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Innovative Lawyers 2021

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Lawyers Worldwide Awards Magazine

Innovative Lawyers 2021



Overall Tax Law Firm of the Year – Belgium

Baker McKenzie

Your Arbitration Specialists

Basilio Advogados

Commercial Arbitration Law Firm of the Year – Brazil

bestadvice Vermögenstreuhand GmbH

Asset Protection Planning Advisory Firm of the Year – Germany

Boddy Matthews Solicitors

Employment & Labour Law Firm of the Year – UK

BST Studio Legale

Criminal Law Firm of the Year - Italy

Camden Associates

Mid-Market Investment Advisory Boutique Firm of the Year – UK

Carroll Burdick

Product Liability Law Firm of the Year - Asia


Boutique Law Firm of the Year – Argentina

Claude Jiang

Project Finance Law Firm of the Year - China

Deep & Far

Intellectual Property Law Firm of the Year – Taiwan

Desai & Diwanji

Infrastructure Finance Law Firm of the Year – India

Dr Wieland Groth

Patent Attorney of the Year - Germany

Dreyfus & Associes

Trademarks Law Firm of the Year – France

Esquivel Advogados

Government Contracts Law Firm of the Year – Portugal

Fehn Legal

Medical Law Firm of the Year - Germany

Institut für Life & Wealth Balance

Financial Planning Advisory Firm of the Year – Germany

KPMG Abogados, S.L.P.

Litigation Law Firm of the Year - Spain

Law Office of Ramni Taneja

Constitutional Law Firm of the Year – India

Meilin International Law Firm

Wealth Management Law Firm of the Year – Japan

MK Legal Law Firm

Corporate Tax Law Firm of the Year - Greece

PRK Partners s.r.o. attorneys at law

Banking & Finance Law Firm of the Year – Czech Republic

Rich IP & Co

Patent & Trademark Law Firm of the Year - Taiwan

Sydney Criminal Lawyers

Criminal Defense Law Firm of the Year – Australia

Thinx S.r.l

Industrial Property Law Firm of the Year - Italy

Asset Protection Planning Advisory Firm of the Year –


bestadvice Private Vermögen GmbH was founded in 2001 by Marion Köbler and Thomas

Neumann as an independent fee-based consultancy. After their training and a few more years of

professional experience at Munich banks as well as intensive further training, the two wanted to

advise and support their clients in the new law firm on property issues independently and free of

product and commission constraints. With its transparent and client-friendly fee concept, bestadvice

was one of the pioneers in investment advice in the year it was founded. Since the company's

existence, the principle has been that the client decides which advisory service he wants to use and

how intensively he wants the service in financial matters. He always only pays for what he has


Since bestadvice was founded, the primary goal of advice and asset management has been to

preserve values over generations. Due to the demand from clients, the range of services has

gradually expanded over the years. Today, the offer for clients ranges from advice and total asset

management to foundation management and the execution of wills. Bestadvice's services are

especially tailored to the target groups of active entrepreneurs, silver heroes and golden ladies.

Practice Areas:

Asset Protection Planning

Asset Structuring Advice

Estate Succession Planning

At bestadvice, the client decides which advisory services he wants to use and how intensively he

wants to make use of our services relating to property and beyond.

Fee consulting has been part of the bestadvice range of services since the company was founded.

He always only pays us what he orders. We give a satisfaction and fairness guarantee.

Each client pays the same price for the same services.

Our range of services consists of three modules, which are calculated depending on the intensity of

the advice and the use of the service. We are happy to implement the individual and tailor-made

financial planning developed in the consultation for our customers, including taking on long-term

overall asset management. But of course, the advisory customer is free to take over the asset

management, which is provided by the sister company bestadvice Vermögenstreuhand GmbH, in

accordance with the financial planning.

With a long-term full service for asset management, clients can really allow themselves the time for

things that are at least as important to them as asset matters.

Contact Details:

bestadvice Private Vermögen GmbH.

Phone. +49 (89) 90 04 90-0.

Fax. +49 (89) 90 04 90-99.

Mid-Market Investment Advisory Boutique Firm of the Year


Camden is a corporate finance house with a particular specialty in international financing

and a special emphasis on the following sectors: biotech, tech, real estate as well as junior

mining and exploration companies.

Camden have built very successful relationships in various market sectors, which include

Mining, Tech and Biotech.

Contact Details:

Camden Associates Ltd.

27 Hill Street

London W1J 5LP

Tel.: +44 207 290 9812

Practice Areas:

Listed Companies

Private Companies

Private Placements

Secondary Issues

Private Equity

Mining Advisory Services

Cleantech and Renewables

Internet & e-Commerce

Healthcare & Biotech


Real Estate

Intellectual Property Law Firm of the Year – Taiwan

Deep & Far attorneys-at-law was founded in 1992 and is dealing with all phases of laws with a focus

on the practice in separate or in combination of all aspects of intellectual property rights (IPRs)

including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, unfair competition, and/or licensing,

counselling, litigation and/or transaction thereof.

Yu-Li Tsai: Partner & Patent Attorney

Practice area/industry focus: Intellectual Property, Unfair Competition, Litigation

Career highlights: Mr Tsai is a patent attorney who holds a degree from the Department of Electrical

Engineering and Master’s degree from the Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering, both

awarded from the National Taiwan University.

His practice covers patents, trademarks, copyright, trade secrets, unfair competition, licensing and


Mr Tsai also studied and gained a Master’s degree from the Law School, University of New Hampshire,

also known as Franklin Pierce Centre for Intellectual Property. Upon graduation, he worked for

InterDigital, Inc. in Delaware for a short period and later studied and passed the US Patent

Registration Examination.

The patent attorneys and patent engineers in Deep & Far normally hold outstanding and advanced

degrees and are generally graduated from the top five universities in this country. Our prominent

staffs are dedicated to provide the best quality service in IPRs in this country. As a proof, about one

half of top 100 incorporations in this country have experiences of seeking patented their techniques,

but more than one fifth of the top 100 incorporations has ever used services of this firm. Furthermore,

Hi-Tech companies in the science-based industrial park located at Hsin Chu had ever played the

most important role in booming the economy of this country. About one half of them has experiences

in seeking patented their techniques, and out of more than 60% of the patent-experienced

companies in that park have ever entrusted their IPR works to this firm. Certainly, we must also

represent international giants, e.g. InterDigital, MPS, Schott Glas, Toyo Ink, Motorola, Armani…

It is our philosophy to provide competent legal services that other firm cannot comparably provide.

The necessitated ensuing problem is how we can so provide? Deep & Far so achieve by selecting,

edifying and nurturing peoples who have the following personalities: learned in expertise, morally

earnest and sincerely behaved in mind and strictly disciplined between give and take. It is wellbelieved

that such properties are key factors for peoples to properly and competently behave


Deep & Far (D&F) is willing to take challenges to prove that it is the best IP firm, and to verify its

supreme competence by e.g.:

1) Sending to D&F a pending or granted patent for its comments about how it can improve the


2) Sending to D&F a pending patent specification without the claims for it to draft the claims for

comparison with the original claims; or

3) Sending to D&F and the firm the client is currently using at the same time an initial disclosure so

that the client can compare and find out where better claims are.

Deep & Far assures the clients that no competitors can escape from the patent rights D&F safeguards

for the clients at reasonable service fees.

Because the tough economic downturn we are encountering in Taiwan, we are also encountering

severe price competition. This situation also leads to that there are too many poor quality patents

being granted because most enterprises do not have proper knowledge of the importance of patents.

For example, they might only want to spend lower cost to file a patent application without

considering the quality, or could not be alerted timely that narrow claims can protect their products

of the current version only although there are reduced fees in responding to office actions. Therefore,

the patent agents or firms of the enterprises sometimes cannot help but sacrificing the quality to keep

profits under the limited budgets of the clients. Under such social environment, it is very hard to

anticipate that the clients have strong patents, or the patent firms or attorneys can nurture the ability

of drafting wonderful scope of the claims.

Accordingly, it will not be surprised to find that there are some patent firms which cannot provide

competent services but offer extreme low price to attract clients only caring about the price of filing

a patent. This does also explain that there are poor quality patents being granted

We persist in providing quality service rather than participating into the price war because we believe

the Client will finally find the quality is the most important thing for intellectual property. If you

sacrifice the quality and surrender to the price, you actually get negative return because .a poor

quality IP is valueless. We did suffer a little last year in view of the reduced local generated works,

but we see the situation began to change this year.

This firm is used to focusing on IPR, and takes deliberate steps to practice in all fields of law. In recent

year, we make progress in either general civil law, business law or criminal law fields.

Contact Details

13th Fl., 27 Sec. 3, Chung San N. Rd., Taipei 104, Taiwan, R.O.C.

': 886-2-25856688

7: 886-2-25989900/25978989


Claude Jiang

Project Finance Lawyer of the Year – ASEAN Countries

Claude Jiang has dedicated his focus to project finance since he joined King &

Wood Mallesons in 2007 and continued in this area after he joined Shearman &

Sterling in 2011 and has accumulated in total more than 14 years of experience in

project development and project financing with regional experiences across Asia,

Middle East, and Africa. Claude represents many of the world’s leading

corporations, financial institutions in working on ground-breaking and precedentsetting

matters by providing commercial advice to assist our clients in achieving

their ambitions. Claude has worked on various multibillion US dollar financings for

commercial banks, ECAs and multilaterals. He has also represented sponsors on

the development of various large-scale international projects in different

jurisdictions in industries including power, telecom, mining and oil and gas.

Claude is one of those few lawyers who has extensive first-hand project financing

experiences and fluent in Chinese and understands the Asian culture generally.

This proves to be extremely helpful in the emerging ASEAN market where the

projects are usually developed and financed based on typical international

standard, but also involve significant Chinese investments or other Asian

influences. Claude provides significant value to his clients in filling the gap

between different cultures, streamlining understandings between different parties

and smoothen the process of commercial negotiations generally.

Claude also appreciates commercial intentions of the parties and use innovative

approaches to facilitate the consummation of transactions to overcome potential

legal or regulatory obstacles projects may facing. He believes that it is more

important to align the interest of the various parties in a commercial transaction

than just furthering the instruction of one party, and this helped several more

difficult/unusual projects to proceed.

Claude’s recent experiences include:

• China Telecom Corporation on its Philippines third telecom license

project including its concession bidding and EPC arrangements and

subsequent project financing

• Shanghai Electrics in its proposed investment in and the financing of

a 660 MW mine-mouth coal fired power plant at Thar Block I, Sindh

Province of Pakistan

• a consortium of lenders including BOC, CEXIM, CDB, CMBC, ABC,

CCB and ICBC in the financing to the 1200 MW coal-fired Nam Dinh 1 IPP

in northern Vietnam sponsored by ACWA

• a consortium of lenders including IFC, ADB, KEXIM, OPEC Fund for

International Development and Korea Development Bank in relation to the

development and financing of the Upper Trishuli 216 MW domestic

hydroelectric power project in Nepal

• a consortium of lenders including China EXIM, CDB, SRF and IFC in

the US$1.792 billion financing to the Karot Hydro project, which is the

largest hydro project to date in Pakistan at the time it was financed

• a consortium of lenders including KfW, SCB, Riyad Bank, BSF and

Apicorp supporting ACWA’s development and financing of Al Dur 2 IWPP

with a 1500MW natural gas fired power facility and a 50 MIGD desalination

facility in Bahrain

• the Note Purchasers and Commercial Lenders on the bond and loan

mixed refinancing to the 250,000m3 per day high efficiency desalination

facility and electricity transmission interconnection facilities of the Shuaibah

Two Water Development Project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

• a consortium of lenders including EBRD, IFC and ICBC in the

financing of a 485 MW gas/distillate -fired power plant in Jordan

• Lenders in relation to the Salalah II 445 MW gas-fired independent

power project (IPP) in the Dhofar region of the Sultanate of Oman

constructed by Shandong Electric Power Construction Corporation III

This last year has not been the year anyone expected, but we have acted boldly

and decisively to strengthen the Firm and its financial position for the long

term. We are continuing to serve our clients in the face of unprecedented

circumstances, while protecting our people. We will continue to realize our

Firm’s full potential. The important steps we have taken over the last year

ensure that the Firm is in the best possible position for the future. Our strategy

has given us great momentum heading into 2021.

Contact Details:

Claude Jiang

05-11, 8 Keng Chin Road



+65 6230 3835

Criminal Defence Law Firm of the Year – Australia

Sydney Criminal Lawyers has been operating for over 20 years and we specialise in criminal defence, mainly

serious crime such as drug supply, murder, white collar crimes, assaults, bail applications, attending the Local

Courts, District Courts and Supreme Court on a regular basis.

They are a law firm specialising in criminal defence.

Sydney Criminal Lawyers key features:

1. Proven Track Record of Exceptional Results

• Sydney Criminal Lawyers® consistently achieves outcomes which are in the highest percentile of the

Judicial Commission’s sentencing statistics for criminal cases.

• Our legal team devises effective case-strategies and fights hard to have cases dropped entirely or

charges downgraded – saving clients the time, expense and stress of a defended hearing or jury trial.

• Where cases nevertheless proceed, our lawyers have an outstanding track record of winning

defended Local Court hearings, and complex jury trials in the District and Supreme Courts.

• We also consistently win appeals in the District and Supreme Courts (including the NSWCCA) after

clients have received unsatisfactory results with other law firms in the lower courts. We are one of the few

firms to achieve successful criminal law appeals in the High Court of Australia.

• Where our clients wish to plead guilty, we frequently achieve ‘dismissals’ and ‘non convictions’ in

cases where other lawyers have advised there is no chance of doing so.

2. Highest Level of Client Satisfaction

• We have the best and most comprehensive client review record of any law firm in Australia.

• Regular communication, accessibility and quality service are our team’s highest priorities.

• We are committed to thoroughly explaining all steps involved in the criminal law process, providing

regular updates throughout the proceedings, and making ourselves accessible and responsive.

• We are passionate about providing an exceptional level of service to our clients, and we fight hard

to achieve optimal results in the shortest period of time.

3. Australia’s Most Awarded Criminal Law Firm

• We have received more awards and accolades than any other criminal law firm in Australia. Our

team has been awarded “Criminal Defence Firm of the Year in Australia” in a number of prestigious and

competitive awards programs for several years running.

• The awards recognise our exceptional track record of results, our outstanding client service, the high

level of satisfaction we achieve, the affordability of our services and our overall excellence.

4. Fixed Fees

• We want our clients to know exactly how much their cases will cost from the very start. That’s why

we were the first criminal law firm in Australia to publish ‘fixed fees’, back in 2004.

• We offer fixed fees for most types of criminal cases and services. Our fixed fees apply to a range of

Local Court cases such as drink driving, drug possession, fraud, common assault and AVOs, and also specific

services such as prison visits, bail applications, appeals and defended hearings.

• Unlike many other law firms, our fixed fees are published on our website – which ensures

transparency and certainty.

5. Free First Appointment

• For those who are going to court, we offer a free first conference of up to an hour with one of our

Senior Criminal Defence Lawyers.

• We also offer a free first conference to those who have received an unsatisfactory result after being

represented in court by another law firm, or after representing themselves, and wish to appeal.

6. Specialist Lawyer Guarantee

• We guarantee that only lawyers with substantial criminal defence experience will work on your case

and appear for you in court.

• This ensures our clients receive the highest quality representation from an experienced, specialist

criminal lawyer.

7. All NSW Courts

• From Bombala to Broken Hill, our lawyers appear in courts throughout New South Wales – and

across Australia for Commonwealth cases.

• And we offer fixed fees for most criminal and traffic law cases throughout the state.

8. Accredited Specialists

• Our entire firm is exclusively dedicated to criminal law – which makes us true specialists.

• All of our lawyers have years of experience representing clients in criminal cases, and our principal

has been certified by the Law Society of NSW as an Accredited Criminal Law Specialist since 2005.

• An ‘Accredited Specialist’ is a lawyer who has practised for at least 5 years in a particular field of law

(such as criminal law), has passed a rigorous assessment process conducted by the Law Society of NSW, and

has been selected by the Specialist Accreditation Committee of the Law Society as an expert in the field.

• Accredited Specialists are required to undertake more training each year than other lawyers and

must be successful in having their accreditation renewed every year. Specialist Accreditation is the mark of a

true specialist.

• Our firm’s specialist experience ensures you receive the best possible result, whatever your criminal

law case may be.

9. Results-Focused Law Firm

• Our team is passionate about achieving results, and unlike many other law firms, our lawyers do not

have monthly financial ‘budgets’ to meet.

• The absence of budgets means our lawyers are entirely focused on achieving optimal results in the

shortest space of time; whether by getting charges dropped or downgraded at an early stage or having cases

‘thrown out of court’.

• Not having budgets also means our lawyers are not under pressure to engage in unscrupulous

practices such as unnecessarily adjourning cases or ‘overcharging’ clients – which, sadly, is a common

complaint against many other lawyers and law firms.

• No budgets encourages regular consultation between lawyers within the firm – promoting an ‘open

door’, team environment where lawyers bounce ideas off one another, formulate case strategy together and

benefit from each other’s specialised experience, methods, techniques and insights.

• The result is a firm which delivers optimal outcomes in the shortest time periods, at the least expense

and stress to our clients.

10. Team of Lawyers Behind You

• Our clients benefit from the pool of knowledge that only an extensive team of experienced criminal

defence lawyers can provide.

• Our lawyers regularly consult one another to stay ‘ahead of the pack’ in the ever-changing field of

criminal law – constantly devising, refining and implementing specialised techniques which ensure our clients

achieve the best possible outcomes.

• A team approach is particularly important when it comes to serious criminal cases such as murder,

commercial drug cases, serious and sexual assaults, large-scale fraud, robbery and other ‘indictable’ cases.

• In such matters, clients reap the benefits of several lawyers devising and executing case strategies

which maximise the chances of having cases dropped or downgraded at an early stage, or ‘thrown out of

court’ – often saving clients a great deal of cost, time and anxiety.

11. Familiar with Magistrates and Judges

• Each of our lawyers appears in court on a daily basis, and has done so for years. We have therefore

been able to develop an understanding of, and rapport with, magistrates and judges in Sydney and indeed

across the state.

• Our team’s extensive experience before the courts ensures your case is tailored to the specific nuances

of individual judicial officers, maximising the likelihood of a favourable result.

12. Convenience

• We have offices in locations across the Sydney Metropolitan Area and beyond, including:

Sydney CBD, Castlereagh Street, opposite Downing Centre Court,

Liverpool, directly opposite Liverpool Local Court, and

Parramatta, near the justice precinct.

• We offer free parking at our Sydney CBD and Liverpool locations, and all of our offices are close to

train stations and bus terminals.

Contact Details:

Our contact details are as follows

Address: 503/267 Castlereagh Street Sydney NSW 2000, Australia



Phone: +61 2 9261 8881

Your Insurance Arbitration Specialists

Prof. Dr. Joachim Frick is a partner at Baker & McKenzie and admitted to the bars of Switzerland

and New York. He graduated from the University of Zurich (lic. iur, Dr. iur.) and Yale Law School

(LL.M., J.S.D). After practicing with Baker & McKenzie in Taipei and Chicago, he in 1997 returned to

Baker & McKenzie in Zurich and became a partner in 2001. He is admitted to practice in Switzerland

and, in addition, has passed the New York Bar exam.

Joachim specializes in commercial litigation and arbitration and has acted as party counsel in various

Swiss and international arbitration proceedings under Swiss, ICC, ad hoc and other arbitration rules.

He regularly represents clients in particular in corporate, post m&a, liability, insurance and

distributorship disputes and advises in litigious and non-litigious insurance/reinsurance matters.

In addition to being a practicing lawyer, he regularly teaches as professor of law (Titularprofessor) at

the University of Zurich and is a lecturer in a number of graduate programs. He was repeatedly

named leading attorney in insurance and reinsurance matters by specialized publications.

Joachim's practice combines disputes and arbitration work with a strong expertise in post m&a and

insurance matters. Given the global reach of Baker McKenzie with more than 70 offices around the

world, Joachim's clients often have an international or foreign background.

In particular in Financial Services and other regulatory matters, the international firm Baker

McKenzie allows to conduct multijurisdictional surveys on a global basis.

While we cannot disclose client names, Joachim Frick regularly advises major Swiss and international

financial institutions (banks, insurers, brokers, etc.) on regulatory matters. Also, Joachim Frick

regularly represents foreign corporate clients in arbitration proceedings with seat of arbitration in

Switzerland and/or governed under Swiss law.

Contact Details:

Joachim Frick

Prof. Dr., LL.M./J.S.D.

Baker & McKenzie Zurich

Holbeinstrasse 30, P.O. Box

8034 Zürich, Switzerland

Tel: +41 44 384 14 14

Fax: +41 44 384 12 84

Direct: +41 44 384 12 31


Product Liability Law Firm of the Year –


A leader in global litigation management, Carroll Burdick has over 60 lawyers on three

continents, speaking more than 16 languages including German, English, Mandarin Chinese,

French, Latvian, Romanian, Russian and Spanish, with over 20 percent of the firm’s lawyers

having legal educations in two or more countries. This unparalleled experience provides the

cultural insights necessary for effectively working with international clients to meet their

business goals.

Founded in 1948 by three highly respected San Francisco lawyers—Jack Dale Burdick, Francis

Carroll and Richard McDonough—Carroll, Burdick & McDonough LLP has enjoyed a stellar

reputation for providing legal excellence, creativity, intellectual aggressiveness, and client

confidence for over 65 years.

Practice Areas:


Class Action

Commercial & Business Litigation

Construction Litigation

Consumer Litigation Defence

Corporate, Finance & Commercial


Emerging Companies & Venture


Employment Litigation

Financial Institution Practice

Food and Beverage Litigation

German Practice

Insurance Coverage Litigation

Intellectual Property

Media & Entertainment Law

Mergers & Acquisitions

Patent and Intellectual Property


Pharmaceutical & Medical Device


Privacy and Data Security

Products Liability

Real Estate

Renewable Energy


International Business

Mass Tort Litigation


David Goh, managing partner at its Asia practice, has significant experience in large, complex and

international commercial disputes, with particular emphasis on corporate issues and product liability

matters. He also advises clients on regulatory matters, compliance, and anti-bribery/corruption cases,

including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Bribery Act. His experience includes leading

or coordinating investigations on behalf of both corporations and regulators, as well as advising or

acting in the defence of any prosecutions.

In his more recent roles in senior management at various multinational corporations, Mr Goh

developed significant experience in handling corporate and commercial matters, in particular, M&A

transactions across the Asia Pacific region. He has developed proven methodologies in assisting

companies to coordinate and manage their in-house and external legal service and continues to be

consulted on such matters.

“Some cases carry more strategic weight than others. When your markets are threatened, when your

business model is under pressure, when your operations are attracting lawsuits, then legal matters

are no longer just about favourable results—it’s about your company’s core mission. At Carroll

Burdick, we’re known for helping companies with matters of strategic value.”

Contact Details

David Goh


Suite 5904, 59/F

Central Plaza

18 Harbour Road

Wan Chai

Hong Kong SAR

Tel: +852.2511.1040


Wealth Management Law firm of the Year – Japan

Masatoshi Tanaka is an Attorney at Law (registered in 1999), Patent Attorney (registered

in 2001), Managing Partner/ Founder of Meilin International Law Firm

Expertise: Cross-Border Investment, Intellectual Property, Contracts, M&A, Corporate. Have

extensive experiences of International Arbitrations and Cross-Border Disputes.

I have been practicing on international business-related matters and providing full-legal

services to approximately 200 companies including public companies each year.

Meilin International Law Firm has its main office in Fukuoka, Japan with other domestic

branch offices in Tokyo and Nagoya, overseas in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, and

Vietnam. We are available in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Vietnamese.

With regard to businesses between Asia, EU, USA and Japan, we provide a wide range of

full-service to companies on, including but not limited to, cross-border disputes resolution

and business expansions.

Established in Fukuoka, Japan in 2010. Currently we have 22 lawyers in our firm.

Areas of Expertise:

Corporate: Contracts, Start-ups, Support for Structure of Internal Control and Compliance,

Business Consulting, Finance, IPO and Capital Markets, M&A, Labor and Employment,

Debt Collections, Tax, Entertainment and Sports, Antitrust, Corporate Crises Management,

Restructuring, Insolvency, Venture

International Matters: Research on Overseas Laws and Regulations, International business

expansion consulting, Contracts, Comply with Administrative Agency, Cross-Border M&A,

International Litigation

Intellectual Property: IP Prosecution, Drafting and Negotiation for IP Agreements,

Protection of Trade Secret, Dispute Resolution, Strategic Exploitation

For Individual: Inheritance and Will, Wealth Management, Traffic Accident, Divorce and

other Family Law Matters, Parent-Child Relationship, Real Estate and Construction-related

disputes, Medical Malpractice, Debt-related disputes, Consumer Law, Labor and

Employment, Workers’ Compensation, Insurance claim, Criminal Cases and Juvenile Cases.

We are proud of our professional teams specialized in each practice area to deliver highskilled

legal services such as on International Business Legal issues, Contracts, Incorporation,

Intellectual Property, M&A, Corporate and Individual Asset Management.

We have been delivering premier quality legal services for the large enterprises and public

companies in Japan, EU, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam and Singapore in relation to

international business issues.

We are eager to expand and improve our overseas branch offices as well as our domestic

offices, and based on delivering legal services by introducing IT, we are willing to improve

our legal services with a wide range of our expertise and geographical coverage as well.

Additionally, We are targeting to successfully resolve diverse legal needs mainly in the

areas of Content Business (Content Marketing), Business related to AI, Big Data Use

Business and Intellectual Property.

We have grown significantly and passionately to deepen our knowledge and expertise. We

are here for our clients to deliver truly reliable services for their businesses in Japan and

other countries as well.

Contact Details:

Meilin International Law Firm

Address: Tenjin Twin Building 7F,

1-6-8 Tenjin Chuo-ku, Fukuoka JAPAN

TEL: +81 92-736-1550

FAX: +81 92-736-1560



Criminal Law Firm of the Year – Italy

The law firm provides legal assistance in criminal matters all over the Italian territory, also

making use of a capillary and established network of correspondents, as well as through

the support of technical expertise.

It actively participates and collaborates in judicial activities forward the judicial authorities

of foreign countries, Europe and beyond.

The competence of the law firm is mainly focused on commercial criminal law (corporate

crimes, financial crimes and bankruptcy), environmental criminal law, crimes against

property, Public Administration crimes, medical professional negligence, job security,

intellectual property crimes and related crimes.

The main purpose of legal advice on criminal law given to private citizens, public entities

and firms concerns the risk management related to the activity of the criminal enterprise,

in the several field of economic criminal law.

The law firm offers, systematically, advice and assistance regarding ‘Corporate

administrative liability’ (D.lgs 231/01), prevention of accidents, environmental protection,

‘Voluntary Disclosure’ and ‘privacy’.

The law firm provides legal assistance in criminal matters regarding the criminal risk

management, focusing on the legislative updating and the fulfillment of the legal


The firm organizes and provides training courses in criminal matters (about substantial and

procedural rules) with a focus on economic criminal law. On demand of customers, they

can be arranged seminars addressed to the management or technical operators.

It is a member of INDICAM (Istituto di Contromarca per la lotta alla contraffazione –

institution against counterfeiting) and it is registered since 2004 with the American

Chamber of Commerce in Milan.

Mario Brusa, Sergio Spagnolo, Paolo Tosoni and Mauro Carelli, criminal lawyers members

of the Milan Bar, carry out their professional activities within the associated Law Firm

“Studio Legale Associato Brusa Spagnolo Tosoni Carelli”, established in 2001.

The competences of the law firm include judicial and extrajudicial activities, mainly

focusing on commercial criminal law, with particular specialization in corporate crimes (i.e.

white-collar crimes, corporate crimes, financial crimes and bankruptcy), environmental

crimes, intellectual property crimes and related crimes, Public Administration crimes,

culpable crimes and medical professional negligence.

Practice Areas:

Criminal law

Financial and Corporate crimes

Public Administration crimes

Intellectual property crimes

Culpable crimes related to professional negligence (i.e. medical liability)

Work accidents

Corporate administrative liability

Environmental legislation

Privacy violation and protection of sensitive data crimes

The firm has taken part to the International Prize Le Fonti, winning the award Boutique of

the Year in Criminal Law with the following reason: “the ability to grant a rigorous and

timely advice, especially in business criminal law”.

Contact Details:

Studio Legale Brusa Spagnolo Tosoni Carelli

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Trademarks Law Firm of the Year – France

Dreyfus & associes was created by Nathalie Dreyfus in May 2004 to meet the vital needs of

companies to protect, enhance, and defend their trademarks and other intellectual property rights


The firm is structured to support companies with the full range of their Intellectual Property issues.

It does so with listening, communication, responsiveness, and flexibility, all while providing the most

up-to-date expertise, particularly on international trademark and new technology legal issues.

Considered for many years as one of the best French patent attorneys, Dreyfus & associés has

received numerous awards both in France and internationally.

The company has been growing steadily since its creation. The seriousness, rigor and dynamism of its

team as well as the firm’s extensive technical resources ensure rigorous follow-up and a very good

knowledge of the files. Each member of the firm shares the same passion and a high level of


Most notably, Dreyfus has created the Internet platform "Dreyfus IPweb", an intuitive and

interactive software tool. The purpose of this platform is to consolidate and synthesize all the

information we make available to our clients, both from a management and monitoring point of

view for the services provided and from an administrative point of view.

The firm's major asset is its global approach to issues. The firm embraces topics related to both the

Internet and new technologies in trademark law issues. The firm has a complete vision of

Intellectual Property, and thus implements pragmatic strategies adapted to meet current and

future challenges, taking into account issues relating to both the real and virtual worlds. Dreyfus is

the perfect firm for companies seeking to develop and defend their brands in the era of digital


Dreyfus offers daily portfolio management that matches each client’s individual needs. Our experts

promptly answer all questions relating to a file in a detailed and reasoned manner.

In addition to this regular monitoring, we also keep our customers informed in writing of any results

arising from the monitoring of their trademarks and domain names. Our objective is to adopt a

strategy adapted to the client’s particular situation and protecting their best interests.

Many changes have taken place in the company that are linked to current issues: budgets are

limited, which has led us to invest in technologies. That is why Dreyfus developed the Internet

platform "Dreyfus IPweb", an intuitive and interactive software tool. The purpose of this platform is

to consolidate and synthesize all the information we make available to our clients, both in terms of

management and monitoring of the services provided, and from an administrative point of view.

This tool allows us to adapt to changes in the environment in which we work by reducing the

number of calls with our clients yet still work in total transparency with them.

In the future, due to the continual development of the Internet, more and more attacks will take

place. Therefore, it is essential for Dreyfus to be at the forefront of these dangers and to anticipate

new demands related to this changing environment. Thus, thanks to our internal IPweb tool and

new digital tools, we can protect our customers and our company from the dangers of evolving


Through our Dreyfus IPweb tool, clients have real-time access to the progress of their files. In this

respect, we keep the deadlines for each case up to date and we make it our mission to respect

them. This makes it easier to manage deadlines, and we are thus able to meet even the strictest

deadlines within the allocated time. The system also allows us to set reminder deadlines,

particularly before the expiration of application names, the renewal date of trademarks, etc.

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Nathalie Dreyfus

Patent & Trademark Law Firm of the Year – Taiwan

Rich IP & Co. has a team of attorneys and engineers with deep and varied educational

and experiential backgrounds, providing professional patent and trademark law services in

Taiwan, Chinese Area and worldwide.

Our experts have acted as trainers and educators for local patent examiners, judges, public

prosecutors, and thousands of local patent attorneys, engineers and in-house counselors

since 1992. Our professional capability always give our clients advantages of better quality

services with less service charge as compared with other IP firms in Taiwan and Chinese


Clarice Chen


Patent (in pharmaceuticals, biotech, semiconductor, chemistry, polymer, chemical

engineering, material science, etc.)/trademark prosecution, invalidation/revocation,

infringement analysis, portfolio management and litigation


National Taiwan University (MS and BS in Chemical Engineering)

Franklin Pierce Law Center, Research in Intellectual Property (IPSI & ALI)

Shih Hsin University (MS in Law)

Professional Positions:

Patent Attorney (1997)

Editor for Taiwan area of Manual for the Handling of Applications for Patents, Designs and

Trademarks throughout the World (The Brown Book (2005~))

Patent Counselor Assigned by Taiwan Intellectual Property Office for providing pro bono

patent services (1998~)


Review for the Counselor of Lee & Li Attorneys-at-Law Passed (2004)

Principal (2003-2004), Deputy Principal (2002) in Patent and Technology Department of

Lee & Li Attorneys-at-Law

Senior Patent Attorney (1990-2005.3) in Patent and Technology Department of Lee & Li


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Tel: +886 2 2713-1060 ext. 888

Infrastructure Finance Law Firm of the Year – India

Founded in 1935, Desai & Diwanji is one of India's leading law firms, helping clients achieve their

goals by combining the highest global standards with local expertise. With offices in Mumbai,

Gurgaon, and New Delhi, Desai & Diwanji is also among the largest law firms in the country.

Vishwang Desai is the managing partner of the firm and heads its corporate commercial practice.

He has consistently advised large multinational corporations and Indian business groups,

governments, multilateral agencies, lenders, PE funds, as well as financial investors in some of the

largest M&A, PE and financing transactions in India / involving Indian companies. He has been

named “lawyer of the year” by various global publications and is regularly included in several top

business lawyer lists compiled by global publications.

Contact Details:

Practice Areas:


Banking & Finance

Capital Markets


Dispute Resolution

Infrastructure & Project Finance

Mergers & Acquisitions

Private Equity

Real Estate & Construction

Technology, Media & Telecoms


Tel: +91 22 3984 1000

Fax: +91 22 2265 8245


Patent Attorney of the Year - Germany


Legal office DR. WIELAND GROTH is an intellectual property law firm, specialized in providing legal

advice in Patent-, Trademark- and Design Law. We advise in all technological intellectual property

matters, primarily specialising in mechanical, engineering, optics, physics and electro technical

engineering. We combine very cost efficient service with highly qualified technical and legal



Even though we have large companies in our portfolio, our focus is on medium size enterprises,

which are world market leaders in their field, and on advising emerging start-ups.

We mainly represent German companies but also foreign firms and universities.

Our company has an extensive experience in representing applicants and opponents in opposition

and appeal proceedings before the European Patent Office in patent cases and the German Patent

Office and Federal Patent Court in patent and trademark cases.

We regularly cooperate with international law firms in other countries and represent a large

number of German, European, International patent, trademark and design applications.


Dr. Wieland Groth, LL. M. is admitted as a German and European Patent Attorney.

He obtained a Master degree in Mathematics (Dipl.-Math.) and a Master degree in Physics (Dipl.-

Phys.) from the Technical University of Clausthal and the Imperial College of London. He holds a

Ph.D. degree (Dr.rer.nat.) in Mathematical Physics from the Technical University of Clausthal.

Wieland also obtained a Master degree of Laws (LL.M.) from the University of Hagen.

Prior to founding his own private practice, Wieland worked for several years in renowned Northern

German Law firms.

Wieland Groth is a regular speaker at international conferences.

He is, inter alia, a member of GRUR-The German Association for the protection of intellectual

property, INTA-The International Trademark Association, AIPPI-Association Internationale pour la

Protection de la Propriété Intellectuelle, FICPI-International Federation of Intellectual Property

attorneys and DPG- Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft.


Patents and Utility Models

Employee Inventions




Prior Art Searches

FTO searches




Zippelhaus 4

20457 Hamburg


Tel.: +49 40 303 757 30











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