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I will not be presenting my motion today and if I can have just one minute I’ll explain


Despite it being a subject that is very dear to my heart, as demonstrated by the fact that

I presented a similar motion back in December 2018, I am afraid that the looming threat

of the administration’s proposed amendment, which features a commitment for the

County Council to unleash the power of its own media to misrepresent me and my

views, is simply too much for me to be able to risk.

As Cllr Count knows, as I have had this conversation with him in the past, I am a

believer in collective responsibility. I do not agree with the political leadership of this

council, but I am very much part of this council, and proud to be. Councillors

campaigning for their respective parties before an election may say various things to

and about each other using the press and social media. That is very much the norm.

But for this council, this institution, to use its own media to misrepresent me would be

something completely else. It would mortify me. I cannot stand for this.

I hope this administration goes away and thinks about this bullying that it has engaged

in today. I hope it considers the wisdom of its dirty tricks, of putting words into women’s


It is therefore with more regret than I can possibly say that I am withdrawing this motion


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