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MARCH 2021




Dear Members,

“If you build it, they will come”

The quotation comes from the film, ‘Field of Dreams’ and I

feel it’s a metaphor for pursuing one’s dreams. Much the

same thought was taken up by the Society, who dared to

dream that we could hold our Women In Art Exhibition and

Artisan’s Markets, despite the pandemic.



1st prize in the this year’s Women in Art .

See 2nd, 3rd and highly commended Page 4.

Commended: Carol Avery ‘Tranquil Bliss’

Ann-Maree Morgan ‘Reclining Scribble’

Lee Meatchem ‘Remembering Eve’

We even partnered with the International Women’s Day

Committee who combined their Expo with us .... and

visitors came in their droves to view an exceptional

exhibition with 70 Central Coast Women Artists exhibiting

over 130 artworks. There was a variety of amazing stalls,

the CWA served their award winning Devonshire Teas and

the Lions Club had their delicious sausage sizzles.

The International Women’s Day Expo had several

information stalls, but, none of this comes without a great

deal of hard work and my sincere thanks to the organising

committees, too many to mention, but you know who you

are and I thank you most sincerely.

I leave you with this a comment from one of the visitors,

“What a wonderul fun day, such a fantastic community



Tuggerah Lakes Art Society - Supporters



Members’ Meeting




Now to 17 March 21

Women In Art


The Entrance Gallery

Norberta St. The


Now to 21 Mar. 21 Antarctica - Ken Knight Gosford Regional


Every Sunday

Sat. 20 Feb 21

Free Art Sundays and

various exhibitions.

1030 - 1230

Good Times

Workshop: Peter

Tassell 9:00am - 3pm

25 March Members’ Meeting

Thurs. 10AM

17 - 18 April Central Coast

Regional Show

10 April Scott Denholm

Good TImes Workshop

Maitland Regional Art


CWA Hall

1 Pacific St. Long Jetty

The Entrance

Community Centre

Cancelled this year

due to COVID

CWA Hall

0930 - 3pm

22 April Members’ Meeting The Entrance

Community Centre

The next Members’ Meeting is scheduled for

10am Thursday 25 March 2021.

With guest artist Ann-Maree Morgan.

Members’ Challenge: “Yesterday”

Any Medium.

Prizes for the winner!

April Challenge: ANZAC

Note: COVID-19 restrictions apply.


Meet up with like-minded artists at the

TLAS Academy. Tuition is available

when you need it and an endless cuppa

(and bickies).

TLAS Academy is held at 1 Pacific St.,

Long Jetty (CWA Building) each

Wednesday (dates below). From 0830

to 11:30. Our mentors specialise in

various mediums - Pat (watercolours),

Peter (oils and acrylics), Ralph (oils),

Donna (acrylics).

Cost for the morning is $10.

Note: COVID-19 restrictions apply.

TLAS Academy Sessions

I know a man who's

got jelly in one ear

and custard in the

other. He's a trifle


March Mentor

10 Mar 21 Peter

17 Mar 21 Pat

24 Mar 21 Ralph

31 Mar 21


07 Mar 21 Peter

14 Apr 21 Pat

21 Apr 21 Ralph

28 Apr 21


to be advised.



from the editor.

Mrs Mac’s Arty Facts

“I’m turning heads”

A random thought on exhibitions.

It’s been a busy couple of months. With two

exhibitions and a Members’ Meeting now completed

- although WIA still has a week to go! There are a lot

of unsung heroes that assist in putting these

exhibitions together - from the acceptance of the

artworks to the hanging of same and then rostered to

man the exhibition. Huge thanks to Donna, Peter,

Denise, Pat, John, Corinne, George, Wendy, Jana. I

realise this is not a full list, but you know who you are

- and without you - these exhibitions just wouldn’t

happen. A huge thank you!

Little Red Riding Hood has been found in a critical

condition. Paramedics have stabilised her condition but

she’s not out of the woods yet.

The list of new members is overwhelming for this kid. I’d

like to think we’re doing the right thing


Highlights and winners from the Women In Art launch Friday 5th March. WIA continues till 17 March 2021.

Left to right: Guest speaker Sally Jope, The Entrance Gallery, 1st place Danni Liu,

Danni Liu’s ‘Columbine’, 2nd Donna Gilbertson ‘Christmas Isl. Green Turtle’, 3rd Marlene Palaygi ‘ Birch Forest’

Highly Commended: Pat Edwards ‘Tibouchina’, Kelly Hackett ‘Quiet Times’, Denise Ferrie ‘Pink Babes’.


WOMEN IN ART 2021 - Sally Jope, guest speaker.

This is the 3rd WOMEN IN ART EXHIBITION and this

year 70 Central Coast Women Artists are exhibiting

with over 130 entries. As many of you know the

Tuggerah Lakes Art Society was founded in 1989, over

30 years ago, with the aim to promote, develop and

encourage Art and Craft on the Central Coast,

particularly this northern end of the coast.

Being the daughter of an artist I am a big fan of arts and

crafts. I grew up watching my mother paint and

watching her working as what was then called a

commercial artist and now appreciate being surrounded

by her beautiful things. So I want to acknowledge that

participating in creative pursuits offers many

opportunities to those engaged in those pursuits.

“Above anything, art is significant to society in that

it serves to fulfil our sense of beauty and wonder

about the world, and provides an outlet for creative


As Chair of the CC IWD Combined Committee I extend

my appreciation to the TLAS for the energy they have

brought to the last three annual celebrations around

IWD, what we call the Festival of Women, and for

inaugurating the Women in Art competition and


This exhibition is now a main event of the CC Festival of

Women. The festival is a collection of events around

International Women’s Day to celebrate and highlight the

many contributions women make to community, to

business, to services.

The theme for 2021 International Women’s Day that we

use is that of UN Women and has a focus on Women in

leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19


This theme celebrates the tremendous efforts by women

and girls around the world in shaping a more equal future

and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Remind you that Women continue to stand at the front

lines of the COVID-19 crisis, as health care workers,

caregivers, innovators, artists, community organisers and

as some of the most exemplary and effective national

leaders in combating the pandemic.

However, across the world and here in Australia, on the

Coast, women are facing increased domestic violence,

unpaid care duties, unemployment and poverty.

So it is because of this theme, about women and

leadership, that the IWD combined committee continues

to work together, to raise the profile of IWD and the

awareness of the contributions women make each and

every day and to remember that there are still challenges

to overcome, even though we have come a very long


Excerpt of speech from the launch by Sally Jope, Chair CC

IWD Combined Committee. 5 March 2021.


Congratulations, a full page with Donna, Pat and

Denise pictured on the left with their artworks below. A

full list of winners is contained within the news item as

well as excerpts from Sally Jope’s opening remarks for

the WIA exhibition launch. The article was published in

the Coast Community Chronicle this week and

written by Sue Murray.



It takes a lot to coordinate an exhibition,

particularly one as complex as WIA. The ‘three

amigos’ who coordinated the event are (l to r)

Joeleen Fisher, Sam Blanks, and Michelle Antyppas.


Well our year got off to a fantastic start with Marlene Palaygi’s workshop in February.

We had a large class of 17 which Marlene handled easily with her usual wit and charm. Some ladies

were new to watercolour and others have a few years under their belts, but Marlene helped the entire

class to put together two water scenes complete with fishing trawlers.

Everyone managed to socialise and enjoy a great day

of art together, so thank you once again Marlene. The

girls are already talking about booking in for your next

workshop. Congratulations on your third place in our

WIA 2021, your work is inspirational. I’m sure Mal will

do a piece on Danni Liu, but firstly I would like to add

my congratulations for her first place in our WIA 2021.

Not only is Danni a brilliant artist, she is also a gifted

teacher, as she demonstrated to all who came to our

first meeting for the year in February. The rose Danni

painted was pure perfection, done effortlessly in a

mere 15 minutes while we continued with our meeting.

Danni also gave us an insight into many of her works

that she brought along to show. Danni has agreed to

present a workshop for us a little later this year,

probably in August (if we can sign up some new

sponsors), so get your names down as I know this

class will fill quickly.

Peter Tassell’s workshop on March 20 th is filling slowly

but I would like a few more to come along to our

beautiful Long Jetty waterfront and take advantage of

Peter’s expertise as he shows us all how to paint

reflections on water.

So pack your easels and oil paints and come along

and enjoy the sunshine. Hopefully the weather will be

favourable, if not, we will have the workshop in the

CWA hall.

Now at the meeting I told everyone that due to

financial concerns we would be cancelling Scott

Denholm’s workshop on April 10 th , however thanks to

Rasheeda’s discussion with TADAS it has been

decided to share the travel costs with Scott and

therefore make it possible for him to fly down. Scott

will be billeted by Noeline Millar (TADAS member) so

many thanks to her but also to our own Ann Cumming

for agreeing to billet for us but due to Covid 19 and

concerns about her recent decline in health.

So Scott’s workshop will go ahead as planned with

only a couple of places left so get in quick! TADAS in

Toukley is also hosting Scotton April 11 th .

Marlene Palaygi’s workshop

May 15 th will see Silvana Natoli present her gold leaf –

mixed media workshop.

June 12 th Christine Ireland presents oils.

July 17 th will see a change of medium as there has been a

lot of enquiries for Pastels, so Judith Hoste has agreed to

present Pastels instead of Acrylics, class description and

materials list to follow soon.

I am still searching for sponsors so anyone who knows

someone who would like some advertising via our

newsletter and special events, please speak to our

committee or myself and we will follow up.

Cheers for now,


- Art is an adventure that never ends

Toukley & District Art Society also hold subsidised

workshops available to members of Central Coast Art

Societies and guests.

Scott Denholm - Sunday 11 April, 2021: 10am to 3pm

- "Let's explore abstracts"

Tutor - Scott Denholm

Phone TADAS to book: 02 43924666

Good Times Workshops can be booked via M: 0411 062 895

A non refundable payment must be made at the time of

the booking (unless cancelled). Cost for each 'Good

Times' workshop is $20 members and Central Coast art

societies $25 non-members.

For payment via bank transfer: TLAS Inc. St George

Bank, Tuggerah

BSB: 112879 ACC NUMBER: 041284038


Patricia Newell-Dunkley — CHOCOLATE BOX ART


R ichard Cadbury, introduced this art form in the late 19th Century, to decorate his

newly acquired chocolate.

He used his own paintings of children, flowers, rustic thatched

cottages, and holiday scenes, as designs. In the 1920’s Cadbury’s

became the leading light for Artists, offering travel scholarships and

prize money for Box Lid Decorations.

They approached ten famous Royal Academy Artists, Paul Nash,

Arthur Rackham, Laura Knight, E.Dulac, C.Nevinson, M.Gertier,

R.Connard, D.& E.Proctor, A.Watts, G.Sheringham, who all happily

participated. There was some really lovely work produced,

decorative, sentimental, idyllic landscapes.

At this time many artists were painting in this style. Renoir’s work has been described as such, also

Constable, and Monet’s Field of Poppies, was labelled this way. Even romantic sculpture of couples

embracing, has been called Chocolate Box Sculpture. The term has been used to just about anything

that looks remotely pretty or overly sentimental.

American Fred Swan is a master of this art, as was Thomas Kinkade. Their work is mass marketed and

highly commercial, appearing on Calendars, Jigsaw Puzzles, Cards, and Prints. It is loved and revered by

millions of Americans, and is likely to be in most homes in some form or other.

Chocolate Box Art is full of warmth

and nostalgia, it can make you feel

happy, and joyful. So if this art form

is for you, there is nothing wrong with

painting a pretty picture.

Chances are someone will love it just

as much as you do.

© 2021 Patricia Newell-Dunkley


Images: Cadbury Archive Mondelēz International

(formerly Kraft).


Ithink we all missed the meetings absent from

last year, as February’s meeting had a great

attendance. Members were thoroughly

entertained and enthralled by Danni Liu’s

watercolour demonstration of her ‘wet

paper’ ‘dry brush’ technique of a rose. Only

utilising two brushes, a flat and her favourite

Chinese brush.

Her palette on the day contained: Vermilion,

Rose Madder, Cadmium Yellow, Terre Verte and

Permanent Violet. If you’re inspired to learn

more of Danni’s techniques, you can join one of

her fortnightly workshops, held over a

weekend, (morning or afternoon sessions). M.

0420 660233 or email

Members’ Challenge “Here Comes The Sun”

winner was Kathy Turnbull with a sunrise at

Bateau Bay.

Birthday greetings were in order for Gail

Brigden who had turned 80 a week

earlier and a birthday cupcake was

shared with another birthday girl; Pam

Barrie’s daughter Deborah.

COVID regulations prevent us from sharing

food items at meetings☹


March Member’s Meeting guest artist is Ann-Maree

Morgan, who presented this amazing artwork

‘Reclining Scribble’ (left) that won a commendation for

the Women In Art exhibition this year.

Meet Ann-Maree and view her artworks, 10am

Thursday 25 March at The Entrance Community

Centre, Norberta St., The Entrance. $5 entry.

Visitors welcome.

Members’ March Challenge:


‘All my troubles seemed so far away’

Yesterday was the first solo song by The Beatles (1965). It was also voted the

best song of the 20th century by BBC radio 2.

Any medium or photography, even an early pic of yourself.

Prizes to be won!

April Challenge: ANZAC - any medium including photographic.


Karen Williams - Finding New Ideas - in Community

Let’s think about community as we continue our discussion on finding new-to-you

ideas to help your creativity grow.

Joining in with a community group and finding ways to connect to others is arguably the most important

aspect for longevity and good mental health. Lots of research has been done in this area. I’d recommend

reading “Lost Connections” by Johann Hari. He shares his research on the causes/solutions of depression

and anxiety.

Bouncing your ideas off another person can be extremely productive and help you to take your ideas to a

higher level. Good friends, which you’ve made from attending a community group, won’t mind that your

work all started from a comment of their’s which you have progressed. An even better friend will listen to

your comments about their work. A simple suggestion can trigger a whole new set of ideas, proving you

are open to them. A fresh set of eyes will spot alternative routes that you could explore. Others can provide

opportunities you would have overlooked if you were working completely on your own.

TLAS does an excellent job of facilitating connections and the exchange of ideas and skills through their

general meetings, monthly newsletter, workshops, exhibitions and weekly Academy. Thanks to all who

make these things happen.

In the science of neurology no one argues the benefits of creativity. But what about the statement - “every

artist needs a hobby.” We can all benefit from new neural pathways. It helps us stay open to mental

nourishment. The more ways you use creativity the more you increase it. So, taking up a new hobby

improves your creativity - and therefore your art work. At times our art can become boring, wear us down

and become a stress instead of a pleasure. It doesn’t mean we should stop painting and making but the

suggestion is to add some variety, not unlike a holiday.

Suggestions for hobbies could be endless. They could compliment painting, like ceramics, sculpture,

printing etc. or be completely different as in computer orientated, collecting, research, learning a new skill

etc.. Stop and think of how many artists (in history and currently) had/have multi-disciplines in their art


I googled “unusual hobbies” and complied this list - which I’m not necessarily recommending.

- Tree shaping (wiring plants to control their growth).

- Beetle racing (like cane toad races - in QLD).

- News raiding (following a news team and get in the background footage).

- Stone skipping (smooth stone thrown to skim over the water).

- Toy voyaging (take a toy on holiday and create it’s travel journey complete

with selfies - like ‘Flat Stanley’ - image right.

- Snake skin collecting - maybe another QLD hobby.

- Stand up comedy or karaoke.

- Train, plane or bird spotting.

- Wine tasting.

- Foraging (finding edible plants in public spaces).

Certainly keep making your art but be open to finding a new hobby. Be willing to let this new hobby take

centre stage and then be wiling to let it go when you need to. Trying an exciting different hobby may be the

catalyst that will bring new passion to your current creativity. Finding a new hobby that involves attending

a new community group - that’s a win, win.

© 2021 Karen Williams -

Christies Art Supplies and Picture Framing

have re-opened after the lifting of some of

the COVID-19 restrictions for business.

Located at 8/10 Pioneer Avenue, Tuggerah

Business Park, Tuggerah, NSW 2259


FAB FAKES 2021 - ‘IMPRESSIONS’ a new category

Tuggerah Lakes Art Society Committee has accepted a recommendation from last year’s Fab Fakes

judges, Yve Close and Peter Tassell. Yve wrote, “I strongly feel that if the word “interpretation” was

included in the Fab Fakes entry form, this unique exhibition would be broadened considerably. Old Masters’

paintings should remain as inspiration, otherwise the exhibition could become too diversified and unwieldy.

This change would make

judgemental decisions more

challenging but be of benefit to the

society as well as the general public.

Sharon’s wonderful sculpture, so

much more emotional than the

painting which inspired her, has

triggered this opinion. If there was a

sharp increase in the number of

entries, a selection committee may

be necessary.“

So, Fab Fakes 2021 will now have

two categories to enter, one being

the regular Fab Fakes, a copy of an

artwork by a *master artist and

Fab Impressions, an interpretation

of a of a master artist’s artwork.

This year’s coordinator is TLAS

member, Joeleen Fisher

Entry forms for an October Wyong Art

House exhibition will be available soon.

*The master artist must be deceased for over

70 years to relinquish ©.

CCAS March Paint Outs

The Coffee Circle

Moderated by TLAS member

Gail Brigden

Central Coast Art Society have an open invitation to

TLAS members for their Tuesday paint outs.

16 March

Heazlett Park and the foreshore of Avoca Lake, Avoca.

23 March

Correa Bay Reserve, Woy Woy Rd, Woy Woy.

30 March

Waterfront at the end of Pine Ave. Davistown..

Bring your choice of painting gear or sketching gear, hat or

umbrella, comfy chair. There are no starting (usually around

9am) or finishing times, come and go as you please.


5 th April There’s no Coffee Circle this month as

it is Easter.

However, at the Berkeley Centre, Glenning Valley

is a High Tea & Fashion Parade at 11.30 am

Sunday the 11 th April. RSVP 042914262


$49.00 pp.

3 rd May

Samantha Faram – community Engagement

At home care on the Central Coast- Berkeley

Community Centre

(More info coming)

7 th June

Margaret Holdom, Vice President Wyong

Musical Society to talk about upcoming



APRIL - Scott Denholm

A 'good times' workshop.

20 March 2021

1 x canvas or gesso primed board



Meet at 9am for a 9:30 start at the CWA rooms

This workshop is mainly how to choose and set out a painting outdoorsand learn how to

simplify a scene and to create atmosphere in a painting.

Meet at 9am for a 9:30 start.

Peter Tassell

Book via

Members $20 Non $25

FEBRUARY - Peter Tassell

MAY - Slivana Natoli


Tuggerah Lakes Art Society

Membership $25

Due February annually.


Tuggerah Lakes Art Society membership and renewals

are due February each year.

The society was founded in 1989 and enjoys a small but

enthusiastic membership.

TLAS meets on the fourth Thursday of the month at its

new HQ at The Entrance Community Centre / Meeting


The meeting will generally have a guest speaker or

demonstration, as well as a Members’ Challenge - of

artworks submitted with a common theme.

Benefits of membership include the ‘Good Times’ art

workshops, subsidised and supported by Central

Coast Council.

The TLAS Academy is a regular ‘paint in’ each

Wednesday morning at the CWA Hall, Pacific St., Long

Jetty. Mentors are always on hand to guide you through

art problems.

Exhibitions are held throughout the year with

opportunities of winning prizes or commendations plus

the opportunity to sell you artwork.

A monthly newsletter is published *via email to keep

members informed of events.

*add $15 for printed and posted.



Rasheeda Flight

4333 8387


Donna Cole

0407 676 022


Rasheeda Flight

4333 8387


Wendy Scorgie

4332 9047


Mal Hamilton

0414 811 838


Pat Edwards TLAS Academy

Corinne Adams Good Times W/shops


Sam Blanks

Donna Cole

Pat Edwards






Badges: Name badges with the TLAS logo are

available by ordering via Rasheeda. The price is $8.





“To the thief who took my anti-depressants. I hope

you’re happy”

Send your free classified ad to



email to :

or post with payment to Tuggerah Lakes Art Society

PO Box 4341 Bay Village, 2261

Payment via bank transfer:

TLAS Inc. St George Bank, Tuggerah

BSB: 112879 ACC NUMBER: 041284038

In ‘description’ section for payment please write if

‘New Member’, ‘Renewal’ or ‘Student’

and add your name.


available during the COVID-19


500gm for $10.00 and 250gm for


Phone Wendy 4332 9047 or


to arrange for pick up.

Didja Know: Gustav Klimt, who created the

iconic piece The Kiss, used cat urine as a

fixative. His obsession with cats led him to cover

the pages of his sketchbooks with cat urine. He

believed it was the best fixative available. The

odour was terrible, but worse, he destroyed

works that would likely be worth millions today.