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A word from the Principal...


What a great first week back it has been! The children have been so positive and happy to be back

with their friends; it has been lovely to see. As well as being in fine spirits, all classes have also returned

with an excellent attitude towards behaviour and with a really strong work ethic, keen to get

on with the wide range of activities this week.

Thank you to everyone for adhering to our one-way system that is now in place at drop-off and collection

times. After a few teething issues on Monday, it has proven to be really effective if everyone

is punctual and follows the system. The total walk around the school building is only about 200m,

so I would ask you to follow the route, even if your child’s class is very close to one end of the loop

and not be rude to staff who are encouraging the system to be effective. All additional procedures

we have in place are for the safety of you and your children and our staff are doing an absolutely

brilliant job in challenging circumstances.

Next Friday, the 19th March, is Red Nose Day and the theme this year is all about making others

smile. We encourage children to dress up or wear funny hair to make everyone around them smile.

We ask for a donation, as much or as little as you can afford, that we will collect, total and send to

Comic Relief.

Kind regards,

Mr Adam Anderson


Useful information...

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club runs from 0730 - 0840 every day.

Fees are as follows:£5 before 0800 and £3.50 after 0800. All fees include a range

of breakfast optins and drinks as well as covering our staffing costs.

Concessions. If your child is eligible for Pupil Premium, you only pay 50% of the

stated fees. If you book in one child, place for further siblings only cost 50% of the

stated fee.

Please book your child’s place and process payment on our ‘schoolmoney’ portal.

Term Dates

Our term dates for the rest of the academic year are as follows:

Break up for Easter Holidays on 31st March @ 1300/1310/1320

Sumer Term: 19th April - 21st July

Half Term: 31ts May - 4th June

Inset Day: 7th June

School Gate

Please be reminded that our school gate will be closed between 0830-0900 and


This is to create a safe environment for our children to enter school. Thank you for

your support.

Red Nose Day

When? Friday 19th March

What? Crazy hair or funny clothes

Why? To make others smile!

School Farm...

A big thank you to Penzance Garden Services for kindly donating two loads of

wood chippings for our school farm. It has made such an impact on our animal

pens and the growing zone. We are looking forward to getting our growing

zone up and running this term, growing lots of fresh vegetables.

Exciting and Engaging...


This week has been a very exciting week in Rainbow Class - we have all loved

being back together after so long. We cannot believe how much the children

have grown since we saw them last! It has been lovely to see the children having

fun playing with their friends and being so engaged with their learning. We

all had a shock when we came back into the classroom after playtime one day

to do some baking and discovered the flour and other ingredients had been

thrown all over the floor! Luckily, the children were able to help us solve the

mystery of who did it and they eventually worked out it must have been the

gingerbread man. They enjoyed baking their own gingerbread man and eating

it just like the fox from the story. We can’t wait to see what next week brings...

Exciting and Engaging...


It is wonderful to see all the happy smiley faces of the children back in class.

They were all so excited to see their friends. I have been so impressed with

how quickly they have all settled back into the school routine. We have been

focusing on team work and listening skills this week.

Well done Class 1 you have all been amazing!!

Exciting and Engaging...


Class 2 have appeared to enjoy their return to school. There have been lots of

smiling at the door each morning and friendships quickly returned to normal

after not having seen each other for such a long time. We started with some

team work tasks and they didn’t let me down! With 2 sheets of newspaper and

30cm of sellotape, they had to build me the tallest tower they could make.

Quinn, Zara and Maisy took the lead with a tower that was 45cm tall, but not

to be beaten Eli, Harry K and Lily continued building and made a tower over 75

cm tall! Overall, the children were happy to be together and working with their

friends. Well done class 2!

Exciting and Engaging...


Year 3 have settled back into their classroom environment and their learning so well,

it’s like they’ve never been away! Seeing their smiley faces on Monday morning and

listening to them chatting, giggling and catching up with friends was super! They’ve

had lots of fun this week and really enjoyed making their spaghetti and marshmallow

towers! Well done Year 3.

Exciting and Engaging...


Class 4 have returned in astonishing fashion. Their effort and application has been

a pleasure to experience as we return from a sustained period of time away from

class. This week, we have created some pasta towers for team-building tasks and also

learned about mixed number fractions. We have also begun to use lots of our writing

skills and SPaG to create a descriptive paragraph for story writing. We have tried hard

to really up-level our choice of vocabulary, especially with regard to “hint-don’t tell”

to create suspense and intrigue the reader. Have a look at some of our example paragraphs

that are still in the editing process...

Exciting and Engaging...


Year 5 have had a great first week back to school. Team building has been a

big focus for us this week, starting trying to build the tallest and strongest towers

out of spaghetti and marshmallows. We had some very interesting designs,

with each team having thought carefully about the length of spaghetti used

and which shapes would give the greatest strength to their structure. We started

our topic of orienteering in PE this week which saw the children working in

teams to locate a series of markers on their map of the school and then having

a relay challenge finding the letters attached to each of the numbered markers

but only having one person from each team being allowed to go at any one

time. It was great to see how well each team communicated and worked together.

In science we have been exploring how effective Viking longboats were

by investigating how different hull shapes performed in the water.

Exciting and Engaging...


Year 6 have had a fantastic first week back in school! It has been lovely seeing

them all together again and having time to catch up with their friends. They

particularly enjoyed taking on a marshmallow and spaghetti challenge to see

which team could build the tallest tower. We saw some amazing constructions,

some were even three stories high. It was brilliant to see such great team work

and some amazing designs for their towers. Well done for having such a fantastic

first week back Year 6!

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