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Complimentary Edition

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2021-02-22 2:15 PM

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2021-02-22 2:15 PM

Presenting MAGAZINE, Volume 1 - Winter 2021

In the winter, some sellers are afraid to consider putting their home on the market. In addition, while we see light at the end of tunnel in terms of

vaccination plans, sellers may still be concerned. We’ve been carefully listing and selling homes during this time. We expect the real estate market to

continue to be strong.

Last year was a record year for real estate sales in New Hampshire and by all indications,we expect to see more of the same in 2021. Currently, buyers

outnumber sellers, housing inventory is low and some of our larger cities are witnessing an out migration to quieter areas like the ones we love here in

Central, Northern and the Lakes Region of New Hampshire and Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. If you are considering selling, don’t hesitate if your

situation warrants it – the market is strong.

The pandemic has given buyers time to reflect on what is important to them – whether it is outdoor areas to enjoy, recreation in the backyard, space to

grow food. Some are making the move to larger homes with in home offices where they can work from anywhere if they can access technology to meet

their needs.

For our sellers in our second home destinations like Bretton Woods and the surrounding areas in Northern and Central New Hampshire, inventory is

low and buyers are just waiting to pursue to dream of homeownership at our premier destination locations.

Below are the New Hampshire statewide single-family residential numbers from the New Hampshire Association of Realtors. As you can see, closed

residential sales were up significantly – and they would have been higher if inventory levels were up. As far as median residential sales price, that is also

up by 11.7+ year over year. We expect the median sales price in 2021 to level off a bit into more natural appreciation of 3-5%.

Market Trends in

New Hampshire





% of Change

Closed Single Family

Residential Sales

18,449 17,636 +4.6%

Median Sales Price $335,000 $300,000 +11.7%

Days on Market 47 56 -16%

Median Single-Family Residential Sales Price by county:

Belknap County, Median Sales Price in 2020: $310,000

Carroll County, Median Sales Price in 2020: $300,000

Coos County, Median Sales Price in 2020: $135,000

Grafton County, Median Sales Price in 2020: $259,450

As buyers enter this marketplace, this is a great time to buy with continued low interest rates. For buyers ready to add a second home or change their

current living arrangements, price appreciation has really increased giving them some more flexibility and equity in their current home as well. The

ability to purchase remains strong for many.

As we always say, “all real estate is local”. If you would like to learn more about your market, please call one of our Certified Sales Specialists, and we

would be glad to have a confidential discussion with you.

Our Sales Associates closed 713.5 transaction sides in 2020 in New Hampshire and Vermont. When considering an agent to

sell your property, it is important to see how much a firm has closed – you want one with the experience and negotiation skills

to help you reach your goals – and we deliver. Our team of dedicated full-time real estate sales professionals are here to assist

you - whether you are considering selling a property or contemplating a purchase. We are proud to be part an active part of the

community and look forward to assisting you.


Andy Smith

Broker/Owner, Peabody & Smith Realty

New Hampshire Offices in: Franconia • Littleton • Bretton Woods • Plymouth • Holderness




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2021-02-22 2:15 PM


6 Meet

The Team 8

Snowshoeing &

Winter Hiking


Smart Real Estate



Buying a Home When

Favorable To Sellers


Rediscover the

White Mountains

18 Listings

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the publisher or the realty office may be held responsible for business practices of these companies.

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2021-02-22 2:15 PM


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Contributing Writer: Megan McCarthy McPhaul

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directed to the Editorial Director.



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2021-02-22 2:15 PM

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2021-02-22 2:15 PM

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2021-02-22 2:15 PM

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2021-02-22 2:15 PM

Snowshoeing and Winter Hiking

Offer Access to Winter Wonderlands

By Meghan McCarthy McPhaul

Flume Sentinel Bridge

Photo: Meghan McCarthy-McPhaul

The Sentinel Bridge at the Flume keeps

watch over icy cascades in the winter.

Bretton Woods

Photo: Omni Mt Washington

A snowshoe-er enjoys the trails at Bretton

Woods, with the white summit of Mount

Washington in the background.

Hiking may not be the first thing that comes

to mind when considering outdoor wintertime

activities. Near the top of that list, most would

likely place skiing, ice skating, and sledding. But

those who spend time on the (hiking) trail in the

colder months know there are many benefits to

hiking in the snowy season. There are no bugs,

for one. Snowpack smooths the trail out, which

means less scrambling over rocks and around

roots. And the scenery is downright winter

wonderland-y, with dripping icicles, snowdusted

trees, and brilliantly white mountains.

Additionally, the trails are typically less

crowded during winter, and the silence is

can seem surreal.

“There are fewer people out on popular

trails, so you can get closer to wilderness

experiences,” said Rusty Talbot, owner of

North Country Climbing Center in Lisbon,

and a member of the Pemigewasset Valley

Search & Rescue Team. “When it isn’t windy,

it’s silent. As much as I love to hear summer

sounds of crickets and other wild things, real

silence is truly a wonderful experience.”

Hitting the trail in winter does require a bit extra

preparation, especially if you’ve never ventured

far on a snowy path. Whether your aim is a

mountain trek or a gentler outing on snowshoe,

here’s a primer.

Getting Started

New Hampshire boasts a plethora of trails for all

types of adventure-seekers – from mellow jaunts

through the snowy woods to rugged mountain

traverses. If you’ve never snowshoed before, it’s

probably a good idea to get used to walking on

level ground with snowshoes strapped to your

feet before trying to ascend a tall mountain.

“Definitely start on flat terrain,” says Clare

Arentzen, a guide for the Appalachian

Mountain Club (AMC). “It can take a while to

get used to the slightly wider stride necessary

with snowshoes. You might stumble and step on

your feet during your first try snowshoeing, and

that’s OK!”

To help find your balance, Arentzen suggests

using hiking poles fitted with snow baskets,

which prevent the poles from sinking into deep

snow with every step. For those trekkers with

well-worn knees, poles can help alleviate the

wight of each step on those creaking joints.

Arentzen also suggests winter hikers

venture forth wearing hiking-specific,

insulated, waterproof boots. Your standard

bulky winter boots are not a good option, nor

are your summer sneakers. When renting or

buying snowshoes, be sure to pay attention to

the features. Some snowshoes are designed

for running on packed out snow, others for

flat terrain, and still others are made for more

rugged treks.

“Not all snowshoes are created equal,” said

Arentzen. “It comes down to the shapes and

angles of the ‘teeth’ under the snowshoe deck,

and how aggressive the under-toe crampon is.”

Many summer hikes translate well into

winter treks, too. For those just starting out with

snowshoeing and winter hiking, the

Arethusa Falls and Mount Willard trails in

Crawford Notch both provide a lot of scenic

8 Realty Magazine

PeabodySmithMagazineWinter.indd 10

2021-02-22 2:15 PM

Lonesome Lake

Photo: Meghan McCarthy-McPhaul

Across a frozen Lonesome Lake, trekkers

will view the mountains of the Franconia


Lonesome Lake Trail

Photo: Meghan McCarthy-McPhaul

The hike to Lonesome Lake in Franconia

Notch is about 3 miles roundtrip and offers

spectacular views.

Bretton Woods

Photo: Omni Mt Washington

The hotel of the Omni Mount Washington

Resort serves as a majestic backdrop for


bang for your hiking buck. The Lost Pond Trail

in Pinkham Notch is only about a mile long,

relatively flat, and leads to a pond where you may

find evidence of beavers in residence.

Franconia Notch State Park offers a plethora

of serene winter hikes. A 3-mile roundtrip trek

up the Falling Waters Trail passes by stunning

frozen waterfalls. The hike to Lonesome Lake,

also 3 miles roundtrip, leads to one of the

prettiest views around: of the frozen lake with

the craggy peaks of the Franconia Ridge in the

background. And the 2-mile Flume Gorge Trail

loops along frozen water and spectacular frozen cliffs.

Many Nordic ski areas have snowshoe-designated

trails as well, and also offer rentals – although

you’ll have to purchase a trail pass to explore.

“Start small and work up toward more

extended hikes,” Arentzen advises. “It’s all about

easing into it, and being certain that you have

your gear, layers, food, navigation skills, and

problem-solving skills dialed in before you

venture into higher-stakes situations.”

Dressing for Success

There’s an oft-repeated saying in these parts

that there’s no such thing as bad weather, just

bad clothing choices. That is perhaps more apt

in winter than any other season. While you may

be tempted to don ALL of your warm layers as

you head out for a winter hike, it’s important to

remember that once you start moving, your body

will warm up quickly.

“When thinking about layers, ‘Be bold, start

cold,’” Arenzten says. “The enemy is sweat in

the winter, because once you saturate your layers,

they won’t dry. Preventing sweat from the start is

the way to go.”

That means dropping a layer or two right from

the start, even if you feel a bit chilly at the

trailhead. And if you feel yourself starting to

overheat along the trail, it’s a good idea to stop

and drop a layer. Likewise, it’s critical to carry

extra layers so that you can add and subtract as

needed to maintain a comfortable temperature

both while hiking and during breaks.

Another saying among seasoned hikers is

“Cotton kills.” Because cotton doesn’t wick

sweat away from your skin and because it takes a

long time to dry out, this material is not a good

option for outdoor adventuring (in any season).

Synthetic materials and wool are both good


Layers, Arenten says, should include a wicking

base layer that sits next to your skin, mid layers

such as a fleece jacket and pants, an insulating

layer such as a down jacket, and a waterproof

layer – top and bottom – to keep you dry from

the snow. With the exception of the base layer,

these can be added and dropped as needed

throughout your snowy outing. Extra gloves

– and a waterproof overmitt – and a warm

hat are also winter trekking necessities, and

Arentzen suggests adding waterproof gaiters

to the winter hiking kit to prevent snow from

slipping into the tops of your boots.

What to Carry

Anyone venturing onto the trail in any season

should carry with them, at a minimum, the

“10 Essentials.” These include a pocket knife,

rain jacket and pants, fire starter, first aid kit,

whistle, headlamp or flashlight (and extra

batteries, especially in winter), water and

food, warm clothing, a compass (and the

know-how to use it), and a map of the area you’re

hiking. For winter, that list expands. To ensure

everything stays dry, extra layers, food, and

other items in your pack should be placed into

a trash bag or waterproof stuff sack.

(You can find the 10 Essentials list and more helpful

tips for every season at: www.HikeSafe.com.)

Beyond the 10 Essentials and extra

layers for winter, Arentzen suggests adding a

closed-cell insulated foam pad to your pack.



PeabodySmithMagazineWinter.indd 11

2021-02-22 2:15 PM

This will provide a non-frozen place to sit

during breaks. She also recommends carrying

microspikes or some other traction device that

can be strapped onto hiking boots in case hikers

encounter sections of icy trail or places that don’t

warrant snowshoes, but are still slick.

Rather than just packing water for winter

outings, an insulated bottle of hot cocoa or

tea makes a nice addition to a mid-hike break.

When considering snacks, good choices

include foods with high fat and protein content:

nuts, nut butters, cheeses, and trail mix. “To

stay warm, eat and drink often,” said Arentzen.

“Staying fed and hydrated is the easiest way to

avoid hypothermia.”

Willard Wonderland

Photo: Meghan McCarthy-McPhaul


Photo: Meghan McCarthy-McPhaul

Mt. Willard in Crawford Notch is

another short hike with a big view.

Bretton Woods

Photo: Omni Mt Washington

The groomed trail network at

Bretton Woods offers a variety of

snowshoeing options.

There are a few other things to consider before

embarking on a winter snowshoe walk or hike.

One is that there is considerably less daylight

in February than there is in July, which should

be kept in mind when determining which trail

to tackle and when to start. Another is that

batteries – for smart phones, flashlights, and

headlamps – will drain more quickly in cold

weather, so bring extras! Finally, while a

tracked-out trail through the snow will be easy

to follow, fresh snow can cover that well-trodden

path, and trail signs may be obscured by snow,

too. Be sure to have a map and compass and

consult them as often as necessary.

Winter hiking in the Whites is as close to

paradise as I can imagine for a well-prepared

hiker,” said Talbot. “Just be careful, as it can also

be as serious as anywhere I’ve been in the world!”

If you’re not sure about venturing into the

snowy woods on your own, the AMC offers

a variety of winter programs and outings for

everyone from first-time snowshoers to seasoned

hikers. Check out the list of upcoming events at


Mortgages should not be complicated.

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10 Realty Magazine

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LittLeton, new HampsHire



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Offering a wide range of services

to facilitate Real Estate transactions

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2021-02-22 2:15 PM

DEAL OR NO DEAL: How to Make

Smart Real Estate Investments

Real estate investing is a path to financial success,

but there is no road map for exactly how

to get there. Breaking into the world of real estate

investing can be challenging for newcomers.

You may ask yourself: “What kind of properties

should I invest in? Should I go big or start small?

How do I know a property is worth investing

in?” These are all common questions when you’re

getting ready to make your first real estate investment.

Take a look at these top tips:

Do Your Homework:

It is impossible to make the right decision without

the right information. Thoroughly research

the property before you buy it. Learn everything

you can about the property and work with your

real estate agent. You will want to understand the

market value of the property, how it compares to

nearby properties, and is it in good shape - if

not, how will want to understand how much you

have to set aside for improvements. You may also

learn about CAP rates and more.

Start Small:

Do you dream of owning entire apartment

buildings or flipping luxury lakeside homes?

Long-term goals have motivational power, but

don’t make the mistake of setting the bar too

high in the beginning. As a rule of thumb: start

small. New real estate investors usually have limited

resources to work with. Instead of maxing

out your budget on one risky property, make

a safe purchase. Once you have a steady profit

coming in from that property, you can use the

profit for the next.

Have a Plan:

You’re probably excited to jump into the real estate

market, but don’t dip your toes in until you

have a plan. Your plan should be based on clearly

defined goals, both short-term and long-term

and include a realistic timeline. Your plan will

keep you organized, motivated, and focused on

the “big picture.”

Take a Gamble:

No investment is 100% fail-safe. Keep in mind

many factors impact the value of properties.

Make sure to have some rainy-day funds set

aside to weather bumps in the market.

In closing, investing in real estate is rewarding.

Research the properties, start out small, plan

appropriately and work with an agent who specializes

in commercial real estate. Your agent

will become a tremendous asset for you for this

transaction and in the future.

Your Trusted Choice Insurance Agency Since 1880


Gregory C. Eastman | President

93 Main Street, Littleton, NH 03561

Tel: 603-444-3975

F: 603-444-1131

Tel: 603-838-6522

M: 603-616-9212

e-mail: greg@hunkins-eaton.com


12 Realty Magazine

PeabodySmithMagazineWinter.indd 14

2021-02-22 2:15 PM

Give your home

the protection

it deserves.

Lynne Warren, Agent

264 Main Street ste 8

Lincoln, NH 03251

Bus: 603-745-4700


Your home is where you make

some of your best memories,

and that’s worth protecting.

I’m here to help.


Buying a Home When the

Market is Favorable to Sellers

If you are trying to purchase a home when the market is favorable

to sellers, you are in a seller’s market. While you can still find the

home of your dreams, it may take a bit more work since there are

fewer properties available. Your real estate agent will be able to

guide you in the process of finding a home, drafting an offer, and

negotiating. Here are a few tips:

Always Be Ready to Make an Offer.

Buying in a seller’s market is not for the timid. If you look at a

property and love it, you should be prepared to make an offer fast.

Even a delay of a few hours can be detrimental. In a seller’s market,

sellers may be entertaining a number of offers at the same time.

Prepare to Pay Full Price.

Once you know what your budget is by getting a mortgage

pre-approval, be prepared to pay the full asking price for any home

you are interested in. While you may be able to make an offer that

is lower and have the offer accepted, it is always best to prepare for

a full price offer. When the market has few listings, buyers often

pay full price or more for available properties.

Look for Listings Daily.

If you have established exactly what you want with your real estate

agent, they are going to match you with potential properties on

a daily basis through an email notification. You can look online

yourself to maximize your exposure to potential listings and get

a sense of the market. Be ready to go to a showing at a moment’s

notice. When your real estate agent knows they can call you in

a hurry and schedule you to see a new property, you may find a

property you love fast.

Buying a home in a seller’s market is possible with good preparation.

Know what you want, and work closely with your real estate

agent to get it. Make an offer when you love something, and know

what your budget is before you even start looking. A new home is

possible, but you need patience when the market is tight.

State Farm Fire and Casualty Company, State Farm General Insurance Company, Bloomington, IL

State Farm Florida Insurance Company, Winter Haven, FL


State Farm Lloyds, Richardson, TX





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2021-02-22 2:15 PM

Re-discover the

White Mountains

With Major Travel on Hold, Explore Options Closer to Home

The past year presented many challenges, but has also been a revelation for many of us

who have come to recognize that with a few tweaks we can often turn a disappointing

situation from “a glass half empty” to “a glass half full” with a little imagination and


When you’re unable to take your usual winter trip to relax on a sunny Caribbean beach with

a fruity drink in hand, have to postpone hiking in the Italian Dolomites, or cancel plans to

scuba dive off the coast of Australia — but still long for time away from your usual daily

routine, set your sights closer to home and explore nearby activities and attractions.

With at least several more months of social distancing, mask wearing and hand washing

ahead, we’ve highlighted a few destinations to explore across the White Mountains to lift

your spirits and weather the winter into spring months. Imagine you are a tourist from another

country arriving to visit the storied White Mountains!

355 Kinsman Road, Franconia, NH 03580

603.770.1630 • starer@aol.com


14 Realty Magazine

PeabodySmithMagazineWinter.indd 16

2021-02-22 2:15 PM

Old Man of the Mountain

Pollyanna Statue

The bronze Pollyanna statue on the lawn of

the Littleton Library is a prime photo op stop

for any visitor to the region. The cheerful statue

is a reminder of the fictional Pollyanna,

whose name is now synonymous with gladness

and optimism.

Sleigh Rides

“Dashing through the snow / In a one-horse

open sleigh / O’er the fields we go / Laughing

all the way…”

How many times have you heard that song

and wished you could experience just such a

sleigh ride on a sunny winter’s day, bundled

under blankets against the frosty weather and

with the horse’s bells jingling all the way?

Snuggle up with your sweetie or arrange a

surprise for the kids when you book a sleigh

ride at The Franconia Inn. Dash through

snow-covered fields in an antique red sleigh

pulled by a magnificent Belgian draft horse

while you admire the frosty peaks of Mount

Lafayette, Cannon Mountain and the Kinsman

range in the distance.

When New Hampshire’s beloved icon, the

Old Man of the Mountain, collapsed in 2003,

efforts were soon underway to commemorate

the historic stone profile that for centuries

had stood above Franconia Notch. Today, seven

steel profile pillars recreate the Old Man’s

image and give visitors a taste of what the

original visage looked like. Dozens of paver

stones adorn Profile Plaza with the names and

messages of well-wishers.

Mount Washington Cog Railway

The world’s first mountain climbing cog railway

was built by veterans of the Civil War,

and has been ferrying passengers to the summit

of 6,288-foot Mount Washington since

1869. During the winter months, weather

permitting, visitors can take a shorter but still

spectacular journey up the western flank of

the mountain to Waumbek Station, an alpine

meadow at about 4,000 feet. A fire pit, warming

huts and complimentary hot beverages

will keep you toasty while you savor the view.

Mount Washington Cog Railway

Choose from a one-horse or two-horse sleigh

at Bretton Woods and enjoy an excursion

around the historic grounds of the Omni

Mount Washington Resort where visitors

have vacationed for over 100 years. Afternoon

and evening rides are available.

Canopy Tours

Canopy tours that zip you through the treetops

provide an exhilarating adventure. The

landscape changes with the seasons, but the

adrenaline thrill of pushing off a platform

and zipping through the air remains. Expect

incredible views of the White Mountains, accompanied

by the thrill of flying though lush

foliage during the warm weather months, autumn’s

dazzling leaf colors, or winter’s crisp

whites, blacks and greys punctuated with the

deep greens of pine, fir, spruce and other conifers.

Courtesy Photo, Franconia Inn Sleigh Rides

Pollyanna Statue

Alpine Adventures in Lincoln offers three

zipline canopy tour choices, from tame to

thrill seeker. Excursions last from two to three

hours. Open year-round.

Covered Bridges

New Hampshire’s 54 historic covered bridges

are a magnet for visitors, charmed by the

cleverly crafted sturdy wooden structures that

have long provided travellers with the means

to go from one side of a river to another. Some

of the covered bridges were built in the 1800s,

while others have been rebuilt to replace those

lost to fires and floods. Many are listed on the

National Register of Historic Places.

Plan an outing to explore some of these treasures

and recall an era when residents crossed

the wooden floorboards by horse or horse and

buggy. If possible, get out of your car and stroll

across the bridges to note the craftsmanship

and intricate details each offers, while listening

to the water rushing just yards below your




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Covered bridges in the White Mountains


• Bath: Bath has the distinction of being home

to three covered bridges. The Bath-Haverhill

Bridge over the Ammonoosuc River is the

state’s oldest covered bridge still in use. The

Bath Bridge, also spanning the Ammonoosuc

River, was once posted with a sign prohibiting

trotting horses from crossing the bridge, as it

was thought that the impact of their hooves

striking the bridge floor might collapse the

structure. After a logjam on the Ammonoosuc

was dynamited, logs had to be removed from

the roof of the Swiftwater Bridge!

• Lincoln: The Sentinel Pine Bridge at the

Flume was built from trees blown down

during the 1938 hurricane. The 50-foot Flume

Bridge may have been built on site or moved

there from another location.

• Campton: The Blair Bridge spans the Pemigewasset

River. At one time, offenders could incur

a $5 fine for crossing the bridge at speeds

exceeding 5 mph. Turkey Jim’s Bridge over

West Branch Brook, named for turkey farmer

Jim Cummings, is a pedestrian/snowmobile

bridge. Bump Bridge spans the Beebe River

and was once known as the Webber Bridge.

• Sandwich: The Durgin Bridge over the Cold

River was a link on the Underground Railroad

between Sandwich and North Conway.

• North Woodstock: Clark’s Bridge over the

Pemigewasset was originally built in Barre,

Vermont to span the Winooski River and in

1960 was moved to its present site, piece by

piece, and reassembled.

• Littleton: Built in 2004, the pedestrian

bridge over the Ammonoosuc River in downtown

Littleton connects the town’s River District

with a nearby walking path that leads to a

long and bouncy suspension bridge.

Iron Furnace Brewing Company

Rek’•lis Brewing Company

Wine tastings and wine tours are available at

Seven Birches Winery in Lincoln, where the

handcrafted wine is made from whole fruit

and juices sourced locally and from points

around the world. At the nearby Atrium Wine

Bar, wine is available by the glass and in wine

flights and can be accompanied by picnic-style


One of the state’s oldest craft beer breweries,

the Woodstock Inn Brewery in Woodstock

offers daily tours, individual beers and brew

samplers, along with a full menu in the adjacent


1776 Brewing Company in Plymouth specializes

in handcrafted, small batch craft beer.

Its sister restaurant next door, The Last Chair,

offers a menu of appetizers, salads, pizza, entrees,

wine and cocktails.

Shilling Beer Company, located in a renovated

18th century gristmill alongside the

Ammonoosuc River in Littleton, serves European-inspired

beers and American ales.

Wood-fired pizza, a seasonal beer garden, deck

seating and the rushing river add to the vibe.

The Rek’•lis Brewing Company on Bethlehem’s

Main Street offers a selection of Rek’•lis

beers, along with spirits, wines and cocktails

and a restaurant menu of favorites like burgers,

fries and tacos. Both indoor and outdoor

seating available.

Sample beers from local nano- and micro-breweries

around New England at the

Littleton Freehouse Taproom & Eatery,

along with spirits and wines. Soups, salads,

starters, sandwiches, and a selection of entrees

top the Freehouse menu.

Raise a Glass

In the White Mountains, you don’t have to

travel far to sample a wide array of outstanding

wine and beer selections at our local breweries,

taprooms and winery.

Woodstock Inn Brewery

Franconia’s Iron Furnace Brewing Company

taproom serves a variety of NE IPA, pale ales,

stouts, porters, goldens and sours, along with

wines and ciders, and food choices like pizza,

paninis, salads, snacks and desserts.

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(603) 991-3097



13 Russell Court

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One Careful Move At A Time Since 1937!

5 Star Rated Movers

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Local & Long Distance Moving

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Monday-Friday, 7:00 am-4:00 pm, Appointments weekends and nights are available.

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Franconia, NH

8.38+/- ac, work live, play in the White Mountains. Start your day

by catching first tracks at Cannon or a multitude of other outdoor

activities. With rosy cheeks-energy now spent, you land back home

to luxurious in-home office space-cherry cabinets, wood fireplace,

views! Kitchen welcomes many to partake with 3 sinks, large work

spaces, breakfast nook-granite and maple cabinetry. Home envelopes

local views and lots of daylight. Evening is signaled by

brilliant sunsets, casting color across sky and fieldstone/cobblestone

fireplace in living room inviting you to wind down the day.

Brazilian Cherry floors and tile throughout, radiant heat, multiple

heat sources including solarpanels producing almost 7 megawatts/

yr. Primary ensuite with fireplace, balcony, luxury. Multiple other

quest rooms, baths. Generous mudroom, laundry room, front and

back stairs. Bonus - separate guest suite with kitchen, bath or perhaps

another office space! Lower level has rec/game room, full bar

entertainment area and exercise area. 3-car garage with workshop

space! Outdoor living space-deck extends across front of house

with electric awnings, great entertaining space with hot tub, too!

Terraced rock walls, paths, perennials, shed for tools. Hike, bike,

ski in the great outdoors just out your door.

MLS # 4844007 • Offered at $1,390,000

Woodstock, NH

With views deep into Franconia Notch, this inspirational build’s

interior design is vast and open, further enhanced by industry leading

energy efficient construction and features. As you enter, the

vaulted vestibule opens into a vast cathedral great room adorned

with large windows which frame the stone gas fireplace. The kitchen

is opened off to the right of the great room with bar seating for

4 at the long granite island, wine storage and finally room for a

large dining table with mountain views out the sliding door. Leading

from there, the 400 sq ft ironwood deck provides extensive

views into the White Mountain National Forest. As you head up

the custom cherry staircase, turn to the master suite on the right.

Palatial in size, here you have laundry, a stone gas fireplace, large

walk-in closet and room for a sitting area. French doors open to

a small deck to enjoy sunsets and tremendous views. The master

bath has a jacuzzi tub with heater, and shower with a bench. The

lower level of the house is designed to entertain even the most

discerning guest. A wet bar with live edge countertop, kegerator

and commercial beverage cooler compliment the large and inviting

space. Currently outfitted to sleep 14 in 7 different rooms, this

property is incredible: Radiant heat throughout, humidity controlling

air exchanging system and AC, Decra metal roof shingles.

MLS# 4836741 • Offered at $1,199,900

18 Realty Magazine

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2021-02-22 2:15 PM

Franconia, NH

8.35 +/-Acres. An awe-inspiring view from brand new home. Truly most amazing

views of Lafayette, Cannon, Mittersill, Cannon Balls and down the Easton

Valley. Perched hillside, you’ll look out to Franconia Village-beyond to a visual

sea of colors that are forever changing amidst mountains as weather comes

and goes. On fire sky glows at dusk bringing you to stop, take in Mother Nature’s

glory wondering for that particular moment where worries of world went.

Vaulted ceilings, hemlock beams, Harvey series 401 windows, generator. One

of best view locations, come experience nirvana as you sit on the expansive deck

at days end. Just a few final appointments to be finished for the new owners,

new furnishings included. 1st floor primary suite, open kitchen, living room,

dining room conducive to entertaining & being together. 4 bedrooms and full

bathroom upstairs. 2 car attached garage with direct entry mudroom. Private

guest suite or office is above the garage access with private entrance, appointed

with full kitchen, laundry of its own, living room, sleeping area and 3/4 bath

and private deck.

MLS #4841565 • Offered at $999,000

Whitefield, NH

5.05+/- acres with historic renovated White Mountain Cottage. Circa 1920-

30’s “Stone Gate” speaks for itself as pillars on driveway entrance greet you

in an almost romantic way! Built by a NY architect for his opera singer wife,

designed specifically for acoustics- you’ll sense the solid good bones within this

home. Old fashioned detail, craftsmanship renovated with history and charm in

mind. Butler’s pantry, wet bar, wainscoting, Italian marble, details that are often

cost prohibitive in a new build. Mostly new Harvey windows, newer furnace,

new kitchen, baths-all of today’s niceties. There is a feeling of spaciousness, a

glorious home for entertainment, living with multi generations, seasonally or

full time! The living room with handsome fireplace will draw you in to a sense

of stillness, the desire to sit, read, converse! 1st floor bedroom off of kitchen,

in home office space, a dining room you can only wish for your company and

the great conversation to be had! Amazing porch. Yard is rather private, some

woods, fruit trees, lawn, fish pond, a quintessential country setting in heart of

White Mountains

MLS #4823729 • Offered at $625,000

Services We Offer

Prompt, Reliable, Professional Service

Since 1963



Emergency Service

Clogged Sewer Lines

Video Inspections

Septic Tank Pumping

& Cleaning

Sewage Pump Repair

& Replacement

Tank Locating, Digging,

inspection & Repair

Tank Riser Installation

Commercial Grease Traps

We Want Your Stinkin’ Business!



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Colebrook, NH

Panoramic views to Canada & Dixville Notch from this custom built contemporary

home. 3 bay heated garage. In the kitchen, grab a beverage and take in

one of the best views in the area! You look around your spacious kitchen &

admire the Corian countertops & center island where you’ll prepare a delicious

dinner shortly. You love the open concept to the dining & living area & you’re

excited to have a pellet stove & gas fireplace for the upcoming winter months.

You bring your briefcase into your home office which would be a main floor

bedroom if needed. Climbing the stairs to your private master suite, you are

so happy with this floor plan! You love having a huge walk-in closet & private

bath with step-in shower, but you’re already looking forward to soaking in the

whirlpool tub later this evening. The lower level is great for guests as that too

is uber private with full bath, family room & large bedroom. Views from every

room in the house! Property in current use tax status.

MLS#4833649 • Offered at $475,000

Lyman, NH

Perched on a hill w/views back to Franconia Notch & Mt. Washington sits your

personal paradise on 12+ acres of rolling fields, fruit trees & perennial gardens. This

post & beam home has a spacious open-concept main level perfect for entertaining.

Reclaimed wood & metal are featured in the large kitchen with Kraftmaid soft close

cabinets & grand center island perfect for cooking or projects. Dining area is open to

kitchen/living & boasts views on 2 sides. Living room w/cathedral ceilings is open

to loft above & this is where you’ll gaze out the Anderson windows for hours at the

view. Master bedroom on main level with large walk-in closet & private bath also

features views. First floor is finished off w/an office perfect for working or schooling

at home, 1/2 bath & laundry room. Perfect single level living if needed. Upstairs you

have 2 comfortable guest bedrooms & a loft - views from here, too! Lower level is

fully finished w/exercise room, guest bedroom, 3/4 bath & family room w/french

doors to the outside. This home is only a few years old & attention to detail has been

made throughout. Heat recovery system, whole house generator, detached barn for

your toys, garden space, fire pit, stonewalls, Sunsetter awning, deck & views from all 3

levels - this home needs nothing!

MLS#4826963 • Offered at $989,000

Bath, NH

Welcome to the Jermiah Hutchins Tavern a former stage coach tavern with a

unique combination of architecture from the Federal era with period finishes

and blend of family history. Jeremiah Hutchins was an early settler (1795-

1799) whose family called the Upper Bath Village Home. The tavern has had

many updates over recent years with kitchen, baths, roof, wiring, septic, generator,

and more. A lot of the original integrity still exists; the master suite is where

the original ballroom was on the second floor of the home. The home has five

large bedrooms and 4 baths, 9 fireplaces. Truly a one of a kind property with so

few left that has the blend of architecture here. Proudly listed on the National

Register of Historic Homes. Approx. 15 miles to downtown Littleton, close to

all the North Country amenities, skiing, golf, hiking, boating. This is a property

for the antique lover at best!

MLS# 4820481 • Offered at $377,500

20 Realty Magazine

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2021-02-22 2:15 PM

Ledgewood Phase II in Bethlehem, NH

A community like no other set on over 1800 acres with a total

of 43 estate parcels - designed to integrate legacy quality

estates amongst thousands of acres of conservation, and

experiences reserved for a lucky few. Beginning with a protected

viewshed, all homesite lots of Ledgewood maintain a

sense of exclusivity, teeming with nature and opportunity. As a

true one-of-a-kind lifestyle community with over 175 acres of

common land featuring walking trails meandering throughout,

association ownership of thousands of feet of Ammonoosuc

River frontage with private fishing camp, and on-site ponds

with pavilions provide unparalleled enjoyment. Amongst the

ravaging beauty of northern New Hampshire, appreciate the

majestic views from any homesite, from the Presidential’s to

Cannon, Canada to Vermont. Also residing in the area are

deer, bear, moose, turkey, fox, songbirds and majestic birds of

prey. These animals also enjoy cohabitating on many of Ledgewood’s

luxury estates. The second phase of Ledgewood focuses

on an exceptional area to the Northwest of phase one. From

here, views of Mt Washington, Cannon, Lafayette, Garfield,

Twin, and Gale head are the main performers in the silhouette

of the backdrop. Sunsets from phase 2 are among the finest


Lots starting at $199,000 Call Peabody & Smith Realty

to learn more or visit online.



We offer a complete range of professional

services from preliminary design through

the administration of the construction

process. Each project and client receives

our teams utmost attention regardless of

size. We are equally comfortable meeting

with a board of directors or sitting over a

cup of coffee discussing design options

for your home or business.

We strive to achieve three classic goals:

highest quality for the lowest cost in the

shortest time frame.


357 Western Avenue

Suite 104

St. Johnsbury, Vermont 05819

802 748 5239





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Happily ever after

starts here.

Personal service. Local knowledge.

As a local community bank, we understand our area’s

unique home market. We know the region, inside and

out, and appreciate the challenges and rewards of

building, buying and owning a home here.

If you’re looking for a mortgage to build, buy or

refinance your home, count on our skilled mortgage

specialists to offer personal support, guiding you

through every step of the mortgage process.

Contact us or apply online at themerrimack.com.

• First-time homebuyers


• Traditional


• Jumbo mortgages

• Land loans

• Construction-topermanent


with just one


• Home equity lines

and loans

• Unique properties

NMLS# 433938

800.541.0006 themerrimack.com

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