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Step by step <strong>guide</strong> for sellers<br />

<strong>Property</strong> check list<br />

Visual overview for <strong>buyers</strong><br />

Buyers <strong>guide</strong><br />

Area <strong>guide</strong>s<br />

80 Pages<br />

<strong>2Base</strong> <strong>Estate</strong> <strong>Agency</strong> Free <strong>English</strong> Version


3<br />

Step by step <strong>guide</strong> for sellers<br />

To <strong>guide</strong> you securely through the process we<br />

have made this mini-<strong>guide</strong> for sellers.<br />

10<br />

<strong>Property</strong> check list<br />

The property checklist gives<br />

you access to all relevant<br />

information related to a<br />

property.<br />

6<br />

Visual overview for <strong>buyers</strong><br />

Our visual overview helps you better<br />

understand each step in the buying process.<br />

This free property<br />

<strong>guide</strong> is<br />

produced by<br />

<strong>2Base</strong> <strong>Estate</strong><br />

<strong>Agency</strong> with the<br />

aim to provide<br />

you with<br />

information<br />

relevant to the<br />

Turkish property<br />

market.<br />

Feel free to<br />

contact us.<br />

14<br />

Buyers <strong>guide</strong><br />

Our <strong>buyers</strong> <strong>guide</strong> is the best<br />

place to start for everyone<br />

looking to invest in a<br />

property in Turkey.<br />

26<br />

Area <strong>guide</strong>s<br />

Learn more about each area, discover<br />

new places and get inspired with our<br />

comprehensive area <strong>guide</strong>s.

Buying a holiday home in Turkey is a<br />

great way to combine a financial<br />

investment with an investment that<br />

friends and family can benefit from.<br />

Turkey is a fantastic country and few<br />

other places offer such a wide<br />

variety of cultural experiences,<br />

genuine hospitality and not to<br />

forget a fantastic climate. Add to all<br />

this a price level that is far below any<br />

other European country.<br />

Furthermore there is easy, quick,<br />

cheap and all year round travel and<br />

flight opportunities to Turkey.<br />

All this provides you a setup that<br />

makes Turkey the perfect place for<br />

your next investment.<br />

This Buyers Guide relates to all the<br />

important issues before, during and<br />

after the purchase of your very own<br />

holiday home.<br />

Don’t forget that advices are often<br />

best when given in person.<br />

The refore you should never<br />

hesitate to contact us since we<br />

are happy to answer whatever<br />

question you may have.<br />

Preparation<br />

is the key to<br />

a successful<br />

investment<br />

and this<br />

<strong>buyers</strong> <strong>guide</strong><br />

provides you<br />

with valuable<br />

insight and<br />

information<br />

Bo Thygesen<br />

Owner & CEO<br />

<strong>2Base</strong> <strong>Estate</strong> <strong>Agency</strong>

STEP<br />


• Contact&meet with <strong>2Base</strong><br />

• Valuation of property<br />

• Terms and conditions<br />

• Draft mediation agreement<br />

BY<br />

4<br />

STEP<br />

GUIDE<br />


• Signing mediation agreement<br />

• Handover of documents<br />

• Handover 2x keys<br />

FOR<br />



• Photos<br />

• www.2base.com<br />

• Newsletters<br />

• <strong>Property</strong> portals<br />

• Monthly e-mail reminder


• Viewing: How it works<br />

• <strong>2Base</strong> viewings<br />

• Local partner viewings<br />


• Multiple viewings<br />

• Negotiations<br />

• Terms and conditions<br />

• Draft of sales contract<br />

SALE<br />

• Signing of sales contract<br />

• Deposit account<br />

• First deposit payment<br />

• For sale power of attorney<br />


Confirmation of payment<br />

• Issuing title deed<br />

• Takeover statement<br />

• Transfer commission<br />

• Payment is released<br />

“Selling your<br />

apartment is a<br />

big decision and<br />

requires an<br />

active and<br />

trustworthy<br />

estate agent.<br />

The process from<br />

initial thoughts<br />

about selling<br />

until the day<br />

where the sale is<br />

completed<br />

consists of<br />

several steps.<br />

To <strong>guide</strong> you<br />

securely through<br />

the process we<br />

have made this<br />

step-by-step<br />

<strong>guide</strong> for sellers.”

Investing in<br />

a property<br />

abroad is a<br />

big decision<br />

and the<br />

procedures<br />

are obviously<br />

a bit different<br />

than those in<br />

your home<br />

country.<br />

This is why<br />

we have<br />

made this<br />

step-by-step<br />

<strong>guide</strong>.<br />

a) Initial viewings<br />

1-5 days<br />

1-Viewing properties<br />

of interest<br />

2-Viewing alternative<br />

properties<br />

3-Testdrive properties<br />

4-Re-viewing of<br />

properties of interest<br />

b) Additional viewings<br />

1-3 days<br />

1-Pinpoint properties<br />

of most interest<br />

2-Go over property<br />

for sale checklist<br />

c) finalizing the purchase<br />

1-5 days<br />

1-Contract draft,<br />

terms&conditions<br />

2-Signing contract of sale<br />

3-Buyer and sellers<br />

power of attorney<br />

4-Loan<br />

5-First payment, deposit

D) tıtle deed<br />

2-15 days<br />

1-Title deed process<br />

is initiated<br />

2-Final patment<br />

3-Title deed is issued<br />

4-Take over statement<br />

5-Hand over of keys<br />

e) post title deed<br />

2-5 days<br />

1-Municipality registration,<br />

beyanname<br />

2-Registration of electric meter<br />

3-Registration of water meter<br />

4-Inform owners union<br />

about new owner<br />

5-Household insurance<br />

F) service<br />

1-Aftersales service<br />

2-Questionaries<br />

The visual<br />

overview<br />

helps you<br />

better<br />

understand<br />

each step<br />

in the<br />

process<br />

and allows<br />

you to<br />

follow<br />

the progress<br />

step by step.

3 ways of<br />

getting to Turkey<br />

An investment in a<br />

holiday is very individual<br />

Here are three ways in which you<br />

can start the hunt for your dream property<br />

Test-drive<br />

Do you want to try living in a<br />

holiday home before taking the<br />

final decision?<br />

We then offer you the<br />

opportunity to spend a week in<br />

the home of your choice before<br />

deciding to buy. This is a great<br />

way of making sure that you<br />

are taking the right decision.<br />

Flight tickets are paid by you<br />

while the rent will be a<br />

smaller symbolic amount to<br />

cover cleaning and usage of<br />

water and electricity.<br />

This offer is valid for those<br />

that are genuinely<br />

interested in investing in a<br />

holiday home.<br />

Package holiday<br />

Combine holidays with the<br />

hunt for your dream<br />

property<br />

Choose a package holiday<br />

and combine relaxing at<br />

the beach with hunting for<br />

your dream property. This<br />

will give you enough time to<br />

both experience the sights<br />

of the destination, enjoy the<br />

good weather and hunt for<br />

your property.<br />

Exploit the advantages by<br />

staying in a hotel enjoy the<br />

luxury of having access to<br />

services offered by the hotel.<br />

We are happy to recommend<br />

you the best and most<br />

affordable tour operators.<br />

For all of these options and<br />

in case it has been agreed<br />

beforehand we will refund<br />

flight tickets and rent when<br />

you choose to invest in a<br />

holiday home.

9<br />

Inspection Trip<br />

Join one of our popular inspection trips with departure from the airport<br />

of your choice.<br />

An inspection trip is typically 3-4 nights and suitable for those who are<br />

interested in a shorter trip with a 100 percent focus on properties.<br />

Before departing the itinerary is planned to suit your individual needs<br />

and wishes.<br />

During the trip we will furthermore introduce you to the different areas<br />

of the destination.

<strong>Property</strong><br />

Inventory<br />

Internet<br />

Guarantees<br />

Current owner<br />

Complex<br />

Elevator<br />

Internet<br />

Television/Satellite<br />

Nationalities<br />

Warranty<br />

Building year<br />

Management<br />

Caretaker<br />

Management<br />

company<br />

Chairman<br />

Meeting summaries<br />

Next meeting<br />

Making sure<br />

that you as a<br />

property<br />

buyer has<br />

access to all<br />

relevant<br />

information<br />

is among our<br />

most important<br />

tasks and we<br />

pay great<br />

attention<br />

to this.<br />

Registrations<br />

Electric meter<br />

Water meter<br />

Municipality<br />


This is why<br />

we have<br />

made this<br />

comprehensive<br />

property<br />

checklist<br />

for you.<br />

Consumption<br />

Water<br />

Electricty<br />

Cleaning<br />

Transfer<br />

Inspection service<br />

Flight tickets<br />

Paperwork<br />

Title deed<br />

Ferdi iskan<br />

Ön iskan<br />

Common area<br />

insuance<br />

House hold insuance<br />

Sales presentation<br />

Yearly costs<br />

Maintenance fees<br />

Building tax<br />

Insurance<br />

Financial figures<br />

Official value<br />

Buying costs

12<br />


Jens Scheffmann<br />

I used <strong>2Base</strong> for both<br />

purchase of my apartment<br />

and after sales service. Also<br />

i live in a complex where<br />

<strong>2Base</strong> is the administrator.<br />

The experience and service<br />

has always been good.<br />

Dorthe & Jonny Petersen<br />

Børge Høgh<br />

I am very happy with both the<br />

apartment we bought and<br />

<strong>2Base</strong>. Even when i got sick in<br />

Alanya i got the help i needed<br />

from your team.<br />

Service level is high and quick<br />

actions is always taken on<br />

our requests. The airport<br />

transfer works very well and<br />

is always on time. Everyone at<br />

<strong>2Base</strong> office are friendly and<br />

welcoming.<br />

I can give only<br />

my very best<br />

recommendations.<br />

Helle Rydahl Munch<br />

Effective and genuine<br />

estate agency. The<br />

whole team is friendly,<br />

effective and know<br />

what they are doing.<br />

Helle Holm Pedersen

Michael Vældegaard<br />

In 2005 we bought our first<br />

apartment via <strong>2Base</strong>. It all<br />

went smooth so when we<br />

bought our second apartment<br />

in 2018 it was again done<br />

via <strong>2Base</strong>, of course. We<br />

are more than satisfied and<br />

award 5 stars :-)<br />

Rita Hee<br />

Very good<br />

and<br />

helpfull agency.<br />

During the years I have used<br />

<strong>2Base</strong> <strong>Estate</strong> <strong>Agency</strong> for<br />

buying and selling properties<br />

in the Alanya area. I’m very<br />

pleased with the company.<br />

They are trustful, helpful and<br />

professional so i give them<br />

my best recommandations.<br />

Caren Hendrik DuJardin<br />

A very professional company<br />

where everything is clear<br />

and effective. I really liked<br />

their attitude. The service is<br />

at the highest level. A very<br />

professional and effective<br />

company with a Scandinavian<br />

approach. Their unobtrusive<br />

attitude really appealed to<br />

me. The company is also<br />

multinational, so most likely<br />

they speak your language if<br />

<strong>English</strong> is not mother tongue.<br />

Very nice transparent ,<br />

trustworthy and easy to<br />

work with company. Their<br />

website and services are<br />

among the best in Alanya<br />

from my point of view.<br />

I can really recommend<br />

them if you want to buy<br />

or sell.<br />

13<br />

Henrik Voss<br />

Alexander Vinokurov

Asking yourself the right questions is one of the<br />

key factors when looking for property abroad.<br />

When answering these questions, be not only<br />

honest to yourself but also realistic about things<br />

such as economy and needs

The time from initial considerations to the day the contract is signed is a very<br />

important process. It might be long for some and short for others.<br />

But no matter where in the process you are, we are always willing to share<br />

advice, ideas and tips.<br />

The purchase of a holiday home must be both carefully and well thought<br />

through.<br />

The refore it is important that you, as an interested buyer, consider as many<br />

important aspects as possible.<br />


What is the maximum budget?<br />

Falling in love with something that<br />

you can not afford is a bad idea.<br />

Respect your budget and stick to it.<br />

Apartment, penthouse or villa?<br />

This is usually a matter regarding<br />

the size of investment you wish to<br />

make.<br />

As a general rule villas are located<br />

more secluded than apartments<br />

and penthouses.<br />

In return villas will often have a<br />

more quiet location.<br />

And with an apartment or penthouse<br />

you will often have access to<br />

facilities, shopping as well as<br />

cheaper price per square meter.<br />

City center, close to the beach or<br />

in a quiet residential area?<br />

The most popular is often a<br />

combination of the above.<br />

That means a location just<br />

outside the city center in the<br />

suburbs of the city.<br />

This will provide a quiet location with<br />

easy access to shopping as well as<br />

easy transportation to the beach and<br />

city center.<br />

SıZE<br />

Facılıtıes<br />

How many bedrooms are required?<br />

The vast majority of all holiday homes<br />

are built as so-called 2+1 apartments<br />

with two bedrooms and combined living<br />

room / kitchen (American kitchen).<br />

It is also the most popular type of<br />

apartment.<br />

But units with one bedroom (1+1) or 3<br />

bedrooms (3+1) can easily be found.<br />

For more than 3 bedrooms a penthouse<br />

must be considered.<br />

Since penthouse apartments are<br />

located on the top floors of the building<br />

the views are often<br />

fantastic just as most penthouses<br />

gives you access to a private roof<br />

terrace.<br />

Which facilities are required?<br />

Most complexes have a<br />

swimming pool.<br />

In addition there are often play<br />

grounds, ball courts, table tennis,<br />

fitness centers, indoor pools, water<br />

slides, guard service, pool bar,<br />

caretaker, Internet and much more.<br />

Consider which facilities you see as<br />

a must and which would just be<br />

nice to have but are not essential.<br />


16<br />

Properties should only be purchased after being<br />

carefully viewed and after investigating and<br />

controlling all relevant documents

Depending on the number of properties you<br />

wish to view, the inspection of holiday homes<br />

will take anywhere from a few hours to several<br />

days.<br />

In connection with the viewing of each property,<br />

all relevant information will be given on each<br />

property.<br />

Transaction costs and expenses:<br />

- Buying price: The price agreed between buyer<br />

and seller.<br />

- Expense for registration of electricity and<br />

water meters<br />

- Expense for proxy if needed.<br />

- Habitation certificate (ferdi iskan): A permit,<br />

which each apartment should obtain.<br />

-Insurance: Earthquake and house hold<br />

insurance are done separately.<br />

- Owner association: Cost to the owners<br />

association that takes care of the shared areas<br />

such as pool, garden area, staircases, elevators,<br />

roof etc.<br />

- Inspection service: We advice all homeowners<br />

to join our Inspection Service. <strong>2Base</strong> will then<br />

pay your bills, provide insurance, visit the<br />

apartment on a regular basis and in general be<br />

your local partner.<br />

- <strong>Property</strong> tax, garbage disposal etc. in Turkey:<br />

These taxes are generally very low.<br />

Included in purchasing price<br />

Often appliances, air conditioning units, blinds,<br />

mosquito nets and/or furniture are included in<br />

the price.<br />

Our sales presentation will clearly show this.<br />

Estimation of annual costs:<br />

Compared to domestic homes the annual costs<br />

for a holiday in Turkey is very low.<br />

Our sales presentation gives an estimate of the<br />

cost of each apartment.<br />

Iskan - building and dwelling permits<br />

Information about the status of ön iskan and<br />

ferdi iskan.<br />

Often a forgotten topic but nevertheless one<br />

of the most important permission/ papers<br />

together with the title deed itself.<br />

17<br />

Viewing of properties

Once you have received the title deed on the<br />

property, You are to be considered as the legal<br />

owner of the property.<br />

We of course assist you in the process of<br />

obtaining all relevanat papers on your property<br />


All administrative formalities listed above and mentioned in this <strong>buyers</strong> <strong>guide</strong><br />

are arranged and taken care of by <strong>2Base</strong> <strong>Estate</strong> <strong>Agency</strong>.<br />

You will the refore not spend valuable time sorting out formalities - we<br />

simply do it for you.<br />

The process for obtaining your title deed in<br />

Turkey:<br />

- An approval to sell the apartment must<br />

be issued by the authorities, who will check<br />

that the apartment or villa is located in an<br />

area where foreigners may acquire property.<br />

It is for example not allowed for foreigners<br />

to acquire property next to military bases, in<br />

village areas, on archaeological sites etc...<br />

All properties listed with <strong>2Base</strong> <strong>Estate</strong><br />

<strong>Agency</strong> are located in areas where foreigners<br />

can acquire property.<br />

The approval takes only a couple of days to<br />

get and personal presence is not required for<br />

this application.<br />

- Proxy, setting up a local bank account if<br />

needed, getting local tax number: This takes<br />

half a day and is done together with one of<br />

our team.<br />

Once the approval to sell the apartment<br />

has been issued, we inform the local land<br />

registry office, who will then start the last<br />

procedures in order to do the actual title<br />

deed transfer.<br />

This final preparation at the land registry<br />

office usually takes 2-5 days.<br />

You as a buyer will be represented by <strong>2Base</strong><br />

<strong>Estate</strong> <strong>Agency</strong> via the given proxy and your<br />

personal presence is not needed.<br />

Purchasing process

No one likes to take risks!<br />

That is why we always aim at providing all our<br />

customers with a financial secure deal<br />



To invest in a holiday home at <strong>2Base</strong> <strong>Estate</strong> <strong>Agency</strong> is safe.<br />

This means that you do not risk any financial loss, even if<br />

something suddenly goes wrong.<br />

21<br />

We ensure that you do not run any financial<br />

risk. We do not work with installment<br />

payments or “half payment upfront, last part<br />

with title deed” concept.<br />

We when ever possible always offer an<br />

economical secure payment plan.<br />

Often this can be done by securing the<br />

buying amount in a closed bank account<br />

until the title deed is handed over.<br />

Although holiday homes in Turkey are<br />

available for a fraction of the price compared<br />

to an equivalent property in Europe, it is after<br />

all still a lot of money.<br />

<strong>2Base</strong> <strong>Estate</strong> <strong>Agency</strong> has sold holiday<br />

homes in Turkey ever since the market was<br />

opened in 2002-03.<br />

We therefore have the experience and<br />

expertise needed.<br />

As an interested buyer you should never<br />

forgot that although the local hospitality, the<br />

smiles, and promises made in Turkey are<br />

often very big, the differences in mentality is<br />

at least twice as big.<br />

Always use an experienced estate agent,<br />

who speaks the same language as yourself.<br />

A broker, who understands you, that you<br />

understand and with whom you share the<br />

same mindset and mentality.<br />

This can save you from many<br />

disappointments and negative experiences,<br />

not to mention the negative economic<br />

consequences this may save you from.

22<br />

We do not only sell - we also offer you<br />

after sales services and are proud to provide a<br />

setup that are second to none

In connection with the hand over of<br />

the property we provide all the required<br />

arrangements in relation to things as<br />

registration of the property, insurance,<br />

key duplication, delivery of furniture etc...<br />

Furthermore we offer you to join our<br />

Inspection Service.<br />

We then visit your apartment/ villa on<br />

a regular basis and pay all utility bills.<br />

Also you can order various services<br />

such as cleaning, washing of linen,<br />

transportation to and from the airport<br />

and much more.<br />

Via the Internet you can:<br />

- Get an overview of the yearly operating<br />

costs such as water and electric bills,<br />

insurance payments, management fees and<br />

other expenses.<br />

- We offer several different services that can<br />

easily be ordered online such as. collection<br />

from the airport, car rental and cleaning of<br />

the apartment are just a few examples.<br />

23<br />

Hand over and service

24<br />

Knowing what to expect when investing in your<br />

dream holiday home is important.<br />

Read on and find out about the quality<br />

of a Turkish holiday home

The quality of a Turkish home is perhaps one of the most discussed subjects.<br />

Because how is the building quality actually in<br />

Turkey and which materials are used?<br />

bathrooms<br />

kitchen<br />

Can usually be compared with new<br />

European bathrooms.<br />

In Turkey there is a large selection of<br />

beautiful tiles, just like the quality of<br />

taps, elements, showers and so on<br />

are fully comparable with European<br />

standards.<br />

Also modern amenities like spa and<br />

floor heating are available and often<br />

already installed.<br />

As a general rule bathrooms in Turkey<br />

nowadays are often bigger than in<br />

Europe.<br />

Kitchen cabinets are usually made of<br />

MDF boards.<br />

They can be either painted / coated<br />

surface or the cheaper lamination.<br />

The table tops are usually either<br />

marble or granite, both in high quality<br />

and exclusive appearance.<br />

walls TSE<br />

Turkish Standard Institute<br />

All materials on the Turkish<br />

consumer market - not just building<br />

materials - must comply with the<br />

<strong>guide</strong>lines set by TSE, Turkish<br />

Standards Institute.<br />

All newer buildings and villas are<br />

earthquake secure and are during<br />

the construction period regularly<br />

controlled by an independent<br />

engineers working under license<br />

from the Turkish authorities.<br />

Simple stonewall with different<br />

layers of plaster and silicone paint.<br />

Newer buildings are isolated.<br />

25<br />

stucco<br />

Most homes have exclusive stucco<br />

ceilings with built in spotlights - a<br />

nice touch that gives the home a very<br />

stylish look.<br />

floors<br />

doors<br />

Usually covered with bright tiles but<br />

can also be laminated floors or even<br />

travertine and marble floors.<br />

Front doors in steel and the inside<br />

doors are made of MDF with<br />

decorations.<br />

Balcony doors and windows are<br />

made in PVC plastic with multiple<br />

open-close features and doubleglazing.




TO ITS<br />


About<br />

26<br />

Alanya Castle is one of the most unique<br />

districts of Alanya and put under<br />

protection of Unesco’s world heritage<br />

list. The peninsula divides the town<br />

into a Western and Eastern part and<br />

the castle itself dates back to the 13th<br />

century. It is mainly a quiet area, with<br />

outstanding views of the<br />

turquoise Meditteranean sea and<br />

Taurus mountains.<br />

Besides some mini markets and<br />

restaurants there arn’t many facilities<br />

in the area, you would need to travel to<br />

the centre of Alanya or to other districts<br />

of Alanya to acquire most of your daily<br />

needs.<br />


Several<br />

famous<br />

attractions<br />

are<br />

nearby<br />


28<br />

Activities Shopping<br />

There are a few mini markets to<br />

accommodate your daily needs.<br />

You would need to travel down to<br />

the centre of Alanya to go grocery<br />

shopping etc.<br />

Fortunately, the centre of Alanya is<br />

only a few minutes of travel away<br />

and has all the different stores you<br />

need to supply for yourself, meaning<br />

it’s only a mild inconvenience.<br />

Around and inside the castle itself<br />

you will find many souvenir stalls for<br />

tourists.<br />

Walking the old ruins of the ancient<br />

castle that are literally just outside<br />

your door is a must do.<br />

After making it to the top you<br />

can jump into the cable car that<br />

will quickly take you down to the<br />

Cleopatra beach. You will also find a<br />

yoga school here.<br />


There is a bus(number 4)that goes<br />

to this area specifically, and it goes<br />

hourly until early evening (at time of<br />

writing).<br />

The bus will take you to the castle, or<br />

to the centre of Alanya.<br />

There are of course taxis available<br />

anytime.<br />

Alternatively, you can use the steps<br />

built, or the roads to travel down to<br />

the centre.

Food<br />

In the Alanya castle (Kale) area<br />

there are a few small cafes and<br />

restaurants (offering some of the<br />

best Turkish breakfasts)which are<br />

really delightful to visit.<br />

Many of them are located on the cliffs<br />

of the peninsula offering amazing<br />

views over the town and sea.<br />

The castle area is particularly<br />

famous for its breakfast tables and<br />

romantic evening dinners.<br />

nearby<br />

Alanya’s centre is located just at the<br />

foot of the peninsula and castle area.<br />

In Alanya’s centre there are numerous<br />

shops, cafes and restaurants, and it<br />

is the busiest area of Alanya.<br />

Several famous tourist attractions<br />

are also nearby the castle such as<br />

the ancient shipyard, the Red Tower,<br />

Cleopatra beach and the Damlatas<br />

dripstone cave.<br />

Wrap up<br />

All in all, Alanya’s castle is a peaceful<br />

district compared to its neighbouring<br />

areas. Even though there aren’t any<br />

daily needed facilities, the area<br />

offers outstanding views of both the<br />

Mediterranean Sea and the Taurus<br />

mountains.<br />

Though an important note to keep<br />

in mind, this district has many level<br />

changes, lots of steps and getting<br />

around by yourself requires a good<br />

physique.<br />






About<br />

30<br />

Tosmur is a quiet, residential area in the<br />

east of Alanya and you are close to the<br />

Dim River; a famous tourist attraction.<br />

The local Turks have for many years<br />

sought refuge by this river when the<br />

summer became too<br />

hot – the reason for this is the<br />

temperature of the river is only about<br />

15 degrees.<br />

The beautiful scenery of the Taurus<br />

mountains, and Mediterranean sea<br />

makes a pleasurable experience to<br />

walk along the seaside, or in the<br />

Taurus mountains.<br />

Tosmur will also cater your daily needs<br />

successfully, and will provide you with<br />

good transportation towards other<br />

districts of Alanya.<br />


Tosmur<br />

is home<br />

to the<br />

fantastic<br />

Dim river<br />


32<br />

Shopping TRANSPORT<br />

Everything in Tosmur is quite<br />

compact when it comes to daily<br />

needs, thus meaning you wouldn’t<br />

need to go on buses, cars or taxis<br />

etc.<br />

Although, those who wish to, or need<br />

to go to Alanya or other areas, can<br />

take the daily buses that come quite<br />

often, or alternatively order a taxi.<br />

Tosmur will provide you with shops<br />

and supermarkets to cater for your<br />

everyday life.<br />

There are a few well-known Turkish<br />

supermarkets in the area, where<br />

many people do a lot of their grocery<br />

shopping in.<br />

Apart from these supermarkets,<br />

Tosmur has a few butchers,<br />

bakeries, 24/7 convenience stores,<br />

and produce shops as well as the<br />

weekly<br />

“Thursday Market’ which is a<br />

traditional Turkish market that<br />

is outdoors, sells produce, dairy<br />

products, and clothes at good prices.<br />

Activities<br />

Those who love to walk in nature, or<br />

appreciate the natural beauty around<br />

them will enjoy Tosmur very much.<br />

As you are able to go on long walks<br />

in the Taurus mountains and forests.<br />

If you would like to take a dip into<br />

the Dim river, you can do so safely at<br />

the Dim picnics north of Tosmur, in<br />

Dimcay.<br />

During your visit to those picnics, you<br />

can also feast on Turkish cuisine,<br />

whilst sitting on a floating raft above<br />

the Dim river, surrounded by nature.<br />

If you would like to do something in<br />

the residential area of Tosmur the<br />

natural choice would be heading for<br />

the beach.

Food<br />

There are a few restaurants, and<br />

cafe’s in Tosmur.<br />

Most of the restaurants will serve you<br />

Turkish food, or in contrast, some<br />

will serve you European cuisine.<br />

In Tosmur most cafes and<br />

restaurants are family owned which<br />

makes for a great and more personal<br />

atmosphere.<br />

nearby<br />

Another great site nearby is<br />

the dim cave.<br />

In brief, the Dim Cave is one of<br />

the largest caves open to the<br />

public in Turkey, and has an extremely<br />

unique look to it.<br />

Finally Tosmur is located within very<br />

short distance to surrounding areas<br />

such as Kestel, Oba, Cikcilli and even<br />

Alanya city center.<br />

Wrap up<br />

Tosmur is an ideal place for people<br />

who have a love for nature. You will<br />

not find any troubles when living here<br />

when it comes to your daily life.<br />

All the stores are in walking distance,<br />

along with bus stops, making it easy<br />

to catch a bus to Alanya.<br />

The area is mainly quite and peaceful<br />

with access to nice beaches and<br />

infrastructure.<br />







About<br />

34<br />

Alanya Centre is the very heart of Alanya.<br />

Numerous flashy coffee shops, and<br />

clothes shops adorn the streets, with<br />

restaurants that serve a variety of<br />

cuisines from all around the world.<br />

It is the most populated area of Alanya<br />

and even behind the main streets, and<br />

shopping districts, it is busy with the<br />

hustle and bustle of vibrant, Alanya.<br />

The main attractions located here are<br />

the harbour (with all the beautiful motor<br />

sailing pirate ships), Red Tower (an old<br />

fortress), Alanya Castle with its splendid<br />

history and the historical ancient<br />

shipyard all accompanied by wonderful<br />

sandy beaches.<br />


This is<br />

the very<br />

heart of<br />

Alanya<br />


Activities<br />

Shop ’til you drop and then go out<br />

for a bite of food and some drinks.<br />

These must be among the main<br />

attractions of the city center.<br />

Besides that you have beaches,<br />

sights, cinemas and literally<br />

everything else within arms length<br />

36<br />


Public transportation in Alanya<br />

is easily accessible. Buses go by<br />

frequently, and many buses passing<br />

through the busy streets, as part<br />

of their route will take you out to<br />

other parts of Alanya. The number 1<br />

(101)bus travels the whole length of<br />

greater Alanya close to the sea and<br />

beaches.<br />

On the other main shopping street<br />

there are many buses including<br />

the number 2 (202a or 202B)which<br />

take you along many kilometres of<br />

Greater Alanya. You are able to book<br />

services to Antalya with ease in the<br />

centre of Alanya and also find taxis<br />

(metered) which are always present<br />

here.<br />

Shopping<br />

There are many shopping areas in<br />

the centre of Alanya, with modern<br />

clothes shops on the main streets<br />

and dazzling jewellery stores, dotted<br />

around Alanya’s centre. Stores<br />

are seen everywhere ranging from<br />

beauty stores to hardware stores.<br />

There are many world-wide known<br />

stores in the centre of Alanya.<br />

We have also still got the streets<br />

with butchers, small grocery shops,<br />

pharmacies, hardware stores,<br />

alongside<br />

colourful family owned clothes<br />

businesses which seem to be on<br />

every corner, all hidden behind the<br />

busy main streets of Alanya.

nearby<br />

FoodIn the centre, there is a vast amount<br />

of cafes and restaurants and fast<br />

food outlets offering a variety,<br />

of cuisine including Asian and<br />

European dishes. There are cafes<br />

and restaurants in nearly every<br />

street in the centre of Alanya.<br />

Many are the small popular family<br />

owned businesses, which serve<br />

Turkish tea, and small delicious<br />

Turkish meals alternatively there are<br />

the large Turkish chain restaurants<br />

which are extremely popular<br />

amongst the local population.<br />

Even behind the busier streets of<br />

Alanya, in the quieter residential<br />

areas, there are small cafes and<br />

restaurants all offering affordable<br />

food and drinks.<br />

The centre of Alanya is near to<br />

the world famous Damlatas<br />

beach, Alanya Cable car, Damlatas<br />

Dripstone cave and the castle area.<br />

Alanya’s centre is also near to Oba,<br />

a residential area, and Bektas -<br />

which is a more rural part of Alanya<br />

on the rising roads going towards<br />

the mountains. This is the north of<br />

the city. Think of Alanya as the bulls<br />

eye, in the center of everything, and<br />

everything else is close in proximity<br />

to it.<br />

is a beautiful place with many<br />

activities to participate in.<br />

There are numerous shops to visit,<br />

and many places to dine at. The<br />

aesthetic looking centre is near the<br />

famous tourist attractions.<br />

It is a well kept area of Alanya, with<br />

many parks, small gardens, and<br />

roads planted with trees, flowers and<br />

colourful shrubs, but also busy and in<br />

fact, a place that never sleeps.<br />

WRAP UPIn rounding up, the centre of Alanya<br />






About<br />

38<br />

Alanya North is the zone between<br />

town and countryside.<br />

The southern part of Alanya North<br />

is still relatively close to the town<br />

centre,<br />

whilst the northern part is a little<br />

away from the town.<br />

From the area there are exceptional<br />

views of the Mediterranean Sea and<br />

the Taurus mountains.<br />


The<br />

northern<br />

part of<br />

Alanya is<br />

still close<br />

to the sea<br />


Activities<br />

Here you will find excellent opportunities<br />

for hiking in the mountains and pine<br />

tree forests.<br />

The area is also great for biking,<br />

although some of the hills are quite<br />

steep.<br />

There are also several picnic areas and<br />

viewpoints here with the new “Alanya<br />

Devlet Bahceli” park being the biggest<br />

and most popular.<br />

Shopping<br />

This northern part of Alanya does have<br />

grocery shops and other daily facilities<br />

needed.<br />

Just remember that the further you<br />

get up on the hillside, the less shops<br />

are available.<br />


A few buses do go to the north quite<br />

frequently, although for personal<br />

convenience it’s easier to either use<br />

taxis, or your own vehicle to move<br />

about.<br />

If you are on a budget, you can walk,<br />

or use a bike etc or go on the free<br />

pick up services offered by many<br />

restaurants and beach clubs.<br />


Food<br />

From the lower parts of Alanya north<br />

you will have plenty of restaurants,<br />

cafes and bakeries to choose from.<br />

Most of these are found around the<br />

D-400 main road which also marks<br />

the beginning of Alanya north.<br />

Higher up the mountain side only a<br />

few options are available.<br />

nearby<br />

The northern part of Alanya is still<br />

close to the sea, and centre of Alanya,<br />

meaning you have easy access to<br />

many activities.<br />

Wrap up<br />

The north of Alanya, in short has<br />

stunning views of the Taurus<br />

mountains and the Mediterranean<br />

sea. It is surrounded by greenery,<br />

and is close to Turkish village life.<br />

In overall, the north of Alanya would<br />

be suited for those who wish to live<br />

in tranquility, yet also be relatively<br />

close to the centre.<br />





About<br />

42<br />

This district was built as a<br />

continuation of the central part of<br />

Alanya and therefore is only minutes<br />

away from the city center. At the<br />

beach road the eastern part of<br />

Alanya is very<br />

busy while normal quite life<br />

continues peacefully further up the<br />

back.<br />

Generally the area is residential but<br />

with a few hotels on the beach side.<br />


The<br />

beach is<br />

good for<br />

children<br />


Activities Shopping<br />

Larger food stores and smaller<br />

minimarkets are located throughout<br />

the area.<br />

At the 25m road (Hasan Akçalıoglu<br />

Cad.) there are plenty of shops<br />

available selling everything from<br />

clothes to daily accessories and<br />

white goods.<br />

At the eastern beach the sea is<br />

relatively shallow, it is therefore good<br />

for children and other who needs<br />

easy access to the water.<br />

In the area there are several gyms<br />

and the beach promenade is good<br />

for being active.<br />


In the east transportation is among<br />

the best in Alanya. Buses come by<br />

every five minutes, and will easily<br />

take you to any other area.<br />

There are also taxis around at any<br />

time.<br />


FoodIn the east of Alanya there are many<br />

modern cafes and restaurants, some<br />

of them are well known Turkish food<br />

chains. There are of course Turkish<br />

restaurants and cafes that will serve<br />

you Turkish beverages and cuisine.<br />

At the beach road you will find the<br />

more upscale choices, several of<br />

them located directly on the beach<br />

offering amazing views and sunset<br />

dinners.<br />

Cheaper and less fancy options are<br />

available at the back streets.<br />

nearby<br />

The busy city center, castle area and<br />

even Oba can be reached easily, even<br />

by foot.<br />

This makes Alanya east one of the<br />

most central and well connected<br />

areas of Alanya.<br />

WRAP UP<br />

The eastern part of Alanya is offering<br />

a relaxed city life. In the east there<br />

are many facilities such as gyms,<br />

shops, and others and the beach is<br />

nearby.<br />

There are many activities you can<br />

part-take in the east as there are<br />

many parks, and easy access to the<br />

greener parts of Alanya.<br />





About<br />

46<br />

Alanya’s western part is a popular<br />

area and many different nationalities<br />

gather here creating a good<br />

atmosphere.<br />

It is close to the sea and the world<br />

famous Cleopatra beach, and the<br />

coast line is several kilometers long<br />

and is the main attraction of Alanya<br />

west.<br />

Besides that Alanya west offers a<br />

mix of both touristic places and more<br />

local and low key places.<br />


There are<br />

plenty of<br />

restaurants<br />

and cafes<br />


Activities<br />

Alanya west offers almost any<br />

activity available in Alanya.<br />

At the beach all kinds of water<br />

sport and beach activities are<br />

available,there are also very modern<br />

Beach clubs offering many facilities<br />

including evening concerts.<br />

The beach promenade is great for<br />

walking or running or even just sitting<br />

enjoying the ambience. Alanya<br />

indoor Olympic sized swimming hall<br />

is located here and several gyms are<br />

also located in the area.<br />

Are you the adventurous type?, then<br />

the paragliding trips also start from<br />

here. For the kids we recommend a<br />

trip to the outdoor tivoli Luna Park.<br />

48<br />

Shopping<br />

A lot of smaller and a few bigger<br />

super markets are available for food<br />

and daily necessities. Yeni hal - the<br />

covered market area - is also a great<br />

place for fresh fish, meat, vegetables<br />

and other food items with Tuesday<br />

being the big day for fresh produce.<br />

Some other shops selling clothes<br />

and other items are found but not so<br />

many as in the city center.<br />


The transportation in the west is the<br />

most diverse in Alanya and public<br />

transportation is available within<br />

close reach to take you to the city<br />

center or other areas of Alanya.<br />

This is also the place for the main<br />

long haul bus terminal, from where<br />

you can literally reach any other<br />

places in Turkey by bus.<br />

Finally taxis are available from almost<br />

every street corner.

FoodIn the western part of Alanya the<br />

lifestyle is quite relaxed and people<br />

enjoy the warm waters of the<br />

Mediterranean sea.<br />

Everything here is nearby and there<br />

are plenty of activities to choose<br />

from.<br />

There is a very good choice of<br />

transportation and it is therefore<br />

easy to reach other areas without too<br />

much trouble.<br />

nearby<br />

From Alanya west you can easily<br />

reach the city centre of Alanya.<br />

The New Yacht harbour, Ulas beach<br />

and Konakli are also relatively nearby.<br />

For the more adventurous the<br />

ancient city of Hamaxia is just a few<br />

kilometers away.<br />

WRAP UP<br />

There are plenty of restaurants and<br />

cafes in this area.<br />

The more touristy ones are located<br />

at the hotels and on the beach road,<br />

while the more local ones can be<br />

found a bit further from the beach<br />

walk.<br />

Fish lovers will be able to find several<br />

nice options here.<br />






About<br />

50<br />

Oba is a remarkably modern<br />

residential area in the east of Alanya<br />

where tourism and local life goes<br />

hand in hand.<br />

The summer here is quite busy with<br />

the winter period being a lot calmer.<br />

It is near the sea, and is close to<br />

many main parts of Alanya including<br />

the city centre, Cikcilli, and Tosmur.<br />

In Oba, everything is placed<br />

conveniently to provide ease for<br />

residents, thus you will not find any<br />

problems in your daily life.<br />

There are also many shops and it is<br />

a great place just to walk around and<br />

enjoy the ambience and maybe stop<br />

for a coffee or other drink that you<br />

enjoy.<br />

There is a several kilometer long<br />

beach promenade to enjoy which<br />

has palm trees and other colourful<br />

plants the entire length.<br />

It has a designated cycle lane too so<br />

easy for the cyclist who wants a long<br />

flat route to the city. You can in fact<br />

cycle to Mahmutlar and Kargicak on<br />

the sea front.<br />


A great<br />

place for<br />

water<br />

and beach<br />

activities<br />


52<br />

Activities Shopping<br />

There are numerous shops all around<br />

Oba such as butchers, convenient<br />

stores, small-turkish-chain shops,<br />

pharmacies, produce shops, and<br />

some larger grocery shops. Along<br />

with that, there is also a touristic<br />

bazaar area which sell clothes and<br />

souvenirs, held on a Monday.<br />

At the main road north of Oba all<br />

larger furniture, electronic shops and<br />

super markets are located.<br />

The proximity to the beach makes<br />

Oba a great place for all kinds of<br />

water and beach activities.<br />

The area also has several gyms,<br />

tennis- and football courts.<br />

Finally the beach promenade is a<br />

great place to cycle, run or walk.<br />


In Oba the public transportation<br />

system is one of the best in the<br />

region. The reason for this is that Oba<br />

is located in the middle of everything<br />

and almost every bus passes by Oba<br />

no matter where it is heading.<br />

Along with the public transportation,<br />

you’re able to order a taxi anytime.

are numerous restaurants in<br />

Oba serving a wide variety of food<br />

from all over the world.<br />

Here you will find a great mix of small<br />

FoodThere<br />

local restaurants and more touristy<br />

restaurants with dancing waiters,<br />

disco lights and big screen televisions<br />

showing football.<br />

nearby<br />

Oba is in the ideal spot of Alanya, with<br />

the city to the west side, and with the<br />

quieter areas of Tosmur, Kestel and<br />

Mahmutlar, located to the east.<br />

Right behind it is the 35 meter<br />

road, which has many shops, and<br />

restaurants along the road such as<br />

Koctas, Migros, Metro, Tahtakale<br />

Spot, Vatan Computers and Alanyum<br />

shopping center.<br />

Oba is right by the seaside, which<br />

means easy access to the beach and<br />

beach activities. There are many very<br />

good beach cafes/barssome serving<br />

delicious food.<br />

WRAP UP<br />

Oba is a modern place right at the<br />

beach and it is said to be the ideal<br />

place to stay in Alanya when it<br />

comes to how convenience.<br />

Alanya center, Cikcilli, Tosmur, and<br />

Mahmutlar are only a mere 10<br />

minutes away by car or bus.<br />

Along with that, all the shops for both<br />

daily and entertainment purposes<br />

are in walking distance.<br />






About<br />

54<br />

Kestel is a residential area located<br />

between Mahmutlar and Tosmur. It<br />

offers several kilometers of unspoiled<br />

and often empty beaches. The area<br />

is still under development and is very<br />

different to<br />

different to other more busy<br />

areas at the coast.<br />

Besides the more laid back features,<br />

Kestel still has everything you will<br />

need for daily life.<br />


Kestel<br />

is very<br />

different<br />

to other<br />

areas<br />


Activities<br />

Go to the beach, take a stroll on the<br />

beach promenade, work on your sun<br />

tan and swim in the crystal clear<br />

Mediteranian sea.<br />

For the active people put on your<br />

hiking boots or your mountain bike<br />

and explore the hilly areas behind<br />

Kestel.<br />

You can also cycle from Kestel to<br />

the east through to Kargicak and the<br />

west as far as the New Yacht Marina,<br />

nearly all on a level, designated cycle<br />

track.<br />

Also the Dim cave is located not too<br />

far from Kestel<br />

56<br />

Shopping<br />

Several supermarkets, bakeries,<br />

butchers and coffee shops are<br />

making sure that all of your daily<br />

needs are catered for.<br />

For shopping other than daily<br />

necessities Mahmutlar and Alanya<br />

center is nearby.<br />


From the beach road busses run in<br />

every direction towards Mahmutlar<br />

and Alanya city center.<br />

Taxis are as usual available from<br />

almost every street corner.

ig coffee shops and bakery<br />

stores have branches in Kestel.<br />

Besides that there are many nice<br />

restaurants to choose from.<br />

FoodSeveral<br />

At the beach a few beach clubs and<br />

fish restaurants offer you the ultimate<br />

“beach dining” experience.<br />

Behind Kestel several small and<br />

local run restaurants offer authentic<br />

breakfast with a view.<br />

nearby<br />

Both Mahmutlar to the west and<br />

Tosmor, Oba, Cikcilli Alanya city<br />

center to the west are easy to reach<br />

by bus or even bike.<br />

The famous Dim cave and Dim River<br />

is also very close.<br />

WRAP UP<br />

Kestel is different to any other area<br />

located at the seaside, since it is still<br />

very quiet and has very little tourism.<br />

Beaches are secluded and in general<br />

the area is very calm.<br />

The area has everything needed for<br />

daily life and there is easy access to<br />

other more busy and vibrant areas.<br />


@gazipaşa #natural stone pools





About<br />

58<br />

Konakli is situated west of Alanya.<br />

It is a residential area, with many<br />

hotels along the coastline.<br />

It has a town centre where there are<br />

many cafe’s, and restaurants, along<br />

with a shopping mall.<br />

In many ways Konakli is like a<br />

miniature version of Alanya with<br />

a great mix of both local life and a<br />

touristic hot spot.<br />

There beaches with sparkling clear<br />

water just waiting for you to swim.<br />

Konakli isn’t only based near the<br />

coastline like many other areas of<br />

Alanya, it actually stretches a few<br />

kilometers north near to the Taurus<br />

mountains.<br />

Here you will find a good local village<br />

atmosphere due to the many farms<br />

in the area up north.<br />


Konakli<br />

is like a<br />

miniature<br />

version of<br />

Alanya<br />


Activities<br />

North of Konakli there are many<br />

activities available for nature lovers<br />

as your are able to take hikes up the<br />

pine tree forests and enjoy nature at<br />

its best.<br />

The shopping is also great with both<br />

shopping malls and more bazaar like<br />

options. On a Wednesday there is a<br />

big outdoor street market where you<br />

can buy many “copy” items as well<br />

as very fresh fruit and vegetables.<br />

Party lovers should surely go to<br />

Summergarden, a well-known open<br />

air late night disco.<br />

Finally the beach offers everything in<br />

beach life and water sports.<br />

60<br />

Shopping<br />

Konakli is quite a popular area, and<br />

therefore has numerous butchers,<br />

bakeries, and hardware stores. Along<br />

with small grocery stores common<br />

in Turkey. There are a few clothing<br />

stores that are locally owned and<br />

there are more well-known clothing<br />

shops in the small shopping mall.<br />

The shopping centre is situated next<br />

to the main coastal highway, and is<br />

a place where many locals spend<br />

some part of their weekends. The<br />

out door market is also close by.<br />


There are many buses that come to<br />

Konakli. A bus comes around every<br />

10-15 minute that will take you<br />

straight to Alanya’s city centre.<br />

There are of course Taxis also<br />

available at any time. Konakli also has<br />

excellent transport opportunities to<br />

Alanya and Antalya, where the airport<br />

is situated, since the main coastal<br />

road runs through the town.

nearby WRAP UP<br />

Konakli in overall is a very active town,<br />

with both a local town center and they<br />

more touristic areas at the sea.<br />

It is an ideal place to enjoy both the<br />

action of a town and nature at its best.<br />

You are able to enjoy the many<br />

activities provided for you in Konakli,<br />

by either shopping in the shopping<br />

mall, hike the forests or just hang out<br />

at the beach or at one of the many<br />

cafes.<br />

Close to Konakli you find several<br />

cultural ruins such as Hamaxia, the<br />

ruins of a fortress that dates back to<br />

the first century in the local village<br />

Elikesik.<br />

North of Konakli there are several nice<br />

areas for picnicing and both Alanya<br />

and Avsallar are easy to reach from<br />

Konakli.<br />

offers a wide range of dining<br />

areas. A lot of them are Turkish,<br />

but there are numerous European<br />

restaurants as well.<br />

FoodKonakli<br />

There are also many well known<br />

food and cafe chains in Konakli, also<br />

of course many local cafes, which<br />

serve drinks and meals up to a good<br />

quality for the price you pay.<br />






About<br />

62<br />

Mahmutlar is one of the more<br />

peaceful districts of Alanya.<br />

The whole district itself is nestled<br />

in-between the long beach<br />

promenade and the Taurus<br />

mountains, with views of the<br />

famous banana plantations,<br />

and mountains.<br />

The district is approximately 10<br />

kilometers from Alanya’s city centre,<br />

and is a serene, easy going area.<br />

Mahmutlar is recommended for<br />

people who want a holiday in quiet<br />

and peaceful surroundings, together<br />

with natural beautiful green scenery.<br />


The local<br />

community<br />

is<br />

friendly<br />

and multi<br />

lingual<br />


64<br />

Activities Shopping<br />

In Mahmutlar, you will find small<br />

shops scattered around the area,<br />

though most of the main and varied<br />

stores such as butchers, bakeries,<br />

and hardware stores are in the centre<br />

of Mahmutlar. Small Supermarkets<br />

are scattered throughout the whole<br />

area.<br />

Mahmutlar centre hosts the Saturday<br />

market, also at the eastern end of<br />

Mahmutlar is the place where the<br />

Tuesday market is hosted, between<br />

the two main roads, Barbaros Cadde<br />

and Ataturk Cadde.<br />

In Mahmutlar the sea offers easy<br />

access to water sports, beach<br />

activities and fishing.<br />

Several gyms and hamams<br />

are located in the city and the<br />

surrounding areas are perfect for<br />

biking and hiking.<br />


Since Mahmutlar stretches over<br />

several kilometers, it has its own<br />

local buses to get around inside the<br />

city and the part that is connected to<br />

Kargicak.<br />

Buses that go in the direction of Alanya<br />

run every 10 minutes approximately,<br />

and return with the same frequency.<br />

As everywhere else in the Alanya<br />

area, taxis are available from almost<br />

every corner.

nearby WRAP UP<br />

Mahmutlar is a peaceful, quiet area of<br />

Alanya with a good mix of residential<br />

areas and tourism.<br />

The local community is<br />

easy-going and international. The<br />

place has beautiful views, and<br />

is located beside the turquoise<br />

Mediterranean/Akdeniz sea with<br />

several kilometers of seemingly<br />

endless beach promenade.<br />

All daily requirements such as shops,<br />

and gyms readily available.<br />

Mahmutlar you will find Kargıcak and<br />

Kestel.<br />

These two areas are a lot less busy<br />

than Mahmutlar and the beaches<br />

offers crystal clear water with very<br />

few people.<br />

Behind Mahmutlar the majestic<br />

Taurus mountains are a great place<br />

for taking a hike or a picnik.<br />

Food<br />

You will be able to find small, family<br />

owned cafes nearly everywhere in<br />

Mahmutlar.<br />

Just like the people living here the<br />

restaurants offer a great mix of<br />

cuisine between local and touristic.<br />

There are also several well-known<br />

Turkish and international restaurant/<br />

cafe chains to be found.<br />







About<br />

66<br />

To the East of Alanya, Kargicak tempts<br />

with its lovely coast line and an<br />

impressive lush green landscape.<br />

It is a popular area amongst tourists<br />

and locals due to its clean beaches,<br />

and property.<br />

Kargicak is surrounded by farmland,<br />

and is the place where many of the<br />

well known hotels are. Its beaches are<br />

always clean, and the water is clear.<br />

In some parts of the shore, it is rich with<br />

aquatic life making it a great place to go<br />

scuba diving.<br />

Kargicak will additionally be able to<br />

provide you with your daily necessities,<br />

and places to dine out. It is always<br />

being improved as many more people<br />

are starting to live there.<br />


At the<br />

beach there<br />

are several<br />

fish<br />

restaurants<br />


Activities Shopping<br />

In Kargicak most of the shopping will<br />

be able to be done in small grocery<br />

shops, butchers, and produce<br />

markets.<br />

There are a few clothing stores near<br />

or in Hotels, though most people go<br />

to more populated areas of Alanya<br />

to do their seasonal shopping such<br />

as Mahmutlar or Alanya.<br />

Outdoor activities is what Kargicak<br />

is all about. Hiking, biking, swimming<br />

or horseback riding just to mention<br />

a few.<br />

For other kind of activities nearby<br />

area of Mahmutlar or Alanya center<br />

must be visited.<br />


Buses come by quite frequently to<br />

Kargicak. The city buses numbers 1,<br />

2 and 3 now run to Kargicak centre.<br />

The journey from Kargicak to Alanya<br />

is around twenty minutes. The buses<br />

also take you right to the centre of<br />

Alanya. Taxis are also available if<br />

need be.<br />


nearby WRAP UP<br />

It is an ideal place for<br />

someone looking for an easy going<br />

lifestyle, that still provides all the daily<br />

necessities needed.<br />

It has a small centre where restaurants,<br />

bars and cafes are located. It has<br />

spectacular, picturesque views of<br />

Alanya Castle rock, the Mediterranean<br />

sea and the Taurus mountains.<br />

You are able to visit the amazing<br />

beaches, or hike in the pine tree<br />

forests nearby.<br />

Near Kargicak there are two areas<br />

that neighbour it, Mahmutlar, and<br />

Demirtas.<br />

Kargicak is relatively near to the Dim<br />

cave and Dim river, and would make<br />

for excellent afternoon and half day<br />

trip.<br />

Also just around the corner the<br />

Antique city of Syedra can be visited.<br />

are numerous restaurants in<br />

Kargicak. Most are Turkish, but near<br />

hotels, you may find a few European<br />

restaurants.<br />

FoodThere<br />

Most of the cafes are family owned,<br />

and will serve you good quality hot<br />

beverages and small meals popular<br />

in Turkey.<br />

At the beach several nice beach<br />

clubs and fish restaurants are<br />

located.<br />






IN IT<br />

About<br />

70<br />

Demirtas is an area with a distinct local<br />

atmosphere and is far from the hustle<br />

of towns and cities.<br />

It is a place where locals live in<br />

tranquility surrounded by nature, and<br />

crystal clear beaches.<br />

peaceful and quiet life style that<br />

Demirtas provides.<br />

It mostly consists of farming land,<br />

as most locals grow their crops here.<br />

You are able to take many hikes in the<br />

pine wood forests, and up the Taurus<br />

mountains.<br />


The beach<br />

is clean<br />

and<br />

often<br />

empty<br />


Activities Shopping<br />

Almost all of your food shopping<br />

will have to be done in small grocery<br />

shops. There is a butchers there and<br />

you are able to buy food from the<br />

local fruit and vegetable markets.<br />

There aren’t any clothes shops in<br />

Demirtas yet, and if there are they<br />

are locally owned businesses.<br />

Though most of the locals do their<br />

shopping in surrounding areas of<br />

Demirtas.<br />

Beach- and nature lovers will have<br />

plenty of things to do. The area is<br />

great for swimming, sun bathing,<br />

picnics, biking, hiking and so on.<br />

Besides that Demirtas does not<br />

offer any “man-made” activities and<br />

entertainment. For that you must<br />

travel to other areas.<br />


Buses come by frequently in<br />

Demirtas, and the journey takes<br />

around forty minutes, and they take<br />

you right to the centre of Alanya.<br />

There are taxis available, though you<br />

won’t be needing them to get around<br />

in Demirtas.<br />


nearby<br />

are a few restaurants in<br />

Demirtas, all offering delicious<br />

“home cooked” Turkish cuisine,<br />

the European ones can be found in<br />

FoodThere<br />

surrounding areas of Demirtas such<br />

as Mahmutlar and Kargicak.<br />

Along with the restaurants, there are<br />

friendly, family owned cafes where<br />

they serve Turkish tea and small<br />

popular meals that are popular in<br />

Turkey.<br />

You can sit and drink Cay and watch<br />

the world pass by.<br />

On the very clean beach side, a few<br />

and nice beach clubs/ restaurants<br />

can be found.<br />

Here also you will be treated very<br />

well as service is so good.<br />

The neighbouring areas of Demirtas<br />

are Kargıcak and Mahmutlar and it<br />

will take you 15-20 minutes to reach<br />

them<br />

by car or bus.<br />

From Demirtas the Sapadere<br />

Canyon and neighbouring city<br />

Gazipasa is also easy reachable, but<br />

generally speaking the nearby areas<br />

of Demirtas is mostly farm land,<br />

beaches and the Taurus mountains.<br />

Another thing worth noting is that<br />

Gazipasa airport is located just 20km<br />

from Demirtas.<br />

WRAP UP<br />

Overall, Demirtas is highly<br />

recommended for people who wish<br />

to surround themselves in nature,<br />

and want to pursue a quiet life out of<br />

the hustle and bustle of towns and<br />

cities. It makes an interesting place<br />

to stay in as you are able to freely<br />

take hikes up the Taurus mountains<br />

or pine tree forests.<br />

Along with having full access to clean<br />

beaches where virtually no people<br />

swim.<br />

It is a place nearly untouched by<br />

civilization and still has the sense<br />

of adventure in it unlike many other<br />

areas of Alanya.<br />






About<br />

74<br />

Cikcilli is a modern area located north<br />

east of the city center. It is ideal for<br />

people who wish to stay away from the<br />

hustle and bustle of city life.<br />

In Cikcilli you will find no hotels and the<br />

area has almost no tourism.<br />

It is a comfortable place to live, and you<br />

won’t have any problems, with Cikcilli<br />

catering for your daily needs.<br />


The<br />

shopping<br />

center<br />

Alanyum is<br />

located in<br />

Cikcilli<br />


Activities<br />

Shopping must be the main activity<br />

for Cikcilli with the shopping mall<br />

“Alanyum” nearby.<br />

“Alanyum” offers you shopping from<br />

more than 250 different brands,<br />

a large food court and a huge play<br />

ground for children.<br />

Furthermore you will find several<br />

gyms and a bowling alley in Cikcilli.<br />

Shopping<br />

Cikcilli has all the shops needed<br />

that will suit your daily needs.<br />

As it offers you butchers, produce<br />

shops, bakeries, and well-known<br />

Turkish food stores.<br />

There are a few twenty-four hour<br />

convenience stores, along with<br />

pharmacies.<br />

Most shops are found at the town<br />

center of “old” Cikcilli where also<br />

the weekly Saturday market is taking<br />

place.<br />


The public transportation in Cikcilli<br />

is good and local buses pass by<br />

frequently to every direction.<br />

Taxi stands are located on every 2nd<br />

corner and generally speaking the<br />

infrastructure of Cikcilli is very good.<br />


nearby<br />

has got a numerous amount<br />

of cafes and restaurants. Most of<br />

the more popular ones are on the<br />

main road and in the shopping center<br />

FoodCikcilli<br />

“Alanyum”.<br />

A lot of the smaller cafes and<br />

restaurants in Cikcilli are<br />

family-owned and popular due to their<br />

affordable prices and good quality.<br />

Cikcilli is a residential area and has no<br />

direct views of the sea, or beach of its<br />

own but nearby you will find Oba and<br />

Tosmur beaches as well as of course<br />

those in Alanya city center.<br />

Cikcilli is a residential area and has no<br />

direct views of the sea, or beach of its<br />

own but nearby you will find Oba and<br />

Tosmur beaches as well as of course<br />

those in Alanya city center.<br />

All of this is just a few minutes away<br />

together with the main road that<br />

will take you to any shop or in any<br />

direction with ease.<br />

WRAP UP<br />

Cikcilli is a peaceful and fairly new<br />

residential area of Alanya. It has<br />

easy access to shops, restaurants<br />

and everything else needed for daily<br />

life.<br />

It is located within just a short<br />

distance to the beach, city center of<br />

Alanya and with good infrastructure.<br />





About<br />

78<br />

Avsallar is a very popular area amongst<br />

both locals and foreigners due to<br />

its breathtaking views, clear, clean<br />

beaches, and greenery.<br />

The beautiful Alara river is nearby and<br />

it being surrounded by the crystal clear<br />

beaches of the Meditteranean sea, and<br />

the<br />

Taurus mountains, Avasallar is<br />

definitely one of the most picturesque<br />

places of Alanya province.<br />

Avsallar is extremely compact, and<br />

every store is in walking distance.<br />

Avsallar is recommended for people<br />

who appreciate and enjoy nature, and<br />

like to live in tranquility.<br />


Avsallar<br />

has<br />

excellent<br />

transportation<br />


Activities<br />

You are able to take hiking trips, or<br />

picnics in Avsallar due to its close<br />

proximity to the pine tree forests,<br />

along with diving trips in the sea as<br />

it is rich with aquatic life.<br />

Most beaches in the area are very<br />

shallow which makes the sea very<br />

easy to access.<br />

The more adventurous can climb to<br />

the top of Alarahan Castle and visit<br />

the ancient caravanserais believed<br />

to date back to the 13th century.<br />

In Avsallar there is also a paint ball<br />

park and trails for riding ATVs<br />

80<br />

Shopping<br />

Avsallar is quite a small compact<br />

area of Alanya, meaning that most<br />

daily facilities are in close proximity.<br />

Avsallar, outside of touristic areas,<br />

mainly just has grocery shops, fruit<br />

and vegetable markets, butchers,<br />

bakeries, pharmacies and hardware<br />

stores. With the occasional locally<br />

owned clothes shop.<br />

In the more touristic areas, you may<br />

have access to more well-known<br />

stores.<br />

Though a lot of locals that live in<br />

Avsallar, tend to go to Alanya’s<br />

shopping districts for more classy<br />

items.<br />


Avsallar has excellent transportation.<br />

The main highways cuts through the<br />

town, and takes you right to Alanya,<br />

Antalya.<br />

There are always many service-vans<br />

bringing people to Alanya, or buses.<br />

Both come by frequently.<br />

There are also taxis for local transport,<br />

or longer distance travels.

FoodIn Avsallar, a lot of the dining areas<br />

are locally owned. In the locals parts<br />

of Avsallar, there are a few Turkish<br />

restaurants and cafes. Though if you<br />

wish for other cuisines, there is better<br />

variety in touristic areas which are<br />

along the seashore.<br />

nearby<br />

Near Avsallar there are a few areas<br />

neighbouring it, such as Türkler and<br />

Incekum which are both more<br />

touristic than Avsallar.<br />

However, Incekum has got camping<br />

grounds right on the beach promenade.<br />

It is a place where many locals go for<br />

a day or so with family and friends to<br />

relax, and eat good food. There are<br />

also nearby water parks that you are<br />

able to visit. For those playing golf it<br />

will take you around 1 hour to reach<br />

the golf courses in Belek.<br />

WRAP UP<br />

Avsallar is an ideal area of Alanya to<br />

be at one with nature, and to have<br />

a relaxing lifestyle. Every store is in<br />

walking distance, and spectacular<br />

views are given at any place in<br />

Avsallar. It is a place where most of<br />

the activities are based in nature,<br />

which can be taken at anytime of the<br />

year. With both the pine tree forests,<br />

and Alara river being situated close<br />

to Avsallar. It is recommended for<br />

people who enjoy to be surrounded<br />

by nature at its best at all times. It<br />

is also a place when one can know<br />

ones neighbours.<br />


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