Strategic Plan 2019-2022


Swansea University Students’ Union is a

charity led by students, for students.

Ffion Davies

President 2020/2021


Our strategic plan for 2019-2022 sets out our goals for the

next three years across seven themes:




Connecting Locally

and Globally



Looking Ahead

Student Journey



Governance, Management,

People and Resources

Partnership and

Relationship with the





We aim to review the roles of our Part Time Officer

Teams so that they are better engaged with the

SU and help us to achieve our goals

We will...

research current trends in other SUs, evaluate best

practice and appraise options that will enable us to

engage better with our Part Time Officers (PTO’s)


We aim to hold the University to account and

seek positive change for our membership to

maximise the student experience

We will...

analyse how we drive for change and learn how to better

effectively campaign to make positive changes for our


review our partnership agreements with the University to

ensure that they align with our own goals and objectives

work with the Joint Working Partnership Group (JWPG)

to create more commercial opportunities that improve

the services across the University campuses

enhance, develop and restructure the Student Rep


improve the experience of PGR students based on

research and feedback provisions



We aim to improve our engagement with the

students at Bay Campus so that they feel

represented and a part of our SU

We will...

improve our presence at Bay Campus by reviewing the

design and use of our space

appraise the delivery of our services and events at Bay


seek more feedback from students at Bay Campus so

that we can provide better support and improve their

student experience

improve the nightlife at Bay Campus and run more events

so that students can socialise together and feel part of

the SU

continue to enhance the Fresher’s experience at Bay

Campus by holding dedicated events as well as its own

Fresher’s Fayre


We aim to provide more opportunities

for students through volunteering and

participation in Clubs and Societies

We will...

ensure that there is enough bookable space available to

encourage and meet the demands of student societies

allocate resources to our Societies to ensure that they are

adequately funded to support their activities

work with the University and investigate the possibility

of creating more specialised society space such as that

required by the Dance Society and Gaming Society

look into the feasibility of developing a Society App that

will support and increase student engagement with our


strengthen our relationship with Discovery and third

sector organisations so that we can collectively provide

more volunteering opportunities

eview our Swansea Student Media (SSM) so that we are

able to provide the best support possible, both now and

in the future, to our student volunteers

review the current structure and arrangements between

the SU and Sports Swansea so that it represents,

encourages and offers the best opportunities possible for

students to get involved in sport at all levels


We aim to provide a diverse range of student-led

events, activities, trip and retail services

We will...

provide events that are welcoming, safe and appeal to

all our members including increasing the number of nonalcoholic

events within our venues and outside spaces

aim to develop retail services that cater to all of our

student community




Connecting Globally and Locally

We aim to reduce our environmental impact and

encourage our membership and staff to adopt

sustainable management practices

We will...

set SMART objectives that align with the University’s own

sustainability objectives

campaign to reduce the use of plastic in our venues and

across campus

run environmental initiatives in our commercial outlets

that recognise and reward best practice

agree a budget to support our environmental


achieve Green Impact Award

work with the University in pursuit of their ISO 140001

objectives and retainment of the accreditation

work with the University on the Aspect and Impact (A&I)


communicate our environmental objectives to our


ensure that our Part time Elected Environmental Officer

plays a key role in helping us achieve our environmental


open a new retail outlet that promotes environmentally

friendly living and offers a range a products to support

zero waste initiatives

Connecting Globally and Locally

We aim to better engage with our alumni and

enhance the benefits available for our Honorary

Life Members

We will...

set up a database of alumni students to support

communication and encourage engagement

look at ways to offer opportunities to our alumni beyond


engage with our alumni to raise charitable funds

(including through a third party such as Just Giving) and

will seek opportunities to utilise their valuable skills and

experiences since leaving Swansea University

enhance our Honorary Life Membership (HLM) benefits

Connecting Globally and Locally

We aim to have a better Welsh language focus

We will...

offer services in welsh, ensuring signs are equally worded

in size Welsh/English

audit our levels of compliance with our Welsh Language

Policy, as contained in our Articles of Governance, and

which is based on the NUS Wales Welsh Language


develop our new Welsh Affairs Full Time Officer role (FTO)

to promote awareness and use of the Welsh language


Looking Ahead

We aim to increase the employability of students

by providing opportunities to gain transferable

skills that enhance personal development

We will...

hold seminars such as Ted Talks and Lightening Talks to

inspire creativity and encourage the sharing of ideas

work with the University’s employability academy (SEA)

on aligning our employability objectives in order to

maximise opportunities for students

improve our induction and training for our student

employees to provide the key skills necessary to support

their own personal development

continue to develop our Union Collective (UC) initiative

in order to provide practical business advice and

support to students enabling them to have best possible

opportunity for success


Student Journey

We aim to improve the mental health and

wellbeing of our students so that they feel fully

supported and make the most of their time at

Swansea University

We will...

raise awareness of where support is available within the

current mental health and wellbeing support network

work with the University and campaign to increase the

availability of when this support network can be accessed

by students

increase the number of hours available for students to

access our own Welfare Advisers

continue to work within the Information & Advice Quality

Framework for Wales (IAQF) to aim to achieve the new

welsh accreditation scheme

work in partnership with Student Minds in accordance

with their organisational values of collaborative, and

innovative ways of empowering students to look after

their own mental health and support others

continue to increase the availability of the Live Life to the

Full course through our Advice & Support Centre so that

our memberships can aim to improve their wellbeing and


Student Journey

We aim to improve the levels of childcare and

standard of facilities at our Nursery in order to

support students with childcare responsibilities

studying at the University

We will...

continue to achieve high Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW)

inspection report ratings which reflect our commitment

to ongoing improvements in delivering quality childcare

ensure that our Nursery leadership is strong and that

staff benefit from training and a supportive management


work with the University to improve our current facilities

and secure new and improved long term Nursery premises

and funding

work with our software provider, Nursery Connect, to

improve the administration of our nursery and improve

the communication with parents with regard to their

child’s development and fees




Governance, Management, People

and Resources

We aim to have strong leadership with highly

motivated staffing teams who feel rewarded,

have a shared vision and work together to achieve

collective goals

We will...

define measurable objectives across departments and

activities … including our elected officer teams to support

both SU goals and manifesto pledges

review our management team to ensure we have a

balanced staffing structure

implement a new HR software platform to provide

improved support to our staff

continue to review our HR policies so that they are up to

date and fit for purpose

support staff training opportunities to develop our staff

review our staff induction process with a new staff

induction pack

provide an improved handover, induction & training for

incoming elected officers

introduce a buddy system for our elected officer teams for

more accessible guidance and support

offer opportunities for staff to ask questions with informal

SMT on the sofa events

eview our formal meetings structure to ensure they

are effective and encourage communication and


provide regular and visual updates to staff to

communicate progress towards achieving our strategic


hold regular celebratory events to recognise and reward


recognise our past achievements, including members and


establish a record of our past officers and honorary life


recognise staff lengths of service and reward loyalty

review staff benefits and how we reward staff on their


Governance, Management, People

and Resources

We aim to raise awareness of the Students’ Union,

improve how we communicate and make our

membership and the local community proud of

what we do

We will...

use feedback from our membership and use it to improve

our services through a ‘You Said, We Did’ campaign

record and publish our feedback statistics to monitor and

improve performance through KPIs

make it clearer on our website of how to provide feedback

or make complaints to improve our services

set up a ‘Live Chat’ on our website for FTOs and staff so

that our members are able to communicate with us easily

develop a new student engagement strategy which will

review our existing planning of Student Forums, Executive

Committee Meetings, AGM and Officers Q&A

develop an ‘About Us’ page on our website which will

include staff bios

improve how we develop and promote our Impact Report,

which highlights our achievements

make a video that showcases all of our services

effectively promote our services as putting all profits back

into the SU and also brand our events as ‘Brought to you

by your Students’ Union’

develop a Community Engagement Strategy to improve

communication, share information, gain feedback and

harmonise relations

Brought to you by

your students’ union

Governance, Management, People

and Resources

We aim to review and update our Articles of

Governance so that they are fit for purpose and

enable us, as a charitable organisation, to

operate efficiently

We will...

create an Articles of Governance Working Group (AoGWG),

tasked with undertaking a governance review, the scope of

which will be agreed with our Trustee Board

communicate our progress at each stage of the review to

our membership to ensure that they feel involved and part

of the process

use feedback from our membership and stakeholders to

update our organisational Vision, Mission and Values

Governance, Management, People

and Resources

We aim to embed and enshrine principles of

equality in all aspects of the SU and prioritise our

work on equality, diversity and inclusion

We will...

ensure that our Equality and Diversity Policy is fit for

purpose and reflects our organisations commitment to


schedule in events that promote positive discussion

to help us understand and work towards our equality,

diversity, and inclusion (EDI) targets

set up BAME Student Advisory Committee to represent

student voice, raise issues of race, suggest positive

actions and changes, and link up with the University’s SLT

and Equality structures

campaign to advance equality of opportunity to those

with protected characteristics

develop systems to anonymously record information

as part of our recruitment process so that we can

encourage applicants from all backgrounds to work with





Partnership and relationship

with the university

We aim to celebrate our history and be a part of

Swansea University’s 2020 Centenary celebrations

We will...

work with University colleagues and play a key role in the

2020 Centenary planning process

plan and hold a number of Centenary Events which

showcase our historic achievements as a SU as well as

promoting our ambitions for the future

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