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Creating naturally... stronger

and safer cleaning solutions

Designed for the future.

At Project Clean, our purpose is clear. We dedicate ourselves to creating naturally…stronger and safer

cleaning solutions because we believe in a brighter and better future for all. The Earth and all its

communities are ours to protect so our offering is simple: everyday products that are strong, efficient,

gentle on the environment and safe for people.

How do we do it?

Well, by addressing key challenges in our industry.

Hazardous and toxic chemicals. Commercial and industrial cleaning solutions need to be

tough to do their job and too often this means they are also tough on our planet.

and restricting certain ingredients so you can rest

assured you are using the safest solution for the job.

Fossil-fuel based ingredients. We’re proud of our Creation Lab. Our R&D team works tirelessly

to , new formulas and new products to reduce our industry’s

dependency on fossil-fuels. Project Clean’s bio-based selection of products is ever-growing

without depleting our planet’s valuable natural resources.

Packaging waste. -

. Project Clean cleaning solutions are not only packaged in recyclable

containers, but our containers are also made with 100% recycled post-consumer plastic. This

means that with our product packaging, we are supporting an economy that repurposes waste

and keeps it out of oceans and landfills.


tons of


lands in the

ocean every year


garbage truck load

of plastic / minute

We don’t just stop here.

Our values are not only embodied in our products

but also in how we do business.

A simple yet powerful system that saves you

time, labor and preserve our shared environment.

• Through our Carbon Project, we committed to become carbon neutral by 2025. We account

for our operation’s greenhouse gas emissions and are partnering with our key suppliers to

green our supply chain.

• With our partnership with Bullfrog Power®, a green renewable energy provider, we are

working to operate all our facilities and manufacture our products with low-impact green

renewable energy.

• And with our Circular Product Project, well… as you can guess, we are working through

the life cycle of our products to create a zero-waste economy.

As we build our legacy of positive impact through sustainable best practices, we are leading the

charge to drive industry standards to new heights. Join us in revolutionizing the way we clean

because greener, healthier, and safer solutions are here.

Project Clean is leading the industry into

creating naturally…stronger and safer cleaning solutions

to keep your space clean and healthy in the following sectors.


Building Service Contractor


Dental Care

Food Service


Hospitality & Spa

Medical Office


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