ITB Berlin News 2021 - Review Edition

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REVIEW<br />

WEDNESDAY 17 TH MARCH <strong>2021</strong><br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NOW <strong>2021</strong><br />







NEWS<br />



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Interim CEO,<br />

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I NEWS I<br />


Richard Barnes<br />

Editor-in-Chief,<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> <strong>News</strong><br />

Nothing will be the same again...<br />

ever... and thank goodness<br />

If anything has been learnt from <strong>ITB</strong><br />

<strong>Berlin</strong> NOW this year, it is that while<br />

on the one hand, a virtual event can<br />

be a rip-roaring success, on the other,<br />

people’s longing for face-to-face<br />

meetings is not waning.<br />

Of course, we have probably all learned that<br />

digitalisation has experienced a huge surge.<br />

The pandemic has indeed been the much<br />

talked-about catalyst.<br />

At the same time, as trade show organisers,<br />

Messe <strong>Berlin</strong> have taken a huge leap<br />

forward. And while many people were initially<br />

enthusiastic about Zoom and co., most now<br />

realise that one cannot simply replace faceto-face<br />

meetings online.<br />

Thus, according to Dr Martin Buck - SVP,<br />

Travel & Logistics, Messe <strong>Berlin</strong>, “the post-<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> NOW <strong>2021</strong> buzzword is ‘hybrid’<br />

and that is where we believe the future lies<br />

– by cleverly combining virtual and in-person<br />

formats.”<br />

Dr Buck says this applies to the workplace<br />

too, combining home-working with the office,<br />

as it does to business trips, with online and<br />

actual meetings.<br />

So, no, there will be no going back to the<br />

“old normal” next year, or at any other time in<br />

the future. The future will be hybrid and the<br />

future will be different. And hopefully it will<br />

bring with it the better part of the changes<br />

many of us constantly wish for in the world of<br />

travel and tourism, when it comes to setting<br />

a new course for planet earth, to truly make<br />

it a better place for all those who sail on her.<br />

Looking forward to seeing you there!<br />


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#04 NEWS<br />

#11 TRADE TALK<br />

#12 EXCLUSIVE<br />



#16 LUXURY<br />


& TRAVEL<br />

Hoteliers’ debate:<br />

will sustainability<br />

certification<br />

increase turnover?<br />

#08<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • WEDNESDAY 17 TH MARCH <strong>2021</strong> 3

I NEWS I<br />

Videntis a<br />

reference for<br />

dental tourism in<br />

Zagreb<br />

Croatia has become an<br />

increasingly popular<br />

destination for dental<br />

tourism, and Videntis in<br />

Zagreb is one of the actors<br />

contributing to this positive<br />

reputation.<br />

Dental Center Videntis is a modern<br />

dental clinic located in the heart<br />

of Zagreb. It offers a wide array<br />

of dental services with the best<br />

quality of dental care from a<br />

multilingual team working in<br />

German, English, French, Italian,<br />

Slovenian and Croatian. Dental<br />

services include orthodontics,<br />

dental surgery, as well as aesthetic<br />

treatments.<br />

Videntis dental clinic has extensive<br />

experience with bio-compatible<br />

ceramic implants, and receives<br />

many patients from abroad looking<br />

for dental implants at an affordable<br />

price.<br />

Patients seeking a more holistic<br />

approach in medicine - including<br />

dentistry - can find solutions which<br />

use the least reactive and the least<br />

toxic materials.<br />

Videntis final talk<br />

before implantation<br />

For its international visitors visiting<br />

Zagreb, Videntis' services include:<br />

A personalised approach to each<br />

patient;<br />

Highest standards, highest<br />

quality materials, maximum<br />

security and hygiene;<br />

anaesthesia, conscious sedation<br />

but also dental hypnosis to help<br />

patients who are dealing with<br />

fear;<br />

A nanny is at the disposal of all<br />

patients with kids;<br />

Videntis is operational 365 days<br />

a year. Even on weekends and<br />

holidays, there will always be<br />

medical personal on stand-by;<br />

Videntis is GCR accredited;<br />

The clinic can organise<br />

accommodation in Zagreb as<br />

well as transportation to the<br />

clinic<br />

VISIT<br />





SOLUTIONS AT <strong>ITB</strong><br />

BERLIN NOW <strong>2021</strong><br />

ISO Travel Solutions offers insights and IT solutions<br />

that keep start-ups or well-established companies on<br />

track.<br />

ISO Travel Solutions was back at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> NOW to present<br />

its specialised software solutions. The company offers tailormade<br />

products for tour operators, destination and travel agencies,<br />

hotels and other service providers as well as airlines.<br />

ISO Travel Tailor automates the travel booking workflow and<br />

checks all booked services on criteria of feasibility, reasonableness<br />

and consistency. The ISO Travel Tailor uses AI functions and<br />

is customised to individual needs. Users can push up-sell and<br />

cross-sell and make sure that selected services fit together.<br />

The certified, flexible, modular reservation system/Order<br />

Management System is based on new IATA standards NDC and<br />

ONE Order. Whether for connecting to search engines or OTAs<br />

via NDC, or for mapping different transport services, the tool<br />

helps in saving distribution costs.<br />

ISOs flexible Internet Booking Engine (IBE) can also be integrated<br />

into any website or ecosystem. The framework is adapted to<br />

customer behaviour, providing booking and service workflow.<br />

The IBE can also be adapted to a company's brand and identity.<br />

Other standard solutions are also available such as the "Pacific"<br />

TO solution and "Emerald" CRM. Latest modules and features are<br />

on show at the Brand Card<br />

VISIT<br />


4 <strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • WEDNESDAY 17 TH MARCH <strong>2021</strong><br />


I NEWS I<br />


Maldives, a perfect<br />

geography for safe<br />

holidays<br />

The scattered nature<br />

of the Maldivian<br />

archipelago proves to<br />

be an asset for tourists<br />

in search of health<br />

safety<br />

VISIT<br />


With palm fringed islands scattered across the Indian<br />

Ocean, the Maldives is naturally blessed in current<br />

pandemic times with a geography that lends itself to<br />

social distancing. The one-island-one-resort concept,<br />

where each island has only one hotel establishment,<br />

providing plenty of space and privacy for the tourists,<br />

has proven very popular. In 2020, the country managed<br />

to attract 553,000 international visitors, down 67.5%<br />

over 2019.<br />

Since the beginning of the<br />

pandemic, the Maldives<br />

has prioritised the health,<br />

safety and well-being of<br />

the population. Stringent<br />

guidelines for health and<br />

safety were prepared from the<br />

very beginning for every step<br />

- from constantly monitoring<br />

the evolving crisis to each and<br />

every phase of the visitor’s<br />

journey. These efforts were<br />

recognised by the World Travel<br />

and Tourism Council (WTTC)<br />

in September 2020, resulting<br />

in the destination achieving<br />

the "Safe Travels Stamp" to<br />

ensure travellers’ confidence.<br />

In 2020, the Maldives<br />

received the World’s Leading<br />

Destination award at the<br />

Grand Final of the World<br />

Travel Awards 2020, making it<br />

an historic win in this category<br />

for the first time. Maldives<br />

also won four more awards in<br />

the Indian Ocean category at<br />

World Travel Awards. These<br />

were "Indian Ocean’s Leading<br />

Beach Destination 2020",<br />

"Indian Ocean’s Leading<br />

Cruise Destination 2020",<br />

"Indian Ocean’s Leading<br />

Destination 2020" and<br />

"Indian Ocean’s Leading Dive<br />

Destination 2020". Last but<br />

not least, the Indian Ocean’s<br />

Leading Destination Award<br />

was attributed 13 times in the<br />

last 16 years to the Maldives.<br />

Several new initiatives are<br />

strengthening the future of<br />

tourism. Maldives Immigration,<br />

together with the Ministry of<br />

Tourism, Visit Maldives and<br />

Maldives Airports Company<br />

launched the “Maldives Border<br />

Miles”. The three-tier loyalty<br />

programme will give points to<br />

tourists based on factors such<br />

as the duration of stay and<br />

frequency of visits. In addition,<br />

Allied Insurance Company,<br />

together with the Ministry<br />

of Tourism, has launched a<br />

Covid-19 insurance policy,<br />

focusing on tourists visiting<br />

Maldives. Tourists who are<br />

interested in this insurance<br />

should apply for the plan 24<br />

hours prior to their arrival in<br />

the country.<br />

The Maldives launched<br />

a vaccination campaign<br />

throughout the entire country<br />

on 1st February <strong>2021</strong>. The<br />

programme aims to vaccinate<br />

as much of the population<br />

and workers in key industries<br />

as possible, including the<br />

vaccination of workers in<br />

the tourism sector. This will<br />

assure tourists and staff that<br />

the environment in which they<br />

are working is safe, secure and<br />

protected. The ultimate target<br />

is to make Maldives the first<br />

fully vaccinated tourism sector<br />

in the world<br />




This year saw the opening of Ithaafushi – The<br />

Private Island, the largest Maldivian private island<br />

spanning 32,000 square meters in the heart of<br />

the Indian Ocean.<br />

Located in close proximity to Malé, guests can<br />

be escorted directly to Ithaafushi – The Private<br />

Island via a 40-minute ride on one of the resort’s<br />

six luxury Princess yachts or via a 15-minute<br />

seaplane flight.<br />

“Ithaafushi – The Private Island is the crown jewel<br />

of our luxury portfolio in Asia Pacific, limitless<br />

in the level of privacy and unrivalled hospitality<br />

guests are promised,” said Nils-Arne Schroeder,<br />

vice president, Luxury & Lifestyle, Hilton,<br />

Asia Pacific. “The launch of this unique resort<br />

offering represents a momentous milestone for<br />

the Waldorf Astoria brand and truly speaks to<br />

our commitment to redefining luxury hospitality<br />

around the world"<br />

© <strong>2021</strong> Hilton<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • WEDNESDAY 17 TH MARCH <strong>2021</strong> 5

I NEWS I<br />

Airbnb sees<br />

opportunities<br />

in the bleisure<br />

segment<br />

© Eurowings<br />

Eurowings neutralises the middle<br />

seat on passengers' request<br />

Nathan<br />

Blecharczyk<br />

Co-Founder and Chief<br />

Strategy Officer, Airbnb,<br />

and Chairman, Airbnb<br />

China, at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> NOW<br />

convention<br />

Eurowings<br />

refocuses<br />

on customer<br />

quality<br />

The <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> NOW Keynote<br />

interview "from mass to<br />

meaningful travel" on Wednesday<br />

March 10, looked at new models<br />

adapted to a pandemic context.<br />

Airbnb's adaptation to current<br />

market conditions proves the<br />

resilience of the industry in<br />

uncertain times.<br />

For Nathan Blecharczyk, Co-Founder<br />

and Chief Strategy Officer of Airbnb<br />

and Chairman of Airbnb China, the<br />

adaptation of the Airbnb model to new<br />

health and social distancing conditions<br />

has helped the accommodation sharing<br />

company to cushion the impact of the<br />

pandemic. "We were expecting a drop<br />

of 50% in total revenues for the year<br />

2020. We finally experienced a drop of<br />

"only" 30% at US$3.4bn. The lockdown<br />

was followed by a desire to visit places<br />

nearby accessible by car. The millions of<br />

hosts' offers helped to attract travellers<br />

to smaller communities," he explained<br />

at the <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> NOW Convention.<br />

Furthermore, Airbnb appeared as an<br />

easy solution for travellers who wanted<br />

to work remotely from another home,<br />

or take extended trips with family and<br />

friends.<br />

Bleisure is likely to turn into an important<br />

segment of Airbnb development in the<br />

near future. "The concept of bleisure<br />

will be on the rise as more people work<br />

from home or go to the office only three<br />

times a week. This leaves an open door<br />

to extended week-ends where people<br />

can enjoy both a vacation and work<br />

remotely," said Blecharczyk.<br />

Airbnb is also adapting to community<br />

requirements or local government<br />

rules. "We aim to find solutions to<br />

engage Airbnb hosts, guests and local<br />

communities. We adapt permanently,"<br />

said the CSO. "Airbnb of today is<br />

certainly not the company of tomorrow,"<br />

he concluded<br />

VISIT<br />


In another <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> NOW CEO interview, Eurowings<br />

GmbH CEO Jens Bischof, stated that the pandemic<br />

has been taken as a time to rethink the model of<br />

development for the point-to-point air carrier.<br />

"Our new Eurowings strategy is<br />

to focus stronger on customer<br />

services. Major changes<br />

are currently observed<br />

in travellers' behaviour.<br />

Guests do not look only for<br />

a 5€ ticket to fly and cheap<br />

accommodation. They want to<br />

feel at ease with a partner they<br />

can trust in health safety and<br />

care," he explained during <strong>ITB</strong><br />

<strong>Berlin</strong> NOW.<br />

The airline is responding to<br />

customers health concerns<br />

with a further improved service<br />

on board. Passengers can now<br />

reserve a free middle seat on<br />

all Eurowings flights from as<br />

little as 10 euros and book it<br />

online on the airline's website<br />

in just a few clicks. "We want<br />

be the leading point-to-point<br />

carrier in terms of services,"<br />

added Bischof.<br />

Another major development<br />

is the creation of a new hub<br />

in <strong>Berlin</strong>, showing Eurowings'<br />

confidence in its local market.<br />

Three aircraft will be stationed<br />

in <strong>Berlin</strong> from April. They<br />

will serve, up to three times<br />

a day, Cologne, Düsseldorf<br />

and Stuttgart, as well as<br />

holiday destinations over the<br />

summer<br />

VISIT<br />


6 <strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • WEDNESDAY 17 TH MARCH <strong>2021</strong><br />


I NEWS I<br />

© Bady Abbas / Unsplash<br />

Tourism for<br />

sustainable<br />

development<br />

under spotlight<br />

@ <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong><br />

NOW<br />

The promotion of sustainable<br />

development through tourism has<br />

not only been in focus since the<br />

outbreak of the Corona pandemic,<br />

but it is more urgent than ever due to<br />

its huge impact on the industry.<br />

To this end, the German Federal Ministry for<br />

Economic Cooperation and Development<br />

(BMZ) was present at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> NOW<br />

promoting its comprehensive programme<br />

which paves the way for partner countries<br />

through the COVID-19 crisis towards a more<br />

resilient and sustainable tourism landscape.<br />

"Sustainable Ways Out of a Challenging<br />

Crisis: Approaches and Measures in<br />

Cooperation with International and Local<br />

Partners" saw 14 key players on the stage.<br />

Post-Covid Youth travel<br />

The youth travel market targeting 15<br />

to 30-year-olds has plummeted by<br />

around 70% since the second quarter<br />

of 2020 and is unlikely to recover<br />

fully before 2023, said Professor<br />

Greg Richards of the WYSE Travel<br />

Confederation at the <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> NOW<br />

Convention.<br />

As far as a recovery was concerned, youth<br />

travel offered prospects that set it apart<br />

from other markets, Richards said. Young<br />

travellers often go on longer trips than other<br />

Norbert Barthle<br />

Parliamentary State Secretary to<br />

the Federal Minister for Economic<br />

Cooperation and Development<br />

Norbert Barthle, Parliamentary State<br />

Secretary to the Federal Minister for<br />

Economic Cooperation and Development<br />

(BMZ), explained that the measures<br />

announced by the Ministry are designed for<br />

16 countries that are particularly affected by<br />

the Corona crisis and represent important<br />

destinations for the German travel market.<br />

The implementation will start in spring <strong>2021</strong><br />

together with strong international partner<br />

organisations as well as local cooperation<br />

partners. The holistic approach aims at<br />

making tourism emerge stronger<br />

from the crisis and contribute<br />

to sustainable development<br />

with the broadest possible<br />

impact<br />

VISIT<br />


holidaymakers, for instance. The average<br />

time spent travelling as an au pair or on<br />

language studies was over 100 days. For that<br />

reason, young travellers were more likely to<br />

take quarantine in their stride. The youth<br />

travel market has changed substantially<br />

in recent years. “Backpackers are already<br />

history, even though for many years, they<br />

essentially made up the youth travel market.<br />

However, the market’s traditional image has<br />

changed. Backpackers have grown older,<br />

gone up-market and become flashpackers<br />

and digital nomads”, he said.<br />

One obstacle to a recovery of the youth<br />

travel market could be that in many<br />

countries students and young adults will<br />

be among the last population groups to<br />

be vaccinated. However, this could be an<br />

incentive for destinations to attract students<br />

by advertising vaccinations on entry to their<br />

country. An important factor influencing<br />

the youth travel market’s future was visa<br />

policies. One would have to wait and see<br />

what steps the Biden administration would<br />

take in the future, Richards said<br />


CROATIA WINS FIRST <strong>ITB</strong><br />



<strong>ITB</strong> CSR Commissioner Rika Jean-<br />

Francois announced the first <strong>ITB</strong><br />

Medical Tourism Award at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong><br />

NOW, following the decision made by<br />

the jury members HTI, ESPA and <strong>ITB</strong><br />

<strong>Berlin</strong>. Congratulations went to Romeo Draghicchio,<br />

director of the Croatian National Tourism Board in<br />

Frankfurt. In recent years, Croatia has made a name<br />

for itself as a quality medical tourism destination. Out<br />

of the one million people who visited the country in<br />

2019, 500,000 came for medical reasons, Draghicchio<br />

said. And even during 2020, the year of the crisis, the<br />

country weathered the situation comparatively well. At<br />

50 million overnights, the figures for 2020 were 50%<br />

of 2019, a record year<br />

Dubrovnik<br />




Scotland is currently having to contend<br />

with two travel obstacles: the pandemic<br />

and Brexit. Nevertheless, at exhibitor<br />

VISIT<br />


VISIT<br />


presentations at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> NOW it had so many new<br />

things to offer that the land in Britain’s north is surely<br />

still worth a visit. Together with colourful images,<br />

VisitScotland’s slogan is “Dream now. Travel later.” Part<br />

of that dream is experiencing Scotland’s natural beauty,<br />

for example by diving in lochs or tasting specialities<br />

from nature such as venison and wild herbs. Cultural<br />

highlights new to the tourism programme are the<br />

opening of a Johnnie Walker museum and restaurant<br />

in Edinburgh. For those averse to whisky there is also<br />

carbon-neutral gin<br />

The new<br />

Johnnie Walker<br />

museum in<br />

Edinburgh<br />

© Diageo © Spencer Davis / Unsplash<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • WEDNESDAY 17 TH MARCH <strong>2021</strong> 7

I NEWS I<br />

© Ricardo Gomez / Unsplash<br />

Hoteliers’<br />

debate: will<br />

sustainability<br />

certification<br />

increase<br />

turnover?<br />

A panel discussion at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong><br />

NOW underlined the fact that<br />

business and eco-awareness<br />

should be combined.<br />

Are visitors’ demands on hotels changing,<br />

and can practising eco-awareness<br />

improve business? This was the topic<br />

that a panel discussion attended by <strong>ITB</strong><br />

<strong>Berlin</strong>, Fachhochschule des Mittelstands<br />

and the InfraCert Institute for Sustainable<br />

Development in the Hotel Industry<br />

examined at the <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> NOW<br />

Convention.<br />

Suzann Heinemann, Director of the<br />

InfraCert Institute, emphasised that<br />

the pandemic had mostly shown “how<br />

vulnerable we all are”. Sustainability<br />

had been a topic among consumers<br />

even before Covid-19, but the crisis had<br />

made people more aware now. Hoteliers<br />

who previously had not considered<br />

sustainability a priority had worked on<br />

their sustainability concepts during<br />

lockdown<br />

© Maximilien T'Scharner / Unsplash<br />



An ambitious 10-year concept was presented<br />

by Abu Dhabi at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> NOW. HE Ali Hassan<br />

Al Shaiba, Executive Director of Tourism and<br />

Marketing at the Department of Culture and<br />

Tourism, says the emirate will be placing a greater<br />

emphasis on cultural and MICE tourism, as well<br />

as introducing a more general diversification of its<br />

tourism offer. The emirate attracted eleven million<br />

international visitors in 2019, and plans to more<br />

than double this figure by 2030 to a remarkable<br />

23 million.<br />


TRUMPS<br />







Many goals have already been reached in<br />

the LGBT+ community. In many parts of the<br />

world, one finds general acceptance, antidiscrimination<br />

laws and gay marriage – but how<br />

far have we really come? This was the question<br />

that moderator David Downing from United<br />

Landmark Associates asked the panel at this<br />

year’s session. General consensus is that there<br />

is still considerable discrimination in everyday<br />

life, at the workplace and on trips to many places<br />

around the world, including Europe.<br />

DJ Doran, president of Aequalitasmedia and coinitiator<br />

of the brand Outvoices in the US, said<br />

that one could not generalise, as there were big<br />

According to Al Shaiba, there will be a particular<br />

focus on the entertainment sector over the coming<br />

years. For example, the world’s first Warner Bros.<br />

themed hotel will be opening in the city, the largest<br />

aquarium in the Middle East will be created in Al<br />

Qana and, as an additional attraction, the city is<br />

planning an 11,660 square metres<br />

snow park, the largest indoor<br />

snow park anywhere in the<br />

world.<br />

Experts at the <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong><br />

NOW Convention sketched<br />

out “city tours of the future”<br />

in a panel discussion, chaired<br />

by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Arlt,<br />

CEO of the China Outbound<br />

Tourism Research Institute<br />

(COTRI) and a member of<br />

the Committee of Experts<br />

of the World Tourism Cities<br />

Federation (WTCF).<br />

The session outlined that<br />

it will be necessary to “reinvent”<br />

city tours following the<br />

coronavirus pandemic. In so<br />




VISIT<br />


doing there will be important<br />

roles for digitalisation and<br />

quality – whereby the word<br />

“quality” should also be seen<br />

in the context of significance<br />

and reason. Mass tourism will<br />

be replaced by tourism with<br />

a real significance, or tourism<br />

for a reason, a conviction held<br />

by Kum Hong Siew, COO of<br />

Airbnb China: “Traditional<br />

mass tourism is basically a<br />

form of isolation, but people<br />

want to feel connected and<br />

to belong, and they want to<br />

achieve this through travel”<br />

differences between East and West (and not<br />

only there). “We have to emphasise our everyday<br />

image more, as lawyers, pilots, chefs, hardworking<br />

members of the population, who are not<br />

just obsessed by fashion”, DJ Doran said. “We are<br />

part of everyday society – we need to show that<br />

more often”<br />

©Junhan Foong / Unsplash<br />

© Quino Al / Unsplash<br />

8 <strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • WEDNESDAY 17 TH MARCH <strong>2021</strong><br />


I NEWS I<br />

Global travel trends:<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> & IPK International<br />

After dramatic slump, high chances for a fast<br />

recovery of tourism industry<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> has published the latest<br />

World Travel Monitor findings of IPK<br />

International on global travel trends in<br />

the year of the pandemic and on travel<br />

intentions in <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

Following strong growth rates over the past<br />

10 years, the tourism industry, a flagship of the<br />

economy, has experienced a dramatic slump<br />

and is one of the worst-hit sectors in the year of<br />

the pandemic. Globally, outbound travel<br />

in 2020 declined by 70%. The losses<br />

varied depending on continent and<br />

travel segment. Thus, nature-oriented<br />

holiday types and trips by car performed<br />

significantly better during the pandemic<br />

than air travel or city breaks and round<br />

trips. Despite the drastic global decline<br />

in 2020, the latest survey results give<br />

hope for the upcoming year: two-thirds of<br />

outbound travellers worldwide intend to<br />

travel abroad again in <strong>2021</strong>.<br />




The segments worst-hit by the global<br />

decline in outbound travel are holiday trips<br />

(minus 71%). By comparison, business<br />

travel (minus 67%) and other private trips<br />

(minus 62%) have not been impacted as<br />

badly. In the holiday travel market, round<br />

trips and city breaks have suffered above<br />

average losses (minus 75%), while beach<br />

holidays and nature oriented holidays<br />

(minus 53%) have weathered the crisis<br />

much better.<br />

As expected, air travel has been<br />

particularly hard-hit by the pandemic,<br />

where in outbound travel the decline is<br />

minus 74% worldwide. By comparison,<br />

international travel by car (minus 58%)<br />

has fared much better. In accommodation,<br />

declines are above average in the<br />

hotel industry (minus 73%), while other<br />

accommodation types - including private<br />

lodgings - have suffered less badly.<br />


TRAVEL IN <strong>2021</strong><br />

The results of IPK’s global survey from January<br />

of this year give reason for hope, indeed starting<br />

with travel in <strong>2021</strong>: 62% of international travellers<br />

worldwide intend to travel abroad this year.<br />

Those not aiming to travel abroad do not indicate<br />

financial reasons for this, but with a large majority<br />

the infection risk. A combination of vaccines now<br />

being available and a high willingness among<br />

outbound travellers (90%) to be vaccinated<br />

has nullified the main reason for not traveling,<br />

meaning that nothing stands in the way of a rapid<br />

and widespread recovery of the tourism industry.<br />


FOR <strong>2021</strong><br />

When asked about outbound travel plans this year,<br />

respondents focus on holiday travel. Compared<br />

with pre-pandemic travel, there is above-average<br />

interest in visiting friends and family. Interest in<br />

business travel is higher among Americans and<br />

Asians than among Europeans. In terms<br />

of holiday trips abroad in <strong>2021</strong>, there is<br />

a high level of interest in sun & beach<br />

holidays. City breaks rank second among<br />

holiday types (first among Asians) and<br />

© Yousef Alfuhigi / Unsplash<br />

62% OF<br />






nature-oriented holidays comes third, a<br />

considerable rise in popularity compared<br />

to before the pandemic. The latest surveys<br />

also reflect continuing high interest in air<br />

travel abroad and a recovery of the hotel<br />

industry appears likely.<br />



The chances for a rapid global recovery<br />

of the international tourism industry are<br />

very good. Worldwide, there is a strong<br />

desire to travel, as evidenced by the travel<br />

intentions for <strong>2021</strong>. With vaccines now<br />

increasingly available, the main reason<br />

for not wanting to travel is being nullified.<br />

Assuming high percentages of the<br />

population are vaccinated quickly around<br />

the world, this will contribute to a rapid<br />

and comprehensive recovery of global<br />

demand for outbound travel. This goal<br />

could be reached in 2022, at latest 2023<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • WEDNESDAY 17 TH MARCH <strong>2021</strong> 9

I NEWS I<br />

Awards<br />

@ <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> NOW <strong>2021</strong><br />

© Francois Gha on Unsplash<br />

<strong>2021</strong> GREEN DESTINATIONS<br />


In a live online event on Friday 12th<br />

March, sponsored by <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> and GLP<br />

Films, Green Destinations announced<br />

the winners of the Green Destinations<br />

Story Awards.<br />

Important selection criteria were the<br />

level of innovation, the effectiveness<br />

of the stories to solve real problems in<br />

tourism sustainability, and to what extent<br />

they can be applied elsewhere.<br />

GLP Films (GLP), a content marketing<br />

agency dedicated to global sustainable<br />

tourism, was the official "storytelling<br />

partner" for the event. They provided<br />

video storytelling consultation and<br />

editing services to help the finalists<br />

communicate their award-winning<br />

sustainability stories.<br />


& CULTURE<br />

Winner - Fiskars Village, Finland<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> EARTH AWARD<br />

Category Environment & Climate:<br />

Winner - Futaleufú, Chile<br />



Winner - Tivat, Montenegro<br />


& SEASIDE<br />

Winner - Niue Island<br />



Winner - Nijmegen, Netherlands<br />



Winner - Bitez (Bodrum), Turkey<br />

One of this year's five<br />

Green Destinations Story<br />

Awards winners - Nijmegen,<br />

Netherlands<br />

Ralph<br />

Ehrlich<br />

<strong>Berlin</strong>er Aids-Hilfe<br />

e.V.: Winner of<br />

the LGBT Pioneer<br />

Award @ <strong>ITB</strong><br />

<strong>ITB</strong> LGBT PIONEER AWARD<br />


Rika Jean-Francois and Thomas Bomkes<br />

announced this year’s LGBT Pioneer Award<br />

recipient: <strong>Berlin</strong>-based AIDS activist Ralph Ehrlich.<br />

Since 2005, Ehrlich has been a member of the<br />

<strong>Berlin</strong> AIDS Relief Organisation <strong>Berlin</strong>er Aids-Hilfe<br />

e.V., not only with the aim of advancing the cause in<br />

the German capital, but indeed globally. He is also<br />

founder of the annual "Life Run" fund raising event.<br />

“We still have to fight for our rights,” said Ehrlich,<br />

after receiving the award, adding that “especially<br />

in the pandemic, the tone is getting rougher again.”<br />

“We will continue to be a strong community that<br />

will vigorously defend demands loudly and visibly,”<br />

he added. “But I would also like to thank the many<br />

great people who have been accompanying me for<br />

decades. Without you, my work and commitment<br />

would not be possible and my life would be poorer.”<br />

Petra<br />

Hedorfer<br />

CEO, German<br />

National Tourist<br />

Board: This year's<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> IIPT Celebrating<br />

Her Awards Winner<br />


@ <strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NOW<br />

Three influential women from the tourism industry<br />

received <strong>ITB</strong> IIPT Celebrating Her Awards,<br />

presented last week by <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> and the<br />

International Institute for Peace Through Tourism<br />

(IIPT), Section India.<br />

One of them was Petra Hedorfer, long-serving chief<br />

executive of the German National Tourist Board:<br />

“Throughout my entire career sustainability has<br />

been a core objective, because tourism would not<br />

be possible without protecting the environment”,<br />

explained Hedorfer, whose own efforts have made<br />

a major contribution to establishing Germany<br />

internationally as a sustainable and barrier-free<br />

destination.<br />

Second award winner Sonal Asgotraa from India, is<br />

primarily concerned with combining astrotourism<br />

and homestay offers. She has already implemented<br />

a number of successful model projects in the<br />

highlands of Ladakh in the Indian Himalayan<br />

region.<br />

Natalia Bayona from Colombia, is director of<br />

Innovation, Education and Investments for the<br />

World Tourism Organisation. Her responsibilities<br />

include innovation and digital transformation,<br />

including cooperation with dedicated female<br />

entrepreneurs.<br />




The third annual Social Entrepreneurship<br />

Competition in Tourism was launched on 9 March<br />

at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> NOW in partnership with the TUI<br />

Care Foundation. It is the first and only worldwide<br />

competition focusing on social innovation and<br />

entrepreneurship in tourism and hospitality.<br />

This year, three new partners have been announced:<br />

the TUI Care Foundation, the UNWTO and SINA.<br />

The structure of the competition follows the spirit<br />

of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development<br />

Goals and seeks to support the achievement of<br />

Quality Education, Gender Equality, Decent Work<br />

and Economic Growth, and Industry, Innovation<br />

and Infrastructure<br />

Learn more, or apply, at socialtourismcompetition.<br />

com.<br />

10 <strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • WEDNESDAY 17 TH MARCH <strong>2021</strong><br />



© WTTC<br />

Darrell<br />

Wade<br />

Co-founder & Chairman,<br />

Intrepid<br />

Intrepid Travel has announced a strategic partnership with Frenchbased<br />

investment company Genairgy. The latter has secured a<br />

minority equity stake in Intrepid’s global business, which is set to<br />

help Intrepid to accelerate its ambitious growth strategy with the<br />

goal to become the world’s first $1 billion adventure travel company<br />

by 2025.<br />

The agreement will support Intrepid<br />

in four key growth areas: digital<br />

transformation, product innovation,<br />

market expansion and purpose<br />

initiatives. In 2019, Intrepid achieved a<br />

record year of AUD $491-million (eds<br />

– approx. €319m) of sales. Intrepid<br />

Co-founders Darrell Wade and Geoff<br />

Manchester, who started the business<br />

in 1989, retain majority ownership of<br />

the company and remain on the Board<br />

as Chairman and Director, respectively.<br />

James Thornton will continue as CEO<br />

and a member of the Board<br />

Genairgy is a family investment<br />

company owned by Julien Leclercq –<br />

a board member and shareholder of<br />

Decathlon, one of the largest sports<br />

Geoff<br />

Manchester<br />

Co-founder,<br />

remains as Director, Intrepid<br />

Aiming for<br />

US$1bn: Intrepid<br />

group announces<br />

major strategic<br />

partnership<br />

retailers globally. “We are excited to<br />

find a partner with the same values<br />

as us and we look forward to helping<br />

Intrepid achieve its full potential as we<br />

emerge from the global pandemic,”<br />

says Leclercq. “While Intrepid has<br />

maintained an impressive history<br />

of growth, it was their genuine<br />

commitment to sustainable travel and<br />

B Corp credentials that truly set them<br />

apart,” he adds.<br />

The transaction is expected to complete<br />

by early April <strong>2021</strong><br />

VISIT<br />


Mohamad<br />

Navabi<br />

Incoming Department,<br />

Nika Tour and Travel<br />

From the<br />

Middle East to<br />

the world<br />

Mohamad Navabi is a travel Consultant and Marketing<br />

agent at Nika Tour and Travel agency, based in Teheran,<br />

Iran, present at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> NOW in the Buyers’ Circle.<br />

We asked him what his outlook is for the coming year.<br />

I think tourism will gradually<br />

restart again. People will get<br />

vaccinated sooner or later and<br />

a large percentage of them<br />

are waiting to be able to travel<br />

again. When that time comes,<br />

we could well face a large<br />

volume of travellers. The trend<br />

is towards different kinds of<br />

travel, like remote, distant<br />

places, far from the cities.<br />

Preparing for the coming<br />

year is a must, so we need<br />

to advertise ourselves to the<br />

world, in order that when the<br />

time will come, we benefit from<br />

our efforts.<br />

What would you say is the<br />

most important lesson that<br />

has been learnt (or should be<br />

learnt) from the Covid crisis?<br />

All those in the tourism industry<br />

need to find and define new<br />

ways of travelling, promoting<br />

new routes and close-to-home<br />

tours, as well as exploring<br />

secondary destinations.<br />

People need to travel, to have<br />

a human connection and to be<br />

with family and friends. In my<br />

opinion, we should invest in<br />




NEED TO<br />

FIND AND<br />


WAYS OF<br />


our physical and mental health<br />

so when the world is ready, we<br />

will be ready to travel again. It<br />

is time to move to our “next<br />

normal”, and frankly, I wouldn’t<br />

want it any other way<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • WEDNESDAY 17 TH MARCH <strong>2021</strong> 11


The success<br />

story explained<br />

David Ruetz, head of <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> NOW,<br />

looks back at the <strong>2021</strong> edition of the<br />

show<br />

The highest expectations of the<br />

organisers have been fulfilled,<br />

with excellent results for all<br />

aspects of <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> NOW<br />

<strong>2021</strong>. We asked David Ruetz to<br />

tell us more.<br />

During the five-day event, 65,716<br />

users visited the online platform, of<br />

whom around two-thirds (64.5%)<br />

came from abroad. As far as our<br />

exhibitors go, there were 3,513<br />

companies and organisations from<br />

around 120 countries, plus 1,050<br />

media representatives and bloggers<br />

who covered <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> NOW. The<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> NOW events were also<br />

very well received with a total of<br />

265 hours of event programme and<br />

around 52,600 participants. Some 700<br />

speakers took part in more than 400<br />

discussion rounds at the convention,<br />

held lectures, interviews and exhibitor<br />

presentations and press conferences.<br />

What has the feedback been like?<br />

The feedback from users is extremely<br />

positive. After a year of bad news,<br />

around the world, the industry<br />

expressed a heartfelt desire to get<br />

together again at a show. The response<br />

was excellent from both exhibitors<br />

and users. They made good use of our<br />

digital smart-matching tools to find and<br />

maintain contacts. These included the<br />

Discovery Graph, a tool for suggesting<br />

potentially relevant contacts, and our<br />

Lead Finder, which brings buyers<br />

and sellers together with products of<br />

common interest. However, <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong><br />

NOW is not over yet: Until 31 May <strong>2021</strong><br />

the content and many other functions<br />

remain online, so participants can find<br />

important information and contacts,<br />

network with each other, evaluate<br />

their results and access programme<br />

items. For those who could not take<br />

part during the live event phase, there<br />

is the possibility to purchase an afterevent<br />

ticket for 29 euros.<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NOW<br />


UNTIL 31 MAY <strong>2021</strong><br />




ONLINE<br />

Tell us a little bit about the build-up<br />

to this event and the work that was<br />

required.<br />

The workload for the digital trade<br />

show was actually “the same but also<br />

different” compared to an in-person<br />

event. As a team, we naturally faced<br />

completely new challenges organising<br />

a virtual show for the first time,<br />

especially during a pandemic when<br />

most of our team had to work from<br />

home. We missed the direct, personal<br />

exchange before the event, which<br />

would have made communication<br />

often faster or easier. Logistics included<br />

two streaming video studios, a Corona<br />

Test Centre in the CityCube, and more<br />

than 300 employees - from cleaning<br />

and security to the Corona Test Team<br />

from the German Red Cross and the<br />

technical crew to the trade show<br />

management. They all contributed to<br />

the success of <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> NOW. One<br />

thing that was really helpful was that<br />

having organised the smaller We Love<br />

Travel! event together with the <strong>Berlin</strong><br />

Travel Festival last autumn, we had<br />

already completed a sort of test run<br />

several months earlier. Thus, the live<br />

studio set-up in <strong>Berlin</strong> was not new to<br />

us – nor were the broadcasts. The test<br />

run was therefore invaluable for our<br />

team and for working together with<br />

the technical service provider.<br />

What can we expect next year?<br />

Ultimately, the team at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong><br />

would like to welcome visitors in<br />

large numbers again on the exhibition<br />

grounds. In conversations over the<br />

last few days, what I clearly heard was<br />

that the industry is deeply longing to<br />

meet and talk again in person. I am<br />

therefore looking forward all the more<br />

to a live event in <strong>Berlin</strong> in 2022 that<br />

will combine the best elements of an<br />

in-person and virtual show<br />

KEY<br />


5 days<br />

– length of event<br />

65,716<br />

people visited the online<br />

platform<br />

64.5%<br />

of visitors came from<br />

abroad<br />

3,513<br />

exhibiting companies and<br />

organisations<br />

120<br />

countries participating<br />

1,050<br />

media representatives and<br />

bloggers<br />

700<br />

speakers @ <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong><br />

NOW Convention<br />

265<br />

hours of conferences<br />

12 <strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • WEDNESDAY 17 TH MARCH <strong>2021</strong><br />



Face-to-face with Dr Martin<br />

Buck - SVP, Travel & Logistics,<br />

Messe <strong>Berlin</strong><br />

With its launch of <strong>ITB</strong>.com in March 2020,<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> underlined its role as the World’s<br />

Leading Travel Trade Show and created a<br />

comprehensive virtual platform. We asked<br />

Dr Martin Buck - SVP, Travel & Logistics,<br />

Messe <strong>Berlin</strong> to further explain the concept.<br />

The aim was to ensure the industry could access a<br />

permanent information forum and constant supply<br />

of industry news and to give users the opportunity<br />

to network with each other, regardless of their<br />

location, 365 days a year and despite the show’s<br />

cancellation last year. It is also a central platform and<br />

meeting place for all editions of the entire <strong>ITB</strong> family.<br />

Interested parties can find everything they need to<br />

know there about <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong>, <strong>ITB</strong> India, <strong>ITB</strong> China<br />

and <strong>ITB</strong> Asia and can get information on formats<br />

being planned as well as key topics, details of user<br />

and exhibitor numbers and the various convention<br />

themes.<br />

Coming up very soon, we have the <strong>ITB</strong> India show<br />

- in virtual form. Can you tell us more about this?<br />

The first <strong>ITB</strong> India will take place from 7 to 9 April <strong>2021</strong><br />

as a virtual event. The trade show will feature more<br />

than 80 leading speakers as well as 200 international<br />

exhibitors and 400 buyers from India and South-<br />

East Asia. Segments include Leisure, Corporate<br />

and MICE. Among the exhibitors will be tourism<br />

organisations such as the German National Tourism<br />

Board, the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, the Korean<br />

Tourism Organization, the Sarawak Tourism Board,<br />

Visit Portugal and many more. Taking as its slogan<br />

“Rebuilding Travel“, the parallel <strong>ITB</strong> India Conference<br />

will focus on the tourism industry’s recovery.<br />

A little further out, <strong>ITB</strong> China and <strong>ITB</strong> Asia may be a<br />

little different. What are the plans for these shows<br />

as they stand today?<br />

Following a successful number of industry meet-ups<br />

in several Chinese cities last year, we are looking<br />

forward to the next regular edition of <strong>ITB</strong> China (24<br />

-16 Nov) this autumn. In October we are looking<br />

forward among other things to the next edition of<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> Asia in Singapore, set to take place from 27-29<br />

October. This is scheduled as a hybrid event, and<br />

will therefore offer fascinating content and business<br />

meetings for virtual and in-person visitors.<br />

What feedback have you had for <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> NOW?<br />

What made you particularly proud of this show?<br />

The feedback from both exhibitors and participants<br />

has been very good. I heard from all sides that industry<br />

colleagues had been longing to come together on a<br />

central travel industry platform. Now and again I<br />

Dr Martin Buck<br />

SVP, Travel & Logistics,<br />

Messe <strong>Berlin</strong> GmbH<br />

had heard talk of a family or school reunion. There<br />

is quite a bit of truth in that. We are all social beings.<br />

Even if we were unable to gather in person this year,<br />

a virtual meeting was still miles better than nothing<br />

at all. The fact that so many users felt the same was<br />





quite touching. At the same time, of course, we also<br />

heard many attendees saying quite clearly that a<br />

digital <strong>ITB</strong> can never replace the "real" one in <strong>Berlin</strong>.<br />

And if we're honest, that's exactly where we all want<br />

to be again: Hosting the world at the fair grounds of<br />

Messe <strong>Berlin</strong> in 2022!<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • WEDNESDAY 17 TH MARCH <strong>2021</strong> 13


© Per Pixel Petersson/imagebank.sweden.se<br />

Close to nature -<br />

Sweden named<br />

N°1 Sustainable<br />

Destination<br />

Exclusive Interview:<br />

Susanne Andersson,<br />

Interim CEO, Visit Sweden<br />


14 <strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • WEDNESDAY 17 TH MARCH <strong>2021</strong><br />



Sweden has just been named as "Number 1 Sustainable Destination in the world" by<br />

Euromonitor International. We asked Visit Sweden’s Interim CEO Susanne Andersson<br />

why she feels this honour was given to her country.<br />

To be recognised in this way is a huge<br />

encouragement and is mainly thanks to the<br />

engagement, commitment and passion of<br />

entrepreneurs throughout Sweden.<br />

made entirely of ice. And the nature extends<br />

into the centre of the major cities, where you<br />

can kayak, swim and cycle amid trees, granite<br />

outcrops and sparkling water.<br />

Hotel Riverton<br />

© Design Hotel Group<br />

In Sweden, we have a long and strong tradition of<br />

living close to nature, which naturally gives us a<br />

sustainable perspective and understanding, both<br />

individually and for businesses. 97% of Sweden is<br />

unpopulated, so social distancing comes easily.<br />

This may be the reason why Swedish hotels, tour<br />

and travel operators and transport companies<br />

today are offering a broad range of sustainable<br />

solutions, such as biofuel run and carbon dioxide<br />

compensated transport and eco-friendly hotels.<br />

To name a few examples.<br />

Gothenburg has been named as a European<br />

capital of smart tourism. Tell us a little bit about<br />

Gothenburg and why it is a model in this sense.<br />

As one of Europe’s leading foodie destinations,<br />

Gothenburg the second largest city of Sweden,<br />

is a vibrant gateway to our country for many<br />

visitors. It is the perfect ‘escape’ destination<br />

where culture, shopping and local cuisine will<br />

keep you busy. Still it’s a fantastic example of<br />

an easily accessible European city close to<br />

nature, striving to become even more digitally<br />

accessible, inclusive and sustainable.<br />

Gothenburg added this award to other accolades,<br />

being named the world’s Best Sustainable<br />

City Stay for <strong>2021</strong> by Lonely Planet, and it has<br />

held the top ranking in the Global Destinations<br />

Sustainability Index since 2016. With a regional<br />

climate target of being fossil-fuel independent by<br />

2030, Gothenburg was the first city in the world<br />

to issue Green Bonds to accelerate investment in<br />

climate-oriented solutions.<br />

The tourism industry needs to develop even<br />

more sustainable ways to take advantage of the<br />

growing tourism sector. This is an opportunity<br />

to go from smart to smarter and is especially<br />

important after the tough times experienced<br />

during 2020 with less tourism and fewer business<br />

opportunities.<br />

What else has Sweden been "pushing" this year<br />

at <strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> NOW?<br />

A study revealed some time ago that just 72 hours<br />

in Sweden’s nature reduces stress and increases<br />

individual wellbeing. This made us collect a<br />

sample of just a few of the incredible locations<br />

and accommodation experiences available that<br />

are well placed to make the most of Sweden’s<br />

freedom to roam, a principle, protected in law,<br />

that gives all people easy access to the nature.<br />

Sweden’s unique nature can be experienced<br />

from award-winning glamping sites, architectdesigned<br />

tree houses, and even luxurious rooms<br />

The freedom to roam also opens up Sweden’s<br />

natural gourmet pantry of wild food. It’s<br />

something we´re celebrating through our Edible<br />

Country project, 40 million hectares of fine do-ityourself<br />

dining.<br />

In Sweden, naturally healthy food can be found<br />

just around the corner – in our forests, lakes<br />

and meadows. In collaboration with Michelinstarred<br />

chefs, we have created inspirational<br />

menus featuring local produce to experience the<br />

Swedish pantry.<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NOW <strong>2021</strong><br />






What are your thoughts on this year's "virtual"<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> event?<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> <strong>Berlin</strong> NOW <strong>2021</strong> has been a great chance<br />

for us all to keep in touch with travel agents,<br />

journalists and influencers. We have noticed that<br />

we are digitally reaching new target groups even<br />

if can’t replace the “real” <strong>ITB</strong> in <strong>Berlin</strong> and all the<br />

face-to-face personal meetings we enjoy. Even if<br />

we need to get used to this new form of “digital”<br />

fairs, where we all develop our<br />

digital skills, we all long for times<br />

when we all can meet again in<br />

person<br />

VISIT<br />

B RA N D C A R D<br />

Nacka, Stockholm<br />

© Tina Axelsson/imagebank.sweden.se<br />

HOTELS<br />


Sweden consists mainly of<br />

smaller independent hotels and<br />

accommodation, who have been<br />

preparing themselves to be ready for<br />

visitors when the time is right. Hoteliers<br />

and entrepreneurs have been busy<br />

using this last year to develop new<br />

and exciting places to stay. Major new<br />

openings this year include:<br />

Villa Dagmar, a new boutique hotel opens on<br />

May 6th offering a hint of Italy in Stockholm's<br />

trendiest district. A beautiful, modern and<br />

creative home for the global traveller looking<br />

for a hotel with both heart and soul in a<br />

chic and affluent part of Stockholm, next to<br />

Östermalm's Market Hall.<br />

TEN Hotel is a new, affordable hotel for<br />

active travellers, a completely new hotel<br />

concept and opens in Upplands Väsby this<br />

spring. It offers every conceivable opportunity<br />

for a good night's sleep, having a strong<br />

focus on exercise, sports and health for the<br />

modern active traveller. Ten Hotel is a hotel<br />

concept based on a mix of personal and<br />

digital service, sustainable materials, design<br />

and environmentally friendly technology. The<br />

hotel offers a large, state-of-the-art 100 m 2<br />

gym with a sauna, and next to the hotel is<br />

a new paddle centre. It is also close to golf<br />

courses as well as trails for running, skiing<br />

and other leisure activities in the immediate<br />

area.<br />

New luxurious penthouse rooms at design<br />

Hotel Riverton (Opened Dec 2020). The<br />

family-owned design Hotel Riverton in central<br />

Gothenburg has finalised its extensive twoyear<br />

renovation to a value of 220 million SEK<br />

in December 2020. The hotel now boasts a<br />

new SPA and gym, a remarkable sky bar &<br />

restaurant and 24 brand new rooms, including<br />

five luxurious penthouse rooms each with its<br />

own terrace offering astonishing views of the<br />

harbour”<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • WEDNESDAY 17 TH MARCH <strong>2021</strong> 15


© Frederik Wissink - Zannier Hotels<br />



Elite travel trends<br />

Luxury hospitality sector grows in importance<br />

The luxury travel industry<br />

has emerged as one of the<br />

fastest growing sectors to<br />

contribute significantly to<br />

global economic growth<br />

and development. Growth<br />

in disposable income and<br />

increase in upper middle<br />

class expenditure has<br />

raised the demand for<br />

higher service standards.<br />

To whit, the concept of just<br />

what constitutes "luxury" -<br />

especially in the hotel field - is<br />

evolving rapidly. Connoisseur<br />

Circle has selected a few<br />

prime examples...<br />




Within the last decade, visionary<br />

Arnaud Zannier—heir to a shoe and<br />

textile empire as well as a passionate<br />

host—created a unique hotel group<br />

whose latest addition, the Bãi San<br />

Hô, opened in Vietnam in December<br />

2020. For the first time in the history<br />

of Zannier Hotels, guests can not<br />

only select among 71 villas (46 of<br />

which have a private pool), but they<br />

can also choose one of the 45 private<br />

residences as their own and stay<br />

for good. Zannier’s vision of luxury<br />

comes through in every detail: quiet<br />

rather than loud, authentic rather<br />

than ostentatious, and appreciative<br />

of the environment in which his<br />

properties are located. “I think I’m<br />

a visionary in search of simplicity<br />

and timelessness,” said Mr. Zannier<br />

to one of Connoisseur Circle’s<br />

reporters. www.zannierhotels.com<br />



“Luxury is dead,” asserts Bill Bensley,<br />

an internationally successful hotel<br />

designer and jack of all trades.<br />

For him, “luxury” stands for more<br />

than a traditional notion based on<br />

wealth and fashion trends. Bensley<br />

is pretty firm in his new definition<br />

of luxury: in his development of<br />

environmentally sustainable luxury<br />

resorts, in particular, he always<br />

focuses on protecting communities<br />

and the environment. A case in point<br />

is one of his masterpieces, the highend,<br />

not-for-profit glamping resort<br />

“Shinta Mani Wild” in Cambodia.<br />

The sole purpose of this resort is<br />

to preserve Cambodia’s Cardamom<br />

National Park, the last rainforest<br />

in Southeast Asia. Bensley's latest<br />

project has a similar mission: the<br />

proceeds of his newly discovered<br />

passion for painting will also benefit<br />

the Shinta Mani Foundation and the<br />

associated Wildlife Alliance, whose<br />

rangers protect the 865-hectare<br />

forest and fauna of the Bensley<br />

Collection—Shinta Mani Wild. This<br />

special project is very close to Bill<br />

Bensley’s heart, especially in these<br />

pandemic times.<br />

https://wild.bensleycollection.com/<br />

https://www.bensley.com/shop/<br />



Wellness, relaxation and authentic<br />

discoveries—these are the principles<br />

of the recently launched European<br />

hotel group Aethos. In 2020, the group<br />

opened Aethos Saragano in Umbria,<br />

Italy, and it has now expanded its<br />

portfolio to include a 17th-century<br />

palazzo, Aethos Corsica, scheduled<br />

to open in April <strong>2021</strong>. The group is<br />

also planning to open two more<br />

properties in Italy and Portugal.<br />

www.aethoshotels.com<br />

Learn more about the Connoisseur<br />

Circle: https://ccircle.cc/home/<br />






According to the latest figures<br />

published by Allied Market<br />

Research, the global luxury travel<br />

market size was valued at $945.6<br />

billion in 2019 and is expected<br />

grow at a CAGR of 11.1% during<br />

<strong>2021</strong>-2027.<br />

Travellers nowadays focus on<br />

experimenting with destinations<br />

to gain experience in terms<br />

of cultures, foods, and other<br />

experiences. To gain a valuable<br />

and unforgettable experience,<br />

people increasingly opt for<br />

unique trips, which include<br />

cultural visits, cruising, and<br />

adventure activities.<br />

© EliseHassey<br />

VISIT<br />

B RA N D C A R D<br />

16 <strong>ITB</strong> BERLIN NEWS • WEDNESDAY 17 TH MARCH <strong>2021</strong><br />





7 - 9 April <strong>2021</strong>, Virtual<br />

itb-india.com<br />

Book your virtual booth at<br />

<strong>ITB</strong> India <strong>2021</strong> Virtual!<br />

Enjoy value-added exposure with complimentary<br />

branding, advertising and thought leadership<br />

opportunities* (*for selected packages only)<br />

Contact us at exhibitor@itb-india.com




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3 co-located events in 3 days!<br />

27 - 29 October <strong>2021</strong>, Singapore<br />

Asia’s Leading Travel<br />

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<strong>ITB</strong> Asia is the largest and<br />

only hybrid show with<br />

>13,000 attendees from<br />

MICE, Leisure and Corporate<br />

Travel.<br />

itb-asia.com<br />

The Premier MICE<br />

Show in Asia<br />

MICE Show Asia is where<br />

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meetings and events<br />

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miceshowasia.com<br />

The Premier Travel<br />

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Travel Tech Asia is where<br />

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