneurs in the UK. Sloan's

2020 TEDx talk on Fear Hacking

empowered people to unleash the

biggest version of themselves.


Sloan has a combined social

media following of over 400K on

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and

LinkedIn. She is also the founder

and editor-in-chief of SLOAN!

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25 th




VIP & Celebrities




























2021 was a year many of us were

expecting to bring change, but

for many it has been more of the


Here at SLOAN! we have always

focused on the positive side of

noticing when you are in a place

you want to break free from and

to use that as an action signal for

opening up both yourself and your

family to growth and opportunity

in the face of a challenge.

In this 25 th edition of SLOAN!,

in addition to our fabulous cover

star Paloma Faith (who's just

given birth to her second child),

we are also delighted to work

with tennis legend Roger Federer,

BRITs Rising Star award winner

Celeste and leading experts to

help you navigate through these

complicated times.

Also in this edition, we know

parents will love our new section

SLOAN! Kids including the latest

children's books. Another new

section is Out & About which

focuses on the best outdoor

products for all the family. Plus

there are features on haircare,

home fragrance, journaling and

health & wellness that will see you

through lockdown and beyond.

As always I applaud my team who

have curated some insightful, fun

and wonderful content to keep

you on the road to success whilst

enjoying your journey forward

during these challenging times.

A big thank you also to you, our

readers, for your continued support

and encouragement. We appreciate

all the lovely comments about our

articles and "beautiful" design.

We're always delighted to hear that

it makes such an impact to you.

Keep safe, pay it forward to

those who are struggling through

the pandemic and as always be



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SLOAN! At Home


Be bold with the stunning Pillar

Box Red range cooker from Everhot.

Whether you want a cosy country feel

or to make a contemporary statement, this

versatile and striking new colourway adds a

splash of brightness and an instant warm and

welcoming feel.

Everhot’s are the most efficient heat storage

range cookers on the market and well suited to

running off renewable energy. All the cookers

are assembled in Gloucestershire from parts

that are almost exclusively supplied from

the UK, using energy that the brand largely

generates itself.

From £5,485 at



Designed to exceed expectations, the new KitchenAid

Cordless Hand Blender gives adventurous cooks all the

power they expect, but without the cord.

Whether catering for a big family or if space is a challenge, the

KitchenAid Cordless Hand Blender gives you the option to prep food

wherever you like - from the kitchen to the dining area to wherever –

and all in a fraction of the time.

One charger works with all of the appliances in the new KitchenAid

Cordless Collection. The Cordless Hand Blender can charge from

empty to full in two hours or less. With the quick charge option,

the hand blender is ready in 20 minutes. A Battery Indicator Light

signals when it’s time to charge. We discovered that you can blend

up to 25 bowls of soup on a full charge! The removable pan guard

helps to protect cookware which is perfect for nervous cooks.

£129 from


When keeping the body and mind calm and stress free, it’s

important to remember the three R’s: rest, rejuvenate and rebalance.

The ‘stress hormone’ cortisol is a leading cause of poor sleep.

The Re-Balance Pillow Pair feature carbon threads which restore

hormonal balance by lowering cortisol, to reduce anxiety and allow

for a deeper, more restorative sleep for both of you.

£35 from

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TASSIMO MY WAY 2 Coffee Machine,

designed by Bosch offers you more

than just coffee by adding a touch of

personality to your drink. Its personalisation

feature allows you to set the intensity,

temperature and volume of your favourite drink

just the way you like it. TASSIMO MY WAY 2

comes with integrated BRITA MAXTRA+ water

filtration technology to ensure that you have the

best coffee shop quality coffee every time. The

BRITA filter prolongs

the life of the machine

by preventing limescale

build-up and releases the

full flavour and aroma of

coffee, espresso and tea.

We think it's one of the

best coffee pod machines

at this price.

£139.99 available from


The Lille Luxury Mesh Back Executive

Office Chair is perfect for the home office

- it's comfortable, stylish and offers all

the functionality you need. The ergonomic mesh

back provides a firm, comfortable surface to lean

back against that corrects posture. The chair offers

unparalleled lumbar support and a well ventilated

material that allows your back to breathe.

The ergonomic chair's high back

provides sturdiness and a significant

amount of headrest and neck support

with its multi-adjustable headrest.

The mesh back allows for improved

posture and an adjustable system that

allows for all day comfort.

The Lille Mesh Back Office

Chair is available in Black or Blue

contemporary mesh back with

chrome base.

£256.80 from


The stylish 4-slice Funky Toaster is available in three

colours to suit a range of kitchen styles - on-trend

Rose Gold, Cream and Chrome. Designed in the UK

by husband-and-wife team Joe and Sadie Sillett, the toaster will

easily take pride of place on any kitchen work surface. Thick

sliced bread is easily crisped to perfection as its

slots are wider and deeper than regular

toasters. In fact, the deep, variable

width slots happily accommodate

a range of different bread sizes,

crumpets and bagels, while the

variable browning controls ensure

every slice is just how you like it.


Hand decorated using decoupage

techniques, each design of this waste

paper bin is completely unique. The wooden waste

paper bin measures 25cm x 22cm and is the perfect

size to pop under a desk. Finished to very high

standards using

coats of gloss

lacquer, this music

waste paper bin is

the perfect gift for

musicians of any


£49.99 from

£89.99 from

7When we’re surrounded

by technology, winding

down can feel impossible.

A natural sleep aid, sleepDOT is

programmed with a specific mix of

soothing vibrations to help you catch

some well-earned Zs. sleepDOT

emits natural frequencies that

encourage your brain to

slow to the theta and delta

frequencies. These are

the slowest frequencies

of the brain, associated

with relaxation and

present during daydream,

meditation and deep,

dreamless sleep


£60 from

9This simple yet elegant musical

notes tissue box cover would make

the perfect addition to an office or studio of

any musician. Measuring 13cm x 13cm

it easily fits any standard size box of

tissues. Handmade using decoupage

techniques, each design is completely

unique and is finished to very high

standards. Finished with several coats

of gloss lacquer for added shine.


£29.99 from

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Honey, a warm, rich, comforting golden-orange hue, is

the KitchenAid 2021 Colour of the Year. We love it on

the Artisan Tilt-Head 4.8L Stand Mixer, delivering an

accent of colour in the kitchen that will boost your mood

and synergize your connection with the space - just what

we need during these times when domestic life takes

centre stage.

In addition to both a 4.8L and a 3L stainless-steel bowl,

standard accessories include a flat beater, flex edge

beater, dough hook and wire whisk. For even more

versatility to indulge your creative flair, there are over

15 optional, dishwasher-safe, extras for the famous

attachment-ready Culinary Hub enabling everything

from slicing, grating, mincing, chopping and peeling, to

juicing and spiralizing, along with a Sifter & Scale.

Assembled in sturdy die-cast metal, the stable Artisan

Stand Mixer fuses legendary design with outstanding

engineering and durability making it, quite simply, the

ultimate kitchen accessory.

£499 from


Top Three

For The


The ultimate accessories for the

home of every domestic goddess


This Hotpoint 312 litre chest freezer (CS1A 300 H

FA 1) combines flexible storage solutions with a

generous capacity. Perfect for those needing more

freezer space during the ongoing pandemic, this chest

freezer suits an outbuilding or larger utility room.

The freestanding chest freezer has a net capacity of

312 litres which is comparable to 17 carrier bags of

shopping. It is not frost free but we were reassured

by the freezer's innovative FrostAway technology

which can reduce ice formation by up to 55% thus

decreasing the frequency required to defrost the

freezer. Another feature we loved was the Super

Freeze+ function which allows allows food to be

frozen quickly, even when it has just been cooked,

retaining its original taste and texture. It can cool

food from +70°C to -18°C, making it ideal for anyone

needing to batch cook and freeze meals immediately

like busy parents with young families.

The chest freezer also boasts internal LED lighting

to maximise visibility and is lockable for additional

safety and security.

£334 from

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SLOAN! Magazine loves Dyson

The new Dyson V11 Outsize cord-free

vacuum is a supersize cord-free machine

designed to clean up big messes in big homes.

Building on the intelligence, power and

performance of the Dyson V11 Absolute

cord-free vacuum, the Dyson V11 Outsize

has been re-engineered to include a 150%

larger bin, 25% bigger cleaner head, with up

to 60 minutes of runtime.

Optimised for deep cleaning, the new Dyson

V11 Outsize offers 20% more suction

thanks to a powerful Dyson Hyperdymium

motor and 18 Dyson cyclones which

generate forces of more than 79,000g to fling

microscopic particles – such as pollen, dust

and bacteria – into the bin.

The machine’s fully-sealed filtration system

traps 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3

microns and Dyson’s DLS technology

intelligently optimises cleaning and run time

according to floor type.

Some say it's heavy but we think that's a

small price to pay for such exceptional

cleaning capabilities around the home..

£649.99 from


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With EnviroBuild

you are not only

investing in beautiful

garden furniture but

also helping protect the

disappearing rainforests

Garden Furniture That

Makes A Real Difference

SLOAN! takes a closer look at EnviroBuild's Livingstone Scuro sofa set

There are so many reasons to sit

outside and make your garden

into an outdoor haven of comfort

and tranquility. In this current

pandemic it is the perfect way to

break up the rut many have been

experiencing by working from


As Spring arrives, the benefits

of spending time outdoors really

come into play.

Celebrity life coach Sloan

Sheridan-Williams told us,

"Research shows time outdoors

can reduce heart rate, lower blood

pressure, decrease stress hormones

and even ease muscle tension.

For those having an afternoon

dip in energy, working outside

can also improve memory and

concentration all whilst boosting

vitamin D levels."

Sloan went on to say, "For

coaching students it is the perfect

place to journal and create vision

boards and for those who are

missing family during lockdown,

it is not long now before you can

mix again outdoors with loved

ones. Science has even shown

food tastes better outside, so who

Every purchase of the Livingstone Scuro

sofa sets and other Galleon furniture from

EnviroBuild will make a difference, with each

garden furniture set helping to save up to 7.17

acres of Rainforest. EnviroBuild also donates

10% of profits across all brands to the Rainforest

Trust, further supporting their important causes.

better to share it with than those

you've been missing. However you

choose to spend your time outside,

create an inviting and comfortable

space that you enjoy being in."

SLOAN! loves EnviroBuild. They

create garden furniture that can

surpass and outperform traditional

products, so that the choice

between quality and sustainability

can be one and the same.

The company wants to pave the

way towards greener lifestyles,

and in turn, put greater pressure

on an industry-wide reform.

The rattan used in EnviroBuild's

Livingstone Scuro sofa sets are

made from 100% high quality

recycled PE plastic and has been

beautifully crafted using a natural

weave with varied thickness,

texture and tone. This set has

consistently been a best seller due

10 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

to it’s beautifully plump cushions

and stylish weave.

All cushion covers are machine

washable and made exclusively of

the highest quality showerproof


The modular nature of the sets

means that you can rearrange

the furniture to suit your garden

perfectly, EnviroBuild also offers

additional coffee tables and chairs

to add onto the order to allow you

to make it your own.

The Livingstone Scuro sofa sets

also come in a lighter colour with

darker cushions (named “the

Livingstone”). The sofa sets form

part of EnviroBuild's Galleon


With the shared goal of

environmental protection and

sustainable progression, the

Rainforest Trust has partnered

with the Galleon brand. Using

partnerships and community

engagement to purchase and

protect threatened tropical land,

the Rainforest Trust strives to save

endangered species and safeguard

vulnerable forest.

EnviroBuild has pledged to donate

a fixed amount per Galleon garden

furniture set to the Rainforest

Trust, supporting the important

work that they are doing all

around the world.

When purchasing Galleon garden

furniture, you are not only

investing in a beautiful addition

to your outdoor space, you are

also helping to protect our rapidly

disappearing forests and their

ecosystems, ensuring that our

beautiful planet remains thriving

for future generations.

EnviroBuild's Livingstone Scuro

sofa sets range in price from

£1,274.99 to £2,774.99

For more information, please visit

Celebrity life coach Sloan

Sheridan-Williams is a fan of

EnviroBuild garden furniture

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Outdoor Cooking

From low-and-slow to high heat

searing, the new all-in-one Gravity

Series 800 Digital

Charcoal Griddle +

Grill + Smoker offers

all round versatility

Set to revolutionise charcoal

grilling and smoking, the

Gravity Series 800 Digital

Charcoal Griddle + Grill +

Smoker from Masterbuilt®

boasts the power of GravityFed

charcoal grilling and allows you

to griddle, smoke, grill, bake,

sear, warm, BBQ, roast or braise

without the need to go elsewhere.

The grill, recently referred to as

one of the “most innovative grills

and smokers of 2020” and “the

easiest charcoal smoker,” features

the ability to remove the reversible

cast-iron grill grates and insert

a flat top griddle with up to 800

square inches of cooking space..

The Masterbuilt app and Wi-Fi/

Bluetooth capabilities allow you

to smoke, grill, sear and now

griddle in a matter of minutes

with the touch of a button. The

GravityFed Hopper holds

4.5kg of lump charcoal or 7kg of

briquettes for up to 10 hours of


Simply fill the hopper with

charcoal, light a firelighter and

let the digital controller take over.

Just load, light and set. No more

babysitting your charcoal fire.

Ben Forte, Global Marketing

Manager of Masterbuilt said: “We

engineer products that amplify

flavour, make outdoor cooking

simple, and put the control in the

hands of our consumers.

“With the Gravity Series,

charcoal cooking is hassle-free

and can be mastered by all. We

are proud to continue to grow

the Gravity Series family with

the Gravity Series 800 Griddle.

Now, in addition to grilling and

smoking, you can also griddle

your favourite breakfast recipe,

cheesesteaks, burgers and more.

We look forward to seeing what

the Masterbuilt community cooks


The Gravity Series 800

Digital Charcoal Griddle + Grill

+ Smoker reaches 110°C in 8

minutes, 230°C in 10 minutes,

or 370°C in 14 minutes. You can

control the temperature and cook

time with the digital control panel

or with smart device control

using WiFi or Bluetooth and the

Masterbuilt app whilst the built-in

temperature gauge and meat probe

thermometer for perfect results

every time. The folding stainless

steel front shelf for additional

preparation space.

£849 from

(N.B. A non-returnable pallet is

dropped off with the product)

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As k The Ex p e r t

Holiday Mode At Home

Josh Wildeman of Perfect Stays suggests seven

ways to make your home feel like a holiday

With holidays having been put on hold due to the

global pandemic and following yet another lockdown,

it’s hard not to feel the disappointment of missing out.

But there are plenty of things you can do at home

to capture those holiday vibes and make the weeks

ahead that bit more enjoyable.

Here are seven tips and tricks that can help transform

your home into a luxury escape and best of all,

they’re budget-friendly.


Seeing as we’re a while off going to any type of

festival, get a taste of your own and throw yourself

a film festival. Pick a theme, from beach movies

to French thrillers and get ready for a laid-back

weekend of nothing but movies.

Create a themed cocktail or menu for each film and

see if you can borrow or purchase a mini projector

from a friend to get the full experience.


If you have a garden, pitch a tent and turn it into

your own personal campsite. Create a back-garden

camp by pitching a tent, setting up some camp chairs

around a fire or an outdoor log burner and make

some s’mores and hot chocolate.

You could even string some simple lights around your

garden to add a little magic to your campsite.

Best of all, you have easy access to the toilet, the

shower is nice and warm and there are no worries of

unwanted creepy crawlies.

Even if you don’t have access to a garden, living

room camping brings the same experience and you’re

warm and cosy inside.


Nothing says ‘holiday mode’ like a well-mixed

cocktail by the pool. Now, while many of us may

not have the luxury of a pool, you can still enjoy

a cocktail in the garden, living room, or almost

anywhere really.

Build your own personal cocktail menu, gather

some ingredients and indulge in a spritz or two that

reminds you of holidays past and future.

If alcohol isn’t to your taste (or you just want to

avoid the hangover), create some virgin twists to any

classic cocktail and don’t forget to pull out the fancy



Recreate a classic dish from your favourite holiday

destination and bring the flavours of your dream

getaway to your kitchen.

Or if you would prefer to take a break from cooking,

order a lavish Mediterranean meal, or Spanish

feast from your local take-aways (as even during a

lockdown you can still order take-aways).

But don’t just stop at your evening meal, do this all

day from your morning brunch to your after-dinner

coffee. You will feel like you’ve spent the whole day

anywhere but home.


Creating a spa-like space at home is easier than

you may think. Although you may not be able to

book an at-home masseuse, load up on as many

sheet masks as possible, light your favourite scented

candles, scatter some rose petals, run a hot bubble

bath and voila! You’re indulging in a holiday-like



If one of your favourite parts of being on holiday is

being unreachable, recreate it at home. Place your

phone, tablet and computers in a drawer – padlocked

if necessary – and spend the weekend like you’re on a

desert island.

Avoid news updates, texts and the temptation to

check your work emails. It may seem weird, but you

will survive and hopefully feel refreshed afterwards.


For some of us, holidays are all about how they

make us feel, but for others looks are everything.

We tend to come back from holidays looking tanned

and well-rested, and this is something we miss at

home. Practice self-care where you can and fake that

holiday glow. Fake tan can be a great confidence

boost or wear your best holiday-inspired clothing at

the first sign of sun and pretend away. Just because

we’re stuck indoors doesn’t mean we have to look

like it!

Josh Wildeman is Marketing Manager of luxury selfcatering

company Perfect Stays.

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Journaling has become increasingly

popular with more Brits than ever before

writing diaries, gratitude journals and

even their own autobiographies. We ask

why and pick out our favourite journals

Rutger Bruining

SLOAN! asked Rutger Bruining,

CEO of biography writing

service StoryTerrace to share his

thoughts on the secret behind

journaling and the reasons why

it has become a popular pastime.

StoryTerrace helps people to

turn their life story into a book.

The company takes care of

the whole process – matching

clients with one of their 600

professional writers, interviews,

photo gathering, editing, design

and printing.

Books are on average 100 pages

long, meaning that everyone

can have their life story – or the

life stories of their loved ones –

documented in a professionally

curated autobiography,

biography, or series of memoirs.

Learn more at


help reduce stress

and can improve

short-term and

long-term memory



Looking back at past memories

and life moments has become

commonplace over the course of

the past year, offering us a form

of escapism from the pandemic.

And while reflecting on the past

can be an intellectual activity,

nostalgia is also an emotional one.

Memory is about recalling the

facts of a past event; nostalgia is

about recalling how it felt to be

there. Nostalgia is also related to

higher self-esteem, happiness,

and feelings of closeness to loved

ones – engaging in past memories

evoke these feelings for us,

boosting our overall mood.


The act of writing in a journal

to record your innermost

thoughts yields a whole host of

benefits when it comes to our

mental health. It can better our

mood and increase our sense

of wellbeing. In some cases,

journaling is “prescribed” as a

way to reduce PTSD symptoms

or to help people suffering from

depression and anxiety. However,

you don’t have to be suffering

to benefit from journaling – any

time spent writing your thoughts

helps your brain to get better at

regulating your emotions. Writing

a biography is like a journal on




If there’s one overarching

condition of modern life – and

one we can all relate to – it’s

busyness. We move from email

to email or meeting to meeting

with little time to pause and

think about our lives and their

meaning — a situation that’s

only been made worse by the

distractions of smartphones.

Yet Harvard researchers have

found that making time for selfreflection

is a crucial component

of learning. Writing a journal or

biography is a rewarding exercise

in self-reflection, whether you’re

thinking about a day’s work or

your life as a whole.


Allocating some devoted

downtime to a daily activity

– whether it be 10 minutes or

an hour – can really help to

induce calmness, especially

after a particularly busy day.

An overload of stress can be

detrimental to our overall

health, including our physical,

mental and emotional wellbeing.

Journaling is an effective stress

management tool – it doesn’t

really matter what you decide to

write about, but deconstructing

stressful events in our day can be

a beneficial way to mentally put

them to bed.



One of the reasons people come

to us at StoryTerrace is because

they do not want their life

experiences to be forgotten, but

many people who document their

lives are unaware that the process

itself can improve their memory

of the past. Journaling also works

to significantly improve our

‘working memory’, which is the

ability to store and manipulate

information in our minds over

brief intervals. The process

of writing down our fleeting

thoughts and feelings encourages

the mind to consolidate our

memories when we sleep, which

boosts our ability to recall them


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The Joy of Journaling

This Way


This 'Busy Bee' journal comes with a handmade logo engraved in gold on the

front.The book has gold gilded, lined pages and a ribbon marker. It's perfect for

scribbling down everything important! You can have engraved initials in the

bottom right hand corner in either Times New Roman or Gotham font.

£65 from

Available in both A4 & A5, this notebook and pen is to write down memories, thoughts

and inspiration on your travels. Or, perhaps as the perfect gift for that special someone

or yourself! Made from PU Vegan Leather and sustainable plain paper.

£36 from

Martha Brook

This stunning luxury hardback personalised gratitude journal is deep foil

embossed with the wording ‘gratitude turns what we have into enough’ and is

personalised with the name of your choice. Covered in cotton bookcloth available

in Blush Pink or Soft Sand. The pages have a clever light perforation next to the

spine so that the journal lies flat and means that any page can easily be removed

without spoiling the book.

£24.95 from

Executive Pens Direct

This beautiful medium aubergine Amalfi journal is bound in gorgeous soft calf leather

and hand-made in Italy for extra fine quality. It combines a traditional wrap design

with fresh, modern colouring and is a real must have for those interested in journaling.

£23.95 from

Proper Goose

The perfect gift for all journaling fans! What better place to keep all your

important self-reflection notes than in this eye catching notebook. It can be

personalised just for you in a choice of either A5 or A6.

£21 from

The Positive Planner

The Positive Wellness Journal is split into 3 sections – Mind:Body:Soul – focusing on

how you can bring more positivity into each area. There's a combination of weekly

quotes, daily writing and activities such as breathing, stretching, meal planning and

art therapy to help you nourish not just your mind, but your body and soul as one.

£20 from

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Spring Scents

Welcome the new season with beautiful home fragrance

using our favourite springtime diffusers and room sprays



Jasmine and Philadelphus

Room Spray

£18 from



After the Rain Reed Diffuser

£30 from

16 SLOAN! | E-mail us at


The Crown reed diffuser

£68 from


Sweet Orange Diffuser Gift Set

£42.50 from


Desert Mist Diffuser is a

humidifier, atomiser and

aroma diffuser in one with

LED coloured light options.

£80.96 from


The Amalfi reed diffuser

£35 from


Purity Organic Reed


£35 from


Serenity Reed


£34 from


Teardrop Diffuser

£30 from


CALM Reed Diffuser

£29.75 from


Relax Organic

Room Spray

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If I can use

my platform

for the greater

good then I


should and

intend to.


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SLOAN! Magazine talks to Paloma Faith about Infinite

Things, life as an artist, actress & mum and why she uses

her fame for the greater good as a charity ambassador

From gaining number one album success, through

to battling her way to becoming a mother, Paloma

Faith’s remarkable career continues in setting her

sights on a return to the charts with her ambitious

new album.

Amid a global pandemic, this year has been one to

forget for many, but as Paloma Faith reveals, she

feels notably blessed by news of her second child’s

imminent arrival. After a hugely testing trial of

repeated rounds of IVF treatment, the Brit Award

winning singer announced the latest addition

to her family happily coincides with her latest

musical baby in the form of her fifth studio album.

Since her last release, The Architect, achieved

coveted number one status, Paloma has featured

as a coach on ITV’s The Voice Kids, seen herself

nominated for a clutch of industry accolades, as

well as exploring new territory as an actor in the

Batman prequel spin-off, Pennyworth. So, as the

coronavirus crisis grimly took hold around the

world, the enforced downtime offered her a rare

chance to take stock after an intense period of


As she admits, inhabiting her line of work can

often make you ‘whimsical in going with the

flow,’ yet reveals that having a toddler to take

care of has, by necessity, required greater time

management. “It’s made me go for the jugular

more,” she notes in having to be far more focused.

Consequently, being ever creatively restless,

material soon flowed while at home completing

her latest album, led by its lyrically powerful

lead single, Better Than This, a reflection on the

fractured state of the world and hopes for the next


It stands proudly paving the way for what is a

bold, uncompromising record brimming full

of confidence and self-assurance, taking on

everything from her trademark soulful pop,

through to sweeping orchestral ballads that stem

from an artist who is at the top of her creative


“We live in a very volatile world that now seems

as if we only get one chance, so I have been lucky

that I’ve been able to put releases out there and

put myself on the map,” she says of her latest


However, it’s been a far from straightforward

journey for the half-Spanish East-London born

singer, who holds a degree in contemporary

dance, and an MA in theatre directing that saw

her initially consider other artistic directions.

But after early stints in cabaret, bar tending and

modelling, she gravitated to singing, and has been

doing things her own way ever since. There have

been pressures along the route, including offering

a ‘showbiz age’ several years younger than her

actual years for fear of not being given a recording

contract, yet she remains very much true to


Despite such moments, her debut album provided

plenty of vindication in reaching the top 10 in

2009, setting the tone for a career to date packed

with notable milestones. There have been plenty

of highlights beyond the icing on the cake of

multi-platinum sales, including her friendship

with the late Amy Winehouse, to whom she has

been widely compared, who she penned a tribute

to on her last album.

To her credit, she has stood firm on other key

issues, notably on one of her biggest hits to date,

Only Love Can Hurt Like this, which featured a

video with an interracial love scene. When US

executives asked her to re-shoot it on grounds it

‘wouldn’t sell’, she refused, and never spoke to

them again, even if it might cost her a stateside

breakthrough. She says she’d rather have success

very much on her own terms. As she concedes,

her latest recordings, which were self-produced

in her basement, allowed her the chance to push

herself artistically more than ever before.

“Well, I think being at home meant I was

completely uninhibited with wild abandon, in

a way that I am not when sound engineers are

looking at me.

“Also, I wasn’t afraid to make mistakes, and

sometimes those mistakes land in places that

are wonderful, and I wouldn’t make them if

someone else was there. So, I feel like there’s

more intimacy in this record, and that there’s more

truth in the way that I am singing,” she explains

thoughtfully, noting that the album is very much

focused on motherhood and the pressures, hopes

and expectations that it brings.

While the 39 year-old singer has been frank about

the challenges she endured to bring her daughter

into the world, a clearly understandable desire to

shield her child from media intrusion has been

misinterpreted in some quarters as

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eing a conscious decision to raise her as ‘gender

neutral’. While it’s led to an at times uncomfortable

relationship with the media, her engaging and

refreshingly honest manner remains greatly

endearing to her fans.

“It is so great being a mum and I feel very lucky, as

the lockdown meant that we’ve spent a lot of time

together as a family, which has been a positive.

Usually, it had just been one or the other of us

looking after our daughter, who has now started

really learning about family,” says Paloma of her now

three-year old.

As she adds, the record’s title track, Infinite Things,

is about her youngster, and was inspired from

previously reading Argentine writer and poet Jorge

Luis Borge’s short story, The Aleph, in which its

central character experiences the full spectrum of

human emotion, from pain to joy, within a single


“With the title track, it’s about seeing things through

my daughter’s eyes and is about becoming a parent,

and how that it is all about continuing humanity. You

experience the worst heartache with it.

“The album is also a commentary on society as well

in respect of issues raised by living in the pandemic,

and also knowing people who have lost loved ones.

“It’s also about enduring love, as we’re most used

to hearing about the initial parts of a relationship

on that first spark, so it’s an area that that’s underrepresented.

I think there’s a big cultural hole there

that I’m aiming to address,” notes Paloma, who isn’t

afraid to tackle some difficult subject areas that many

would shun. This is most notable on one of the early

tracks on the album, Monster, which is a reflection

on the darker side of the music business.

There’s certainly a bittersweet edge to one of the

album’s standout tracks, the spinetingling ballad If

Loving You Were Easy, which would not seem out

of place on a James Bond soundtrack – “I was born

to do Bond” she asserts, yet is also acutely aware

that the more she mentions it, the less likely it will

happen. But in spite of whatever occurs, it seems

there’s a strong level of support out there for her. As

she explains, she and her other half Leyman Lahcine,

a French artist, have endured a lot in recent years,

including handling a total of six rounds of fertility

treatment. While they may have challenges ahead,

including Paloma revealing she’s prone to postnatal

depression, they’ve demonstrated a strong degree of


“I’d pretty much resigned myself to giving up with

this latest treatment, and I thought that this just

wasn’t going to happen. It felt like it was the last

chance saloon and I was thinking to myself, where

am I am going with this?

“With IVF, I think it’s sad that men don’t really talk

about it in public, and it’s one of those things where

society always assumes that it is a female issue. It’s

something that can be hard on relationships,” she

admits, keen to put across the fact that they’ve split

their childcare as evenly as possible.

As if that wasn’t enough to contend with, she’s

greatly enjoyed the opportunity to explore acting

roles – notably in the Batman series, Pennyworth,

which she describes as an ‘amazing experience’ that

she would love the chance to repeat.

Clearly, planning for the future is a little hard

contending with a pandemic, but the much-travelled

singer is anticipating heading out on the road again

for another UK tour next autumn. It’s a prospect she

is eagerly awaiting, with performing remaining her

grand passion, especially with the added bonus of

designing her own sets.

Somehow, beyond being a recording artist, mum

and actress, she’s still found time to devote to other

personal interests, including being an ambassador for

Oxfam and Greenpeace, which of great significance

to her.

“Being an ambassador is fantastic, as I feel like when

you’re in my industry, it’s easy to lose sight of the

reality about the world. The truth is, there are a lot

more pressing things going on out there than singing

a pop song, so if I can use my platform for the

greater good then I absolutely should and intend to.

“I also find it something I get a lot of enjoyment out

of and not for superficial reasons that I’ve pursued

this career,” she remarks, looking forward amid an

uncertain world with a true sense of optimism.

Infinite Things is out now and Paloma's UK

Headline Tour runs from 16 th September to 25 th

October 2021.

Find out more at

Interview by Neill Barston

L to R: Rankin, Gizzi Erskine, Paloma Faith &

Idris Elba on Sky One's The Ones To Watch

© Fresh One Productions

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Five Simple Daily

Mind & Body

Happiness Hacks

Astrid Longhurst is a life & body

confidence expert, coach, and author of two

books. She helps women (and men) boost

their confidence and self-esteem through

coaching, mindfulness and meditation.

Astrid Longhurst

Astrid Longhurst began her career

as a dancer and then became one

of the first generation of plussized

models, pioneering the

way for women to look and feel

great whatever their age, shape

or size. She then moved into

fitness, becoming the first size

24 fitness presenter, wowing the

nation on GMTV where she gave

hugely inspirational and popular


Astrid qualified in counselling and

psychotherapy and in life, personal

and executive business coaching.

She is the founder of the Institute

for Body Confidence Coaching,

co-founder of Chakranetics

– a mindful energy medicine

workout, and successful author

of Body Confidence (Penguin/

Michael Joseph) and Romancing

your body: How to fall deeply,

passionately & wildly in love with

your body and your life!

Micro-moments of

happiness lift your

spirits & boost

your wellbeing

Life is a series of moments and opportunities for us to be more mindful

and appreciative of our experience of living. However, many of these

moments are wasted when we find ourselves waiting for something else

to happen. It’s so easy to get lost in the more mundane aspects of our

lives such as waiting for the kettle to boil, cooking a meal, tidying up,

going out shopping, or making the bed.

These are often the times when we tend to “check out” in our heads and

find our thoughts drifting to what we haven’t achieved or what we need

to do. We may find ourselves ruminating about what the day has brought

us or what someone has said to us that made us feel a bit off centre.


However, this can be easily changed by adding in micro moments of

happiness into your daily tasks, so that you maximise every moment

of your life. You can increase your happiness levels by actively adding

in more of those joyful, kind or loving moments throughout your

day. Every moment is fresh, new and precious. And, as the saying goes,

“One moment can change a day, one day can change a life and one life

can change the world.”

Try out these five happiness hacks to lift your spirits and boost your

wellbeing. If you feel slightly ridiculous as you are doing them it means

they are working. This is because they are aimed at shaking up your

usual daily routine, patterns and habits. Whenever we do something out

of the ordinary, we become more conscious of the present moment. This

helps to make us feel more alive and engaged in our life, rather than

continually living by our old default position.

These five simple and fun mind & body happiness hacks can easily be

slipped into your daily routines. They will have you smiling & feeling

fabulous and you never know, they might become a daily part of your



Instead of just waiting for the kettle to boil, try giving your face some

angel kisses. Rub both hands together vigorously and then very gently,

tap your fingers all over your face. Allow a soft smile to light up your

lips as you bestow hundreds of these tiny “Angel kisses” on your skin.

Finish off the exercise by placing your hands on either side of your

cheeks and just cup your face in your hands. This is such an easy and

22 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

loving movement to show yourself some love. It also

helps to boost your complexion!


Every time you wash your hands imagine that you

are washing away any self-limiting beliefs or negative

thoughts. Imagine that the negative thought is in your

hands and that the soap suds are clearing them away.

As you rinse your hands, watch the soapy water

going down the plug hole and imagine that old belief

being washed away! Fabulous!


Turn putting the bins out into an opportunity to strut

your funky stuff and boost your body confidence!

Make it a personal rule that every time you put the

bins out you will walk as if the world belonged to


Stand up tall, shoulders back, heart open and take

long strides allowing your hips to undulate from side

to side as you step out with confidence. If nothing

else, this will make you laugh which will boost your

immune system!


This is lovely to do with children if you are in the

kitchen doing some baking with them. Tell them that

you are going to make some happiness cakes and ask

them what things they can think of that makes them

happy. As you put the ingredients together get your

children to stir in their happiness by saying, what

makes them happy. For example, “I love my friends,”

or “dancing to music makes me happy.” Once the

cakes are baked, you can then share the joy of eating

your happiness cakes with everyone!


This is super fun! Run on the spot for a minute

counting pretend miles as you go. Say out loud, “one

mile, two miles, three miles, four miles etc, all the

way until you have reached a total of 26 miles! Then

throw both arms high into the air as if you have just

crossed the finish line and shout out “YES! I DID

IT!” Then bask in the euphoria, imagining you’ve just

run a marathon! This is great to do with children too!

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Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing

Moisture Masque is an intensive

weekly moisturizing treatment

that leaves hair smooth, silky and

restored. Formulated with luxurious

Caviar extract to help protect

hair from physical, chemical, and

natural aging factors.

£45.95 from


The naturally

sourced 3HX Scalp

Shampoo and 3HX

Scalp Lotion aren't

designed specifically for the hair, but

are designed to support the skin health

of the scalp which is a vital component

for a healthy head of hair.

From £30 from



SLOAN! selects our favourite

hair masks & treatments for

silky smooth lovable locks


As the number one most used haircare

brand in Hollywood, HASK has been

used by over 750 stylists on over 2,500

film and TV sets. 15ml bottles of hair

oil are £3 and the 50ml sachets of deep

conditioners are also £3 available from

Boots, Superdrug, Tesco & more

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This Intense Moisture Mask

is infused with Seaberry oil

and contains essential fatty

acids (EFAs) to deeply nourish

and refresh hair extensions for

amazingly soft and velvety sleek.

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LQ Collagen

Skin Hair Nails MAX is a daily

all-in-one beauty collagen 50ml

shot containing the same amount

of active ingredients

as up to 15 pills!

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Follicle Boost Hair Density

Serum injects volume and

voltage to your hair. Retinol and

lactic acid work to supercharge

cellular turnover removing the

obstacles for new hair growth.

Hero ingredients include

Pumpkin Seed extract and

Castor oil.

£96 from

Liz Earle

Botanical Shine Nourishing Hair

Oil can be used as a finishing

touch on dry hair or on damp hair

to speed up blow-drying time and

protect against heat damage.

£19.50 from

Authentic Beauty Concept

The Replenish Mask provides intense

nourishment, strengthens the hair

fibre and helps to restore the cuticle. A

beautiful scent of frangipani blossom,

jasmine and sandalwood.



The Original Hair Oil

is perfect for treating

dry, damaged hair or

as a scalp treatment

for nourished hair.

Promotes hair growth

and repair whilst adding

smoothness and shine.

£13 from

Knight & Wilson

PUREPLEX Revolutionary

Hair Repair System features

bond reconstructing technology

to help repair damage and

restore hair strength, elasticity

and volume.

£12.99 from


Smooth + Silky

Organic Conditioner

also works as a

leave-in conditioner.

£18 from


100% Extra Virgin

Coconut Oil Head

To Toe can be used

all over the body.

£10.99 from

Vatika Naturals

Castor Enriched

Hair Oil makes hair

look thicker and feel

healthier. .

£4.50 from


Limited Edition

Intensive Deep Repair

Mask, infused with a

Rhubarb and Custard

scent, leaves hair feeling

silky, smooth and more

manageable without

weighing it down.

£5.65 from

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How To Take Your Skincare

To The Next Level

Mr Olivier Amar MD Surg (Hons) is one of the country's

leading consultant plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons

Olivier Amar

Here are my five top tips on how

to take your skincare to the next



The number of people who are

unaware of the importance of SPF

for their skin always surprises

me. Sun protection is not just

for a summer holiday, but all

year round! Although we are not

spending as much time outside at

the moment as we usually would

be, this does not diminish the

importance of protecting our skin

from harmful UV rays. This also

applies to the winter months, as

there is still a deceiving risk of

skin damage from the sun which

can lead to premature ageing

and wrinkles. The easiest way to

ensure that your skin is protected

is by using a moisturiser that

contains SPF, which you should

always apply in advance of going




It is understandable that many

of us may feel we need a helping

hand with our skin at the moment.

Winter can be a difficult time

for skin due to harsh weather

conditions and a lack of moisture

in the air which leads to dryness;

but stressful news agendas over

the past year have also taken their

toll on our skin. Naturally based

cosmetic treatments, like Uvence,

offer a next step for those who are

looking for additional methods of

enhancing their skin. The Uvence

treatment utilises one’s own cells

to rejuvenate and plump targeted

areas on the face and body,

thereby naturally improving the

appearance and texture of skin.



There are many factors which

impact the quality of our skin –

but lots of them originate from the

inside. These include our levels of

hydration, how much we exercise,

our diets and our sleeping habits.

Lots of my patients are unaware

of how much their lifestyle can

actually impact the quality of

skin, as well as results after

cosmetic treatments. So, although

leading a healthy lifestyle is

important for our overall health,

it’s just as important for our skin,

too. My first recommendations are

to ensure you eat a balanced diet,

drink at least 8 glasses of water

per day, and engage in some form

of regular exercise. These steps

will help to create the best internal

environment which helps the skin

to flourish from the inside-out.



There is a myriad of skincare

products on the market, and it can

be difficult to know which ones

26 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

will work best for you. However,

the more expensive a product is

does not necessarily correlate

to how effective it will be in

delivering results. Everyone’s

skin reacts differently to certain

ingredients; what may work

for one person might not be as

beneficial to another. Although

trial and error is one method of

working out the best products

for you, it is also a good idea

to look at the ingredients of

skincare products before buying.

If you know your skin reacts

well to certain ingredients, this

can provide a good indicator of

whether a product will serve its



There are several essential

vitamins that can help the body

to achieve the best skin possible.

These can be consumed orally

through different foods and

supplements, as well as through

direct application to the skin in

the form of cosmetic products.

Vitamin D has been shown to

offer a whole host of benefits to

our skin, including contributing to

skin cell growth and repair. Foods

such as oily fish and eggs are a

great source of this and can lead

to visible skin improvement when

consumed in moderation. You can

also take supplements to ensure

that you get your daily dose of

vitamins, but make sure you do

your research about which ones

are best suited to you and your



Mr Olivier Amar MD Surg (Hons)

is a French Aesthetic Plastic and

Reconstructive Surgeon (GMC:

7007834) based in London and

specialising in bespoke facial

rejuvenation, body contouring

and breast enhancement – all

performed under day surgery. He

is also a pioneer of Uvence; an

innovative and naturally based

treatment that rejuvenates the skin

using one’s own purified cells.

To find out more, please visit and

Spring Into Beauty

From skincare saviours to perfume and

makeup, here's our top choices for the season


RÉDUIT Spa is a touchless skincare device

that will revolutionise your at-home skincare

routine with 38x more performance and 20x

less product waste. This cutting-edge piece

of beauty tech delivers the purest ingredients

directly to your pores to deep clean,

exfoliate, smooth and moisturise your skin

all in 15 second steps. It mists ingredients so

finely, they are able to penetrate more deeply

than what you can achieve with your normal

cleanser, cream or serum.

£179 from and

Christian Dior - J'Adore

A sparkling fresh floral bouquet that is deeply

sensual and totally feminine. It exudes top notes

of tangy mandarin and ivy leaves, softened by

the champaca flower, the heart of rare orchids,

roses, and violets, with a base of damascus

plum, amaranth wood, and blackberry musk.

£85.99 for 100ml from

Pat Maguire

Handmade in small batches and only

contain natural ingredients, this vegan

Neroli & Ylang Ylang face oil is a

gentle moisturiser for soft beautiful

skin containing Neroli and Ylang Ylang

essential oils.

£32 from

W7 Makeup

The Nudification eyeshadow

palette consists of 16 gorgeous

pressed pigments filled with

a variety of soft mattes, sultry

shimmers, modest metallics and

simply jaw-dropping toppers.

£6.95 from

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How To Optimise

Your Nutrition When

Becoming A Vegan

Amanda Hamilton

Now working with Bioglan

Superfoods, Amanda Hamilton

has been one of the UK's most

established nutrition experts for

almost two decades with a career

that's included more than eight

internationally syndicated TV

series and four books, the latest

of which became a number one

Amazon best-seller. Last year she

was named as one of the UK's top

five "super-nutritionists" - able

to impact both day-to-day and

long-term health with practical,

professional advice.

She's a busy working mother

of two children and competes

internationally in sport. She also

teaches Pilates and Barre.

For more information on Bioglan

Superfoods, please visit

The number of

vegans in Britain is

said to have increased

by 40% in 2020

Switching to a vegan, plant-based

diet is becoming increasingly

popular, with the percentage rise

of those identifying as vegan

increasing exponentially year on

year (the number of vegans in

Britain skyrocketed by 40% in

2020). However, it is important

when making dietary changes

that you ensure your body is

still getting all of its necessary

nutrients. The below tips provide

insight into a few key nutrients

you should be mindful of

consuming whilst adhering to a

vegan diet.


When transitioning to a vegan

diet, some report feeling low in

energy and prolonged fatigue,

which can often be attributed

to a change in nutrient intake.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of

overconsuming carbs and under

consuming healthy fats and

protein, especially for someone

new to the world of pulses and

legumes. This overconsumption

of carbs can head to highs of

energy followed by lows of


Thankfully, there are plenty of

vegan-friendly ways to get our

necessary nutrients. Iron-rich

beans should be a staple for every

vegan, invest in a cookbook!

To reduce cravings for refined

carbohydrates, switch to sweet

but healthy Cacao, which is

easily accessible through Cacao

powders that can be purchased

in health food stores such as

Holland & Barrett. It’s brimming

with energy-enhancing properties

and makes a delicious swap for

the mid-afternoon chocolate bar.



People who follow vegan diets

are widely reported to have

lower levels of white blood cells,

or defender cells. Even though

the research seems to say that

there doesn’t seem to be any

added risk, it only makes sense

to focus on a healthy immune

system. Overall immune health

can be supported by a number

of lifestyle factors including

good quality sleep, being at the

right weight for your body frame

and regular activity. There are

also plenty of dietary ways you

can give your immune system a

helping hand.

Vegan or not, it is vital to

eat a wide range of fruit and

vegetables. They have endless

health-promoting properties but

its the vitamin C content that

really shines. Our bodies don't

make vitamin C, but we need

it for immune function, bone

structure and iron absorption.

Vitamin C also protects against

environmental oxidative stress on

the skin.

Vitamin C is abundant in citrus

fruits, green vegetables and

blueberries. The deep purple

hue of a blueberry comes

from anthocyanins - powerful

antioxidants that have been

associated with everything

from risk to improved memory.

The lesser-known purple acai

berry also comes in low on the

GI index, so it is ideal for those

people managing blood sugar or

simply looking to curb cravings.


Brittle hair and nails can be

28 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

attributed to low levels of protein

intake. Whilst protein frequently

conjures up images of steak

or roast chicken, this does not

mean vegans are unable to meet

their daily protein requirement

through plant-based foods. For

most vegans, it just requires being

more conscious of including vegan

sources of protein such as lentils,

beans and tofu and ensuring that

you eat a variety of protein sources

each day. Even though you can

get plenty of protein from plants,

almost every plant-based food

is low in one or more essential

amino acids that your body needs

to thrive. However, as long as you

eat a variety of protein sources

every day you'll be just fine as the

combination will ultimately ensure

you get an optimal supply of all

the amino acids every day.

Given the importance of protein,

it’s a great idea to have a vegan

protein powder as an adjunct

protein source that can be

incorporated into your diet as and

when needed. However, be label

savvy and go for those with the

most natural ingredients where

possible. The added bonus of

being prepared for protein needs

throughout the day is that your

meals or that mid-afternoon

protein boosted smoothie will be

more satiating, keeping you fuller

for longer.


Calcium is famously important

for bone health and strength. It’s

during the rapid growth years

of puberty when we largely lay

down our bone density potential,

something that will stay with us

for life and will either protect us

from diseases such as osteoporosis

or leave us more vulnerable to


Milk, cheese and dairy are likely

to come to mind when speaking of

calcium, however, there are plenty

of non-dairy options for vegans

that will allow calcium intake to

be optimised. For someone who

is still growing, this is really


More and more people are also

keen to reduce their intake of dairy

for ethical and environmental


Where there’s consumer demand,

innovation follows. There are

seemingly endless new options

of plant-based milk available

in regular and specialist

supermarkets, most of which have

added calcium. If you’re not a

fan of plant milk, or simply don’t

consume enough of it to hit your

daily requirements, superfood

powders that contain calcium

alongside synergistic vitamins and

minerals can be easily added to

smoothies, baking and breakfasts.


Iron is the most common nutrient

deficiency, which, similarly to

B12, can result in fatigue and

anaemia. It is therefore important

that vegans optimise their intake

by consuming a healthy amount

of iron-rich foods such as seeds,

soybeans and dark leafy greens.

There are two forms of dietary

iron: heme and nonheme. Heme

iron is derived from haemoglobin

so it is found in animal foods that

originally contained haemoglobin,

such as red meats, fish, and

poultry. Most nonheme iron

is from plant sources. This is

the form of iron added to ironenriched

and iron-fortified

foods. Our bodies are less

efficient at absorbing

non-heme iron so

it’s important

to consume


sources of

iron alongside

vitamin C to

improve your

body’s uptake -

adding a squeeze

of lemon to a spinach

salad is an example of


There are a number of other

nutrients that vegans may need to

be more conscious of consuming,

such as zinc, selenium and iodine,

but with an ever-increasing range

of vegan products available in

supermarkets, there has never

been an easier time to be vegan

whilst getting all your necessary




Vitamin B12 is naturally found

in animal products such as meat,

fish, eggs and dairy, however,

is generally not found in plant

foods. A lack of B12 can lead to

feelings of weakness and fatigue,

as well as memory loss and in

more serious cases, anaemia.

Hence, it is important that vegans

supplement this either in capsule

form or through fortified foods

and alternative sources such as

plant-based 'meats’, tempeh and

nutritional yeast. B12 is also a

key component in many green

superfood powders.

Read the rest of this article on

Stay Safe This Spring

From face masks to sterile wipes, we

showcase six products that allow you to stay

safe and healthy during the pandemic

The Black Mask Company

The Black Mask Crystal Edition mask by The Black Mask Company is

designed to target fashion-focused women & men who want to stand out

from the crowd whilst staying safe when interacting with others..

The Crystal Edition is subtly frosted with black Swarovski crystals and

features a sleek and stylish three-layer design handmade with 100% ecofriendly

cotton. It is reusable, sweat absorbent and UV resistant

The Black Mask Company was launched by former World Heavyweight

Champion David Haye in 2020 as the UK went into lockdown. Haye,

the CEO and Founder said: “2020 has been a unique year where we

have been forced to adapt. The Black Mask Company was founded to

offer a face mask solution which didn’t compromise style, making these

changes easier for us and more sustainable for our planet."

£24.99 from

Single use masks have a 450-year life span


SmartCover, the company behind Europe's best

selling reusable face mask, are top-rated and highly

tested and have met the standards of world class labs

around the globe, including Intertek, ISO 9001, CE

and IFTH.

Featuring a three-layer design, SmartCover is a

reusable, washable and stain resistant accessory that

should always be with you when you leave home.

The mask is 100% droplet resistant and has 95% BFE

bacterial filtration efficiency. This means that the

material acts as a barrier against coughs, sneezes &

bacteria penetrating as well as being comfortable.

The face mask features adjustable ear loops for a

snugger fit and a nose bridge for better fastening.

Disposable masks have a 450-year life span until

broken down completely and 75% of them end up

in our waters, where they litter our oceans and emit

chemicals that can harm ecosystems and wildlife.

While SmartCover does not have zero impact, it is

reusable and washable up to 67 times, putting less

strain on the environment compared to single use

masks now widely used around the world.

SmartCover donates a mask to essential workers and

senior residents with every purchase. The Good Mask

Concept launched by the brand has already seen more

than 195,000 premium masks distributed worldwide

via charity and various partners.

£17.50 from

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Clinell Universal Wipes are the NHS’

number one disinfectant wipe, used

in 9 out of 10 hospitals. Proven to kill

the COVID-19 virus in 30 seconds,

they offer a great opportunity to

keep the home clean and free from

possible infection, especially during

the current pandemic.


Three out of four nurses would use

Clinell at home to protect themselves

and their family.

£6.95 from Amazon

Clinell Universal Disinfectant Spray is

ideal for use on surfaces at home, helping

to keep it clean and free from infection.


The Disinfectant Spray contains a unique

patented biocidal formulation which kills

99.999% of germs and bacteria within 10

seconds and then remains effective for a

further 72 hours. It does not contain bleach

so surfaces are safe to use immediately

after use in areas such as food preparation.

Dermatologically tested and alcohol free, the

disinfectant spray is proven to kill MRSA,

Staphylococcus Aureus, Listeria, Salmonella,

HIV, Herpes, Influenza, Hepatitis B and C,

and Norovirus within 10 seconds!

£6 for 500ml from Amazon


The KYMIRA K-Mask, with the

integrated Nanofibre K-Filter,

is designed to protect you from

viruses, bacteria and environmental

particulates, with a 99.6% filtration

efficiency is that is rated as one of the

best in the world. It's also one of the

best fitting masks we've tried.

£30 from

Thriva is the proactive and preventative

health company which puts better health

in your hands, with clinical-grade insights

based on the latest research.

Thriva's at-home finger-prick blood test measures a range of

biomarkers in your blood and can analyse anything from vitamins

and minerals to hormone function to indicators of heart disease and

diabetes. Measuring and tracking these biomarkers means you can

make positive changes to improve your current and long-term health.

Results are presented in an online dashboard which helps you track

results over time. Thriva offer three options for the regular blood

testing kits - these can be completed as a one-off but the idea is that

you repeat tests over time (about one per quarter) so you can keep a

track of your health on the Thriva dashboard.

The Advanced​ test is £69 and tracks cholesterol, liver function,

vitamin D, vitamin B12 and iron

profile, Diabetes (HbA1c) and


Tests start from £24. For more

information or to sign up, please



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As we continue to spend more time at home, indoor air pollution is more of an issue than ever

Capturing 99.97% of airborne pollutants in an average sized

room in just 9 minutes, the PerfectAir Sense air purifier offers

total peace-of-mind when your family's health matters most

32 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Brand Collaboration

Aqua Perfecta recently launched

in the UK with smart, specialist

solutions for domestic water

filtration and air purification. Aqua

Perfecta offer a holistic solution

to at-home air and water safety

allowing you to easily identify your

potential needs and health risks via

intelligent tools such as MappAir.

Aqua Perfecta offer a range of high

quality, innovative air purifiers

which allow you to live a cleaner,

purer and safer life.


SLOAN! highly recommends the

PerfectAir Sense air purifier from

Aqua Perfecta.

Delivering an impressive clean air

delivery rate (CADR) of 253 cubic

feet per minute, the PerfectAir

Sense is ideal for average size

rooms of around 25m 2 , but can

purify a room of up to double that

size. In fact, it can purify the air in

a 46m 2 room in just 9 minutes. And,

as a freestanding unit with a smart

sensor, you can move it where it’s

needed most in your home.

With 8 stages of filtration including

a pre-filter, HEPA 11 filter, washable

activated carbon filter, UV-C

254 virus killing technology, the

PerfectAir Sense captures 99.97%

of airborne pollutants in your

home providing you with complete

confidence and peace of mind

concerning the health of you and

your family when it matters most.

As well as significant removal of

NO 2 , O 3 and SO 2 from your indoor

air, this powerful freestanding air

purifier around your home is for

certified removal of 99.97% of

PM2.5, 99.97% of bacteria and

99.97% of formaldehyde.

Offering freestanding air filtration

that’s plug and play, you can move

the handy PerfectAir Sense air

purifier unit easily around your


The PerfectAir Sense also boasts

4 fan speeds and a timer function

that puts you in complete control

to customise settings to suit your

lifestyle and personal preferences.

One of the other features that

impressed us the most was how in

auto mode, the PerfectAir Sense

uses smart sensors to detect air

quality and automatically set the fan

speed to suit the needs of the room.

Another useful feature that we liked

was the fact that the PerfectAir

Sense alerts you as soon as the filter

needs to be changed which cuts out

the guesswork.

Here are the top four reasons we

think make the PerfectAir Sense

the perfect choice for your next air



With an impressive clean air

delivery rate (CADR) of 253 cubic

feet per minute, the PerfectAir

Sense can purify the air in a 46m2

room in just 9 minutes.


In Sleep Mode, the PerfectAir Sense

is almost silent, at just 27.8 decibels.


The PerfectAir Sense features 8

stages of filtration including UV-C

254 virus killing technology


Capturing 99.97% of airborne

pollutants in your home, the

PerfectAir Sense offers total


The PerfectAir Sense by Aqua

Perfecta is £1,495 available from

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The best tech to help you keep secure

& protected during the pandemic



These earbuds offer LG’s industry-first UVnano case,

which eliminates bacteria and germs on the earbuds

as they charge. Moreover, the earbuds deliver an

exceptional listening experience with lifelike audio

thanks to Meridian Audio technology. The compact

charging case also provides up to an hour of listening

time after a five minute charge however, fully charged

the earbuds provide six hours of usage with the

UVnano case delivering three full charges for a total

of 18 hours of listening enjoyment. The earbuds are

also rated IPX4 for protection against splashing water,

rain and perspiration while working out.



This smart camera and security light is IP65

rated so it can be fixed to the exterior of your

property and can get to work right away with

a 3m power cable and a seamless connection

to the Yale View App. The 1080P camera

and 110-degree viewing angle capture plenty

within the frame and with a crisp, clear feed.

With a smartphone, you can take advantage of

real-time viewing to see who is entering your

property. Recordings are automatically saved

when motion is detected and an 80dB siren

can be triggered to act as the ultimate deterrent

– this is more than loud enough to notify

neighbours or people in the surrounding area.

Alongside the siren, there is an integrated LED

spotlight (160 lumens) which can be activated

when the smart outdoor camera detects

motion. There is no need to worry about

footage recorded during the night with the 10m

infrared night vision, meaning that your home

is under surveillance 24/7. Also with two-way

talk, you can communicate to the person at

your front door, making it easy to instruct the

delivery person where to leave your package.

£119.99 from

Features we liked included Ambient Sound Mode

to hear what’s going on around you at the press of a

button and the intuitive touch commands built into

each earbud which allow you to play, pause, skip and

control the volume level without reaching for your


£99 from Currys, Argos, Hughes and



If you're need a floodlight camera, this is the one

to go for! Protect your property with a powerful

shield of light from the world’s first 100% wirefree

floodlight camera. Instantly illuminate and

film up to 7-metres of your property with a 3000*

lumen light more powerful than a car headlight.

Connect to your smartphone and receive alerts

when motion is detected, view live video in 2K

and remotely trigger an intruder deterrent siren.

Simple to install for immediate protection.

£259.99 from

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This discreet, stylish option from global leader in do-it-yourself

security, Swann is an innovative and completely wireless

camera which can be set-up in seconds and mounted indoors or

outdoors. Seamlessly blending tech and interiors within your

home, its state-of-the-art smart security features include free

face recognition, an ultra-wide 180-degree viewing angle, and

crystal clear 1080p images. Its weatherproof design makes it

able to withstand rain, snow and heat, all year round.

£149.99 from Currys, Argos and



All the family can now complete effective five-minute workouts

from virtually anywhere with just a smartphone or tablet. Ideal for

any fitness level, the portable Activ5 handheld device guides you

through short burst isometric workouts, providing full-body toning

from both sitting and standing positions, all while tracking results

on the companion Activ5 coaching App. It features more than 100

unique workouts that are calibrated to your individual strength

level and uses your own body as resistance so you don’t need

any other equipment. Measuring data such as strength, strength

increases, precision and other personal metrics, Activ5 helps you

easily find the motivation and discipline to reach your fitness goals.

£124.95 from Harrods and Amazon



Twelve South StayGo is an essential accessory for a tidy desk if you're

faced with a mass of cables. Providing the MacBook and iPad Pro with a

hub for all the ports you need, StayGo also boasts a long one metre cable

so that you can neatly connect all your devices and peripherals away from

your workspace. Connections include: 4K HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, USB-A

3.0 (x3), independent SD + Micro-SD card slots and 85W USB-C pass-thru

power. An additional travel cable, which stows away inside the device, is

also included making it a valuable accessory for when things open back up.

£99.99 from Very



Cleanliness is now one of the biggest trends this year so we're

always on the look out for the latest offerings in UVC sanitisation.

Perfect for when you're living the New Normal, this UVC Sanitiser

Box will sanitise your phone, mask and keys in under 5 minutes.

Lightweight, portable, and USB powered, simply put your items

inside, and let the UVC rays do the work. With one push of a button,

it uses 2 strong UVC lamps to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in

less than 5 minutes. Features we love include that it's lightweight,

easy to store and carry, and can accommodate a variety of sizes.

£50 from

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Ultimate Tech-cellence

BISSELL® CrossWave

Cordless Max

The high performance BISSELL® CrossWave

Cordless Max 3-in-1 Multi-Surface Cleaner

simultaneously cleans up to 100m in one go. It

vacuums, mops and dries sealed hard floors including

tile, sealed wood floors, laminate, linoleum and

even rubber floor mats making it perfect for young

families with babies or small children. You can also

use it to freshen up area rugs.

The BISSELL® CrossWave Cordless Max has a

2-Tank System which keeps clean and dirty water

separate, is easy to remove and refill with efficient

filtration and an easy-empty tank strainer. The builtin

36V battery gives you 30 mins cleaning time. The

machine has a fully automatic self-cleaning mode

and the replaceable extra-large multi-surface brush

roll provides improved edge cleaning. One of our

favourite features is the foot LEDs which light your

way while spraying meaning you can get all the mess

without missing bits. We also liked the digital display

interface and swivel head for easy manoeuvering.

£429.99 from

Netatmo Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Now more than ever, your health & wellbeing depends on your

indoor environment. If it is too cold, there is too much humidity,

the air pollution or noise levels are too high you can feel unhealthy,

uncomfortable, unproductive & unsettled at night.

Netatmo’s Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor shows you how to provide

the healthiest home possible for your family. Whether it’s the best

noise level for sound sleeping or the right humidity levels for a child

with asthma, the Monitor measures what matters with its four precise

sensors, highlights potential problems, and tells you how to fix them.

£89.49 from Amazon

Tweaq - world’s first smart self-disinfecting door handle

Swiss tech company, Tweaq has launched the world's

first smart self-disinfecting door handle, which

can potentially eradicate millions of pathogens per

building, save businesses thousands in cleaning costs

and contribute to a post-COVID19 way of life.

After using Tweaq Touch 1 to open a door, once the

door handle is released, a sensor is activated and the

peristaltic pump brings the disinfectant liquid from

the casing to the sponge inside the ring around the

door handle. An internal system drives the outer

aluminium ring backwards and forwards once along

the surface, eliminating 99% of bacteria and viruses

in under three seconds. Tweaq Touch 1 allows more

than 1,000 uses per cartridge.

Tweaq Touch 1 installation is under ten minutes

and can be used with standard doors with no

modifications required. The casing replacement is

also quick and simple for you to replace after 1,000


When the disinfectant liquid runs out, you will be

notified via IOT. You then replace it with an extra

cartridge and send the empty cartridge back to

Tweaq. Tweaq then refill the cartridge and recharge

the batteries before being redistributed. The casing

replacement process has been developed to be as userfriendly

and sustainable as possible, requiring the

least amount of interactions and waste; it has a plug

and play feature which allows you to swap the casing

in less than 30 seconds.

Tweaq Touch 1 is £399 for two handles (one full door)

and cartridge refills are £39 from

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HigherDOSE At Home Sauna Blanket

The HigherDOSE At Home Sauna

Blanket is the ultimate (and only)

crystal and charcoal infused

blanket, and its fast becoming the

UK's hottest wellbeing trend of

2021. It already gets the seal of

approval from wellbeing gurus'

Goop. The Sauna Blanket increases

the body’s thermal energy and

promote a temporary increase in

blood flow. Infrared provides an

uplifting sensation, while amethyst

layers provide a deeper penetration

of therapeutic infrared. A natural

tranquilizer known to relieve

stress/anxiety and balance mood

swings. The tourmaline layer also

provides a deeper penetration of

therapeutic infrared. It is known to

increase mental alertness, improves

circulation and strengthens the

immune system. The charcoal

layer amplifies the detoxification

process. The HigherDOSE blanket

is the original and ONLY blanket

on the market to include crystal

infusions and that's where the

magic happens! They are amazing

for stress relief, detoxification,

glowing skin and promoting better

sleep... it's even been said that it's as

good as a workout!

Taking a wellness cue from

celebrities worldwide, you'll sweat

like you’re working out, without

working out. As you relax, the

soothing yet stimulating heat also

provides an uplifting sensation.

The Sauna Blanket leaves you

feeling euphoric, rejuvenated and

healthier in a way you've never felt


£399 from


Treats from



Cutting-edge technology to help you

adapt & thrive in a changing world

Power Plate® Pulse

From the leader in whole body vibration

for over two decades and counting, the

Power Plate® Pulse is a powerful,

yet whisper quiet, portable handheld

massager that helps relax and rejuvenate

tight and sore muscles, accelerates

exercise warm up and recovery, promotes

blood flow and fascia release and

enhances range of motion to help you

prepare faster and recover quicker.

The Power Plate® Pulse is also great

at reducing pain thanks to its cuttingedge

vibration technology and different

attachments to better suit your pain

management and recovery needs.

It comes with six interchanging head

attachments to suit a variety of different

uses which are made of only the toughest

material. It also boasts a lightweight

design and 4+ hour battery life with the

massager presented in a stylish box. The

Pulse is available in Matte Black or Red.

£249.99 from

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Power Plate: The

Benefits Of Whole

Body Vibration For

Home Workouts

Former GB Athlete & world-renowned

fitness expert, Caroline Pearce, reveals the

fitness industry's best-kept secret that can half

the time of your regular workouts at home.

Caroline Pearce

Caroline Pearce is a world-renowned

fitness and health professional

with 2 degrees in Sport Science,

Nutrition and Physiology from

Loughborough University. A former

athlete, Caroline competed for Great

Britain in heptathlon and bobsled

and was twice a National Champion.

An author, spokesperson and master

trainer, Caroline has travelled the

globe for 20 years teaching the

principles of Whole Body Vibration

to medics, physical therapists and

sports coaches. When not teaching,

researching or presenting fitness

principles, Caroline is a television

presenter for BT Sport, broadcasting

UFC and Boxing. You may also

know her as ‘Ice’ from the revival of

the hit TV show ‘Gladiators’!

Follow Caroline on social media

@carolinepearce for workouts and

training advice, and check out her

website at

WBV is used

extensively by professional

athletes and is the fitness

industry’s best-kept secret

2020 was the year we adapted, pivoted and transformed our homes

into the place we did absolutely everything…including our workouts!

Exercise for many became the one saviour of the day, a time to reenergise,

de-stress and take some valuable time out for ourselves.

However, motivation to workout at home, and actually get results, can

be difficult for anyone who’s not a personal trainer and navigating

what equipment to purchase can be a minefield. But that doesn’t have

to be the case. The busy and results-focused amongst you will be

excited to learn that a technology known as ‘whole body vibration’

(WBV) training has resurged in popularity as it enables you to

upgrade your entire workout, plus stretch and massage, in half the

time of a regular workout, whilst getting you incredible results! First

used by the Russian cosmonauts in 1970 as part of their space training

program to improve bone and muscle mass, WBV is used extensively

by professional athletes and teams and is the fitness and wellbeing

industry’s best-kept secret. If this intrigues and excites you, then do

read on…

Power Plate, the leaders in WBV, developed a machine especially for

home use. It’s perfectly sized, portable and vibrates at set frequencies

to accelerate your muscle contractions whilst you perform exercises

on the platform. It does this by instructing your muscles to contract

and relax at the same speed as the machine vibrates (between 30-40

times per second). This is super fast even by elite athlete standards as

you can’t even blink that fast! The best part is, all you have to do is

step on and move your body and you’ll have more muscles doing more

things, more often! Literally, any exercise you would do on your yoga

mat – squat, sit up, push up, downdog, hamstring stretch and glute

massage to name a few – can be performed on the vibrating platform

to improve strength, flexibility and aid recovery, faster! A typical

workout on Power Plate is just 20-30 minutes in length including

the warm up and cool down. Better still, even if you don’t want to

workout, you can just hop on to stretch and massage any time of day as

part of your self-care routine.

Power Plate enables you to do the following:


Perform any stretch exercise on the vibrating platform and you’ll

experience an instant increase in flexibility and mobility. The

vibration increases blood flow which warms the muscles and makes

38 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

them more pliable and stretchy. Goodbye aching back

from sitting at your desk all day, and hello instant

relaxation and pain reduction. Just 5 minutes of

stretching on Power Plate can completely reset your

body. I do this first thing in the morning and midafternoon

to re-align and revive my tired body.


A short routine of exercises on the platform will

fatigue your muscles faster than on the ground,

making the need for lengthy sessions a thing of the

past. Power Plate has a free app with 10-30 minute

workout routines for you to follow along to, whether

you’re looking for strength, cardio, Pilates or Yoga

inspired sessions. You’ll find my workouts on the

app too so please do welcome me into your home

as your coach! Your muscles respond automatically

to the vibration with a reflex response, and do so

rapidly, leading to improved strength and muscle

definition. The Power Plate platform actually moves

in 3 dimensions so your body has to respond to

this instability and as such, your proprioception

and stability will improve too. The vibration gives

back to you in the sense you can feel exactly what

muscles are experiencing the deep contractions. Very

satisfying especially if you’re looking to tone up

specific body parts. Every machine comes with straps

you can attach to the machine for additional upper

body exercises.


Never has self-massage been so gratifying. This is

the best part of WBV (in my opinion) and it’s so

simple! Just lay the fleshy part of your muscle (thigh,

hamstring, calf muscles, lower back or triceps) on

the vibrating platform and allow them to passively

receive the vibration. This will accelerate blood flow

and lymph flow to remove toxins from the body,

speed up recovery and tackle any tight muscles in

minutes. The vibration has also been found to reduce

cellulite through the direct vibration stimulation to

parts of the body that typically have poor blood flow

(outer thigh and triceps for example). Definitely a win

in my book as cellulite can be so stubborn to remove

and actually quite painful!

Power Plate certainly gives you more bang for your

buck when it comes to a home workout piece of

equipment. Not only does it upgrade your workouts,

improve flexibility and assist your recovery routine

as discussed, but it has also been found to reduce

visceral fat, increase energy expenditure and

calorie burn, and improve your hormone profile by

increasing human growth hormone, reducing the

stress hormone cortisol and accelerating the release of

feel-good endorphin hormones. What’s more, exercise

with Power Plate can boost immune function, which

I’m sure we can agree is of high priority as Covid-19

affects those with immune deficiencies the most.

Welcome to the best-kept secret in the health and

fitness and the perfect at-home solution for all your

exercise and wellbeing needs… the Power Plate!

Power Plate’s home machines include the Power Plate

Personal, Power Plate MOVE, MY5 and MY7 models.

Visit for more information.

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Roger Federer

The minimalist

design and easy

comfort of On’s

shoes had me

hooked years ago


40 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

20-time Grand Slam tennis champion Roger

Federer shapes the future of sport with On,

the cult Swiss performance running brand



When Roger Federer joined On in 2019

as an investor, he became a hands-on

partner with the Swiss performance

running brand's founders and the On

team. Roger - a tennis legend and

probably the most famous Swiss person

in the world - is using his unique

experience to help take On's product

development, marketing and fan

experiences to new levels. Roger also

plays a role in developing the athlete

spirit that’s at the core of On's highperforming


So how did this relationship come about?

Unlike traditional partnerships between

a brand and an athlete, it didn’t start with

the typical talk about sponsorship.

When On spotted Roger wearing their

shoes around the world, they just got in

touch. It turned out that Roger had been

an On fan for a while.

Talking about his love of On shoes, Roger

said, “The minimalist design and easy

comfort of On’s shoes had me hooked

years ago.”

Switzerland is relatively small and it

wasn’t long before Roger was catching

up with On's senior leadership team over


But this partnership is about much

more than Swiss roots. As a friendship

developed, it became clear to On

that Roger is a natural leader and

entrepreneur off the court as well. They

value the same things and share a passion

for innovation and design.

On is attracting the fastest-growing

global fan community and has joined

the ranks of the leading brands in the

US, Europe and Japan. Roger brings

unique insight as one of the most

influential and admired athletes at the

top of world sport. As a true partner,

Roger is currently helping in overseeing

product development, marketing and fan

experiences as well as the athlete spirit of

On’s high-performing culture.

THE ROGER range consist of tennisinspired

sneakers taken to new levels

of performance and comfort with Swiss


The first of these was THE ROGER

Centre Court launched in July 2020. It

is a highly technical take on the classic

tennis sneaker and the most premium

shoe in the range. It combines a timeless

aesthetic with the lightweight comfort of

CloudTec® and the agile performance

of a hidden Speedboard® for effortless

all-day wear. For non-stop comfort,

THE ROGER Centre Court also features

an ultra-soft sock-construction that

delivers distraction free comfort. While

traditional tennis sneakers are built with

vulcanized outsole manufacturing from

the past, THE ROGER is powered by an

advanced lightweight foam.

Talking about THE ROGER Centre

Court, Roger said, "I wanted to infuse the

tennis sneaker with the same lightness,

comfort and agility for every day."

Roger went on to say, “I love working

with the On team, using my knowledge

of performance footwear and personal

interest in fashion to contribute to

product development. I’m proud to be

a part of the creation of THE ROGER,

which is the most comfortable tennisinspired

sneaker you will ever wear.”

THE ROGER Centre Court is crafted

using vegan leather and has been

designed for lightness to reduce

material consumption. Vegan leather

has approximately 30% of the footprint

of animal leather. The upper features

recycled materials too, with the mesh

around the collar, the lining and the

laces are all made from 100% recycled

polyester. The result is a tennis-inspired

sneaker with a significantly reduced

environmental footprint.

The second tennis-inspired sneaker in

the range Swiss-engineered with Roger

Federer was THE ROGER Clubhouse.

Described as street-ready style meets

24/7 performance, the sneaker is aimed at

the younger generation.

A “Clubhouse” (usually) refers to a place

where like-minded people or those who

practice the same activity and sport hang

out. It carries with it a sense of belonging,

us on social media @sloanloves 41

a place where all common affinities join; one

culture. On called this new iteration of the ROGER

a Clubhouse, so that those wearing it recognize one

another. THE ROGER Clubhouse has a chunkier look

and feel than her the Centre Court. The upper, made

from vegan leather, is tailored with textured layering

for more robustness and durability.

The third and most recent tennis-inspired sneaker

co-created with Roger Federer is THE ROGER

Advantage which is described as a shoe for

everyone. You can experience the most comfortable,

dependable, all-day tennis sneaker ever made – no

matter what keeps you moving. The sneaker is

designed to be a super-fresh, extra-bold addition to

any wardrobe.

The first thing you notice about THE ROGER

Advantage sneakers is their looks. The mesh

tongue and the cord lace loops add a sporty, highperformance

feel. Those clean lines, precise and

minimal stitching, plus the ultra-matte texture of the

upper nod backwards to the rich tennis heritage that

Federer helped On tap into. While also sending your

style fashion-forwards with a street-ready look made

to impress. And with a range of colours to choose

from, no outfit needs to be left unmatched.

The high-performance technology hidden inside

THE ROGER Advantage is where things get even

more impressive. From the moment you pull on THE

ROGER Advantage, you can’t help but smile at how

special they feel. The inner sock construction glides

on, and wraps around your foot to create a perfectly

snug fit.

Stand up, and things start to get even better. It may

be concealed, but once you head out into your busy

day, your feet will soon notice the CloudTec®. This

is exactly the same run-on-clouds technology found

in On's athlete-approved, record-breaking running

shoes. And it’s there to give you non-stop, all-day

support and comfort that other tennis-style shoes can

only dream of.

As you’re out & about, you’ll also feel the benefits

of the unique, high-propulsion Speedboard®. This

technology eases your foot through a smooth, rolling

motion, returning energy step, after step, after step.

But it's not just about comfort, speed, and energy

– THE ROGER Advantage sneakers also offer a

confidence boost. From wet pavements to grassy

hills, the herringbone patterned grip on the sole gives

you secure traction. So every step can be as bold as

your style.

The understated, soft-touch vegan leather upper

offers both durable protection and impressive ultramatte

looks. You get long-lasting, weather-resisting,

style-defining, head-turning capabilities – all in one


That vegan leather is also friendlier for the planet

than traditional leather (coming in at about 30% of

the carbon footprint). And it also performs to the

high quality standards that On has always demand. It

delivers just the right amount of stretch for comfort,

while keeping those minimalist lines as tight as can


On also crafted the sneakers to be light – lighter than

they look, and much lighter than many other tennisstyle

shoes. That reduces material consumption even

more, again lowering the footprint.

If that wasn't enough, 100% of the polyester used for

the mesh around the collar, the lining, and the laces is

recycled. The polyester across the whole shoe is more

than 65% recycled. The sneaker is also chromiumand


As a result of the commitment On shows to

improving sustainability, wherever and however they

can, THE ROGER Advantage is a high-performing

tennis-inspired sneaker with a significantly reduced

environmental footprint that you can feel good about


The legend himself may be a true one-off, but THE

ROGER range will keep on growing. In his interview

with Elizabeth Paton for The New York Times, Roger

talked about his other responsibilities working with

On. He said, “Brand building and global marketing...

How to connect with fans across cultures. And I

think I can motivate employees from a leadership

perspective too, on how to stay humble but dream


In the same interview, Roger said, “Sometimes, as

an athlete of a certain age, you can feel like a falling

star. You can almost feel your image and success

fading. Now, it feels good committing to what will

come next.”

THE ROGER Centre Court is £170. THE ROGER

Clubhouse is £140. THE ROGER Advantage is

£130. Available from

THE ROGER Clubhouse is a tennis-inspired

sneaker co-created by Roger Federer & On

42 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Follow us on social media @sloanloves 43

Out & About

Here are some

outdoor gems for

you & your four

legged friend

Keep on running

Suited to any runner and

any running goal, the nextgeneration


Waterproof combines

lightweight cushioning

with a 100% wind and

waterproof membrane.

Boasting some of our

largest Cloud elements,

Helion superfoam, a

bespoke Speedboard

and a 3D-molded heel, a

super-plush tongue and

wider outsole, it's all about

comfort and stability.

Reflective details in the

heel, forefoot and laces light

up at night whilst Helion and

CloudTec® combine for lightweight

agility and heavy impact protection.

£155 from

Stay warm & dry on the run

The Weather Shirt is Swiss-engineered for

performance and comfort in cold conditions.

While technical fabrics handle the temperature,

the thumbhole cuffs help keep your hands warm

and your sleeves where they should be. There's

no rolling them up to check

your pace either – the watch

window puts your

smartwatch stats

on show while

keeping the chill out.

Reflective details

add visibility after


£100 from

Enjoy the hike

whatever the weather

Combining three-layer

waterproofing and flexible

fabrics, these Waterproof

Pants are made for hiking and

exploration in any weather.

While waterproof membrane

technology on the upper leg

provides rain protection where

it's needed most, the highstretch

fabric at the lower

leg lets you easily explore

tough terrain. Ultralight,

breathable and water

repellent, you're in your

element whatever the


£190 from

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Twice the run

The new-generation

Hybrid Shorts are

2-in-1 running shorts

featuring an ultralight

outer and supportive

inner tight. Wear each

layer individually or

combine them for

twice the performance.

You can attach the

outer shorts over other

items like X. The

Hybrid Shorts are

technical, comfortable

and super practical..

£80 from

Celeb slippers

Vent is a closed slipper

made of virgin wool that

keeps your feet pleasantly


Suitable for both sexes, the

slippers were recently seen

on Harrison Ford when he

was out and about.

The heel blast

has a height of


(measured at

size 38). This

slipper includes

a changeable


£67 from

Clever clogs

This versatile clog brings

unmatched comfort into your

everyday work or leisure

routine. Revolutionary

OOfoam® technology absorbs

37% more impact than

traditional footwear foam

materials to reduce the stress on

your feet and joints.

£50 from

No more cold hands

Cold hands can lead to blisters,

numbness, and worse, which is

not an ideal outdoor experience.

Sealskinz Waterproof All

Weather Multi-Activity Gloves

with Fusion Control will keep

you protected, warm, and dry in

any wet weather situation.

£65 from

Keep your head cosy & visibile outdoors

The Waterproof Cold Weather Reflective Beanie takes away any

worries of a cold and wet head. This waterproof hat will keep you

dry and warm in rain, snow, and mud, through blustery walks with

the dog, and brisk rainy hikes. We love this cosy knit hat beefed up

with reflective stitching for ultimate visibility. The only all-around

beanie you’ll need to keep you cosy and dry all winter long.

£30 from

Bespoke coat for your four-legged friend

Chilcott have developed a range of luxury waterproof made-tomeasure

Harris Tweed® Dog Coats. Fully reversible with British

Millerain waterproof fabric on the underside. They are handmade

to measure in our workshops here in the Brecon Beacons.

The tweed is made exclusively for Chilcott by independent

weavers on the Isles of Harris and Lewis. The designs of the

tweed change frequently so whenever you have a product made

you are getting something really unique and hand made.

From £45 from

Follow us on social media @sloanloves 45



The Best Of British

For Dog Lovers

From Chilcott

The talented Sarah Frost is Creative Director

of Chilcott who creates beautiful bespoke

products for dogs, their humans & the home

Sarah Frost

Sarah Frost is creative director of

Chilcott, a family-run business

based on a lavender farm in the

Brecon Beacons that makes 100%

British, elegant designs for you,

your home and your dog. Founded

in 2014, Chilcott’s mission is to

create sustainable and beautiful

products whilst supporting British

manufacturing and local artisans.

They believe we should tread

lightly in the world and appreciate

what we have around us.

Sarah brings the timeless Chilcott

designs to life in her studio in

Wales. Her exquisite sewing skills

create many of the best-sellers,

such as hot water bottles, dog beds

and bespoke dog coats from the

beautiful, high-quality British wool

and tweeds that she sources direct

from independent craftsmen.

To find out more, please visit


beautiful products

support British

manufacturing and

local artisans

As a grand-daughter of a wellknown

carpet maker, I have grown

up with wool in my veins. The

beauty and versatility of wool

are attributes that we have long

undervalued and in these times

when the future of our planet is so

finely balanced, the sustainability

of wool is something that we

should value hugely.

When I was asked to join the

team at Chilcott in its fledgeling

days, as designer and maker, I was

delighted to bring this beautiful

material into their portfolio.

At Chilcott we value provenance,

sustainability and craftsmanship

above all else. We are proudly

British and source all of our

materials from the best producers

and makers in each field. This will

sometimes take us a little longer

but we love a good challenge and

we know that the end result, the

lasting impact on independent

craftsmen – and on our planet –

will be worth it.

A trip to the dramatic Isles of

Harris and Lewis sowed the

seed of an idea. Here we saw the

opportunity to marry together

perfectly the incredible patterns

and colours of Harris Tweed®

with a new range of equally

elegant products for our muchloved

dogs. We had just developed

our range of dog shampoos and

spray-on coat conditioners using

natural essential oil from plants

grown on our lavender farm and

the idea of dog beds, cravats and

dog coats seemed to be the natural

progression. These are of course,

bespoke items, tailored by me, by

hand, made to measure for your

dog. 100% British and made using

the best of British craftsmanship

at each stage.

46 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

The beauty of Harris Tweed®

took us to explore its roots further,

we investigated tweed patterns

long forgotten and with the help

and inspiration of independent

weavers on the Islands we have

found and commissioned exclusive

tweeds that truly reflect the

landscape, seasons and skills of

the weavers. What a privilege to

work with cloth woven by hand on

looms passed down through the

generations! We have a limited

amount of cloth in each style per

season, as the wool varies and

supplies change. Our tweeds are

truly limited editions, once they

are gone they really are gone!



Our made-to-measure service

is new. Our customers send

us a picture of their dog, their

measurements and their preferred

choice of Harris Tweed®. I then

set about creating a pattern for

the dog. Each one is unique. The

Harris Tweed® coat is reversible

with navy, waterproof, British

Millerain waxed fabric on the

underside, ideal for when you

get caught out in a quick shower

on your daily walk. It is finished

around the tummy and chest with

Velcro which makes it easy to take

on and off without too much fuss.



When designing our dog beds and

terrier tunnels, we found Harris

Tweed®, known for its longevity

and style, to be perfect for our

four legged friends. We wanted to

fill the bed with a non-synthetic

filling and found a company in

Wales specialising in wool duvets.

Wool has amazing properties,

it is sustainable, warm and yet

temperature regulating, recyclable,

natural and environmentally

friendly, to name but a few. We

tuck one of our Chilcott lavender

bags inside each bed to ensure that

it stays fresh too. Our dog beds

are as sustainable as we could

possibly make them. They can

be made to any size and you can

choose from our range of Harris



The final product in our tweed

range for dogs is the Chilcott

Cravat. A fun accessory, the

cravat is hand made from our

selection of glorious wool Harris

Tweed® and lined with the softest

cotton. It slips easily onto your

dog’s collar for the smartest dog in

town! Available in small, medium

and large in a range of Harris


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People keep

telling you that you

are destined for

great things, but

that’s not something

I’ve ever focused



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BRIT Award Winner for Rising Star, Celeste talks about her

debut album, following her instincts & learning about herself

In what was a year without much light, one young

star shone brighter than all the rest.

Celeste is one of those musicians who come along

once in decade at best, one who seems to have

arrived fully formed as a singer and a performer, but

still retains that freshness and endless potential of a

young artist.

It was no real surprise to anyone who had come

across the British-Jamaican soul singer’s prodigious

talents previously when she won both BBC Sound

of 2020 and the BRITS Rising Star award early in

2020, but her trajectory since then has been no less


After working with Golden-Globe nominated

composer on Hear My Voice, the focus track for

Aaron Sorkin’s film The Trial of The Chicago 7,

Celeste also became the first artist to write and

record an original song for John Lewis’ Christmas

advert campaign, with the stunning A Little Love,

while Pixar Studios called her in to lend her vocals

to the final track on their latest hit film Soul.

Now, she is finally ready to release her hugely

anticipated debut album, Not Your Muse. Over its

12 tracks, we see an artist come of age and not only

live up to all that expectation that has been thrust

upon them but exceed far beyond what anyone could

have anticipated.

For Celeste, it’s been a very organic process, but one

with a very clear end goal too.

Celeste said: “I knew from the beginning to follow

my instincts to try and have a sound that I felt an

affinity with, which comes from a jazz and soul

world. I didn’t want it to sound too poppy, or similar

to whatever the popular sound was at the moment,

as that always changes. It was only in the last year

and a half or so that I’ve been really focusing on

music with an idea that it was going to be on a debut

album, though. As it went on, the intention became

much clearer, as I had songs that I knew I wanted

to be in there, I knew what they said and the picture

they began to paint. That let me work out how to

fill the spaces that they had left and move it all in

the direction that I had intended to, which was to be

true to a sound I liked myself and not feel I had to

conform to anything else.”

The album might only have been the work of the

last couple of years, but Celeste has drawn on

aspects and experiences of her whole life so far to

bring it to life.

Celeste said: “Some of the songs I’m writing from

the perspective of how I felt as a teenager, but

through the lens of who I am now all these years

later, in that I have been able to process it all. It’s

definitely all-encompassing of all those different

feelings that I have had over the years but reflecting

on them at an older age. I’ve pinpointed certain

things from my childhood and teenage years, which

has been a really interesting experience. You’re

learning more about yourself as you are learning to

get those ideas out in a song, too.”

2020 was a difficult year for everyone, Celeste

included, but while her first concern is for people’s

health and wellbeing, she did her best to make

the most of the enforced free time she had during

lockdown to both recharge her batteries and make

the best album she could.

Celeste said: “It was such an up and down year,

where even amongst all that was going on, I had

some of the happiest and most spontaneous times

I have had in a long time. Even though we had all

these new rules and constraints, I found the fact I

didn’t have a diary that was set out for the rest of the

year and beyond quite liberating. Just simple things

like riding my bike around or listening to music felt

freeing in a way they wouldn’t have otherwise.

I was supposed to finish the album in March 2020,

but everything shut down. I had written most of it,

so all I needed to do was go in with my producer

and band to go over the last few bits, meaning there

wasn’t much I could do by myself but wait. What

happened though, is I started looking at ideas I

hadn’t finished from before starting work on the

album and it became apparent they were the missing

ingredients that I needed for the album to feel right.

I put a lot of work in to get them ready and wrote

lots of lyrics during that period when we couldn’t

get into the studio, so in that respect I tried to make

the most of the situation.”

Those BRIT and BBC accolades have undoubtedly

been a huge boost to the young singer’s career and

confidence alike, but she’s careful not to get too

carried away, either by the praise or the pressure

that these things can bring.

Celeste said: “I’m still figuring out what effect those

things have had on me, to be honest. Obviously, you

are happy and proud to have received them, but in

the first few weeks I didn’t really let it phase me, at

least. People keep telling you that you are destined

for great things, but that’s not something I’ve ever

focused on or even thought about, really. It seeps

in though and I’ve definitely put that pressure on

myself a little bit. I'm never going to think I’m the

best thing ever or anything like that and I’m still

going to put as much effort into what I do, but I

became very aware of that expectation that I had to

Follow us on social media @sloanloves 49

live up to.”

After The Trial of The Chicago 7 became such a huge

worldwide hit, talk turned to the very real possibility

that Celeste’s track could be in line for a Best Original

Song nomination at next year’s Academy Awards.

Again, it’s another huge moment for her if it happens,

but until it’s real, she’s not going to overthink it too


Celeste said: “To me, it’s really surreal that people are

even speculating that it’s a possibility.

“It just came about during lockdown, when Daniel

Pemberton asked me if I wanted to pull something

together with him for the soundtrack that he was

working on. A lot of it was me writing lyrics or

recording stuff in my bedroom and sending them to

him over the period of a few months, so none of it felt

that real.

Also, at the time, I didn’t really know what it was

specifically for. Apparently, Aaron Sorkin wanted to

use a Beatles song over the end credits, but Daniel

while working on the rest of the score, secretly started

working on an original song for it. Eventually, the

director got to the final edit and realised Here Comes

The Sun didn’t work and he didn’t know what to do,

which is when Daniel revealed what we had been

working on. Up until then it had been a secret plan, so

that all just adds to the weirdness and disjointedness

of it. It’s interesting for people to speculate on, but

making music for film is definitely something I want

to do more of, so if I don’t get the nod this time,

hopefully there’ll be opportunities in the future where

it might happen.”

As for the future, as bright as it clearly is for Celeste,

she’s firmly grounded on simpler goals, where she

can just be allowed to keep doing what she loves and

hopefully take it to more people.

Celeste said: “It’s hard to see what the future will look

like these days, but I do know that I am excited to

just keep on making music and for the right reasons.

I really want to play shows as well. That’s something

I’ve really missed, so hopefully people around the

world will take to this album and eventually, when

everything opens up again, I can go to those places and

see their faces. Even if it’s just shows in small pockets

around the world, that would be more than enough for

me. That’s what I’m craving more than anything else.”

Celeste's debut album ‘Not Your Muse’ is out now on

Polydor Records

Interview by Jules Boyle

50 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

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Wemyss Malts

Wemyss Malts has partnered with

Edinburgh’s Chocolate and Pastry

Bar to launch a range of handmade

54% cocoa Belgian Couverture

Chocolate bars, infused and

influenced by the flavour profile and

tasting notes of the Core Range’s

three uniquely flavoured whiskies.

‘The Hive’ bar is studded with

caramelised orange pieces which

reminds us of the honey-like

sweetness and zesty citrus flavours

of THE HIVE malt whisky.

‘Spice King’ bar features cracked

black pepper and smooth caramel

with a nod to the spicy complexity

of SPICE KING malt whisky.

‘Peat Chimney’ bar is delicately

made with Islay peat-smoked oats

and almonds inspired by the smoky

yet balanced peaty flavours of PEAT

CHIMNEY malt whisky

£119.85 for The Trio with Free

Paired Couverture Chocolate Range


Ti p

Rampur Whisky

For the first time in history, a single malt matured in American Bourbon

Barrels has been carefully finished in Indian Cabernet Sauvignon

casks. The combination of Rampur’s unique distillation and maturation

process sees Rampur Asava Indian Single Malt Whisky taking

traditional Indian heritage and rooting it in contemporary culture.

Rampur Asava is non-chill filtered and bottled at 45% ABV, resulting

in a ground-breaking expression with perfect balance. The Himalayas

provide polar opposite climate conditions throughout the year, which

means that Indian whisky matures significantly more quickly than other

whiskies such as Scotch and Irish whiskies.

As Rampur Distillery is situated at the foothills of The Himalayas, the

cold winters and hot summers give their whiskies added dimension

and produce single malts with depth of flavour which are smooth and

mellow tasting with a long-lasting finish.

£64.95 from The Whisky Exchange

52 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

p l e s




Over £50

Don Papa Rum

Don Papa Rum, makers of

premium single-island rum

from the Philippines, have just

launched their limited-edition Rye

Aged Rum.

Celebrating the unique story of

American Rye and Philippine

Sugar, the rum has been aged for

four years in American rye casks

at the foothills of Mt. Kanlaon on

the island of Sugarlandia (local

name for Negros).

The maturation in spicy American

rye whiskey barrels for four years

adds a peppery warmth, fresh

mint and dark chocolate notes

to Don Papa’s signature smooth

honey, vanilla and oak flavours.

£69 from Harvey Nichols


MOKO 15 Year Old is a super premium rum from

Panama, originating from a single batch.

The rum is aged for several years in Panama to

achieve maturity. It is finished in vintage oak casks

previously used for ageing Cognac, in the cellars of

picturesque Maison Peyrat, France.

This careful ageing process imparts a round

mouthfeel and an unparalleled smoothness to this

truly memorable vintage rum.

£58 from

Cotswolds Distillery

A marriage of carefully selected and blended

sherry casks makes up this rich and fruity

expression. Each yearly batch of Cotswolds

Sherry Cask Single Malt Whisky is unique,

drawn from the finest American and Spanish

oak hogsheads & butts, some of which have

been seasoned with dry Oloroso sherry

and others with sweet Pedro Ximenez. All

have been sherry-aged through their full

maturation for a deeper and more flavourful


Cotswolds Sherry Cask Single Malt Whisky is

full of dark stone fruits and a hint of roasted

almonds, followed by peppery oak spice.

£64.95 from


How To Host The

Perfect Zoom

Steph DiCamillo

Cocktail Party

Steph DiCamillo is the founder of Cocktails by Mail - the first cocktail delivery

company to use biodegradable pouches for almost guilt-free cocktails.

Since launching Cocktails by Mail

in the height of the pandemic,

we’ve found cocktails have been

reconnecting people virtually.

Friends want to chat over a drink

even if they can’t be physically

together in their favourite cocktail

bar. It’s a bonding experience and a

tasty one too!

With Zoom very much the hot

only location for you and your

pals to catch up over a cocktail,

it’s important not to forget your

hosting skills – giving great

hospitality is what makes a party

memorable. You’ll often have less

time together than you would face

to face, so every minute counts!

Here are my top 10 tips to host the

perfect Zoom cocktail party:


Let your guests know what

glassware, garnish, tools, and ice

they will need so they can have this

ready at the start of the event. For

example, a Negroni really won’t

work in a large wine glass. Having

all this ready will really elevate the

home drinking experience.


Host as you would in real life.

Make sure you have everything

you need so you don’t pop off

screen mid-party, dial in a few

minutes early to check the set up

and have some ice breakers ready

for those inevitable tech glitches

that can stop the flow of



Take the pressure of ‘making’

stuff for the party by sending premade

bartender-quality cocktails

ahead of time like ours from Don’t spend

time ‘doing’ during the call.


With your cocktails, it makes sense

to have some snacks ready. I also

always recommend having some

food before starting on cocktails –

it’s much gentler on your stomach.


Be sure there is something for

everyone on your cocktail menu

by offering a variety of spirits and

styles of drink, i.e. boozy, sour,

bitter. Our menu clearly tells you

what category each cocktail fits

in – so tailor your choices to your



While music is great in a pub,

over Zoom it just creates too much

noise and distraction. Leave that

pumping 90s playlist for another



Have a bit of background

knowledge on the cocktails

and spirits your guests will be

drinking, it will not only answer

their questions but also leave

you looking like a cocktail



You’ll always need more ice

for cocktails than you think.

Recommend your guests grab a

bag of high-quality ice rather than

faffing around with freezer trays.


As you are planning ahead, you

can pre-plan what you are going

to drink. Be aware of the ABV of

each drink and your tolerance and

prep accordingly. Don’t drink too

much and be the next BBC News

viral zoom casualty.


Cocktails aren’t serious but they

are delicious. Don’t worry about

everything being too perfect.

Enjoy the flavours, discuss your

favourites and think about what

you want to try next time!

For your next zoom party – why

not try pre-ordering quality

cocktails from Cocktails by

Mail. The menu includes classic

cocktails with a twist including a

Winter Cosmo, Covfefe Martini

and a Sivar Negroni. Every single

drink is crafted with ingredients

used in the world’s best cocktail

bars. Just before your zoom starts

pop your drinks in the freezer to

chill and then simply pour, garnish

and serve.

Learn more about cocktails at

54 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

Tropical Tipples

Van Hunks Brut & Rosé Sparkling Mead,

made using Fynbos honey from South

Africa’s Cape, offer a deliciously dry, all

natural alternative to Sparkling Wine.

£25 a bottle from

CÎROC Mango is a rich tasting spirit

made with vodka distilled five times

from fine French grapes and infused

with mango for a taste experience that is

lusciously different and elegantly smooth.

£32.99 from

Gibson's Goodology CBD-Infused Teas contain only

five ethically sourced ingredients and contain 25mg

of pure CBD isolate, the highest on the premium

market. The Tasting Trio contains all three flavours,

each crafted by Michelin-starred mixologist Oskar

Kinberg: Green Tea & Passionfruit, Jasmine Tea &

Rhubarb and Shiso Tea & Blueberry..

£14.99 for the trio from

Cazcabel Coconut is a rich tequila with warm hints

of sweet Jalisco coconut, transporting you to tropical

Mexican beaches for some well-deserved escapism.

£24.99 from Amazon, Proof Drinks & Master of Malt

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Sabor en Casa

The Sabor en Casa Box with

Estrella Galicia from Michelinstarred

Sabor offers an indulgent,

eight-course Spanish tapas feast

for two people with two 330ml

bottles of Estrella Galicia beer.

The box transports diners to the

sun-soaked shores of Spain despite

not being able to escape the

country, with delivery available


The box includes some of Sabor’s

best-selling dishes that are now

José Pizarro

José Pizarro offers a Finish at

Home meal box with a menu

that changes regularly. The one

currently on offer is for Mother’s

Day for delivery on Thursday 11th


The Mother’s Day menu includes:

Jamón Ibérico 40g; Pan con

tomate; Black ink & prawn

croquetas with ailoi; Chorizo

tortilla; Leg of lamb roasted with

piquillo peppers; and Turrón

mousse, PX & Raisins.

The special box is £95 available

nationwide to order from

available to feast on from home,

including Ham Croquetas, Tortilla,

Gambas al Ajillo, Pulpo a la

Gallega, Arroz Negro, Iberian

Pig’s Cheeks, Beetroot Salad

with Horseradish Cream and a

Basque Cheesecake to finish.

Estrella Galicia is one of Sabor’s

all-time favourite beers. Sabor has

chosen Estrella Galicia due to its

refreshing, smooth and delicately

balanced flavour profile.

£96 from


Quality Dishes

Delivered To

Your Door

The London

restaurant scene has

risen to the challenge

and adapted to the

New Normal with

home delivery boxes

offering fab food

deliveries nationwide

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PAUL at Home

French artisan bakery and patisserie

PAUL has launched ‘PAUL at Home’ - a

nationwide range of breadmaking kits

and sweet treat hampers, which include

PAUL’s indulgently rich hot chocolate

and croissant loaves. Those living within

the M25 can also enjoy show-stopping

celebration cakes and classic fruit cheesecakes for home delivery,

with free personalisation available on selected. Nationwide delivery

from (Minimum of 48 hours’

notice required). Cakes are available for home delivery in London

and via Click & Collect from

Le Swine

Le Swine's cult status of Britain's

'Best Bacon Butty' has rocketed

around the UK with their make-athome

butty kits. The make-at-home

kits include 3 different boxes - The

Butty box for 2, The Butty box for

4 and The Brunch Box. The kit

includes everything you need for

the full Le Swine experience: old

fashioned middle bacon, bacon butter, their secret recipe milk and

onion buns, fresh sage and small batch Le Swine ketchups. The

Brunch box also includes the Le Swine Virgin Mary Mix, made

with a perfect blend of tomatoes, pickle juice, miso, horseradish and

secret spices - just add your own vodka! Le Swine Kits start from

£14 for two people and are available from

Benares @ Home

Indulge in Michelin-starred Indian food

delivered London-wide from the Mayfair

restaurant. Enjoy Benares’ classics such

as delicious samosas, chaats and momos,

spiced tandoor meats and seafood, rich

curries and sharing biryanis, as well as

sides of black daal, buttery naans and

fluffy rice.

For special occasions, there’s six-course

tasting menus, as well as a three-course

set menu and a family meal deal for four.

Add beers, champagnes and 100ml prebatched

artisan signature cocktails to your

order, as well as handpicked bottles from

Benares’ online Wine Cellar.

They only deliver in Greater London

within the M25, plus Supper, UberEats,

Just Eat and Deliveroo. Available from

Drake & Morgan

Let the party come to you with Drake

& Morgan’s brunch boxes and boozy

cocktail kits. Brunch kits are £40 and

contain signature dishes and cocktails

for two people, with options including

The Full Works and a Vegan Brunch

kit, made in collaboration with

Simplicity Foods’ chef Neil Rankin.

There’s also four cocktail boxes to

choose from, created in collaboration

with The London Essence Company

and themed to gin, tequila, rum or

whiskey. The six-serve box features

three cocktails for £35 or opt for

the four-serve kit with two different

cocktails at £25.

Available in London and the home

counties, with free delivery. Order

online by 11.59pm Wednesday for

Friday delivery.

Ibérica at Home

Iberica at Home offers a Spanish

Feast prepared by Ibérica, and

finished by you at home with

immediate delivery within 2.5 miles

of one of Iberica’s restaurants. The

Feast at Home includes: Bread &

extra virgin olive oil, Torreznos

& Manzanilla olives, Toasted

bread with tomato, Selection of

five different cheeses, Juan Pedro

Domecq, 100% Ibérico bellota

ham, Tomato, avocado and basil,

Roasted onion petals & Cantabrian

sea anchovies, Gamba Blanca de

Huelva Ibérica Pulpo, Leg of milk

fed lamb and to finish, a Gloria


Boxes are shipped every Thursday

arriving within 48 hours. Deadline

for same week delivery is

Wednesday at 2pm. Menu should be

consumed by Saturday.

The Feast at Home box starts from

£130 for two people available from

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SLOAN! Out & About

Maximum Year-Round Cosiness

The Voksi® Explorer features a waterproof outer and airy duck/

down filling to give your baby cosy but lightweight protection from

the cold while the breathable wool back panel absorbs moisture.

Two-way zippers and a zip-open foot end mean you can cool things

down quickly too. In the warmer months, you can take the top part

off and use the back part as a seat liner. There are openings for

harnesses for travel systems, bike trailers and car seats and there's

anti-slide material on the back, to keep it firmly in place. You can

also open it out completely and use it as a play blanket or duvet when

out & about.

£91 from

Rain Doesn't Stop Play

Perfect for rainy weather, this waterproof Puddle

Buster Jacket is made from 100% Recycled

Polyester with a PU coating and waterproof

rating of 10,000HH. It will help to keep your

little one warm and dry during a downpour. We

love the runner ducks design and the soft and

snuggly fleece lining to the body and hood.

£39 from

Splish Splash Splosh

Featuring elasticated leg cuffs with

adjustable and removable stirrups that are

great for stretching over welly boots, these

Puddle Buster bib trousers have elasticated

and adjustable straps with handy clip

fastenings, an elasticated back and

poppers on the sides for extra comfort and

a great fit. We like the raindrop shaped

reflective print detailing on the ankles.

£28 from

Let's Go Puddle Busting

Perfect for keeping the fun going even when

it's wet, these Puddle Buster Wellington

Boots in the fun Runner Ducks styling are

great for helping to keep your little one's feet

warm and dry. They coordinate perfectly with

the Puddle Buster Coat and Trousers above to

create the ultimate wet weather armour

£24 from

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BeSafe iZi Turn

The iZi Turn car seat has been developed by the

Scandinavian child seat manufacturer BeSafe to

provide a user-friendly design that makes travelling

with your little one a stress-free affair.

With full 360° rotation for front-on access when

getting your child in and out of the car, buckling

up your child for the journey ahead has never

been easier. Designed with a unique seat-baseconstruction

with Universal Level Technology, it

allows for a horizontal installation in any car and an

optimum angle of 45° when the seat is reclined.

Complete with innovative Dynamic Force

Absorber technology in the headrest to carefully

protect the child’s head, the additional side impact

protection absorbs up to an additional 20% of the

forces and adds another layer of side impact safety.

When it comes to comfort, the iZi Turn features an

adjustable headrest and a set of two cushions placed

underneath your child’s bottom and at the back that

can be adjusted and taken out individually according

to your child’s proportions and their preference.

£469 from

didofy Cosmos Bloom

The Cosmos Bloom is an eye-catching

and easy to manoeuvre pushchair

that boasts premium features, fabrics,

finishes and styling.

Using didofy’s GravityFold technology,

this stylish pushchair has been designed

to make life as easy as possible for new

parents. The intuitive one-handed, onepiece

fold and upright standing storage

system enables parents to focus on their

baby rather than wrestling with their

pushchair. It combines unique features,

attention to detail and premium styling

in one beautiful looking pushchair

offering everything a parent needs from

birth to 22kg, without the hassle.

It is at home on country roads and

city pavements, and with the perfect

marriage of clever engineering and sleek

styling, the Cosmos Bloom has headturning

kerb appeal and provides

a smooth comfortable ride for baby.

£425 for pushchair and chassis. £750 for

9-piece travel system from

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Little Butterfly London

Little Butterfly London is an award-winning luxury skincare range

for mothers and babies that protects and soothes even the most delicate

skin. The Journey of Discovery gift set includes five of their best-selling

organic-certified products for babies: top-to-toe wash, body lotion, antipollution

baby face cream, massage oil and nappy change cream. Presented

in a beautiful gift box, it makes the ideal gift for new & expectant mums.

£43 from

aden + anais

This 100% cotton four layer sleeping bag is the perfect mid-season sleeping solution.

Designed to be worn over pyjamas, sleeping bags like this one eliminate the need

for loose blankets in the cot for a safer sleep, and allows airflow to help reduce the

risk of overheating. It features a convenient bottom opening zip for stealth night

time changes! Available in four attractive prints for ages 0-6m, 6-18m and 18-36m.

£42 from


The HALO® bassinet and sleeping bag

ranges have all been designed with SIDS

safety in mind. The SleepSack® 0.5

TOG Sleeping Bag features HALO®’s

signature "back is best" embroidery as a

gentle 'safe sleep' reminder, and a roomy

sack design which is recognised by the

International Hip Dysplasia Institute as

promoting healthy hip development.

£20.99 from


These super-duper soft Jamie Jim

Jams from Frugi have an organic

cotton jersey lining on the front of

the top for extra cosiness and feature

a sleeping leopard applique that is

inspired by the amazing animals of

India, Frugi's home from home.

£26 from

Luca and Rosa London

Crafted in 100% organic cotton

jersey for comfort and breathability,

these gender neutral pyjamas are in

a light aqua mixed bee print with

yellow trims and sleeves.

£30 from

Love To Dream

Specially designed for kids that move around a lot at

night and like to play immediately upon waking, this

1.0 TOG Sleep Suit made of 100% natural cotton has

2-in-1 feet with grip pads which can either be left on

as socks or folded back for playtime. Built-in quilted

blanket for superior warmth & comfort. Lighter

upper chest fabric for better temperature regulation.

£40.99 from



This is a multi-award winning feeding

bib with sleeves and a pelican-style

wide pocket that folds out to catch

food. The raglan sleeved relaxed body

shape provides a longer lasting fit

with adjustable Velcro fastening on

the back. Made of durable waterproof

neoprene that's flexible and stretchy

with an absorbent top layer. Washable

by hand or machine, it is also tumble

dryer proof. We love the gender neutral

elephants print.

£12.99 from


Also from Bibetta is this super soft

stylish bandana dribble bib. It has

two absorbent layers and a durable

waterproof backing. The pre-sewn,

gathered shape fits perfectly around

little necks. It's machine washable, and

tumble dryer safe. We particularly like

the gender neutral grey stars design

£6.99 from

Lansinoh SmartPump 2.0

For hands-free pumping made that little bit easier, Lansinoh’s

SmartPump 2.0 Double Electric Breast Pump is the newest

breast pump to the breastfeeding range.

It is their quietest breast pump yet while still having adjustable

hospital strength suction levels. It has an LCD display that is

backlit for easy reading and large buttons to help control the

variable suction speed and pumping style.

Lightweight with an ergonomic carrying handle, the

SmartPump 2.0 Double Electric Breast Pump is easy for you to

use around the house as you do your daily routine. It seamlessly

connects to the Lansinoh Baby 2.0 app via Bluetooth® to

automatically track your pumping sessions. The app is designed

to help you easily keep track of your feeding and pumping

schedules, so you don’t have to wonder if you missed your

pumping session.

£265 from

MORI Ribbed Collection

In a palate of pleasing pastels and earthy tones inspired by nature,

MORI's ribbed collection includes a range of day and sleepwear from

newborn to 6 years, sleeping bags and even a collection for mums!

One of the highlights from the range is this front opening sleeping

bag and pyjama set, available in teal or blush. The sleeping bag is

a new design to MORI and is adjustable so it can grow with your

child – from the ages of 2 up to 4 years – saving your pocket and the

planet! The set is available in ages 2-3y & 3-4y.

£99 from


Great Little

Trading Co.

This gorgeously illustrated toy farm

comes with loads of accessories for

all manner of rural adventures; there's

a pig sty, a water trough, a chicken

coop, a bee hive, a farmer's market

stall, hay bales and lots of fencing as

well as the essential barn, stables and

hayloft. It offers a full 360 degrees of

play value (there's something fun to

do at every angle) and kids can access

all the buildings easily thanks to the

removable roofs. All the farm buildings

and accessories are beautifully made

from smooth, painted wood, with not a

sticker in sight.

£85 from


Kids are promised endless hours of fun,

with Smoby's new Teepee - the first

first plastic teepee on the market. With

its simple design and a neutral colour

palette, the Teepee has a minimalist,

modern, Scandinavian appeal. We

love how it evolves as children grow,

transforming in height from 159cm

to 183cm, making it suitable for kids

aged 2 to 10 years... and possibly a

few parents too! It can be pitched both

indoors and outdoors, thanks to its UV

resistance and sturdy foundations.

£179.99 from Amazon

Micro Scooters

This Micro Balance Bike Deluxe features an

intelligent design that helps early riders develop

balance and coordination – the perfect introduction

to life on two-wheels. Its unique cut-out frame

delivers light weight manoeuvrability and its

rear suspension absorbs shock whilst the 12

inch air-filled tyres offer unrivalled stability

and grip. The ergonomically shaped, height

adjustable saddle allows the bike to grow with

children 2 to 5 years old.

£104.95 from


The Smart Tech Sound Action Tunnel Travel Set from

BRIO World provides hours of fun with its 37-piece

interactive toy train set with figure of 8 track and

unique response Action Tunnels.

The battery-powered Record & Play Engine is the

centrepiece of the play and can communicate with its

surroundings, automatically responding to Smart Tech

accessories with various train actions that enhance the

imaginative play like multicolour lights, motion and


Kids can customise the play by using the red button on

top of the engine to record their own sounds. As the

engine passes through the orange Sound Action Tunnel,

it automatically responds by playing the pre-recorded

customised sound. By pairing the engine with the

Smart Tech Sound app, kids can customise the sound

environment even further.

Each Action Tunnel creates a unique response from the

engine, and by actively moving them around the tracks

and different Action Tunnel Slots, kids can program

the play and change the train's journey. The Change

Direction and Stop Action Tunnels allow kids to control

the engines direction. The Break Action Tunnel slows

down and stalls the engine after it passes through it and

the train comes back to life as it leaves the Fix Action

Tunnel. We challenge any fun parent not to want to play

with this train set with their kiddos!

£149.99 from Amazon

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The lightweight TRIV pushchair from Nuna, the number

one choice for A-list celebrities, is a fully-featured compact

stroller with an easy-to-fold flat design, oversized storage

basket and easy to flip fold seat. It's our top pick this spring!

The clever design ensures a smooth ride for little ones (even

on bumpy roads) as well as easy manoeuvrability for parents.

From its one-hand adjustable push bar and quick-release, five

point no-rethread harness to its all wheel suspension, onetouch

brake and front swivel wheel locks – Nuna’s TRIV is

ready for every journey. Equipped with Nuna’s Ring Adapter,

the TRIV is also travel system ready – in just one quick click

it can switch from pushchair to car seat mode.

Also comes with a rain cover, extendable UPF 50+ canopy,

flip out eyeshade and an all-season seat with a removable

Merino wool insert. TRIV is styled with a luxe leatherette

push bar and is available in a choice of four colours – Caviar,

Frost (exclusive to Harrods), Mocha and Ebony. With the

carry cot to use from birth to 9kg, Nuna's TRIV is suitable

for kids up to 22kg.

£650 (with carry cot) from


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SLOAN! Books for Kids

Here is a selection of DK Children's books to encourage your

child's love of animals from elephants, foxes and puppies to

chirpy chicks, woodland creatures and gardening guinea pigs!

E is for Elephant illustrated by Kate Slater

Part of DK's illustrated animal alphabet series, E is for Elephant

is the fifth picture book instalment, a perfect first non-fiction

book for young children. The friendly, read-aloud text and

delightful illustrations will have young animal-lovers smiling in

no time as they learn new words about elephants that all begin

with the letter "e". Learn what baby elephants are called, what

sound they make, and just how enormous elephants really are.

Filled with simple, playful facts, E is for Elephant provides lots

to talk about and lots to look at for curious, animal loving babies

and toddlers everywhere.

£5.99 published by DK (

F is for Fox illustrated by Marc Pattenden

Part of DK's illustrated animal alphabet series, F is for Fox is the

sixth picture book instalment, a perfect first gift for babies and

toddlers. The friendly, read- aloud text and delightful illustrations

will have young animal-lovers smiling in no time as they learn

fun words about foxes that all begin with the letter "f". Learn

how foxes find food at nighttime, where they live in the forest,

and just how fantastic they really are. Filled with simple, playful

facts, F is for Fox provides lots to talk about and lots to look at

for curious, animal loving babies and toddlers everywhere.

£5.99 published by DK (

Cheep! Cheep! Chick

This delightful, rhyming story stars adorable Roxie, the very chirpy

chick, that's just right for babies and toddlers aged 6 months to 3

years.Roxie's favourite thing is singing and making music. But her

friends are having quiet time today. The charming rhyme helps

teach social skills. Little ones learn there are times when we need

to be quiet for others, and times when we can share some noisy fun

together, and when we consider each other's feelings, we can all get

along. The book is a wonderful gift to share over Easter or anytime,

helping to build language skills and reading readiness of little ones.

£6.99 published by DK (

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Look Out, Leonard! by Jessie James

As part of DK's increasing range of picture books, this hilarious

illustrated book for 3-5 year olds tells a story about a clueless young

shrew who gets lost in the jungle but in the end manages to save

the day. The thrilling storyline as Leonard manages to narrowly

avoid catastrophe at every turn, from angry baboons to snapping

crocodiles, promotes a strong message about the dangers of getting

separated from your family in public. The book is illustrated by

Tamara Anegon.

£6.99 published by DK (

I Love My Puppy

In this charming book filled with beautiful illustrations by Thea

Baker and fun facts, little ones meet fantastic pop-up puppies and

lift flaps to discover even more playful pups that love to have fun!

With five pop-up puppies to meet, and many more fluffy friends to

reveal along the way, little puppy lovers will enjoy playing peekaboo

before finding out what makes each one so unique. The book explains

things like why puppies bark and dig, what some puppies do to cool

down, and how often puppies eat. Fun and informative snippets of

information engage young readers, building their knowledge, and

fostering their love of learning and books.

£7.99 published by DK (

Flip Flap Find! Into The Woods

Flip Flap Find! Into the Woods is a captivating picture book to

share. This beautifully illustrated, woodland picture book for babies

and toddlers aged 1 to 3 is the perfect gift for little nature lovers.

Lift the peek-through flaps and discover a mummy deer and her

fawn, a woodpecker pecking a tree, honeybees gathering nectar,

rabbits digging, a squirrel looking for hazelnuts, a big-eyed owl

in a snow-covered tree, and so much more! The book will spark

a toddler's curiosity, stimulate their imagination, language, and

literacy, and build their knowledge of the natural world.

£7.99 published by DK (

Guinea Pigs Go Gardening by Kate Sheehy

Over 1.5 million children in 90% of the UK's primary schools are

involved in school gardening. This colourful illustrated storybook

starring adorable guinea pigs Bob and Ginger encourages children

aged 3-5 years to spend more time in the garden. Cheerful illustrations

and sweet text by Kate Sheehy bring a rainbow of fruit and vegetables

to life, from vibrant red strawberries to glossy green spinach. Children

will love following Bob and Ginger as the adorable guinea pigs

discover the ups and downs of gardening.

£9.99 published by DK (

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A perfect extra layer of cosy warmth, we love this lightweight

Kian Knitted Jumper (£31-£32) made from 100% super soft

organic cotton with rolled edge detailing and stretchy rib cuffs,

hem and neck band for a comfortable fit. The quirky tiger on the

front of this bright cobalt blue design will add a pop of colour to your

little chap's wardrobe. Layer this long-sleeved crewneck jumper over

trousers or shorts to create an adventure ready outfit!


This super-duper soft Reese Jacket (£31-£32) is perfect for

popping on and zipping up on chilly days to help to keep your

little chap warm and cosy! With an Indigo Blue body and

bright Bumblebee Yellow sleeves, this bomber style jacket has a fun

Bumblebee character embroidery on the front. Made from GOTS

certified Organic Cotton Brushback Fleece with a fuzzy peached

finish, the jacket features a zip pull to help make zipping up easier.


These Tyler Ripstop Combats offer 3 different styles of trousers

in one flexible design. They can be turned into shorts by

simply zipping off each leg - great if the day turns hotter than

expected. They can also be rolled up with button fastening tabs on

the sides to keep them in place making them ideal for paddling at

the beach. Your little chap can also wear them full-length for chillier

spring days when playing outdoors. The fun Mid Grey Tigers all over

design is part of Frugi's new Big Cats range inspired by the amazing

animals of India, Frugi's home from home.


The new long-sleeved Magic Number Top (£19) features one

of five cute Frugi characters who have disguised themselves

as numbers representing the age of your little chap, making

these tops perfect birthday gifts. Made from GOTS certified Organic

Cotton Interlock, the top is super soft and cosy with stretchy Elastane

in the rib neck band for extra comfort and a fab fit. For our little chap,

we fell in love with the Tango Red design featuring a Duck character

on the front that looks like a number 2. Five different designs in sizes

from 12-18 months to 5-6 years.

These gorgeous new styles are available from




Let's Go See

Written by Captain Rob Johnson, the Pilot Ollie and Pilot Polly series

of books are designed to be engaging, educational and inspiring.

The series of books brought to you by

follow Pilot Ollie and Pilot Polly through their flights and amazing

adventures. The stories introduce famous sights from around the

world, different weathers, flags and also international foods and

cultures. Captain Rob Johnson has worked for a major international

airline for twenty five years and the stories were originally written to

share his experiences with his own young children.

£4.95 each or £14.50 for a set of 3 from

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The stylish Children’s Harris

Tweed Flat Cap from this

Yorkshire family business is

made from genuine Harris Tweed

handwoven in the Outer Hebrides.

The elasticated back allows each

of the two available sizes to cover

from toddlers to older children.

£29.95 from


This unisex kids hoodie has

been produced sustainably, with

a super soft material, making

it a cosy top layer to any outfit.

We love the large

graphic of a turtle

splash on the front.

For older kids,

there is a handy

phone pocket


inside of the

pouch pocket.

£23 from


Part of the new pocket-sized

illustrated non-fiction series,

A Ladybird Book, the four

new What to Look for… titles

celebrate and modernise the

original series of the same name

for children today, moving

sequentially through all four

seasons written by Elizabeth

Jenner and with beautiful artwork

from the talented Natasha Durley

bringing each scene,

subject and season

to life. A perfect

gift for spring.

£5.99 each

published by


Mamas & Papas

This Safari All Over Print Mac (£35) features

a fun safari print that's right on trend. The

cosy hood will keep your little one dry in rainy

weather, whilst the jersey lining will keep them

nice and warm. Functional pockets and the easy

zip fastening, are an added bonus to this easy

to pop on coat for your little chap when it’s wet


Little ones will look roar-some in this snuggly

Applique Sweater (£16) with matching Jersey

Joggers (£12). Crafted from soft loopback

jersey, the sweater has ‘Roar’ printed on the

front and is finished with ribbing around the

neck, cuffs and hem with delicate piping details.

The handy popper openings on the back make

changing time easy. The joggers are a wardrobe

staple with a comfy elasticated waistband.

This cute Stripe Dino t-shirt (£12) is prehistoric

perfection. With a classic striped print and a

dinosaur illustration, it's ideal for pairing

with jeans or joggers for a comfy playtime

outfit. Made from soft jersey cotton with

a ribbed neckline, it's got poppers on the

back that'll make getting your little chap

dressed fuss-free.

All available from

Presto Music

Creative Coping Skills for Children

by Bonnie Thomas is a collection of

creative activities and make-it-yourself

workbooks created for parents &

professionals to help children in need of extra emotional support

find the coping skills that fit them best. Each activity lists the

materials required and includes clear directions for how to do it.

There is something for every child: whether they are dynamic

and creative or more cerebral and literal. Also includes specific

interventions for anxious/ grieving children.

The follow-up book, More Creative Coping Skills for Children

by Bonnie Thomas, contains fun and adaptable activities,

games, stories and handouts which act as a complete resource for

continuing to support children coping with stress and difficult

emotions. The engaging arts and crafts, interactive stories, relaxing

meditations and other interventions and activities are thematically

structured so that each chapter contains the means for building

specific skills or overcoming behavioural issues. Each chapter

contains suggested goals, positive affirmations and photocopiable

handouts to enable a child to continue practising and learning new

life skills outside of sessions with parents or professionals. We

found the books worked well for Primary School children and early

teeens to help them gain a strong grasp on their emotions.

Both are £19.99 each and published by Presto Music

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SLOAN! Books for Kids

These children's books from Andersen Press offer something for

everyone from classic stories by Emma Chichester Clark and

Chris Judge to insightful books by Robert Starling and Eve Coy

I Love You, Blue Kangaroo by Emma

Chichester Clark

Written & illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark, this is a gorgeous

board book edition of her classic original story about one little girl's

forever friendship with her favourite toy Blue Kangaroo.

Every night Blue Kangaroo falls fast asleep, cuddled in Lily's arms.

But as new toy animals start arriving, Blue Kangaroo worries that

there just isn't enough room for him anymore. When he goes missing,

Lily looks everywhere for him and it turns out none of the other toys

means as much to her as her first and favourite Blue Kangaroo.

£6.99 published by Andersen Press

The Lonely Beast by Chris Judge

Have you heard of the Beasts? No, not many people have. That's

because they are very rare. This is the tale of one such Beast, whose

determination to overcome his loneliness leads him to undertake a

daring and dangerous quest to find others like him.

Celebrate ten years of the Beast, with this moving and humorous

picture book about overcoming loneliness. This first book in the

popular Beast series by Chris Judge won the Irish Children's Book of

the Year and the Bishops Stortford Children's Picture Book Award,

and was nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal 2012.

£6.99 published by Andersen Press

Fergal is Fuming by Robert Starling

Written & illustrated by by Robert Starling, this new board book

edition of the Waterstones Prize-shortlisted tale is about a dragon

learning to manage his temper. Fergal’s tips and tricks for calming

down will prove invaluable to children and parents learning to

navigate big emotions.

A dragon with a short temper is not a good combination, as Fergal's

family and friends soon find out. It is only when he starts to notice

other animals have clever tricks to calm down that Fergal begins to

win back his friends, especially when he discovers dragons can cool

off in a very handy way.

£6.99 published by Andersen Press

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Gnome by Fred Blunt

Fred Blunt’s humour shines in his hilarious text and his colourful

artwork in this perfect story to read aloud with children. Mr Gnome

is a grumpy little fellow. He's really quite rude and he is definitely

NOT cute. So when Miss Witch asks him to kindly stop fishing

in her pond, Mr Gnome is in danger of finding out exactly what

happens to gnomes who say 'NO!'. Discover how garden gnomes

came to exist in this laugh-out-loud cautionary tale from the author of

Santa Claus vs The Easter Bunny, told in conversational style, perfect

for fans of Kes Gray and Jim Field's Oi, Frog series.

£6.99 published by Andersen Press

The Huffalots by Eve Coy

This stunningly illustrated picture book written and illustrated by

Eve Coy explores how moods change through the day, and what we

can do to help others feel better. When Mum wakes up her Huffalots,

nothing is right but when one of them trips over, the other offers a

hug and they magically transform into Huffalittles, then Lovealittles,

and finally, with a big cuddle they become Lovealots. But it’s been

a long day and Mum is now grumpy and tired. Good thing the

Lovealots know exactly what to do. This is a heart-warming story of

family life that will be instantly recognisable to any household and

features a wind-down, heartfelt ending perfect for bedtime.

£7.99 published by Andersen Press

Old Macdonald Had a Phone by Jeanne


Sing along to the tune of Old Macdonald had a Farm, in this

hilarious cautionary tale for a new generation of phone-users

about being on your phone all day - "Here a tweet, there a chat,

WhatsApping the farm cat". This is the fourth book from the awardwinning

partnership of Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross in their series

of picture books exploring online issues. It is aimed at educating the

very youngest technology users in the dangers of being addicted to

your phone screen and how technology needs to be used mindfully.

£12.99 published by Andersen Press

The Worrying Worries by Rachel Rooney

Worries are given physical form in this humorous and insightful

picture book written by Rachel Rooney and illustrated by Zehra

Hicks. The book helps even the youngest child find ways to cope

with day-to-day anxieties. It explains how worries can can follow you

around everywhere, feeding on your fears and puting sad thoughts in

your head. Luckily, the Worry Expert knows exactly what to do.

Rachel Rooney’s books have won the CLPE Poetry Award, and been

longlisted for the Carnegie Medal. Zehra Hicks is an award-winning

author and illustrator who studied Fine Art and Theatre Design.

£12.99 published by Andersen Press

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Never too young to look dapper? Here's our top picks

from some of our favourite childrenswear collections


It's usually so hard to find pure lambswool knitwear that is

not too scratchy and has no motifs, which is why we love

this Alan Paine 100% lambswool crew neck jumper (£45).

It washes well in a cool wool wash and is a dapper addition

to any little chap's wardrobe.

This lovely Alan Paine pink and blue check 100% cotton

shirt (£28) sits comfortably under jumpers. The full length

sleeves have buttoned cuffs but can also take cufflinks.

Both are available from

Rowan & Me

We love these loungesets

made from a high quality

cotton/elastin fabric

produced in Poland and

handmade in the UK. The

sets can be personalised

with the wording of your

choice in a beautiful script

font. The fit of the bottoms

are a harem style which has

plenty of room for nappies

or cloth nappies with a soft

elasticated waist. Jumpers

are finished with a matching

rib material on the cuff and


From £32.60 depending on

size (0-3m to 5-6y) available


Luca and Rosa London

Your little chap will love to relax and play in this

soft printed two piece lounge set in blue. Crafted

in 100% organic cotton French terry for comfort

and breathability, the top features an easy shape

with an embroidered ducks logo to front and the

matching bottoms have an elasticated waist for a

great fit. Available in sizes 1-2y to 11-12y.

£40 from

Magnet Mouse

Ideal for spring chills, we love Magnet Mouse’s innovative

reversible hooded tops featuring the brand’s signature

magnetic fastenings so little ones can do themselves up in

a simple snap! The super-soft cosy 100% cotton fabric is

printed and woven in the UK. Available in three gorgeous

colours, these clever hooded tops are reversible with

Magnet Mouse’s signature mouse print on the inside.

£32 from

Lexie Drew

Founded by a ‘mummy-daughter-trio’, the Lexie Drew

product range includes bibs, matching hair accessories,

muslins & drawstring bags with everything made with love

in the UK. The Outlaw Bib Baby Boy Gift Set includes the

gorgeous Navy Zig Zag, Lighthouse and Navy Gingham

dribble bibs and these awesome bibs have an organic

bamboo backing for ultimate absorption. We love them!

£24 from

70 SLOAN! | E-mail us at


We are totally loved up with MORI’s heart themed collection

for the whole family! Made with their signature organic cotton

and bamboo fabric, the collection features an outfit for mum,

dad, babies and kids up to 6 years, all featuring a gorgeous

heart theme – what’s not to love?!

We have fallen for this organic cotton dungaree and long

sleeve t-shirt set (from £50.50) in ages 3-6m up to 2-3y. The

t-shirt features a ‘love is cool’ slogan and the dungarees have

adjustable shoulder straps and feature an adorable heart print

against a navy background.

We also love MORI's new The Very Hungry Caterpillar

collection which includes a limited-edition range of organic

cotton and bamboo blend daywear and sleepwear in ages 0-3m

to 5-6y, featuring sweet prints and excerpts from one of our

favourite bedtime stories.

We love this long sleeve t-shirt from the collection, which

features Eric Carle's iconic caterpillar with an enormous

appetite, loved by generations of kids and parents alike for over

four decades.

Both are available from

Poco Nido

Awash with subtle hues, the new SS21 range from Poco Nido features stunning options in

both plain leather and delicate laser etched designs. Celebrating the gorgeous chrome free,

barefoot-friendly footwear the brand is best known for, their iconic laser etched designs

are sure to be a hit with intricate etchings of wildflowers, rabbits and even iconic London

buses, imaginations are set to be ignited with the creative designs.

Mighty Shoes start from £45 and are available from

Start-Rite Shoes

Perfect for active kids, the casual style hi-top Frisbee will have your little

ones running about all day in comfort. Feet stay fresh with breathable

leather linings and comfort is guaranteed with the soft padded ankles

and leather and nubuck upper. The flexible sole ensures free and easy

movement no matter where they play. In a casual khaki, Frisbee has a

contrasting white sole with webbing and stitch detailing for a sporty style.

£44.99 from

Bohemia's Closet


This super cute tractor jumper from Yorkshire-based countrywear brand,

Glencroft, is ideal for chilly spring weather and has been made entirely in the

North of England using 100% British Wool from British sheep. Available up to 5y.

£39.95 from

Bohemia’s Closet offers a timeless range of style-conscious footwear handcrafted using the

softest premium leathers in soft & hard soles to support the transition from pram to foot.

There's a style to suit every occasion - from boots with Liberty print laces to traditional T-bars.

These 'Mole' traditional T-bar shoes are £34 from

SLOAN! Out & About

We've chosen the best outdoor gear to help transform your children

from home bunnies to outdoor heroes in your backyard & beyond


Keela believes that we should start our explorers

young, and their Puddlebug 3-in-1 suit is perfect

for protecting the little ones amongst us from

the cold, wind and rain. The outer shell makes it

excellent for exploring the great outdoors in the

rain, while the zip in fleece transforms this suit

into a snug thermal layer for the colder months.

£84.95 from


The Vango Kanto Junior mummy shaped sleeping

bag uses Polair® Snug Lining to ensure a soft

and cosy fabric against your body for a good

nights sleep. The single-layer construction and

horizontal stitch reduce cold spots and ensure the

fill stays even across the bag. The bag is perfect

for campsite camping especially for those who

may need a shorter sleeping bag. The Junior

size sleeping bag creates a smaller bag for kids

ensuring that they are warm all night.

£30 from Vango


The multi-award-winning Original Konfidence

Swim Jacket is the number one learn-to-swim

jacket with adjustable buoyancy in Europe. It

features a useful eight removable float system,

which allows buoyancy to be reduced gradually

as children become more confident in the water.

£26.99 from


The Splashy Swimsuit with e-Flex has been

designed for comfort to help keep little ones aged

from 3-24 months warmer in the pool for longer.

It’s Konfidence’s softest baby swimsuit design to

date and for holidays or sunny days in the garden,

it also comes with the highest UVPF of 50+ for

added protection on covered areas.

£19.99 from


This ultra-light, ultra-breathable shoe made of

Merino wool takes care of delivering both comfort

and warmth to small feet. The sneaker, which is

made of 100% Merino wool, features our 3D stretch

technology - this gives kids the flexibility they

need when playing. In case playtime gets wild, our

Runners are machine washable at 30 degree Celsius -

just pop them in to wash and they’ll be good as new.

£63 from


It is an icon on the road: the Volkswagen T1

Camping Bus. Loved by generations, countless

adventurers have traveled the world in this camping

bus. We love this PLAYMOBIL version with its

many characteristic details, such as the iconographic

V-shaped front end with red and white colour

separation and red VW logo, rounded roof, split

windshield and removable roof rack. Even though

it's pretend, we love the authentically designed 60s

interior complete with many best loved accessories.

£49.99 from


For budding surfers, the Splashy wetsuit is cut in a

‘Shortie’ wetsuit style, but with e-Flex’s soft plush

lining it offers a new environmentally-friendly take

on a trusted format for little ones aged 2-7 years. It

also provides the highest sun protection, 50+ UVPF.

£19.99 from


Great for helping to keep little feet warm and cosy

when exploring the great outdoors, these Warm Up

Welly Liner socks look lush when paired with the

coordinating Wellington Boots. The welly socks are

made from recycled plastic bottles and the turn-over

cuffs feature a colourful Rainbow embroidery that's

inspired by India's monsoon rains.

£12 from

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Mindfulness Techniques

To Help Children Cope

Karen Clince

During The Pandemic

The world has changed for our children over the

last year. The global pandemic has affected normal

life and with it, the experience and interactions that

would be seen as normal to a child.

If we look at even a child’s immediate world – their

parents, family members, friends, neighbours and

teachers – interactions with all are now limited.

Parents are also anxious and stressed themselves and

this impacts the child.

The environment they live in and their ability to

interact with that environment has also changed.

Access to all the experiences they would have

before is limited: holidays, extracurricular activities,

visits to museums or places of interest all gone,

even visiting another person’s home have all but


It would be naïve of us not to think this would have

an effect on our children. Most visually, we may

be seeing effects on their social and emotional

development. Changes in behaviour and stress levels,

or even regression may be seen.

How can we help our children navigate lockdown and

reduce the impact of what is going on in the world

around them?

Helping your child to practise mindfulness can help

your child self-regulate their emotions. Take time

to relax, helping them to gain focus and control in

stressful situations.

Mindfulness can be described in a variety of ways.

From mediation to yoga, to a simple colouring

activity, the basic concept is to become aware and

take notice of yourself and your surroundings.

Mindfulness is simply, noticing what is happening

right now. It gives a child time to stop, to think and to

make sense of things.

Research has shown that practising mindfulness with

your child can have numerous positive outcomes

from helping with self-regulation, to improving

resilience and even impacting school grades; some

of the effects of mindfulness practice can impact the

child in later life and actually change how our brains


What does mindfulness look like and how can I start

practising at home?

As a childcare practitioner, mindfulness is a very

important part of our weekly curriculum. It gives the

children we care for time to relax and wind down

after what is generally a very busy day coming from

school to our after-school care. Our mindfulness

sessions give children time to reflect on their school

day and the experiences they have had that day.

Whether it is a session of yoga, or meditation these

are quiet times that give a child an opportunity to

tune into themselves.

Out of our dedicated sessions we also try to teach

self-reflection and mindfulness throughout the day.

If a child is upset or having a tantrum rather than

jumping in and solving the problem, we will take

the time to ask what’s going on? We repeat what the

child says so they know we are listening and ask their

opinions on problem-solving. We also use a soothe

and support method. This is the understanding that

when a child is overly upset, they cannot listen, selfreflect

or self-regulate. By understanding we first

have to soothe, we use mindfulness deep breathing

techniques in order to get the child to a place where

they are more receptive and will take on support

from an adult.

Here are some ways in which you can bring these

mindfulness practices into your home:




A calm start to the day can really set up a child for

the day to come. It also gives some opportune time

to spend quietly together. There are a number of free

child meditation apps that can guide you through.

When a child is more familiar with guided meditation

you can then just use music and allow them to take

you through their class and make up the meditation



Soothe and support. Always calm your child first.

Then ask what is going on. To make sure you

understand, repeat back to them what they tell you.

Then ask what they think the solution is? A child will

be much more onboard if they are part of the solution.

A handy activity is to use a glass jar and get a child

74 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

to add water and glitter. Get the child to shake the

jar and see how the glitter swirls around, ask them to

describe what is happening to the glitter. Explain that

this is what it is like when feelings are out of control.

Put the jar on the ground and wait for the glitter to

settle, then explain this is what we need to do when

our feeling is out of control. We need to be still and

take time to settle too.


We are so used to rushing through life, be mindful

that your children will sometimes find transitions

hard. Take time to ask their opinion and what they

think, or what they would do in certain situations.

If you pick up on your child’s mood, express that to

them. Increasing a child’s language around feelings

helps them to express themselves and be mindful.

So, noticing your child is tired while out and about

acknowledging it with “I can see you are really

exhausted, but we just have five more minutes’ walk

and we will be home”.



Teaching breathing in and out, and fast and slow, can

help your child relax and unwind.



When out, ask your child to describe the setting. In

the park ask questions like, what do you see? What

can you hear? What can you smell?

Remember young children may have short attention

spans, however when practised regularly a child will

become more open to mindfulness practices and they

will become second nature. These skills will not only

become part of your family routine, but they will

be lifelong skills embedded in their growing brains

making them more resilient and ready to take on the

stresses of life. After the last year of lockdown, we

could all benefit from a bit of that.

Karen Clince is founder and CEO of Tigers Childcare,

a provider of high-quality childcare services in Ireland

and the UK catering for over 2000 children across 13

centres and employing over 180 people.

Karen set up Ireland’s first after-school childcare

facility in 2003 and over the following 18 years has

expanded Tigers Childcare to offer pre-school and full

day care facilities. In March 2020 she opened Tigers

Childcare’s first UK childcare centre – a 7000sq ft

facility in Elephant and Castle.

Karen has acted as an advisor to many Irish

government departments and voluntary bodies on

childcare and early years education. She is one of

only 50 people in Ireland to be trained in the worldrenowned

ITERS and ECERS scales, designed to

deliver high-quality processes for early childhood and

school-age care and education.

To find out more, please visit

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The Must-Haves

For Little Ones



The Kids Band is a set of extremely

strong and durable musical toys which

aid your child’s development whilst

they have hours of fun. The set includes a Jingle

Bell, Giant Train Whistle, Maracito, Baby

Tambourine and a Twist and Shake Rainboshaker.

Each toy makes a different sound and feels

different to hold and

play with. The set is

fantastic for parentchild

play and fun to

share with friends. It's

packaged in an handy

box with carry handle.

£24.99 from



There's a world of fun to enjoy

with this Adventure Tree

House. The rope swing can

go up and down and works as a lift

to the top of the tree. The Sylvanian

characters can ride down the log slide

and there is a secret passage inside

the tree that's just for the babies.

The hut on the terrace can also be

removed and played with separately.

£49.99 from



Safe, lightweight and sized

for kids, the JBL JR300BT

wireless headphones has

up to 12 hours of battery life. They

are designed to ensure the volume is

always below 85dB to protect hearing

with easy controls for the youngest

music fans. The custom designed soft

padded headband and ear cushions

give a comfy fit.

£39.99 from



Self-contained in a

cardboard box the size

of a book, the aim of the

Animals MagnetiBook is to use

the fun and easy-to-hold magnets

to build an animal matching

the one on the card, helping to

support little ones with learning a

variety of different creatures.

£18 from



The FunPlay Rainbow Pebbles® set includes the

award-winning Rainbow Pebbles®, an activity

tray and eight double-sided activity cards to help

kids learn about shapes and colours. The bright and tactile

activity pebbles come in different sizes, which are perfect

for little hands and provide hours of open-ended learning,

including honing their fine motor skills, creativity and

early maths abilities. Little ones can even create pictures

or stack them to make towers. Suitable for 18m+, kids will

love their warm, rubbery feel and odd shapes.

£29.98 from Amazon



Promising hours of fun, the Power

Puppy Smart Dog is controllable in

all directions thanks to its remote

control! Tactile, he reacts when you PAT his head

and starts to dance! With many sound and light

effects, his eyes light up with LED lights and

he has light effects on his collar. Teach numbers

while barking! Training function allows you to

program new dances

and instructions and

Power Puppy will

obey. He can sit down,

lie down, guard a

bedroom, say hello,

be angry, do yoga and

push-ups and many

other tricks!

£39.99 available from

76 SLOAN! | E-mail us at



The 1.2.3 Animal Train

playset helps introducing role

playing to develop cognitive

and social skills, and creativity through

story-telling. The large pieces are

ideal for small hands, and features

detachable animal train coaches - each

can seat one of the three figures - with

picture pegs to attach the animals to

tell their own little stories.

£19.99 from



This Dinoland paddling pool has a water slide, water

sprayer and lots of fun activities. Comes with 6 colourful

Fun Ballz and 3 Dino Hoops. Kids can slide under the

arch of one inflatable dinosaur and shoot the colourful balls into

the hoop held by another. Roll balls down the volcano chute, toss

hoops over the

pterodactyl and

paddle in the

pool. It just has

to be inflated for

the fun to begin:

It's easy to set up

and has a drain


£64.99 from

Smyths, Aldi &




These Step-a-Logs are great fun indoors

and outdoors! Consisting of a series of

step logs connected with rope, they can

be moved closer or further away, creating new

challenges for kids as they progress. Your child’s

confidence will grow each day as their balance and

gross motor skills excel! Kids love getting creative

as they build obstacle courses by incorporating

cushions, chair tunnels and more, to make play even

more fun and challenging.The

set has been created with safety

in mind, with slopping balance

ramps at either end and ribbed

tops to help prevent children

from slipping.


available from




Called ‘From A to Z with...’ this

beautifully illustrated personalised book

grabs your child’s attention by featuring

their face in the illustrations and their name in the text.

It’s a perfect book for pre-school children who have not

yet been taught their alphabet formally. Every letter is

accompanied by a picture and a simple, fun sentence

which emphasises the sound – for example, ‘Oliver

Octopus has Orange Socks’.

It’s the perfect interactive read for children and their

grown up as each illustration becomes a talking point.

The 32-page full-colour book includes a message at

the front from the

sender. You upload a

photograph of the child

as part of the order


£19.50 (softback) and

£22 (hardback) from



There's plenty of drilling fun with this

Design & Drill® Bolt Buddies Race Car

construction set. Ideal for pre-schoolers

fascinated with racing and construction, the real-working

drill is used to attach the bolts to the wheels just like the

real racing pit crew. Great for practising fine motor skills

and hand-eye coordination through play. The box unfolds to

become a reusable racetrack stadium playset for even more

imaginative play fun. The modern

chunky design makes the drill easy

for little hands to grip and use.

£22 available from



Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog is

an award-winning developmental toy

that helps kids build up hand muscles

and fine motor skills as they replace the chunky,

textured, peg-shaped quills. The colourful quills

can also be used to teach counting,

sorting, colour and more

making it ideal to cover

key early learning skills.

£16 available from

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5 Ways To Supercharge

Learning At Home

Heather Welch is a play advocate, educator, marketer and

current International Brand Manager at Edx Education

With new routines, learning at home may feel like a

marathon to the finish line. And it seems to consume

so much time…

But fear not – as parents and caregivers – we are able

to supercharge this non-classroom experience and

complement the school-time learning. Supercharging

the learning experience need not be the chore that it

sounds and often feels.

While there is genuine cause for concern for children

and their lost learning, it is good to remember that for

the Early Years and Key Stage 1, the most effective

way to supplement learning is through play-based

educational activities.

Historically, play may not have come across as

effective learning. But there is a lot going on when

children are playing: imagination is sparked by play

as they enjoy exploring and experimenting. We refer

to it as learning without realising or learning through


Numerous studies have shown that children who

have been taught through play-based learning

have a more positive attitude to learning, a wider

vocabulary and advanced problem solving, lateral

thinking and analytical skills.

So let’s look at five easy ways to supercharge our

children’s home-schooling experience:



When children are not in the mood to play

independently you can set up simple play

activities. For example, you could set up animals ‘in

a jungle’ to complement a book you are reading, then

talk to them about the story, prompting them to use

their imagination.

To encourage this at home, try using open-ended

and design-thinking toys (like building blocks) to

encourage problem-solving. Prompt your children by

asking questions or giving them themes like building

the tallest tower, design new roads or new animals.



Positive energy around the things that a

child enjoys will make life easier for all.

In the early stage of motivating your children, one

of the most important things is following the lead

of their interests whether it be cars, books, blocks,

colours, shapes, the garden, unicorns or dinosaurs…

So, take the time to watch your child play, as this is

where the adventure begins.

It is also important to spend uninterrupted time with

Helen Welch

78 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

your child each day and to let them know when you

will be available to accommodate them in your day

so they can confidently play independently knowing

quality time with you is just around the corner.




Knowledge is taught from the curriculum

at school, however ‘learning through experience’ is

equally important. We refer to this as experiential

learning. Give children experiences or opportunities

not taught in the classroom. Children are naturally

curious about the world surrounding them, so let’s

make it fun, hands-on and an engaging experience.

Look at nature, explain life cycles, numbers

around you and what they are used for. What is

a postcode used for, letterbox numbers, money

and supermarkets? Talk about the importance of

recycling, then how it affects the climate and what

we can do to help. Then discuss what they do and

how it benefits us in everyday life. Cook together in

the kitchen – children love to be involved and then

create magic – bake muffins, decorate them as their

favourite animal, while also developing maths and

science concepts.



The benefits of communication can

sometimes be overlooked, and can be hard to

hone with smaller children with less language skills.

Whether it is setting up a play activity, or talking

to them about their day after school, having a meal

together or taking time out and watching them and

stimulating their play with open-ended questions, this

is all valuable time together.

Reading a book before bed is also great: it helps

to stimulate speech and language development,

makes them curious and gives time for parents and

caregivers to connect with their child.

If you have caregivers like grandparents who are not

able to see your children, record a video call of them

reading a book, then play it whilst little one follows

along at home with the same book so they can hear

the story and turn the page.

It’s not surprising that words stimulate better

communication and close bonding.




Wellbeing is a key concern for parents: it

is hard to be isolated from regular support networks

like school, grandparents, regular clubs and routines.

Play is a way for children to continue to develop

social and emotional skills during these times of

social distancing. Children will show how they

are feeling through play; they may not be able to

articulate their feelings through speech, however

through play they can show you if they are happy

or angry, say. And then it’s your turn to respond

accordingly and calmly.

Let’s encourage play-based learning for children in

the early years, focussing on a hands-on experience

in a fun and interactive way to develop lifelong


Edx Education have a play blog on the website,

podcast, games and videos and free downloadable

resources for happy home learning in the

Teachers/Parents section. Find them over at

Follow us on social media @sloanloves 79


Check out these cool toys, games and puzzles all

under £15 that we're pretty sure toddlers will love!





5 6


Basic Skills Board

£14.99 | Amazon, Smyths, Argos


Star Bead Studio

£14.99 |


Poke-a-Dot® Old MacDonald's

Farm / Who's In The Ocean?

£12.99 each | Smyths and Amazon


Morphy Richards Kitchen Set

£12.99 | Smyths Toys Superstores


Wooden Puzzle Clock with Stand

£11.99 |


Interstar Rings 18-pieces

£9.99 |


Mizzie Memory Match 4-in-1 Game

£13.95 |


Stomp Rocket® Junior Glow

£12.99 | Amazon


Bing & Friends 6 Figure Set

£14.49 |


Flymo Lawn Mower

£12 | Morrisons


1, 2, 3 Dough Game

£9.99 | John Lewis and Amazon


Rollin Wave

£9.99 | Amazon and Tesco

13. DODO

4-in-1 Transport Puzzles Gift Set

£8.99 |


Fun Day at Playgroup 16pc puzzle

£8.99 | John Lewis and Amazon


First Sorting Set

£8.82 | Amazon


There Are 101 Animals in This


£7.99 |


Zog & Other Stories 4 in a Box

£5.99 | Amazon


Pablo's Feelings book and Pablo

Picks His Shoes book

£6.99 each | Waterstones & Amazon

80 SLOAN! | E-mail us at

7 8




12 13 14





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SLOAN! Books for Kids

We're excited to share these new Ladybird & Puffin children's

books from delightful story books that spark the imagination to

educational books teaching children about the world around us

Peppa Pig: Peppa Loves Reading

As any parent with little ones knows, Peppa Pig is a BAFTAaward-winning

preschool animation about family life and first

experiences, shown daily on Channel 5’s Milkshake and Nick

Jr. Join Peppa and her family on their funny, action-packed,

everyday adventures in this collection of activity, story and

novelty books. Peppa Pig is a global phenomenon, with over 14

million books sold in the UK to date. In this new book, Mummy

and Daddy Pig are reading for their book club that night

when Peppa asks to start their own book club. This little book

reinforces the joy of reading and sharing stories.

£4.99 published by Ladybird

Avocado Baby by John Burningham

The Hargraves are a weak and puny family. When a new baby

arrives, they’re willing to try anything to make it grow big and

strong. Even avocado! This new edition of the classic board book,

beautifully reissued and cased, celebrates the power of babies...

and avocados! This perennial favourite is the story of how a

baby grows big and strong. John Burningham was championing

avocados well before their recent popularity! Twentieth-Century

Children’s Writers said ‘John Burningham is one of the most

outstanding author-illustrators of children’s books today’.

£6.99 published by Puffin

Is That You, Little Bear? by Rob Hodgson

Join Mama Bear on her search through the forest to find Little

Bear in this gorgeous flap book. Each spread features a sturdy flap

that children can slide back and forth to reveal a surprise animal

hidden underneath, along with a ladybird to spot on each page! With

engaging illustrations, robust flaps and simple repetitive text, little

ones will want to revisit this book time and time again. This boldly

illustrated and interactive pull- and-slide flap book is ideal for babies

over 6 months helping to build motor skills and develop hand–eye


£6.99 each published by Ladybird

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Ned and the Great Garden Hamster Race

by Kim Hillyard

Ned is set on winning the Great Garden Hamster Race, but will he

stop along the way to help friends in need? An adorable new story

from Kim Hillyard, this positive picture book explores themes of

kindness, teamwork and empathy with a heart-warming story and

stunning illustrations. Kim Hillyard won the Sainsbury’s Children’s

Book Award 2020 with her debut title Mabel and the Mountain.

£6.99 published by Ladybird

There’s a Superhero in Your Book

by Tom Fletcher

In this brilliantly interactive picture book by Tom Fletcher with

pictures by Greg Abbott, children get hands-on to help their new

Superhero friend take on the terrible Scribbler using the power of

their imagination to unlock Superhero's super powers. The fast pace

builds the excitement for older children and their grown-up. This is

a super fun book with a satisfying twist that celebrates the power of

kindness and the true meaning of being a hero. The book is a feast for

the imagination from the creators of There's a Monster in Your Book.

£6.99 published by Puffin

Magic Windows

Magic Windows is a new novelty non-fiction board-book series for

toddlers introducing the world and boosts motor skills. Each ‘Magic

Window’ on every spread easily demonstrates the transformations

found in nature. Using a simple sliding mechanism, each book

explores a non-fiction topic with simple text and stylish illustration.

Text is factual, narrative and designed to engage children with

each topic as it sits alongside wonderful artwork from illustrator

Libby Burns. Magic Windows: Weather and Magic Windows: My

Body are two of our best loved books which make learning fun for

curious little minds.

£6.99 each published by Ladybird

Water World by Ben Rothery

This is the breathtaking new book from illustrator and Waterstones

Children’s Book Prize nominee Ben Rothery, author of Hidden Planet

and Sensational Butterflies. Water World is a call to action to respect

and preserve the Earth’s oceans, centred on the creatures who live

in and around their shores. Framed by the need to protect our fragile

oceans, Water World is natural-history illustrator Ben Rothery’s rich

exploration of the creatures from the coastal and offshore waters of

the world – from penguins, seagulls, polar bears and seahorses, to

plankton, sharks and deep-sea beings. Children will learn how our

own actions affect the ocean, its inhabitants and our whole planet.

£12.99 published by Ladybird

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