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Two year guaranteed protection

Improves gloss up to 10%


What is Diamond Plate?

A: Diamond Plate is a nano ceramic polymer coating that reacts with your vehicle’s

clear coat finish to form a second layer and thicker coating for added protection.

These highly cross-linked coatings are extremely weather resistant, provides UV

protection, wear and acid rain resistance. These coatings are so durable they are

used widely in the aerospace industry.

Our Warranty Protects Against











(from newly painted road lines.)

Complete POS

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The Diamond Plate 2 Year Warranty

Is backed by an A+ insurance carrier.

Therefore, if a claim is filed, both consumers

and installers

will never have to pay

for the price of repair.

Diamond Plate Kit Includes:

• 1 Vile of the Patent Pending Diamond Plate

• VisionBlade Hydrophobic Windshield Protector

• Gloves

• Applicator

• Microfiber Finishing Towel

• P.O.S. Customer Hand Outs

• The Diamond Plate Warranty

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Modern Detailing ........ 4

The Name Game

Detail Doctor . ............ 6

Mechanization… the answer to

detailing management

Small Business Help . ..... 9

SBA Re-Opens Paycheck

Protection Program

Tricks of the Trade . ..... 14

Industry Dirt . ........... 18

Nitty Gritty ............. 24

Catching Up with Detailing Icon

Mike Phillips

Innovations . ............ 27

I want to start of this edition of One More

Thing by mentioning the passing of Enrique

Villegas Sr., the beloved father of Kike Villegas

of Mexico City. The Villegas family and its

business, Kompetenz Body Shop Automotriz,

was featured in the Fall issue of Auto Detailing

News which covered detailing operations from

all around the world. The Villegas family is a

kind, compassionate and loving family, and we

were sorry to hear of Enrique’s passing. Bud

Abraham shared the news with us that he died

from the coronavirus which had also infected

other members of the Villegas family. Our

hearts go out to Kike and his family.

In other news, it seems as if there is a lot of

news to cover, all of which is positive for detailers.

Conventions and tradeshows are on the calendar!

From Mobile Tech Expo to SEMA, it is

time to start planning for these events. The past

year has walloped us, from sadness, to illness, to

malaise, to bad news, to fake news, to ice in Texas

and political unrest, but now it seems as if

things are easing back into a new normal.


One thing that I have learned from this past

year is the need to check in on your mental

health. It’s no joke that laughter and self-care is

vital and when working in an environment with

customer complaints, physical demands and a

universal virus juggernaut, we could all use a few

good old-fashioned smiles. I for one have been

turning to funny movies that have stood the test

of time. From Airplane! to the Three Amigos, I

have not only laughed out loud, but in the words

of Billy Joes, forgot about life for a while. Prentice

St. Clair introduced me to the 1966 comedy

classic: The Russians are Coming, The Russians

are Coming. It is not only hilarious, but well beyond

its years.

I also decided to include a light-hearted

feature in Auto Detailing News called 6 Quick

Questions. It’s fun and interesting and I hope

you enjoy it. Our first installment features James

E. Lafeber, owner of Dr. Beasley’s, Inc., and Simon’s

Shine Shop, Inc.

Here are Jim’s answers:

Cover Story ............. 29

Vol. 6, No. 1, Spring 2021

What do you do when you're now working?

I’m with my family. I enjoy my three kids, and they are very entertaining.

If you weren't doing your current profession, what would you be doing?

I would be some kind of entrepreneur in any type of business. I love the idea of working

on my own and hiring a great team and creating value.

If cost were not a factor, what vehicle would you like to drive?

In 1994 I purchased my all-time favorite vehicle, a white 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser, and I

still drive it today. I like it so much. I bought another one in grey as a shop truck. To me,

that vehicle means endurance. No drama, no maintenance, it just keeps ongoing.

What is your favorite movie, and why?

The Godfather. It’s about family business and loyalty.

If you could have dinner with three famous people, who would they be?

Warren Buffet, the investor. That’s it. I don’t need to meet anyone else.

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If someone were coming to visit your town, which in this case is the city of Chicago,

what would you recommend they do, or where should they eat?

Any first-time visitor needs to visit Wrigley Field for a Cubs game, then Wiener’s Circle for

a char dog and cheese fries, then Simon’s Shine Shop to see a beautifully run business.

And one more thing before I go: Keep sending me your stories and

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The Name


Why trademarking your

business name is a

smart and important move.

By Rob Schruefer


If you have the ambition to grow your

business into a brand, there are a few

things that you must think about from the

very beginning. The most important being

what will your business be called. A

misstep here could result in legal action

and losing the rights to your name years

after you have established your business.

Few people think about what their

business might be in 5 or 10 or 20 years

down the road when they are in the early

stages of establishing a company. The

thought of having to enforce your business

name or having someone enforce

their rights on you, might seem unrealistically

far away. The reality is that if

you have poorly chosen a name, you are

not alone as it happens more often, and

sooner than you think. If the owner of

a trademark discovers someone using the

same business name in the same industry,

they are obligated to notify the offender

and protect the mark. Failure to do so

could cause them to forfeit the mark, so

expect they will do something about it immediately.

Personally, I have sent countless “Cease

and Desist” letters to companies using the

On The Spot name. It is not because I

want to be a jerk about it, it is because I

have to do it. Quite often I discover these

other companies when a disgruntled customer

calls us to complain about the other

company thinking we are the same. One

of the qualifying factors for enforcement

is whether someone can be confused as to

who they are dealing with. A business in

the same industry using the same name

meets that qualification. As my business

expands into new areas, we also come

across established detailing companies using

the same name. With the trademark,

I have the right to use the name over

them, no matter how long they have been

using it. Unfortunately they will be forced

to stop using the name and rebrand or

face legal and financial consequences.

To avoid this hassle, you should start

by identifying any potential problems

from the start. The easiest way to accomplish

this is to hire an Intellectual Property

Lawyer and have them set you up legally.

If that is not financially possible, there are

three places I would suggest checking prior

to naming your business:

1. Locally: Do a Google search in

your area to find out if anyone

else is operating under the name

that you wish to use. If there is

someone that is established and

still in business, you should try

thinking of another name.

2. State: If you cannot find someone

on an Internet search locally, that

does not mean the name is not

registered with the state already.

Each state has a place on their

.gov site where business names

can be checked for conflicts.

The state will not prevent you

from using the same name with

variances, especially if there is a

DBA (Doing Business As) in the

listing. For example, my business

legally might be called Rob’s

Detailing LLC, D/B/A On The

Spot Detailing. Being registered

with the state does not protect

the name of the business or from

trademark infringement.

3. Federally: The most surefire way

to avoid a potential problem is to

check on the Federal Trademark

Registry for your business name.

This can be found at www.uspto.

gov/trademarks.search. If you

find the name here, stop and

go back to the drawing board.

Finding the name on a federal

trademark search means that

someone took the time and

money to federally protect their

name and/or logo, and are more

than likely to enforce it through

legal means.

Once you have found the name that

works for you, and no one else is using it,

you should protect it. This means you will

have the rights to the name, and no one

can prevent you from using it. This will cost

a few thousand dollars with an Intellectual

Property Lawyer, but after a few years it

will become incontestable, meaning that

no one can challenge your right to the

name. You must continue to use the trademark

symbol, and keep up with the filing.

I remember when I first started out, I was

unable to obtain my trademark because

another company had it registered. They

were a tire company that did car washes

somewhere in the Midwest, but they were

not still in business. I had to wait for their

rights to expire before I could move in and

get it for myself.

No matter if you dream of being a national

company, or a local one, you should

protect yourself and your rights. Having

someone force you to stop using the name

of your business will cause customers to be

unable to find you, force you to rebrand all

of your marketing materials, cost a fortune

in legal fees, and have long-term effects on

your ability to operate. While the chances

of this are low if you remain small and

off the radar, why limit yourself from the

start? A little investment and forethought

will save you an immeasurable amount of

time and money down the road.

Rob Schruefer is the owner of On The

Spot Detailing out of Columbia, Maryland.

He proudly serves on the board

of the International Detailing Association

and works tirelessly to ensure

that detailing business owners receive

business development support to help

them achieve their goals.



Connectorized LED Lighting

Made in the USA












the answer to

detailing management

Bud Abraham is Founder and President Emeritus of DETAIL PLUS

Car Appearance Systems, with more than 40 years of experience in the

car care industry as a manufacturer, operator, distributor and consultant.

He writes articles and gives seminars on the subject of auto detailing

throughout the automotive industry. He can be reached at buda@detailplus.com.

By Bud Abraham


As long as I have been in the detailing

business, the complaints I hear from

detailers revolve around not getting

enough business or that they have too

much business. Obviously not having

enough business has nothing to do with

mechanization, it is an issue of marketing,

advertising and sales. I will leave

those subjects for another article. But

not being able to do the vehicles that are

brought in is a cardinal sin.

In an automatic car wash, if volume

increases, the operator will either hire

more people or get more and better

equipment, or a combination of both.

To breakeven when operating a detail

business, you cannot be stagnant. You

must always improve your service. This

being true, if you want to grow you must

make changes, and you must improve.



“Mechanization in the detailing

business, you have got to be kidding!"

When you look at the equipment in a typical

detail shop, mechanization is the last

thing you would think about, isn't it?

Squeeze and spray bottles, five-gallon

buckets, shop vacuums and occasionally

a portable carpet/upholstery extractor

don't conjure up the image of mechanization.

Extension cords, electric buffers,

towels and rags don't remind people of

mechanization. Detailing shops can be a

scene of chaos and disorganization.

Is there any wonder that work is not

getting done? And, if an operator does

keep his shop organized with such primitive

technology, it is costing him in excess

labor and lost production.

Speaking recently to a detail business

owner he told me in one breath he could

not afford to purchase equipment, and in

the next breath he admitted that he had

one employee who filled squeeze and

spray bottles and kept them organized so

the detailers wouldn't be distracted.

At over $10 an hour, plus taxes, etc. he

is paying $80 a day or over $1700 month

for a "bottle filler." With this money the

operator could purchase equipment to aid

the efficiency of his operation. But the detailer

says, "I can't afford the equipment."



If the detailing business is going

to grow and professionalize, the growth

and professionalism has to include technological

growth. Why is it that so many

people assume you can be in the detailing

business with bottles, buckets, towels, an

electric buffer and a few chemicals? Maybe

it's because you can! But this is exactly

the reason the industry is still not taken

seriously and respected by the masses.

No one, including professional car wash

operators, auto dealers and professional

detailers, is making much of a commitment

to being in the business in terms of

capital investment.

As a car wash operator, if I told you I

was going into the car wash business with

a hose, buckets, a few mitts and a wire

scrub brush, you would laugh in my face.

And, If I told a quick lube and oil change

operator, I was going to put a pit in the

ground, get a portable oil catcher and

hand grease gun and get into the business,

he too would laugh at me. Yet, comparably

speaking, this is the way so many

people go about getting into the detailing

industry. Is it any wonder the industry is

no further along than it is? Is it any wonder

the motorist is not inclined to pay top

dollar for detail services?

In any business you do not have the luxury

of saying, "I can't afford it." Why? If

you can't afford it, you shouldn't be in business.

Or from another perspective, there are

things you can't afford not to have.



This is probably the easiest question

a salesperson has to answer. As every

businessperson knows, you purchase

equipment to increase productivity, reduce

labor and present a professional image

to the consumer.

What do we have in the detailing

business? We have equipment and technology

that does not increase productivity

and does not reduce labor. If you think

a squeeze and spray bottle conveys professionalism

to a motorist driving a Mercedes

Benz or BMW, think again.



This is another negative and reactive

statement you hear in this industry.

Why not analyze what you are attempting

to accomplish in your detail business

and then determine what you need to do

the job better. If equipment can help you

increase productivity, that is do more vehicles

per day and reduce labor, how can

you not afford it? It will save you money

you are already spending on labor and it

will make you more money.

As for the expense, that is relative. Relative

to what? Simple, it relates to what

you are going to get in return. In this case,





• Engineered rubber blade keeps its grip for years

• Safe to use near leather, wood, and plastic - no

risk of damage to hard surfaces

• Compact and convenient

$11.95 DT2000




5000 foot roll with cardboard handle for easy

wrapping. Protects the steering wheel from

dirt, germs, etc. while employees work!

$103.99 STC080



Single 12 oz. cans are available in

black semi-gloss and flat finishes.

Tough, durable finish for interior or

exterior use. Quick dry formula. For use

on virtually any type of wood or metal.

$3.79 DT1200-BK Semi-Gloss

$3.79 DT1200-BK-F Flat Trim



17” x 20” disposable floor mats -

500 per case. Plastic coating on

bottom prevents slippage and damage

to vehicle surfaces. Durable

and absorbent.

$34.75 MAT500






Durable with heavy-duty

parts. Boasts low noise and

low maintenance. Blows

away dirt and grime on

seats, leather, tires, steering

wheels, rugs, carpets & more.

$129.95 DT0100

RUPES Polishers






This highly active cleaning tool

can be used for all the same

applications as the Tornador

classic, but is more effective

on persistent spots and heavily

soiled areas.

$199.00 DT0110



This multi-use tool covers a larger

area that the air flow coming directly

from an air compressor. It channels

air into a powerful tornado-like

motion that quickly lifts dirt and

moisture from any surface.

$49.95 DT0115









High speed | 15 mm orbit (19/32”) | 5” backing plate

500W | RPM Range of 2000-5000


High speed | 15 mm orbit (19/32”) | 5” backing plate

500W | RPM Range of 3000-5200

Bigfoot 21 MM Random Orbital Polisher

High speed | expanded 21 mm orbit (13/16”)

6” backing plate | 500W | RPM Range of 2000-4200


High speed | 21 mm orbit (13/16”)

6” backing plate | 500W | RPM Range of 3000-4500























12 PACK • 16” x 16”

$14.50 DJMF8600-CHAR Charcoal

$14.50 DJMF8600-BK Black



12 PER PACK • 16” x 24”

$28.20 DJMF3200-BL Blue

$28.20 DJMF3200-DG Green

$28.20 DJMF3200-R Red




• 1 Vial of the Patent Pending Diamond Plate

• The Diamond Plate Warranty

• Applicator, Gloves & Microfiber Finishing Towel

• VisionBlade Hydrophobic Windshield Protector

• P.O.S. Customer Hand Outs


Auto Detailing


Issue DT62

2020_TowelCatalog.in d 1 8/12/2020 3:21:09 PM







higher productivity and lower labor.

For those of you who are strapped for

cash, or just don’t want to lay out the dollars

for new equipment, lease financing

is the answer. Today, if you have been in

business for two years, it is as easy to get

lease financing as it is to get a credit card.

More lease companies are so hungry

for business that they will custom fit leases

for you. Sure, there is a cost, but if the

equipment will increase your productivity

and decrease your labor it's worth it. You

are paying for it in some manner, by not

having it.

Get your suppliers to give you information

on leasing. Most companies, other

than chemical suppliers, should have

some programs available. Once in contact

with the leasing company, have them do

a trial cost comparison/justification for

what you want to purchase or lease.

More for Less-Mechanize and Double

Your Staff without Adding to the Payroll

There are many jobs in detailing that

just cannot be mechanized. But these jobs

can be made more efficient with equipment.

For example, shampooing carpets

and upholstery by hand can be made

more efficient by utilizing soil extractors

and pneumatic rotary shampooers. This

type of equipment, alone, will increase

productivity by 50% or more.

You don't have to be a mathematical

genius to determine the time to do a

detailing job with current methods and

how much time you can save with a more

mechanized method. By multiplying the

time saved by the hourly rate paid, you

can see what is being saved.

There are proven cases where the time

saved was well over 50%. The numbers

are frightening when you realize how

much you could have saved if you had the




Remember, you are the buyer.

There is never any obligation. Make a

list of what you think you'd like to have

to mechanize your business and then

contact a supplier. Ask them to explain

why and how their equipment will save

you money. Contact several companies to

get a comparison between products and

salespeople. Get references, better yet, visit

an operator that has the equipment you

are considering purchasing.

You must develop your own set of criteria.

Know what you want and what you

expect from the investment before you

start looking. Don't hesitate to look. The

longer you wait, the more you are losing.



As critical as some might be of the

detailing industry and its primitive methodology,

it is a growing, changing industry.

Since 1980 the number of shops listed

in the USA increased from 4,000 to over

15,000 today. This doesn't include the

20,000 car washes in the USA with more

than 80% reporting doing some form of

detailing. In 1980, this number was less

than 15%. And this does not include auto

dealers, body shops and other auto service

businesses that are now selling detailing

services to the public.

Frankly speaking, more changes have

occurred in the detailing business in the

last 20 years than have occurred in the

last 50 years. The industry is alive with

new ideas, technology and interesting

time-saving products.

This rapid change should motivate

you to be one step ahead of the competition.

Do you remember the old television

character "Sergeant Preston of the Royal

Canadian Mounties?" Sergeant Preston

once said, "Only the lead dog gets a

change of view." Mechanization will help

you get the most out of your employees.

With mechanization, one person can do

the work of three. Mechanization can be

the answer to the "too many jobs and not

enough time" syndrome.



Expand your business offerings, and

join our growing list of franchisees with

opportunities available in multiple states

and countries! Contact us today to see

if your desired location is available!



Franchise fee waived for

U.S. Military Veterans!







SBA Re-Opens Paycheck

Protection Program

The U.S. Small Business Administration,

in consultation with the U.S.

Treasury Department, re-opened the

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

loan portal to PPP-eligible lenders with

$1 billion or less in assets for First and

Second Draw applications on Friday,

January 15, 2021.

SBA granted dedicated PPP access

to Community Financial Institutions

(CFIs) which include Community Development

Financial Institutions (CD-

FIs), Minority Depository Institutions

(MDIs), Certified Development Companies

(CDCs), and Microloan Intermediaries

as part of the agency’s ongoing

efforts to reach underserved and

minority small businesses.

The SBA will continue its emphasis

on reaching smaller lenders and

businesses by opening to approximately

5,000 more lenders, including community

banks, credit unions, and farm

credit institutions. Moreover, the agency

also plans to have dedicated service

hours for these smaller lenders after the

portal fully re-opens next week.

“A second round of PPP could not

have come at a better time, and the

SBA is making every effort to ensure

small businesses have the emergency financial

support they need to continuing

weathering this time of uncertainty,”

said SBA Administrator Jovita Carranza

in a press release. “SBA has worked

expeditiously to ensure our policies and

systems are re-launched so that this vital

small business aid helps communities

hardest hit by the pandemic. I strongly

encourage America’s entrepreneurs

needing financial assistance to apply for

a First or Second Draw PPP loan.”

“We are pleased to have opened

PPP loans to CDFIs, MDIs, CDCs, and

Microloan Intermediaries. The PPP is

already providing America’s small businesses

hardest hit by the pandemic with

vital economic relief,” Secretary of the

Treasury Steven T. Mnuchin stated in

the press release. “As the Program reopens

for all First and Second Draw

borrowers next week, the PPP will allow

small businesses to keep workers on

payroll and connected to their health


First Draw PPP Loans are for those

borrowers who have not received a

PPP loan before August 8, 2020. The

first round of the PPP, which ran from

March to August 2020, was a historic

success helping 5.2 million small businesses

keep 51 million American workers


Second Draw PPP Loans are for

eligible small businesses with 300 employees

or less, that previously received

a First Draw PPP Loan and will use or

have used the full amount only for authorized

uses, and that can demonstrate

at least a 25% reduction in gross receipts

between comparable quarters in 2019

and 2020. The maximum amount of a

Second Draw PPP loan is $2 million.

How and

When to Apply

You can apply for a Second

Draw PPP Loan from January

13, 2021, until March 31,

2021. SBA is currently accepting

Second Draw PPP loan applications

from participating

lenders. Lender Match (Lender

Match is a free online tool that

connects small businesses with

SBA-approved lenders. Do not

use if looking for an SBA EIDL

loan) can help connect you

with a lender. All Second Draw

PPP Loans will have the same

terms regardless of lender or


Updated PPP Lender forms,

guidance, and resources are

available at www.sba.gov/ppp

and www.treasury.gov/cares.

60,000 PPP loans

approved in first week

In its first week since reopening, the SBA

announced that it has approved approximately

60,000 PPP loan applications submitted

by nearly 3,000 lenders, for over

$5 billion. In early January, the PPP provided

dedicated access to community financial

institutions that specialize in serving

underserved communities, including

minority-, women- and veteran-owned

small businesses.

“The SBA continues to help small

businesses across the nation access vital

funds through the Paycheck Protection

Program. Data from our first week, which

first allowed hundreds of community financial

institutions to submit applications,

then opened wider to small banks, demonstrate

that we have helped tens of thousands

of businesses,” said SBA Administrator

Jovita Carranza in a press release.

“The PPP is off to another great start

helping our nation’s economy. With PPP

re-opening today for all First and Second

Draw loan applications, the SBA remains

committed to keeping small business

workers on payroll and their doors open

during this challenging time. Moreover,

the SBA over-performed operationally, issuing

guidance and rules in advance and

in alignment with the new law’s requirements,”

Carranza added.


$1.1 million

PPP loans forgiven

so far totaling

over $100 billion

The SBA has already forgiven more than

1.1 million PPP loans for over $100 billion,

providing an extraordinary amount of critical

relief to America’s small businesses just

3 months since the earliest PPP borrowers’

covered periods ended, according to a January

12 press release.

SBA Administrator Jovita Carranza

stated in the press release, “For any eligible

small business continuing to struggle

due to the coronavirus pandemic, the

Program has re-opened for new and certain

existing PPP borrowers, and we encourage

you to take advantage of the PPP

to keep your workers on payroll, regardless

of any local economic restrictions

on your operations. SBA is continuing to

work around the clock to forgive existing

PPP loans and implement the next phase

of this vital Program.”

The SBA has so far received 1,346,125

forgiveness applications for approximately

$170.5 billion. SBA has made payment

on nearly 85% of the applications, forgiving

over $100 billion. For the smallest

borrowers with loans up to $50,000, 88%

have been approved for forgiveness.

Department of Labor

announces annual

adjustments to OSHA

civil penalties

The U.S. Department of Labor has announced

adjustments to Occupational

Safety and Health Administration

(OSHA) civil penalty amounts based on

cost-of-living adjustments for 2021.

In 2015, Congress passed the Federal

Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act

Improvements Act to advance the effectiveness

of civil monetary penalties and

to maintain their deterrent effect. Under

the Act, agencies are required to publish

“catch-up” rules that adjust the level of

civil monetary penalties and make subsequent

annual adjustments for inflation

no later than January 15 of each year.

OSHA's maximum penalties for serious

and other-than-serious violations

will increase from $13,494 per violation

to $13,653 per violation. The maximum

penalty for willful or repeated violations

will increase from $134,937 per violation

to $136,532 per violation.

The Department of Labor Federal

Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment

Act Annual Adjustments for 2021 final

rule became effective January 15, 2021,

and the increased penalty levels apply

to any penalties assessed after January

15, 2021.

Under the Occupational Safety and

Health Act of 1970, employers are responsible

for providing safe and healthful

workplaces for their employees. OSHA's

role is to help ensure these conditions for

America's working men and women by

setting and enforcing standards, and providing

training, education and assistance.

Employers can

withhold, make

payments of deferred

Social Security taxes

from 2020

The Internal Revenue Service today released

Notice 2021-11 addressing how

employers who elected to defer certain

employees' taxes can withhold and pay the

deferred taxes throughout 2021 instead of

just the first four months of the year, according

to a January 19 press release.

In response to a presidential memorandum

signed August 8, 2020, Notice

2020-65 was issued on August 28, 2020,

MYTHS vs. FACTS regarding PPP loans

MYTH #1: PPP is wrought

with waste, fraud, and abuse.

FACT: The vast majority of PPP funds

supported American small businesses and

their hardworking employees in dire need

of economic relief. To ensure all program

rules were followed, all loans are undergoing

an automated review, and all loans of

$2 million or more will undergo a manual

review. In addition, any loan may be selected

for a manual review. SBA has a robust

process for ensuring PPP funds were

used as intended. SBA is committed to

rooting out fraudulent activity; any abuser

of this important program will be held appropriately

accountable. A borrower listed

in the data release doesn’t mean that SBA

has made an affirmative declaration that

a borrower is eligible or that it will receive

loan forgiveness. SBA has a process for

review and that is ongoing.

MYTH #2: PPP only

supported large corporations,

not small businesses.

FACT: The PPP was deployed to help

keep small businesses afloat and employees

on payroll through the coronavirus

pandemic. Of those businesses that

received PPP loans, 75 percent have nine

or fewer employees. In addition, 87% of all

loans, or nine out of ten, were $150,000

or less. Not a single eligible independent

contractor, sole proprietor, or small

business that applied for a PPP loan and

was approved before the PPP closed—

whether it employed hundreds of workers

or a single individual—was precluded

from receiving one due to lack of funding.

The PPP closed in August with more than

$130 billion in available funding that went


MYTH #3:

PPP did not support workers.

FACT: Every facet of PPP was designed

to keep Americans employed. The

PPP has succeeded. To date, PPP has

supported more than 51 million American

jobs, and account for more than 80% of

small business payroll in the United States.

By requiring at least 60% of PPP funds

to cover payroll costs, the Administration

ensured Americans’ paychecks were protected.

The PPP directly contributed to the

historic economic recovery we are currently

experiencing, keeping unemployment

far lower than expected at the peak of the

pandemic. In addition, the unemployment

rate is currently 6.7%, a rate not expected

to be achieved by many outside experts

until the fourth quarter of 2021.

MYTH #4: PPP funds did not

reach historically underserved


FACT: Since enactment of the CARES

Act, SBA and Treasury worked closely

with Congress, borrowers, and lenders of

all sizes—including regional and community

banks, Community Development Financial

Institutions (CDFIs), and Minority

Depository Institutions (MDIs)—to make

certain the broadest possible segment of

small businesses could access the PPP.

To ensure funds began flowing as rapidly

as possible to all small businesses, particularly

those in underserved communities,

SBA and Treasury worked closely with

lenders that were positioned to reach borrowers

who had had less well-established

traditional banking relationships. Through

our actions, we increased the number of

participating lenders from the 1,700 that

participated in SBA 7(a) lending in 2019

to nearly 5,500 lenders participating in

the PPP. SBA and Treasury executed an

aggressive outreach campaign to ensure

PPP participation by CDFIs, MDIs, and minority,

women, veteran, or military-owned

lenders due to their unmatched ability to

reach underserved communities. The data

shows that SBA and Treasury’s outreach

campaign worked. As of August 8, 2020,

when the PPP closed to new loan applications,

432 MDIs and CDFIs had participated

from across the country, providing

over 221,000 loans for more than $16.4

billion. PPP delivered $133 billion of loans

to businesses in Historically Underutilized

Business Zones, accounting for more than

25 percent of all PPP funding. Additionally,

a review of census tracts indicates

28 percent of the U.S. population lives in

low and moderate income census tracts,

and when matched against the distribution

of PPP loans, 27 percent of the PPP

funds went to low and moderate income

communities, which is in line with their

representation in the population.


giving employers the option to defer

certain employees' Social Security taxes

from September 1, 2020, to December

31, 2020. This applied to employees paid

less than $4,000 every two weeks, or an

equivalent amount for other pay periods,

with each pay period considered separately.

The taxes, which are technically called

Old Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance,

or OASDI, are calculated at 6.2%

of employees' wages.

Any taxes deferred under Notice 2020-

65 are withheld and paid ratably from

employee wages between January 1, 2021,

until April 30, 2021. However, the Consolidated

Appropriations Act, 2021, signed

into law December 27, extended the period

that the deferred taxes are withheld and

paid ratably. The period is now for the entire

year − from January 1, 2021, through

December 31, 2021. Notice 2021-11

makes changes to Notice 2020-65 to reflect

this extended period. Payments made by

January 3, 2022, will be considered timely

because December 31, 2021, is a legal holiday.

Penalties, interest and additions to tax

will now start to apply on January 1, 2022,

for any unpaid balances.

Employees could see their deferred

taxes being collected immediately. Employees

should check with their organization's

payroll point of contact on what

their collection schedule will be.

Additional tax relief related to the

COVID-19 pandemic can be found on


Security Summit urges

businesses to tighten

security to protect

against identity theft

The Internal Revenue Service, state tax

agencies and the tax industry urged businesses

to be on guard as thieves try to use

their stolen names and data to file fraudulent

tax returns.

The partners, operating cooperatively

as the Security Summit to fight identity

theft, marked the fourth day of National

Tax Security Awareness Week with a

warning to businesses to enact the strongest

measures possible to protect their data

and systems. The IRS also is planning additional

steps to help businesses combat cybercriminals

trying to steal their data.

"As the IRS and our partners have

strengthened our security standards, identity

thieves have looked for new ways to

find sources of information, and businesses

need to stay alert," said IRS Commissioner

Charles Rettig. "Businesses, just like individuals,

can be victims of identity theft.

Thieves may steal enough information to

file a business tax return for refund or use

other scams using the company's identity."

More than 70% of cyberattacks are

aimed at businesses with 100 or fewer employees.

Thieves may be targeting credit

card information, the business identity

information or employee identity information.

Businesses are encouraged to follow

best practices from the Federal Trade

Commission include:

• Set your security software to update


• Back up important files

• Require strong passwords for all


• Encrypt devices

• Use multi-factor authentication

More information is available at

FTC's Cybersecurity for Small Businesses.

Businesses should especially be alert

to any COVID-19 or tax-related phishing

email scams that attempt to trick employees

into opening embedded links or

attachments. IRS related scams may be

sent to phishing@irs.gov.

Starting back on December 13, 2020,

the IRS began masking sensitive infor-




mation from business tax transcripts,

the summary of corporate tax returns,

to help prevent thieves from obtaining

identifiable information that would allow

them to file fake business tax returns.

Only financial entries are fully visible.

All other information has varying masking

rules. For example, only the first four

letters of each first and last name – of individuals

and businesses – are displayed.

Only the last four digits of the Employer

Identification Number are visible.

The IRS also has publicly launched

the Form 14039-B, Business Identity

Theft Affidavit that allows companies to

proactively report possible identity theft

to the IRS when, for example, the e-filed

tax return is rejected.

Businesses should file the Form 14039-

B if they receive a:

• Rejection notice for an electronically

filed return because a return already

is on file for that same period.

• Notice about a tax return that the

entity didn't file.

• Notice about Forms W-2 filed with

the Social Security Administration

that the entity didn't file.

• Notice of a balance due that is not owed.

This form enables the IRS to respond

to the business much faster than in the

past and work to resolve issues created by

a fraudulent tax return. Businesses should

not use the form if they experience a data

breach but see no tax-related impact.

For more information, see Identity Theft

Central's Business section.

Although the tax scams can come and

go, all employers should remain alert to

Form W-2 theft schemes. In the most common

version, a thief poses as a high-ranking

company executive who emails payroll

employees and asks for a list of employees

and their W-2s. Businesses often don't

know they've been scammed until a fraudulent

return shows up in employees' names.

There is a special reporting procedure

for employers who experience the W-2

scam. It also may be found at Identity

Theft Central's Business section.

Finally, Security Summit partners urge

businesses to keep their EIN application

information current. Changes of address

or responsible party may be reported using

Form 8822-B. Reminder: Changes in

the responsible party must be reported to

the IRS within 60 days. Current informa-

Small Business Owner

Burnout is Real

- here’s what you can do

Rest, Reframe,


In an article by content marketing

expert Susan Guillory that appeared in

Forbes magazine last November, advice is

given to small business owners on how to

deal with the burnout feeling you can experience

with everything going on.

“It's been a hell of a year, hasn't it? Between

the pandemic and politics—not to

mention the day-to-day stressors the average

small business has — it's been challenging

to keep our heads above water, let

alone think about the future.

But as things slow down a bit around

this holiday season, I invite you to do

three things: Rest, reframe, and rejuvenate.

Trust me, both you and your business

will be better for it,” Guillory wrote.

The following are her tips on how to

accomplish the three Rs.


Entrepreneurs desperately need

time to disconnect and unwind. Starting

and running a business understandably

requires more work and causes

more stress: 61% of entrepreneurs have

higher stress levels than when they started

their businesses, and 60% struggle to

take time off, the article stated.

“Even if you can't go on your annual

ski vacation this year, find time for rest.

That might mean taking a Friday off now

and then (a practice I highly recommend!)

or spending a long weekend in a cabin in

the woods. Heck, it could just be getting a

massage or turning off your phone after

work hours if that's the best you can do.

But I encourage you not to devalue the

importance of being well rested. A brain

that isn't stressed and overtaxed can come

up with innovative ideas.”


The biggest takeaway from 2020 is

that we can't rely on how we used to conduct

our businesses, Guillory wrote.

“You may struggle now to attract business

the way you used to, either because of

the economic climate making consumers

gun-shy about spending money or because

the market has change d. The worst thing

you can do is continue doing ‘business as

usual.’ These are not usual times, and even

when things level

off, we will need

to have a permanent

plan in place for what

our businesses will look

like moving forward.”

Guillory suggested

revisiting your business plan

and giving it an update. “Where

you find customers, what you

sell, and your long-term strategy

may have shifted, so put those changes

in writing; your business is there to remind

you of how you might need to pivot

to survive.”


Find your passion again

“I occasionally go through extreme

burnout in my business and lose passion

for what I do,” Guillory wrote. “It can be

tough to do the same thing for years. But

when I feel like I can't go on another day,

I step back. I rest. I take time away from

my business and don't even think about it

for days or weeks. Inevitably, when I return,

I feel better.”

If that does not work, Guillory suggests

trying something else such as coming up

with a new product or service, or finding

different industries to work with. You might

learn a new skill. Or hire help to take some

of the pressure off of you. “Don't let your

passion die or running your small business

will consume your soul.”

And if these rejuvenation ideas don't

work, she advised, consider that it might

be time to call it quits. “Again, just like in

a relationship, sometimes there's a shelf

life for your business, and denying that

will only make you unhappy. Find an exit

path and make room for something new

to light you up.”


tion can help the IRS find a point of contact

to resolve identity theft and other issues.

SBA extends


deadline to

December 31, 2021

The SBA announced on December

30, 2020, that the deadline to apply for

the Economic Injury Disaster Loan

(EIDL) program for the COVID-19 Pandemic

disaster declaration is extended

to Dec. 31, 2021. The deadline extension

comes as a result of the recent bipartisan

COVID-19 relief bill passed by Congress

and enacted by former President Trump

on Dec. 27, 2020.

To date, the SBA has approved $197

billion in low-interest loans which provide

working capital funds to small businesses,

non-profits and agricultural businesses to

make it through this challenging time.

“Following the President’s declaration

of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the SBA has

approved over 3.6 million loans through

our Economic Injury Disaster Loan program

nationwide,” Carranza stated in

the press release. “The EIDL program

has assisted millions of small businesses,

including non-profit organizations, sole

proprietors and independent contractors,

from a wide array of industries and business

sectors, to survive this very difficult

economic environment.”

EIDL loan applications will continue

to be accepted through December 2021,

pending the availability of funds. Loans

are offered at very affordable terms, with a

3.75% interest rate for small businesses and

2.75% interest rate for nonprofit organizations,

a 30-year maturity, and an automatic

deferment of one year before monthly

payments begin. Every eligible small business

and nonprofit are encouraged to apply

to get the resources they need.

CDC offers job stress tips

Whether you are going into work or working

from home, the COVID-19 pandemic has probably

changed the way you work, according to

the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

(CDC). “Fear and anxiety about this new disease

and other strong emotions can be overwhelming,

and workplace stress can lead to burnout. How

you cope with these emotions and stress can affect

your well-being, the well-being of the people you

care about, your workplace, and your community.

During this pandemic, it is critical that you recognize

what stress looks like, take steps to build your

resilience and manage job stress, and know where

to go if you need help.”

The CDC said to recognize the following

symptoms of stress you may be experiencing.

• Feeling irritation, anger, or in denial

• Feeling uncertain, nervous, or anxious

• Lacking motivation

• Feeling tired, overwhelmed, or burned out

• Feeling sad or depressed

• Having trouble sleeping

• Having trouble concentrating

And here are the common work-related factors

that can add to stress during a pandemic,

according to the CDC:

• Concern about the risk of being exposed to the

virus at work

• Taking care of personal and family needs while


• Managing a different workload

• Lack of access to the tools and equipment

needed to perform your job

• Feelings that you are not contributing enough to

work or guilt about not being on the frontline

• Uncertainty about the future of your workplace

and/or employment

• Learning new communication tools and dealing

with technical difficulties

• Adapting to a different workspace and/or work


The CDC said to follow these tips to build resilience

and manage job stress:

• Communicate with your coworkers, supervisors,

and employees about job stress while

maintaining social distancing (at least 6 feet).

• Identify things that cause stress and work

together to identify solutions.

• Talk openly with employers, employees,

and unions about how the pandemic is

affecting work. Expectations should be

communicated clearly by everyone.

• Ask about how to access mental health

resources in your workplace.

• Identify those things which you do not have

control over and do the best you can with the

resources available to you.

• Increase your sense of control by developing a

consistent daily routine when possible — ideally

one that is similar to your schedule before the


• Keep a regular sleep schedule.

• Take breaks from work to stretch, exercise,

or check in with your supportive colleagues,

coworkers, family, and friends.

• Spend time outdoors, either being

physically active or relaxing.

• If you work from home, set a regular time to

end your work for the day, if possible.

• Practice mindfulness techniques.

• Do things you enjoy during non-work hours.

• Know the facts about COVID-19. Be informed

about how to protect yourself and others.

Understanding the risk and sharing accurate

information with people you care about can

reduce stress and help you make a connection

with others.

• Remind yourself that each of us has a crucial

role in fighting this pandemic.

• Remind yourself that everyone is in an unusual

situation with limited resources.

• Take breaks from watching, reading, or listening

to news stories, including social media. Hearing

about the pandemic repeatedly can be upsetting

and mentally exhausting

• Connect with others. Talk with people you trust

about your concerns, how you are feeling, or

how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting you.

• Connect with others through phone calls,

email, text messages, mailing letters or

cards, video chat, and social media.

• Check on others. Helping others improves

your sense of control, belonging, and selfesteem.

Look for safe ways to offer social

support to others, especially if they are

showing signs of stress, such as depression

and anxiety.

• If you feel you may be misusing alcohol or other

drugs (including prescription drugs) as a means

of coping, reach out for help.

• If you are being treated for a mental health

condition, continue with your treatment and be

aware of any new or worsening symptoms.




Please Note: Some posts feature minor edits for readability. Also note that

opinions and statements made here are by each forum user and do not

necessarily reflect the viewpoints of Auto Detailing News.

Presenting some of the best detailing discussions from CarwashForum.com.

I smell a Rat.com!

Because I have my wash up on Google, we do postings

to our website. I get emails from them saying

something like 120 people viewed our latest posting.

I smell a rat. I just can't imagine that many people

are bored enough to look at a web site about a [business].

…Anyone else experience this? - mac

Mac, I will say this that it appears Google is making

the same mistake with robo-call coordinated with 3rd

party sellers .... as the monopolistic telephone companies

used to do. We have a publicly posted phone number

for our facility & the logistic of that nonsense "you

are not listed pitch" trying to get their "foot in the door

spoofed calling" can actually become a problem! When

computer industry people brag a bit too much about

their Artificial Intelligence Algorithms ... IMHO people

all over the world should consider "hanging onto their

hat" & making a "run for their life"! - mj walsh

The important stats to look at are how many looked up

your phone number or asked for directions to your wash.

- OurTown

Why smell a rat? It's the WORLD WIDE WEB! There's

a lot of bored people out there, esp. nowadays! Do you

have any idea how many folks spend countless hours

looking at Facebook? The stats are believable once you

broaden your perspective a bit. - Waxman

IMHO ... We should be looking forward to the day when

Google, Facebook, & Twitter alternatives are more dominant

than the current situation!!! - mjwalsh

I realize that Google wants me to buy their advertising.

That part I get. All the other things they mention though

I have no way of telling if it

is true. Yes, they say many

asked for directions and also

called. I have an answering

machine at the wash that almost

never gets a recording. - mac

Instead of being suspicious of the results that are claimed

by Google, why not go in the opposite direction and put

in an effort to make your Google business page more

appealing to customers? Add photos of the wash and

all your services offered. Create posts about interesting

things to do with the car wash. I use it as a promotional

tool like it was designed. It's a low-cost way to improve

your business. - Waxman

Google is the preferred ad spot due to integration

into phone searches. You don't necessarily have to spend

money with them, but when someone searches on their

phone for a car wash this is most likely where the information

is coming from. The higher your ratings, the

higher your ranking will be, but to get to the top page

you're probably going to need to spend money in a larger

market. Personally, I'm old school and don't bother buying

ads or actively managing a page with any social media

sites (Facebook, etc.), but that is a personal opinion. It

just seems like too much work for the return. I would not

interact with Yelp at all, I've seen many people complain

that Yelp turns into an extortion racket. Same with BBB.

Oh, you can also get a Google voice number just

for your carwash. You can forward, have it ring multiple

phones, etc. and it will send an email transcription if

someone leaves a voicemail. It's free, if you don't mind

the invasion of privacy. - Greg Pack

This is huge. Especially for car washes. This isn’t thought

of as the most professional business so having a nice page

and pictures is huge. If someone isn’t already familiar

with your business this might get them to come or not.

I think the Google phone call stat is believable. Just

compare to your missed calls. I would imagine few if

any calls you get come from a source other than Google.

- MC3033

I can see valid points in all the posts above. Google My

Business is a great place to describe your process and services.

People love looking at pictures, so I add lots. You

can easily post videos, too.

It doesn't take much time to add content to your page.

Some of my biggest hits were on pics of things I thought

we’re not going to get many views, such as a can of graffiti

remover, pics of my detail equipment, etc. All of these

little things add up to set you apart from competitors. If

nothing else, you are providing the customer with more

knowledge of your car wash. - Waxman

I just went to the Yelp page for my wash, and it seems to

be broken. Despite the hours listed as 24/7 it shows it as

closed, and I can't change it as a business owner. It seems

useless anyway since Yelp shows 39 people have visited

the page 39 times this year, where the Google page shows

15,000 just this month… - MEP001

Highly recommend you ask Yelp to take down your page.

Yelp is useless and the only people who use it are the ones

who are specifically leaving a bad review. - MC3033

What is the most

amount of money

or most valuable

item you discovered

while detailing an


Usually, a credit card is more valuable than an amount of

cash you would find and we have found plenty of those

down beside the seats. - Waxman

My wife found a rare coin under a seat once when detailing.

She gave it to the owner, and she said her husband had lost

it while back and it was valued over $10,000. - Soapy

Don’t know a value but have seen lots of weed in cars over

the years. - Kramerwv

Rifle, Ruger 9, & over $5,000 cash. We didn't even mention

we saw it! - Soonermajic

Pound of weed under the back seat of an SUV. I don’t think

it was lost and he wasn’t trying to hide it - Traveler17


Oh, snow!

I have a customer that has

a blue sno-cone stain on

her light grey leather seats.

She has tried Dawn dish

soap and use a "light" wipe

with a magic eraser. She is

having no luck removing the

stain. Does anyone have any

suggestions that I could pass

on to her? - Creole

I have used Woolite on stains

in leather with good results.

It's safe and easy to use. -


Windex, the blue stuff. spray

it on the stain and leave it. -


Buy a spray can of SEM

leather dye. Simple to use

and most effective. - buda

What the Jeep?!

Customer had her 2018 Jeep

Wrangler detailed and is now

starting a laundry list of things

wrong with the vehicle "because

of detailing" a week ago.

Rattles inside, drips from underneath,

wet floors. I printed a

standard 'incident report', which

documents the events and conversations

in case it goes to court. I

also went online and looked up TSB's

and posts on Jeep forums regarding the

problem of wet carpet. There were hundreds

of posts and I printed out the first 8 pages.

- Waxman

I own a 2020 Wrangler. I can see a small (very small) amount

of water on a floor now and then after taking it through my

Razors several times a week. No issue with my soft cloth. The

Jeep is designed to be able to remove the doors and the roof (in

sections) so I think they

were a bit loose with the

tolerances when designing

the car. I covered my

carpets with Weather Tech

mats which makes cleaning

the interior a breeze. - Roz

The customer came back Friday.

The top is an aftermarket one

they installed themselves. I found a

wrinkle in the header gasket that looked

suspect of leakability. As for the rattle, I found

a rearend breather that had been banging against a heat

shield. I wire tied it out of harm’s way. Score one for customer

service! - Waxman

I guess when you applied dressing to the breather tube, you knocked

it loose. - MEP001




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Increased comfort and ease of use

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2021 The

JUNE 5 & 6,





Lexington Covention Center

(Lexington, Kentucky)


AUG 26-28, 2021




South Point Hotel & Casino


Laid-off Disney workers find

hope with auto detailing

COVID-19 pandemic has roiled

Orlando's workforce, according to a November

18 Orlando Weekly story. Thousands

of jobs have been lost and the

hardest-hit sector of the local Orlando

economy are theme park and hospitality

employees. “Walt Disney World alone has

seen more than 50,000 furloughs and layoffs

of part-time, seasonal, full-time and

union employees,” the story said. “Orlando's

plethora of entertainers, performers,

artists, and hospitality professionals are

the ‘magic makers.’ They're what keep

this city vibrant and churning with creative

energy, and many of Orlando's most

influential artisans and businesses started

their careers with the Mouse.”

Many employees have a lot of creative

energy and nowhere to spend it, the story

said. But, thanks to "Ear for Each Other,"

a Facebook group founded by Maxine

Pollakis, a 22-year Disney cast member,

laid off theme park workers are finding

work elsewhere. Pollakis, who started the

group with three others – two laid off, one

furloughed, one still employed – formed

the group to give furloughed and laid-off

Disney cast members (CMs) a place to

promote and market their side hustles,

whether they're creative or practical, to an

audience seeking to support them.

Workers who started detailing cars

to get by were helped by the initiative,

according to the story. "When the group

Santa Rosa Detailer Celebrates Grand Opening



was created," Pollakis said in the story,

"the federal aid for Floridians was ending,

leaving [the CMs] to earn about $200 per

week. I knew so many were struggling

and wondered how I could help." Pollakis

looked no further than her own social network,

“where she found CMs painting,

baking bread, making candles and soaps,

starting pressure-washing and auto detailing

businesses, and more.”

The forum now includes more than

30,000 CMs and community members,"

Pollakis said in the story. "Disney cast

members are incredibly talented, and it's

very common for artists to find ways to be

creative, no matter the circumstances.":

OCT 4-6, 2021




Convention Atlantic City

Convention Center

Host Hotel: The Hard Rock Hotel

and Casino


NOV 2-5, 2021

2021 SEMA


Las Vegas Convention Center


NOV 15-21, 2021




Las Vegas Convention Center


*These shows are still scheduled at

the time of publication of this issue.

However, shows might still be

canceled due to Covid-19. Check

websites for each show for more



\* ARABIC 1 Javier Quintero, Jose Patino, Shawn Sepulveda, Anthony

Sebestyen, Gabe Cruz, Dominique Sepulveda, Rudy Campos

Shawn Sepulveda, owner of A Perfect

Experience Auto Detailing, now known as

A Perfect Experience (APE) Luxury Auto

Spa, believed people were ready for an

outdoor family-friendly event as long as it

was safe, masked and socially-distanced.

Following all CDC guidelines, Sepulveda

celebrated the grand opening of his new

5,500 square-foot APE Luxury Auto Spa

with a Trunk or Treat Car Show on Sunday,

October 25.

According to a press release, in addition

to changing his business name to

APE Luxury Auto Spa, the move to a

larger 5,500-square-foot facility now provides

room to offer several aesthetic services

they were contracted out in the past,

such paintless dent repair (PDR), window

and glass chip repair, cosmetic wheel and

rim repair, paint protection film (PPF),

and window tint installation . Now those

services are all offered under one roof.

APE Luxury Auto Spa partnered with

the North Bay Impalas Club to host what

they hope will become an annual car

show event. There were no entry fees for

the Trunk or Treat Car Show. There were

also food trucks, a deejay, raffles and giveaways,

and plaques and trophies for the

winners of the car show.

APE also now highlights their Transparent

Warranties – the first warranty program

ever to cover automotive detailing

and aesthetic services. Transparent Warranties

offer unprecedented coverage for

PDR, PPF, glass repair, headlight repair,

tire and wheel work, key fob replacement,

and both interior and exterior detailing

work. These warranties are the only ones

of their kind on the market for detailers.

Sepulveda has prepped multimillion-dollar

classics and exotics as a member

of the highly prestigious McCall’s Motorworks

Revival and The Quail Detailing

Teams at Monterey Car Week. He is also

Santa Rosa’s only Air Force One Detailer.

He and the team have restored and are

continuing to preserve and protect the

original presidential jet, Air Force One on

display at Seattle’s Museum of Flight.

Sepulveda has been part of these

events as a member of Master aircraft

and automotive detailer, Renny Doyle’s

famous Detail Mafia, an exclusive group

of detailers – 'Made-Men' – who strive to

be the most accomplished and technologically-advanced

team of automotive detailers

in the U.S., and artisans in the care

and maintenance of automotive paint

and automotive interiors.


NJ Governor Chris Christie to

give NRCC keynote address

The 31st Northeast Regional Carwash

Convention (NRCC), taking place October

4-6, is reinventing its look, feel and

content, according to 2021 Show Chairman

Dave DuGoff. And despite the 2020

show being cancelled due to COVID-19,

DuGoff said he looks to the 2021 event

with great optimism. “Our board has taken

a close look at all aspects of our show

and determined that we need to raise the

bar even higher than in past years beginning

with our Keynote Speaker.”

In the past, the trade show has looked

within its ranks, or spent a modest amount

of money, on a Keynote Speaker. Moving

forward, thanks to sponsors Micrologic

and InnovateIT, higher profile Keynote

Speakers are now an option. “Our committee

and generous sponsors think that

former Governor Chris Christie will make

a terrific Keynote Speaker,” DuGoff said

in a statement. “His insight and political

experience, as well as his

ability to storytell and

entertain, should be

a hit.”

New Jersey’s 55th

Governor is currently

a senior legal and

political commentator

for ABC News,

the managing member

of the Christie Law Firm

and Christie 55 Solutions, LLC,

and the author of Let Me Finish, a noholds-barred

account of his rise to power.

Previously, he also served as Chairman of

the Trump Presidential Transition Committee.

In addition to an exceptional keynote

speaker, the board has opted to move the

annual Welcome Reception from the host

hotel to the Atlantic City Convention

Center (ACCC) to make it more inclusive.

“Our Welcome

Reception is going

to run for only an

hour at the conclusion

of the first

day of the show

floor, Tuesday,”

DuGoff said in the

press release. “It will

be open to all attendees

and is again generously

sponsored by ICS.”

The venue change and timeframe

change will enable more attendees to then

go out to dinner with suppliers and fellow


Another change with the 2021 show

will be the host hotel. Since the Hard

Rock Hotel & Casino purchased the former

Trump Taj Mahal in 2017 and spent

$500 million to completely renovate it, the

venue has added numerous restaurants

and meeting places perfect for exhibitor

hospitality suites and private events. The

facility reopened in June of 2018. “We are

all excited to be back on Atlantic City’s

iconic boardwalk,” said DuGoff. “It will

really add to the entire NRCC experience

and the new Hard Rock is very impressive.”

Of course, the iconic Hard Rock music

theme is weaved throughout the hotel

paying homage to the great artists of the

last 75 years. The 2,000 hotel rooms offer

amenities like turntables and records,

special playlists and the option to get a

Fender guitar delivered to your room for

a jam session, the press release stated. “It’s

going to be a whole new experience for

our attendees and vendors that we are all

looking forward to experiencing,” added

DuGoff. “And don’t forget that the Hard

Rock has the Rocktane Gas and Car

Wash right on site.”



The IDA celebrates its

2021 award winners

The following winners were announced at the virtual International Detailing Association

Annual Business Meeting and Awards presentation in February. The

IDA stated it received a record-breaking 4,000+ votes for the Detailer of the Year

category alone. “This really shows how strong the detailing community is and

how our community came together after such a difficult year,” stated the IDA.

Detailer of the Year

Mike Karlen, CD

FastLane Detailing

Stanley, WI

Detail Supplier

of the Year

John Bell, CD

PRO Products | Tustin, CA

Mobile Detailer

of the Year

Magik Touch

Detailing, LLC

Kendall Honore | Dania, FL

Detail Shop of the Year

Classic Appreciation

World Class Auto Detailing

Greg Swett,CD-SV | Rochester, MI

Details unveiled for the HCA 2021

Product & Equipment Show

The Heartland Carwash Association

is inviting your organization to exhibit at

its Annual Product and Equipment Industry

Trade Show. The Annual Product

Show is taking place on Monday, October

18th, and Tuesday, October 19th at The

Prairie Meadows Events and Conference

Center in Altoona, Iowa (a suburb of Des

Moines), a press release reported. “The

Product Show is a great way to showcase

your business to a targeted audience of

current and potential carwash owners,

operators, and other professionals. If you

are looking to sell more products or services,

grow your business, and network

with other industry executives, the HCA

Product Show is the ideal event for your

organization. We bring buyers directly to

you, giving you the opportunity to generate

new leads and cultivate new sales,”

according to the press release.

With last year’s Product Show being

canceled due to Covid-19, the HCA said

it is looking forward to bringing everyone

back for a great show. “The theme this

year is Powering Forward with educational

guest speakers and roundtable discussions

motivating you to grow your business.

We will also be hosting one of our

more popular events, the Carwash Tour,

once again this year.”

The Heartland Carwash Association

represents carwash owners, operators and

service provider associates in Iowa, Minnesota,

Wisconsin, Nebraska, Illinois, Missouri,

Kansas, North Dakota and South Dakota.

How to have a Winning Instagram

Does your detailing business have

an Instagram account? If you do not, it

is something to consider. It is not only

free to use but can also serve a wonderful

marketing tool. Described as mostly a

photo-sharing platform, Instagram offers

businesses its own set of tools to help businesses

grow, market and interact with their

customers. There is a lot of lingo, trends

and fancy bells and whistles that can overwhelm

the average user (ahem, such as

yours truly), but an Instagram page can

be kept simple and impressive with some

pretty pictures and regular postings.

It is an easy way to reach out to the

masses, and especially the “younger”

generations, and according to Hootsuite,

81% of users use Instagram to research a

product or service.

If this is enough to convince you to

give it a try, here are some prominent tips

and suggestions for business users, and also

some big mistakes to avoid.

• Make sure you set up your page as a Professional account—this will allow for you to

list your business name, address, website, hours etc. Instagram also offers special

tools for business owners on how to best use the platform. Also, be sure to use a

business email, not your personal one, so that it will not link to your personal Facebook

account. (Instagram is fun by Facebook). Therefore, while signing up, be sure to go to

settings, and choose: “Switch to Business Account.”

• Find or take pictures that showcase your business. This might sound obvious, but

make sure you’re checking the background for anything off-putting. Use natural

lighting as much as possible. Sunset photos are also great.

• For your profile picture, use a picture of your sign, or your logo.

• Do not make your page “live” until a few good photos are posted first. According to

the Social Media Marketing website OutBoundEngine.com, “It’s a best practice to

have a photo or two posted to your account before you start following people. There

isn’t much incentive for people to follow an account with no content. Find a couple of

photos you think would be shareworthy.”

• As for frequency, there is no exact formula for how often you should post a picture. But

what is important is that you post regularly.

• A great feature of Instagram is the Highlights section found under your profile name.

Here you can post a collection of photos or videos and label each one with its own

name. As a self serve car wash owner, this would be a good place to have a series of

“How To” sections. Characters are limited, so you could title them, How To, or Using a

Brush, Wash Options, etc.

• Post “Instagram Live” stories which will go out to all of your followers. Post videos

promoting your wash or offering a special discount.

• Also, be sure to use the Instagram Business tools. According to Instagram, with a

business page you can have access to real-time metrics on how your stories and

promoted posts perform throughout the day. Get insights into your followers and how

they interact with your posts and stories.

Hot Tip

• When you first set up your business page, you’ll have two choices for creating your

account — Log in with Facebook or Sign Up with Phone or Email. Be sure to sign

up with a business email so your Instagram profile isn’t linked to your personal

Facebook account. Tip from HubSpot.com

Quick Facts

• Instagram currently has over 1 billion people using it each month. Users spent an

average of 30 minutes per day on the platform last year, according to Hootsuite.com,

which is a 13.8% jump from 2019.

Got Stress?

• These are stressful times, to put it mildly. If you’re experiencing any level of anxiety

or depression, don’t hesitate to call one of the many resources available.

• NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness): Call 800-273-TALK (8255)

Also, the NAMI HelpLine, 800-950-NAMI (6264), M-F 10 a.m.-6 p.m., est. is a free,

nationwide peer-support service providing information, resource referrals and

support to people living with a mental health conditions, their family members and

caregivers, mental health providers and the public.

• Crisis Hotline: Text CONNECT to 741741 or visit

www.crisistextline.org to chat with a counselor

Reach out for help for depression. Free, 24/7 crisis counseling.

• SAMHSA: 1-800-985-5990, is a 24/7, 365-days-a-year

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Disaster Distress

Helpline provides 24/7, 365-day-a-year crisis counseling and support to people

experiencing emotional distress related to natural or human-caused disasters.

• For Veterans: 1-800-273-8255 or text 838255

The Veterans Crisis Line is operated by the Department of Veterans Affairs and is

available for veterans and their families.


Happy 80th birthday,

Warsaw Chemical!

2021 marks the 80th year anniversary for Warsaw Chemical.

The company, which is based in Warsaw, Indiana, has

grown from a small manufacturer of toilet bowl cleaners and

mechanics hand soaps, into a nationally recognized supplier

of more than 300 cleaners, soaps, disinfectants, protectants,

lubricants and specialty products, a press release stated.

Warsaw Chemical was founded in 1941 and has always

been privately owned. Currently, about 70 people are employed

by the company. “We are proud of the fact that Warsaw

Chemical has been a part of the Warsaw Community

for eight decades. We have a team of highly talented people

that have championed the success of the company. We will

continue to build on our history of creating and manufacturing

products that carry value and contribute to the success

of our clients,” Troy Gamble, CEO and partner of Warsaw

Chemical, stated in the press release.

Warsaw Chemical is a high-quality chemical manufacturing

business that produces a diversified line of Warsaw

Chemical Branded and Private Label products distributed

in four different markets: Janitorial Cleaning Products, Disinfectants

and Hand Soaps; Car Wash Chemicals (our Car

Choice line) for self-serve systems, touchless automatics and

tunnel/conveyor washes; Tire Mounting Lubricants, and

Agrochemical Adjuvants.

UK's Messiest Car Winner

is crowned

Automotive supplier Euro Car Parts launched a competition

to find Britain’s filthiest car interior and after

more than 200 people submitted photos of their vehicle,

in the end, it was Louise Duffy who was crowned the

winner. According to The Scotsman, here is a photo of

Duffy’s vehicle:

The winner was announced February 1 and

Duffy was awarded £200 ($279US) worth of

cleaning products.

“I am delighted beyond belief. Whilst some

people might not be happy to claim this title, I certainly

am,” Duffy was quoted as saying. “The car

gets so messy because of my happy kids, who apparently

know where everything is, which makes

for lots of chaos. I am absolutely thrilled to win

the prize, and my boys will love to clean out the

car with our new goodies.”

And, while the winning car was definitely more

than deserving of the title, check out the vehicles

that did not win:

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Redmond detailer launches secret

mission to honor military family

Oregon Army National

Guard Pfc. Lingo Diaz and his

wife and seven children of Redmond,

Oregon, were chosen

for the 5th Annual Operation

Sleigh Shine, on Saturday, December

12. The surprise event

took place at Perfection Plus

Auto Spa, located at 460 NE

Hemlock Avenue and is hosted

by Redmond detailer and famed

member of the Detail Mafia and

Air Force One Detailing Team,

Shane Mayfield.

Operation Sleigh Shine began

four years ago in Oxford,

Maine, by Mayfield’s fellow

Detail Mafia member Scott Macha with

Total Eclipse Auto Detailing and Design,

to honor an active-duty member of the

Armed Forces during the holiday season,

who has not only served their country, but

who has also given much to their community,

and made significant sacrifices that

have caused hardship despite that dedication.

Like all families chosen for Operation

Sleigh Shine every year, Diaz was chosen

unanimously by his peers and commanding

officers for his outstanding military

and community service including his support

of youth sports and activities at his

neighboring school. Past military families

have traditionally contributed to the recommendations

by ‘Paying it Forward’ to

the next family in the selection process.

As part of the surprise event, Mayfield

invited two additional Oregon members

of the Detailing Success Network to help

him and his Perfection Plus team with the

complete interior and exterior revitalization

detail on the family’s 2012 4-door

Chevy diesel truck, including a paint correction

and long-lasting, durable ceramic

coating valued at $1,500. The process will

transform their aging vehicle into a shiny,

like-new car, but Operation Sleigh Shine

will also send the family home with a gigantic

bundle of wrapped new Christmas

gifts purchased by the Detail Mafia and

donated by the Redmond community for

the Diaz’ seven children!

The Diaz family had no knowledge

they have been selected for this honor

and although they did know someone

was getting their truck washed, they were

completely unaware of their selection

for Operation Sleigh Shine, and did not

know until Saturday afternoon when they

came to pick up their vehicle. They were

then sent home with a like-new family

truck filled with Christmas gifts for the

entire family!

Greg Pagh, owner of Portland Auto

Pros; Adam Garvin of Garvin’s Auto Spa

in McMinnville; and Keith Duplessie of

Detail Plus in Arlington, Texas, joined

Mayfield in the surprise makeover. They

are all consummate professionals with expertise

in reviving dull, oxidized car paint

and in the restoration of stained and

smelly interiors to pristine condition.

Mayfield and the team are dually certified

by the International Detailing Association

(IDA) and the Detailing Success

Network and some are members of the

famous Air Force One Detailing Team at

Seattle’s Museum of Flight.

The Detail Mafia are an exclusive

group of detailers who are dedicated to

leadership and the mentorship of others.

They are the most accomplished and

technologically-advanced team of automotive

detailers in the U.S. and they often

cross state lines to participate in pro bono

community projects for museums, military

families, emergency services, and local

charities. They are artisans in the care

and maintenance of automotive paint

and interiors.

Pack your parka, SEMA is going

to Sweden!

The 2021 SEMA Nordic program

in Stockholm, Sweden, is scheduled for

September 2-6, 2021. According to a

SEMA press release, Sweden, Norway,

Finland and Denmark – collectively

known as the Nordic region – boasts a

long and rich tradition of car customizing

and motorsports are perhaps best

known as among the strongest fans

worldwide of US classic cars, racing

and US culture. “A high standard of

living allows them ample disposable

income to spend on their car hobbies.

Given the pool of US classic cars in

the region and the strong racing culture

– including drag racing – opportunities

for manufacturers of products

for the hot rod and restoration market

given the very large number of vintage

American vehicles particularly from the

50s to the 70s. The saying is that there

are more restored 1950s and 60s cars in

The SCWA announced the Board

of Directors voted to move the 2021

SCWA Convention & Car Wash

EXPO to June 9-11, 2021 at the Fort

Worth Convention Center.This decision

to move the dates from February

17-19 was made after careful consideration

of the current COVID situation

and evaluating the factors that

will exist over the next 60-90 days.

The SCWA Board believes that getting

through the winter months; the

flu season; and rollout of the

vaccine; will provide a safer

and larger attended

event for everyone to

enjoy. See you in June!

Steve Forbes,

Chairman of the

Forbes media empire

will still be the 2021 keynote

speaker for the event.

Michael Dominguez, President

& CEO Associated Luxury Hotels

International (ALHI) Dominguez,

will serve as the CEO Forum speaker.

Dominguez brings an outstanding

reputation for helping companies

and small businesses achieve amazing

Sweden than in the United States, the

press release stated. Lovingly restored

and stunning hot rods are easy to spot

on the road, and from Easter through

September there are numerous car

shows and American car cruises.

Participants can learn the potential

for their products in this performance

and classic car paradise. Meet with top

trade buyers enabling the half century

old craze in Sweden and the surrounding

countries of Norway, Finland and

Denmark to restore and upgrade American

classic cars, the press release stated.

“High disposable income coupled with

a passion for personalization makes this

a very attractive region. Explore the region

with SEMA. The SEMA Business

Development Programs are low-cost,

turnkey events that bring together SE-

MA-member manufacturers and buyers

from key markets.”

SCWA announces 2021 Convention

date change, CEO forum speaker

customer service and branding, the

SCWA stated. “As the President &

CEO for Associated Luxury Hotels International

(ALHI), he leads a team of

nearly 80 professionals located among

26 offices across North America and

Europe, ALHI’s serves a membership

group of hotels that are Independent

Hotels & Independent Brands that are

an exclusive luxury collection. Prior to

joining ALHI, Michael served in executive

sales leadership roles with MGM

Resorts, Loews Hotels, Hyatt Hotels,

Starwood Hotels and

many more.”

Michael will help us

move forward together

in the car wash industry

as we begin a new year

and focus on all the opportunities

before us, according

to the SCWA.

The CEO Forum will take

place on June 9.

Last year, Arthur Greeno, the owner/operator

of two Chick-fil-A restaurants

in Tulsa, Oklahoma, served as

the CEO forum speaker.




Catching Up

with Detailing Icon

Mike Phillips

“…The masses don’t know or understand how hard the

work is and how much careful time is required to take a

diamond in the rough and turn it into a glistening gemstone.”

By Debra Gorgos


It’s been 5 years since Auto Detailing

News had a one-on-one exclusive interview

with Mike Phillips, the television star,

detailing trainer and author of such books

as The Art of Detailing and The Complete

Guide to a Show Car Shine. A lot

has changed in the world since 2016, but

something that has not changed is Phillips’

busy schedule and drive to make detailing

information available to the masses.

Even during the pandemic, Phillips is

still busy as ever and he wouldn’t have it

any other way. I recently had the privilege

of catching up with the detailing legend

to see what he’s been up to and how the

industry has advanced since we last spoke

five years ago.

What projects are you

currently working on?

As I answer this question, it is currently

the second week of December 2020, and

Yancy (our Creative Director/Videographer),

and I are in the middle of shooting

85 sixty-second and thirty-second segments

for the TV show, “My Classic Car”

with Dennis Gage. For each segment I

must type out all of the dialog, then read

it and time it so that it is under the 60

or 30 second timeframe. Once the copy

has been approved, we then film what’s

called a Donut Hole, which is where we

film and record the dialog all at once and

then afterwards, bring in multiple cars to

showcase and demonstrate the products

while we capture b-roll video footage. It’s

a daunting task, but after doing this for 10

years now it’s just another day in the office

and of course – the garage.

Besides the TV filming, I’m scheduling

car and boat detailing classes here at

Autogeek in Stuart, Florida, and offsite locations

around the lower 48 states for our

Roadshow classes. I ’m also updating my

four current car detailing how-to books

and plan to write at least two brand new

books for 2021.



So many detailers say

they look up to you and

look to you for inspiration

… why do you think you

have such mass appeal?

That’s a very humbling thing to read

and thank you for sharing. My guess as

to why I have such a strong following in

the car and boat detailing world is due

to the volume of original content I have

created over the last few decades. Anyone

can learn to detail a car or even

teach a car or boat detailing class; I

think where I excel is being able to do

both of these things, but also take what’s

inside my knower and capture it in the

written word with matching pictures

that tell an easy-to-understand story. My

first car detailing how-to article dates

back to 1994, that’s 27 years ago.

As I look at the Autogeek discussion

forum, as of today, I have 676 how-to

articles and 285 reviews, (my reviews

are also how-to articles, for a total of

961 articles since leaving Meguiar’s

in 2009 and coming to Autogeek. I’ve

written and published seven how-to

books on the topics of car and boat detailing.

I’ve taught thousands of classes

all over the United States and in other

countries. I’ve hosted two TV shows

and have been the guest detailing expert

on six other TV shows. At Autogeek,

with the support from all our staff I’ve

been in almost 1000 videos. My personal

goal in all these various touch points

is the same – solve problems. Show people

tips, techniques and procedures that

help them to be successful no matter

what their endeavor. My presentation

style is to keep everything SIMPLE.

Never make anyone WORK at learning.

Like Zig Ziglar is famous for saying,

“You will get all you want in life, if you

help enough other people get what they

want.” In simple terms – I help people

remove swirls. In fact, as silly as it may

sound – I’ve made a career out of helping

people to remove swirls.

How has the

detailing industry

changed since

you first started out?

There is more of everything. When I

first started out the Internet had not been

invented by Al Gore yet. There were not

as many brands for tools, products, pads

and towels, or any of the primary things

we all use to detail cars. It used to be

people complained there were too few

options. Now people complain there are

too many choices. It’s like the old saying,

“can’t make anyone happy.” Me? Out

of these two scenarios – If I had my

druthers, I’d ‘druther’ have too many

choices than just a handful of choices.

Do you think the

industry is finally

being recognized

and respected?

For sure. Along with the Internet including

YouTube and so many different

information dissemination platforms like

Facebook, Instagram, and forums, the

unwashed masses are slowly becoming

educated and now there’s a world of difference

between a person with a bucket

and a wash mitt and an educated, skilled,

experienced professional detailer. We

still have a long way to go and it would

help if everyone in our industry, such as

car manufactures and car dealerships,

would step up to the plate and give us in

the detailing world a little help. Manufactures

and the dealerships that sell their

cars are probably the worst offenders and

the biggest offenders and leveraged hindrance

to educating their customer base,

which is our customer base and that’s the

end-user – the car owner.

What advice do

you have for others

who are feeling rundown?

Life is more than the things we see,

feel and touch. Humans are spiritual

beings. No matter what a person does

for a living, if they’re not in touch with

the unseen spiritual dimension of their

being – feeling run down will always be

a hindrance to happiness, fulfillment and


Can you give our

readers an example

of how you overcame

an obstacle?

My best example of overcoming an

obstacle is overcoming the loss of my

right leg above the knee. In 1986 I was

in a boating accident, with my own boat,

where I flew out over the front of the boat

and then the boat ran over me. The prop

cut my leg up so badly that technology

back then couldn’t save it. So, the doctor

had to amputate my leg. I was in the

hospital for three weeks on morphine and

then I was released. The very first thing

I did was remove a 402 big block Chevy

engine out of my 1971 Chevy 4x4 and replace

it with a new engine. That was the

best therapy I could have hoped for. At

that time, I owned nine cars, my Sanger

V-drive Drag Boat and a Yamaha 750

motorcycle. I chose to go back to college

and as a part of the process I sold some

of my cars, stored a few of them, kept

the boat, the motorcycle and the monster

truck. But right before I lost my leg, I had

blown-up the engine in the truck, so yeah

– before I could wrap things up and return

to school, I had to replace the engine

and because the truck had a 15” lift and

44” tall tires, removing and replacing the

engine with one leg and on crutches – well

it was challenging, but it was also great

therapy. The real secret for me getting

over losing my leg was making the mental

choice that I had too much to live for

and then forgetting everything else. Also,

when standing and looking forward – I

don’t see my polished aluminum leg – I

see what’s in front of me and move forward.

For me, it’s really as simple as that.

What do you think

the future holds for

the detailing industry?

I hope there’s more money for everyone

that works hard and puts in an honest

day’s labor. Seriously, I know most people

in this industry work so hard because it’s

their passion and because this type of

work attracts good people with strong

work ethics. But the customer market,

or the masses, they don’t know or understand

how hard the work is and how

much careful time is required to take a diamond

in the rough and turn it into a glistening

gemstone. So, my hope and even

some aspects of the work I do is to help

this profession earn a fair day’s pay for a

hard day’s work.

Besides income equality, I think we’ll

see more and more cutting-edge technology

in the way of products, such as pads

and tools, that will enable all of us to do

better work faster with less risk to the vehicles

we work on and ourselves. I always

say, “I’m in this for the long run” so I plan

to be here for another few decades doing

what I love and that’s making things shiny

and teaching others the same.



Introducing new & improved products for professional auto, boat & motorcycle detailers.

New scent from Buffalo Scents

Buffalo Scents Room Spray is specifically

made to quickly freshen any

room, while also providing a special

scent for your entire home or car.

The new forest scent has a majestic

redwood cedar forest scent with a nice

strong thyme note running through

it. This is the California redwood forest

in a bottle! Hints of wild oranges,

yuzu, delicate jasmine, and rosewood

rest on a bed of ancient red cedar, fir

needles, and fresh thyme bushes with

a dry down of dark oud, amber, and

cashmere musk.

This environmentally friendly,

non-aerosol bottle quickly freshens

any room or car for instant fragrance.

The Buffalo Scents trusted formula

is made with essential and fragrance

oils, water and alcohol (to help

the oils mix with the water). Plus, the

plant-derived ingredients are safe to

use on many fabric types (excluding

delicates). Made without propellants,

phthalates, parabens, or artificial colors

- and of course, always a cruelty

free room air freshener.

Educational series by Mobile Tech

Expo and The Rag Company

Every Thursday, Mobile Tech Expo and The Rag Company is hosting a free online

educational seminar. Past sessions have included: Bullet Proofing (Pandemic Proofing)

Your Business presented by Yvan Lacroix and Auto Detailing & Body Shops: Picking the

Right Towel for the Right Job presented by The Rag Company.

Here is a list of the upcoming topics and dates:

• March 25: The 15 Most Impactful Marketing Tactics to Grow

Your Pracitce and Capture Market Share, by John Seal of

Hangar Marketing

• April 8: How to Go from Mobile to Fixed Operations, by John

Corinella of American Detail Corp.

• April 15: Organizing for Efficiency

• April 22: Boat Detailing, by Mike Phillips

• May 13: Wetsanding by Machine, by Mike Phillips

• May 20: Equipping your Shop the Right Way, by Keith


• June 10: How to do High-Speed Production Detailing, by Mike


Marine Detailing

certification from the IDA

The Marine Certification is the first

specialty certification offered by the

International Detailing Association.

Those who achieve the status of IDA

Certified Detailer – Marine Certified

(CD, MC) have demonstrated expertise

not only as an auto detailer, but also in

the dedicated area of marine detailing.

Marine Certified detailers have exhibited

the specific knowledge needed

to properly care for various vessels in

multiple marine environments, and

they understand the intricacies that

distinguish marine detailing from other

forms of detailing.

Before registering for the Marine

Certification exams, the applicant must

have already completed Phase I Certification,

having passed the ten written

exams, to fulfill the classification of

Certified Detailer (CD).


No More

Funny Business

How counterfeit companies and products are

affecting true professionals (and what is IDA

doing to help educate the detailing community).

Back in 2019 Dylan von Kleist, the

marketing manager for RUPES USA,

Inc., had a conversation with Sheryle

Hazard, the executive director of the

International Detailing Association. As a

passionate detailing professional and employee,

von Kleist was bothered by the

presence of illegitimate detailing companies

and products. As a result of that

conversation Hazard and the IDA Board

of Directors authorized the formation of

the IDA Counterfeiting and Patent Infringement

Task Force.

Along with von Kleist, other people

were asked to join the Task Force, including:

Robert Eichelberg of LC Power

Tools, Leviticus (Levi) Gates of The

Rag Company, Clint Hintz of Buff and

Shine, Chris Metcalf of FLEX North

America, Bob Myers of BAF Industries

and Jay Schneider of Lake Country


The role of chairperson was given to

von Kleist. “It is a matter I’m quite passionate

about both professionally as an

employee of a manufacturer (RUPES)

who is constantly fighting intellectual

property theft and as a person with over

two decades dedicated to the detailing

industry,” he said. “I want to see our part

of the automotive care segment flourish

at all levels. From manufacturers, to

suppliers, to end users and technicians.

The threat of intellectual property theft

is rampant, and most people are just not

aware. …This task force has been in the

works for some time behind the scenes,

partly to make sure we executed the mission

correctly and legally, but also because

there was a significant amount of

catching up to do in terms of educating

the IDA management on the nature of

the problem.”

The mission of the Task Force, Hazard

said, is to educate IDA members

and the detailing community about the

harm in purchasing counterfeit products.

“Moving forward,” Hazard added,

anyone joining the IDA or renewing their

membership must agree to the following

statement: “IDA does not condone the

use or purchase of counterfeit or gray

market products. The sale or production

of counterfeit tools or products,

theft of intellectual property, or patent

infringement is outside the scope of ethical

practices tolerated by members of

the IDA and will result in revocation of

IDA membership if accusation of such

acts is proven valid in a court of law. As

a member of the International Detailing

Association, I commit to upholding to

the best of my ability the guidelines set

forth in this Ethical Practices Policy.”




The unfortunate reality, according to

von Kleist, is that the act of counterfeit

production has become so large and so

widespread that new products can be copied

in record time. “Aided by advances in

imaging technology the time it takes to

copy a product has gone from months or

years, to as little as weeks or days. It has

been documented that automotive products

shown for the very first time at trade

events like SEMA are photographed, sent

to counterfeiters, and replicated for sale

before the original manufacturer even

ships their first unit.” With such a threat to

the theft of intellectual property and a narrow

window for the OEM to recoup their

development costs, von Kleist stressed

that we are rapidly approaching a situation

where it may not make good business

sense for some companies to innovate. “If

companies that have consistently been on

the forefront of new ideas that benefit you

decide to stop innovating then the progress

of the industry stops and you, as a technician

that stands to benefit from these innovations,

lose out in the long run.”

The Task Force meetings are comprised

of the aforementioned manufacturer

representatives in both the durable and

consumables segments (many of them

are competitors) who have committed to

coming together to bring attention to the

issue and how it is having both short- and

long-term impacts on the detailing industry

as a whole. According to von Kleist, for

companies like RUPES or Flex, whose primary

business is in the manufacturing of

durables (tools) the counterfeits show up as

direct copies, explained von Kleist. “Some

are copies housed in different plastic to

mask the IP theft, some are sold as private

label to respected brands under the guise

of OEM-developed products. On the other

side of the spectrum, you have companies

like The Rag Company, represented

on the task force by Levi Gates, where






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their product has no outward branding

or marketing to identify it as theirs. Once

the packaging is gone a copy can look very

similar, nearly identical, and a consumer

would have no way of knowing the difference.

We needed to reconcile all these

various ways IP is being stolen and used.”

In other meetings teams have broken

out into groups to investigate the ways in

which the various sub segments of the

committee can approach their unique

challenges. “We then come together as a

whole group and discuss a plan of action.

The challenge is the legal parts of this,”

said von Kleist. The IDA, or any of the

parties involved in the task force, cannot

make any public statements to consumers

about specific counterfeits without

a legal judgement or risk repercussions.

The problem is that most of these counterfeits

operate overseas where copyright

enforcement is next to impossible, or the

matters are often settled out of court,

leaving no documented evidence of the

IP theft to which to base a public statement.

The counterfeiters are good at

manipulating the laws, changing their

names, and in some cases just moving

factories to avoid anyone taking decisive

action against them.”

To counteract and combat the foreign

loopholes, the IDA Counterfeit

Task Force has chosen to take a path of

education. “We will seek to educate our

members and the detailing community

as a whole about how rampant this problem

is, and more importantly how that

activity ultimately impacts them at the

user level,” said von Kleist. “In our discussions

we came to the conclusion that

a large percentage of the people using

counterfeit products didn’t fully understand

the implications of what they were

doing and how it would eventually impact

them, not just the ‘big companies.’”



If someone reading this article notices

a product or company that seems

fraudulent, what can they do? According

to von Kleist, unfortunately, again due to

the legal implications, the IDA cannot act

as an authority on what is or is not a counterfeit

product. But, he added, if someone

suspects an item is counterfeit or is a product

produced from IP theft, they should

contact the OEM if they know who that

is. “What we can do is provide IDA members

and detailers worldwide with some

things to look for to know if they’re supporting

Intellectual Property Theft.”

According to von Kleist, you should be

on the lookout for the following red flags:

• Blatant counterfeits (direct copies)

are typically easy to spot as they will

have fit and finish issues, low quality

packaging, or other signs that they are

a forgery of the original version.

• Price is often a good indicator. If

something seems too good to be true,

often it is. Counterfeiters cut corners, do

not certify their products, or follow safety

regulations in many cases. This allows

them to sell for significantly cheaper.

• Anything sold in the same category as

another product that makes reference

to the more well-known version. For

example: “Compare to the >insert

name brand< polisher, this one is just

as good for half the price!”

• In the durables (tool) segment products

take many years to develop, test, and

eventually mass produce if you’re

starting from a concept. Counterfeits

that use IP theft can purchase an

original and copy it, often cutting

corners, in a matter of weeks. If a

new brand suddenly pops up with a

complicated product, consumers should

do their research. The product could be

legitimate, but many times is not.

• Branding and packaging that is “made

to look like” the original version. Not

a direct copy, but using a similar

name, fonts, colors, shapes, icons,

or technical terms and designs is a

clever counterfeiter’s trick. At a glance

it looks almost like the original brand,

enough to catch the attention of the

consumer. It is just enough different to

not be illegal, but close enough that the

intention is to mislead the consumer.

• Is there an actual company behind

the product? Check where they are

made. Where are they serviced if you

need support? Do they offer repair

parts? Who do you call if you have a


technical issue? If they claim there is

a warranty or guarantee is there any

documentation of how you enact that

coverage? If you struggle to find any

of these items, you may be dealing

with a counterfeit. Today it is easy to

make a really good-looking website to

present a professional image, but is

there any substance behind it?

• Products that boast the same features

as a recognized version of the same

product. For us specifically at RUPES,

our large orbit tools hit the market in

2011/2012 and were the first of their

kind with a 21mm and 15mm orbit.

Counterfeit tools that copy our design

use the same orbit offset. It isn't a

coincidence! Because they don’t have

the engineering or technical expertise



to develop a tool with a different orbit

and the internal components are just

identical copies of ours, they are stuck

producing the same orbits we do.

Odds are if RUPES releases a 23mm

orbit tool at some point, suddenly

there will be a lot of 23mm orbit tools

coming from unknown brands.

• Ultimately, do your research! Patent

filings are searchable. The sad fact is

that counterfeiters and IP thieves will

use dishonest tactics. They’ll claim

to be the inventor or original creator

of a product, but if they don’t hold a

patent (and someone else does) this is

probably not true.



What if someone reading this purchased

a product or bought from a company

that turned out to be a target of

the Task Force? von Kleist said not to fret

as consumers are oftentimes just pawns in

this scenario and were more than likely

manipulated or misled by companies that

do not operate ethically. “The goal of the

Task Force,” he said, “is really to educate

and inform, as that is all we really can

do. How a detailer or detailing enthusiast

chooses to spend their money is their

choice. We simply hope that armed with

the information about intellectual property

theft they will choose to support the

innovators, not the imitators. If someone

chooses to purchase from brands that engage

in blatant IP theft at least they will

make that decision while being aware of

the ethical implications.”

The fact is counterfeiting, and the related

activities, encompass a wide variety of

intellectual property theft that has become

the single largest criminal enterprise in the

world, shared von Kleist. “It has become

far more complicated and subtly nuanced

A true story as told by Dylan von Kleist

than simply buying that $150 polisher that

the vendor promises is the same as the

more recognized brand name version.”

According to von Kleist, the sale of

products associated with counterfeit and

intellectual property theft is estimated to

grow to $2.8 trillion by 2022 with a potential

loss of 5.4 million jobs.

The IDA hopes this Task Force will

educate everyone to help recognize fraudulent

practices to avoid contributing to

the plaguing and costly issue for both the

manufacturers and consumers.

“While one purchase may not bankrupt

the original manufacturer, it is showing

both financial and ethical endorsement

of what the counterfeiters stand for,” said

von Kleist. “As an industry we should strive

to be better… because we are better.”

This afternoon I received an email. I'll leave his real name

out, and we'll just call him Jimmy. He had purchased a

well-documented knock-off brand product, which we

won't name here. Jimmy sent the following message:

"I purchased my 1st DA polisher before I found out

about your company. I went with a brand called

_________. I want to see if you offer a backing plate

maybe 5 or 5.5 that would fit this. I purchased

pads before I got the polisher, and I don't want to

have to reinvest money into new pads. Thank you"

I replied just a few minutes later:

"Hey Jimmy,

Thanks for contacting us. Unfortunately, I would

have no way of knowing if our backing plates fit

that tool. I'm aware of the brand, but not that

familiar with the details. Many orbital tools on the

market now are low-quality copies of our design.

Some go so far as to even copy our proprietary

backing plate attachment, but without having

specifics about the _________ tool you're referencing

we couldn't say if our backing plates would

work on it or not. When you're ready to upgrade to

RUPES we'll look forward to helping you"

Jimmy replied a short time later:

"I would absolutely love to buy one of your products

but the issue I have is with the price. Granted from

reviews I've read your products are worth the $ but

not easy to come up with. I would however like some

input to which DA polisher you would recommend

for someone just getting into this type of work."

Happy to oblige his curiosity I replied with a link to a

video in the following message:


I've linked a video below that will definitely help you

out when you're ready to choose your first RUPES

BigFoot polisher. As for price, we never pretend to

be the low-cost leader, but as I like to say – price is

what you pay, value is what you get for your money.

We deliver high value. Besides the fact that our

tools provide the level of performance and balance

that have made them popular, you get the peace of

mind knowing the company behind it will support

you. This is clearly represented by the fact that

you can reach a member of our team (me) with

questions. You have our US-based factory repair

program, training, etc. that are all a part of being a

RUPES customer. I’m guessing if you’re reaching

out to us for help with your _________ polisher they

probably don’t have the same level of support."

Now clearly waiting for my reply, his response came

back almost immediately after my message:

"Noooo they definitely do not. It was almost

impossible to contact them and when I did, they

actually told me to reach out to you and I laughed

at them on the phone. It wasn't my intention to go

with them as a first purchase for a polisher. I had

been detailing cars as a side business but hadn't

done any paint correction before, so I grew an

interest to give it a try and I made my purchases

before I did my homework...learning experience, I

guess. A costly one though."

Now, it isn't Jimmy's fault he got taken in by a

low-cost option for his polisher. He is new, he didn't

know any better, but this is a beautiful illustration

of PRICE vs. VALUE, so much so that the guy and

______ polishers told him to call us for help! It might

be me (a supplier) talking about the knock-off product,

but it's much the same in your business. If you

are truly the best shop in your market it isn't about

your results. There are plenty of guys out there who

can polish and coat a car and do a good job of it.

What separates the good shops from the bad shops

beyond results is service. Do you stand behind your

work? Do you make your customers feel welcome?

Do you pick up the phone when they call with a

question, even if it means you're not making a dollar

on that call? Too often I see detailers focused on

the results of them vs. the other guy, or choice of

coating, film, etc. How about focusing on something

that is harder for the low-cost guy to replicate? Be

a trusted, reliable, consultant to your customer. Win

them on service and they won't think about the price.


VOL. 5, NO. 2 SUMMER 2020





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