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Parents Say

‘Thank You’.

Thank You...

Many Thanks for your correspondence

and continued support for the children’s

learning. Such a last minute decision

can’t be making it easy. Many thanks for

all of the hard work you put into the children’s

learning at home.

Thanks again, you’re are doing a

brilliant job in supporting the children

and your efforts are very much


Thank you very much, we

really appreciate all that you

are all doing to the children

during these unprecedented


My child is really keen

to crack on with her work

every morning, thank you

for making it so exciting

Thank you all for your positive

words and designing interesting

challenging, but achievable,


Thank you, the teachers are the real heroes

here. Having to come up with online learning

at the drop of a hat. I’ve not a clue what I’m

doing so value you guys more than you can

possibly imagine! I just hope it won’t be for

too long!

Thank you so much for the

hard work you’re putting into

homeschooling, it’s really appreciated.

My child is really getting on well with the work

you send her. You’ve pitched her level perfectly

and we appreciate your approach to this, the

amount send is achievable for us under the circumstances.

We also liked the yoga link to well

being and creative content, which I hope you will

continue to promote to children/ parents.

Thank you for all of your

hard work, all of the teachers

should be very proud.

Thank You...

I think you have all done

an amazing job, thank you

Afternoon, thanks for the

start to the day this morning,

it made learning and

goals so much clearer.

Thank you for all your hard

work and support!

The way the work has been presented

has been really easy to follow and keep

on top of. It isn’t overwhelming for the

children or for us when we look at it. So

far it seems to be going very smoothly.

Thank you for all your hard work.

Keep up the fantastic work. I can’t

fault anything about the learning or

the amazing support

myself as a parent has received.

I hope you are well. I just wanted to write to say thank

you very much for all you hard work and support during

this period of home-schooling. My child always understands

the lessons and the work set is very clear. This

makes it easy for her to complete. I’ve been listening to

‘Letters from the lighthouse’ with her and we are really

enjoying it, so thank you - it was a great idea for you to

read it to the class! Due to the clarity of what is expected,

my child just gets on with her work everyday.

Thank you again & stay safe.

My child is finding it a lot

easier to access now with

the tutorials and the work

being set in one upload.

Thank you for all of your

hard work. It’s definitely appreciated

in our house.

Thank you for all your hard

work and dedication

My daughters teachers have been fantastic, I

absolutely cannot fault them. Available every

day via zoom at 9am gives us a great way to

commence the school day. Organising other

zoom meetings with classmates. Providing hard

copies of each weeks tasks, countless

videos of themselves delivering lessons. A huge

well done!

Thank You...

You’ve been super throughout this challenging

time,thank you very much!

You’ve done a great job

in difficult circumstances.

Thank you.

Mr Uren’s feedback has been

really positive and motivating and

he has taken time and care

to discuss my child’s work and

progress with him. My child has

really enjoyed the remote

learning with Mr Uren. Thank


Thank you and well done. We look

forward to returning to school very


Thank you for all your hard


Thanks for all your efforts

Both Mr Uren and Mrs Cahill have done a fantastic job

supporting my two children whilst they have been learning

from home. Any messages sent to either of them have

been responded to really quickly and resolved any issues.

School work has been marked quickly too so the children

have been able to get feedback quite soon after submitting

work, which has been great. The morning zoom

meetings with Mr Uren have been fun and enjoyable for

the children, such as the joke telling and allowing them

to have small talk with their peers. Mrs Cahill explains the

days tasks clearly to all the children and always lets any

child who wants to say something or share some news

with their friends that opportunity (even if the same child

puts their hand up 3 times in a row, she allows them time

to say their piece) which is lovely.

Just like to say thank you for your time and

hard work in these difficult times. Really

thankful that my son could attend some days

while I was working, I don’t know what I would

of done so thank you

Well done all

Thankyou for all their hard

work and support

Thank You...

Thank you for everything!

Very impressed with the school over

the last year and especially Ms Wherry -

very tough for

you all and clear how hard you have all

worked. Thank you

We would just like to thank Mr

Uren his learning support has been

amazing during these

difficult times.

Thank you for all your

hard work!

The difference between how my son has coped with the

remote learning situation compared

to last time is marked. I feel that the school has prepared

him well for this second period of

remote learning by familiarising him with seesaw & google

chrome books etc at school

during the school winter term. It has been obvious to me

that my son has become well used

to up-loading his work and reading his tasks online etc.

This means he has been much more

independent during the last half term. Thank you!

You have done an amazing


The teachers have been

amazing and so compassionate

and understanding.

Mrs Cutter has worked exceptionally hard to support

the children. The short live Zoom sessions each morning

have been really helpful in providing focus and connection

to peers and school. She is always available and responsive

and so good at providing rapid feedback

on tasks completed to boost motivation and confidence.

We can’t thank her enough, she has done an excellent


A big well done to all the

teachers involved in facilitating

online learning. No

easy task!

Thank You...

Mrs Cahill has been outstanding. She is

constantly thinking of new ways to celebrate


children and keep their learning engaging

and fun. The tasks are always thoughtful

and well

planned. She never rushes their morn-

I just want to say thank you so

much for all the hard work all the

staff have been putting in

to help my child’s home learning.

I believe the teachers

have done an amazing job

supporting my child.

My child also really enjoyed

the daily zooms to see

her friends and teachers and

was very

pleased when the TAs also

commented on her work.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for your hard work,

dedication and commitment throughout, not only the most recent

lockdown, but the entirety of the pandemic.

You have shown flexibility to change working patterns, hours and

roles, often with very short notice in order to meet the needs of the


This has resulted in our children receiving the best provision; when

they have been remote learning from home and when they have been

in school. They are very fortunate to attend a school staffed by individuals

who will put the children’s needs before their own and who are

committed to providing the very best education possible.

Thank you again and I look forward to gradually returning to a more

normal school life as this year progresses.

Adam Anderson

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