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Synergie Global Operations 3

Synergie in the Czech Republic 3

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Banking & Finance 5

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Sales & Marketing 6

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Our mission

� Synergie is focused on being the right recruitment partner for its clients helping them

to increase the value of their human resources.

� Synergie together with its sister company Synergie Temporary Help provides its clients

with complex HR solutions.

� We continually develop new services, which correspond to changing requirements

of our clients and react to the requirements of the job market.

Synergie Global Operations

� More than 580 agencies in Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, France, Italy,

Luxembourg, Spain, Poland, Portugal, UK, Netherlands, Switzerland) and Canada

� Turnover in 2010 – 1,2 billion Euro

� 30 000 clients spread throughout the world

� For more than 40 years Synergie is specialized in developement of HR solutions.

Synergie in the Czech Republic

� Established in Prague in 1993

� 20 consultants in 6 specialized teams

� Recruitment & Executive Search

� HR Consulting

� Sister company Synergie Temporary Help

� Complex and tailor made solutions!

� Database with more than 10.000 candidates


Our Services

� Recruitment - the standard method of searching and selection of a suitable candidate

� Executive Search - an active direct approach of a candidate based on a thorough

market research

� HR Consulting - Assessment Centre/Developement Centre, outplacement,

psychodiagnostics, employee satisfaction survey, personnel audit, salary benchmarking,

interviewing skills train.

� Temporary Help - short-term working contracts, outsourcing



Banking & Finance

Frequent positions

Chief Accountant I Senior Controller/Finance Analysts I Tax/Audit/Legal/Compliance I Finance

Manager I Corporate/Investment Banker I Credit Risk Mgmt I Marketing/Product/Segment

Mgmt I Project/RE Finance


ING Bank I HSBC I Unicredit Leasing I PWC I Česka spořitelna I ING Lease I GE Money

Bank I Mazars I Cofidis

Production & Logistics

Frequent positions

Design/Development Engineer I Facility Manager I Plant/Site Manager

Production Manager I Procurement Specialist I Supply-Chain Manager

Technical/Engineering Manager I Quality Engineers/Manager


AMMANN Czech Republic I Demoautoplast I DHL I Fiamm-Akuma Group I Lhoist

Schenck Process I Schenker I Tecmaplast CZ I Interkov



Sales & Marketing

Frequent positions

Product/Brand/Marketing Manager I Internal/External Communication Specialist/Manager

Store/Retail Manager I Sales Representative I Technical Sales Specialist I Country Manager

Key Account Manager I Business Development Manager I Call Centre Manager

Customer Care Manager I Property Development Manager I Marketing Manager I Online

specialist I Branch manager I Fleet manager I Business Development Specialist


ABB I Comap Praha I Danone I GFK I Decathlon I Michelin I Soprema SAS I Nespresso

L´occitane I L’Oréal I Mapa Spontex I Lidl I Peugeot I Renault Trucks

IT & Telco

Frequent positions

Consultant (Business, CRM, ERP, DMS etc) I Developers/Programmers (J2EE, .Net, C+/C++/C#)

Sales/KAM I SAP Manager/Specialist I DWH/BI I IT Manager/IT Project Manager I Network

Engineer I IT Analyst/IT Architect I QA/Tester I IT Security


T-Mobile I Hewlett Packard I Siemens Enterprise Communications I Telefonica O2 I Monster

Technologies I Gemalto I IPS I Altersis



HR & Legal & Administration

Frequent positions

Office Manager I HR Manager I Training Manager I Executive Assistant I Recruiter I Lawyer

Team Assistant I Training Specialist I Receptionist I Compensation & Benefits Specialist


ING Real Estate Development I Linde Gas I GFK I Ségécé I ABN Amro

Algeco I Aon Stach I Credit Suisse Asset Management I Eaton Electric

Havel & Holásek I L´Oréal I Mazars I Modrá pyramida stavební spořitelna

Monster Worldwide I Veolia Voda I Peugeot I International SOS I Unamic


HR Consulting

HR Consulting Services

Outplacement I Assessment Centre/Development Centre I Employee Satisfaction Survey

Psychodiagnostic Testing I Salary Benchmarking Interviewing Skills Training

Executive Search

Frequent positions

General Manager I Finance Manager I Sales Manager I Marketing Manager

Brand Manager


Ammann I Danone I Jan Becher I GfK I Nestlé I Lhoist I Interkov


Synergie Temporary Help

� Sister company, founded in 2002

� Provides flexible solutions to companies by delegating qualified employees

� Services:

Outsourcing of Employees - such service provides an employee exactly to the

client’s time needs.

Temporary Help - a short-term or medium-term lending of employees or to

a search of a brigade-worker for substitution or other type of help.

Temporary to Permanent - a combination of a temporary and permanent employment.

Should the client wish to hire a person provided by the agency, such person is an

employee of the agency prior to the final conclusion of the work contract.

Recruitment - typical employee recruitment for the administrative positions and in

the field of Human Resources.

� Types of positions:

Receptionist I Executive Assistant I Sales Support Staff I Administrative Support

Office manager I Call Center Operator


HSG Zander I ING Real Estate Development I L´Oréal I Modrá pyramida stavební spořitelna

Monster Worldwide I PSA Finance I Steelcase SA I Unamic I Deutsche Bank I Mazars


Recent Projects

International telecom munication

company / 2009 – ongoing

� Complete recruitment services connected to key international project

� Recruitment for areas - IT/Telco - Project Manager and Specialist positions

� Selection of CVs

� Interviews

� Testing language skills

� Selection of candidate for meeting with HR and team leaders

� Around 100 open positions during the project

Logistics Center of a Global

Energy Company

� Synergie was chosen as an exclusive HR partner

� Recruitment of junior and senior logistics specialist

(Sales, Finance, Administration, Logistics) - in total more than 30 people


Our Advantages

� 15 years experience in Central Europe

� Branches in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

� Complex HR Solutions

� Database of a large number of candidates, constantly updated

� Efficient utilization of networking

� Experienced and trained professionals working for Synergie

� International company, multinational team

� Respect to individual requirements and needs




Sokolovská 84–86

186 00 Praha 8

Tel. +420 226 066 011

Fax. +420 226 066 012



Francisciho 4

811 08 Bratislava, Slovakia

Tel: (+421) 2 54 41 55 22

Fax: (+421) 2 54 41 55 89



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