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Dear reader,

First of all, let me warmly welcome you to our publication.

The Second Life Cycling Federation (SLCF) started its journey in February 2021, with

the purpose of developing cycling in Second Life. We aim to build a community of people

sharing the principles of sport in a healthy atmosphere. A fresh and original initiave that

we hope will attract sport fans in Second Life in the following months.

Our activity plans will include road racing, extending from closed circuit to open road

events (including stage races), but also velodrome, ciclo-cross and mountain biking

competitions. We intend to expand our activities slowly but steadily.

In order to reach our objectives, we shall remain in a collaborative and entrepeneur

engagement, working together with our athletes, associates and sponsors.

This magazine was created with the aim of displaying our activities to SL’s cycling

community. Having said that, in the name of the editorial team, I extend an invitation

to our readers to follow us in the road of this new biking adventure!

Cycling is our passion !


DESTINY sim 1-lap Time-trial Challenge

During all month, riders will have the opportunity to register their laps with the

automated time system at the road circuit on Destiny sim.

The best times will be awarded with cash prizes:

1st: 1,000 L$

2nd: 500 L$

3rd: 250 L$

Dare to try your biking skills on this amazing challenge ! Don't worry if you don't

have experience, it is very easy, we help you to get started and supply all cycling

equipment - FREE. Just get on that bike and race !

For more info: contact here or inworld – avatar’s name: BillJobs64

SL Cycling Federation Slurl:



A criterium, or crit, is a bike race consisting of several laps around a closed circuit, the

length of each lap or circuit ranging from about 400 m to 10,000 m

Race length can be determined by a number of laps or total time, in which case the

number of remaining laps is calculated as the race progresses. Generally the event's

duration (in RL commonly one hour) is shorter than that of a traditional road. However, the

average speed and intensity are appreciably higher. The winner is the first rider to cross the

finish line without having been "lapped".

Success in road criteriums requires a mix of good technical skills — in particular, the

ability to corner smoothly while holding the line on the road, as well as rapidly and sharply

— and riding safely with a large group on a short circuit and exceptional "sprint" ability to

attack other riders and repeatedly accelerate hard from corners.

Criteriums are relatively easy to organize, donot require a large amount of space, and are

good for live spectators as they allow them to see the riders pass by many times. They are

the most common type of bicycle racing.

SLCF criteriums usually do not last more tan 15 minutes, which we consider enough time

to establish differences between the riders contesting the race.

EAR Cycling Criterium

On March 3rd we have hosted the first big event at the SLCF, in association with the EAR

- Especialistas da Aeronáutica (Brazilian aeronautic specialists),

The race consisted of 10 laps on a 1 Km circuit, which makes a total 10 Km and got a nice

participation of 8 cyclists.

We witnessed the surprising win of a talented newcomer cyclist, Atomic Infinity, who

claimed a remarkable victory in front of the other favorites, also great riders, ggigante

Olivieri and "Sweetie" fofinhaprincess.

I EAR Criterium - Road - 10,18 Km (10 laps)


1. Atomic Infinity GBR 13’07” (46,567 Km/h)

2. ggigante Olivieri BRA at 23"

3. fofinhaprincess Resident BRA at 25"

4. Gaucha26 Resident BRA at 39"

5. Piex12 Resident BRA at 2'27" / at 1 lap

6. chandlerbrook Resident BRA at 1 lap

7. DonLeyRuan Residen BRA at 1 lap

8. zaninhatricks2 Resident BRA at 1 lap

Many thanks to all participants for an amazing race !!

EAR Cycling Criterium


As some of you already know we are developing a new prototype road bike - the

"ZEPHYR" - which has astonished on the tests as being extremely fast (two

seconds per lap on the Destiny sim circuit) but also with a more stable handling

on the curves. Our experienced professional riders have performed the testing

with "BJ Bike Computer" and concluded that the machine is faster not only in the

curves, but also in the straight lines and uphill sections. The bike has incorporated

the same control and engine scripts as the old model, with no modification at all,

so the explanation given by the experienced SL vehicle builder and fellow cyclist

Atomic Infinity is that our new build has a better performance due to its physics

constitution (perhaps with less contact with the road). All test drivers were very

excited with the new machine.


Picture by Atomic Infinity

Monday March 8th was a very special day. Our fellows at WUUDS ON club came with that

brilliant idea and sponsorship for a charming and endearing event. At the SLCF we have

been so proud and happy to have celebrated that homage to women through cycling sport!

We thank all participants for showing their effort and skills all through the 10Km of the


And we also thank the race promoters, Leon Brook and Lê Brook and the main sponsors

club WUUDS ON - its owner Karin Eebes - whom contributed with a total purse of 1.300 L$

which were all dedicated to cash prizes for the cyclists !

I Women’s Day Criterium - Road - 10,18 Km (10 laps)


1. Atomic Infinity GBR 12’46” (47,843 Km/h)

2. fofinhaprincess Resident BRA at 5"

3. Elise Zimerman NOR at 43"

4. Artemis Collazo BRA at 1 lap

5. KyaraEyre Resident BRA

6. lNesye Resident POR

For more info here is an interesting article published on the SL Newser Blog:


Pictures by Atomic Infinity

On Friday 12th we received the visit of the Fuzileiros (Brazilian Marine Corps), whom came

for a training session as preparation for their race on Wednesday 17th. Those brave

military have proved they are in good shape! We even organized a two-lap training race,

which got the following results:

1. Atomic Infinity GBR

2. JubaoPorradeiro Resident BRA

3. FelipeFelix Pearl BRA

4. Wolgast Resident BRA

5. Artemis Collazo BRA

6. 197642az Resident BRA

7. FrederichStein Resident BRA

8. UAF Finchy BRA

9. bibygirl Resident BRA

Many thanks to all participants ! Obrigado a todos !


Sponsored by Underground store, on March 14th our Sunday criterium got a select bunch

of professional riders competing for a total purse of 1.500 L$ in gift cards for the store.

Le Sweetie has won an incredible victory in front of Claire (Atomic Infinity) by only two

seconds! An electrifying race !

We thank all participants in the event


1. fofinhaprincess Resident BRA 12’44” (47,969 Km/h)

2. Atomic Infinity GBR at 2"

3. Elise Zimerman NOR at 27"

4. ggigante Olivieri BRA at 28"

5. chandlerbrook Resident BRA at 1'10"

6. xDomAlejandrox Resident BRA a 1 lap

7. BillJobs64 Resident ESP at 1 lap


CFN - Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais (Brazilian Marine Corps - lit. '"Corps of naval riflemen"') is

the land combat branch and amphibious branch of the Brazilian Navy. The Corps is

specialised in amphibious warfare, coastal reconnaissance, unconventional warfare,

guerrilla warfare, raids, maritime interdiction and boarding operations.

On 17th March several military from the CFN joined the SLCF professional riders in an

astounding event which saw the participation of 15 cyclists (a record for the SLCF).

Due to the high level of participation and consequent lag, two classification legs had to be

organized, the first four riders on each leg going to the final.

Leading since the very start of the final race, British rider Atomic Infinity (Claire) was

closely followed by Lê Brook (fofinhaprincess). But just after completing the 7th lap,

Atomic had a brad crash, which gave the victory to the Brazilian cyclist.

The CFN officer Joao Porradeiro has been the revelation of the race, obtaining second

place, only 15 seconds away from the winner. The brave cyclist Olivieri finally got the 3rd

place on the podium.

All participants have received a special edition "Camouflage" bike from BJ Bikes store. The

first three got an amazing cash money prize of 500-300-200 L$, sponsored by the CFN.

Our sponsor Underground store awarded the riders with a big prize of 1,500 L$ in gift


In the name of the SLCF I wish to express my gratitude to the CFN, to all Fuzileiros and

pro cyclists who took part in the race, to our sponsor Underground, but specially to Admiral

Felipe Felix and my friend Olivieri Olivieri, who were the persons that allowed the

organization of this amazing race.

I Fuzileiros Criterium results

1st LEG – 5 laps (5,09 Km)

1. Atomic Infinity GBR 6’22” (47,969 Km/h)

2. FelipeFelix Pearl BRA at 23"

3. Elise Zimerman NOR s.t.

4. ggigante Olivieri BRA at 24"

5. FrederichStein Resident BRA at 36"

6. Dex Chiuh BRA at 1'03"

2nd LEG – 5 laps (5,09 Km)

1. fofinhaprincess Resident BRA 6’18” (48,476 Km/h)

2. JubaoPorradeiro Resident BRA at 10"

3. Wolgast Resident BRA at 46"

4. Artemis Collazo BRA at 1'07"

5. chandlerbrook Resident BRA at 1'14"

6. bibygirl Resident BRA at 1 lap

7. Jany Trill BRA at 1 lap

8. UAF Finchy BRA at 1 lap

FINAL RACE – 10 laps (10,18 Km)

1. fofinhaprincess Resident BRA 12’59” (47,045 Km/h)

2. JubaoPorradeiro Resident BRA at 15"

3. gigante Olivieri BRA at 24"

4. Elise Zimerman NOR at 29"

5. FelipeFelix Pearl BRA at 38"

6. Wolgast Resident BRA at 1'00"

7. Artemis Collazo BRA at 1 lap

8. Atomic Infinity GBR at 2 laps


Megastore for over 8 years at secondlife, offering residents the best outfits

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Hunting and Lucky Chair.





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